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james: hello?
james: testabianca
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hello, whitehead
rich-c: y'all there, now?
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changed username to Dr. D.
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changed username to Harvie Powis
Dr. D.: Hello everyone.
rich-c: hi Richello Harvie, gang's building up early tonight
Harvie Powis: Howdee
Dr. D.: Yanks are outnumbered again, I see.
rich-c: don't know who our whitehead is, won't answer
Dr. D.: Whitehead?
rich-c: note the last name on the users
Dr. D.: Got it.
rich-c: if iut were testarossa I'd suspect Erin
Dr. D.: Hello Testabianca.
Harvie Powis: You show as the last name on my list rich
rich-c: interesting - you're top name on my list, Harve
Dr. D.: Got it, rossa=red, like Friedrich Barbarossa (redbeard).
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changed username to james
james: morning everyone
rich-c: testarossa, as in Ferrari, the one with red-painted cylkinder heads
rich-c: morning james
james: hello testabianca, saw you on earlier. who are you?
Dr. D.: Hello James.
james: hi rich, how are you?
Dr. D.: Christina just got home...I will log her into the chat.
james: hi dr. d
rich-c: everyone's early this morning, james - all snowy out so nothing useful to do ;-)
james: snowy? you guys can keep it
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james: it was sunny and 20c here yesterday. cleaned up my flowerbed
changed username to Christina
rich-c: yeah, you've already had your lifetime supply of snow, right, james?
rich-c: hi Christina, how was gay Paree?
Christina: I'm Heeeeeerrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: (I logged her in at the Mac, I'm on the 486)
rich-c: right, your connection will support two mach9ines, then?
Dr. D.: Hope Pam and the rest of the girlfolk get here soon, so they don't miss Christina.
Harvie Powis: How's the dungeon for heat Doc?
rich-c: did you get to ride the Metro?
Christina: yeah and I rode on the buses
Dr. D.: The DSL will support as many as I want; I just have a 4-port hub going into the router.
Dr. D.: Dungeon is rather warm tonight, Harvie.
Dr. D.: Even though we have lots of snow, it is not cold.
Christina: the metro was fun, there are people on them who sing and dance for money
rich-c: but the Metro is supposed to be the big transit attraction, with those fancy stations
Christina: not where I was
Christina: You just pay at a comuter and your ticket comes out
rich-c: what attractions did you visit? did you go up the Eiffel Tower?
Christina: Yeah I saw Notre Dame, La place de Concord Eiffel Tower
Christina: We took a cruise on the seine at night
james: sounds like you had a lot of fun
Dr. D.: Where is Daniel...
Christina: the Louvre, but i didn't go inside
rich-c: play any traffic dodge'em around the Arc de Triomphe?
Dr. D.: (I take it you've been to Paris, Richard?)
Christina: no, but i was there, I forgot
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rich-c: never out of North America, Rich
Christina: There wasn't alot of traffic
changed username to George
Dr. D.: It sounded like you knew what to expect Re: traffic, though, that's why I asked.
rich-c: really? Paris is notorious for a permanent traffic jam and wild driving
George: Hi Everyone
Dr. D.: Hello George.
Christina: Yeah the bus driver hit a car on the last night
Harvie Powis: Hi George
rich-c: hello George, didn't see you come in
james: might as well go out with a bang,eh
Christina: also the driver had his girlfriend in the front seat with him
james: rofl
George: i just showed up
rich-c: that is suggestive!
Christina: I wasn't feeling extremely safe then
james: now i know you were in france
Dr. D.: hahahaha
james: i wonder if that's safer than ottawa. was on a bus and the driver had the morning paper spread over the wheel and was reading while driving
james: lane changes were erratic to say the least
Dr. D.: They need text-to-speech for stuff like that.
james: think i'd rather have my girlfriend on my lap than a pc doing text to speech though
Dr. D.: The default Victoria voice in Macintalk is good enough, doesn't make too many mistakes.
james: oh.. you mean for the paper. man i'm not awake yet
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changed username to rich-c
Dr. D.: No, James, I mean some service that just reads the text.
Christina: However I mainly walked EVERYWHERE
Harvie Powis: The OT on those busses means Outta Touch James :)
rich-c: sorry, got bounced for some reason
Dr. D.: Go back to sleep, James :-)
james: :D
james: case only woke me up twice last night
Dr. D.: Case keeping you up all night?
rich-c: so is your French improved any, Christina?
George: I had my father and sister over for corned beef and cabbage
Dr. D.: Only twice, wow, improvement, man...
George: test
Dr. D.: Mmmm CB&C....
james: yeah. he turns 2 next wednesday
Christina: Yeah and I talk the French some FUNNY knock knock jokes
rich-c: you're stil on, George
Christina: SORRY I taught french
rich-c: I gather you had bilingual hosts, then
Dr. D.: Tell them your jokes...
Dr. D.: (beware, they are groaners...)
George: i'm getting stuck
rich-c: screen freeze or mouse problem, George?
Christina: OKay: Knock Knock who's there banana Banana Who? KNock Knock who's there banana Banana who knock knock who's there orange orange who orange you glad I didn't say banana??
Harvie Powis: Do they start with Le Kanock Le Knock
George: screen freeze
Dr. D.: ROTFL Harvie
Christina: NO actuallt in france its tock tock
Christina: sorry i can't type
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rich-c: it seems to come and go on this site, George - I think it's really server delay
changed username to Judy
Christina: they told me a funny blond joke
Dr. D.: Hello Judy.
Judy: Hello, everyone
rich-c: hello Judy, where's the old man?
George: Hi Judy
Christina: hello
Dr. D.: (says the old man :-) )
Harvie Powis: Evening Maam
Dr. D.: (couldn't resist)
rich-c: yes, I just got about a five-second delay
Judy: right here working on mailwasher
Dr. D.: ? mailwasher
Judy: I just got home
rich-c: it's an email checking program - spam filter
Dr. D.: ahhhh
Judy: it is a program to get rid of bad mail;
rich-c: lets ypou delete and bounce spam from your mailbox without downloading
rich-c: I have it running in the background and have killed five spams since signing on here
james: mail washer, used that a while ago before i started filtering server side. nice proggy. think the chap who wrote it is a kiwi
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: you're right, he is
Dr. D.: He's a pip if it works well :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: hi!
Dr. D.: Hello Daniel.
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel - ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james! :)
Harvie Powis: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dr.D!
George: Hi Daniel
Judy: Bob likes it
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour Rich! oui ša va!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi George
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
james: bonjour dan!
rich-c: only problem is, you can't disable the bounce function automatically - have to do each one manually
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Christina
Christina: bonjour!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Harvie!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir! :)
Judy: we changed providers and my computer didn't know that on the mailwasher program so Bob is fixing it
Daniel Bienvenu: I forget someone?
rich-c: Christina viens de retour de Paris, Daniel
Christina: oui, c'est vrai
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: It was in your Off-Topic e-mail?
Dr. D.: Yes, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Good!
Daniel Bienvenu: Who is Testabianca?
Judy: how was your trip to France, Christina?
Christina: it was amazing
Christina: I had so much fun
rich-c: we have been trying to find that out but s/he wont talk
Judy: that is great
Christina: I saw all the sights in paris and famous chateaux in te Loire Valley
Judy: didn't get in too much trouble?
Christina: Me NEVER
Christina: My familt was great
Daniel Bienvenu: Before I forgot... Dr.D don't forget to start to think about copying a part of the Coleco doc.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it's done!
rich-c: how does one travel the Loire without sampling the wine?
Dr. D.: I think Testabianca is Ms. Rin hiding out...she must have dyed her hair or something...or maybe she got snowed in today.
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Christina: We were going to do that
changed username to Judy
Christina: BUT our teacher thjought that we were too young
Dr. D.: I will remember, Daniel.
rich-c: Judy is twins
Daniel Bienvenu: Judy twins?
Judy changed username to BobS
Dr. D.: I didn't have any objections, Richard.
Christina: I had a drink when I got to my famil and a drink on my last night with them
james: for the latest signage in japan :P pretty funny
George: is it judge Judy?
Christina: DOn't worry daddy it was alright
BobS: AH HA twas only I !!!!!!
Judy: wouldn't yoou like two of me?
Christina: Mommy signed the form
Dr. D.: I wasn't worried, as I said, I had no objections.
BobS left chat session
Christina: the french schools are great
George: test
Dr. D.: All the "grief" you got from us in 7th-8th grade was to buy you these opportunities with no worries :-)
rich-c: I happen to think kids should be introduced to it at an early age, and learn the normal options
Christina: you have block schedulaling
Christina: 15 minutes between each class
Christina: ANd get this TWO HOURS for lunch and real plates glasses and silverware
Dr. D.: I still think it all tastes vile...but YMMV.
George: how is lunch?
rich-c: oh, you visited in a French School?
Dr. D.: She attended for what, 3-4 days?
Christina: I was in school for three days
james: wow
Dr. D.: Tell them the lunch menu:
Christina: one day for lunch was chicken cordon bleu
rich-c: did your group stay with French families, then?
Dr. D.: mmmmmmmmm
james: i read online that france is the most popular destination for american tourists
james: or at least was a couple years ago when i read the article
rich-c: I am quite fond of poule cordon bleu - avec le fromage et jambon
Christina: and another day was taters with green beans and beef steak
Dr. D.: But no spam au vin...
james: taters - that sounds really french :P
Daniel Bienvenu: james: ?? What is this "sign"?
Christina: Yes we all stayed with different families that went to the same high school
rich-c: I trust it wss rally pommes frites
james: @dan, did you see it?
james: it's a sign to encourage smokers to adopt better manners
Christina: Oui vous etes raison
Daniel Bienvenu: "Before passing gas I look behind me. But I don't bother when I'm smoking."
james: personally, i think it's the picture that makes it hilarious
Christina: Eveyone smokesin france
Daniel Bienvenu: smoking in a gas station... it sounds weird
rich-c: you two having fun on the PMs or email?
Christina: you can buy them at 16
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... i didn't get it right. :p
james: i can deal with people smoking outside, wish like hell they'd ban it in restaurants here though
Christina: Also, there are no sports or extra cirricular activities through the school
james: @christina, wow. here it's all sports and extracurricular activities. i wonder when they study
Christina: I think that they can't play sports because thay smoke too much
james: lol
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changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: Smoke, really, wow.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Judy: that could be and the drinking wine
rich-c: hello Guy
Dr. D.: Good evening, Guy.
james: hi guy
rich-c: now that I can't smoke any more
Harvie Powis: Hi Guy
rich-c: an it being the 17th of Ireland
Christina: actually thay aren't glutenous about wine, just a glass for dinner , maybe
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: I'll have a Guiness instead ;-)
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Dr. D.: I'm so glad you don't, Richard, I think my Toronto trip would have killed me otherwise...
Guy B.: Christina, how was your trip?
changed username to BobS
Christina: It was so exciting
Judy: but how old can they start drinking wine?
rich-c: that's the proper way to drink wine, Christina - in gentle moderation
Christina: I didn't want to leave
George: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: Well, there is always something like Junior Year Abroad to consider in college...
BobS: Hi EVERONE I's back
BobS: and HELLO world traveler
Dr. D.: Maybe you could go to a French-speaking archaeological dig site.
George: I had my corned beef and cabbage
Guy B.: Well, there he is. Hi Bob
Christina: yeah hoipefully I'll go to greece Italy and my dream EGYPT
Harvie Powis: Howdee Bob
james: ok folks, i'm off to my other job
james: will see you all next week.
BobS: so soon James
BobS: ????
Judy: bye James
BobS: bye and be good
Guy B.: Bye James
rich-c: well, George, now you need a Guiness, or if you're feeling really into it, a Bushmills
rich-c: see you james
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james
Guy B.: Christina, did you do any sightseeing and where?
james: once you're back on standard time or whatever it is you do in april, it'll be easier
Dr. D.: So long, James.
james: bye!
George: however the market didn't have any green cabbage so i used red cabbage
Christina: I saw Notre Dame Arc de triumphe
Christina: Place de la concord
james: daylight savings time.. sorry
Christina: La tour eiffel
rich-c: it's daylight we move onto - spring ahead, fall back
Guy B.: What about the Effel Tower?
james: *pouf*
james left chat session
Christina: the louvre
rich-c: did you walk the Champs Elysees?
Christina: and castles in the Loire Valley
BobS: GUY !!!! bruch up on your french ~!!!!!
BobS: brush
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Oui
changed username to Pamela / Erin
rich-c: hi daughter, and Rin
BobS: welcome earthling
Guy B.: Hi Pam and Erin there too?
George: red cabbage was good
rich-c: we wre wondering when you would get here
Pamela / Erin: We're both here
Dr. D.: Well, there goes *that* theory...
Judy: hi, to both of you
rich-c: Christina is reporting on her trip to Paris
Pamela / Erin: sorry, got caught up on the phone with Kimberly
BobS: RIN, moved in yet???? I mean completetly???
Christina: D'accord, qu'est-ce vous besoin croire
Guy B.: How was the weather there Christina?
Pamela / Erin: Hey Christina, Welcome Back
George: Hi Pam
Dr. D.: Hello Erinela, or Pamin, whichever...
Daniel Bienvenu: Qu'est-ce que nous avons besoin de croire?
George: and Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: What is this question?
Christina: it was cold on some days and it snowed a bit
BobS: snowed !!!!!!!
Christina: bit the snow was light and just dusted everythin
Pamela / Erin: methinks you're a little confused there Dr. D
Judy: yuk
Guy B.: So, you got the weather what we had here.
George: we got snow
Guy B.: How many came with you?
Dr. D.: I am always confused.
Pamela / Erin: she is moved in Bob - it's bare, but she's moved in
rich-c: yeah, that's why we have such a crowd tonight - everyone snowed in
Christina: sort of, what was funny was the sunn was a bright as ever, but it was snowing a bit strange
Testabianca: Ciao.
Christina: 18 students total plus 2 teachers
BobS: ok
Guy B.: Wow, must have been the whole class.
Christina: Alot of stupid freshman
George: yeah now all the ski resorts around here are closed
BobS: as in HOW Christina?????
Christina: some annoyiong sphmores
Christina: 2 juniors including me
rich-c: Ciao, TEsta
Pamela / Erin: who is Testabianca?
Christina: and two cool seniors and one who bothered me
Dr. D.: Non posso parlare bene inglese.
Guy B.: As long as you had a great time, that what counts. DId you take some photos of the sites?
rich-c: no idea - I'm the only white head around here usually
Christina: Of Coures
Dr. D.: (I looked that up on babelfish)
Christina: Of course
Pamela / Erin: why was the senior bothering you Christina?
Guy B.: Maybe your dad can help you post them for us to see.
Daniel Bienvenu: Testa...something... says something?
Christina: I can have daddy put it on my websir for everyone to see some time
Dr. D.: Yes, if she tells me which ones to scan, I will scan them.
Pamela / Erin: we'd like that, Christina
rich-c: s/he offered us a greeting, no more yet
Guy B.: Ok, Dr D. Let us know when the website is ready.
Christina: He was a fake
Christina: saying things that he thought was cool to others
Pamela / Erin: Dad, if you have the CD of our pictures, can you put them up?
BobS: thought he was God;s gift, eh??????
Christina: HE also starting going out with an annoying freshman
BobS: but what he was,,,,,,,was a pain in the butt
Guy B.: Christina, I went to Europe over 20 years ago. Unfortunately, France wasn't one of the countries I visited.
Testabianca: I like my ADAM computer.
Christina: the stuff he talked about he just heard others say and then just spit it back out to sound cool
Testabianca: You are fun to listen to.
rich-c: well, that puts you in the right company, whitey!
Christina: where did you go??
rich-c: we think so too, that's why we do it
BobS: COOL Testa.........
Pamela / Erin: we have a testarossa here, Testabianca
Testabianca: My English is no good, so I just watch.
BobS: that is what w ALL have in common sort of
Pamela / Erin: it's no worse than anyone else's, Testabianca
rich-c: French is OK too, most of us have some
Dr. D.: I'll say we Rin?
Guy B.: Austria, Italy, Germany and Yugoslavia. The part of Yugoslavia is now known as Slovenia.
BobS: it is VERY acceptable here my dear
Pamela / Erin: it's redder than it was, Rich
Harvie Powis: Niether is ours but we don't let that stop us
Christina: I'd love to go on a tour of Eurpoe
rich-c: Guy, do you have any Italian?
Harvie Powis: Our English that is
Dr. D.: Oh no, don't tell me it's like Crayola Crayon Red now...Rin?
Christina: I also want to go the Enland and Ireland and Scotland
Pamela / Erin: have some faith, Rich!
BobS: I profess to have a second language also.......english.........first language - can't remember
Dr. D.: I have faith that she'd do it...
Pamela / Erin: oh, so do I Christina - want to do a grand tour of all the British Isles
Guy B.: Four countries in two weeks. Started and ended the trip in Vienna, Austria. Took a lot of side trips to the castles. Did you see any there?
Dr. D.: I thought that Testarossa was here with maybe a blonde dye job :-)
BobS: WHOA Christina......most of us haven't left the wetern hemisphere yet
Testabianca: Testarossa?
Christina: I have BIGG dreams
Pamela / Erin: no, it's only a couple of shades darker than before -it's perfect for her
BobS: si, senorita
Testabianca: That is why talk about red then.
Christina: but hopefully they will come true when I become an archeologist
rich-c: sorry, that was an earlier exchange - based on my being a Ferrari fan
Testabianca: Ferrari, fast auto.
Pamela / Erin: I beg to differ Dad - it was about Ering being a redhead
Guy B.: Wow, you're dreaming big there Christina.
Dr. D.: Need photos of the new do, Ms. Rin.
BobS: but ....... alas.......poor Richard has a van instead
Dr. D.: <snicker>
rich-c: but it's a hot rod van, Bob
Guy B.: Did you visit any castle in Paris?
Pamela / Erin: will have to have Mom take pictures with the digital and send them
BobS: OK got mr there
BobS: me
rich-c: 350 v-8's don't take much sass
Pamela / Erin: now if they'd just make them automatic . . .
Christina: I didn't see castles in Paris but in the Loire valley
Pamela / Erin: did you go to Chenanceau, Christina?
Testabianca: It is late now. I think I sleep. Nice chat you all. Good night.
Christina: like Chanbord, chenoncou and d'aizy de Rideau
Testabianca left chat session
BobS: ah, but them into a motorhome and they are the slowest thing on the road////////
Christina: Something like that I can't spell them too well
Guy B.: Ah, looks like you didn't go very far. One thing about Europe in many countries, there are alot of castles. Hopefully one day you get to tour one. You will really like what you see inside.
Pamela / Erin: Chambord, Chenanceau and dunno what the third is
Pamela / Erin: I've heard that Chenanceau is beautiful
Christina: Yes it was my favorite
Pamela / Erin: seen a PBS special about it, and made the Puzz 3D of it
Christina: the castles of women
Christina: Because alot of famous women in history stayed there including JOAN OF ARC
Dr. D.: She has lots of photos.
Guy B.: Did the people there treat you nice?
Dr. D.: (not of Joan d'Arc....)
Christina: Yes it was funny
Christina: I tried to speak french in stores
Christina: but they knew I was american an dspoke english to me
Pamela / Erin: and they spoke English back to you, right?
rich-c: rich, from Pam's question, I have a problem
Guy B.: That's the best way to try out what you learned.
Pamela / Erin: it happens in Quebec too, Christina
Dr. D.: Problem?
Christina: They thought that ALL americans were fat hamburger eating people
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: many are :-)
rich-c: I have stuff (jpegs, etc.) on my ftp site and when I link to them (from chatboards, etc.) they load and come up
Christina: they thought we ate pizza and burgers for every meal
Dr. D.: Tell them about your pizza...
Guy B.: That's one thing I never took while I was in high school. A foreign language. If I did, it would have been Italian.
BobS: not true
Pamela / Erin: is your heritage Italian, Guy?
Christina: their idea of American pizza had fried eggs on top
Guy B.: I'm part Italian.
Pamela / Erin: ick
Christina: it was not american to say the least
Guy B.: For sure.
Christina: but it tasted alright
rich-c: ask james abiut the Japanese idea of pizza sometime
Christina: just different
Dr. D.: Not coming soon to Little Caesar's, though.
Pamela / Erin: Guy, how did you manage in a foreign country with the language barriers?
Christina: hehehehehehe
Christina: it was alright
Pamela / Erin: double ick
Guy B.: Well, we did have some that did speak English.
Christina: I've been taking french since I was in the second grade
Pamela / Erin: did it help?
Dr. D.: Hey, it could've had escargot on it.
Pamela / Erin: triple ick
Christina: Also my "sister" spoke english to me so it turned out okay
rich-c: how can I make my pictures accessible to someone using a regular WWW browser? I get a "not authorized"
Guy B.: Seems to have paid off there.
Dr. D.: Wonder what truffle pizza with pate de foi gras would taste like...or cost per slice?
Dr. D.: Re: your question, Richard:
Pamela / Erin: you said it, Christina.
Christina: the food is great
Pamela / Erin: Oh and Erin wants to know how Alypsia Californica would taste?
Guy B.: How about we stick to what we all love on our pizza.
Dr. D.: Are you giving them a link of the form ftp://..... or http://..... ?
Christina: at least my "mother" could cook
rich-c: you do not want to know, daughter
Dr. D.: Remember the ST:TNG season 1 episode about the terraformers?
Pamela / Erin: yes
Dr. D.: The ones who found intelligent life in the sand?
Dr. D.: What they called humans?
Dr. D.: "Ugly bags of mostly water".
rich-c: oddly enough, it responds to teh http://www.
Dr. D.: That's what it would taste like.
Pamela / Erin: ugly bags of mostly wateer?
Pamela / Erin: ick ick ick ick ick ick
Dr. D.: Salty rubbery bits.
Christina: grooossss daddy
Dr. D.: Maybe like squid or octopus.
Dr. D.: So then I guess that the permissions aren't set correctly for the files.
Pamela / Erin: if we can't post them on yours Dad, perhaps I can send them to Rich and he can post them
Dr. D.: If it is a Unix host, the permissions have to be set to enable reading by "groups" and "other", in addition to you, the owner.
rich-c: I upload to it with an ftp program and that's fine
Guy B.: Rich, I did download and try that Aida32 program on the Gateway. It didn't detect any kind of an error. But, at least the program told me what kind of memory stick I have.
Dr. D.: I could do that, as long as there aren't gigabytes of photos and lots of traffic.
Pamela / Erin: I'd only send a selection Rich - not the whole mess
rich-c: maybe you could persuade her to be selective - highly selective?
Dr. D.: FTP is okay for's just what permissions the files end up getting once there...or perhaps your upload directory isn't public.
rich-c: I believe the latter is the case, Rich - have to see if John can change it
Dr. D.: I am still owed a certain photo of Ms. Rin, methinks...I could take that in trade for hosting the others :-)
Harvie Powis: Is this on Tamcotec, rich?
Pamela / Erin: we still have to find it, Rich
Pamela / Erin: as soon as we do, I'll send it
rich-c: yes, Harv
Dr. D.: A likely story... :-)
Dr. D.: Or else re-pose her and re-shoot it :-)
Pamela / Erin: I found it and now i've misplaced it
Dr. D.: (I bet she's red to the roots now)
Harvie Powis: Well, John only runs MS stuff, he doesn't use Linux/Unix.
Pamela / Erin: naw, not quite
rich-c: guess it's a directory permission, then - the links specify the exact file
Dr. D.: I meant blushing from embarrassment.
rich-c: Frances wants DSL so maybe when I check on that I'll ask about the other
Guy B.: I read in today's paper that Microsoft is facing a $3 billion fine from the EU.
Guy B.: Good Idea, Rich. You will love the speed.
Pamela / Erin: check the specs Dad - I think John offers free website with your DSL
rich-c: yes, some of their business practices have been found to be naughty (surprise!)
rich-c: he offers free webspace with dialup - that's what I have now
Dr. D.: Who'd have thunk it? Billy-boy doing something illegal?
Guy B.: And H.P. is going sell computers in Asia with Linux instead of Windows.
moved to room Meeting Place
Christina: Okay, I need to go now. I have Homework that needs to be done
changed username to Meeka
Christina: If you have more questions ask Daddy He'll know
rich-c: does Jason know about this (Foxtrot)?
Guy B.: Ok, Christina. See you again soon.
Pamela / Erin: goodnite, Christina - thanks for the update. Sounds like you had a great time
Meeka: Hello
Dr. D.: Daddy knows all, sees all, tells all.
Guy B.: HI Meeka
Christina: Good Night
Dr. D.: Hello Meeka.
Harvie Powis: Aureservoir, Christina
rich-c: hello Meeka, join the crowd
Christina: Grosse bisous
rich-c: nite Christina
Christina: *KISS*
Pamela / Erin: Hello, Meeka
Christina left chat session
Guy B.: You have quite a daughter Dr D.
Dr. D.: Thanks, Guy.
Guy B.: How's Elanor doing these days?
Pamela / Erin: How's it going, Meeka?
Dr. D.: Choosing courses for her freshman year in high school now.
Meeka: pretty good
Judy: hi, Meeka
Guy B.: Wow, already?
Judy: was off checking on ebay
rich-c: they grow up so fast
Dr. D.: She's in 8th grade now.
Pamela / Erin: hey Judy, did you get a chance to do my pricing?
Meeka: lol, find anything good
Judy: yes, couldn't find any here
rich-c: I found a replacement battery cover for my camera on eBay
Pamela / Erin: couldn't find them??? Oh no, I'm in trouble
Dr. D.: Whatcha trying to find?
rich-c: now arranging payment - the seller is just up in Barrie, about 50 miles north
Judy: checked at Walmart, Meijer and TArget
Pamela / Erin: heck Dad, you could drive up there cheaper
Pamela / Erin: well thanks for looking anyway
rich-c: you haven't checked teh mileage on that V-8
Judy: was bidding on a umbrella girl head vase
rich-c: anyway, since teh item is tiny, the price quoted includes delivery
Harvie Powis: rich, the 350 in my one-ton gets about 5 mpg
Judy: and was checking on a ring wrap I like
rich-c: right - downhill with a tailwind, in my experience
Meeka: I see
Pamela / Erin: what do you drive Harvie?
Judy: we need head vases again
Judy: are getting low on them
Pamela / Erin: what's a head vase?
Meeka: ya, you said you didnt have many left
Dr. D.: Poor man's mummification?
Meeka: lol a vase in the shape of a head of course ;)
Harvie Powis: I usually drive my 87 Jimmy, it gets 20 mpg, but sometimes must use the one ton truck
Dr. D.: Whose head?
Pamela / Erin: pick up? Ford? GM?
Judy: was a planter in the 50's to 70's in the shape of a lady or girl head
Meeka: florists did arangements in them years ago, not they are antiques
Pamela / Erin: okay, gotcha Judy
Harvie Powis: GMC Pam
rich-c: I haven't had a chance to try teh highway mileage, and most has been winter city, but it's appalling
Judy: we sell them
BobS: get about 7-8 mpg with the motorhome
Pamela / Erin: how do you park one of those Harvie?
BobS: a BIG space Pam/Rin
rich-c: if it has a 350 it's a GM, Pam; the Ford is a 351
Pamela / Erin: you're carrying a lot more weight with the motorhome, Bob
Harvie Powis: Usually poorly :)
Pamela / Erin: I was waiting for "very carefully" : )
rich-c: no, with considerable difficulty is more like
Pamela / Erin: but it goes like stink, Daddy
rich-c: yes, I know, daughter Leadfoot
Pamela / Erin: tha's me
Harvie Powis: Actually the one ton is a flatbed so has lots of clear vision out the back
rich-c: I know; Rich squealed on you ;-)
Pamela / Erin: what did he say?
rich-c: which would be great if you could tell from that where the corners really are
rich-c: I'll never tell
Dr. D.: Hehe
Pamela / Erin: it's a male conspiracy
rich-c: you're starting to catch on
Pamela / Erin: Richard Drushel, when I get my hands on you . . .
Judy: Texas may get exciting
Dr. D.: It will have to be at an'll have calmed down by then.
Dr. D.: We could take bets.
rich-c: you think?
Pamela / Erin: to quote my hubby, "revenge is a dish best served cold"
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Pamela / Erin: Hello James
james: hi
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hey, he's back
james: back for a little bit
Judy: hi, again James
rich-c: should have had you here earlier, we finally got a word from Testabianca
james: who was it?
Daniel Bienvenu: La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid.
rich-c: s/he was very shy about language; I suspect a bit of decent Italian would have gone a long way
james: @dan, you a star trek fan too?
Pamela / Erin: exactement, Daniel
Judy: what is Testabianca?
Harvie Powis: an androgenous non english speaker
Daniel Bienvenu: james: so-so
Dr. D.: Someone who stopped by to visit, I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: james: I'm more a fan of Flintstone :)
james: lol
Judy: ok
james: just your quote "revenge is a dish which is best served cold" reminded me of wrath of khan
james: my italian is a little rusty
Dr. D.: One of my faves, James...
Pamela / Erin: yes, Erin mentioned that too James
rich-c: oh, it is an old Italian proverb, james, likely dating back beyond Machiavelli
Pamela / Erin: if the shoe fits . . .
rich-c: james, what do they put on pizzas in Japan?
Dr. D.: I don't think it's in Boccaccio, though I haven't looked at the Decameron for a while.
Dr. D.: Sushi pizza?
Pamela / Erin: I repeat, ick
rich-c: I've heardd some interesting tales on teh Autoweek chat board
Judy: doesn't sound soooo good, Dr D
Dr. D.: Speaking of sushi, at a birthday party I was at Saturday, someone mentioned that the only thing he wouldn't eat in Japan was chicken sushi.
(Guy B. gives Pamela / Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.: Too afraid of salmonella...
Pamela / Erin: thanks, Guy
Pamela / Erin: we'll share
Dr. D.: Cousin germs, ooohh!
Guy B.: We lost Bob.
Pamela / Erin: you'd rather stranger germs, Rich?
Judy: yes, ;he got the boot
rich-c: Oh, that's who blinked off - I was wondering
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: is coming back on a different computer
Guy B.: And probably cussing too as well.
changed username to BoBS
Dr. D.: <Chekov voice> Eet vas a leeedle choke!
Guy B.: There he is.
Dr. D.: <Spock voice> Very little, Mr. Chekov.
Judy: no, not a word
(Guy B. reboots BoBS's computer remotely.)
Pamela / Erin: <spock voice> Illogical!
Dr. D.: <Mirror Spock voice> Mr. Chekov, your agonizer, please...
Dr. D.: <Chekov, any universe> AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: :-)
Harvie Powis: I think it was DrD using Boccaccio and Decameron in one sentance that scared Bob away
Pamela / Erin: too many syllables?
Dr. D.: There are some scary stories in Boccaccio.
George: KILL ALL
Guy B.: Now, he's not saying anything.
Judy: he is trying to stay cool, his heart went out Sat but went back in the same day
Pamela / Erin: scared him speechless
Dr. D.: One about a lady who pines away for her lover, whose *head* is hiddent in a pot of basil...ick.
Guy B.: Is he ok?
BoBS: OUCH guy !!!!!!!
George: shutdown -h now
BoBS: nope, DEAD !!!!!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: yes, he is fine
changed username to jamesII
Guy B.: Oh good.
Pamela / Erin: you're in pretty good shape for a dead guy, Bob
jamesII: got booted it seems
jamesII: someone was asking about the crappy pizza they have here?
Judy: he is getting smaller
Guy B.: Now we got twin James.
Pamela / Erin requested to ban james
rich-c confirmed ban
jamesII confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BoBS confirmed ban
Harvie Powis confirmed ban
Dr. D.: Not now, I just voted to kill the twin.
rich-c: dd - I got botted real early on, teverything was fine, now everyone is getting dumped
Guy B.: Ok, James. You can rename yourself.
BoBS: and
Dr. D.: So far, I am still here, no dumps. I am amazed.
jamesII: they put corn, i've seen mayo, squid ink
Pamela / Erin: just wondering about hte Japanase idea of pizza
Guy B.: Me too.
BoBS: my puter connection dies
Pamela / Erin: ick
Judy: he has lost 25 pounds
BoBS: but not Judy's
Pamela / Erin: it's my word of the night
jamesII: some very un-pizza like ingredients
George: i need to go to bed
rich-c: yes, what would be found on a pizza in Japan?
Guy B.: Wow, what is he doing Judy?
Pamela / Erin: good night George
jamesII: i really don't know why, but it seems to be a general asian thing to put corn on pizza
Guy B.: Night George.
George: nite all
jamesII: and i hate corn
rich-c: nite George
BoBS: CORN ???????
Dr. D.: Squid ink ice cream, the infamous Iron Chef dessert.
Judy: exercising and cutting down
Harvie Powis: Bye George
jamesII: squid ink, yes
Dr. D.: Good night, George.
Guy B.: Welcome to the club.
jamesII: i've had seafood pizza which was actually quite good
George: poof
George left chat session
rich-c: apparently mayo is surprisingly common in the US
jamesII: pizza with suckers on it. heh heh
Judy: he is doing really good
Dr. D.: kill -9 georg_pid
jamesII: lol
Pamela / Erin: mayo on pizza? Where?
Meeka confirmed ban
jamesII: japan
jamesII: and apparently the u.s.
Dr. D.: rm -rf /u/users/george/*.*
rich-c: michigan - up in the thumb
Judy: how are you doing on your diet, Guy?
Pamela / Erin: I meant where on the pizza!
rich-c: one of our chat guys runs a string of pizza restaurants
Dr. D.: <snicker>
jamesII: mv dr. d /dev/nul
Daniel Bienvenu: jamesII: Edit->Change User Name -> "james" =)
jamesII changed username to jamesIII
Daniel Bienvenu: arg... jamesIII?
jamesIII: heh heh
Guy B.: Well, I'm still doing walking with the dog and it's been up and down. I can't wait till the warmer weather comes in, so Abby and I go on longer walks. Heck, she's already doing that now.
Dr. D.: James the Third.
Daniel Bienvenu: how many james movies exists?
Pamela / Erin: James, are you letting your multiple personalities out here or what?
jamesIII: i am
Dr. D.: Hahaha Daniel
jamesIII: am i talking to pam or erin?
Dr. D.: Perin.
jamesIII: or is this a new entitity known as pam-erin?
Judy: we have been using the exercise bike and the treadmill
Pamela / Erin: we've become joined at the hip : )
rich-c: both are sharing Pam's computer
Dr. D.: Pam-erin sounds like some medication...
rich-c: haven't got Erin up and running yet
Pamela / Erin: Pam on keyboard, Erin on backup
Guy B.: The doctor says walking is the best thing for me right now.
Judy: we got a different bike and it was about killing us but we are getting used to it finially
Dr. D.: Shotgun, you mean.
Judy: that is about all Bob can do also with his knee
rich-c: no, backup fits with keyboardd
Dr. D.: At least they aren't doing alternate letters or something.
Pamela / Erin: or should I say we share the vocals?
Guy B.: Seems we can't do much of any hard exercising. Just the easy stuff.
Pamela / Erin: we could try alternate letters, but it would probably be illegible
Dr. D.: Cue Monty Python skit about the stereo tape recorder...
Judy: this is hard enough for us
Pamela / Erin: we don't have a network in place, unfortunately : )
Dr. D.: Pam and Erin duet...there's a talent show entry we need for the next ADAMcon.
rich-c: yes, just making time for it can be a challenge
Dr. D.: I'm surprised that the ADAMcons never evolved a talent show.
Pamela / Erin: you don't know what you're asking, Rich
Dr. D.: Many other cons have.
Pamela / Erin: any requests?
Dr. D.: Hmmmmm....
jamesIII: boss is taking us out to lunch, i gotta go
Guy B.: My friend Marsha walked with Abby and I a couple of weeks ago and I thought she wasn't able to keep up with us. But she did and she built up a sweat. She started working out and lost 12 lbs already.
Pamela / Erin: bye James
Dr. D.: Free food, take it James.
rich-c: see you james
Guy B.: Bye James
Judy: bye again, James
jamesIII: talk to everyone next week!
Pamela / Erin: take all of yourselves along
jamesIII: dan, i'll be back later on yahoo if you're around
BoBS: be good James
jamesIII: @bob, tell that too my students
Daniel Bienvenu: @james: ok
Judy: good for her
Daniel Bienvenu: for now, my computer "freeze"
Daniel Bienvenu: but i will try to open yahoo messenger soon :)
jamesIII: ok. i'll be back in about an hour i think
Guy B.: She wants to try walking more with us. Abby doesn't mine. She wants to give her the kisses when she comes over.
Dr. D.: "Under the Sea"--from Disney "The Little Mermaid".
jamesIII: *poof*
jamesIII left chat session
rich-c: good to have someone to go with, Guy - it can get boring otherwise
Judy: are you dating her, Guy?
Guy B.: She got a new job last week and she's a medical assistant with the V.A. at Hines. But, she might have to transfer to the one in Joliet. She will find out on Monday.
Judy: keeps us going exercising together, but he loses weight faster, not fair
rich-c: you wre going out with her for a while earlier, wren't you, Guy?
Guy B.: We are not dating each other yet. But, might be later.
Judy: that is good need to be friends first
Harvie Powis: Judy, that means he has more free weight to lose :)
Judy: that is what he tells me too
Judy: I have 5 pounds to loose yet and it won
Judy: t come off
Guy B.: Sounds like we have a contest here who loses the most weight here.
Judy: I will lose
Harvie Powis: Then it probably shouldn't
BoBS: OK I win!!!!! Bet ya half dozen chocolate cookies !!!!!!!
Pamela / Erin changed username to Erin/ Pammie
rich-c: it's OK, most of us will be on the sidelines ;-(
Dr. D.: And the coup is complete...
Erin/ Pammie: Bob, now Pam wants to lose
Harvie Powis: But be sure to wash them down with "Diet" coke Bob
Dr. D.: Pam has lost control of the keyboard, at any rate.
Erin/ Pammie: Hahahahahaha....I have the power!!!!!
Judy: that is all he can have, don't buy reg coke
Erin/ Pammie: it's like having the remote control
Erin/ Pammie: :-)
(Guy B. gives BoBS a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.: Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Guy B.: There you go Bob.
Dr. D.: And idle feet are the Devil's toenails.
Erin/ Pammie: well it's not absolute....she's still here
Erin/ Pammie: I read something about a Devil once...hmmmm
Dr. D.: That's Stalinesque purges in your revolution.
Dr. D.: Devil is in the details...
BoBS: ya like the DIET Coke
Erin/ Pammie: Pam says too true
Dr. D.: Have you ever read Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary"? It's very sardonic and clever.
Erin/ Pammie: Erin turns to Pam...."so how are you?"
Erin/ Pammie: who?
Erin/ Pammie: (that would be a no)
Dr. D.: It's a dictionary with ironic definitions of things.
Erin/ Pammie: hmmmm....<Spock voice> Curious
rich-c: it's quite old, in fact even predates me, I think
Dr. D.: One I tormented Christina with: Clarinet--a musical instrument, the only thing worse than which is two of them.
Dr. D.: Or something to that effect.
Erin/ Pammie: I don't know how to type the word I just blurted in utter disgust
Erin/ Pammie: :-)
Dr. D.: Bierce disappeared in the Mexican revolution somewhere...gotta be the 1910s.
Dr. D.: Felgerkarb?
Dr. D.: Fribbety-gibbet?
Dr. D.: Kyphoscoliosis?
Erin/ Pammie: Kermit the Frog, what?
Meeka: ok, im off to bed, see ya in the am mom
Harvie Powis: Kinda like First prize is a week in Cleveland, Second prize is two weeks in Cleveland :)
Guy B.: Well, folks. Got to run. Won't be here this Saturday. Have two appts. One for Abby and one for me and that one is in the afternoon. So, I'll see you all next week.
Dr. D.: Yep, Harvey.
Erin/ Pammie: night Meeka
Erin/ Pammie: Nite Guy
Dr. D.: Harvie.
Dr. D.: Bye Guy.
Erin/ Pammie: I'll take second
rich-c: night Meeka, Guy, see you next week
BoBS: mite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Harvie Powis: Bye Guy
Dr. D.: I'll trade door #2 for Carol Merrill :-)
Guy B.: Ok, gang. See you all next week. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Erin/ Pammie: consensus says "huh"?
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Dr. D.: "Let's Make A Deal" game show line...
Erin/ Pammie: Pam says oh ok
Erin/ Pammie: I'm still lost
Dr. D.: Carol Merrill was the show's Vanna White-type girl.
Erin/ Pammie: oops my age is showing tee-hee
Dr. D.: She was nicer than some of the prizes behind the door/curtain...
BoBS: a DEAL ???????
Erin/ Pammie: Pam says -- now Rich's age is showing
Dr. D.: Yes, with Monty Hall.
Dr. D.: Of course my age is showing.
BoBS: MONTY ?????? sure nuf remember him
Dr. D.: Not available in stores.
Dr. D.: Order before midnight tomorrow.
Erin/ Pammie: I'll have to get right on that
Erin/ Pammie: where do I oreder?
Dr. D.: $4.99 for albums, $8.98 for 8-track tapes...send to K-Tel.
Harvie Powis: Can you remember Absorbine Senior Doc?
Dr. D.: Yes.
Erin/ Pammie: Pam asks -- how much does it cost to ship stone?
Dr. D.: Still made I think.
Dr. D.: Stone...hmmm...depends if mule train or dinosaur caravan.
rich-c: never was any Senior, Rich - just Junior
Dr. D.: Yes, I know, Jr.
Dr. D.: I was distracted by the shipping computations.
Erin/ Pammie: hehehe..sawwy
Dr. D.: My mind is going, Dave....I can feel it....
Dr. D.: Daisy....daisy....
Dr. D.: Good morning, Dr. Chandra...
Harvie Powis: I tell my nephew I'm so old I can remember Absorbine Senior :)
Dr. D.: hahaha
rich-c: right!!!
Dr. D.: Good name for diapers would be Absorbent Junior.
Dr. D.: Rin must be getting tired, too, she is descending into Elmer Fuddese...
Erin/ Pammie: ROTFL
Erin/ Pammie: be vewy vewy quiet
Erin/ Pammie: we're huting bunny wabbits
Dr. D.: We'we hunting ADAMs....hahahaha
BoBS: dat wascully wabbit !!!!!!
rich-c: btw, was on eBay a few days back, there was an Adam getting some decent bidding
Erin/ Pammie: so that's what the rabbit ears are for (as per Pam)
Dr. D.: Wuv dat wabbit.
Dr. D.: haha Pam
BoBS: uh huh
BoBS: they have been going for some decent pricing lately
Erin/ Pammie: says the cable generation
Dr. D.: So far I have totally avoided eBay.
Erin/ Pammie: Pam's trying to steal my board
rich-c: if I thought the market would stay solid, I'd be t3mpted to get in
Erin/ Pammie: *pout*
Dr. D.: Keyboard smackdown~
rich-c: eBay has its uses, Rich
Dr. D.: Marquess of Queensbury rules, now...
BoBS: you ARE in my man
BoBS: into ADAM's anyway
rich-c: it's where I finally found the camera part I needed after a two year search
Erin/ Pammie: i make my own rules
Erin/ Pammie: I win
Dr. D.: Who is "I"?
BoBS: put one up for sale, IF you are worried about price, put on a reserve
rich-c: also picked up some videotapes I wanted at an affordable price
Erin/ Pammie: duallig keyboards?
Erin/ Pammie: I is Win
Erin/ Pammie: hehehe
Erin/ Pammie: testarossa
Dr. D.: You could do rock-paper-scissors.
Dr. D.: Or I'll think of a number, and whoever is closest without going over, wins.
Erin/ Pammie: AHHHHHHHH I lost
Dr. D.: Just so there is no bloodshed.
rich-c: eBay charges higher when there's a reserve
Erin/ Pammie: but by my rules i win
Dr. D.: Now I am hopelessly confused....
Erin/ Pammie: bloodshed is too hard to get out of the carpet
rich-c: also Paypal will not maintain an account in US funds for Canadian residents
Daniel Bienvenu: I admit that I don't follow well the discussion =/
Erin/ Pammie: i have that effect on people
rich-c: Pam and Erin are "playing"
BoBS: I know but then you can keep it under control IF you want to keep the price up
Dr. D.: Well, maybe we could take turns, kiddies.
rich-c: it is a sort of nonsense thread at the moment, Daniel
BoBS: screw PayPal......i will NOT accept any and it works out ok
Daniel Bienvenu: oh! they play which game?
Erin/ Pammie: but, DAAAAAAAAD
Dr. D.: Erin, remember Pam had a nasssty mess to clean up earlier, so she might want a bit of a reprieve.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a game to suggest... Sphinx Enigma
BoBS: some buyers complain, but most just send a money order or personal check
rich-c: it is just - a sort of verbal game, hard to explain
Erin/ Pammie: bite the phrase I'm looking for
Daniel Bienvenu: "What goes in the house without touching it?"
rich-c: funny talk is perhaps more like it
BoBS: ya'll hodl the shipping for 14 days while the check clears and PRESTO, send it out
BoBS: hold
Dr. D.: Time-out for some naughty little girl...
Harvie Powis: I give up Daniel
Erin/ Pammie: no comment <pout>
Daniel Bienvenu: The Sun
rich-c: wonder how many buyers will be happy with teh shipping?
rich-c: last one I sent out had some extras but cost $66.50 to mail (Cdn)
BoBS: which would be how much into Ca oe the staes?????
BoBS: or the states
BoBS: that is about right I think
BoBS: US to US is around $30-$35 depending on where
rich-c: that's about $50 US at current rate of exchange - that was to Miami
Daniel Bienvenu: "What thing you destroy when you name it?"
Erin/ Pammie: silence
BoBS: country to country that does not surprise me
BoBS: gets more expensive when going across the vorders
rich-c: shocks me, but I shock easy ;-)
BoBS: borders
Dr. D.: "A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid"
BoBS: well kids, gotta go here....nite nite time
Erin/ Pammie: nitey nite Bobs
Dr. D.: Bye, Bob.
rich-c: yes, is that time, Bob - night now
BoBS: Judy is pulling out a sliver from here finger and then off to bed
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Bob
BoBS: and GOODnite from the bride
rich-c: goodnight to Judy too, then
Dr. D.: Ditto.
Erin/ Pammie: what's the answer Rich?
Dr. D.: An egg.
Erin/ Pammie: oh
Dr. D.: (it's a Tolkien riddle from "The Hobbit")
Harvie Powis: I must go too, good one Doc
Dr. D.: Good night, Harvie.
Erin/ Pammie: nite Harvie
rich-c: I'll check it out - Pam just loaned me her LOTR DVDs
Harvie Powis: Goodnight All
rich-c: night Harvie, hope you can make it next week
Harvie Powis left chat session
Dr. D.: Yawn, wondering if I ought not go, too...robot lab early tomorrow...
rich-c: I have a hunch watching nine DVDs is going to take a while
Erin/ Pammie: Daniel what's the answer to your riddle?
Erin/ Pammie: sleep is good Dr. D
rich-c: see you then, Rich
Dr. D.: I hate to leave the lovely company...
Erin/ Pammie: awwwwwwwww
Dr. D.: ...but my alarm rings at 5:00 AM tomorrow.
Erin/ Pammie: I'm at 5:30
rich-c: then honour the necessity, Rich
rich-c: sounds like you'd better log some sack time too, Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: "He who invented it, doesn't want it. Hw who buys it, doesn't need it. He who needs it, doesn't know it. What is it?"
rich-c: Better let the younger generation try that one
Dr. D.: All right, time to beam out of here...
Erin/ Pammie: nitey nite Rich
Dr. D.: Mr. Scott, energize!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D
Dr. D.: <transporter effect>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: actually, Bob and Judy are gone too, aren't they?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well then, you want the answer or you know it?
Erin/ Pammie: think so
Erin/ Pammie: please, tell us the answer
Erin/ Pammie: our brains are tired
rich-c: we need teh answer, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: The answer is: a coffin
Erin/ Pammie changed username to Pamela / Erin
Pamela / Erin: very morbid, Daniel
rich-c: right - but hard to think of
Pamela / Erin: haha, I have wrested control of the keyboard back
rich-c: anyhow, I've got to get the garbage organized for tomorrow's pickup
Pamela / Erin: wow, sounds exciting, Dad
rich-c: so I'm going to have to log out too
rich-c: goodnight, all
Pamela / Erin: nite Daddy
Pamela / Erin: <Erin> Nite, Uncle Richard
rich-c: nite nite
rich-c left chat session
Pamela / Erin: well Daniel, I gues we'd best be off to bed. Bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: "Through wind and rain I always play. I roam the earth yet here I stay. I crumble stones, and fire can't burn me. Yet I am soft-you can measure me in your hand. What am I?"
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: The answer: "I am the ocean"
Pamela / Erin: too hard for tired brains!
Pamela / Erin: we're going, Daniel - bye!
Pamela / Erin: poof
Pamela / Erin left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam / Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Judy and Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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left chat session
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2004-03-17
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