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rich-c: greetings, Gimp - glad you made it!
Harvie Powis: Hello the 2 richards
rich-c: hi, Harvie
rich-c: yeah, how about this other Richard - how does a guy DO that?
Harvie Powis: I have no trouble doing that stuff
rich-c: like, from the sound of things, popping a muscle sort of right off the bone?
Harvie Powis: I pulled an achilles tendon 20 years ago, now it is like rubber
Uniped: I am here, putting the girls to bed.
Uniped: So everyone was late...reading my webpage first, I take it.
rich-c: sheesh! that tendon is a real trouble spot - once hurt, never forgotten, so to speak
rich-c: we weren't late, we were bang on time
Harvie Powis: I read your article Doc
Uniped: For you, Richard, it is are usually here early.
Uniped: :-)
Uniped: I wrote it so as not to monopolize conversation tonight, Harvie :-)
rich-c: no, I actually try to get on pretty close to teh exact minute
rich-c: hold on while I check my atomic time
Uniped: And avoid telling it over and over and over...
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Harvie Powis: It's only fun the first hundred times Doc
changed username to Rin-tin-tin
Uniped: Haha.
Rin-tin-tin: hello people
rich-c: not only that, my computer clock was 16 seconds fast ;-)
Harvie Powis: Hello Rin, are you on your own computer?
rich-c: greetings, poochie
Uniped: Yes Rin, you got one, yet?
Rin-tin-tin: nope I'm at Pam's she's currently busy
Uniped: Cat break more dishes?
rich-c: oh, what's she up to now?
Rin-tin-tin: she's working on thank you letters and packing for the trailer
Uniped: What is she thankful for?
Rin-tin-tin: the gifts from the wedding
rich-c: oh, when are they going up to open the trailer?
Rin-tin-tin: Lindsay and her mom were up there this w/e
Uniped: Wedding was 3 months ago, tsk tsk.
Rin-tin-tin: Procrastination Clee Vilneff
Uniped: "You are late, Pam!" yells Rich.
rich-c: wow, they wre really rushing the season - usual isn't for another month
Rin-tin-tin: hehehe
Rin-tin-tin: I'd yell it at her but she's gabbing with Russell
rich-c: btw I was talking with Ron over the weekend
rich-c: his mother is not progressing and teh prognosis is not good
Harvie Powis: Saturday was agreat day to be at the trailer
Uniped: Sigh, I figured as much.
Rin-tin-tin: :-(
rich-c: if he makes it to this chat at all it won't be till around 11
Uniped: He had talked of moving to a no-stairs that on hold now?
rich-c: he didn't say but I suspect so
rich-c: I do not know what will happen to teh house when is mother goes
rich-c: I suppose it will depend on her will - Ron has a brother and sister
Uniped: I was just wondering if Ron had done his computer purge yet.
rich-c: he has talked about it but I don't think it has been carried out
Harvie Powis: Ron? Computer purge?
rich-c: yes, he did recycle some hopeless items last year, but has accumulated a few since
rich-c: anyway, Erin, how are your computer plans progressing?
Uniped: Just have to make sure that any really "unusual" ADAM stuff stays in-family, if possible.
Rin-tin-tin: Slowly :-(
Uniped: What kind are you looking for, Erin?
rich-c: any idea what you're looking for, e.g. minimum for itnernet, enough for office work at home, fairly up to date, whatever?
Rin-tin-tin: one that works :-)
Rin-tin-tin: fairly up-to-date
rich-c: I have one that works - it's called an Adam. But I doubt that's what you're looking for.
Rin-tin-tin: Garth says he would like to build me one
Uniped: Pentium 6 10 gigahertz, 8 gigabytes of RAM, 2 terrabytes of hard drive. :-)
Rin-tin-tin: :-S
rich-c: if you want a really good new one, yes, build it yourself is the cheapest way to go
Uniped: Windows 3.1 should be pretty snappy on that system.
Rin-tin-tin: that's what I thought....he seems willing
Rin-tin-tin: so I am hopeful :-)
rich-c: you can make yourself a very nice computer for $1000 (printer and monitor extra)
Uniped: Get those BSODs faster than ever!
Rin-tin-tin: haha
Rin-tin-tin: Garth built his for about that.
Rin-tin-tin: mine doesn't need to be that up-to-dat
Rin-tin-tin: date
rich-c: if it doesn't there are used ones around you can buy cheaper than you can build
Uniped: Just enough for the Spaniel Chat.
Rin-tin-tin: that's all I really need, eh?
Harvie Powis: If you don't want/need 3d graphics it's hard to beat a Dell, 2.4 celeron c/w 17" monitor, about $600.00
rich-c: Future Shop or Best Buy had one under $600 today including monitor and printer
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Rin-tin-tin: I think my bro may have enough parts around the house to build something and not have to buy too much stuff
changed username to Blondbombshell
Rin-tin-tin: oh wow
Rin-tin-tin: hey Chick pea
Blondbombshell: hi every1
rich-c: you gone and dyed your hair, Rie?
Uniped: Nah, it's Marilyn Monroe's ghost.
Blondbombshell: a while ago
Uniped: Doesn't your hair get damaged if you change its colour too frequently?
Harvie Powis: Or maybe Dagwood's wife :)
Blondbombshell: yes yes it does
Uniped: I will let nature colour my hair...
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Uniped: slowly going white :-)
changed username to BobS
rich-c: I'll stay happy if my hair stays put
Rin-tin-tin: Bobs!!!!!
BobS: Hody mates !!!!!!!!
rich-c: allo Roberto
BobS: liek the rin thingy
BobS: like
Harvie Powis: Hiya Bob
Uniped: Hello Bob.
Rin-tin-tin: that's positive Uncle Richard, I don't think you have too much to worry about
BobS: hi Harv
Rin-tin-tin: thanks <sweet angelic smile>
rich-c: I dunno Rin, there are days when I seem to be shedding
BobS: lets 'splain who's who here, eh???????
Rin-tin-tin: I defer to many hairs do you lose a day?
Uniped: Get out your etymological dictionary, Bob.
BobS: Erin......Marie ?????? .........DrD ?????
rich-c: I think you can guess who has one functional leg - or haven't you read your mail?
Uniped: And read your coladam E-mail :-)
Rin-tin-tin: very good Bobs
BobS: nope reading now
Rin-tin-tin: lol
Blondbombshell: <--------MArie here
Rin-tin-tin: hehehe
Uniped: <-----poor crippled gimp here
Rin-tin-tin: LOL
BobS: oh oh
Uniped: Now he reads it...
rich-c: yeah, we've really got a collection of walking wounded today
Uniped: I have tried not to be a curmudgeon during my illness here.
BobS: nnope haven't read it yet.......still running thru offsite filter
rich-c: I would say a muscle pull like that fully justifies some curmudgoenry
Uniped: I think I have managed not to be too grumpy about it...but it is really tiring walking several hundred yards on crutches.
Uniped: Pull, I was a tear.
rich-c: right - that justifies even more
Uniped: But it is good exercise, I always wanted a chest like Ahnuld...
Blondbombshell: trust me so am i
rich-c: in fact, if you don't go the curmudgeon trip, we're going to wonder what's wrong with you
Rin-tin-tin: lol
Blondbombshell: i'm scared enough as it is
Uniped: I am sure you will be okay, Marie.
BobS: lklkkjklkj
Uniped: The Darvocet keeps away some of the curmudgeonery...but I don't like the side effects.
rich-c: that's an acetomeniphen/codeine compound?
Uniped: I haven't looked it up in my PDR.
Uniped: I think the -cet part is for acetaminophen, though, yes.
rich-c: there's a whole bunch, confused by the use of both generic and trade names
Uniped: But it does have a genuine narcotic in it.
Harvie Powis: As long as it keeps reality at bay Doc
Uniped: I am too weird for reality any way, eh?
rich-c: here the surgeons seem to favour Tylenol3 or percocet
BobS: DRUGS.......great things
Rin-tin-tin: Pam's here
BobS: oh ok
Rin-tin-tin: Marie, Pam says hi
rich-c: hello daughtere
Uniped: Hello Pam.
Rin-tin-tin: hi Daddy
Blondbombshell: hi lo pam
Rin-tin-tin: <P> hi Rich
Harvie Powis: Hello Pam
Rin-tin-tin: <P> hi Bob
Rin-tin-tin: <P> Hi Harvie
Uniped: Good night, John-Boy.
Rin-tin-tin: hehe
rich-c: Rich, the Darvocet narc is a relative of methadone
Uniped: Good, it will help break my heroin addiction :-)
Rin-tin-tin: HAHAHA
Uniped: The crutches are giving me Popeye forearms with big veins, mmmmm.
rich-c: propoxyphene hydrochloride for you chemist types
Harvie Powis: As long as they don't give you formaldhyde Doc :)
rich-c: yes, I gather using crutches is not as easy as it looks
BobS: mostly thsoe stinking crutches gonna give you sore armpits.......
Uniped: No, that's for after the fatal OD, Harvie :-)
Uniped: Every place I go on campus is 100 yards or more from my office.
Uniped: I have gotten good workouts today and yesterday.
rich-c: great, just what you need
Uniped: I was soaking wet sweaty in that photo on my webpage...
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rich-c: what does it take to get you a day off, anyway? a death certificate?
Rin-tin-tin: yes noticed you seemed a bit warm in the pic
changed username to Judy
Uniped: I will guess, though, that I can be limping along unassisted by next week.
Rin-tin-tin: hi Judy
Uniped: Hope to be driving then, too.
Rin-tin-tin: Pam says hi too
Uniped: Hello Judy.
rich-c: hi judy, how is the finger coming?
Judy: Hi everyone
Harvie Powis: Hi Judy
Judy: not great, you know i said it didn't hurt, well now it does
Rin-tin-tin: :-(
Rin-tin-tin: poor Judy
Judy: and typing is impossible
Blondbombshell: i'm assuminng
rich-c: you must be having fun typing here
Judy: we did uncover it and only have 8 stitches
BobS: cool pic Dr D
Judy: no this is not fun
BobS: ya look like a cripple !!!!!!!!!1
Rin-tin-tin: <P> did the Doctor say anything about why the muscle tore, Rich?
Rin-tin-tin: nice Bobs....I feel the love and the support
Rin-tin-tin: :-)
Uniped: No hypotheses, Erin.
BobS: but of course, my dear.......GOTTA give him some grief, eh????????
Rin-tin-tin: Pam says "hmmm"
(BobS snickers evilly)
Uniped: "I was sitting there, and it just blew!" -- Gus Grissom, about the hatch of "Liberty Bell 7".
rich-c: as it heals, Rich, will you be moving to one crutch or a cane?
Rin-tin-tin: well maybe a little...hehe
Uniped: I'll move to whatever lets me get around, Richard.
Harvie Powis: Jet-Pac Doc
Uniped: I have my Grandfather's walking stick--I helped carve it out of an apple branch in 1973.
Uniped: Rocket Boy power would be nice, Harvie.
Uniped: Or just a Star Trek transporter...
rich-c: I think you'll find a proper cane is much more efficient - among other things it's lighter, easier to grip, and can be sized properly
Harvie Powis: Or a LEGO robot chair?
rich-c: YEAHHHH!
Rin-tin-tin: like that idea Harvie :-)
Blondbombshell: anyways i better jet
Blondbombshell: i have to go rin i'm sleepy with the T'3's
Uniped: Grampa's walking stick is a quite nice, naturally-shaped crook on one end--I was the one who found it, my Dad sawed it off the tree.
rich-c: OK Rie, take it easy, and don't fuss
Blondbombshell left chat session
Rin-tin-tin: alrighty, Chickpea.....have a good night
Uniped: Feel better, Marie.
Rin-tin-tin: obviously you will sleep well
BobS: be good Marie
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changed username to Marie
rich-c: still, Rich, I have the old wooden cane and an adjustable aluminum one
rich-c: normally it doesnt matter which I use
Judy: night Marie
rich-c: but I turned my ankle Monday and now the aluminum one is noticably more assistive
Marie left chat session
Harvie Powis: I like my aluminum adjustable, it even has an retractable ice pick
BobS: :-)
Rin-tin-tin: lol
rich-c: I tried one of those, but it wouldn't stay retracted and I had to take it back :-(
Uniped: Just dug out the walking is carved "G.F.D. 73".
Rin-tin-tin: cool
Uniped: Very nice and light...
Rin-tin-tin: would probably look distinguished for the good professor
rich-c: sounds excellent, if not optimal
Uniped: I took it after Grandma died; it was sitting in the closet since he died in 1975.
rich-c: going to sacrifice some efficiency for a bit moe style...
Uniped: Sentimental value, Richard.
rich-c: naturally, wouldn't suggest otehrwise
Uniped: SInce I can remember harvesting it, watching my Dad carve it and stain it, and give it to Grampa on Father's Day 1973.
rich-c: that's the sort of heirloom that should stay in the family
Uniped: It has 4 finger grips carved into the handle, too...they fit my hand pretty well.
rich-c: actually teh wooden cane I'm using was bought by Frances' father
rich-c: if it's a good height for you, Rich, it should work very well
Uniped: Yes...since the tree it came from was in the woods behind my boyhood house, which is no longer standing...and I think the woods is gone, too...
Harvie Powis: I had a nice wooden cane, the cane cost$5.00 , replace ment tips $7.00 each
Uniped: I would have to put a rubber foot on it or metal ferule to use it around here, though--all concrete sidewalks.
rich-c: progress is not always benign
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Uniped: Grampa only ever used it for walks outside, on the ground.
changed username to Scott
rich-c: I lean towards a rubber foot myself - bare or metal ferrule is more for woodland trails
BobS: Yo Scott !!!!!
Scott: I can't stay long, but I did want to stop in and say hi!
Harvie Powis: Buy chair leg tips, they are the same as cane tips but much cheaper
rich-c: hello, Scott
Scott: Got some more homework to do :(
Uniped: Hello Scott.
Rin-tin-tin: hi Scott
rich-c: Daniel tells us he will be late tonight
Scott: Hello, Uniped
Scott: Rin-tin-tin = Dr. D???
Uniped: (gimpy Dr.D. if you didn't read your coladam E-mail today)
rich-c: they aren't a big deal, but a useful tip, Harv, thanks
Rin-tin-tin: nope, I'm Erin Rich-C's niece
Scott: Rin-tin-tin = DW???
Uniped: R^3 is Ms. Rin.
Uniped: The Honourable Ms. Erin MacLean, Pam's cousin.
Scott: See, I was close ;)
Rin-tin-tin: well thank you <blush>
Uniped: Note the proper use of titles.
rich-c: well actually the Honourable is reserved for her boss
Rin-tin-tin: yes thank you lol
Uniped: I wonder where you buy replacement rubber feet for crutches...that's what I'd need for this walking stick.
Scott: How are things? AdamCon's coming up. Any news?
Rin-tin-tin: I was referring to the Ms. as being proper :-)
Harvie Powis: Home depot Doc, many sizes available
Rin-tin-tin: <P> try your local Pharmacy
Uniped: I haven't looked anywhere, but those sound like good leads.
BobS: Sept 16-20 in El Paso, TX - AC16 ,,,,,,,,,,, Scott
Uniped: The stick just happened to be down here in the basement on a shelf.
Scott: Ugh! During the 3rd week of the Fall Semester.
Rin-tin-tin: convenient :-)
Uniped: Very interesting turn of events...
Scott: Darn! I gotta go. Off to eat w/parents.
Scott: Will try to stop in afterward.
rich-c: I just can't figure how you could get such a godawful tear spontaneously and without provocation
BobS: have FUn Scott
Scott: Bye!
Scott left chat session
Rin-tin-tin: bye Scott....from Pam too
rich-c: take it easy, Scott
Uniped: Bad luck, I guess...
rich-c: regards to your folks
Uniped: I wish I could say I was rescuing a beautiful woman from a burning building by carrying her down the stairs...but alas, not so romantic.
Rin-tin-tin: hehehe
rich-c: small stuff I can see; I've had enough of it myself, but a rip like that? that's a different league
Uniped: I can only hypothesize some pre-existing weakness that just let go all of a sudden.
Harvie Powis: Do you think the trauma happened earlier, the tear just finally happened
Rin-tin-tin: maybe strained earlier, perhaps
rich-c: is that really consistent with how such things work, Harvie?
Uniped: Yes.
Uniped: Slow failure, "creep" mechanical engineers call it, then sudden catastrophic failure.
Harvie Powis: I have seen it a lot in sports
Rin-tin-tin: no more cartwheels!!!
Uniped: Steel fails that way.
Uniped: I am not saying that, Rin...I like cartwheels.
rich-c: that happens with inelstic materials, but with something as elastic as muscle tissue?
Rin-tin-tin: hmmm the plot thickens
Uniped: When you stretch it past its being elastic, then yes.
Harvie Powis: There is still an ultimate yield rich
Uniped: My calf muscle will have to thicken before I do any, though, Rin.
rich-c: were you taking teh stairs three at a time, or somethihng?
Uniped: I was walking one at a time.
Uniped: Each step stepping up one.
Uniped: Always climbing.
BobS: must be "old" age sir........
Uniped: I didn't slip, or twist, or anything.
(BobS hands Uniped a tissue.)
Harvie Powis: Lady driven, only on sundays, that's what they all say :)
Uniped: But I did fall down on hands and knees when it ripped, though.
rich-c: seems you've got a ral puzzle on your hands - or leg, Rich
Uniped: If it heals up, I won't worry too much about how it happened.
Uniped: I guess I will aim to be healthy by ADAMcon 16, so Erin can see my cartwheel :-)
rich-c: well, leg muscles do have quite startling healing powers, I know
Rin-tin-tin: an attainable goal I should hope
Rin-tin-tin: isomeone remember the video camera!
Uniped: Another guy in the Biology Department told me about something similar that happened to him, it healed in 8-10 days, to full strength in about a month.
Uniped: Or I can film myself doing one here and make a movie of it.
rich-c: one of the real inconveniences is when one leg is stronger than the other
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changed username to james
Uniped: I will even link it to the /rfd-leg/ webpage.
Rin-tin-tin: hahaha
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning, james
Uniped: Then you can laugh at my plight in perpetuity :-)
Uniped: Hello James.
BobS: Hi James
Harvie Powis: Hello James
Rin-tin-tin: you dare try one in the near future .......
Rin-tin-tin: hi James
james: to all you toronto fans out there i have three words: go habs, go!
rich-c: shame!!!
james: heh heh
Rin-tin-tin: evil!!!!
Uniped: ???
rich-c: still, you've run out of Senators (gloat, gloat)
Rin-tin-tin: hockey
james: yeah, exactly
Uniped: this isn't about my cartwheel, I take it...
james: uniped .. must be dr. d
Uniped: Impending cartwheel, that is...or to-be-cartwheeled-in-future-when-healthy-again.
rich-c: no, Ottawa folks are a bit upset over last night's reesult
james: i can just imagine you hopping around on your good leg
Uniped: Read your coladam mail, James :-)
james: a "bit" yes but not to worry, i see no stanley cup in toronto's near future either
james: *ducks*
james: @uni, i did
james: sounds rather painful
rich-c: well, getting past Philly with Sundin doubtful is definitely a challenge
rich-c: and if we don't make it, Montral or Calgary are next best
james: anyway i will be in and out mentally. translating a web page
Harvie Powis: rich-c, I noticed a PC card nic in tor. forsale. computers yesterday
rich-c: from what to what, james?
james: english to japanese
james: much more taxing than the other way around
rich-c: thanks Harvie, I guess it must have been posted after I looked - or else was too expensive
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
james: it's really hot again today
james: sunny and getting close to 30
rich-c: in and out - that must be Guy having trouble as usual
Uniped: Why does Guy have trouble getting in?
rich-c: hot is something we havent seen yet - wet, yes, lots of that
BobS: nope. twas I !!!!!!!!! ...........trying to access adamlist in another window
rich-c: I have no idea, Rich, I've just noticed that it always seems that he does
Uniped: Wings must be an '80s thing, I don't remember anybody in my hometown eating them or anything when I was a kid or teenager.
rich-c: anyway, Harvie, I'll go look at that
moved to room Meeting Place
Uniped: That was for Rin, talking about food at hockey games, her job at Minifood.
changed username to Backup Man
Uniped: Backup Man?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Rin-tin-tin: hi Meeka
Uniped: "When your date skips out on you, gals, call Backup Man!"
Meeka: hello :)
Backup Man: Can anyone guess who I am?
Uniped: Mighty Mitchell with all his HDs to back up?
james: hi ron
Harvie Powis: Dalton McGinty?
Uniped: Not Dr. D., with one leg, he can't go forwards, let alone backwards.
Rin-tin-tin: hehe
BobS: Howdy Ron
Uniped: Maynard G. Krebs?
Backup Man: Boy, I got you guys this time, didn't I!
Uniped: Or Guy...he came in with an alter ego last week.
Backup Man changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
Uniped: Der Bonameister!
Rin-tin-tin: hi Guy
Harvie Powis: Hi Guy
BobS: ys sure mon
Uniped: So your computer is "back up"?
(Rin-tin-tin gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Rin-tin-tin: for Pam
Guy B.: Yes, it's me. The one with Adam Em Utilities website.
Uniped: Or you are mired in a system backup?
rich-c: hello Meeka, didn't see you at first
BobS: stuck in the muck
Guy B.: Hi Meeka,
Uniped created action SO/Chocolate
(Uniped gives Rin-tin-tin a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Meeka: hi
Guy B.: Guess you guys heard about the tornadoes that hit southwest of me last night.
Rin-tin-tin: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....thank you
BobS: thought you and doug fell of the earth Meeka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: yes Guy heard this mornign...BAD STUFF
(With a crash, a shelf full of books collapses.)
Meeka: ya well..........I was sick, and he has his nose in the puter with the new phone system at work
Uniped: BAD STUFF?
Uniped: Hope not too serious.
BobS: ah
BobS: Guy ???? tell the man
Guy B.: It is really bad, especially in Utica. That town was the hardest hit.
rich-c: noticed that cold front wandering about, but didn't see it as that energetic
Meeka: and my car was broken last week :(, but it all nbetter too LOL
Uniped: I guess I have missed some news...what's up?
Guy B.: It was a warm front that caused all the severe weather.
rich-c: you must have had a much sharper temperature gradient than we are seeing
BobS: ya, it dropped here yesterday....about 10-15 degree F in about 10 minutes
rich-c: actually, Guy, it happens when a fast cold front wedges under a warm air mass and pushed it up
Guy B.: Well Rich, those thunderstorms that hit here. Popped up like crazy and some of them produced tornadoes. At 6 it was one storm. By 7 it was 4 to 5 of them.
Rin-tin-tin: <pout> switching people
Harvie Powis: Cold doesn't move, It's what is left when heat goes
rich-c: you really got a dusting, then. Hard on the nerves
Rin-tin-tin changed username to Pammie
james: @harvie, good call
Guy B.: It was cool at first, then the temps went up and that's when the storms hit.
rich-c: right, Harvie - the heat goes out of the rain and appears as wind energy - going round in circles
Pammie: that's just the opposite of what happened to us, Guy
Uniped: Everything is quiet in Cleveburg.
Pammie: Temps were way up on Monday, then dropped significantly causing severe weather.
rich-c: yes, we had a couple of poweer outages on Monday
Pammie: For once, the front was moving from north to south which is why Michigan didn't get it till Tuesday
Guy B.: We escaped the worst of it. But Joliet was the closest the tornado came to me.
BobS: today was beautiful.......slightly cool, but otherwise great
Pammie: really Dad?
Pammie: that's pretty close, Guy
Guy B.: Today is a lot better, but we are expecting more rain by the weekend.
rich-c: yes, in fact I took a flashlight along when I went to teh lab for my INR
rich-c: and used the stairs lest I get trapped in the elevator
Pammie: we had one of those "if you don't like the weather, stick around for ten minutes" days
Pammie: smart Daddy
Uniped: There was some rain here in the afternoon, nice rain, made more leaves come out on the trees.
Judy: will talk to you next week toooo hard to type, yet
Pammie: Hey, Meeka how are you feeling?
Uniped: Bye Judy.
Guy B.: Then last Friday I was in the emergency room. I had an eye infection. Turned out to be pink eye.
rich-c: I learned long ago you can trust JP only so far
Pammie: night Judy, take care of that finger
Pammie: what does JP stand for again Dad?
rich-c: OK Judy, take care on teh finger
Judy: will do, thanks
Pammie: careful with that Guy, it's very infectious
Uniped: JUMP in Z80 assembly language.
Meeka: night mom
BobS: Meeka what was wrong with the car ??????
rich-c: Iupiter Pluvius
Judy: ask dad about our find today, Meeka
Pammie: derivation Dad?
Guy B.: It's all cleared up after taking antibiotic eye drops through the weekend.
Judy left chat session
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Judy
rich-c: Roman god of rain
Pammie: ah
Pammie: that's good news, Guy
Meeka: the cap on a hose from the antifreeze tank cracked and antifreeze was spaying on the engine
BobS: AH
Pammie: oooh, not good Meeks
rich-c: when I was young there wre no antibiotics and pink eye was a much more grave concern
Meeka: what ya get dad?
Meeka: no, it wasntm it smelled awful too
Pammie: I'll bet - it's not the most aromatic stuff at the best of times
Uniped: Interestingly, the treatment for pinkeye is still a solution of sulfanilimide...a pre-penicillin compound.
Guy B.: The good news was there was a piece of dust was found after my eye got flushed out and the eye wasn't scratched. Then later my mom ended up in the hospital. She's home now.
BobS: today ????at Ship ????? not much.....but mom found a mini drape shade @ Norma's in Schoolcraft.......
Pammie: where do you get this stuff, Rich?
Uniped: Med school?
rich-c: even sulfa drugs wre just emerging during WW2 - and I pre-date that
BobS: for - get this - $2 !!!!!!!!!!!! they didn't know what it was !!!!!
Pammie: oh
Uniped: 4 little kids who got pinkeye lots?
Pammie: ah
Meeka: cool
Pammie: this accident stuff seems to be going around.
rich-c: why, what have you done, daughter?
Pammie: nothing, Dad - just Judy last week, Guy and Rich this week seems like a lot of accidents to me
Pammie: and don't even suggest it - we're leaving for the trailer in the a.m. and I have to be in good health
Uniped: Bad karma.
Guy B.: Mine just happened suddenly.
rich-c: Guy wasn't accident, it was illness, and Rich you'd call it a tossup as to which
Harvie Powis: A conspiricy? What have you hears? :)
Pammie: I was thinking more about threes than anything else, Harvie
Uniped: Act of <insert favourite deity>
rich-c: how long are you going to be at the trailer, Pam?
Pammie: till Sunday, Dad
james: vishnu
(Guy B. gives Pammie a can of Diet Coke.)
Uniped: Hope you don't get rained out.
Uniped: "BOB"
Pammie: don't say that either Rich
Pammie: thanks, Guy
rich-c: yes, they are calling for a bit of precip over the next few days
Uniped: (Dr.D. gives Pam an umbrella)
Uniped: (Dr.D. gives Pam a packamac)
Harvie Powis: Well the rain should be on the outside of the trailer, unless you left the sunroof open
Pammie: thank you sir
BobS: wha.....wha....wha i say ???????
(Guy B. gives BobS a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Pammie: actually, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, Friday and Saturday and rain Sunday
Uniped: Here is something for Richard, in repayment of some engineer jokes he sent me a couple weeks ago:
Uniped: The correct way to torque down a bolt is to continue tightening it until the threads strip, and then to have tightened it to one half-turn before that point.
rich-c: OK, I have errands tomorrow and maybe Friday so can use some nice weather
Pammie: mmm, chocolate
rich-c: yes, I know that procedure well, Rich! :-)
Uniped created action SO/Tasty Treat
Harvie Powis: Sounds like army engineers Doc
(Uniped gives Pammie some poutine.)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Uniped: The kind I work with at CWRU, definitely, Harvie.
Pammie: mmm, poutine
Pammie: how can you tell I'm hungry?
Uniped: I am told it is a Tasty Treat, but the description is a bit disconcerting to me...but I will try it sometime before giving an opinion.
Uniped: Stomach growls heard in the distance?
Uniped: Go get something to eat, Pam.
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at Uniped.)
rich-c: yes, I need a beer - brb
Meeka: ok, I am outta here, see ya next week
Pammie: 'tis, Rich - if done right, the cheese melts
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
rich-c: bye Meeka
Pammie: night Meeka (from Erin too)
Harvie Powis: Goodby Meeka
Uniped: Oh no, I am driving Richard to drink! What will Frances say?
Meeka: nighty night
Pammie: Beer, Dad? At this hour?
Meeka left chat session
Uniped: Bye Meeka, feel better.
Pammie: short drive, Rich - more like a stroll
Pammie: to the fridge that is
Uniped: <rim shot>
Uniped: Hires root beer for me--except they were bought out and the brand discontinued :-(
rich-c: well, Wednesday tends to be a thirsty night
james: i just read that as hi res
Uniped: You're going to soak your fingers in the beer, from all the typing?
Uniped: haha James
Pammie: IHHO, A&W is better, says Rin
Harvie Powis: If you plan it right every night is a thirsty night :)
Uniped: A&W isn't sweet enough.
rich-c: yes, but on the weekend we have wine instead
BobS: what happened to Hires ????????
Uniped: Frosty is waaay too much like birch beer, which is okay on occasion.
Uniped: It disappeared.
Uniped: About a year ago, maybe more.
Pammie: she's sweet enough, IHHO
BobS: didn't e en notice
Uniped: Someone bought them and buried them.
Guy B.: My faithfuil dog decides to come out here to see if I have anything for her. Typical dog.
Uniped: I notice, it was my favourite :-(
rich-c: I thought Americans went for DADS Old-Fashioned Root Beer
Uniped: Yes, Rin is sweet enough.
Uniped: MHO concurs with HHO.
Uniped: Dad's is okay...again not sweet and syrupy enough for me.
Pammie: <singing annoyingly> Rich has a crush
Uniped: But then my Grampa made root beer in a barrel from Hires extract, so I am biased.
rich-c: Orange Crush?
Guy B.: And Dads was produced here in Chicago.
Uniped: On root beer.
Pammie: Grape Crush
Uniped: Haven't seen Grape Crush.
Pammie: Russell would say Lime Crush
rich-c: in my younger days I liked it, but the local brand was Hires, don't recall any others
Pammie: haven't seen it??? Produced by the same people who made Hires
Uniped: I have bad associations with Orange Crush, completely illogical, but I have 'em.
Guy B.: Does anyone remember Dog n Suds?
Pammie: not familiar, Guy - American brand?
rich-c: now everybody buys either a Coke group, Pepsi group, or generic pop
Guy B.: We had a number of them here. Made the best Coney dogs.
Guy B.: Very good root beer too.
rich-c: Coney as in Coney Island Hot Dogs?
Guy B.: Kind of like that.
Harvie Powis: There were a few in Ontario Guy, agree on the coney Fries
Pammie: what's on Coney Fries?
Harvie Powis: Chili
Guy B.: Chili
rich-c: there were, Harvie? I can't recall ever hearing of them
BobS: yup ....... Dog 'n Suds ........A&W Root Beer hot dogs Chevrolet and apple pie
Uniped: I have eaten at a few drive-up A&Ws.
rich-c: A&W I have heard about - teh Great Root Bear
Harvie Powis: One in St. Catherines, one in Georgetown that I knew of
Uniped: Carhop and basket hung on the window etc.
Pammie: that's what the Harvies at Dufferin and Lawrence used to be, wasn't it Dad?
Guy B.: Boy, they were very popular over 30 years ago. But, they're all gone now. But, you can find the root beer in the stores if you look hard enough.
Guy B.: A&W is the exception. They're still here.
Harvie Powis: Still A&W here, drive thru
rich-c: I don't recall, Pam - that was where Mills & Hadwin is now, beside Star Mercury?
Guy B.: You have one there Harvie?
Pammie: no, where the current-day Harvey's is, Dad - south of Star, not north
rich-c: I have the vague feeling there are still some A&Ws in Toronto but can't say where
Harvie Powis: At least one in Brampton Guy
Pammie: there's an A & W in the food court at Yorkdale, Dad
rich-c: south of Star there used to be I think Harveys, then the Conroy hotel - now it's all Mills and Hadwin
Guy B.: There is one A&W, but it's inside Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.
Harvie Powis: Yhey advertise on TV
Uniped: There are A&W restaurants in southern Ohio, but none with the carports AFAIK. The carport one we went to in Wooster disappeared around 1980.
Pammie: Still think Teen burgers are among the best going
rich-c: don't ask how long since I've been anywhere in Yorkdale., let alone teh food court
Guy B.: I have a couple of A & W mugs in my cupboard. Unfortunately, it's the plastic ones, not the glass.
BobS: 'carhops' are a thing of the past era
Uniped: You can buy them, glass, from the one I went to in Dayton.
rich-c: oh, I lean moire to Guiness mugs, myself, Guy
Guy B.: Boy, those were the days most of us remember.
Guy B.: I have one Rich.
Harvie Powis: Paper cups now
Uniped: Guiness, ROTFL.
rich-c: I have a bunch of glasses but lack space to put them so they are stored
Guy B.: Got it from Bennegins. More of a tall glass.
rich-c: Guiness is what I am drinking at the moment, Rich
rich-c: Guiness is good for you
Uniped: Says Richard after his 3rd bottle... :-)
Pammie: he wouldn't have room for three, Rich
rich-c: oh no, one is adequate to quench my thirst on a cool night
Harvie Powis: Probably a 20 oz. glass Guy, that's an imperial pint
Pammie: Guiness isn't kidding when they say it's a meal
Uniped: Is it thick and black?
rich-c: when properly made, yes
rich-c: and very bitter
rich-c: the one I'm drinking is brewed locally under licence
Guy B.: The only thick drink I would have is a hand dip milkshake. I use to make the best ones when I worked in a soda fountain back over 25 years ago part-time.
rich-c: but I have never been able to tell it from teh imported version which is also available here
Harvie Powis: When we were kids the folks used to insist we drink a nice cold porter on a hot day
BobS: thick, bitter, black, properly made.............different strokes for different folks.........................
Pammie: that sounds delicious, Guy
Guy B.: I have a shake mixer in my kitchen.
BobS: I'm with Guy and pam
Uniped: One of my college profs liked some kind of ale, she said the thicker and blacker, the better it was.
Pammie: party at Guy
Pammie: 's!
rich-c: porter for kids? actually I approve (conditionally) but the gummint wouldn't
Uniped: Was ist das porter?
rich-c: it is quite similar to stout, perhaps a tad less bitter
Uniped: Never ask an Eskimo to describe the snow...
Uniped: I don't know what stout is, either.
Harvie Powis: Dey makes it in Cincinatti
Guy B.: Well folks, I have to get going. Hopefully I'll trie for Saturday, otherwise next week.
rich-c: good solid working man's ale for teh end of a long shift of heavy labour
Pammie: night Guy
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Guy
Pammie: send shakes!
Uniped: Bye Guy.
rich-c: if we're lucky, Saturday, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, see you all. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Uniped: Christina got a blender for her birthday, she makes shakes with it.
rich-c: Canadians don't use beer quite teh same way as Americans do
Pammie: eh, Dad?
Pammie: that girl is no dummy, Rich
BobS: gotta go too people..........when did ronald blow....????????
Uniped: Definitely no dummy.
Uniped: He was never here....
Uniped: It was Guy.
BobS: anyway, till next time......bye bye
rich-c: OK Bob see you next week
BobS: sh yes
BobS: ah
Pammie: Night, Bob
Harvie Powis: By Bob
BobS: ok see ya !!!!!!
Uniped: So long, Bob.
BobS left chat session
Pammie: from Rin too
Uniped: "And Toto too!"
Pammie: I just noticed James is here - is he actually?
Pammie: now now, be nice, Rich
rich-c: well, he was earlier and never signed out
Pammie: ah
Uniped: I will have to take some more meds to be nice again :-)
(Pammie snickers evilly)
rich-c: well, if you want some Vicodin instead, I have about 40 million spam artisits dying to sell it to you
Pammie: you have spam artists trying to sell you everything, Dad
Uniped: None of the spammers have anything I want.
Uniped: I should show it to you somehow...
Pammie: screen capture?
Uniped: I made a spam trap E-mail post, to test the anti-spam filters at CWRU.
rich-c: actually some of teh offers are superficially attractive - but one NEVER EVER EVER deals with a spammer
Uniped: Just wrote it off the top of my head to have a high density of spam terms in it.
Uniped: Lemme see if I can lay my hands on it...
rich-c: hell, just send me a list of the keywords and I'll enter them in Mailwasher
Harvie Powis: Apparently 90% of spam comes from 7 computers in Fla.
Pammie: Blame Florida!
rich-c: hush, the other 10% is from a couple of brothers in Mississauga
rich-c: or was it Brampton?
Uniped: Found it.
rich-c: wouldn't mind it if you'd email me the keywords, Rich
Uniped: It pegs the spam-detector at about 100%, so it is a good test article.
Harvie Powis: I think the funniest is spam mail trying to sell anti-spam software
Uniped: Are you tired of Nigerian banker scams and cable descrambler offers? Want to buy herbal Viagra in the privacy of your own Florida getaway vacation paradise? Want hot young things who are all woman gyrating on 24/7 webcams? Increase all penis lengths and breast sizes while ephedra weight loss miracle human growth hormone HGH steroids work their magic and make her beg for you all night!
Uniped: Apologies to the delicate :-)
rich-c: right now it's DVD decoders and narcotic painkillers they're mostly pushing
Harvie Powis: Apology accepted:)
Uniped: Well, I wrote it about 2 months ago.
rich-c: oh yes, and pirated copies of pricey software
Pammie: LOL, Harvie
rich-c: btw, if you need a very temporary email address to register for some website, use
Harvie Powis: The only non spam in my inbox today of 180 messages was DR.D
Uniped: Yay! I am good for something!
rich-c: if you need a more enduring disposable, use
rich-c: you're lucky, I only had 101 when I went online today - about 40 since
Harvie Powis: My spam filter is between my ears
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel B
Pammie: must be Daniel
rich-c: I like mailwasher, it lets me delete the spam from teh server without downloading
Harvie Powis: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: Very late I am
rich-c: but it keeps wanting to bounce everything and that isn't good
Pammie: Hi, Daniel
Daniel B: Salutations!
rich-c: ouais, tu es en retard
rich-c: but you warned us so why fuss it?
Harvie Powis: Now now rich, don't be harsh :)
Daniel B: J'ai parlé avec quelqu'un pour mon "resume".
rich-c: harsh I'm not - if someone says he's going to be late and is, that's fair play
Daniel B: Each time someone look at my CV, there is something to change.
rich-c: looking for advice, or an endorsement, Daniel?
Harvie Powis: But you called him a retard :)
rich-c: French getting a little rusty, Harvie ;-)
Daniel B: être en retard est très bon. ça ne veut pas dire que je suis retardé =P
Harvie Powis: Only french I know is from cereal box labels
Pammie: LOL, Daniel
Uniped: Par avion
Pammie: missed the French revolution, did you Harvie?
Uniped: No, his head is still on his shoulders :-)
Harvie Powis: Didn't miss it a bit :)
Daniel B: I learn english word by word with you and tv show like "big hug" in Teletubbies (I know, you probably ROTFL)
rich-c: glad you're defending my antiquated French, Daniel
Harvie Powis: The only parlay I know is at Woodbine
rich-c: it needs all the encouragement it can get
Pammie: I'm going to give the keyboard back to Erin now - I still have to pack. Will pop in now and then to make comments.
Uniped: How much do you need to pack, Pam?
rich-c: OK daughter, I'll be leaving soon, so good night
Uniped: How many weeks will you be away? :-)
Pammie changed username to Rin-Tin-Tin
rich-c: and take care on teh trip, hear?
Rin-Tin-Tin: <P> Night Dad - remember, if you need me, call the trailer
Rin-Tin-Tin: <P> Always, Dad
rich-c: will make a mental note, Pam
Rin-Tin-Tin: <P> no comment Dad - night now
Daniel B: Bonne nuit Rich! Désolé d'être si "en retard" pour le chat de ce soir.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam says be nice Rich
rich-c: Erin, sometime tonight go to Google, click on "groups", search ""
Uniped: Well...I have observed, with N=5 females in my house...that women pack too much stuff.
rich-c: de rien, Daniel
Rin-Tin-Tin: ok, I will have access to Pam's computer so if I don't get the chance I will do it tomorrow
rich-c: right, you may find some very attractive stuff offered at very attractive prices
Uniped: If you stay up all night packing, Pam, you will be tired for your trip, and won't enjoy it as much...
Harvie Powis: I believe I shall retire my ownself
rich-c: the offers are private (usually), local, and open to haggling
Rin-Tin-Tin: good night Harvie
Uniped: Of course, I know what it's like packing up for an ADAMcon...
Uniped: Good night, Harvie.
Harvie Powis left chat session
rich-c: night, Harvie, catch you next week
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam says -- it's 80 Km's how much enjoyment can I have?
Uniped: I have stuff that hasn't been *un*packed from some ADAMcons :-)
rich-c: oh, I thought I was the only one with that problem, Rich
Uniped: Russell's company ? A nice song on the radio? Pretty view out the window?
Rin-Tin-Tin: <P> too busy driving to look at the view
Uniped: Then watch out for the other drivers :-)
rich-c: anyway it is time for me to go - bonne nuit, Daniel; goodnight the rest of you
Daniel B: HA-AH! Dr.D. why you are using a diffirent nickname each time? I'm lost
Uniped: So long, Richard.
Daniel B: bonne nuit Daniel
Rin-Tin-Tin: good night Uncle Richard
Daniel B: hé
Daniel B: c'est moi ça!
Uniped: Did you read my coladam E-mail today, Daniel?
Daniel B: bonne nuit Rich!
rich-c: colour me gone
Daniel B: injuries?
rich-c left chat session
Uniped: Yes.
Daniel B: to be honnest, I readed it "in diagonal"
Uniped: "Uniped" means "one leg" (literally, "foot")
Uniped: In analogy with "biped" and "quadruped".
Uniped: Since I hurt my leg, I have effectively only one good leg.
Uniped: Just an attempt at some humor, trying to laugh at a bad situation.
Rin-Tin-Tin: <P> just call him "hop along"
Uniped: Since the leg is a bit painful and my mobility is reduced.
Uniped: Hehehe
Daniel B: Well, I suppose it was the Rich brothers destiny to suffer from the "bottom" of your body.
Uniped: Reminds me of some awful quadruplegic jokes...
Uniped: Hopalong, I am surprised you know that ref...
Rin-Tin-Tin: that was Pam's comment
Rin-Tin-Tin: I have no idea
Uniped: I know Hopalong Cassidy only because my Dad had a signature pocketknife from him as a boy.
Uniped: He was a movie cowboy in the 1940s.
Rin-Tin-Tin: ahhhh
Uniped: Not sure if he was also lame or not.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam says she knows of him -- cultural ref only
Uniped: Chester, the deputy in "Gunsmoke", was lame.
Uniped: One famous episode, the actor briefly forgot which leg he was supposed to be limping on...
Rin-Tin-Tin: haha
Uniped: Sacks full of mail from fans...
Rin-Tin-Tin: ........and next year the show was cancelled
Uniped: No, the show ran 19 years....but the Chester character left after a while (not because of this oops).
Daniel B: I suppose it's not a good idea to let you know that I'm worrying about the Coleco manual something.
Rin-Tin-Tin: joke
Uniped: They replaced him with a similar character (in speech) who didn't limp.
Uniped: I know :-)
Uniped: Humor, it is a difficult concept -- Saavik, ST2:TWOK
Rin-Tin-Tin: hehe
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-)
Uniped: So many quotes from that movie, good ones...
(Rin-Tin-Tin gives Uniped a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Uniped: Mmmm, fuel for crutch-walking...
Rin-Tin-Tin: chocolate covered Darvocet?
Uniped: I better not eat too much chocolate, my face will break out a bit.
Daniel B: In the left picture, there are eggs on the floor. I want to say "watch out! behind you!" but you stay there with a big smile. :)
Uniped: ick!
Uniped: The photo was taken in the robot lab, those are the Easter Eggs that the robots have to collect.
Uniped: I had to go there to use the digital camera.
Daniel B: I hope Sean didn't say "back-up" :)
Uniped: It would be bad to couple chocolate to narcotics, Rin...
Uniped: No :-)
Uniped: I took the photo of my leg myself.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam says -- all kidding aside with the crutches don't rest your weight on your arm pits
Uniped: Too late, already have, and it does hurt.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam continues -- it can cause damage to the brachial nerves
Uniped: Yes, the brachial plexus is right there.
Uniped: My arms aren't quite strong enough to support my weight for the entire distances that I must walk, though.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam says -- it's why amputees use the band crutches
Uniped: Wonder why they didn't give me that kind, then?
Uniped: Expense, maybe?
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam says -- 'cause your situation is only temporary
Uniped: I have no numbness or anything so far...sore muscles, but it is from the exertion.
Uniped: Better be temporary!
Uniped: I want to do cartwheels again.
Rin-Tin-Tin: that's for sure :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: LOL
(Rin-Tin-Tin giggles)
Uniped: That is a cute action, just a name...
Daniel B: Well, now, we invented the bionical "half-legs" who are moving depending on what "they think you want to do".
Rin-Tin-Tin: it was's an ooops....Pam screwed up when she created it
(Uniped snickers evilly)
Uniped: Which one is it?
(Uniped's head explodes!)
(Uniped is thrown out of the window.)
Rin-Tin-Tin: the "giggles" is wrong -- "Giggles" is correct
(Uniped giggles)
Uniped: Only Dale can remove the bad one.
Uniped: There is no web interface to remove actions.
Rin-Tin-Tin: can it be corrected by us or does Dale have to do that?
Uniped: Hmm, wonder what happens if you try to redefine an existing action?
(Daniel B giggles)
Daniel B: this action?
Uniped created action S/giggles
Uniped: Let's see...
Rin-Tin-Tin: oui but there are 2 with the same labels but the first one on the list is incorrect
Uniped: Nope, can't replace an existing one with new text.
Daniel B created action S/Giggles (correct
(Uniped giggles)
Rin-Tin-Tin: oh well
(Daniel B Giggles)
Uniped: I tried to redefine "giggles".
Rin-Tin-Tin: everybody is so giggly tonight :-)
Daniel B: I can only create a new one
Uniped: <S> giggles like a schoolgirl with a crush on the hunk captain of the football team.
Uniped: That was what I tried to replace it with.
Rin-Tin-Tin: hahaha
Uniped: It is a sexist action.
Rin-Tin-Tin: i can see that, yes
Uniped: A schoolboy with a crush on the babe-alicious captain of the cheerleading squad would most definitely not giggle.
Rin-Tin-Tin: more like puffing out his chest pretending to be cool
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-)
Uniped: Boys and girls are not interchangeable.
Rin-Tin-Tin: thank goodness
Uniped: What is Pam packing now?
Rin-Tin-Tin: she's sitting behind me folding and categorizing socks
Uniped: Kitchen sink, check...plutonium, bullion, check...:-)
Uniped: There is always an odd sock.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam --- American dollars, check
Uniped: Socks disappear through wormholes into Sock-Land, never to return.
Uniped: Pam is coming to the US in the trailer?
Rin-Tin-Tin: I know.....she has found a couple without their mates
Uniped: And they never mate to make new socks, either.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam -- the trailer doesn't move
Rin-Tin-Tin: hehehe
Uniped: Then what kind of trailer is it?
Uniped: I am missing something...
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam -- it's a park trailer
Rin-Tin-Tin: the U$ cash was a joke
Uniped: You mean like a half-house on wheels that in principle is moveable but in practice never moves?
Uniped: Gold is worth more than $US, and plutonium more than gold :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam -- no that's a mobile home
Rin-Tin-Tin: Pam -- in theory you could move it
Uniped: We have "trailer parks" which have the things I describe, but never move...they are bait for tornadoes...
Uniped: Is that the kind of trailer you mean?
Daniel B: james is talking to me with Y! messenger
Daniel B: I think I will leave the Adamcon chat session for tonight
Uniped: Sorry that we are boring, James/Daniel...
Daniel B: Take care Rich (Dr.D)
Uniped: Thanks, Daniel.
Rin-Tin-Tin: ok....Pam has to explain this because she is a pain in the ass
Uniped: I hope to be walking with no crutches by next week.
Uniped: MEOW, be nice, "wimmen".
Rin-Tin-Tin: <P> Night, Daniel
Daniel B: and remember that you are more important than the coleco manual you promise to do a copie for me.
Uniped: I did at least pull out the documents from storage, Daniel.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Okay, here's the scoop - the trailer we have is a 35 foot park model RV trailer, with a hitch and wheels.
Uniped: They are on the table next to this computer.
Daniel B: and goodnight Rin-Tin-Tin =D ... sit down! come on! sit down! hehehe =P
Rin-Tin-Tin: a mobile home is as you described above - a half house which can be theoretically moved. They don't have wheels - they are placed on a flatbed for moving
Rin-Tin-Tin: Daniel!
Uniped: But I have seen people living full-time in the kind with wheels, in "trailer parks".
Daniel B: *zippppp* *bzzzzzz* *poof* (I'm gone)
Daniel B left chat session
Uniped: That was what I meant, they *could* move, but usually never do.
Uniped: Often people build stuff around the bottom to hide the wheels and the space under the floor.
Rin-Tin-Tin: that's true - we have some that are larger and longer in our trailer park, and we have some mobile homes as well. In theory, an RV could be moved at any time, even a park model
Rin-Tin-Tin: However, most have sat so long that their electrical systems, braking systems and hitching systems would never work
Uniped: So then it's not a travel trailer like the one your Dad pulls with the Meteor, but rather just a small home-away-from-home statically parked somewhere (hopefully nice).
Rin-Tin-Tin: In addition, our trailer has two tip outs - and it's hard to use one of those on the road
Uniped: Sorry to have been obtuse about it.
Uniped: Guess I need to see a photo.
Uniped: 'Cause I probably know what you have, just not using the right word for it.
Rin-Tin-Tin: same church, different pew. If you took Mom and Dad's and stretched it to twice it's length and added the tip outs, you'd have ours.
Rin-Tin-Tin: Park model RV's are not really made to be on the road - they're made to be taken the three or four miles down the road to the campground and left long term
Uniped: So the RV dealer sits close to a park on purpose? :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: and regardless of RV or mobile home, they are tornado magnets
Rin-Tin-Tin: very much so
Rin-Tin-Tin: : )
Uniped: I wouldn't want to be in one during tornado season...
Rin-Tin-Tin: I think the mileage on ours is about 3 kms.
Uniped: How long has it sat there?
Rin-Tin-Tin: about 20 years, I believe
Rin-Tin-Tin: my mother - in-law bought it used from the original owners
Uniped: So it ain't ever gonna go anywhere again, except to the dump :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: not necessarily true - in theory it could be moved, but how successful it would be I don't know. To my knowledge, the tires have never been checked for pressure, and I know the electrical systems for road lighting don't work
Uniped: I'd think the tires, unattended, would deflate over 20 years.
Rin-Tin-Tin: don't know if the braking systems would work - probably frozen. If it were taken in for service, all those things could be fixed.
Rin-Tin-Tin: you'd think so, but to my knowledge they've never been reinflated. I could be wrong however, I'm not in charge of maintenance.
Uniped: Well, hope you have fun there :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: besides, the interior is basically a mini-home. Full size appliances, full size sofa and dining room table, full bedroom
Rin-Tin-Tin: our home away from home - much more pleasant than being in Toronto, even in the hottest weather without a/c.
Rin-Tin-Tin: I'll try to remember to get some photos sent to you so you can see the difference.
Uniped: It would be nice to see, thanks.
Rin-Tin-Tin: I'm giving you back to Erin - I'm still not done with socks. : )
Rin-Tin-Tin: me again
Uniped: Hello you again.
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-)
Uniped: Pam didn't put you to work on the socks?
Rin-Tin-Tin: goodness, no....throw them all in a drawer I say and sort it out on an as needed basis
Uniped: Works if your socks are all the same color.
Rin-Tin-Tin: usually...all I have are black and white
Uniped: Also, only one person's socks.
Rin-Tin-Tin: that too
Uniped: I can't wear anyone else's socks.
Uniped: Hang on, brb.
Rin-Tin-Tin: k
Uniped: Back...
Rin-Tin-Tin: welcome
Uniped: Had to take some meds, sorry...
Rin-Tin-Tin: no prob.....pain has a nagging way of reminding you
Uniped: Leg was getting very crampy, I put it off for 3 hours.
Rin-Tin-Tin: <shakes head>
Uniped: Well...
Rin-Tin-Tin: I know...
Uniped: There have been too many substance abusers in my family...
Rin-Tin-Tin: at least this way it won't wear off too much in the night
Uniped: Part I think might just well be fatigue from all the crutch walking: I did do a lot.
Rin-Tin-Tin: quite likely
Uniped: It is hard to hold your whole leg off the ground for a long time.
Uniped: But I am not angling for a wheelchair.
Rin-Tin-Tin: can imagine....not natural
Rin-Tin-Tin: well no that won't aid in the recovery
Uniped: I did get up and down the stairs pretty well here to get the meds and a cup of water.
Uniped: Leg is still swollen, though :-(
Rin-Tin-Tin: getting very proficient at being Kermit I'm sure :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: are you able to elevate it?
Uniped: Left leg is getting very strong...but it is also fatigued.
Rin-Tin-Tin: or rather have you been?
Uniped: Not where I am sitting, no.
Uniped: Nor at work, I am stuck with legs under my desk.
Uniped: If it were my left leg, I could stick it out to the side, but my desk is up against a wall on my right side.
Rin-Tin-Tin: ahhh...makes it difficult
Uniped: My recommendation: don't tear a calf muscle.
Rin-Tin-Tin: and you don't strike me as the type of person who puts their feet up on the desk....actually that would likely be very uncomfortable, if not damaging
Rin-Tin-Tin: Noted
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-)
Uniped: My chair would fall over if I put my feet up.
Uniped: It would tilt back too far.
Uniped: Well, I got another volunteer to run an extra session in the robot lab tomorrow.
Uniped: So I won't have to stay to do it.
Rin-Tin-Tin: well that's good
Uniped: I got someone for tonight, also at the last minute.
Uniped: It was just last night that I had to do it myself :-(
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-(
Uniped: Dunno about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; but Sunday is the final 12-hour marathon session, thereafter the lab is closed until the Egg Hunt.
Rin-Tin-Tin: could be a very busy w/e for you
Uniped: It gives me a breather to prep everything for the Egg Hunt on the Sunday after that.
Uniped: Ai, yes...
Uniped: Probably will miss the ADAM chat Saturday.
Rin-Tin-Tin: I'm sure they'll understand
Uniped: So your Uncle will be disappointed.
Rin-Tin-Tin: he'll get over it
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-)
Uniped: Someone said that they all miss me if I don't show up...I have been good this year about being at the Wednesday chats.
Uniped: It's easier this year than last, now that Christina is driving.
Rin-Tin-Tin: hey at least you know you're loved :-)
Uniped: So I can be here more reliably.
Uniped: I haven't done anything loveable with my ADAM for a few years now, and it bugs me.
Uniped: Sort of coasting on past accomplishments, I don't like it.
Uniped: Only Daniel is doing new stuff, sigh.
Rin-Tin-Tin: must be time then to start up again
Uniped: I could do so much, just not graduate student time availabilities any more :-(
Uniped: Something would have to go, to make room for the time, not sure what, if anything, could.
Rin-Tin-Tin:'re already cutting into your sleep
Uniped: I think a crash is coming, somehow...
Rin-Tin-Tin: <sigh>
Uniped: Wow, a bit of dizziness...
Uniped: Moved my head too fast.
Uniped: Medicine is definitely deciding to work.
Uniped: Ick.
Uniped: But leg is quieting down.
Rin-Tin-Tin: you should probably get to bed
Uniped: Sigh, robot lab early tomorrow, probably so.
Uniped: I'm surprised Pam hasn't thrown you out yet :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: lol
Rin-Tin-Tin: she's busy packing
Uniped: Oh well, what she puts off, prolongs your monopoly of the keyboard :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: very true :-)
Uniped: But you have to be up early too, don't you?
Uniped: We are at 12:18 AM and counting...
Rin-Tin-Tin: alarms set for 5:30
Rin-Tin-Tin: up at 6:45
Uniped: Wow.
Rin-Tin-Tin: I hit snooze for a very long time
Uniped: You need to be a doubleplusgood Minifood duckspeaker for tomorrow :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: not a morning person
Rin-Tin-Tin: hehehehehe
Uniped: "We have always been at war with BSE and AI" :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: lol
Rin-Tin-Tin: cute very cute
Uniped: Make a sign for your office.
Uniped: You could do a caricature of Immanuel Goldstein as a mad cow and a sick chicken :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: Hahahaha
Rin-Tin-Tin: I'd be curious to see who got it
Uniped: "If you ate today, thank one of Big Brother's farmers"
Rin-Tin-Tin: LOL
Uniped: With a beaming face of Saddam Hussein :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: LOLOLOL
Uniped: And Shrub could be Goldstein...
Uniped: Shrub and Blair...Blair can be the mad cow.
(Rin-Tin-Tin laughs heartily)
Uniped: Shrub looks like a Frank Perdue chicken...
Rin-Tin-Tin: hehehe
Rin-Tin-Tin: would be hilarious
Rin-Tin-Tin: not sure I'm good enough with caricatures though
Rin-Tin-Tin: :-)
Rin-Tin-Tin: not people anyway
Uniped: I can see it, probably because of the meds.
Rin-Tin-Tin: <smiles>
Uniped: Joan just got home from work.
Uniped: So probably I ought to be going.
Rin-Tin-Tin: ok, have a good night....
Rin-Tin-Tin: hugs and kisses from us*
Uniped: Say good night to Pam, hope she finds the mismatched socks.
Uniped: hugs and kisses to all
Rin-Tin-Tin: nite Rich
Uniped: And drive safely tomorrow, Pam.
Uniped: Good night Erin and Pam.
Uniped: <poof>
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