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rich-c: hello Harvie, you're early
Harvie Powis: Hello rich, yes remembered just now that it was Wed.
rich-c: here I was thinking I'd have time for a game of Free Cell before anyone showed up
Harvie Powis: Go ahead :)
rich-c: well, keep attending regularly and you'll soon get in the habit
rich-c: actually I only do that when things get impossibly dull
rich-c: I can set it up on the screen so I can still watch as the posts are made
Harvie Powis: I don't run on fixed schedules so I rarely care what day it is
rich-c: well, I could say the same, but I'm retired - what's your excuse? ;-)
Harvie Powis: I'm lazy:)
rich-c: aha! that'll do it every time! 8-)
rich-c: but Wednesday is our shopping day so it reminds me of the other things - like putting out the garbage, and chat
Harvie Powis: I've got the game in a small window on the screen
rich-c: oh, you're playing it too?
Harvie Powis: No, the hockey game
rich-c: I leave it near full size but move it to bottom right so new postings show
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rich-c: OK, who's leading at the moment?
changed username to George W.
rich-c: hello George
Harvie Powis: Toronto 3 - 1
George W.: Hi Everyone
rich-c: terrific - they gotta win this one and break George's heaert ;-)
Harvie Powis: Hello George
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rich-c: just updating on the hockey game, George - your guys are behind 3-1
changed username to BobS
rich-c: allo Roberto
Harvie Powis: Do I know George ?
BobS: go day mates
George W.: philly born losers
Harvie Powis: Howdee Bob
rich-c: George Wahl? he's an Adam user in Philadelphia
Harvie Powis: I wondered, I was thinking of George K
rich-c: George, have you ever been on when Harvie was on before? you're both a bit irregular
George W.: Hi Bob
George W.: not sure
BobS: allo all
rich-c: anyway, Harvie was one of our stalwarts at the Metro Toronto Adam Group
George W.: oh, an oldie
rich-c: yes, a real veteran of the Adam wars ;-)
BobS: si senor
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BobS: way way back
BobS: hey Rich.......did you get the cold yuck we had yesterday?????
changed username to Pam / Erin
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BobS: 78 farenheut toady
rich-c: well, we had a wind off the lake today and it was NO JOY, I tell ya!
BobS: PAMerina !!!!!!!
rich-c: hi, daughter and Rin
changed username to Ricky-Roo
Pam / Erin: ROTFL
BobS: am sending you some warmth for tomoorow OK ?????
George W.: Hi Pam/Rin
Harvie Powis: Hi Doc
Pam / Erin: Hello, everyone
George W.: hi Roo
rich-c: we're getting 25C forecast for tomorrow - that's 77F
BobS: see ???? promised it to ya
George W.: we got 65c
Ricky-Roo: Moo.
Harvie Powis: I think it was 10C today
George W.: 65f.
Pam / Erin: <E> Polka Roo, Polka Roo!
Ricky-Roo: Sorry I am late.
rich-c: George, if you got 65C, you wouldn't be talking to us, you'd be dead
Ricky-Roo: Haha
George W.: i mean 65f.
BobS: ya right......excuses excuses
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changed username to james
Ricky-Roo: I was doing official business.
rich-c: good morning, james
BobS: hi james....and D
james: good evening
Harvie Powis: Hello James
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: sorry,
George W.: Hi James
Pam / Erin: Hi, James (007 music plays in the background)
rich-c: Rich, almost forgot to say hello to you
Ricky-Roo: Hi Richard.
rich-c: all these guys have me working my typing fingr to the bone
BobS: Bond ?????? JAMES Bond??????
Harvie Powis: How's the hobbling Doc ?
Ricky-Roo: 10-fingered touch-typing is your friend :-)
Ricky-Roo: I am better, no crutches since Monday.
james: heh heh
George W.: Hush! R. Welch is on Larry King
Pam / Erin: Yah
Pam / Erin: yay, I mean
BobS: still calling you a crip are they ??????
Ricky-Roo: Only a little.
rich-c: how many canes, Rich?
james: lol.
Ricky-Roo: My gait is improving.
Ricky-Roo: No canes so far.
BobS: NO crutches !!!!!!! and we were felling sorry for ya
Ricky-Roo: I took my crutches to my office in case I needed them.
james: sheesh. that's the last time i waste my sympaty :P
rich-c: as in, anyone else would be crawling around after three steps
Pam / Erin: How's Judy, Bob?
Ricky-Roo: I suppose I could try running and re-injure it really good for you, James.
Ricky-Roo: Might even pull the Achilles tendon, then I could have some fun surgery...
George W.: she's in her 60's and impoving
Ricky-Roo: I think I will pass :-)
rich-c: any timeline on when it should be decently healed, Rich?
Ricky-Roo: About a month.
james: the look of agony on your face would be worth it.
james: a month.. that's not too bad
Ricky-Roo: I can still feel it pull if I step just right.
rich-c: james, you're all heart
Ricky-Roo: There is still considerable swelling around the injury site.
BobS: she's not bad finger sore at times and other times ok
james: i try. that's my soft spot i show sometimes
rich-c: biggest lump of granite this side of Mt. Fuji
Ricky-Roo: You can see it when I pull up my socks: the left one goes up over my calf, the right one stops midway.
james: must be swollen pretty bad
Ricky-Roo: It's right around where the "meat" joins the tendon, but from the inside.
rich-c: yes, my leg wasn't quite that bad even after my surgery
Harvie Powis: You need Supp-Hose Ricky
Ricky-Roo: I haven't updated my leg webpage yet, but I did take a photo of my leg on Monday.
james: are you able to drive?
rich-c: will Judy be in shape to join us tonight, Bob?
Ricky-Roo: Actually a good suggestion, Harvie.
Ricky-Roo: Yes, I drove on Sunday, and to work yesterday and today.
Pam / Erin: there's a mental picture for you
Ricky-Roo: So the Egg Hunt is on with me driving the U-Haul.
james: that must help a lot
Ricky-Roo: Yes.
rich-c: can you really put on the pressure needed for emergency braking?
BobS: maybe later Pam......she is at a church meeting tonight
Ricky-Roo: Braking hasn't hurt me any.
james: so is pam / erin pam or erin right now?
Pam / Erin: we're becoming one
Ricky-Roo: I imagine actually standing on the emergency brake proper might hurt.
rich-c: it's Pam's computer so she will have priority
Pam / Erin: however, Pam in control of the keyboard, Erin supplying the commentary
james: for the love of..
Pam / Erin: you can tell by who's listed first : )
james: ok
james: y'all mightn't be seein' me much in a few weeks
Pam / Erin: where ya goin, James?
BobS: why's not???????
rich-c: really? what are you up to now, james?
james: baby is due may 26th
Harvie Powis: 4-1 now, Philly has 3 men in the sin bin
BobS: OK
Pam / Erin: oh, right - had forgotten
George W.:
George W.:
George W.:
Pam / Erin: three???
rich-c: hey! superneat (both baby and score)
james: so another year of chronic sleep deprivation is about to ensue
Ricky-Roo: he can find his way home through the forest.
rich-c: you're such a cynic, james - realistic, but a cynic :-)
George W.: test
james: heh heh. i don't mind. i've been conditioned by case
Pam / Erin: one . . two . . . three
james: we see ya, dubya
rich-c: you're here, George
George W.: damn keyboard
rich-c: is it letting you down again?
rich-c: btw George, did you get my email about AOL?
George W.: who put too many keys in the way?
George W.: ?
Ricky-Roo: There is always Ctrl-Alt-Del...
rich-c: guy by the name of Gates I think, George
Ricky-Roo: Though ON/OFF might be easier.
james: failing that, a 26oz hammer might do the trick
Harvie Powis: Via Voice :)
George W.: i don't think he invented the keyboard. He doesn't have the apptitude
rich-c: Harvie, most of our computer fairs seem to be vanishing - any good secondhand computer shops still going?
Pam / Erin: qwertyuiop
Pam / Erin: just had to throw that in
Ricky-Roo: etaionshrdlu
Harvie Powis: He could invent the keyboard if someone else invented it first
rich-c: when did you ever run a Linotype, Rich?
George W.: what about TCF?
Ricky-Roo: hehe
Ricky-Roo: When did you, Richard?
rich-c: ah, the dark secrets of my pst remain obscure...
Ricky-Roo: Underground newspaper, no doubt.
Harvie Powis: I find the best source
Ricky-Roo: Workers of Canada, Unite!
George W.: trenton computer fair
rich-c: I'll try - I need a 16-bit PCMCIA LAN card and all the new ones are 32-bit
Pam / Erin: our Gen-Yer here wants to know what a linotype is
Ricky-Roo: A typesetting machine.
Ricky-Roo: You typed a line of text.
rich-c: it's the machine newspapers used to set lead type for the presses
Ricky-Roo: The machine would cast a metal slug containing the line in type.
Ricky-Roo: Real-time.
Harvie Powis: It's for printing Linoleum of course :)
Ricky-Roo: haha
james: nevermind the gen-yers, i hadn't even heard of a linotype
Pam / Erin: <E> thank you Harvie
Ricky-Roo: Probably none left working in the world.
james: or maybe i'm just an ignert :P
rich-c: it was an absolutely fascinating process to watcyh. especially when a line was hard to justify
Ricky-Roo: It had a non-QWERTY keyboard.
Ricky-Roo: Hence ETAINSHRDLU.
Ricky-Roo: missed the O
Pam / Erin: top line?
rich-c: if you see historic pictures of newspaper production, there will always be pictures of the Linotype machines
Ricky-Roo: There was a famous C64 game called Shrdlu
Ricky-Roo: Yes Pam, top line.
Ricky-Roo: Dunno the other lines.
Pam / Erin: so where did you use one, Dad?
rich-c: notice the relationship of teh top left letters to the letter frequency table of English
Ricky-Roo: Yep.
rich-c: didn't use on myself, just did a lot of heavy looking on
Pam / Erin: R,S,T,L,N,E
Ricky-Roo: Never saw one in action :-(
Ricky-Roo: U.N.C.L.E.
rich-c: watched them when we went out to Oshawa to put the Varsity to bed, later in the Star when I wrote for them
Pam / Erin: <E> E.R.I.N.
Pam / Erin: where was the Varsity printed?
Ricky-Roo: Exciting Redhead Is Natural?
Pam / Erin: ROTFL
rich-c: I think cousin Leila's husband Bill still had them at his paper when we visited
rich-c: Oshawa, by teh Times-Gazette
Ricky-Roo: I don't know how the student newspaper was typeset here when I was an undergrad.
George W.: ah, dinner
rich-c: couple of times a year we'd go out and watch it being done
rich-c: then to class next day - 40 hours without sleep
Ricky-Roo: I know that *something* printed out long columns that the page layout people physically cut up and pasted onto a full-sized mockup.
Harvie Powis: Game is over 4-1 Leafs
rich-c: well, those galleys could have been hot or cold type at that point
Pam / Erin: are you nuts, Dad?
Ricky-Roo: The columns looked like some kind of laser printout IIRC.
Pam / Erin: we won? WOO HOO!
Ricky-Roo: 40 hours without sleep is fun.
rich-c: there was overlap for some time between hot led and photosetting
Ricky-Roo: Nice hallucinations at the end.
Pam / Erin: says the exper
Pam / Erin: t
George W.: boo
George W.: hiss
Pam / Erin: Go, Leafs Go!
rich-c: wassamatter, George, did Philly score?
George W.: geer
Ricky-Roo: But they're just coming out on the trees now, Pam....
George W.: i dunno
Pam / Erin: the Maple Leaf forever!
rich-c: problem is, this series could go seven games, and Philly has home ice
George W.: snicker
Pam / Erin: hope springs eternal, Dad
Ricky-Roo: <sleeps through flag-waving :-) >
rich-c: actually, I'm secretly hoping the whole thing ends soon so my racing programs stop being bumped
Ricky-Roo: Hockey should run from December through should be long done by now...winter is over.
George W.: can we street mug em
Pam / Erin: you most certainly may not
rich-c: hey, I'll second that, George
Pam / Erin: here's one for you, Dad - AAAAARRRRRGOOOOOSSSS
Ricky-Roo: Oooh, an International Incident! Please continue with the petty bickering and arguing! It is...most entertaining.
Ricky-Roo: (Pamerin should know that quote)
BobS: on Ebay turned up 3 buy it now auctions for $7.50 US plus $15 shipping to
BobS: CA
BobS: search for ..... 16bit PCMCIA LAN card
George W.: they don't call us broad street bullies for nothing
Pam / Erin: Data?
rich-c: Yea, Argos, yea, Argos, always pull together, Argos; fight for the old Double Blue...
Ricky-Roo: Bingo!
Pam / Erin: clearly, I've found a cause closer to Dad's heart
rich-c: I'm surprised they even offer to ship to Canada, but that shipping cost is outrageous
BobS: tis true......but the card is cheap
rich-c: I mean we're talking a dinky little PCMCIA card, eh?
BobS: a lot of sellers are suplimenting the price by jacking up shipping
rich-c: cheap in Yankee dollars, maybe; not for us
BobS: ya
Ricky-Roo: Hehe, I remember when they were $400 each...
Harvie Powis: And don't use UPS
rich-c: no, you'll end up paying $30 US for brokerage on top of the shipping
BobS: well........keep tabs on them and find one that is IN canada......then the price will be more in line
George W.: my apartment was shut for repairs last week
rich-c: reqally? what did they have to fix, George?
BobS: us postal service
George W.: building code violations
Harvie Powis: Dead on Bob
Ricky-Roo: A moose once bit my sister...
Pam / Erin: should we ask how?
rich-c: trust me, Bob, Customs does NOT believe ANYTHING is a gift - and fighting them in court costs too much to argue
rich-c: what violations, George?
james: ups is the biggest scam going
Ricky-Roo: (Sigh, you don't know the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" ref...
rich-c: you noticed, james!
james: there's a reason i pronounce it "oops"
Pam / Erin: i'm not the Monty Python fan - and R isn't here
rich-c: wonder if the library has a Monty Python tape or dvd I could borrow...
Ricky-Roo: Where is Rin?
Pam / Erin: she's here
George W.: leaks
Pam / Erin: says she knows the Meaning of Life references
Ricky-Roo: You said R isn't here, I assumed that meant Rin.
George W.: mold mildew
Pam / Erin: No, Russell
rich-c: those aren't Monty Python, they're Hitchhiker's Guide
Ricky-Roo: Maybe washroom break or something...or keeping your cat away from the dishes.
Pam / Erin: E = Erin
Pam / Erin: R = Russell
Pam / Erin: K = Kimberly
rich-c: the cat is plural, Rich
Harvie Powis: NO, e=mcsquared
Pam / Erin: yes, but only one gets into the dishes, Dad
Ricky-Roo: E = Mc^2
Ricky-Roo: Hehe Harvie, we had the same idea :-)
rich-c: true, it's too much effort for Inky
George W.: find the strings
BobS: R=russell.........E=erin......P=pam.......r=richard........R=dr d.........M=me !!!!!!!
(BobS snickers evilly)
(Pam / Erin is thrown out of the window.)
Pam / Erin: WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!
Ricky-Roo: Calculate the change in surface area (5 point question, show your work)
(BobS hands Pam / Erin a tissue.)
George W.: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
(Pam / Erin throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Ricky-Roo: One won't be enough after they hit the ground, Bob.
BobS: solly cholly !!!!!!!!!!!1
Ricky-Roo: Need at least a whole box.
(rich-c reboots George W.'s computer remotely.)
Pam / Erin: ick
George W.: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Pam / Erin: hmm - interesting pattern
Ricky-Roo: Magic Eye picture.
rich-c: I think he's gone to sleep on us again
(BobS kicks George W.)
BobS: wake yourself UP Geo
George W.: .-.-..--.,
rich-c: ooooh! what he said!
Ricky-Roo: I got it too...
james: anyone here any good with sql?
BobS: darn kids........come on here and then fall asleep.........aargh
Ricky-Roo: Not me...I just hear people complain about it.
BobS: what is sql ???????
rich-c: oh, just a little warning if any of you have been getting that phishing email that spoofs PayPal
George W.: xaml?
james: sql, for querying tables in a database
BobS: am getting them about Paypal AND Ebay
BobS: K
George W.: avalon
Ricky-Roo: Since I have accounts on neither service, I care not...they must be spam.
rich-c: watch out for the PayPal one - it has now switched to carrying a work
rich-c: worm
rich-c: no, they are phishing, Rich
Ricky-Roo: When you wish upon a fish
Ricky-Roo: Makes no difference what you wish
Ricky-Roo: If you wish upon a fish it won't come true.
Ricky-Roo: If your heart is in your spleen
rich-c: you will still get hooked
Ricky-Roo: Then your blood is Vulcan green
Ricky-Roo: When you wish upon a fish as dimwits do.
Ricky-Roo: (A fun song in our household)
Pam / Erin: delicious dishes of phishes
rich-c: are you making that up on the spot or did you pick it up somewhere?
Ricky-Roo: (from the Anti-Disney album)
Ricky-Roo: No, I made it up.
Ricky-Roo: I have a whole repertoire of twisted Disney songs...I will spare you, though.
rich-c: the Anti-Disney album? tell us more
Ricky-Roo: You don't want to know :-)
Ricky-Roo: I made them up for the kids...they like them, they are subversive.
rich-c: well, not when we're online and arguably sober
Ricky-Roo: I am always sober from an ethanol standpoint, but I am quite nuts most of the time.
Pam / Erin: I sense a Con topic
rich-c: not sure I'd approve of your take on "Whistle while you work"
Ricky-Roo: I should have sung them in Toronto.
Ricky-Roo: I do have "Hi Ho", though...
rich-c: I'll second that
Ricky-Roo: Hmm, never thought about "WWYW"...gotta work on it.
George W.: XAML only
Harvie Powis: Print them to a file and share them
Ricky-Roo: Hehe, I could do that.
Pam / Erin: now I have Disney songs running around in my head
Ricky-Roo: They are all clean...just twisted.
rich-c: would you believe I saw the world premiere (in New York) of Snow White?
Pam / Erin: got one for "someday my Prince will come"?
Ricky-Roo: That is an honor, wow!
Ricky-Roo: Yes :-)
rich-c: I think it was in 1937
Pam / Erin: don't look now but your age is showing, Dad
Ricky-Roo: Do you know the history of that premiere, Richard.
Ricky-Roo: Yes, Christmas 1937.
rich-c: at Radio City Music Hall
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: mostly I remember a hell of a lineup
changed username to <undefined>
Ricky-Roo: It almost didn't happen...
Pam / Erin: did Uncle Doug go too?
rich-c: and I did see the Rockettes
Ricky-Roo: Walt was there, wasn't he?
rich-c: and Borden has a mechanical Elsie in the lobby dispensing chocolate milk
<undefined> changed username to Western R.
Harvie Powis: Hello <undefined>
Pam / Erin: Hi Ron
rich-c: greetings, Ron
Pam / Erin: how's tricks?
Western R.: materizlize !
Western R.: yo!
George W.: go.pif
Ricky-Roo: Hi Ronald.
Pam / Erin: you mean poof, George?
Western R.: Hi Pam/Erin
George W.: no
George W.: Hi R
rich-c: no he means program information file - I think he's talking about sql
Western R.: Hi Ricky Roo
George W.: ????
Pam / Erin: so what's the rest of the story on the premiere, gents?
Ricky-Roo: From what I remember reading...
rich-c: well, if Walt Disney was there, I didn't get to see him, or if I did I don't remember
George W.: too much gas
Ricky-Roo: ...the print that was shown was completed at the very last possible moment.
Ricky-Roo: Walt brought it with him on the plane, literally still wet from the alb.
Ricky-Roo: lab.
rich-c: hang in there, George, there's some research getting done here in Toronto that looks promising for Crohn's management
rich-c: maybe that's why the lineup was long and slowmoving
Pam / Erin: well, you were only 7 Dad
rich-c: but at that age I wasn't very critical about picture quality
Ricky-Roo: The final sequence was photographed 3 times before they got it right.
Ricky-Roo: And each time through took more than a day.
Ricky-Roo: The first time, they had the wrong lens on the it looked like fisheye.
rich-c: well considering every frame had to be hand-drawn
Ricky-Roo: They reset and started again...and there was a mild earthquake that shook the camera.
Ricky-Roo: So they reset and did it *again* this time, it was like 36 hours before the premiere...
rich-c: where did you find this story, Rich?
Ricky-Roo: Luckily they got it right...and away Walt went.
Pam / Erin: where *do* you get this info, Rich?
Ricky-Roo: A history of animation by Leonard Maltin.
BobS: Judy is HOME !!!!! hurray!!!! she sasy HI ya'll......digit hurts too much to ype
BobS: type
Ricky-Roo: And cross-country flight wasn't just a few hours back then.
rich-c: just thinking - back then LA to NYC would have been about 12 hours plus refuelling, if they didnt have to dodge weather in the Rockies
Pam / Erin: Hi Judy
Western R.: Hi Judy
Ricky-Roo: It was very close...
rich-c: greetings Judy - get that finger healed up; we're missing you, hear?
Pam / Erin: Ron, you're very quiet. How are things?
BobS: yes Ronald do tell
rich-c: probably got one of the first DC-2 sleeper aircraft - believe they had just come into service
BobS: stitches out next week kids !!!!
Western R.: Well enough, thanks,Pam/Erin. - Just listenin' to the conversation
Harvie Powis: What's the latest in Xanadu Ron?
Pam / Erin: is your Mom doing alright?
Western R.: I'm in "throw-out:" mode again
Western R.: Gave away 2 Macs, more to follow
Ricky-Roo: Well, I heard it through the grapevine, Harvey, that Kubla Khan is constructing a stately pleasure-dome there.
Western R.: Gotta clean things up around here
rich-c: oh - if you have a 16-bit PCMCIA Ethernet card, I need one
Western R.: well now...... hmmmm
Ricky-Roo: (very inside joke there, Harvie)
Harvie Powis: I gotta go see dat :)
Ricky-Roo: It's next to a sacred river, I think it's name is Alph.
Ricky-Roo: Lots of caves there, too...
Harvie Powis: I know of the poem Doc
Western R.: considering options on what to do with a large quantity of 5-1/4 inch floppies
Ricky-Roo: Hehe
Ricky-Roo: Good for you.
Western R.: I don't use 'em no more
Western R.: and they're takin' up space on the floor
rich-c: hang onto them Ron, they are geting scarce and demand is growing
Western R.: Hanging on to them is no longer an option Rich, sorry
Pam / Erin: go vertical, Ron
rich-c: might be worth seeing if any are being offered on eBay
Western R.: I have no wish to see them any where here
rich-c: are they DOS or Adam floppies, Ron?
Western R.: If anyone wants a box, I'd be glad to ship them of to ya
Ricky-Roo: How large a quantity?
BobS: trouble is.....shipping is too high to go very far
Western R.: both
Western R.: C 64 format, ADAM format, IBM format, single, double density , you name it
rich-c: let me look at that for a few days, Ron - I have an idea
Western R.: All's I know is I want 'em outa here
BobS: as long as they are NOT 1.2m they can be reformatted for ADAM
rich-c: any idea of quantity? I assume all are used
Western R.: all used yes
Western R.: estimate something up to 500
rich-c: I believe I have managed to format some 1.2s successfully for Adam use
Ricky-Roo: In bulk, a couple shoeboxes full, yes?
Western R.: um........ let's say 10 shoe boxes
BobS: but they are unreliable richard......I have done it also, but not with great success
Western R.: my experience also
rich-c: that's more than 500 - be nearer a couple of thousand
Ricky-Roo: I was trying to mentally multiply the stacks of 25 I used to buy from Micro Center.
BobS: had some that we erased with a magnet.....tried to format, failed but could format back as 1.2m .......wierd
Ricky-Roo: The magnetic stuff on 1.2M disks is just wrong for the magnetic field used by 360Ks.
Ricky-Roo: No way to make it work reliably.
BobS: ah so taht is it..........
rich-c: yes, I do know there were idosyncrasies with those discs and they did behave inconsistently
Western R.: I will probably hang onto a shoe-box or two, just in case, but I've got way more than that
BobS: and THAT is the reason WHY kids
rich-c: as I say, I may have an idea - I will check and let you know
Western R.: right
rich-c: dying of thirst - need a beer - brb
Western R.: I don't mind payin some freight
Western R.: In Heaven, there is no beer
Western R.: That's why we drink it here
(BobS groans loudly)
Western R.: right
Ricky-Roo: From what I have heard, beer is only rented.
Harvie Powis: Here we drink it because we are Canadian :)
BobS: and it IS time to start summer comes on
Pam / Erin: <E> tis true!
Western R.: ya got that right Ricky Roo
Ricky-Roo: Root beer is as far as I go.
Western R.: Ron disappears in search of a diet coke... BRB
Harvie Powis: Sarsaparilla
Ricky-Roo: Man, we're drivin' 'em all to drink tonight.
(Pam / Erin gives Western R. a can of Diet Coke.)
Ricky-Roo: Yes! Birch beer.
Pam / Erin: cranberry soda!
rich-c: basically I drink beer because I don't like pop
Harvie Powis: I never liked him either
Ricky-Roo: <rim shot>
rich-c: beer tastes better
Ricky-Roo: Joan is watching an episode of "Adam 12" on TV...
Western R.: pop has aspartame, beer has alcohol, water is unsafe, what's a poor guy to do?
Ricky-Roo: Malloy and Reed don't have an ADAM in their squad car, though.
rich-c: drink beer, the alcohol kills the germs
BobS: we's watchin ADAM 12 also !!!!!!!!1
BobS: nothing else to watch
Western R.: It plays games with my head
Ricky-Roo: Haha.
Western R.: and I go all stupid
Pam / Erin: Apple juice!
Western R.: too tart
Harvie Powis: That's the desired effect Ron :)
moved to room Meeting Place
Western R.: oh
Ricky-Roo: Apple cider...color of beer, foamy like beer, better for you...
changed username to Ravenswood B
BobS: Guy....dat You mon????????
rich-c: hello Ravenswood B
Ravenswood B: Bob, how do you know it's me.
Ricky-Roo: Sounds like an old phone number.
Pam / Erin: Hi, Guy
Ravenswood B changed username to Guy B.
Western R.: my latest is a concoction of 1/3 Cranberry Juice, 1/3 Diet Ginger Ale, and 1/3 PC Ginger Berr
Ricky-Roo: GArfield-1-2323.
Guy B.: Greetings!
BobS: ve know EVERTHING my son..........we are, after all, computer geeks !!!!!!!!
Ricky-Roo: PA-6-5000.
Pam / Erin: HU-6395
Guy B.: I had a really good day today. Today is my 24th anniversary with my company.
Pam / Erin: recognize that Dad?
Ricky-Roo: 1-800-I81-U812.
rich-c: that's a private one, Pam
Harvie Powis: Beechwood 45789
BobS: poor manager at the restaurant for AC10 in Florida, still doen't know how I knew her name..........
Western R.: You can call me up and have a date
Western R.: Any old time
rich-c: later HU*6395 then 488 ditto
Pam / Erin: Congrats, Guy
Western R.: I love oldies
rich-c: damn near wore out my finger on it half a century ago
Western R.: oldies are my life
Pam / Erin: that current Harvie?
BobS: CONGRATS Guy., own shares now????????
Harvie Powis: That's an old song Pam
Pam / Erin: just checking
Western R.: Congrats Guy
Guy B.: Thank you. Next year will be the big one. My manager was also today, she's been there 35 years. So, we took her out to lunch and surprised her with a cake.
rich-c: that's a fair while, Guy - well done
BobS: "big one".......meanign what sir????????
rich-c: will there be anything special next year?
Ricky-Roo: 25 years, Bob.
Guy B.: 25 hombre
Ricky-Roo: 24+1
BobS: ya and what you gonna get???????
Western R.: 26 - 1
BobS: just a kick in the pants, eh??????
Guy B.: Good question. I don't know.
rich-c: I have my 25-year pin from the Board of Education
rich-c: they used to give watches but gave it up
Pam / Erin: I got the goods after 5 and 10 - a gold necklace and a gold / ruby ring
BobS: take that pin richard.......and a buck and a quarter or so .....and get a cup of coffee
rich-c: actually, I believe it is solid gold
Ricky-Roo: Ruby slippers...
Pam / Erin: nah, too inflexible
Guy B.: Thought I let everyone know that I'm working on getting the emulator and the utilities up on my webpage space. I'm creating the webpage now for it.
Ricky-Roo: They will always take you home...
Western R.: The feds give out these scrolled placks - Mine says, 25 years, signed by Jean Cretien
Western R.: I was actually in 27 years before I got it
Ricky-Roo: Really signed?
Ricky-Roo: Or just franked?
Pam / Erin: Erin says no
Western R.: Well.... a facsimile
Ricky-Roo: "Certificate of Authenticity"
Guy B.: Dr D, how's the leg doing?
Pam / Erin: they rarely have the time to sign everything needed
Ricky-Roo: No crutches since Monday, Guy, but still limping.
Ricky-Roo: Still some swelling and bruising.
Ricky-Roo: Give it another couple weeks.
Ricky-Roo: I can drive now, though.
Guy B.: Must have scared the heck out of you.
Ricky-Roo: And how!
rich-c: I can tell you, it scared us plenty too
Ricky-Roo: Nasssty sssound, gollum!
Western R.: What happened Ricky Roo.... I must have missed the story
Ricky-Roo: Tore a muscle in my right calf 2 Sundays ago.
Guy B.: Be thankful that it wasn't worse than it was.
Ricky-Roo: The full story is at
Western R.: this is not good
rich-c: shame on you, Ron - haven't you been checking your email?
Harvie Powis: Would not have happened if you were wearing the ruby slippers
Ricky-Roo: Plus an updated photo at
Western R.: well, probably, but I get so much of it that I sometimes miss
Ricky-Roo: No indeed, Harvie.
Ricky-Roo: I was in the ER for a while, on crutches a week, limping now.
George W.: hookup your gas pipes i'm letting it rip
Ricky-Roo: No surgery needed unless I don't get better.
Pam / Erin: a little less time in the ER than on crutches but not much : )
Guy B.: How long will it take it to complelely heal?
rich-c: OK George, go for it
Ricky-Roo: A few weeks, a month.
Ricky-Roo: I am not going to do any running for a while.
Ricky-Roo: :-)
Western R.: guess not eh?
Ricky-Roo: George, gas is a poor suicide choice.
Guy B.: Best thing to do is not to overdo anything that will put stress on the leg.
Ricky-Roo: Agreed, Guy.
Pam / Erin: <E> are there really any good choices?
rich-c: actuaslly a little attention cuts the interruptions
Guy B.: Anyone sent in their registration for AC16 yet?
Western R.: Went down and got a passport application today
Western R.: that's about as far as I got
Ricky-Roo: I would love too...still need to know for how many days I can be about a month, I hope.
rich-c: no, I dont know if we can make it
George W.: no, i'm putting out gas. it's getting windy in here
Ricky-Roo: love to, arrgh.
Pam / Erin: better get moving Ron - I hear it takes quite a while
Western R.: yes
Ricky-Roo: Then I guess I will need ADAMcon 15.75, then, Richard.
rich-c: I believe it's better to hand it in at the office if there is one near you
Guy B.: I don't think it won't be too much of a problem for me.
Pam / Erin: or 16.25
Western R.: no
Western R.: Victoria is closest
Ricky-Roo: Some fraction close to 16.0, yes.
Western R.: will go there
rich-c: if you mail it, Ottawa takes four weeks to send it back because your photo isn't right
Western R.: need an excuse to drop in on my ex-wife anyway
Pam / Erin: LOL
Pam / Erin: why, Ron?
(Guy B. gives Pam / Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
Pam / Erin: thanks, Guy
Western R.: my perception.... probably not reality
Western R.: she's in Victoria
Guy B.: I had quite a bit for lunch including Diet Cokes.
rich-c: yeah, but that was some while ago, Guy
George W.: i have to GO!
Western R.: watch that stuff Guy it's rot-gut
rich-c: how did the Coke go with the cake?
Western R.: take my advice, I'm not using it
George W.: nite all
james left chat session
rich-c: so press on, George - see you later
BobS: nite G
Guy B.: Back around 12 noon. Had pizza, salad. The cake came later with Diet Sierra Mist.
Harvie Powis: Goodnight George
George W.: oh, the gas
Pam / Erin: bye George
George W.: poof
George W. left chat session
Guy B.: So Abby and I went for a good walk on the bike trail. I had her in the vet last Saturday. Urinary Trac Infection came back again.
Pam / Erin: looks like we lost James
Ricky-Roo: That guy is so full of ____ I wish he would never come back here.
Ricky-Roo: I don't care if this ends up in the log or not.
Ricky-Roo: I have had it with him.
rich-c: patience, Rich - he can be difficult, though
Guy B.: I wonder he is even here in the first place.
Ricky-Roo: He is a putrid pest and I wish he would stay away.
Ricky-Roo: Patience I have none with him any more.
Ricky-Roo: Expletive deleted expletive deleted.
rich-c: I think he is desperate for any social contact - he has a tough time
Ricky-Roo: I am just saying aloud what most are thinking anyway, I don't care.
BobS: Dale says he can be knocked off an blacklisted so he can't come on
rich-c: I understand and hear you, Rich
Ricky-Roo: Only if there are logins and passwords for everyone, that is not enabled in the chat.
Ricky-Roo: That would be a pest in itself, more passwords to remember.
Guy B.: True.
rich-c: I don't think we need or want any login or passeord nonsenc
rich-c: se
Harvie Powis: Can't you block a single IP ?
Ricky-Roo: I am sorry that he is sick and depressed and demented, but I am tired of reading about his colonic discomfort.
Western R.: Has anyone tried the "lay-it-on-the -line " approach..... no more of that type of chat, or there will be consequences?
rich-c: sure, but if it's AOL, you got problems
Ricky-Roo: And what he has to do with ADAM is totally unknown to me.
Guy B.: We should tell him that, but I wonder if that will do any good.
Ricky-Roo: I will shut up now.
rich-c: it may well straighten him up for a while
Western R.: first off, I figured he was for real
rich-c: interestingly there is very little of that when he shows up on a Saturday
Ricky-Roo: I should probably go away and cool down....I am *really* steamed...probably unfairly so...grrrr.
Pam / Erin: that's because he's the focus of attention then
BobS: Pam laid into him one night....he disappeared for awhile .....and has been a lot better lately since returning
Western R.: with reason, Dr. D.
Guy B.: I would have been there last Saturday. But I had an emergency.
Pam / Erin: he only comes out with this stuff when he's bored
Ricky-Roo: Gonna take a walk...back in a bit.
BobS: hokay
rich-c: the problem is he hs difficulty participating in the normal pattern
Guy B.: Ok, Dr. D.
Ricky-Roo moved to room not at my desk
Pam / Erin: don't be gone too long Rich
Western R.: Meanwhile - back to my 5-1/4 inch disks for a minute
Western R.: Think what I'm gonna do is sort 'em, box 'em and count 'em
rich-c: OK - let's hear
Western R.: then I'll report back as to exactly what I've got
Pam / Erin: that may be true Dad but he reminds me of the kid who figures that bad attention is better than no attention at all
rich-c: sounds good, maybe put them out on the mailing list
Guy B.: Oh yeah. Speaking of that. I'm finally getting close to getting Adamserve back online again.
Western R.: right
BobS: tis an IDEA wester dude
rich-c: I suspect there are folks in the community who wil want them
BobS: western
Western R.: see how many shoe boxes I really got
rich-c: let's say those who still use them will find it prudent to grab some
Western R.: well, seems a shame to contaminate the landfill with em
rich-c: they are geting incressingly scarce now
Harvie Powis: Count your shoes and divide by two Ron :)
Western R.: Sally Ann doesn't want them any more
Western R.: Thanks Harvie
Western R.: I would not have figured that out by myself
rich-c: again - see if they are a commodity trading on ebay
Western R.: will so attempt Rich
Guy B.: I managed to snatch up some brand new ones a few years ago from Target and OfficeMax. They were clearing them out.
BobS: they ARE a commodity on Ebay
Pam / Erin: that doesn't help if you recycle your shoe boxes, Harvie
Harvie Powis: Doh!!
(BobS Giggles)
(BobS giggles like a bashful schoolgirl with a crush on the hunk captain of the football team.)
Pam / Erin: wonder what it would cost to mail an empty shoe box to you Ron?
(BobS giggles)
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Western R.: fill if full of thousand dollar bills
(BobS blushes)
Western R.: won't make much difference in the weight
(Pam / Erin laughs heartily)
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Guy B.)
Western R.: Aha, aha, aha, ho ho
(Guy B. gives BobS some poutine.)
BobS: some WHAT ?????????
Harvie Powis: If I sent you a box of thousand dollar bills would you pay them?
Pam / Erin: would be difficult Ron, since they've taken $1000 bills off the market
Western R.: do you really know what POUTINE is?
Western R.: hmm...
rich-c: Bob, any idea what they are selling for? (like, enough to cover the shipping?)
Western R.: well try 100s
Guy B.: Would you like something else instead?
(BobS gives Guy B. some poutine.)
Western R.: fries, cheeze curds, and gravy
BobS: that's a tasty treat????????
Pam / Erin: 'tis good!
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Western R.: sprinkled with a hefty dose of French Canadian curse words
rich-c: MELTED cheese curds, there
Western R.: yes, the cheeze curds have to be melted
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
rich-c: in gourmet dining, they add pate de foie gras
Western R.: Actually, it's delicious if prepared properly
Pam / Erin: ick, Daddy
Western R.: Which can only be done north of Quebec City
rich-c: which reminds me, we're missing Daniel tonight
BobS: right !!!!!
Pam / Erin: didn't he say he'd be absent for a couple of weeks?
Guy B.: Maybe he's busy with something tonight.
Western R.: believe so
BobS: think he did
rich-c: could well be, come to think of it
Western R.: That guy is a talent let me tellya
Guy B.: I second that.
rich-c: I'm not in a position to judge, but I do get that impression
Western R.: he certainly can program
rich-c: he seems to get things done incredibly fast
Western R.: yes
rich-c: and I notice he has impressed the commercial vendors with his work
Western R.: he has that
rich-c: always suggests talent when someone is willing to buy your work
Western R.: yup
rich-c: money so often conveys basic truths
Western R.: root of all evil, but yes, basically
BobS: money ??????? WHO needs it !!!!!!!!!!!!
Western R.: seems to be our way of comparing the value of items
Western R.: to pay taxes with Bob
rich-c: and endowing work with validity
Harvie Powis: Time for me to say goodnight all
BobS: oh yes, that dread thing
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Western R.: Still light out Harvie
Pam / Erin: night, Harvie
rich-c: night Harvey - see you next week
BobS: be good Harv......and HAVE FUN !!!!!!!
Western R.: sun is shining and all
rich-c: before you go, Harvie - what's the score?
Harvie Powis: Cats to kill and contracts to fill Ron
Western R.: well you better get at it, my man
Pam / Erin: you weren't paying attention earlier Dad - we won
rich-c: good!
Harvie Powis: Bye Bye
Harvie Powis left chat session
Western R.: Toronto- Toronto - Toronto - the GOOD
rich-c: bye now Harv
Pam / Erin: Go Leafs Go! (ever the eternal optimist)
Western R.: Nite Harvie
Western R.: I have lost my team, may as well root for somebody else
Pam / Erin: sorry about the Canucks, Ron
rich-c: I'd suggest Montreal - they need all the help they can get
Western R.: well, I had a feelin' they weren't really in it
Western R.: right Rich
rich-c: oh, I thought maybe you meant Ottawa
Western R.: but it hurts to cheer for Montreal
Pam / Erin: in the end, any Canadian team
Western R.: I don't do it honestly
Ricky-Roo changed username to Dr.D.
Western R.: never did
Dr.D. moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: welcome back, Rich
Dr.D.: All right, I have stopped being childish.
Dr.D.: More childish than George, my sincere apologies.
Dr.D.: It won't happen again.
Western R.: not at all Dr. D. Think you were only giving expression to what the rest of us were keeping inward
Dr.D.: I see Harvie left, sigh.
rich-c: fuggedaboutit, he can be VERY trying - to say the least
Pam / Erin: you missed him by about 30 seconds
BobS: go tell Christina to smack ya with the dishcloth
Dr.D.: Rats. I went upstairs and watched a bit of B&W "Dragnet".
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I won't be here this Saturday, have a haircut appt. I'll see you all next week.
Dr.D.: And ate the last piece of Gretchen's birthday cake.
BobS: kinda boring yes?????????
Dr.D.: So long, Guy.
Western R.: poor Gretchen
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next Wednesday then
BobS: be good Guy
Pam / Erin: Guy, you have to start scheduling this stuff better
Dr.D.: Not really, Jack Webb has a great voice...
Pam / Erin: g'nite :)
Western R.: night Guy. Go straight home now
Guy B.: I'll try Pam.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: cute ron
Dr.D.: I watched the color "Dragnet" when I was a kid, but only ever saw bits and pieces of the original.
rich-c: Adam 12? Dragnet? those new programs on Fox?
Western R.: :)
Dr.D.: Haha
Dr.D.: Some cable channel is rerunning them.
Dr.D.: The one we always watched was "Emergency!", since my Dad was a fireman and also an EMT.
Western R.: St. George and the Dragon -Net (ohmygod sorry)\
rich-c: I am using satellite - nice, but I lose it when there is a thunderstorm overhead
Dr.D.: He was always impressed about how accurate they made the medical stuff.
Pam / Erin: we watched Adam-12, Emergency
Dr.D.: Hahaha Ron.
Western R.: Ya see one dragon, ya seen 'em all
Dr.D.: "Rampart, this is Rescue 51!"
rich-c: we used to watch Emergency quite religiously -it was a neat show
Pam / Erin: took me forever to figure out that Rampart was the hospital
rich-c: of course we wre younger then and not so critical
Dr.D.: Brings back a memory of a comic strip I drew in high school...
Western R.: same here..... start an IV with D5W and Ringers Lactate
Dr.D.: There was a throwaway gag about "Emergency!" in it.
Dr.D.: There was a map showing "Lampart General Hospital" on it.
rich-c: speaking of which - now you've got me checking Foxtrot evry week
Dr.D.: Across the street, labelled "Lampart General Hospital Outpatient Residences" was a cemetery :-)
Pam / Erin: cute, Rich
Western R.: :)
Pam / Erin: why, Dad?
Dr.D.: 'Cause Jason Fox is a funny, twisted little kid hacker :-)
rich-c: because it's funny - I check up on Non Sequiter too, and sometimes Shoe
Western R.: Bob, you better tell Judy to keep the finger raised
Pam / Erin: I still only pay attention to For Better or For Worse
BobS: she is Ron
Western R.: good
BobS: and it si getting better
BobS: is
Dr.D.: Some comic either today or yesterday, a one-panel job, showed a dog reading E-mail and getting spam: "REVERSE YOUR NEUTERING!"
rich-c: that's a relief - feeling returning well?
BobS: mum over her bout of sickness yet??????
Western R.: ROTFL
Pam / Erin: speaking of FBORFW, did you know that the town the Pattersons live in is a real place?
Dr.D.: I know they are Canadian.
rich-c: yes, I've got Mailwasher running in the background and go delete my spam every ten minutes or so
Western R.: There is sure one hell of a pile of people who want me to try Viagra, let me tell ya
Pam / Erin: <E> don't worry Ron, they want me to try it too
Western R.: oh
BobS: same program i use richard////wprls great
rich-c: not to mention the herbal equivalents, and the new competitors...
Western R.: all of the above
rich-c: Frances loves the "Nigerian letters"
Western R.: you mean she actually reads them?
BobS: "Want a bigger..........." AND "your wife deserves................" they getted trached first
Pam / Erin: Millsboro happens to be the town that Russell's aunt lives in
Western R.: exactly Bob
Dr.D.: Someone wrote a parody of one replacing it with Bush stumping for invading Iraq.
rich-c: yesterday;s were "from" Dubai and the Ivory Coast (at least they named it in French, Cote d'Ivoire")
Pam / Erin: we used to get those as spam faxes at work. They were pretty funny after a while
rich-c: when she's bored - some of them are a hoot
Dr.D.: "I am the Honourable Mugabe Futabwa, grandson of the late esteemed Grand Poobah of Unga-Bunga..."
Western R.: right
rich-c: you got it
BobS: and I need help with some $$$$$$$$$$
Western R.: mail me all your money, and I will be forever in your debt
rich-c: Dubai couldn't trust his relatives to distribute $18 million in cash he wanted to send to chrities
BobS: well gang, time to bd ya'll a fond 'adious'
rich-c: he wanted to offer a 10
Dr.D.: That looks like an adjective, Bob.
Western R.: be well Bob, be well, Judy
rich-c: 5 commission for doing the job
Pam / Erin: g'nite Bob
Dr.D.: By Judy.
Dr.D.: Bye, I meant.
BobS: so be good, don't do ANYTHIGN I wouldn't do.......and will see you next week.....god willing and the crick don't rise too high
rich-c: nite, Bob and Judy
Dr.D.: Spelling ist verflixt tonight.
Pam / Erin: is that supposed to be adios or adieu?
Western R.: freedom to PaRTY
BobS: ya mon......das ist
Dr.D.: Portmanteau.
BobS: ya that too Pam
BobS left chat session
rich-c: depends on whether you want to french or spanish version
Dr.D.: Like my new verb, "typoing", itself a typo.
Pam / Erin: we'll add it to the lexicon, Rich
Dr.D.: I should trademark it or something.
Dr.D.: It is so apropos.
Dr.D.: An example of the thing it means.
Western R.: I like it
Dr.D.: You heard it here first...maybe I'll end up in Webster's.
Western R.: yes
Dr.D.: Imagine the OED citation being this chat :-)
Pam / Erin: along with Erin's "clippy-dos"
rich-c: the way the internet is getting indexed these days, it could happen
Dr.D.: Clippy-do...hmmm...a beret for hair?
Pam / Erin: yup
Dr.D.: Or just a general paperclip thingy?
rich-c: no, a patchy disc operating system
Dr.D.: hahaha
Pam / Erin: that would be a clippy thingy
Pam / Erin: cute, Dad
Dr.D.: Has the Word Clippy guy, ick.
Dr.D.: What an icon.
Western R.: There is such knowledge here
Dr.D.: They will have to kill us because of it, we are too dangerous.
Pam / Erin: <E> oh that little guy pisses me off
Dr.D.: <makes out will>
Dr.D.: <leaves nothing to Clippy>
Dr.D.: The Mac versions of Word have an old-style Mac man.
Dr.D.: Right, Ron?
Dr.D.: A 128K Mac with feet.
Western R.: yeah
rich-c: been mostly online since 5 p.m. - eyes are beginning to tire
Pam / Erin: <E> "it looks like you're writing a letter - do you need help?"
Pam / Erin: <E> bite me
Western R.: I hate him about as much as I dislike the bicycle dude
Dr.D.: Wow, you are turning into a net.junkie with DSL, Richard :-)
Western R.: "You appear to be writing a letter, would you like some help?"
Dr.D.: Haha Rin.
Western R.: NO GO AWAY
Pam / Erin: <E> bite me
rich-c: I'd have been on earlier but I couldn't get Frances off for hours
Dr.D.: You appear to be an annoying Redmond git, would you like to be hit with a hammer?
Western R.: ROTFL
rich-c: but it is time for me to head in and call it a night
Dr.D.: Sleep well, Richard, say hi to Frances.
rich-c: and Ron, I have put out an inquiry about a possible user for your discs
Pam / Erin: okay Dad. If there's anything in the paper about Gabriel tomorrow, please let me know
Western R.: nite Rich. One of these years, I'll surprise the world and show up on Saturday
rich-c: right, Pam, watch your email
Western R.: ok Rich, tks
Pam / Erin: call me, Dad
rich-c: OK Pam
Pam / Erin: nitey nite
rich-c: night, all, maybe see you Sat, Ron
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Western R.: hope springs eternal Rich
Pam / Erin: did we ever establish what colour gone was?
Western R.: Speaking of Redmond
Western R.: I just bought this Microsoft keyboard.. Would that I had not
Pam / Erin: what possessed you Ron?
Dr.D.: Spell it with an acute accent, gone', maybe that will make it a color.
Western R.: It's got more buttons on it than I don't know what
Western R.: a weak moment
Dr.D.: The big red one launches missiles, don't press it.
Pam / Erin: ROTFL
Dr.D.: The blue one causes, of courses, BSOD.
Western R.: I had destroyed the plug on my previous, and broke off a couple of pins, which adversely affected its functionality
Pam / Erin: yes, I can see how that could be a problem
Western R.: I thought so Dr. D
Dr.D.: The green one transfers your bank balance to Chairman Bill. Don't press it, either.
Western R.: I think one of 'em uploads the contents of myhard drive to Bill Gates directly
Dr.D.: Lucky you didn't break the jack on the computer.
Dr.D.: Give him something good to read, then :-)
Pam / Erin: so which one aims the missiles at the little Word Clippy?
Western R.: I am not very dextrous with small electronic components, as you all have seen
Dr.D.: Need the mouse for aim...
Pam / Erin: something about push pins, I believe?
Dr.D.: Ctrl-Alt-RightClick...
Western R.: you know about that eh?
Pam / Erin: there were rumours
Western R.: mmm
Dr.D.: Dunno, just made it up :-)
Dr.D.: Rumours?
Western R.: for you, rumors
Pam / Erin: about push pins : )
Dr.D.: (duh)
Dr.D.: of what?
Dr.D.: As long as Ron didn't sit on any...
Western R.: my inability to be careful with electronic gear
Western R.: and then to effect repairs with push pins
Dr.D.: Oh.
Pam / Erin: boy that oh spoke volumes
Pam / Erin: so, why not duct tape?
Western R.: I use that too
Western R.: but only to hold up plants that have blown down in the wind
Western R.: Well I'm about to cast myself into a sea of stuff that needs to be thrown out
Pam / Erin: there's a whole secondary conversation going on here - about watering computers
Western R.: tried that
Western R.: they don't like it
Pam / Erin: shall we send a lifeboat in a couple of days Ron?
Western R.: Plants don't like electricity much either
Dr.D.: As long as it wasn't inadvertant from burst pipes...
Pam / Erin: well how else are you going to get the computer to grow?
Western R.: yes
Pam / Erin: call out the coast guard
Western R.: I mean no..... it's just that everything is now all over the floor, and I've already made 4 trips to the Sally Ann and two to the local library
Dr.D.: I don't think Ron wants them to grow.
Western R.: There is no end to it
Western R.: shhhh
Dr.D.: Are you clearing house with a vengeance now, Ron?
Western R.: yeah...... preparatory to a possible selling of the place
Dr.D.: You had mentioned that some time ago...avoiding stairs.
Western R.: not sure yet, but just in case, the basement needs tidying up anyway.... well, you saw it
Dr.D.: Very homey, I thought.
Western R.: yes, and that's not getting any better
Western R.: that's one word
Dr.D.: Much nicer than my basement, you would be appalled...
Western R.: really?
Dr.D.: I would provide a photo but don't want to risk the approbrium.
Western R.: and that there would certainly be
Dr.D.: The packing and unpacking for the last 3 ADAMcons has really disorganized it.
Western R.: i know how that can happen
Dr.D.: Since no "everyday" systems ever got put back up after the cons.
Dr.D.: It is just a gmish of stuff in boxes.
Western R.: it's true. Wonder why that is
Dr.D.: It needs organization...about a month's worth.
Pam / Erin: you need a Clean Sweep
Dr.D.: I need an external rental storage area.
Dr.D.: I think if I could get something for $30 per month, I would do it...put it all in one place.
Western R.: I had one of those too, then realized that I was paying 50 bucks a month to store my junk
Dr.D.: Then I could at least get at it.
Western R.: brb
Western R.: Well folks, mother has just reminded me that there are sheets hanging outside, and I must go rescue them from the evening due
Western R.: dww
Western R.: dew
Pam / Erin changed username to Erin / Pam
Erin / Pam: I'm going to let Erin take over for a while
Dr.D.: We had frost this morning.
Erin / Pam: Nite Ron - hugs to you and Mom
Dr.D.: Started at 30 F, ended at 60 F.
Western R.: tks all
Dr.D.: Good night Ron, and also hugs to Mother.
Western R.: niters
Erin / Pam: Brr
Dr.D.: Supposed to be 75F tomorrow.
Western R. left chat session
Erin / Pam: hi there
Dr.D.: Hello.
Erin / Pam: Pam stepped out for a moment
Dr.D.: Keyboard shift, now you type, Pam thinks? :-)
Erin / Pam: haha
Dr.D.: More cats?
Erin / Pam: nope washroom
Dr.D.: We could add one here :-)
Erin / Pam: hehe
Dr.D.: Room creation is turned on now.
Erin / Pam: cool
Dr.D.: Not by me, Dale did it. See for yourself from the menu.
Erin / Pam: very cool (Pam's laughing at your comments BTW)
Dr.D.: About the washroom?
Erin / Pam: yes :-)
Erin / Pam: how do you do the colour?
Erin / Pam: or color as you would say
Dr.D.: Can I use techspeak?
Erin / Pam: may....but I may zone out <aloof smile>
Dr.D.: Color is specified as 3 numbers, each from 0 to 255.
Dr.D.: One is how much red, the next green, the last blue.
Erin / Pam: what's red?
Dr.D.: Pure red would be 255,0,0.
Erin / Pam: makes sense to Pam
Dr.D.: The room creation interface wants it in hexadecimal, so it would be FF0000.
Erin / Pam: :-)
Dr.D.: Black is 000000, white is FFFFFF.
Dr.D.: Any 3 all the same makes a grey.
Erin / Pam: I like grey
Dr.D.: Okay...
Erin / Pam: lost at hexadecimals
Dr.D. created room Ms. Rin /Ms. Rin's Room
Dr.D.: Go look at Ms. Rin's Room...
Dr.D. moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
Erin / Pam moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
Dr.D.: Dark grey.
Erin / Pam: heheheheehhehehehehehehehehehehehe
Dr.D.: Sorta icky IMHO.
Dr.D.: Like with a flashlight in the dark basement.
Erin / Pam: grey is a statement
Dr.D.: Pam is probably freaking now :-)
Erin / Pam: I used to wear it all the time (not this particular colour) but to say that nothing is ever black and white
Erin / Pam: why would Pam be freaking?
Dr.D.: I was just guessing...I guessed too dark.
Erin / Pam: secret dark places are kinda cool
Dr.D.: It's in the dark...and (LOL) possible genetic predisposition to not liking chat rooms of a different color...witness her Dad with the ADAM Emulator :-)
Dr.D.: <runs>
Erin / Pam: hehe
Erin / Pam: true
Erin / Pam: but Pam is not her father
Erin / Pam: :-)
Dr.D.: True.
Dr.D.: ("Thank goodness!" says the Chorus)
Erin / Pam: <P> no arguement from this end
Erin / Pam: now are you able to delete this room or does Dale have to do it?
Dr.D.: Dale has to do it.
Dr.D.: The only way to delete rooms or actions is from the console.
Erin / Pam: <P> hehe...ooops
Dr.D.: No harm done, is there?
Erin / Pam: so this could be here for a while
Erin / Pam: none
Erin / Pam: just funny
Erin / Pam: I can bet no one will even notice
Erin / Pam: :-)
Dr.D.: It's not like I named it Rin's Pleasure-Dome or anything...
Dr.D.: Or George's Tidy-Bowl...
Dr.D.: That one could have a brown motif.
Erin / Pam: <P> ROTFL
Dr.D.: I should not have brought him up again...rewind tape.
Erin / Pam: it's ok
Erin / Pam: you are allowed to vent aloud once in a while
Dr.D.: Shouldn't have done it.
Erin / Pam: done what <tape rewound and erased already>
Dr.D.: Made this room so dark.
Erin / Pam: ahhhh....well I didn't give you any specs to go by :-)
Erin / Pam: and thank you that was very thoughtful.....I have my own room :-)
Dr.D.: Well, you have a whole submenu now, so you can keep making new rooms until you get a colour you like.
Erin / Pam: Ms. Rin's room 1 through 3 million
Dr.D.: I wouldn't recommend pure red, FF0000, it would be very intense.
Dr.D.: It would hurt the eyes.
Dr.D.: But your apartment is red trim now, yes?
Dr.D.: A primary red, or more muted?
Erin / Pam: it's a bit deeper than cardinal red
Erin / Pam: go to Home Depot....get the Ralph Lauren "Relay Red"
Erin / Pam: swatch I mean
Erin / Pam: not actual paint
Dr.D.: Relay Red, wonder why Relay?
Erin / Pam: unless your planning on re-decorating :-)
Dr.D.: Yeah, not sure what I'd do with a gallon of it.
Erin / Pam: <P> paint the town red
Dr.D.: Paint my hair red, that's it.
Erin / Pam: hehehehehehe
Erin / Pam: um, I don't know about that.....but if you likes, more power to you :-)
Dr.D.: Would be messy as it grew out.
Dr.D.: Probably have to shave my head and start over.
Dr.D.: A sight nobody would want to see.
Erin / Pam: then no.......
Erin / Pam: IMHO
Dr.D.: I would not look good with red hair. I will keep the brown/white that I have.
Erin / Pam: sounds good
Dr.D.: You two are quiet...what plots are you hatching?
Erin / Pam: well aside from getting you to Toronto....Pam is looking at some anciaent looking cell phones that are tucked away
Erin / Pam: :-)
Dr.D.: If Richard and Frances don't come to El Paso (which I think would be sorta petty, but YMMV), then I might need another visit.
Dr.D.: Over two years without seeing the ADAMcon gang, though, that is ahrd.
Dr.D.: hard.
Erin / Pam: if you need an excuse.
Dr.D.: Well, I would have trouble just packing up and going on a whim.
Dr.D.: Lots of scheduling stuff to work around.
Erin / Pam: <P> hopefully they'll find a way to do it
Dr.D.: It's your Dad, Pam, who is talking himself out of it.
Erin / Pam: <P> we need to find you another hotel too
Dr.D.: I think his reasoning is bogus.
Dr.D.: Condos for the old one, right?
Erin / Pam: of course it's bogus
Erin / Pam: yeah......
Dr.D.: Well, something that isn't Motel 666...
Erin / Pam: I'm sure we'll find something
Erin / Pam: <P> there's always the futon in Erin's living room or our pull-out couch
Dr.D.: Probably no shortage of hotels in Toronto.
Dr.D.: Sounds much less expensive than a hotel :-)
Erin / Pam: see it all works out in the end
Dr.D.: Probably better food choices, too :-)
Erin / Pam: <P> "contributions graciously accepted....American money only"
Dr.D.: I'll bring my Mason jar full of pennies...
Erin / Pam: re: food -- whatever you wish for shall be yours
Dr.D.: Guess I'd have to wish for poutine, since I promised I'd try it.
Dr.D.: <trepidation>
Erin / Pam: if you want something like squid though you deal with it
Dr.D.: Nope, no invertebrates.
Erin / Pam: it's not bad
Erin / Pam: it sounds gross, yes
Dr.D.: Well, shrimps are okay, fried clams.
Erin / Pam: but I tried it....and I don't try anything
Dr.D.: But not the tentacular things.
Dr.D.: And please...hope this is no offense...but no macaroni and cheese? It is icky...
Erin / Pam: I guess you're staying with me then.....PAm says it's a basic food group
Dr.D.: But you are a poor working girl and might have no better fare.
Erin / Pam: how about Spaghetti-O's
Dr.D.: Those are good.
Dr.D.: Beefaroni.
Erin / Pam: that works
Dr.D.: Shouldn't break the budget.
Dr.D.: Haha, now this sounds like "Canada on $20 per day" :-)
Erin / Pam: for one w/e? what the Heck we'll get the big can of Beefaroni :-)
Erin / Pam: hehe
Dr.D.: The industrial-sized 2 kg one, right?
Dr.D.: A paint bucket of Beefaroni...
Erin / Pam: um, no.....the middle one
Erin / Pam: whatever you want that either I or you or Pam can cook will be fine
Dr.D.: Now it sounds like my roommate during med school, who would cook a week's worth of spaghetti and parcel it up in little Zip-Loc bags and freeze it...and live off it for a week.
Erin / Pam: (shhh -- I also hide chocolate chip cookies for dessert)
Dr.D.: Hide from Pam? Chocolate? Impossible, her radar is too good, I bet.
Erin / Pam: I buy the cheaper cookies she gets the ones from the bakery....easier for me to hide that way :-)
Dr.D.: Lower chocolate concentration.
Erin / Pam: exactly :-)
Erin / Pam: and I keep them hidden in plain sight
Erin / Pam: open up the cupboard and they are right in front of you
Dr.D.: Your walls must be spotted like chocolate chips, then.
Erin / Pam: you see the paint on my walls is really frosting :-)
Erin / Pam: so it covers them up
Dr.D.: So you are a witch living in a gingerbread house, trying to trap little children?
Dr.D.: I should report you to the authorities.
Dr.D.: For shame.
Erin / Pam: hmmm.....not little children
Erin / Pam: witch....perhaps
Dr.D.: Ants, then? They like sweets like frosting...
Dr.D.: Graduate of Hogwarts?
Erin / Pam: no of my own schooling
Dr.D.: I am afraid I am just Muggle Studies.
Dr.D.: No magic in me, nor in my family.
Erin / Pam: not at all......really quite fascinating
Erin / Pam: discovering the nuances of a higher plain of thought as it were
Dr.D.: I think I am without nuance...witness tonight's tantrum :-( Still bothers me.
Erin / Pam: no one thinks any less of you.....
Erin / Pam: what's life if you can't speak what's on your mind
Erin / Pam: even if it's not always pleasant
Dr.D.: But a continual brain dump (which is IMHO what I think George is all about) is not pleasant either.
Erin / Pam: <P> and if you can't say stuff like that to us, who can you say them to?
Dr.D.: Maybe nobody...too toxic to others.
Dr.D.: Risky, maybe too.
Erin / Pam: <P> why?
Dr.D.: Hurting feelings.
Dr.D.: Not meeting expectations.
Erin / Pam: Switching persons for a moment
Dr.D.: Shoot me if I become George W...
Erin / Pam changed username to Pam
Pam: whose expectations are you meeting?
Dr.D.: Well, of others, that I am a reasonable guy, level-headed.
Dr.D.: The "usual" Rich.
Dr.D.: Sometimes I am not that.
Pam: you can't be the usual Rich all the time - you have opinions and feelings just like the rest of us
Dr.D.: Hehe
Pam: we'd think you were strange if you didn't have a temper
Dr.D.: The ideal is that the public and private Riches are the same.
Pam: remember, I live with a Scorpio so I know the breed well - better than most, I think
Dr.D.: In practice, the public Rich is an idealized version of the private Rich.
Dr.D.: But idealization means smoothing and muting of rough edges that would rather not be seen in polite company.
Pam: don't you think that after all these years we're beyond the smooth edges?
Dr.D.: I am embarrassed that some rough edges came out.
Dr.D.: Yes...but that still doesn't make them less embarrassing.
Pam: I repeat, why? We don't love you any less for saying what we've all been thinking
Dr.D.: I broke down and said it first.
Dr.D.: Or have actually been (PRIVATE) ing it for months.
Pam: George is one of those people who never grew up and thinks that the world should revolve around him
Dr.D.: I don't know what he *really* is.
Dr.D.: All I know is what he looks like on the chats, and that is a very unpalatable guy.
Pam: for those of us who don't think that way, he is extremely annoying and he obviously doesn't take direction well (ie. being told to SHUT UP)
Pam: it's evident from his antics that if he's bored, he feels it's alright to totally disrupt the rest of the room
Pam: clearly, he feels that any attention is better than no attention at all
Dr.D.: If he's on coleco tonight, I bounce him out, no question.
Dr.D.: On, I have not that authority.
Pam: that's why we have the voting system
Dr.D.: Yeah, there is that.
Pam: <E> the onus is not always on you
Dr.D.: You are right, Erin, I am assuming too much responsibility.
Pam: the problem is, if we toss him, he can get right back on
Dr.D.: I don't have to "save" you all from George.
Dr.D.: Login/password for chat would be very annoying.
Pam: hang on, I'm trying to get my thoughts in order here
Dr.D.: Though that would keep him out, for sure.
Dr.D.: The admin can edit the username file to put in a password different from the one the user created.
Pam: there's nothing wrong with taking responsibility (formulating) . . . .
Pam: and in the end you only said what the rest of us have been thinking for months
Pam: In a way I'm actually glad you did what you did tonite - it brings it out in the open
Pam: so the next time, there will be no question of bouncing him if he becomes a problem
Dr.D.: I hope that the whole time I was away was not consumed by discussion of him.
Pam: actually there was a brief silence, then Ron purposely returned to the discussion about diskettes
Dr.D.: Well, that's good.
Pam: I think the key here is that George should be taking responsibility for himself
Pam: if he can't, or won't, then someone has to make the tough decisions
Dr.D.: Or not-so-tough decisions :-)
Pam: so from now on, we'll have to tell him that if his behaviour continues, he's not welcome.
Pam: I get the impression that he feels that because he's handicapped, that he should be able to do or say whatever he wants and get away with it
Pam: and you'll note that Dad says he's not that way on the Saturday chats
Dr.D.: I dunno what he wants, I have never known him not to be how he currently is.
Pam: probably because he has the full attention of those few in attendance.
Dr.D.: The last N Saturday chats I've been at have been me and your Dad and Daniel, or Rin a couple times when she had a computer.
Dr.D.: I haven't seen him.
Pam: apparently when he turns up and has Dad to himself he's quite different
Dr.D.: And other than kvetch or zzzzzzzzzzzzzz or make rude noises, I don't know what he does that is a positive contribution.
Pam: also apparently no one has ever taken him to task for his kvetching because we're all too polite
Dr.D.: I did threaten him once, when we were at coleco.
Pam: and the key question is, if he's bored, why is he sticking around?
Pam: and a good job of it you did, too
Dr.D.: Goodness knows why.
Dr.D.: I think he is demented (medical sense), not fully there.
Dr.D.: Either due to deterioration or meds.
Dr.D.: Never having known him when he was well, I have no baseline.
Pam: certainly I think that contributes to the problem but I don't think that's the root cause
Dr.D.: But currently he is jerk with capital A.
Pam: I like your spelling
Dr.D.: haha
Dr.D.: The best kind of wit...
Pam: subtle - which is something that George doesn't get
Pam: and the rest of us appreciate
Dr.D.: Trying to say the unsayable things...
Pam: with style and good taste
Pam: something I think we're all very good at
Pam: that's why we try to curb Marie when she's on
Dr.D.: I haven't seen much of her, I know she has been unwell recently.
Dr.D.: I don't have much of a read on her.
Dr.D.: Family friend, that's about all I know.
Pam: <E> aside from being sick in the head (sarcasm floats in the air)
Dr.D.: And a hairdresser.
Pam: the history goes like this:
Pam: Erin's younger brother Graeme was dating her in high school.
Pam: she was having trouble getting along with her parents
Pam: after much trouble and wrangling, she stormed out
Pam: stayed at my aunt's place for a few days and decided not to go back home at all
Dr.D.: wow
Pam: under the circumstances, and with her parents knowledge, she moved in with my aunt
Pam: was essentially living with Graeme
Pam: and became very much a part of the family
Dr.D.: In high school, double wow.
Pam: she and Erin developed a deep friendship along the way
Pam: when Marie and Graeme broke up, she moved back home briefly
Pam: after Graeme and his wife found a house, they moved out
Pam: (that's a different story altogether)
Pam: then Marie moved back in with my aunt for a while
Pam: she moved in with a boyfriend for a while but he was violent
Pam: she was gone about a year
Dr.D.: :-(
Pam: after one incident which Erin witnessed, Erin dragged her sorry ass out of there and she moved back to the house once again
Pam: this time she stayed for about a year, then moved in with her current boyfriend. That's lasted for a couple of years now and it seems to be going well
Dr.D.: Definitely sounds troubled.
Pam: when she left to move in with Jason, my aunt told her that's it - you're not coming back so you'd better be sure this is what you want
Pam: she is, but she's so sweet
Pam: she's Erin's closest friend
Pam: as you can see from the way that my parents treat her, she made a definite impression on the whole family
Dr.D.: Everyone needs a closest friend.
Pam: especially George : )
Dr.D.: Marie definitely seems like part of your clan.
Pam: somewhere along the way she got adopted
Pam: bless her heart. She can be wild but in general her heart is in the right place
Dr.D.: Well, maybe you guys can keep her from being too wild.
Pam: now if we could just curb her swearing tendencies . . .
Dr.D.: As you put it.
Pam: it's more difficult long distance but we have everyone in Windsor keeping an eye on her
Dr.D.: Not drawing-room fashion?
Pam: ??
Dr.D.: Her speech.
Dr.D.: Not for polite company, an old expression in our family.
Pam: no, definitely not. Garage, maybe. She has been better recently, moreso because she's forced to think before she says something at work
Pam: that's carried over to a certain extent
Pam: as you mentioned, she's a hairstylist, and the manager of her salon. She does have a certain facility for working with the public.
Dr.D.: As long as she doesn't cuss 'em out :-)
Pam: so, what other family secrets would you like to know?
Dr.D.: I am not prying!
Pam: no, we're offering
Pam: I guess we feel like gossiping : )
Dr.D.: I guess I give you something to gossip about.
Pam: the world in Windsor is like a soap opera
Dr.D.: I wasn't aware that you had *other* family secrets.
Pam: if we didn't know things were happening to people we knew, we wouldn't believe it
Dr.D.: Your Dad doesn't have any of your ex-boyfriends in the cellar, does he? :-)
Pam: no, I only kept one down there, and he left me for another woman
Dr.D.: Kept a boyfriend in the basement, sounds soap-opera-y, indeed...
Dr.D.: But still sorry to hear you were left :-(
Pam: what can we say, we're a sordid bunch : )
Pam: it was for the best
Pam: hmm, ancient history - lessee:
Dr.D.: Next you will tell me that Rin is defecting to the USA or something...
Pam: she's laughing and wants to know if she has a place to stay
Dr.D.: I think that there's a warm storage room in the currently-abandoned Chemistry building on campus :-)
Dr.D.: They haven't shut off the light and heat in it yet, electricity still works.
Pam: oh good, she'll be right over - as long as there's light, heat and a washroom nearby
Dr.D.: My old office is there, my key still opens it.
Pam: oh good, so she can lock the door at night
Dr.D.: Yeah, I was on the 2nd floor, the men's room was on the 1st floor, but women's is on the 2nd, she can avoid the stairs.
Pam: well, who could ask for anything more?
Dr.D.: Some emergency chemical showers that alas are only cold water.
Pam: ick
Dr.D.: Hot water in the bathrooms, though, so sponge baths are possible.
Pam: <E> it's perfect - I'm defecting tomorrow
Dr.D.: Some big lab sinks suitable for washing hair, maybe.
Dr.D.: Are you a political prisoner or something? Fleeing an oppressive regime?
Dr.D.: It will be hard to get a green card.
Pam: then she'll wait a couple of years
Dr.D.: Downside to the chem building is that there are cockroaches in it...escaped from the lab of the guy who studies cockroaches.
Pam: she wants to know if they're dead - I'm betting no
Dr.D.: The biology dept. was swapped into that building while our building was being renovated, that's why I had an office there.
Dr.D.: There were dead ones out on the floor.
Pam: I repeat - ick
Dr.D.: Last time I went in there (about 3 weeks ago, to get some old plywood from our old temporary lab space).
Dr.D.: Could be live ones...they don't bother me, I ignore them, they ignore me.
Pam: I couldn't do it - not much bothers me, but roaches are on the list
Dr.D.: Well, if Erin can't stomach the possibility of roaches, I have no other places to put her up if she defects.
Pam: guess I'll have to keep her for a while then : )
Dr.D.: Steam tunnels, maybe, hmmm...I have never seen roaches in them.
Pam: such hardship (assuming martyr pose)
Dr.D.: My current office would probably draw attention...and I'd have to move stuff around to make room.
Dr.D.: I have lots of junk in it.
Pam: she can hide under the desk and play with the Lego : )
Dr.D.: Need to clean after the semester is over...
Dr.D.: She would probably untie my shoes.
Pam: this is starting to sound like the basement : )
Pam: probably would : )
Dr.D.: Lesser degree, accumulated clutter.
Pam: I hear clutter is bad.
Dr.D.: My feet don't smell, though.
Pam: Couldn't prove it by me
Pam: re clutter, I mean
Dr.D.: Clutter is one thing, filth is another. I am merely cluttered.
Pam: problem is clutter begets more clutter
Pam: and before you know it you're cleaning around the piles
Dr.D.: It is fecund.
Pam: exactly
Dr.D.: I am too cluttered...externalization of disordered mind.
Pam: what I love about the recent rash of reorg shows is that it reassures me I'm not alone in the world!
Dr.D.: I will not watch them, I think they are evil and cruel.
Pam: but I'll bet you can put your hands on anything you need
Dr.D.: Usually :-)
Dr.D.: Some things always seem to be out of reach, though.
Pam: therefore, a cluttered desk/room/office does not equal a cluttered mind
Dr.D.: OMG, it is 1 AM.
Pam: yes, it is
Dr.D.: Rin and I are going to die at work tomorrow...
Pam: that's true
Dr.D.: Unless she is napping already, poor thing.
Pam: no she's here, contributing about half the comments : )
Dr.D.: Thanks for staying awake, Ms. Rin.
Pam: perhaps we should think about signing off and going to bed?
Dr.D.: Logically, yes...
Pam: Erin grins - "it's all about the company"
Dr.D.: <smiles>
Pam: and on that note . . .
Pam: go to bed
Dr.D.: Is that a unanimous order?
Pam: reluctantly, yes
Dr.D.: All right, 2 to 1, I am voted off the chat :-)
Dr.D.: I will go to bed...sigh, morning will be here soon.
Pam: yes, but for your own good
Pam: good call.
Dr.D.: Good night to you both, thanks for your time.
Pam: we'll see you next week?
Dr.D.: You ought to...unless I am grading LEGO lab design notebooks.
Dr.D.: Egg Hunt is this Sunday.
Dr.D.: Everything is turned in for grading Wednesday IIRC.
Pam: oh, fun! I'd forgotten. Good luck with that.
Dr.D.: Final grades due next Friday.
Dr.D.: I will need a break, so I will be here at least a while.
Pam: well, at least we know you can take a break and chat from the lab if necessary
Dr.D.: And I won't let George get to me.
Pam: cool.
Dr.D.: Yes, that's true.
Pam: next time we'll just kick his ass
Dr.D.: Don't break your foot..
Pam: combined effort -we'll be fine
Pam: say goodnight, you
Dr.D.: Goodnight, you.
Dr.D.: you-all.
Dr.D.: plural, that is.
Pam: goodnite to you too - hugs from both of us
Dr.D.: <hugs>
Pam: grin
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pam: kerpoof
Pam left chat session
Dr.D. left chat session
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