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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi, Erin
TO Girl: hi uncle Richard
rich-c: settling into teh big city real quick, are you?
TO Girl: well it's a process but i am feeling a little more comfortable
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rich-c: well, I don't expect definitive answers in under 100 hours!
TO Girl: well good
TO Girl: hehe
rich-c: feeling comfortable with your new digs?
TO Girl: close to work, nice girl, it's not bad...reminds me of the west end of Windsor
TO Girl: except i can get around a little better
rich-c: good - some spots nearby arent our nicest, but it's a solid choice
TO Girl: it's decent but temporary
rich-c: and yes, your transportation options are really terrific there
TO Girl: that's for sure
TO Girl: very easy to get to the Park
rich-c: well, the vacancy rate is not bad these days, but decent staff starts at a kilobuck a month
rich-c: of course you're on the fringe of the university district and can move into it
TO Girl: provided the price is right, sure
rich-c: I think on that score you are going to want to be sharing for quite some time
TO Girl: especially this close to the office
rich-c: especially since space is so tight the University has leased some whole hotels for student residences
TO Girl: oh wow
TO Girl: everyone wants to be in the centre of it
TO Girl: all
rich-c: well, impecunious students do find places that let them walk to classes attractive
TO Girl: understandable
TO Girl: transit is great but not that cheap when in full time use
rich-c: and with Queens Park embedded in the University, sort of, you've got competition
TO Girl: exactly
TO Girl: if i keep up the long hours i've been keeping i really should stay nearby
rich-c: you might ask if the province is buying Metropasses at the bulk discount for staff
TO Girl: that's an excellent idea
TO Girl: i will definitely look into that
rich-c: many big businesses now have these quantity discount purchase plans
TO Girl: that would be very helpful
TO Girl: i mean it'll be $20 a week just to go to work and come straight home....not doing anythig else
rich-c: yes, nearby residence options are sort of strung out along Harbord where you are, or east along Wellesley into Gaytown
rich-c: I don't think there's too much rental accomodation left in the Annex (Ave.Rd. - Spadina)
rich-c: dont know about the west Annex, north of Bloor west from Spadina
TO Girl: well luckily for now i am able to stay where i am at for the moment, so not too many worries just as yet
rich-c: I just hope for your sake your host finds your subsidy to the rent very valuable
rich-c: you may just have about the most convenient location you are going to find
TO Girl: well at present the only expense i will have with regard to the house is my phone bill (for December)
TO Girl: after that Darcie thinks she may be in the riding for a couple of months and at that time she will sublet her room to me
rich-c: I'm not going to get into that subject - my generation uses phones differently
TO Girl: well have to call home
TO Girl: :)
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: not necessarily - just get on line every night at a given time
BobS: howdy mates
rich-c: hello Bob, 'bout time you folks turned up
BobS: well ya know/.........
TO Girl: i think Mom needs to hear my voice...she's taking it kind of rough
TO Girl: hi Bob
BobS: Hi rin
rich-c: you do realize, don't you, that these chat boards are up 24/7?
BobS: ya tell mum to check inat xxxtime and you will behter
TO Girl: yeah, but still it's my mom
rich-c: and except at the designated use times, they make a fine private meeting place
TO Girl: besides i can now call her from work
rich-c: yes, the province has its own private phone network, doesn't it?
TO Girl: yeah, i think
rich-c: yes, the feds do too, though they keep it very quiet
rich-c: anyway, which riding is Darcie working for?
TO Girl: she's working for Bruce Crozier, she's his EA, we met a couple months before the election and then worked together then
rich-c: down Windsor way, then
rich-c: might be she'd be better letting you lease the room then sharing with you when she's up here
TO Girl: yup, she's originally from down there too and shares the house with her sister who just so happens to have worked at my Zehrs
TO Girl: well when she comes back i'm on the couch
TO Girl: *shrug*
rich-c: seems the door is open to some useful and congenial cost control for all three of you then
rich-c: if you're going to have it for four years maybe you should work out a moe comfy arrangement
rich-c: so Bob, you're off a week Saturday, right?
BobS: nope, NEXT Sat the 13th thru the 20th
BobS: se be here necst week and then off for a; week
TO Girl: yeah, well Bruce's former EA was living here just last week (she moved to QC and then got a job in the Premier's office) and she needed a place to stay....she found a room in the 1000 block
BobS: funless of course, they make it possible to ship to shore w internet I mught stop in maybe
TO Girl: so if time flies by perhaps my chances of finding a room along here will increase
rich-c: are so sailing on that brand new ship they have?
BobS: no, an OLD one..........must be 3 yrs old....
BobS: when on same ship last year and it is AWESOME
BobS: sam ship i think, just different name
rich-c: oh, you mean not really quite as big as an aircraft carrier
BobS: got to be over 1000 ft long
BobS: or about 980 meters
BobS: 960
rich-c: well just be awful careful on it
BobS: that about right????
BobS: naw, i won't be frinin
BobS: drivin
rich-c: when I was in rehab there was a guy in my room (semi-private) for a bit
BobS: kinda dark here wi th only xmas lights on
BobS: kingers get lost
BobS: ya kow
rich-c: anyway he was on a cruise, feel down teh stairs from the sixth deck to the fifth
BobS: would turn on lights, but lose the 'ambiance'
rich-c: totally wiped out his knees - you don't want to know the details
BobS: that woudl NOT be good
rich-c: me, I'm typing by the light of one small bulb - fluorescent
BobS: bummer
BobS: but intimate
rich-c: actually it's quite bright enough and more, and puts less glare on the screen
rich-c: and since it's only about 11 or 13 watts, can leave it burning over dinner or whatever
BobS: that is true, a lot of light does put glare ont he screen
BobS: so how are you doing in your recuperation??????
rich-c: we now have fluorescents porch and side, one in the living room, one in bedroom
rich-c: that's exclusive of a couple of task lights
BobS: flouresvents work great althoug they atr alittle dimmer than incanfescent BUT more expensive
rich-c: basically, I feel all well already, and if I act like I feel I will be back in hospital so fast you don't want to know
BobS: not good that idea
rich-c: exactly - the rules are rigid and must be followed
TO Girl: i wonder where everybody is?
rich-c: a bigger than right angle between back and legs
rich-c: so don't let the arms sink below the knees
rich-c: use a raised toilet seat
rich-c: don't twist to pick things up, and so on
BobS: hey. keep doing what you are supposed to do and get it healed really well
BobS: dont'kniw Rin,.,,,,,,,,maybe christams shopping???????
BobS: tightness going aways inthe leg?????
rich-c: yes, I should be useful by the 15th, able to ease restrictions by three months, just fine in 6 months
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changed username to Pamela
TO Girl: hi Pam
Pamela: Hi Erin
rich-c: hi daughter, finished West Wing now?
Pamela: Hi, Dad
BobS: welcome welcome
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Pamela: No, I had a great deal of trouble getting on
rich-c: oh, what was the problem?
Pamela: busy for 20 minutes, then did connect, then got disconnected while loading home page
TO Girl: i wonder if the others are on the back up site
Pamela: did you folks have trouble?
TO Girl: nope
Pamela: Dad?
rich-c: I have been on and off Tamco all day and night with no problems at all
rich-c: in fact I have not had any busy signals since I got home
Pamela: More on than off I'd say - I've been trying to reach you since 3:30 this afternoon
rich-c: well, I had the mail notification on - you could have zipped me
rich-c: anyway why did you want to get me?
Pamela: to ask about groceries among other thinga
Pamela: things
rich-c: well, your mother went shopping, to her considerable disgruntlement
Pamela: why was she disgruntled?
Pamela: such a wonderful word
rich-c: went to the Bathurst No-Frills
Pamela: ooo - bad juju
rich-c: she doesnt like the store, doesnt know the arrangement, and they generally arent nice
Pamela: I don't blame her - I'm not a fan of that store either
rich-c: then she took the bus home and the driver wasnt at all cooperative about kneeling it for the bundle buggy
Pamela: report! report!
rich-c: went up there because they have low-floor buses on the route
Pamela: that's very frustrating Dad - I had to do some groceries tonite anyway - I could have taken her to the one on Avenue Road
Pamela: that's part of why I was trying to call you
rich-c: she is not enthusiastic about shopping in the evening - wants to get it over with
Pamela: weigh the one against the other and tell me which she'd have preferred
rich-c: well, she refuses to take a taxi either, so draw your own conclusions
Pamela: and by the way, I couldn't have e-mailed you because I was calling from the cell phone both times
rich-c: damn - guess I should have had our cell phone turned on
Pamela: see, I told you you need a second phone line
Pamela: also, didn't you say something about having me run the van when next I'm over?
rich-c: as I've observed before, not at Ma Bell's prices
Pamela: (DSL, DSL) the crowd chants
rich-c: yes, I'd like to get the engine turned over
rich-c: maybe I'll see if I can get in one day when the weather is decent
Pamela: can you not reach in to start it, or is that not possible right now?
rich-c: depends on how much twisting I would have to do - remember neither leg may cross the body centreline
Pamela: well, how about tomorrow night then?
rich-c: if you want to come by anyway sure, but don't make a special trip
rich-c: I may find I can get in and play perfectly safely and satisfactorily
Pamela: Perhaps I can bring you up to speed on everything, do the van, and pick up the ladybug
rich-c: the drawback to driving is the necessity to twist when backing, etc.
rich-c: any rumours as to what the shakeout will be from the company buyout?
Pamela: I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, okay?
Pamela: or as much as I know, anyway
rich-c: OK - discretion is to be preferred online
Pamela: it's just too long to get into right now
Pamela: So Erin, got a job for me?
BobS: BUT aew you secure??????
rich-c: we know what happened, just not what the result will be
BobS: are
BobS: in your job?
TO Girl: i'm looking
Pamela: no one's secure Bob
BobS: oh oh
Pamela: this isn't unexpected - I've just been an ostrich
BobS: well keep a low profile and work hard
rich-c: let's say once they had it slimmed down and profitable I'm surprised they didn't hold it
TO Girl: hey Pam contact I think it's Richard Patten MPP, Ottawa centre, i know they are looking...they called me
Pamela: it's understood that we know we're going, it's just a matter of when
Pamela: do you know for what Erin?
rich-c: I guess you better come by tomorrow, daughter - much here needs discussion
TO Girl: i'm not sue exactly but it will be a QP office
Pamela: QP?
Pamela: yes Dad
TO Girl: Queen's Park
Pamela: ah
TO Girl: use my name as a ref. since they called me
Pamela: 'kay
rich-c: tell them you were talking to your cousin and know someone interested, Erin
Pamela: find out what it is first
TO Girl: i'll see what i can is looking up the contact info
Pamela: ????
rich-c: political jobs are not hugely secure, but sometimes you make contacts to transfer to civil service
TO Girl: i'm on the phne with mom
Pamela: Ah, okay. So who's the undefined?
TO Girl: i got the number for the contact i will try to get a hold of her tomorrow
Pamela: thank you - just email me at work
rich-c: don't know, been there since just after I came in
Pamela: and Rin, tell her I send my love
TO Girl: she sends it back
Pamela: Rin, did you solve your bedroom phone problem?
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
Pamela confirmed ban
TO Girl confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
TO Girl: yes Danielle gave me a filter
Pamela: where is everyone tonite?
rich-c: yes, Ron and Guy are overdue, and no Dan or james - maybe they're on a private project
Pamela: no Dr. D
Pamela: no Judy
BobS: kinda slow eh?
rich-c: nothing from Dr. D either tho he's usually on or else gives notice
TO Girl: he said he's fallen asleep the last couple of times
Pamela: well wake him up!
BobS: noe Judy off to church for meeting
Pamela: the time change is probably what did James in
rich-c: he has been having a problem with it but usually it just limits his online time
BobS: tis only 1 hour
rich-c: well yes but he hass a business to run that doesnt allow for his chat schedule
Pamela: yes, but it's the difference between when he gets up and when he has to start work
Pamela: Bob, is Meeka still working full time?
rich-c: quite, but he's another who has sleep problems
Pamela: he has kids - that goes without saying, Dad
rich-c: well, just one, though another is on the way
Pamela: nevertheless . . .
BobS: no she is back to paret time now
Pamela: she must be relieved
Pamela: Do you think if I asked, Doug would give up one of his copies of WIN98?
BobS: think so, she has a little free time now
rich-c: Bob, on the ship, how much time do you spend aboard and how much ashore?
BobS: din'r know
BobS: oh......probably average 4-6 hrs on the island 4 days out of 7
rich-c: or more to the point, know where we might find a copy of Win98 upgrade cheap?
BobS: so a LOT of time on the shi[
BobS: ship
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: Doug has them just whether he thinks he can sell some or not......belong in essence to the company
Pamela: hello Guy, we were just wondering where you disappeared to
rich-c: well, at last Guy makes it - we'd just about given up hope!
TO Girl: hi Guy
Pamela: guess I won't know till I ask then
rich-c: I have a couple of Win95 licences so could install the upgrade legally
Guy B.: And why do you think that Rich?
rich-c: when you have a legal earlier version installing a legal upgrade is legal
Guy B.: I did a couple of computer switches last week. The P133 is in the kitchen, the Dell is in here next to the Athlon along with the Gateway.
Pamela: well if we go to a new computer, will need a complete copy of it
Pamela: Guy, you're starting to sound like Ron and the snakepit. It's a one bedroom, for heaven's sake!
Guy B.: I thought of a fantastic idea and I'll make the annoucement next week.
Pamela: Tease!
Guy B.: Oh, I did get rid of two Pam.
BobS: but he has nobody but Abby to holler at him about using usp so\pave
rich-c: aha - a plot up your sleeve
BobS: space
Pamela: well that makes me feel lots better!
TO Girl: hey Pam, I went grocery shopping today.....walked there
Pamela: to Dominion?
TO Girl: yup
Pamela: not bad, was it : )
TO Girl: the walk or the price?
Guy B.: Got my Christmas tree and lights up over the weekend. Abby was the first present under the tree.
Pamela: actually the walk - how were the prices?
Pamela: what a surprise, Guy. Inky and Willow are likewise
TO Girl: $2.59 for Michelina's -- therefore kinda crappy
Pamela: why, what do you pay at home?
TO Girl: but you will be happy to know I had a salad yesterday and then soup today for lunch
Pamela: and dinner?
TO Girl: $1.79-$1.99
TO Girl: don't ask
Pamela: regular price?
TO Girl: Harvey's
TO Girl: tonight i had a Michellina's
Pamela: okay, me no ask - me know better
TO Girl: i can't afford to eat out all the time
Pamela: me, I had Stouffers
Guy B.: Abby couldn't wait. I will finally get the Dell installed with Windows 98 hopefully this weekend. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. Abby's Christmas photo will be taken on the 22nd.
TO Girl: not until i get paid at least, but that would be a gig waste
Pamela: thank goodness for the microwave
TO Girl: exactly
Pamela: no you can't and so you shouldn't. the latter is cheaper and healthier
TO Girl: Natale gave me the lecture about eating properly
Guy B.: I'm working 3 days overtime this week. Closing for Janaury 2004 reports tomorrow.
TO Girl: so that i can avoid getting sick
Pamela: already Guy?
rich-c: sounds like a bit of a tough time, then
Pamela: good call, Rin
Guy B.: My supervisor surprised me with that. But, we have to get everything into the database by tomorrow night.
TO Girl: sad that it took him to tell me
TO Girl: but whatever works i guess
Pamela: I don't know why you're talking to that jerk
Pamela: she says, mildly
Guy B.: Just to let you all know. I'm cancelling Netzero on January 1st. It will be DSL and backup dialup after that.
TO Girl: we know why and besides that issue never became an issue
Pamela: wtg, Guy
rich-c: who is your DSL with?
Guy B.: SBC Yahoo.
Pamela: just as long as he's aware that he had better never come within 10 feet of me
TO Girl: then maybe I shouldn't call QP lol
Guy B.: Did Dr D come on tonight?
rich-c: and may teh Lord have mercy on you, Guy
Pamela: I think I could manage to avoid him
TO Girl: lol
rich-c: maybe the tales I've heard of SBC are exaggerated
Guy B.: Oh I know Rich. I've already had some problems already with it, but the tech support people have been great so far.
Pamela: or more to the point, if he's smart, he'll avoid me
TO Girl: well everything the Psychic told me so far has come true, so who knows
rich-c: let's just hope any meaningful problems are introductory only, so to speak
BobS: is it just me or is the whole world in computerese against the people who are not computer gurus?????????
rich-c: you mean you don't know about the Deep Geek Conspiracy?
Guy B.: Well lets say some of us are computer geeks.
BobS: but it should be an easier installation world
rich-c: sneak over and tape Doug when he's talking in his sleep ;-)
BobS: might work
rich-c: but Meeka might not appreciate it
BobS: true
rich-c: better give her an on-off switch and let her in on the plot
BobS: don't think it will work
Pamela: Unlike his daughter and his niece, he doesn't believe that "there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of..."
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: hey, did everyone go to sleep?
BobS: kinda quiet you all still here
rich-c: doing some cleaning, Bob, and found an old aad from Phil Kosowski - remember him?
BobS: yes sir
BobS: and he supposedly had a LOT of ADAM's in boxes
rich-c: any idea what happened to him after he moved down by Albany
BobS: didn't know he moved
Pamela: brb, I need a drink
rich-c: yes, he was down in Clifton Park, NY
TO Girl: i assume you heard about my new job, eh Bob?
rich-c: when he was up by Syracuse he had almost as many Adams in his basement as I have now
BobS: gov't job of some sort yes????/
TO Girl: yes
rich-c: he also had a number of lab prototypes of planned Coleco additions
BobS: well why dont WE have them now?????
BobS: won'der if we could find him on the net
rich-c: forget what it was be he had something Coleco never announced - but it showed up on the Adamcalc entry screen
rich-c: yes, back then he had quite a stock
rich-c: but he seems to have lost interest and dropped all contact
BobS: don't know.....jsut ran ADAMem and din't see anythign unusual
BobS: as did a lot tof ADAM people
Pamela: sorry, kitchen trip spiralled
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Pamela: so much for Guy's DSL
Pamela: looks like he got dumped
BobS: oh oh he's GONE
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: must be the chivago air
Pamela: once more, with feeling
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back
Pamela: there we go!
rich-c: I suspect this chat applet dumps you after a certain period of inactivity
Pamela: we were just picking on you Guy
Pamela: pardon me, I was just picking on you
Pamela: lest I incriminate other people : )
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
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changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: RICH!
BobS: MR Dr D
Dr.D.: You won't believe me...but we had a power outage at 8:23 PM.
BobS: about time mon
rich-c: well, Dr. D. woke up! ;-)
Pamela: yeah yeah, a likely story
TO Girl: RICH!!!!
Dr.D.: Just restored as of about 10 minutes ago.
BobS: no kiddin
BobS: what happened?????
Pamela: it's so good to see you
Dr.D.: I promise I've been awake the whole night tonight.
BobS: IF you know
rich-c: well as it happens, yes, we know about power outages in Ohio...
Dr.D.: And you too, Pam.
Pamela: oooh, that was mean Daddy
Dr.D.: And Ms. TO TO, too :-)
TO Girl: hehehe
Dr.D.: Strangest outage I've ever seen.
TO Girl: how are ya?
Dr.D.: Meesa great, Rin.
rich-c: glad this time you-all kept your outages to yourselves
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TO Girl: excellent!
changed username to ChickPea
Dr.D.: Our side of the duplex, the other side of the duplex, and the house right next to us--partial outage.
Pamela: outages in December are NOT acceptable
ChickPea: hello everyone
Pamela: Hi, Rie - did you get my message?
TO Girl: hey Chickpea
Dr.D.: A couple rooms, still 120 volts. The rest, 17 volts.
rich-c: hello Marie
ChickPea: yes i did thanks
ChickPea: hi uncle richard
Pamela: that is very weird, Rich
rich-c: your local wiring must be rally something
ChickPea: doddle bug!!!!!!!!!!!!
TO Girl: :-)
Pamela: did you send me a reminder, Rie?
BobS: RIE, how's tings???????
ChickPea: yep
ChickPea: good bob
Pamela: good. I'll call tomorrow
Dr.D.: When our duplex neighbor and I were chatting on the front porch and saw the electric company truck working at the next house down, we said "Yay! It means it's not the wiring in this house!"
ChickPea: better if doddle bug was around
ChickPea: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChickPea: thanks pam
Dr.D.: Garbanzo...
ChickPea: lmfao
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Pamela: don't tease her, Rich
Dr.D.: Interestingly, even in the rooms with 17 volts AC, all clock-radios and electric clocks still worked.
Pamela: very, very weird
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ChickPea: i'm used too it
Pamela: why 17 Rich, and how do you know so exactly?
Dr.D.: The clock chips only need 5 volts, so even 17 is enough through the transformer.
Dr.D.: 'Cause I measured it with my handy dandy Radio Shack meter.
Pamela: I wondered if that's what you did : ) It seems like a Rich thing to do
ChickPea: doddle bug so how was ur day
rich-c: is it a true transformer or some electronic equivalent that isnt voltage sensitive?
Dr.D.: The electric company sent a cherry picker and they did something up around the transformer on the pole across the street from us that made a supernova of blue sparks.
ChickPea: did u get my e-mail at ur synpatico account?
TO Girl: well I was the last person to leave the office
Dr.D.: True transformer.
ChickPea: oci
Pamela: blue sparks = not good
changed username to Jen
TO Girl: it was good, closed 2 files
Pamela: Hi, Jen!
ChickPea: cool
Dr.D.: Either he was welding something, or there was a bad connection somewhere.
Jen: Hi Pam!
rich-c: hello Jen, how's things in the real West these days?
ChickPea: did u get the e-mail?
BobS: hi Jen...long time no seea
Pamela: are you freezing up there?
TO Girl: and I went grocery shopping tonite
Dr.D.: In any case...glad to be here at last.
Jen: Cooooolllllddddddd!!!!! Brrrrrrrr
Dr.D.: Has Ron popped in and out already?
TO Girl: good to see you Rich
ChickPea: omg erin adn grocery shopping?????????
Pamela: Ron hasn't been here yet
Pamela: don't get used to it yet Rie
Guy B.: Hi Jen, how are you?
ChickPea: ohh i know
BobS: that mitchel is jeking us around no show tonight so far
rich-c: has Alberta got over teh Grey Cup celebration yet?
ChickPea: doodle and i could never live together we would kill each other i think
Pamela: without Aunt Cynthia to referee, you mean?
ChickPea: yeah
TO Girl: i walked to the store and everything
rich-c: Jen, are you on the Adam mailing list yet?
TO Girl: all by myself
Pamela: you might surprise everyone Marie
Jen: Grey Cup, Shmey Cup. I'm not a sports fan. The only sports I like are martial arts and boxing.
Jen: Hi Guy, long time, eh?
Pamela: oooh, that's sacrilege here Jen
ChickPea: well erin i'm impressed
ChickPea: what did u by chips and dip
ChickPea: ?????
Guy B.: Any more problems with the emulator?
rich-c: Well, when Edmonton wins, it's not like usual
Pamela: Rie, be nice
ChickPea: she knows i'm kidding
Jen: Nope, I'm not on the mailing list. How do I sign up?
Dr.D.: Meeeow, catfights tonight!
Dr.D.: Jen, you give me your E-mail address, and I subscribe you.
Pamela: Hey Rich, didn't we miss your birthday?
ChickPea: that's kinda hard 4 hours away
rich-c: ask Dr. D., he has the keys to that kingdom - Rich?
Jen: Emulator??? I have to put it back on again. When my computer crashed, my husband had backed up absolutely nothing!
Dr.D.: Dale Wick gave me admin privileges.
rich-c: anyway Daniel Bienvenue put out a description of his work recently
Dr.D.: I have been sparing you all a bunch of spam in my role as moderator.
Guy B.: Oh my gosh. Now, there's someone who needs a lesson on backing up your hard drive.
rich-c: man, is that guy advanced in terms of game design and instruction
TO Girl: I bought Michelina's, bread, peanut butter and jam
ChickPea: good girl
Pamela: any green stuff?
ChickPea: lol
Dr.D.: Thanks Jen...
TO Girl: no I figure i will get a salad each day at the Select
ChickPea: good idea
Pamela: hmmm
ChickPea: lol
Pamela: you have a Select in the building?
Jen: Mmmmmm Michelinas. I have a whole freezer full of those.
TO Girl: around the corner on Bay
rich-c: anyway Jen if you aren't familiar with Daniel and his work, you will want to be, and soon
BobS: so that is why we are feeling neglected and have no meat for our bread eh???????
Pamela: oh good - they do good Caesar salads
rich-c: btw Jen, which OS are you using?
Guy B.: Now that I got most everyone here. I'm thinking of having a live chat with Yahoo IM on any questions with the emulator and the utilities. Right now, I would schedule it along with the regular chat and maybe on the weekends.
Pamela: they get used around here alot too Jen. But now I have the Macarena running around in my head!
Dr.D.: Okay Jen, I subscribed ought to be receiving a confirmation E-mail any minute now.
rich-c: what is Yahoo IM?
Pamela: instant messaging
ChickPea: pam i'm on afternoons tomorrow so just leave an e-mail and i'll check it when i get home
Dr.D.: Re: spam, the coladam name has been added to a bunch of spam lists. Fortunately, the list will not forward anything from an unsubscribed address.
Guy B.: Yahoo Instant Messenger.
BobS: OH dr D......did you get Doug's message about removing my old address and his megsinet one??????
Pamela: okay Rie
ChickPea: thanks
Dr.D.: But I get a notification of it so I can manually approve or junk it.
Jen: Windows 98
TO Girl: oh Marie mom says she is working 8-4 on should probably give her a call
Dr.D.: Yes I did Bob, and I took care of it.
ChickPea: ohh i can't do it then
BobS: good man you are
ChickPea: shout
Guy B.: Anyone who has Yahoo Instant Messenger can chat with others. You can download the software from Yahoo's web site.
Dr.D.: So you don't have to worry about reading ads to enhance your ADAM with herbal Viagra...
ChickPea: i was going to call her b/c i have to go befor 11
rich-c: Jen, there are more free backup utilities that work in 98SE than you could fit on your hard disc
TO Girl: ok well just give her a call then
Pamela: why don't you go after work, Rie?
Pamela: or does that mean 11-8?
ChickPea: i have to go to the college for 11
Jen: Thanks D.
ChickPea: i have to work 3-8 monday
Pamela: why to the college?
Dr.D.: How are you feeling this week, Richard?
Guy B.: Well folks, I've got to run. I'll see how I am on Saturday. I do have some Christmas shopping to wrap up. Otherwise, I'll see you all later.
ChickPea: i'm looking in to a couple of things
Pamela: cool
Pamela: okay Guy - g'nite
rich-c: too good for my own good - I keep wanting to do things that are strictly forbidden
ChickPea: adn i have a friend that needs my eyebrows
Jen: Have you been sick Guy?
BobS: be good guy
rich-c: nite Guy
TO Girl: nite Guy
Dr.D.: Be a good boy or Santa won't let you keep your new hip.
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Pamela: he'd better - Mom won't let him take it back : )
Jen: Nite Guy.
Guy B.: I am having some back problems. But, I hope nothing serious.
rich-c: I know, Rich, but do you realize how instinctive it is to cross your ankles? - that's a no-no
ChickPea: pam
Guy B.: Ok, I'll see you all later.
Pamela: yesssss?
Guy B. left chat session
ChickPea: TO has water works
Jen: Don't even go there. My back's been hurting for months. I just have no time to see the quackopractor
Pamela: why?
Dr.D.: You probably think this morbid...but if I ever need a joint replacement, I want the surgeons to show me what they took out. Scientific curiosity.
ChickPea: b/c
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: ?
changed username to Ron
ChickPea: i did it
TO Girl: b/c she sent me a sad email
Ron: Late eh?
TO Girl: nice but sad
BobS: Ron!!!!!!
Ron: like real late
rich-c: they didnt even ask me if they could use mine as a bone graft donor
Pamela: Hi Ron
BobS: ya late eh
rich-c: well Ron, better late than never
BobS: but better now tha never
Pamela: Marie, you'll make her short out the keyboard - stop that
Ron: Community Net board meeting...... dustup..... whine and bitch session
ChickPea: lol
Ron: meetings, bloody meetings
ChickPea: she'll be fine it's not that bad
Dr.D.: I might stop short of asking for the specimen in a jar of formalin, but then again I might not.
Pamela: I'm with you, Rich. I want to know too
Dr.D.: I always used to joke that every Anatomy Department should keep a museum of the skeletons of all the past Chairmen...or at least their skulls.
rich-c: the physiotherapist had samples of the replacements to show us, though
Ron: Still working on the card Bob
TO Girl: hey but the cool part is if i need counselling the gov't offers programs to it's employees
Pamela: um - don't they have to separate them from the bodies first, and wouldn't they object to that?
Ron: Lately, not making much progress
BobS: good man that Mitchell one
Ron: but soon
Ron: I have 12 screens including 4 from you
rich-c: I did get to see the X-rays too
Dr.D.: My thesis advisor had his gallbladder out...and then became convinced that the surgeon scammed he made them give him his gall bladder in a jar. He gave it to one of the histology techs in his own lab (!) to embed and section, so he could send the slides out to one of his cronies for independent evaluation!
BobS: use the pics you have ....and an old one from Dr D is needs be and last years Clee ones
Dr.D.: The poor tech was totally appalled...
BobS: ans ome previouls prepared xmas tunes
Dr.D.: OMG, the Christmas PowerPaint...argh.
Pamela: as long as they're not dated, you're fine Ron
Ron: actually a dozen ought to do it
Ron: but now comes the hard part....... putting the thing together
Dr.D.: I don't have any time until next week at the earliest...
Pamela: and was he satisfied Rich?
rich-c: Well here all used gall bladders are "autopsied" in the hospital - mine had one stone over 5 cm, the doctor says
Ron: it'll be done by then
Dr.D.: This is the last week of classes, and next Saturday is the Egg Hunt.
Ron: or I'm gonna send the whole mess to Bob in whatever state it's in, and he can figure it out
Pamela: that's the ticket Ron
rich-c: is the Hunt going to be live on line again, and will you be emailing us?
BobS: pass the buck??????
Pamela: just remember, they're going cruising next week
Ron: Getting old. These things don't come as easily to me as they used to
Dr.D.: BTW, I am having a Canadian VIP at the Egg Hunt.
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: tell us more
Ron: I know ..... that's what worries me
(BobS smiles)
Dr.D.: Prof. Nancy Nelson, P.E., of Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario.
Dr.D.: She wants to start a LEGO robot lab at Conestoga.
rich-c: how about that, and, how come?
Ron: patent rights, Dr. D
Pamela: encourage her
Ron: intellectual property
rich-c: hey, neat - so she comes to the Authority
Dr.D.: So she and some students are flying into Cleveland to see how we do it first-hand.
Ron: royalties
Ron: big bucks
Pamela: Ron, wake up - you're dreaming again
Dr.D.: I found her a hotel today, have to send her the info.
Ron: oh
rich-c: surprised they dont drive over
Dr.D.: I don't know why, but hey, they must have the $$$.
rich-c: although if she has any immigrant students they might have big border trouble
Pamela: yeah, those Canuck universities are just rolling in it : )
Dr.D.: I will politely inquire.
Dr.D.: She plans to fly in Saturday morning, attend the Egg Hunt, and depart Sunday morning.
Dr.D.: So she wants a hotel very close to the Science Center.
rich-c: if the paranoids get difficult at pre-clearance, they'e still in Canada so can't be shipped off to Afghanistan or something
Dr.D.: The Mariott is only 5 minutes away by foot, so I think that's what I'll recommend.
Pamela: well tell her if she needs guinea pigs to contact your Torontonian Adamites
Ron: did you say that there's be no live streaming this year, Dr. D
Ron: ??
Dr.D.: If she can afford to fly in, she can afford the Mariott.
rich-c: yes, it certainly ought to do the job nicely
Dr.D.: No live stream this year, correct.
Ron: aww
Dr.D.: But dead RealPlayer archived video within a couple weeks.
Ron: well, that'll have to do
Dr.D.: Hey, my ISP was assimilated by the Borg this July, everyone was laid off.
Ron: ours is to go that way soon
Dr.D.: Cursed E-xpedient, ptui.
Ron: Buddy of mine who works down there is busy preparing resumes
Dr.D.: No more
Pamela: Hey Jen - have you heard of Minute Muffler?
Ron: R
Jen: Yeppers.
Ron: Rosie the Bull needs a new muffler
Ron: She's starting to sound like a truck
Pamela: they're about to acquire us
Pamela: Speedy, that is
Dr.D.: No more Speedy Muffler Kings?
Ron: see...... it's like Nikita Kruschev said
Pamela: the branding stays Rich
Ron: Capitalism will eventually devour itself
Ron: I really think he was right
rich-c: some suggestion they will maintain the Speedy name intact, and chain
Pamela: I gather they're actually based in Lethbridge
rich-c: but they plan to franchise out the company shops, it seems
Ron: Soon there will be run corporation, and it will run everything
Pamela: besides, they haven't been Speedy Muffler King for a long time - we're Speedy Auto Service
Ron: ISP's..... governments....... burger chains
Ron: muffler companies
Dr.D.: I hold out some hope for Scotty's sentiment in Star Trek IV: "The more they fix up the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."
Ron: true
TO Girl: lol
Dr.D.: So TO Girl is going to help make Canadian food safe for man and beast?
TO Girl: that's the plan
Pamela: Ron, if you take it to a Speedy and give them my name, it will save you 15%
Jen: Anyone got their Christmas shopping done?
ChickPea: yeap
Ron: We have a Speedy here beyond the mountains, on the island
Pamela: oh, I wish
Ron: really Pamela?
Ron: Humbug
Dr.D.: Joan has everything done for the girls, the "Santa" presents.
Pamela: absolutely
Ron: ok
Dr.D.: But she has had time off to do it.
rich-c: where is it, Pam?
Dr.D.: Me will not have shopping time until next week at the earliest.
Ron: We're going to Edmonton in 16 days
Pamela: Um - Ron, give me your postal code
BobS: but how they gonna know you being on the other side of the coutry
Ron: guess I'll end up at the West Edmonton Mall again on Dec 23
Dr.D.: My Dad does his stuff at WalMart on 24 December, without fail.
Pamela: better yet, go to and put in your postal code - that will tell you the nearest shop
Jen: If you are a Humbug, then you should see me the day of our office party. All decked out in shoes with bells, santa hat, reindeer necklace, and loud christmas shorts!
Ron: V9M 1Y5
ChickPea: g'night every1
Dr.D.: I've been wearing my red Santa hat every day (it's nice and warm).
Dr.D.: Bye C'Pea.
Ron: sounds like my kind of guy Dr. D
TO Girl: nite my Chickpea
ChickPea: night DR.
ChickPea: night doodle bug
Dr.D.: night Jim Bob
Dr.D.: night John Boy
ChickPea: night pam and ucle richard
TO Girl: Night Erin
rich-c: nire Marie
Ron: with everything that's been going on around here lately, I'm way behind on Christmas stuff
TO Girl: sorry...that's the effect of being named after a Walton
Jen: Nite CP
Pamela: nite rie
ChickPea: lol
Pamela: until tomorrow : )
Dr.D.: I loved The Waltons.
ChickPea: night all
Ron: nite chick
ChickPea left chat session
TO Girl: my mother wanted me to turn out like Erin W.
Pamela: 211 South Terminal Road, Nanaimo Ron
Pamela: Manager Mohamed Ratansi
TO Girl: she's says I come pretty close
Ron: That's Nanaimo
Jen: For Christmas, what do you get a kid who has everything, and no room for anything else???
Ron: try Courtenay
BobS: HECK that is in Ron's back yard !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: She had red hair, too.
TO Girl: yuppers
Pamela: nothing in Courtenay, Ron
Ron: No.... 70 miles south
Ron: I know we got one
Dr.D.: Erin was the hot one...unlike whiny Mary Ellen.
Pamela: had one - I think it closed the end of September
Ron: or maybe it's MIDAS
TO Girl: that's how people remember me at work..."Erin with the red hair"
Pamela: don't say the M word
Ron: aha...... could be
TO Girl: LOL
TO Girl: LOL
rich-c: that's a dirty word, Ron
Dr.D.: "Erin, with red hair unfurled"
Ron: sorry..... must button my lip
TO Girl: hey Pam did you send that pic to Rich?
Ron: suppose I could drive to Nanaimo for a muffler
Pamela: nope, not yet Rin
Dr.D.: "Darmok and Jelad at Tenagra"
TO Girl: lol
Pamela: LOL
TO Girl: that's a good episode
Pamela: yes it is
BobS: make it a day trip mate
Dr.D.: I love Darmok.
Dr.D.: A picture, pour moi?
Pamela: Ron, if you can get something closer for cheaper, by all means do so
Pamela: yes, the famed biker chick photo
Dr.D.: Was ist dis piktur?
TO Girl: yeah Pam found my biker pic when I was like 15
Ron: Will have to look about.
Dr.D.: Only 15? Rats, I can't pin it up, then..."San Quentin Quail" :-)
Pamela: ROTFL
Pamela: you can't tell how old she is in it Rich
TO Girl: if i had something more recent (that was able to be shared) I would send it since I am now in the vicinity
Dr.D.: Don't matter how old they look, or how old they say they are :-)
BobS: BUt rich she looks like 'jail bait' regardless of what Pam says
Ron: So now Rich....tell.... are you running laps up and down the street yet?
Pamela: she does not!
(TO Girl winks)
Pamela: that was the whole point of the picture
Pamela: we could have gotten her into any bar in town
Dr.D.: Well, I'll have to see it and make up my own mind.
Pamela: not that we would have tried, of course
Ron: oh sure!
Dr.D.: (Rich spews Coke through his nose)
TO Girl: yeah, now i get carded
Ron: exactly Dr. D
rich-c: no, basic functional by teh 15th, ease restrictions about Feb. 15th, back to normal mid-May
TO Girl: LOL
Pamela: Rich - make a note - Coke is not breathable
Ron: oh sir....that's progress
Dr.D.: Drive to El Paso in September...
Dr.D.: Blub blub blub
Ron: Speaking of El Paso..... you'll all be happy to know the 2004 Mighty Mitchell Award has taken form
rich-c: I am certainly hoping so, Rich
Pamela: hmm - reexamination of that last sentence - Coca Cola is not breathable
Pamela: is that when it is? September?
Ron: not even drinkable
rich-c: depends on when in September, though - teh heat eases late down there
Pamela: better than Pepsi, Ron
Ron: ya got that right pilgrim
Dr.D.: Hey, I thought I was charged with making it take form.
Jen: Ah Coke...that wonderful headache remedy, drain cleaner, etc.
Pamela: coffee substitute
Ron: Well now .... we might have a case of missed communication
Pamela: caffeine and sugar in one - how perfect
TO Girl: tooth decayer........nice burning sensation when it goes down
TO Girl: oh great....I want a Coke now
Ron: Understood you to say, Dr. D , that the prize was to be left to me..... the contest for determining a winner to you
Dr.D.: Ahh...I stand corrected.
Ron: If ya want to do it all, that works for me too
(Pamela gives TO Girl a can of Diet Coke.)
TO Girl: ewww Diet
Jen: Makes a wonderful mess if you put it in the freezer (explodes).
Pamela: sorry, best I could do on short notice
TO Girl: does it have any Jack
Ron: that stuff..... I live on Diet
Ron: which is Carson-o-genic
Pamela: only in obscene quantities, Ron
Ron: or is that carcinogenic
Ron: define obscene
Dr.D.: Anna Nicole Smith?
Ron: ummm....
rich-c: oops! anyone looked at the time lately?
Dr.D.: Michael Jackson?
Pamela: something like 20 litres per day for 20 years
Ron: good
Pamela: keep going Rich, I haven't seen anything I disagree with yet
TO Girl: yeah it is bed time Uncle Richard
Ron: thank the Good Lord. I'm not going to die after all
BobS: ya it is time for me to head out
Pamela: I'm ignoring it Dad
rich-c: getting on to where us invalids need out shuteye ;-)
BobS: SO, see ya'll next week, eh??????
Dr.D.: Dubya.
Ron: glad you guys stuck around to accommodate late comers
TO Girl: i was going to leave but the Dr. D and chickpea showed up\
BobS: and i am not even an invalid !!!!!!!
Ron: even better dr. D
Pamela: Bob, aren't you away next week?
Jen: Don't you think Michael likes his sister Latoya too much. He's sure looking a lot like her. They're twins!
Pamela: from the ship?
rich-c: well, I wish you all good night
BobS: nope away 2 weeks from now
Pamela: oh, okay
rich-c: Pam, any idea when you'll be by tomorrow?
BobS: ta ta
TO Girl: good night uncle Richard
Pamela: well then, you may depart
BobS left chat session
Pamela: good night, Bob
Ron: ok Bob, my son, as I live and breathe....
Dr.D.: If MJ goes to jail, will they prevent him from wearing his prosthetic nose?
Ron: the card is coming.... honest
TO Girl: LOL
Dr.D.: Our jailbait congressman from Youngstown, Jim Trafficant, can't wear his bad-hair toupee in the clink.
Pamela: Dad, around sixish -depending on when I get out of the office
Pamela: oh wait, I have a podiatry appointment. About 6:20
rich-c: OK daughter, look for you then
Dr.D.: Bad foot, Pam?
Pamela: okay, nighty night
Ron: His name is known all the way out here Dr D.
Ron: we've heard of him
Dr.D.: My stepmother knows him pretty well.
Pamela: either I stepped on something or I have a plantar wart, Rich
Ron: on the news even
rich-c: night all - poof
Dr.D.: He's a charming demagogue.
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: we
Pamela: are trying to figure that out
Ron: indeed
Dr.D.: No bionic foot required, I hope.
Jen: I had a few Plantar warts. They froze one and hit a nerve. Talk about pain!!!
Pamela: it is currently involving unspeakable substances
TO Girl: i should probably hit the hay too.....the alarm is set for 6
Pamela: ugh, Erin. Why so early?
Ron: so to all..... a good night
Dr.D.: Bye Ron.
TO Girl: b/c i hit the snooze so many times
Pamela: good night, Ron
Ron: I'm off to play Christmas carols
TO Girl: nite Ron
Pamela: humbug
Dr.D.: I wouldn't want a sleepy person protecting my food.
Ron: or figure out some that I have on hand.... from previous years
TO Girl: lol
Ron: Yes... HUMBUG
TO Girl: TG for coffee
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: oh, yeah
changed username to Daniel B
Ron: undefined is late
Pamela: allo Daniel
Daniel B: hello!
TO Girl: hi Daniel
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
Ron: now I don't feel so bad
Jen: Doesn't anyone want to hear my Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Christmas CD?
Ron: just in time for some praise Daniel
Dr.D.: That pesky Law of Conservation of ADAMites at work again.
Daniel B: some praise?
Ron: your Dither program -I love it
Pamela: Rich, I've been seeing the doc for two years, since I tore the ligament in my right foot and started walking funny.
Dr.D.: Ouch.
TO Girl: alrighty, well g'nite all, pleasent dreams, until next week
Ron: produces real good ADAM versions of clipart
Daniel B: Ron: thanks!
Pamela: that caused me to change the way I walk, and I developed plantar faciitis
Pamela: nite Rin - will talk to you tomorrow
Ron: however...... I cannot get it to run under Windows 98 on my laptop
Ron: something about a missing library (runtime?)
TO Girl: i'll give you a call tomorrow Pam
Pamela: I do, Jen
Pamela: okay sweetie
Ron: just a sec.... I'll get the name
Daniel B: Ron: that's funny, I use win98 with my desktop PC computer
Pamela: g'nite, Rin
Dr.D.: I hadn't noticed any gait problems, but then I wasn't especially looking.
Daniel B: bonne nuit Rin!
TO Girl: nite Daniel
Dr.D.: Bye Rin, nice to hook up with you again.
Dr.D.: Congrats again on the TO job.
Jen: Any progress on your New Years party, Pam?
TO Girl: yes finally
TO Girl: Thank you
Pamela: oh yes Jen
Jen: Bye TO Girl, nice to kinda meet you.
Ron: yeah.... comdlg32.ocx
TO Girl: nice to kinda meet you too Jen
Ron: sez it's not properly registered
Ron: or not available
Ron: and it is
Pamela: Jen, Erin (TO Girl) is my cousin, just moved to Toronto from Windsor
TO Girl: ciao ciao -- Little Italy signing off
TO Girl left chat session
Jen: I'm not sure what I'm doing for New Years yet. I'll be out there then. But me, my mom, and sister are going in to Toronto to do some after New Years shopping. Can't wait.
Ron: did a Google search on it, and there was an article that said some developpers assume the user has the
Ron: required run time files ...... not always the case
Jen: Wow, you've got a lot of family on here.
Daniel B: Ron: It's a library (in win32 applications) to do file dialog box.
Ron: yeah.... that's what I read
Pamela: yeah wll, it's all Dad
Pamela: s fault
Daniel B: It was the first time I used a ocx file to avoid "re-doing what is already done"
Ron: well sure. that makes sense
Ron: Odd thing is, it works fine on my XP box downstairs
Ron: does it goe in C:\windows\system32 ??
Daniel B: don'T mixup systems files from one os to another
Ron: good point
Ron: well..... I have it in one place.... that's all I need really
Daniel B: I use win98se here... ok, it's a french version but it may be more compatible than the ocx file from your win xp
Ron: right. I'm using Win 98 se here on my laptop, and that's where I'm having the problem
Daniel B: My comdlg32.ocx file is in c:\windows\system directory
Ron: curious
Ron: ok...but then doesn't it have to be registered somewhere?
Daniel B: good question
Ron: something I read in my Google search said it wasn't enough just to copy it to the directory
Ron: and brother.... when I start messing with the registry, I'm way out of my pay grade
Ron: Have killed a few good OS installs that way
Daniel B: Ron: look at this Yahoo message
Daniel B:
Jen: Don't everyone talk at once!
Pamela: Sorry Jen, got distracted : )
Ron: brb
Jen: Well, I should go. "Another World" is coming up on the Soap channel. I love that one!
Dr.D.: Another World?
Pamela: ah the joys of the west coast, where it's only 9:45
Dr.D.: Alice and Steve Frame...and evil Rachel.
Dr.D.: Or is that too early in the story for you?
Dr.D.: My Mom watched it for years.
Dr.D.: I kinda knew what the story was from about 1976-1980, 'cause it was on when I came home from school.
Jen: It's actually at the part where Rachel's daughter Amanda finds out she's pregnant with Sam's child.
Pamela: Is this good?
Daniel B: Before everyone leave, tell me what I missed tonight. A colecovision programming discussion? Dale W was online? Rich was online?
Dr.D.: That's after I quite watching it, then.
Dr.D.: Tonight I presented my do-it-yourself home fusion reactor project.
Daniel B: home fusion reactor project?
Pamela: Rich, don't tease
Daniel B: you are kidding!
Dr.D.: Sorry Daniel, I am making a very bad joke.
Pamela: anyway, goodnight Jen, nice to see you
Dr.D.: Bye Jen,
Daniel B: you SEE Jen?
Daniel B: Bye Jen!
Dr.D.: I don't know what they talked about until after 10:30, since I was not able to login until then.
Dr.D.: There was a power outage at my house from 8:30-10:15 PM.
Daniel B: same problem here (was not able to connect)
Dr.D.: Fortunately, no computers damaged.
Pamela: I had trouble getting on tonite too
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: busy signal at my ISP
changed username to Ronald
Daniel B: Ron is back?
Pamela: Ron, what happened?
Dr.D.: The electric company sent a repairman to do something to the wiring on a pole across the street from us.
Daniel B: Hi!
Ronald: ok.... got the thread...will study it later
Dr.D.: All is well.
Jen: Ta ta all. Until next week.
Pamela: 'nite
Ronald: Niters Jen
Jen left chat session
Dr.D.: Bye Jen.
Pamela: Rich, did you hear that I'll be changing jobs soon?
Dr.D.: I missed hearing who Jen is...
Ronald: Well...... I shall away as well
Pamela: friend of Guy's
Daniel B: Ron, you were online tonight... at the beggining or very late?
Pamela: thru Yahoo I think
Pamela: she's in Lethbridge, Alberta
Dr.D.: No, I hadn't heard, Pam.
Ronald: very late Daniel....... had a community net meeting that took me till about 7 pm..... then supper etc etc
Dr.D.: Alberta, wow, further west.
Dr.D.: So long, Ron.
Pamela: announcement was made yesterday that they're doing an asset sale to Minute Muffler, based in Lethbridge
Ronald: yup..... we're gonna take over the world
Ronald: although she's still on the wrong side of the mountains
Ronald: but I won't tell her that
Pamela: once done, Minute will keep the Speedy brand but they're franchising the stores
Daniel B: And do you have some news about the christmas card project?
Dr.D.: Same job, new letterhead on the paycheque, hopefully not less $$$?
Pamela: which means that most of us in the Toronto office will be without jobs in the not too distant future
Ronald: ah..... yes.... a work in progress my son
Dr.D.: Ouch, you'll be sacked...
Ronald: soon..... have the pics...... now must either play some new carols, or add some re-runs
Ronald: couple of days, I should have it to Bob
Pamela: eventually, yes. So, I'm taking the bull by the horns and starting a job search
Dr.D.: Any preferences?
Pamela: if I get a package, that will give me more time to look
Daniel B: it's why you wanted to use my dither program with your laptop?
Pamela: I want an admin assistant position and/or reception
Pamela: no more claims admin for me
Pamela: preferably, at about 7K more than my currently salary
Pamela: although I do dream in technicolour
Daniel B: (to everyone): I supposed you read my text about my "Coleco" life.
Ronald: yes, because I've only been finding time late at night.... to work on it.... sitting up in bed...... laptop perched...
Dr.D.: Our money is getting Technicolor...
Dr.D.: Yes Daniel, it was very nice.
Ronald: but I'll just have to go downstairs to finish it...... I like to do the final on a real ADAM
Ronald: and that's where ADAM lives
Daniel B: Ron: it may help you if my Dither program was able to do 10K PowerPaint files? not the actual 40K PowerPaint files?
Pamela: Ideally I'll get a full time permanent position as an admin assistant with a company reasonably close to home, with a reasonable salary
Dr.D.: My ADAM was running on Monday and Tuesday in the robot lab, running the classic "timeleft" and "scoreboard" programs for the Egg Hunt.
Ronald: Yes.... very much.... because the conversion program I use to put them into the card uses Power Paint format
Ronald: 10 k files would work better
Dr.D.: I also played a game of Spy Hunter for the amazed (and impressed) students. "Wow, that game is older than I am!"
Ronald: they liked that eh?
Ronald: when you consider the time ADAM was produced, it's still pretty respectable
Daniel B: Dr.D: For me, my text doesn't look like a "real article". And I wasn't sure Joe will take it.... but he love it
Dr.D.: I also got a score of 160K, which I haven't done for many years...and I hadn't played it since last Egg Hunt in April.
Ronald: :)
Pamela: do you have Squishem Sam, Rich?
Daniel B: Joe asked me a few question to "fill up" the text. Like "where I live?" and "Who is Marcel de Kogel?"
Dr.D.: Probably the emulator ROM file, I doubt if I have an actual cartridge of it.
Ronald: between the two of you..... Marcel and Daniel.... we might have to revive the ADAM Gallery of Honour
Ronald: :) how do you do that Dr D.
Ronald: ah I see it
Ronald: we shall see
Ronald: anyway..... now must really go..... see ya's all next week
Daniel B: Ron: your email address please
Pamela: okay Ron - go straight home now
Daniel B: Ron: I will be able to send you a new dither version with 10K option
Ronald: right Pam....
Dr.D.: Bye Ron!
Daniel B: bye
Ronald: thank you Daniel.... appreciate that
Pamela: nite
Ronald: pooooffski
Ronald left chat session
Dr.D.: So is school almost done for you, Daniel?
Dr.D.: (I think you're still an undergraduate, right?)
Daniel B: My "master" studies in computer science is almost done. :)
Dr.D.: Is this a thesis or non-thesis M.S.
Daniel B: I will send my "final" version of my thesis
Daniel B: very soon
Pamela: what's the topic, Daniel?
Daniel B: The evaluation is... "not bad" but could be better.
Daniel B: But they accept my text. :)
Dr.D.: Does your thesis advisor know about your ColecoVision work?
Daniel B: No, they didn't to see a topic like that
Daniel B: the topic is "Java Graphical interface and Imaging analysis"
Pamela: In English no less?
Pamela: Wow.
Dr.D.: I only ask in case he/she thought you were "wasting your research time" on it :-)
Daniel B: My thesis is in french... sorry! :)
Dr.D.: I know that my thesis advisor was not happy when I went to ADAMcon IV a few months before my Ph.D. dissertation defense.
Pamela: that's okay Daniel - even in English I probably wouldn't understand it
Daniel B: :p probably Pam... probably
Pamela: : )
Daniel B: If I wanted to do a thesis on videogames, I may have a support but on ColecoVision game programming... they refuse.
Dr.D.: L'interface d'Grafique Java...(forgive my made-up French)
Daniel B: The real topic in french is simply:
Daniel B: "Traitement d'Image et Interface Graphique en Java"
Dr.D.: Yes, I can even read that, Daniel.
Dr.D.: I forgot about the noun "Traitement"...I have had to use a famous multi-volume work in biology called "Traite d'Zoologie".
Daniel B: it's not a great thesis... my heart was in Coleco programming all this time.
Dr.D.: If you can graduate and get a nice job, it will be good enough :-)
Pamela: you know Daniel, it's not the "greatness" of the thesis, but the fact that you did it. All anyone cares about is whether you have a degree.
Dr.D.: Nobody has ever checked my Ph.D. thesis out of the library, as far as I can tell.
Daniel B: You are right, but I'm more proud of my work on Coleco programming than this thesis on Java and Imaging.
Dr.D.: The standard story is that some student puts a large-denomination bill inside the pages with a note to please let him know you found the money, and coming back 20 years later and still finding the money untouched.
Pamela: get it out in the public eye, Daniel. There are those who will appreciate it for its own sake.
Pamela: shades of a Friends episode : )
Dr.D.: Some day I need to have my own copy of my dissertation bound in hardback. I have all the pages, I just didn't have $50 at the time to do it. The library copies (2) were bound for free, but they stay in the library (naturally).
Pamela: You should make that wish known Rich. That would make a lovely gift for you.
Pamela: I'm right aren't I - your birthday was a couple of weeks ago?
Dr.D.: Yes, 3 November.
Dr.D.: And last weekend I finally got to watch my birthday present: "The Two Towers, Extended Edition".
Dr.D.: Same day as your poor Dad's surgery.
Dr.D.: So I kept it pretty mum around here.
Pamela: I had it written down, too. Shoot. Well, belated Happy Birthday. I'm sure Dad would be thrilled if he knew that
Pamela: As for the Two Towers, it's on R's Christmas list.
Dr.D.: The extra scenes really needed to be there.
Pamela: isn't that always the way?
Dr.D.: I still don't like what PJ did to Faramir, but now the logic is better explained.
Pamela: I noticed some of the extra scenes from HP that were cut should have been left in too for clarity
Dr.D.: And there is one horrible joke between Gimli and Legolas...I will say no more, but you'll know it when you see it.
Dr.D.: You've read HP5, right Pam?
Pamela: I don't know if I will see it - I didn't see the first one. I'm having a hard time getting into LOTR
Pamela: Yes, I read HP 5 - got it for my birthday in June
Dr.D.: Did I tell you the "Room of Requirement" joke I saw?
Pamela: Read it once, went back and reread it, gave it to Russell to read
Pamela: no - tell me
Dr.D.: From a thead on, to the effect of "What would be in *your* Room of Requirement?"
Dr.D.: Many different, interesting answers.
Pamela: such as?
Dr.D.: IMHO the very best was "Harry Potter books 6 through 700."
Pamela: oh - that's perfect
Dr.D.: I honestly don't remember any of the others, that was was good enough to chase the others away.
Pamela: that ought to keep Joanne busy for a while : )
Pamela: oh dear, I'm starting to yawn
Dr.D.: Yeah, it is 12:29:38
Pamela: do you suppose I should go to bed?
Dr.D.: I have been bad and kept you up again.
Daniel B: Dr.D or Pamela ... one of you wants the new version of the dithering software? I didn't test it very well.
Dr.D.: And poor Daniel as well.
Dr.D.: The previous version tested great to me, but I will be glad to look at anything new you want to send me, Daniel.
Pamela: that's okay - I'm not very good at putting myself to bed. I resist at every turn.
Daniel B: your e-mail address is something... ?
Daniel B: I send the email now
Dr.D.: Thanks, Daniel.
Daniel B: any feedback is welcome :)
Dr.D.: Mail received, Daniel.
Dr.D.: I'll open it tomorrow at work.
Daniel B: don't take all your free time on this new version :)
Dr.D.: Free time? What is this concept? :-)
Dr.D.: I suppose I ought to go (and beat Pam out of here, for once).
Daniel B: hehe! I admit that my free time is during weekend... but it's not 100% true.
Pamela: oh sure
Dr.D.: Final robot class of the semester is at 8:30 AM I better get to sleep.
Daniel B: me too.. I have to sleep.
Dr.D.: It was great to talk to you both this evening! I'll be back next week, assuming no power outages...
Pamela: yes. Get some rest. I'll talk to you next week.
Daniel B: I need to be in top shape to continue to "debug" my "final version" of my thesis.
Dr.D.: Starbase Cleveland, closing hailing frequencies...poof!
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: alright everyone, to take a page from my mother's book - go to bed!
Pamela: goodnight, Daniel. Happy writing.
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B: poof
Daniel B left chat session
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