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rich-c: Happy New Year, Rich
Dr.D.2004: Hi Richard.
rich-c: just finished reading your email
Dr.D.2004: Which chat window am I in, Dale's or mine?
Dr.D.2004: Glad you liked it. The book is a great read.
rich-c: oh, I am on Dale's server
Dr.D.2004: Okay, I have both open because I had trouble getting into Dale's.
rich-c: I always go to teh primary site first, not that you could t3ell
Dr.D.2004: Since they look the same, I can't tell which is which.
rich-c: interesting - I got right on, no sweat at all
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.2004: It waited about 3 minutes for me before connecting.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi guys
rich-c: thought you were going to use a different handle?
Pamela: I'm just dropping in to tell you that I'll be back soon
Dr.D.2004: Hello Pam, Happy New Year!
Pamela: Happy New Year, Rich
Dr.D.2004: Different handle?
Dr.D.2004: Oh, riiiiiggght.
Pamela: you'll see. I'm at Lindsays - we're cleaning up here
Dr.D.2004: Hee Hee
Dr.D.2004: Hope all went well!
rich-c: no doubt you'll see it when she returns
Pamela: then, I'm going to head upstairs and sign back obn
Pamela: it did
Dr.D.2004: Righto.
Dr.D.2004: Great!
Pamela: Give me about 20 minutes or half an hour and I'll be back
rich-c: you should have lots of wine left over
Pamela: We have two bottles left Dad
Dr.D.2004: See ya soon.
Pamela: Be back soon. XOXOXO
rich-c: OK say hi to Lindsay for us
Pamela: ok
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dr.D.2004: So did Santa bring you anything good, Richard?
rich-c: anyway Rich you can see which site you're on by looking at rooms
Dr.D.2004: (and I hope that your bionic hip is still performing well)
rich-c: oh, our Christmas was vry quiet, as usual
Dr.D.2004: You're right, they are different...I hadn't noticed that.
rich-c: Pamela came over for dinner because Russell had the 4 - 12 p.m. shift
rich-c: so we just had a quiet family get-together; phoned my brother in Florida
rich-c: gather you had teh usual hectic family Christmas
Dr.D.2004: Well, with Joan working evening shift Christmas Eve and Day, it was rush to get stuff done while she was still home.
Dr.D.2004: And then rush off to my Dad's on Xmas Day.
rich-c: yes, that and four kids, you must have been really flying
Dr.D.2004: For once, my stepsister's little girl (about age 5) behaved herself and didn't throw tantrums and drive Mom to tears.
rich-c: be glad for small mercies
Dr.D.2004: The new Caravan got it's first road trip, and seemed to perform well.
rich-c: that's encouraging, anyway
Dr.D.2004: Oh, Caitlyn has been a terror...
rich-c: I got a different road test this week
Dr.D.2004: Fussy, grumpy, many food allergies, sick a lot, in the hospital for 2 weeks last month...
Dr.D.2004: Test drive with new hip?
rich-c: took the leg out to see what it would do Sunday and Monday
Dr.D.2004: And?
rich-c: made it to the neighbourhood plaza and back both days
rich-c: haven't been able to do that for a year and a half
Dr.D.2004: Excellent!
rich-c: it's a shade under a kilometer each way
Dr.D.2004: Still under range-of-motion restrictions, though, right? No leg-crossing etc.
rich-c: right, watch the bending, keep teh bed raised, and I use a bench in the bathtub
Dr.D.2004: Re: bench, not to be patronizing, but it's probably a good idea for anybody of your age.
rich-c: still I took the rental transfer bench back to teh Red Cross before the month was up
Dr.D.2004: Falls are the worst cause of morbidity and mortality over age 70.
rich-c: yes, now using the bath chair and hand-held spray - very economical of water
rich-c: yes, I have anti-skid strips in the bath tub, but they can get soapy and why tempt fate?
Dr.D.2004: Agreed.
Dr.D.2004: Monday we finally put the '89 Caravan out to pasture.
rich-c: also have an assist grip I use getting in as swinging the leg up and over is not graceful yet
Dr.D.2004: I had mislaid the original auto title and had to get a duplicate from the title bureau. Then we drove it out to Our Lady of The Wayside and donated it.
Dr.D.2004: All the forward gears still worked...but I had Christina ride along with me in case I needed to do reverse (she would steer, I would push).
rich-c: probably teh best answer - eventually they do have to be pensioned off
Dr.D.2004: Only Christina remembers (vaguely) a time before we had that van.
Dr.D.2004: For the others, it's always been there.
Dr.D.2004: They were all laughing at me, but I felt really sad about it.
rich-c: yes, one tends to forget these things from a kid's point of view
rich-c: hey, you're talking to someone who still cherishes his '73!
Dr.D.2004: It's probably the last car that I can ever do any work on myself.
rich-c: right, the new ones are so electronically complex that the shadetree mechanic is toast
rich-c: by the way, did you know that Dale has sold his company?
Dr.D.2004: And even that wasn't much: I bought the wiring harnesses for the extra under-hood and glovebox lights and installed them, when I saw (from the shop manual) that all I needed to do was plug them in and add a fuse in an empty slot.
Dr.D.2004: Dale did? Actually, I didn't think he was an owner, just working for a friend who was the CEO.
Dr.D.2004: I have not been able to get Dale to reply to any of my E-mails.
rich-c: no, I believe he was a full partner
Dr.D.2004: I'm beginning to think that the one he listed for admin purposes for the coladam list is just a throwaway.
rich-c: anyway he sold it to Best Buy/ Future Shop and will now be working for them for three years (at least)
Dr.D.2004: I hope he is employed somewhere.
Dr.D.2004: It was the photo kiosk thingy, wasn't it?
rich-c: he did admit to making some fair coin out of the deal
Dr.D.2004: Buy low, sell high, before the bubble bursts...
rich-c: well, I gather it was the whole photo developing and printing operation
rich-c: looks like Best Buy liked the product he built for them so well they bought the company
rich-c: apparently the field is very hotly competitive and is going great guns
Dr.D.2004: Is Jill still working?
rich-c: not suer but I think so
rich-c: pity he's not on tonight - but then, whre is everybody?
Dr.D.2004: Probably forgot...none of us put out a reminder to the list.
Dr.D.2004: Well, Pam will be back, at any rate.
rich-c: well, not this week, that's true, though did one last week
Dr.D.2004: And I had E-mailed some stuff to Rin earlier in the week, so that might have jogged her memory.
rich-c: of course it's early for Ron, and Guy isn't too punctual
Dr.D.2004: I wonder how many of those computers in my E-mail repost Ron really does have in his basement...
rich-c: yes, but Erin is likely still in Windsor
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changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.2004: Hello Guy, Happy New Year!
rich-c: I would hesitate to gues - but I don't think he has an Apple III
Guy B.: Greetings and Happy New Year. I'
rich-c: greetings Guy, wondering when you'd get here!
rich-c: and a happy new year to you, too
rich-c: how was New Years in the Windy City?
Guy B.: I'm on the Dell using dial-up tonight. I've been on DSL for the past two days downloading my free movie rentals and my ten free music downloads. So, the Athlon needs a break.
Dr.D.2004: Seduced by the fat pipe of broadband...
rich-c: you mean the hardd disc space is filling up too fast?
Dr.D.2004: Speaking of broadband...
Guy B.: We are expecting some rain later before the Arctec Cold invades here.
Dr.D.2004: I finished digitizing all the video footage of the Fall 2003 robot Egg Hunt competition.
Dr.D.2004: The webpage is finished, so you can all go watch if you like.
rich-c: I reckon that takes up a fair few megabytes, Rich
Dr.D.2004: I should E-mail this info to the list.
Guy B.: Let's say those movies are so large. They need around 4-6 hours EACH to download.
rich-c: anyway I'm hoping to go get me a DVD writer tomorrow
Dr.D.2004: Raw video, about 1 hour 40 minutes, took about 20 gigabytes.
rich-c: sheesh! that would be half the space on my hard disc
Dr.D.2004: After editing each round into its own clip, export to 320x240 30 fps QuickTime, 10 minutes is about 1.2 gigabytes.
Dr.D.2004: Then run it through the encoder for RealPlayer, result is about 20 megabytes.
Dr.D.2004: But you watch it through my RealServer as a stream, so you never have to get the whole thing as one file.
Dr.D.2004: Though I do make the individual .rm files available to download (oops, forgot to update that webpage for this Egg Hunt, need to do that).
rich-c: well, one of these days I suspect I will go for DSL
rich-c: Ma Bell and the cable companies demand extortionate prices for broadband
Dr.D.2004: My Finnish penpal is too cheap to get a real ISP, still uses his freebie net.access as an alumnus of the Helsinki University of Technology, which blocks *EVERYTHING* except TCP port 80 (i.e., web pages).
Guy B.: I finally tried out my new CD-Writer today. Works very well with the older speed discs.
Dr.D.2004: So he can't watch any of the streaming stuff. He can't even use this Spaniel Chat because it doesn't use port 80.
Dr.D.2004: He's a month older than me, single, making a mint...but Finns are a bit, um, thrifty...
rich-c: did you mean reading, writing, or both, Guy?
Dr.D.2004: So, I put up the .rm files to download. Using a browser to do it lets it travel over port 80, so HUT's firewalls let it pass.
Guy B.: Both. The drive is 52X24X52. So, it can take the new ultra high speed discs.
rich-c: any idea what a dialup or broadband connection costs in Europe, Rich?
rich-c: yes, and teh software lets it slow down for teh older CDs, right?
Guy B.: I just got through updating my realplayer to the newest version.
Dr.D.2004: Broadband, don't know. Dialup is probably comparable to here, but add per-minute connect charges for all telephone calls.
rich-c: do you have to set the write speed manually for the older discs or does it adjust automatically?
Dr.D.2004: All phone service in continental Europe seems to be metered.
Dr.D.2004: Not sure about England.
rich-c: right - I'd forgotten the per-minute charge - it's a killer
Dr.D.2004: So, I can understand some of not wanting to be online for a long time...
Dr.D.2004: Guess I'm spoilt.
rich-c: but I thought I read somewhere they wre getting away from that
Dr.D.2004: I'd think they'd have to, at some point.
Guy B.: Comcast cable Internet costs more than the DSL here.
rich-c: here, cable and Bell DSL are about the same
rich-c: and of course both have ties-ins and dirty little limitations
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changed username to <undefined>
Dr.D.2004: I still don't really do anything at home that *REQUIRES* ADSL. The odd file transfer from my office machine is nice at faster speed, but I am not addicted to streaming porn or downloading warez :-)
rich-c: they cheat on the speeds and they limit the bandwaidth
<undefined> changed username to Mrs. Vilneff
rich-c: aha, you made it back
Dr.D.2004: The original reason for ADSL was that we needed the phone line free, and it was same cost for existing 56K dialup + a 2nd phone line as keeping the one line and switching to ADSL.
Mrs. Vilneff: I did
Dr.D.2004: We have a visitor to the chat, I see.
Mrs. Vilneff: I'm back, Rich
rich-c: but surely a very familiar one
Dr.D.2004: I didn't know Russell's mom had a computer... :-) :-) :-)
Mrs. Vilneff: She's not Mrs. Vilneff
Dr.D.2004: So much for traditional inferences about names, then.
Mrs. Vilneff: no, she's Miss McWilliams
Dr.D.2004: I see the teachers our school systems struggling with this at conference nights.
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changed username to james
Mrs. Vilneff: Hi, James
rich-c: yes, these days relationships get so tangled
james: hello
Dr.D.2004: Kid is Sally Smith, mom is Ms. Jones, dad is Mr. Clark, and the guardian is Mrs. Anderson.
rich-c: good morning, james
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: how is the second day of the new year?
Mrs. Vilneff: Great. Happy New Year.
james: cloudy
Guy B.: Hi James, Happy New Year!
james: happy new year to all
Dr.D.2004: Weather in Cleveland is just like March. We seem to have skipped January and February.
james: going to burn my 2003 calendars
james: yeah, us too
Dr.D.2004: Grass is green, sky was blue today.
Guy B.: Been clooud all day here in Chicago and a little rain fell earlier.
rich-c: well, I think we have snow on the way a few days down the line
Dr.D.2004: Temperatures in the 40s F.
Dr.D.2004: And mud.
Dr.D.2004: So can we hear all the juicy details of last night's event, Mrs. Vilneff?
Dr.D.2004: Or do you want to wait for a bigger crowd?
Dr.D.2004: To tell it just once :-)
rich-c: it wasnt lsst night it was yesterday afternoon
Mrs. Vilneff: Oh, let's wait and tell it once
Mrs. Vilneff: and my Daddy looked very handsome : )
Dr.D.2004: So I was off by a few hours.
Dr.D.2004: Purple velvet tux? :-)
rich-c: yeah, I broke out my weddings-and-funerals suit
Dr.D.2004: Pictures, we hope, soon?
james: better than your birthday suit, eh rich? :P
Mrs. Vilneff: soon
Dr.D.2004: Only if it was a Betazoid wedding.
james: heh heh
rich-c: yes, Frances was busy editing her set today
Mrs. Vilneff: nah, that's just too much information James : )
Dr.D.2004: I can't imagine Richard at one of those.
rich-c: wouldn't let me have teh computer till 5 p.m. :-(
james: i'm not even going to try
Mrs. Vilneff: oh, poor Daddy
Dr.D.2004: Seems to work for the Betazoids :-)
Mrs. Vilneff: If they're as good as Lindsay's, Dad, they came out really well
Mrs. Vilneff: brb
Guy B.: Oh, got the results of my back x-ray. It was normal. Dr. thinks it might be some kind of fatty cell.
rich-c: I haven't seen them yet, but I changed the opening programs to add two more grahics editors
Dr.D.2004: Oh, your back, this a good verdict or a bad verdict?
rich-c: I have a neat little program that lets me have a choice of programs to open a filetype with
Guy B.: It's good that their was no problems with the bone structure. But, she decided not to do an MRI on me. So, I have to find a back support to use on my chair at work. She thinks that might be the problem.
rich-c: let's see - good because there's no problem, bad because they can't figure out how to defeat the pain?
Dr.D.2004: A good chair is always an asset.
Mrs. Vilneff: I love my office chair
Dr.D.2004: Many office chairs have poor lumbar support.
Guy B.: I can continue the back exercises and since my floor is heat based. I can lie down on the floor and let the heat penetrate my back for a while.
rich-c: the one I use here at teh computer at home is quite good
rich-c: hey, warm fllors are a treat in more ways than one - you're lucky
Guy B.: Jeanene has a birthday present for me later. A new chair for use at home.
rich-c: well, if it eases your back, that will be nice indeed
Mrs. Vilneff: a good computer chair is worth it's weight in gold
Guy B.: The chair I have now I bought from work at a surplus sale for $5. But, sometimes one of the wheels come off.
rich-c: since I have to sit high right now I even use mine for dinner
rich-c: anyway, james, anything of interest going on in Japan?
rich-c: other, of course than you incipient encoe paternity
rich-c: encore
james: not a whole lot. i've been fighting with an msi mobo since the end of november
james: lol. yes, case keeps me very busy
Guy B.: Looks like I'll have to install a firewall on the Dell. My virus program caught two worm viruses.
james: he had the flu a week or so ago. much better. lots of germ swapping going on lately.
Mrs. Vilneff: it happens that way James - especially if he has a lot of contact with other kids
rich-c: the flu or just a nasty cold? the flu around right now is really bad
rich-c: the vaccines they put out this years didn't match the varieties of flu that turned up
james: a mild strain of the flu apparently. bad fever too
Guy B.: Jeanene got hit with one and she caught it from her neighbors twin boys and she didn't tell her they had a cold.
rich-c: such nice kids, Guy
james: my dad (in canada) has been laid up in bed for the last 4 or 5 days
rich-c: flu, or something else, james?
Guy B.: She's neglectful on that a lot.
james: well they ran some tests and he tested positive for flu. only the 4th case in our town apparently
rich-c: I am lucky in that I have always had a fairly good resistance to reespiratory problems
james: we were all walking around the house wearing masks
Guy B.: She's going to call the doctor tomorrow to see if she can get an antibiotic. Then she will be heading for Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks. So, I'll be on cat duty.
rich-c: for us old folks, james, this year's flu is a very serious matter
rich-c: a cold is caused by a virus, Guy - an antibiotic won't touch it
Guy B.: Look what happened here in the U.S. with the flu vaccine. They kept running out.
james: yeah, i've heard the older folks have to be careful
james: at 56 my father isn't exactly "old" but he's no spring chick either
rich-c: right - the vaccine doesnt work and the bug hits much harder than usual
james: and he's been worn down from stress etc
rich-c: yes, obviously I regard 56 as teh first flush of youth ;-)
rich-c: but stress and overwork can leave one dangerously vulnerable
james: exactly
Mrs. Vilneff: I can vouch for that Dad - it got me while I was run down and stressed
rich-c: but you are back up and running now
Mrs. Vilneff: well so far, Dad - I suspect if I let my guard down something will come along and bite me
rich-c: btw all, I was telling Rich earlier - Dale has sold his company to Best Buy
Guy B.: Wow
rich-c: his big project lately was setting up their photo developing and printing operation software
Guy B.: Must have paid off big for him.
rich-c: they liked teh results so well they bought the company - BB and Future Shop will use it
james: wowo
rich-c: he did suggest he had made a tidy sum from it - also they contracted him for three more years
Dr.D.2004: So Dale's next ADAMcon should be pretty fancy, eh? :-)
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changed username to BobS
Mrs. Vilneff: Hi, Bob
Guy B.: That's great. I wonder how this is going to affect Jill.
Guy B.: Hi Bob.
BobS: most forgot bout dis chat
rich-c: well, Roberto - finally slept off the "night before"? ;-)
Mrs. Vilneff: it is great news for Jillian and Dale
james: caviar and ..
BobS: AHT about Dale & Jill ???????
Dr.D.2004: Gutes Neues Jahr, Herr Slopsema!
rich-c: Dale sold his company to Best Buy
BobS: ya sure doktor
Dr.D.2004: Dale and Jill went up the hill to sell a kiosk of photos.
BobS: would that be the Best Buy computer and appliance stor we have in the states
BobS: ?????
Guy B.: Certainly is.
rich-c: yes, and here too - they also own Future Shop now
BobS: went to one of those in Vancouver.......
BobS: so now the poor guyis unemployed, yes?????
rich-c: in fact I hope to buy a DVD writer from them tomorrow
Dr.D.2004: I have never heard of Future Shop. Future *Shock*, but not Shop.
Mrs. Vilneff: Future shop has never been my friend
rich-c: no, they contracted him for three years as part of the deal
Mrs. Vilneff: so you didn't go on Boxing Day, Dad?
BobS: sounds like maybe Dale got a good thing going here
rich-c: you aren't serious, Pam
Guy B.: Speaking of photos. No Christmas photos of Abby. I ended up shooting some of her instead.
Mrs. Vilneff: well, that's what you planned when I talked to you on Christmas Day
rich-c: guess he and his partners buiilt what BB needed whn they needed it
BobS: everyone's new year's celebration ended quietly I take it.......
james: i think future shop is canadian
Dr.D.2004: Is Boxing Day the same kind of returns-to-store madhouse that we have here in the States?
BobS: si senor james
james: they once had 26 stores in the us too but they pulled out
Dr.D.2004: Their future is in the past...
Mrs. Vilneff: nope - we made a lot of noise and partied into the night Bob
rich-c: it was Canadian, james, till Best Buy bought it out about a year and a half ago
james: there's one place i will never shop again
Mrs. Vilneff: I agree James
rich-c: what was your problem with them, james?
Guy B.: Mine was quiet too except for downloading two bigh movie rentals on my Athlon.
james: more like what wasn't my problem with them
Mrs. Vilneff: Most stores here say no returns till after the new year Rich
Dr.D.2004: We watched the MST3K version of "Prince of Space", stuck out our tongues at Dick Clark, and went to bed.
Dr.D.2004: Last night, that is.
james: the minute you walk into the place you're swarmed by greasy comission based sales people
rich-c: Boxing Day (actually teh week) is discount sales time here - the crowds are worse than before Christmas
james: but try to make a return on a defective part and there's no one around for miles
Guy B.: Best Buy doesn't have those high commissions anymore.
Mrs. Vilneff: with us, we've been very unlucky with all our purchases - they never work. So, I've given up buying from them
james: had a defective scanner, was told i could exchange for one model but not another
rich-c: I haven't bought that much there but have never had problems
Dr.D.2004: As ADAMites, we should be accustomed to DOA equipment :-)
james: even though i wanted the more expensive model. obviously must have had a lower profit margin and less commission
Mrs. Vilneff: Bob, where
rich-c: mind you I have some expertise is turning off over-eager sales folk
Mrs. Vilneff: s Judy?
Dr.D.2004: Beat them off with your cane, Richard :-)
BobS: IF only the dos crap would work as easily and as well as my ADAM stuff...................
Mrs. Vilneff: yeah, he pulls the "grumpy senior" routine on them
james: anywway, i managed to waste an hour of his time and ended up exchanging for the same model i had
BobS: she is coming
Dr.D.2004: Hehe, you must be like the shoe store customer from Hell, James :-)
BobS: and did t work????????
rich-c: oh, I just ask them for tech details they can't answer
Guy B.: Still can't run those programs on the emulator?
Dr.D.2004: Try on 20 pairs, then buy none of them.
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Dr.D.2004: "What's the BIOS checksum of this motherboard?"
changed username to Judy
rich-c: anyway they have a VERY good price on a 4x DVD writer/rewriter
Mrs. Vilneff: Hey, Judy - Happy New Year
Dr.D.2004: Hello Judy.
Guy B.: Hi Judy, Happy New Year!
rich-c: hi Judy
james: i can be if they don't honour an agreement
Judy: Hi, everyone, and Happy New Year to all!!!!
rich-c: same to you and yours, Judy
Judy: Who is Mrs Vilneff?
Mrs. Vilneff: formerly Pamela Clee
rich-c: you've met her
james: like this place in tokyo i bought this msi mobo from. i guarantee they're going to be sick of hearing from me
rich-c: what the hell is a msi mobo?
BobS: WHO???????
james: i don't appreciate being told something works perfectly fine, paying $30 for being told so when in fact it doesn't
Judy: does that mean congradulation are in order?
james: msi motherboard
Mrs. Vilneff: yes it does, thank you
BobS: well.....CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!
Mrs. Vilneff: thanks : )
Judy: when was the big day?
rich-c: what is the problem with it, james?
Mrs. Vilneff: yesterday
(Guy B. gives Mrs. Vilneff a can of Diet Coke.)
Mrs. Vilneff: thanks Guy
BobS: BobS gives Pam a BIG bouquet
james: real time clock either completely stops or loses a whole lotta time (sometimes moves backwards) when the power is off
Guy B.: I should send two cases to you as a wedding present.
james: i've checked the battery
Mrs. Vilneff: Wow, Guy
Mrs. Vilneff: thank you Bob
Judy: that is great, hope you have many happy years!!!!
james: i've tried 3 different power supplies
rich-c: that is seriously weird, james. no wonder you're upset
BobS: think the sucker is trash james
james: it's not a problem with the ram or cpu since all this is happening while the power is *off*
rich-c: yes, that sounds like something very integral to the boardd itself
Mrs. Vilneff: well we hope to at least triple our current time (15 years)
james: so i send it to them because i have reasonable suspicion to assume it's a defective mobo or bios
BobS: sounds fair to me Pam
james: and they "test" it (i wonder if they even did), charge me $30 and send it back. so i'm emailing them again and i'm not going to "go away"
Guy B.: Pam, how long have you and Russell known each other?
Dr.D.2004: "Eternal salvation or triple your money back!", Pam :-)
Mrs. Vilneff: Since July 26, 1988
rich-c: damn right not - it seems almost certainly a defective board
Mrs. Vilneff: works for me, Rich
Guy B.: Wow, that's a long time. I'm happy for the both of you.
Mrs. Vilneff: sorry, 1987 Guy
Mrs. Vilneff: thanks
rich-c: MSI have a very good name and make first rate boards - but every manufactuere does get some defects
BobS: but the stinky part of the whole thing, James, is that you get the shaft while they fiddle
Dr.D.2004: So is there enough of a crowd now to tell yesterday's tale, Pam, or are you still holding out for Ron?
Mrs. Vilneff: I dunno Rich, it's 10:23 and he isn't here yet
james: exactly
james: i've done well by msi so far
BobS: son Doug was buying parts from a company (cpu, board, memory, etc) and the product kept pooping out. Sent it back and they tested and
rich-c: yes, I'm on my second MSI board and am still pleased with my purchase
james: this is definitely the last time i order from this place. fortunately i've found a reputable place about an hour from here
Guy B.: I have one dog who will be turning 10 (70 in dog years) next month and showing no signs of slowing down.
Mrs. Vilneff: so what would you all like to know?
BobS: said it was good, turns out they didn't use the same cpu when they checked the boards.......
Judy: everything!!!!
Dr.D.2004: Begin at the beginning :-)
BobS: GREAT, huh?????
Dr.D.2004: "Call me Ishmael."
james: the only other thing different in their tests and mine is the cpu
Mrs. Vilneff: we married at home - actually at Lindsay's (my sister-in-law) who lives in the apartment below us
james: but if the cpu is otherwise running fine and it's losing time when the system is *off* i don't really have reason to suspect the cpu
rich-c: have you checked teh MSI site to see if that board has been tested with your cpu?
BobS: you secretive thing you.............
james: it's listed as compatible
james: cpu is an amd athlon 2600+ barton 333mhz fsb
Dr.D.2004: Pam kept things very QT...
Mrs. Vilneff: there were twelve of us - myself, Russell, Mom, Dad, Kimberly, Art, Russell's Mom and sister, our friends Emily and Chris and Katherine (my oldest friend) and my friend Allyson
rich-c: that must be a very new design of board, then
james: yes
Mrs. Vilneff: oh, and the officiant
james: supports up to 3000+, 333mhz fsb
Dr.D.2004: Was he efficient?
Mrs. Vilneff: there was a reason fror the secrecy
james: but just to be sure, i'm going to swap in the power supply and cpu from my box
Mrs. Vilneff: he was very efficient - was done in about 20 minutes!
rich-c: when you're already around 2.6 gig overclocking seems pointless
james: nor am i overclocking
Dr.D.2004: I hope your celebrations lasted longer!
rich-c: exactly, just saw you noted teh possibility
Mrs. Vilneff: Yes, the last of our guests left at just after 1:30 am
rich-c: well, they did manage to exhaust the old folks!
BobS: secrecy......didn't want mom and dad to know???????
Mrs. Vilneff: we were keeping it a secret because we only wanted a very small, intimate wedding
BobS: was a surprise to them yes?????
Mrs. Vilneff: oh no, they've known from the beginning
Mrs. Vilneff: and if we told everyone, they would have wanted to be invited
BobS: RIGHT......and now we are all sad.......
BobS: nobody cares, least of all our ADAM friends
BobS: BOO-........HOO
Judy: you just didn't want a shower, I know!!
rich-c: sorry, Bob, but the apartment was crowded as it was...
BobS: you din't take a shower????????
Mrs. Vilneff: well there was that, Judy : )
Judy: you didn't want to play anymore of those dumb games
Guy B.: Pam, how many people were at your wedding?
Mrs. Vilneff: twelve altogether including us, Guy
Judy: you did at least get a new dress for the occasion
Dr.D.2004: Baker's dozen :-)
Guy B.: That I like. Mine we had about 80 attended.
Mrs. Vilneff: I'll tell you a secret Judy - I enjoy those games cos I'm good at them : )
Mrs. Vilneff: don't tell on me though
rich-c: we'd send out photos but the Adam list doesn't like attachments
Mrs. Vilneff: yes, proper wedding dress and Russell wore a tux
Mrs. Vilneff: boy, did he look handsome
Dr.D.2004: Yes, attachments to the list are the wrong way to send out the photos.
BobS: OK........then you HAVE to come to ADAMCON 16 in El we can celebrate your nuptuals.........
Judy: how can anyone be good at them?
Guy B.: I second that.
Mrs. Vilneff: practice?
Dr.D.2004: Do any of you Clee clan have webpages?
Mrs. Vilneff: that's hte plan, bob
Mrs. Vilneff: nope
rich-c: no, I have an ftp site, though
Judy: well, we have to at least see the pictures
Dr.D.2004: Then I could FTP them from Richard and host them at
BobS: ALRIGHT !!!! oh, BTW, take your folks with you to AC16
Dr.D.2004: Then I would mail out the URL.
rich-c: but when I try to get on it, it tells me I'm not authorized
Mrs. Vilneff: there will be pictures shortly - my Mom and Lindsay both took digital photos. I haven't seen Moms, but Lindays' came out really well
Dr.D.2004: Or else someone could snail-mail me a CDR with them all on it.
Dr.D.2004: And then I would make the page.
rich-c: get Lindsay to email us a selection, Pam - as jpgs they will be manageable
Dr.D.2004: But E-mail is not the way to distribute photos...
Mrs. Vilneff: as soon as I can Dad
rich-c: just not too many at one time since we're on dialup
BobS: right, they might get LOST in the mail
BobS: can you ZIP up jpgs??????
Mrs. Vilneff: now listen folks, Erin and Marie don't know yet
BobS: never tried.............
Dr.D.2004: Yes, but they won't be smaller in size.
Guy B.: Surprise them.
BobS: OH MAN and you want US to keep the secret????????
Dr.D.2004: You can ZIP anything, even another ZIP file.
Mrs. Vilneff: we're mailing the announcements tomorrow
Mrs. Vilneff: they'll have them by next week
BobS: no no ..........announcements BEFORE the event !!!!!
Dr.D.2004: Fait accompli is nicer :-)
BobS: and you trust that WE can zip our lips that long??????
Mrs. Vilneff: no, announcements after the event - invitations before
Mrs. Vilneff: it's only a week Bob!
Dr.D.2004: We only chat once a week, anyway.
Guy B.: I think we can do that Bob.
rich-c: besides if you mail tomorrow they should have them by Wednesday next
Judy: then you don't want them on tonight?
james: anyway, i have to shut this box down so i can swap parts out of it
BobS: remember what Guy ????????
Dr.D.2004: They aren't here, so they won't be, most likely.
BobS: well, my me own bride jsut pointed out.........
Guy B.: Keep it mum
Dr.D.2004: Next week will be back to the regular schedule.
rich-c: right
Mrs. Vilneff: Lin played with one of the group photos, cropped it into a heart shape, and that photo is being printed tomorrow and mailed with the announcements
BobS: IF you don't want Rin and Rie to know, you better change the Mrs Vilneff in case they come
Dr.D.2004: Just nobody talk and let Mrs. Vilneff show up, and wait for the inevitable questions from Rin and Rie.
rich-c: anyway, james, good luck on the 'board and don't let them con you
james: thanks
Mrs. Vilneff: I doubt they'll show up, Judy - I didn't tell Erin the day had been changed
Dr.D.2004: Bob, I thought "Mrs. Vilneff" was the plan to let them in.
james: i'm gonna be a pain in the ass until the acquiese
Guy B.: At least next Christmas will be on Saturday.
BobS: \who knows Dr D
Guy B.: This year is a leap year.
Dr.D.2004: Clue them in, I meant.
BobS: you ARE devious Pamela
Judy: ok, well we are really happy for you!!!!
Mrs. Vilneff: oh yes Bob
rich-c: go get them, james
james: talk to you all next week.
james: bye!
Mrs. Vilneff: thank you Judy - it's been a long time coming
Dr.D.2004: Bye, James.
Guy B.: Bye James.
Mrs. Vilneff: bye James!
Judy: bye James
james: good luck to everyone in the new year
Mrs. Vilneff: thank you
Mrs. Vilneff: and to you
BobS: the only thing that would make me happier Pam, is to know that Carib beer is inported to my hometown
rich-c: same to you and yours - nite!
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Mrs. Vilneff: can't help with that, Bob
Dr.D.2004: So Pam, do you now celebrate anniversaries as 1/16, 2/17, etc. ? :-)
BobS: welll shucks
Guy B.: Well, after a long vacation, I'm returning to work tomorrow.
Mrs. Vilneff: just about, Rich
rich-c: and not looking that much forward to it, I reckon, Guy
Mrs. Vilneff: met in July 1987, started dating 01/01/88, started living together 11/01/88
rich-c: but at least you've had time to rest a bit
Guy B.: No, I'm not, But, it's one day and no doubt I have some work waiting for me.
Dr.D.2004: Well, for the math-inclined, lim n-->infinity n/(n+15) = 1 :-)
Mrs. Vilneff: poor Russell, he had to work tonite
Guy B.: And got some computer upgrades done too.
rich-c: good for you, Guy
BobS: bummer on New Years?????
Mrs. Vilneff: and for those who are not math inclined (such as my self) I'll take it on faith
Dr.D.2004: Dale would be laughing now "-)
Mrs. Vilneff: he works for a security company Bob
Dr.D.2004: Top Secret.
BobS: so who needs security on New Years??????? NOBODY
Mrs. Vilneff: not only is there no such thing as closed, but they're not allowed to take vacation between Christmas and January 5th
Dr.D.2004: Yeah, the Times Square ball didn't even land on anybody when it came down...
rich-c: oh, that's when the pipes burst or fires start or - well, whatever
BobS: or at least we shouldn't
Guy B.: Just have two more computers to work on.
BobS: la beautiful ball wid crystals on it?????????
Mrs. Vilneff: people forget to open their flues before lighting the fireplace, and set off the fire alarm
rich-c: well, we didn't make it to bed by midnight, but we were well on the way
Mrs. Vilneff: it was 3:15 before we were in bed
BobS: we finally hit the hay around 1:30am after getting home form frends
Judy: we weren't even home at midnight
BobS: friends
rich-c: we actually got ome about 10.30 but had various chorse to look to
Mrs. Vilneff: well, I managed to get through it without crying
Dr.D.2004: Why would you cry, Pam?
Mrs. Vilneff: because I'm a big sap, Rich : )
Dr.D.2004: Must be a guy thing, I just don't get it.
Guy B.: I went to bed about 5 minutes after midnight after the fireworks were shooting off in Lake Michigan by Navy Pier.
rich-c: yes, you were close enough to worry me on occasion, but managed to hold off
BobS: thru what.....the wedding....or midnight????
Mrs. Vilneff: the wedding
Judy: I always cry at wedding
rich-c: smart answer, Guy
Dr.D.2004: Me, I cried over the '89 Caravan getting put down on Monday :-)
Mrs. Vilneff: so do I
Mrs. Vilneff: I'll bet, Rich
Judy: it's a girl thing
BobS: got rid o it huh ??????
Mrs. Vilneff: I cried when they towed away my LTD
Dr.D.2004: Yes, donated it to charity.
rich-c: and if you want an example of a mercy killing...
Mrs. Vilneff: I cry at commercials, sappy books, greeting cards
Judy: movies and any other times that comes up
Mrs. Vilneff: oh yeah
Guy B.: The last time I cried is when Jeanene's cat had to be put to sleep back in 1998. Her cat liked only one male. Me.
Mrs. Vilneff: It will be something small that sets me off
BobS: you know, my dear............last week the wedding idea came up....and Jdy and Guy both askedyou about it and you got REAL closed mouth.......
Guy B.: Now her new cat is the same way.
Mrs. Vilneff: oh you noticed that, did you?
BobS: so we backed off and wondered what was up
Dr.D.2004: Richard, um, I think spoke out of turn...
BobS: NOW WE KNOW........da, da..da-da
Mrs. Vilneff: yeah, when Murray was on, Dad told him
Mrs. Vilneff: I kind of hoped that no one had noticed that
BobS: tonight he was here ???????
BobS: oh last week
Judy: and it will be hard to forget the date for anniversaries
rich-c: no, last week
Mrs. Vilneff: no, last week. I also hoped that if we kept you busy we could dodge the bullet
Dr.D.2004: And any party will be your party on that day :-)
BobS: yea right.......we are NO stupid, just a little dumb
Judy: us busy bodies not notice
BobS: and REMEMBER..........the best part of getting old is that ya can't remember sh.....STUFF
Dr.D.2004: Now you sound like Herman, Bob.
BobS: and we are approaching that
Judy: speak for yourself
Mrs. Vilneff: well, Judy asked when the big day was, and I didn't answer the question
BobS: and WHERE is herman to night ??????? have to smack him
Dr.D.2004: He was Mr. Untitled last week, wasn't he?
BobS: yes
Mrs. Vilneff: Guy asked about it, and all I said was it was supposed to be a secret, and left it at that
Mrs. Vilneff: then changed the subject
Judy: we figured that you would tell in your own time
BobS: but we DID not want to wait
Judy: so I let it drop
Mrs. Vilneff: well, I thought, it's only a week and I really wanted it to be a surprise to everyone
rich-c: Bob, to switch the subject - a convention in September is VERY problematic for us
Guy B.: Well folks, since I have to return to work tomorrow. I might as well turn in. I'll see you all next week.
BobS: ok guy
Judy: night Guy
Mrs. Vilneff: good heavens, it's 11:00 already??
rich-c: look forward to it, Guy, even Saturday if you're free
Dr.D.2004: Bye Guy.
Mrs. Vilneff: good night Guy - happy New Year
Guy B.: You too Pam. Tell Russell I said Hi.
BobS: convention will have to be finlized withhotel times, Jean time, etc also........
Dr.D.2004: Ja, und I haf to vork tomorrow mornink, too, ja.
Mrs. Vilneff: I will, Guy
BobS: bummer Rich
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: gonna take the whole weekend off
Dr.D.2004: Classes start in 10 days or so...Monday after next.
Dr.D.2004: Gotta whole lotta robot class prep to do.
rich-c: OK Rich, see you next round, then - happy new year to Joan and the kids
BobS: robot-ski's
Judy: but I will have Ryan again tomorrow, he has been sick again
Mrs. Vilneff: Have a great New Year, Rich - and best wishes to all of your family
Dr.D.2004: Good night, all.
BobS: HOPPY NEW YAR !!!!!!
Mrs. Vilneff: g'nite
Dr.D.2004: Happy NEw Year to All ADAMites.
Judy: and to you Dr D
BobS: almost forgot about tonight.......heck I DID forget for a while
Mrs. Vilneff: actually wondered where you two were, Bob
Judy: sitting at home, I was playing games on the laptop
Dr.D.2004: <poof>
rich-c: yes, you two had us curious
BobS: days all screwed up this week hon...........and for some reason just popped into me head that Iwas supposed to be chatting
Dr.D.2004 left chat session
BobS: so HERE we are
rich-c: sort of better late than never, Bob
BobS: scary isn't it??????
Mrs. Vilneff: wow, that looks strange when I look at it - Mrs. Vilneff - it's going to take a while to get used to
Judy: nothing to watch on TV, everything is a repeat and then there is the other stations
rich-c: well, with the date changes it has been confusing
Mrs. Vilneff: think I'll go back to being me for a while
Judy: what is the ring like?
Mrs. Vilneff changed username to Pamela
rich-c: I kept wondering why I wasnt online Tuesday night bec ause I always chat shopping day
BobS: Pam is going to be ALL screwed up !!!!!! New name, new year.......a lot of rememberin'
Pamela: mine is yellow gold, Russell's is white gold
Pamela: mine 6.5 mm, R's 7.5 mm
Pamela: they have Celtic knotwork carved in them
rich-c: and will cause a ensation at the office tomorrow
Judy: that is nice
Pamela: heck, Bev spilled the beans at teh office - I should have know you can't keep a secret around there
BobS: no lie !!!!!!! "who's taht married woman I just ran into?????
BobS: "
Pamela: and I don't go back till Monday
rich-c: ah, didn't know you were taking teh extra day
Pamela: what's really funny is, the florist we used is in the mall attached to theoffice
Pamela: when we went to get the flowers yesterday, I ran into one of my coworkers
Pamela: boy, was she confused!
rich-c: I can believe it - what did you tell her?
Pamela: that we were there to pick up the flowers
rich-c: and was that before or after Emily got through with you?
Pamela: before
Pamela: man, the hairspray in my hair - ugh
Pamela: I had a helmet
BobS: you are forever STICY
Pamela: It hadn't moved when I got up this morning
Judy: I think it took Sherri an hour to get hers down
BobS: andn your neck was sore too boot, right ??????
Pamela: I couldn't even rinse it out - I tried to rinse it and my fingers wouldn't go through it - it took two applications of shampoo to get it all out
BobS: from having to sleep with yor head off the pillow ????
Judy: then you didn't get up with bed hair
Pamela: for once in my life : )
Pamela: actually, that turned otu to be a good thing
Judy: and some people wear it that way all the time
Pamela: we were parked fairly far from the salon and it was very windy yesterday
Pamela: oh, ugh
Pamela: and when I got home, I didn't have the garage door opener, so had to get out of the car and open the door with the key
Pamela: it was a wind tunnel - blowing so hard it nearly knocked me off my feet
Pamela: but my hair didn't move : )
rich-c: oh dear - was that your door opener I had?
BobS: oops "dad"
Pamela: yes Dad, but that's okay - I borrowed R's key for you and had my own to get back in
Pamela: yes, Kimberly couldn't find hers - it's packed somewhere
rich-c: oh, I had thought you were getting a leftover from Kimberley
Pamela: it worked - that was all I was worried about
rich-c: anyway, it all worked out well
Pamela: nifty contraption, huh
Pamela: I appreciate it most when it's pouring out, or windy, or really cold
Pamela: and I watch other people trying to get close enough to the keyhole to open the door
rich-c: or even when the grade is a bit slippery
Pamela: actually, that's not usually an issue - our ramp is heated
Pamela: even in freezing rain, the ramp is negotiable
rich-c: yes, but I'd guess on a heavy snowfall or really deep cold there could be issues
Pamela: not in all the years we've lived here
Pamela: the old place, yes - half the ramp heater was broken
BobS: well, we got to be going ....... 'tis late ans all........CONGRATULATIONS again Pam......and Richard too. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya's
rich-c: that is reassuring
BobS: so we ya next Wed, yes ????????
BobS: see
Judy: yes, that goes from me too, night all
rich-c: happy new year to teh Slopsema clan, too
Pamela: thank you Bob. Sleep well and Happy New Year to you. Please say hi to Meeka and Doug for us and convey our New Years greetings
rich-c: yep, we shall be here
Pamela: next Wed - yes
BobS: yes sir and ma'am ...........\
Judy: yes, we will
BobS: have to come early to watch t excitement
BobS: night !!!!!!
rich-c: right - we'll be on time
BobS left chat session
Pamela: get your entertainment here
Judy left chat session
rich-c: well, daughter, time to shut down
Pamela: anyway Dad - shall we?
Pamela: okay, I'll try to call tomorrow
rich-c: yep - good night and sleep tight
rich-c: hear from you then
Pamela: I have to pick R up in the morning and then return his tux
Pamela: twill be late morning or early afternoon
Pamela: nighty nite, Daddy
rich-c: OK, I hope to shop for the DVD writer then get the milk
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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