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rich-c: hi Daniel, I'm in the main room
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changed username to TheEyeOfSauron
rich-c: looks like we have Dr. D. on the scene
TheEyeOfSauron: Good evening from the Eyeball Room of the Hotel Barad-dur.
rich-c: I shiould remember that allusion, but I'm having a senior moment
TheEyeOfSauron: J.R.R. Tolkien...
rich-c: Sauron, yes, of course - goes to show
TheEyeOfSauron: Did the doctor give you the A-OK last week?
rich-c: gather you finally got to ROTK
TheEyeOfSauron: Yes, 2x already.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, be right back
TheEyeOfSauron: Once with Mrs. Sauron, the other with 4 of the Nazgul.
rich-c: yes, doc said I'm progressing fine, but ran into great frustration
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Daniel Bienvenu: ALLO!
rich-c: hi Daniel, welcome aboard
Daniel Bienvenu: Joyeux Nol l'avance!
rich-c: et joyeux Noel en retour
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rich-c: Sunnybrook have a neat racket, Rich
TheEyeOfSauron: Ash nazg durbatuluk :-)
changed username to james
rich-c: you can actually get a CD made of all your x-rays for $10
james: good morning
TheEyeOfSauron: Sounds like a great deal. Good to put on a website somewhere.
rich-c: morning, james, enjoying Xmas Eve?
james: not particularly
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changed username to Pamela
james: not yet, anyway
rich-c: problem is, they're DICOM files - one x-ray, 21 meg
Pamela: I's here
rich-c: good show, daughter
rich-c: thaty's too much even for an upload to my ftp site
james: hi pam
Pamela: I's not awake, but I's here
Pamela: hi james
TheEyeOfSauron: They can be shrunk down, though, if you have the right software to read them, and enough HD space.
rich-c: oh dear, what have you been up to now?
Pamela: moi?
TheEyeOfSauron: LOTR trilogy overload?
rich-c: oui, toi
Pamela: too much to do, not enough time to do it all
rich-c: story of our lives, all of us
TheEyeOfSauron: Time-turners are selling relatively cheap on E-bay these days, Pam.
james: so how is everyone? how are you recovering rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine!
rich-c: yes, full of spit and vinegar
Pamela: cool, I could use one right about now
james: lol
TheEyeOfSauron: Only 75 Galleons.
rich-c: just complaining to Rich that the files of my x-rays are too big to share - 21 meg each
Pamela: 75 Galleons?? you call that cheap?
TheEyeOfSauron: Dupe the CD and mail it to me, I can shrink 'em.
TheEyeOfSauron: Time saved...priceless....
rich-c: OK, how do you do it?
TheEyeOfSauron: I presume you have a CD-burner...
james: eyeofsauron.. sounds like a dr. d pseudonym
Pamela: lord, I've fallen into Mastercard land
rich-c: like I think I can image teh CD to my hard disc and recopy down, but how do you shrink them
Pamela: of course, James
james: so how have you been pam? i've been absent for quite a few chats lately
TheEyeOfSauron: Those X-ray files are like giant uncompressed greyscale TIFFs (maybe 600 dpi or greater).
Pamela: I'm fine James, just way busy
Pamela: Christmas came way to early for me this year. Here it is Dec. 23rd and I've not even started wrapping yet.
james: yeah, i'm still deluding myself that i might actually catch up someday
rich-c: yes, but what viewer will read them? other than the one on the disc, that is
TheEyeOfSauron: A program like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro can probably read them, downsample to 72 dpi at a convenient size, with no loss of quality for the average non-medical curious person.
TheEyeOfSauron: What's the file format name again? I will look in my copy of Photoshop.
Pamela: Keep your delusions James - they're worth having
james: it's all i've got to cling to right now :P
rich-c: DCM
Pamela: and how is your lady wife doing?
james: quite fine. showing lots
Pamela: when is she due? I've forgotten
james: c-section is currently scheduled for may 16th
Pamela: any particular reason for the C-section?
james: so i get one month of relative calmness around april when my school schedule is less insane and before the new baby is born
james: case was delivered by c-section so apparently the second has to be done that way also
TheEyeOfSauron: Not true, James, not true...
Pamela: well at least she'll be spared labour
james: well that's what the doctors here say
Pamela: how big is the baby now?
james: not sure
rich-c: I think that used to be medical opinion in North America many years ago
james: we
james: we're in the second trimester though
james: yeah, well japan is lagging in a lot of things medical and social
james: they just banned smoking in hospitals here a few years ago
Daniel Bienvenu: Is it Case's first Christmas?
james: second christmas for case
TheEyeOfSauron: My Photoshop 7.0 doesn't show DCM, though it does show something called DCS 1.0 and 2.0. I can look around for converters.
james: we wanted to visit canada again but it wasn't financially or emotionally feasible
Pamela: how is your little monster?
james: he started preschool a few weeks ago, so we've been swapping germs ever since
james: still not talking
rich-c: I was just checking Slowview, it doesnt offer DCM either
Pamela: in either language?
james: neither language
james: the general opinion here though is that it's still ok. kids seem to talk rather late here
Pamela: is he babbling?
james: oh yeah, babbles lots and he has a few contextual sounds
Pamela: he's getting there
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TheEyeOfSauron: Just did some Googling, there are converters for DICOM medical images that can yield something that Photoshop can handle.
Pamela: nice thing is, when he does talk, he'll be bilingual ": )
rich-c: Rich, I just checked Irfanview, it is supposed to handle DCM with a plugin
TheEyeOfSauron: So I think I can figure out how to read them if I get copies of the images.
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Pamela: FYI all, Erin is on a train to Windsor as we speak so won't be present for chat tonite
james: exactly
rich-c: I'll have to see if I have teh plug-in
james: odds are we'll reach a point where we'll want him to shut up
Pamela: I guarantee you'll reach that point : )
TheEyeOfSauron: Duct tape is good for that, James.
Pamela: they never do , by the way
rich-c: when I double-cliked originally Irfanview came up but with a blank screen
Pamela: Rich!
rich-c: maybe it just needed more time to get up the image
TheEyeOfSauron: Or cookies.
james: lol
Pamela: no wonder Elanor is such a talkative gal
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james: will it work on my wife too?
TheEyeOfSauron: Yeah, she figured out how to talk and eat cookies at the same time.
Pamela: James - shame on you
changed username to SantClaus
Pamela: Hello Sant
Pamela: a
SantClaus: 'owdy pardners
rich-c: wonder if that's our cruiser?
Pamela: how's the land legs?
SantClaus: si senor
SantClaus: tis good ya??????
rich-c: sounded like someone with an overdose of the Caribbean
james: heh heh
Pamela: well, Santa has to rest up before his big nite
TheEyeOfSauron: Wait til the snow hits tomorrow...
Pamela: what snow?
TheEyeOfSauron: Though at our starbase it's liquid snow.
SantClaus: to rest Rudolf
rich-c: I think here they're still calling for rain
SantClaus: gonna get a WHITE christmas here
Pamela: I hope so - I don't want a repeat of last year
TheEyeOfSauron: We were very white until 2 days ago.
SantClaus: takling about 2-6" depending on lake effect and path of next front tonight
Pamela: although it did keep virtually everyone off the roads
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: "I don't want a repeat of last year"?
rich-c: yes, you've got a certain amount of motoring around to do on Xmas day, Pam
TheEyeOfSauron: Now the grass is green again, and our guinea pig is in heaven, because we can pick him fresh grass for supper.
Pamela: oh the joys of being on the wrong side of the lake, Rich
SantClaus changed username to BobS
TheEyeOfSauron: All we need is lake-effect sunshine.
Pamela: well we're off to Barbara's on Christmas morning, then I have to take Russell to work, then come to your place, then possibly pick him up again, then home
Pamela: oh my aching gas tank
BobS: lake effect....another way to say it sucks to live on the wrong edge of the lake
TheEyeOfSauron: Russell must work on Christmas, too? Joan is evening shift tomorrow through the weekend.
Pamela: Yes, he has an eight hour afternoon shift starting at 4:00
Pamela: could be worse, it could have been a twelve
TheEyeOfSauron: Yeah, I hope Joan isn't on call, too...
james: we got about 50cm here a few days ago
Pamela: oh the joys of working around a shift worker
Pamela: wow - have you found the school yet James?
rich-c: our foecast is periods of snow tomorrow and Xmas, but high 3 tomorrow and 1 Xmas so likely little and wet
Pamela: I like them words Dad
james: lol. yeah
james: but i had to shovel my way in
Pamela: I'll bet you did
BobS: the weather man shows a lot of green (rain) on the map but it not hitting the ground
rich-c: 50 cm? that's about a foot and a half - a real blizzard
Pamela: oh good - ground based clouds
TheEyeOfSauron: I just hope we don't get blizzarded before I have a chance to take our dead minivan to its final home--right now it's still parked "mostly out-of-the-way" in the back driveway.
TheEyeOfSauron: Too much happened this week that I wasn't able to get away from work a half day to do it.
james: yup. it snowed for two days non-stop except for a short break one afternoon
rich-c: not even enough to attract a bid from the wrecker, Rich? it must be pretty sorry
Pamela: the only thing I don't like about the rain is the windows in the car fog up no matter what I do
TheEyeOfSauron: Transmission with no reverse gear? Not very valuable in a 15-year-old car.
Pamela: as long as you don't have to reverse you'll be fine Rich
james: so dan, what plans do you have for the holidays?
Daniel Bienvenu: me?
Pamela: vous
TheEyeOfSauron: Right now it's aimed out the driveway, so I ought to be able to drive it straight to Our Lady of the Wayside.
james: oui
TheEyeOfSauron: I just have to hope I don't make any wrong turns.
Pamela: what is Our Lady of the Wayside?
TheEyeOfSauron: A charity here in Cleveland that accepts junk car donations.
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: here they will come and pick it up for FREE Rich......and maybe even pay a little to you for the metal content
TheEyeOfSauron: It's a sort of joke name, but they are well-known here.
Daniel Bienvenu: no plan...
Pamela: and here I thought it was a fancy term for a junkyard
Daniel Bienvenu: except buying a few things to make more Coleco cartridges
Guy B.: Seasons Greetings!!!!
rich-c: ah, OK, just don't forget to get your income tax receipt
Pamela: Hello Guy
Pamela: Seasons Greetings to you to
TheEyeOfSauron: I don't itemize deductions, and the value of this car will not make it worthwhile for me to start doing so.
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Guy B.: Finally got the shopping and wrapping done.
TheEyeOfSauron: Hello Guy.
rich-c: welcome Guy
changed username to Murray
Guy B.: Let me guess, Dr. D!
Pamela: MURRAY!
TheEyeOfSauron: And if it isn't Murray!
james: \ 8ujhjknx
Pamela: Hi
rich-c: hello Murray, long time no see
TheEyeOfSauron: You're right, Guy.
Guy B.: Hi Murray
Pamela: I see Case is up James
Murray: Hi Rich How are things?
Guy B.: You're getting clever with those,
TheEyeOfSauron: Glad that the semester is over...
Murray: Hi Guy
rich-c: doing just fine, Murray - how's things out in teh boonies ;-)
TheEyeOfSauron: BTW, I got official word from the National Science Foundation on Friday that my 3-year grant to develop web-based robot courses was indeed funded.
Murray: Okay!!!
Guy B.: I had my back x-rayed today.
Pamela: well done, Rich
TheEyeOfSauron: So maybe that will be some future ADAMcon session :-)
Pamela: did you learn anything Guy?
rich-c: neat, Rich - about time
TheEyeOfSauron: Back?!?
Guy B.: Will find out on Monday, the 29th.
rich-c: what's with your back, Guy?
TheEyeOfSauron: Actually, our dept. administrator was very surprised that NSF responded so quickly.
Guy B.: It's doing better. Been doing some exercises that seem to help.
TheEyeOfSauron: I guess the usual announce time is closer to February for 1 July start dates.
rich-c: muscle spasm, or are you into disc problems?
TheEyeOfSauron: Hope not disc problems!!!!
Pamela: brb, guys
Guy B.: Been having some pain down on the lower part and it sometimes goes up my spine. The good news is no kind of tingling or numbness in my legs.
rich-c: hearing mutterings about a pinched nerve, then?
TheEyeOfSauron: Argh, sounds like disc...
TheEyeOfSauron: But I'm no medical doctor.
Guy B.: Well, my doctor did feel some sort of bulge down there.
TheEyeOfSauron: My patients have no skeletal system, anyway.
rich-c: hey Murray, don't just sit there, say sopmething!
james: catching up. appears case was entertaining you while i was away
Pamela: okay, I'm back. I'm gonna be quiet for a while though
TheEyeOfSauron: Case kanji :-)
james: lol
Guy B.: Bob, you got snow by you?
TheEyeOfSauron: Pam, quiet?
BobS: HIYA Murray !!!! long time no see mon
Murray: My system here is on real slow time...
BobS: had some Guy, but gone now
Pamela: I'm working on a needlework project that has to get done so I'm gonna stitch and watch for a while
BobS: am expecting some tonight and tomorrow
Pamela: I will put in the occasional comment
BobS: weatherman PROMISES a white Xmas
rich-c: what, a 33.6 modem or something, or low-bandwidth ISP?
TheEyeOfSauron: Got it :-) You need speech-to-text on your computer...
Guy B.: Flurries here until it ends after midnight. You're going to get lake effect snow.
Pamela: don't think I haven't thought of that Rich
Pamela: that would be ideal
Murray: we have snow here but the rain today took it away-maybe some snow for x-mas <fingers crossed>
Pamela: : )
BobS: we will get a white coating, but the real lake effect is supposed to stay to our west
Pamela: Hey, I saw a hat / glove / scarf set that's perfect for Erin
TheEyeOfSauron: Just so you don't talk to yourself if you make mistakes while sewing...the mike would pick it up :-)
Pamela: It says Princess on it
rich-c: we're supposed to have "periods of snow" next two days but daytime highs above freezing
Pamela: I always talk to myself Rich
Pamela: sometimes it's the only way to have a decent conversation : )
TheEyeOfSauron: What was it Gandalf said about that, common in the aged, they talk to the most intelligent person around :-)
Guy B.: I took out my CD-Writer in the Athlon today and replaced it with a new 54X CD-Rom drive. The writer is going on the Dell. Oh, I shot some photos of Abby last night with her Christmas bandana.
rich-c: I'll refrain from editorializing on the subject ;-)
Murray: my connection is now at 19kb and it's getting slower when more people get on my local exchange
TheEyeOfSauron: Speaking of photos...latest Egg Hunt robot photos are on the course webpage. No video yet, I have been working on digitizing it.
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rich-c: man, you do have your problems, Murray - upgrade to a better tin can and string!
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at the Christmas's greeting by Ron M.
Guy B.: We have twin Pams!
Daniel Bienvenu: err...
Pamela: I just got booted off the system and had to redial. Hmm.
TheEyeOfSauron: Sally and I did not know what to do. So we had to shake hands with Pam1 and Pam2.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I use ADAMEM with the DSK file.
Murray: Yep! That would be an improvement. :)
Pamela: lost the thread
Pamela requested to ban Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
TheEyeOfSauron confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: Well, seems everyone has problems tonight. I had to reboot myself then reconnect to the DSL. Took a couple of times.
BobS confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not enough to read all the text at once
rich-c: well theres more than enough news - Rich has his grant at lassBob's just back from a week's cruising
Pamela: there am I still connected?
Daniel Bienvenu: err...
Pamela: yup
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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not good enough in english to read all the text
changed username to Judy
rich-c: Guy has his back problems, Pam's getting married, and I've had my hip replaced
Guy B.: HI Judy
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: welcome Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy
Judy: hi, Pam
Guy B.: Pam, you're getting married?
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changed username to return-of-james
rich-c: could have fooled us, Daniel - it doesn't show
return-of-james: got dumped
Judy: when is the big day, Pam?
Guy B.: James is back.
Pamela: it was supposed to be a secret, Guy
return-of-james: some other app killed my parent window
TheEyeOfSauron: Case must have hit the NO CARRIER button...
Judy: hi, Rich
TheEyeOfSauron: Hello Judy.
Guy B.: Well. you can thank you're father for that.
Murray: I'm losing my connection...if not back all the best of the season to you.
Pamela: tell me about it
TheEyeOfSauron: Merry Christmas Murray!
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Judy: Hi, Dr D
BobS: to ya'll also KJurray
Pamela: Bye Murray
Murray left chat session
Guy B.: He got off quick.
Judy: Hi, to you also, Daniel
Guy B.: Is everyone ready for Christmas?
BobS: ya mon !!!!!!!
Judy: and if I missed anyone, hi
TheEyeOfSauron: As of Sunday, only Joan had done any shopping.
BobS: can't shop anymore.......too busy
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
BobS: Oh man
BobS: now that is a slow bunch ya got there Rich
TheEyeOfSauron: There was no time before then.
TheEyeOfSauron: End of semester, Joan on evenings with on-call, Christmas pageant...
Guy B.: The shopping center across from is still crowded, especially at Target. And the snow is sticking to the grass.
Judy: we are supposed to get snow tomorrow
rich-c: our local plaza had good trade today, but we wre able to park fairly easily
TheEyeOfSauron: But all of us went in 2 cars to the mall after church on Sunday, we traded off kids until Joan had to leave for work, then Christina and I traded off kids until everyone was done.
Guy B.: Correction, it's sticking everywhere.
rich-c: the grocery store was very crowded though
TheEyeOfSauron: We didn't even get the tree up until Saturday.
Judy: the grocery store was a zoo this morning, not even any carts, had to wait for one
BobS: a veritable shopping excursion you had............
TheEyeOfSauron: Somehow, a week just disappeared from the calendar...and I would like it back.
Pamela: tell me about it Rich
rich-c: yes, one of the corrals had run out of carts at our store too
Judy: Bob and I shopped last week to finish up on St Martin
Pamela: last Monday Russell said 10 days to Christmas and I freaked
rich-c: and the lineup at the checkout was longer than we're used to
Guy B.: Since I had my back x-rayed today. I took Jeanene to the emergency room yesterday. She had pain in her neck. I'll be taking her to the doctor that did the surgery on her back.
Guy B.: tomorrow.
TheEyeOfSauron: Last night I went out to do just looking around, since Sunday was not really browsing but targeted get-this and get-that.
TheEyeOfSauron: I was all done, I just wanted to wander around looking at stuff.
BobS: window shopping is DANGEROUS
TheEyeOfSauron: The stores seemed to be rather well-stocked to me.
TheEyeOfSauron: Very light wallet, Bob, so no dangers :-)
BobS: that is what we saw also
BobS: TOO MUCH stuff left to be a great season
rich-c: in the plaza here there was a temporary kiosk selling artificial trees threaded with fibre optic lighting
BobS: an article in our paper pointed the figner at the mid priced stores as not doing so well
TheEyeOfSauron: I'm glad of it, given our short timetable.
rich-c: the trees were very attractive but teh prices definitely weren't
Guy B.: Just pasted next year's computer show schedule for my area on my monitor.
BobS: BUT Richard,,,,,it is the new thing!!!!!
rich-c: in fact today even with $50 reductions they wre no great buys
BobS: don't you "have to have one" ????????
TheEyeOfSauron: I was surprised at the cash register how much some stuff was marked down, when I was perfectly happy to pay the marked price.
rich-c: naw, what I need is a DVD writer for teh computer now
BobS: that too Rich... alot of sales long time ago already and never let up
Guy B.: Good for backups.
rich-c: around here computers seem to be selling well, but then the prices are hugely attractive
rich-c: will a computer DVD player play a movie on the computer monitor?
Guy B.: It should work.
BobS: yea but slowly
BobS: Doug's super up to date one does it, but it has lags in it
rich-c: I'd buy an entertainment DVD player - they're ridiculously cheap - but have no place to put one
Guy B.: Especially since I've seen some DVD players going for $39.
rich-c: yes, locally even Best Buy has them as $49 and they aren't the lowest price around
rich-c: one would think a computer with a decent video cared wouldnt lag
BobS: it takes a good deal of memory, etc to keep up with the dvd
Judy: Mandy paid under 30 for hers just after Thanksgiviing
Guy B.: Everyone thought all the software was going to DVD. But, it hasn't. Not everyone has a DVD drive on their system.
Pamela: heck, they'll be giving them away at that rate
rich-c: that's real low - though the barebones ones are really down
Guy B.: Even DVD/VCR combos can be had for under $100 now.
rich-c: well, Guy, not so long ago a DVD writr was going for $550 here
rich-c: now I'm seeing dual-format +/- for $149 - and that's Canadian
Guy B.: I have Best Buy's ad and they have an external one to the USB going for $269 after a $30 rebate.
rich-c: anyway I want a writer for backups; I am not a great movie watcher
rich-c: in fact I have never rented a movie in my life
Guy B.: Although the discs for DVD are priced higher than the CD-R's.
rich-c: sure, but you can back up your whole C drive to one DVD with room to spare
Guy B.: That would depend on how much is on your drive. If I'm right, DVD-RW's can hold 4.7 GB.
rich-c: sure, but rmember backup and image programs will compress that quite considerably
Guy B.: But, I wonder how long it would take to backup the drive?
BobS: i could back up all my laptops on 1 dvd.........
TheEyeOfSauron: Only if your laptops have less than about 4.2 GB.
BobS: and nother for my main desktop..............
rich-c: sure, and get about three rewritable DVDs and it's likely your lifetime supply
BobS: yup
TheEyeOfSauron: "Nobody will need more than 640K RAM"
TheEyeOfSauron: "The world will need at most 5 computers"
Guy B.: Since my CD-Writer is going on the Dell since it won't work with the Athlon because of the DMA mode. My Zip 250 is going there instead.
TheEyeOfSauron: What is really hard to back up is digital video data.
BobS: I don't have enough "stuff" to fill a big hd
BobS: no mp3 files........etc
rich-c: heavens, are folks still using zip drives? I thought the disc price had killed them off
TheEyeOfSauron: My 1-hour experiments generate 25 GB for each of the 3 cameras.
Guy B.: I got almost half of my new 40GB drive filled up. And I do have the 13GB on the system for more storage later.
TheEyeOfSauron: I can't even save one experiment on any kind of removable media, save a slllooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww expensive tape.
rich-c: yes, that is definitely in the DVD league, Rich
Guy B.: Turtle speed.
rich-c: in fact you'd better wait till the blue laser 8.4 gig ones come out
TheEyeOfSauron: And since so much of my work is in editing the video, I am reduced to saving it as QuickTime movie clips.
TheEyeOfSauron: What I want is a removable random-access storage medium that is the same size as my largest hard drive.
TheEyeOfSauron: Give me a 200 GB removable disk.
TheEyeOfSauron: But there is no such beast yet that I know of.
rich-c: they're working on it, Rich
TheEyeOfSauron: Yeah, and by then, the hard drives will be 1 terrabyte.
Guy B.: It's already up to 230GB.
rich-c: I know, your standard entry-level hard disc now is 80 gig working towards 120
TheEyeOfSauron: My desktop computer has dual 180s in it.
TheEyeOfSauron: I suppose people are using removable hard drives as backup media themselves, now.
rich-c: I would never live long enough to fill an 80 gig hard disc
TheEyeOfSauron: Were it not for slug video, me neither.
BobS: I'm with you Richard
Guy B.: There are now 1 touch hard drives for the USB 2.0 port.
rich-c: in fact I doubt if I will ever find my 40 gig cramped
Pamela: heck, I'm still trying to fill a 10 gig : )
TheEyeOfSauron: I have a 10 MB MFM drive full of EOS stuff :-)
BobS: I wonly have a 4 gig split into 2 drives and it is nowhere near full
rich-c: wel, given my inclination to download every freebie program on the internet... :-)
BobS: ya
BobS: but ya gotta use them !!!!!
BobS: or theya re just fluff
rich-c: reminds me, Rich, have you heard of
Pamela: he does Bob, that's the scary part
TheEyeOfSauron: Nope, Richard.
return-of-james: rich, why don't you get a couple of removeable hard drive caddies?
rich-c: it's apparently a website that will tell you what stars are visible tonight from where you live
TheEyeOfSauron: Might have to consider it...though the design of the current Mac G4/5 tower machines is not congenial to that architecture.
TheEyeOfSauron: Apple wants external FireWire drives.
TheEyeOfSauron: There might be a removable module that's FW-based, though.
TheEyeOfSauron: I will tell Elanor, Richard, since she just completed a science fair project on astronomy.
rich-c: I'd guess IEEE1394 or USB 2.0 would be nearly as fast and much easier to work with
TheEyeOfSauron: She's been watching and observing stuff for about 3 months.
return-of-james: there are usb hard drive caddies too
Guy B.: Seems Apple is forcing users that they have to accept these new changes on their systems.
rich-c: OK, I'll verify the url, brb
TheEyeOfSauron: Yeah, I've had poor luck with FireWire drives (which are just IDE drives with a FW-to-IDE bridge board).
TheEyeOfSauron: They get noisy fast, and die.
TheEyeOfSauron: Mac used to be SCSI all the way...more expensive, but far more reliable.
TheEyeOfSauron: I am running quiet 10-year-old SCSI and SCSI-2 drives in the robot lab and at home.
Guy B.: Seems that Firewire was to be the fastest one. Then USB 2.0 came out.
TheEyeOfSauron: Yes, some SCSI drives have died, but at about 1/3 the rate of these IDE ones.
TheEyeOfSauron: Our Chinese Ph.D. student was able to recover only 80% of the data on his dead 120GB drive, the one he hadn't backed up...cost,$3200.
TheEyeOfSauron: My boss was not happy.
Guy B.: Ouch!
TheEyeOfSauron: And his lab was broken into today at lunch time and 2 old Powerbook laptops were stolen.
rich-c: rich, yes, is correct
rich-c: it offers planets and satellites too
TheEyeOfSauron: Fortunately, all the data on these exists elsewhere in the lab.
TheEyeOfSauron: The idiot who took them got 6-year-old computers with dead batteries, and he left the powercubes behind.
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TheEyeOfSauron: When his fence sees they aren't Wintel machines, he won't pay much for them.
Pamela: it sounds like that student should get an E rich - for extraordinarily stupid
BobS: ya mon
TheEyeOfSauron: But Security is pretty sure that the culprit will never get caught.
TheEyeOfSauron: He is emigrating to your fair country when he gets his Ph.D. at last :-)
rich-c: oh, old laptops have been selling at quite ridiculously high prices around here
Judy: he may be back for more later,Dr.D
Pamela: oh sure, pawn him off on us why don't you
TheEyeOfSauron: We're going to hang a jingle bell on the door so we can hear if people go in.
Guy B.: Especially when he realizes about the dead batteries.
BobS: jsut leave the power cubes outside the door witha anote.......HEY STUPID, you need these !!!!!!!
TheEyeOfSauron: Hey, he decided long ago to emigrate to Canada...his wife is there now, stuck in Toronto, because U.S. immigration won't let her back in.
rich-c: and rig them to explode ten minutes after they're picked up...
TheEyeOfSauron: She's been there since June...
TheEyeOfSauron: ...and he was supposed to finish in August, then January, now...?
Pamela: yes, I remember you telling us about it
rich-c: there are worse places to be stuck, though at this season, not many
TheEyeOfSauron: Maybe the guy will be stupid enough to return them as not sellable.
Pamela: tee hee
TheEyeOfSauron: The 2 students just want their computers back.
BobS: large on DUMB and short on smart, eh???????
TheEyeOfSauron: I think we should put out some bait with a webcam watching...
TheEyeOfSauron: ...or tied to an alarm.
TheEyeOfSauron: I have some "junk" laptops that I could conveniently leave out, rigged to a siren.
TheEyeOfSauron: Truly junk, they don't work at all.
Guy B.: And hide the thing, so they won't know they are being recorded.
TheEyeOfSauron: Probably it would be illegal, though.
BobS: naw, stupid is legal
rich-c: I like the bank trick - as they leave, a container of red dye explodes all over them
BobS: long as you don't prosecute the person Rich, it would be afun thign to do
Pamela: go for it Rich - even if you can't prosecute, no one will ever trust the offender again, and everyone will know who the offender was : )
TheEyeOfSauron: Or a note taped to the laptop screen, "INFECTED WITH ANTHRAX"
Pamela: oh, you are devious Dr. D
rich-c: a radiation hazard symbol inside is always goos for a laugh, too
Pamela: I like that in a person : )
TheEyeOfSauron: The thief likely doesn't know what anthrax is, though.
Guy B.: Even a better idea. Take out the hard drives. The laptaps would be useless without them.
TheEyeOfSauron: I remember seeing a sign in the basement of one of the science buildings, next to the waste storage room.
TheEyeOfSauron: It was begging whoever dumped out the "trash" to take the plastic bags to go get a thyroid scan, since the "trash" was radioactive waste inside a *LOCKED* room awaiting proper disposal.
TheEyeOfSauron: Idiot cleaning person who needed some trash bags...
return-of-james: ok, the wife is finally home so i have to get going. hope to see you all next week
TheEyeOfSauron: Bye James.
Guy B.: Have a great holiday James.
Pamela: nite James - Merry Christmas to you all
rich-c: OK james, have a merry christmas and a happy new year
BobS: happy holiday James !!!!!!
return-of-james: same to all. have a good holiday!
return-of-james: bye!
Judy: bye james
return-of-james left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye James! Joyeux Noel
Guy B.: Bye James
Guy B.: Bob, how's Mandy doing?
Daniel Bienvenu: J'ai vu les robots! :)
Daniel Bienvenu:
TheEyeOfSauron: Do you like them, Daniel?
TheEyeOfSauron: Most of them behaved very badly.
TheEyeOfSauron: A brief summary of the competition is given at
rich-c: that just adds to the amusement of the spectators, Rich
BobS: Mandy is doing good......and little Ryan is going a 5 year old in a almost 3 year old body
TheEyeOfSauron: Not when all the robots break down and don't move...
rich-c: true - we want ACTION!
Guy B.: He's making great progress there.
TheEyeOfSauron: Not (yet) noted in that summary, Daniel, are the 2 rounds that were stopped early because all the robots were broken.
BobS: need bigger tires rich
Pamela: says he of the monster truck robot
Guy B.: Well, we still have an undefined here, but no one has identified himself.
TheEyeOfSauron: They have bigger tires now than *you* had, Bob. Look at some of the robots.
rich-c: right, do we have a lurker or just a ghost?
TheEyeOfSauron: It's the Masque of the Red Death!
TheEyeOfSauron: I always wanted to see a holiday special like "Edgar Allan Poe's Pit and the Pendulum Christmas".
rich-c: come to think of it, Ron hasn't shown up
Pamela: hey, speaking of death, I got a call yesterday from a friend saying an old school chum of mine died of influenza yesterday
rich-c: maybe the different time zone confused him?
Guy B.: I wonder where he's at tonight?
TheEyeOfSauron: Sorry to hear, Pam... :-(
BobS: that
BobS: is a bummer Pam
Pamela: she was a casual friend and I haven't been close to her in years but thank you Rich
BobS: this flue is a bad one I guess
rich-c: that's awfully young, Pam - no other complications?
Judy: we were in the ER Sat night and the little kids are getting it, there were so many of them in with it
Guy B.: Haven't had a bad case here in Illinois yet.
Pamela: of course, you always hear about people who die of the flu, but it's always a news story
rich-c: well, I got my shots early this year, but I gather they don't cover the flu that turned out to be most prevelant
Pamela: she was hospitalized Dad and her kidneys had shut down - she died of cardiac arrest
Judy: a 10 year old died last week in Michigan
Pamela: other than that I don't know much
TheEyeOfSauron: So far I've been exposed to people who definitely had it (out for 5+ days), but I seem to be keeping it at bay.
rich-c: flu can do it and sometimes before you realize you're sick, it's too late
TheEyeOfSauron: My Grampa Drushel was very sick in the 1918 pandemic and it permanently damaged his kidneys.
Pamela: well your best defense is good handwashing and to stay away from those who are sick
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I have to go now. the visitors here want to sleep. |-)
Guy B.: Been a long time for me since I had it. The last time I got the flu is when the Russian flu hit here back in 1978.
Judy: we were a little worried Sat there we sat with all these sick people around us, exposing us
Pamela: I guess we'd better let you go then Daniel. Good nite and Joyeux Noel
TheEyeOfSauron: He had kidney problems all his life and died of renal failure at age 66.
rich-c: right, Daniel, forgot about that - joyeux Noel to you and yours
TheEyeOfSauron: Merry Christmas, Daniel!
Guy B.: Merry Christmas Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Joyeux Nol vous aussi!
BobS: marry christmas Daniel !!!!!!
BobS: AND happy new year
Daniel Bienvenu: And I hope I can see a video of the robot competition one day. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: *pook*
Judy: I seem to get the flu every year so this year I got the shot and now they say it isn't for the right flu, go figure
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu: oops
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: right Judy, they try to predict, but simetimes it fools them
Guy B.: Well, it's just the 6 of us left.
BobS: ANd an undefined
rich-c: six or seven, depending on the undefined
BobS: welcome welcome "undefined"
Guy B.: That doesn't count.
rich-c: can I get back to DVDs? what's the DVD-RAM format?
TheEyeOfSauron: I'm about to make it 5...I should get to bed, today started early, and there's a lot tomorrow.
Guy B.: I believe that's not an actual DVD disc. I think it's some sort of disk.
TheEyeOfSauron: I am playing my sax in the 6 PM Christmas Eve service.
Guy B.: Have a good Christmas Dr. D!
TheEyeOfSauron: I just got my music today, so I have to do some quick rehearsing tomorrow afternoon.
rich-c: yes, you'll have an extra busy coouple of days, Rich
Pamela: then you definitely need your rest so you can read the music : )
rich-c: anyway Merry Christmas to you and Joan and all the family
rich-c: and a happy and prosperous New Year
TheEyeOfSauron: I need my brain to transpose from C piano to Eb alto sax.
Pamela: Merry Christmas to you all, hugs and kisses to everyone
Judy: night Dr D and have a merry christmas
Pamela: oh, good luck - that's a toughy
TheEyeOfSauron: Hope you all have a good Christmas, travel safely everyone, and I'll be back here next Thursday, 9 PM.
BobS: felis na vi da..........
<undefined>: Hello All the undefined is only I HLM, just stopped in to say Happy Hollidays to all
rich-c: we'll be here and ready, Rich
BobS: or somthing like that
Guy B.: Bye Dr D.
Pamela: I'll be here
Pamela: Hello Herman - merry Christmas
rich-c: Hummn!!!!
Guy B.: It's Herman. How are you?
Judy: hi, Herman
BobS: well darn Herman just put your name in there and stay whiel instead of lurckiing in the shadows !!!!!!
rich-c: hey man, Merry Christmas, glad to have you in
TheEyeOfSauron: Hi Herman, change your name...and Merry Christmas to you and Zandra.
BobS: How the heck are ya????????
<undefined>: Still kicking Not High but kicking
TheEyeOfSauron: Bye all...<poof>!
Guy B.: Good to hear.
Pamela: nite!
TheEyeOfSauron left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, now it's 6,
BobS: you should be here EVERY WEEK sir
rich-c: hey, loose one Clevelander, gain another ;-)
BobS: how is Zandra doing?????? (sourse she has to put up with you....)
<undefined>: Yes, I Know but sometimes I forget most times, and sometimes I am swamped in babies
rich-c: how have things been going for you and Zandra, Herman?
BobS: you got foster babies now?????
BobS: and howmany?????
<undefined>: she is fine I am the sick one bursted my foot open half sleep tending to babies, but it is better now
BobS: speak up son !!!!!!
<undefined>: stepped on the leg of a coffee table half asleep
BobS: that does NOT sound like fun
rich-c: that can leave lasting memories
Guy B.: Double Ouch!
<undefined>: no only six xtitches but it got infected Our EFFICENT ER decieed at the time I did NOT need an antibotic now I been taking them 2 weeks
rich-c: ouch - infections after surgery are serious bad news
BobS: doctors are quacks, and ER's are incompetent
<undefined>: toe got infected cut between big toe and 2nd toe pretty deep
BobS: got to use your own head somtimes
Judy: not cool, herman
rich-c: when I went to the dentist lst week I had to take four penecillins before he'd touch me
<undefined>: that is not goot rich
rich-c: well, I'll have to do that for teh next two years, apparently
<undefined>: Luckily my family doctor is from the OLD SCHOOL he is getting me together slowly I guess
Guy B.: I remember taking an antibiotic that was a penicillin equvilant and I had to stop taking it after I developed a allergic reaction to it.
rich-c: yes, penicillin allegies are very common, and some of teh substitutes make problems too, I hear
<undefined>: me too Guy I am taking some derivitive of it but not actually Penicillin
Pamela: I think most sulfa based drugs are the problem
rich-c: yes, I think teh one teh dentist prescribed was amoxycillin
Pamela: that's apparently really strong stuff
rich-c: no, penicillin reflects a mould allergy, Pam
Pamela: did you have a tummy reaction to it?
rich-c: no, but then I have a cup of yogurt every day - great for the intestinal flors
Pamela: Dr. gives me erythromycin - works just fine
<undefined>: it breaks me out, but in an emergency they give it to me and deal with the side affects later some folks it stops their breathing and stuff
Pamela: however, it makes me absolutely ravenous for the first 48hours
Guy B.: My mom thought I was allergic to penicillin. But later as an adult, I did try it and had no problems. But it wasn't until I was released from the hospital and started taking the penicillin equvilant, that's when a rash developed. Now, I no longer take any antibiotic that has penicillin in it.
rich-c: yes, allergic reactions can sometimes get lethal - like peanuts
<undefined>: I have a friend who is allergic to SHRIMP she broke out in hives 2 yrs ago her anniversary is a week before mine and I ordered a shrimp coctail and sent her into a tailspin
Pamela: and yet I, who had some pedestrian allergies to things when I was young, now have completely unorthodox allergies instead
rich-c: apparently the one thing that really scares my surgeon is an infection that gets into the operated area
Pamela: I can understand that Dad
rich-c: you allergies change with age - I didn't use to be allergic to cats, now they're serious bad news and dogs get to me too
<undefined>: that is usually how it enters the body rich
Pamela: if you were to get an infection, it would be a royall pain to treat
rich-c: no, he's more worried about something months down the road, Herman
Pamela: thank goodness for antihistimines : )
<undefined>: OH ok
rich-c: oddly enough teh surgeon who took out my gall bladder wasnt worried about it at all
<undefined>: I usually get tetra cicllin but they kicjed me up a few notches this time to something else very much stronger I guess]
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to take Abby out soon for a quick walk. So, everyone have a Merry Christmas. Will see you all on New's Year's Day!
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: brr, Guy - make it quick. Merry Christmas!
rich-c: yes, a deep wound and infection that has a grip before you realize can be trouble
BobS: have agood couple of holidays Guy
Judy: bye Guy and have a Merry Christmas
BobS: and we WILL see you New years day
rich-c: Merry Christmas, Guy, see you next year! :-)
Pamela: boy, he disappeared in a hurry
<undefined>: You to siir and to All and have a safe holliday Rich I still remember the Boxing week comming up for you guys won't make it to Canada this year for it
rich-c: pity, Herman, but maybe you'll get a chance sometime later
<undefined>: me and my wife usually come up to Canada for it
Pamela: we'll send you a box, Herman : )
rich-c: well, we're worth visiting in other seasons too, you know! ;-)
<undefined>: Thanks :)
rich-c: of course the other times there's no Boxing Day sales to spend your casino winnings ;-(
<undefined>: I Know usually make it that way a few times but got a new born now 7 weeks old too young to travel
rich-c: yes, and you have to keep your priorities straight, for sure
<undefined>: so true but we will make up for it I am sure
Pamela: please do try, Herman
rich-c: absolutely - after being grounded myself all this past year, I know how eager you get to go
BobS: yes Richard, yo ARE gettign your freedom back little by little eh???????
<undefined>: I had my 11 month old child out and about at 3 months to Canada and Jax Fl last year
BobS: any peoblems when yo hit the border to Canada Herman???????
Pamela: now that he's got his wheels back Bob, he's a much happier camper : )
rich-c: ah, Americans have no problems getting into Canada
BobS: THAT I can believe
<undefined>: no Foster parrents are given travel letters, but hopefully by feb I will have addopted both of them and all probs will be over
BobS: he is probably going out just to drive around........
rich-c: yes, I started driving again eight days ago, and when I saw the doctor he said it was OK
<undefined>: it is easier to get IN than OUT
rich-c: not really Bob, but we have had a LOT of errands that needed running
BobS: can believe that Richard
BobS: hey Herman.......write on your calendar.....every Wednesday........CHAT @ 9PM sharp !!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: no plans for teh spring or summer yet
<undefined>: glad you are back in the saddle again hard to keep a good man down Rich
rich-c: having a huge problem with Adamcon - it could not be at a worse time
Pamela: why Dad?
BobS: tis a great time
rich-c: we do not like to travel in September, for starters - too many home demands
rich-c: and that's far too hot a time to be going to Texas
Pamela: such as?
<undefined>: that was for me had not worked, then other issues, I had booked a flight lost 300 bux but could not swing the rest at that time
BobS: well DAMN it Herman, we would have gotten you there !!!!!!
rich-c: well, I didn't lose this yer when I had to cancel as I hadnt made flight reservations yet
BobS: you got to come so's we can see ya
<undefined>: George offered to back me but I declined didn't want to go further in the hole like climbing out slowly
BobS: we need ya man !!!!!!!!
BobS: and with that........................
<undefined>: I missed you guys but I will try for Texas
BobS: tis time to say adios........and goodbye for 2003........see ya all NEXT YEAR???????
Judy: good we would really like that
rich-c: do your very best, Herman, the gang needs you
Pamela: hard to believe, ain't it Bob
Judy: night all and have a Merry Christmas
Pamela: Merry Christmas to you too Judy, and a Happy New Year
<undefined>: had several Majors jobs pending but all came through about October but were scheduled earlier doing a new house now that I was DUE to start in July
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy, Merry Christmas and see you all next year
BobS: have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.......and we will see you Jan 1st
rich-c: for sure, Bob
Pamela: hugs to all of you - Meeka and Doug too
<undefined>: Nite Judy and bib
BobS: slam, bam......bye
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
Pamela: well gentlemen, it's time I went to bed too
rich-c: looks like it is about time to pack it in, then
Pamela: Herman, it's great to hear from you
Pamela: Merry Christmas to you and Zandra
rich-c: so Herman, great to have you aboardd, to come by again - a lot more often
<undefined>: great to chat with you all, and I will try for The nest one
<undefined>: hugs to all
Pamela: enjoy your babies!
Pamela: and to you.
<undefined>: will do
Pamela: Dad, I'll call tomorrow afternoon
rich-c: terrific- meantime, Merry Chriostmas to you and Zanda
<undefined>: Nite all
<undefined>: thanks Rich
rich-c: nite Hrman
<undefined>: nite
Pamela: nite Herman
rich-c: OK Pam, I'll be out for milk but not otherwise
<undefined> left chat session
Pamela: okay - I'm done at 12:00
rich-c: talk to you then
Pamela: will call after that sometime - I can wrap and talk at the same time
Pamela: nite Daddy
Pamela: sleep tight
rich-c: OK, whenever suits - just remember I may be online
Pamela: that's okay, I'll keep trying
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: nite no
Pamela: nite
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