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rich-c: hello Ron
Ron: hi
rich-c: nice to hear from teh west coast
rich-c: how are things doing with you?
Ron: land of sunshine
rich-c: I'm envious - they quoted us sunshine and 20, risk of thunderstorms today
rich-c: so far we have the thunderstorms :-9
Ron: good enough Rich thanks
rich-c: any change with your mother?
Ron: no, about the same...
Ron: her breathing aint so good today
rich-c: that is unfortunate; one could hope dor some signs of recovery by now
Ron: be right back
rich-c: some of these respiratory bugs ae very hrd to deal with
Ron: ok that's better, had a bowl of soup balanced on my lap and trying to talk at the same time --- soup all over my front
Ron: So I put the soup in a cup
rich-c: right - better to spill it on the keyboard ;-)
Ron: Anyway.... we've pretty much been advised that from here, Rich, there is no recovery for Mom - only one day at a time
Ron: I've been warned by the Doc
Ron: No, we don't want soup on the keyboard
rich-c: those times do come, Ron, but they're never easy - but then you know that
Ron: yes. Mother is a fighter, so I expect she's going to do just that
rich-c: if it's a DOS keyboard, you actually can take it in teh bathtub and wash it, apparently
Ron: right. So I've heard
rich-c: how old is she now, Ron?
Ron: But then my last act of employment before leaving Ottawa was to spill a cup of coffee on mine in the office
Ron: 88 years ole
Ron: oold
Ron: OLD
Ron: I'll get it right yet
rich-c: right - by that time one is getting pretty thoroughly worn out
Ron: well this is just it. The kidneys are slowly failing, her heart has never been great, and the medication for one doesn't like the other
rich-c: not many men last that long, but women are a bit moe durable
Ron: So my ex-wife tells me
Ron: As in - don't expect to drop the alimony payments any time soon
rich-c: yes, for our sex the numbers aren't good
rich-c: I keep remarking that even now for my birth cohort the average age is dead
Ron: we're like tires we go bald and wear out
rich-c: those born after have longer life expectancies
Ron: :)
Ron: you must have some heavenly appointed task that you must yet achieve
rich-c: in fact some think that somewhere there is a 50 year old right now sho will live to see 150
Ron: the way things are going - right
rich-c: no, I have only just passed teh mark whre half are gone - the other half remain going strong
rich-c: still, we've lost two more from my high school graduating class already this year
Ron: That's what Mom said when whe last visited PEI... in 1997..... all the people she wanted to drop in on were not there
Ron: She said, "people in my age group are dropping like flies"
rich-c: yes, when Frqances' mother died last fall, there was hardly anyone left to notify - only a couple of descendants of her friends
Ron: yup
Ron: oh well, life goes on, despite our best attempts to prevent it
rich-c: yes, that it is; expect teh worst but be prepared for teh best, too
Ron: exactly
rich-c: btw, some day I really must learn to spell the
Ron: I do know that one of Mom's current problems is the acceptance of her condition
Ron: me too
Ron: She spends a lot of time wishing things were different
Ron: And it does no good really
rich-c: I am sort of split that way; I managed to accept teh need for the hip replacement
rich-c: but as my physical strengths decline, I deeply resent teh things I can't do any more
Ron: right.. I have friends around here who are where you were a while back.....still hobbling around
Ron: Understandable
rich-c: if it's a replacement they're looking at, my advice is go for it quick as they can
Ron: yes, that's the advice that's being given
rich-c: Frances is on MSN's hip support group - almost everyone there is nearly lyrical over their results
Ron: well that says it all eh?
rich-c: there are one or two that went wrong - it can happen - but the risk/reward ratio is very fine
Ron: Speaking of life threatening illnesses, I'm going to the kitchen for a cookie.... be right back
rich-c: yes, if any of them are fussed get them to join MSN's "hipuniverse" board
Ron: Now.... let's see here what does it say -- Glucerna Chocolate Grahams - for people with diabetes
Ron: Diabetic chocolate
rich-c: right - it's sugar that you can't have, right?
Ron: You mean there's a chat group for people who've had hip replacement --- re sugar yes
Ron: Oh, I can have it, the world isn't going to come to an end, but it's better if I don't
rich-c: there is not only a chat group, it's so busy it takes Frances nearly two hours a day to keep up to date with it
Ron: is that so?
rich-c: oh yes, they post photos of themselves, discuss doctors and hospitals, experiences and oputcomes, and just chat in general
Ron: I have AA groups on line like that
rich-c: those two skaters who had hip surgery and were back on the ice in six months are there
Ron: aha
rich-c: they didn't have total replacement, just a sort of relining process
Ron: understand there are variations on a theme
rich-c: there is a difference between the European and North American approach in some cases
Ron: how so?
rich-c: SOP here is fairly crude butchery, slice it open, take the end off teh joint and replace it
rich-c: some are working on a minimally-invasive approah does the same thing
rich-c: had I chosen a different surgeon I could have had that
Ron: a choice to be made
rich-c: there is also a temporizing thing that involves resurfacing the socket only, lasts for a while
Ron: Last time Mom was in emerge, they had her in the "bones" room for a bit (lack of room) and there was a chart in there describing the various
rich-c: yes, mine should be good for about 20 years - by then I'll be 93 so will a need for renewal be relevant?
Ron: types of pins and stuff that can be used, and how
Ron: Who knows Rich, when you're 93, they'll have a library of bodies and parts, and you'll be able to sign them out for 2 week loan
rich-c: yes, they are having very good success with hips; kneees can be good but there have also been a lot more troublesome ones
Ron: Think I'm going to be a candidate for knee something-or other
rich-c: somehow or other I don't see 93 as that likely for me - not with my heart and breathing problems
Ron: Had a problem year before last.... resulted in X-rays, and I was told there is some arthritis there
Ron: Been taking Glucosamene ever since
Ron: but sooner or later, you never know
rich-c: yes, some people apparently are getting good results from glucosamine and chondritin
rich-c: there's an outfit there on teh island that makes what they call "Recovery" medicine
Ron: I have to watch the dosage, because it tends to elevate my blood suger, which- of course - I don't need
Ron: however there is a balance there
Ron: Oh?
rich-c: Recoery has glucosmine and resveritrol (the good stuff from red wine)
rich-c: can't say it did me any good but others may say otherwise
rich-c: you may want to ask about it at your drug store - it's OTC
Ron: seems to be the case.... works for some, but not all. I know others around here in my age group, and it's about 50/50
Ron: OTC as in Ottawa Transportation Commission?
Ron: my O looks like a Q
rich-c: over the counter, i.e. no prescription needed
Ron: dense am I
Ron: right , ok
rich-c: see
Ron: noted
Ron: What we really need in this town is a good geriatrics specialist
rich-c: it's exorbitantly expensive but maybe they've managed to improve the price by now
rich-c: yes, although, I have never encountered one
Ron: our GP tends to write Mom off because she's 88
rich-c: in fact, I'm not sure I'd know where to look to find a geriatrics specialist
Ron: I keep having to re-focus him
Ron: surely in Toronto there must be a world class unit, I would think
Ron: things affect old people in different ways, especially when there are several ;problems to be dealt with
rich-c: they are likely all working in liason with the local nursing homes - find them that way
Ron: yep
rich-c: but while Toronto does have world-class in a lot of medicine, geriatrics isn't one of the famous ones
Ron: we have a fairly comprehensive specialist roster, for a town of our size,
Ron: but no geriatrics
Ron: No money in it - all your patients are going to die
rich-c: I'm still doing fine with my GP, plus the specialists he refers me to
Ron: sooner or later
rich-c: yes, but their offspring are going to be getting old in the meantime :-)
Ron: good. you have a good bunch then
Ron: true
Ron: Told Jeff, my son, when I get to a certain age, just get a gun and a bullet
rich-c: yes, the woman who did my gall bladder was head of critical care for the hospital and a professor at U. of T.
Ron: my ex wife corrected, saying "two bullets"
Ron: good qualifications
rich-c: I don't think I'm going to go there :-)
Ron: no, you don't have to
Ron: he may take us at our word, and there's be a media story
Ron: and messy
rich-c: my hip surgeon is a research clinician at O&A/Sunnybrook and also a U. of T. prof with much publishing
Ron: For this kind of talent, I would have to be referred to Vancouver
Ron: Joys of living in semi-rural
rich-c: in fact apparently he devised a scheme of fracture classifications that is in world-wide use
Ron: world class
rich-c: well, let's just say qualified enough to be very reassuring
Ron: criteria like - pain but no skin fracture - swelling of the area-- bones showing through broken skin etc etc
rich-c: but if your heart starts giving problems, go to Edmonton - they're teh leaders in that
Ron: Will get my sister to set that up. She's got connections
Ron: When the time comes, that is
rich-c: and of course since Selye Montreal has been the centre for anything related to stress
Ron: She also says they have a geriatrics centre there in Edmonton
rich-c: ah - the only problem with Edmonton is that other six months of the year
Ron: which is why sister Steph and her boyfriend take every Jan - 1/2 Feb off to go to the hottest places they can find
Ron: usually far east somewhere
rich-c: this does not surprise me in the least
Ron: What my sister is doing in Edmonton, I do not know... she hates cold
rich-c: must have some attachment keeping her there - job, maybe?
Ron: Well she's a Dr. of psychology, and her significant other is a psychologist, so the job is a motivator, yes
rich-c: I see we're starting to give the server a hard time - I notice a slight delay now in the posts
Ron: are there limits on its useage?
rich-c: yes, and I imagine the significant other is a consideration, too
rich-c: as far as I know, no
Ron: could be
rich-c: it may be that if Dale is doing some homework he can put a heavy demand on it affecting the time slicing
Ron: he's a heck of a nice guy,
rich-c: after all basically he's a graphics specialist and graphics are very heavy-demand stuff
Ron: right.
Ron: yup, that'll do it
rich-c: or maybe it's just feeling cranky after its last crash
Ron: Wed I couldn't get it to come up at all.... but then I guess I was not alone
rich-c: now that I'm on DSL these things become so much more apparent
Ron: yes
rich-c: no, in fact everyone as they arrived automatically went over to Dr. D's site
Ron: So I gathered. I'm going to have to put that one on my book mark list..... always have to go to Bob's site, to get the URL
rich-c: I think we're getting enough used to the system that if we draw a blank we just shift automotically
rich-c: on that I'm ahead of you, I've had it bookmarked for years
Ron: good thing that Dr. D. provides backup.... we've actually used it a time or two
rich-c: oh, more than a time or two - quite a few times, actually
Ron: going for more water..... be right back
rich-c: but then he put it up because we were having so many outages with Dale's server
Ron: has Dale got his own server, or is he renting connectivity from somewhere?
rich-c: I gather he has a server-based home network but connects to the internet via an ISP
rich-c: he has apparently had considerable trouble with his ISP; I am not sure why he puts up with it
Ron: right
Ron: I know if I wanted to establish anything more than just a home web page through my ISP, he'd want more bucks
rich-c: interesting that all of us with Tamco have never changed, and everyone else apparently has
Ron: We've got the larger national barracudas buying up our locals again
rich-c: far as I can tell John has no interest in working for someone else
Ron: The crew whom I down town at Digital Ark, are now Uniserve, and the help desk is in Vancouver
Ron: right
rich-c: in fact, he's actually running the operation out of his home in Orillia now
Ron: I see
Ron: Actually told them that if the local office ever disappears, I will not be a happy camper
rich-c: he can handle teh whole computer setup by remote and has his phone relayed for help
Ron: Have come to know all the people down there
rich-c: yes, John's great advantage is that you have a personal relationship with him
Ron: exactly, and I find that a plus. Guess the majority of users don't care
rich-c: I have sent him a lot of customers and all of them have been happy (Harvie and Pamela are the latest)
Ron: right..... I'm sure he appreciates that
rich-c: well, sooner or later something goes wrong, or you have a problem, then someone you know is a real help
Ron: yes
rich-c: he comes down to teh Toronto office very regularly; there was no delay in picking up the modem and stuff for my ADSL
rich-c: in fact it appears he was in teh city for the whole week
Ron: Courtenay/Comox at one time had the advantage of being too small to be of interest to the National Players. now that's not true any more
rich-c: I don't know what the "critical mass" of customers is to make an ISP viable
rich-c: but as more and more come on line there must be a quickly expanding market
Ron: Our population has been increasing dramatically for the past 5 years or so. People getting tired of the Vancouver schtick
Ron: So they come up here and create traffic jams.
Ron: I swear, we're going to build a fence around Vancouver Island and keep out anyone who hasn't been here for 5 years
rich-c: well, space in teh Fraser valley and delta is pretty constricted
Ron: exactly
rich-c: certainly not all used up but all expansion has to be to teh east
rich-c: can't go south with the border, or north due to teh mountains, or west into the ocean
Ron: Oh heck, the Fraser Valley is now basically an extension of Vancouver -right out to Chilliwack
rich-c: and as the valley narrows it gets to be a long drive to the salt chuck
Ron: now that we have the divided highway up the east side of the Island from Victoria to Campbell River... it's really starting to populate
rich-c: wonder how long it will be before they start talkking bridge - sort of island-hopping, maybe?
Ron: the subject comes and goes.... but every time there's a ferry problem, the debate renews
Ron: I gather , from an engineering standpoint, it's child's play. finding the political will is something else
rich-c: not sure after all this time, but I got the impression that there are enough islands that current technology could span the gaps
Ron: There is an engineering plan to span active pass which is really the only open stretch of water to be covered
rich-c: not that the folks on teh Gulf Islands would greet the prospect with great joy, of course
Ron: Oh the battle lines are drawn
Ron: You can find proponents for both sides of the debate
rich-c: the fact that it has to be done in an active seismic area may be a problem
Ron: Talked to one buddy here just last week about my "fence " theory.... and he said, "Oh, you're one of those are you?"
rich-c: and I don't think I'd favour any tunnelling - though BART goes under San Francisco Bay
Ron: He thinks that Vancouver Island could easily accommodate 5 million people
rich-c: I assume he's a real estate salesman?
Ron: No, but he certainly could be
Ron: He's also a Liberal Party supporter
rich-c: yes, there is a certain cast of mind, shall we say?
Ron: Gordon Campbell can do no wrong
rich-c: well, in BC Liberal has a different meaning than elsewhere
Ron: like cross between Socred and Conservative
rich-c: yes, I know about the True Believers
rich-c: have them on the Autoweek chat -they fiercely defend Dubya, to teh horror of the rest of us
Ron: that's the bunch
rich-c: they even come into the "anything but cars" thread and complain we're not talking about cars there
rich-c: brb
Ron: ok
rich-c: OK, I
rich-c: m back now
Ron: right
Ron: was beginning to nod off
Ron: I am in the recliner from hell
rich-c: how come? it's only 1.45 where you are
Ron: post lunch nap my son - I get very cranky without it
rich-c: oh, I am sitting in an office type swivel chair
Ron: probably better for the back
rich-c: well, I HAVE been known to indulge in occaisional (?) afternoon shuteye
Ron: oh no!
rich-c: but I do it in my recliner in teh living room, usually while reading the papers
Ron: Mother has fallen asleep in the other chair
Ron: right. Newspapers will do that to me
Ron: Novels
Ron: macleans magazine
rich-c: well, we have two heavyweight newspapers every day
Ron: I have bookmarked. Like their columns
rich-c: god help us if the Star ever decides to charge for the Saturday edition by the pound
Ron: National Post wants money for online edition, as does the Vancouver Sun
Ron: I refuse to pay
rich-c: well, in the morning I get up first and read the Star, Frances when she gets up takes the Globe
rich-c: then as the day wears on we switch - teh Star has moe to read, though the Globe can be more serious
Ron: I get more of my news these days from my two weeklies. Subscribe to Macleans, and Time
rich-c: right, if I wanted to use teh Globe's research base, I'd pay to do so, but I don't
rich-c: I have a lot of magazine subscriptions but news magazines are not among them
Ron: I'm afraid I'm a little jaded these days over the number of websites who want you to sign up, (free or otherwise) and give a password, and become a member.
Ron: I can't keep track of all that
rich-c: to the extent that it's a problem, I have a little black book whre I record everything - offline, of course
rich-c: for one-shot deals, I'll use a diversion like or
Ron: yes, I have some, that I value - same idea.... that's what my Palm is for and an old Organizer that backs up all the passwords
rich-c: long as it's not connected to teh 'net whre it can be stolen, it's fine
rich-c: if I don't trust a website I use a disposable webmail address
Ron: right. this one is low end, so it's got no internet capability
Ron: think I need to start doing that
rich-c: that's the only safe way to do it
Ron: Just deleted 750 junk mails from the iMac.
Ron: That's about a month's worth
rich-c: I have three going at the moment, at, and
Ron: I use the imac for mail, because it's not susceptible to the crazies to the same extent as the DOS box
Ron: the Apple junk filter is not bad, but not 100% effective
rich-c: with Zone Alarm, a good anti-virus, and a couple of spyware/ general deviltry monitors, I have yet to be touched
rich-c: I use mailwasher to look at and delete spam while it's still on the server - it will bounce it, too
rich-c: I seem to be geting up to 100 spams each afternoon when I light up the computer for the day
Ron: nasty
Ron: Anyway Rich, I think I'm going to sign off. Nodding seriously
rich-c: that's the fruit of having had teh same email address since my first day on the net
rich-c: OK Ron, take care, good luck, best to Mum, and see you Wed.
Ron: probably won't be there Wed.... or if I am it'll be closer to 10:45 your time
rich-c: we'll hope for teh best. Bye now
Ron: take care
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