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rich-c: good morning, good buddy
james: good morning
james: how are you?
rich-c: how ar3e things where the sun is shining?
james: cold
james: well relatively warm by your standards, but it's -7 outside and it was 0 inside this morning
rich-c: funny you should say - we have -10 and blowing snow (2 - 5 cm they say)
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rich-c: we did get up to a high of -6 today which by the past and coming week standards is swimming weather
james: that's what my mother has said
changed username to Hot Shot
james: i can deal with the outside temps here.. it's the temperature indoors that's giving me grief
rich-c: oh, well us folks in the banana belt get it much easier than Ottaw2a - they're COLD
james: yeah, -28 i'm told
rich-c: I see we have a visitor - hi, Hot Shot
Hot Shot: hi Uncle Richard
Hot Shot: hi James
rich-c: so how's it going, Rin?
Hot Shot: very well
rich-c: good - your gang ever going to get the government going?
Hot Shot: all a part of the grand plan
james: hello
james: who is hot shot? your niece, rich?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: mateys !!!!!!!
rich-c: yes - daughter of Frances' sister, has two brothers
Hot Shot: hi Bobs
rich-c: allo Roberto!
BobS: guten tag
BobS: winter is HERE !!!!!
rich-c: see we have a delay on the server - Dale must be busy
BobS: storm warnigns bordering on blizzard conditions
rich-c: yes, we're -10 and blowing snow, likely same as you
BobS: si senor
BobS: yup
rich-c: right, with a northwest wind you folks will have lake effect in spades
BobS: alberta's clipper they call it...........
(BobS winks)
rich-c: yes, it's a type of weather that originates in Alberta during the winter
Hot Shot changed username to E. Mac
rich-c: Rin, don't be surprised if some folks think you're an Apple user
BobS: well,,,,,they acan keep it !!!!!
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changed username to james
E. Mac: oh i know......but i'd prefer the Kraft product
rich-c: the nice part is that when it's blowing you actually get to breathe clean air
james: my connection here tends to go down a lot. i'm at my other job
E. Mac changed username to easy mac
easy mac: there
james: is that you, ron?
BobS: yust Erin james
rich-c: nope, that's Erin Maclean confusing you, Bob
easy mac: sorry
james: lol
easy mac: i'm a bit fickle (sp?)
BobS: don't be sorry hon.....just serve us some capacinos
rich-c: which connection is that, james?
easy mac: those days r over Bob
easy mac: :-)
(rich-c gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
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changed username to Chick Pea
Chick Pea: hello every1
easy mac: hey Chickpea
rich-c: sounds like Marie is on hand
james: these pseudonyms are getting hard to keep track of
Chick Pea: that's me
Chick Pea: erin big story for ya
BobS: tis those canadians. James
easy mac: yeah, what?
rich-c: you geting your share of the snow down in Windsor?
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(BobS winks)
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
james: at least i know who bobs is
james: :D
Judy: hi, Rich
Chick Pea: sheila had a guy pull a gun on her on west grand today when she was leaving work
Judy: and everyone else
easy mac: oh my God!!!!!
Chick Pea: i know
easy mac: is she alright?
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changed username to Cynthia
Chick Pea: yeha just really shaken up
rich-c: hey, Cynthia - your first time on
rich-c: and your daughter and Marie are here already
easy mac: my god.....did he like rob the place or just pull the gun
Cynthia: hello
Chick Pea: doodle bug i got a new phone
easy mac: hi mom
Chick Pea: just pulled the gun
Chick Pea: hi mum
Judy: hi, Cynthia
Chick Pea: he pulled the ppl out of the car behind her
easy mac: holy smokes
Chick Pea: agathat caled me all in a panic
Judy left chat session
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rich-c: full detail, Marie, please, from teh start
easy mac: geez
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Holy smokes, the entire family is here
Pamela: Hi, Aunt Cynthia!
Chick Pea: this girl at work was leaving and she was waiting at the light by my shop and a guy ran up beside her and pulled a gun
Chick Pea: congrats pam
Cynthia: hey Erin how was your day
rich-c: yeah, we've even got more than teh Slopsemas for the first time!
easy mac: hi Pammie
Pamela: thanks, Rie
Pamela: Hi, Rin
Pamela: Hello to everyone else, too
easy mac: crazy busy...I tried calling but no one answer and the phone has gone to the answering machine since i got home
Pamela: Hey Dad, how's the van?
rich-c: btw Cynthia and Rin - did you know Dale leaves this chat open 24/7?
Cynthia: WE have the internet back
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BobS: good mornign Mrs Pam
Pamela: cool!
changed username to Judy
easy mac: ahhh i see
Pamela: Hi Bob, Hi Judy
Chick Pea: mum u got a computer???
Judy: hi, Pamela
rich-c: fine Pam, got the new battery installed today
Pamela: good news : )
Judy: how are the newly weds?
rich-c: and for some reason it's running better than it ever has
Pamela: was just talking to Kimberly - she's starting to realize that she moves in 9 days
Pamela: we are well, thanks Judy - busy, but well
Pamela: LOL, Dad
BobS: in this weather ??????? how yucky !!!!
rich-c: hoo boy - that's when teh panic starts to set in
Chick Pea: erin mum????????
easy mac: huh whay?
easy mac: what?
Pamela: earth to Erin
Chick Pea: did mum get a pooter?
Pamela: Rie, I'm sorry I deleted your e-card. Is there anyway you can resend it?
easy mac: i don't think so......just the internet back
BobS: and a computer too !!!!!
Chick Pea: i tried
Pamela: ; (
Chick Pea: how deos she use the internet without a pooter?
Pamela: James, you're very quiet
rich-c: goes and visits the kids
Chick Pea: eirn how come ur not on msn?
easy mac: my easymac acc't
Chick Pea: pam how's kimberley??
james: sorry, i'm just doing too much at once, as usual
Pamela: she's very good Marie - did Rin tell you she's pregnant?
Chick Pea: nooooooo
Chick Pea: mum did though
Chick Pea: eirn doesn't tell me anythign now
Pamela: into her 10th week now
Pamela: James, are you at the school or at home?
Chick Pea: that's cool
Chick Pea: tell her congrates
Pamela: I'm so excited - I'm going to have another niece or nephew
james: i'm at my other job
rich-c: which is?
Pamela: I will tell her tomorrow
Pamela: other job James??
Chick Pea: lol
james: about 15 minutes from where i live, doing computer work a couple days a week
easy mac: Pam can I take the Bay S bus to Queen's Quay (from College)
rich-c: ah so - what sort of 'puter work, james?
Pamela: dunno, Rin - did you check the route map?
BobS: cool James; makes some cold hard cash for ya to spend, eh???
Pamela: he's gonna need it, Bob with another baby on the way
james: a mix of stuff - web stuff, network, general repairs
Pamela: speaking of which, how's Miyuki doing JAmes?
easy mac: i did it looks right but I'm not 100%
james: cold hard cash.. yeah.. i'm very motivated to get my debts paid off this year
Pamela: I'll check it tomorrow - just remind me
rich-c: it's always a good policy, james
rich-c: you can always take teh subway to Unioin Station, Rin, and the QQ streetcar from there
james: miyuki is doing well
james: she's at the hospital with case. we finally get him all better last week and he comes down with a fever again yesterday
Pamela: when is she due James? I keep forgetting
james: may 16th or thereabouts
easy mac: yeah but I have no idea where to go to transfer and neither does the girl i'm going with....we figure the bus will be easiest, we'll just get off at QQ and walk over to York
rich-c: where are you actually headed to, Rin?
Chick Pea: eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn
easy mac: if John Labbat House
Pamela: Erin, in Union station there are signs directing you to the QQ LRT
easy mac: yes Chickpea?
rich-c: er, - whre is that, Rin?
Pamela: want some cheese to go with that whine Marie?
Chick Pea: i'm boared
rich-c: (being a Guiness guy,,, ;-) )
Chick Pea: yes
Chick Pea: chedder
easy mac: 207 QQ
Pamela: east or west, Rin?
james: @rich, the school and the car will both be paid for in two years
easy mac: W
james: and i hope to have daddy-in-law mostly paid back this year
rich-c: you're better taking teh QQ streetcar, then - it will be very cold, windy and snowy down there
Pamela: that's awesome, James
james: working on it
rich-c: that's pretty good, james; you made a big investment
james: yeah, it'll definitely be nice to have it paid
Chick Pea: erin i won money at bingo today
Pamela: how much, Rie?
easy mac: will i end up going to Front to get it?
Chick Pea: 100.00
easy mac: awesime
Pamela: you can get it from Union station Rin
rich-c: no, the QQ streetcar loops right into Unioin Station proper - from teh subway, follow the signs
Pamela: okay Rie, where are we going for dinner? : )
Chick Pea: lol
easy mac: but i have no clue where to go in Union -- do i go outside, do i go past the food court? etc...
Pamela: you mean, no dinner? : (((
Chick Pea: did anywon see the front of the toronto sun?
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: no, why?
Pamela: Union subway station Rin, not the train station
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Meeka
Judy: Hi, Meeka
Judy: did you get me the tea?
Meeka: yup
Pamela: Rin, what time is your meeting?
Judy: good deal, I am drinking a lot of it
easy mac: what was on the wasn't Belinda was it?
easy mac: 6:30
Chick Pea: veronica
Judy: how is it over by your house, Meeka?
Meeka: lol, I have been too.
Meeka: keeps you warm :)
Judy: it isn't even snowing here
rich-c: who or what is a veronica?
easy mac: ......why.....
Pamela: wondering if I can meet you to show you
Meeka: it is snowin here, very very fine flakes though
Chick Pea: the miss universe pagent or some shit
easy mac: Veronica is Marie's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend
Pamela: language, Rie
Judy: the roads are clear, so much for the winter warning
easy mac: i hope she didn't win or anything
Chick Pea: no the pagents on sunday
Chick Pea: party at my house
easy mac: woo-hoo
Meeka: ya well, what do they know anyway
Chick Pea: no in-laws from sat 7am till monday afternoon
rich-c: don't count your chickens, Judy
Pamela: Aunt Cynthia, where did you go?
rich-c: you're sharing our pattern now and we're into intermittent flurries
rich-c: and we're on teh north side of our lake
easy mac: is it snowing in Windsor?
Pamela: was snowing like crazy when I headed for home at 5:30
Chick Pea: no it's stopped for now
Pamela: Rin, is your mother at Graeme's?
rich-c: right, I am not looking forward to driving to physio tomorrow afternoon
easy mac: no she got access again
Chick Pea: erin how???
rich-c: does Windsor have a freenet or something?
Pamela: it's a crapshoot, Meeka
easy mac: the computer wasn't dead just couldn't use MSN
Chick Pea: oic
Chick Pea: thta makes sense
Chick Pea: well what is she doing that she's not anserwing
Chick Pea: ?????
rich-c: you mean she was buying internet from MSN????
Judy: they have been talking about how bad it was going to be all day and we haven't gotten hardly any snow
easy mac: no no
rich-c: regret to say it seems to be coming, Judy
easy mac: Messenger wouldn't work and that was the original reason for the computer/internet
Pamela: hmm, think I'm going to have to get the heater back here again.
Chick Pea: yepers
Chick Pea: 100.00
Judy: maybe it will miss us, I am hoping anyway
Chick Pea: eirn???????
Pamela: keep wishing, Judy : )
Meeka: it could
Meeka: most the big ones this winter have
easy mac: i'm here, what?
Chick Pea: i talked to michelle today
rich-c: Judy, try - the weather rader may cover Michigan as well
easy mac: oh yeah
Chick Pea: ohhhhh
easy mac: what'd she have to say
Pamela: speaking of here, anyone know why the good doctor isn't?
Chick Pea: i was tlaking to her like right after i won i was al excited
Chick Pea: she waits for u to come on
easy mac: i'm not on that often
Chick Pea: i told her that
easy mac: i'm really tired after work
rich-c: if not, NOAA probably has an equivalent site - you can see what's comin' atcha
Chick Pea: i doesn't come on all that oftern
Chick Pea: eirn ur always tired lol
Pamela: meaning to ask you Rin - why all the meetings recently?
rich-c: the politicians are trying to figure out what they want to do
easy mac: pretty much yeah, but more so, and some nights i don't get back to the house until 7
easy mac: briefings, my role is expanding, etc.
rich-c: yeah, they're more confused than the NDP after their first win, and this one was expected for a year
Judy: can they really predict weather, Rich?
easy mac: new Minister's office and the stakeholders want to meet us, etc
rich-c: well, let's say their guesses are very well informed, especially close in
Pamela: so this will calm down, right?
rich-c: the advantege of teh radar sites is you can see what is happening
Judy: they haven't a clue on the local stations
Pamela: brb, going to get heat - I'm getting frostbite on my fingers
rich-c: I know, that's why we use the weather radio and Environment Canada website - they are accurate and up to date
rich-c: you do know about NOAA weather radio, don't you?
Judy: they say it is because of the lake that it is so difficult to predict
Chick Pea: eirn when r u comming down next?????
rich-c: well, when you get snow streamers they can complicate things
james: cold pam?
easy mac: w/e of Feb 21....for the convention
Judy: looking out the window is the most reliable
Chick Pea: ok
rich-c: why don't you buy a weather radio, Judy?
Chick Pea: just wondering
rich-c: then you have your own local forecast accurate and up to date 24/7
Judy: don't think I want to know that bad
Pamela: just a tad, James
Pamela: the computer room is the coldest room in the apartment
Chick Pea: so erin ur msn isn't working???????
easy mac: yeah it is
Judy: we have the fire place going, it is nice in here, but the wind is really blowing
Chick Pea: ohh i thought u said it wasn't
Pamela: colour me green, Judy
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changed username to rich-c
Judy: sorry
easy mac: no that was when I was living in Windsor
BobS: no.......BLUE
Pamela: me wants fireplace
Chick Pea: oci
rich-c: sorry folks, someone pulled the plug on me
Meeka: ya, fireplaces are great
james: pam, you'd love our house
james: it was 0 inside today
Pamela: is that F or C, James?
james: celcius
Pamela: and love is not the word I'd use
rich-c: I gather teh Japanese, like the Brits, don't believe in building for cold weather
james: i have no idea what 0 F is
james: no, they don't. bloody daft if you ask me
Pamela: bloody freakin cold is what
james: no insulation, no indoor central heating
rich-c: @james: re 0F, you don;t want to know
rich-c: avtually it's about -18 in your terms
BobS: how the heck do you stay warm??????????
Judy: that is not good with a sick child, James
james: they use kerosene stoves here and you only heat the room you're in
Chick Pea: anyways i'll talk to you all later i guesse
Pamela: you're going Rie?
rich-c: see you then Rie
Chick Pea: i just got a new cell phone and i have to figure it oput
Chick Pea: yeah
Pamela: what kind of phone?
BobS: ok good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chick Pea: a samsung
easy mac: sorry i didn't call today...had meetings all day and everywhere
Pamela: cool
Chick Pea: it's like 2inches big
Judy: nite marie
Chick Pea: it's ok rin i was otu with jenn
Pamela: like my Siemens - it's yittle
easy mac: coo
Chick Pea: i like it that way
easy mac: it all works out in the end
Chick Pea: no it's not rin it's jenn
Pamela: they're cute!
Chick Pea: nope
Chick Pea: that's what i though
Chick Pea: same# that's ezsy
Chick Pea: eirn i'll be online tomorrow night bout 8 or 9
Chick Pea: and i have to work fri night till 9
easy mac: hopefully i'll be back by then
Chick Pea: ok that's coo
Chick Pea: i'll chat wiht you all later
Pamela: nite Rie - be good
Chick Pea: love ya doodle bug bye mum and pam
easy mac: alrighty g'nite
Chick Pea: i'm always good
easy mac: love ya
rich-c: erin, believe you have an engagement Friday nite?
Pamela: tee hee
Chick Pea: bye uncle richared
Judy: Meeka did you get your bow flex yet?
Chick Pea: lok bye pam
Pamela: bye sweetie
rich-c: nite Rie
Chick Pea: night
easy mac: i do
Meeka: lol, its a total gym :P
easy mac: i am very excited about it too
Meeka: and yes, I got it a week ago
Pamela: so am I Rin
Judy: ok, did you get it yet?
Chick Pea left chat session
Judy: how do you like it
Pamela: James, when's the baby due? ( I HAVE to write this down)
Meeka: I love it.
Judy: that is good
james: lol
Pamela: are you still using your Gazelle, Meeka?
james: may 16th
Meeka: yupp, I am
Pamela: thanks, James - got it on paper now
james: but that will likely end up being the 17th since it's a sunday
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Pamela: ahh - C-section?
Judy: we have been exercising every night for 20 minutes
james: yeah
Meeka: I work out on the total gym when I get home before I make dinner, then about 8pm shrri and I get on the phone and we virtual walk tofgether for about 30 minutes
james: and just like case, i can't be there for this one
Judy: good for you
Pamela: I love it Meeka
Pamela: what a good idea
Pamela: James, why not?
BobS: why not,. james??????
james: because japanese hospitals suck
Pamela: Dad, did you hear from Dr. D tonite?
BobS: I see
james: and our doctor is a dip
rich-c: not a word and no email, Pam
Pamela: which means what, James?
Pamela: hmm - interesting
james: means i have to wait outside till they bring him out
Pamela: ohhhhh I get it
james: "interesting" isn't the word i used
rich-c: he's likely fallen asleep in the lab
Meeka: havent lost anything yet, but it has only been a week, I can "feel" it in my muscles though
Pamela: meaning they won't let you be in on the delivery
BobS: ahhhh, like the old days here........
james: yes
james: i live in the friggin dark ages here
Pamela: I thought you meant that you wouldn't be able to go to the hospital
james: our doctor is being a dip too
Judy: bummer, James
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BobS: changed that crap here about 30 yrs ago......then could go in to the delivery room just before baby born and watch or hold mom's hand
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: ooooops
james: i know he knows the gender of our new baby but he won't tell us
rich-c: Meeka, those things don't cause weight loss, they trade fat for muscle
james: and lately on the ultrasound when we take videos he won't scan in such a way that we might be able to figure it out
rich-c: you don't change what you weigh, just distribute it better
BobS: so Meeka will be charlene atlas..........with no extra fat, just muscles
Judy: you should loose some weight if you are exercising that much
Pamela: actually it depends on the exercise DAd - it there's cardio involved, you will burn fat
Meeka: ya, I hope so
rich-c: and measurelents she'll like somewhat better ;-)
james: i'm reasonably sure that if the baby is due in 4 months it should be *technically* feasible to determine the gender
Pamela: I think so too James - they're just being coy
Pamela: and you wanted to know with this one, didn't you?
james: yeah, it's starting to piss me off. i'm tempted to go elsewhere but as usual, my wife is uncooperative
rich-c: no Pam - exercising rarely reduces weight - that takes diet
james: yes
rich-c: do they just pull that with gaijin or with everyone, james?
james: everyone apparently
Meeka: ya, I am doing that too Rich
rich-c: OK, what kind of diet are you using
rich-c: when I lost 65 pounds, I used straight calorie count
james: 65 pounds.. wow
james: that's about 30 kilos, right?
Meeka: there is no real name for it
Pamela: someone commented recently - that's a fifth grader
rich-c: oh, Antonia Zerbisias was in the Star last week - she's now taken off 120 lbs.
Pamela: who?
james: who?
rich-c: Antonia is teh Star's media critic - now, a quite shapely blonde
Pamela: I thought the word was decorative, Dad?
Judy: I checked out the Dr Phil diet last night
rich-c: needless to say she has been hammering away at this for two, 2-1/2 years
rich-c: when she first reported teh 80 lbs loss I sent her an email of commendation
Pamela: really
rich-c: she said then that she didn't use any "canned" diet either, jsut straight calorie count
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Judy: not counting carbs?
rich-c: said all her buddies who used gimmick diets lost nothing or just immediately regained any loss
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hey Dr. D., we'd just about given up
Dr.D.: Many apologies, I fell asleep.
easy mac: RICH!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Hello all.
rich-c: tol' ya so, Pam!
Judy: hi, Dr D
Pamela: no comment
Dr.D.: Well, I suppose the news is out, eh Richard?
Pamela: I spilled the beans on Monday Rich
james: ok, me needs to go. i'll see you all next week
Dr.D.: Well, in public, I meant.
rich-c: yes, Frances bought dinner makings for five for Friday, Rich
Pamela: ???
rich-c: see you james - take care
Dr.D.: Bye James.
Pamela: g'nite James - our best to everyone
james: thanks, take care everyone
Pamela: I thought we were going out for dinner Dad
BobS: bw good James
Judy: spilled the beans about what, pam
Pamela: Rich is coming for a visit this weekend
Dr.D.: Remember, I don't want to put anyone to trouble, Richard...
Judy: night James
rich-c: your mother changed her mind - we're having pasta
Dr.D.: Yes, Pam and I have been plotting for about 3 months now.
Pamela: okay - pasta is good
Pamela: oh sure Rich, get me in trouble
rich-c: and I assume everyone is up for teh Mandarin on Saturday?
Dr.D.: I decided I should come visit Richard after he was recuperated enough to have visitors.
Dr.D.: It was all my idea, though.
james left chat session
Pamela: Mandarin is good Dad - I made reservations today for 6:30
Dr.D.: Since Richard had missed the last ADAMcon, I figured he could use some ADAM visitors.
Dr.D.: So, I am driving to Toronto Friday morning.
Dr.D.: Staying 'til Sunday.
BobS: good idea Dr D
rich-c: beat me to it, did you, daughter? OK
Pamela: BTW Dad, I used your name for the reservation and gave your phone number
Dr.D.: And now that Rin is in Toronto, I can see the entire Clee clan in one fell swoop.
Pamela: Clee / MacLean/ Vilneff : )
rich-c: I was about to ask you whether it would be Clee or Vilneff
Dr.D.: Ya know what I meant, Pam... :-)
Pamela: yes, I just like pulling your tail
BobS: hello der ??????
Pamela: you're here Bob
BobS: still here are we?????????????
Judy: am I still on?
rich-c: while we're at it - who drinks tea, who takes coffee, and who other stuff?
Pamela: Erin, you got that?
Dr.D.: I had originally wanted to make it a total surprise to Richard and Frances.
easy mac: hang on
Pamela: 'kay
Dr.D.: But I was talked out of it.
rich-c: wisely so, Rich, we're too old for surprises
Pamela: (hand in the air) other stuff
Dr.D.: I think it woulda been a great surprise, right Rin?
rich-c: OK, you bring your own, right?
Pamela: I can do that but will probably drink milk with dinner as usual
rich-c: OK, I'll buy extra tomorrow then
Dr.D.: I am not a coffee person, but tea, juice etc. work for me.
easy mac: sorry on the phone with mom
Pamela: what happened to her Rin?
rich-c: Frances takes tea by preference and our pot supplies two
easy mac: it would have been a great surprise
Dr.D.: Don't I know it, Rin...
rich-c: so when we have a visitor likes tea, gives me a chance for my preferred coffee
easy mac: she was frustrated b/c she couldn't keep up
Pamela: shoot - she just needs practice
easy mac: lol
rich-c: yes, our crosstalk can get pretty hot and heavy at times
Dr.D.: So, rain, snow, or shine, I am setting out Friday morning.
Pamela: Change of plans on Friday Erin - dinner at Mom and Dad's instead
rich-c: Rin, what do you drink?
easy mac: ok am i meeting you at Wilson Station?
Pamela: guess so - will have to work that out over the phone
easy mac: after dinner coffee
Dr.D.: I probably won't have any vocal cords left afterwards, though, since everyone has promised to keep me talking into the wee hours.
Dr.D.: Just like an ADAMcon :-)
Pamela: two things Rich - be prepared for the price of gas, it's up at 70.5 cents per litre
Dr.D.: I just have to not fall asleep at 8:30 PM again like I did tonight.
Dr.D.: Gas, check.
rich-c: that's today; yesterday it was 65
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: and, I'll have to give you detailed directions to Mom and Dad's place or we'll pick you up
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rich-c: welcome back, Judy
Dr.D.: I am sending Joan to the bank for me tomorrow to get some $CN.
Pamela: was not - the three stations at Dufferin and Wilson were all at 70.5
Judy: thanks we got thrown out on our ear
changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: Not by me, Judy!
BobS: good luck mon
rich-c: well, by Lawrence Squatre they were 65.5
Pamela: Shell at Lady York was 68.5, I think
BobS: better to get it at border or at bank in CA
Judy: it was something here we both got dumped
rich-c: anyway Rich, just get checked into the hotel and settled then give me a call
Pamela: Jane and Wilson was also 70.5
rich-c: I will come and fetch you - there is no way you are driving 401 in snow in rush hour
Pamela: Heck Rich, everyone here takes American money anyway
Pamela: Dad - that's nuts - I'll be up there anyway - i can go and get him
rich-c: yes, but the best deal is to exchange it at the bank
Dr.D.: I still have some $CN left over from the summer, but I don't think it's quite enough.
rich-c: no, you'll be working; if he's here early I'll be free
Dr.D.: I am not dealing in so much money that I care too much about the exchange rate :-)
rich-c: remember you can use you American credit cards here and they'll do the exchange for you
Pamela: Rich, you figure about 6 hours?
Dr.D.: I'd rather go with "enough" in my pocket when I leave and not have to worry about it.
Judy: not around here, Dr D they have a 11 dollar fee for changing money
Dr.D.: Yes, about 6 hours. I haven't run it through MapQuest yet, though I was about to do that tomorrow.
BobS: AND a week or two wait
rich-c: so what time do you expect to leave Cleveland?
Pamela: that's about what it took us when we went to Cleveland but that was in good weather
Dr.D.: My bank here, all I need is an account at it, they will give me $CN at current rate.
Dr.D.: That's what I did for Vancouver.
Dr.D.: If Joan has problems, then I guess I'll do something at the border.
rich-c: or just bring Yank and we'll change it for you
Pamela: boy your banks are really strict Bob
Meeka: ok, I am outta here, time to go soak my muscles in a nice hot bath
BobS: when we returned home this summer, we changed our accounts TO a bank who would convert it and give us agoo drate also
BobS: ok, bye Meeka
rich-c: in fact I will likely need a fair stash of US$ this year anyway
Judy: night meeka
Pamela: treat your muscles well Meeka : ) we'll see you next week
rich-c: nite Meeka
BobS: just lately the banks are being a bunch of jerks
BobS: all combining into mega banks
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: try dealing with Harris Bank - they're in Chicago area
rich-c: they're a subsidiary of Bank of Montreal and should understand Canadian exchange
Pamela: so Rich, figure you'll arrive about 3:00 - need time to check in and get settled and maybe have a nap?
Dr.D.: Nap probably not needed, but a bit of time not behind a wheel will probably be welcome :-)
Dr.D.: I try not to stop except for the occasional rest area every 2 hours or so on the trip.
rich-c: right, you should be settled around 4.30 or 5 if all goes well, right?
Dr.D.: And I won't be stopping for food.
Pamela: the other thing you can do about money is simply find a bank machine with your symbol on it and withdraw Canadian from it through Interac
rich-c: avoid that rest area on the NY Thruway near the PA boprder - they are a bunch of highway robbers
rich-c: bank machines cost a ton, Pam, and teh indies are getting exploitive
Pamela: all rest stops are highway robbers Dad
rich-c: let Rich bring US cash and I'll buy it form him happily because I can use it
rich-c: yes, but even by Interstate standards that Thruway one is rough
Pamela: no they don't, Dad - when doing it the other way (Cdn to US) there's a small fee ($2.00) and the exchange, and that's it
easy mac: ya know, waiting for calming tea is really frustrating
Pamela: one might almost say an oxymoron, Erin : 0
rich-c: you are a tea drinker, are you, Rin?
easy mac: sometimes....i have a bedtime tea which i sometimes have
easy mac: i like tea
rich-c: OK - who are our wine drinkers? Pam doesn;'t take red, I know
easy mac: but coffee is usually the only thing that there's time for
easy mac: I drink red
rich-c: OK you will have your choice with dinner
Pamela: none if I'm driving Dad
easy mac: white's ok
rich-c: pasta demands red
easy mac: of course
Pamela: Rich, where did you go?
Dr.D.: I was looking for my leftover $CN from Vancouver.
Pamela: ah
Dr.D.: I had recollected that I had $55, but can only find $5.
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rich-c: Rich, I'm assuming you'll be buying the hotel and gas on your charge card, right?
changed username to hARVIE pOWIS
Dr.D.: Not counting my piggy bank of change.
Pamela: guess we'll have to turn the tables on Bob and Judy one of these days, and drop in on them
Dr.D.: Hotel is credit card for sure.
rich-c: hello Harive, long time since we've seen you!
Dr.D.: I figured I would use cash for everything else.
Judy: we would love to have you come here
Dr.D.: Hello Harvie!
rich-c: I would happily change a couple of hundred for you as I will need US$ later this year
Pamela: we may try it in the spring Judy, depending on the border situation and cash flow
rich-c: in fact as you may know I have a US$ bank account
Dr.D.: I can do that if you like, Richard.
hARVIE pOWIS: I finally remembered it was wed. night
Dr.D.: As I said, I am not a stickler for the rate, round numbers are fine.
BobS: u
rich-c: congratulations, Harvie ;-)
Judy: sounds good
Pamela: we need to get you a talking calendar, Harvie
rich-c: ah, it's in the paper, on the net, and we own a calculator
BobS left chat session
rich-c: anyway Rich, are you a wine drinker?
Dr.D.: With this trip, I just didn't want Richard to have to go 2+ years without seeing any of us.
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changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: I am a T-totaller, Richard :-)
BobS requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c: OK, so one bottle then, as you are dryand Pam won't touch red
Judy confirmed ban
easy mac confirmed ban
Dr.D.: And this time of year is about my last opportunity for travel until El Paso...
rich-c: I thought I remembered that but wasn't sure
Pamela: back in a second
easy mac: tea finally ready
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Dr.D.: Christina is eating up most of the travel budget this year: her French club is going to Paris for 10 days in March.
changed username to BobS
BobS: Hi Harvie
hARVIE pOWIS: Hi bob
rich-c: yes, that can damage a budget pretty fast
Dr.D.: And my 2-day driving trip to Indianapolis this past weekend was paid for by Theta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters.
rich-c: always nice when someone else picks up the tab!
Pamela: tell Christina I'm jealous, Rich
Dr.D.: The new van got a 650+ mile workout in bad weather, and passed with flying colors.
rich-c: well judging by teh forecast it will be getting a real serious bad weather workout here
Dr.D.: I was selected to serve on a certain committee that met during the Deranian President's Conference that was held at IHQ Fri-Sun.
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: that sounds semi-ominous, Rich
changed username to Guy B.
Dr.D.: Two of us drove, the rest were flown in.
Pamela: I thought Friday was supposed to be nice
Pamela: Hello Guy
Guy B.: Ok, here I am. Was out to dinner tonight. How is everyone?
rich-c: welcome, Guy
easy mac: hi Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Dr.D.: No, it wasn't ominous. It was a meeting of the Alcohol Free Housing Waiver Review Committee.
Pamela: great thanks
rich-c: you missed james and Meeka
Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Guy B.: Another Arctic Blast is coming in as I speak.
Pamela: how charming
rich-c: OK, that's a place hwre I'm in no hurry to go
Pamela: ditto
BobS: hiya Guy
Guy B.: Rats!
BobS: late mon
Pamela: 'specially since my full length coat has cat fur all over it
rich-c: Rich, for your trip, that url I gave Judy will cover you for the last 100 miles
Dr.D.: Arctic blast...well, I have my insulated work boots that will be coming along in the car.
Guy B.: Anyway, February 5th is when Netzero will be cancelled.
Judy: get out in the wind and it will blow it all off
Pamela: bring your woolies, Rich
Pamela: you'd think so wouldn't you Judy - but it doesn't work that way
Dr.D.: URL? I must have missed it while I was away.
Pamela: stuff's better than super glue
rich-c: did you get to copy that url, Rich?
Judy: go figure
rich-c: OK - it's
Guy B.: I got to give you guys this address. My co-worker gave me this. It shows President Bush doing some dancing. He even does splits. The address:
Dr.D.: Got it now, thanks.
rich-c: you can move via links to static forecasting, that will show events as they're happening
easy mac: Bush is funny in person.... dancing at the podium and all
Guy B.: You have to see this one. You can add lights, a dance floor and music.
rich-c: if you like that, Guy, go to and follow their unusual links - you
rich-c: you will enjoy them
Guy B.: How good is this one Rich?
Guy B.: Ok, I'll check it out.
rich-c: netsquirrel also offers teh free Internet Tourbus newsletter, which I rather like
Judy: cute,Guy
rich-c: anyway, Rich, as soon as you get into your room Friday, phone me, OK?
hARVIE pOWIS: Are you back doing the tango yet rich?
Guy B.: Anyone interested in a 8Mb AGP video card? I bought a 64mb card at the computer show for $30 and it happens to use the same chipset as the 8mb.
rich-c: I'm working on it, Harvie, thank you, but not quite there yet
rich-c: no, I've got a 32
rich-c: what are you up to these days, Harvie?
Guy B.: Believe it or not. I was looking for a 32mb card. But, the 64mb was less than the 32mb card.
rich-c: at a computer show, things like that can happen
Pamela: WTG Guy
Guy B.: That's why I go there first.
hARVIE pOWIS: nstalling and repairing sewage pumping stations Rich
rich-c: right now I need to find out why putting a disc in my CD drive produces an instant BSOD
rich-c: that does not sound like a fun job, Harv, even without this weeather
hARVIE pOWIS: ecause you are using Windows
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi!
Guy B.: The reason I bought it was two games required at least 32mb video card. And I think this will solve the crashing I have been having lately since I got the DSL.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry! I'm late!
Pamela: Hello Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel; tu es en retard
Guy B.: Hi Daniel.
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: yes, some of teh new games are quite unreasonably demanding
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok! Who there tried my rom Explosion? Raise your hand! :)
hARVIE pOWIS: ctually the installing part isn;t bad because the station hasn;t been used yet
Guy B.: I haven't.
BobS: nop;e
rich-c: and you can do that job in shelter, if not free from cold
BobS: I NEED to retire to get some time...............................
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the subject?
rich-c: you don't get time by retiring, Bob - I'd say ask Ron but he's too busy to be on tonite
Guy B.: And I'll be starting overtime again soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: and who is harvie powis?
rich-c: as usual, Daniel, we have at least six different cross threads going
BobS: oh SHOOT
Pamela: bang
hARVIE pOWIS: Just another clown from Brampton
BobS: Harvie.....old time adamite form torono area
rich-c: Daniel, meet Harvie, he is a very long time Toronto Adam enthusiast
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Harvie!
Guy B.: Which we haven't heard from in a long time.
rich-c: Harvie, meet Daniel, in Quebec City, who writes new games for Colecovision
Guy B.: And he's done a great job on these he's done Harvie.
hARVIE pOWIS: have seen some of Daniel;s contributions on the list
rich-c: right, and you'll have some of teh games as attachments, too, if you have the Emulator running
Daniel Bienvenu: :D
Guy B.: Harvie, do you have the emulator installed on your computer?
hARVIE pOWIS: I'm missing one of those round tuits
rich-c: they seem to be in short supply with Adam folks
BobS: true, true
BobS: i is the TUIT part that doesn't seem to be available
Pamela: I'm having trouble with the round part
Daniel Bienvenu: errr.... who is easy mac?
rich-c: that's Erin Maclean a.k.a. Rin
Guy B.: Well folks. I got to run. I'll try for Saturday, otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
easy mac: sorry Daniel I keep throwing you off
Dr.D.: By, Guy.
easy mac: nite Guy
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: btw Erin, I've been meaning to tell you I have a present for you
BobS: K Guy, but stay longer next time, eh?????
hARVIE pOWIS: Good night Guy
Pamela: Guy, see you in two weeks - I'll miss next week
easy mac: a present??
BobS: AND don't get snowed under
rich-c: OK Guy, Saturday is dicey here, but we'll see what develops
Pamela: yes, I found a perfect "no reason" giftie for you
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember Erin aka Rin... "child of Frances' sister"
BobS: roght mate
Guy B.: You got the snow Bob. Just the cold. Bye all.
Pamela: check your chart, Daniel
rich-c: you have it, Daniel
BobS: you got it right Daniel
Judy: I think I will call it a night also, talk to you next week
Guy B. left chat session
easy mac: yay Daniel
rich-c: in fact her mother and girlfreind from Windsor were on earlier
Pamela: okay Judy - see you in two
Daniel Bienvenu: Marie?
Pamela: oui
rich-c: OK Judy, watch the weather and take care
Judy left chat session
Dr.D.: By Judy.
Pamela: Rin, I'll try to remember to bring it with me on Friday
easy mac: right Daniel
Pamela: hmm, scratch that, I'll put it out tonite and into the car tomorrow
BobS: yup, yup......time for meto go also......IF Ron comes on; find out how he and mum are doing.......maybe HE is sick ?!?!?
easy mac: why a present? for what?
Daniel Bienvenu: missing the name of Fraces' sster, Erin's mother
Pamela: a just because - it was so perfect, I couldn't resist
Dr.D.: The ferries are now prohibiting words from flowing off the island...
rich-c: right Bob, though I doubt the rst of us will lat much longer - see you
easy mac: Cynthia
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Night Bob
Pamela: at this rate Daniel, you won't have a chart, you'll have a family tree : )
Pamela: you'll understand when you see it Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose it's the sequel of the adamcon family.
easy mac: ....ok......
Dr.D.: Uh-oh, surprise gift for Rin...don't accept anything that's ticking...
Pamela: no no, it's soft and squishy
rich-c: anyway, Pam, I assume you and Erin will turn up a.s.a.p after you get sprung from work
Pamela: yes Dad
Dr.D.: A slug? I can bring her one from the lab.
Pamela: no squishy, not slimy!
Dr.D.: "Ugly bags of mostly water"--ST:TNG.
easy mac: ok total weirdness
rich-c: OK, if you can give us a clue as to the ETA at some point, it will help
easy mac: LOL
Pamela: how about if I call when we're leaving work Dad?
Dr.D.: "You are about to enter another dimension"--Rod Serling.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe! it's this kind of discussion we have in familly. lol
rich-c: sure, that should do it nicely, gives your mother time to prepare
Dr.D.: I will leave Cleveland as soon as I take the girls to school, probably 8:30 AM at the latest.
Pamela: alypsica California - Rich's specialty (is that right?)
Dr.D.: Hope to be in hotel by 3:00 PM.
Pamela: take your time Rich and drive carefully
Dr.D.: Aplysia, but close enough Pam.
rich-c: OK, but the roads will be dicey; you're in lake effect the first 150 plus miles
Dr.D.: and "californica"
Pamela: oh Rich, you know how to get to the hotel?
easy mac: alright i think i'm going to go, i'm in this weird state of mind and I think it's b/c i'm g'nite all
Dr.D.: MapQuest is my friend for that, have to type it in.
Dr.D.: Get some sleep, Rin.
Pamela: nite sweetie, I'll talk to you tomorrow
rich-c: from teh border: QEW - 403N - 401E to exit 362(?)
Dr.D.: I'm awake now 'cause I napped by accident earlier.
rich-c: nite Rin, see you Friday
easy mac: nitey-nite until Friday
easy mac left chat session
Dr.D.: Bye Rin.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Rin!
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... too late
rich-c: don't let MapQuest try to send you up 427 as it may do
Pamela: exit at Keele Street, turn left and go north over the overpass bridge - hotel is clearly visible on your right just past the overpass
Dr.D.: Got it.
rich-c: Dufferin is 364 so Keele should be exit 362, right, Pam?
Pamela: if you get lost, do you have a cell phone?
Dr.D.: I remember the hotel from its postage-stamp photo on their webpage.
Pamela: dunno Dad, I go by names, not exit numbers
hARVIE pOWIS: Wasn't Rich at that hotel at Adamcon?
Dr.D.: No cell phones, I won't get lost, though.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey! Remember my cardgame "patience carre"? :P
rich-c: yes, that's the one we wre at
rich-c: I assume that's why you chose it, isn't it, Rich?
Pamela: it was also the most cost-effective Dad
Dr.D.: It was Pam's suggestion.
rich-c: right Daniel, haven't had a chance to try it - car and computer troubles
Pamela: we checked the Holiday Inn Yorkdale and it's $40 a night more
Dr.D.: $85 CN per night, versus $125 CN at the Holiday Inn.
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think Dr.D like cardgames like freecell?
rich-c: anyway, that's why it was used for Adamcon, so you're familiar with it
Dr.D.: I've played freecell, Daniel.
Pamela: except it's a Travelodge now instead of a HoJo
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich: do you think Dr.D. will like my cardgame?
Pamela: I'm so excited Rich
rich-c: oh, it changes the frnchisor every second year but stays teh same hotel
rich-c: I certainly hope so, Daniel - it has an intellectual challenge to it
Dr.D.: I'm sure I will like any game you write, Daniel. I've liked your past Colecovision multi-game cartridge.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: it's not a coleco game this time :)
Daniel Bienvenu: well it could be a coleco game
Dr.D.: Windows, then? Or Xwindows on Unix?
rich-c: it isn't? I didn't realize that, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a card game I created before year 2000.
rich-c: btw Daniel, if you haven;t gathered it, Dr. D. wil be in Toronto Saturday
rich-c: so if we do get on line there will be more than usual
Dr.D.: I am coming to visit Richard, Frances, Pam, and Erin.
Daniel Bienvenu: you need 52 cards (2,3,4.....J,Q,K and A)
Dr.D.: But only one computer at the Clee chateau, and I am not planning on bringing a computer.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D in Toronto? when?
Dr.D.: This Friday through Sunday.
rich-c: Friday and Saturday, Daniel
Pamela: 48 hours
rich-c: well actually Rich I do have a laptop too
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I can't be there... no to for planning
Dr.D.: It will be like a mini-ADAMcon, without the ADAMs :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: no time
Dr.D.: No problem, Daniel, I have been plotting this for months, to be a surprise for Richard.
Pamela: we'll do better at the planning next time Daniel : )
rich-c: he's coming to see teh x-rays of my new hip ;-)
Dr.D.: Since he missed the last ADAMcon.
Dr.D.: Yes, X-rays are fun.
Pamela: oh, they're so cool
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, do you think you can help me to explain the "patience carre" to Pam and Dr.D? I know it's late now....
Dr.D.: No charge for evaluation.
Pamela: : )
rich-c: On that, Daniel, I think we do need to hold off till we have more time
Pamela: save it for a couple of weeks from now Daniel - I'm about to head out
Dr.D.: No liability for bad evaluation :-)
rich-c: maybe I can give them a briefing Friday or Saturday
Pamela: double : )
Dr.D.: Yeah, I ought to get to bed for real, too.
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, at least, you can explain my cardgame to Dr.D in 48 hours :p
Dr.D.: If I wait too long, I'll be up half the night.
rich-c: Pam, don't forget teh DVD on Friday
Pamela: okay, will put it with Erin's prezzie
rich-c: I'll try to remember, Daniel
Pamela: you want both?
rich-c: sure, why not, if you can spare them
Pamela: no problem Dad
Pamela: we've both watched them a couple of times
Daniel Bienvenu: James de Carlo say: "hello!"
hARVIE pOWIS: Well, I must go too. Nice to "talk" with you all.
rich-c: I've never watched entertainment on my monitor; it will be a new experience
Dr.D.: Good to see you on tonight, Harvie.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope we can talk again soon, harvie!
Pamela: nice to see you Harvie - set your alarm for Wednesdays at 9:00
Dr.D.: Elanor says good night.
rich-c: harvie, come back again soon, and butt in on us monopolists more!
Pamela: Nite Elanor
Dr.D.: She was 14 yesterday, BTW.
Dr.D.: Next birthday is Joan on Monday.
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Elanor and Dr.D and Rich-C and Pam and everyone!
rich-c: nite to Elanor, and many happy returns
Pamela: oh, Happy Birthday Elanor!
Dr.D.: 3 January birthdays at our starbase.
Pamela: nite Daniel
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
rich-c: nite Daniel
hARVIE pOWIS: All I have to do is remember when it is Wednesday. I usually remember on Thursday :)
Daniel Bienvenu: "Happy Birthday Elanor!"? soory I did know that! :D
rich-c: we know teh feeling, Harv ;-)
Pamela: Happy Birthday to Joan too. We'll make sure you get a good Canadian gift : )
hARVIE pOWIS left chat session
Pamela: okay people, it's time I went to bed
Daniel Bienvenu: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
rich-c: yes, with Yorkdale one exit from teh hotel, it shouldnt be hard
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Dr.D.: Okay, beddy-bye to all.
rich-c: goodnight then, duaghter, see you Friday
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: Rich, if you have problems en route, call me at work on the toll free: 1-800-387-1410 ext. 7901
Pamela: it will work from the States or Canada
Dr.D.: Got it Pam, thanks.
rich-c: well, looks all settled, then - see you two Friday
Pamela: good. Otherwise I'll talk to you on Friday when you arrive. Have a great trip!
rich-c: and Rich, don't push teh weather - we can wait
Pamela: Drive safely.
Dr.D.: I'll drive careful, have no fear.
Dr.D.: Driving is fun.
rich-c: we'll count on it. night for now, then
Dr.D.: I had sleet 3/4 of the way to Indy this weekend, the new van just sailed on.
Dr.D.: Okay, good night to all!
Pamela: okay, I[m for bed. Nite Daddy
Pamela: Nite Rich.
rich-c: nite Pam
Dr.D.: Hailing frequencies closed...
Pamela: kerpoof
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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