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james: wow.. no one here..
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changed username to rich-c
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changed username to jamesII
jamesII: good morning
rich-c: good morning yourself! ;-)
jamesII: how are you?
rich-c: how's dawn in Nippon these days?
jamesII: cloudy
jamesII: it's been mild though
rich-c: we are told that at last we will see 72 consecutive hours without freezing temperatures
rich-c: it got up to 10 today before it started raining
rich-c: I think that took the last remnants of snow off the lawn and from in front of the house
jamesII: must be nice to have it gone
rich-c: yes, we had this humungous drift on the lawn, from where the gas company had to uncover a leak next door
rich-c: since we face north, the sun never reaches the area close in to the house on the north side
rich-c: the back yard of course has been snow free for "weeks"
jamesII: i get the same thing, my lawn is on the south side of the school so basically three days of sun is all it takes
jamesII: but i had trees on the north side buried for a good couple weeks thereafter
rich-c: right, I can visualize that base3d on our setup here
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rich-c: of course now we're past the equinox and the sun is higher in the sky, improvement is rapid
jamesII: i think at least here we can safely assume we've finished with the snow
changed username to BobS
rich-c: yo Roberto!
jamesII: got dumped on a couple weeks ago but nothing at all since
BobS: hi ya'll
BobS: how's all ??????
rich-c: discussing that dirty four-ketter word, Bob
jamesII: hi bobo
jamesII: i mean bob. damn.
BobS: it looks like we are also finished with the white stuff James
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BobS: DON'T make ME a four letter word
rich-c: famous last words, that one!
jamesII: lol
jamesII: i need typing lessons
changed username to Poutine Non
BobS: don't we all ??????
rich-c: c'est peut-etre Daniel? ou Rin?
Poutine Non: Dr. D. :-) I am eating my supper...and is is not poutine.
jamesII: that reminds me, i need breakfast
Poutine Non: Haha James
rich-c: right - it would be an acto of territorial aggression for an American to eat poutine, right, james?
Poutine Non: I think it an unlikely bout of madness.
BobS: had pizza tonight.......not whatever you are eating
rich-c: especially if one cared about cholesterol levels
Poutine Non: Steak, fries, corn I am eating now.
Poutine Non: Just got back from the robot lab late.
Poutine Non: Supper leftovers.
rich-c: steak isn't bad even as a leftover
Poutine Non: They are some little round boneless bits, maybe 6 cm diameter.
rich-c: though we reserve it for the weekendss when we have a wine to match
Poutine Non: White grape juice right now, no lie :-)
jamesII: nah, i'd consider it more an act of canadian cultural influence
BobS: works as a wine substiute
rich-c: more soda pop substitute, really - that stuff is so sweet it makes your teeth ache
jamesII: ok, i hate to be so curt but i have to get dressed and go to my other job
BobS: naw, kids drink on ly that
BobS: whilest I drink the good stuff
rich-c: right, well, maybe you can get back later if we're still on
jamesII: once you guys are back on daylight savings time, it'll be easier
rich-c: yes, well, it's comong, but not yet
BobS: well James, maybe ya'll will be back eh????
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jamesII: i'll try
jamesII: so for now *poof*
changed username to Pamela / Erin
rich-c: see you then, james
jamesII left chat session
Pamela / Erin: I see that Dale has been busy
rich-c: hi daughter/ Rin
Pamela / Erin: Hi Dad / Uncle Richard
rich-c: well, busy enough that we are more or less working, for now
BobS: so when is daylight savings??????
BobS: 1st Sun in April?????
BobS: YO Rin
Pamela / Erin: Bobs!
Pamela / Erin: why is this darn thing so slow???
Poutine Non: It is not slow.
Pamela / Erin: so what would you call it?
rich-c: yes, there is a big gap between when I hit return and when it posts
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changed username to Meeka
Poutine Non: My text is echoing perfectly.
Pamela / Erin: we were already in the room when the undefined changed
rich-c: hi Meeka, welcome aboard
Meeka: Hello
Pamela / Erin: Hi, Meeka - you remembered
BobS: seems to be ok from this end
BobS: fast and true
BobS: opps
Pamela / Erin: maybe it's just our system warming up
Meeka: yup
Poutine Non: Then perhaps the ship is about to sink.
rich-c: I'm finding the delay is intermittent - sometimes the echo is very fast
Poutine Non: That was a 10-second delay, though.
Poutine Non: And that appeared right away.
BobS: right Richard........was just braggin and it slowed way down for thie one post
Pamela / Erin: Ron, is that you?
Poutine Non: It is someone eating his dinner...and it is not poutine.
rich-c: no, you have Dr. D. here
BobS: naw. Doktor d
Meeka: Hey dad......
Pamela / Erin: Erin says she knew all along
Meeka: tell mom I finished up my tree skirt tonight :)
Poutine Non: I wonder how she knew...Richard thought it was you, or Daniel.
Pamela / Erin: I figured if it was no poutine, must be either Ron or Rich
rich-c: I gasther, Pam, my furniture moving tomorrow will be a two-way trip
Poutine Non: There was a discussion today among grad students about "disgusting" foreign foods.
Poutine Non: Poutine was mentioned.
Poutine Non: Along with vegemite and marmite.
Pamela / Erin: yes Dad - the chair to my desk has a spreader loose - if you can bring it back to Mom, she and I can work on getting it fixed
rich-c: clearly they have no appreciation of the finer things of life
Pamela / Erin: <ERIN> a pox on those who hate poutine
Poutine Non: And nato.
Poutine Non: Uh-oh, my nose is now swelling...
rich-c: anyone who'd drink white grape juice....
BobS: WOW, now get to wokr on all that other stuff
Poutine Non: I've never had it, it just sounds...well, different.
Pamela / Erin: what's wrong with white grape juice?
Poutine Non: I was drinking it with my supper steak.
Poutine Non: A big no-no for the wine cognoscenti :-)
Pamela / Erin: well you know Dad would recommend a good red
rich-c: it's so sweet it makes your teeth ache
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Pamela / Erin: wine, that is
Meeka: lol, ya, I know I have a mile long list
changed username to Judy
Pamela / Erin: allo Judy
BobS: I WILL drink NO wine before it's time........that means - before it is made !!!!!!!!
Poutine Non: I remember the various conversations on the subject in Toronto...
rich-c: hi Judy
rich-c: in fact, since chats tend to be thirsty times, just might go get a Guiness later on
BobS requested to ban Judy
Poutine Non confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS: Judy got wacked and WILL be back
Poutine Non: Well, dinner is done, yum.
Poutine Non: I can now type with 10 fingers.
Pamela / Erin: I was just commenting on how difficult it was to type with something in my fingers
rich-c: Steak, frites with a bit of ketchup, buttered corn - it'll do
Poutine Non: Just what I had, Richard....mmmm.....
Poutine Non: And a bit of ice cream for dessert....with chocolate.
Pamela / Erin: broccoli!
Pamela / Erin: mmmm . . . chocolate
Poutine Non: I have been known to eat broccoli and like it.
Poutine Non: I wouldn't want it every day.
rich-c: won't mention what I had - shopping night dinners tend to be more than a little informal
Poutine Non: Well, no.
Pamela / Erin: eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Poutine Non: That was BobS that time, not me, for once.
Poutine Non: But he just beat me to it.
Poutine Non: :-)
Pamela / Erin: Timing!
rich-c: but dessert was a "matrimonial cake" - essentially a date square/ apricot square variant
Poutine Non: Nobody will look down at you, Richard, if you ate leftovers or something.
Poutine Non: A few days ago, I had a bowl of cereal that consisted of the bottom-of-the-box leavings of 5 different kinds, that the girls had left behind and wouldn't eat.
BobS: we will only look down on you IF you are short !!!!!!!!
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Meeka: lol
rich-c: it wasn't leftovers - it's the day I indulge my lust for things leavew me - well, not nice to be near
BobS: darn kids
changed username to Judy
rich-c: ah, Judy is back
Judy: Hi, all
Pamela / Erin: WB, Judy
Pamela / Erin: huh Dad?
Judy: yes, got into a jam and had to bail
Meeka: hello mom
rich-c: heavyweight spice/garlic sort of things, Pam
Judy: Meeka, hear that you finished your tree skirt
Pamela / Erin: what the heck is leavew?
Poutine Non: Spices keep the werewolves and vampires away.
Meeka: yup, I did :)
Meeka: just tonight in fact
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Judy: I finished the border on my quilt tonight
rich-c: sorry it should have been "that leave"
Judy: and got it all cut down
Meeka: cool
changed username to Dell Man
Pamela / Erin: okay, gotcha Dad
rich-c: a Dell man? we have one of these in our community?
Dell Man: Greetings one and All!
Poutine Non: No Dells here, only ADAMs :-)
Pamela / Erin: Hi Guy
Dell Man: I own an Adam.
rich-c: oh, you never know, Rich, I could be on my laptop
Judy: then I missed the ring I was watching, what a bummer
Dell Man changed username to Guy B.
Poutine Non: A cushion would be more comfy!
Guy B.: Pam wins the prize.
Meeka: yup
Pamela / Erin: no flies on me!
Meeka: I got a new laptop agian though :P
Guy B.: What kind did you get?
Poutine Non: I'd like to get *a* laptop, let alone a new one...
Meeka: but I still havent got to play with it, Dougie says it had to be upgraded first
Judy: why did you get a new laptop?
Meeka: another toshiba one
Judy: is that good?
Meeka: cuz he decided I needed it
Meeka: I am not sure yet if it is a good thing or not
Pamela / Erin: oh to have a high-tech hubby
rich-c: why do you need a new laptop, Meeka?
Judy: ok
Guy B.: And here I've been using Access on my laptop to catalog my CD's and movies.
Meeka: cuz Doigie said so Rich
Poutine Non: Hi-tech isn't the rate limiter for me :-)
rich-c: what is Access, Guy?
Pamela / Erin: well luckily, you're not looking for a husband!
Meeka: lol
Guy B.: Microsoft Access is a database program.
Poutine Non: <snicker>
(Pamela / Erin giggles)
rich-c: well, I guess a database makes sense for that application
Pamela / Erin: it's the equivalent of Lotus Approach, Dad
BobS: or SmartFiler
rich-c: don't know Lotus Approach either, Pam
Guy B.: In one database is my CD's, cassettes and records. The other has my DVD's, mutiple DVD's and VHS tapes. The later has to be converted from Smartfiler.
rich-c: the only database I have is the one in Star Office
Pamela / Erin: now that I've worked with it Dad, I like it a lot
BobS: the only one I have is SmartFiler and I don't use THAT
Guy B.: I still use Smartfiler. Going to catalog all my software for Adam and the PC.
rich-c: unfortunately the database is one of the extras, not part of the free version of Easy Office
rich-c: what don't you flip to CP/M and use PC File? It's a far superior program
Poutine Non: I use Pile should see my office :-)
Pamela / Erin: Rich, do you live in my house???
Poutine Non: In spirit, perhaps.
Guy B.: Now in order for me to convert the records from Smartfiler to Access. I have to use Openfiler to extract the records, then I can use the Adam Connection to transfer it to the PC. Then I wrote a conversion program since I have to join two fields together. Sound complecated?
Pamela / Erin: its worse than usual too
Poutine Non: Clutter is my unwritten middle name.
rich-c: yes, Guy, very complicated - I still can't get the emulator to read an Adam floppy
Poutine Non: Erin among us probably has the neatest house...newly moved, not much stuff to put in it.
Pamela / Erin: no comment
Guy B.: Maybe you're not doing the copying right.
Pamela / Erin: besides, she's accumulating stuff at a great old rate
BobS: WHAT computer version are you using to do ADAMEM???????
Poutine Non: Failure to deny is an admission of guilt. You are guilty, Miss Scarlet :-)
Poutine Non: Accumulating? What?
BobS: and what type of drive
rich-c: if I could get Windows to reaed the Adam floppies I could get all the software up for burning into a CD
Pamela / Erin: martyr kit comes out
Guy B.: You might have to use DOS mode.
rich-c: I am using Win98SE on my Athlon 1600XP
BobS: nd that would be a pentium grade whta?
BobS: what
Poutine Non: I wish I could unaccumulate some of my stuff...empty space is nice sometimes.
Guy B.: Rich, I think you will have to use MS-Dos Mode in order to use Dcopy.
rich-c: equivalent to a 1.6 gig Pentium 4, I believe
Pamela / Erin: strip of velcro on the forehead, another on the back of the hand - apply hand to forehead
BobS: my P200 w. win98 and a 1.2 drive won't do shit, but the 386 w/ a 1.2 works great
BobS: don't ask me why
Pamela / Erin: Judy, smack him please
Poutine Non: This keeps you from picking up stuff?
rich-c: I have both a 3.5 and 5.25 disc drive
Pamela / Erin: ROTFL
Meeka: lol, doesnt help Pam
Pamela / Erin: it's hard with just one hand, you know
Poutine Non: Then why not both Velcroed to one's forehead?
Poutine Non: Could be interesting performance art pose.
rich-c: problem is, Guy, there's no help file on Dcopy or any of the other stuff
BobS: it seems on this end.....that ADAMEM likes the dos based 386 with whatever drive it uses as long as it 5 1/4"
Guy B.: I think somehow along the line. The emulator won't work in a DOS session with AMD Athlon processors. It works fine with Intel. But, I have gotten the emulator to work with my Athlon if I used MS-Dos mode.
Judy: sorry, Pam wasn't watching why did you want me to smack Bob?
BobS: once in while the p200 will owrk but usually I get errors
Guy B.: Did you download my docs on it?
Poutine Non: He is using very blue language.
Pamela / Erin: language, Judy
Judy: that is hopeless
Pamela / Erin: okay, you know best : )
rich-c: I have never heard of using the emulator in MSDOS mode - haven't a clue about it
Guy B.: Ahh, guess I'll have to help you on that.
rich-c: what docs?
BobS: dcopy is nothing but a bat file riochard
Judy: he has a potty mouth, what can I say
rich-c: yes, but how do I get it into the emulator to run it?
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BobS: basically, I think the whole windoes front end is nothing more that afancy window that runs dos
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
BobS: hello Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I miss something?
Pamela / Erin: Allo Daniel
BobS: lots
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: but who cares, eh???????
Poutine Non: Allo Daniel
(BobS reboots Daniel Bienvenu's computer remotely.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Qui est Poutine?
BobS: herr doktor d
rich-c: I am explaining that I can't seem to get the Adam emulator to work for me; there's no documentation
Pamela / Erin: tu ne sais pas?
BobS: ah, there IS docs, youjust have to understand them
Daniel Bienvenu: Pourquoi Poutine?
Poutine Non: I am Dr. D., Daniel.
Guy B.: I wrote a big doc file on using the utilities. You can download from my website There should be link to download the documentation. It's in Word 6.0 format.
Judy: Meeka, did you talk to Sherri tonight?
Meeka: not since just before supper, why?
Guy B.: Hi Daniel,
rich-c: well, I'll take a shot at it when I have time, Guy
Judy: how are the boys?
Pamela / Erin: parce qu'il ne mange pas le poutine pour le diner
rich-c: it would be nice to actually be able to use the thing since I have it on the computer anyway
Judy: she had a really bad day
Guy B.: Marcel never wrote docs on any of the utilities he wrote. So, I did the task of doing it.
Poutine Non: Non eat le mangy tres horribile poutine.
rich-c: aha, I was not aware of that, Guy
Pamela / Erin: shocked silence on this end
Meeka: they were doing ok, they had a few crackers just as I got on the phone with her and 40 minutes later when I got off they still were ok
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy, it's a good idea!
Poutine Non: My faux francais is pretty naff.
Meeka: ya, I heard about it, poor gal
Guy B.: If you're still stumped after reading through it. Let me know what you're stuck on and I'll help you out.
Judy: that is good, what a way to spend the day cleaning up after both of them
rich-c: appreciate teh offer, Guy, though don't hold your breath - my days seem astonishingly full of late
Pamela / Erin: sorry Daniel, my French is rusty in the extreme
Meeka: ya, not much fun
Judy: hope the rest of us don't get it
Guy B.: Don't worry Rich. We all have those days where everything doesn't go right.
Meeka: ya, I dont need it
Judy: if they got it from Ryan it sure hits fast
rich-c: oh, the problem is so much is going right I don't have time to turn around!
Meeka: we were talking about that
Guy B.: Oh, here's your prize Pam.
(Guy B. gives Pamela / Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone received an e-mail from me (I send an e-mail to the adamcon mailing list today).
Meeka: we figured they proubly picked it up in nursery after church on sunday
Pamela / Erin: thank you sir!
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
rich-c: like suddenly tomorrow I have to deliver a table to Erin, and pick up a chair Pamela needs repeaired
Judy: Karen says you don't come down with the flu that fast takes about 48 hours
Poutine Non: I got the mail, downloaded the file, but have not had a chance to try it out, Daniel.
rich-c: when I sat down to dinner I had no idea I'd have that obligation tomorrow
Pamela / Erin: it was your idea Dad - don't look at me
Pamela / Erin: load it in the van you said
Daniel Bienvenu: My Yahoo mailbox is ... err... very slow.
rich-c: well, it wouldnt fit in your wagon
Pamela / Erin: not without removing the roof!
Daniel Bienvenu: I received tonight a mail test I sent yesturday afternoon.
Pamela / Erin: and it was raining!
Pamela / Erin: icky wet
Poutine Non: Sounds like Erin's new apartment should be an episode of "This Old House" or something...
Pamela / Erin: more like an episode of "early leftovers"
rich-c: then try one of the other free webmail places - seems not bad
Pamela / Erin: but she's getting there
rich-c: went through a bad patch when they went cookie and popup mad but they seem to be sobering up now
Poutine Non: If it's comfy to sit on or sleep on, and doesn't wobble if you lay plates on it, I guess it's okay.
rich-c: well, the tabletop needs refinishing, but it's Dielcraft Scandia design
rich-c: it dates back 50 years now but still is popular locally - everyone had/has it
BobS: ya'll there?????
Pamela / Erin: sorry Bob
Poutine Non: Present and accounted for, SIR!
Pamela / Erin: Erin and I were chatting
rich-c: yeah, just everyonevwent silent for some reason
Pamela / Erin: the table is quite nice Dad
Poutine Non: Digesting quietly...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at Guy's web page. :)
rich-c: well, if you can get it refinished it should be a source of some small pride
rich-c: and the chairs are more than decent too
Pamela / Erin: comfy, even (according to Erin)
rich-c: they are the same as our chairs, aren't they?
Pamela / Erin: of course, the seat colour must go
Pamela / Erin: they're actually very different Dad
rich-c: or at ;east similar, as ours aren't Dielcraft
Poutine Non: What is the seat colour?
Pamela / Erin: hideous orange
Poutine Non: Orange works...depends on what is around it.
rich-c: (that has more red in it than outrageous orange) ;-)
Pamela / Erin: not with her dark red / white walls
rich-c: so paint the walls
Poutine Non: <snicker>
Pamela / Erin: that's what we're painting them Dad - red and white
Poutine Non: Or paint the cushion :-)
Pamela / Erin: white is the current colour
Pamela / Erin: no paint - upholster
Poutine Non: Throw a towel of the right colour over it.
Poutine Non: Be creative...
Pamela / Erin: band aid solution
Poutine Non: It's like dorm housekeeping :-)
rich-c: do a needlepoint cover
Pamela / Erin: to be used only when one is covering the cat hair on the sofa
Poutine Non: Erin doesn't have a cat, does she?
Pamela / Erin: for four chairs? She'd like ot use them this decade Dad
Pamela / Erin: nope, no kitties here
Pamela / Erin: Kitty in Windsor
Poutine Non: So where is the cat hair coming from?
Pamela / Erin: my place, mostly - we export!
Pamela / Erin: want some?
Pamela / Erin: we have almost enough to knit a new cat
Poutine Non: Not cat hair.
Poutine Non: Save the excess for the taxidermist :-)
Poutine Non: What colour is the cat?
Pamela / Erin: which one?
Poutine Non: Ahhh...
Poutine Non: Well, any of them, all of them.
Pamela / Erin: one ginger, one black
Pamela / Erin: just the right colours that they show up on EVERYTHING
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't want to interfer in your discussion but I have to say that I'm programming now because I want to be ready for the "video games collectors' club" meeting this saturday night.
Pamela / Erin: we're just pulling Rich's tail, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: you know now why I'm quiet
Poutine Non: That is a good reason, Daniel.
rich-c: is that in Quebec City, Daniel, or is it an online thing?
Poutine Non: Yes, and very hairless it is now, too, from you pulling it so hard...
Daniel Bienvenu: It willbe in Montreal
rich-c: driving down, or taking the train?
Pamela / Erin: I have just one word for you - Rogaine!
Poutine Non: I will never be able to hold up my head now among the other monkeys.
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone give me a lift to Montreal.
Poutine Non: Fortunately hair seems to be staying on my head.
rich-c: and you will stay in the hotel where the conference is?
Poutine Non: So no nasty Rogaine required.
Pamela / Erin: conduisez-vous, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I will return in my town ... late
rich-c: that is a fair bit of driving in one day - hope you and the other(s) share the chore
Daniel Bienvenu: Si je conduis? non, je ne conduis pas. J'utilise les bus
Pamela / Erin: you don't drive or can't drive, Daniel?
rich-c: do you not have a driver's licence, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no driver's licence.
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Poutine Non: The curse of too-efficient public transportation...
Pamela / Erin: pourquoi pas, Daniel?
rich-c: Pamela won't approve - her husband doesn't, either
Guy B.: Got to wake you up Bob.
(Guy B. smiles)
Meeka: water ballons would hurt less guy :P
Daniel Bienvenu: Why I have no driver's licence? Well, in the past years, I didn't want one because I didn't need one... now, it's different, I notice that I need one.
Pamela / Erin: yes, but now Bob doesn't have to go hungry
Judy: he likes patatoes, though
Pamela / Erin: just curious - I was 27 before I got mine
rich-c: I would recommend that you get one as soon as possible, Daniel - they are a major asset
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm 28 years old.
Judy: and he is complaining that I have him on a diet
Meeka: lol
BobS: SEVEN and twenty !!!!!!!!
Poutine Non: Thirty-nine, says Mr. Benny.
Pamela / Erin: took me that long to recover from Dad teaching me : )
Poutine Non: <Pam runs away>
BobS: oh a low blow
Daniel Bienvenu: Dad didn't teaching me
rich-c: Frances never did get a licence - she plays co-pilot and swears at all the idiots for me
Pamela / Erin: Just kidding - Dad actually did a fantastic job of teaching me
Poutine Non: Frances swearing?!?! I don't believe it.
(BobS smiles)
BobS: Frances SWEAR ???????????
rich-c: you haven't ridden in Toronto traffic, Daniel
Pamela / Erin: he taught me all the basics, then when I was ready, I just practiced what he taught me and took the test
Pamela / Erin: no other lessons required
Judy: don't know how we would get along with out a drivers license
Pamela / Erin: and to this day, I have a six star rating
Poutine Non: Infrastructure difference, Judy; Canada has lots of public transport, we have about zilch.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was too young to remember last time I went in Ontario.
Pamela / Erin: yes, the public transit system in Toronto is excellent
Judy: or less
Pamela / Erin: you can get from one side of the city to the other (about 50kms) on $2.25
rich-c: well, Toronto is big enough to support a fairly sophisticated transit infrastructure
Poutine Non: All-day RTA pass in Cleveland is $3.00.
rich-c: I'm will to argue that we should have some sort of zone fares, though
Poutine Non: Otherwise, $1.50 per bus/train.
Pamela / Erin: Day pass is $7.50 here
rich-c: what's the monthly Metropass now, Pam?
Poutine Non: Family pass (adult and 2 kids under 18) is $6 IIRC...
Pamela / Erin: Metropass (all the rides you can use in a month, plus parking at Metropass lots) is $95.50
Guy B.: Our fares on the L here in Chicago is now $1.75 one way. But, the cost of our passes hasn't changed.
rich-c: how does that compare to Chicago, Guy? You have quite a transit system
Poutine Non: Have to look at to be sure, though.
Pamela / Erin: Day pass is good for one adult all day after rush hour during the week, two adults on Saturday, or one adult and two kids on Sunday
Poutine Non: "Thrill ride: Ride at own risk" it used to say in the amusement parks.
Guy B.: We do, we have the L and Metra trains. Metra charges fares based on the zone you're heading to.
BobS: heck only thing we got is a slow old bus system
rich-c: Washington has a nice subway system, but rather expensive as I recall
Judy: doesn't come here either
Poutine Non: I can get the first 3 lines of "Oh Canada", but I don't know any more.
rich-c: we have a couple of streetcar lines but are basically subway and feeder buses
rich-c: that's OK, if you have the English version, Rich, they change every week anyway - make up your own
Pamela / Erin: too true, Dad
rich-c: you want the real original version, sing it in French
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Poutine Non: All I know is "Oh Canada/ My home and native land/ True patriot love"...
rich-c: you're twinds, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, IE crashed on me. Someone boot me off.
Pamela / Erin: /in all thy sons command
Poutine Non: Guy is now a Magic Eye picture.
Pamela / Erin requested to ban Guy B.
Poutine Non confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: (expression: je ris dans ma barbe)
Meeka confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela / Erin requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
Poutine Non confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Poutine Non: Guy's twin just won't die!
BobS: Guy ya still alive???????
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela / Erin: okay, I give up - they can both stay
Poutine Non: It's a zombie...
Daniel Bienvenu: Coudonc Guy, ça ne va pas?
Guy B.: Yeah, someone keeps knocking me off.
BobS: we just knockin off the wrong one Pam
Poutine Non: Sally and I did not know what to do/So we had to shake hands with Guy One and Guy Two.
Pamela / Erin: hey, I tried!
Daniel Bienvenu: The real Guy most temporary change his nickname to something else.
Pamela / Erin: Daniel, pourquoi vous rire dans vos barbe?
Judy: one Guy is good two is better
Poutine Non: BTW, Richard, your engineer jokes E-mail was funny.
Guy B. changed username to Purple Line
Pamela / Erin: joke?
Purple Line: Ok, now try.
rich-c: geez, daughter, even my French is better than that - try tu ris
Poutine Non: Your Dad/Uncle sent me some engineering jokes.
Pamela / Erin requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
Poutine Non confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela / Erin: yahoo!
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c: that was the first of three lots I will send
Judy: who is purple line?
BobS: and so we say....OK GUYS
Pamela / Erin: tu = familiar, Dad
BobS: and it measn only him
Purple Line confirmed ban
rich-c: I may also share some Windows haiku with you
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam/Erin: Because rich asked for the french version of "Oh Canada". And, I have to admit that I don't know this song very well. :)
Purple Line changed username to Guy B.
BobS: now he is apurple people eater
Guy B.: Good show!
Poutine Non: I have one that isn't on your list, Richard.
Meeka: ok, I am off to bed, gotta get up bright and ealy tomorrow
rich-c: I didn't ask for it, Guy, I offered it
rich-c: sorry, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: don't be sorry
Judy: night Meeka, see you soon
Poutine Non: Bye, Meeka.
rich-c: night then Meeka, see you next week
Pamela / Erin: Nite, Meeka
rich-c: Anyway, OK, Daniel and Rich, copy this:
Meeka: nighty night
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: O Canada! terre de nos aieux
Daniel Bienvenu: and yes, "tu" is familiar and I think you convince me enough to be "one of us" to use "tu"
Pamela / Erin: d'accord, Daniel : 0
rich-c: ton front est cient de fleurons glorieux
BobS: oh Canada....oh canada......Oh Canada........are there more works????????
Daniel Bienvenu: car ton bras sait porter l'épée
(BobS winks)
Daniel Bienvenu: il sait porter la gloire
rich-c: car ton bras sait porter l'epee, il sait portr la croix
Daniel Bienvenu: ton histoire est une épopée
Daniel Bienvenu: and after... I can't remember each word
rich-c: ton histoire est une epopee de tres brilliant exploits
rich-c: et ta valeau, de fois trompee
Pamela / Erin: valeur / foix
rich-c: protegera nos foyers et nos droit (bis)
Pamela / Erin: gee, les Americain son silent
Daniel Bienvenu: Bravo Rich!
Poutine Non: Hocus pocus loco parentis Jackie Onassis Dino DiLaurentis!
Pamela / Erin: say that three times fast
rich-c: merci, Daniel - en verite, je l;'aime mieux que le version Anglais
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
Pamela / Erin: quel version, Papa?
rich-c: le versioin francais, l'original
Pamela / Erin: le nouveau ou l'ancient?
Daniel Bienvenu: Just before hockey, I think (in Montreal) they sing it in franglais
rich-c: en francais, il n'y a pas que l'ancienne
Pamela / Erin: c'est vrai, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's probably why I can't remember well the last part. :)
rich-c: they should sing the first verse in French, the second in English
Pamela / Erin: heck half the time I can't remember it in English, Daniel -either the new or the old
Poutine Non: Jose' can you see? No, Manuel, I am blind...
Poutine Non: (my Dad's version of "The Star Spangled Banner")
BobS: Jose can you Dawn's early lights........over the rapids, we see........
rich-c: I know several "parodies" on God Bless America, but none on the Star Spangled Banner
Pamela / Erin: I don't even know the words to God Bless America
Poutine Non: You have to sing my Dad's version like Bill Dana's Jose' Jiminez character.
Poutine Non: Or Speedy Gonzales to you younger folk.
rich-c: don't let George Bush hear you say that! You'll never get to El Paso
BobS: ys that would be good
BobS: my name Jose Jiminez
Poutine Non: Frankly, Scarlet, I ___'_ ____ _ ____!
Poutine Non: Re: El Presidente...ptui.
Pamela / Erin: habla usted Espanol, Jose?
Poutine Non: (my political statement for tonight.)
Daniel Bienvenu: (Daniel return to his coleco projects to be ready for this saturday night)
Pamela / Erin: keep listening, Daniel
Poutine Non: He will go insane listening to us.
Poutine Non: Here is my engineer joke for Richard:
Pamela / Erin: I speak Spanish better than French, I think
Pamela / Erin: which is still to say, not very well
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel B [busy]
Poutine Non: Real Engineers (tm) need only three items in their toolboxes:
Poutine Non: (1) WD-40 (for what sticks but shouldn't);
Poutine Non: (2) duct tape (for what doesn't stick but should);
Poutine Non: (3) a hammer (everything is a nail)
Poutine Non: <finis>
rich-c: ;-)
Pamela / Erin: what, no Crazy Glue?
Poutine Non: Duct tape is more flexible.
Poutine Non: In all senses.
Pamela / Erin: hmph
Pamela / Erin: hmm, I just found the cat
Poutine Non: Just try to rob a bank and tie up the tellers with Crazy Glue...too outre.
Poutine Non: Duct tape, my dear, is the preferred item :-)
Pamela / Erin: just stick em to their wickets!
Pamela / Erin: and hide the nail polish remover
Poutine Non: Where did you find the cat?
Pamela / Erin: under the desk
BobS: STICK em down!!!!!!
Pamela / Erin: where I didn't expect him to be
Pamela / Erin: used him for a footrest
Poutine Non: Cats are never where you expect them to be...that's why I don't like them, I guess.
rich-c: doubtless he did not appreciate that
Poutine Non: I am stolid and predictable...I like it.
Pamela / Erin: for a second or two, till he squawked
Poutine Non: Musically tuned cats...there is an idea.
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Poutine Non: Beat with mallets...hmmm.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Poutine Non: I think Terry Jones of Monty Python did that one already, though, with mice.
Pamela / Erin: it was in no way musical, Bob
Poutine Non: Jazz riff?
BobS: can see that
Pamela / Erin changed username to Erin/Pamela
Poutine Non: Music is in the ear of the listener...
(BobS groans loudly)
Poutine Non: B-flat, Bob?
Poutine Non: With a glissando down to G.
BobS: but I don't want to B flat
Erin/Pamela: C-flat
Poutine Non: Look sharp...feel sharp....
BobS: ya
Poutine Non: Gilette Blue Blades...
Erin/Pamela: don't B sharp, don't B flat, just B natural
Poutine Non: I. B. Educated, Ph.D.
rich-c: yes, I actually remember the Gillette song/march
Poutine Non: Hmm, can I remember the lyrics....
Poutine Non: I yam a baaaaaad boy, Abbott!!!!!
Poutine Non: Pam is chewing me out over anti-cat remarks.
Poutine Non: She is justified.
Guy B.: Well, folks, Got to run, I'll see how Saturday goes if I'm not to busy. We are having some warm weather coming here this weekend. So, If I'm not here this Saturday, I'll see you all next week.
Erin/Pamela: actually's me
Poutine Non: Oh, I hadn't noticed the personality switch.
Erin/Pamela: bye Guy
Judy: bye Guy
Erin/Pamela: yeah the cat remarks caused the switch
BobS: be good Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Poutine Non: So the thinking is, if Pam can't get me to behave, Erin can? Bwahahahahaha!
rich-c: OK Guy, see you whenever
Poutine Non: Bye Guy.
Poutine Non: To look sharp, and be on the ball,
Poutine Non: To be sharp, any time at all,
Poutine Non: To feel sharp, use Gillete Blue Blades
Poutine Non: And you'll always have a perfect shave.
Erin/Pamela: together we rule the world
Poutine Non: <or something like that>
Poutine Non: Gillette, I can spell....
rich-c: to look sharp - every time you shave
rich-c: to feel sharp - every time you shave
rich-c: just be sharp - use Gilette Blue Blades
BobS: gave up a razor, like a cordless shaver better and it does a better job
rich-c: with the sharpest edges ever honed
BobS: ya right
rich-c: that was the original, there may have been later variations
Poutine Non: Erin and Pam as co-dictatrix...hahaha.
Erin/Pamela: that's us
Poutine Non: I cower in fear <snicker>
Poutine Non: I avert my eyes <laughing>
rich-c: I had a cordless, it left the beard and took off my face
Poutine Non: I prostrate myself at your feet <to tickle them>
BobS: had one of those too Richard......took that sucker BACK
BobS: NOW, I got agood one
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: I no longer consider anything done with an electric to be shaving
Erin/Pamela: you should have known there'd be trouble when we imported me (Erin) from Windsor
Judy: Bob had one of them once too, hooked on to the beard and stayed, not cool
Poutine Non: Electric works for me.
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Daniel B [busy]
BobS confirmed ban
Poutine Non confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: My computer crash!!
BobS: bummer dude
Poutine Non: I guess there are no laws prohibiting intra-province imports...
rich-c: oh, mine did its crashing earlier today (I hope)
Judy: I finially found something he does like
Erin/Pamela: Judy, waxing?
rich-c: I tried Schick, Braun, Phillips - found every one of them totally useless
BobS: YES, face waxing !!!!!!!!
(BobS smiles)
Poutine Non: Yuk.
BobS: think it is a braun
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, did you heard about the return of an old project? "les îles Turquoises" becoming the eleven province?
BobS: German made I think
Poutine Non: Norelco tripleheader VIP works for me, circa 1975.
rich-c: get some nice double-edge stainless blades from Israel, they last three weeks
rich-c: oh, the Turks and Caicos? yes, it's sort of a running joke in the papers
rich-c: there's always some reporter brings it up on a dull news day
rich-c: especially towards the end of winter
rich-c: Norelco is sold here as Phillips, Rich
Erin/Pamela changed username to Pamela / Erin
Poutine Non: I can shave only every third day if I use a blade...looks great the first day, scruffy-looking nerf-herder the next two, but any oftener than that, my face becomes hamburger.
Pamela / Erin: what the heck is a nerf-herder?
Pamela / Erin: but wouldn't it be nice if the Turks/Caicos took Canadian dollars at par?
rich-c: I'm just the opposite - fresh, clean with a blade anytime, a disaster area by the second electric day
Pamela / Erin: scruffy Daddy!
rich-c: have no idea what the currency exchange rate is down there, Pam
Poutine Non: Line from "Empire Strikes Back": Leia to Solo: she called him a scruffy-looking nerf-herder...he replies, Who's scruffy-looking?
Pamela / Erin: it's American dollars, I think Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: and yes... we still have a lot of snow. :)
Pamela / Erin: oops, we just lost Dad
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: the return of rich. in a theater near you.
Judy: he's back
rich-c: sorry- pulled a stoopid and knocked myself off
BobS: naw he is still here
rich-c: not still, again, Bob
BobS: oh, OK
Pamela / Erin: discretion being the better part of valour, I am not commenting on that, Daniel
Poutine Non: See Richard Clee destroy Tokyo!
Daniel Bienvenu: ?? Did I say something wrong?
rich-c: in thirty seconds
Poutine Non: You made a funny joke, Daniel.
Poutine Non: I am laughing.
BobS: 10....9....8....7...6...5....4..3..2...1......BAM
Daniel Bienvenu: Add a smiley :)
rich-c: I think he was alluding to you not me, Rich
Pamela / Erin: naw, I'm just protecting my status as only child
Poutine Non: I am losing the mind is going, Dave...I can feel it....
Daniel Bienvenu: Dave?
Poutine Non: A line from "2001: A Space Odyssey".
rich-c: he's still in a Star Wards warp, I guess
Pamela / Erin: HAL - are you okay?
Poutine Non: HAL the computer talking as his brain circuits are being removed by crewman Dave.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes , Dave... "HAL... open the door... HAL open the door... HAL..."
Daniel Bienvenu: is it true that they use the word HAL because H+1, A+1 and L+1 is IBM?
Poutine Non: I think so, Daniel.
Judy: night all, time to call it a night
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy!
Pamela / Erin: little did they know it wasn't IBM that was taking over the world, it was Microsoft
Poutine Non: Good night, Judy.
BobS: now that is a novel ide, never heard of that
Judy left chat session
Pamela / Erin: nite Judy
Poutine Non: Just like Windows NT is VMS, V+1 M+1 S+1 (VMS was a DEC operating system)
Poutine Non: The kernel architect for NT came from DEC VMS.
rich-c: night Judy
rich-c: btw, just checked, seems even though it's a Brit possession Turks and Caicos runs on the US dollar
BobS: guess I better be goin also gang..........
BobS: see ya later !!!!!!
Poutine Non: Good night, Bob.
BobS left chat session
rich-c: right Bob, see you next week
Pamela / Erin: isn't that what i said Dad?
Pamela / Erin: Nite, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: it takes me 4 hours to reproduce the "explosion" logo we can see on some ColecoVision gamercial games.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Bob!
Poutine Non: That is a lot of work, Daniel.
Pamela / Erin: did you finally get it Daniel?
rich-c: that's, like, that one in Buck Rogers or Super SubRoc,
rich-c: Daniel?
Pamela / Erin: Dad, did you just use like in a sentence?
Daniel Bienvenu: Let me check if the file can be sent in the mailing list.
rich-c: yes, though look at the context - it's proper, just a tad misplaced
Daniel Bienvenu: no.. 64K, it can't be send in the mailing list
Poutine Non: Send it to me personally, Daniel, I will put it up and E-mail a link.
rich-c: I'm sure the mailing list will tolerate 64K, won't it, Rich?
Poutine Non: Nope, that's too big.
rich-c: sheesh, can't even keep up with 8-bit standards! Yestertech lives
Poutine Non: The mailing list limit is an arbitrary one.
Poutine Non: I think it can be set to anything...I'd have to check.
rich-c: yes, it came from those twits who kept using auto reply as attachements built up - ended up with a file too huge for dialup
Poutine Non: Yes, cascades...
Daniel Bienvenu: The mailing list needed approbation for the 26K zip files I sent last week.
Poutine Non: Will be 8 next month.
rich-c: nearer an inundation, I would have said
Poutine Non: If your stuff is big, you can send it to me directly and I'll put it up for everyone.
Poutine Non: A link to a single site is always better than spamming everyone with a copy of the binary.
Daniel Bienvenu: The e-mail is send. Dr.D, I hope that I use the correct e-mail address.
rich-c: I suppose, though 8K seems kinda chintzy - even 32K would be more reasonable
Pamela / Erin: so Dad, what time should I look for you tomorrow?
Poutine Non: Your mail hasn't arrived yet, Daniel, but I am not surprised: my E-mail has been bad the last few days.
Daniel Bienvenu: drushel (at) apk (dot) net ?
rich-c: I would say expect me to call after lunch, =/- two o'clock
Poutine Non: Correct, Daniel.
Pamela / Erin: okay, that will work
Daniel Bienvenu: Let me try again... but with the Yahoo web site
rich-c: well, I don't have to see teh doctor till 4.15 so it should leave lots of time
Poutine Non: I am sure it will get here, Daniel.
Poutine Non: I have had delays on this account the last few days.
rich-c: email should be instantaneous, Daniel, but it isn't
Pamela / Erin: Dr. Santo?
rich-c: it can take 20 minutes for me to get one of my own forwards from one of the webmail accounts I use
Daniel Bienvenu: I will use a subject "HELLO" for this second one.
rich-c: yes
Pamela / Erin: which reminds me, i need to make an appointment
rich-c: do it now while you have free time - after all, you might find a job tomorrow
Pamela / Erin: exactly
Poutine Non: Job is good.
Pamela / Erin: job=rent+food=good
rich-c: well, not all jobs are good; some are better than others
Pamela / Erin: can I have a better one then (if I'm allowed to choose)?
Poutine Non: Better than what, or whom?
Pamela / Erin: how about better than the one I had
Daniel Bienvenu: I send the e-mail
Poutine Non: I will let you know, Daniel.
rich-c: long as you can find it, Pam
Poutine Non: At least you weren't a telemarketer, Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: Tell me if you received HELLO before the other one.
Pamela / Erin: I would rather scrub toilets!
Daniel Bienvenu: er..
Daniel Bienvenu: Tell me which one you receive first.
Poutine Non: I just got HELLO.
Poutine Non: With a toothbrush, Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: I knew it... it's the bullshit ... it's very slow
Pamela / Erin: as long as it's not my toothbrush
rich-c: so switch to another, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't had this problem before.
Poutine Non: You can use George W. Bush's toothbrush.
Pamela / Erin: ok!
Poutine Non: Well, I hope you aren't reduced to being a charwoman, Pam.
Pamela / Erin: I'm sure Pam will be fine
Pamela / Erin: there's always politics
Pamela / Erin: :-)
Poutine Non: Sounds like Rin has usurped the keyboard.
Pamela / Erin: for a moment yes :-)
rich-c: actually, Rin, your folks are doing much better this week
Poutine Non: Political coup.
Pamela / Erin: something like that
Poutine Non: Must be that cat acting up again.
Poutine Non: You sent him off to break something, right?
Pamela / Erin: nope, good kitties
rich-c: killing Drive Clean is something long overdue, sends a very positive signal
Daniel Bienvenu: Before everyone leaves (because it's now 23h30 here)... let me say this ...
Daniel Bienvenu: "bonne nuit et rendez-vous la semaine prochaine" :)
Pamela / Erin: bonne nuit
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight! see you next week
Poutine Non: Good night, Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: (not saturday ... I have a meeting ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Poutine Non: And then there were 3+1....
Poutine Non: Daniel's big E-mail still didn't arrive.
Pamela / Erin: well 1+1 is going to be heading off to beddy-byes
Poutine Non: Sleep little girlies do / Or I will put you in the zoo /
Pamela / Erin: moo
Poutine Non: Notary sojack!
rich-c: OK Pam, see you tomorrow, Rin, whenever :-)
Poutine Non: (Richard should know where that came from)
Poutine Non: Rin is the moo?
Pamela / Erin: night Uncle Richard/Dad
Pamela / Erin: that was Pam's doing
Poutine Non: She must be a Guernsey cow, then, red.
Pamela / Erin: <rolls eyes>
Pamela / Erin: lol
Poutine Non: I was born in Guernesy County, Ohio BTW.
Poutine Non: (cue "Twilight Zone" music)
rich-c: anyway, see it's time I checked out too
Pamela / Erin: interesting
Poutine Non: Yes, it is late.
Pamela / Erin: <Erin humming tune>
Pamela / Erin: bye Dad
rich-c: right - so, good night all, see you Sat or Wed
Poutine Non: "You are about to enter another dimension...."
Poutine Non: That was a delay...
Poutine Non: Okay, good night all.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela / Erin: good night, Rich
Poutine Non: Talk to you next week.
Poutine Non: Don't work too hard repainting or moving or whatever.
Pamela / Erin: We'll be good......3...2...1....
Pamela / Erin: Blammo!
Pamela / Erin left chat session
Poutine Non: <tinkle of broken glass>
Poutine Non left chat session
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changed username to Dr.D.
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2004-03-24
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