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Harvie Powis: Howdy undefined
rich-c: sorry Harv, clicked a tad too fast!
rich-c: trust you like this better
Harvie Powis: The same thing happens to me
rich-c: well, let's say it;s my first time with this particular error - but I have LOTS of others!
rich-c: so, what minor adventures have you had lately?
Harvie Powis: This is a particularly clumsy way to communicate
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rich-c: yes, and when you have about three differnt threads crosstalking at once, it gets quite hairy
Harvie Powis: Not many adventures this week
changed username to Chick Pea
rich-c: oh, well I got delivery of a Syquest EZ135 I bought off eBay
Chick Pea: hi there
rich-c: hello Marie
Chick Pea: how r u?
Harvie Powis: Hello Chick Pea
rich-c: bought it for the nine discs that came with it, for Frances to use on hers
rich-c: doing fine, Rie - and you?
Chick Pea: good
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Harvie Powis: Is that a zip drive?
changed username to Scarlett Rose
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rich-c: be handy though if I could put the drive in my machine to let her transfer information
Chick Pea: hello my dear doodle bug
changed username to Dr.D.
Scarlett Rose: hello my chickpea
rich-c: hi Rich and Rin
Chick Pea: how r u?
Harvie Powis: Hi doc
Dr.D.: Here at last, after system reboots...hi everyone.
rich-c: yes, Syquest were a competitor of Iomega
Dr.D.: Tonight I am wearing my winter coat and hat in this basement...which is still too cold.
Scarlett Rose: i'm super r u?
rich-c: my problem is, all four of my IDE connections are already in use
Chick Pea: good?
Harvie Powis: Or should I say "what's up doc" ?
Chick Pea: super fantastic???????? i think u have something to explain
rich-c: still havent bought a heater, Rich?
Dr.D.: Nahh, Richard.
Scarlett Rose: work is great is all
rich-c: hey, give it a shot, they aren't THAT expensive
Chick Pea: ohhhhhhh ok then
Dr.D.: As for what's up with this doc, I guess I shoulda made that left turn at Albuquerque :-)
Scarlett Rose: tomorrow I'm filling in as "2nd in command" at a meeting over at the Leg
Chick Pea: that's cool
Dr.D.: I know...but we had some bright sunshine today that warmed things up for a while.
rich-c: anyway, Harv, I'm not even sure my BIOS would support a fifth IDE port
Scarlett Rose: I thought so...I am quite excited
Dr.D.: Rin is 2nd in command...uh oh, was there a coup at the Ministry?
Harvie Powis: You can add a PCI IDE card
Scarlett Rose: naaa.....I just happen to be the only one available
rich-c: no, but perhaps there should have been...
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Dr.D.: Well, at least they are giving you the would be a definite vote of no-confidence were you the only one there and they *still* wouldn't let you run things.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: the question is, will the BIOS accept it if there are four such device already?
Dr.D.: Hi Ms. V...
Chick Pea: hi pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: wow, the Canucks are taking over tonite
Scarlett Rose: hi Pammie
Pamela: hello everyone
Dr.D.: Hadn't noticed that before, I am the lone Yank.
Harvie Powis: Hello Pam
Dr.D.: Be nice to me, I didn't vote for W.
rich-c: yes, with the Slopsemas away and Harvie and Rie to reinforce us, we're doing well
Pamela: Hi Harvie
rich-c: you'll have to wend an email and call Guy in quick, Rich
Pamela: Rin, got some bed news for you - if you can acquire a twin mattress, we can provide the foundation for it
Dr.D.: I imagine that Guy will be along around 10 PM as usual.
Scarlett Rose: so what you're saying is I'm sleeping on the floor
Pamela: no, good news
Chick Pea: lol
rich-c: that depends on what happens between now and Feb. 28, Rin
Dr.D.: We had some major snow meltage today, I can see the (albeit brown) grass in most of the front yard now.
Scarlett Rose: oh B-E-D news
Pamela: not bad, bed
Scarlett Rose: ok now i get it
Pamela: d'oh
rich-c: oh, we had a water main break, I phoned it in Saturday morning
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changed username to james
rich-c: phoned it in again Sunday afternoon
Dr.D.: Well, with no bed, it would be bad, and you would be on the floor. Logically speaking, that is.
Scarlett Rose: lol
Pamela: what's logic got to do with it?
james: good morning
Pamela: Hello James
Harvie Powis: Hello James
Scarlett Rose: good point Pam
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: good morning, james
Pamela: cold, thanks
(Scarlett Rose winks)
Dr.D.: Haha Richard, just yesterday afternoon I was walking past the 1905 John D. Rockefeller Physics Building here and saw a pipe burst in the tile roof.
Scarlett Rose: hi James
rich-c: we're all picking on the one Yank present ;-)
Dr.D.: Water shooting out from 3 stories up like a giant drinking fountain.
Dr.D.: I ran into the building to the Physics Dept. Office to tell someone.
Scarlett Rose: cool
Pamela: neat
Chick Pea: pam u have ur wish jason and i r comming down ur way
rich-c: oh joy - ours just bubbled out of the ground and sent a young creek along the road
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Dr.D.: The secretary had seen the water streaming down outside her window, but not figured out what it was.
changed username to FloridaBob
rich-c: the Works Dept. finally turned up this afternoon
Pamela: really, Rie? For a visit?
rich-c: I was a long way from impressed
Pamela: Hey Bob!
FloridaBob: MATES........we is here mon
Pamela: you made it
Chick Pea: yeppers
Scarlett Rose: hi-lo Bobs
Chick Pea: march 20
FloridaBob: how ya'll are??????
Pamela: when, Chickpea?
Chick Pea: 19
Harvie Powis: Howdy Bob
Pamela: of Feb?
Dr.D.: Shouldn't you be basking, Bob? Or do you have wireless internet out to your laptop on the beach? :-)
james: a little tired
rich-c: hey Robert - on from the sunny south - how about that?
james: lol
Chick Pea: we'll be there the 19 and leave the 21
Chick Pea: no March
rich-c: don't you dare tell us what the weather is down there ;-)
Pamela: cool - are you bringing Aunt Cynthia?
FloridaBob: "made it" is an understatement.........last Thurs took us an extra 9 hrs to get here
Scarlett Rose: they coming to paint
FloridaBob: no wireless Dr
FloridaBob: HI ALL
FloridaBob: ok,,,,snow to our armpits here
Pamela: oh, I can't wait to see that - Marie with a paint brush
Dr.D.: Then a looonnnng CAT5 cable out from the hotel...
Chick Pea: i love to paint
FloridaBob: nope, simple plug in line @ 28.8 from the condo
Pamela: you lie, Bob
Chick Pea: erin ur mom was telling my that jay's stepbrother dies
Scarlett Rose: she's a pretty good painter
FloridaBob: Dr D....basks yesterday and ll got a little red in 1 hr time
rich-c: so why did it take you nine exxtra hours to get htere?
Scarlett Rose: huh what?
Chick Pea: yeah
Chick Pea: she just told me that
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dr.D.: You'll be brown as a nut. I remember as a kid all the "rich" kids going to Florida over Christmas break and coming back so brown and tanned...a real contrast to us pasty pale NE Ohioans left indoors.
FloridaBob: plane trouble in GR, missed 1 plane out in delay to Atlanta; late arrival of plane INTO Atlanta; then flight cancelled
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, it's me!
Pamela: your ex, Rie?
Pamela: Hi, Daniel
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
Chick Pea: yeah
Daniel Bienvenu: Allo!
Scarlett Rose: i'm confused jays stepbrother?
FloridaBob: finally got another out and got into Fl @ 9:45PM after leaving home @ 6:45AM
Chick Pea: remmerb his mom got remarried?
FloridaBob: hi DFaniel
Scarlett Rose: oh
Pamela: wow Bob, you could have driven faster : )
Scarlett Rose: how'd you find out?
FloridaBob: flyin SUCKS
FloridaBob: almost Pam
Chick Pea: ur mom told me just now
Chick Pea: she 's on msn
Scarlett Rose: hi Daniel
Scarlett Rose: ahhh
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
Pamela: Marie, are you bringing Aunt C with you on the 19th?
Chick Pea: they didn't say how they just said it was sudden
Scarlett Rose: wow
Scarlett Rose: hmm
Chick Pea: no jason's car only really sites 2 ppl
Pamela: oh - gotcha
Pamela: brb, gotta get some heat
Chick Pea: it's hard to get more then that in it
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam, Rich, Dr.D, Bob, james, Miss Scarlett, Col Mustard & cie!
Scarlett Rose: wow I incite mystery.....hmmm :-)
Dr.D.: Haha Daniel, that is the best joke in English that I have ever heard you make! Bravo!
Harvie Powis: Hello Daniel
rich-c: Bob, how about shipping some of that Florida heat up here?
Dr.D.: I should have thought of that one myself.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D: thank!
Chick Pea: doodle bug i just realized somethign
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Harvie!
FloridaBob: will try, but it only moves so fast......and that is slow
Chick Pea: you will not be here for my b-day agian
Scarlett Rose: and that is?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the second time we meet?
FloridaBob: can't tell you the temps here or you will throw me out.......
(FloridaBob winks)
Scarlett Rose: i'll be in town next weekend though
Chick Pea: i know
Chick Pea: you and i will have to party then
rich-c: oh, I''ve been sunburned in Ft.L on Xmas Day - 95 in the shade
Dr.D.: I've flown around the world in a plane
Scarlett Rose: I'm considering skipping out early so I will have time on Thurs.
Dr.D.: Fought revolutions in Spain...
Harvie Powis: Perhaps the third Daniel, this is the third week in a row I have remembered it's chat night
rich-c: btw Bob, which ISP are you using for your connection?
Dr.D.: Anybody up for some Bunny Berigan? :-)
Dr.D.: Hopefully not packet-switched seagull :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't have time to program connect four... but I programmed a new version of my graphic editor ICVGM.
rich-c: what's a Bunny Berrigan?
Scarlett Rose: LOL
Dr.D.: A 30s trumpet player.
FloridaBob: Netzero sucked, so i signed up for$9 US a month
FloridaBob: covers all the US
Daniel Bienvenu: 3rd time, yes... i remember now
Dr.D.: He had a famous vocal/instrumental piece that had some of those lines in it...
rich-c: never heard of them, Bob, but maybew I ought to
Dr.D.: Your bit about being sunburned on Xmas Day reminded me of it.
Pamela: I don't remember much about that trip
FloridaBob: don't know if they have any in CA or not........goto
james: sorry, spaced out. was on the phone
Pamela: s'alright James
Scarlett Rose: so r u definitely coming up that w/e chickpea?
Chick Pea: that's up too you
rich-c: know a fair bit about music from then, but not that one
Chick Pea: pretty sure as of now
james: hey, can everyone here try ?
Pamela: where are you going to put them Erin?
Dr.D.: The song is from 1936, "I Can't Get Started", a Gershwin tune.
Chick Pea: mum said to get you to pop over to msn
Chick Pea: at ur place pam
Dr.D.: What is it, James?
Scarlett Rose: on my floor
Pamela: oh sure, Rie
Pamela: funny joke
rich-c: thought I had the whole Gershwin canon pretty well memorized, but that one escapes me
Chick Pea: we have a blow up mattress
Scarlett Rose: i'm assuming that's a love song Dr. D?
james: it's the website i'm working on in conjunction with some coleco developers for selling new homebrew games
Chick Pea: eirn
Dr.D.: Lyrics by Ira, music not by George, maybe that's why.
james: did it come up?
Pamela: d'uh, I'm so dumb - we'll save the old bed for you Erin
Chick Pea: ur mum wants u over on msn
Scarlett Rose: yes Rie
Scarlett Rose: :-(
Chick Pea: she's waiting for oyu she said she gets to confused on here
Pamela: Marie, ask her to come here
Dr.D.: Too many simultaneous threads, I know it is hard to follow sometimes...
rich-c: if I recall Ira worked with a number of composers, not just George
Pamela: she needs to practice more is all
Chick Pea: she said she gets to confused
james: @dr d, did the site come up?
Dr.D.: But my kids can do homework watching TV or listening to the radio, which I can't do.
Pamela: ask her to come here anyway, just for a minute
Dr.D.: I can only do mindless stuff with TV or radio on.
rich-c: Pam, personal chitchat is more appropriate on MSN anyway
Pamela: not the point Dad
Harvie Powis: Rich, you know that one " I'm so broken hearted cause I just can;y get started with you..."
Dr.D.: I haven't looked James...let me open another browser window.
Daniel Bienvenu: james: ... it's working :)
Pamela: give me a good book and I can tune out the world
Dr.D.: That's the one, Harvie.
Dr.D.: One point for Harvie!
rich-c: I just tried it and got a 404
FloridaBob: nice header James......but no content, eh?????
Dr.D.: So what's the site going to be?
Chick Pea: so pam how close r u to erin once she moves?
Scarlett Rose: she can see into my bedroom
Chick Pea: what??????
Scarlett Rose: lol
FloridaBob: just visited the Highstream sitek Richard....and it appears it is only in the US
Chick Pea: well at least that way i don't have to worry so muck about you
rich-c: @bob - if there's an ISP with POPs all over the US for $9/mo that could be useful in my travels
Dr.D.: Then put up something nice to look at, Rin.
Dr.D.: Maybe a nice poster or something.
Pamela: one floor down and one apartment over, Marie
Chick Pea: oic
Pamela: that is, Erin is one down and one over
Scarlett Rose: that's what I was thinking
FloridaBob: this is the one.....OR they start @ $5 US and if you use more time it is a penny aminute
Chick Pea: so when jason and i get into the building i'll run over to the window to tell you were there
rich-c: nice for the apaprtment management
Pamela: or keep her curtains closed : 0
Scarlett Rose: or paint the window a nice opaque colour
rich-c: they don't have to advertise vacancies any more, just tell Pamela
Chick Pea: lol
Dr.D.: Mirror tile...
Pamela: you can call me Rie - I'll be home, I think
Scarlett Rose: i like that
Chick Pea: i'd rather yell out the windaow
Pamela: no, that goes on the ceiling, Rich
Dr.D.: Eeewwww
Dr.D.: TMI
Pamela: don't do that, you'll get us all kicked out!
Scarlett Rose: Pamela?!?!?!
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Pamela: your ceiling, Erin
changed username to Wonald
Chick Pea: lol
Pamela: hewwo, Wonald
Daniel Bienvenu: who can receive a 400K file? I writed a new version of my coleco programming doc and i don't want to send it in the adamcon mailing list and receive tons of negative feedback because of the filesize.
Wonald: allo
Scarlett Rose: i'm just expressing my shock and outrage
Chick Pea: lol
Scarlett Rose: to the suggestion
Dr.D.: I can, Daniel.
(Scarlett Rose winks)
Pamela: right
Chick Pea: nice pam
Pamela: so how are you Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu:
Wonald: able to sit up and take nourishment, thanks\
Harvie Powis: Hello to the west coast contingent
Pamela: did you get the flu too?
Dr.D.: Yes, Daniel.
rich-c: so where have you been? we've been worried sick
Pamela: we noticed you've been absent for a couple of weeks
Dr.D.: Either that or Elmer Fudd-itis.
Wonald: Hey! Harvey... howz goin?
FloridaBob: $4.95/month.......for 495 minutes/month then a penny /minute up to 414.95 top charge/month in over 30,000 US cityes
Wonald: worried? nah - I wouldn't
Scarlett Rose: hi Ron
Wonald: I would leave ya'll
Pamela: how is your Mama?
Wonald: just tied up with other types of retirement living
Dr.D.: Hello Ron.
james: sorry, was on the phone again
james: so it didn't come up for you rich?
Wonald: she has good days and bad. She's ok today, thanks
Pamela: that's allowed, James
FloridaBob: glad to see THE MITCHELL alive and well.....and MUM??????
james: ok, must still be propagating through the dns trees
Pamela: it's good to hear that she's recovering
james: pam, i had the flu a couple weeks ago
james: has set me back 25 make-up classes
rich-c: no, I got a 404 on colecoshop - it is a www., isn't it?
Dr.D.: Does your Mom have the flu, too, Ron?
Wonald: we take it one day at a time
Pamela: oh no, you too James?
james: @rich, yes
Dr.D.: resolved okay for me.
Pamela: TWENTY FIVE???
james: yeah, had a fever of 39.8
Wonald: no - that is not one of her problems.... at least not this week
Dr.D.: Um, that could be fatal...
FloridaBob: got to blow this popstand now, guys and gals.........will see ya'll NEXT Wed.....IF the plane only takes 20 hrs to get home......
james: well i have almost 90 students now, so even taking a few days off sets me back a lot
FloridaBob left chat session
james: i'll be working 7 days a week for the next couple months most likely
Dr.D.: Say hi to Judy for us.
rich-c: see you Bob, glad you got on
Pamela: wow, he disappeared in a hurry
Pamela: are Miyuki and Case okay?
Harvie Powis: Somebody tripped over the cable
Dr.D.: Maybe too many Canadians tonight for him...but I can take it :-)
Pamela: that's okay Rich, we've decided to make you an honourary Canadian
Wonald changed username to Ronald
Ronald: so much for Elmer Fudd
james: lol
Dr.D.: I will endeavour to use the proper spellings, then.
james: doing fine, yes
james: and it seems we'll be having another boy
Dr.D.: Colour me Canadian for tonight.
james: anyway, i gotta jet
Pamela: oh, cool!
james: @dr. d, you're an honourary canadian by association :D
Scarlett Rose: tee hee
Pamela: don't work too hard James, you'll make yourself sick again
Dr.D.: No mysteries left in the world...I never wanted to know, made sure we didn't know, in advance.
james: oh, probably
james: dr. d, did the site come up for you?
rich-c: just retried your website, james - still no joy
Chick Pea: pam so should i ask you or should i ask erin for directions when it comes time?
Pamela: don't you dare. Take care of yourself
Dr.D.: Yes.
Dr.D.: Nice red logo banner.
Pamela: Ask me - Erin gets lost going to the corner : )
james: @rich, it takes 24-48 hours for it to propagate everywhere
Chick Pea: lmfao
Scarlett Rose: oh shut up
james: anyway, time to *poof*
rich-c: guess my ISPs DNS isn't onto it yet
Chick Pea: heheh
Pamela: nite James
rich-c: nite james
Ronald: was it something I said James?
Dr.D.: No catfights on the chat, gals...
james: i'll try to come on once i get into the office
Pamela: I love pulling your tail Erin
james: oh, hey ron. didn't see you come on!
Ronald: yep... here I is
Scarlett Rose: hmmmm.....tail.....tail.....?
james: yeah, haven't seen you in awhile.
james: ok, i'll be back in 1/2 an hour if i can
Ronald: been tied up
Pamela: okay James
Ronald: Wednesday nights.... and it's going to continue for a while I'm afraid
Dr.D.: Is the ferry strike over with, Ron? I hadn
james: ron, didn't know you were into that ;)
rich-c: you sure have, Wednesdays and Fridays
Dr.D.: hadn't heard.
james: *poof*
Harvie Powis: Kinky in your old age Ron?
rich-c: sorry, Saturdays
james left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: and me, i will be back (maybe) in one hour.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Ronald: Yes... ferry strike is over. Parties will agree to binding arbitration
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
Pamela: 'kay, Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel see you
Pamela: bye for now
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Scarlett Rose: bye Daniel
Dr.D.: Still snow on the Island?
Ronald: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: still gotta get you and I a compass, Rin
rich-c: really? I thought the strike had been settled weeks ago?
Ronald: Nope. We're back to green and dry. last of the snow disappeared at the beginning of this week
Pamela: will have to see if my dollar store has them on keychains
Dr.D.: Something for the little kids to remember, I hope.
Dr.D.: Enough to make snowmen or at least throw snowballs?
Ronald: Oh it was. We had enough for all the winter things.... but it was really only here about a week
Pamela: Colour us jealous, Ron
Dr.D.: We had robins here, a whole flock of them, on Groundhog Day.
Ronald: we get just enough to remind us of what you guys have to go thru
Pamela: we've had snow, ice, freezing rain, freezing temps
Scarlett Rose: so long as the compass works
Dr.D.: Silly things, they have to be freezing.
Dr.D.: Why do you need a compass, Rin?
rich-c: we have a very enduring supply of snow here - some dates back to December ;-)
Pamela: I've taught her how to get around in Toronto, Rich
Scarlett Rose: Pam obviously has no faith in my abilities
Dr.D.: A compass is required?
Pamela: but she needs to know which direction she's facing first
Chick Pea: i can say for a fact that erin and i were there for 5 days and we never got lost!!!!!!
Dr.D.: From what I saw, all it requires is speeding and chutzpah :-)
rich-c: all you really need to do is memorize the grid (concession lines), Rin
Pamela: well I can't tell her to walk north if she doesn't know where north is
Scarlett Rose: see he has it figured out
Harvie Powis: A GPS is in order ladies
Pamela: it's easier when you're driving Marie
rich-c: yeah, what's your exit number from 401, Pam?
Chick Pea: i didnt' drive at all in toronto erin got me around on teh subway
Pamela: all you really need to know in Toronto is that Yonge Street is the dividing line of the city.
Dr.D.: Pity the Pittsburghers, all triangular blocks (3 rivers, remember?) and all one-way streets.
Pamela: no idea Dad -it's Weston Road
Scarlett Rose: i've almost got it figured out.....I just have to know where Queen's Park is in relation to where I am
Ronald: brb
Scarlett Rose: see......i can work the subway
rich-c: right - from your new place, it's south-east - a fair piece
Scarlett Rose: i'm not entirely useless
Pamela: and she's very good at reading the signs
rich-c: wait till Pam spells out all the optional routes for you ;-)
Pamela: now if you could just find your way to Queen's Quay : )
Pamela: I already have Dad
Pamela: scared her silly
Scarlett Rose:'re all nuts
Scarlett Rose: lol
Pamela: yeah, yeah - we love you too
Chick Pea: yes erin ur the only normal 1
Pamela: watch it Rie, or I'll bring you to Toronto via Thunder Bay : )
Chick Pea: ha ha ha'
Scarlett Rose: not normal....just *special*
Chick Pea: i can get my self to toronto
Chick Pea: it where the appt
Chick Pea: i got erin and i ther esafe last itme
Chick Pea: nobody died
Dr.D.: There is a great physics/math joke involving "normal", but it isn't funny if you don't know the technical meaning of the term.
Pamela: that's always a bonus, Marie
Chick Pea: lol
Pamela: and what speeding, Rich?
Chick Pea: when i'm driving it is
Pamela: I didn't see any speeding - did you Erin?
Dr.D.: You drove faster on those roads than I would have were I back home.
rich-c: it's a Toronto survival thing, Rich
Pamela: Heck Rich, I can drive that route in my sleep - probably have a couple of times : )
Dr.D.: Clevelanders are more likely to run red lights and make illegal left turns than they are to speed around.
Ronald: back
Scarlett Rose: *Erin is silent so that she will not get hit*
rich-c: the sane driver in Toronto is toast
Chick Pea: eirn
Dr.D.: I like my toast with strawberry jam :-)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: ping!
rich-c: with respect, Rich, not MORE likely - maybe even not AS likely
Ronald: Prefer to jam with my keyboard, and a drummer and guitarist
Chick Pea: be nice eirn i bring you everywhere when ur down here
Dr.D.: Haha Ron.
Scarlett Rose: yes my chickie peep
Dr.D.: Next ADAMcon that I can drive to, I will bring my sax, you can play keyboards, we'll do some blues.
rich-c: thought you just programmed teh drummer and guitarist on one of the other computers, Ron
Pamela: I'll bring my fiddle!
Dr.D.: Well, you can use MIDI for backing tracks.
Scarlett Rose: ....if you need vocals.....
Ronald: yes
Dr.D.: Or even a whole my _Gong Show_ music.
Chick Pea: i'l sing
Harvie Powis: You can play " I just can't get started for richard
rich-c: that a promise or a threat?
Ronald: hey....that sounds like a plan Dr. D
Scarlett Rose: i love you Chick you won't..... :-D
Dr.D.: I can do the overture to Carmen and Rin can be the diva.
Pamela: no, the Phantom
Chick Pea: thanks doodle bug
Scarlett Rose: i can try diva
Dr.D.: Ptui on Phantom, no disrespect to Torontonians (or whatever the term is), I don't like the musical.
Scarlett Rose: I'm ready for my close up.....
Pamela: but she sings it really well
Dr.D.: Phantom for me is Lon Chaney :-)
rich-c: oh, that was just some Anderew LLoyd Webber thing we imported for teh tourist trade
Dr.D.: You should hear the Spike Jones version of Carmen...
Chick Pea: eirm ur mum is upsetting me
Pamela: so why is "the Stranger" running thru my head?
rich-c: yes, but Spike Jones was a real and talented musician
Dr.D.: Narrator: "Carmen enters. She's a beautiful girl who weights about 300 pounds. She's supposed to fill out the role of the soprano. She not only fills it out, she overflows it."
Ronald: One of my problems is I've got more music in my head that I have technical proficiency for
Scarlett Rose: i am now curious re: Carmen - Spike Jones version
Ronald: need another life to catch up
Pamela: ya got that right
Scarlett Rose: LMAO
Chick Pea: i'm really not in the mood
rich-c: Spike Jones was a musical parodist of huge originality and skill
Dr.D.: "Carmen hits a note so high that she cracks the record....<skip>...the record...<skip>...the record...
Chick Pea: anyways i beter jet
Pamela: gotta run, Rie?
Scarlett Rose: alrighty my chickpea....have a good night
Pamela: nite, Chickpea
Dr.D.: Good bye, Chick-Pea.
Pamela: say hi to Aunt Cynthia for me
rich-c: nite Rie
Ronald: may the force be with you Chick Pea
Pamela: this is nuts, I can't get Billy Joel out of my head
Dr.D.: Live long and prosper.
Chick Pea: goodbye dr.d
Chick Pea: night every1
Pamela: sweet dreams, Rie
Ronald: Go ahead with your own life and leave me a lone
Harvie Powis: Bye-Bye
Dr.D.: ??? Ron
Pamela: exactly Ron
Chick Pea: u 2 pam
Chick Pea left chat session
Ronald: I don't care any more whatcha say, this is my life
Ronald: :)
Dr.D.: Ah, Billy Joel.
Dr.D.: Sorry, BJ is Joan's dept.
Ronald: Winnipeg, 1979
rich-c: sorry, that's a generation off for me
Pamela: Buffalo, 1979
Ronald: And a boss who used to whistle that tune
Dr.D.: Frostbite Falls, 1962.
Ronald: he was a good boss
Pamela: Whatsamatta U?
Dr.D.: We love silly moose and squirrel.
Pamela: I can't believe I'm getting all these
Ronald: The U of O
Ronald: or as my son used to say, the U of Zero
Ronald: University of Ottawa
Pamela: bop Jeff
Dr.D.: My favourite was the Ruby Yacht of Omar Kayam.
rich-c: I dunno - maybe he preferred Carleton
Ronald: what.... Last Chance U?
Pamela: no, that's Ryerson
Ronald: you got a pulse, and you're admissible
Dr.D.: There's always the Sam Houston Institute of Technology...
rich-c: that sounds more like York
Ronald: "ROTFL"
Pamela: I'll take Starfleet Academy, thanks
rich-c: how about Bob Jones U?
Harvie Powis: Or out ron's way Simon Fraser University
Ronald: Time Travel 101
Ronald: right
Pamela: home of the giant clamshell
Dr.D.: I think it was in a 3 Stooges movie, the Stooges were supposed to be in college and on the football team...their opponents for the season were State, Tech, State Tech, U Tech, U State, Tech State U, etc.
rich-c: no, that's at UBC with teh rest of Reid;s stuff
Pamela: was it? Anyway, that was one incredible piece of sculpture
Ronald: When Jeff got his Masters at UBC, the roll of names called was mostly
Ronald: Asian..... Wong, Chin, Yu, and then....
Ronald: Jefferry Mitchell
Ronald: ....stood out like a sort thumb
Pamela: have you seen Reid's collection, Ron?
Ronald: negative
Pamela: it's a must see
Ronald: there are many I must see
Ronald: the list is lojng
rich-c: you haven't? I'd have thought it was your sort of thing
Ronald: \long
Ronald: long
Pamela: it's one of the things I remember most about our last visit out there
Ronald: so what, precisely, is Reid's collection?
rich-c: I should talk - I've never even been on the grounds of the CN Tower
Pamela: along with giant Swatch watches
Dr.D.: My chat window has gone blinky...
Harvie Powis: Me Niether Rich
Pamela: it's a collection of Native Canadian - Haida, I think - carvings by Bill Reid, who carved the bronze whale outside the Vancouver Aquarium
Pamela: his work is incredible
Dr.D.: I need to disconnect and reconnect...hold a sec.
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: he did small stuff in ivory and jade as well as very major pieces, including an exquisite war canoe
Ronald: Ok.... now it all comes back to me, said the blind man as he peed into the wind
Pamela: what's the title of the clamshell piece Dad?
rich-c: his gold jewellry is absolutely stunning
Ronald: Have not been there, but I certainly know who Bill Reid is
Pamela: I thought the blind man got out his hammer and saw
Harvie Powis: Is he the guy that did the huge cedar Indian for the Chinguacousy Town hall?
rich-c: I'll get your mother to look it up but it's a Haida creation legend
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Raven discovering life, or something like that
Ronald: And to think, I live here
changed username to Dr.D.Redux
Pamela: shame on you Ron
Ronald: I know eh?
Dr.D.Redux: Okay, my chat window was spazzing out.
rich-c: well, it is on the Mainland (where be dragons)
Scarlett Rose: welcome back
Pamela: BC is one of those places like Great Britian that I would love to have a couple of months to just explore
Ronald: nothing worse than a spazzed out chat window
Dr.D.Redux: The text area was going blinky blinky at an epileptic seizure-inducing rate...
Dr.D.Redux: I dunno why.
Scarlett Rose: ouch
Pamela: do windows spaz?
Dr.D.Redux: Hurt my eyes...
rich-c: it's inherent in Macs, isn't it? ;-)
Dr.D.Redux: Spazzes do Windows...
Ronald: I'm sure it did
Dr.D.Redux: Hehe, tonight I am on the resurrected 486, Richard.
Scarlett Rose: lol
rich-c: it's called Raven and the first humans, Pam
Pamela: good shot, Rich : )
Pamela: thanks Dad
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: anyway, it's an incredible piece
changed username to Guy B.
Harvie Powis: It can't be overheating can it Doc
Ronald: 486 is good
Scarlett Rose: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: hello Guy
rich-c: well, Guy has joined us
Dr.D.Redux: 486 was almost killed dead last weekend...
Ronald: Guy, my son
Harvie Powis: Hello Guy
rich-c: 'bout time, too, Dr.D. was getting worried being teh only Yank on board
Pamela: say Dad, while I think of it, do you think with two 486's we can create a working computer for Erin?
Guy B.: Whoa, who has the 486's?
Pamela: me Guy, why?
rich-c: sure Pam, and I'll discuss it further if you like
Ronald: Harvie, what kind of computer are you running these days?
Guy B.: Pam, I thought you had a Pentium.
rich-c: it wont be any joy but it will be enough to get her on the internet
Scarlett Rose: computer important......
Pamela: I have an AMD K6-2, Guy
Harvie Powis: Self built AMD xp2200
Pamela: the old one is a 486
rich-c: the big problem will be finding a 540MB or smaller hard disc
Ronald: You're up there Harvie
Ronald: My fastest is a Duron 1.2 Gig
Scarlett Rose: if it will run the net I will be fine
Ronald: and it's downstairs
Scarlett Rose: anywho I should be going
Ronald: this one here is a P166 laptop with a wireless thingie
Pamela: well as far as I know, the 486 still works but we haven't used it since just before Y2K
Scarlett Rose: have a meeting early
Guy B.: Ok, my sister in-law has one too. An IBM AMD K-6 450. She wants to upgrade the memory on it.
rich-c: OK Rin, take it easy - nite then
Dr.D.Redux: Rin gets to run the shop.
Pamela: that's exactly what I have Guy
Scarlett Rose: have a great night all
Dr.D.Redux: She needs to be rested to crack the whip to maximum velocity.
Scarlett Rose: nite uncle Richard
Pamela: nite, Sweetie. Will call tomorrow if possible.
Guy B.: How much memory do you have?
Scarlett Rose: alrighty
Dr.D.Redux: So long, Rin, try to be a benevolent dictator.
Scarlett Rose: love you
Guy B.: Bye Rin.
Pamela: 64 meg
Scarlett Rose: Good night Dr. D
Pamela: you too
Scarlett Rose: night Guy
Ronald: iMac was in the shop with a spazdic hard drive, which fortunately had 3 months left on its warranty. It was a 40 gig.... they replaced it with a 60 gig
Scarlett Rose left chat session
Ronald: nite Dr. d
Pamela: we were just talking about upgrading tonite
Ronald: bless Maxtor's Corporate heart
Harvie Powis: I don't find the fast processor does much more than the old stuff but Dr. D would like the heat it produces
rich-c: anyway you'll likely want to run Win95 on it, it will be too shy of memory and HD space for anything moe
Guy B.: Seems we have a match. My sister in-law couldn't install a game since she needed more memory. It needed 128mb
Pamela: is it an Aptiva, Guy?
Guy B.: Yes it is.
Pamela: probably my twin then
Dr.D.Redux: Hehe Re: heat, my feet are still cold in this basement...
Ronald: which is why I'm upstairs Dr. D
Ronald: you've been to my basement --- now it's cold down there
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.Redux: Alas, my DSL router is in the basement.
Ronald: uh oh
changed username to james
rich-c: welcome back, james
Harvie Powis: Between the CPU and the Radeon 9000 it's a furnace
james: me sa back
Ronald: Hey... that's what I need
Guy B.: I bet they are identical. Her model is 2170-245.
rich-c: I'll bet it is, Harv
Pamela: purchased on December 29, 1999 - 64 meg RAM, 10 gig hard drive, 32X CD ROM, 4 meg video card, 16 bit sound
rich-c: you must need air conditioning when it's -20 out
Guy B.: You have Windows 98 first edition on that Pam?
Pamela: Aptiva E series 275 - at least that's what is says on the CPU
Pamela: SE, Guy
Pamela: who me Dad?
Harvie Powis: All my heat registers are closed in this room
rich-c: no, Harvie with his hi-speed chip and hot graphics card
Pamela: along with Lotus Smartsuite release 9 installed
Dr.D.Redux: Time for new computer, Pam?
Pamela: sound familiar Guy?
rich-c: I'm warm enough with an XP1600 and 32MB nVidia
Pamela: just thinking about upgrading what we have, Rich
james: lol
Guy B.: You have the second edition. My sister in-law has the first edition. The original that came with the system. The maximum memory for that is 256mb. Two 128's can fit in it. At least I know what type of memory she needs.
Pamela: welcome back James
james: hi pam
james: hi ron
Ronald: hi James
Guy B.: Hi James.
james: my computer is pretty warm too. there's a point between spring and summer where in the evening it perfectly offsets the drop in temperature in my room
james: hi guy
Pamela: take out the 64mb and install 2 x 128mb?
Ronald: guess I should not talk about my Mac SE30, and my IICX and my Quadra 900
Ronald: eh?
Ronald: all of about 12 meg of RAM between 'em
Pamela: have you upgraded the video card Guy?
james: lol
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to George
james: i remember when i paid $300 to upgrade my 386 to 8mb from 4
rich-c: oh that's OK, we'll get Frances to talk about her Amiga
rich-c: well look who's here - hi George
George: Hi Everyone
Pamela: hi George
Ronald: how about $500. US for my second 40 Meg aDAM hard drive
Guy B.: Well, she decided to get a 128 and keep the 64 for now. But, sometime in the future she might get a new system.
Guy B.: So, I'm going to get the board for her at the next computer show.
Pamela: at the moment my most pressing need is to replace the CD ROM drive
Guy B.: Hi George.
rich-c: the way things are changing now it seems better to buy new than to upgrade
Pamela: it died about six months ago
Dr.D.Redux: Hi George.
George: lets see how long i can stay on with my wifi
Ronald: true Rich
james: ouch
Pamela: I'm thinking to do this one thing at a time Dad
Guy B.: She already had the hard drive replaced. That died after two years.
Pamela: HD is fine on mine
Dr.D.Redux: If Christina weren't going on a trip to Paris for 10 days next month, I would've had a new computer at home :-(
rich-c: not sure the old BIOSes will support USB2.0 or IEEE1394 or the necessary LANs or enough memory
james: lol
Pamela: oh sure, blame it on Christina
George: my wifi has been going haywire lately
james: so i take it dr. d that your family wasn't in the france-bashing camp?
Guy B.: Don't blame Christina Dr D. How often does she goe to Europe?
james: guy, she jets out on their private lear every other week :P
Pamela created action S/giggles
Guy B.: So I see.
Dr.D.Redux: Well, it was either $1.75K on a trip or equivalent on a computer :-)
rich-c: do you have your wifi fully secured, George?
Pamela: what's a wifi?
George: yes 128 bit
George: WEP
Guy B.: Wireless Network Pam.
Pamela: oh
Pamela: duh
rich-c: they're very susceptible to EMF interference, I've heard
james: lol, yeah, like duh, eh pam. just teasing
George: linksys NAT
rich-c: which of the protocols are you using? 802.?
james: i had a wireless setup between the school and my house. gave me nothing but headaches
George: 802.11b
Pamela: c'mon James - you know I'm not up on the latest technobabble
Pamela: give me credit for knowing what I do have : )
Guy B.: Hey, some women don't know all the computer geek stuff that we know. But, they want to learn.
james: fixed that with about 50' of ethernet cable
Pamela: non gender bias here Guy
Dr.D.Redux: Tell that to my boys at Theta Chi who can't get dates...
rich-c: that's the earlier, slower one, but a bit more reliable, isn't it?
james: i know lots of women that could code circles around me
Guy B.: See Pam. You want to know.
Pamela: well, sort of Guy. After a while I get lost
George: 8 50' cables for wired network
Guy B.: My sister gets lost on anything I tell her on her computer.
Pamela: I have enough other things to worry about without worrying about the latest tech gadget
james: still, you're treading dangerous waters if you reduce it to a gender bias
Ronald: what's the difference between 802.11b and 802.11g - besidees about $29
Pamela: very true James
Ronald: mine is ....11 b
Guy B.: Speed I believe.
Pamela: the younger girls are much more technologically correct
Ronald: my P166 doesn't want 11g
Guy B.: Banish that P166. That won't cut it.
Ronald: got the PCMCIA card at Chistmas that was 802.11g, and the laptop spat it out
james: i think you might be stuck at 8gb on that machine, ron
Pamela: ptui
Ronald: so the mn520 which is 802.11b worked right out of the box
Pamela: ?
George: 11b does 10mbs. while 11g. does 54mbs.
Guy B.: I have wired on mine.
Pamela: see, now I'm lost
Ronald: with a little jiggery pokery I got it to work on the Linux side of the house too
rich-c: yes, most 166MMXs came with a BIOS that wouldn't support more than about 8 gig
Ronald: so that's it
Harvie Powis: It only matters on the LAN side Ron. The WAN side is limited to 10MB anyway
Pamela: and a few push pins Ron?
Dr.D.Redux: This spring, once it warms up, I will put up some more networked Macs down here in the basement.
Ronald: Now Pamela ! !
james: yeah, if you're lucky there *might* be a bios update but it's far more likely that i'll see a pension cheque with my name on it someday
Ronald: be nice, girl
james: meaning you're s.o.l.
Dr.D.Redux: I have scavenged enough for each girl to have at least a PowerMac 7200 or 7600.
Guy B.: I can run the emulator on the Dell without any problems. Ran Speedywrite, seems I'm finally getting back to the basic word processing rather than the overhype MS Office.
Pamela: c'mon, I have to go with the joke when it presents itself
Ronald: that's respectable Dr. D
james: case gets upset when i use "his" computer and sit in "his" chair
Ronald: damn right James
Dr.D.Redux: We replaced then last 2 7200s in the robot lab with Emacs.
Ronald: the nerve of you
rich-c: well there's all sorts of word processing programs besids MS - most are good and many are free
Pamela: I like my Lotus WordPro
Pamela: much better than MS Word
Harvie Powis: VDE266 anyone?
Pamela: MS Word has a high PITA factor
George: i found rbase for dos
Ronald: I have a Performa 6830 which is up there somewhere 160meg 604e processor
Dr.D.Redux: Haha Pam.
rich-c: ah, now there's a real program, right, Ron?
Ronald: wow eh/
Pamela: so explain to me again why MS rules the world?
Guy B.: Well, I use Word 2000 at work. I do have Office 95 on the notebook and the Gateway has Office 2000 on it. The Athlon has Wordperfect Officesuite and in addition to the emulator on the Dell. I do have on that.
Ronald: agreed. Imagine a macro-capable word processor running in about 18k
Ronald: blows my buddies minds
Guy B.: But, just for simple word processing. Adam can do the job.
rich-c: well if you want something less complicted go to and download Easy Office
George: 486DLC
Dr.D.Redux: Sill using Word 5.1a 68K on all my Macs, vintage 1992.
Ronald: was talking to a couple of young bloods in the computer program at our North Island College last week... They had not heard of CP/M
Ronald: so I told 'em ... there was life before Bill Gaes
rich-c: I have Star Office on this machine but never use it - complexity isnt worth it
Pamela: Word or Wordperfect, Rich?
Ronald: Gates
Ronald: Open Office 1.1
Ronald: on the linux box
Ronald: works good.... reads Microshaft stuff
George: i'm going to start my BELTRON 8088
Pamela: lets face it, one word processing program is just like another - only the names and the icons differ
Dr.D.Redux: Word, Pam.
rich-c: will the Beltron run CP/M, George?
Pamela: WP 5.1 was what I learned word processing on
Guy B.: Somwhere on an old hard drive is Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS.
Harvie Powis: Icons? We don't need no stinkin icons
George: not sure it has a green monitor
Ronald: Well, let's put it this way..... for all I do with a Wordprocessor, VDE266 most often does as well as Office XP
rich-c: should be a CP/M version for it, maybe CP/m86
Ronald: have them all, WordPerfect, Appleworks 6, Word 2000, Office XP...
Pamela: not for those of use who learned before the mouse came in
Ronald: yes.... have CP/M 86 on a floppy around here somewhere
Guy B.: Whoa, all of them? Bet on different computers?
rich-c changed username to frances
Pamela: well if I ever need a translation Ron, I know where to go : )
Pamela: Hi, Mom
frances: Hi
Dr.D.Redux: Hello Frances.
Ronald: you got it Pam
Guy B.: HI Frances
Pamela: how are you?
Harvie Powis: Hello Frances
Ronald: Hi ya Frances
Dr.D.Redux: Frances, did you see my photo webpage from my trip?
George: hi Frances
frances: Richard, I came on just to tell you that I did find a better way to convert the JPEG files
frances: And yes, I saw it
frances: I read the manual!
Dr.D.Redux: I hope you liked it :-)
Dr.D.Redux: Thanks for your 2 digital photos.
frances: I did
Pamela: well you know Mom, when all else fails - read the instructions
Ronald: yes, when all else fails, the manual is good
frances: Richard, I really liked that second one - it is just like you
Pamela: since I don't think the hammer option is applicable here
Ronald: hammer..... as in "hit any key"
frances: Anyway, I adjusted my preferences and the results are an improvement
Pamela: no as in "when all else fails, use a bigger hammer"
Dr.D.Redux: I was laughing a lot, I agree it is a good photo.
frances: I redid that photo I showed you and it now looks much better
frances: Hammer - as in If all else fails, get a bigger hammer
Dr.D.Redux: Redid in what way?
frances: Converted it again using the improved dithering
Pamela: am I my mother's daughter or what
Dr.D.Redux: Ehhhh, could be! (Bugs Bunny voice)
Guy B.: EHHHH, What's up Doc?
Harvie Powis: I don't know but stay away from my computer Pam!
frances: I also converted another photo of a nightsky with the reflected light of a lightning flash and turned out spectacularly well
Pamela: don't worry Harvie, you're safe with me - I subscribe to the "read the instructions" school of thought
frances: but it tookforever!
Ronald: What's that? Staying away from a computer?
Pamela: only with hammers Ron
Ronald: oh
Harvie Powis: With her hammer Ron
Ronald: right
Pamela: gotta keep up Ron
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
frances: The manual, in this case, is on a CD. It is a good manual but it is not immediately available when I am using the paint program
Dr.D.Redux: Measure with micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with axe.
james: looks like i got bounced, but i should really get going anyway
Guy B.: We have twins
frances: So I often don't get around to reading it
Pamela: give your computer a good talking-to, James
Ronald: thanks for bouncing back in James....
james: lol. unlike the wife, it doesn't talk back
james: *ducks*
Ronald: just for the info of all, I'm only likely to make it in here every other week until April 1q
Ronald: 1 that is
frances: Anyway, it was your comment that made me check, Rcih, so I thought I would let you know.
james: april 1nd, gotcha
frances: Rcih
Guy B.: Where are you going to be Ron?
Ronald: right
james: so for now i will bid you all adieu
frances: So back to Richard. Bye, bye
Ronald: have this annual event happening May 24 weekend....that we have a committee struck for
Guy B.: Bye James
Pamela: g'nite James
Ronald: meets every 2nd Wed at 6:30 our time
james: bye all *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela: don't let Miyuki read your screen
Guy B.: So, you're on that committee?
frances changed username to rich-c
Pamela: bye Mom
Ronald: Treasurer
rich-c: nite james
Guy B.: Big job there.
Ronald: run through about 20 G is a weekend
Pamela: this from the man who gave the AC15 finances to Bob?
rich-c: just make sure you do get on the other Wednesdays, Ron
rich-c: and don't forget you get a backup option on Saturday
Ronald: touche Pamela
Guy B.: Come when can. Most of us should be here when you come on.
Ronald: noted Rich
Pamela: thenk you
Dr.D.Redux: We can wait for you, Ron.
Pamela: we're a forgiving lot
Guy B.: Speaking of Bob. I wonder where he is tonight.
Pamela: he's in Florida Guy
Ronald: likely might skip just about now on the weeks where we have the meeting. Meeting is only about an hour long
Pamela: He was on earlier - you missed him
Ronald: so I'm likely to drift in just as you guys are leaving
Guy B.: I thought he came back. Boy, he must love it down there.
rich-c: he's visiting the inlaws for about 12 days, Guy
Pamela: who wouldn't love sun and sand in the midst of all this freezing weather
rich-c: he came on using a laptop and
Guy B.: Oh, no wonder. And he missed all that snow we got here. Lucky him.
rich-c: yeah, but the flight took nine hours longer than scheduled
Dr.D.Redux: Speaking of feet are finally numb, so I think I will go upstairs and get warm.
Pamela: I'm starting to get green again
rich-c: pkane troubles, missed connections, you name it
Dr.D.Redux: Still sitting here in this winter coat, though.
Pamela: Rich - two words - space heater
Guy B.: Oh boy.
Ronald: better get thee upstairs Dr. D
Dr.D.Redux: Need dog at feet...or electric socks.
rich-c: or get a computer with a hotter processor and graphics board!
Dr.D.Redux: Or maybe just Spring :-)
Ronald: yes.... or both
Dr.D.Redux: Haha Richard.
Pamela: have a cat sit on your toes
Harvie Powis: Where do I mail the 50Ft cable to Doc?
Guy B.: Should have the computer upstairs.
Pamela: cats make great foot warmers
Dr.D.Redux: I s'pose I could be in the very warm and lonesome lab, but I think I'd rather be home.
Dr.D.Redux: I'd have to drill a hole in the floor to run the network cable, Guy.
Ronald: Alls I have to do usually is turn on a couple of computers
Pamela: a reasonable compromise, Rich
Guy B.: That would be a hassle then.
Dr.D.Redux: I have an auger bit big enough :-)
Pamela: space heater - it's the only way I can stay warm back here
George: meds
Dr.D.Redux: Just no desk left up there...Joan got it for her sewing machine.
Ronald: lots of beach wallpaper
Harvie Powis: Or go borrow Georges Wifi card
Guy B.: Isn't the furnace near by?
George: i forgot
Ronald: imagine warm
Pamela: think warm thoughts
Dr.D.Redux: I need to pinch a network-capable laptop...
Dr.D.Redux: Furnace is, but it doesn't warm the basement very much, Guy.
Ronald: must be one surplus to CWRU requirements eh?
Dr.D.Redux: All right, I am closing hailing frequencies...
rich-c: OK, nite Rich
Ronald: g'nite good sir
Pamela: perhaps you could set the computer up next to the furnace Rich?
Dr.D.Redux: BTW RIchard, your Trek link was wonderful: I loved that pilot episode.
George: nite
Guy B.: Your basement is not finished I'ma assuming?
Harvie Powis: Good night Dr D
Pamela: nite Rich
Dr.D.Redux: Gotta show it to Joan, none of the computers here will play it.
rich-c: glad you liked it, rich
Dr.D.Redux: Unfinished, Guy.
Dr.D.Redux: Bare walls, concrete slab.
Pamela: nite George
Dr.D.Redux: Energize!
Dr.D.Redux: <transporter effect>
Dr.D.Redux left chat session
Guy B.: BRRRR.
Ronald: meanwhile, at the other end of the scale
Pamela: concrete slab - ugh.
Guy B.: Wow, looks like everyone is leaving.
rich-c: got a blast of chill when he took off, did you, Guy? :-)
Ronald: Mother and I are having a clash of wills about the setting of the thermostat in the living room
Pamela: who's winning?
Ronald: I am, at the moment, too DAMN hot
rich-c: we have no problem at all - have a new automatic setback unit
Guy B.: Well, I should be going too. Working again this Saturday, so I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: Frances snuck it in while I was in the hospital
Pamela: ok Guy - gn'ite
Ronald: :)
Harvie Powis: Bye Guy
Pamela: Snuck is a pretty strong word Dad
rich-c: see you then, Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Pamela: "was efficient at getting it done in your absence" would be better
rich-c: we're not into politically correct here thee days
Pamela: hey - you wanna eat?
rich-c: it's OK, she isnt watching, she's playing on the Amiga
Pamela: okay, you're safe then for a little while : )
rich-c: besides, it isn't me she's mad at these days
Pamela: it's not me is it????
Ronald: so what does this device do - the automatic setback thingie
rich-c: essentially, you set the temperature you want for any given hour, and it delivers it
Ronald: cool
rich-c: it automatically turns the temperature up in the morning and down at night
Ronald: I mean - sounds like a good thing
rich-c: and if you get a lot of insolation, you can for instance set it back for the afternoon too
Ronald: kaha
rich-c: it sits on teh wall alternately blinking the time and current temperature
Pamela: digitally
Pamela: 'tis quite cool
rich-c: I think you can set the tolerances, too
Ronald: ain't technology grand!
rich-c: unfortunately it's an RYFM proposition and I haven't, yet
Pamela: you can do it when you finish HP Dad
rich-c: yes, I'm along to about page 550 now, Pam
Ronald: I must find the TV Remote.... Mother has fallen asleep
rich-c: don't turn it off, you'll wake her up
Pamela: Ron - there are a few buttons on the front of the TV - they say things like on/off . . .
Ronald: yeah, but they're hidden behind a secret door
rich-c: he has to make sure she's not sleeping on it - if she rolls over...
Ronald: done - Law and Order it is
Harvie Powis: Maybe he has the thermostat programmed with the remmote
Pamela: oh well, that's different then
Ronald: could be
Ronald: we have 3 remotes, and I have no idea what 2 of them do
Pamela: TV, VCR and DVD perhaps?
Ronald: all of the above minus DVD
Harvie Powis: They program the third one
George: lights?
Ronald: no there's one that was for a VCR, but the VCR died
Pamela: stereo?
rich-c: I don't think Ron is into X-10, George
Ronald: the remote is therefore unassigned
Ronald: yes, I have X-10
Ronald: downstairs
Pamela: when in doubt, throw it out
George: i have plug-n-power
Ronald: you kidding? What's "throw it out"
Pamela: throw it out: wherein objects which no longer have a use are removed from the premises
Ronald: bought the X-10 disk for the ADAM from - from- oh c'mon- who's the lad in Utah?
Ronald: ADAMCON 5
Ronald: memory where art thou?
Ronald: McNeeley
George: why bother?
Ronald: no... Neeley
Ronald: Alan
rich-c: Alan Neeley
Ronald: thank you
Pamela: there's an echo in here
rich-c: an amplified echo, too
George: echo on
Ronald: my X-10 setup gets used to turn radio's off and on and lights when we're on holiday
George: @echo on
rich-c: you might say, George
Harvie Powis: Your Wifi seems to be hanging in there George
George: so far
rich-c: well, what distance are you between base and remnote?
George: its going for a record tonight
George: 15'
rich-c: makes a big difference how far and how many walls and floors between
George: no walls floors
rich-c: you should be good for 15" unless you're trying to go through walls or floors
Pamela: well everyone, I think it's time I went to bed
Ronald: like as in horizontal with eyes closed--- relaxing?
rich-c: OK daughter, take care, talk to you anon
Pamela: yeah, like that Ron
Harvie Powis: Good night then Pam
George: nite Pam
Ronald: sweet dreams Pamela
Pamela: thank you all and good night!
Pamela: kerpoof!
Ronald: ni ni
Pamela left chat session
George: i need sleep too
Ronald: So any way people, we'll see you as often as we can see you
rich-c: could likely do something useful here but can't get a wifi card for the Amiga
Ronald: there must be one Rich
rich-c: OK, George, good to see you by and Ron, we'll be looking for you
Ronald: ok Rich... be well
Harvie Powis: Ok Ron and George, good night
Ronald: niters Harvie
George: nite all
Ronald: I must go and take out the garbage
rich-c: will keep looking, Ron, as you should be right
Ronald: will ask my Amiga buddy here
George: poof
Ronald: nite
George left chat session
rich-c: nite and thanx
Ronald: :)
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: looks like that's about it, Haarvie
Harvie Powis: Yes it is getting late
rich-c: us old folks need out shuteye
rich-c: hope you can make it next week?
Harvie Powis: I'll try to remember next wed.
rich-c: OK see you then - nite now
Harvie Powis: Good night bud
Harvie Powis left chat session
rich-c: nite
rich-c left chat session
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left chat session
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