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Harvie Powis: Hello rich
rich-c: greetings, harvie
rich-c: two of Tamco's DSL specialists online again
Harvie Powis: Enjoying the heat wave?
rich-c: man, has DSL got us spoiled
rich-c: as a matter of fact, yes - I'm a bit of a sunflower
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: Bonjour mes amis, bonjour!
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rich-c: that's why I scheduled my hip replacement for November - figured I wouldnt be missing anything
Harvie Powis: Yes, I shudder to think of how I would handle 56k again
Daniel B: I'm not late tonight! :D
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel!
Harvie Powis: Hi Daniel
rich-c: we wre just gloating about our DSL connections, Daniel
changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> changed username to Duty-Free Dr.D.
rich-c: I am in the process of reconfiguring my old K6-166 computer so Erin can borrow it
Daniel B: my DSL connexion? dialup 56K Telus (Globetrotter)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hello all.
Harvie Powis: Hi Doc
rich-c: hi Rich, who let you out of the duty?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Customs :-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: My work is done for today, too.
rich-c: anyway on the K6 my anti-virus, for instance, is 26 months out of date
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Did I see you saying something about reconfiguring a computer for Ms. Rin, Richard?
rich-c: can you imagine downloading that, and the latest Zone Alarm, and AdAware and Spybot and all on 56K?
rich-c: yes Rich, I'm working on my old K6
Harvie Powis: I have grim memories of doing that
rich-c: and this wouldn't be one at a time, it would be all at once
Duty-Free Dr.D.: You just have to tailor your wants for 56K, Richard.
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Duty-Free Dr.D.: You can't let DSL spoil you.
rich-c: anyway, I have installed the new RAM - it's now 128MB
changed username to Pamela / Erin
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I've had it almost 2 years, and I still use mostly ssh windows and lynx...
(Daniel B hugs Pamela / Erin)
Pamela / Erin: Hello, everyone
rich-c: and have the USB ports ready for teh connection when I upgrade it to Win98
Harvie Powis: Hi Pamerin
Daniel B: Hello!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It's the 2-headed Clee thingy...
(Pamela / Erin hugs Daniel B)
Daniel B: :)
Pamela / Erin: I beg your pardon!
rich-c: hi Pam, just talking about working on the K6 for Erin
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Oh, the former Miss Clee, I should have said.
Pamela / Erin: It's the two headed Vilneff thingy, thank you
rich-c: right, and the current Miss Maclean
Pamela / Erin: Ms. MacLean
Daniel B: I quit the adam chat in 20 minutes.
Pamela / Erin: where are you going Daniel?
rich-c: sorry ';bout that! ;-)
Pamela / Erin: thank you kindly
Daniel B: McDonald with a friend. We have to talk.
Pamela / Erin: that sounds ominous, Daniel
rich-c: about a job or a sale of some of your programming I hope, Daniel - you deserve both
Pamela / Erin: and why are you duty free this evening, good doctor?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: McDonald's is not a place for serious talk :-)
Daniel B: I don't think so but it's certaintly about me.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I have finished my work for the day.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And customs was kind to me today.
Pamela / Erin: ahhhhh
Daniel B: I hope it's not serious
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: what did you import without getting hassled?
Pamela / Erin: Hello Bob
Harvie Powis: Hello Bob
BobS: ALLO gang
rich-c: allo Roberto
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I didn't import it, it got exported to me :-)
Daniel B: Allo Bob!
BobS: how ya'll doin??????????
BobS: like my southern drawl????
rich-c: exported or deported?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Drippin' chitlins, honey.
Pamela / Erin: practicin', Bob?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: No, exported: a gift, actually.
Harvie Powis: Gettin ready for Texas already Bob
Pamela / Erin: whatcha get?
rich-c: tell us more, since you're clearlly dying to ;-)
BobS: YUP !!!!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: An unexpected nicety:
Daniel B: I see... you talk about the adamcon in Texas.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Not that I do good deeds for people with hope of reward...
rich-c: at this moment Daniel; we do wander in our conversations, don't we?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: But I guess what I get for helping to troubleshoot a Canadian government computer is a Canadian T-shirt :-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Courtesy of Ms. Rin, thank you very much :-)
Pamela / Erin: <E> good, it got there : )
rich-c: does this have something to do with your visit to the community college?
Daniel B: Me? I still have no job. My friend have a gift for me. And a prediction told me that I will travel and meet a bad person.
Harvie Powis: The Canadian Government has computers?
rich-c: aha - Rin, what have you and Rich been up to now?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Nope, I have no impending visits at Connestoga.
Daniel B: Going to McDonald is not a travel. :)
Pamela / Erin: very funny, Harvie
rich-c: sure, Harvie, these days how do you screw up without them?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I wouldn't listen to bad prophesies, Daniel...
rich-c: besides, you can meet all the bad people you need without evr leaving home
Harvie Powis: They must be the $30,000.00 kind
Daniel B: the same prophesis told me that I'll open a new "market"... I suppose it's colecoshop.
Pamela / Erin: <E> does it fit?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And Rin even guessed right on the size: it fits perfectly.
Pamela / Erin: woohoo!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: The girls all like it.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It has a red maple leaf and "TORONTO" across it in friendly blue letters.
rich-c: good - I am wearing my CWR conference T-shirt at the moment - at last we have some heat here
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I told them it is mine, they can go to Canada themselves to get their own.
rich-c: they'll tell you been there, done that, Rich ;-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I found the package when I came home from work...and needed something clean to go to Elanor's concert tonight, so I put it on.
Daniel B: I quite in less than 10 minutes
Daniel B: and I type too fast
rich-c: Rich, have you had a chance to look at Daniel's scroll program?
Pamela / Erin: what, you mean typos Daniel? Everyone makes them
Harvie Powis: How,s the hobblin Doc?
Daniel B: My brain had a problem to find the right words to type. And after that, I have a problem to type the words right.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: brb
rich-c: we know that feeling well, Daniel
Daniel B: ...even in french.
Pamela / Erin: ah, the joys of being bilingual
Pamela / Erin: your English is still better than our French, Daniel
Daniel B: sometimes, I only have the english word... and I'm talking in french with someone
rich-c: nuts - I can get messed up all I need in just one language
rich-c: that is not that rare in Quebec I would gather, Danieespecially in a place as tourist-centred as Quebec City
Daniel B: I don't know how James can talk in 3 language at the same time. =P
Pamela / Erin: practice : )
rich-c: some folks have talents, others are like me
rich-c: it's lucky computers run in English, otherwise I'd never have enough words to cuss them out properly
Harvie Powis: I,m bilingual, I speak English and American
Daniel B: So, I suppose you had time to see my picture of Homer Simpson into Coleco graphics "Panic At Work"?
rich-c: two mutually unintelligible languages, Harv
Pamela / Erin: that was funny, Daniel
Daniel B: I had a dream last night where I saw the final result of this project. I didn't started this project yet but it looks like it will become a good one.
rich-c: was that the one that ran in Windows, Daniel? I remember one attachment did
Daniel B: I sent a PowerPaint file and a Gif file. Both are the same picture.
Daniel B: The last thing I sent is a scrolling text ROM file.
rich-c: the subconscious figures out a lot the conscious mind does not - and is often accurate
rich-c: right - I was able to look at the gif file - thought it was pretty neat
Daniel B: I admit that it took me more than a day to do the picture.
rich-c: hey, if programming was easy, we'd all be doing it
Pamela / Erin: we thought it was very good, Daniel
Pamela / Erin: just went and looked at it again
rich-c: once I get the K6 set up maybe I should put the Adamem on it if it isn't there already
Daniel B: The scrolling text ROM show two lines (the same effect but at to different places) of a little scrolling text PLUS a not realistic starfield.
Daniel B: I wuit in less than 5 minutes
rich-c: do not be so anxious, Daniel - y0u need not worry
Daniel B: I sent the source code to let you see my ASM code.
rich-c: for better or for worse, no one can see the future
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changed username to Judy
Pamela / Erin: Hello, Judy
Harvie Powis: Hello Judy
rich-c: that's something Rich, Dale, James, Scott and a few others can appreciate, Daniel, but not all of us
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: hi Judy
rich-c: how's the finger
Pamela / Erin: and how is the finger this week?
Daniel B: The problem with my scrolling text effect is using RAM as a buffer. More bigger is the effect, more RAM it needs.
Judy: are all of you having the beautiful weather that we are?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Sorry for very long delay, phone call from Elanor's music teacher.
Pamela / Erin: s'okay
Daniel B: So, I can'T do a side scrolling game based on my scrolling ASM routine
rich-c: here today it was seriously warm - I loved it, Frances said it was too much
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I will try to read the back buffer...
Pamela / Erin: we're having wonderful weather Judy, but it's too hot for this early in May
Harvie Powis: No, it's too hot, I want winter back :)
Pamela / Erin: quick, see your psychiatrist, Harvie : 0
rich-c: what? all of 81F and you're wimping out? what will you do when summer comes?
Judy: it was in the 80's here today and we just came in, sitting out on the deck with the pond all put together with the fish in it
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Okay:
Daniel B: Playing with the VideoRam takes more than than just updating the VideoRam with RAM data.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (1) leg is fine for walking, Harvie, but running is Right Out.
rich-c: since you're back Rioch, how's the leg?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (2) Homer looks good, Daniel.
Pamela / Erin: see Daniel, I told you we have trouble in English : )
Judy: last night we had a dandy storm lost power for over an hour
Daniel B: Well, I have to quit now... see you next week (because I can't be online this saturday afternoon).
Pamela / Erin: g'nite, Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel next Wed then, see you
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (3) using unused VRAM to store data is a workable idea, Daniel, as long as you disable NMIs so your access is not interrupted by any other VDP access.
Harvie Powis: Bye Bye Daniel
rich-c: au revoir for now
Daniel B: Bonne nuit tous! la semaine prochaine!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Bye Daniel...
Daniel B: *pouf* (it's *poof* but in french) =D
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I can tell you about the TEXT80 buffer in VRAM under SmartBASIC 1.x sometime...
Daniel B left chat session
Duty-Free Dr.D.: What else was there?....
Pamela / Erin: I think you got most of it, Rich
rich-c: he seems to be gone, Rich
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I was talking to myself :-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Well, I gave Daniel a smidgen of tech talk before he departed...
rich-c: how about muttering a bit more detail about the leg, then?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Leg...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Walking on level ground at normal speed for me is okay.
rich-c: well, Judy can tell us about the finger while we're waiting...
Judy: it is getting better
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I can climb stairs and hills in the park if I am careful not to push off with my foot.
Judy: still hurts a lot but it looks much better
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I.e., walk more from the hip.
rich-c: using a cane, or a crutch?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Running across the street, forget it.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Neither cane nor crutch limp.
Pamela / Erin: is that forever, Rich?
rich-c: no, but it helps with the strength differential, and the balance
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I was limping still 2 Sundays ago during the Egg Hunt competition.
Judy: I am using it again to type, makes it much easier, but there are spots that I can't feel anything
rich-c: still hurting, Judy? that's a bit surprising
Duty-Free Dr.D.: No, I don't think it's forever, Pamerin.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I still have the feeling of something "there" inside my leg, kinda a dead space.
rich-c: where teh muscle has yet to re-attach to the bone?
Judy: in the joint I think, is odd, didn't hurt when I did it but sure does now
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And the contour of my leg is still different from the normal left one, a bit of a bulge around the injury area.
Pamela / Erin: It will take some time to get the feeling back Judy
Duty-Free Dr.D.: No muscle-bone attachments were torn, Richard; it was all meat.
Harvie Powis: I get that feeling in my head Doc (dead space)
Pamela / Erin: so, no cartwheels for a while Rich?
Pamela / Erin: no comment, Harvie
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Actually, I think I could manage a cartwheel...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hmmm
rich-c: so you have to wait for the adhesions to become integral to teh muscle?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Yes, Richard, and to hope that muscle will back-fill through the scar tissue.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Otherwise, I will have some permanent weakness because the fleshy bits will be contracted already and unable to generate as much force.
rich-c: judging by my hip, that will take a while - I'm still improving daily
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Stretching mildly will help with that.
rich-c: yes, I have exercises I do each morning, and they seem to help tangibly
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Just went outside and did 2 cartwheels, both landing on right problems.
rich-c: hiking a bit over a kilometer each way for my INR twice a week has helped, too
Pamela / Erin: <E> RICH!!!
Harvie Powis: Do you walk every day rich-c?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Don't worry, <E>.
rich-c: pretty well, Harv, with shopping and other errands
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I walk at least a kilometer daily on campus.
BobS: dont worry, BE happy
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Pretty happy right now :-)
rich-c: Doc says I only have to go see the vampire every second week now, though, so I'll have to find another reason to hike
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And not from pain meds: the last of those were gone last week.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Now it's only aspirin or grin-and-bear-it for me.
Pamela / Erin: <E> back to regular old endorphins, I see :-)
Pamela / Erin: Dad, get lottery tickets
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Nah, gotta run too hard to get endorphins going, Rin.
rich-c: I get the feeling the doctors prefer you use Tylenol (acetimenophen)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And running is definitely a no-no still.
rich-c: got those Monday when I went to the vampire
rich-c: have to see wht happens in tonight's draw
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Tylenol does nothing for me: I need anti-inflammatory action, and acetamenophen doesn't do it.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Antipyretic (reduce fever) and analgesic (reduce pain), yes, but not anti-inflammatory.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Need aspirin or ibuprofen for that.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: The latter do all 3.
rich-c: OK. I "never" use any of them anyway, so my experience is limit4ed
Pamela / Erin changed username to Erin / Pamela
Duty-Free Dr.D.: This is a whole biochem lecture to my nursing students :-)
rich-c: believe there ae nasty side effects from excessive use of Ibuprofin, though
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Yes, you ought not take too much of it.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Nor apirin either.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: All drugs have side effects...
Erin / Pamela: <P> same thing with ASA
rich-c: I am of course an adult daily dose aspirin but that's just my penalty for being old and decrepit ;-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Okay, I see that the brain has changed for Pamerin :-)
rich-c: ASA is teh generic name for aspirin, Pam
Erin / Pamela: Pam was off chasing stuff (so I took over)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: AcetylSalicylic Acid.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: More cats breaking dishes?
Erin / Pamela: nope just stuff for the w/e
Harvie Powis: McCavity??
Judy: want to feel old tomorrow I am going to Josh's grand friend day
rich-c: Erin, how fancy an office suite are you likely to want on the computer?
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Duty-Free Dr.D.: Why break today what you can break on the weekend?
Judy: does that do it or what?
changed username to Meeka
Erin / Pamela: office suite?
rich-c: hi Meeka
Judy: hi, again , Meeka
Meeka: Hello
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Mahogany desk...
Erin / Pamela: hi Meeka
rich-c: the sort of thing (Corel or MS Office equivalent) you use at work
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Princess phone in gold and porcelain...
Judy: did you get your arch stuff, meeka?
Erin / Pamela: hehehehe
Harvie Powis: Walnut credenza
Meeka: no
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hunky intern to spellcheck memoranda...
Meeka: Doug just was tryin to figure out what we needed
BobS: MEEKA.......oly 45 degree angles....and no push thru t's ......AND we bought Doug that 2.3" tv he wanted - $60
Erin / Pamela: re: office suite......there doesn't need to be anything too fancy on it
Judy: we got some but they didn't have everything dad wanted
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Oh, I see, he meant "office suite" = "software".
Meeka: ok, will let him know
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Then WordStar 3.3 for DOS should be okay :-)
Erin / Pamela: re: hunky intern......I'll have to get them to "special order" me one of them
rich-c: there's a very friendly local one available but it's moe limited than Star Office - hence easier to use
Duty-Free Dr.D.: LOL do they have an illustrated catalogue?
Erin / Pamela: BTW, thank you Uncle Richard :-)
rich-c: wait for that till I get it working, Rin ;-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Just don't make her use edlin, Richard.
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rich-c: still have to get the mouse and modem to work - there's a bad IRQ conflict
changed username to james
Erin / Pamela: not just illustrated....full-colour too :-)
Erin / Pamela: Hello James
james: good morning
Judy: hi, james
Erin / Pamela: <007 music plays>
james: just stopping by to say hi
Harvie Powis: Hi James
rich-c: then I have to re-partition it, install key software after upgrading to Win98SE
BobS: hi James
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hello James.
rich-c: morning james
Harvie Powis: Put Linux on it, Power to the Penguin
Erin / Pamela: <P> Dad, why do you have to partition it?
rich-c: and install the nw USB ports
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Sounds like a Ronism, Harvie.
rich-c: not partition, re-partition - it isn't efficient at the moment
rich-c: still has Windows 3.1 on it in one space
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Solitaire still works under Win3.1.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And Minesweeper.
Erin / Pamela: <P> will it automatically boot in Windows '98
rich-c: maybe I should boot out 3.1 and install Linux -I have a Corel disc
Erin / Pamela: ?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And even Freecell if you put the Win32 extensions in.
Harvie Powis: Mandrake 10.0 Official rich
rich-c: yes, but the 3.1 partition already has a couple of fun games in it
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hehehe...I should give you my LOGO.SYS file that makes the boot splash screen say COLECOVISION PRESENTS MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 (c) 1998 COLECO
james: how is everyone?
Meeka: brb, my eyes itchin, gotta take out my contacts
rich-c: naw, that I'd have to buy, Harvie - teh Corel I have and got for free
rich-c: that would be fun, Rich, though I have the splash screen disabled
Harvie Powis: You can d/l Mandrake for free and it's much more up to date, 2.6 kernel
james: mandrake? i thought they were gone?
Erin / Pamela: install anything you'd like Uncle, all I need is email and my chat(s) (internet access)
rich-c: the way I mess up computers with great regularity, splash screens are just another obstacle to redemption
Harvie Powis: They were in French equivelent of Chapter 11 but recovered James
rich-c: and all your safety precautions, Erin - there are things that must be fussed about
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
rich-c: I already have Windows playing a cavalry bugle charged when it boots
james: @harvie, that's good to hear
Erin / Pamela: cute, very cute, Rich
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Should play the sound of a sticky MFM hard drive dying...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: <bows to Ms. Rin>
Erin / Pamela: hehe
rich-c: been there, done that, don't need any more
Duty-Free Dr.D.: There is also a file there,
rich-c: by the way, Pam, any idea what type of memory your boc takes?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: if you put that in the C:\ directory (overwriting the one that's there hidden already) your machine will boot with that picture.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It won't look like anything in a browser, though, you have to just retrieve the link and save it to disk.
rich-c: box
Erin / Pamela: <P> I think it's SD RAM
rich-c: how many pins, or PC??? type
Duty-Free Dr.D.: WOM, Write-Only Memory.
Erin / Pamela: <P> I don't know
rich-c: thirsty - need my beer - brb
Duty-Free Dr.D.: You get the right answer, but can never tell anyone what it is...
Erin / Pamela: <P>will belarc advisor tell me?
rich-c: yes it will
Harvie Powis: James, have you done anything with your website lately?
rich-c: I have the leftover 32MB PC66 70ns 168 oin SDRAM no longer usable
Erin / Pamela: <P> 64 MB, that's all it says
Erin / Pamela: <P> Isn't that too slow for my machine though, Dad?
rich-c: OK, I suspect I still have the IBM spec on your machine around somewhere - I'll see what I can find later
Meeka: back
rich-c: probably, not necessarily - one never knows
Erin / Pamela: I have it too - I sent it home in an e-mail when I was clearing my work machine
Erin / Pamela: I'll see if I can find it - brb
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hehe, we are computer tech tonight, it's just not ADAM tech :-)
rich-c: bear with me for a second, people - I want to try something
rich-c: nope, didn't work - pity
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Couldn't fit that proof of Fermat's Last Theorem in the margins, eh? :-)
rich-c: yes, let's call it Adam-successor Tech ;-)
rich-c: actually, I was wondering if control-v would pick up a whole text or just a line
Harvie Powis: Theory Of Fermentation???
Duty-Free Dr.D.: In the old Herman Mason told me...there were ADAM Thought Police who would slap people for talking IBM in an ADAM forum :-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Well, Richard is doing a study with his Guiness, I bet, Harvie :-)
rich-c: you win, Rich
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I am not slapping, Richard, just observing how tempus has fugitted.
rich-c: I tend to be particularly thirsty on Wednesday night, for various reasons
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Over 14 years.
Harvie Powis: That reminds me, must leave the consol for a moment
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Man your console, Mr. Powis!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Battle stations! This is not a drill!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (It has been a long day of video processing...)
rich-c: maybe he needs to go get himself a brew, too
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hehe
moved to room Meeting Place
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I was going to get a can of Coca-Cola, but the urchins have drunk it all.
changed username to james@$#!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: All 24 cans' worth we had a few days ago...
rich-c: got booted, did you, james?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Diaper duty, James?
james@$#!: employee next to me decided there was too much plugged into the power bar
Erin / Pamela: Isn'
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (watch the keyboard)
Erin / Pamela: t Miyuki due today James?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I know, he isn't at home.
james@$#!: no, but speaking of diaper duty, i'll be doing double duty now. the baby was born on tuesday morning at two minutes after midnight
james@$#!: 15 days early
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Congrats.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Wow, early.
Erin / Pamela: Congrats !!!!!
rich-c: details?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Is it a him or a her?
james@$#!: thanks
james@$#!: a healthy baby boy
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Name?
Erin / Pamela: oh that's wonderful, James
james@$#!: aiden was born at 12:02 a.m. japan time tuesday may 11th and weighed 2502g
Meeka: congrats
Erin / Pamela changed username to Pamela / Erin
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Not familiar with the name Aiden...
rich-c: just 2.5 kilos? that's a shade light, isn't it?
james@$#!: it's gaelic in origin
james@$#!: yup. quite light. even smaller than his brother when he was born
james@$#!: and renders nicely in kanji too
Duty-Free Dr.D.: That is a good thing, no foreign sounds.
Pamela / Erin: About five and a half pounds - that's not too bad James
rich-c: perhaps ancestry has something to do with it - neither you nor Miyuki are exactly heavyweights
james@$#!: the pronunciations of both my kids' names are reasonably close in both languages
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Aetheling would be a hard one, for example :-)
Pamela / Erin: does he have a middle name?
james@$#!: lol
james@$#!: nope
james@$#!: we had enough trouble coming up with one name let alone two
Pamela / Erin: you mean Ashleen, Rich? : )
rich-c: Daffyd?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I remember that weird one, too.
james@$#!: anyway, harvie, before my screen went blank, you were asking me about my web page?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Since Elanor is so much into anime, I have taken to calling her Eranaru.
rich-c: I think Harvie may be chasing a beer at the moment
Harvie Powis: Yes, have you done any more with it?
james@$#!: do you mean
Pamela / Erin: Aisling is the proper spelling
Harvie Powis: Yes
rich-c: got your La Maudite, have you, Harvie? ;-)
Harvie Powis: Creamsicle
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I will just call my poodle Phydeaux...
Pamela / Erin: I'm getting hungry!
james@$#!: @harvie, it's coming along
(Duty-Free Dr.D. gives Pamela / Erin a yummy bar of chocolate.)
james@$#!: though understandably i haven't done much the last couple of days
(Duty-Free Dr.D. gives Pamela / Erin some poutine.)
Pamela / Erin: mmm, chocolate
Pamela / Erin: mmm, poutine
rich-c: yeah, we can see where you might be a little busy
james@$#!: test
james@$#! left chat session
Pamela / Erin: gee, I can't imagine why : )
rich-c: you're here, james
Harvie Powis: I tried to get on last week and it was unreachable
(Duty-Free Dr.D. quaffs a cold glass of fresh milk.)
Pamela / Erin: mmm, milk
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I had ice cream earlier, too.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Peach.
Pamela / Erin: keep it up, I'll have a shake soon : )
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Pam with DTs? This I gotta see :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
Duty-Free Dr.D.: <runs>
Pamela / Erin: a milkshake, not the shakes!
changed username to jamesdouble$#%!
Harvie Powis: Oh go ahead, shake now
Pamela / Erin: James, such language
jamesdouble$#%!: you don't like my q*bert quotes? :P
rich-c: james, your site is up now, I just got on to it
jamesdouble$#%!: anyway, harvie, the site is coming along
rich-c: twit pull the plug on you again, james?
Harvie Powis: I'll take a look later
jamesdouble$#%!: no, net hiccup
jamesdouble$#%! changed username to james
rich-c: see were back to normal now though
james: @harvie, i'll send you the url for the actual working pages rather than just the intro page that says "coming soon"
james: for now ;)
Harvie Powis: Ok it;s
Pamela / Erin: how logical, Harvie : )
Harvie Powis: Logic r Us :)
rich-c: what are you going to use when you sign up, Rin?
james: anyway, i have this site i'm working on at work and i want to get as much done as i can today. it's becoming a thorn in my side
james: so i'll let you all go for now..
rich-c: OK james, see you next week, then
Pamela / Erin: <E> I'm not telling because you'll yell at me
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Bye James, and congrats again.
james: my regards to ron if he should happen to drop in
james: thanks!
Pamela / Erin: gnite James - congratulations to you both
Harvie Powis: Goodnight or Good Morning James
james: :D bye all! thanks again.
Judy: night James
james left chat session
rich-c: as long as it is something that the spammers can't guess too easily, you're fine
rich-c: they tend to go down all the personal names for an ISP and see which ones don't bounce
rich-c: then you're on the list and the floodgates open
Pamela / Erin: <E> actually have decided
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
rich-c: that's taken, rich
Pamela / Erin: sorry, that should be haven't
rich-c: except for the spammers, you could just use Erin; I'll bet it's not taken
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
rich-c: theman@nono-of-your. biz
Pamela / Erin: do you have any thoughts on the subject (other than Erin)?
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
rich-c: it's your name, your identity, but it helps to have something easy for your friends to remember
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
Pamela / Erin: <E> I like that - I like that alot!
rich-c: dont know if hyphens are allowed; if not dots may be
Harvie Powis: Don't be a coward, use your real name
rich-c: Rin.the/Red@
Duty-Free Dr.D.: erin-the-red? Hyphens are bleh IMHO, YMMV.
rich-c: no, the spammers get it too easily and quickly, Harvie - ask Joihn aboiut it
Pamela / Erin: <E> I just want to be original, Harvie
rich-c: should be easy to type, memorable, but not a common given name
Harvie Powis: It doesn't matter, spammers get to you even if they don't know your nym
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Just keep it clean, Rin :-)
Pamela / Erin: <E> what, me? (smiles innocently)
rich-c: true Harvie, but you don't have to make it easy for them
rich-c: no spammer yet has found eithr of two of my webmail accounts, and only opne has found teh third webmail account
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Innocent and Rin are rarely seen in the same sentence.
rich-c: but then none of them use a name directly identifyable with me
Pamela / Erin: (shocked silence followed by screech)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: But Richard is right about a name not being in a dictionary somewhere being less likely to guess.
rich-c: I'm annnoyed because Google uses your ral email address in the newsgroups postings
rich-c: so of course like everyone else I use my disposable webmail address
Meeka: ok, I'm off to bed. Talk to you all next week
Harvie Powis: But they don't guess them, they find your ISPs mail server and spam all accounts
BobS: nite Meeka
rich-c: night, Meeka - come back soon
Judy: night Meeka
Pamela / Erin: g'nite Meeka - see you next week
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Bye Meeka.
Meeka: nighty night
Meeka left chat session
Harvie Powis: Goodnight Meeka
rich-c: oh yes, they have all sorts of nasty tricks - I have to kill about 120 spams a day
rich-c: since I use Mailwasher at least I don't have to get them off the server, can kill them there
rich-c: at least I have dfound some minor measures of revenge, though
Harvie Powis: The only secure anti-spam strategy for e-mail is to not have an e-mail account
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Unfortunately true, Harvie.
rich-c: I now send all phishing emails to and let the cops nail them
Pamela / Erin: what's that, Dad?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Assuming that they will bother, Richard...there are so many of them.
rich-c: i5t's run by the OPP with the RCMP, CSIC, FBI, CIA and I suspect links to Interpol
rich-c: head office is up in Thunder Bay and they deal with phone and internet fraud
Pamela / Erin: ah
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Sounds funny that the RCMP would have any jurisdiction with the Internet...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Where do you put the horse?
Pamela / Erin: in the corral, of course : )
rich-c: well, there's one persistent phisher spoofing PayPal - very plausible, too
Harvie Powis: They only pursue the cases with high PR value
Duty-Free Dr.D.:, you mean :-)
rich-c: but I kept sending the emails with headers to phonebusters
rich-c: now instead there's no phishing, the payload is a virus
rich-c: I think that's an attempt at revenge
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I hope they aren't out to get you.
Pamela / Erin: send those too
rich-c: I do suspect the virus is an attempt at revenge
rich-c: also got another phisher spoofing eBay yesterday
rich-c: also I send copies to,, and so on as applicable
BobS: but typically, the spoofers goof up the english translation and use incorrect grammer
rich-c: they can push the cops to track down the culprits (I also include headers)
Harvie Powis: I regularly get notifications that my (non-existant) e-bay account has too much money in it
rich-c: well, all of those, send them to phonebusters with a cooy to abuse@(alleged sender)
rich-c: you could save some poor mook a very expensive identity theft
BobS: NEVER, never reply to anything like that.....IF you want to know, go to the eby, paypal site yourself........
rich-c: it's not enough to never reply - you need to get the s.o.b.s who are doing it
rich-c: you may be smart but there are a lot of other folks out there who arent
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I wish I were more hopeful, but it isn't 1993 any more vigilante justice...
rich-c: it's the only case in which I will react to any form of spam at all
Harvie Powis: I don;t think I'll be checking the status of my non-existant account
Duty-Free Dr.D.: is mine :-)
rich-c: not enough, Harvey - these guys you have to nail - it's not like a Nigerian letter or something
Pamela / Erin: but Harvie, don't you want all that lovely non-existent spare cash?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: or
rich-c: ;-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: BobS should laugh at the second one :-)
BobS: my german is NOT good anymore Dr D
BobS: almost non-existant
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I.G. Farben made all the big artillery guns for Germany in WW1 and WW2.
rich-c: Frances says today's Nigerian letter is from Iraq
Duty-Free Dr.D.: tod =
Duty-Free Dr.D.: death
BobS: K
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I saw one doctored to be from Bush, soliciting for the Republican Nat'l Committee.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It was ROTFL.
Harvie Powis: hsimpson@watana.siam
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Good one, Harvie.
Pamela / Erin: fflintstone@bedrock.jurassic
rich-c: for best results, it should have a real top-level domain to finish
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
Harvie Powis: Good one
Pamela / Erin:
Duty-Free Dr.D.:
Pamela / Erin: LOL
Harvie Powis: Vewwy good
Pamela / Erin: very good, Dad : )
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Yes, indeed.
rich-c: thought you-all would be too young to get it
Pamela / Erin: okay, that one went over Erin's head
Duty-Free Dr.D.: The Latin singer with the basket of fruit on her head.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Carmen Miranda.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: She danced the samba!
Pamela / Erin: <E> oooookay
Harvie Powis: The fruit goes over the head, the castinette goes on the fingers
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Everyone do the samba, samba, Broadway samba today!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Erin needs to watch some old cartoons :-)
Pamela / Erin: <E> obviously I've been deprived
BobS: time to go kids......
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I can tell you which ones, too.
Pamela / Erin: is it that time already Bob?
Judy: good night everyone
rich-c: yes, it is getting on, isn't it, Bob
BobS: to la la land and sleep !!!!!!
BobS: real close
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Chronometer saith 10:55:15 here.
BobS: si senor
Pamela / Erin: gnite, Bobs and Judys
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Sleep, it is a difficult concept.
Harvie Powis: Good Night Slopsemas
BobS: see ya's next week
rich-c: I got up too early this morning after geting to bed too ;ate this morning
Pamela / Erin: that's senora
BobS left chat session
Duty-Free Dr.D.: haha
Judy left chat session
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Droppin' like flies...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Anyone heard anything from Ron?
Pamela / Erin: and what time did you get up Dad?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And was Guy here at all tonight?
Pamela / Erin: not a peep
rich-c: not in the last several days - I do not esteem that a good sign
Pamela / Erin: no Guy
Harvie Powis: Did you beat your wife up in the morning?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I haven't heard from Ron since the chat he was here trying to dump 5.25" disks in the trash.
rich-c: got up at 7.50 - for me that's early
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hehe, awake at 5:53 before the alarm went off at 6:00.
Harvie Powis: I was up at the crack of noon
rich-c: yes, but at my age there's only one end left for candle-burning
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Then get a flashlight :-)
Pamela / Erin: that's a horrible hour of the morning, Rich
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Workaday world...more of the same tomorrow.
Harvie Powis: I like to fall behind early so there is more time to catch up
Pamela / Erin: work . . . work . . . oh yeah, I vaguely remember that
Pamela / Erin: there
rich-c: who knows, you may encounter it again some day
Pamela / Erin: s a sentiment for a sampler, Harvie
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And I will have to get Joan from work at about 12:30 AM tomorrow night, Christina needs one of the cars, and I have a Theta Chi graduating seniors dinner to attend most of the evening, so I need the other car.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Ha Harvie.
Pamela / Erin: Y.N.K. Dad
rich-c: with luck I won't need to use the van again till Sunday
Pamela / Erin: just don't have heart failure when you see the price of gas, Dad
Pamela / Erin: lowest I saw today was 86.9
rich-c: I have seen it - it's no fun
Harvie Powis: That's still cheaper than water
rich-c: the one advantage I have is that I have a big tank - give me a two-hour price drop and I'm good for the month
Pamela / Erin: mine's only 65 litres
rich-c: not when you buy it wholesale, Harvie
Duty-Free Dr.D.: We are at the point of it costing over $30 US to fill up the vans.
rich-c: mine is 102, but you get better mileage
Duty-Free Dr.D.: But I can remember in the late 1970s paying $20 to fill up a car.
Pamela / Erin: I get about 225 KMs to 3/4 of a tank of gas
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And worse during the oil embargo in 1973, of course.
Harvie Powis: At the gas bar a half litre bottle of water is > $1.00
rich-c: my nose bleeds for you - figure filling a 102 litre tank at 87 a litere
Duty-Free Dr.D.: So in current dollars, that was way more than $2 per gallon.
Pamela / Erin: you could always use tap water, Harvie
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Well water, mmm, my favourite.
Pamela / Erin: Unless you're on Walkerton's system
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Touch of lime, touch of rust.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Slurp.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Never had water as good as from our well when I was a kid.
rich-c: probably that's because the county never tested it :-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I'm sure they never did.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: We survived.
Harvie Powis: So far :)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Well in the back yard, septic tank in the front, well-marked by the greenest grass in the yard.
rich-c: any old how, time another of the old folks got some shuteye
Pamela / Erin: one of the things I remember about travelling was how poor the water tasted and how sorry we were when the last of the Toronto water was used up and we had to refill with local water
Pamela / Erin: Dad, can you do me a favour?
rich-c: like what?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Travelling where, Pam? To the US?
Pamela / Erin: my roller skates are in the front hall closet - can you throw them in the van for me on Sunday?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Pam on skates, interesting mental image...
Pamela / Erin: almost anywhere, Rich
Pamela / Erin: gee thanks, Rich
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I can't skate at all, more power to you if you can.
rich-c: I will try to remember, but phoning Saturday night would work wonders :-)
Pamela / Erin: I'll try to remember to call from the trailer
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Pam in sweats with headband and leg warmers and Walkman...swish...swish...
rich-c: right - I had forgotten you were going up there
Pamela / Erin: we're leaving directly from the trailer to go to Joan and Gord's
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I fall anytime I try to get on skates.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Most unceremoniously.
rich-c: right - we will be seeing you there, then
Pamela / Erin: I used to be quite good, Rich but it remains to be seen if I still have the balance
rich-c: just be sure you get there ahead of us - you know my problem with names
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I do slightly better on ice skates than roller skates...but neither is anything to write home about.
Pamela / Erin: okay Dad - thank you. Nighty nite
Pamela / Erin: we'll be there by about 12:45
rich-c: night now, all
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Good night, Richard.
rich-c: see you
Harvie Powis: Goodnight rich-c
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela / Erin: I repeat, what colour is that?
Harvie Powis: I think I'll pull the plug too
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I remember trying my cousins' skates, the kind with a key to tighten them...I could never get them quite tight enough.
Pamela / Erin: okay Harvie - have a great night
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Good night, Harvie.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Dunno if anyone makes old-fashioned skates any more.
Harvie Powis: Good night Pamerin, Doc
Pamela / Erin: no, no, no - real roller skates with boots, toe stops, four rubber wheels on the floor
Harvie Powis left chat session
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Those are roller derby skates, no kid I knew growing up had those.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: And skateboards were a board with the old kind of skates nailed onto them.
Pamela / Erin: I got them for my 15th birthday, I think - or was that my bike?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: My feet were still growing at age 15.
Pamela / Erin: it must have been my 15th birthday because one of the first dates I went on was roller skating
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I don't think I could wear shoes from then now.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: brb
Pamela / Erin: wore them right up into my 20's
Pamela / Erin: 'kay
Duty-Free Dr.D.: back
Duty-Free Dr.D.: very hot upstairs and down
Pamela / Erin: sorry, was checking out the website for the local roller palace
Duty-Free Dr.D.: bad night for sleeping.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Skate away!
Pamela / Erin: really? It's cooled off around here
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Very sticky.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Maybe it will cool down later in the night.
Pamela / Erin: I saw the ad on the local TVGuide channel
Pamela / Erin: it's down to about 65, I believe
Pamela / Erin: are you going to be able to sleep?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Probably have to do some reading..
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I am not so sleepy right now.
Pamela / Erin: what kind of reading?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Joan is zonked out, though.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Recreational reading.
Pamela / Erin: is she on days off?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: She was off today, goes back to evening shift tomorrow through the weekend.
Pamela / Erin: evening shift is what - 4:00 to 12:00?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: She was barely awake when I went upstairs a bit ago.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: 3:30 to about 12:30.
Pamela / Erin: does she like that better than midnights? Russell likes the afternoon shift
Duty-Free Dr.D.: She hasn't worked midnights since Diana and Gretchen were little.
Pamela / Erin: so only days and evenings?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Yes.
Pamela / Erin: lucky her
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Not really, it's never the same mix of days and evenings in a 6-week bloc.
Pamela / Erin: it looks like R will soon be going onto permanent afternoons on a Continental shift - 10:00am to 10:00 pm
Duty-Free Dr.D.: You can't ever plan anything ahead, you never know if you are off or on.
Pamela / Erin: they don't have a fixed rotation? That surprises me
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Nope, always different.
Pamela / Erin: at least around here we're guaranteed that he has every third weekend off
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Weekends balance out in the long run.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: But further ahead than 6 weeks, you can't look.
Pamela / Erin: he works Tuesday at 4:00 to Monday at 12:00, has Tuesday and Wednesday off, goes back in Friday at midnight and works till the following Thursday till 8:00 am, and is off again until the following Tuesday
Duty-Free Dr.D.: No such regularity here.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It is essentially random.
Pamela / Erin: so he gets 7 days in 3 weeks
Pamela / Erin: man ,that must suck
Pamela / Erin: how do those who need babysitting cope?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: You might say that, but it is all we have ever known.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: When the girls were very little, it was either pay daycare or I shift my work hours to match so I could cover.
Pamela / Erin: I wonder how those who are single parents cope
Duty-Free Dr.D.: When they were age 3 was the affordable point for daycare, before that, it was schedule juggling.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Grandma. We never had that luxury, either, no family in town.
Pamela / Erin: and people wonder why I don't have kids : )
Duty-Free Dr.D.: You can learn to be flexible.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: If you have always done it, it is all there is.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: What broke up many couples I knew was waiting 'til age 35 for the first one, then they couldn't cope.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Yeah, they were set financially for it, but the relationship had evolved too far without kids.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: They couldn't give up all the stuff they had to give up.
Pamela / Erin: if you're going to have them, have them young, when you're still convinced that you and they are invincible
Duty-Free Dr.D.: No convincing, I am not and was not convinced.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It just *is*, dunno how else to say it.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: You do have to give up a lot.
Pamela / Erin: I think it's better to have your kids young, before you learn about all the things that could happen to them - when you're still in the mindset of "it can't happen to me"
Pamela / Erin: being more aware of all the dangers out there doesn't help the case for having kids (or at least the first one)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I have never had that mindset, sorry Pam :-)
Pamela / Erin: well, you've never been typical, have you?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Depends who is talking.
Pamela / Erin: think about the typical mindset of your average 21 year old
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I can't, I was not an average 21-year-old, or 24-year-old.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I am no good at projecting into others, and I have learned to stop trying :-)
Pamela / Erin: yes, but you have hundreds of examples both in your peers and in your students
Pamela / Erin: my dad's problem was, he was too good at it and was projecting onto me
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I see what they *do*, I don't know what they *think*.
Pamela / Erin: I'm not sure they do think : )
Duty-Free Dr.D.: All I can say is, resist being projected upon.
Pamela / Erin: I have, all my life - it hasn't done me much good : )
Pamela / Erin: as I said, my father is - shall we say - stubborn when he gets an idea in his head
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Poor Rin better have the computer actually in her apt. before telling your Dad that it isn't tamcotec, then...
Pamela / Erin: that's what we intend to have happen - and I'm going to pick it up without her, so as to avoid an hour's lecture on what to do and what not to do with it
Pamela / Erin: I love my Dad, but he loves to pontificate
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (1) fill tub with water
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (2) plug in computer
Duty-Free Dr.D.: (3) throw in tub
Duty-Free Dr.D.: :-)
Pamela / Erin: I don't think those are the instructions he has in mind : )
Pamela / Erin: at least I'm used to listening to him : )
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Those are instructions for Magic Smoke.
Pamela / Erin: is that the blue kind?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: The kind that comes out of dying electronic equipment.
Pamela / Erin: I think he might object if we created Magic Smoke
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I suppose he will want the thing back some day, so Erin, save your pennies to get a new one.
Pamela / Erin: actually, this is only a temp solution - her brother is trying to put together a P3 for her (when he gets around to it)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Ah.
Pamela / Erin: when we in Windsor for Easter, Garth said he had the parts, just not all in the same place, and that he would put one together for her. All we have to do now is get him moving on it and that's the challenge
Duty-Free Dr.D.: "Tell Jabba I've got the money...just not *here*..."
Pamela / Erin: well, the mother board is at his place, but the memory he needs is at his father's place, and he doesn't get out there very often
Pamela / Erin: and getting Garth to do something he's not very motivated about is a bit of a challenge
Pamela / Erin: (Erin rolls her eyes)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Promise him a cookie?
Pamela / Erin: not enough of a bribe unfortunately
Duty-Free Dr.D.: What would be?
Pamela / Erin: we haven't figured that out yet
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Sigh, save your pennies, then...
Pamela / Erin: exactly
Pamela / Erin: we'll see what happens - she may inherit this machine if we decide to get a new one rather than upgrade
Pamela / Erin: the big problem with this one is that I think the video card is built-in
Duty-Free Dr.D.: It's hard to always be getting cast-offs, though.
Pamela / Erin: I don't think she minds too much - her focus is on internet access and e-mail
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Well, I know for me, anyway, there is pride involved, wanting to get something of my own.
Pamela / Erin: <E> I've learned that pride gets in the way of a lot of things
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Too much "charity" makes me uncomfortable.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Too much pride is bad, also.
Pamela / Erin: <E> there's a difference between charity and cast-offs
Duty-Free Dr.D.: There can be.
Pamela / Erin: <E> you pay it back ( or forward) instead
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hehe, give the cast-off to someone else.
Pamela / Erin: <E> Hey, it works
Pamela / Erin: <E> it's all about karma
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I am too tired to be deep :-)
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Heat is getting to me a bit now.
Pamela / Erin: that's reasonable : )
Pamela / Erin: you should go have a cool shower -that will help
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I was thinking of it...may do it.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: In any case, I probably ought to go for today.
Pamela / Erin: I find it helps alot - and if the water's cool enough, it can make you grateful for the warm air
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Hopefully Erin will be on the net soon.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I can stand wet in front of the fan.
Pamela / Erin: May a/c
Duty-Free Dr.D.: We have fans set up in the house, windows open.
Pamela / Erin: do you have any windows that provide cross ventilation?
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Yes, from front to back in the house.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Okay, I am off...
Pamela / Erin: if you can, get a fan in the window opposite where the wind is coming from, and turn it so it's sucking air out of the house - that will pull cooler air in from the opposite side
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Thanks again to Erin for the Duty-Free gift :-)
Pamela / Erin: <E> my pleasure - enjoy!
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Have to wash it, I have all sweated out of it, ick.
Pamela / Erin: FYI, I checked the weather network and it says your wind is coming from the south and it's 69 degrees
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Enjoy your vacation weekend.
Pamela / Erin: thank you - we will
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Humidity I would guess is high from how creaky I feel.
Pamela / Erin: about 78%
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Don't fall on your skates, no broken arms.
Pamela / Erin: no skates this weekend : )
Pamela / Erin: have a cool night : )
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I thought that was why you wanted them.
Duty-Free Dr.D.: I will think of cold air...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Good night, gals.
Pamela / Erin: not for this weekend - and we won't see M&D until Sunday
Pamela / Erin: night, Rich
Duty-Free Dr.D.: Off to the Ice Planet of Hoth...
Duty-Free Dr.D.: <poof>
Pamela / Erin: hugs and kisses from both of us
Duty-Free Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela / Erin left chat session
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left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
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