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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Barbie
Barbie: hi uncle richared
rich-c: I gather that's Rin?
Barbie: no it's Marie
Barbie: got here early hoping to chat with eirn
rich-c: oh, Rin has yet to come, and Pamela will be late if she makes it at all
Barbie: what's pam going to do with her job
rich-c: that is a question to which she neeeds an answer
Barbie: oic
rich-c: the whole operation closes down on March 12th
Barbie: that's hard for her i bet
rich-c: in fact she's late because tonight is a farewell party for her immediate boss
Barbie: oic
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rich-c: the job market is good but teh skills she has to sell are hard to demonstrae
changed username to BobS
Barbie: eirn sent me a pic of her nad dr. d
rich-c: allo Roberto
BobS: BARBIE ???????????
BobS: ya mon
rich-c: it's Marie's name for tonite
BobS: got snow do ya??????
Barbie: i hate this wheather
BobS: figured that with the line about rin
rich-c: yeah, we got a pretty fair dump - about 16 inches in 48 hours
BobS: HEy, we are going for a record!!!!!!!!!!! small 6" and we have it for the month of January
rich-c: how about you folks?
BobS: Darn sick of it I am
Barbie: uncle richard is dr. d still in TO?/
Barbie: i ha dto close early on monday early b/c of this wheath
rich-c: well yes, but there's only three days left and little more snow in sight
BobS: oh we have more in sight
BobS: every freeking day
Barbie: i dont' want it
rich-c: no, he went home on Sunday, was just here Fri and Sat
Barbie: someone make it go away
Barbie: oic
BobS: "make the snow go away"...........was a song; no ??????
rich-c: sorry Bob, if I knew how to do that, I'd be using the skill myself
Barbie: lol
rich-c: I think it was "make teh rain go away" but don't bank on it
Barbie: lol
rich-c: hey, Bob, I got a double score on the weekend on eBay
BobS: COOL, what fif ya gert?????
BobS: did ya get
rich-c: first, I nailed a six-pack of VHS movie tapes that I happened to want
BobS: I assume thaey have movies ON them.........
rich-c: then, I got a SyQuest EZ135 drive with nine cartridges
rich-c: yes, Robert, they have movies on them ;-)
BobS: Syquest I know........EZ135 - not..........tape drive????
rich-c: similar to the Iomega Zip drives, but without the click of death
rich-c: or if you like, compare to teh LS120 drives
BobS: that
rich-c: I think they are an early form of optical drive
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: although maybe not, they;'re rewritable
BobS: ok
BobS: hi dr d
rich-c: greetings, Dr.D.
BobS: hoem safe I see
Dr.D.: Hi guys, just popping in to say I am leaving the robot lab and will reconnect once I get back home.
Dr.D.: Should be around 30 minutes.
BobS:'s the weather ??????
rich-c: OK, see you before 10 then
Barbie: nicew pic dr d
Dr.D.: BTW, Rin says she is going to be late tonight also: schmoozing on the job tonight with some VIPs.
Dr.D.: Lots of snow, secondary schools cancelled today (but CWRU was open).
Dr.D.: Barbie?
rich-c: oh - those political things go on forever
BobS: same here
Barbie: aka chick pea
Barbie: rin's friend
Dr.D.: Rin showed you our honeymoon picture?
BobS: all closed here too today
Dr.D.: :-)
Barbie: yep
Barbie: do u know what time she'll be on?
rich-c: do you want Frances to send you the one she took of you with Erin?
Dr.D.: She didn't say...just said "late and she hoped she wasn't tired".
Dr.D.: Yes, that would be nice, Richard.
BobS: 10" of snow yesterday and very few even closed only a couple inches and they were all closed
Dr.D.: As for the one that Pam took, you can look at
rich-c: we shall try to remember to do so this evening, then
Dr.D.: We had everything closed Monday, too, but that was for ice--it was major sleet.
Dr.D.: Thanks, Richard.
Dr.D.: I got all the trip photos scanned, but the webpage part isn't done yet.
rich-c: we haven't had much closed in teh city but the rural areas have
Dr.D.: Probably be able to release the URL to the public by tomorrow.
rich-c: that a promise or a threat? ;-)
Dr.D.: I didn't think the snow was so bad this morning, but apparently the BOE had other ideas.
Dr.D.: No threat, they turned out nice.
Dr.D.: Just have to write the wrapper text. The photos per se are actually sitting up there...but it's not formatted very nice yet.
rich-c: I'm not noted for photographing well
Dr.D.: Your pix are great, Richard.
BobS: so now we can see Erin......what about Marie????????
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changed username to Judy
Barbie: what about me?
rich-c: hi Judy, keeping an eye on teh old man?
Judy: Hi, everyone
BobS: need a pic up on the net to see you with
Barbie: oic
Dr.D.: I haven't seen any pix of you, Rie.
Barbie: soon enough i just got a web cam
Barbie: in a bit i will
Judy: why Barbie, Marie
Dr.D.: I better get going home...hi Judy...bye for about 30 minutes, all.
Barbie: for hte fun of it
Dr.D.: <poof>
BobS: ok Marie....Barbie......."throw a steak onthe barbie"
rich-c: c u later, Rich
Judy: bye DR D
Dr.D. left chat session
BobS: and BAM he was GONE
Judy: yes, Rich is hard not to
BobS: got "ken" around do you ??????
rich-c: anyway, Bob, I got very good deals on both the eBay items
Judy: you just like to change your name or trying to goof us up?
rich-c: in fact my original bid was the only bid in both cases
BobS: that is good
Barbie: always have ken
rich-c: the first was a novice seller, no record - suspect folks didnt want to gamble
rich-c: the other was location Ottawa and price in Canadian dollars - scared off all the Yanks
Judy: always nice to get a deal, isn't it, Rich/
Barbie: i always change
Barbie: i have to keep every1 on there toes
Judy: I see
BobS: well heck !!!!
rich-c: it is; on the drive about three other inferior packages sold just before for three times teh price
BobS: down the baseent looking a Sparq 1 gig drive with disk like the ls 120's
rich-c: yes, the Sparq 1gig is a SyQuest drive too, a later model
BobS: and an Iomega drive with the same type disks
BobS: OK, that would make sense
BobS: just like the zip drives come in different sizes
rich-c: I dont think the discs are interchangable, though
BobS: no I don't thinks so either
rich-c: yes, the Sparq was new about teh time I got my old 166MMX computer
BobS: everybody has to use a specific disk
BobS: and think that the sparq makers are out of business
rich-c: we're even into that with CDs now - there's =, -, RAM, R, RW, you name it
BobS: and Iomega bought them up
BobS: yes. and what the heck does it all mean????
rich-c: you're right though it seems some support exists
rich-c: and there is a very lively trade in them on eBay
BobS: and last year, there were a LOT of new disks and dries floating arounsd Ebay
BobS: drives
rich-c: you may have noticed they sold fast and high, especially the discs
BobS: no.........we're tight fisted you know.......thought we got a good price
rich-c: the drive I'm getting appears to be an internal version; I wonder what connector it uses
BobS: oops !!!!!
rich-c: I dont know if it works, nor do I care; I bought it for the discs
BobS: don't use it too often, but it is neat to get the odd stuff
BobS: HEY, did we lose all of ya'll ?????
rich-c: Frances has had a 135 drive for some time but now needs more discs, uses it with the Amiga
BobS: ok..........and they store how much ???
rich-c: no, I guess everyone just suddenly went quiet
Barbie: i'm here just waiting to see if rin is comming
rich-c: 135 MB, which is pretty chintzy these days, but not by Amiga standards
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changed username to baby doll
BobS: OR adam standards
BobS: rin ??????
rich-c: I guess Rin has fought off the pols, then
baby doll: hello all
Barbie: hi there
rich-c: so, you gt Dalton all squared away, now? ;-)
Judy: hi, Erin
baby doll: ha ha......
baby doll: hi Judy
baby doll: you know you'd think the Dairy farmers nd the chicken farmers would know how to cater a party
rich-c: Pamela will be late if she gets here at all; has an office event to attend
Barbie: hi erin
baby doll: as yes something for Bev as I understand it
baby doll: hi Barbie
rich-c: sure, just a does of Swiss Chalet followed by some President's Choice Beyond Decadence
Barbie: whta's new doodle bug
baby doll: yeah well I had 3 kinds of cheese, crackers and some oysters
rich-c: good shot of Pelee Island Late Harvest to go with it
baby doll: TG there was beer
rich-c: but not from any of teh better breweries, I suspect
baby doll: Labbatt
Barbie: eirn is ur msn working?
rich-c: very drinkable by American standards, but Ontario has better - much better
baby doll: i dunno probably
baby doll: i'm not very adventurous with beer...although I should be considering it is free
rich-c: why the hell would chicken farmers be serving oysters?
baby doll: I have no idea but I suspect the PR company had something to do with it
rich-c: I doubt your taste buds are ready for serious beer yet anyway
baby doll: Guiness is as far as I have gone
rich-c: someone should take the farmers aside and suggest they get a more savvy PR crew
baby doll: tell me about it
rich-c: well, if you can cope with Guiness - and enjoy it - you're well set
rich-c: I like that mocha taste on top of tehe hops
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hi Rich, that was a quick trip
Dr.D.: I hit all the lights just right.
BobS: back eh????
Dr.D.: Home in the cold basement Bob.
rich-c: let me guess - it's downhill so you slid all the way :=0
baby doll: hi Ricky
BobS: yes.....sounds one of those cold basements here too
Dr.D.: Actually, it's all *up*hill from CWRU.
Dr.D.: Hello, date!
BobS: got real cold today........furnace crapped ou
baby doll: tee hee
rich-c: ouch, that's hard in a front wheel drive van on a slippery surface
BobS: had to get the reapirman to put in a new ignitor
Dr.D.: No furnace is a bad thing for this time of year...
Judy: did you slip slide all the way home already, Dr D?
Dr.D.: No, the roads were pretty clear, Judy. They've had all day to salt/plow them, and no new snowfall since this morning.
Dr.D.: How was schmoozing, Rin?
Judy: lucky you the roads didn't get much better all day here
baby doll: you'd think the dairy farmers and chicken farmers would know how to feed their guests
Judy: and it is still snowing, lake effect
baby doll: i gorged myself when i got home
Dr.D.: Let me guess: Chicken McNuggets and bird seed?
baby doll: not even, 3 kinds of cheese crackers and oysters
Dr.D.: Plus some artificial cheese food product?
baby doll: luckily there was beer
Dr.D.: <snort>
baby doll: i was starved!
Dr.D.: Well Judy, we are having a winter like I remember as a kid...I'm not really complaining, I like some winter.
rich-c: too much beer on an empty stomach is not advisable
Dr.D.: Hope your icebox had some goodies in it, then.
baby doll: i had a sandwich
Dr.D.: I guess I would be mad at the weather if some Nimrod plowed into my new van...
baby doll: too much beer....yeah i have to be careful about that
rich-c: I'd be madder at teh idiot driver
Judy: the snow banks are getting so high that it is getting hard to shovel
Dr.D.: I haven't eaten yet today...when I got roped into doing this extra session in the robot lab tonight, it was too late to zip home for food before it started.
BobS: running about 8.? inches above normak
rich-c: there can be treachery but mostly sane driving will keep you out of trouble
baby doll: that food, no good
Judy: and I do not like winter at all, good thing we are leaving here next week, sun shine and warm weather
Dr.D.: The new van has ABS, which is a trip when you aren't expecting the thump-thump-thump on the brake pedal.
BobS: works great though doesn'y it ???????
rich-c: yes, my ABS is an earlier version and hypersensitive
Judy: isn't that something else to hear those brakes
rich-c: and I'm not sure it's that much of an improvement on slippery roads
BobS: car goes straight instead of sideways....that is a good thing
Dr.D.: I am used to a little slippiness in winter.
rich-c: but then, I'm used to finding the open spot and getting traction for one wheel
rich-c: that's true on dry pavement, Bob, and to some extent in the wet
Dr.D.: I was warning Christina this morning on the abortive drive to school (before we learned it was cancelled) not to get surprised by the ABS thumping.
rich-c: but on snow, all bets are off - it's too inconsistent
BobS: well Richard, i wouldn't trade it for nuthin' works great here
BobS: and now the new one has tractons control so it i real limited slip
rich-c: usually works great here too - just don't trust it on snow
BobS: so now Judy feels safe and takes off in the snow
rich-c: but then, one doesn't trust anything on snow
rich-c: just too easy for a slippy patch to lie in wait hidden
Dr.D.: Just don't forget how to drive on snow without the fancy ABS and traction control stuff...I worry about people like Christina and Elanor, who may not get to drive much with an "old" car.
rich-c: then suddenly pull the road out from under you
Dr.D.: For best snow safety, drive a tank or a snowmobile :-)
Dr.D.: Joan had never driven non-power brakes before having to drive the Maverick, and that threw her for a loop.
Judy: I am doing really well in my car, was gone all day today
Dr.D.: And she's never driven a car without power steering, either.
rich-c: the graders that they use to plough our streets seem to handle snow pretty well
BobS: got one of those. wit a trunk full of tools and air shocks to hold it up, I don't have any trouble moving around
rich-c: having got my licence before power brakes or steering wre invented, my adaption was in the opposite direction
rich-c: learning not to oversteer my first power steering car was a challenge
Dr.D.: Power everything is great if you already know how to drive the non-power's going the other way that's the culture shock, if you will.
BobS: right Richard.......always had non power steering, non power brakes ( no ABS) radio !!!!!
BobS: bummer
Dr.D.: '74 Maverick had no radio until I took one out of a junkyard '72 :-)
Dr.D.: I had the oversteer problem too when I learned to drive on the roads, because everything I'd driven previously was a tractor or truck that you needed to be Charles Atlas to steer.
rich-c: I don't think I had a radio till I bought a used car in 1991
BobS: got my aunt's cars....and she bought them stripped NOT equipped
Dr.D.: I think that '78 Caprice had mushy steering anyway.
BobS: nnon power steering is why the older cars had bigger steering wheels
Dr.D.: Grandma D. had to twist Grampy's arm to get power steering in that Maverick...but he wouldn't budge on power brakes.
rich-c: have a radio in teh van but only play it when Frances is not aboard - she doesnt like it
Dr.D.: I went to and from Toronto mostly in silence...5 hours quiet thinking time is a rare treat for me.
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rich-c: I still don't consider powr brakes necessary, sometimes not even convenient
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy
Dr.D.: Though I bet your new hip would appreciate the lesser pushing effort, Richard.
Dr.D.: Hi Guy.
BobS: Hiya Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: no, because I am a right foot braker
Guy B.: Alright, who is tired of this extreme cold weather?
BobS: ME
BobS: ME
BobS: ME
Judy: me!!!!!!
rich-c: (all hands go up)
Dr.D.: Of course, that's the proper way, me too...but still you might brace yourself with the left leg to tramp hard.
Judy: and the snow has to stop
BobS: as they SUCKs to be US
rich-c: you can have our share of the snow, too
Dr.D.: Girls have had great fun playing outside in it, though.
Guy B.: Me too. Bad enough we got over 4 inched of snow on Monday.
Judy: we have way more than we need
BobS: that is ALL ???????
BobS: try 10" here yesterday
BobS: and another 3 last night
Dr.D.: Box it up and send it to Iraq.
rich-c: four inches? that's barely enough for sledding
Guy B.: Bob, I know you got more than me. So, don't gloat about it.
rich-c: I think we've had about 16 inches in the last 48 hours
BobS: nope !!!!! just was hisnting that you might be able to use it
Guy B.: Count on top of the ice storm we got two weeks ago.
BobS: hinting
Dr.D.: I think we have 6-8" tops in our back yard, possibly more at the corner of the house where it blows around.
BobS: and Detroit/Windsor area had diddly yesterday
rich-c: I can't rmember how long it's been since our thermometer has read over 0C
BobS: try minimum 12" onthe flat and about 24-30" by the drive
Dr.D.: It was 18F according to the car thermometer on the way home.
Guy B.: Well, I'm almost doen with the computer work. Now, I'm on overtime and I'm going into work this Saturday. Got socked BIG today.
BobS: same here and don't shoot the messenger Richad, but more cold is to come........
BobS: 16 and falling here
rich-c: think our forecast is for very cold so just flurries
Guy B.: We are in the single digits.
BobS: forecast for us is abnormal cold and snow thru atleast Feb 15
Guy B.: Same for me here in Chicago.
rich-c: they're calling for -14C for us tonight - call it about 5F
BobS: yup, same ol' cold weather
rich-c: still, if it's too cold for snow it makes driving easier with no fresh fall
BobS: we get the lake effor tstuff anyway
Guy B.: Well, this Sunday in addition to being Super Bowl Sunday is also Groundhog Day. We all hope for the groundhog not to see his shadow for an early spring.
rich-c: and I have dentist and doctor and two physio appointments next week
Dr.D.: The groundhog will come out of his hole and get place-kicked before he can see anything :-)
rich-c: oh, is the Super Bore on too? This is the Daytona 24 Hours weekend
Dr.D.: I dunno if I will watch the Super Bowl...
rich-c: I am told that the ads are interesting
Guy B.: Seems everything else is going at the same time isn't it?
Dr.D.: I think that the one Browns game I watched all the way through this year was my first in about 3 years.
rich-c: I barely missed a CFL game all last season - but it's a different game
BobS: usually Budwieser and others bring out their new ads...and some are really good
Guy B.: Word is going around that Brittney, Beyonce and Pink are going to be in a new Pepsi commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl.
rich-c: I aso gather they refused some of the best ads - the wouldn't sell to
BobS: don't know about that stuff
Guy B.: Seems the girls are quiet.
BobS: yup
BobS: knittin she is
BobS: don't know what rin and rie are up to
Dr.D.: I think Erin is eating because she was starved by the cheapo lobbyists.
rich-c: no, the two of them are likely holding a private chat on msn messanger
Guy B.: Aha!
Dr.D.: My ears are burning....must be about me.
BobS: watch it you are married
Guy B.: I see George isn't on tonight.
BobS: nope
rich-c: he has not shown up much lately - but the one that worries me is Ron
Dr.D.: ROTFL Bob.
rich-c: we haven't heard from him for about three weeks now
Guy B.: Maybe AOL booted him out.
BobS: hmmmmm was on 3 weeks ago wasn't he???? and mum had the flu
baby doll: sorry folks we had some catching up to do
rich-c: he isn't on AOL, he's on Shaw cable with separate freenet dialup backup
BobS: ya we figured
Guy B.: Oh, we were wondering where you were.
rich-c: but james is missing, and so is Daniel
Barbie left chat session
baby doll: i am still here but for some reason am unable to do 2 things at once
BobS: tha is a female thing !!!!
rich-c: and Marie seems to have checked out
(BobS winks)
baby doll: Bob has a death wish
(baby doll laughs heartily)
(BobS gives baby doll a can of Diet Coke.)
baby doll: thank you Bob
Judy: he better watch it
rich-c: yeah, Bob, remember your wife is watching
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: he doesn't think I am watching because I am knitting at the same time
rich-c: oh, us old married men know better than that
Guy B.: Except one here isn't married.
rich-c: well, not at the moment, anyway
baby doll: i have a feeling it is me who is being spoken about
BobS: nope Guy
Dr.D.: Ears as read as hair, eh?
Guy B.: Finally tried out on my Dell last night. Took 30 minutes to download via the DSL. It would have taken over 4 hours by dialup. Openoffice is compatible with Word and Excel.
Dr.D.: red, that is...garg
baby doll: lol
Dr.D.: I can spel
Dr.D.: kan spill
Dr.D.: kaen spelle
baby doll: 'tis ok.......long day
Dr.D.: blech
baby doll: hehe
Dr.D.: I am hungry
Dr.D.: Back with calories in hand soon...
baby doll: yeah stomack effects the mind
rich-c: you should try Easy Office, Guy, it would be more than enough for your needs I'm sure
baby doll: ok i can't spell either apparently
Guy B.: After gaining weight during the holidays. Finally going back down again.
rich-c: go to for a download of the free version
Guy B.: is free by the way. And believe it or not, it's put out by the same company that makes Staroffice.
rich-c: no, I believe that Sun spun off the early Star Office to the Open Source crowd and now have a commercial Star Office
Guy B.: Even though I have two versions of MS Office on two different computers. I still use Wordperfect.
Judy: what are you doing, Guy, exercising or dieting?
Judy: or both
Guy B.: I believe your right Rich.
rich-c: I have the early freebie Star Office installed but rarely use it - too heavy for my needs
Guy B.: Both Judy. Abby has been taking me on longer walks.
rich-c: Easy Office has two word processors and a neat zip utility plus other goodies
Judy: must be you don't have the snow we do, can't walk around here
Guy B.: By the way, Abby's 10th birthday is coming up in two weeks.
Dr.D.: Okay, having munched a few bites of cold beef, cold peas, and cold tater tots, I am somewhat revived.
Guy B.: What, no hot ones, Dr D?
Judy: we have been on the treadmill and the exercise bike, Bob is losing but not me
rich-c: that's pretty good, Guy, how's she holding up?
Guy B.: She's doing great. No signs of slowing down. She had her checkup back last summer and she's in great shape.
rich-c: Judy, did you say earlier you two are off for another cruise next week?
Judy:, we are going to Florida to see my parents for a couple of weeks
Dr.D.: No hot food because heating it up would take too long.
Guy B.: Now Abby decides to lie on my foot.
Dr.D.: I am missing enough typing due to fork in hand right now :-)
rich-c: just staying on dry land - what part of Florida?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Judy: Fort Lauderdale
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: finally
baby doll: hi
Guy B.: Now that I'm back on overtime. I usually cook a frozen dinner, but I manage to try and cook something up during the weekend. Hi Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: i had some trouble to be connected tonight
rich-c: down in the real hot part then, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir rich!
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi "baby doll"
BobS: he is toobusy to ceck out the girlsHi daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
Dr.D.: I was in your fair country this weekend past.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
rich-c: what was the problem, Daniel? Any idea?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dr.D
Judy: hope so, but it has been cool lately
Dr.D.: I beat the bad was only cold while I was in Toronto.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know... maybe the ISP was overload because of the new worm virus propagation
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy!
rich-c: yes, they say yesterday 10% of all internet traffic was virus-generated
Daniel Bienvenu: at the university, it's 50% virus infected... I was unable to connect to the internet with the university (high speed connection)
Guy B.: Yesterday, we got an e-mail that kept replicating itself and it wouldn't stop. Had over 1100 of the same message. Computer Support had to shut down the mailbox to stop it.
Daniel Bienvenu: "baby doll"... it's not a kind of clothes?
rich-c: always some idiot kid who won't follow simple instructions and breaks the whole system
Daniel Bienvenu: who is "baby doll"?
baby doll: nope just Rin
Guy B.: We got hit with the virus at work. We all got a message from our virus program. But, it didn't effect the network.
Daniel Bienvenu: Erin aka Rin aka baby doll.
baby doll: exactly
Daniel Bienvenu: how many nickname you have, Rin?
baby doll: as amny as i want :-)
rich-c: that is, that you'll admit to ;-)
Dr.D.: One for each town she was run out of? :-)
baby doll: ha ha ha
BobS: watch it dr
Dr.D.: I discussed my nicknames with Richard when we were in Toronto IIRC.
BobS: she might hit you or something
Daniel Bienvenu: and, Dr.D and Rich-C how was your week-end?
Dr.D.: It was a fine time, Daniel...we actually decided to call it ADAMcon 15.5.
baby doll: the good Doctor has no idea what he's in for
Daniel Bienvenu: nice idea
Dr.D.: Since it was all ADAMcon attendees or ADAM chat attendees.
baby doll: [evil laugh]
Dr.D.: ANd I stayed at the ADAMcon 12 hotel.
Daniel Bienvenu: you talked about what?
Dr.D.: And we were up until all hours of the morning talking about stuff.
Dr.D.: And we had a banquet on the last night.
Dr.D.: And even a banner pass :-)
rich-c: all sorts of things, many Adam related, others computer related
Daniel Bienvenu: did you take pictures and video clip like a real adamcon? :P
Dr.D.: When my photo webpage is done, you will see it, Daniel.
Dr.D.: Probably I will release the URL tomorrow.
rich-c: pictures yes; Rich will have them up on his website soon
Daniel Bienvenu: great!
Dr.D.: I just got my photos developed today.
Daniel Bienvenu: wow! it's fast!
Dr.D.: You can see photos of me, Richard, Frances, Erin, Pam, and her husband Russell.
rich-c: pity we don't have any restaurant photos - Dr. D. knows how to treat a good buffet
Dr.D.: Plus my hotel room, the view of Toronto from the window, some restaurants, and some travel photos.
rich-c: today for a picture of Toronto just hang a bedsheet in front of the window and shoot
rich-c: no one will notice the difference
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! too much snow! :P
Dr.D.: I got a nice view of the 401 interchange at Keele Street.
Guy B.: Both Bob and I got hit with snow this week. Bob gets more than I do.
Dr.D.: The only pity was that I forgot my camera on Friday night, so no photos of Frances' excellent ravioli supper.
rich-c: did you notice, Rich, that at that point 401 is 18 lanes wide?
Dr.D.: But I do have both Richard and Frances in front of their respective computers.
Dr.D.: 18-bit parallel bus :-)
Dr.D.: No, I hadn't counted.
rich-c: it may be teh widest stretch of highway in the world
rich-c: which as you saw doesnt stop it from coming to a total halt in rush hour
Dr.D.: Nothing like traffic moving at 120K in a 100K zone...
rich-c: don't try going that slow on 401, you'll get run over
rich-c: anyway, Bob, how many chats will you two be missing, then?
Dr.D.: I don't think I've ever driven faster than 80 MPH anywhere anytime...either I'm too smart or too chicken.
Judy: he is sound asleep, can't answer you
Dr.D.: That's about 130K.
Dr.D.: Whisper "SNOW!" into his ear, Judy.
Judy: probably one or maybe two
rich-c: these days I am strictly a right-lane driver on 401
Daniel Bienvenu: and me ... I'm still here
Judy: that is the problem too much cleaning up snow
Judy: he woke up
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm also looking for my emails
rich-c: yes, that sort of exercise can tire a guy out
Dr.D.: Tell Bob he's overslept and is late for work.
rich-c: I'm surprised his cardiologist allows him to do it
Dr.D.: In college, one night in the lab, I dozed off at my desk for about 30 minutes and woke up feeling like I'd slept all night.
BobS: my doc don't know anything about it
Dr.D.: My watch said that my first class was 30 minutes away, no time to go back home to shower and change clothes...
rich-c: and isnt going to because if he did he'd forbid it, right?
Dr.D.: I went outside and noticed that it was still night, not morning.
Dr.D.: Talk about being disoriented...totally out of synch.
Judy: he hasn't said anything he can't do
Dr.D.: I think I did go home anyway, figuring that after the shock, I needed to go to bed :-)
rich-c: yes, I was like that after my operation - didn't know what day it was, let alone time
baby doll: probably a very good decision
Dr.D.: Yeah, I probably would've botched the experiment had I stayed.
Guy B.: Well folks, might as well check the e-mail. I'll see you all next week. Won't be on Saturday, going into work.
Dr.D.: Back then I was studying chickens, not slugs.
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week then - take care, now
Dr.D.: Right up your alley tonight, Rin :-)
Dr.D.: Good night, Guy...stay warm, stay safe.
Judy: bye Guy talk at you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy!
Guy B.: That I will. Bye all.
baby doll: nite Guy
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: be good Guy
BobS: heck he's gone
BobS: I am leaving too
BobS: got to hit the sck
BobS: sack
BobS: can't even type anymore
Judy: me to time for bed, was a long day
baby doll: you know out of the few people i met tonight i don't remember speaking to anyone from the chicken farmers of Ontario
rich-c: I just check my email as it arrives; I have a mailbox check every ten minutes
baby doll: Nitey nite Bob
Dr.D.: Don't shovel too much snow, Bob.
BobS: nite. be on nex Wed, then miss a Wed... then be back form Florida
Daniel Bienvenu: bye bob!
rich-c: OK Bob, you and Judy enjoy Florida, see you when you get back
Dr.D.: Say hi to the Homeland Security goons for us...
BobS: trying nit too Dr D but thecrap keeps on falling
Dr.D.: LEave your box cutters at home.
baby doll: no nail clippers either
BobS: say HI to ma and pa kettle ???????
BobS: will do
Dr.D.: Hope it's warmer in Fla than in Mi.
BobS: can have nail clippers now and knitting needles too
Daniel Bienvenu: I received an infected email today from the university mailing list.
Judy: just will take my knitting needles
baby doll: wow i'm out of the loop
Dr.D.: I use only Macs, so I laugh at all the viruses!
rich-c: was it the new virus or one of the older ones, Daniel?
BobS: course that is only under yellow ghreaat, with red, you can't even have clothes
BobS: treat
BobS: threat
rich-c: I keep getting the one that masquerades as a PayPal message
BobS: whew !!!!
Dr.D.: I think we should have more pastel alert colors, like Mauve and Taupe and Magenta.
BobS: AND thee was one supposededly from Ebay too
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's the new one "MYDOOM"... I know that some guys at the university use Kazaa and this virus use emails and kazaa to "broadcast itsself".
Dr.D.: CWRU E-mail is all being piped through a virus filter now.
BobS left chat session
rich-c: right - I don't use Kazaa and don't open suspicious attachments
Daniel Bienvenu: No panic... I just flush the email like all the other spam I receive each day
rich-c: yes, I dump the spam before it's ever downloaded, just check it while it's still with my ISP
Daniel Bienvenu: 23h... time to sleep... not for me but for you.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have things to check first
Dr.D.: You aren't a student any more, Daniel, you can keep sane hours now.
rich-c: yes, time to wrap up I guess
Daniel Bienvenu: and maybe I will start "connect four" for my boardgames gamepack project.
Dr.D.: Again, Richard, thanks for your hospitality this weekend. And Frances' too (and her cooking).
rich-c: sounds good, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ho, I forgot
rich-c: very much our pleasure, Rich
Dr.D.: This weekend I think I can finally play your games, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you try to play "patience carre" ?
Dr.D.: Not yet, I am waiting for some free time again.
Dr.D.: Elanor says good night to all.
Dr.D.: She is up past her bedtime.
Dr.D.: She is very naughty.
Daniel Bienvenu: Are you the only one in adamcon who know this game
Dr.D.: Very naughty indeed.
rich-c: story of our lives - you'd think retirees wouldn't have that complaint, but we do
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Elanor!
rich-c: say goodnight to Elanor for us, Rich
Dr.D.: She was supposed to be asleep an hour ago...but the 2 days off from school this week (cancelled due to snow) has made all of the girls stay up too late.
Dr.D.: I will, Richard.
Dr.D.: I think only Christina is still up now.
rich-c: OK, I think I will pack it in now - goodnight, all
Dr.D.: Good night, Richard.
baby doll: good night uncle Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
rich-c: colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too...
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Dr.D.: Okay Daniel, good night!
baby doll: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dr.D.: And then there were two...
baby doll: and then there were 2
baby doll: OM MY GOODNESS
Dr.D.: Same thought, same time...
Dr.D.: Spooky.
baby doll: lol
Dr.D.: I guess the ESP is out tonight..."lake effect psionics"
baby doll: coincidence i think not
Dr.D.: Well, are you talked out, tired out, or what?
Dr.D.: Having digested some of my dinner, I'm awake again.
baby doll: i dunno...what do you wanna talk about?
baby doll: :-)
Dr.D.: I am open to anything.
Dr.D.: No particular agenda.
Dr.D.: Snow is probably not a good topic, though.
baby doll: do you have questions?
Dr.D.: Maybe not a question...I just want to be sure that you're all right with all your deep thinking.
Dr.D.: I'd feel bad if I somehow "destabilized" you.
Dr.D.: Or any other thinking, deep or not.
baby doll: i am fine....i have been avoiding deep thought for almost 2 months and sometimes i need to be reminded that i cannot avoid my thoughts
baby doll: these thoughts are very valuable to me
Dr.D.: I also respect your personal strength and desire not to be seen as a stereotypical "gabby/weepy woman".
baby doll: whether it be artistically or self-reflective
Dr.D.: So I'm not pushing you to talk...I am letting you do the pushing.
Dr.D.: I will just provide an ear if you want it.
baby doll: no body's ever really been interested in what I had to say (that wasn't superficial) so I am not used to getting into that side of's always just frustrated others and even turned them away ...
baby doll: .........per your comments the same goes from this end
Dr.D.: I am poor at small-talk...and I too have wondered if my own deep thoughts are not repulsive to others.
Dr.D.: So I guess it's feast or famine with me: either I say nothing, or you get it all. I guess I haven't found the in-between.
Dr.D.: Honesty is easy for me, even unpleasant honesty.
baby doll: i have found that very very few are not repulsed by deep thought, not even repulsed just terrified.....there's only one person who knows that level of me and i think he scared himself, so my thoughts and I have been spending some time together
baby doll: honesty is rare
Dr.D.: sorry for the delay, had to take a brief potty break.
baby doll: np
Dr.D.: I'm not afraid of my deep thoughts any more. They are there and won't go away.
baby doll: maybe you need a different approach
baby doll: they'll still be scarry any way you approach them, but embracing them as a part of who you are might make it a little more tolerable
baby doll: obviously they are there for a reason
Dr.D.: I think that's what I was trying to say...they're there, they won't go away, I can't make them go away, and as you say, there's probably a reason for them.
Dr.D.: So, accept them.
Dr.D.: I guess I'm doing that now.
Dr.D.: Probably as recently as this summer, I wasn't, though.
baby doll: i figure it's all about balance
Dr.D.: I have to say, it does help to have people like you and Pam to talk to.
baby doll: i personally have difficulties with Pam, but I am glad it helps
Dr.D.: Really? I wouldn't have guessed (not to pry, at least not too much).
baby doll: :-)
Dr.D.: Then Saturday night/Sunday morning must have been pretty intolerable for you.
baby doll: she says she never says "i told you so"
baby doll: it's true,,,,,she makes it a point to never word it that way
Dr.D.: Well, saying something without saying the words per se is still saying it...
Dr.D.: I am sorry if you were placed in an uncomfortable position.
baby doll: exactly, and she hurt me this summer and I just can't go to her anymore......she spouts "answers" that don't exist and it bothers me to no end
baby doll: this w/e i really didn't say anything though, it wasn't awkward
Dr.D.: Pam hasn't talked about you to me, so I am ignorant of anything between you two.
baby doll: she doesn't know and if she did she wouldn't get it
baby doll: just get upset
baby doll: i love my cousin but i can't talk to her, not the deep talks
Dr.D.: Well, I'm not going to interfere with you two or spill any beans.
baby doll: maybe it's just b/c she is family
Dr.D.: Are you afraid it will be used against you somehow?
Dr.D.: I did detect a certain sparring for advantage between Pam and her Dad, maybe that is just how things go there.
baby doll: over the past several years she has become less understanding and more may be related to that I dunno
baby doll: maybe it's me and am just going further inside I dunno
Dr.D.: I think that having to get formally married was a major concession to her ideas of independence.
Dr.D.: Having known you only for a brief while, I don't have a basis for comparison.
Dr.D.: You seem open enough from my viewpoint.
Dr.D.: You don't seem totally introverted or autistic.
Dr.D.: Or determinedly self-destructive.
Dr.D.: I do see people like that at CWRU more often than I'd like, in the fraternity.
baby doll: i have been forced to be independant, that is single, so I cannot relate to her on that level, nor her to me
baby doll: self-destructive has been used to describe me
Dr.D.: I haven't seen it.
baby doll: a lot actually
baby doll: drinking, smoking, tattoos, depression........but that seems to be turning around since i moved
Dr.D.: It sounds like, whatever may have gone before, you are now going in a positive direction.
baby doll: i hope so, I am looking forward to the future now
Dr.D.: There are people who do at least the first three without being pariahs.
Dr.D.: And people who never do the first three who are prey to the fourth.
baby doll: and no wreckless sex was involved in that era so I am really glad for that....icing on the cake as it were
Dr.D.: See, you were more in control than you are giving yourself credit for.
baby doll: yes and no
baby doll: i have a theory about that part of my life
Dr.D.: Well, as long as you don't view past "bad" choices as irredeemably setting you on a course for destruction, I think you can rise above them.
Dr.D.: What is your theory?
baby doll: my theory was if it was going to happen it would have to be meant to happen
Dr.D.: Meant by whom?
baby doll: it was like a protection kinda thing (mainly from myself and own devices)
baby doll: a fate thing, if you believe in that kinda thing
Dr.D.: I do and I don't.
Dr.D.: Fate looks like an attractive explanation only in retrospect.
Dr.D.: It's scary to count on it before the fat lady has sung, if you take my meaning.
baby doll: well yeah but it was a comfort when i was not, um, let's say interesting to anyone
Dr.D.: I'd like to think you're meant for something other than depressed, risky behavior and an unhappy, short life.
Dr.D.: I guess I still have a board in my own eye, but I have to comment on the mote in yours: I think you're plenty interesting.
baby doll: well thank you...
Dr.D.: You have a genuine happy smile in rich-n-rin.jpg. So you clearly have it within you.
baby doll: i did notice was kinda nice to see again
baby doll: I do believe you are right in saying that there is more to life than the negative's just more difficult to see or believe sometimes
Dr.D.: Since oh, maybe before the end of November, I have decided to follow all the positive things that cross my path.
baby doll: that's a very good thing
Dr.D.: Instead of thinking aboug all the negatives that I've either encountered or, like the chains of Marley's ghost, I am dragging around with me.
Dr.D.: I went to Toronto as much for me as for your Uncle Richard.
Dr.D.: *I* wanted to talk to all of *you*.
Dr.D.: *I* planned for it, *I* schemed for it.
Dr.D.: Sounds selfish that way; my teenaged self is very ashamed.
baby doll: don't be
baby doll: it's sounds cliche but you have to do what you need to do
Dr.D.: A friend here has told me that I need to do more things for myself.
baby doll: (i hate cliches.....they r so condescending)
Dr.D.: I have ignored that little voice for many years almost on first principles.
Dr.D.: But after giving in to it and letting my dog have some leash, so to speak, I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to do it.
baby doll: i guess that's a part of the personal experience
baby doll: if you hadn't experienced the negative how could you appreciate the positive
Dr.D.: That's true.
Dr.D.: And also you don't know how bad the negative was without the positive to compare it to.
baby doll: exactly
baby doll: have you found a certain comfort in the negative?
Dr.D.: The negative is more familiar, so it has that kind of comfort of acquaintance.
Dr.D.: Also it's the worst-case fall-back position.
Dr.D.: If I expect it, or half-expect it, and it happens, then at least I'm not disappointed.
baby doll: it's a safe place and will always be there for you *shrug*
Dr.D.: But if it doesn't happen, then I am surprised, and I got something extra, "free", a gift.
Dr.D.: You can, however, expend a lot of effort looking for the worst-case scenarios to try to prevent yourself from being disappointed.
Dr.D.: And thus miss out on positives, because you're too busy to notice them.
Dr.D.: My positives seem to be most often things of the fleeting moment; it's the bad things that are well-planned for.
baby doll: there is a nice sense of relief when they aren't as bad
Dr.D.: Yes.
Dr.D.: But there have been a few moments in my life that I have wished I could have stayed in longer. I linger in them in memory, but there were such steep slopes all around them that there was no way to stay there.
Dr.D.: And I never climbed hard to reach them, I sorta just dropped onto them somehow.
baby doll: the mind is an amazing thing with respect to those things
Dr.D.: But everything was downhill from there.
Dr.D.: From what I gather, though, some people never end up in those places even once in their lives.
Dr.D.: And I have had no luck in talking about such experiences with people who've never had them (yet?) themselves.
baby doll: not many get it......
Dr.D.: For those people, a mountaintop is always something you must climb up arduously to reach; you never magically end up there by stumbling through a portal or dropped there by an eagle.
Dr.D.: I would bottle that magic if I could...
baby doll: :-)
baby doll: it's nice to see your "innocence" is not lost
Dr.D.: And since "normal" laws of cause and effect don't apply, there isn't anything "rational" that you can do to try to get to such places.
Dr.D.: All I can advise now is, if you find such a place, don't pass it by.
Dr.D.: Even if you can't stay :-(
Dr.D.: And I wouldn't have said that at age 17...or 25...or even 40.
baby doll: i think i have already lost that place, I'm hoping it's just a lull
baby doll: hope is a dangerous thing
Dr.D.: I have spent about 30 days on the ascent side but near the summit, 1 day at the summit, and another 15 days sharply sloping away.
Dr.D.: And none of those days involved sex, either.
Dr.D.: Recently I have found myself on higher ground than I've been since that time, but no idea how high.
Dr.D.: But it's close enough to make me think of the other time, and try to stay in it, at least in thought.
Dr.D.: It also was "magic" in that I wasn't trying to get there...indeed, had long given up even the idea of it.
Dr.D.: If the Eagles can save Bilbo and Frodo, then why not me, eh? :-)
baby doll: :-)
Dr.D.: If this is TMI, please tell me.
baby doll: not at all
Dr.D.: You are one of 3 people that I know with whom I can have this conversation...and alas, one person whom I'd like to have this conversation with, I can't.
baby doll: makes it more difficult
Dr.D.: Much more difficult.
Dr.D.: I can't tell you how uplifting it is to me to say these things knowing that you "get it", Rin.
baby doll: :-)
baby doll: I've had these types of conversations taken from me so I am fully appreciating it
Dr.D.: I also should be trying not to talk all the time; me talking means someone else can't get a word in edgewise.
baby doll: lol
baby doll: don't think that way
baby doll: these things need to get out
Dr.D.: Yeah, but the urge is to break the dam all at once.
baby doll: whatever needs to be done is all that matters
Dr.D.: I pity the people who live in the valley in the shadow of the dam, that's all.
baby doll: but it can't be at the cost of oneself either
Dr.D.: That is what my friend has told me, too.
baby doll: life's a catch 22
Dr.D.: Since I am hearing this advice from multiple sources, I am paying attention to it.
baby doll: i know how hard that is.....i normally am too stubborn
Dr.D.: I am too chicken.
Dr.D.: There is something to be said for fear to help keep you in line...fear that you will turn out like other people you know that have "gone bad".
Dr.D.: But all the war heros always say that they are as scared as everybody else around them, they'd be lying if they said otherwise.
baby doll: true
Dr.D.: So I guess I'm not too ashamed to be apprehensive about listening to advice to change.
Dr.D.: But I think I will have to change.
baby doll: so long as you don't change your essence
Dr.D.: Hehe, what is that exactly?
Dr.D.: What's your take on the essential me?
baby doll: from what I know.......pensive, intelligent, kind, giving.....but more to the point you are quite "deep"'s hard for me to's something that's just there, an integration of mind and soul.......kind of an innate balance.........
baby doll: brb
Dr.D.: acknowledged
baby doll: back
Dr.D.: It's hard to sit still for so long :-)
baby doll: i'm not very good at expressing such's more of a feeling
Dr.D.: Re: your assessment, I wish I had more to show for it, 'cause it reads like a million bucks.
baby doll: what do you see when you look at yourself?
Dr.D.: Too good for my own good.
Dr.D.: Not enough realpolitik.
Dr.D.: The nice guy who will always finish last.
Dr.D.: What people say they want, but not what they will really pick when given a choice.
Dr.D.: But I don't know any other way to be.
baby doll: fair enough
Dr.D.: That's what the inner dark part of me says about the outer light facade of me.
baby doll: i could probably stroke your ego with your fourth point but again words really don't mean anything
Dr.D.:'s what I've come to say about how my robot course has been treated by the University:
Dr.D.: If they say they like it and value it, but won't pay for it, then they really don't value it.
Dr.D.: I do have some ego, he is small and doesn't get out much, but he does woof from time to time :-)
baby doll: hehehe
Dr.D.: I have to say, my ego likes our picture.
baby doll: <blush> I am quite fond of it myself.....
Dr.D.: I got double prints, I could send you an original. Both of them are far shots, though (Pam wasn't close enought), but I zoomed in on the one I thought was nicer.
baby doll: i'd like that.....i will email you my TO address tomorrow, I'd do it now but as we have learned my computer is not that reliable
Dr.D.: Sure thing.
Dr.D.: Don't stress it trying to do 2 things at once :-)
baby doll: i know, probably blow up half the city
baby doll: lol
Dr.D.: Should we call it a night? Even though you can mosey in a little late, I have to get up at 6:00 AM.
Dr.D.: If it were a Friday, I'd keep going, though :-)
baby doll: probably a good idea...we'll probably get ourselves into trouble anyway ;-)
Dr.D.: Joan was supposed to be home from work about 30 minutes ago, so I am wondering if the weather has taken a turn for the worse...
Dr.D.: She was on call last night until 4:30 AM.
baby doll: is it snowing?
Dr.D.: Lots of sick babies with the bad weather, and chronic staff shortages.
Dr.D.: Have to go look...brb.
Dr.D.: No snow.
Dr.D.: Except what's on the ground, that is.
Dr.D.: Roads look clear.
Dr.D.: So, probably just a long change-of-shift report.
baby doll: probably
baby doll: can always call to ease your mind
Dr.D.: So, go get some sleep, and I can mail you out a print of our picture tomorrow.
Dr.D.: One secretary there is a real crab, I don't want to talk to her at this hour.
baby doll: lol
baby doll: sleep well Rich......i'll write tomorrow :-) *hug*
Dr.D.: Eat another sandwich before you go to bed, you poor starved goverment drone.
Dr.D.: :-)
Dr.D.: Hugs too...bye.
baby doll: hehe
Dr.D.: <poof>
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