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Daniel B: oui oui... je suis déjà là. :)
Dr.D.: "Yes are here again"?
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: bonjour und guten tag, gentlemen
Daniel B: bonjour rich
rich-c: how are things going, Daniel?
Dr.D.: Jetzt abend, geehrte Herr Clee? :-)
Daniel B: fine
Dr.D.: Just a note to all, I will have to leave at 9:30 PM.
rich-c: sales on teh games moving nicely?
rich-c: oh dear, moving to a different computer, or off for teh night?
Dr.D.: Done for the night: I have some Faculty Advisor business to do tonight at 10 PM, it was the only time available.
rich-c: ah so - how's the owrd from Paris?
rich-c: word
Dr.D.: So, I hope the gang shows up before then.
Daniel B: same here... I have to leave soon
Dr.D.: Word is good so far.
Dr.D.: Sightseeing on the weekend, school this week.
Daniel B: Question:
rich-c: Christina is enjoying herself?
rich-c: go Daniel
Dr.D.: Seems to be...she says she hates the AZD... European keyboard for computers, though.
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Dr.D.: Or whatever the key layout is.
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
Dr.D.: Hi Bob.
Daniel B: (let me take a minute to find the words)
BobS: hello der ya'll
BobS: how's things???????
rich-c: I assume it's just a variation of the one Daniel uses, with the various accents and such
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changed username to james
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning james
Dr.D.: Hi James.
Dr.D.: We are all just hanging out, Bob.
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: doiung fine, for the moment most of our snow is gone
Daniel B: Rich: Remember your "This Week With My Coleco Adam" articles?
BobS: hi james
Dr.D.: Yes.
Daniel B: hi james
james: most of the 40cm we got on saturday and sunday has melted off
james: hi bobo
james: hey dan! did you get any of my yahoo messages?
james: oops. bob
Dr.D.: Bobo, ROTFL.
BobS: it is ALL gone here, Richard.....but predicting a couple of inches to night and then acouple more tomorrow
rich-c: ain't bobo its bobs
Daniel B: Well, a friend of mine readed one of your articles and asked if I know what is the Coleco programmers' manual
Dr.D.: We had snow on Monday and Tuesday, but it all melted away today.
BobS: that is Senor Bob
BobS: very little here early week
james: *yawn*
Dr.D.: It's something I never finished scanning, Daniel...
james: i'm actually remarkably well rested today for someone with a two year old
Daniel B: I told him I only have the Adam technical document
Dr.D.: I never finished the project to scan the CPM.
rich-c: the words "rested" and "two year old" cannot occur in teh same sentence
james: lol. normally i'd agree
Daniel B: but he asked if the Coleco programmers' manual exist
james: but he actually let me sleep for 7 or 8 consecutive hours last night
rich-c: wonders will never cease, james
Daniel B: or it was an error in the text by missing the word ADAM
rich-c: what is the programmers manual, Rich - is that the second part of the technical manual?
james: now mind you i've been running a deficit for some time so it's going to take more than a single night's rest to get back what i've lost
Daniel B: I told him that I will ask here if someone have a copy of this document
Dr.D.: It does exist, I have a copy, I believe Dale has a copy.
rich-c: they say you can't make up sleep, james
james: dr. d, if you're too busy to scan it, would photocopies be a doable request?
Dr.D.: Mine is about a 20th generation photocopy obtained by Barry Wilson (of A.N.N. fame) from someone in Puerto Rico.
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Dr.D.: He gave it to me in 1992 IIRC.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
james: well if i can read japanese, i can probably make out most of it
Dr.D.: Pamela! Hello, dear.
Daniel B: hi pam
james: lol
james: hi pam
james: dan!
Pamela: Hello everyone
Daniel B: james
james: dan!
BobS: Hi Pam
Daniel B: james!
james: dan!
james: ha ha
Daniel B: james!!!
james: the website is back up
Dr.D.: It's not totally illegible, the original was at least Selectric typewritten at 10 point, double-spaced.
rich-c: Rich, what is teh programmers manual? who knows, I may have it
Pamela: ish, I just looked at my hands and they're filthy - brb
Dr.D.: Most of it, anyway.
BobS: think Dale has a good it @ AC10 - twas Tony Patterson's
james: hmm.. maybe should bug dale, he
james: 's almost never around though
Dr.D.: Some of the Appendices, however, were in very bad shape.
Dr.D.: Early dot-matrix printer, 12-point type, single-spaced.
james: dan, t'es la?
rich-c: sounds like something I do not have
Daniel B: james: oui, je suis là
BobS: that is the trouble James.....think Dale & Jill are still alive and kickin' but they never wander in
james: well they must certainly be busy
Dr.D.: And IIRC I saw Dale's copy and it was not much better than fact, missing the same page from the Graphics Users Manual.
james: @dan, as-tu recu mes messages yahoo?
Daniel B: euh... ca fait 5 jours au moins que je n'ai pas ouvert mon Yahoo
james: well we could certainly put this manual to good use, methinks. i'd be more than willing to clean it up
rich-c: shame on yoou, Daniel - that's what Yahoo is for - answers now
BobS: bummer dude
Daniel B: I was sick... influenza
BobS: thought you guys figured ou that one was compltet
james: @dan, il m'a fallu acheter un nouveau disque fixe
Dr.D.: I do have a cleaned-up photocopy master that I made from Barry's awful original.
Dr.D.: Nope Bob, descended from the same source evidently.
james: @dr. d, how heavy is it?
rich-c: what happened, james, a crash or over-filled?
james: hard drive just died
james: old age i guess
Dr.D.: It's as big as the ATM, about an inch thick.
rich-c: mechanical failure, then - no warning, I suppose?
james: not much. fortunately i had 90% of my datum backed up
Pamela: so did I miss anything?
Dr.D.: Just wondering why your hands are dirty.
Daniel B: c'est ça... j'étais malade depuis jeudi... une bonne grippe
rich-c: not really, Daniel and Dr, D are racing because they have to leave soon
james: and i was able to coax a half-hour of operability out of it to get what i'd missed
Daniel B: désolé james de ne pas avoir répondu plus vite à tes messages.
james: c'est correct. tu sens mieux maintenant?
Daniel B: oui, ça va mieux
Pamela: been cleaning in the dining room. Enough dust things in. Eleven year old newsprint
Dr.D.: Yeah, I have to leave at 9:30 PM for a 10 PM engagement as Faculty Advisor.
Daniel B: j'évitais l'ordinateur pour reprendre des forces plus vite. :)
Pamela: will you be back?
Dr.D.: About 1 AM, maybe, if anyone wants to stay up for me....
Pamela: correction, enough dust to plant things in
Dr.D.: But I'd doubt they would.
rich-c: sorry 'bout that... ;-)
Pamela: I'll be snoring 'bout then
Daniel B: Dr.D: My friend asked me to request a copy of this document. do you think it's possible in a year?
Dr.D.: We found some newspapers from 1976 behind a wall during the demolition of the last biology lab spaces in the fall.
rich-c: relax, daughter, after Friday you can do some sleeping in for a bit
james: were those load-bearing newspapers?
Dr.D.: Yes it is, Daniel, I just have to dig it out of the archives.
Pamela: never mind, some of the stuff I found was wrapped in paper from 1969
Dr.D.: No, they seem to have slipped behind a lab bench.
Daniel B: That's good!
james: amazing what you can find
Dr.D.: It was great to see ads for TI calculators, $89.
james: so rich, how are things in tranna?
Pamela: positively scary!
rich-c: what wre you doing with 1969 newspapers, Pam?
Dr.D.: And wooden-cabinet 25" TVs for $800.
Dr.D.: And I think a Pong for $169.
Pamela: unwrapping the various dish / glassware / silverware items you gave me : )
Dr.D.: I saved the papers.
rich-c: things are doing well, james, we are having a typical Toronto March, some sun, some cloud, some cold, some rain
james: wonder what that is in present day dollars..
Dr.D.: Re: weather, Joan made a joke that has made the rounds:
Pamela: multiply by about ten, James
Dr.D.: Cleveland has 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, almost spring, and construction.
Pamela: Like Toronto!
james: sounds like ottawa
Pamela: I'll have to depart in a little while for a short time
Dr.D.: Wow, everyone is speechless, she will be thrilled.
rich-c: I assume, Pam, you wre looking for things to share with Erin - or replace ones you loaned out?
Pamela: looking for things to share with Erin, and decide which items to keep and which to give to Goodwill. Not much of the latter.
Dr.D.: If Erin needs junk, we have a basement full of it :-)
Dr.D.: The girls have been digging some of it out...made a mess.
rich-c: no, with a household to set up from scratch, there's little surplus
Dr.D.: They are too effective at maximizing entropy...
james: lol
Pamela: Well, if you'd care to ship: couch, entertainment unit, dining room table, bookshelves and bedside table up here, we'll take delivery
james: plenty of that here with case
rich-c: and frankly I suspect much of teh stuff has more value than Goodwil would justify
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Dr.D.: Have some bookshelves.
changed username to Meeka
Dr.D.: And a computer desk.
changed username to George W.
Pamela: send 'em along
rich-c: hello George
Pamela: Hello George, Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: and hi Meeka
George W.: Hi Everyone
Dr.D.: Hi Meeka and George.
BobS: hi Geo
Meeka: hows everyone doing tonight
rich-c: hey, we've got as many Americans as Canadians on teh chat now
james: lol
George W.: glad you came to see me
rich-c: looks like I have an order coming for a complete Adam with associated goodies
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changed username to Guy B.
james: anyone we know, rich?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: Hello, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how's things in Chicago?
james: hey, gay
Guy B.: Little windy.
BobS: hi Guy
james: i mean guy
james: sorry
james: i really can't type names today
rich-c: no, someone from Miami who found me through Herman
Guy B.: Watch it James
james: sorry ;)
Guy B.: NO problem.
BobS: COL Richard
Pamela: blame it on the keyboard James - everyone else does
rich-c: oh, McCain joining the Kerry tickeet is just a story, George
james: yeah, it's this damnfangled keyboard
rich-c: you got a straight American one or European, james?
George W.: VERY MUCH
james: american
james: well let me check the back of it
rich-c: well you shouldn't have any more trouble than usual
rich-c: though it would be nice if one could adapt an Adam keyboard to the DOSbox
james: doesn't say where it was made
rich-c: George, you don't need to shout! ;-)
George W.: sorry caps lock
rich-c: not where it was made, james, its the key arrangement
james: but i'm guessing it was made in china and the interface control code was outsourced to india
Pamela: I repeat, blame it on the keyboard
rich-c: if it's new that's a very plausible guess
james: yeah, it's an american arrangement
Daniel B: Dr.D: it's 21h30 soon. bonne nuit!
james: bye dan!
George W.: they outsourced my welfare to India
Dr.D.: Yes Daniel, I know...I'll be going soon.
BobS: nite Daniel
Dr.D.: Bye Daniel.
Daniel B: err... I don't go... not now
james: oh
rich-c: nite, Daniel and Dr. D. - catch you on the weekend or next week
rich-c: ah, you can still stay - good show, Daniel
Guy B.: How's Christina doing in Paris Dr. D?
Daniel B: Dr.D: if it's possible make half a copy for summer?
rich-c: anyway George, who do you think Kerry will pick?
George W.: now i'm doing the Bombay shuffle
rich-c: any guesses, George?
Daniel B: it will be cool to show this document to my friends coleco programmers. :)
George W.: Daffy Duck
Dr.D.: Okay, Daniel, will do.
james: what's the copyright status of the manual?
Dr.D.: Bwahahahaha James.
rich-c: Coleco still holds the copyright and if they still existed might sue
Dr.D.: We don't worry about no furshlugginer copyrights!
Dr.D.: Potrzebie!
Dr.D.: :-)
james: ok, but since coleco no longer exists.. does that mean we can do what we want with it?
rich-c: probably legally Hasbro owns teh copyright but who knows?
james: ie: make it available through our website?
Pamela: is anyone planning on telling Hasbro?
rich-c: seems unlikely
George W.: Where can i find smartbasic.rom?
Dr.D.: The ATM has been up for several years.
james: ok
Daniel B: Dr.D: my friend who asked me about the coleco programmers manual, he want to thank you.
Dr.D.: It gets hit about 3 times per day, at least, according to my weblogs.
james: wow
Dr.D.: I have not gotten any cease-and-desists....same for the schematics.
Daniel B: he will probably try to be online in the adamcon chat next time
Guy B.: Then we know there's still an interest.
BobS: great Daniel
rich-c: so, Daniel, what language does your friend speak?
Daniel B: franglais
james: lol
rich-c: same as you, better than us - we can cope
BobS: GEORGE give me email address........I will send it to you immediately
George W.:
rich-c: oh, it's the ROM image he wants, not the physical ROM?
BobS: on it's way George....IF aol will let it thru
George W.: Yes the file with the .rom extention
Dr.D.: Okay gang, I hate to go, but I have to leave for my meeting now...
Pamela: : (
Dr.D.: Don't stay up too late tonight.
rich-c: confused me - one of the Walters twins used to burn physical ROMs of SmartBASIC
Guy B.: We'll see you next week Dr. D.
Pamela: who, us? Never
rich-c: since it's less than 32K it fit in well
George W.: nite
rich-c: nite Rich
Dr.D.: And I guess tell Ye Olde Red-Haired She-Devil that I said hello :-) If she stops by, that is.
Pamela: she may later
Dr.D.: (She will kill me now)
rich-c: she'll be down till she gets a new computer
Pamela: I'm telling!
Dr.D.: Nyah!
Dr.D.: All right, good night all.
rich-c: and an internet connection - we're working on it
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pamela: Nite Rich
BobS: nite Dr D
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: what are you planning to do in SmartBASIC, George?
BobS: looks like it went thru to you George
George W.: see if i can still run my programs
Pamela: I have 43 unread emails Dad but I did get the one you sent : )
rich-c: theswe ones you've written or bought, George?
BobS: OOPS Richard.......I sent Geo a 160k disk that is how the stuff gets into 160k or larger rom images
rich-c: OK Pam, you can share the info with Rin if it's any use
George W.: one i wrote myself
Pamela: Don't worry, I will
rich-c: rather see her with Tamco but there are other issues for now
Pamela: she may be better off with Tamco anyway - who knows anything about Porchlight? Plus, with our recommendation she'll have no trouble getting set up with John
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: why thank you, kind sir
Guy B.: I owe you one from last week.
rich-c: oh, no problem getting set up with John, just the price difference may matter till she's more settled in the job
(Pamela sneezes)
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Pamela: was there dust on that Diet Coke Guy?
rich-c: in that case, Guy, don't forget to send her a chaser later
Guy B.: Nope.
Pamela: are you sure?
Guy B.: It was in the fridge.
George W.: George just bit his tongue
Pamela: hmm. Can't possibly be dust in this place (sarcasm fills the room)
rich-c: that is not a fun thing to do, George
Guy B.: Gee Bob, took you long enough.
George W.: ooh blood
james: i don't think case stops long enough for the dust to settle around here
Guy B.: Where's Judy?
BobS: was lookin a another wirelss pcmcia card on ebay
rich-c: yes, the Terrible Tows are on you in full force
George W.: is Frances around?
rich-c: yes, the PCMCIA cards tend to be rather pricey
james: just wait till he's 13 and knows *everything*
rich-c: yes, Frances is in the house and occasionally looking over my shoulder
james: hi frances
Pamela: Hi, Mom
George W.: I found AROS and downloaded it
rich-c: what's AROS?
BobS: HIYA Frances
Guy B.: Seems this past weekend. I helped two friends with computer problems and got a little something for it.
George W.: the amiga compatible OS
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BobS: cool !!!!!! a computer GURU
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: There she is. Hi Judy
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: brb, gonna kiss R goodnite
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: where did you find it, George? Is there a website? what's the URL?
Judy: Hi, Meeka
George W.:
rich-c: hi,Judy
Judy: Hi, Rich
rich-c: OK, copied it, George
rich-c: is that an OS that operates on the Power PC machines or the older ^*K models?
George W.: its still in the alpha stage
rich-c: aha - any indication who is doing it or why?
George W.: i booted it on my p4
Judy: Meeka, have you gone back to part time yet?
rich-c: why did you want it, George? you don't have an Amiga
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Meeka: no, will on monday though :)
changed username to bag on head west
George W.: curious
rich-c: greetings, oh one from beyond the Rockies
bag on head west: hello all
Pamela: why the bag on your head Ron? Did you forget it was Wednesday?
Judy: what are you going to do with all that time?
bag on head west: been hit by Todd Bertusi
Pamela: and Hi, Judy
bag on head west: or a truck
bag on head west: or both
Guy B.: Hi Ron. Thought it was you.
Meeka: start wqith gettin my house back in order
George W.: wanted to see if i could use some old workbench stuf
rich-c: sure it wasnt just a bug with a real nasty streak?
Judy: hi, Bag
Pamela: that's my mission this weekend, Meeka
bag on head west: ya got that right pilgrim
BobS: YO ronald !!!!!
Judy: hi, Pam
bag on head west: When I don't feel like goin' near the fridge, somethin's wrong
bag on head west: Hi Bob
Guy B.: How's the weather out by you?
George W.: HU?
George W.: HUH?
bag on head west changed username to Ron
rich-c: agreed, but that part is likely good for you
Ron: good but no funj
BobS: thought you AND mum had the flu and it was gONE !!!!!!!
james: hey ron
Pamela: well he has to have some sustenance, Dad
rich-c: so why would you have an Amiga workbench, George?
Ron: Hi James
Pamela: I know how you feel Ron
Ron: both of us
Guy B.: George, do you have any Amiga software or are you just curious about Amiga?
Ron: Mom got it too. We're a great pair
Ron: this has been going on for a week
Pamela: gotta go temporarily people, will be back in about 20 - 30 minutes
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: OK Pam see you later
Pamela left chat session
George W.: more water please
Guy B.: Don't be long!
BobS: OH NO !!!!!! you both gotta hang OUT with a better crowd !!!!!
rich-c: thought I was the only one having thirst problems
Ron: yes, fer sure eh?
George W.: LOL
Ron: got a question?
George W.: got milk?
rich-c: still haven't told me about your interest in Amiga, George
Ron: Can anyone tell me how long it's supposed to take to defrag a 6 gig hard drive - as in the
Ron: Toshiba laptop
Ron: Under Win 98
rich-c: well, laptop drives are slower
Ron: obviously. Been at it for days
BobS: longa time
Guy B.: That's a good question.
rich-c: how long since it's been defragged, and how full is it?
Meeka: daoug says a little while :P
George W.: I said i wanted to see if old workbench stuff worked on it
Ron: too long. Suspect that's the problem
BobS: heck even defragging my 2.1 gig takes a long time
BobS: how long is a little whiel Meeka??????
Ron: it was, shall we say, SERIOUSLY , defragmented
George W.: my 80gig defrags in a zip
rich-c: I think my laptop 2.1 gig took 15 or 20 minutes
Guy B.: And I have a 40gig and a 13gig in mine. I bet that would take a long time too.
Ron: well I shall carry on then.
Ron: was going to interrupt the sucker, and say, sorry....times' up
BobS: save the stuff and start over
james: @ron, you might do better by some third party defrag utility
rich-c: the 20 gig partition in my desktop takes about 17 minutes each Friday - but the two 10 gig take split seconds
Ron: I have Norton Speed Disk and that's what I started with.... it was even worse
james: the win98 defrag is notoriously slow
Ron: at least the Microshaft prog. shows me where I'm at
Guy B.: Any ideas James?
james: for a defrag utility?
Guy B.: Yes.
rich-c: yes, and the Intel program that comes with Win98 shows you exactly what's up if you click on "details"
Ron: yes, that's what it's showing me
james: hmm.. no. i've honestly never bothered
Ron: It's been at 41 % for the better part of 3 hours
Guy B.: There should be some freeware utilities out there.
rich-c: well, if it's working and working hard, I'd say leave it to do its thing
Ron: but the drive lite is blinking away, so I assume something is happening
BobS: sounds stuck Ron
Guy B.: It's working.
Judy: that would be a good thing, Ron
Ron: yes
BobS: like installin windows........"if the computewr seems to take too long and stops; reboot , run install and then run continue installation"
BobS: as if that works
rich-c: I don't think there are any freeware utilities for that - I think no one has had incentive to write any
George W.: try this URL
Ron: well, when you consider the nature of the process and the number of files that are likely to be fragmented, I can see it taking a while
rich-c: on mine, it sticks at 10% for the longest time (on the desktop) then races through the rewst
Daniel B: I have to go now... good night!
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Daniel B: chow!
Daniel B: bye!
Ron: Nite Daniel
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: but I do the disc scan and defrag every Friday
james: bye dan!
james: try and get in touch with me somtime!
Ron: yes, it's set up that way, but I never have the computer on Friday evenings
Ron: so I need to revisit when to do that
Ron: can set it for something other than Friday, I'm sure.
rich-c: well, if it's fairly full and there's been a lot of activity, you could be in for a long session
Ron: yes, God grant me patience, and I want it now
rich-c: but three hours sounds to me to be rather extreme
rich-c: the problem is, can you interrupt it wothout losing files?
BobS: Patience is a virtue Ron......and YOU GOT IT MON !!!!!!!
(BobS gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: ok.... so tell me this. If I were to interrupt it would I lose all that has been done since the weekend?
Ron: It hasn't been running anything else since Saturday night
BobS: who knows
Ron: guess there's one way to find out
BobS: do it !!!!!!
George W.: Whoops! that URL is
Meeka: doug growned
rich-c: I believe that when doing teh defrag it takes files from one place and stores them in RAM while waiting to replace them
james: man, japanese websites suck
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Meeka: he says hard drives dont like being droped
changed username to Pamela / Erin
Ron: yes, would imagine so
Guy B.: One thing that would help is to check the option just to consolidate the space and not the other option.
Ron: I didn't drop it Meeka, honest
Ron: honest
rich-c: welcome back, Pam - hi Rin
Pamela / Erin: methinks he doth protest too much
Guy B.: Well, we have the pair with us. Hi Erin.
Pamela / Erin: she's actually not here with me yet
Pamela / Erin: will be shortly though - she just went to change
Guy B.: Then why do you have her on?
Pamela / Erin: will advise
Meeka: doug says it will start at the begining agian, but it should fly through up to the point where it was stoped
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to judy
Pamela / Erin: did I dump someone?
rich-c: welcome back judy
George W.: did you get that URL?
Ron: ok. That makes sense
judy: thanks, don't know what happened
Ron: Thank you Doug
rich-c: what's the safe way to interrupt defrag, Bob?
Meeka: yw
Guy B.: Bob kicked you off.
BobS: RIN !!!!! really ????????
Pamela / Erin: apologies for the quick exit - I had to go meet Erin at the bus stop
Pamela / Erin: Shortly Bob, she's just changing and she'll be up
BobS: heck I don't know, I never do it
Ron: we're all changing Pam. Some of us don't change fast enough
BobS: just wait till it blows up and then redo it
Pamela / Erin: she's a quick change artist Ron
Ron: well, Bob, that's the other option
Ron: It's actually only half of 6 gigs. The other is a penguin place
rich-c: when you've got files free-floating in RAM, the three-finger salute is not tactful
BobS: this is why i don't really need a huge drive......keep backups on other puters or disks so it is available when the inevidable happens
George W.: test
Ron: No, I will exit the program nicely
Pamela / Erin: you're here George
BobS: a WHAT???????
Pamela / Erin: okay, you may now greet Erin
Meeka: doug says just hit the cancel button
rich-c: oh, it's a dual boot. OK. How full is the 3 gigs of Windoze?
judy: hi, Rin
Pamela / Erin: she says Hi Peeps
Ron: I might just say to heck with Win 98 and make it all a penguin place
Guy B.: That's why I decided to put my old drive back on mine. I'm now in the process of backing up what's on the larger drive to the other one.
Ron: true
Ron: We never had these problems with ADAM, eh?
rich-c: just get yourself a DVD burners, gentlemen. Makes backups a lead-pipe cinch
Ron: good thought Rich
Guy B.: When your backup disk doesn't work. You have the original and can make a new backup.
BobS: no problems with ADAM......that is CORRECT sir !!!!!!
George W.: I have GNUWIN 2.2
Ron: yup
Guy B.: What is that George?
Ron: like
Ron: like WINE?
rich-c: Robert, I have an MI hard disc interface but don't know the protoco; - any way to tell? (IDE-RFF- etc.?)
George W.: linux desktop apps for windows
james: friggin useless
james: and they wonder why the economy here is tanked
BobS: MI's are all ide
Ron: what WINE:?
Ron: I don't know, I've never tried it
rich-c: really? I thought the early ones wre different - that's good, then
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Ron: am experiencing difficulty with the tin-can-and-string from here
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Dr.D.: Anybody here?
Dr.D.: Apparently not.
Dr.D.: <poof>
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