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rich-c: greetings, Rich
Dr.D.: Hello Richard. Cold enough for you there?
rich-c: the temperature is tolerable, but that wind!
rich-c: nearly froze my nose off walking into teh grocery store from the parking lot
Dr.D.: We are 10 degrees F here, or lower.
rich-c: gather you're geting niot just the wind but some lake effect snow too
Dr.D.: No snow right now, just bitter cold. Might be too cold to snow.
Dr.D.: When the temperature is 31.5 to 32.5, then we will get 2 feet of snow.
rich-c: we have -9C (+14F) and some flurries
rich-c: there is a 60% chance of flurries next couple of days too
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changed username to 'lil miss
rich-c: think Erin has joined us
'lil miss: hi uncle richard
Dr.D.: Got your tuffet, 'lil miss M?
'lil miss: :-)
'lil miss: hi rich
rich-c: hi Erin, have a good holiday?
Dr.D.: Hi Rin, long timee no typee
'lil miss: it was alright
'lil miss: i know it's been a while
rich-c: right - I forget about the dog for a minute - my sympathy
'lil miss: thx
rich-c: that was really too bad, and so suddenly too
'lil miss: i know, it's hard, mom is devestated
Dr.D.: Dog? A pet has passed on recently?
rich-c: I sort of got that impression from her email
'lil miss: but such is life
rich-c: yes, that is the downside of having pets
'lil miss: yeah we had to put our dog down on Sat
Dr.D.: Sorry to hear; how old was he/she?
rich-c: have you settled who you are going to work for yet?
'lil miss: almost 11
'lil miss: i haven't heard from Sandra yet....but i am 99% sure I will be staying where i am
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changed username to George
rich-c: we shall have to see, then
rich-c: hello George, you haven't been aropund much lately
Dr.D.: Hi George.
George: Hi Everyone
'lil miss: it all depends on what she offers, if it's the same position i have now the answer is definitely no even if there is more money
rich-c: getting over your cold snap down in Philly?
'lil miss: hi George
George: i've been very busy
rich-c: Sandra is a coming woman, but working with her could be very demanding
rich-c: health problems, George, or something else for a change?
George: i found
Dr.D.: Rin, I take it you have some choices for your new job?
George: health and housing
rich-c: OK - that sounds like a political action committee site - what's it good for?
'lil miss: yeah in Dec. I got a prelim offer from the cabinet minister I had applied for
Dr.D.: You're guaranteed of *something*, I hope...
George: philadelphia area computer society
rich-c: OK - that should be very helpful to you, George
rich-c: I could use a little computer advice myself at the moment ;-)
'lil miss: i'm 'guaranteed' where i am now....barring all my security clearance passes
George: website is
rich-c: yes, I took a quick peek a minute ago
Dr.D.: Hide those biker gal photos, then :-)
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'lil miss: tee hee
changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings, Robert
BobS: howdy pilgrims
'lil miss: pics are one thing...i've been a pretty good dirl....for the most part
Dr.D.: Der Bobmeister kommt.
'lil miss: hi bobs
George: has anyone tried skyos or reactos yet?
BobS: pam, rie or rin ??????
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changed username to Meeka
Dr.D.: No overdue library books, no unpaid parking tickets, no subscriptions to "Fellow Traveller" :-)
rich-c: how's your end of Lake Michigan, besides cold?
Dr.D.: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: hello
George: hi Bob
'lil miss: 'tis Rin
rich-c: hi Meeka
BobS: had blizzard warnigns last night....lots of lake effect snow...had almosr 8"yesterday and about 5 today
'lil miss: sucky credit but i don't think that's a factor
BobS: HIY Geo
BobS: hi Rin !!!!!
Meeka: ya, icky nasty white stuff
George: hi Meeka
rich-c: yes, one of teh chat BBS guys from Chicago was kvething about the weather this week
BobS: was NOT nice
Dr.D.: I think I would relish a good snowfall, if it were warmer. Call me goofy, but I do like shovelling snow.
rich-c: we'er on the north side of the lake so we just get the wind
Dr.D.: Well, Rin, if you need a character reference, I will testify on your behalf.
George: let me try this again
BobS: not warm either Dr d..........was about 5 this morning
BobS: or ws it yesterday......
rich-c: OK George, what is skykos or reactos?
BobS: I'd vouch for ya Rin
Dr.D.: Usually we won't get significant snow if it's so cold.
BobS: thought Cleveland also got a lot of lake effect
BobS: nope Geo
Dr.D.: As I was telling Richard, the temp to beware of is just at 32. Then we'll get feet.
'lil miss: well thank you Rich
rich-c: what is either one of them, George?
'lil miss: thx bobs
George: operating systems
Dr.D.: For ADAM?
George: PC
rich-c: what are they, new flavours of Unix?
BobS: dat infernal machine again..........
George: i'm not sure
Dr.D.: Infernal machines heating my basement now :-)
George: and there is plan9
rich-c: so what do they offer that Windoze doesn't?
Dr.D.: 486 is still going strong at age 10 years, 4 months. Original HD, even. Original monitor died at age 4, though (cheap CTX); the NEC Multisync I replaced it with is still perfect.
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changed username to Pamela
'lil miss: hi Pammie
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hello all
BobS: Miz Pamela !!!!!!!
Meeka: hello
George: 2 gb hdd died
Pamela: that's Mrs., Bob
BobS: no no....Judy is NOT here
BobS: mrs bob........shees
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changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: Hi Pam.
rich-c: you missed a comma, Roberto
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
BobS: si senor
Meeka: hello
George: hi Guy
Pamela: Hello, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy - everyone seems to be getting here at once
BobS: hi Guy
'lil miss: hi Guy
Pamela: Rin, I thought that Darcie's computer wasn't working
Guy B.: Sorry I was a little late. Was printing something, then I had to reboot the system.
'lil miss: i think it just needed a break
rich-c: George wants to tell us about two new operating systems and can't get a word in edgewise
Pamela: working it too hard, were you?
'lil miss: it was on ALL the time
BobS: OUT and whopping it UP !!!!!!!
Guy B.: You didn't get the notice George? We had it on New Years Day.
rich-c: whre we said we'd be - waiting for Thursday for the chat
Pamela: you missed the post, George - we moved it to New Years Day
Dr.D.: George, are you subscribed to the coladam mailing list?
George: no, i get no more emails from the chat
George: i was
Pamela: gotta be paying attention around the holidays - we're slippery
Guy B.: Add your name to the list and you never miss a message again.
rich-c: you used to be on the list, George - what happened?
Dr.D.: Then give me your E-mail address George and I'll put you on the list. I am co-admin with Dale Wick.
rich-c: and make sure AOL knows it isn't spam and that you will accept the messages
George: i have
rich-c: then you should be getting the information
George: even by phone
Pamela: Dad, my picture viewer has an "error" and I can't open Mom's pictures.
rich-c: oh dear - what viewer are you using?
George: 215-632-7425
Pamela: OE viewer
rich-c: you mean that Quickview thing that comes in Windoze?
Pamela: slide express, I think it's called
George: xp magic
Pamela: or slide viewer
Guy B.: Just in case you guys don't have any snow where you are. I got 6 inches here from last Sunday. First major winter storm of the season.
Pamela: anyway, I'm going to send them to work instead
rich-c: you can keep it, Guy - we have enough here for now
Dr.D.: George, you are now subscribed to
Pamela: happy winter, Guy
Guy B.: How much do you have Rich?
BobS: HA Guy..........have had about 12=16" since Sunday
Dr.D.: You should be getting a confirmation message momentarily.
Guy B.: You got the lake effect that's why.
George: i just got email
Dr.D.: Me? Only a few inches.
Dr.D.: Great, George.
Pamela: "you've got mail!"
rich-c: oh we have just had flurries, couple of inches a few days ago, dustings since
Pamela: but bloody cold
Pamela: Rin did you talk to your mother today?
BobS: w/ AOL.....they blab out all the messages
Guy B.: Tell em about that. Yesterday we hit 9 degrees. Today we made it up to 20.
George: 24f and clear here
rich-c: Pam, open a new window, go to, and download that in the background
rich-c: it should solve all your file opening problems
Pamela: I'll do it later Dad.
Pamela: wrote it down
Guy B.: Abby decided to take me for a longer walk tonight. Brave her little four paws there.
rich-c: 20 and windy, that's good for her
rich-c: did you have to pick her up and carry her home?
George: got any snow?
BobS: she will probably catcha a cole and you will have another vet bill
BobS: cold
Guy B.: Now I'm wearing moose slippers and she thinks it's a toy.
George: we lack
Pamela: Oh, I want a picture of that, Guy!
rich-c: some have a lot, some a little, George - scroll back a bit for details
Guy B.: Ok, I'll take one with the digital.
rich-c: good luck with the shutter delay on an action shot!
rich-c: now come on George, tell us more about Skyos and Reactos
George: it waits till it gets 50 here and rains
rich-c: like, where do you get them from?
Guy B.: I got it. I'll transfer it to the Dell this weekend. Pam what's your email address again?
George: skyos looks like windows
Guy B.: Thanks
Pamela: no problem
Pamela: thank you!
rich-c: yes, keep it out of the log; the transcripts are now public
Guy B.: I also have a few Christmas photos of Abby too.
Pamela: awww, that's so sweet
George: reactos looks like a command prompt with a blue background
rich-c: how dull, George
rich-c: both sound like Unix/Linux variants
Guy B.: Jeanene's in Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks, so I have to feed her cat and get her mail.
George: i guess an NT kernel
rich-c: where do you find these OSs, George?
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changed username to Meeka
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'lil miss: brb
rich-c: did you tell Rin privately or do you plan to name change?
Pamela: Rin got her announcement yesterday Dad, as did Graeme and Sabrina -
Pamela: the reactions were absolutely perfect
'lil miss: back
rich-c: sorry that was meant as private
Dr.D.: I'm having some browser problems here...I'll logout, reboot, and come back.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pamela: no prob - no secrets here anymore
Meeka: ok
Dr.D. left chat session
'lil miss: mom got hers today
Pamela: glad to hear that. What about Marie?
rich-c: anyway, George, where do you get the OSs?
'lil miss: she hadn't rec'd it yesterday
Pamela: did you tell her???
rich-c: both at the same place, George?
George: no
rich-c: where for reactos, then?
BobS: SECRETS........hard to keep
Pamela: hey, we did a darn good job
'lil miss: had too
Pamela: oh? how come?
Pamela: hello?
'lil miss: she forced it out of me......and she's still mad at me for leaving so keeping secrets isn't good
rich-c: everyone gone quiet?
George: sorry my IE got stuck
Pamela: what do you mean she forced it out of you? Tell all
BobS: watchin the details of how Rie got in deep stuff.......with mom
'lil miss: well there was a lot of swearing involved
Pamela: no, that's Rin getting in deep stuff with Rie : )
Pamela: details, Erin
Pamela: I can't believe I didn't get a shrieking call from her
BobS: OK
'lil miss: well i asked her if she got ant interesting mail
'lil miss: and she said no why?
Pamela: and . . .
'lil miss: i said i can't tell you it's a secret
Guy B.: Bob, where's Judy?
'lil miss: then there was a lot of swearing surrounding the tell me anyway part
rich-c: that is not the world's most tactful approach, Rin
BobS: just walked in......probably get on in a second
'lil miss: uncle richard this is precisely why Pam didn't tell me in the first place.....i can't keep a lid on things that make people happy
George: so the URLs are and
rich-c: have you tried either OS, George?
Pamela: brb folks
BobS: K
George: yes some bugs found
rich-c: it's a learned art, Erin - but you need to learn it fast in politics
rich-c: where do you get software for them?
'lil miss: but how many times does the gov't keep the lid on a good thing
'lil miss: lol
'lil miss: i'm in the perfect place
George: make a search
rich-c: harddly, Rin, they are most insistent on doing things to their schedule
rich-c: I just may take a look, George, just to see what they are good for
Pamela: sorry, was kissing my husband goodbye
Guy B.: Off to work he goes.
Pamela: so what did Marie say when you told her Erin?
'lil miss: yeah but there is a major difference btw gov't good and personal good
BobS: ah......husband..........kinda neat eh??????
Pamela: was much shrieking involved?
rich-c: that's repeatable in polite company, that is ;-)
George: i could have made configuration mistakes
Pamela: I love saying that Bob
rich-c: your computer could have made configuration mistakes too, George
Meeka: lol, it is fun isnt it
rich-c: I installed my new DVD burner yesterday
Pamela: OMG Meeka, I've been waiting 15 years to say that!
George: good
rich-c: now I have a DVD burner that is both drive G and drive I
George: how is it working?
rich-c: when I use device manager to remove drive G, it refuses to go
Guy B.: Rich, do you a CD Rom drive?
rich-c: yes, that was drive G until yesterday - now it is H
Guy B.: What other drives are on your system?
BobS: SAY WHAT ?????????
rich-c: Windoze is reading the DVD as a removable drive on G, a DVD on I
BobS: HA, leave it to the Gates boys
rich-c: floppies A and B, HD partitions CDE, LS-120F, CD burner G
Guy B.: When I installed my Zip 250 drive. That became E, now my CD-Rom is F which was E before.
Guy B.: How partations on the hard drive?
BobS: AH HA, dat's da prollem !!!!!! Darn windows
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Guy B.: My spelling is off tonight.
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Pamela: hi Judy
Judy: Hello, all
rich-c: yes, but device manager shows the DVD drive in two places but as G interprets it as a removable drive - figure that
'lil miss: hi Judy
Judy: well, Pam how is married life treating you?
BobS: wellllllRIP IT OUT richard
Guy B.: Well the DVD burner is a removable drive. But, it shouldn't give you two letters.
Pamela: very well thank you - the announcements started arriving yesterday and the response we're getting is very gratifying
Pamela: you should have heard the voicemail from Erin
Judy: isn't that nice/
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changed username to Dr.D.<undefined>
rich-c: Windoze treats a DVD burner as a CD ROM drive rather than removable - why, who knows?
Dr.D.<undefined>: Meesa back.
Guy B.: Welcome back Dr. D
rich-c: welcome back, Dr. D.
Pamela: it went something like: "I just talked to my mother. It seems there's something you forgot to tell me!"
Dr.D.<undefined> changed username to Dr.D.<undefined>
Dr.D.<undefined>: Stupid thing...
Guy B.: Rich, did you try entering a letter for the DVD burner?
rich-c: we're just discussing why Windows thinks my new DVD burner is two different drives
Dr.D.<undefined> changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: There it changed it.
Pamela: much better, Rich
rich-c: no, the BIOS assigned it as G and I and moved the CD burner to H all on its own
rich-c: I looked in teh BIOS and it seems to have things straight there
rich-c: also on the POST screen (I don't allow the Windoze splash screen)
Guy B.: Then it's Windows, not the BIOS.
BobS: hmmmmmm
Dr.D.: I forgot that NS 4.x Mac has this typing window horizontal scroll bug...I'll be back in a different browser momentarily.
rich-c: one would think, though I plan to prowl again
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: but Windows has a way to remove the eroor and I followed the instructions
rich-c: it just didn't get rid of the error
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Guy B.: Did you check the system icon to see if Windows has properly recognize the drive?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes! it's me!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy!
'lil miss: hi Daniel
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel; tu es en retard un peu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
BobS: Hi Daniel
changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
Dr.D.: Blech.
Pamela: hello, Daniel
Dr.D.: Not to Daniel!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Blech.?
Guy B.: Now the only person missing is the Mighty Mitchell.
Dr.D.: Blech to my browser problems tonight.
George: Hi Daniel
rich-c: anyway, Guy, to remove the error I was in control panel>system.device manager
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pamela
Guy B.: Ok, the drive showed up Ok?
rich-c: I found the burner listed twice, once uder CD ROMs and once under discs
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dr.D!
George: code blue
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi George!
rich-c: I did the "romove" for the one in discs and it wsent away
Guy B.: Rich, did the drive come with any drivers?
Dr.D.: Did you like what I did with your article JPEGs, Daniel?
rich-c: yes, although it uses the standard issue Windows CD driver
rich-c: it did have lots of seriously neat proprietary software, though
Guy B.: Then I think that maybe the problem.
rich-c: and it said uninstall what you have which I did with Norton
rich-c: then install the new before installing the drive, which I did
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: put in the web in two pages? yes, I like it
rich-c: did you also do a pdf conversion, Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember that I need to change my e-mail address in the adamcon mailing list
Dr.D.: No, another Guy did that.
Dr.D.: Give it to me, Daniel, and I'll change it.
George: I need to go I have trouble
rich-c: take it easy, George, see you Saturday
George: nite all
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: ok, is no longer valid
Dr.D.: Bye George.
Guy B.: Hope you can make it back George.
Dr.D.: Okay Daniel.
Dr.D.: Go to coleco chat?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: is ok!
'lil miss: bye George
George: poof
George left chat session
Pamela: nite George
Daniel Bienvenu: bye George
BobS: bon voyage !!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope everyone take a note of the e-mail to use to write me an e-mail.
rich-c: yes, Danielk - I have a neat new software called Clip Cache
Daniel Bienvenu: Clip Cache?
rich-c: all I have to do is highlight the URL and hit Control-C
rich-c: it picks up everything that I copy
rich-c: then I can go back and recopy or paste it at leisure
Daniel Bienvenu: Clipboard cache... it's the new clipboard programmed in Windows XP?
'lil miss: it's snowing
Daniel Bienvenu: they did a free version of the other windows?
rich-c: no, this is a freeware that runs under Win98SE - I don't know what else it works with
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I type too fast...
Dr.D.: Okay Daniel, I unsubscribed your old address, and subscribed your new. You should get a confirmation E-mail soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: my yahoo messenger will popup a message soon then
Judy: hi, Dr D
Dr.D.: Howdy, Judy.
rich-c: Daniel, go to: and see if there is a version for your OS
Meeka: hello Mom
Judy: hi, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: my OS is Win98... updated with a Win98SE over it
Dr.D.: FYI all, just looked outside here and we still have no active snowing. But it's FRIGID!
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: OK that's mine too Daniel so it will work
'lil miss: hi Ron
Judy: had to get something hot , I have been cold for abbout three hours
Ron: Hi
rich-c: hey, Mitchell, ruddy well about time you showed up
rich-c: what's the matter, too much snow shovelling?
Pamela: Hey, Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: the URL doesn't work
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron, Hi Judy!
Pamela changed username to Mrs. Vilneff
Ron: naw..... I'm chief cook and bottlewasher again
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Meeka!
Ron: Mom has flu
Ron: I'm next
BobS: ...................le MIGHTY Mitchekk......ask Pam about ?????????
Meeka: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: *who is 'lil miss?*
BobS: oh YUCK she is too old for those games Ron
Mrs. Vilneff: Lil Miss is Erin
Dr.D.: Hi Ron, Happy New Year!
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes I forgot
Daniel Bienvenu: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Ron: Happy 2004 back..... yes, and to all
Dr.D.: Missed you at Xmas and New Years.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: PAM ya spoiledda surprise
Daniel Bienvenu: I wasn't online with you for the special adamcon chat session
changed username to rich-c
Ron: yeah.... just plumb forgot
Ron: brb
Mrs. Vilneff: hey, he still has to guess, Bob
Dr.D.: Are the ferries running yet?
rich-c: sorry folks, dumped myself
BobS: way to fo Rich
rich-c: but Daniel, you're right - that url came up as a 404
Judy: well, welcome back, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: Still waiting for the confirmation e-mail...
BobS: YES ferries ????????
Dr.D.: "I *DO* believe in ferries!"
BobS: it is either that or swim or fly !!!!!
Ron: re ferries, yes they are -
Daniel Bienvenu: My aah017 mailbox received the "BYE!" message.
rich-c: Daniel, you may find a listing or link at or
Ron: parties submitted to binding arbitration
Dr.D.: Good, Daniel.
rich-c: with your weather of late you could just walk across anyway
Ron: We have a foot of semi-melted snow outside
Ron: not supposed to happen here
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: darn right, we were thinking of moving out there........but now ????? FORGET IT
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I froze.
Ron: you don't want to be here now I tell ya
BobS: can stay here and have snow
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: Hi Guy
Judy: what were yoou doing, Guy?
BobS: no facilities to handle it?????
Ron: they put it all in the middle of the street
Guy B.: Was on Yahoo Messenger, then the system froze up.
Ron: Our philosophy is: The Lord put it there, the Lord will take it away
Judy: bummer
rich-c: Daniel, if you can't find Clip Cache offered where I said, email me and I try and look up where I found the citation
Ron: which He's now in the process of doing
BobS: will happen Ron, but WHEN is the question
rich-c: if worst comes to worst I'll send it to you as an email attachment (AH - REVENGE!!!)
Guy B.: Guess you have more than enough snow by you Ron?
Ron: exactly. Sometimes He likes to see us writhe around a little
Ron: yes Guy. More than enough
Judy: I will gladly give you our snow also
BobS: and says....."take THAT"
Guy B.: Just got hit with the first big one here last Sunday. They said about 9 inches. We got around 5 1/2.
Judy: we had way too much in the last 2 days
Ron: to make matters worse. The snow shovel is in the garden shed, and the doors are frozen shut
Ron: that's my story and I'm stickin' to it
rich-c: use a hair dryer, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich : I see clipomatic...
Guy B.: Now it's been downright COLD!
Ron: sure
Mrs. Vilneff: and why is it in the garden shed Ron?
Meeka: ok, I think it is time to head to bed, been a long day :)
Ron: well, it seemed like the right place to to keep it back in August
Judy: a broom doesn't work well with that much
BobS: because it NEVER snows ont he island
Meeka: talk to you nexst week
Dr.D.: George got his confirmation E-mail right away, Daniel...
Mrs. Vilneff: aw, Meeka
BobS: be good Meeka
rich-c: may be similar, Daniel, just don't remember whre I found the info
Ron: no Judy, especially when it has the consistency of wet cement
Judy: night Meeka talk to you soon
Mrs. Vilneff: Good night Meeks
Meeka: nighty night
rich-c: night Meeka
Ron: night Meeka. Be good
Dr.D.: Bye Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
BobS: but, but ronald.....ya didn't ask about the news !!!!!
Ron: I am now asking about the news.
BobS: Pamela ???????
Mrs. Vilneff: oui Monsieur?
Dr.D.: I see no Pamela here.
Ron: tell me the news
BobS: oh boy..........
Dr.D.: Doctor Doctor is here...
Ron: all news, all the time
BobS: do I have to spell it out ?????????
BobS: Mrs.........
Ron: um....... is somebody pregnant?
Mrs. Vilneff: well yes, but not me
BobS: I am
Dr.D.: Only with clues.
Judy: that was good, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: pregnant?... not me! I can't be pregnant anyway!
Mrs. Vilneff: dum dum da dum
Ron: um..... somebody got a PhD
Mrs. Vilneff: wrong march, Ron
BobS: RON !!!!!!!! look at he names on here tonight
Ron: I only look like I'm pregnant
BobS: and we know you are not
Ron: married?
Judy: isn't it awful to be the only one not in the know?
Mrs. Vilneff: give that man a cigar
Dr.D.: <spits milk on keyboard, through nose>
BobS: getting REAL warm
Ron: um...... divorced?
rich-c: go back, you missed
BobS: tell him Pam
Dr.D.: Sex change?
Ron: pulleeze
Mrs. Vilneff: but it's so much fun to torture him
rich-c: he just has a bad memory for names
Ron: Mrs. Vilneff..... hmmm
Guy B.: Gee, we are all having fun doing this.
Mrs. Vilneff: ROTFL, Rich
Ron: that's it...... go ahead....don't tell me
Daniel Bienvenu: May I ask you to identy yourself?
Daniel Bienvenu: identify
rich-c: do you know a Mr. Vilneff, Ron?
Dr.D.: See, sex change.
Dr.D.: I knew it~
Mrs. Vilneff: RICH!
Guy B.: And we all have met him.
Ron: yes..... met him at 14 and 13
Ron: did I not?
Dr.D.: <hides>
rich-c: you did
BobS: si senor Ronald
Mrs. Vilneff: and what was my surname before, Ron?
BobS: PAM wasn't it ????????
Ron: um...... well, ummm.... Clee?
Guy B.: Don't give it away, Bob.
Ron: OH .... !!!!
Mrs. Vilneff: good you're getting warmer
Ron: HOW Dense
BobS: well heck Guy, he AIN;T gonnna get it \
rich-c: what you get for missing the last chat, Ron
Ron: so...congratulations are in order?
Mrs. Vilneff: yes they are, thank you
Ron: geez
Guy B.: That's why he needs to figure it out.
BobS: or sympathy depending on your outlook
'lil miss left chat session
Ron: then my sincerest congratulations !!
Mrs. Vilneff: thank you sir!
BobS: man !!!! you got to quit inslnad thinking and come back to big city thinking
Ron: :)
Mrs. Vilneff: we did the deed on New Year's Eve
BobS: island
Ron: cool
Mrs. Vilneff: surprised a lot of people
Mrs. Vilneff: most of our extended family, including Erin, didn't know
Guy B.: That's why we had the chat on New Year's Day. That was the BIG secret.
Ron: I know Bob...... we're rural eh?
Mrs. Vilneff: announcements started arriving yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't understand what is going on... and why Guy B. are twins.
Ron: left Guy and right Guy
rich-c: Guy fell off and re-entered - it happens
Guy B.: I crashed. So, there's another one of me and it's gone.
Dr.D.: In stereo!
Ron: don't let the touch
BobS: and it USED to be a NICE island, but now it is just 'white'
rich-c: we can get rid of one of them though
Ron: Guy and anti-Guy
Guy B.: Don't need to. It fell off on it's own.
Mrs. Vilneff: Daniel, Russell and I got married on New Year's Eve after fifteen years of living together
Dr.D.: Then we must leave them both intact, Ron, or the balance of the Universe will be upset.
BobS: Daniel.......did you get the news ??????? Pam got married NEW YEAR'S EVEC
Ron: yes, true
rich-c: Daniel, I have a copy of Clip Cache as a zip file - it's 800K
Ron: musta been one hell of a party Mrs. Vilneff
Mrs. Vilneff: 'twas, Ron
Ron: I bet
rich-c: will allow you to receive an attachment of that size?
Ron: S'ok Bob.. I won't be white for long
Ron: We get this arctic air once in a while, and it screws things up
Daniel Bienvenu: rich: I verified and the limit is 3Meg to send
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich: maybe it's 3Meg to receive
Dr.D.: If Ontario had an alert system, they'd be at orange after their party :-)
Ron: My ADAM hard drive died
Dr.D.: Mini Wini?
Ron: Bob soldered it, AND NOW IT'S DEAD
Mrs. Vilneff: I think they call it an arctic outflow, Ron
Guy B.: It did! How long did it last you?
Mrs. Vilneff: hey, we weren't that raucous!
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Ron: yes.... arctic air meeting Pacific air
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: Still doesn't have to e-mail of "subscription"
Ron: result is white
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: say what ???????? only replaced the wire with alligator clips
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: rich?
Ron: I know, was just teasing
Dr.D.: I cut and pasted your E-mail address right into the subscription software.
Guy B.: Now we have twin Clees.
Ron: think this particular hard drive has been on its way out for years
Ron: I have others
Mrs. Vilneff: oh lord - two dads???
rich-c: someone pulled teh plug on me, had to re-enter
Ron: but now I have to remember how to set one up
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich: About the limit ... I think it's 3Meg because I can send a 3Meg file
BobS: can be done easily, when you get stuck holler........
Ron: something wrong with the transporter
Ron: someone installed RAM Doubler
rich-c: OK I will send you the program then as an email attachment later tonight
BobS: shees Pam I thought I duped him for good
BobS: dumped
Dr.D.: It's scrolled off my chat window; Daniel, tell me your new address again, so I can confirm it?
Mrs. Vilneff: nice try, Bob
rich-c requested to ban rich-c
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Mrs. Vilneff confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Ron: I have killed one Mr. Clee
Guy B.: Ok, we have one Clee again.
Daniel Bienvenu: My "more permanent" e-mail is :
BobS: see?????? I just tried to dump him again
Daniel Bienvenu:
Mrs. Vilneff: did we dump the right one though
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich?
BobS: hey Pam, I "try" you know
Daniel Bienvenu: still there?
Dr.D.: It's there, Daniel. You are subscribed. And the radio button to send confirmations is set on by default for all new subscriptions.
BobS: probablynot
Mrs. Vilneff: and I appreciate it :
rich-c: how do you know which one was picked?
Mrs. Vilneff: we kept the good Daddy
Ron: slit them both in half and then rebuilt one
BobS: the "sugar daddy" ???????
rich-c: anyway yes Daniel, still here
Mrs. Vilneff: I'm not touching that
BobS: oh yea.....that is what richard thought they did in surgery
Mrs. Vilneff: rats, I'm outta potables - be right back
Ron: potables?
Judy: how is the hip doing, Richard?
Dr.D.: I just sent you a test E-mail, Daniel, to
rich-c: just fine, Judy, still using the cane but can walk decent distances very comfortably
BobS: snacks??????
BobS: and no pain???????
Judy: that is great, Richard
rich-c: will have some restrictions up through six months but most are easing
Mrs. Vilneff: ran out of juice, Ron
Ron: (Ron sends Juice)
Mrs. Vilneff: thank you
rich-c: haven't touched a pain killer since I left hospital - not even one Tylenol
Ron: bought 3 cans of chicken noodle soup for Mother.....want some of that?
Ron: it's about all poor Mother can keep down at this point
rich-c: and yes, I'm driving teh van easily, and handling the groceries and stuff
BobS: if you are that pain free Richard......then yo are doing great !
rich-c: now you understand why I was so eager to go in and get it done
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: watch her close Ron......don't want Mum to get too sick with this stuff
Ron: good progress Rich
Ron: have I been bumped
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: no....
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: the "antispam" filter is activated.... I found the bug
Ron: yes Bob.... this one has hit hard too
Guy B.: Your not the only one.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: your mother is still having a hard time, Ron?
Dr.D.: Ah.
Ron: yes
Guy B.: Looks like everyone's back.
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to filter to receive
Pamela: that was almost too easy
Ron: Think the trip to Edmonton may have been a little too much
Daniel Bienvenu: the adamcon e-mail
Dr.D.: Allow anything from to pass through.
Dr.D.: You won't get spam, the list traps mail from all non-members.
Pamela: if it's the same thing that's going around Ron then she's fortunate that she can keep anything down
Dr.D.: The only way spam would get through is if a subscriber posted it.
Ron: true
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: it's not my filter... it's the Yahoo antispam filter ... it's a kind of "collective" antispam filter
Pamela: I didn't want to look at anything resembling food for 72 hours after I first got it
rich-c: make sure it will pass an attachment from me, Daniel
Ron: that's it
Pamela: it took me about two weeks to be able to stomach anything with fat in it
Ron: you feel like you're going to die, and wish you could
Pamela: you'd have to die to feel better
Judy: did you have the flu, Pam?
Pamela: except ice cream - I wanted things that were really cold
Pamela: back at the end of November Judy
Ron: I always something's wrong when I don't feel like going near the fridge
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich: GO!
Judy: I had the shot and so far I haven't gotten any of it, knock on wood!!!
Dr.D.: Good, Daniel.
Pamela: the other thing you might want to try Ron are Presidents Choice Frozen Fruit Juice Bars
rich-c: OK, will likely do it when I logoff here - the computer doesnt seem happy with multitasking tonight
Ron: sounds like a plan
Pamela: no fat, made from 100% juice and very flavourful
Guy B.: Mine neither Rich.
Ron: will check that out Pamela
Pamela: I got my flu shot on Friday and got sick on the Monday night. I don't think it had time to take effect
rich-c: my first dump was my fault, but the second was the spam filter
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: send me antoher test!
rich-c: well, the flu shots don't cover all the varieties of flu going around
Ron: obviously not. We both had one in Nov
Pamela: Ron you can get boxes of six of those in the regular freezer section in orange or raspberry, or in the club pack freezer section in boxes of twelve in raspberry, orange and mango
Ron: good Pamela, will check them out
Daniel Bienvenu: talking about flu... that's funny because last year it was the "Northwalk" virus (or something like that)... FLU
Daniel Bienvenu: at the same period
Daniel Bienvenu: in january
Pamela: since I'm such an ice cream nut, I bought them in the summer as a substitute with less fat and we both loved them
rich-c: yes, the strains or varieties of flu change every year
rich-c: this year the doctors guessed wrong on which would be mopst prevelant
Judy: was Ryan's birthday today, he is 3
Pamela: we want Mama to get better Ron
Ron: me too
Guy B.: And he's doing fine Judy?
Pamela: and you not to get it
Ron: she's 88, and she deserves better than this
Judy: yes, finely , he has been sick
rich-c: absolutely, Ron
Pamela: you are so right
Guy B.: Seems kids are coming down with colds and the flu this winter.
Judy: had a virus
Pamela: it's been a very bad winter for colds and flu for the kids, according to my friends with children
Judy: and he is in daycare and has a problem every winter
BobS: and this week is back to school........wait a few weeks and it will probably go wild in the schools
Judy: wanted him to have a flu shot but got sick and couldn't have it
Ron: Our hospital emergency dept is stacked up with 'em
Guy B.: Well folks, got to go. Good chance I'll be able to make it this Saturday if I get what I need to done by the afternoon. So I'll see you then.
Pamela: I'll bet
Pamela: g'nite Guy
rich-c: yes, that's why experienced teachers tend to be healthy - they've got antibodies for everything
Ron: be well Guy. Don't get flu eh?
Guy B.: Trying not to.
rich-c: see you Guy - take care
Judy: bye Guy talk at you next week
BobS: bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: hey, where did Erin go?
Judy: that is what Ryan needs
Dr.D.: Pam said her computer was acting up.
rich-c: don't know - have a feeling she's been gone for some time
BobS: she sneaked out to spread the gossip
Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
Pamela: she must have gotten dumped at some point
Pamela: oh well, I'll talk to her tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to James de Carlo
James de Carlo: HELLO!
rich-c: hey look, James is here
James de Carlo: BONJOUR!
Dr.D.: James, hello!
Pamela: Hi James
Ron: Hey James..... don't send no more snow eh?
Judy: hi, James
Pamela: and how has your day been so far?
BobS: HI James
rich-c: and it looks like he knocked Daniel off (BOO!)
Ron: only room on the elevator for so many?
rich-c: doubt it, this appplet has been quite accomodating
rich-c: we've had double this many on some nights
BobS: hav had 8 and 9 peoplel on
Ron: right
James de Carlo: hi everyone. sorry i can't chat today. i'm at my other job
rich-c: yes, you are on very late
Pamela: what other job?
Ron: good you dropped in James
Dr.D.: I'm gonna have to go soon so I can get up for my only job tomorrow morning (yawn).
Ron: we know you're there
James de Carlo: my computer job
Ron: what's all this about jobs?
rich-c: goodnight then, Rich - see you next week or Saturday, as things go
Pamela: yes and I want to get to bed early so I can be up early so i can be at work early so i can leave early to go to the DMV
Ron: I do not know from jobs
Dr.D.: Useful work in return for food and shelter.
Ron: oh
BobS: say HI to the family Dr D
Dr.D.: I know nothing else...
Pamela: is that ringing a faint bell Ron?
Dr.D.: I will, Bob.
rich-c: OK Pam, take it easy and sleep tight
Dr.D.: Elder 2 are still up...
Ron: faint.....yes....very faint
Dr.D.: I need to chase 'em to bed.
Ron: can scarcely hear it
Ron: be well Dr.D.
BobS: well then , MRS better hit the hay
Dr.D.: The bells bells bells bells bells bells bells! The tintinabulation of the bells!
rich-c: ignore it and it will go away, Ron
Ron: I intend to Rich
Ron: more like cacaphony
Dr.D.: I love Poe... great bedtime stories for kids.
Dr.D.: "And he disobeyed his parents...nevermore!"
James de Carlo: g'night!
James de Carlo: *poof*
James de Carlo changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: nite James
rich-c: that was quick
Judy: night Pam
Ron: Oh give me a break...... what do these commercial writers take me for
Ron: A Well-Fargo stagecoach driver answering his cell phone from the middle of the wild west
rich-c: hey, Daniel is back
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again!
rich-c: how did that happen?
Ron: re hi Daniel
Dr.D.: All right folks, good night from Starbase Cleveland.
Dr.D.: Hailing frequencies closed, sir.
rich-c: nite Rich
Pamela: nite Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: nite Rich!
Pamela: until next week
Ron: nite Rich
BobS: ta ta Dr
Dr.D.: Warp factor 2...engage!
Dr.D.: <zzzzzzzoooooooooop!>
Ron: Make it so Number One
Dr.D. left chat session
BobS: BEAM the doc p Scotty
Pamela: okay, I am following him
Daniel Bienvenu: Note: James de Carlo here ... it was me! :) he said to me in Yahoo Messenger to say "bonjour" to you! :)
rich-c: OK daughter, sleep tight
Ron: there's no sign of intelligent life down here
Pamela: no comment, Ron
Pamela: thank you Daniel
Ron: anyone who would lock up a snowshovel in a frozen shed
Ron: not too bright
Pamela: I repeat, no comment
Ron: thank you Mrs. Vilneff
Pamela: and on that note, I'm outta here
rich-c: thought it was strange that you vanished when James came in
Pamela: good night, all
Daniel Bienvenu: rich-c: hehe!
Ron: sleep well Pam
Pamela: I will, never fear
Pamela: nite Daddy
rich-c: and re-appeared as he left, with no "undefined" entering
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, if I am going to send you that program tonight, I'll have to leave soon
BobS: yes, tis getting towards the bewitching hour
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich: ok!
rich-c: besides, as I recall we're treading close on the Slopsema's bedtime
BobS: si senor richard
Ron: Bob, was checking the net before Xmas on flights to El Paso from here
Judy: night all talk to you next week
rich-c: so I shall bid you all bonsoir, and see you Sat or next week
BobS: AND ?????
Ron: looks like a grand
BobS: ok Richard
BobS: you gotta find a better way Ron
Ron: by the time they get the security taxes added and the navCanada taxes
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
BobS: maybe have to fly or drive into Seattle and then on to el Paso
Ron: might check that out
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I suppose I will receive an e-mail from Rich in a couple of minutes now.
Judy left chat session
Ron: Leave the car at Lynch's place
BobS: ya mon
BobS: check the sea to Elpaso pricing
BobS: from Seattle
Ron: ya
BobS: we have alwasy found flights from here to seattle for $200-300 US
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
BobS: and that is a lot cheaper than a CA grand
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not because I don't know what to say
Ron: are we still looking at 2nd weekend in Sept?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's simply because it's time to leave
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
BobS: yes much it Richard's ahagrin
BobS: shagrin
BobS: nit Edaniel
Ron: chagrin
Ron: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: *POOF*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: Rich thinks that is too early because it will be hot on the way down.....and Frances doesn't like the noise of the a/c in the reailer
BobS: but they are gonna have to live with it....can't put it off till winter season
BobS: trainler
BobS: trailer
Ron: I agree Bob. I don't like hot either, but hell we's goin to Texas eh?
Ron: I'll just bring all 28 T-shirts
Ron: or is it 30
BobS: right !!!! and there is a/c there and all the way down...Frances will jsut have to live with the a/c noise IF they turn it on
Ron: :)
BobS: only 15 sir
BobS: you are getting ahead of your own self
Ron: well...ya, but I usually buy 2
BobS: ok
Ron: :)
BobS: ya have to decide on a logo and get with the t shirt guy
Ron: you want me to do that?
Ron: I don't mind
BobS: Jean is looking at about a half dozen hotels soon if not some alredy
BobS: now van di it here
BobS: no, can do it here
BobS: farn dinger
Ron: ok.... prolly cheaper
BobS: well, sir....take good care of mum and we will look for a healthy you next Sed, eh?????
BobS: Wed
Ron: tks Bob. Will do.
Ron: hopefully Sat
Ron: niters
BobS: will tyr to remember. usuallly forget until it is past
BobS: nite
Ron: I know... me too
BobS left chat session
Ron: nite
Ron left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to alien > chat > Wed 2004-01-07
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