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Daniel B: trois petit chat, chapeau de paille, paillasson, somnambule, buletin, tintamare, marabout, bout d'cigare, garde fou, fou de rage, rage de dent, dentifrice...
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rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel B: hi rich
rich-c: yiou are on early again - are you at the University?
Daniel B: no... at home
rich-c: on the slow connection ;-)
Daniel B: yes
rich-c: me too, though I am getting a hunch it may change
rich-c: Frances is agitating for us to get DSL
Daniel B: You need an high-speed connection?
rich-c: well, she thinks that we do
Daniel B: you need it? or because the others have it?
rich-c: she does not like having teh phone line blocked so much
Daniel B: good point
rich-c: which may be a bad conscience - these days she is online more than I am, I think
rich-c: with DSL the phone is still available
Daniel B: yes, but you risk more internet attacks. high speed connect without protection is a gold mine for hackers.
rich-c: who said anything about without protection?
Daniel B: and the cost?
rich-c: my computer is guarded six ways from Sunday (an Anglo expression)
rich-c: unlimited use for $35/mo but I have to buy the modem, NIC card, maybe router
Daniel B: it sounds like a racket
rich-c: since it has to be networked anyway, it means two can be online at once
rich-c: yes, we have always had good pricing on dial-up because the CRTC made Bell and the other telcos wholesale line access cheap
rich-c: but the CRTC has allowed the telcos to keep very high wholesale prices on DSL bandwidth
Daniel B: about me... AtariAge will release Double Breakout during PC5.
rich-c: what is PC5?
Daniel B: PhillyClassic 5th edition. It's a gaming expo.
rich-c: aha - pity George isn't on, he might be interested
Daniel B: normally oriented on classic games.. now more oriented on new games.
rich-c: when is it?
Daniel B: it'S after mid-march
rich-c: sort of in the March Break period, or university reading weeks
Daniel B:
rich-c: the release - will it be as a Colecovision game or as a port for the Atari 2600 or 7800?
Daniel B: Double Breakout? it's onw of my Coleco projects
rich-c: and you have not done a port to the Atari system?
Daniel B: no, they decided to start releasing Coleco games last year with a DRUM simulator named CV-DRUM. Now, they purchased about 500 new plastic casings to build more ColecoVision games and ask homebrewers if they have done new Coleco games.
rich-c: that sounds like you just might have a fairly useful potential market, Daniel
rich-c: after all you have a number of potentially salable games as I recall
Daniel B: yes, but it sounds a bit like "coleco fans doesn't have the potential to release their games". it's why the james' coleco web site project will be the first step to the real indepence.
rich-c: I would not necessarily endorse that feeling, Daniel
rich-c: I think that the classic games fans are a group with much in common
rich-c: it is time that the rivalry and ill feeling between the systems was dropped
Daniel B: Yes, but in the gaming history, Atari and Coleco were rivality... even between gamers. Last year, remarks on Gamepack by some guys doesn't denied this fact.
rich-c: some people are slow to grow up, but you should not let that be your problem
rich-c: these days classic computer users are few enough they need to stick together
Daniel B: Anyway, it will be good for me to establish a stable "homepage" to sale my new creations.
rich-c: yes, and I gather that is what you are doing with james
Daniel B: It's the main objective. The second one is offering a service to make and sale cartridges from other coelco games creators.
rich-c: with james in Japan and you here in Canada, that is going to be a challenge
rich-c: the advantage is that james has enough French to work smoothly with you and enough English to keep the web page smooth
rich-c: do you have a supply of new or used cartridges?
Daniel B: Yes, very smoothly smooth =-P
Daniel B: Right now, I have enough material to build 75 cartridges.
Daniel B: AtariAge have material to build 500
rich-c: that I suspect should be more than enough to meet demand for quite a while
rich-c: it will be fascinating to see what their sales will be like
Daniel B: With the Atari games they already sale... I suppose their technic is professional.
rich-c: well, let's say they offer games for sale - how many they actually sell may be another mateer
Daniel B: with the number of Atari collectors who pay for new Atari games during gaming expo...
Daniel B: the answer is probably 200 cartridges per game.
rich-c: that's Atari game cartridges, I assume?
Daniel B: yes, because the maximum of selling games for the new Coleco games is about 100-150 cartridges
rich-c: that6's 150 at one show? and, one title or all total?
Daniel B: total... in one show it's 100
Daniel B: 100 cartridges of my project Coleco Miss Space Fury were sale during CGE (Classic Gaming Expo)
rich-c: still, even 100 in one show, even a big one, is a surprisingly large number
rich-c: what sort of sales are they getting away from the show?
rich-c: did Atari Age handle that, or was it gooddeallgames?
Daniel B: both use "online store" to sell stuff
Daniel B: but they are also present in gaming expos
rich-c: which sells more games?
Daniel B: AtariAge sell Atari games. GoodDealGames sell no Atari Games. The only commun point is they both want the Coleco market now
rich-c: sorry, I should have asked which sells more Coleco games?
Daniel B: right now, I can'T say... because AtariAge is just starting releasing Coleco games. After the PC5, AtariAge will be the one who sell more new Coleco titles.
rich-c: is there any advantage in selling through one or the other in terms of the royalty you get?
Daniel B: actually... no
Daniel B: both gives me 5$ per game
Daniel B: both accepted to give me two free copy of my game
rich-c: well, if they are doing all the advertising, marketing and show attendance, and the manufacturing, that does not sound too bad
rich-c: like, 100 cartridges at $5 per cartridge, you can stand - especially in US $
Daniel B: yeah, but I can't judge AtariAge now, it's too soon... So I can't really compare.
Daniel B: GDG doesn't give me this money... I received "STUFF".
rich-c: yes, there's a long history of funny bookkeeping in the business, where royalties are concerned
Daniel B: it's why I give a chance to AtariAge now
rich-c: think about a signed contract with audit rights - and maybe an advance against sales
Daniel B: difficult to sign contract when everything is already not under my control.
Daniel B: all the talking is done by e-mail
Daniel B: and most of the time there is no "choice"
Daniel B: only demands
Daniel B: I mean ... request
rich-c: that does not matter, an email agreement is a legal documewnt now, I believe
rich-c: if they have made an agreement with you, I'd say it's enforceable
rich-c: the only question is whether the US has similar legislation to Canada's and I think they do
rich-c: (ah yes - les anglais keep mistaking "demander" for a synonym of "exiger")
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Daniel B: yeah, but in the other side, I can't do anything because the laws said that I can't work in US without the green(?)card
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, welcome aboard
Daniel B: Hi Guy!
Guy B.: Didn't have to work today.
Daniel B: because I can't work in US, I can't sell in US... so I have no choice and let someone in US sell my games during expos.
rich-c: so why should you need to work in the US? you can sell software to a US company from a base anywhere
Guy B.: But, probably next Saturday.
rich-c: but today, enjoying yoour day off, Guy?
rich-c: Daniel has a US outfit wants to manufacture and sell his Colecovision games
Guy B.: Been busy today. Finally washed my car today. So, did everyone else since we got really nice weather today.
Daniel B: the weather? ... good... sunny
rich-c: it has been fairly pleasant here too, but Pamela has the van yoday
Guy B.: Sunny, and in the 50's here. Might hit 60 tomoroow.
rich-c: you may remember her talking about helping Allyson to move
Daniel B: here it's still cold but I can see water outside
rich-c: we're about 7C - call it 45
Daniel B: I think here it's 32 degrees
rich-c: the north side of our street has melted enough to expose fringes of grass, but not our side
Daniel B: outside, it smells like spring
Guy B.: Seems not everyone has gotten the warmer weather. You'll get it soon.
rich-c: oh yes, they're talking high 40s for us next few days, some rain next week
Daniel B: personnaly I don't like WARM... when it's getting too hot ... with humidity here... I can't support
rich-c: it will help clear some of teh ice out of the driveway, I hope
Guy B.: We are expecting that on Monday, then the 40's next week for us. What any snow we have left will be all melted.
rich-c: hot and humid is not something Quebec City is too familiar with, even in hottest summer
rich-c: won't say it doesn't happen, but it's rare
Guy B.: He's too far north isn't he?
Daniel B: it's why I like Quebec... I can support the weather.
rich-c: yes, and by the time it gets there, the Ohio Valley smog has been much attenuated
Daniel B: We can live without air conditioner.
Guy B.: It's good that you can tolerate the weather there. Just when we get warmer. Some of us are getting sick at work. I got hit with a sinus infection.
rich-c: yes, I have experienced very pleasant days in Quebec, but none that were uncomfortably hot
rich-c: Pamela is complaining about a cold or something, too
rich-c: but I have barely had a cold since I retired
Guy B.: My co-worker Jean, has been out since Tuesday. Think she has the flu.
Daniel B: Like I said before, I give a chance to AtariAge with my Double Breakout project. If it goes well, I will probably release another game.
rich-c: it is late in the season for that - she is unlucky
rich-c: by all means, Daniel
rich-c: I would think it is far better for you to simply collect the royalties, if Atari Age will deal honestly
rich-c: it costs a lot of money to make games and go to shows to sell them, and the sales might not support it
Guy B.: I know. Seems some of us are now getting sick after a long hard winter and now that we are getting the warm weather.
rich-c: I've heard the theory, Guy, that some cold germs can't stand the really icy weather but become active when it warms up
Guy B.: If the video game industry didn't collapse in the 80's. Atari could have still survived.
rich-c: there is a theor that if Jack Tramiel hadn't been running it, Atari would have survived
Daniel B: yes, spring it's beautiful but many problems have to be stoped like NIL virus (a gift form US) and also nice big bugs from japan who looks like "ladybug" (another gift from US).
Daniel B: bugs doesn't know frontiers.
Guy B.: I think he really ran that company into the ground. I read an article back sometime ago that when the E.T. game came out. Atari made so many carts they thought the game would be a big hit since the movie was. Instead it was the biggest flop that Atari ever made.
rich-c: yes, Guy, and then he jumped to Commodore and ruined that
Guy B.: He was at Commodore before he came to Atari.
rich-c: anyw2ay, Daniel, the West Nile virus is from Africa, though I do believe it first arrived in North Merica via the US
Guy B.: And we really got hit with that back two years ago.
rich-c: and were you talking about that Asian longhorn beetle we are having trouble with?
rich-c: yes, Guy, I believe it came in through an east coast port and have been working its way west ever since
Guy B.: We had that too in 2001. Chicago had to cut down almost 4 dozens trees when the beetle invaded there.
Daniel B: it was a biological plan to eliminate a problem... and became a problem
rich-c: we have a couple of areas almost a square mile each where they've had to cut down all the trees
Guy B.: I think it was more trees than that now. Now we get an occisional report. But if one has been spotted. That tree is cut down and chipped immediately so, it won't spread any further.
rich-c: with the Asian longhorn, they have to cut down every tree for 500 yards around
Guy B.: And the beetle came aboard some pallets from China.
rich-c: yes, it was in the pallet wood
rich-c: they;re talking of having 40,000 trees cut and chipped here by spring
rich-c: and then there's that emerald bark beetle or something down in Detroit and southwestern Ontario, too
Guy B.: So, the past two summers. The state has been putting wanted ads in the paper for everyone to be on the lookout for the Asian Long Horned Beetle.
Guy B.: I wouldn't be surprised how many trees there. It seems the silver maple is the beetle's favorite.
rich-c: our government hasn't put out ads, but the newspapers and tvstations have been pushing the story so hard they don't need to
Guy B.: Same here. Now we all know what it looks like and what it does. Everyone knows what to do if one has been spotted.
rich-c: it's really heartbreaking - some beautifully treed neighbourhoods are now just belts of brown desolation
Guy B.: But, the good news is that all those trees were replaced with new ones. But, it will be years before they grow high again.
rich-c: yes, when fire blight got our rowan tree, we paid extra for a more mature sapling, but it was years before we had a respectable lawn tree again
rich-c: and then we had to take a linden because teh fire blight is still around
Guy B.: The drought was that bad?
rich-c: now the cedar waxwings never visit our neighboiurhood any more, and hardly any robins
Guy B.: The robins came back here this week.
rich-c: no, fire blight is a fungus disease that attacks mainly rowan trees, though it can annoy apple and pear trees too
Daniel B: Sorry... it looks like it's time to eat. I have to go. Take care! bye!
rich-c: bye Daniel. see you Wednesday!
Guy B.: Oh, I didn't know that. Can it spread to others?
Daniel B: si dieu le veut
Daniel B: see you next week!
Daniel B: *poof*
rich-c: eh bien, adieu!
Guy B.: Bye Daniel, see you next week.
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rich-c: yes, birds pick up the fungus spores and carrey it from tree to tree
Guy B.: My Netzero account was finally canceled last week.
rich-c: usually on apple or pear trees it will just affect one limb, not the whole tree
Guy B.: Oh gee. So, it can spread just by the birds picking it up and dropping it on a branch.
rich-c: right, I remember your mentioning you wre dimping them
Guy B.: It took them 3 weeks to do it.
rich-c: I though they offered DSL too, don't they?
Guy B.: No, they have something called Hi-Speed. It uses the regular phone line, it uses a different technology to speed up uploading the webpages. But, unlike DSL, it does not speedup downloading of files like music, etc.
rich-c: right - that Hi-Speed is a software trick, it involves I think some page pre-fetching or something
rich-c: whether it works at all depends on your surfing habits
rich-c: we had an outfit offering it here about a month ago - I thought their flyer skated the edge of fraud
Guy B.: Some compression technology that grabs the pages then uploads it a at higher speed. And only works with Internet Explorer. You know that last worm virus that was around? We got hit with that at work.
rich-c: you did? but surely you have full firewalls and anti-virus by now?
Guy B.: I was fine here at home. At work, the mail server was hit when someone opened up the attached file that came with it.
rich-c: or does the company rely of a hardware firewall gateway and no protection within?
rich-c: migod, don't thesee people EVER learn? that's ridiculous
rich-c: don't they even have an anti-virus running on the network servers?
Guy B.: We have a virus scanner installed on all of the computers and the servers. Most of the time, it does a good job of catching anything suspicious. But, I have no idea how often they update the dat files on the software. But, at noon, if there's a new update for Windows 2000 available. It automatically downloads it, installs and we have no choice but to reboot our systems.
Guy B.: Rich, most of us know that. But the newcomers, well they have to be educated on that.
rich-c: well keeping up with the Windows updates is of high importance, of course
Guy B.: You did here that Microsoft will continue Windows 98 support through 2006.
rich-c: but any good virus scanner usually has a heuristic element that lets it question even a virus that isn't in its database
rich-c: oh yes, and needless to say that pleased my considerably
Guy B.: Mine on my Ahtlon doesn't need any updates. But the free one Antivir. I update it every week on the other four systems.
rich-c: me, I have my Anti-Vir set to remind me to update every 21 days - it seems sufficient
rich-c: what do you have on the Athlon that doesn't require updates?
Guy B.: I updated the Dell last night. Have to do the other three. It reminds me if I haven't done one for two weeks.
rich-c: unfortunately with Anti-Vir it's a rather tedious process
rich-c: they keep updating every part, not just the database
rich-c: but then AVG is just the same, so what can you do?
Guy B.: The update program is good, sometimes it takes awhile depends on what new version and files need to be updated. The last one, the whole thing got updated after it's been only the scan engine or the signature files.
rich-c: mind you, Norton is just as bad or even worse
rich-c: and for that matter so is McAfee
Guy B.: Really? Now, I can see why it's overpriced.
Guy B.: Then I'm glad I went for the free one.
rich-c: well, I got the whole Norton System Works package for a very reasonable price
rich-c: but I am not using GoBack and removed the anti-virus in favour of Anti-Vir
Guy B.: I've noticed that Cleensweep is now part of the System Works. They use to sell that alone, but not anymore.
rich-c: GoBack has some funny requirements that mean you can't use Partition Magic or a dual boot
rich-c: I have Cleansweep and have used it but I am a long way from impressed
Guy B.: Probably would mess it up. Good idea on not installing it.
rich-c: yes, I fortunately have this habit of reading the help file before I install something, or at least use it
Guy B.: The uninstallers that come with the programs are good, but you have to watch to see if everything is taken off.
rich-c: well, some things are shared dlls and you don't want them taken off
rich-c: but I suspect Norton may lean too far in the other direction, though I cant prove it
Guy B.: Norton has become too overpriced with there software. Same goes for McAfee. And if you have an older version of the software. They might not even support it anymore unless you upgrade (more money).
rich-c: yes, there were early editions that promised updates (not upgrades, just the database) forever and those still work
Guy B.: I know that Liveupdate has been updated a little more and I have done that.
rich-c: Norton omit to tell you that if you don't use automatic update (which expires) there's a manual back door
rich-c: anyway, I got my copy out of a Dutch auction at eBay for under $20
Guy B.: Ah, at least you got a good price for it.
rich-c: I may have got $20 worth of use out of it but not the regular retail price of around $100 or so
rich-c: and Ghost simpoly wont work and Norton wont tell me why
Guy B.: Boy, and what happens if your hard drive crashes? You won't even have a backup and you have to do everything over agian.
rich-c: damn thing gives me an error message that isn't covered in the manual
rich-c: oh, the software I got with the new DVD writer lets me make a drive image; I've already done so
rich-c: there aer other freebie drive imaging programs out there too (like XXcopy) but they are hard to use
Guy B.: Ok, so you're set. Just hope it will be able to restore that if a problem arises.
rich-c: but as I guess you know, I have about 60 good safe freeware sites bookmarked
rich-c: yes, there's a restore function with it
Guy B.: XXcopy? I'm trying to find one, so I can make an image of the larger hard drive to the other hard drive.
rich-c: I've been saved from one hard disc failure by my backup so I believe in being prepared
rich-c: just do a search on Google, you'll find a download site very quickly
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try it.
rich-c: I'd offer to send you my bookmarks but you'd end up getting everything and that would be excessive
Guy B.: no doubt about that.
rich-c: you don't need 20 sites on Formula One racing, all the automotive chat boards, where to see a movie of a hip replacement live and in colour...
rich-c: anyway, Frances has gone out for a bit, and Pamela is due back with my truck - have to shut down soon
rich-c: you be with the gang on Wednesdqay?
Guy B.: I better let you go then. I'll see you on Wednesday then.
rich-c: OK, good having you on. Bye for now!
Guy B.: Bye
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rich-c: *poof*
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