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rich-c: test
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changed username to ChickPea
rich-c: hello marie
ChickPea: hi uncle richard
ChickPea: how r u feeling?
rich-c: you are early tonight - eager to communicate?
ChickPea: i was hoping erin would be on
ChickPea: i haven't spoken to her since the weekend
rich-c: I expect she will turn up sooner or later, but they tend to come on a little less promptly
rich-c: of course I have no idea how busy she may be or about her work demands
ChickPea: i don
ChickPea: t know
rich-c: Pamela usually doesnt come on till West Wing is finished
ChickPea: i spoke with cynthis today and she mentioned something about eirn's computer being messd up
rich-c: Dr. D. is often early, one of the first, but also sleeps through the time altogether on occasion
rich-c: oh dear - I keep telling her (and Cynthia, and Graeme, and all of them how to avoid it but will they ever listen? HA!)
ChickPea: lol does any of them ever?
rich-c: well, then they wonder why the computers wont work - they just invite sabotage
ChickPea: that they do
rich-c: just did my Windows Update check this evening - they had yet another critical update for me
ChickPea: sabatoge or plain and pure laziness
ChickPea: i had 1 last week
rich-c: well, let's put it this way - if you don't have your guards fully up, you're going to get hammered
ChickPea: true
rich-c: I have Zone Alarm so teh bad guys can't even find my computer to try and crack it
ChickPea: it happends to those who dont' pay atention
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rich-c: and my log showed there were 1800 probes in the last 6 days - and I'm on dialup!
changed username to Lady Mac
Lady Mac: Chickpea!!!!!
rich-c: looks like Rin is here now
ChickPea: doodle bug
Lady Mac: hi uncle richard
rich-c: hi Ron, heard you had computer troubles?
ChickPea: i was just e-mailing u
Lady Mac: me
ChickPea: ur mom said u did
Lady Mac: ah yes
rich-c: sorry, Rin, finger slipped
Lady Mac: it kinda died
Lady Mac: but it's fixed now
rich-c: what was the matter with it?
Lady Mac: Darcie hadn't cleaned it up in like 4 years
Lady Mac: so the last 2 days were spent burning CD's and starting anew
rich-c: ye gods - you should be doing a scandisc and disc defrag every week
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changed username to BobS
Lady Mac: how r u Chickpea?
rich-c: greetings, imminent voyageur!
Lady Mac: hi Bobs
BobS: ya mon
BobS: we's here
ChickPea: i'm ok
ChickPea: u?
rich-c: looking forward to this weekend, I'll bet
BobS: RIN ?????? and RIE ????
ChickPea: do u have ur msn working?
rich-c: yep, that's them
BobS: you bet Richard........2 days and counting
BobS: gonna be WARM
ChickPea: that's "us" bobS
Lady Mac: i dunno
ChickPea: oh
rich-c: unlike here, we're slated for below zero C and rain
BobS: YUCK glad i am leaving !!!!!
rich-c: and you'll be getting it before us
BobS: turnign cold tonight and tomorrow
BobS: then codl thru weekend
BobS: cold
rich-c: you'd better just hope the GR airport has de-icing equipment or your plane might not get out!
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: naw, weather gonna be ok at plane time and YES they have the stuff
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: we's international ya kniw
BobS: knwo
BobS: know
Pamela: hallo all
ChickPea: wow pam ur early
BobS: Hiya Pam
Pamela: I see you made it Rin
Pamela: Hi, Rie
Lady Mac: hi Pammie
ChickPea: hi pam
Pamela: Hi, Dad
rich-c: btw, something I need to share with all of you
Pamela: HI, Bob
Pamela: yessss?
BobS: hi sweetie
BobS: and...........
BobS: let 'er rip
rich-c: do you remember when Frances and Gillian and Meeka were talking about sewing machines?
Pamela: yes?
BobS: no
rich-c: it was some few months ago, but they wre
Pamela: I remember DAd
BobS: member what ?????????
BobS: acn't remember
rich-c: anyway, Frances was Googling for Elna yesterday and guess what? the chat came up!
BobS: brain goin' KAFUEEEE"
Pamela: oh yes, if you Google yourself, your name will come up in chats
rich-c: the only point is - remember this chat is public and archived
rich-c: don't say anything you wouldn't want a stranger to run across
Pamela: I remember Dad
BobS: tis OK Richard, I dont' do anythign disgusting or naughty on the internet
Pamela: Erin, did you get my vm message?
Lady Mac: i did I was in the washroom, i tried calling you back but it went to the v/m
ChickPea: pam did uncle mark e-mail u at all
Pamela: he didn't respond via e-mail Marie, he did ask if you had his address though
Pamela: Rin, did you leave me a message?
ChickPea: u mean his house?
Pamela: yes
ChickPea: yeah i have that
Pamela: okay - he says write him a letter : )
rich-c: anyway, Bob, landmark day for me today
Pamela: no technology in his residence
ChickPea: ahhhhhhhhhhhh i hate that
Pamela: ya gotta go with the flow, hon
Lady Mac: nope i didn't
Pamela: : (
ChickPea: no flow here
Pamela: so were you able to drive today DAd?
rich-c: yes, Pam, took your mother over shopping - and walked all around the store, too
Pamela: Erin, the considered opinion about your decision is: GO FOR IT
Pamela: that's great to hear, Dad
rich-c: and then drove over and got a haircut as well
BobS: COOL and pain all gone?????
Pamela: woohoo
Pamela: was Sam glad to see you?
Lady Mac: i am pretty well decided that i'm not going to
rich-c: haven't had a single pill since I came home, Bob
Pamela: WHAT?????
ChickPea: uncle richard i know a real pretty hairdresser
BobS: super
BobS: glad to hear that the thign is going well
Lady Mac: but they are going to wait until the new year to offer me a job, so we will see
Pamela: Erin Elizabeth, you are so going to
rich-c: yes, it gets checked out by the surgeon a week tomorrow
BobS: son in law had back surgery last Thurs and he is still down......although coming around
Pamela: when it's offered Erin, don't turn it down
rich-c: Frances got curious and Googled my surgeon today - got 493 hits - seems he has a reputation
Lady Mac: i have consulted many people including Bruce this evening and at this point in time I think it is best
BobS: can you cross your feet yet??????
Lady Mac: but again i have to to make the decision
Pamela: problem is, Rie, she lives in Windsor!
BobS: good or bad
ChickPea: i know lol
rich-c: oh no Bob, I have to observe my precautions for another five months - but within them I can function freely
Pamela: Erin, when the time comes, take it
rich-c: Pam, what are you and Erin talking about?
Pamela: another job offer with a more seasoned Minister - same job, more money
BobS: that's goo dnews though,,,,,,,just be a good boy and Santa will reward you eh?????
Pamela: more job security
Lady Mac: not necessarily
Pamela: not necessarily what?
rich-c: it sounds like taking it is a no-brainer
rich-c: yes, I hope to be able to drive to Adamcon
Lady Mac: not necessarily more security
rich-c: did you know it's only 2100 miles from here, only about half teh distance to Vancouver?
Pamela: back in a sec
rich-c: anyway, Bob, you're on the one-week cruise so back for Xmas, right?
BobS: oh yes, be back on the 20th
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BobS: and hotels are looking good for Sept 16-20
rich-c: a little slack, still, I hope you have most of your Xmas shopping finished
changed username to Island Bound
Pamela: speaking of which, New Years is Wednesday - are we going to switch days?
Island Bound: Solidarity brothers and sisters
BobS: tslked with Jean last week
rich-c: greetings Ron, you're early
Pamela: hello Ron
Island Bound: hey
BobS: and she is ready and willign to help in visually checking hotels
Lady Mac: hi RON
rich-c: that's awfully early in the month, Bob - it'll be hotter than the hinges of Hades
Island Bound: Hello Lady M
Pamela: it'll be hot no matter what, Dad
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Pamela: it's south Texas
rich-c: no, even Texas cools off later in the fall
Island Bound: Thinking I will need to get a passport
changed username to Dead_Car
rich-c: oh, who have we here - could that be Jen?
Pamela: who's vehicle bit the dust?
Pamela: probably good thinking, Ron
rich-c: I think my birth certificate will still be sufficient
Dead_Car: Nay, good lady, try again.
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Pamela: Rich?
changed username to BobS
Island Bound: ya think so Rich?
Dead_Car: Alas, yes, Pam.
rich-c: hi Dr. D.,woke up, did you?
Pamela: oh dear - which van died?
Pamela: Bob, you're twins
Island Bound: No cars at your end, no car ferries at my end..... bummer
Dead_Car: The 1989. Reverse gear broke tonight en route to Elanor's Christmas vocal music concert.
rich-c: the strike did go ahead tehn, I gather, Ron
Pamela: oops. That's an expensive break
Island Bound: so.... don't go backwards
Dead_Car: It's the end of the car.
BobS: got dumped.....don't know WHO I am
Island Bound: yep... ferries shut down today at noon
Dead_Car: I put Christina behind the wheel, and Joan and I pushed it out of the way so we could get the other one out.
rich-c: depends on teh condition, Rich - it is fixable and expenses are relative
Island Bound: Now we're glaring at one another
Lady Mac: HI RICH!!!!!!!!!!
Dead_Car: The car is 14.5 years old, only 104K miles, but body is not good at all.
Pamela: I'm sure Christina loved that
rich-c: neither the union nor Campbell strike me as being excessively reasonable
Island Bound: very perceptive Rich
Island Bound: you're right
rich-c: too much of that Ohio salt?
Dead_Car: When we got back from the concert, I directed her again as we got it turned 180 degrees so it could at least be driven out of the driveway.
Island Bound: having been on both sides of the table in my long and illustrious career, there's more than one agenda here I'd say
Pamela: so now what Rich?
Dead_Car: Yes, it eventually overcame even the rustproofing.
Dead_Car: Now is it stays parked under our back porch (so we and our neighbors can get out), and after Egg Hunt and Christmas Pageant madness are done, we go get a new car.
rich-c: yes, mechanical breaks can be worth fixing, but when the tinworm strikes, you're toast
Island Bound: we don't have that problem out here
Dead_Car: Earliest is probably Monday.
Island Bound: car bodies last forever
rich-c: oh, Ron, Rich, I went out driving to day
Dead_Car: And even that is a tight squeeze in between the robot course final exam period (meaning 15 design notebooks for me to grade).
Island Bound: that's why they pay you the big bucks prof
Dead_Car: You better have gotten the all clear from your M.D., or I will have to come up there in my new car (when I get it) and hurt you!
Pamela: so are all the fenders still on the van Dad?
Dead_Car: Not very big, alas, Island Bound.
rich-c: yes, all teh originals and no extras
Island Bound: oh.... ok.... I stand corrected
Pamela: I'm impressed : )
rich-c: oh, I don't see the surgeon till a wekk tomorrow
Dead_Car: Lady Macbeth I know, but not Island Bound, I don't think.
Island Bound: that's Island Bound as in stuck on the Island
Pamela: tis Ron
Pamela: no ferries
Dead_Car: Ahhh.
Lady Mac: not Macbeth
Lady Mac: MacLEAN
rich-c: but I was marching all over the grocery store, and later went out for a haircut
Dead_Car: No ferries?
Island Bound: our labour is flexing its collective muscle
Island Bound: ferry system shut down at noon
Dead_Car: I like Lady Macbeth, too :-)
Lady Mac: :_)
Lady Mac: :-)
Lady Mac: oops
Pamela: Lord, you'll have her quoting Shakespeare if you're not careful
Lady Mac: i was just at the Ontario Wine tasting reception at Queen's Park
Dead_Car: No ferries...well Ron, start clapping your hands and yelling "I *DO* believe in ferries!"
Pamela: GROAN!
rich-c: hey Rin, you should have calle3d me down to coach you ;-)
Island Bound: :)
Island Bound: need to go and do that in front of the picket line
Pamela: nah, they're liable to think he's for gay marriage or something : )
Lady Mac: LOL
Lady Mac: the stuff i had was all too oaky
rich-c: anyway, what did the reception prove, Rin?
rich-c: why, was it a chardonnay comparison?
Island Bound: :)
Lady Mac: it was just different Niagara wines and the reds weren't really that good
Island Bound: That's FERRIES.....not fairies
Pamela: or faeries?
Lady Mac: there are a lot of receptions now for these people to meet the Minister's and members and being the Xmas season and all
rich-c: well, I remember when a Niagara red was something you wouldn't put on a stamp pad
Island Bound: Management is thinking of putting the Catamarans back in service
Pamela: but will they take cars Ron?
Island Bound: oh yes
rich-c: sure, they just make too many waves - but Campbell seems to like that
Island Bound: they were built by the previous gov't...3 of them .... the first one actually entered service
Lady Mac: Jackson Triggs is usually pleasant but not tonight I tried their Meritage
rich-c: I thought they had sold them for scrap, Ron
Dead_Car: I guess that Pacific Coastal will be getting a lot of business for their island hopper now.
Island Bound: they were sold earlier this year to an outfit in Washington State, but they're still tied up in Vancouver
Island Bound: all 3 of 'em
Island Bound: the last one was sold for scrap not long after she was built
rich-c: really, Rin? the reviews I've seen have been favourable
rich-c: do the cats run with n on-union crews, or something?
Lady Mac: I wasn't fond of it
ChickPea: rin doesn't know good stuff
Island Bound: yes.... the local airlines are raking it in
rich-c: well, she's young yet and her taste buds haven't fully formed
ChickPea: lool
rich-c: we will doubtless educate her as she is ready to adapt
Lady Mac: everyone's a critic
Lady Mac: :-)
Island Bound: Lady Mac, are you on a Macintosh?
Lady Mac: hey guys what does it mean when your screen shakes
Lady Mac: and how do i fix it
BobS: earthquake
Dead_Car: No, she's on a Lean Machine.
rich-c: it means your computer needs maintenance
BobS: or nerves.......
Island Bound: bad connection inside
Lady Mac: Compaq Presario
Island Bound: slap it gently with your right hand
rich-c: and watch for blue smoke
Dead_Car: Means she's looking at a naughty website.
Island Bound: oh..... then no amount of slapping will produce results
Island Bound: you'll have to drop it on the floor
Lady Mac: hehehehe;-)
rich-c: seriously, rin, how long since you've checked the cable connections?
Island Bound: is it a flicker, or a shake, Lady Mac?
Dead_Car: Shake means that line voltage is low, or there is bad electrical interference.
rich-c: a video cable a little loose at either end can cause significant difficulties
Lady Mac: everything thing is shaking slightly
Lady Mac: like butterfly wings
Dead_Car: My computer here is right in front of the fusebox in our basement, and it always shakes.
BobS: it's FLYING
Lady Mac: well fluttering
Dead_Car: Move a few feet back, and it stops. Unfortunately, room geometry requires the computer be set up here.
Island Bound: and what age is this unit prey tell?
Dead_Car: This is just a high-frequency wiggle.
rich-c: oh dear - here I sit with my UPS and forget such problems exist
Pamela: darn those squares and rectangles, anyway
Dead_Car: A big flutter, or roll, probably means that the monitor is going bye-bye.
Lady Mac: this just started like a few minutes ago
Dead_Car: It's cause *I* logged into the chat! I'm a jinx tonight.
Lady Mac: never Rich
Dead_Car changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: depending, could be a car outside, or a motor starting up in the house (furnace, etc.)
Dr.D.: If it stops now...
BobS: ilklkj
Lady Mac: but it may have something to do with your magnetic personality
Dr.D.: Yeah, is your furnace running, or dryer, or dishwasher, etc.?
BobS: I'm single again!!!!!
Island Bound changed username to Ron
Dr.D.: Nobody ever accused me of animal'm flattered!
Lady Mac: everything is the same as it has been for the past week
Lady Mac: brb
Pamela: I see you found yourself Bob
Pamela: Rie, you're very quiet tonite
BobS: ya.....I vas lost but now I is founded
rich-c: I think I shocked her - she didn't realize every word she types is archived and public knowledge
Lady Mac: i'm back
Dr.D.: Maybe Rin's computer knows she got a new job and is agitating for an upgrade :-)
Pamela: problem is, it's not hers
rich-c: told her about your mothr finding herself when she Googled "Elna"
Lady Mac: not my computer
Ron: I am lost on an Island
Pamela: I guess that's one of the things we're going to have to find you when you get your own place Erin
Ron: with no hope of getting off
rich-c: right, that's something that will have to wait a while
Pamela: you can always fly, Ron
Ron: naw.... that's too hard on the arms
Dr.D.: Ron's on the Island of Misfit least that's what his basement looked like at ADAMcon 15 :-)
Lady Mac: oh definitely
Ron: yup, that's it
Pamela: want an ADAM?
rich-c: loan her your computer when you get your new one, Pam
Ron: Already have 5
Ron: or 6
Pamela: I hear there's a surplus in town : )
Dr.D.: Pam means Rin, methinks.
Pamela: uhuh
Lady Mac: lol
Lady Mac: Dude i think i will get a Dell
Pamela: you may have heard about my job situation Dad?
BobS: first you wanted to BE on the island, now when youa re stranded you can't wait to get OFF
rich-c: wrong answer, Rin, they are not a good deal
BobS: what pam.........
BobS: nosy me is
Lady Mac: i need cheap and easy
Lady Mac: no comments Rich
Pamela: Company being sold - future employment uncertain at this time
Lady Mac: ;-)
Ron: So.... now Robert..... let me get this staraight..... eh....
rich-c: Dell is not cheap, nor that easy long-term
Dr.D.: You're a high-class gal, Lady Mac, aim higher.
BobS: told us that LAST week
Ron: you got the Christmas card disk, and it worked?
Ron: but then it didn't work?
BobS: ya mon.......NO WORRIES
Ron: and you didn't get it to work on an ADAM drive, is that so?
BobS: is up on internet site as we type
Ron: good
BobS: worked in ADAM too
Pamela: therefore Bob, computer upgrades may have to wait (me being fond of eating and all)
BobS: GREAT JOB senor
Ron: ah.....ok...... wonders will never cease
Ron: thank you sir
Dr.D.: Our lab just decided to junk 2 Pentium 125 MHz machines today.
Lady Mac: not that high the event tonight everyone else was having oysters and fancy stuff....i had ribs and chicken wings
BobS: how's mum ????????
Dr.D.: I don't think there's any way I could get them to Canada...
BobS: good puters !!!!!!!!
Ron: better, but not great, thanks.
Ron: She tires easily
Ron: but then so do I
Lady Mac: it's the though that counts
Dr.D.: They were replaced with 4 GHz Pentiums or something with 2 GB RAM each.
BobS: but home and with here son ?????
BobS: dat's what counts, eh??????
Ron: yes, that's true. Doctor has given enthusiastic clearance for the Edmonton trip, so we'll be off a week Friday
rich-c: I am not sure with 125 mhz Pentiums how much you have to bribe folks to take them
Pamela: that will probably do her a great deal of good, Ron
Ron: yes., most likely
Dr.D.: They are running Win98 and WinNT 4.0 just fine. They just don't have enough speed to keep up with our new data acquisition system.
Pamela: hey, no one answered my question earlier. Are we going to move chat from New Years Eve?
BobS: that is the problem andf why you need new puters, not the usefulness of thenm to someone else
rich-c: must be pretty heavy in memory for 125s then
Dr.D.: Which can transfer data at a rate of about 150K per second.
Lady Mac: i think i will start my acting career
BobS: and Christmas eve...........
Dr.D.: Or Christmas Eve, now that you mention it? I will be home then.
Ron: good questions
Pamela: Christmas Eve is okay with me
BobS: not me
BobS: for either one
BobS: how's about Tues???????
Pamela: so, where do we move them to?
Dr.D.: I'll be home both, but then I never do anything New Year's Eve except eat Party Mix and drink Squirt and wonder where Guy Lombardo went.
rich-c: I can be online Christmas Eve - and would likely be in the best company available
Pamela: boy, you're a fun date Rich : )
Dr.D.: I am playing sax for the 6 PM Xmas Eve service here, but should be home by 8 PM at the latest.
BobS: THAT is what attracted Joan to the boy
Ron: we could always make it the 26 and the 2
Pamela: I'll be wrapping presents (as usual)
Dr.D.: 26th I will likely be at a Theta Chi alumni dinner.
ChickPea: that's y u wrpe as u go pam
rich-c: yes, maybe New Years Day would be more prudent
Ron: NY Day works for me
rich-c: the evening can conspire to produce unexpected events
Pamela: first I have to buy them Rie
Dr.D.: ADAM chat with pork roast and sauerkraut, sounds good to me.
Pamela: NY day is okay for me too
Lady Mac: i wait til January
ChickPea: come on pam even i'm done
BobS: both Xmas AND new years work for me
ChickPea: lol
Pamela: you lie!
Lady Mac: ;-)
Ron: like day, you mean?
ChickPea: no even i'm done
Dr.D.: I won't get to start until 18 or 19 December.
Pamela: I'll start this weekend or Monday, and hopefully get it all done at once
rich-c: so are we settled? chat Xmas eve, but New Yesrs day?
Lady Mac: that'll be me too Rich my first paycheque come around then
rich-c: sounds like a good way to start the New Year
ChickPea: eirn and the excuses
Ron: agreed
Pamela: is that okay with everyone?
Lady Mac: lol
ChickPea: nomatter pay check or not dear u would still wait till ajn
Lady Mac: hopefully i will make it on but may be hing over New Years day
Dr.D.: "What is Christmas but a time for buying gifts without money?" E. Scrooge.
Lady Mac: true
Lady Mac: hehe
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to MeekaS
Lady Mac: hi Meeka
Pamela: Is Meeka! Hi, Meeka!
Dr.D.: And the Meeka shall inherit the chat?
rich-c: hello Meeka, thought the ladies had left Bob all by his lonesome tonight
BobS: whatever you people decide for chat, put out the bulletin to the list beforehand eh???????
MeekaS: hello :)
BobS: Hi Meeka
Pamela: is Christmas eve not good for you Bob?
Ron: Hi Meeka
rich-c: oh yes, that goes without saying, Bob
Dr.D.: He has a lot of Whos to visit on Christmas Eve, Pam.
MeekaS: nope, that is family x-mas
BobS: nope, gonna open presents and I have a LOT to open !!!!!
MeekaS: lol @ dad
Pamela: what about the 23rd then?
BobS: w3orks for me OT xmas night too
BobS: you's decide and I will be there if i can
Pamela: Christmas day is not good for me
Ron: will have to steal my sister's computer for a time
Ron: but if I slap her around, she'll let me use it
rich-c: no, Pam will be here for Xmas dinner and we only have one phone line
BobS: maybe IF you ask to 'borrow' it, she might let you sue it Ron
BobS: use
Ron: oh.... you mean like nicely?
Dr.D.: What are you doing for Christmas, Rin?
Pamela: Dad, is Mom hanging around?
Lady Mac: going home (god willing)
Dr.D.: We will be going to my Dad's after Joan leaves for work in the afternoon.
Pamela: Don't worry Erin, we can always feed you
Dr.D.: Travel safely, then.
Lady Mac: or rather NDP willing
rich-c: she's "unavailable" for a moment but should be available soon
Dr.D.: Your party can't get overthrown so quickly, can they?
ChickPea: noooooooooooo she's comming home!!!!!!!1
Ron: OH Yeah? That's Ontario you know
Pamela: please ask her for plum pudding - that's my grown up Christmas wish : )
Dr.D.: I want Roast Beast with Who-Hash.
rich-c: we were discussing that earlier, but I'll remind her
ChickPea: plum pudding
rich-c: I did notice her buying a tin of plums today...
Lady Mac: i've told them it's a life or death situation -- "my mother and friend sWILL kill me"
ChickPea: dam right I WILL!!!!!!!
Pamela: there are no plums in plum pudding - silly Daddy!
Dr.D.: No plums?
Ron: Cant wait to play with my berspringlers and foshinglers
Pamela: er?
Ron: with green eggs and ham
Pamela: I do not like green eggs and ham
Dr.D.: "But I think that the truth, if so deep we dare dig, may have been that his ego was three sizes too big"
Dr.D.: That was from my Biology Dept. satire "How the Grinch Stole Graduation", with my thesis advisor as the Grinch.
Lady Mac: LOL
Ron: sounds like a hoot Dr. D
Lady Mac: has anyone read The Denial of Death by Becker?
Dr.D.: "It was Cindy Lou Who, who had no less than two post-docs to choose from, when she was all through."
Dr.D.: "Santy Claus, why, why are you taking our Ph.D.s? Why?"
Ron: tee hee
Dr.D.: "He went down the chimney. A rather tight pinch, but if Satan could do it, then so could the Grinch."
Dr.D.: It was all done with color 35 mm slides.
Pamela: Do I get the impression that you liked your college career Rich?
Dr.D.: I photocopied my childhood edition of "The Grinch", white-outed various parts, and redrew the Grinch faces with a caricature of my advisor.
Dr.D.: Then re-colored it with red pencil, like the original book.
Ron: creative
Dr.D.: It was a great hit in December 1988.
Dr.D.: He was such a Grinch, that was why everyone laughed.
Pamela: Did he?
Dr.D.: "Welcome tenure, while we stand heart in mouth and hat in hand. Tenured chairs are in our grasp, so long as we have grants to clasp."
Dr.D.: He, the old bugger, didn't come to the Dept. Christmas party.
Dr.D.: The grad students were charged by the Chairman with providing entertainment.
Dr.D.: Our conceit was rewriting Dr. Seuss with our advisors.
Dr.D.: Turned out I was the only one who actually did it...which I didn't find out until the party.
Lady Mac: i take that as a no
rich-c: figures
Dr.D.: I felt a little stood up...but I had worked so hard on it, the show must go on!
BobS: that is why Dr D is vanquished UPstairs
Dr.D.: Later, I did a command performance for our lab, which he saw. He was so technically impressed that he forgot to be shocked.
MeekaS: lol
Pamela: then it was worth it : )
Dr.D.: "He cleaned out their icebox spit-spot, sad to say. Why, he even took their last tube of Who-DNA!"
Dr.D.: It's frightening how much of it I remember, I haven't recited it since 1988.
rich-c: satires, when you get them right, tend to endure
rich-c: I can even remember one from my high school days
Dr.D.: "Staring down from his office, the sour grinchy old grampus, at the warm lighted windows below on their campus."
Dr.D.: Who-U, that is.
Dr.D.: And now for something completely different...a man with a tape recorder up his nose.
Pamela: so was there a fraternity at Who-U?
Dr.D.: Hmmm...I dunno.
Pamela: that's differeny, all right
MeekaS: brb, need a drink
Dr.D.: My jokes aren't that bad, are they?
Pamela: nope!
Dr.D.: Wouldn't want to be driving Meeka to drink now...
Ron: I laughed.
Ron: me too
Dr.D.: But you're a captive audience, Ron, stuck on an island...
Ron: but only Diet Coke
Ron: that's about the size of it, son
Pamela: ah, the unfairness of it all
Dr.D.: How long before food and fuel run out?
Ron: we might run out of diet coke before this is over
Pamela: maybe they'll do air drops, Ron
Dr.D.: Need to oil up your Smith & Wesson?
Ron: Well, if listen to our business community.... not long
Dr.D.: In time of crisis, bullets are more valuable than food, because they can be used to obtain food and everything else :-)
Ron: Our local Wal Mart still has a few things
rich-c: thought they sent Coke in by tanker to Victoria ;-)
rich-c: got a big demand to meet up-island there, you know
Ron: and they by pipeline north
Dr.D.: Reprocess it from oil spills?
MeekaS: no worries Rich, it is only iced tea :)
Pamela: ICK!
Ron: wow.....
Ron: glad there's nobody from outside listening to us
rich-c: well, ss it happens, there is
Dr.D.: haha Meeka
BobS: BUT ..... ve half you on archives
rich-c: Google yourself, Ron, and you'll see - the archives are indexed
Ron: Gave that up for lent
Ron: googling that is
Dr.D.: Anything that has a link to it is indexed (except maybe Scientology stuff).
Ron: like in the search box I put "Ron" ??
rich-c: no, but "ron Mitchell" will get you all manner of excessively flattering photos
Ron: indeed
rich-c: Frances put in "Elna" and found herself
Dr.D.: That's a sewing machine, right?
Pamela: that's right, Rich
rich-c: yes, and there was a chat about them some while ago
Ron: indeed
Dr.D.: I think Joan has one, or else Elanor.
Pamela: Mom has three
Dr.D.: I seem to recall the discussion here.
Pamela: all of which are giving her a hard time
Dr.D.: Ooh, let's computerize it...The ElnaVision Family Sewing System!
Lady Mac: if you go to and go to the telephone directory you can find me
rich-c: don't laugh, Dr. D. - the new models are scarily close to that
Ron: well, let's see
Pamela: and Mother wants nothign to do with them
Ron: Ron Mitchell's wicked website
Ron: Index of Arctic articles by Ron Mitchell
Ron: Dr. Ron Mitchell
rich-c: yes, she's busy mechanicing them herself
BobS: I am like OvenMitt from Arby's........I"M FAMOUS !!!!!!!!!
Dr.D.: "wicked website"?
BobS: sure got alot of links to my name
Ron: chat session with prof Ron Mitchell
rich-c: dont forget to try variants on your name - r, Robert, Bob, etc.
MeekaS: lol, oh geez dad
Pamela: dat's not you!
Ron: there are 608,000 references to Ron Mitchell
BobS: tyr it Meeka
rich-c: I did Richard Drushel tonight and got 343 hits
rich-c: but I'll bet with variants I could get lots more
Ron: but I am the REAL Ron Mitchell
MeekaS: you want me to do what??
Pamela: Google your name, Meeka
MeekaS: ok, then what
rich-c: I did my surgeon on one name variation and got 493 hits - you've got some cathing up to do, Rich
Pamela: I must be doing something wrong - I only go three hits
Dr.D.: "My Schwartz is bigger than your Schwartz" :-)
Ron: so now what if I do Ron + Mitchell
Ron: or Ron NOT Mitchell
moved to room Meeting Place
MeekaS: Searched the web for Meeka. Results 1 - 10 of about 12,900. hows this for famous dad LOL :)
changed username to rich-c
BobS: good !!!!!
rich-c: sorry - did something dumb and fell off
Pamela: we're seeing two of you, Dad
Ron: no dumb allowed here
Dr.D.: In stereo!
Ron: I only see one Bob
Pamela: yeah, Bob found himself
Ron: What's Doug up tonight Meeka?
Ron: up to I mean
Pamela: much better Dad
MeekaS: watching "enterprise"
rich-c: just did search as rich clee and got 3900
Ron: aha
rich-c: and it looks like a high percentage are me
Dr.D.: Don't let him watch all those half-naked alien women.
Pamela: It was on at eight here, Meeka
Pamela: yes, we've been seeing alot of T'Pol recently
ChickPea: alrighty i'm outy
Pamela: to bed for you Marie?
Ron: be well Chick
Ron: sleep is good
rich-c: night Marie
ChickPea: yep
ChickPea: \night
Dr.D.: I only ever watched the "Enterprise" pilot...and that was enough for me.
Dr.D.: Bye CP
Pamela: smart girl
Pamela: gnite, sweetie
Pamela: hugs to you
MeekaS: ya, not sure why, but he likes it
MeekaS: night
Pamela: I was hearing rumours of cancellation
Ron: I lost track about 2 episodes into Deep Space 9
ChickPea: huga too oyu too night
Ron: have not followed since
ChickPea: tell next weds i bid u adue
Lady Mac: love ya Chickpea
ChickPea: love u too doodle bug
BobS: nite Rie
Dr.D.: My Star Trek is dead. So I don't torment myself anymore by watching the grisly zombie reanimated corpse.
MeekaS: lol
Ron: right on man
Dr.D.: I'm not the audience they want anymore.
BobS: no worries mate
Pamela: I was an avid NG fan, not so interested in DS9, and much more into Voyager
Dr.D.: They don't want to dance with who brung 'em.
Ron: :(
Ron: Now there's a project
Ron: it would only be anecdotal but
Dr.D.: We gave up on Trek after Season 1 of Voyager. Except for the Enterprise pilot, we haven't been back.
ChickPea left chat session
Pamela: oh, Voyager was good - but it got better after season 3
Dr.D.: Haven't seen the last 2 theatrical movies, either.
Ron: Star Trek and Star Wars completely changed my appreciation of science fiction
rich-c: Pam, just from curiosity, do you have the last Star Wars release, and is it on tape or DVD?
Ron: it was almost like..... too much of a good thing
Ron: talking mostly of the special effects
Ron: Lucas made everything else sub standard
rich-c: Star Wars was moe a horse opera with a different setting
BobS: that is what happens to a lot of to leave the audience wanting MORE not kill it
Pamela: I think we have 1, 4, 5 and 6 Dad - your copies, I believe
Pamela: More HP!
Ron: When the original Star Trek Series was produced we still had a sense of wonderment
Dr.D.: Can you believe, the CWRU Film Society has not yet shown Episode 2, because nobody on campus likes it and it cost us $1000 to book?
Dr.D.: If engineers don't want to watch it, it is very bad SF>
rich-c: I think I only had 1,2,3 then 4 (i.e. #1 of teh second series)
Ron: yes I can believe that
Pamela: then that's what we have, Dad
Dr.D.: We took a bath when we showed Episode 1...we decided, not again.
Lady Mac: well i think i'm done
Lady Mac: hope you all ahve a good night
Ron: niters Mac
Ron: go straight home now
Pamela: Okay Rin - g'nite. Call me tomorrow, and ignore the message on your cellular voicemail
Lady Mac: lol...that would be a challenge
Lady Mac: oh ok
BobS: good day ma lady
Dr.D.: Did you fall asleep, Rin?
Lady Mac: not quite but almost
Dr.D.: Or are you working late at the office?
Lady Mac: :-)
Lady Mac: always
rich-c: nite Rin
Lady Mac: night uncle Richard
Lady Mac: nite Ron
Lady Mac: nite Bos
Dr.D.: So long, Rin...
Lady Mac: bobs
BobS: ta ta
Pamela: I'm nodding too. Maybe I should try sleeping for a change
Lady Mac: have a g'night Rich
Ron: nite Mac
Dr.D.: As long as I don't think of the car...
BobS: naw no fu n in that
Ron: t'is almost 11 where most of you are
Pamela: what, sleeping? Just for a change, Bob
Lady Mac: probably a good idea
Dr.D.: I ought to go, too. Long next few days.
Ron: except here on the Island...... wonder if the clocks are still working
BobS: think of it as a blessing Dr ya get a new car !!!!!
Lady Mac: Ciao Ciao
Ron: be well Dr. D
Lady Mac left chat session
Dr.D.: Until next Wednesday...Starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies.
Pamela: gnite Rich
rich-c: nite Rich
MeekaS: well, I better be off awell
Dr.D.: Bye Pam.
MeekaS: talj you you later
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: OK Meeka, see you next round
Pamela: nite Meeka
BobS: oh Mekka, yo are young !!!!!
Ron: and then there were 5
MeekaS: lol, yup that I am
BobS: place is going to heck
BobS: in a handbasket
MeekaS left chat session
Pamela: Well, I think I'm going to bed
Pamela: Dad, will call tomorrow or Friday
rich-c: OK daughter, any idea when we will be seeing you?
BobS: no guy tonight
Ron: you gonna leave me just like that Pamela?
Pamela: sorry, Ron
BobS: you been jilted ron
Ron: well....all good things must come to an end
rich-c: OK, depending on weather may want help with the milk
rich-c: and I have that tape ready to go back to you
Pamela: will keep that in mind Dad. Will call and arrange.
rich-c: OK - if busy, emaikl
Ron: I'm gonna go build myself a ferry boat and make a million
Pamela: Will do. I'm outta here. Bob, say g'nite to Judy for me.
BobS: ok
rich-c: at this point, a bathtub with a 5-horse kicker would do
Pamela: sounds like a plan, Ron : )
BobS: she say.....see ya in 2 weeks
Ron: yes..... that's right Rich.. Many things now being pressed into service
BobS: mnaybe
Pamela: absolutely -have a great time
BobS: tank ya
Ron: if it floats, they can use it
Pamela: okay - kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
BobS: should we cruise UP to the island for ya Ron?????
Ron: now there's a thought.
BobS: and take you to the mainland
Ron: my own private boat and crew
Ron: yeah, bring her around Bob
BobS: might take a little longer than planned though
rich-c: hey, they could make more running across the Starit than cruising
Ron: right now, yes
BobS: so HOW thye maybe gonna run the catamrands
Ron: the system hauls 28 million passengers a year
rich-c: just renting out the lifeboats would pay a fortune
BobS: rent hem back?????
BobS: them
Ron: Well in fact, the fast ferries (catamarans) were mentioned on tonights news as one option management was considering
rich-c: so how would they crew them? and would the dock workers cooperate?
BobS: well why the heck did they make them and then simply junk them ????????
Ron: although nobody at the company would admit to it
BobS: save them for fuiture
rich-c: seems they were good in theory but in practice, not so neat
BobS: seems like a real BIG bone
BobS: boner to just dump them
Ron: had to go find Mom her cane
BobS: ahso
Ron: anyway yes.... Bob, the fast ferries were a political project of the previous provincial gov't
rich-c: yes, even when ot totally necessary, a cane can be good for the morale
Ron: and they were one of these sad stories that sometimes besets megaprojects
Ron: way over budget - did not sell well in the open market
Ron: and caused all sorts of operational problems for the ferry corp when they put the first one in service
Ron: the project was scrapped before the 3rd one was completed
Ron: so now there are 3 brand new ferries sitting in Vancouver Harbour..... have been auctioned off
rich-c: ot that there wrent people very eager to help them fail...
rich-c: not
BobS: a sad commentary on the gov't AND the shipbuilders who sold thema bill of goods
Ron: My son, Jeff , actually rode on one a couple of times..... he said they were not nearly as comrfortable as the older vessels
Ron: too little outdoor space
BobS: but faster right?????
rich-c: what's good economics is sometimes in the eye of the beholder
Ron: exactly..... the govt thought they could build them for a world market
Ron: catamaran hull design, when used as a car ferry caused a great many problems
rich-c: there is supposed to be one coming into operation on Lake Ontario this spring
Ron: well they were supposed to cut the length of the trip by 25 minutes
Ron: but in actual practice, they never did
rich-c: they want to run it from Rochester to Toronto
rich-c: except that Toronto doesn't have a suitable pier
Ron: When run a designed speed, they tended to set up a wake that almost drowned kids when it reached shore.... there were a couple of horror cases
Ron: so they were forced to reduce speed..... and get more expensive to operate in the bargain
rich-c: wonder if that was an artifact of the catamaran hull design?
rich-c: some sort of standing wave effect set up between the two hulls?
Ron: they other problem they had was that there's a lot of free floating lumber in the strait..... because of what we do out here
Ron: Catamarans did not react very well to floating timber
Ron: yeah Rich, something like that
Ron: so they hit a log, they'd be out for a day or two
rich-c: right, they have aluminum hulls, dont they?
Ron: yes
BobS: hmmm.......can see a problem starting here
Ron: Finally the Non-Directional Partisans gave them up as a bad job, and when the liberals came to power, the put them up for auction
rich-c: not every nice theory works out in practice
BobS: si senor
Ron: Now you mention catamaran hull in these parts, the laughter takes a while to subside
rich-c: Bob, wanted to ask you - why so early in Sept. for Adamcon?
BobS: fit the bill for Dr D and for Jean
rich-c: down south, the weather is hardly fit for living till second week of October
Ron: I missed that.... have we got a date?
BobS: naw Jean says it is good down there and besides.....the DO have a/c allover
BobS: tlkign to htels and Jean about Sept 16-20
BobS: boy, fanr dingers
Ron: ok....... noted
BobS: cna't ger antytgin tigoas[;rjiweop0A'FHISD;ALHFNLKS;A'
rich-c: I'm thinking more about conditions if we drive
Ron: bftslrongkmww8* Bob
BobS: got a/c mon
BobS: stay out of the desert
BobS: ya ron
rich-c: yes, but Frances finds teh treailer a/c intolerably noisy
Ron: Wonder what the driving time would be from Comox to El Paso?
BobS: so do I, but ya live with it to be cool
rich-c: we might, she won't
BobS: din't know ron
BobS: but.....IF ya can't get off the island
Ron: will have to check
rich-c: might be less than you think, Ron, though for you it's a lot of easting
Ron: well... I'm assuming our current labour strife will be concluded by then
BobS: got to be a long ways though Ron
BobS: depends on what air costs arre
Ron: What would El Paso be due south of?
rich-c: for us it is 2100 miles, likely about 10 days actual driving
Ron: must look on my map
Ron: Anyway...... I will have to ponder that
rich-c: El Paso is on the Rio Grande tucked into that little panhandle of Texas that sneaks in between New Mexico and old Mexico
BobS: AND Jean says the mountain goes right thru Wl Paso
rich-c: in Texas, you cannot go further west
BobS: El Paso
BobS: go east 100 km then drop south ron
BobS: ok maybe alittle further east.......after youg et OFF the island
rich-c: you would have a variety of sriously interesting routes to choose from, Ron
Ron: hmmm.....
rich-c: down the Pacific Coast and in, or down through the mountains
BobS: 3 of the 4 hotels I have talked with are very willling to work with us and drop rates and throw in the conf room
Ron: yes......
Ron: great Bob..... wish we could have done that here
BobS: Best Western, Comfort Inn, Baymont Inn
rich-c: get a passport and you can go over the bridge to Mexico - Ciuadad Jaurez
BobS: well, you know how they are on an island......yo are trapped and they know it !!!!
(BobS winks)
Ron: yes
Ron: unfortunately
BobS: well guys, gott go to bed now ......... be gone next week, but will try to catch you Xmas week
Ron: have a good cruise Bob ...say hi to Judy
BobS: put a message on the list for me about time and day
BobS: she says HI back
rich-c: OK Bob, you and Judy and the kids have a real good time, hear?
Ron: :)
BobS: take care of mum
Ron: will do
Ron: niters to all
BobS: thanks guys see ya later !!!!!! BTW, heart is still ticking along great
Ron: good Bob...keep up the good work
rich-c: OK, niters all, till next we meet!
Ron: poooooffff
Ron left chat session
BobS: Poof. bam\
BobS left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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