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Mr.Smee: Alakazam
Mr.Smee: Flippity-flam
Mr.Smee: Moo
Mr.Smee: Notary sojack
Mr.Smee: Foo
Mr.Smee: Fnord
Mr.Smee: Selah
Mr.Smee: Felgerkarb
(Mr.Smee's head explodes!)
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
(Mr.Smee quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
(Mr.Smee Giggles)
(Mr.Smee giggles like a bashful schoolgirl with a crush on the hunk captain of the football team.)
Mr.Smee created action S/Saves The Day
(Mr.Smee mixes matter and antimatter with his bare hands, bringing the warp drive on-line so that the Enterprise can escape from
(Someone throws a brick at Mr.Smee)
Mr.Smee left chat session
Mr.Smee left chat session
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changed username to rich-c
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changed username to james
james: hi, i have to get going but i'll be back in about an hour
james: working at my other job today
rich-c: good morning ok james, Dr. D. is to be late too
james: will hopefully see everyone then
james: bye for now
rich-c: see you later then - I'll tell the others
james left chat session
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changed username to Pam / Erin
Pam / Erin: Wow, big crowd. Hi, Dad
rich-c: hi daughter (and niece)
Pam / Erin: <E> Hi, uncle Richard
rich-c: well, james was here but had to go, he'll be back later
Pam / Erin: ah. Any word on the baby?
rich-c: and I guess you got the message from Dr. D.
Pam / Erin: yup
rich-c: james didnt have time to do more than check in and out
Pam / Erin: okay. What's the word on a loaner computer for Erin?
rich-c: did you get the newsletter I sent a couple of hours ago?
Pam / Erin: tourbus? Yes
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changed username to Harvie Powis
rich-c: reckon we can lay something on that will do the trick pro tem - the 166 desktop I'm thinking
Pam / Erin: Hello, Harvie
Pam / Erin: Does it have Windows 98 on it?
Harvie Powis: Howdy
rich-c: hello Harvie - seems it's the Toronto crowd so far tonight
rich-c: no, Win95 as Win98 would crash it - there are programs on it incompatible with 98
Harvie Powis: Maybe everyone else is watching their hockey team
Pam / Erin: Go Calgary!
rich-c: Cleveland doesn't have one, nor does Quebec, Chicago and Vancouver are out, so...
Pam / Erin: Detroit's out
rich-c: but it does have Windows 3.1 on it, Pam
rich-c: yes, but we don't have any Adam folk in Detroit
Harvie Powis: We'll cheer for Mudville
rich-c: anyway Pam, it's been a while, so I'll have to check it out
rich-c: and upgrade the antivirus, spybots and firewall
Pam / Erin: Erin says she needs Windows 98 (something to do with her chat, I think). Any other ideas?
rich-c: care to expand on that last, Pam? or Rin?
Harvie Powis: There are some reasonable used computers on
Pam / Erin: not sure I can, Dad - something to do with MSN Messenger needing at least 98 I think
rich-c: yes, I was looking there today, and also on the HUB shopping guide, a nice one for $380, no O/S
rich-c: well, check it out, though there's room for another partition where 98 could go, I think
Pam / Erin: we can look into it
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changed username to George
rich-c: for that matter the whole thing might be disposable and due for update anyway
George: Hi Everyone
Pam / Erin: Hi, George
rich-c: hello George - fair warning - WE HATE PHILLY!!!!!
Pam / Erin: Go, Calgary
George: i do too
rich-c: well, we have our cause, what's yours?
Pam / Erin: what might be disposable, Dad?
George: the broad street bullies got me
rich-c: much of the software on the 95 partition
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rich-c: don't forget I can now do instant downloads of updtes and burn them on a CD for transfer
Pam / Erin: but will the 166 handle it and possibly DSL?
George: i'm all bruised and bloodied
changed username to That's New!!!
That's New!!!: hello hello hello
rich-c: oh, now who's New?
George: hi New
That's New!!!: it's me Marie
Pam / Erin: Hi, Rie - what's new?
That's New!!!: i got 2 new tattoo's
Pam / Erin: <e> TWO???!!!
rich-c: OK, hi Marie, we were just discussing a computer for Erin pro tem
That's New!!!: that's cool
rich-c: and Pam, my laptop is a 166 and works fine with 98SE
Pam / Erin: we'll chat tomorrow Dad?
rich-c: sure, other than my INR don't have any known obligations tomorrow
rich-c: Rie, should we ask whre your tattoos are?
That's New!!!: on my back
Pam / Erin: INR? What?
rich-c: blood test for teh rat poison
Pam / Erin: okay, gotcha
rich-c: need to make sure they're giving me enough but not too much
rich-c: btw, we had a very handsome visitor yesterday and today
Pam / Erin: what time is the appt, Dad?
Pam / Erin: and who would that be?
rich-c: no appt, I usually walk over after lunch when it's less busy, but it's flexible
Harvie Powis: I was nowhere near your house
rich-c: we call him Rosie
Pam / Erin: whereabouts in Toronto are you Harvie?
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Pam / Erin: did he have a red crest?
Harvie Powis: Brampton
changed username to BobS
Pam / Erin: Hello, Bob
Pam / Erin: cross roads, Harvie?
Harvie Powis: Hi Bob
rich-c: no, just a red bib of brightest scarlet, and red undersides to teh wings
Pam / Erin: just wake up from your nap Bob?
rich-c: hi Bob welcome aboard
BobS: who's thats new???????
BobS: nope been working like a bee Pam
Harvie Powis: Near Vodden and Main
BobS: no rest for the bad people
Pam / Erin: <E> that's why I'm so tired!
rich-c: hew is Marie, Bob - for her tattoos
rich-c: new
BobS: ahso
That's New!!!: hi bob
BobS: and what NEW tattoos did ya get rie
Pam / Erin: a woodpecker Dad?
That's New!!!: scissors and comb
BobS: on a tattoo?????????
rich-c: no - a rose-breasted grosbeak, our first in over ten years
rich-c: also have a white-crowned sparrow, ruby-crowned kinglet
BobS: thas 'nasty' as Ryan would say
Pam / Erin: they are the tattoo, Bob
Pam / Erin: Did Mom tell you we have chickadees at the trailer?
BobS: different strokes for different folks i guess
rich-c: Nashville and Palm warblers, a flicker a couple of days ago, cowbirds, chipping sparrow
Pam / Erin: Erin has four, Bob
BobS: are you girls into a Harley motorcycle gang??????????
rich-c: apparently there are local flocks of chickadees in a number of Toronto locations, just not near us :-(
Pam / Erin: so sad, Dad
George: i'm back
Pam / Erin: <E> nah, no gangs - just art
BobS: I don't even want 1,,,,,,seems like it woudl HURT to get stabbed
rich-c: yes, we really miss them - haven't seen a one for over two years
That's New!!!: they don't hurt
rich-c: right George - so how did you get all banged up?
BobS: ouch, ouch. ouch..........
Pam / Erin: <E> Erin says it's like a searing feeling
That's New!!!: i don't find it bad
BobS: THAT I can believe pam
That's New!!!: i enjoy it kinda
George: we have robbins here
rich-c: I don't plan to experiment
BobS: extreme pain !!!!!!!
That's New!!!: it's exciting
BobS: naw
Pam / Erin: Erin says it's kinda addictive
rich-c: yes, our usuals are robins, English sparrows, house finches, starlings, cardinals, the odd grackle
rich-c: our crows and bluejays have all vaniahed - West Nile, we suspect
rich-c: our biggest deal was a mockingbird in our yard - on Feb. 1st!
George: we have sparrows and starlings
Pam / Erin: we get blue jays, grackles, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, goldfinches, chickadees, red wing blackbirds, cowbirds and Canada Geese
Pam / Erin: at the trailer, that is
Harvie Powis: We got Crows the size of turkeys
That's New!!!: ok
George: a few budgies
rich-c: crows or ravens, Harvey? there are ravens here, though not many
rich-c: a raven looks like a crow that joined a motorcycle gang
Harvie Powis: Maybe they are Vultures (better check my vital signs) :)
George: one noisy peacock
rich-c: who has the peacock, George?
Pam / Erin: our blue jays have mohawks!
George: something on the loose
rich-c: and would you ever believe that much noise could come out of so small a neck and head?
Pam / Erin: BTW Bob,
Pam / Erin: Feliz Cinco de Mayo
BobS: don llok at me........i don't celebrate it.........
Pam / Erin: had to toss that in there
rich-c: but that's Cuban, isn't it? Americans aren;t allowed to think about Cuba
George: i wished we had wild chickens so i could get some eggs
Pam / Erin: I'm not sure they'd be edible, George
George: sure they are fresh laid
rich-c: in fact they likely wouldn't be - they'd be fertilized
rich-c: no, they would be loaded with diseases, George - even the domestic ones are
rich-c: in fact we did without buying eggs today because they wre American
BobS: Spanish holiday about some general way back when that got a big victory
George: we ate fertilized fresh laid eggs when we had the chicken farm
rich-c: anyway, Pam, the bluejays and crows around teh trailer have survived so far, then?
Pam / Erin: not only survived but prospered, Dad - they're looking superb this year
Pam / Erin: last year some of them were sorta mangy
rich-c: likely lack of competition in their ecological niche
Harvie Powis: Oops, got an alarm call, got to go
BobS: be good Harv
Pam / Erin: see you later, Harvie - good luck
Harvie Powis: Goodnight All
rich-c: OK Harvey, see you, thanks for dropping by
Harvie Powis left chat session
George: here the jays and crows fight
rich-c: I'm surprised at that - they are both corvids but don't compete for nests or food
rich-c: though the jays will fight to keep crows away from their nests, of course
Pam / Erin: they only thing they compete for at the trailer is peanuts : )
rich-c: when are you going up there next?
Pam / Erin: next weekend (the 14th)
George: the crows also chase hawks
Pam / Erin: we're taking Erin and going directly to the reception from the trailer on Sunday
Pam / Erin: btw, have you RSVP'd to Gordon and Joan yet?
rich-c: OK, your mother was wondering; I'll tell her
rich-c: Frances sent teh email this morning
Pam / Erin: switching places for a bit
Pam / Erin changed username to Erin / Pam
moved to room Meeting Place
George: my wifi is still down :-(
rich-c: so Erin will talk and Pam will kibitz
Erin / Pam: exactly
rich-c: so you have to work a wired system? you are still on DSL though, aren't you?
George: yes
rich-c: I am on DSL now and finding it, among other things, educational
George: silly 300 baud DSL
changed username to Dr. Ether
rich-c: like some websites, the slow wasn't the result of my slow modem
rich-c: not 300 baud, George - that was what we had on the Adam
George: yes
George: aol screws it
rich-c: now it's 3.0 mbps - not sure if the B is bits or bytes
rich-c: but I suspect it's bytes - of course tht's the ideal, the truth can be far less
Erin / Pam: hello Dr. Ether
rich-c: you can't get a 3.0 connection from a server that will only give you 1.5
Dr. Ether: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Erin / Pam: ok then :-)
Dr. Ether: I am anaesthetized....
George: no it's 300 baud inhome support was shocked
Erin / Pam: on what?
Dr. Ether: Grading lab reports...and then a hot auditorium for 2 hours.
rich-c: he ended up playing my kind of music - which puts anyone under 60 to sleep ;-)
Erin / Pam: <P> yeah, that'll do it
Erin / Pam: hehe
Dr. Ether: I need red hair...I am told that redheads are more resistant to anaesthesia.
rich-c: George, the internet will not accept 300 baud or anything anywhere near that low
Erin / Pam: not sure it would suit you
George: guess again
Dr. Ether: Can you spare some red hairs, Rin?
rich-c: the practical low limit now is 14.4 and that's obsolete
Erin / Pam: if you think it will help :-)
Dr. Ether: Might make for an interesting color mixed in with my white and brown ones :-)
Erin / Pam: Pam's apparently attracting some of my hair anyway....I'm sure I can find some I'm not using at the moment
Erin / Pam: stripes!
BobS: naw, sold an ibm about a year ago, 28.8 failed and the guy had a 2400 baud modem we slipped in to verify IF tthe modem was the WORKED w/aol
BobS: wasn't too slow either,....tells you what the phone co is doing to speed
Dr. Ether: Salt/pepper/ketchup :-)
BobS: killong it
(Erin / Pam Giggles)
BobS: killing it
Erin / Pam: how was the concert, btw?
George: see Rich
rich-c: I knew AOL was retrogressing, but that's freakin' ridiculous!
Dr. Ether: 3 bands, Christina's last.
BobS: need dsl.......anybody got some cash to loan me??????
Dr. Ether: First 2 were ehhhh....last one was okay.
Dr. Ether: In harsh musician's opinion.
Erin / Pam: <P> Daddy!
Dr. Ether: Intonation is their worst problem, even for the symphony (whose concert is Friday).
Dr. Ether: Are you a musician, Pam?
rich-c: trust me, AOL is bad news - they even go snooping inside your emails in case you have a link they want to censor
Erin / Pam: <P> yes, violin and piano
George: i was using aol 1.6 for dos til they discontinued the sprintnet numbers
Dr. Ether: Still play?
Dr. Ether: And Rin, are you a musician?
Erin / Pam: Pam's gonna take over
Erin / Pam: yes I am
Dr. Ether: No fair, I just got here.
rich-c: AOL 1.6? with docs carved into stone 'cause they hadn't invented paper yet? ;-)
BobS: don't want any part of them suckers......or juno......or netzero (pay)
George: those were the days
Dr. Ether: We should have a concert some time...what do you play, Rin?
rich-c: don't know why you can't find a satisfactory ISP, Bob - there's enough of them around
Erin / Pam: <P> Well, Mom and Dad sold the piano and I don't have a keyboard at home so I haven't played that in quite a while, and my violin sees the light of day every once in a while when I'm sure no one else is around to hear me saw on it
Erin / Pam: she plays the clarinet, Rich ( and a little bit of keyboard) and we both sing
Dr. Ether: Sax, violin, clarinet...could get some jazz from that.
George: i'll be hitting a milestone soon
Dr. Ether: Plus keyboards.
rich-c: what's that, George?
rich-c: why don't you borrow your mother's keyboardd, Pam? she doesn't use it much
George: big 10
Dr. Ether: I guess it would depend on how well you can play by ear.
rich-c: 10 what?
George: online
Erin / Pam: not terribly well, unfortunately
Erin / Pam: I sing by ear much better
Dr. Ether: Hmmm...then we start with something easy that everyone knows, maybe "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and go from there.
rich-c: not sure how long I have been online - but I started on a 386/33 and Windows 3.1
Erin / Pam changed username to Pam / Erin
George: and on aol
Dr. Ether: Sept. 1990 for me, that's when I got the Tandy 2800HD 286 laptop with 2400 bps modem.
Dr. Ether: Or else you gals sing and I jam behind you...can you do 2-part harmony?
rich-c: as everyone knows, I'm still on my original ISP - along with Harvie, and Ernie, and Pamela, and the neighbours, and...
Pam / Erin: Absolutely, Rich
That's New!!!: goodnight all
Pam / Erin: night, sweetie
That's New!!!: night hugs
Pam / Erin: to you too
Dr. Ether: ? who is That's New?
Pam / Erin: Rie
rich-c: Bob,, or give great lists of ISPs
That's New!!!: it's me marie
Dr. Ether: Hello Marie.
That's New!!!: hi
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: night, Rie
changed username to BobS
BobS: my back
That's New!!!: night all
rich-c: Bob, you're twins - jump off again?
BobS: night Rie
Pam / Erin: Bob, is there a reason you're twins?
George: ask me to sing and north and south america will be void of all life forms
Pam / Erin: it
BobS: got wacked........somehow.....kept connection, but got bumped
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: did you get those URLs I just put in about ISPs?
changed username to Judy
Pam / Erin: Hello Judy
Judy: hi everyone
rich-c: hello Judy - guess we know now how Bob got dumped
rich-c: how's the finger?
That's New!!!: night
Judy: no more stitches
Dr. Ether: No more finger?
Judy: but not all healed, yet
Dr. Ether: <runs>
rich-c: speaking of which, is it tactful to ask about the legtoday, Rich?
That's New!!! left chat session
Dr. Ether: You all will kill me, but I mowed the lawn Monday night.
Pam / Erin: Bob, which of you is the correct one?
rich-c: guess if you're running it must be better ;-)
Dr. Ether: It was 2 weeks overdue, very tall.
Dr. Ether: But, I got through it okay.
Judy: no, he got dumped before I got on
Dr. Ether: Walking seems to be fine, even slow climbing of stairs.
rich-c: we had ours done yesterday - it was a bit of a challenge
Pam / Erin: as long as you're careful Rich
Dr. Ether: But anything approaching a run is still a no-no, I can feel it tighten and pull.
BobS: who knows who is me
rich-c: pick one for bouncing - if you find yourself disconnected, you should have picked the other 8-)
Dr. Ether: I think that by June it will be better.
Dr. Ether: I just need not to mess it up in any way before it is completely healed.
Pam / Erin: are you supposed to be doing any kind of exercises for it?
rich-c: those things can be slikw to heal - it was six months from my operation Monday, but the muscles are still weak
Dr. Ether: Some stretching, I have been doing it.
Pam / Erin: good
Dr. Ether: Dorsiflexion of the foot, to stretch out the calf some.
rich-c: you have to be so careful to do good things without overdoing into bad ones
Dr. Ether: Lock knee, lean forward keeping foot flat on ground, that sort of thing.
Pam / Erin: helps with plantar fasciitis, too : )
rich-c: brb
George: goobers and rasinettes
Dr. Ether: Yes, the limping for a week really messed up my gait, it still isn't quite right.
BobS requested to ban BobS
Dr. Ether confirmed ban
Pam / Erin confirmed ban
Pam / Erin: speaking of dessert . . .
Dr. Ether: Still too much walking from the hip.
Dr. Ether: Gorilla-style.
Dr. Ether: But, I have hairy arms, so I guess it's consistent.
BobS: amIstillalive???????
Pam / Erin: now there's a picture!
Pam / Erin: you're still among the living, Bob
George: yum yum
BobS: phew
Pam / Erin changed username to Erin / Pam
Erin / Pam: Switching back
Dr. Ether: You may not have noticed 'em in Toronto, Pam, but they are a bit, um, hirsute.
BobS: scared myself
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr. Ether: I have a low, sloping, simian forehead, too...devolution in action.
Erin / Pam: :-(
Dr. Ether: Homo neanderthalensis druselius
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. Ether: :-)
Erin / Pam: Curious George? :-)
Dr. Ether: Hehehe
Dr. Ether: Where is the Man in the Yellow Hat?
changed username to Purple Line Guy
George: peanuts and rasins
BobS: chocolate cherry FUDGE.....if you please
Judy: he is sore and tried
Dr. Ether: Fewmets and spoor.
rich-c: that has to be either Guy or Ron - Guy?
Erin / Pam: mmmmm cherry
Judy: went for a long bike ride today
Dr. Ether: Strawberry ice cream for me, tonight.
Purple Line Guy: Yes, it's me
George: blacg forest
Dr. Ether: With chocolate syrup.
Purple Line Guy changed username to Guy B.
Erin / Pam: mmm
rich-c: Schwarzwald kirschetorte
George: i mean black forest
Erin / Pam: hi Guy
(Dr. Ether gives Erin / Pam a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Guy B.: Are you guys having dessert?
Dr. Ether: Yep :-)
Judy: hi Guy
George: i am
Erin / Pam: thanks.....mmm
Dr. Ether: Just finished it, need to rinse out the bowl.
George: yum yum
Judy: oatmeal raison cookie for me
rich-c: does the Chicago El actually have a Purple Line?
Dr. Ether: Though I could be a kid and lick it out, that's what I used to do :-)
rich-c: oh, we had date squares tonight
Guy B.: Ok, I need your help on a problem I have.
Erin / Pam: that's the only way to do it :-)
(BobS gives Guy B. some poutine.)
Guy B.: Yes, it does and I ride it every day to work.
Dr. Ether: Poutine will give him more problems, Bob.
Dr. Ether: <runs from Canadians>
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Erin / Pam: hey!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
George: it's nice to date sometime
rich-c: welcome back, james
(Erin / Pam throws a hot potato at Dr. Ether.)
Guy B.: HI James
james: thanks
james: how is everyone?
Erin / Pam: hi James
George: Hi James
Dr. Ether: Mmmm, baked potato...with butter and salt...decadent pleasure.
james: hi guy, george
Dr. Ether: Hello James.
rich-c: once again, Bob: did you get the URLs of the ISP directories I mentioned?
Erin / Pam: peachy-keen-n-rosey
james: hi, doc
George: whipped cream and strawberries
rich-c: anyway, Guy, what's giving you grief?
BobS: say what Richard?????
BobS: you sent me a message about an online placethe other day
Judy: hi, James
rich-c: I typed in the urls of a couple of ISP directories, possibly just as you fell off the chat
BobS: couls be
rich-c: and
BobS: and they would be what??????
rich-c: they try to list every ISP in North America and tell a bit about them
rich-c: note I say try, but if you need one they are a place to start
Dr. Ether: Now there is a moving target.
BobS: ahso
james: can't hurt. do they rate them?
Guy B.: It's the Gateway. I ran Access 2000 and wanted to see the help screen. Well after the help file came up the system froze up. It did it twice, now this system has a Parity Check. I have reason to believe the motherboard maybe going out since I have a program from Microsoft to check the memory board and that passed. What do you guys think?
rich-c: they have comments on some that may be helpful, is rally a more honest way to put it
Dr. Ether: Standard thing is, unseat all cards/SIMMs, reseat, restart, hope for the best.
james: is that the only program that's giving you grief, guy?
rich-c: start from the fact that 90% of problems are the user, 9% are the software, the rest (maybe) hardware
Guy B.: No, a couple of times, I pressed two keys at once on the keyboard, the screen goes blank and Parity Check appears on the screen and I have to press the reset button.
Dr. Ether: Parity check is a failing RAM module.
james: ok. so we can definitely say it's a hardware problem. could be badly seated ram as doc said, ram going bad or a bad connector on the mobo
james: might want to unseat it, check the contacts and slip it back in. how many ram sticks have you got?
Guy B.: That's what I thought all along. This computer uses 168 EDO Ram and that isn't made anymore.
Dr. Ether: Could also try turning it off and leaving it off overnight, to cool down, etc., they try again.
Dr. Ether: SOmetimes these things are temperature-dependent.
BobS: got some carap here too back shortly
BobS left chat session
Dr. Ether: But it's still cheap to find around, Guy.
james: edo is easily had
Guy B.: I've done this many times. My Anti-Virus was the one that caught this error.
james: @guy, how many sticks of ram are in there?
rich-c: yes, now it's retired there's overstocks around and they seem to sell fairly cheaply
Guy B.: IF I'm right this type is PC66.
Guy B.: One board at 32 mb.
rich-c: that must be one bloody ancient computer!
Dr. Ether: (says the man with an ADAM and an Amiga)
Dr. Ether: <snicker>
rich-c: mine uses PC2100 and it's a couple of generations out of date
james: one? at 32.. ok.. it's definitely geriatric.. but hey, if it does what you want it to
rich-c: please - several Adams and several Amigas!
james: clean the contacts, reseat it, if that fails to resolve the problem, beg, borrow or steal a piece you know to be good to eliminate the mobo as the problem
james: speaking of adams..
Guy B.: I'm thinking of getting rid of it and putting the hard drive into the Athlon or the Dell since I have enough memory and one drive slot left in either system.
rich-c: mustn't be hasty about that, Guy - how many generations out of date is this relic?
Dr. Ether: Good advice from James. It's where I would start if it were my stuff, Guy.
Guy B.: By the way, this Gateway had two owners before me.
Guy B.: It's a P166.
rich-c: both of whom ditched it on grounds of obsolescence? ;-)
james: most old computers that come into my possession leave in much better condition than in which they were received
rich-c: first gen 166 or MMX?
Guy B.: II'm pretty sure it's the first gen 166.
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Bobs
rich-c: before you came in we were discussing brathing some life into my 166MMX for Erin's temporary use - till she can get a real computer
moved to room Meeting Place
Bobs changed username to BobS
changed username to Daniel B.
james: @rich, i've run win98 on much less
BobS: allo danile
Daniel B.: oui, je suis en retard
Erin / Pam: hi Daniel
BobS: Daniel
Daniel B.: allo Bob!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel B.: Allo Rin et Pam
rich-c: btw, with only 32 MB or RAM, 98SE can get to feeling crowded
changed username to JUDY
james: indeed
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel!
Erin / Pam: hehe
BobS: si
Daniel B.: bonsoir Rich, Dr.E?
Dr. Ether: Oui.
Guy B.: That's another problem too. It has Win98SE and it'
Daniel B.: salut James! désolé d'être en retard
james: i say bump it up to 64 or 128 for that matter
Guy B.: Extremely slow.
james: bonjour dan!
JUDY: no, just wanted to make sure I typed it different than the first time I was on
Daniel B.: Hi Guy!
Daniel B.: Hi Judy! excuse me HI JUDY! hehehe
rich-c: yes, and extrqa stick of 32 MB is likely to be fairly cheap - have to check the Usenet
JUDY: did something wrong and had to close down
Daniel B.: Hello George!
Guy B.: In order for me to go online using Dial-up. I had to bring SBC Dialup first before I can load the firewall. If I load the firewall first, then use dialup. The system freezes.
BobS: BOOM, bang.SOCK, biff.......OUCH
Erin / Pam: <P> Star Wars Disco? Ohhh, that's scary
Daniel B.: I think I said hello to everyone :)
Daniel B.: What is new?
Dr. Ether: Star Wars disco, evidently.
BobS: too complicated.....that's what
JUDY: hi, Daniel
rich-c: oh, I've been bragging about all the migratory birds coming to my yard and feeder
Daniel B.: Did James told you about updates he does in the colecoshop web site project?
james: @rich, you can have our stupid sparrows if you want them
james: @dan, not yet. i was late too
rich-c: OK, give them a route map to Toronto, lots of room on the feeder yet
JUDY: what bird did you get now, Rich
Daniel B.: @everyone, someone here tried the scrolldemo rom file or see the "panic at work" picture?
Guy B.: I'll get a can of dust off and I'll try dusting off the memory board. If that doesn't do the trick. Then I'll probably get of the system, minus the hard drive and the network card.
rich-c: today, rose-breasted grosbeak, whitecrown sparrow, palm and Nashville warblers, kinglet, plus all the usual suspects
JUDY: what are you feeding them?
rich-c: had flicker, chipping sparrow, cowbirds earlier
Dr. Ether: African or European swallows, Richard?
rich-c: no swallows around here, Rich
Dr. Ether: It was a Monty Python joke :-)
rich-c: on,y swallows ae me and my Guiness ;-)
Daniel B. created action S/love Coleco game
(Daniel B. like playing Coleco games! =D)
james: in any case, as dan mentioned, we're almost ready to go live with colecoshop
JUDY: we had a hummingbird the other day
Erin / Pam: <P> and now we know why Dad is having trouble with his keyboard : )
BobS: a touch of da guiness, eh?????????
rich-c: hey, it was only one Guiness (so far)
BobS: uh huh
Erin / Pam: yesss, Daddy
BobS: geez Pam sounds convinced
Daniel B.: yes, colecoshop is going great! almost already functionnal
rich-c: pity this board won't support the addition of graphic smilies
Dr. Ether: It comes in gallons...Imperial gallons...
rich-c: I prefer by the keg, Rich
Daniel B.: still in beta testing phase but the colecoshop project is a success!
rich-c: Bob, meaning to ask - what is your departure point and flight time to El Paso
BobS: Detroit.......8AM into El paso at 1:45pm
BobS: not bad eh?????
rich-c: change flights at Phoenix?
BobS: FINALLY got southwest to let go with $99 tickets
Guy B.: Oh yes, speaking of El Paso. That's a go for me. I put that on my vacation schedule.
BobS: think so on way down......way back is thru Houston
Dr. Ether: He didn't say 1:45 PM of the same day, Richard.
Daniel B.: Remember the powerpoint presentation I did for the Adamcon last year (thank again Dale Wick and Rich)?
BobS: same day son
rich-c: that is why I haven't booked anything and am dubious, Rich
Dr. Ether: You can sing, Erin...I haven't heard it.
rich-c: many of the schedules and connections put your arrival into the next day
rich-c: a bit too much for a couple of septaugenarians
Guy B.: Bob what airline are you flying?
Dr. Ether: I would be booking it if I knew for sure that I could get a full Thursday-Monday convention block off from work.
BobS: hotel at Detroit is about 90US and can leave car for 7 days and they take you and pick you up
BobS: then flight out is 8am-3pm
Daniel B.: I'm planning to do the second and last part of this presentation in time for the next ADAMCON (this year) and also a tutorial to be in the new coleco web site
JUDY: Southwest
BobS: return 4pm-10pm
Guy B.: They fly there?
Dr. Ether: Things are moving on that front at CWRU, but still not settled yet.
Erin / Pam: do you know when you will know?
Dr. Ether: I at least know what paperwork I have to turn in to apply for the possible new position.
Guy B.: I wasn't sure if they did. I'll check this out.
rich-c: the return I could live with but it would be awkward
Dr. Ether: My guess is not until July.
rich-c: we would likely want to stay the nights in Windsor (in Canadian dollars)
Dr. Ether: The official ad gets posted June 1st.
Daniel B. created action S/Hello? somebody
Dr. Ether: And will run a couple weeks.
Erin / Pam: have you decided to go Uncle Richard?
rich-c: but crossing the border in time to check in 3 hours early for an 8 a.m flight? my body doesnt do that any moe
BobS: they had a 6:30am return time also
(Daniel B. feels like nobody is listening to him! :()
Erin / Pam: poor poor Daniel :-(
BobS: but we decided taht was too ealry to get to the airport........for us
Dr. Ether: They all want to get to ADAMcon 16, Daniel.
Guy B.: Anyway, I'll get my deposit off by the weekend to you.
JUDY: I am. Dam
JUDY: niel
Dr. Ether: <snicker>
rich-c: no, Erin, I have not - there is a limit to the travel strains we can endure
Daniel B.: thanks Erin and Thanks Pam!
JUDY: sorry about that, touble with the finger
rich-c: we are simply not as young as we used to be
Dr. Ether: Richard, if you think that driving there would be less strain on you...then I must say I disagree with you strongly.
(Erin / Pam hugs Daniel B.)
(Daniel B. smiles)
Guy B.: I'll do another presentation if anyone wants it.
rich-c: it would be kess strain, Rich, because we would take two weeks or so to do it - and I love driving
Dr. Ether: I will stand on my head and eat cherry pies if anyone wants it :-)
BobS: and Daniel need a presentation this year for ADAMCON
Erin / Pam: you can stand on your head - but pass the cherry pies to us!
Daniel B.: Like I said before, I want to do the second and last part of my presentation for the Adamcon 16. But, I can't go there and I'm not sure I will finish it in time.
Dr. Ether: Sigh, Richard, it sounds like you are talking yourself out of going...we cannot stop you if you choose to do this.
rich-c: the problem is teh date forces me to fly and the airlines are not inclined to offer a schedule I can live with
JUDY: are you two hungry tonight
Dr. Ether: Yes, Judy...I had to wolf down supper to get to the concert on time.
Erin / Pam: dessert is always a good idea :-)
Daniel B.: But I'm sure that my effort in a coleco programming presentation will be used to do a tutorial available online
Dr. Ether: So as Gretchen says, "My supper has melted".
rich-c: I have been trying to make this point ever since El Paso was first announced
Dr. Ether: I should go get a sandwich or something.
Dr. Ether: At some point, Richard, if it suits a majority of people, that's what has to be will never please everybody...
Dr. Ether: But this is not the venue for this I will stop.
rich-c: the extra unfortunate part of it is that I really want to see El paso, and TExas, and New Mexico, and Oklahoma - all states we have never been in
Guy B.: I'll see what I can come up with. I'm in the process of database conversions and hopefully will have the Adam Emulator on my website soon.
Daniel B.: And Colecoshop is not only a web site to buy coleco games... we think that it will became the center point of the coleco programmers with the forums, docs, tutorials (including the one I want to do), softwares, sources, FAQ, etc.)
JUDY: we wanted to see Jean and Jack and this is the only way to do that, they can not travel much anymore
rich-c: no dispute on that point, Judy, and nevr has been
rich-c: what is detering me is purely physical limitations
Erin / Pam changed username to Pam / RIN
JUDY: can understand that, we may have to come to you next year
Dr. Ether: That was the plan anyway, yes, Judy?
Pam / RIN: isn't AC17 here anyway?
Daniel B.: I don't know if Dale will be at the Adamcon. I don't know if you will have the powerpoint file in time for the event. But I don't that I want to write this coleco programming presentation.
Dr. Ether: Dale was to take AC17, 5 years apart, he wanted them.
rich-c: that isn't necessary, just eithr a place I can drive to (time is a factor) or tolerable flight connections
Daniel B.: err... I think I write too fast
rich-c: you can't stand 6.30 a.m. flights, neither can we
Guy B.: We haven't heard from Dale for months on end.
Daniel B.: (...) But I know that I want to write this coleco programming presentation.
Dr. Ether: I heard from him this week.
Guy B.: What's he been up to?
Dr. Ether: Reply to an E-mail from 2 weeks ago about maybe posting the latest chat logs.
BobS: depends on what day you travel maybe.......dn't know
Daniel B.: and if it will be too late for the Adamcon, it will be used for the tutorial part of the colecoshop web site.
Dr. Ether: His terse note indicated that some automated processing job was not working correctly.
BobS: we are going down 7 days early and staying 3 days later
Dr. Ether: I volunteered to do the processing manually if he would just send/make available the raw logfile (which I would guess is about 10 MB in size by now).
Dr. Ether: No reply to that offer yet.
Pam / RIN: so why can't you drive, Dad?
rich-c: we can't afford tht much time off in September - in October, no problem
BobS: Richard you are RETIRED
BobS: and Frances too........
rich-c: retired doesn't mean dead, Bob, nor does it mean that I am without obligations
Guy B.: So far, only about two of us at work are going on vacation in September. And we usually peak with the semi annual reports at that month.
Dr. Ether: I have to logout for a bit...Elanor needs this Mac. I will reappear via the 486.
Dr. Ether: <poof>
Dr. Ether left chat session
Guy B.: Rich if you can't make the entire 4 days, why not the weekend.
rich-c: again, Guy, it's a matter of airline scheduling - four days there is six days away, minimum
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rich-c: that I can live with but no moe, and it extends to more
Guy B.: Ah, I see.
rich-c: the SW connections out of Buffalo or Cleveland are godawfyl
rich-c: Detroit means going to Windsor the light before, parking issues, border issues
changed username to Jabez Wilson
rich-c: and coming back clearing the border to get back to Windsor to gtstarted home next day
Jabez Wilson: Back via 486.
Daniel B.: I am sorry guys and girls. I supposed that the adamcon members may want to talk about one of my recent e-mails (scrolldemo and "panic at work" picture) or coleco things like colecoshop web site. It's not your fault, I know that you are planning for the adamcon, I understand. Well, maybe we will talk again next week. See you later! Sorry James!
Guy B.: That does seem to put you in a spot.
rich-c: remember the airlines want you to check in three hours in advance, too
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Guy B.: That's true, you're right Rich.
JUDY: bye Daniel
(Daniel B. hugs Pam / RIN)
Guy B.: Well folks, got to get going. I'll see how Saturday goes. The Cubs are on, but who knows, I can chat and watch them too.
Pam / RIN: nite, Daniel - to you too
Daniel B.: bye everyone!
BobS: Guy, you got it made......chicago midway 7am or 11am into elpaso......return at noon into midway at 6pm $235
rich-c: bonne nuit, DanieOK, with luck, see you, Guy
Daniel B. left chat session
JUDY: night Guy
BobS: bye kids
james: heh heh. haven't been called a kid in awhile
George: nite all
Guy B.: I'll check that out, thanks Bob. I'll see you all later.
rich-c: yes Bob, why don't you go via Chicago - it is closer to you
Guy B.: Poof
BobS: already reserved......
Guy B. left chat session
Pam / RIN: nite George, Nite Guy
BobS: but didn't think about chicago
George: poof
George left chat session
BobS: have used Detroit as park and fly before and it worked we are hooked now.
rich-c: given the crime rate there, Detroit park and fly does not attract me
BobS: hotel lets us park for free for 7 days, takes us and picks us up at the airport and it is cheaper than paying to park the car at the airport
rich-c: OK if we could stay in Windsor, arrange parking there - but then there's the time issues
rich-c: the hotel rate includes a week free prking and airport shuttle? what about breakfast?
BobS: screw Windor, then you have to pay to park at the detroit airport
rich-c: no, we'd stay at a Windsor motel, maybe park with Rin's mom, take teh shuttle to the airport
JUDY: yes, many have a continental breakfast
rich-c: there is a shuttle runs from Windsor to Detroit
JUDY: we very often take along something for breakfast and eat before we leave the hotel
BobS: one flight at 9:30am arriving thru phoenix to el paso at 4:45pm
rich-c: that does not seem too horrible - it may open a door
BobS: return flight is 1:45 and back to detroit at 10:45
rich-c: arrive Detroit Wed. evening - fly thurs - based in Detroit, could be workable
JUDY: you could have a wheelchair meet you at the flight to take you to the next one
BobS: way back sucks becasue of the time difference
BobS: AH wheelcahirs work great
rich-c: that isn't a consideration, Judy; I don't even need a cane now except for balance
BobS: who cares. they do it gladly
JUDY: we did that for Bob's parents, worked just great
BobS: my mom doesn't use anything and we wheel both parents int he ariports, can make good time and they don't ge tired
JUDY: just saves the energy for later
rich-c: maybe so but after cramping my butt on a flight for four hours, I need stretching bad
rich-c: useful schtick, of course, if you have a lot of luggage or want to make time in a crowd ;-)
Pam / RIN: problem is Dad, I don't think you could fake feeble very well
rich-c: well, I am rather temperamentally unsuited for it... ;-)
Pam / RIN: no comment, Dad
BobS: ya do NOT haave to fake ANYTHING
rich-c: but we are starting to look a bit worn around teh edges, and I do have a NEAT scar!
BobS: just want a cheelchair
BobS: tis a breeze!!!!!!
BobS: they airline people work for $3-5 tips
BobS: AND it jumps security ..... you get right thru
Pam / RIN: now there's a bonus for you
rich-c: now THAT is a definite asset - Pam, could you wheel me and Rin do your mother, get us all right through?
Pam / RIN: you're on, Dad - but we'll put Erin in your lap and have Russell wheel you and me, Mom
BobS: we told my folks last year that they both get wheelchairs from now on.......we all get thru security faster and they don't get tired walkint the airports
rich-c: come to think of it, that likely gets priority boarding too
BobS: they loved it last Dec for the cruis
BobS: that too Richard
JUDY: yes, you do
rich-c: have to start coaching Frances on the use of a cane...
BobS: don't need to use anything!!!!!!
Pam / RIN: I'm sure she got enough practice when she twisted her ankle a few years ago, Dad
BobS: just request wheelchairs and plop into them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
rich-c: gotta remember this racket
BobS: you do not have to BE disabled or anything, just get them for the asking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JUDY: you don't have to show that you need it, yuo just request it and it is provided for you
rich-c: true, but it does help to look your age and have a legitimate disability
Pam / RIN: have any of you folks been watching Airline on A&E?
BobS: well kids, we got to go now......bedtime and all
rich-c: a hip implant that drives metal detectors crazy is always good
JUDY: that is about all for the night, I am ready for bed, talk at you next week
Pam / RIN: Night Bob, Nite Judy
BobS: yup, they love to pass the wand over it and remark.....Oh, there it is......
Pam / RIN: thanks for the tips : )
Jabez Wilson: BYE JUDY.
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy - most useful advice - thanks
BobS: Dad had FOUR knees last winter.....stupid security people
JUDY left chat session
BobS: bye ya'll
BobS: see ya's next week
Pam / RIN: tee hee
BobS left chat session
Pam / RIN: Rich, you still awake?
rich-c: Pam, they put the electricity back in Rita's house today
Pam / RIN: oh?
rich-c: they also took down the construction fence around the tree
Pam / RIN: any idea what's happening?
Jabez Wilson: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..huh, what?
Pam / RIN: now Rich, that's George's line
rich-c: seems they want to sell the house as is, have given up on tearing it down (fingers crossed)
Jabez Wilson: I was napping, yes.
Jabez Wilson: Ick, George lines, no thanks.
Pam / RIN: that's what the realtor said to me when I talked to her about the table and chairs
rich-c: we are awaiting developments but now with some hope
Pam / RIN: sorry, couldn't resist, Rich
Pam / RIN: 'twould be nice if they sold it as is and decided against doing any demolition / construction
rich-c: it may have to do with the cherry trees in back - the Orthodox apparentky may not take doown a fruiting tree
Pam / RIN: is the realtor Orthodox?
rich-c: have no idea but that doesnt matter -if the developer and customers are, thats it
rich-c: anyway it would be no trick to build it up to 2500 sq.ft. by adding a second storey and behind the garage
Jabez Wilson: Right.
rich-c: if someone had a lot of capital and patience, they could just lease it out as is for carrying costs
Pam / RIN: I don't know why they can't just sell it as is, for a starter home
rich-c: with Gabriel gone, I suspect the Eiras's will not remain there much longer, so that could be bought
rich-c: because teh land is too valuable - the zoning (maybe with a little variance) will allow a million-dollar home
Pam / RIN: I don't know what they'll do - I was speculating on that with Katherine the other day
Pam / RIN: did I understand correctly that they flew Gabriel home to Portugal for burial?
rich-c: well they don't have the time or money, I suspect, to wait for Alice to move and me to die
Jabez Wilson: Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: and of course Rachel on the corner isn't going to last much longer
rich-c: be realistic, Rich - the average age of my birth cohort now is dead
Pam / RIN: yes, but don't forget that Danny and Gita are living in the basement apartment
rich-c: I think that's the only thing that will enable Alice to hang on for a while
Pam / RIN: I suspect that if anything, Alice will move in with Liz and Manuel, and give the house to Danny and Gita
Pam / RIN: or, she'll move downstairs and give Danny and Gita the main floor
Jabez Wilson: (That sounds like a soap opera plot)
rich-c: but think what the four-house strip would be worth in today's market - the land alone would be seven figures
Pam / RIN: it does, doesn't it? Sorry, Rich, we're talking about long time neighbours
rich-c: well, Rich, seems almost every other house in our neighbourhood is being replaced now with a monster house
Jabez Wilson: Tune in again next week to here Angelica say: "Oh Trent, I do so love you!" <organ chord>
Jabez Wilson: hear, I meant.
Jabez Wilson: verflixte spelling
rich-c: we have a widowed Auschewitz survivor to the weest
rich-c: an empty house owned by a developer to the east
Pam / RIN: Alice and Gabriel Eiras and their two children Elizabeth and Daniel moved into that house about 30 years ago
rich-c: a house where teh father just died beyond that
Pam / RIN: Daniel died last Friday after a protracted illness
Pam / RIN: they emigrated from Portugal
rich-c: and Elizabeth is married and moved out, and I suspect teh only reason Daniel is staying there is to help his mother
Pam / RIN: sorry, Gabriel died
Jabez Wilson: :-(
rich-c: mind you with only three in the house, it isn't crowded - could even support another small one or two
Pam / RIN: actually Dad, with those western European families, you often have multiple generations living in the same house
Pam / RIN: I doubt Alice will sell the house
rich-c: she should if Daniel and Gita move out, too much work to be worth it and she is not young
rich-c: did you know Gabriel was 77?
Pam / RIN: more likely that she will give them the house and move out
Pam / RIN: really??
Pam / RIN: is there a notice in the paper finally?
rich-c: can't tell how it will play out - but it would not surprise me to see the house on the market within five yeares or so
Pam / RIN: I really doubt it, Dad
rich-c: no, they held a private mass and put his remains on a plne for burial in Portugal - all the family went
Pam / RIN: Manuel and Gita too?
rich-c: yes, though they will be home within a week - the others are staying longer
rich-c: we finally caught them outside and had a chance to speak with them
Pam / RIN: what if anything have you done about paying your respects?
rich-c: other than visit and sympathize, there was rally nothing open to us
Pam / RIN: I should really send a card
rich-c: we did not know about the service or burial plans or anything
rich-c: yes, though give it a week as their mailbox may be getting overstuffed
Pam / RIN: okay
Pam / RIN: so - next topic?
rich-c: anyway, look at the time - us old folks need our shuteye
Pam / RIN: okay Dad
Jabez Wilson: The new day is almost young :-)
rich-c: so Pam, give us a holler tomorrow and wee can discuss getting Erin computing
Pam / RIN: I'll try to call / come by in the next couple of days
Pam / RIN: (Erin claps in the background)
rich-c: OK - see you, whenever - bye now
Pam / RIN: Nite Daddy
rich-c: nite all
Pam / RIN: <E> Nite, Uncle Richard
Jabez Wilson: Bye Richard.
rich-c left chat session
Pam / RIN: sorry about that Rich
Jabez Wilson: No worries, it was important stuff.
Pam / RIN: I really need to speak to my parents more often than once a week
Jabez Wilson: hehe
Pam / RIN: hang on for just a sec, I'm checking something on a web page
Jabez Wilson: My Dad hasn't called me once after I called about my leg...nor responded to any E-mails :-(
Pam / RIN: : (
Pam / RIN: why not?
Jabez Wilson: No good reason, probably just inattention.
Pam / RIN: that's okay, we'll give you attention
Jabez Wilson: That isn't why I'm here...
Pam / RIN: here's a thought - if you can't go to El Paso, and I can't go, and Mom and Dad don't go, why don't we have our own mini convention?
Jabez Wilson: Idea is fine.
Jabez Wilson: I will be able to go, it is just a question of how many days.
Pam / RIN: same weekend, but we'll meet in Buffalo or something
Pam / RIN: nice and close for everyone, no planes
Jabez Wilson: ADAMcon = where people with ADAMs meet, that is true.
Jabez Wilson: But it would probably be much easier for me to visit you all in Toronto, as in January.
Pam / RIN: well you're welcome any time you know
Jabez Wilson: Of course I is the hassle of getting away from here. I can't just up and go.
Jabez Wilson: Need at least 3 days contiguous.
Jabez Wilson: Travel one, visit one, travel one.
Pam / RIN: that's why I was thinking of somewhere in the States - not too far for us to drive or you, and if we can only manage the weekend we'll still have lots of time
Jabez Wilson: The drive is not really objectionable, 5-6 hours is not bad if started early enough.
Jabez Wilson: Since many people's days don't start until noon, I can get there by then and it makes a whole day :-)
Pam / RIN: actually, come to think of it, September in Toronto is probably not a good idea
Jabez Wilson: ?
Pam / RIN: everyone and his cousin is on the road all the time in September - it's the worst for traffic
Jabez Wilson: Blue Jays in the World Series or something? :-)
Pam / RIN: we only wish
Jabez Wilson: Piffle, I am not afraid of traffic.
Pam / RIN: heck, I
Pam / RIN: 'm afraid of traffic in September : )
Jabez Wilson: I just have to wait on teaching assignments.
Pam / RIN: everyone is back from summer vacations, back in school, and those affiliated with schools are back too -and they're all trying to drive everywhere at the same time
Jabez Wilson: If it ends up being my nursing school biochem stuff again, then I would have the control to cancel and reschedule etc.
Jabez Wilson: If it is a core lab or something, then I have fewer options to cancel/reschedule (likely none at all).
Pam / RIN: and the core lab is M, W, F, right?
Jabez Wilson: All I can say is that I will be in El Paso Saturday and Sunday :-)
james left chat session
Jabez Wilson: The core labs I know about are Tue-Thur, the lecture classes are M-W-F.
Pam / RIN: that's a pain
Pam / RIN: do you have any solid time off at all?
Jabez Wilson: This summer? Ha.
Jabez Wilson: Next summer, if I am totally a teacher, then yes, I would get some.
Pam / RIN: but being only partially a teacher, you must work through the year?
Jabez Wilson: As long as I work for a boss who takes no vacations, nobody in the lab gets much of any, either :-(
Pam / RIN: is that equated with getting tenure?
Jabez Wilson: If things work out as hoped, I will not be taking any money for slug research.
Jabez Wilson: No.
Pam / RIN: oh
Pam / RIN: explain, please
Jabez Wilson: But I would have a 12-month appointment in the dept., and there is nothing to teach in July and August...just other admin duties.
Jabez Wilson: Okay, current situation:
Jabez Wilson: 50% salary to do slug research, 50% salary to teach robot course fall and spring. One month of salary from Howard Hughes Medical Institute to teach summer robot course in June.
Jabez Wilson: Fall 2004, what I know for sure:
Jabez Wilson: 50% salary to teach robot course one last time, other 50% ???
Jabez Wilson: Ideally, it would be 2 more lecture/lab courses for the dept. If it falls through, though, it would be back to 50% slug research.
Jabez Wilson: Spring 2004, what I know for sure:
Jabez Wilson: 50% salary support to teach brand new web-based robot course with my pal in Dayton, 50% ???
Jabez Wilson: The ??? would be non-old-robot course stuff if I get hired as a fulltime lecturer or instructor.
Pam / RIN: so your employment status is always uncertain?
Jabez Wilson: Otherwise, it might be back to slug research...or running the old robot course yet again, too.
Jabez Wilson: Heretofore, yes.
Jabez Wilson: Always soft money, no tenure.
Pam / RIN: man, that sucks
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moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich
changed username to Pam / RIN
Rich: Sorry, it died for no good reason.
Pam / RIN: yeah, we got dumped too
Rich: Last line was something like:
Rich: But if what my Chairman wants works out, though technically I would still be year-to-year, practically it would be guaranteed.
Rich: I do stuff nobody there can do, that they need done.
Rich: Non-robot stuff.
Pam / RIN: such as?
Rich: Only I can teach gross anatomy after an ailing old guy retires in a couple years.
Rich: Only I can do nursing biochem, anatomy, and physiology.
Rich: All the rest of the dept. has gone to cell/molecular guys and neurobiology guys...
Rich: The broader-educated faculty are in their 60s and looking to wind down.
Rich: Or have already retired.
Rich: Generalist Rich can save the day.
Pam / RIN: so really, your timing is perfect, as long as you can hang on for a couple of years
Rich: I also would become the Executive Officer in the dept., lots of admin responsibilities for operations.
Pam / RIN: need an assistant ? : )
Rich: If I can get hired the way the Chairman wants to sneak it through.
Rich: Alas, we already have an Administrator (does $$$), an Assistant (who runs graduate admissions and recruiting), and a Secretary.
Pam / RIN: darn
Pam / RIN: oh well, I need a salary coming in before then anyway : )
Rich: I would be doing high school outreach, facilities stuff (keys, liason with maintenance), advising for freshmen.
Rich: You would not like it in the States, Pam.
Pam / RIN: nice place to visit but . . .?
Rich: You have too many niceties in your country that we lack here, and I think it would kill you.
Rich: Frustrations.
Pam / RIN: such as?
Rich: Scaling problems of 300 million vs. 20 million population.
Pam / RIN: aside from socialized medicine, that is
Rich: Hereditary intolerances between blacks and whites etc.
Rich: Very anti-intellectual attitudes.
Rich: Lack of openness.
Rich: It is neither kind nor gentle.
Pam / RIN: told you you should have been a Canadian : )
Rich: Might make some things easier :-)
Pam / RIN: we're starting to see more Americanization here than ever before - especially racial intolerance and guns / violence
Rich: Close your borders :-)
Rich: Don't watch our TV.
Pam / RIN: what, and miss "Survivor"???
Rich: Our media will undermine you, they are insidious.
Pam / RIN: that's a common complaint already around here
Rich: Yes, miss Survivor, disgusting show premise.
Rich: Yanks are bad world citizens, no doubt about it.
Pam / RIN: it's like a car wreck
Rich: Don't watch, easy, I don't. I have too much else to do.
Rich: Too much else I'd rather do.
Rich: Participating is more fun than watching.
Pam / RIN: what i've found is that much of the Canadian programming is simply bad knock-offs of the American original
Rich: "Don't just eat the hamburger--eat the HELL out of it!" -- J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, 1953.
Pam / RIN: ie: Trading Spaces, adapted from Changing Rooms (BBC) was knocked off as The Decorating Challenge here and isn't nearly as good
Rich: Never saw the BBC one, but to steal a Briticism, I think TS is shite :-)
Pam / RIN: Hello, my name is Pamela and I'm a TS addict : )
Rich: Like, who cares what they do to their rooms? Not me. Include me out.
Rich: They can fling grapes at the walls and draw funny faces on the stains if they want to.
Pam / RIN: my new favourite is actually Clean Sweep
Rich: My favorite show is "Gilligan's Island". It is my reality show. I live there in real life, and I am the Professor.
Pam / RIN: then how come you can't get off the island????
Rich: I am surrounded by Gilligans.
Rich: It is my fatal weakness...I am condemned to be surrounded by Gilligans...and unobtainable redheads...and unobtainable wealth...
Rich: And no way to build a boat out of coconuts.
Rich: But the 9V battery in my transistor radio never goes dead :-)
Pam / RIN: well I don't know about the redhead . . .
Pam / RIN: (Erin blushes)
Rich: If you can think of any, I am all ears...
Pam / RIN: there's nothing I can say
Rich: hehe
Pam / RIN: not here, anyway
Rich: People complained about "Gilligan's Island" as bad TV in the 1960s...
Rich: but it never taught anybody to kill or exploit...
Rich: The people were silly, but basically good.
Pam / RIN: I didn't watch it much
Rich: The "reality" and other stuff on now...I think *that* stuff will hurt people, desensitize them...
Rich: It was rerun all the time when I was a kid, don't think so now.
Rich: Cable TV has put an end to local stations showing syndicated stuff.
Pam / RIN: and just think, reality tv has only really been around for four years
Pam / RIN: Problem is, what most peope think is great TV is not for me
Rich: And you know they would be doing reality porn and reality death-violence if they thought they could get away with it...and they keep trying.
Rich: I think TV is almost a dead way outside the system to use it for artistic purposes.
Pam / RIN: unfortunately, a lot of that is proliferating on the Web instead
Rich: Production, distribution, and audience delivery are all tied together.
Pam / RIN: too true
Pam / RIN: my faves are West Wing, CSI and ER (not including my shameful addiction to Survivor, which I don't count)
Rich: I can have on my desktop all the tools to make my own films...but nobody but me can watch them.
Pam / RIN: I have never gotten Frasier, for instance - or Seinfeld
Rich: Never watched them...
Rich: Only saw bits of Cheers, and that was when it was being syndicated; never watched it first-run.
Rich: First-run TV watching mostly ended for me when I went to college in August 1980.
Pam / RIN: if it was on TV between 1978 and 1988, I probably didn't watch it
Rich: Exceptions are Babylon 5, ST:TNG and ST:DS9, The Flash, bits of Earth 2, Dinosaurs.
Rich: After about 1995, I gave up completely: everything I was even remotely interested in got cancelled right away.
Pam / RIN: we were faithful viewers of ST:TNG and the first three seasons of DS9, and of B5
Rich: I knew I was no longer anyone's intended audience.
Rich: Nobody is making shows for me anymore, so I just get over it and don't watch.
Pam / RIN: any PBS?
Rich: CSI the girls love, but I find it a waste of *TV*: not because the show is bad per se, but because there is no point to it being visual. It is like an illustrated radio play. You can listen to it with no sound and they telegraph everything they do.
Rich: PBS...hmmm.
Pam / RIN: I like CSI because of the forensics - it's something that's fascinated me ever since I read my first Patricia Cornwell novel
Rich: Watched Mystery! when the Granada TV Sherlock Holmes stories were being run.
Pam / RIN: we get a lot of Nova, Frontline and Nature around here - Russell is a PBS addict
Rich: Watched Square One TV...Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Rich: Watched Thomas the Tank Engine when Ringo Starr was Mr. Conductor, not afterwards once George Carlin took over.
Pam / RIN: Erin loved it with Ringo
Rich: Nova, Frontline, and Nature have all turned into glitzy Discovery Channel things, all sound bites and visuals, no meat content for me.
Rich: And the blatant commercial ads running, so much for "non-commercial TV".
Rich: I want 1970s-vintage PBS: 29 minutes of program every half hour, 30 seconds of promos for the next show, full credits with no talking over them and no "bugs" or logos on-screen.
Pam / RIN: I'm getting an opinion from Russell : )
Pam / RIN: he says: Frontline has always been that way
Rich: My TV is extinct.
Rich: So, I skip it and talk instead to you and Rin :-)
Rich: More interesting...
Pam / RIN: Nova is that way about half the time
Pam / RIN: too true
Pam / RIN: He's much more of a news junkie and is much more interested in world politics and scientifics
Pam / RIN: me, I'm an ostrich - if I ignore it, maybe it'll all go a way
Rich: I got sick of Masterpiece Theatre, too much Austen and Brontes :-)
Pam / RIN: Rin says these conversations are much more interesting
Rich: There you go, great minds think alike.
Rich: Lord of the Rings should have been a 25-part Masterpiece Theatre...
Rich: But noooo...gotta have some whiny novel of manners :-)
Pam / RIN: I look at TV as an escape
Rich: I have no escapes...
Rich: I am always on Gilligan's Island.
Pam / RIN: Full circle.
Rich: If you can find escapes for yourself, that is great.
Rich: I haven't found them for me.
Pam / RIN: there
Pam / RIN: is a topic for a long debate
Rich: 12:28 AM is not a time for long debates.
Pam / RIN: and I think it should be in person (not so hard on the fingers!)
Rich: And I have probably 15 hours of grading to do tomorrow.
Rich: My fingers are happy :-)
Pam / RIN: hmm - I'm doing the math
Pam / RIN: I'm thinking that if you do 15 hours of grading you're not going to finish tomorrow
Rich: 15 design notebooks, plus 3 10-page papers.
Pam / RIN: remind me again of why you chose academia?
Rich: Well, the "logical" tomorrow of "between when I get up from bed at home and go back to bed at home after work is done".
Pam / RIN: exactly my point
Rich: Why interesting question with an interesting answer.
Pam / RIN: I was being facetious
Rich: TV Guide version is probably inertia, coupled with short-term exegencies.
Rich: The "chosen" stuff didn't work out.
Pam / RIN: we all know why - life keeps getting in the way somehow : )
Rich: Indeed.
Rich: I'm surprised I can be so cold about is disappointing to part of me.
Pam / RIN: somehow I think you landed in the right place
Pam / RIN: but can you see yourself as an MD?
Pam / RIN: I don't know if cold is the description I'd use
Rich: Not unless I joined the Peace Corps and went to the middle of nowhere...or stayed single until I was 35 and all the crapwork was done.
Rich: Too much collateral damage otherwise.
Pam / RIN: for the most part, life has a way of working out the way it's supposed to
Rich: I won't know until it's all done.
Pam / RIN: certainly if your teaching methods with us are any indication, you make an excellent educator
Rich: I think I can do that :-) It just is not valued as much as it ought to be by those who have to pay for such things.
Rich: The payoff is all long-term, and nobody wants to wait that long.
Pam / RIN: education is often wasted on the young
Pam / RIN: it certainly would have been on me when I was 19
Pam / RIN: I hated school
Rich: Perhaps.
Rich: (Re: wasted_
Rich: I never hated school...
Pam / RIN: sorry, side discussion going on here - getting the younger perspective
Rich: Not so much younger :-)
Pam / RIN: 14 years - and closer to the source
Rich: "May the source we with you"
Pam / RIN: after all, she's only 3 years out of school
Pam / RIN: university, I mean
Pam / RIN: I didn't hate school until grade 11 - then all of a sudden, it got much more difficult
Rich: I can see you butting heads with your Dad and not wanting structures of any kind any more...
Rich: And school is an obvious structure.
Pam / RIN: I actually don't remember it having a lot to do with my parents
Rich: So much for my psych license :-)
Pam / RIN: there were some conflicts, naturally - after all, I was a teenager
Pam / RIN: I do remember wanting to take a history / sociology course which my parents vetoed
Pam / RIN: however, a lot of it had to do with coming smack up against something I didn't find easy (and boy, is this illuminating, because I'm just now realizing it!)
Pam / RIN: up until that point, I got good marks without having to work at it
Pam / RIN: then, I ran into Physics and plane geometry in the same year
Rich: I don't mind things that are hard...I can fail...but I want there to be some relationship between input and output.
Rich: If that relationship gets broken, I get very uneasy.
Rich: Do everything, do nothing, get the same grade--something is wrong.
Pam / RIN: I think it had more to do with the fact that all of a sudden I had to work at something
Rich: It can be a wall...I saw it happen at CWRU to valedictorians from little rural schools who were now just C students in the middle of the bell curve at CWRU.
Rich: I was a B/C border student in med school compared to the rest of that class.
Pam / RIN: I enjoy doing things that come easily to me but resent having to work for things that don't. I'm thinking there's more to your psych license than you first thought
Rich: I want to do many different things well instead of only one thing the best of anyone ever.
Rich: So I resist specialization.
Rich: Which is not good in academia if you want to get ahead.
Rich: It makes me perfectly suited for Gilligan's Island, though.
Rich: I can survive with anything (just can't build a boat).
Pam / RIN: Unless of course, your generalists are retiring and you want their jobs : )
Rich: haha
Rich: Actually, as we approach 12:50 AM, I am thinking that (alas) I should want some sleep...
Pam / RIN: that sounds like an achievable ambition : )
Rich: I bet Rin is zonked out on the floor already.
Pam / RIN: and talk about things that come easily
Pam / RIN: no, she's here following closely and has had some insightful comments which I've incorporated - so you're actually talking to both of us at once
Pam / RIN: I'm starting to think we're actually one mind
Pam / RIN: at least sometimes : )
Rich: <cue Twilight Zone music>
Rich: All right, one mind you may have, but two bodies that need sleep...
Rich: So I think I will go now.
Pam / RIN: okay - I guess you're right
Pam / RIN: after all, Erin has to get up in the morning
Rich: Grading tomorrow...sigh.
Pam / RIN: as do you
Rich: Me too.
Rich: To take Christina to school by 7:45 AM
Pam / RIN: oh, ugh
Rich: So, to bed we go...
Rich: Nice to talk tonight.
Rich: Take care both of you.
Rich: Hailing frequencies closed, sir.
Rich: Sirs.
Pam / RIN: very nice. Have a good week.
Rich: Ma'ams
Pam / RIN: Hugs and kisses
Rich: Whatever.
Rich: >hugs>
Pam / RIN: until next week!
Rich: <poof>
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