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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Icky Pamela
Icky Pamela: Hi Daddy
rich-c: that was quick - hi daughteer
rich-c: why icky?
Icky Pamela: coming down with a cold - right on the edge - the ickiest time
rich-c: oh yuck - I agree, it's something you don't need
Icky Pamela: don't have time to be sick right now
Icky Pamela: can you hear the honkin' from my schnoz?
rich-c: not quite, but then the winsow is closed
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Icky Pamela: are you there?
changed username to Daniel B
Icky Pamela: that's weird
Daniel B: allo?
rich-c: hi Daniel, did you knock Pamela off?
rich-c: she isn't showing on my list but is here
Daniel B: I have to same list here
Icky Pamela: Dad can you see me?
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rich-c: yes Pam, I can see you but not your name on the list
changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings Bob
Icky Pamela: ditto here - that's really weird
Icky Pamela: guess I'm incognito - not sure what I did
BobS: howdy all and the invisible one
rich-c: Pamela is playing hide and seek with us - she's talking but we can't see her
Icky Pamela changed username to Pamela
BobS: Pam ..... change your name
Pamela: that's even weirder - now I've replaced Daniel
rich-c: and now Daniel seems to have vanished
rich-c: and Pamela, you are back
BobS: prolly deleted the "undefined" and pressed enter
Pamela: when I went to do my name change, I changed Daniel instead
Daniel B: hehehe!
Daniel B: ok, be right back!
rich-c: hmmm - not sure I want to know any more about this
Pamela: in addition, when Daniel came on, all the scroll disappeared too
Daniel B left chat session
BobS: must be the full moon
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changed username to Daniel B
Pamela: Daniel and I seem to be sharing a name!
Daniel B: it doesn't solve the problem
rich-c: now Daniel is here and Pam is gone again
Pamela: guess I'd better go out and come back in
Daniel B: ok, I quit again
Daniel B left chat session
BobS: HEY YOU'SE KIDS; quit your fooling around
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Pamela: now we're both gone
changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: OK, just be quick about it ;-)
Pamela: we're not fooling around Bob
Pamela: I don't know what I did
BobS: well sure looks like it....WHO cares if your name is here as longa s you are here
rich-c: you are using a computer - that can explain anything
Pamela: well i"d prefer not to be invisible
Pamela: I'm gonna go out and come back in - brb
Daniel B: let me try another time... be right back
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: so go out and come in again - that should do it
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changed username to Daniel B
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BobS: oh oh
Daniel B: :(
changed username to Brite Red
rich-c: it's OK the second one should be Pam
Pamela: there's Erin
BobS: ok who is brite red?????
BobS: ok
Daniel B: arg!
BobS: sorry I asked
rich-c: hi Erin
Brite Red: hi all
BobS: it HWSL to be the full moon
BobS: Hi Erin
Brite Red: Pam.......why can't I see you?
rich-c: Pam is also here but the program wont admit it!
Pamela: Daniel, stay put unless I knock you off, okay?
Daniel B: hi Erin!... sorry ... Tonight, I'm a magician.... I make Pam disappear
Pamela: I don't know, Rin
Pamela left chat session
BobS: dat is pretty good eh??????
Brite Red: very talented are you?
Daniel B: I'm fine
BobS: well Pam, your name pops up when you talk..........
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rich-c: Rin, while we are at it - do you remember teh little old color tv your grandmother had?
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: there we are
Pamela: can y'all see me now?
Brite Red: ahhhh...i believe I do
rich-c: much better, daughteer
rich-c: anyway it was actually ours and we now have it back
rich-c: would it be of any use to you when you move?
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rich-c: it is small and it is old but it works
Pamela: what are we talking about, Dad?
BobS: tha is all that counts
changed username to Dr. D--
Pamela: Hi Rich
rich-c: the old 14" GE colour tv, Pam
BobS: about YOU Pam
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr. D--: Hello Pam, and all.
Daniel B: D--? it's not very good
BobS: Dr D.............
Pamela: what's with the grade, Rich? (D--)
Brite Red: I think Pam has one for me to borrow but if it is not being used and I am welcome to it I would take it
Pamela: fully furnished, I'm telling you
Dr. D--: I've been reading Poe again, it's a conceit for an unspecified name beginning with D.
Pamela: ah
rich-c: well, you and Pam work it out and let us know
Dr. D--: I didn't think of it as D-minus-minus....
rich-c: if you want it Pam can pick it up next time she is here
Dr. D--: I can change it, though....
Pamela: speaking of moves Dad, do you think I could borrow the van this Saturday?
Brite Red: that would be cool
Dr. D-- changed username to Dr. A++
Brite Red: thank you
Dr. A++: There, that's a better opinion of myself :-)
Pamela: much better
Daniel B: I think you forgot one +
Daniel B: :P
rich-c: depends on what your mother has to say, but I have no specific objection
Dr. A++: Ha, I'm not that conceited, Daniel :-)
Pamela: keep forgetting to ask you - we're moving Ally on Saturday
Dr. A++: So Bob, you are back in frigid Grand Rapids now, right?
rich-c: of coursse it will cost you a loan of LOTR
Pamela: ooooh - steep, but I think we can afford it : )
Pamela: both?
BobS: yup, bummer ain't it??????????
Pamela: or should I reserve one?
Dr. A++: Richard is now hitting you up for man now that he has the DVD drive.
BobS: although it is in the mid 30's and all that yucky snow is melting
Daniel B changed username to Daniel B+/-
rich-c: yes, both
Dr. A++: Our temps are still on the cold side here, but our yard is getting green in the feeble sunshine.
Brite Red: Spring is on the way!!!
Pamela: well since I think once we've moved Ally we're through for a while, I won't hold one back
BobS: melting like crazy here the last 2 days and expected to keep melting into the weekend
rich-c: we had a water main break on one side of our street and a gas leak on the other
Pamela: gonna have to call you to arrange, Dad
BobS: that woudl make for a BIG mess Richard
rich-c: by the time the crews got all the snow aside and did their digging, you wouldn't believe the mess
Pamela: there's mud everywhere, Bob
Dr. A++: I saw and heard a cardinal singing this morning...I guess that means one of your cousins was here, Ms. Brite Red :-)
Brite Red: ahhh wonderful :-)
BobS: oh YUCK
rich-c: anyway your mother seems to fell it's OK, Pam
Dr. A++: Diana was complaining about it, the noise woke her up this morning.
Pamela: My mommy is wonderful!
rich-c: we have a cardinal or two around but they have nothing to say yet
Dr. A++: What are you doing Pam, more moving stuff?
rich-c: mind you, we are barely getting melting - a peak of 36 late in the day
Pamela: we're moving Allyson this weekend Rich
Dr. A++: Vilneff & Co. Ltd. movers, eh?
rich-c: once you get Ally out, when does Erin move in?
Pamela: ask Erin
Brite Red: ummmmmmm........
rich-c: Rin, consider yourself asked
Brite Red: the 7th I think
Pamela: just about Rich - that van comes in very handy
Dr. A++: Hehe, hope you get a good rental fee...or at least a good compensatory dinner :-)
Dr. A++: Though the van being your Dad's, he gets a cut, too.
rich-c: actually teh back is full of junk - will have to tidy it a bit
Pamela: It sort of washes
Pamela: what kind of junk, Dad?
rich-c: those two big plastic utility boxes, some stuff for Goodwill
Pamela: well the ute boxes can go in my car - can you get the Goodwill stuff out by Friday evening?
Pamela: sorry, I know it's short notice
rich-c: or it can go in your car too - it isnt that big
rich-c: just a whole bunch of jigsaw puzzles
Dr. A++: Jigsaw puzzles?
rich-c: I notice Daniel has a new handle :-)
Brite Red: very cute Daniel
Daniel B+/-: a new handle?
rich-c: there was a time when we were quite into them, Rich
Dr. A++: "handle" = slang for nickname
Dr. A++: Okay, I am not trying to make Daniel worry about his University grades.
Daniel B+/-: My university garde? B-
rich-c: too late anyway, Rich, he's finished and graduated
Dr. A++: I was Dr. C- in med school...hence I became a Ph.D. instead of an M.D.
Dr. A++: Though there were other extenuating circumstances :-(
rich-c: tyhat's OK - one of my university buddies was seriously bright
rich-c: he said he always reesented medical types calling themselves doctors
rich-c: as far as he was concerned, real doctors wre Ph.Ds
Dr. A++: "physician" is always correct for M.D.
Pamela: Erin, do you think we'll be okay with my car for your move?
Brite Red: oh yeah, should be fine
rich-c: room for both your suitcases? ;-)
Dr. A++: How much stuff do you have, Rin?
Pamela: you don't know the half of it Dad
Pamela: she brought a whole load of stuff up from Windsor
Dr. A++: (Unless that's prying)
rich-c: that may be just as well :-)
Brite Red: not a whole furniture to move
Daniel B+/- changed username to james
Dr. A++: Is the new apartment furnished?
Brite Red: nope
james: hi!
Pamela: with early leftovers, Rich
rich-c: good morning to the far side of the world
Dr. A++: Hi James.
james: be right back in half an hour
james changed username to Daniel B+/-
Dr. A++: Do you at least have a matress, to avoid sleeping bag on the floor? Or worse, just blankets?
BobS: woops, done missed him I did
Daniel B+/-: ;-)
Pamela: She's inherited a club chair from Allyson, and a coffee table, desk and bed from us
rich-c: gotta be with it, Bob
Brite Red: asked and answered
Brite Red: :-)
BobS: I know
Dr. A++: I have known the floor thingy...tiresome after a while.
Brite Red: I've been on a futon mattress on the floor for about 4 years......almost the floor :-)
Pamela: well she can use our old bed for a couple of weeks but I wouldn't recommend it for too long after that
Dr. A++: I am not naturally that ascetic.
Daniel B+/-: What is in the FEB04 ANN disks?
BobS: hmmmmmm.....can't remember now daniel
BobS: as going to start a series of whatever it is......think it is NAID pd volumes for SamrtBASIC
Dr. A++: Probably some 1s and 0s in the disks.
BobS: prolbably
BobS: probably
rich-c: Pam, do you remember that we have your card table and chairs?
Pamela: actually I'd forgotten that Dad
Pamela: are they in the basement?
rich-c: perhaps it is relevant to you and Rin
rich-c: yes, no doubt growing mould
Pamela: lovely
Pamela: just what two asthmatics want hanging around
rich-c: clean 'em and air them out for a while, should be OK
Dr. A++: Mold never bothered my asthma.
Pamela: FYI Erin, I used a whole bottle of Febreze on the bed to ensure freshness
Dr. A++: Dust did...and ragweed pollen.
BobS: thought the basement was chuck FULL of ADAM stuff Richard...........
Pamela: that's the big room Bob
Dr. A++: Less so since I was in Toronto.
Dr. A++: I guess I didn't tell anyone, Richard.
rich-c: it is, Bob, Rich barely made a dent
Pamela: the little room has all my toys
rich-c: 'I just passed a bunch of newsletters on
Pamela: speaking of which Dad, you also have the leaves for my table
Pamela: Grampy's table, I should say
rich-c: OK, just remember them on Saturday
Dr. A++: A bunch, like 3 large boxes.
Pamela: not until I have room for them
Dr. A++: They are safe and sound.
rich-c: yes, your custody is more secure than mine
Pamela: were the newsletters in the basement Dad?
rich-c: no, they were in my room, Pam
Dr. A++: I need to find some minions to start scanning them for me.
Pamela: that's what I thought
Dr. A++: Okay, so I didn't contribute to cleaning the basement.
Dr. A++: Next time, maybe...
Pamela: no, but you can bet my Mom did a dance when they left Rich
Dr. A++: Haha
rich-c: oh, you offered useful advice that will muchly aid in the cleaning
Pamela: Erin, once we've moved you we'll have to go through your stuff and do inventory
rich-c: besides, I actually have a customer for an Adam
Brite Red: luckily that won't take long :-)
Pamela: well your mother sent an awful lot of kitchen stuff with you
BobS: COOL Richard
Dr. A++: Kitchen stuff is good.
Brite Red: yes she did
Brite Red: it is and for a dollar each who could pass it up
Pamela: we'll see what gaps I can fill in for you
rich-c: I don't count my sales till the cheque arrives, Bob
Dr. A++: We are still using my parents' stainless steel wedding present cookware...and forks/knives/spoons/.
Daniel B+/-: noisemaker, calendar, hangman, rmadness, cannons, picmaker, sort, dice, sphere, 3-dplotter, 3d rotate... and shopping?
Pamela: hangman
Pamela: what are we talking about?
Dr. A++: Plus one surviving dinner plate from their first set.
rich-c: sounds like the directory of an ANN disc
Dr. A++: A Sesame Street game: "One of these things is not like the others..."
Pamela: we're hard on our cookware - we're on our second set of pots
Daniel B+/-: yes, it's the FEB04 disk directory... shopping doesn't fit
Pamela: shopping always fits, Daniel
rich-c: oh, it's a utility like various of the others
rich-c: actually the one that doesnt fit is hangman, which is a game
Pamela: see, I was right!
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Dr. A++: They are Daniel's games for his multi-game cartridge.
Daniel B+/-: what's shopping exactly?
Daniel B+/-: I mean, the soft in the disk file
rich-c: puicmaker and sort don't sound like games
changed username to JKFROM BRAZIL
Dr. A++: Hello JK FROM BRAZIL.
rich-c: salud, amigo do Brasil
Dr. A++: Well spoken, Richard!
BobS: tis only on a disk, I didn't check all the stuff to see if it worked or not........... :-(
rich-c: except it's half Spanish and half Portuguese
BobS: welcome tot he norther hemisphere
rich-c: new but welcome - come on in
BobS: turn off caps will ya......sounds like yelling...........
BobS: no plrblem mon
Daniel B+/-: Hi! What is your name?
BobS: no worries, no problem.........
rich-c: Dr.D and Bob are sulky, all outnumbered by the Canadians ;-)
BobS: rioght mate
Dr. A++: I am not sulky...and I was outnumbered by Canadians last week, too.
Pamela: no no, Dr. D is an honourary Canuck, remember?
BobS: all them "englich" folks
Dr. A++: Only if I remember my northern spellings.
rich-c: what is your Adam interest, JK?
Pamela: when in doubt, add a U
Dr. A++: Colour me honourary Canadian.
JKFROM BRAZIL: I'd like to talk to you more, but we'll do this another time. PLEASE how can I get a electronic schematic of the Colecovision circuitry?
Dr. A++: No prize cheque necessary.
BobS: I "know" some canadiasn,,,,,,does that count??????
Pamela: only i fyou spell it right, Bob
Dr. A++: Colecovision? None exists that I know of.
rich-c: Colecovision or Adam?
BobS: Dale has it I am sure.............
Dr. A++: I have a website with many ADAM schematics, but I have never seen one for the bare ColecoVision.
BobS: but if it is online.......
rich-c: and Rich, do you have the CV or only Adam schematics on your website?
Daniel B+/-: I think the eColeco guys may have something... they repair ColecoVision systems
Dr. A++:
Dr. A++: Has all the ADAM schematics I know of, in PDF form.
rich-c: that's Terry Fowler I believe and I can't se him sharing anything
rich-c: for all practical purposes, the top Adam board was the Colecovision board
JKFROM BRAZIL: I just have a CV system, because this is the name of the one trat got to Brazil that time, not others...
Daniel B+/-: I only said "may have something", I didn't say they will share something. :)
rich-c: barring the extra video output, the two were identical, I believe, electronically
BobS: ADAM'S HOUSE is he MAY have schematics for sale.....
rich-c: anyway JK check Dr. D's site and look for the top board for the Adam
Dr. A++: Delta Game Board, it is called.
rich-c: I would bet, Bob, that he has the same schematics we have, but not cleaned up the way Rich did it
rich-c: and he won't have them downloadable in PDF form, either
JKFROM BRAZIL: I have one good working CV and one defective. Does somebody here know a web site I can search a schematic?
Daniel B+/-: NO
rich-c: OK JK did you get that URL for the schematics?
Dr. A++: All I have are ADAM something like Google would be your best try otherwise.
Dr. A++: If I had ColecoVision schematics, I would put them up for download as well.
Dr. A++: I don't want to hoard this info.
rich-c: Rich, the Delta Game Board is the Colecovision Adam board
Dr. A++: Yes I know, but it's the closest thing to a CV schematic I have.
rich-c: electronically identical, physical layout slightly different
Dr. A++: It would be a start, JK; it's the best I can do right now.
rich-c: start hell, Rich, it should be all that he needs
JKFROM BRAZIL: OH Yes! Sorry! That passed fast. I've just seen it. Thank you! Any other?
rich-c: as I said, they're electronically identical
Daniel B+/-: Hey JK! What is your full name? :)
BobS: ADAM'S HOUSE does not list any schematics for the colecoVision
rich-c: be nice to Daniel, JK, he writes new games for the Colecovision
Daniel B+/-: hey JK? ...
JKFROM BRAZIL: My name is Jorge. Thanks Bye!
rich-c: come again soon, Jorge
Daniel B+/-: bye Jorge!
JKFROM BRAZIL: I'm in a hurry, I'll come back another day...
BobS: come back soon Jorge
rich-c: be welcome when you do
Pamela: and please bring the sunshine
Dr. A++: :-) Pam
Dr. A++: What time zone is Brazil?
Pamela: dunno Rich, why?
rich-c: I think it's minus 3 Zulu
BobS: like eastern or.........east of that.....Atlantic ???????
rich-c: Eastern is minus 5 Zulu
Dr. A++: Just wondering if it was close to my mind's eye, it should be close.
JKFROM BRAZIL: The time here now is 23:57 o'clock
Pamela: so you're an hour ahead of us then
Daniel B+/-: 2+ hour than me
BobS: real close or 1 hour behind eastern
BobS: AH 2 hours behind eastern
rich-c: we are 22.00 on teh atomic clock
Dr. A++: So JK is up late...make sure you get some sleep :-)
BobS: PAM........midnight and we are 10pm
BobS: TWO hours girl
Pamela: you're right Bob
JKFROM BRAZIL: Are you in Canada?
rich-c: yes, they're three behind Greenwich, we're 5
Pamela: some of us are Jorge, some of us are in the US
Daniel B+/-: me me me me
JKFROM BRAZIL: Canada is a very good country
Pamela: thank you , we like it
rich-c: Daniel is in Quebec City and speaks French, Pamela, rich-c and "Red" are in Toronto, Dr. D. is Cleveland and Bob Grand Rapids
Pamela: where in Brazil are you Jorge?
BobS: Dr D and I are inthe Hew Hes of A
BobS: USA that is
rich-c: can't be in Rio or he'd be out enjoying Carnival
Dr. A++: Second JK on goodness of Canada.
JKFROM BRAZIL: I'm from Rio de Janeiro, it's Carnaval time here, it's is the last holyday...
Pamela: oh yes, it's ash Wednesday isn't it
Dr. A++: There have to be more interesting things there then than this chat!
rich-c: and I'll bet you are absolutely exhausted
Dr. A++: Go have some fun!
Pamela: your English is excellent Jorge - are you originally from Brazil?
JKFROM BRAZIL: I don't like much this kind of party, it's too crowdy
rich-c: we should be flattered when someone takes time out from Carnaval to tal;k to us!
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rich-c: yes, pictures I've seen suggest it can get - a little tight?
changed username to james
Pamela: Friendly, Dad - friendly
Pamela: Hello James
james: good <insert time zone relevant greeting here>
rich-c: hello james, how's life in Japan today - or tomorrow?
BobS: welcome james from japan
james: life is tired. life had me up 6 times last night
Dr. A++: I have never been in a place where Carnival etc. is really wildly celebrated.
Daniel B+/-: hi james!
rich-c: yes, in North America New Orleans is really the only place
JKFROM BRAZIL: I'm brazilian, my parents are portuguese...thank you, I learnt when I was a myself, do you believe it?
rich-c: Quebec's Winter Carnaval is different
Pamela: you're doing wonderfully, Jorge
Daniel B+/-: very different :P
james: yeah, no scantily clad ladies at the quebec winter carnival :P
BobS: GREAT jk.......very good
rich-c: that is an enormous achievement of self-teaching, Jorge
james: jorge, what did you teach yourself?
rich-c: English, james - btw, who taught you Japanese?
rich-c: (I know wht the incentive was...)
Dr. A++: Some day we will get someone on the chat who speaks German, so I can use mine :-)
Brite Red: sprechen zie Deutsch
james: i'm self-taught
Brite Red: spelling sucks I know
rich-c: so you have something in common with Jorge, then
Pamela: boy, we're a truly international group tonite
rich-c: he taught himself English, you taught yourself Japanese
james: granted, it wasn't very polished until i came here
Dr. A++: Ja, meistens schon"stes Fra"ulein!
Dr. A++: Oops, make that scho"nstes
JKFROM BRAZIL: This is a quality God lent me, I have an enormous easyness to learn languages, I don't speak other because I never wanted. Brazil has good relations with USA and english is comon here, it's enough to me
Dr. A++: Umlaut over the wrong letter...cursed chat won't print European characters.
Brite Red: unfortunately I'm not very well versed in German tounge
rich-c: that is a very useful gift indeed, Jorge, and we envy those who have it
Pamela: do you use your English in your work, Jorge?
Dr. A++: Breite Rot you would be in German.
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changed username to re-james
Brite Red: well that's not very attractive
Dr. A++: And the o in Rot rhymes with boat, not rot.
Pamela: having trouble James?
re-james: i got booted it seams
re-james: seems
rich-c: you're on a high speed connection now, aren't you, james?
re-james: can't stay anyway, i should try and be productive at work..
re-james: at home, yes
re-james: here we're still using isdn (it still does nothing)
rich-c: gather you're at your school, then?
Dr. A++: LOL.
rich-c: Frances is still nagging me to get DSL - so is Pamela
JKFROM BRAZIL: No, I don't use my english to work, but I love music (mp3) and videogames (retrocade), that's why I keep practicing, everything here is imported from USA, I mean the good ones
Pamela created action S/Sneezes
Dr. A++: Sigh, our culture is exported's like a virus.
rich-c: Pamela (Mrs. Vilneff) is my daughter, Jorge
re-james: i'm at my other job, where i do computer work
Pamela: boy, does that look weird
rich-c: Jorge, did you pick up earlier when I said Daniel writes Colecovision games?
Pamela: that's me!
Dr. A++: Sounds like a soap opera, Pam.
re-james: jorge, you write coleco games?
Pamela: it's only been 7 weeks
Dr. A++: Reminds me of a Spike Jones tune...
(Pamela sneezes)
Brite Red: bless you
Pamela: darn cold
JKFROM BRAZIL: I understood that...Daniel writes CV games, congratulations, Daniel, that's fantastic
rich-c: Daniel, what's your colecovision website URL again?
Dr. A++: "But, Mary dear, I know you have another husband, and he has another wife, and she has another husband, and our own child, through marriage, is now my uncle, and your sister's father on your grandmother's side..."
Daniel B+/-:
JKFROM BRAZIL: Pamela is your daughter, she seems to be symphatic...
Pamela: thank you Jorge
rich-c: yes, the group here has been toghetr for close to 20 years in some cases
re-james: jorge, if you are interested, dan and i are building a website for coleco developers
re-james: there's nothing there yet, but you can look at if you like
rich-c: I don't think Jorge writes games, james, more plays them
JKFROM BRAZIL: No, I don't write CV games, I'm a medium user, but not a programmer...I was in other time...when I learnt Basic
Dr. A++: BASIC is good, that's one of the native programming environments for the ADAM.
Dr. A++: I have done research using compiled BASIC for the analyses and model runs.
Dr. A++: (I am a professional biologist)
rich-c: if you're unfamiliar, Jorge, the Adam was an expansion of the Colecovision into a full-fledged computer (and a good one)
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: AND....Jorge........Dr A+++ runs a mean computer lab where you can make robots like monster trucks that really work and run over, around, and thru things
Meeka: hello
Dr. A++: Hello Meeka.
BobS: hi Meeka
Pamela: I have now gone from painfully clear to stuffed up
Meeka: just realized it was chat night :P
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Meeka!
Dr. A++: I should go back to Dr.D....
Dr. A++ changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel B+/-: meeka meeka meeka
Dr.D.: I am Dr. Richard F. Drushel, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
rich-c: Jorge, Meeka is Bob's daughter-in-law
Dr.D.: I would be Rich except that Rich Clee has me beat :-)
Dr.D.: So I am Dr.D.
BobS: Bob Slopsema here.......editor and single "flunky" at The ADAM News Network newsletter
Pamela: and I'm the only one who can call him Rich, because Rich C is Dad
JKFROM BRAZIL: This site don't links to another
rich-c: well, Rin can too; she has the uncle option
Pamela: true
BobS: Pam......I call him 'dad' too becasue he is so much older than me
Dr.D.: haha uncle option.
(BobS groans loudly)
Dr.D.: What an amusing term.
Meeka: ha ha ha
Pamela: I have no problems with loaning him out Bob : )
Brite Red: :-)
Pamela: as long as you give him back eventually
BobS: ok can have him back...he is too far away from me anyway
Pamela: why thank you - he comes in very handy sometimes
rich-c: for some reason the person at eColeco does not participate in the Adam community
Pamela: also, don't forget that would make him a Grandpa to Meeka
Meeka: lol
Brite Red: well folks.......I think I'm heading out
Meeka: scary thought pam
rich-c: OK Rin, gather it was a heavy time in Windsor so catch up on your sleep
Pamela: rest assured he's relatively tame these days Meeka
BobS: Ok good, have fun, and do NOT take any loonies from unscrupulous people
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rich-c: glad you said relatively, Pam
JKFROM BRAZIL: PAM doesn't know older man are better...
BobS: stick to the real !!!!!
changed username to Birthday Girl
Pamela: Nite Rin
rich-c: with a father in his 70s she's learning
Daniel B+/-: birthday girl?
Dr.D.: Bye Ms. Rin...
BobS: ah.........older men have more time....onece they are retired form work, eh????
Brite Red: Thanks for the advice Dod
Brite Red: nite uncle Richard
Dr.D.: Give the PM a run for his job.
Brite Red: nite Pam
rich-c: nite Rin
Birthday Girl: hi, everyone
Pamela: five years older is enough for me thank you
BobS: she is a smal aleck Daniel
BobS: smart
Brite Red: Nite Dr. D
BobS: nite Dr D
Birthday Girl: nite Dr D
Meeka: hi mom
BobS: you leaving??????
Daniel B+/-: bonne nuit Dr.D
Birthday Girl: hi, Meeka
JKFROM BRAZIL left chat session
Pamela: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: Who is Birthday Girl?
Brite Red left chat session
Meeka: doug said he didnt have to call and say hi cuz I did that already
rich-c: could that be Judy?
Pamela: Happy Birthday, Judy
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: ya mon
left chat session
Meeka: so I told him that you can call me on his b-day and that would be good enough LOL
BobS: no prllems, be hapy
Dr.D.: Then Happy Birthday to Judy.
Birthday Girl: thanks
BobS: no prollems, be happy
Pamela: way to go, Meeka
Dr.D.: How's it feel to be 39? :-)
BobS: sock it to Doug !!!!!!
Daniel B+/-: happy happy happy
Pamela: yeah, really, since I'll be hitting that in about four months
Birthday Girl: smack that kid
Birthday Girl: good, Dr D
Meeka: doesnt do me much good, youll have to do it yourself if you want rezults
BobS: PAM, you are THAT old????????? shame shame.....thought you were a sweet young thing
Pamela: don't tell anyone Bob - I have everyone fooled
Birthday Girl: actually some girl down in Florida thought I was 32
rich-c: don't throw it back, Judy!
Pamela: I give all the credit to my mother, who has incredible skin and passed it on to me
BobS: either Jorge got bounced or he just left.........
rich-c: but then you can do weell long as Bobn isn't sround - or tell them he;s your father ;-)
Birthday Girl: I said I loved her and would take her home with me
Pamela: since I got carded shortly after my 30th birthday, I must be doing something right
BobS: no gray here Richard
Dr.D.: 32, that's a super compliment, Judy. Shoulda bought that girl something purty :-)
BobS: of course the waitress was only 18, so she was afraid to admit we looked old
Birthday Girl: really, I said to tip her real good
BobS: she got a big tip
Dr.D.: Hehehe
BobS: ASk Judy what she did for her birthday supper????????????
Pamela: she obviously knows how to play to her crowd
BobS: and then what after???????
rich-c: Judy, consider yourself asked
Meeka: lol
Pamela: so where did you go for supper Judy? And what did youdo afterward?
BobS: Pam, we call that sucking up..........
BobS: hello?????/
Daniel B+/-: it's not taboo to ask how old you are? my parents told me to never ask it.
Birthday Girl: had king crap and then had to go to church for a meeting
rich-c: it's OK to ask men, Daniel
Pamela: it's only okay if a woman volunteers, Daniel
Pamela: care to rephrase that Judy?
Birthday Girl left chat session
Meeka: i think you mean king CRAB
Dr.D.: LOL
rich-c: maybe a few fewer typos?
Pamela created action S/Giggles
(Pamela giggles)
Pamela: heck of a way to spend your birthday, at a church meeting
Dr.D.: Maybe it tasted bad.
Pamela: not that bad I hope Rich
Dr.D.: I can never eat those crab legs, I need proper dissecting tools, and those nutcracker things are never good enough
Pamela: never feed a former med student seafood
Dr.D.: Nope, gimme stout scissors and a scalpel, I'll lay those legs right open and get every bit of meat out.
Dr.D.: You'll think I'm sick, but I'll get all the good eating.
Dr.D.: I don't care how it looks :-)
Pamela: brings back visions of science class, Rich
Dr.D.: Hey, know where your food comes from :-)
Pamela: that doesn't mean I wanted to eat the frog I dissected
Dr.D.: Of course not, formaldehyde is a poor marinade.
Pamela: ewww
rich-c: those who like laws or sausages whould never see them made
Pamela: laws?
Dr.D.: It's a Ben Franklin-style quote.
Pamela: ok
rich-c: Americans appreciate that comment more than Canadians
rich-c: we've lost james and Judy - did they get bounced?
Pamela: my cold is now full blown and surprisingly, I feel better
Pamela: James got really quiet and then just disappeared. I suspect he had to go back to work
rich-c: that was a quick transition, Pam - now will it respond to an anti-histamine?
Dr.D.: "Hooray, I'm sick"?
Pamela: actually, it's been coming on for 24 hours. You know that feeling at the back of your throat?
Daniel B+/-: the passion of the chirst... I saw this film today.
Pamela: well, that's gone now
Dr.D.: I know it, Pam.
rich-c: yse, know what you mean, though it's been a while since I've had a cold
Pamela: so, I feel better - it's all about the nose now
Pamela: the nose I can deal with
rich-c: in English, Daniel, or did they have it dubbed in French?
Dr.D.: At least typing doesn't stress your throat.
Daniel B+/-: even in english, there are subtitles
Pamela: surprisingly, my throat is not usually involved
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rich-c: the newspaper critics here said it was a very poorly acted film
changed username to JK AGAINA
Daniel B+/-: the newspaper is wrong
JK AGAINA left chat session
rich-c: welcome back, Jorge
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to JK AGAIN
Pamela: Jorge, shouldn't you be in bed?
Meeka: ok, I am off to bed
rich-c: goodnight, Meeka
Meeka: see ya later :)
Pamela: alright Meeka -set your alarm for next WEdnesday at 9:00
Daniel B+/-: the originality in this film is... an actor is playing the devil.
rich-c: it's Carnaval night in Rio, Pam - bed isn't in it
JK AGAIN: Hi, Pam! I jusk came back to tell you all what I've found...
rich-c: I gather you enjoyed the film then, Daniel?
rich-c: go for it, Jorge - what did you find?
Daniel B+/-: enjoyed is the not word
Pamela: and?
JK AGAIN: I found one CV schematic, it's not official but...this is the link
JK AGAIN: I just forgot I can't copy a link to this chat...
Pamela: so what is the word Daniel?
Daniel B+/-: Use CTRL+V
Dr.D.: Can you type it in for us?
Dr.D.: Cut/Paste doesn't seem to work in this chat, Daniel.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
rich-c: yes you can - highlight it, click control-C, put the cursor in the chat line, click control-V
Dr.D.: None of it works with my Macs...bad Mac, I guess.
BobS: sorry people, got stuck with the ISP
BobS: on same ISP but different phone # now
rich-c: that's what comes from $4.95/mo ISPs, Bob
BobS: oh no.....$9 per month
Daniel B+/-: the word is "emotion"... it's deep deep inside me the effect this film gives me.
Pamela: is it good emotion or bad?
Daniel B+/-: i didn't cry... but it was intense sensation
Daniel B+/-: no one talk during the film
JK AGAIN: That's it!
Dr.D.: The newspaper movie critic here said that it was C- as cinema, but that it was almost impossible to separate secular cinema from religious meaning.
Pamela: and what did you think on an intellectual level?
Pamela: wow, that was a mouthful, Jorge
JK AGAIN: It' in PDF format - Perfect!
Daniel B+/-: I really appreciate this film. I don't agree this C-
BobS: can't get there from here
rich-c: OK, it's at a university there in Michigan, but which, Bob? (cmich?)
BobS: AH, I am not to see that page
Daniel B+/-: Realistic... maybe too much realist for some peoples.
BobS: probably Centrl Michigan
JK AGAIN: Now you can help CV gamers all over the world, just put here the link...
rich-c: there is a Central Michigan University?
Daniel B+/-: a blue and green schematic... nice :)
rich-c: I'm sure Dr. D. has it copied and will be on it downloading already :-)
Dr.D.: It is a reverse-engineered schematic, but it looks okay.
Dr.D.: Need to study it more closely at work on a bigger monitor.
rich-c: see? do I know thee guys or what? ;-)
Dr.D.: Re: movie, I haven't seen it, probably won't.
Dr.D.: Nothing against it one way or the other.
rich-c: I only watch movies I can borrow from Pam on dvd
JK AGAIN: It's http:\\ - don't use www
Daniel B+/-: I will send this pdf file in the coleco programming yahoo group web site to share this information... and to have a copy somewhere.
Pamela: It's certainly generated a lot of controversy
JK AGAIN: Maybe one letter wrong...let's verify...
BobS: got it now, had to go to Luke's page and follw it
Pamela: well then you definitely won't see it Dad
rich-c: if Dr. D. and Daniel and Bob already found the site, I think we're OK, Jorge
Dr.D.: I got it just fine.
Daniel B+/-: it's a 82,4K pdf file
rich-c: yes, so you will have it, and Daniel is already posting it to another group
rich-c: Jorge, before dawn that thing will be all over the internet
Daniel B+/-: Thanks Jorge! :D
BobS: tis a thing of beauty.....IF you know how to read it............
rich-c: you going to put it on your website, Bob?
Dr.D.: "Magic is easy, once *YOU* know the secret!" -- magician Marshall Brodein.
JK AGAIN: I'm happy to cooperate with everybody, sharing is good for all, like in Kazaa
Daniel B+/-: when i said an actor play the devil in the Mel Gibson movie... don't imagine a green & red creature.
Dr.D.: 11 PM...I think I am going to go now, before I turn into a pumpkin.
Daniel B+/-: yeah! me too
rich-c: right Rich, classes to teach tomorrow, I gather
Pamela: you'd better Rich - orange is not your colour
Dr.D.: Robot class tomorrow, another early day.
Dr.D.: When have you ever seen me in orange, Pam?
Pamela: exactly
BobS: don't know richard hope I saved it correctly,but I did mark it in favorites
rich-c: right Daniel, time is getting on - night now
JK AGAIN: The schematic's author said this is not official, was copied from the actual board...
Daniel B+/-: goodnight! bonne nuit! I'm leaving... *poof*
rich-c: bonne nuit
Pamela: nite Daniel
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
BobS: cool though Jorge........
BobS: hey kids have to leave now too
Daniel B+/-: talk to you soon Jorge ;)
Daniel B+/- left chat session
BobS: auf wiedersehen
Pamela: Jorge, I hate to do this to you but I think I'm heading for bed too
rich-c: night Bob, and happy birthday to Judy
BobS: yes sir will tell her
BobS left chat session
Pamela: you'll come back next week?
Dr.D.: Good night to all, to the Birthday Girl, and to the Moving-Van Lady...
Pamela: nite Bob
rich-c: night daughter, check about teh truck soon?
Pamela: Nite Rich
Dr.D.: And to Jorge from Brazil, nice to see you here tonight.
Pamela: I'll call tomorrow some time Dad
Dr.D.: Good night, Richard.
Dr.D.: <transporter effect>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: OK, catch you then - make it late afternoon
Pamela: okay will do
rich-c: nite Rich
Pamela: Nite Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: g'nite Jorge
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: as you can see Jorge, we tend to break up about 11 p.m. Eastern time
JK AGAIN: Did everybody get the archieve?
rich-c: everyone who can use it got the URL and Bob, Dr. D and Daniel downloaded the file
rich-c: all of them will post it on their own websites
rich-c: goodnight, Jorge, come again soon
JK AGAIN: BUY, friends.
rich-c: bye
rich-c: ;-)
JK AGAIN left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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