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rich-c: bonjour, Daniel - early again, I see
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi!
rich-c: thought you'd be there, but distracted
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! I'm waiting for about 2 hours.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't want to miss you
rich-c: how come? we don't start till 3
rich-c: one of my idiosyncrasies is that I tend to be extremely punctual - neither early nor late
Daniel Bienvenu: How are you today?
rich-c: doing just fine - teh doctor was very satisfied with my progress on Thursday
rich-c: how are things at your end?
Daniel Bienvenu: it means that in a couple of days you will be just fine?
rich-c: there is a more subtle disntinction
rich-c: in the basic sense I am fine now
rich-c: the qualification: I will not be fully healed for six months
rich-c: it is just a matter of remembering that I cannot do certain things for periods from six weeks to five months from now
Daniel Bienvenu: fully healed... I never feel "hully healed" everytimes.
rich-c: and some stuff - like bungee-jumping - will be ruled out forever ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: bungee-jumping? I'm not sure I will try this
rich-c: like, I took teh (rented) transfer bench back yesterday as I can get into the bathtub without it
rich-c: but I must keep my bed high and oriented so I enter it from my "good" side
rich-c: and I will need an assist grip for teh bathtub, and bath chair, and hand-held shower head
Daniel Bienvenu: it's feng shui tactics?
rich-c: I suppose in a certain sense you might look at it that way ;-)
rich-c: when I am stepping downwards (stairs, our of bed, out of car, etc.) I must always lead with my "bad" leg
rich-c: a mistake can give the expression "getting out of the wrong side of bed" a whole new meaning ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: You experiment probably the origine of this expression
Daniel Bienvenu: Christmas is coming! do you thing its magic will help you? to be fully healed? quite fast?
rich-c: no, it dates back long before they found out how to replace hip joints
rich-c: no, Christmas is a quiet celebration for us
rich-c: Pamela will come over, and we will talk, and maybe compare stuff on the computer
Daniel Bienvenu: compare stuff on the computer?
rich-c: and of course we will have the traditional Christmas turkey dinner
Daniel Bienvenu: I like turkey... ok, roasted, but i like turkey.
rich-c: yes, we do too, roasted or later cold or in dishes like turkey tetrazzini
rich-c: let's say leftovers don't stay leftover very long at our house
Daniel Bienvenu: any chirstmas tree? candies? gifts? visits?
rich-c: hate to admit it, but our house is so small and cluttered we don't have a place to put up a tree
rich-c: but we do have muscellaneous small decorations we put up in the living room
rich-c: didn't get the outdoor decorations up this year because of my operation
rich-c: basically I have a weight problem so have to generally avoid candies - though I can be tempted
rich-c: did buy 12 m or rope lights yesterday so may yet get them up on the porch
rich-c: or = of
rich-c: we will also be doing a small amount of socializing over the holiday season
rich-c: what are your plans for Christmas, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: My plans for Christmas? except stay alive? I think I will work on more Coleco stuff for next year. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Here, we have two christmas trees (one natural, one artificial). And outside, we put about 2000 white lights (small ones) around a few things like a trees. We have candies. And for Christmas, my brother will come visit us. :)
rich-c: my brother lives in Florida so we will have to settle for a phone call Christmas afternoon
rich-c: until this year, I had net lights for teh shrubs out front, and white minilites in on the porch
rich-c: also framed the windows in coloured minilites
rich-c: but my hip made using the ladder too dangerous this time round
Daniel Bienvenu: we put a few colored drawing in "transparent plastic" on two windows.
rich-c: yes, the stained glass effect - it can be quite effective
rich-c: by the way, are you now totally finished at Laval?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the answer is yes... but can we actully "quit" the university? They always ask for money or organize meeting to see everyone we see during our studies.
rich-c: oh yes, trust me, after all these years I still get asked for donations by my high school as well as my university
rich-c: may have been before you joined us, but in 1999 I attended my 50th anniversary high school class reunion
Daniel Bienvenu: wow
Daniel Bienvenu: I miss every "meeting"
rich-c: when you are young and gradulation is fresh, it doesnt seem so important
rich-c: but as the years go by more interest is generated
Daniel Bienvenu: Not because it was or wasn't important. Because I needed money to survive, not to pay costume and this kind of "meeting".
Daniel Bienvenu: and most of the time, it's a "wrong timing"
rich-c: true - students just out of university have much more important priorities
rich-c: not sure you've ever mentioned it, Daniel - are you married?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, i will tell you everything. I'm 28 years old and I'm single. I never ever be in love... except in secret.
Daniel Bienvenu: never maried
rich-c: well, the expression there might be "not yet"
Daniel Bienvenu: i think my Coleco passion take all my time... I never quit my computer screen.
rich-c: and times and traditions change - Frances and I married when I was 25 and she was 23
Daniel Bienvenu: started programming at 7 years old, I never stop
rich-c: back that that was considered almost a late marriage
rich-c: nowadays, it would be considered if not premature, a bit early
Daniel Bienvenu: the worst part of my story is... i'm still living at my parents' house.
Daniel Bienvenu: now, i finish my studies, finding a job will change the situation
rich-c: that is hard on teh "psychic space" but very good on the budget
rich-c: yes, most children leave the family home once they are out in the working world
rich-c: are you looking for a job in computer programming?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, to be honnest....
Daniel Bienvenu: YES, OF COURSE! :)
rich-c: that figures - are there many such opportunities around Quebec City?
Daniel Bienvenu: That's the main problem. In Quebec city, there are not many opportunities in computer programming.
rich-c: are you looking for a job writing code or will you consider IT support or maintenance?
Daniel Bienvenu: My friends have to find others jobs to survive
rich-c: even in teh smaller cities there always seem to be companies who need in-house computer technologists
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the most important is to find a job, I can do everything you say
rich-c: how are you at reviving a crashed Windows network?
Daniel Bienvenu: no experience in Windows network... in fact, the main problem is the "experience" i don't have. Every job ask for at last 3 years of experience
rich-c: I know it is no consolation to know that every job always wants 3 years experience
rich-c: maybe you should ask them how many years a Master's degree equates to?
Daniel Bienvenu: even if they say "one year" that's not enough :\
rich-c: well, it starts them talking and makes a point, helps get your foot in the door, so to speak
Daniel Bienvenu: If I talk about my master, they will probably say that I'm too qualified, or ok in theory but missing pratical experience.
rich-c: yes, those are both familiar lines - depends on how seriously they want people
rich-c: maybe you should set up a home business in computer repair and consulting
rich-c: there are a lot of people who can't do the simplest thing with their computers and will pay for help
rich-c: if you know how to screw in, format and install an OS on a hard disc, you've pretty much got it made
rich-c: if you know the traicks for recovery from a virus, you're really in
rich-c: remember, an expert is the guy who knows one more thing than you do about solving your problem
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't pretend to know something more than you... well, except the things I do every days on my computer.
rich-c: trust me, Daniel, you know a very great deal more
rich-c: because of my Adam experience I am more willing to mess around inside my computer than most folks
rich-c: equally I'm more willing to try and solve a software problem on my own
rich-c: but basically it's a sort of "read the directions" type of playing around
rich-c: when I get a blue screen of death I haven't a clue how to interpret it
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have a few things I can't fix with my computer.
Daniel Bienvenu: The onyl answer I've got is "format". That's not a solution
rich-c: no, and in my experience it isn't necessary, either
rich-c: do you know how to edit a registry?
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer to not modify it but I know that I can modify it with regedit software or by doing config with tools like Norton.
rich-c: right - I know the theory but no way am I going to risk touching and bungling it
rich-c: how are you at resolving hardware or software conflicts?
Daniel Bienvenu: I must admit that I was unable to fix every software conflict. The video driver cause bugs but I can't erase the videodriver to fix the problem. the good answer is the "system" icon in Windows to activate or not drivers to use hardware. I can also open the computer to change the videocard or memory... but finding what is in conflict without any help of the "system" program? I don't know.
rich-c: OK - sort of gather from that you aren't to teh consultant stage yet
Daniel Bienvenu: no experience
rich-c: right, you need to get some feeling for what goes wrong and how to fix it
rich-c: in a big city you might get a break someplace like Future Shop
rich-c: they might take on someone for sales who can also help with setups and things
rich-c: but I don't know if small shops can afford a trainee - it does take time to be worth your salary
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we will not resolve my job situation today. :)
rich-c: I fear not, but then this is not a good season for job hunting
rich-c: folks have other things on their minds :-)
rich-c: are you going to be able to join in Tuesday evening?
Daniel Bienvenu: like Christmas?
rich-c: non, mardi, pas jeudi
rich-c: 2 jours avant
Daniel Bienvenu: I can only hope to be online with you this tuesday.
rich-c: Christmass Eve and New Years Eve are not suitable for chats
rich-c: so we will move to Tues. Dec. 23 and New Years Day
rich-c: well, if you can't make it, joyeux Noel!
Daniel Bienvenu: the main problem is the visit... we will probably have plan to go see movies, so i can'T promise anything.
rich-c: right - your brother must come first
Daniel Bienvenu: Joyeux Nol toi aussi
rich-c: merci beaucoup
rich-c: but for now, au reviour
Daniel Bienvenu: au revoir! :)
rich-c: bye
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Daniel Bienvenu: bye
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