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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: confirm
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rich-c: hey, aboput time someone showed up!
changed username to Barbie
Barbie: lo
Barbie: l
Barbie: hi ther uncle richard
Barbie: how r u?
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rich-c: lessee - that ought to be Rin
changed username to Pamela
Barbie: nope
Barbie: ree
Barbie: hi pam
rich-c: OK - and, hi, daughter
Pamela: nope, it's not - it's me
Pamela: Hi, Rie
Pamela: Hi, Dad
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Barbie: hi there
rich-c: sheesh! everyone appears at once!
Barbie: i brought them all
Barbie: lol
Pamela: sorry, downloaded my email first - all 25 of them
rich-c: then presumably that ought to be Rin
Pamela: oh, who knows
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: when I went on today I had 77 emails - all spam
Pamela: I've given up guessing. Hi, Rich
rich-c: hello Rich
Barbie: lol
Dr.D.: I was a human being once...
Pamela: scuse me, gotta go kill a cat
Dr.D.: but grading LEGO lab design notebooks has destroyed my brain...
Barbie: oh oh
rich-c: but after a night at the showing of LOTR III...
rich-c: no LOTR on opening night?
Dr.D.: Nope, not for me this time.
Pamela: were they that bad, Rich?
rich-c: you should have seen the goings-on here - costume ball at Medieval Times, charter bus to teh theatre, everyone in costume
Dr.D.: Not all of them so bad, but just long...and 15 of them.
Dr.D.: Nevermind that the Egg Hunt on the 13th was the worst one ever, in 17 semesters.
Dr.D.: I am not well-disposed toward this bunch.
rich-c: why, what went wrong?
Barbie: so pam what's new?
Pamela: not much, Rie. Got all my Christmas shopping done in one night though
Barbie: lol
Barbie: cool
Barbie: what did u bye me?
Pamela: 'twas a very short list this year
Pamela: lots of love : )
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Barbie: it easier that way
Dr.D.: The robots performed terribly.
Barbie: lol
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: no $$
Barbie: is that my doodle bug?
Pamela: hello, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Barbie: i feel ur pain pam
rich-c: hello guy, glad to see you're early tonight
Dr.D.: Of the 7 rounds, 2 were stopped early because all the robots (except my Cambot) had died.
Guy B.: Got the DSL working fine now.
Pamela: Got your Christmas card today, Rie - thank you
Barbie: ur welcome
Dr.D.: And a 3rd round would have been stopped early for the same reason, except that there was only a minute left in the round.
rich-c: glad to hear it, Guy
rich-c: I'd like to have it but it's very expensive here
Guy B.: And even ICS works.
rich-c: ICS?
Pamela: I'd like you to have it too - then I could get you on the phone!
Barbie: pam have u spoken to erin at all?
Pamela: nope, not a peep today
Barbie: ok
Barbie: i talked to her yesterday
Barbie: after she got home from her party
Guy B.: Internet Connection Sharing. I can share another computer with the DSL connection.
Pamela: haven't heard from her since Thursday
Pamela: she's been very busy
Barbie: oic
rich-c: OK, helps if you're networked, I gather
Pamela: she's supposed to come home this weekend, right?
rich-c: so Rich, how come the computers didn't last? bad programming stalled them?
Barbie: yes sery bob
Dr.D.: Bad programming, bad LEGO design.
Dr.D.: Just bad robots.
Dr.D.: Bad students.
Barbie: can't wait
Pamela: gee, Marie, you sound cheerful at the prospect
Guy B.: Yes, that's what I did. I had to get another Ethernet card for the DSL and used the onboard Ethernet for connecting to one of the other systems.
Pamela: there's always next semester Rich
Dr.D.: Too many of them waited til the last minute to test their robots.
Pamela: remember, you can always bring us in to show them how it's done
Dr.D.: Don't I know it, Pam; I gotta start prep for it next week.
Dr.D.: Hahaha.
Pamela: I know, Marie. I sympathize
Guy B.: Dr. D, did those students of yours rushed to get their projects in by the deadline?
Pamela: it's hard getting used to not having your best friend around all the time
Dr.D.: *Laughing at Pam's comment, not at Marie*
Barbie: erin's serisly my inly girl frined
Dr.D.: Haha Guy, they had the public contest as the deadline :-)
Dr.D.: Also, there were several logistical issues that made this truly the Egg Hunt From Hell.
Guy B.: Oh, so they messed up then.
Dr.D.: First, the T-shirt vendor conveniently went out of business less than a week before my order (placed before Thanksgiving) was supposed to be delivered.
rich-c: fine old university tradition, never have it ready before deadline
Guy B.: Did you manage to find someone else?
Dr.D.: Fortunately, the ex-VP of the company, with whom I've dealt since 1995, took the job to another vendor for me and got them done, one day before the Egg Hunt.
Dr.D.: About 19 hours before, to be exact.
Pamela: Dad, did you get out for groceries today before it snowed?
Guy B.: How many T-shirts?
Dr.D.: Then, our Caravan having died last Wednesday, and Joan working evenings and being on call to work the first half of night shift, made for, um "interesting" transportation arrangements.
Dr.D.: Like me going in at 4 AM to pick her up, staying on campus while she went home.
Dr.D.: About 35 shirts, Guy.
Dr.D.: Then on Egg Hunt morning, the battery in the U-Haul truck was totally dead.
Dr.D.: One hour before departure.
Dr.D.: Engine turned over weakly twice and then nothing.
rich-c: this was definitely not your week for wheels, Rich
Guy B.: Boy, everything went wrong there. How did you cope?
Dr.D.: I had to call CWRU security to get it jumped.
Pamela: Have you not replaced the van yet Rich?
rich-c: bet they wre better and faster than AAA
Dr.D.: Once the truck was started, I let it run until we had actually arrived at the Science Center and unloaded.
Dr.D.: We replaced the van on Monday night, Pam.
Dr.D.: The old one is to be driven to Our Lady of The Wayside for junking on Saturday morning.
Dr.D.: The new one is a used 2003 Grand Caravan (7400 miles).
Dr.D.: It was the same price as a new 2004 regular Caravan with smaller engine.
Pamela: woohoo!
Guy B.: Not bad Dr D.
rich-c: ha, that isnt even broken in, Rich
Dr.D.: 3.3 L V6 and Captain's chairs for the middle seat, to keep Christina and Elanor from fighting.
Pamela: brb, folks - gotta go check something
Dr.D.: So I could tow a half trailer of luggage if need be.
rich-c: sounds like the cats are into something again
Dr.D.: So, the next ADAMcon I drive to, you'll undoubtedly see it.
rich-c: what is the actual tow rating on that one, Rich?
Dr.D.: I don't know, I'd have to look.
Dr.D.: It's the smaller of the 2 V6s available for the Grand Caravan, so I
Dr.D.: I'm sure it couldn't tow your camper, for instance.
rich-c: you can't tell from the manual, it will depend on whether it has the trailer package
Dr.D.: But I don't want that, just the capability to rent a U-Haul thingy for luggage or college-bound junk if needed.
Dr.D.: It doesn't have a tow bar on it right now, I don't think.
rich-c: well even the bare ones will haul 1000 lbs, I believe
Dr.D.: I just want the capability in future, if needed.
Dr.D.: Right now, if all 6 of us went anywhere overnight, we'd have to go in 2 vehicles.
rich-c: you could likely find out on, Rich
rich-c: Guy, does it interest you to know Tiger Direct are advertising in Canada now?
Dr.D.: No vacations are imminent, so I am not worrying about it yet :-)
Dr.D.: So you are all lonesome tonight, Marie?
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changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: It's a brace of Guys!
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Netscape crashed.
rich-c: oh dear, Guy, the DSL poop out on you?
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
Dr.D. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Barbie confirmed ban
Dr.D.: Netscape likes to choke on this chat client after a while.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, let's try again.
rich-c: my experience with Netscape was it choked on anything
rich-c: it was very good at spying on me though and sending the information who knows where
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.: Why just don't do anything you're ashamed of and you won't care who knows about it :-) :-)
Barbie: hi everybody
Dr.D.: That's what Homeland Security would say (probably do say).
rich-c: well, I don't want a compter like Maries, that can be sending her bank account number and stuff like that out
Dr.D.: Hi Marie, I asked if you were lonesome tonight. You seemed to be when I first logged in.
Dr.D.: Hope nothing bad has happened...
Barbie: i am
Barbie: well more boared
rich-c: well, Marie had Comet Cursor on her computer, one of the most notorious pieces of spyware
Barbie: i still have it
Barbie: is it bad?
Dr.D.: ??? Can't you get rid of it?
rich-c: long as you don't mind the whole internet being able to read every keystroke you make, that's fine
Dr.D.: It records all of your can harvest passwords.
Barbie: what does that mea?'
Dr.D.: So it can then get into anyplace you can.
rich-c: Marie, I left either AdAware or SpyBot on your computer to clean those things out - you should use them
Dr.D.: If you buy something online and type in a credit card number, it will grab it from your typing.
Barbie: i don't know what that is
Barbie: how do i find them uncle richard?
rich-c: OK AMarie - go to which has all sorts for free software
Barbie: ok
rich-c: after the entry page click on "security"
Barbie: ok
rich-c: then click on anti-spyware
rich-c: actually as you scroll down the security page it will be the first listing
Barbie: ok
rich-c: if you go to the company page ( it will explain what spyware is all about
Barbie: antispyware tools?
rich-c: that's what you want, yes
Barbie: do i download thst?
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Pamela: Sorry folks - I'm back now, and caught up
rich-c: to learn about the dangers you face on the internet, go to and read just about everything ;-)
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I had to reboot.
Pamela: Guy, just how many clones do you have?
rich-c: yes, then evrything else that grc recommends, too
Barbie: so doenload it?
rich-c: yes, download that, and SpyBot as well (also listed there)
rich-c: then go to grc for teh links to the other stuff
rich-c: Rich, I gather the anti-spam bill is now law in the U.S. - is that right? Dubya just signed it
Dr.D.: He may have scrawled his "X" in crayon on it, but I have seen no diminution in spam to my mailboxes.
Dr.D.: Question for the Canadian contingent: have you ever heard of Conestoga College?
rich-c: neither have I; I had 77 when I went online today (new record) and have been getting more every ten minutes since
Pamela: it rings a faint bell Rich, but I don't know why or where it is
Barbie: is there a way i can check if i have any virises?
rich-c: yes, that's up Kitchener way; a community college if I recall with a good local reputation
Dr.D.: It's in Kitchener.
Pamela: okay. You learn something new . . .
Pamela: so, why do you ask?
Dr.D.: Three professors from their Electronics department, including the Chairman, flew into Cleveland Saturday morning to watch the Egg Hunt.
Pamela: ah yes, I remember you mentioning that a couple of weeks ago
rich-c: Yes, Marie, just download your choice of Avast, Anti-Vir or AVG anti-virus programs - all are free and on pricelessware
Dr.D.: After it was over, and everything was packed up and returned to CWRU, I went back downtown to their hotel (the Marriott, very fancy) and had dinner with them for 3 hours.
Pamela: wow, very nice
Dr.D.: They had a great time, and were really the bright spot of the day for me.
rich-c: I trust you had a pleasant time
Dr.D.: They want to start their own Autonomous Robotics course.
rich-c: our colleges have some pretty neat people on staff
Pamela: what would that entail?
Dr.D.: I might also end up as an external reviewer for their program, as they have to do some stuff to get the government to approve it in some fashion (a bit foggy on the details).
Dr.D.: They just were granted the right to award bachelors degrees.
rich-c: you remember Kitchener is the twin city with Waterloo?
Dr.D.: Yes...I remember being in Kitchener for ADAMcon 007.
Dr.D.: I told them that, and they saw the twin ADAMs at the Egg Hunt.
Dr.D.: They thought it was great.
Pamela: are you downloading, Marie?
Dr.D.: And when I told them I knew about Canadian Tire selling them, they were tickled to death that I knew about CT.
Dr.D.: How could I help it, after all your and Ron's talk over the years? :-)
rich-c: if she isa she is going to be a while - the anti-virus programs are good but multi megabytes
Pamela: yes, Canadian Tire is an institution here
rich-c: you should have made a comment about Tim Horton's, too
Dr.D.: Forgot about TH, I did.
Dr.D.: Anyway, I think it likely that in the next year I will have some excuse or other to go visit them professionally.
Pamela: but Timmy's has gone to the States, have they not?
Dr.D.: Dunno, Pam.
Pamela: none in Cleveland?
Dr.D.: It would probably mutate into something icky if it did.
rich-c: they have a toe in the water, so to speak, Pam, but very little
Dr.D.: Not that I know of; I could look in the phone book...
Pamela: I thought that they had partnered with Wendy's in the US.
rich-c: they'll be there; they are merged with Wendy's
Pamela: only to a limited degree, I guess
Pamela: well I must admit Rich that I much prefer McDonald's in Canada
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: (it's OK Rich, I don't know her ;-0)
Pamela: why thank you, kind sir : )
Pamela: you LIE!
rich-c: you don't expect me to admit I know a McDonald's user, do you?
Pamela: you can't get away with it Dad - complete strangers know I belong to you
Pamela: absolutely
Dr.D.: An unprintable Wendy's joke just bubbled up from my memory, told to me by a college friend who used to work at one...
rich-c: your mother would excommunicate me
Dr.D.: Funny but nasty.
Pamela: well, don't tell her then - how do you think I did it all these years? : )
Pamela: besides, every once in a while I bribe her with McD's fries
rich-c: yes, those are very hard on her resistance, I;ve heard
Pamela: make a note to tell it in person, Rich
Dr.D.: You will likely hit me...
Pamela: nay sir, you cannot say anything I haven't already heard : )
Dr.D.: There are no words in it that can't be said on's just the combination, of course...
Dr.D.: ANyway, I always liked Wendy's.
rich-c: Guy, you still with us or is Netscape crashing again?
Dr.D.: They had the neatest formica on the tables...all reprints of old 1895 catalogues.
Pamela: I prefer McD's - but don't tell my parents ; )
Pamela: for some reason, I've always found Wendy's food to be very bland
Dr.D.: You could eat your Triple and Biggie Fries while reading about artificial legs and some iron tonic good for "women's problems" and "vitality".
rich-c: well, yesterday I had to eat lunch out, and I chose Tim Hortons
Pamela: the one exception to that is the Smoky Bacon Cheeseburger
rich-c: thought later I might have tried Second Cup as an option
Dr.D.: Dave's Deluxe was a good one they don't sell now.
Dr.D.: Not since, well, Dave passed on :-(
Pamela: Second Cup doesn't have much in the way of lunch food, Dad
Dr.D.: He actually stopped at the Wendy's near us once, about 10 years ago, and worked the grill during lunch hour.
Dr.D.: He liked to do that, show everyone that he hadn't forgotten his roots.
Pamela: He was known for doing that Rich
rich-c: no, but when you just want a sandwich and coffe, they'll do
Pamela: IMHO, Timothy's is better. So why were you out?
rich-c: dental appointment, and needed to kill some time while the penecillin took effect
Dr.D.: Are you allowed to drive now, Richard?
rich-c: computer cant spell
Pamela: and how is our dear Dr. Closner?
Dr.D.: Please don't tell me you're cheating on your orthopaedist...
Pamela: correction: computer operator can't spell
rich-c: don't know, Rich, don't see the doctor till tomorrow
rich-c: but I've been driving for a bit over a week ;-)
Dr.D.: I hope you get a good report.
Dr.D.: You are a bad boy!
Dr.D.: Talk to him, Pam!
Pamela: I have confidence in him, Rich - he wouldn't do it if he didn't feel capable
rich-c: oh, she's relieved that I can take her mother shopping
Pamela: and Mom wouldn't let him if she didn't feel he was ready
Dr.D.: to Richard's comment, that is.
Pamela: heck Dad, i only took Mom once - she's so darn stubborn, she wouldn't ask me for help
rich-c: actually, the Safari is so suitable for handicap operation I could have driven it home from the hospital
Dr.D.: Well, I'll feel better if your doctor says it's okay tomorrow.
Pamela: of course, first you would have had to have it at the hospital - I shudder to think of the parking charges : )
Barbie: pam have u heard anythign else about ur job?
Dr.D.: I hope you're otherwise ambulatory without pain or difficulty.
rich-c: well, I could have let you bring it down for me
Pamela: not yet, Marie - I don't expect to hear anything till well after the first of the year
Dr.D.: Pam is working for the Minister of Food or something, right?
Dr.D.: Not Pam, Rin.
Dr.D.: Duh
Pamela: I did that anyway, Dad : ) I just brought it home, too
rich-c: yes Rich, haven't taken so much as a Tylenol since I left hospital
rich-c: of course the movement restrictions apply and will for some time yet
Dr.D.: That's very encouraging, Richard.
Guy B.: Sorry, that I was quiet. Got a phone call.
Barbie: agriculture
Pamela: Erin is working for the Minister of Agriculture
Pamela: now all we have to do is get you to quit favouring your left side when you walk, Dad
rich-c: Marie, gather you got the downloads
Dr.D.: So if I write a letter to the Minister, she'll be the one to select the correct form-letter reply and stamp the Minister's signature on it? :-)
Barbie: there still going y?
Pamela: I will be actively looking for new employment in the new year
Barbie: i'll hire u pam
Pamela: no, she's the MPP liaison
Dr.D.: You aren't laid off yet, are you, Pam?
rich-c: OK - when you remove spyware from programs, they sometimes stop working so consider that when you make your decisions
Dr.D.: Liaison mean...?
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: no Rich, but I don't want to be there much longer - it's becoming an impossible situation
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: i know... i know... I'm late!
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel, congratulations on successfully completing your M.S. thesis!
rich-c: just like you absolutely need Zone Alarm ( but it may give you a hard time setting it up
Pamela: if one of the MPPs has a question about her Ministry, Erin is the one who fields the question , does the research and finds the answers
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy, Pam, Rich, Dr.D and ... Barbie?
rich-c: he, bonjour, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Dr.D
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Dr.D.: "Where did I leave my coat?" "Right here, Minister" :-)
Pamela: Barbie = Marie, Daniel
Barbie: hi there
Pamela: no no Rich, the other MPPs - not her own
Barbie: i don't know my computer is running fine
Dr.D.: I am yawning a mile wide...I was hoping Ron would've shown up by now.
Dr.D.: Is he still trapped on the Island?
rich-c: I have been explaining to Marie whre to get teh defensive programs she needs
Pamela: nope
Dr.D.: I couldn't resist the joke, Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Marie! I have no Marie in my database.
Pamela: oh, I know that Rich
Barbie: if it's not broken y fix it?????/
Dr.D.: Marie Antoinette...Marie Curie...Marie Roget (very mysterious)...Marie, the dawn is breaking... (only Richard will get that one)
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose it's the first time I meet Marie then.
rich-c: because of what's happening behind your back, Marie
Pamela: Marie is Erin's friend from Windsor, Daniel - a pseudo-cousin of mine so to speak
Dr.D.: That sounds like a Hitchhiker's Guide term, Pam.
Barbie: oic
rich-c: it's like using an ATM whre some crook has installed a card skimmer to swipe your password
Barbie: oh
Pamela: I made it up Rich - you like it? : )
Dr.D.: Yes.
rich-c: anyway, some programs with spyware in them work when it's removed, some don't
Barbie: my nortons
Dr.D.: It's a blood relative you can have by invitation.
Pamela: what else do you call the best friend of one cousin who was dating the other and living with the family for four years?
Dr.D.: So Pam, be my pseudo-cousin!
Barbie: 'a isn't working and hasn't been for some time
rich-c: some spyware is relatively innocent, other kinds are deadly
Barbie: more then that now pm
rich-c: your Norton isn't working? what's the matter with it?
Pamela: I'll be happy to Rich - but you have to date my relatives first : )
Barbie: i don't knwo
Dr.D.: I think the HHGTTG term was "semicousin". Ford and Zaphod were semicousins, whatever *that* is.
Barbie: is AVG anti-virus good??
Pamela: i'm sure there was an explanation in the book Rich
rich-c: all three of the free anti-viruses, odlly enough, are better than Norton or McAfee
Barbie: Pam loves me
Dr.D.: Well, I think I am going to retire for the evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Pamela: I just can't remember where it is, or find it in my version of the snake pit
Dr.D.: Only 4 more design notebooks to grade...
Pamela: you're easy to love, Marie
Daniel Bienvenu: AVG think my CCI software contain a trojan horse virus. So, AVG is good but I experimented an alert where there are no virus.
rich-c: OK Rich, quit before your eyeballs start spinning, OK?
Barbie: i know
Dr.D.: And grades aren't due until 2:30 PM tomorrow, so I think I can finish them.
Pamela: and so modest!
Dr.D.: So until whenever we're going to chat again, bye-bye.
Barbie: pleaz don't confuse me now
Dr.D.: I can't remember what day we picked.
Barbie: bye dr d
Pamela: Get some sleep, Rich
rich-c: well, Daniel, you may have inadvertantly written something into it that matches a virus signature
Dr.D.: But hopefully it will get mailed to the list.
Dr.D.: Good night all.
Dr.D. left chat session
Barbie: night
rich-c: night Rich, take it easy
Pamela: Did we settle on Dec 23rd?
Guy B.: Night Dr D.
Barbie: i'll be there
Guy B.: I won't be here on the 24th.
rich-c: no, I think we agreed on Christmas Eve
Pamela: I think we're moving it, Guy
rich-c: but nothing says we can't change it
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: i found the answer in forums where the AVG software find "headers" in the language interpreter linked with the code... and also in the libraries of the compiler.
Guy B.: Have to, I'll be at my aunt's that night.
Pamela: I thought it was the 23rd - Rich won't be able to attend on 12/24 and neither will Guy
Guy B.: Better try either Tuesday or Friday.
Barbie left chat session
rich-c: then I guess we will have to shift it
Daniel Bienvenu: you are talking about the next "chat session". except this saturday.
Pamela: send a message to the list then
rich-c: Marie, I use AVG on my laptop and Anti-Vir on my desktop
Pamela: she disappeared, Dad
Pamela: My preference would be Tuesday
rich-c: yes, next "Wednesday" session; I hope to be on Saturday per usual
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using Norton Antivirus 2003 on my desktop computer... anyway, I don't have a laptop.
rich-c: I have Norton System Works 2002 but I find it very clunky
Pamela: actually to be more comprehensive, my preferences would be 12/23 and 01/01
rich-c: I am hoping to learn how to us3e WinFax which is packed with it soon
Daniel Bienvenu: I buy Norton SystemWorks 2002 and (this year) 2003.
Daniel Bienvenu: The only "bug" I found where after an update
rich-c: I hope, Daniel, you know whre to buy it for a lot less than retail list
rich-c: and frankly, once you have any edition of Norton, I doubt you need to buy the next'
Pamela: Can we settle the dates issue please, guys?
Daniel Bienvenu: the antivirus refused to start. the error message "link" to a web page who tells me to rename a file to fix this problem they don't understand. It was during spring
rich-c: OK, 12/23 and 01/01 fly OK with me
Pamela: Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: so, it now or never to wish you a merry christmas?
Pamela: next Tuesday, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, then
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope I will not forget
Pamela: are those dates okay wiht you Daniel?
rich-c: or if you cant make that, this Saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: tuesday... c'est mardi ou jeudi?
Pamela: c'est Mardi
rich-c: I will send an email around the Adam list, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok pour mardi. :)
Pamela: le 23 de Decembre
Pamela: Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: 1..2.. testing!
Pamela: we're getting yhou Daniel
Pamela: however, Guy isn't paying attention
Pamela: GUY!
Daniel Bienvenu: I do this some times when the subject is not concerning coleco.
Guy B.: Ok, 23rd is fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: I read my mails and chat with another person at the same time
Pamela: and New Years Day too?
Guy B.: New Year's is Thursday. I'll be here on New Year's Eve. What about everyone else?
Pamela: nope - everyone here is busy that night
Guy B.: Ok, New Year's Day then.
Pamela: great. Dad, will you send a message to the list?
Daniel Bienvenu: anytime... except "Noel"
rich-c: the message has been sent, watch your mailbox any minute now
Pamela: thank you for your cooperation, gentlemen
Daniel Bienvenu: (night of december 24... it's time to celebrate with my familly)
rich-c: yes, Christmas Day is not a suitable Adam chat time
Daniel Bienvenu: it takes some times
Daniel Bienvenu: i still don't have it.
rich-c: actually I expect to be free Christmas Eve but not New Yesrs Eve
Pamela: I'll be wrapping on Christmas Eve - it's tradition : )
Pamela: actually, I hope I'll be done by then
Pamela: but I'll still have to go get Russell from work
rich-c: just so long as it doesn't snow too much New Years Eve as I have to go out
Pamela: speak long and hard to JP Dad
Pamela: in fact, don't even think anything but good thoughts about the weather
Daniel Bienvenu: What could be next year?
Daniel Bienvenu: 2004 it's the Olympic games
Pamela: It's election year in the US
Pamela: It's a leap year
Daniel Bienvenu: 2004 it's 20th anniversary of the Coleco Adam?
rich-c: when does Russell get off, Pam?
Pamela: it's AC16
Pamela: finishes at midnight on Christmas Eve
Pamela: back to work at 4:00pm Christmas day
rich-c: merde
Daniel Bienvenu: wo! tout de suite les gros mots! :)
rich-c: it's OK, yourma got the turkey today
Pamela: so, we'll go to Barbara's in the morning and I'll take him at least part way to work, then come over to your place
Pamela: turkey! turkey!
Pamela: why merde, Dad?
rich-c: she got some cherries of the kind used for plum pudding, too
Daniel Bienvenu: turkey.... la dinde, miam miam! J'ai bien la dinde
Pamela: (je m'excuse, Daniel)
Daniel Bienvenu: J'aime ça la dinde
Pamela: moi aussi, Daniel
Pamela: and since I don't cook turkey at home, it's a treat I get at best once or twice a year
rich-c: pourquoi merde? it's a hell of a way to spend Christmas Day, sleeping and working
Daniel Bienvenu: (tu n'as pas à t'excuser, c'est juste drôle)
rich-c: je sais bien, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that "shit" means "merde" but sometimes I heard "shit de merde" et ça me fait bien rire
rich-c: anyway, she got just the right size of turkey for our purposes, about 4 kilos
Pamela: well, if I pick him up he'll get home faster, and be in bed earlier, so we can be up at a reasonable hour to go to Barbara's. And, if he dresses at least partially for work, he can go straight there and still have a decent night's sleep.
rich-c: I assume, Daniel, that';s from anglophones who don't know any better
Pamela: I'll bet it makes you laugh
rich-c: or is it bilinguals who want to make the point in both languages?
Pamela: if I'm really lucky, I'll get a nap in there somewhere too
rich-c: I assume once you get him home you'll get some sleep in too, Pam
Pamela: will there be leftovers Dad?
rich-c: I think your mother has plans in that direction
Pamela: no, I meant on Christmas Day, Dad. If we do it right, we can come home and I'll nap for a short while, then maybe I can take himto work, come to your place and pick him up afterwards
Pamela: good, then he'll have dinner too
rich-c: Daniel, I spend a lot of time on an automotive bulletin board, at Autoweek
Daniel Bienvenu: Autoweek?
Pamela: BTW, your email arrived about three minutes ago, Dad
rich-c: they have one section where teh talk is anything except automobiles
Daniel Bienvenu: I answered your e-mail.
rich-c: OK, I haven't got my own copy of the email yet - go figure!
Daniel Bienvenu: you are a "chroniqueur automobile"?
Pamela: well, chronic anyway : )
rich-c: at one time, Daniel; I did a fair bit of writing about auto racing in Canada
rich-c: but Autoweek is a general interest weekly automotive magazine
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose you talked about the F1 race in Montreal and the "conflict" about tobaco publicity.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm wrong?
rich-c: you can look at their webiste ( for an idea of their typical content
rich-c: I'm aware of all that, Daniel, but I stopped writing professionally in 1972
Pamela: more's the pity Dad
rich-c: I juzt follow it as a fan nowadays
Daniel Bienvenu: so, you did articles for the Autoweek bulletin board... for fun? nostalgia?
rich-c: no, the bulletin board is open to anyone who wants to talk about anything
rich-c: at the moment in the general discussions the threads are mostly political
rich-c: but there's one talking about experiences with eBay, for instance
Daniel Bienvenu: political?
Daniel Bienvenu: ebay's politics?
rich-c: remember it's an American magazine and opinions run strong down there right now
Guy B.: Well folks, got to go. I'll see you all next Tuesday then. I have a LONGGGG vacation beginning on Monday and won't return to work until the 2nd of January.
Pamela: okay everyone, it's time I sought my bed
Pamela: I'm jealous, Guy - I don't finish till noon on the 24th
rich-c: OK Guy, enjoy your time off and hope you can make the chats
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: see you next week, Guy!
Pamela: enjoy your vacation. Good night.
Guy B.: Well, I have my last 54 days, plus the holidays, I got the 24th, 25th, 26th and January 1st off.
Pamela: see you next week on Tuesday
Guy B.: Thats' last 5 days.
rich-c: OK daughter, I'll drop you an email if we need help with the milk, OK?
Pamela: okay Dad
Pamela: and I'm right behind Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: the milk?
Pamela: long story, Daniel
Guy B.: Bye everyone.
Pamela: g'nite
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Pamela will pick up the milk for us if it is too slippery for me to go out
Daniel Bienvenu: ah ok!
Pamela: I'm outta here. Until Tuesday then. Good night, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: and what is the story about "rolling eyes" with Dr.D?
rich-c: at the moment I can't risk walking on a slippery surface
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: bonne nuit
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: G'nite, Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: oh, Rich was complaining about a huge pile of marking to be done
rich-c: I was teasing him about reading so much his eyes wre solinning
rich-c: sorry, were spinning
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it's why you say "quit before your eyeballs start spinnin"
rich-c: right, you've got it
rich-c: anyway the reason I ws telling you about the Autoweek chats is that the bulletin board program is very prissy
Daniel Bienvenu: Outside here is more than slipey. water, ice and flotting snow on water.
Daniel Bienvenu: and it'S raining
Daniel Bienvenu: very prissy? any synonym?
rich-c: it puts in asterisks in sh** or such - doesn't like "homo..." in any form
rich-c: hard when you want to talk about ****logation of cars, for instance
Daniel Bienvenu: Le texte est censuré d'une drôle de façon. :\
rich-c: prissy - a bit censorious, excessive fussy about vulgar speech
rich-c: anyway, one of the contributors found your ASCII codes and the ALt + (number pad number) technique
rich-c: so now he just substitutes other-font equivalents and defeats the censor
rich-c: the rest of us just use "sh1t" or "hom0genized" or whatever to defect it
rich-c: sorry, defeat it
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you try to write the words french and France? if they don't like homo... they probably intolerant with these words too.
rich-c: no, they just fuss about the scatological mainly
rich-c: they don't like fvck but tolerate hell
Daniel Bienvenu: When I went to the PhillyClassic in Philadelphia, I was chocked to see the word "french" striked in the menu for "french fries".
rich-c: oh, that was just typical American idiocy - they wre mad at the French for not backing them in Iraq
rich-c: on the bulletin board we have a majority of Americans who can't stand Bush
rich-c: they have some hot battles with the self-styled "patriots"
Daniel Bienvenu: The only joke we can do here is the sound "bush" is the same as "bouche" (mouth).
rich-c: that's your advantage - Americans don't get bilingual jokes (well, most don't)
rich-c: by the way, as long as you stick to formal French, I will usually get it
rich-c: I am not good a writing replies off the top of the head, but have a good reading vocabulary
Daniel Bienvenu: When someone say something and it was a stupidity.... the expression is "se mettre le pied dans la bouche".
rich-c: sounds like a pretty literal translation of the English expressiion, in that case
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a book named "pied dans la bush" with all the words Bush said and was really stupid
rich-c: I suspect it's a translation but that's a clever title
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, getting on towards bedtime here
Daniel Bienvenu: here too
rich-c: hope with luck to see you Saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope so... I can't promise
rich-c: meanwhile just in case, joyeux noel
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Joyeux Noel à toi aussi
rich-c: see you then - bye now
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
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