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(Someone throws a brick at Daniel Bienvenu)
(Daniel Bienvenu is thrown out of the window.)
(Daniel Bienvenu's head explodes!)
(Everyone welcomes Daniel Bienvenu)
(Daniel Bienvenu throws a hot potato at Daniel Bienvenu.)
(Daniel Bienvenu slaps Daniel Bienvenu playfully)
(S enjoys the flowers.)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(With a crash, a shelf full of books collapses.)
(Daniel Bienvenu hands Daniel Bienvenu a tissue.)
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Daniel Bienvenu: HI! :)
George: Hi Daniel
George: I've been ill
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Rich!
rich-c: george I am going to KILL you
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: \Hi Daniel, George
George: Why?
rich-c: george, what the hell was that attachment on your message?
rich-c: it took me 20 minutes to download and chopked my spam filter
George: pictures
Daniel Bienvenu: pictures?
rich-c: havent had time to look at it yet as I was already late coming on here
George: it shouldn't
rich-c: it's a zip file - what size is it?
George: of the snow outside my apartment
George: it says only 1 mb
rich-c: well, I recognize snow is less usual in Philadelphia than it is here
rich-c: in fact I've seen relative few photos of snowfall there
rich-c: anyway on a dial-up modem one megabyte is a fairly hefty file to download - several minutes
George: rare especially in early Dec.
rich-c: yes, the weather here has also been notably chilly for early December
George: did aol zip it?
rich-c: usually the snow and deep chill hold off till nearer to Christmas
rich-c: though Daniel can tell us another story on that - right Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: me?
Daniel Bienvenu: a story on what?
rich-c: yep, you're our authority on early December snow, I'd reckon ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Only a few centimeters of slow outside :)
rich-c: anyway George, did you send teh file as a number of individual pictues?
George: yes, i think five or six
rich-c: sounds like us, Daniel; I'd have expected more in Quebec
rich-c: what file format do you use for pictures? TIF? GIF?
George: jpeg
Daniel Bienvenu: No... and I suspect the *new* climatic situation
rich-c: how far do you compress your jpegs, George?
George: *.jpg
rich-c: Daniel, our temperatures the last few weeks would be more suggestive of teh New Ice Age thesis!
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember only one time when the snow stay on the ground a few days before chirstmas.
George: aol changes it
Daniel Bienvenu: Here?
rich-c: OK George later I will look at it and we can discuss how to keep you out of everyone's bad books
Daniel Bienvenu: During this week, the temperature here was between -20 and -10
George: no more attachments
rich-c: oh wow, Daniel - that's 0F (for George's benefit) - we've been in the 0C range days and -5C overnight
George: am I still on the Coleco mailing list?
rich-c: attachments are easy to handle, George, but you need to know how
rich-c: or as we've suggested before, get a new and better ISP ;-)
rich-c: you should be, George; did you get messages about it being spammed today?
George: no, i haven't got any emails for months
Daniel Bienvenu: Subject: mucho spam arriving at coladam-list
Daniel Bienvenu: I read it
rich-c: well then I guess you aren't on the list and will have to ask Dr. D. to put you back on
Daniel Bienvenu: and also the e-mail from James
rich-c: OK hold on you tow while I read them - brb
George: i tried to sighn up again but didn't get any response
Daniel Bienvenu: Great! meteo for Quebec is: sunday -6, Monday -2, -1, -1 , ...
rich-c: well, it's a pity Dr. D. isn't on right now as he could do it
Daniel Bienvenu: it will be warmer ... but I suspect some snow too
rich-c: maybe if he turns up later or we can tell him Wednesday
George: my email is
rich-c: yes, Daniel, there does seem to be a warmer frontal edge moving your way
rich-c: haven't had a chance to lok at the jet steam yet today
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow! that's an e-mail address I can't remember.
rich-c: well, just control-C it and paste it into a Notepad window
George: they say we will be back to 57f by wed. with heavy to wash away the snow
rich-c: Daniel, some day try in the French version for your weather
rich-c: yes, back into the banana belt, George
George: heavy rain that is
George: just another monsoon
rich-c: funny - the year I was in grade 13, we wre able to take our phy ed out in the schoolyard right till Christmas break - it was warm enough for baseball
rich-c: yet I can also recall standing on snow so cold it squeaked at the Santa Claus Parade about Nov. 15th
rich-c: at the moment we are having problems because our house faces north
rich-c: that means that any snow in the driveway and walks is in shadow and won't melt
rich-c: the sun isn't high enough up in the sky to shine on it
rich-c: the opposite side of our street is all clear of snow but we had to sweep the walk yesterday
George: my apartment faces south
rich-c: which way does your house face, Daniel?
rich-c: tough in summer, but nice for now, George
Daniel Bienvenu: West... but this way we have the sun in the house during all day
George: in the summer it becomes an oven
rich-c: our orientation means we get all the sun there is in our bedrooms
Daniel Bienvenu: in our bedrooms, yes
rich-c: yes, Daniel, you'll still get some morning light and maximum benefit of the warmest part of the day
Daniel Bienvenu: but some bedrooms are on the west side
George: both my livingroom and bedroom face south
rich-c: I need a clear walk as I went out and tried to get into the van yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: "clear walk"? that means without aids, without help?
rich-c: no, just walk without slippery spots or other treachery, Daniel
rich-c: I did use my cane but more for safety than necessity
Daniel Bienvenu: outside now it's slippery because the snow recover the ice.
Daniel Bienvenu: we walk on snow and.. zoooooooooooooooooooo
rich-c: yes, loose snow over re-frozen ice is absolutely deadly
Daniel Bienvenu: AAAAaaaaahhhhh....
Daniel Bienvenu: BANG!
rich-c: that I will not be able to cope with all winter
rich-c: you're so right, and zoom - bang is not a luxury I can afford right now
rich-c: but it was really easy for me to get into the van - not at all like a car
George: i got a stripped down compaq deskpro 2000 for $34.00 US
Daniel Bienvenu: this means that you will not be able to kill George then. :p
rich-c: well, George is in Philadelphia whre the snow is much rarer
rich-c: so soon as I'm able to drive, I can start thinking about it
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! but first, you have to go to your van. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe!
rich-c: what do you think we should do about folks who send 20-minute downloads ;-) ?
George: i'll send you a 650mb download
rich-c: yes, but once I'm to the van, no problem getting in
Daniel Bienvenu: my 56k modem will refuse sending or receiveing any files bigger than 5 Meg
rich-c: just good leg on the running board, grab the steering wheel and door grip, and rotate my butt into the seat
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, in your van, there is no problem... accept the road is slipery.
rich-c: right - especially with the V-8 in there - it will spin the wheels if the road is just wet
George: i downloaded a 820mb. file in 2 hours
rich-c: sure, George, but you have a DSL connection which makes it easier
Daniel Bienvenu: Before going to George, bring some CD-R. This way, you will be able to burn CDs of pictures before killing him. :p
rich-c: anyway, I am going to try driving next Wednesday if the weathr permits
rich-c: now there's a thought, Daniel!
George: i also got a DVD+R writer
Daniel Bienvenu: It was the first a chat session started with someone who want to kill someone else :)
rich-c: yes, once I'm operational again, I plan to get one of those
George: PH dvd300i
George: oops thats HP dvd300i
rich-c: you mean HP, I assume, George - think I've seen that advertised
rich-c: actually Pioneer and a couple of others have dual-format = and - R/RW burners
Daniel Bienvenu: The only HP I can buy now is the sauces.
rich-c: they ae moe expensive but more flexible too
rich-c: anyway, the idea of a total image backup on one disc really intrigues me
George: mine does DVD+R/RW
rich-c: yes, just the single format, which is why the price is cheaper
rich-c: I think I will be inclined to pay the extra for the additional flexibility
rich-c: I also plan to get an LCD monitor but not till my CRT one fails
George: it works for my dvdrom drives
George: CRT is gamers choice
rich-c: oh, if the single format suits you no point is paying extra for something you don't need
rich-c: yes, the CRT has a faster refresh rate, hasn't it?
George: LCD gives slight delay
rich-c: interesting - Videolink has online gaming contests every weekend on LCD panels
George: plasma has burnin and shorter screenlife
rich-c: seems the gamers are all very happy with the setup, just play all weekend
rich-c: well, there are no plasma monitors, just big-screen TVs, that I've heard of
George: it's still too slow catching on
rich-c: well, since the tvs sell for something north of ten large, I'm not surprised
George: so CRT will do
rich-c: anyway, what's with the compaq 2000 stripper you were mentioning earlier?
George: with 1080i or 720p
rich-c: 1080i is a panasonic printer model - what's 720p?
George: it has 256mb. of pc100 ram
rich-c: what CPU, George?
George: 1080 interlaced mode 720 progressive scan mode
George: pentium 233mmx
rich-c: oh, ok, you were talking about the tv, then
rich-c: that would be an early PentiumII than; I don't think the original went over 166
rich-c: the ram must have been upgraded; is it shared with video?
George: copaq has pentium 233mmx 256 mb pc100 ram 4mb s3 nitro 3D pci video addon
rich-c: good gaming setup for its time, though don't try current games on it
George: i know
rich-c: but then you have quite a collection of games that date back that far, I believe
George: yes
rich-c: now you need to get the Adam emulator up and running and talk to Daniel about his new Colecovision games
George: does he have simcity?
rich-c: no, Daniel has written action games - ask him nicely and he'll tell you about his website where you can read about them
Daniel Bienvenu: What? Simcity? for the Coleco?
George: i would like to find smartbasic.rom
rich-c: somehow or other I don't think a Colecovision would have the memory for a SimCity game
rich-c: what? you mean just a ROM image of SmartBasic>
George: check
George: yes smartbasic
Daniel Bienvenu: I know what is Simcity. I have the first version of this simulator... but for the Commodore 64.
George: i know simcity had a dos version
rich-c: I have disc images (.dsk) of basic I believe; I can send them to you
rich-c: didn't realize that, Daniel
rich-c: but if it will run on the C64 then it can be ported to the Adam
George: i have the windows95 version
rich-c: C64 used its main memory for video output and also loaded Basic automatically I believe
George: BRB
rich-c: Adam leaves the OS optional (TDOS/CP/M/EOS) and has separate video memory
rich-c: so a port of the C64 version with improvements should be possible
rich-c: especially with your skills if you,re interested!
rich-c: George, the disc images are on the way to you
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't do a port for the Coleco even for the Coleco ADAM.
rich-c: well since Colecovision programs run unmodified on the Adam, why would a port be needed?
George: i'm back
George: my body has a dead smell
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich? you kill George?
Daniel Bienvenu: :p
George: it smells like i died
George: or road kill
rich-c: not yet, but wait till he gets my email <evil grin>
George: email? what email?
rich-c: I really have to find out how to make Adam disc images for myself
rich-c: it's on the way, George, if AOL ever gets around to delivering it
George: if they pass it
rich-c: yes - all things being equal, I prefer an ISP like mine that will pass anything
George: they reject a lot of stuff from microsoft
rich-c: I think they might balk at an attachment in the half gigabyte range but anything reasonable is no problem
rich-c: I think there is some sort of conflict between AOL's software and MSN's
George: ok ill send a short mp3 650 mb collection
rich-c: just notify me in advance so I can set up the computer to download it and go to bed
George: for a few days
rich-c: or I can wait till the Amiga meeting in January and download it on their cable line while I wait for Frances
rich-c: just take a CD with me to burn
rich-c: but you realize that it has to have the right music on it, or forget it
George: i can see the sunset breaking through the clouds
rich-c: by the way, Daniel - how are you doing for spam these days?
rich-c: bit of pink in our sky too, I see
Daniel Bienvenu: you mean how many spam I receive each day?... I'm not sure. I think it raise up to 20-25
rich-c: I was wondering because recently about 10% of my spam has been from
rich-c: a few days ago I sent a note to their abuse address and have only had one spam since
rich-c: but in the meantime, the spam has gone up from 50-55 to 75-80 a day
rich-c: my two diversion addresses have remained spam-free, though
rich-c: I gave up on Hotmail when they screwed up their password routine
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's because of "december", "christmas"
George: i only get 6 email spams a day
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just received an e-mail from : "alex puskas " <>
Daniel Bienvenu: "My name is Alex.. i've found your page and it is REALLY great..."
rich-c: I'm surprised, though I've heard AOL filters are so tight you lose half your legitimate mail too
George: huh?
Daniel Bienvenu: "i'm thinking of trying to code something simple for the colecovision."
rich-c: that doesnt sound like spam to me, Daniel - that could be legitimate
rich-c: BINGO! Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's a legitimate one... the only one for today on my e-mail address
George: where is se?
rich-c: encourage him to come talk to us on one chat or the other
rich-c: though I suspect Wednesday will be about 3 a.m. Swedish time
George: great
Daniel Bienvenu: "do have any suggestions? any books to read? I know some C. not much.. and/or if u have any sourcecode of simple stuff that you could send me.. ANY help is really apritiated."
rich-c: let's see - he speaks Swedish, you speak French - but both have English as a lingua franca
rich-c: the correspondence should be fun - but I'll you you'll find a way to make it work
rich-c: he sounds like someone who should be told about Dr.D. , Dale, Guy, james and Jen
George: who sent that virus?
rich-c: which virus? the one spoofing a PayPal return address?
George: no
rich-c: well, which one, then? the PayPal is the only attack I've had this month
George: how do you use dsk files?
rich-c: in the Adam emulator - beyond that, you'll have to ask someone else
rich-c: they are quite simply images of Adam discs
George: i only know how to use rom files with .rom extension
rich-c: those are images of cartridges
rich-c: Daniel, can you explain further? I'm lost here
rich-c: assume when you run ROM images you run in Colecovision emulator mode
George: i thought smartbasic was also in a cart form
rich-c: not officially, George, though one of the Walters twins did manage to burn it into a cart, I believe
George: i have several books that talk about the smartbasic cart
rich-c: since the chips in the cartridges were 32K and SmartBASIC is 29K it fit quite cleanly
rich-c: in books I think they'd be using "cartridge" as a substitute for "cassette"
rich-c: there was a tendency early on to do that for some reason
rich-c: anyway, hold on a minute, George, while I look at your pictures
George: yes, especially since both forms were used from onset
rich-c: back - George, those photos were not only huge, they wre uncompressed
rich-c: by the way I notice it was wet sticky snow - nice for snowball fights
rich-c: did you use paper photos and scan or a digital camera?
George: kodak eayshare cx-4200
George: digital
rich-c: that doesn't answer the qustion - easyshare has digital from film or digital camera
George: digital camera
rich-c: OK, you took them with a digital camera, then
rich-c: what photo editing software do you have?
George: easyshare (tm)
George: by kodak
rich-c: that's all? no Adobe or Micrographix or Image Forge or any of the others?
George: no
rich-c: well, at least get Slowview and Irfanview - they're free and allow you some editing capabilites even if only a little
rich-c: does Easyshare not allow you to control the image size or jpeg compression ratio?
George: it is time to embrace highspeed technology if not they will not build it
rich-c: what is that supposed to mean?
George: no demand for it the the companies won't bother to upgrade
George: why should they
rich-c: not sure what you are getting at, George
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Daniel B: My internet connection stoped
rich-c: I am simply telling you how to send all the photos you want without inspiring half the 'net to murder you
George: it is stalling any new technologies
Daniel B requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: yes, if you're quiet too long thchat or your ISP will drop you
rich-c: sometimes either will drop you just for fun
George: dsl is always on
George: no idle worries
rich-c: yes, handy - but also very handy for hackers and other attackers
George: only if it is left unguarded
rich-c: yes, if you have a really effective firewall you're pretty safe
George: you can't hack this machine
rich-c: or mine and for the same reason - you can't even find it
George: exactly
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, it's getting on towards dinner time and I must soon away
George: ok bye for now
rich-c: George, I recommend you Google Irfanview and Slowview and download them
rich-c: both are basically file viewers but they have other talents too you will like
George: ok
rich-c: so I'll be away - bye for now, Daniel and George
George: back to the longhorn files
rich-c: see you then
Daniel B: Bye!
George: bye
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