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rich-c: hey, I'm noy the first!
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel; that Rin or Rie with you?
JustPlainCold: A cold American...down in his basement...
rich-c: hi Doc - got teh next set of Xrays today
JustPlainCold: Good...what's the verdict?
rich-c: end of restrictions - if I can do it, I may do it
JustPlainCold: Yay, even crossing legs?
rich-c: the surgeon was very cheerful and apparently pleased with himself
JustPlainCold: Excellent news.
JustPlainCold: So did you get your pre-op X-rays, too?
rich-c: apparently so - but I "won't spend it all in one place", so to speak
JustPlainCold: No marathons, I would agree.
rich-c: I believe so and even the chest X-rays
rich-c: no bungee jumping, either ;-)
JustPlainCold: I wouldn't bungee-jump with my own intact skeleton...
rich-c: funny y6ou should say... ;-)
JustPlainCold: Some things are not worth experiencing.
rich-c: anyway, off to teh trailer show tomorrow (roulottes for Daniel's benefit)
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok! I'm back!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Rich!
JustPlainCold: Bungees have no allure to me...
JustPlainCold: Hello, Daniel.
rich-c: allo Daniel, just in time - see above
JustPlainCold: Some French I learned on Monday: Joyeux jour de marmotte!
rich-c: another year of disappointment there, no doubt - they never build one better than the one we have
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
JustPlainCold: Do you go looking to get another one, or just to see what's on the market now?
rich-c: oui, le jour de marmotte etait lundi
rich-c: we are desperately looking for a replacement, have been for a few years
JustPlainCold: Get a nice aluminum Airstream...
JustPlainCold: I always liked the look of them on the outside, was never inside one.
rich-c: ever seen what even the smallest of those weighs?
JustPlainCold: No clue...but they're aluminum like WW2 aircraft, right?
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changed username to Scarlett Rose
rich-c: yes, Wally Byam took his inspiration from aircraft construction techniques - prior to teh DC-3 era
JustPlainCold: <whistles at Miss Scarlett>
Scarlett Rose: hehehe
rich-c: that out to be an allusion to hair colour, so I guess it's Rin
JustPlainCold: Airstreams are indestructible, I'd think.
JustPlainCold: But I presume you mean they are still very heavy?
Scarlett Rose: <Rin winks>
rich-c: well, let's say in normal use, they are very close to that\
Daniel Bienvenu: hi!
Scarlett Rose: hi Daniel
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rich-c: yes, I have been astounded at the weights
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James!
JustPlainCold: Well, the Meteor would be up to it, wouldn't it?
james: top of the morning, sirs
james: and ma'ams
JustPlainCold: Hi James.
changed username to Harvie Powis
rich-c: hey Rin, hear you've found yourself a new apartment
JustPlainCold: And Harvie, pleasant surprise.
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: hello Harvie, remembered again - good man!
JustPlainCold: See handle :-)
Scarlett Rose: i believe so
rich-c: I assume Pamela had a hand in this?
Harvie Powis: hat's two weeks in a row ( same year even) :)
JustPlainCold: ha
rich-c: hey, Harv, you're on a roll
rich-c: for the newcomers: I am now without restrictions on my movement
Harvie Powis: When you are built like me it's easier to roll
james: they took your ankle monitor off, rich?
james: heh heh.
rich-c: surgeon looked on his work, pronounced it good, and said if I can do it, I may do it
james: must be nice to have your freedom of movement back
rich-c: yes - so nice to put 0n my own shoes and sox again
JustPlainCold: Well just look how happy Richard is in my ADAMcon 15.5 bet he's happy to be up and around again :-)
Harvie Powis: who's were you putting on before?
james: i've finally got high speed access here
JustPlainCold: Zoommm...same spam, 10x faster :-)
james: harvie, you beat me to it
rich-c: nobody's, which was the problem
rich-c: DSL or cable, james?
Harvie Powis: I just figured out who just plain cold is
james: lol
james: dsl
james: some serious server lag going here
rich-c: hmmm - earlier this evening I was getting a lot of disconnects on my dialup
james: since i'm so close to the access point it's 24megabit and i've got a static ip
JustPlainCold: It's the frozen man from basement is very cold.
rich-c: so if I suddenly vanish, assume someone pulled the plug - again - but I'll be back
JustPlainCold: Keeps all the computers cool, though.
james: lol. it was -2 celcius in my studyroom here a couple weeks ago when i came in one morning
james: out of curiosity, i checked the cpu temp - 23c and that was at full load running seti@home
rich-c: don't you have any sort of space heating?
JustPlainCold: Once upon a time I did, Richard.
JustPlainCold: My old college space heater.
JustPlainCold: The one that I also could make myself toast on in the mornings in the dorm :-)
JustPlainCold: But its heating element ribbon just died one day, and I've never gotten another one.
rich-c: my cpu is currently 47C, about average after a hours use and more
JustPlainCold: Also now so much dust down here, I'd think a fire might result...ick.
james: i thought 23 was pretty cool for an amd
james: what are you running, rich?
rich-c: as youre aware, Rich, I'm no one to talk about basements
rich-c: yes, I'm running an AMD 1600XP
james: i've recently gone back to using net radio
rich-c: I have the PC Alert program that Microstar includes with their motherboards and it is quite happy with that temperature
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changed username to Chick Pea
james: it's actually enjoyable when it doesn't involve staring at an ap that just reads "buffering.. buffering.. buffering"
rich-c: hello Rie
Chick Pea: hi uncle richard
james: my cpu typically runs int the mid 50s, but my machine is on 24/7
Scarlett Rose: hey Chickpea
Chick Pea: hi there
Harvie Powis: My AMD xp2200+ is running at 55c (could probably make toast for Dr. D )
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james: lol.. yeah, that's about what mine runs at. think i've got a 2100+ in here
changed username to Judy
james: fried eggs, anyone?
Chick Pea: eirn i can't staaay
rich-c: the newer teh chip, the hotter it runs basically, I believe
Judy: hi, everyone
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JustPlainCold: Hello Garbanzo Bean.
Scarlett Rose: really why?
Chick Pea: not in the modd]
Chick Pea: really upset is all
changed username to Florida bound
rich-c: hey Judy, welcome - didnt see you come in
JustPlainCold: Ouch, sorry to hear, Rie.
Scarlett Rose: why?
james: not in the mood.. now *where* have i heard that before?..
Chick Pea: don't want ot talk bout it
Scarlett Rose: oh
Chick Pea: i just wanted to say hi
rich-c: see Roberto is with us too
Scarlett Rose: james..........?
james: nevermind me :P
Chick Pea: i said i too u earlier on msn but u never answered
Florida bound changed username to Florida Bob
Judy: he thinks he is on vacation
Scarlett Rose: r u sure you don't want to talk about it
Florida Bob: i AM on vacation
Chick Pea: yeah
Chick Pea: not here
Florida Bob: started thsi afternoon
Scarlett Rose: i forgot to sign out, sorry
JustPlainCold: Oh, the Slopsemas have hit Florida...
Florida Bob: not yet, but soon
james: anyone want my snow?
Chick Pea: that's ok
Judy: not yet tomorrow morning
rich-c: when and for how long, Bob?
Florida Bob: linch onthe intercoastal @ 1:30pm
JustPlainCold: Wait 'til they get good and acclimated to the heat...then come back up to MI and *WHAM*!
Florida Bob: lunxh
Florida Bob: lunch
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JustPlainCold: Believe it or not, we had an entire flock of *robins* in a tree on the Quad at CWRU on Monday afternoon.
rich-c: your hosts have an internet connection?
Judy: by then maybe it will be warm
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: I can top that with a real unbelievable
Chick Pea: eirn did u check out my pic yet?
Pamela: Hello folks
james: i'm getting pretty sick of this winter
james: hip am
Scarlett Rose: hi Pammie
Judy: hi, PAM
james: i mean "hi pam"
rich-c: we had a MOCKINGBIRD!!! ib our backyord Feb. 1 (Sunday)
Pamela: I got the gist, James : )
rich-c: hi Pam
james: :D
Daniel Bienvenu: Technical question: How to avoid a conflict between NMI interrupt and VDP? I set the vdp register to disable the nmi call but it looks like it corrupts sometimes. maybe the nmi interrupt occurs when i setup the vdp register.
JustPlainCold: Die geehrte Frau Vilneff.
Pamela: Bob, why are you in Florida?
JustPlainCold: Michigan kicked him out. He's in exile.
Chick Pea: eirn/?
james: sheesh. someone doesn't want to share "his" seaweed
Florida Bob: NOT THERE YET !!!!
Scarlett Rose: I'm here sorry
JustPlainCold: hahaha james
Judy: it is warm there
Chick Pea: did u check out my poic yet?
Florida Bob: tomorrow we be there......HEAT, folks, warmth
Chick Pea: pic
Pamela: who's just plain cold?
Scarlett Rose: wanna come paint my apt. Chickpea?
james: kids these days
Florida Bob: you know the drill
rich-c: Rich
Judy: I wish
Chick Pea: when?
Scarlett Rose: the angel?
JustPlainCold: Who's the beast we know so well? D-R-U-S-H-E-L!
Chick Pea: i mena on the net?
Pamela: sorry Rich, shoulda known
JustPlainCold: hee hee
Scarlett Rose: March sometime
JustPlainCold: So Pam, did you see the ADAMcon 15.5 webpage yet?
Chick Pea: we'll have too see
rich-c: Pam, did you connive with Rin on the apartment?
Scarlett Rose: oh no not yet
Chick Pea: $$$$$$$$$$$$$ will playa big part
Chick Pea: and giddo
Pamela: so is that wishful thinking Bob?
Chick Pea: jas and i have to move in there
Chick Pea: eirn go to msn
Scarlett Rose: how is he doing
JustPlainCold: There's always the Mr. Bean method to painting: a cherry bomb, an open bucket of paint, and close the apartment door and windows.
Florida Bob: what???? Florida?????no that is a REALITY come 7am
Pamela: yes, I just saw the 15.5 page now - how cool!
james: i seem to have misplaced the url
Florida Bob: werbpage address please
Chick Pea: bad they don't want him going home byhimself so insteead of putting him in a home jason and i have to tak eecare of him
Pamela: but Rich, you spilled the beans - you weren't supposed to tell my parents that we were up till 4:15 am
james: thanks
JustPlainCold: No, *YOU* just did...*I was only up until 3:45 AM.
Pamela: re the apartment, yes we did Dad
JustPlainCold: <clicks tongue>
rich-c: I assume it is not the one Kimberly had
Pamela: well, excuse me - I meant we as in Erin and I
Pamela: no, it's Allyson's, actually
rich-c: oh, is Ally leaving?
Pamela: she's moving to a place at Yonge and Eglinton - 385 Eglinton East, I think she said
rich-c: or are they sharing?
rich-c: oh, OK, thugh I'm surprised she is moving
rich-c: and I suspect that 385 would be over nearer Bayview
Pamela: well when you're without wheels, it pays to be closer to the subway and to other things such as groceries so you're not dependent on someone to take you
JustPlainCold: Sounds like old-time, pre-auto neighborhoods.
rich-c: yes, there's a Dominiion at Bayview and Eglinton - where we shopped before we bought the house
Pamela: the biggest hurdle here is there's no grocery store within walking distance
Pamela: however, Erin is not shy about asking for a ride somewhere
Pamela: so that shouldn't be an issue
JustPlainCold: No hitchhiking, I hope.
Pamela: I should hope not!
JustPlainCold: Far too dangerous.
Pamela: never mind, I'd kill her myself
JustPlainCold: So how warm *IS* it in Florida, Judy?
Pamela: no, there's a bus stop right outside our front door and another line just down the street
Florida Bob: 78-80 right now and going for 85 next week
Pamela: not to mention the GO station three blocks away
JustPlainCold: We had temps in the 30s today with some sun and that felt balmy.
Harvie Powis: Yes but with the wind chill it will be only 82 Bob
JustPlainCold: I even carried out the garbage this morning in shirtsleeves.
Pamela: must be nice, we only got one day of that before we plunged again
rich-c: we saw our first above-freezing day this year yesterday
JustPlainCold: hahaha Harvie
Judy: mom said it is going to be in the high 70's and 80's fri
Pamela: pity them, Harvie : )
JustPlainCold: At least the night it rained all night, it never got below freezing like they thought it would.
JustPlainCold: What would she say about the new improved Mandarin #1? :-)
Florida Bob: same here DrD
Pamela: it slushed on Tuesday, then froze overnight. The TTC parking lot was a skating rink this morning
rich-c: we had a hard freeze last night, the driveway was all icy this morning
JustPlainCold: It was a skating rink.
JustPlainCold: I could hardly get to the car...and then to the parking lot.
Florida Bob: we WILL muddle thru Harvie
JustPlainCold: We had to do grocery shopping and the lots were no fun.
JustPlainCold: Except if you wanted to ride a cart like a toboggan or something.
JustPlainCold: Which, alas, there were too many parked cars to do.
Pamela: sounds like a recipe for disaster to me
JustPlainCold: But I was sorely tempted.
rich-c: oh, when we shopped today the parking lot was clear of snow - no problem
JustPlainCold: Disaster is always near with the parking lot of the TOPS supermarket here.
Pamela: darn, who put their thumbs all over my glasses?
Florida Bob: luckily, we had very little of the freezing rain, changed to snow real quick
rich-c: big snowbanks of either side, but the travelled part of most roads was clear and dry
JustPlainCold: Very interesting crusts of solid ice on top of mushy snowball snow.
JustPlainCold: The girls could actually walk on the ice for bits without breaking through.
Pamela: I made a snowball yesterday morning ! : ) but then I missed my mark : (
JustPlainCold: I can remember being able to do that long ago...when I was under 100 lbs.
Pamela: they really need to make the wall over Allen Road bigger
Pamela: (that should make Dad snicker)
JustPlainCold: Though soon (I think) I'll be under 200 for the first time since Sept. 1990.
rich-c: why, the development kids having fun?
JustPlainCold: You lobbing snowballs at cars, Pam?
Florida Bob: way to go Rich
JustPlainCold: I take every chance I get to pelt the girls...
Pamela: I was aiming for the wall of the Allen, which passes over the subway - I missed
JustPlainCold: Diana squeals and makes it more fun.
JustPlainCold: Gretchen is more stoic and throws some back.
Pamela: Diana is such a girl!
JustPlainCold: The best is a big, slow lob over top of the van (where she can't see it coming).
JustPlainCold: You said it, Diana is the girliest of the 4 girls.
JustPlainCold: They did play outside during the 2 snow days last week.
Pamela: you wait though Rich, she'll learn - and she'll start fighting back when you least expect it
JustPlainCold: She'll probably be one to complain that a snowball scraped the paint job on her fingernails some day :-)
rich-c: yep, one of these days you'll turn round and POW! - right in the kisser
Pamela: guys just don't understand - breaking a nail is a big deal
Pamela: I never used to understand it until I started growing my nails
Judy: yes, it is a big deal
Scarlett Rose: hurts like h*ll anyway
JustPlainCold: If it's good enough for Ralph Kramden...
Pamela: now, breaking a nail HURTS and is a major disaster
Pamela: you should have seen me babying my nails before the wedding - I was soooo careful
Pamela: Marie, who are you moving in with?
rich-c: Pam, did you see my earlier info? I was at teh hospital today
james: ok, i have to go. i'll see you all next week
Pamela: no, I missed that - why at the hospital?
Scarlett Rose: she's moving in with Jason's grandfather
rich-c: OK james, look for you - take care
Pamela: g'nite James
james: thanks! *poof*
Scarlett Rose: bye james
james left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james
Harvie Powis: Bye James
rich-c: three month check - now, no more restrictions
Pamela: meaning you can cross your legs and sit upright???
rich-c: cant fuss me for crossing my legs anymore ;-)
Florida Bob: COOL, now you an HOWL
Pamela: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scarlett Rose: woo-hoo!!!
rich-c: even put on my own shoes and sox
Florida Bob: NOW, no xcuses for anything Frances or Pam want
Judy: that is great, Rich
Pamela: S'okay Dad, I'll find something else to fuss at you about, just to make you feel at home
rich-c: tomorrow we are going out trailer shopping
Pamela: oh really
rich-c: the RV show is on up at the congress Centre
Florida Bob: honna look at one of those 35 footers
Florida Bob: gonna
Pamela: so what are you going to look at Dad?
rich-c: we'll go after lunch then have dinner at Le Biftheque
Pamela: take your appetite, you'll need it
JustPlainCold: Sorry for delay, updating a webpage for Christina.
rich-c: anything that's an improvment on what we have now
JustPlainCold: Speaking of whom...she needs to use this computer, so I will have to move to the 486.
rich-c: OK Rich, see you off and on again
Pamela: so you're looking specifically at trailers and not motorhomes?
rich-c: you've been to LeBif?
Pamela: yes and it was wonderful - expensive, but wonderful. Way too much food
JustPlainCold: Okay, beaming over to the 486.
rich-c: hey, we didnt spend 10 large converting the van to junk it for a motorhome
JustPlainCold: <poof>
JustPlainCold left chat session
Pamela: one of those places where two people can dine on one meal
rich-c: I'll warn your mother, though that's my kind of place :-)
Pamela: also, make reservations Dad
rich-c: they have been made, though they would not have been necessa5ry
rich-c: the receptionist indicated that wait times early Thursday nights are not long
Pamela: well that's what they said to us, but when we arrived, despite reservations, we still had to wait almost an hour for our table
Florida Bob: tis Valentine's Day soon,............htis HAS to be a celebration for that AND the good news you got
Pamela: oh Lord, don't remind me.
Florida Bob: do th reservation thing,,,,nothing is more agrevating than waiting
rich-c: yes, so far this year we seem to be on a bit of a roll
rich-c: maybe even we'll get increibly lucky and find the trailer we want
Florida Bob: Russell WANTS a valentine from his bride............................
Pamela: it's been a very exciting time
(Florida Bob winks)
Pamela: yeah well, his bride wants a valentine too but doesn't have a lot of time to go looking
rich-c: Pam, Sunday we had a mockingbird in the back yard
Pamela: I got him a mushy card last year
Pamela: I caught that, Dad
Pamela: isn't he a little early?
Florida Bob: I'd say a LTO early
Florida Bob: LOT
rich-c: when is that last time you saw a mockingbird in Toronto, daughter?
Pamela: I don't know Dad - I've never gone looking for one : )
rich-c: I have found five in 65 years
rich-c: and trust me, none of them were in February!
Pamela: ah, a confused mockingbird - even better
Judy: he may be a little confused
Pamela: sounds like he took a left turn somewhere
Pamela: Erin?
rich-c: well, they are spreading their range up from the South, but wintering over? wow
Scarlett Rose: yes Pam
rich-c: I think she's on MSN with Rie
Pamela: are you going to fax your application to me soon?
Scarlett Rose: i am
Scarlett Rose: either tomorrow morning or Fri
Pamela: my business card has the wrong fax number on it - use 7958 instead of 7964
Pamela: make sure you put a cover sheet on it to my attention
rich-c: the weird thing is that our regular birds are vanishing - I havent seen a chickadee in 18 months
Scarlett Rose: you have a business card?
Pamela: don't you have one?
Scarlett Rose: no........
Pamela: oh - could have sworn I gave you one ages ago.
Chick Pea: erin prob lost it
Pamela: you know where it is, don't you Marie? It's in her bedroom at home - somewhere
Scarlett Rose: never
Florida Bob: we have been very down on birds this last summer too Richard
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Pamela: you must have had it at some point Erin - I gave it to you for the toll free number
Florida Bob: don't even have any to feed here
Scarlett Rose: never
changed username to Dr.D.Redux
Chick Pea: pam go to
rich-c: we havent seen our neighbourhood cardinals or bluejay lately either
Dr.D.Redux: Golly, that took a long time.
Dr.D.Redux: 486 is slow in the cold.
rich-c: and teh feeder I used to fill every 48 hours now lasts two weeks or moe
Judy: welcome back Dr D
Dr.D.Redux: Thanks, Judy.
Florida Bob: welcome BACk cotter
Pamela: quick - how do I copy from the screen?
Chick Pea: i dont' knowe
Judy: don't you have any heat Dr D
Pamela: Dad?
Florida Bob: highlight and then control C
Pamela: thank you
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
rich-c: see Bob beat me to it
Florida Bob: then take it into a word processer lke notepad and control V to paste it
Chick Pea: let me know what u see pam
Dr.D.Redux: Upstairs, Judy, but the basement is not so warm.
Pamela: okay, how do I paste?
Dr.D.Redux: And for some reason, it seems even colder tonight.
Dr.D.Redux: I am wrapped in my favorite red blanket.
Judy: bummer Dr D
Florida Bob: CONTROL V
Pamela: thank you
Dr.D.Redux: And it isn't doing too much...
Pamela: brb
Florida Bob: hooky dookey
Pamela: okay, that didn't work
rich-c: Pam, remind me to give you a copy of Clip Cache - it picks up and holds everything you copy
Florida Bob: does so Pam'
rich-c: I think Daniel can tell you about it; I sent him a copy a while back
Pamela: arg - that didn't work
Florida Bob: highlite by holding left mouse and dragging it over the text; THEN hold dow the CONTROL key and then hit the C key
Daniel Bienvenu: rich... i didn't install it
Pamela: that's what I did Bob
Pamela: didn't work
Pamela: even tried it twice
Florida Bob: NEXT, opn wordpad or write or notepad; THEN hold down CONTROL key and hit the V key (as in Victor....)
Florida Bob: I just tried it and it worked good
Florida Bob: that is OPEN
rich-c: shame on you, Daniel - I'm finding it surprisingly convenient, more so than I expected
Pamela: okay, let me try it again
rich-c: and Pam, the highlight - controlC - then control V in Notepad works for me
Florida Bob: WOMEN Richard.........
Pamela: there, it worked that time
Florida Bob: thnk the problem is not holding control key down
(Someone throws a brick at Florida Bob)
Pamela: Marie, what did you do to your hair?
(Florida Bob groans loudly)
Chick Pea: what?
Pamela: its' too blonde
Dr.D.Redux: Has RIe changed her hair color?
Chick Pea: it's bblond and red
Chick Pea: and it's darker then the pic
Dr.D.Redux: I dunno what it was before...methinks I've never seen a picture of Rie.
Pamela: she's a hairdresser, Rich - it varies from month to month
Pamela: last time I saw you it was dark and short Rie
Dr.D.Redux: Ouch, isn't that hard on hair to keep monkeying with the color frequently?
Chick Pea: i like it long
Dr.D.Redux: Professionally speaking?
Chick Pea: yes it is dr d
Dr.D.Redux: At least that's what all the conditioner ads say :-)
Chick Pea: my hair fell otu last time mind you not all of it it wsa more like cotton cany feeling
Scarlett Rose: well *yawn* -- i think I am ready to enter into a wonderful dream i think this is good night
Pamela: sorry sweetie, are we keeping you awake?
rich-c: OK Rin, guess teh working girls need their shut-eye - sleep tight
Dr.D.Redux: I'm dreaming that my college space heater hadn't toes are cold.
Dr.D.Redux: I wore thick socks and my boots down here last night.
rich-c: time to hit the Wal-Mart, Rich
Pamela: Erin, do not forget to fax that application to me so I can get it to Angelo -he's quite anxious to have it
Scarlett Rose: nighty nite....i won't
Scarlett Rose left chat session
Florida Bob: nite Rose
Dr.D.Redux: Computers all used to be upstairs in our house...then Joan took over the computer table with her sewing machine.
Pamela: g'nite - sleep tight
Florida Bob: whoops gone.......
Dr.D.Redux: Bye Rin.
Chick Pea: well i'm off to o night every1
Dr.D.Redux: So I was evicted to the catacombs.
rich-c: nite Rie
Florida Bob: nite chick......eeeee
Chick Pea: night
Dr.D.Redux: More room down hear, to be sure...
Pamela: g'nite Rie - see you next week. Are you coming down soon
Dr.D.Redux: but also ghosts :-)
Chick Pea: see me nest week?
Judy: night Marie
Pamela: on chat I mean
Dr.D.Redux: Bye Rie.
Pamela: I hope
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit marie
Chick Pea: i want too but no cash on theis end
Chick Pea: ur comming?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rie?
Pamela: eventually, but not till after I'm finished work
Chick Pea: bonne nuit
Chick Pea: that's cool
Chick Pea: i'll talk to everyone later
Dr.D.Redux: Are you in the process of closing down your office yet, Pam?
Pamela: nite, sweetheart
Chick Pea: niught
Chick Pea left chat session
Florida Bob: no ronald yet...........
Pamela: our office will stay, but I'll not be there to see it Rich
Pamela: my last day of work is March 12th
Dr.D.Redux: Urgh, you got your 30 days' notice already.
Dr.D.Redux: Sigh.
Pamela: so I am officially seeking new employment
Pamela: actually, it was more like 7 weeks - we found out 01/07
Florida Bob: quit for greener pastures????? or laid off??
Pamela: laid off
Dr.D.Redux: Golden parachute, Bob.
Florida Bob: bummer dudetee
rich-c: company was sold out from under them, Bob
Pamela: well, silver lined, anyway
rich-c: and the whole thing is moving to Alberta
Pamela: no it's not Dad
Florida Bob: I member you said it was sold, but thought you were safe for now
rich-c: well, for all practical purposes, Pam
Dr.D.Redux: Do you get to collect the Canadian verison of unemployment?
Pamela: okay, here's the deal: Speedy is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Minute Muffler, who are based in Alberta. Speedy was run as a corporately owned and operated company
Harvie Powis: I don't think Canadians are eligible for that Dr. d. Only immigrants :)
Pamela: Minute is a franchisor. The stores will be franchised, and many of the functions that are now performed by head office will be performed by franchisees
Dr.D.Redux: hahah Harvie.
Pamela: I have a severance package
Pamela: after that, if I'm still unemployed, I'll be entitled to Employment Insurance benefits
Pamela: I don't intend to be unemployed for long
rich-c: but sometime in 2005, she'll be running out
Dr.D.Redux: Do you have any solid leads on new jobs at this point? Aside from a Tim Horton's serving wench sort of thing? (unless you're looking for that change of pace)
Pamela: in fact, I don't expect to have to collect EI
Judy: at least then you have a little time to find something else
Pamela: ugh, no Timmy's for me
Dr.D.Redux: Hee hee, I was making a very tiny joke.
Pamela: yes, and I intend to exploit all my resources to their fullest
Florida Bob: employment benefits.......VACATION !!!!!!!
rich-c: well, since some of her package isn't dependent on her job status, if she finds a new job quick she gets a sort of lump sum bonus in effect
Pamela: Dad, the details of my package are confidential
Florida Bob: Ah, that makes a differnece then
moved to room Meeting Place
Florida Bob: we won't tell anyone !!!!!
changed username to Guy B.
Florida Bob: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: I can't tell anyone!
Pamela: hello, Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: like, if she finds a new job starting March 15th, she should build up enough surplus to buy the new computer she wants
Florida Bob: or is it .........Gee
Harvie Powis: Hello Guy
Pamela: haw, haw
Florida Bob: depenbds on what side of the vorder you live on
rich-c: hello Guy
Florida Bob: fanr dingers
Guy B.: Your in Florida? Boy, are you lucky. We have a Winter Storm Watch here for tomorrow afternoon.
Florida Bob: see???? dey no work
Pamela: I noticed that, Bob
Florida Bob: leaving in the morning Guy
Florida Bob: BEFORE the crap hits
Judy: not until tomorrow Guy
Pamela: gone for how long, Bob?
Florida Bob: 12 days
rich-c: you do, Guy? we're listed for clear and sunny, only flurries Fri/Sat
Florida Bob: be home 2 weeks from today
Pamela: Oooh, colour me jealous
Guy B.: Well, were in for a biggie storm anywhere from 2 to 5 inches.
Pamela: my boss is in Florida
Florida Bob: ok.....J...E...A....L...o...u....s
Pamela: her last day of work was January 30th. She left on the 31st for a week in the sun.
rich-c: in Chicago, two inches isn't even snow, surely
Florida Bob: that is what they predict here for tomorrow night Guy
Judy: yes, we are supposed to get snow tomorrow too
Guy B.: Got 4 more inches here on Monday and early Tuesday. Now were in for more.
Dr.D.Redux: Hello Guy.
Pamela: well you won't be there to enjoy it Judy : )
Guy B.: Hey Dr. D.
Pamela: I'm sure you're disappointed
Florida Bob: oh bummer.......
Guy B.: As of midnight tonight, Netzero is history.
Florida Bob: <sadness sets in>
Judy: isn't that too bad, Pam
rich-c: just from curiopsity, anyone here got any emails with the Mydoom virus?
Dr.D.Redux: Entire Netzero is going under, or just your acct with them?
Pamela: nope
Guy B.: No, didn't get one. But, we did get at work.
Dr.D.Redux: I have Macs and Unix boxen, they are immune.
Judy: no; we didn't
Dr.D.Redux: I laugh at your Wintel plagues!
Pamela: and since I wasn't on last week, I had 29 e-mails to download tonite - nary a whiff of the virus
Florida Bob: say WHAT about Netzero??????
Pamela: Guy, just out of curiosity, why didn't you go with Netzero hi-speed?
rich-c: sheesh - I had 89 spams wyhen I logged on this afternoon, and more since
Guy B.: Our virus scanner at work warned us of the virus, but it didn't affect our work. Bob, I've cancelled my Netzero service since I've got DSL.
Pamela: oh well, nobody loves me - what a shame
rich-c: but I have yet to see anything I can identify as being a virus carrier
rich-c: have lately had one or two emails with sender and subject blank
Pamela: well it's not as if they have plague spots Dad : )
Dr.D.Redux: Okay, you are ditching Netzero, Guy, not Netzero going defunct.
Guy B.: For $12 more than Netzero HI-Speed. I have DSL and I don't tie up my phone line. Get real fast downloads. Netzero HI-Speed won't do that. So, it was worth the extra to upgrade to DSL.
rich-c: well, if you know what to look for, in effect they do, daughter
Pamela: I know Dad, I'm just pulling your tail : )
Guy B.: Right, I've ditched Netzero. Bob, don't panic.
Pamela: so Judy, why are you going to Florida?
Guy B.: Even the Netzero rep was going to try to talk me into the Hi-Speed, but I told him I've been on DSL for the last 4 months.
rich-c: it surprises me that with teh virus so widespread none of us are seeing remails of it
Harvie Powis: Ok Bob , give us that look and say "what me worry"
Guy B.: Again, it seems that it would affect those that have Outlook.
rich-c: Pamela, you looking for "dumbest question of teh week" prize?
Pamela: nope, just ensuring this is vacation and not work related
Dr.D.Redux: I think it has something to do with degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, Pam.
Judy: to visit my parents
Judy: and get out of the cold
Pamela: see? there is a purpose
Dr.D.Redux: Well, family is a good reason, too :-)
Florida Bob: whaat?????? me wory ????? NAW
Daniel Bienvenu: Before leaving... I want to know something : Who is Rie? and Who didn't received Minesweeper for Coleco?
Pamela: sorry we couldn't provide you with heat Rich
Dr.D.Redux: I can run in place...or put the stationary bike in front of the 486.
rich-c: I know it's only a Windows virus, but it will attempt to infiltrate everywhere - won't get it but it will try
Judy: yes, we stay free
Pamela: Daniel, Marie is Erin's friend, and former girlfriend of Erin's brother - she lived with Erin's family for a while
Guy B.: I can't wait for this winter to end. At least our groundhog here didn't see his shadow, but the other one did.
rich-c: Daniel, I think we all got Minesweeper and your new ones
Dr.D.Redux: Point 2 is something I hadn't heard before...
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: and (Ma)Rie is a hairdresser friend of Erin's in Windsor, also knows Pam
Florida Bob: to heck with the groundhog.....we got our 10 fiberglass CHICKEN just west of town to prdict the spring
Pamela: almost a shirt-tail relation
Pamela: that's why she calls Dad Uncle Richard
Dr.D.Redux: Not that I recall, Pam, though maybe you or she told me about it at one point.
Florida Bob: 10 FEET high
Guy B.: And how may I say what they predict?
Dr.D.Redux: Sometimes I'm with Daniel: I need an org chart around here :-)
Pamela: it's somewhat convoluted Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, Rin = Erin and Rie = Marie... I didn't realized
Pamela: Family nickname, Daniel
Florida Bob: shadow mon
Florida Bob: no chicken shadow more winter
Dr.D.Redux: I wrote a Groundhog Day carol...
Guy B.: Shadows? I bet you shine the light on them to make them see it.
rich-c: they aren't far from the teenage years when those are standard equipment
Daniel Bienvenu: So, the women I see in the hotornot web site is...
Pamela: isn't that overkill Bob?
Dr.D.Redux: ...and sang it to the lab people on Monday.
Florida Bob: nope
Pamela: Marie
Judy: we have to have something different
rich-c: I assume it is Marie, Daniel
Guy B.: Then tell me how they see their shadows?
Pamela: not a terribly flattering picture, Daniel
Florida Bob: you go WHERE Daniel ???????? sounds like a naughty site
Pamela: it's the URL that Marie gave me earlier Bob
rich-c: yeah, if they see their shadows, 6 more weeks, otherwise 5 weeks 6 days
Daniel Bienvenu: I simply copy-paste the link
Pamela: she's much better looking in person
Dr.D.Redux: Most people are :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam: I will assume that you are right.
Guy B.: Boy, I'm going to try to do more projects despite the overtime at work. I'm working on a music database with MS Access.
Pamela: well a) it's not a terribly flattering shot, b) her hair is too long and c) it should be darker
Judy: it is a big chicken sitting outside of a chicken place, the radio station started it a few years ago and now go there every year
Dr.D.Redux: Time to play with Photoshop.
Guy B.: I might give my website a new look. Another thing that I'm planning to work on.
Pamela: and do you plan to put sleep into the equation somewhere Guy?
rich-c: you've got a fair bit on your plate, Guy
Pamela: because as we all know, despite Ron's protests, sleep is good
Guy B.: And my dog Abby is turning 10 years old on Valentines Day.
rich-c: speaking of which, has anyone heard anything from Ron?
Pamela: nary a peep
Dr.D.Redux: He posted to coladam about my ADAMcon 15.5 website.
Pamela: was he here last week?
Pamela: he did?
rich-c: he hasnt been on for weeks, here or on Saturdays
Dr.D.Redux: But nothing to indicate anything else, except snow on the island.
Pamela: I hope everything is okay
Guy B.: I'm trying the best I can on that Pam. I'm going in this Saturday. So, I'll have a nice check for next week with 20 hours of overtime.
Pamela: wow, where are we going for dinner Guy?
rich-c: was that Ron? I though it was Dave Sands?
Harvie Powis: Someone mentioned last week that he had a music gig
Florida Bob: thnik it mite have been both
Guy B.: Going to pay down a few holiday bills. Then restock on inkjet cartridges for my printer. I've got the last ones in there now.
Dr.D.Redux: 20 hours, wow, make sure you take enough witholding payroll taxes out :-)
rich-c: Pam, I watched the second HP last night
Pamela: tee hee - I just turned around and there's a kitty sprawled out in front of the heater
Pamela: so what did you think, Dad?
rich-c: Guy, if you want to save big on inkjet carts, it can be done
Guy B.: Speaking of that. I might be able to do my taxes. Have to install the software.
rich-c: they sure do fantastic special effects these days
Guy B.: Don't tell me about using refills. I can do better. I can two cartridges for a real good price. Sam's Club has them.
Pamela: Does anyone in the US actually do their own taxes? I thought everyone was terrified of the IRS
Judy: Bob does ours
Pamela: I was impressed at how true to the story the movies were
Guy B.: I use Turbotax. But, Intuit got into trouble last year.
Judy: he is not afraid of doing them
Harvie Powis: Guy, the best method is to buy a laser printer
Pamela: brave man, our Bob
rich-c: Guy, go to, choose a place to "give" to, then click on the sponsor of your donation - it's a discount inkjet outfit
Guy B.: Besides doing mine, I do the family's too. So, my mom and my sister depend on me.
Judy: yes, mailed our s today, next is the refund
Guy B.: What's the catch?
Florida Bob: got it all on the ADAM.......fill in the numbers AFTER changing the formulas for the year, and VOILA !!!! it comes out the other end
Florida Bob: then have to print it onto the correct forms
rich-c: oh, Frances now uses the Amiga and also hijacks the DOSbox for ours
Pamela: into trouble how, Guy?
Pamela: heck, I use pencil and paper for ours
Pamela: but then, they're very simple
rich-c: your mother actually bought and used a tax program last year - not sure why
rich-c: I think it was because that let her file electronically
Pamela: Guy, what about Intuit?
Guy B.: Intuit got sued since they put a new copy protection program on last year's program. So, when you uninstalled Turbotax, the copy protection stayed on your computer eating memory. They ended up putting a patch to uninstall it completely. This year, they said it won't happen this time. I hope they're right.
Pamela: I don't think you need to buy the software - I hear you can do it on the CCRA website
Dr.D.Redux: I am lazy and still do my own taxes manually :-)
Florida Bob: one fine day.....Doug and I..(well mostly Doug) started from scratch and filled in all the formulas; including 2 business forms and derecition
Florida Bob: for each; state tax forms AND intemeized exemptions
Pamela: wow, that's a lot of work Bob
Florida Bob: only have to put main mnumbers, calculate, then look up the tax inhe tax form booklet
rich-c: I think Pam you file to CCRA through the website but must used an approved electronic form to do it, and that means a commercial program
rich-c: your mother doesnt like it because she knows the tax rules better than the program
Florida Bob: actually Pam, for doug it came easy. he figured, and I typed and he was faster thatn me
Judy: that is his thing you know?
Pamela: somehow that doesn't surprise me, Bob
Guy B.: I got Turbotax with the state included for one price. And I can still get a refund on filing online. Now, looks like I might change banks. My bank is raising fees next month for certain services.
Florida Bob: AND it all fits into 5k of ADAM ram.........about 10 pages stuffed, I can't add any more that about 5 cells to the program
Pamela: so you have to do a state and federal calculation?
Florida Bob: any more info I need, I'd have to delete Judy out of the form !!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: I did my Christmas budget on Adamcalc and it worked out quite well.
Judy: all the work gets done on the Adam
(Florida Bob winks)
Pamela: can't do that Bob - you need her
Harvie Powis: H&R Block in Canada used to use ADAMS and ADAMCALC to customer taxes
Guy B.: Did they really?
Florida Bob changed username to VACATION Bob
Pamela: really Harvie? I didn't know that
rich-c: Frances has transferred our budget to the Amiga - likes the 24-pin printer better
VACATION Bob: oh,yes I remember that being said.......
rich-c: actually Guy at first Coleco had a separate tax calculator for Canada - I have a copy
VACATION Bob: think at the time, the ADAM had all the tools to do the taxes, and others didnt'
Guy B.: I got a brand new 24 pin printer hooked up to the Dell. Printed a letter with it and I swear it reminds me of Adam's printer.
VACATION Bob: yup I got one too Richard
Pamela: was the the type face or the noise that reminded you Guy?
Guy B.: Oh yes, that's right. I remember that.
rich-c: it wasnt the noise, Pam. 24-pin printers whine
Harvie Powis: At a computer show in Ottawa with Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Cousinau an H&R Blockhead tried to sell us 10 Adams from his office
Guy B.: I put the emulator on the Dell and it worked in a DOS session.
Dr.D.Redux: Blockhead haha
Guy B.: The typeface Pam. It was that close.
Pamela: and were you buying? : )
rich-c: I suspect you might have got them at a good price, Harv
rich-c: though I seem to recall Ron mentioning that - and that the prices didn't spound like something someone wanted to get rid of
Harvie Powis: Yes, but I had 4 at the time and Ron kept getting them left at his doorstep
Pamela: orphans in the true sense of the word
rich-c: I do recall those days well
Pamela: if this cat gets any closer to the heater, he's going to singe his fur
Judy: me thinks you need to turn up your heat, Pam
Pamela: can't do that Judy
Judy: for the sake of your cat
Pamela: No control over the heat
Judy: not cool
Pamela: besides, Willow's the one who likes 90 degree days with humidity
Dr.D.Redux: Hold the cat and use his heat...
Judy: well, maybe it is cool
Pamela: old building heated with radiators. Russell is the only one in here who isn't always cold
Pamela: poor baby, he's old and not terribly healthy. It's probably the only time he ever feels warm
rich-c: need to get some of those plastic internal storm windows
Pamela: at least it's not 80 degrees in here in the winter, like it was at the old place
Dr.D.Redux: We did that a few winters, the heat-shrink plastic sheeting over the windows.
Judy: Mandy is moving next week, I think she is going to find it will not be a s warm as the present apartment
Guy B.: Abby wears a coat when we go for walks in this really cold weather. She doesn't mind and it keeps her warm.
Pamela: because the building is so old, we don't even have double glazed windows
Judy: isn't that lucky for us, when we are gone
Pamela: I'm thinking of going for the shrink-wrap too
rich-c: yes, we have used it and it works, though lately we have just sealed the joints with insulating tape
Dr.D.Redux: It does work, it isn't such a pain to use.
Pamela: but first I'd have to get the windows dry
Guy B.: I should have done that to my bedroom window. Since it does leak.
Dr.D.Redux: Yes, the tape won't stick to wet stuff.
rich-c: there is a form that involves semi-rigid plastic sheeting and some sort of light framing
Dr.D.Redux: Also, the frames have to not be waxy (like from polish or Pledge).
Pamela: the stuff is marvellous - we use it at the trailer over the winter. Does wonderful things to stop drafts
Pamela: I'm doing well if the paint stays on!
Dr.D.Redux: IIRC we did a light wash with Spic-n-Span or something, definitely not Murphy's Oil Soap though.
rich-c: well, maybe it's time to bring some to the apartment, Pam - especially on the north side
Pamela: I haven't seen the framing Dad - that sounds like a more viable alternative
Guy B.: Anyone know of the dates for El Paso or that hasn't been decided yet?
Dr.D.Redux: Maybe even dilute dishwashing liquid. Enough to cut the oily stuff, not enough to kill the wood finish.
rich-c: Sept. 16- isn"t it?
Pamela: will have to go to Home Depot and check it out (hee hee)
Dr.D.Redux: Really, a date picked?
Dr.D.Redux: I must have missed that.
VACATION Bob: taked to Jean this week and plans are to got to the local TravelLodge Sept 16-20
rich-c: I heard it was built around the only time you had free
Daniel Bienvenu: Which game I have to do first: connect four -or- gomoku ( a tictactoe game but we have to align 5 not only 3 "o")
Dr.D.Redux: Now I can look at the CWRU calendar and see what week of classes that is.
Guy B.: That would work out for me. Let me know for sure.
VACATION Bob: she is going to check out another place yet while we are gone, but retty firm onthe dates and the hotel
rich-c: I'll reapeat again Bob that tha's very awkward for us and a later date would be much better
Pamela: make some decisions please - if I'm going to negotiate that with my next employer, I need to know the dates are firm
Guy B.: That's when the peak hits for the July 2004 reports I process at work. So, that would work out dandy for me.
rich-c: ElPaso is not a pleasant place to be that early in September
VACATION Bob: yes tis..Jean recommends it
Pamela: yeah, but Jean lives there!
Judy: not what Jean says, will be a good time
Dr.D.Redux: One thing that may change for me is what classes I teach in the there's a chance that I might not be able to arrive until Friday.
Guy B.: Bob, let us all know for sure, so we can plan our vacation dates accordingly. I'll probably put mine in May.
rich-c: I think her idea of tolerable heat and that of us northerners might be a tad different
VACATION Bob: AAC10 was to be cool too AFTER the 1st of October and the weather unco-operated and we cooked in Disney
Guy B.: Yeah, it was too warm there.
VACATION Bob: but we CAN handle it
Judy: said that the heat is completely different from ours and it will be fine
VACATION Bob: no jumidity
Guy B.: Usually Texas gets real hot between June and August.
VACATION Bob: humidity
Daniel Bienvenu: I talk too much with james; I think I speak japanese, no onw answer my question about which game I have to do first between Conect Four and Gomoku :D
Pamela: fimble ningers again Bob?
VACATION Bob: uh huh
Harvie Powis: Better look for a trailer with A/C rich
VACATION Bob: don't know daniel
rich-c: sorry Daniel, it's just that it's kind of hard for us to make that kind of call
Judy: fingers can't keep up with his brain
rich-c: we have a/c it's just so noisy we hate to use it
Pamela: is there such a thing as central air in a trailer Dad?
Dr.D.Redux: Open a top hatch, Pam, and get a draft? :-)
rich-c: it's a result of the trailer size - every a/c unit is too large
Guy B.: Hopefully, Jean can get a good hotel for all of us.
rich-c: yes Pam, big trailers have central heating and a/c
VACATION Bob: little ones cost more than the big ones, but we got one
Judy: are a/c doesn't make that much noise
Pamela: well, opening the vents helps Rich, but only if there's a breeze
VACATION Bob: guy at Camping World thought we were nuts because the big one was cheaper.......
Judy: yes, the hotel looks good
Guy B.: Well folks, got to go. I'll see you all next week.
VACATION Bob: said, NO, I want a little one that a small genereator will run
rich-c: an oversize unit won't run often enough; you get these wild cycles
Pamela: okay Guy. Don't work too hard this weekend
rich-c: see you Guy
VACATION Bob: and run allthe time, not this off and on stuff to bother you, just asteady fan blowing
Dr.D.Redux: 11 PM, up at 6 AM, probably a good idea for me, too...I was up at 5 AM today, too.
Dr.D.Redux: no VACATION Rich for Dr. D...yet, anyway.
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: Rich - you have to get more sleep!
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone here already played Connect Four? I like this game.
rich-c: and you're cold - take it easy Rich, see you next week
Pamela: go to bed, Ricky
Dr.D.Redux: The company is so excellent I have a hard time pulling away from y'all.
VACATION Bob: yes, wee have to get up at 5:30 or so, good and we see ya'll in 2 weeks eh?????
rich-c: I have heard of teh game but do not recall playing it
Dr.D.Redux: Yes Mommie.
Judy: I have to call it a night , can't hardly stay awake, and need to get up early tomorrow, so night for now and talk to you from the warm next week
Pamela: snickering is heard in the Vilneff household
Pamela: Have a great trip, you two
rich-c: OK, good night to the Slopsemas too - enjoy your vacation
Dr.D.Redux: The source is only a few inches away from the receiver, Pam :-)
VACATION Bob: bye bye
Pamela: Imagine that !
Judy: we will do that
Dr.D.Redux: Okay, I'm outta here before Pam smacks me virtually...
Judy left chat session
rich-c: nite all
VACATION Bob left chat session
Pamela: Nite Rich
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Slopsemas, have a good holiday
Dr.D.Redux: <poof>
Dr.D.Redux left chat session
rich-c: sheesh, that was a quick reduction in our list
Pamela: I'm on the Weather Network site but no El Paso - what's close?
rich-c: I dont know - it's right on the southwest corner of the state
Harvie Powis: Mexico!
Pamela: hmm
Pamela: that might work
Pamela: what's the town across the border in Mexico?
rich-c: and given the varying altitudes, a general reading may not help
Harvie Powis: I'm trying to remember
Pamela: I was going for monthly stats
rich-c: tru the NOAA website instead - bet that has it
Pamela: it's not Tijuana is it?
Harvie Powis:
rich-c: or for general weather stats,
Harvie Powis: Tijuana id on the west coast
Pamela: hmm, obviously my geography needs work
rich-c: there is a Mexican town right across the river, but forget which - Tijuana, Ciudad Jaurez, another?
Harvie Powis: is on the west coast, just south of San Diego
Pamela: is it LaPaz?
rich-c: no, that's in Bolivia!
Pamela: there's one in Mexico too
rich-c: I am not surprised
Pamela: hokay, got an atlas - lessee
Harvie Powis: It is Juarez rich
Pamela: it's Ciudad Juarez
Pamela: okay, that was no help, it's not listed either. Hmmm
Harvie Powis: That url I sent above is the city of El Paso website
Pamela: well let's see what that nets us
Pamela: the @#$% website is under construction!
rich-c: tonight low 32F, POP 11%, tomorrow high 50F, pop 12% - NOAA
Pamela: see if they have monthly stats, Dad
rich-c: too late to do all that chasing around, Pam
Pamela: they should be easy to find Dad
Pamela: what's the URL again?
rich-c: but I am sure it does - it is the official government weather service
rich-c: so Daniel, you going to make it to El Paso?
rich-c: and Harvie, better get your passport in order!
rich-c: you might want to go across the river into Mexico, after all
Pamela: okay checking
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not going to make it to El paso
Pamela: oh forget it I'll check tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: it's impossible for me to travel this year
Pamela: pourquoi?
rich-c: that's your assessment now, Daniel, but who knows what changes circumstances may bring in the next six months?
Harvie Powis: I have a passport rich, needed it when I did a contract in St. Kitts last year
Pamela: oh, my jealousy is hanging out again
Pamela: I really want to go to Barbados
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for a job first.... and if i don't find a job soon, i will have to avoid some extra like traveling.
rich-c: well who knows Daniel, you may find just what you need tomorrow
Pamela: okay, I can understand that
Pamela: by the way Daniel, your English is excellent tonite
rich-c: for all you know you'll find some outfit that wants you to travel there then on business
Daniel Bienvenu: It's normal, I don't use many words tonight!
rich-c: so you're all set Harvie - my guess is Southwest will have teh best deal on a flight
rich-c: what does Southwest use as their hub, do you know?
Pamela: Midway, I believe
rich-c: come to think of it, that's likely right
Harvie Powis: I will have to bid on a sewage plant construction down there about that time of year
rich-c: wonder if they fly direct Chicago-ElPaso
Pamela: I've been watching Airline! on A&E and they feature Southwest -that was one of the things they mentioned
Pamela: go for it Harvie : )
rich-c: hey, you're in like a dirty shirt, Harv - let the company pay the trip, just take two days (+ weekend) off
Harvie Powis: I think everything goes to Dallas-FortWorth
rich-c: no, Dalls is the American hub, as I recall; Eastern is based in Atlanta, don't know whre United flies from
rich-c: anyway, too late to be fussing that now - time teh old folks got their shuteye
Harvie Powis: Yep, I'm about due too
rich-c: I shall be logging off - goodnight Daniel Harvie, Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: I'm checking flights Dad I'll let you know
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Harvie!
Pamela: Night Daddy
Harvie Powis: Goodnight, Thaaats all folks
Pamela: Nite Harvie, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: And I think I will program "Connect Four".
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: talk to you soon - enjoy your dinner
rich-c: colour me gone
Harvie Powis left chat session
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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