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Daniel Bienvenu: Quelle surprise!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Rich!
rich-c: hi Daniel, comment ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va!
Daniel Bienvenu: Je me demandais si tu avais rešu mon courrier
rich-c: that is not a tactful question, Daniel
rich-c: Frances is still fuming
Daniel Bienvenu: still fuming?
Daniel Bienvenu: I simply asked if you readed my e-mail?
rich-c: the attachment was so big it choked my spam filter so we had to download all teh garbage to get the message
rich-c: then downloading the message took forever - how big was that file, anyway?
Daniel Bienvenu: Only less than 1Meg
rich-c: anyhow, by teh time Frances had sorted out teh mess she was determined she was going to use teh computer no matter how long it took
rich-c: one meg is about five minutes on my connection
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the same time here too
rich-c: but there was all teh preliminary stuff like tossing out 46 sdpams
rich-c: don;t be surprised if you get an earful from some of the others on the Adam list
Daniel Bienvenu: You needed another e-mail address
Daniel Bienvenu: But Rich... I didn't send it to the ADAMCON mailing list
rich-c: I have three other email addresses but I do not check them every day
rich-c: oh, well in that case you will be OK
rich-c: the problem was Frances was in a big hurry to deal with a couple of persoanl emails and really got hot at teh delay
Daniel Bienvenu: In the e-mail I asked if you think Jow Benkle will agree to let us put this JPEG file somewhere to let everyone see it. I suggested the mailing list and the adamcon web site.
rich-c: and, I just downloaded and installed a new program for her she was very eager to try out
rich-c: Frances spent so long on the computer I still haven't read the email
rich-c: hold on a minute so I do so now
rich-c: OK, I've seen it now but haven't checked teh properties yet
rich-c: anyway, I'm sure you could arrange with Dr. D. to have it posted on his website
rich-c: as a formality I'd ask Joe Blenkle's permission to do so but I am sure he will grant it
rich-c: just make it clear you only want to post the single two-page spread, not the whole paper
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I will write to Dr.D and Joe Benkle... with ou without the JPEG file?
rich-c: also of course make sure you credit the source!
rich-c: oh, Joe knows what his paper looks like, I'm sure, so no need to send him a scan of it
rich-c: as for Dr. D., warn him first that there's a one meg (or whatever) file coming
rich-c: just checked, it's 953K
rich-c: don't know if any of the Slopsemas will want posting permission but if so they can ask
Daniel Bienvenu: If I reduce the JPEG filesize, the text will be unreadable
rich-c: yes, compression in jpeg is lossy and I don't know how much it will take
rich-c: have you checked to see how teh file would do as a .tif or .gif?
rich-c: in fact, does your scanner software allow for straight black and white scans?
Daniel Bienvenu: The image file is very big.
Daniel Bienvenu: My scanner was not adapted for this paper size
Daniel Bienvenu: I did four scans to do this image
Daniel Bienvenu: We can see a little "slitch" in the text and images (horizontal middle line)
rich-c: what size does your scanner handle? 8-1/2 x 14?
Daniel Bienvenu: 8x14
Daniel Bienvenu: approx
rich-c: yes, that's pretty much the standardd size
Daniel Bienvenu: <old scanner... lpt1 port
rich-c: yes, my scanner is of the same vintage
rich-c: in fact until I got the Canon S400 which is USB it shared the port with the printer
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried a gif format (16 grey tons)... about 1,25 Meg
rich-c: oh, that's where you were - what software does your scanner use?
Daniel Bienvenu: My scanner use a software like a plug-in. I can use it with many software like PaintShop.
Daniel Bienvenu: I clean up the image... looks more like a white paper than a newspaper
rich-c: ah, they didn't give you a standalone program, then
Daniel Bienvenu: the gif filesize drop to 675 Ko
rich-c: mine came with Micrografix Picture Publisher
rich-c: there is also scanner management software, of course, but that's basically a driver
Daniel Bienvenu: Gif filesize 660K.. and I lost some details
rich-c: guess you'll have to play with it some more, but even a 1/3 reduction is a help
Daniel Bienvenu: did you see it? 1/3 reduction and I lost completly the text... it's unreadable
rich-c: oh, well, if that's the case, that's no help
rich-c: one would think that going to a two bit colour depth would save file size, though
rich-c: anyway, what did you do over Ne3w Year's?
Daniel Bienvenu: nothing... except I wasn't able to be online with you
rich-c: ah - the day was very quiet for us, of course
Daniel Bienvenu: My brother is here... he's sick
rich-c: New Yearss Eve we weere busy with Pamela's wedding
rich-c: your brother is sick? nothing srious, I hope!
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe the influanza... but nothing dangerous... after three days, he's fine again
Daniel Bienvenu: Still doesn't sleep well but he's more energy than the first day
rich-c: the flu is a problem, they guessed wrong on the vaccine this year
rich-c: yes, thorough dose of teh flu, first day you're afraid you're going to die, next day you're afraid you aren't
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rich-c: waas that you coming back after getting dumped?
Daniel Bienvenu: getting dumped?&
rich-c: you were quiet for so long and I know teh server will drop you if you are not active
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried to clean up the picture to see if I can do better than 660Ko
rich-c: oh, you were so long away that I guess the program lost track
rich-c: maybe you'd better set it aside and play with it later
rich-c: I bought myself a new toy today
Daniel Bienvenu: which toy?
rich-c: a new DVD burner
rich-c: Future Shop had a closeout on slower (4x) burners
rich-c: it's an LG with Nero software so should be OK
Daniel Bienvenu: let me guess... about 200$
rich-c: list $189 plus tax, with a $70 mail-in rebate
rich-c: will give me a backup to my CD burner and allow disc to disc CD copying
rich-c: also should allow me to make a backup image of my hard drive
Daniel Bienvenu: and support DVD-R and DVD+R
rich-c: yes, it is + and _ and R and RW
Daniel Bienvenu: My brother bought one yesturday on the futureshop web site
rich-c: really? which one did he get? they had a couple on offer
rich-c: there was an 8x one I think at about $229
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't remember.. I simply see it on screen after he quit MY computer. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I received the answer from Joe about the "two pages"
rich-c: that's OK - as long as he used HIS credit card! ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: "Sure, go ahead...anything for ADAM!!!"
Daniel Bienvenu: It hink this is YES
rich-c: that sounds like Joe; he is a real oldtimer, goes back to the earliet days
rich-c: and yes, it is an emphatic yes, so go ahead
Daniel Bienvenu: Now, I write the e-mail to Dr.D
rich-c: OK - want to sign off then while you get that done, and we'll talk again Wednesday?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah... I'm not a good "TALKER" here
rich-c: well, you do get preoccupied offline at times...
rich-c: see you Wednesday, then
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: :D
rich-c: bye!
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Daniel Bienvenu: bye
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