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Harvie: Hello ello ello lo lo oo
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changed username to Pam / Erin
Pam / Erin: Hey Harvie, you're early tonite
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changed username to rich-c
Pam / Erin: Hi Dad
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changed username to Guy B.
Pam / Erin: I tried to talk to Harvie but he's not responding
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Pam / Erin: Hi, Guy
Harvie: Yes, I figured if I started something else I would forget the chat
rich-c: hey, you're early - hi Harv, Pam/Erin
rich-c: hey Guy - you're earlky too
Harvie: The room was so empty when I came in I got an echo
rich-c: got teh decision yet of the schooling, Guy?
Pam / Erin: well when all else fails, talk to yourself, right Harvie?
Guy B.: I think I'm going to hold off until after the con. I decided I will go after all.
rich-c: well after all Harvie, we're not due here for another minute yet!
rich-c: BTW folks, there's a chance David Cobley may join us
rich-c: I'm still up in the air on that - a question basically of health
Harvie: When I talk to myself all I get is nonsense answers
Pam / Erin: how are you feeling Dad?
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rich-c: well, at leat someone answeers you - when I try I get an answering machine
changed username to Doctor D.
Pam / Erin: Hi Rich
rich-c: greetings Rich
Doctor D.: Hello all.
Harvie: Hi Doc
Pam / Erin: and how are you feeling today? (Seems to be the question of the evening)
Doctor D.: The Yanks are still outnumbered 4 to 2.
Doctor D.: Might I inquire why? (Re: question of the evening)
rich-c: yep - and if we get David Cobley as we may the ratio will be even more
Pam / Erin: asked Dad too
Doctor D.: Oh, thought there was something special about me tonight :-)
Doctor D.: I am fine, though leg is a bit achey.
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
rich-c: naw, we just want to know if you've managed to stay off the crut hes
Doctor D.: It has creeping twitchy feelings deep in it after lots of walking.
Doctor D.: No crutches since 1 week after the injury.
Pam / Erin: sounds like muscle fatigue to me
rich-c: cane for balance, or no assist?
Doctor D.: I think it is just unhealed injury.
Doctor D.: No cane. My balance is fine.
Doctor D.: Strength is mostly back.
Doctor D.: I can even walk at my "normal" (fast to you) speed.
Doctor D.: But running is a no-no.
rich-c: still, one leg remains stronger than the other, which I find can affect the gait
Doctor D.: Need to go slow.
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Guy B.: Don't over do it.
Doctor D.: I only notice gait differences going up stairs; I am being careful not to push off with the right leg.
Doctor D.: Hi Guy.
Doctor D.: I marched for 2 miles in the Memorial Day parade Monday.
rich-c: yes, stairs tend to be the longer-lasting obstacle
Doctor D.: Again, other than twitchy aches, no ill effects.
Doctor D.: I was the Boulevard Elementary School Marching Band--of one.
rich-c: I still mostly do stairs one by one rather than one over one, if you follow
Harvie: And the older we get the bigger the obstacle rich
changed username to 5 Days=Split Pea
5 Days=Split Pea: hello there every1
Pam / Erin: Hi Rie
rich-c: hello Marie
Pam / Erin: very clever Chickpea
5 Days=Split Pea: hello hello hello all
5 Days=Split Pea: thanks ;-)
Guy B.: Like the name. Catchy.
Doctor D.: I had Split Pea Soup for lunch today BTW.
rich-c: doing well, got a good crowd early
Doctor D.: Along with Corned Beer & Cabbage.
Guy B.: Beer?
Pam / Erin: Erin had poutine : )
Doctor D.: Not for me, T-totaller that I am, Guy :-)
rich-c: no, Rich is a teeetotaller
5 Days=Split Pea: as so did i erin
Doctor D.: KFC again?
Doctor D.: Or home-made?
Guy B.: Guess we all are a bit off on our typing tonight.
rich-c: the differnce is, for me that's a permanent condition
Harvie: Where do you get that Corned Beer Doc?
Doctor D.: My soup came at a lunch we had for Diana after her 5th-grade promotion ceremonies today. SHe is officially a middle schooler now.
Doctor D.: Got it at Corky & Lenny's deli.
rich-c: everybody be patient in case I bounce myself, and I'll try a spellcheck program
Guy B.: That's great.
Doctor D.: Me, Joan, Diana, and her Grandma D. went out for lunch afterwards.
Doctor D.: The special was CB & C, soup du jour split pea, so I had 'em all.
Pam / Erin: we're gonna switch so Erin's at the keyboard for a while
rich-c: uh - after lunch, you went out and had lunch?
Doctor D.: No, that was lunch :-)
Pam / Erin changed username to Erin / Pam
rich-c: I'm totally confused
Guy B.: Finally we got a break from all the rain here in Chicago. Had over 7 inches in May.
Harvie: We got that much yesterday
rich-c: yes, we have sort of been growing webbed feet here too
Doctor D.: The promotion ceremony was at 9:30 AM. It ended at 11 AM. We went out to lunch after that.
Guy B.: Rivers and the creeks overflowed. But, they are receding.
rich-c: that's an early lunchtime
Doctor D.: It was noon before we got there.
Doctor D.: There was a small reception with cake and punch afterwards.
Doctor D.: We didn't get out of the school until about 11:30. Lots of photo-taking with teachers etc.
rich-c: me, I'm a late-lunch type - 1 p.m. or later usually
Doctor D.: Her current teacher is retiring after 30 years this year.
Guy B.: Usually take mine at 12:15
Harvie: Who punched who :)
rich-c: another battle-scarred veteran
Doctor D.: One of his students from 1980 came back to give a valedictory oration to him :-)
Doctor D.: No punches thrown, lots spilled, though.
Doctor D.: I can eat just about anytime, Richard :-)
Erin / Pam: hehe
rich-c: sounds like you had fun, rich
Doctor D.: It was fun. Diana was very nervous about the morning and actually threw up at one point in the restaurant :-(
rich-c: and so can I, Rich, but I pay for it later #####
Doctor D.: She was recognized for a bunch of awards, plus played a duet with her clarinet with another girl on flute.
rich-c: no wonder she was nervous
Doctor D.: So she had some stage fright...odd though, usually the puking comes before, not after.
Doctor D.: She did fine.
Doctor D.: There was also a violin quartet.
Doctor D.: Plus the whole 5th grade sang a couple of songs while a PowerPoint slideshow of photos played.
rich-c: obviously quite a musical bunch
Guy B.: Caught my dog licking her paw that had an infection. It's doing better.
rich-c: how did Abby get that, Guy?
Doctor D.: It was a very nice affair...much better than when Elanor was promoted. Then, it was filled with rude parents who talked loud, answered cell phones, and left as soon as their kid's name was called. At the end, only us and a few families were left. It was disgusting.
Doctor D.: Fortunately, the current principal kept good order.
Guy B.: She gets a little anxious to get outside and the door hit her paw. This time, there wasn't a cut.
Doctor D.: I hope her paw is okay, Guy.
rich-c: sounds moe like nasty bruising than infection then, Guy
Guy B.: I had her at the vet last weekend. No cut, just an infection and she's on antibiotics for this week. Just took a look at it. It's doing much better.
Guy B.: It was right at the nail.
Doctor D.: Tomorrow we will be gaining a new pet for the summer: an albino hedgehog.
rich-c: I'm not sure I want to know about that...
Doctor D.: Diana is keeping it until classes start up again. It belongs to one of the science teachers at the school.
5 Days=Split Pea: no
Erin / Pam: <P> does hedgehog have a name?
Doctor D.: Yes...her name is Queen Elizabeth.
Doctor D.: No kidding.
Erin / Pam: LOL
Guy B.: Whoa. God Save the Queen.
Doctor D.: She is cute and prickly and sleeps all the time.
Doctor D.: Does that describe the real Her Majesty? :-)
Guy B.: What does it eat?
Doctor D.: Vegetables...slugs...worms...beetles.
Erin / Pam: ask Prince Philip :-)
Doctor D.: LOL
Guy B.: No not SLUGS?
Doctor D.: Yes, slugs.
Doctor D.: So we will try to catch her some.
Guy B.: And where do you get them?
rich-c: watch that slugs bit, Rich, it could be hard on your experiments
Erin / Pam: <P> ew, no slugs
Doctor D.: From the yard, when the dew comes out.
Doctor D.: I haven't seen any yet this year, but I am sure they are out there.
Guy B.: At least you will have a pest free yward.
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rich-c: we don't have that many slugs any more - the snails have crowded them out
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Erin / Pam: hi Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, where's the old man?
Guy B.: Where's King Bob?
Judy: Hi, all, is everyone well?
Doctor D.: King Bob? <smirk>
Harvie: Didn't Ron say he had lots of slugs?
Doctor D.: Did Judy crown him? :-)
Judy: sitting right here, thought he was already on
Guy B.: I had to throw that in!
rich-c: yes, and he has the large economy Pacific Coast size
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changed username to George
Guy B.: Hi George
5 Days=Split Pea: i
rich-c: hello George, how are things in Philadelphia?
George: Hi Everyone
5 Days=Split Pea: i'll be back
5 Days=Split Pea left chat session
George: i just got back from Cape May
rich-c: what wre you doing there? it's past the best of the birdwatching season, isnt it?
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Judy: are you getting as much rain as we are?
changed username to KING Bob
Doctor D.: Gads, it *IS* the King.
KING Bob: argh, argh argh
Erin / Pam: Hi your Majesty!!!!
Harvie: Howdy King
KING Bob: how's me mates???????
rich-c: hey, I thought that title belonged to Elvis
rich-c: or maybe richard Petty
George: scouting out the horizon for an astronomical event
Doctor D.: Your loyal subjects are fine, sirrah.
Doctor D.: A comet due, George?
Doctor D.: Or eclipse?
Judy: that would be The King
rich-c: transit of Venus, George?
Guy B.: Hi King Bob
KING Bob: HOkay
George: yes Venus
Guy B.: See what I did?
KING Bob: Guy, my son........
rich-c: who were you scouting for? yourself, or others?
KING Bob: what??????
KING Bob changed username to BobS
George: me and a friend
rich-c: do you plan to go down then and observe it?
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Guy B.: Now, he's back to himself.
George: yes
(Egbert the Vicious flings a sword in the direction of his programmer's head (NPC))
Doctor D.: Gadzooks, I am slain!
rich-c: what sort of equipment are you using - mirror filter on the telescope?
George: yes
Guy B.: Oh yes, I read about Venus crossing in the sun's plaine.
rich-c: how big a scope of what type?
Doctor D.: BRB
George: reflector
Doctor D. moved to room The Washroom
rich-c: (Dr.D. is into astronomy and so is Pam's husband)
Guy B.: I heard that Europe will be the best place to see it.
rich-c: what, about a six inch mirror?
George: yes
BobS: well ........... then shall we go????
rich-c: what power of scope, George?
George: tomorrow
Erin / Pam: that's a mighty big telescope George - what kind is it?
George: a variety of powers
rich-c: well yes, with the Barlow, but I was wondering about teh basic
(Guy B. gives Erin / Pam a can of Diet Coke.)
George: a newtonian reflector
Erin / Pam: thanks Guy
George: dozens of different lenses
Harvie: Must leave the console unattended for a moment
George: and filters
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Doctor D. moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Doctor D.: (A hush falls over the gathering)
rich-c: sorry folks, I got bounced - or hit the wrong key and bounced myself
Erin / Pam: H*U*S*H.....
Guy B.: I've created two music CD's from tapes using the Dell this past weekend. Guess that's now my Digital Media Center.
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changed username to 5 Days=Split Pea
5 Days=Split Pea: i'm baaaaaaaaacccckkkk
Guy B.: She has returned.
rich-c: I've lost track, Guy - which is the Dell?
Erin / Pam: hello Chickus of the Pea
5 Days=Split Pea: hi low
Doctor D.: That's quite bad Latin, Rin.
Guy B.: My Dell Dimension I won from work back in 2002.
rich-c: right - that's a fairly slow processor now, then
Erin / Pam: It has nothing to do with's my own little language :-)
Guy B.: I've added a CD burner and downloaded from my digital camera.
Doctor D.: Rinnish?
Guy B.: Photos that is.
Guy B.: 400 Pentium II.
rich-c: yes, a slow processor is fine for most of that
rich-c: oh, that's still in the tolerable range
Erin / Pam: yes :-)
Guy B.: It does the job rather well I might add.
rich-c: I have my 166 laptop set up for photo work but haven't so used it yet
Doctor D.: Fixez-vous up mon espelling franglaise, sil vous plait?
rich-c: these days I use it on the internet from teh Amiga meetings
Doctor D.: That's tolerably bad.
Erin / Pam: no comprendez pour favor?
Harvie: It doesn't matter rich, Dell and Microsoft add so much junk to the systems now that they are the same throughput as a 400
Doctor D.: (Fix up my bad French spelling, spelt quite badly)
Doctor D.: (Good thing Daniel isn't here)
Erin / Pam: I was being silly...I know what you said :-)
rich-c: mpt necessarily - I'm sure he'd set you straight, quick
Doctor D.: No, Daniel wouldn't see the joke, and would try to seriously fix it up.
Guy B.: My notebook I'm using to write programs in Cobol and Qbasic. I might add Visual Basic later as I might do another emulator utiltiies setup project with it.
rich-c: I am still fighting to get my old K6 to work the mouse properly so I can pass it to Erin
Doctor D.: Maybe you just need to junk the Win3.1 partition and make it all Win98, Richard.
rich-c: I have installed, uninstalled, switched mice, used Add/Remove to change drivers, deleted in Dos, you name it
Erin / Pam: hmmm
Doctor D.: It had to have worked at one time...what did you do differently.
Doctor D.: ?
Guy B.: Did you see if there are updated mouse drivers available?
Harvie: Is it a Via chipset?
rich-c: to be honest, Rich, I don't remember when it went wonky or why
rich-c: it may have had something to do with an IRQ conflict with a modem, but that's long sorted out
Doctor D.: There is always the total reformat and reinstall option...
Guy B.: Is that mouse port a PS/2 or serial?
Erin / Pam: well if it's not working Uncle Richard I don't want you fretting over it too much
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Got bounced off there Rich?
rich-c: dumped again - who's plotting against me? ;-)
rich-c: anyway, Rich, I just installed Win98 (as upgrade) and changed the partition sizes
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5 Days=Split Pea: am i the only 1 that's lost right now????
changed username to Dr. D. Redux
Dr. D. Redux: I was lost, but rebooted the chat and now am found.
rich-c: you get bounced too, Dr. D.?
Dr. D. Redux: Well, the chat stopped updating when I entered text.
rich-c: guess it doesn't like people named Richard
Dr. D. Redux: So I killed Exploder and started again.
Harvie: That's amazing Grace :)
Erin / Pam: nope I'm lost too CP
Dr. D. Redux: Yep, Harvie, I got the power of JHVH-1 on my side tonight.
Guy B.: Or Bob for that matter :-).
5 Days=Split Pea: ok thanks gos
rich-c: oh, it's amazing a lot of us 8-)
5 Days=Split Pea: gods
5 Days=Split Pea: i feel better
5 Days=Split Pea: lol
Erin / Pam: :-)
Erin / Pam: that's what I'm here for :-)
Dr. D. Redux: To :-) ? That is a good function, Rin.
Erin / Pam: that and make people feel better :-)
rich-c: hey George, you never did mention the focal length or magnification of your telescope
Guy B.: Yeah and what power is your telescope?
Dr. D. Redux: I have a 6" Edmund Scientific reflector, vintage 1960.
Dr. D. Redux: Needs a clock drive :-(
rich-c: what, no Questar?
Dr. D. Redux: It was my Great Uncle Raymond's, Richard. An heirloom.
rich-c: hey, it worked for Newton, it worked since, it'll work for you 8-)
Dr. D. Redux: Only on low power. The high power objectives, the sky moves too fast for me to keep up with it.
Dr. D. Redux: I should build one...
rich-c: from what I've seen, it may be cheaper to buy one these days
Dr. D. Redux: Of course! But when have you known me to do things the easy way?
rich-c: well, grinding your own lenses is SO time-consuming
Dr. D. Redux: No, I meant the clock drive part.
Dr. D. Redux: I don't have enough hours to ever grind lenses, I don't think.
rich-c: or wre you planning to give the girls a little project this summer...?
Harvie: Get the plans from Doc
Dr. D. Redux: They have enough to do. The elder 2 are doing summer school to get some requirements out of the way. Gretchen is playing softball.
rich-c: do they show you how to control it with an Adam, Harvey?
Dr. D. Redux: It wouldn't be hard, Richard.
Erin / Pam: <P> that's a little large isn't it Harvie?
George: its a mead
Dr. D. Redux: Not the real Hubble.
Harvie: No but if anyone can build a 'scope that doesn't work they can
BobS: in thenews tonight that they have a new way to revitaloze the hubbell
rich-c: the Meades I know are sort of tabletop reflectors - that your kind, George?
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moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to George
changed username to Rin / Pam
George: i got bumped
Rin / Pam: Hmmmmm
rich-c: on my last post I got quite a significant delay
Guy B.: Seem some of you are getting dumped. Except for me.
5 Days=Split Pea: adn me
Guy B.: Using robots.
rich-c: don't get too settled, Guy, your turn will come :-)
Harvie: They are just re-defining themselves Guy
Guy B.: Eventually.
Guy B.: Has everyone got a chance to check out the new files I've added?
rich-c: anyway, George - I was asking as you got bumped - is your Meade one of the tabletop models?
rich-c: I have the URL marked for what that's worth
moved to room Meeting Place
George: no,
changed username to D^3
D^3 requested to ban Doctor D.
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Rin / Pam confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B.: Now who do we have here?
D^3: Urgh, I am back.
rich-c: D to third - DDD?
Guy B.: Oh, that's Dr D.
rich-c: oh, right, third time in and out
D^3: Stupid chat stopped updating yet again.
George: it has a full tripod
rich-c: I was thinking physical design - those capable of tabletop use also can be tripod mounted, of course
George: i don't know the full specs
Harvie: Probably too hot in the basement Doc :)
George: its my friends
D^3: No, I think it was just time to reboot the Mac.
rich-c: well, the tabletop model is powerful but easy to carry
George: i have a tasco refractor
rich-c: let's say a case a bit over bowling ball size would likely hold it
rich-c: the regular design is long and thin by contrast
rich-c: Tasco refractor - is that meant for terrestial or astronomical use?
(5 Days=Split Pea giggles)
(5 Days=Split Pea blows kisses at Rin / Pam.)
Rin / Pam: LOLOLOL
George: astronomical use mainly
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
rich-c: do you have a photo adapter for it?
(Rin / Pam gives D^3 some poutine.)
George: no
5 Days=Split Pea: rin i think u should share the poutine with every1
D^3: Thank you, ladies.
5 Days=Split Pea: okey dokey
D^3: You can have my portion, Marie.
5 Days=Split Pea: i'll be there
5 Days=Split Pea: no that's ok i don't need it
Rin / Pam: no prob Rich
D^3: I guess there is plenty from the Action menu for all :-)
rich-c: pity, George, if your sun filter is as strong as it needs to be you could get some unique photos
5 Days=Split Pea: good night all
Guy B.: Bye Marie.
Rin / Pam: nite Chickus of the Pea
Rin / Pam: Going to switch now............
5 Days=Split Pea: night night
rich-c: nite, rie
Guy B.: I wonder where Ron is tonight?
5 Days=Split Pea: nite rich-c
Rin / Pam changed username to Pam / Rin
BobS: nite Erin
BobS: uh Marie
D^3: Bye Marie.
Pam / Rin: night Chickpea - see you next week
5 Days=Split Pea: no see u this week
George: i also thinking of taking my 10x50's
Pam / Rin: you'll see Erin this week - me next week
5 Days=Split Pea: ok
5 Days=Split Pea: i should be here as long as i feel ok
rich-c: you can't use those for solar observation - or do you plan some birdwatching?
5 Days=Split Pea: mayeb i'll con rin into using my pooter for the night so she can do all the work on my end
Pam / Rin: I'll be in Windsor next Thursdya for the grad ceremonies so I'll see you over the weekend (I hope)
D^3: You can use binoculars to observe the sun, Richard.
(5 Days=Split Pea blushes)
George: birds and ocean
D^3: You just let the light reflect off a white screen.
rich-c: not and keep your eyeballs, rich - unless you have a fantastic filter set
D^3: You never look through the eyepiece yourself.
rich-c: oh yes, you mean using it ss a projection lens, rich
5 Days=Split Pea: ok sounds like a plan
D^3: You can see sunspots that way.
Pam / Rin: you got it sweetie
Pam / Rin: hugs to you
5 Days=Split Pea: i'll be around that's for sure
5 Days=Split Pea: see you later...............night all
D^3: I have a pinhole camera box I built for the annular eclipse here about 10 years ago.
Pam / Rin: bye bye
5 Days=Split Pea: bye bye
D^3: I used it to show Christina and Elanor.
D^3: But if George has a big reflector, he can use it to project some nice solar images.
5 Days=Split Pea left chat session
rich-c: they wre pretty young then, hope they appreciated it
D^3: Yep, they got out of school to see it, when the principal made everyone else stay indoors, the idiot.
rich-c: well he said that the reflector has a mirror filter that will allow direct observation
rich-c: I hope for the sake of his vision he is right
George: my friend owns the reflector
D^3: Welder's glass...
Pam / Rin: you can get filters for telescopes that will allow you to look at the sun
D^3: Or a stack of 30 sheet film negatives from the electon microscope (I have used both).
rich-c: that;s what we were discussing, Pam
George: we set it up at the Moscow PA facility
Pam / Rin: they're very specialized though -like welders glasses - and expensive
rich-c: don't know where that is, George - is it near the ferry landing?
George: near the poconos
rich-c: basically Rich, they're the same technique as mirror sunglasses, aren't they?
Pam / Rin: I know because I checked into getting one for Russell for Christmas a couple of years ago in order to view the eclipse we had on Christmas day
George: very ritzy scope shop
rich-c: the Poconos aren't anywhere near Cape May, George, they're over by the Delaware Water Gap
George: yes we travel alot
rich-c: so why were you scouting Cape May if you plan to observe from the Poconos?
George: even western PA
George: for this event Cape May for the horizon
D^3: We had a double rainbow here last night BTW, speaking of things solar. Complete rings. It was raining while the sun shone.
rich-c: Rich, the transit of Venus is what - a bit after 10 a.m.?
D^3: I have no idea...I didn't even know it was tonight.
rich-c: it's a solar transit - it's when, George, tomorrow?
Pam / Rin: I like rainbows
George left chat session
Guy B.: I wouldn't been able to see it anyway.
moved to room Meeting Place
D^3: They were both very brigh.
D^3: bright.
changed username to i got bumped Geo
i got bumped Geo: sorry
Pam / Rin: we had a double rainbow while staying at a campground in Iowa many years ago - Dad has a fantastic picture of it
rich-c: again, George? welcome to teh club!
rich-c: what day and time is the transit, George?
i got bumped Geo: let me check
D^3: No camera for me last night, alas :-(
rich-c: gotta get yourself a digital, Rich, and GO MAD
Pam / Rin: Dad do you still have that picture up somewhere?
D^3: I have better things to spend the $$$ on :-)
rich-c: somewhere, I likely have every picture I ever took - even the very first
rich-c: it was of a Hudson River Day Liner headed upriver - in 1935
rich-c: oh, digital camera are so cheap now it's almost ridiculous
D^3: No point in getting one that isn't as good as my best 35 mm.
D^3: And I still like film.
D^3: Luddite.
rich-c: why? the strong point of digitals is something a 35mm can't do - and I hasten to add, vice versa
Pam / Rin: what did you take it on Dad? You were really young
D^3: I would still be using my 2-lens 126 camera if they still made film for it *inexpensively*, and MagiCubes.
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: tyhe Baby Brownie I was given for my 5th birthday - on size 127 black and white film
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: That was my first camera. A 126.
D^3: I have about 5 reels of Kodachrome slides taken by my Grampa over about 15 years with that camera.
Pam / Rin: Ronald!
Ron: Hello All
Guy B.: Hi Ron
D^3: Huzzah.
rich-c: hey, Ron, didn't see you slip in - welcome!
Harvie: The left coast has arrived
BobS: ron!!!!
rich-c: hoped to have David here as well but he seems to have missed
Ron: yeah.... been away all day, and we had a late supper
Ron: excuses, excuses, I know
Pam / Rin: don't you know chat night is sacred???
rich-c: so how are things going chez vous?
Ron: well, I wish it was
Ron: passable, my son, passable\
Ron: sunny left coast
rich-c: well, that's a change!
Ron: yes, it most certainly is
rich-c: I gather lately "Sunshine Coast" has meant you only got half as much rain
rich-c: I also gather teh forest fire problem is, pro tem, minimal
Ron: actually, the Sunshine Coast applies to that section of geography directly opposite us on the mainland. And no, they are not
Ron: for the moment, but the experts don't like the paucity of snow on the mountains
Guy B.: Maybe I should send that rain your way Ron. We have too much here.
Ron: lower than average snow cap
Ron: leads to tinder dry forests, which they still are
rich-c: that is going to be hard on teh glaciers and river flow over the summer, then
Ron: Who is D cubed?
Ron: yup
D^3: Dr. D., 3 times in/out.
Ron: aha
Harvie: Dirty Doctor Drushell
D^3: Chat freezes.
rich-c: it's rich/'s way of reporting how many times he's been bounced tonight -
D^3: Hehe Harvie.
Ron: hmm
Pam / Rin: that depends on the content of the conversation : )
rich-c: my experience has been teh same, and they've got George a couple of times too
Guy B.: Seems I'm the only who hasn't been dumped, yet!
Pam / Rin: yeah, we got dumped too
rich-c: we have been discussing teh date and time of teh transit of Venus
Pam / Rin: we feel positively unloved
D^3: <snicker>
Harvie: I haven't been dumped, ever
Ron: I love you Pam/Rin
D^3: This isn't that kind of chatroom, Pam.
Pam / Rin: aw, that's so sweet Ron
Ron: Well I'm using Safari, so it's probably only a matter of time
Ron: :)
(Pam / Rin hugs Ron)
D^3: Safari definitely does not like this chat.
rich-c: Safari - you're on the Mac, then?
Ron: hugz back
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Ron: yup
Ron: G4 e-Mac
D^3: (Chaperone turns on lights again)
rich-c: man, you are a bear for punishment ;-)
(Egbert the Vicious flings a sword in the direction of his programmer's head (NPC))
D^3: Boy, everyone wants to make me Nearly Headless Rich tonight.
D^3: I shall go haunt a Scotch castle or something...
(Guy B. smiles)
rich-c: right - the new HP movie is just out, isn'tv it?
D^3: Indeedy. Can't wait.
Pam / Rin: out on Friday
rich-c: that's Scottish, Rich - Scotch is a drink
Ron: Egbert the Vicious - unknown Scottish knight -lived circa 473- 427 BC
Harvie: They made a movie about me?
Ron: was known for his vast apetite and foul temper
D^3: Hehe, not in the speech of my family :-)
(BobS feels like nobody is listening to him! :()
Pam / Rin: <E> thank you Uncle Richard
(Guy B. gives BobS a yummy bar of chocolate.)
(BobS like playing Coleco games! =D)
Pam / Rin: oh, did you say something Bob?
D^3: But I say "worsh" too, so consider the source.
BobS: me sad...... :-(
Ron: Bob - just because you feel paranoid doesn't mean that people aren't out to get you
D^3: (Bob takes over the world)
BobS: watchin weather channel and guess what ??????? RAIN
D^3: (Bob raises umbrella)
Ron: right there in Grand Rapids?
Pam / Rin created action SO/Cranberry
Harvie: That's 3" of sunshine in BCese
Guy B.: Bob, you and I had our share of rain for May.
BobS: no but down in texas and across the south
rich-c: soon ot be changed to Uber Rapids :-)
Pam / Rin: mmm, chocolate
Ron: My ADAM hard drive went belly up
BobS: bad storms and severe thunderstorms
Ron: fails to boot
D^3: uh oh Ron.
Guy B.: How did that happen?
D^3: Which HD?
Ron: think the poor beast is protesting lack of use
Ron: now I have to remember how to restore
rich-c: now the question becomes, is it your software or hardware?
D^3: IDE or MiniWini?
Guy B.: Hoped you backed that up.
Pam / Rin created action SO/Coke
BobS: tis the wee bonnie computer
Ron: It was ( I believe ) a 40 meg Maxtor
Ron: I have others.... all's I need is a roundtuit
Ron: yes.... backups were done
rich-c: Maxtors tend to be pretty long-lived beasties, if I recall - high MTBF
Guy B.: Very good. Now all you need is to find out if it's the drive or a hardware problem.
Ron: well - it has been actually - since just before ADAMCON 10
Ron: and who knows before that
Pam / Rin created action SO/Guinness
Ron: I'm actually suspecting the power supply at this point
(Pam / Rin gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
D^3: Only 6 years ago.
rich-c: reminds me - wonder where I put my hard disc?
D^3: Frosty? I thought Guiness et al. were drunk warm.
rich-c: it isn't on the stand in the office
Ron: with the hard drive completely removed, there is a problem - ADAM reboots when it feels like it
BobS: OH YUCK......warm ????????
i got bumped Geo: what a blunder
BobS: sounds liek powers supply
D^3: All those English ales, yes IIRC.
Pam / Rin: not here - only in Great Britain, I say
Ron: So I have others, like I say, I need a roundtuit
Guy B.: I had a 170mb that died. Didn't get a chance to backup what I had on it. But, I did have one done a few years ago and I was able to transfer most of it to another drive. The drive was a Quantum.
rich-c: actually, Guiness driks quite decently when chilled, but needs to be merely cool for the full flavour to come out
BobS: HEY, you are REtired..........
Ron: who?
BobS: thou
Ron: yes - in 1995
rich-c: of course he is - why do you think he never has any time???
Ron: ran out of roundtuits the day I quite government
D^3: I will leave beer to the experts.
D^3: (drinks some orange juice)
Pam / Rin: Ron, what department were you with?
Ron: I now carry a cell phone, and a PDA
Ron: never needed that before
rich-c: it's all right - I am working to advance my expertise and wil keep you all informed
(Pam / Rin gives D^3 a can of Coke)
i got bumped Geo: i got primed for the wrong time
Ron: Transport, Pam/Rin, Air Traffic Services
Guy B.: Well folks, Abby is telling me she wants a walk. So, we are going out for one. If I'm available for Saturday. I'll be there, otherwise. I'll see you all next week.
Ron: good idea Guy. Be well, both of you
rich-c: OK Guy, see you whenever - take care
Pam / Rin: ah, okay - I'm not sure I ever knew that
BobS: see ya guy
Pam / Rin: night Guy, woof Abby
Harvie: TTFN Guy
D^3: So long, Guy.
Ron: I was a technical advisor to the Director on Staff Relations
i got bumped Geo: the Venus event is June 8
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK - and around 10 a.m. start as I recall
Ron: was good for a laugh now and then
BobS: and just what, praythee, didst thou do ???????
Pam / Rin: <E> ah, interesting (said in Dracula voice)
i got bumped Geo: 7:05
i got bumped Geo: am edt
Ron: handled all the grievance responses, negotiations, yada yada
Pam / Rin: <E> the bitch and complain centre?
rich-c: that early? wow, y0u'll need a north-eastern ocean horizon then - though the sun will be fairly well above it
Ron: When you have employees flung across the 60th parallel and further north in groups of 6 or 10, there are grievances
BobS: in other words........your job was to be compained at
Ron: yup
Pam / Rin: <E> okay. Know that.
Ron: yep
rich-c: might you not be better, George, taking teh ferry over to Dover and using the beach there?
Harvie: 60 inboxes and one outbox marked 13
Ron: mostly it was a hoot
Ron: Lots of personnel parties
Pam / Rin: did you get much fluff Ron?
i got bumped Geo: blunder blunder on the hotel reservation
Ron: a lot
Pam / Rin: fix it now George before you forget
rich-c: that figures, George, they're all that way
rich-c: you are driving down the night before, then?
i got bumped Geo: yes
Ron: some people would grieve the fact that the sun didn't come up - which was clearly beyond our control in Resolute Bay
rich-c: smart idea, you'll have the whole day to get home and it's only a what, 90 minute trip?
Pam / Rin: <E> not when you're in government!
Ron: oh
rich-c: Rin, with due consideration, I don't think this is the time to brag about government - any government
Ron: that's right Rich
rich-c: when it comes to losing goodwill for no rational reason, these guys could give Geroge Bush lessons
Pam / Rin: <E> I'm not bragging about any gov't I was just making a statement that everyone thinks that the gov't has control; over every thing.......I was just curious about Ron's old job is all
Pam / Rin: I was being sarcastic
D^3: Rin has to speak kindly of government...these chats are archived, remember?
Ron: At time, our biggest problems were our own managers
rich-c: this is something new?
Ron: no, definately not
BobS: HECK Ron did sucha good job, he worked himself OUT of a job and retired
Ron: about that eh?
rich-c: anyway, rin's employers couldn't find their own noses with both hands and a road map
D^3: There are probably flunkies whose job it is to Google the opposition looking for dirt.
D^3: Not saying Rin has any :-)
Ron: collective bargaining in the public service was a questionable move - although it kept me in employment for many moons
Judy: hello, there Ron
Ron: Hi Judy, how are you?
rich-c: all in all it may well have been a plus - but there re those within the union movement who would make it a minus
Judy: not too bad
Judy: and you?
rich-c: btw, Judy, we haven't had our finger reading tonight
Ron: able to take nourishment, thanks
BobS: AND umu ????
BobS: mum
Judy: it is getting better
Ron: Mum is actually a lot better these days, thanks
rich-c: how close to best by now?
Judy: looks ugly, though
BobS: good
D^3: Chat is going insane again...logging out and in again.
rich-c: stitches out and stuff?
D^3 left chat session
BobS: it is SO ugly, that IF it had happened 36 yrs ago, i wouldn't have married the beaty
BobS: beauty
Pam / Rin: what do you mean by ugly Judy?
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: oh, yes
changed username to Quad D.
(Ron flings quantities of Diet Coke across the Rockies)
rich-c: you got bumped AGAIN, Rich?
Judy: just looks bad, scar
Quad D.: It went into a mad *upward* scroll of the text window.
Quad D.: Nothing could break out of it.
Pam / Rin: believe it or not, that will fade with time until it's hardly noticeable
Quad D.: So, I killed it and started over.
Quad D.: I am bad luck tonight.
BobS: mucho grande scar.........but will disappear in time
i got bumped Geo: we made the switch
rich-c: that sounds more like something local to your computer, Rich
Judy: is not a good idea to roll a razor blade on your finger
Quad D.: This is the 486 the last 2 times, the first 2 were the Mac.
Pam / Rin: good advice, Judy
Ron: Judy - this is not good
Pam / Rin: I don't recommend serrated knives either
Quad D.: <cue Twilight Zone music>
rich-c: dumps I can see, mad scrolling is something else
Harvie: Fire up Linux Doc
Pam / Rin: doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo
Judy: still do not have full use of it and is very tender but is much better than a couple of weeks ago
Quad D.: No machines with it...I tried a Slackware boot disk about 8 years ago, but it wouldn't support the VLB SCSI disk controller.
rich-c: you just may have a point, Harv - the server is likely running on it anyway
BobS: in another 35 yrs, won't even notice it
Pam / Rin: it will come in time Judy - it just takes patience, and that's hard right now, I know
Judy: have not used my rotory cutter and probably will not ever
Harvie: I used Konquerer last week and it was fine
rich-c: y6es, Pamela knows far more than she wants to about well sliced fingers
Pam / Rin: when the wound is fully sealed, you can freak people out by bending your finger back - you'll be able to see where the stitches were : )
Ron: ya gotta watch out for them blades, eh?
BobS: ya mon
BobS: them's nasty
Ron: Yup
Judy: yes, you do
Judy: can't bend it that way
Pam / Rin: not yet, but you will : )
Pam / Rin: and don't worry about using your rotary cutter - it took me years to go anywhere near a serrated bread knife. For the first few years, I wouldn't let one into our apartment.
Ron: these things have an effect on the nerves
rich-c: it takes a while to learn that when you lose control of something sharp, LET GO
Judy: oh, will have to compare scars at convention
BobS: vell yung uns'.......time to blow this popstand and hit the sack
Pam / Rin: I'll show you mine if you show me yours : ))
Ron: It's late in the east,
Pam / Rin: is it that time already Bob?
rich-c: right - guess wee're loding Judy too - goodnight, Slopsemas
Ron: but here in the west, the sun continues to shine
BobS: yes 'tis
Pam / Rin: well if you must, you must : (
Quad D.: Bye Slopsemas.
Ron: night Bob and Judy, don't touch anything sharp
Pam / Rin: goodnight then
Judy: will do, have to go now bed awaits, have a lot of gardening to do tomorrow, 25 bags of mulch in the garage
BobS: don't rightlyknow when the next one isl..........but look forward to it
BobS: (hands in pockets)
Quad D.: St. ADAMcon's Day.
Pam / Rin: Judy, stay away from the pruning shears
Pam / Rin: Erin says night Bobs, night Judys
Ron: right Judy
Ron: I have 6 bags of topsoil in the trunk of the car
Ron: another roundtuit
i got bumped Geo: i need to get ready for bed
Quad D.: P.U., in the trunk?
Quad D.: Next you'll tell me you have a body back there, too.
rich-c: don't we all, Geroge - get ready for teh transit Saturday
i got bumped Geo: nite Everyone
Ron: just topsoil.... not manure
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam / Rin: topsoil, not fertilizer, Rich
Pam / Rin: Night, George
rich-c: nite George
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: you get dumped, Harv?
Pam / Rin: spoke too soon Harvie?
Quad D.: Bye George.
Ron: planted the front, now have put down soil and bedding plants in the back
Harvie: Now I don't feel left out
i got bumped Geo: poof
i got bumped Geo left chat session
Pam / Rin: send pictures, Ron!
Harvie: I think it's the server
Ron: right. later
Pam / Rin: ya got that right
Ron: I'm not really a gardener - Mom used to do all this stuff, but is now unable
Pam / Rin: one learns by doing
Ron: my last charge to the plants is, "Grow or you're dead meat!"
Pam / Rin: isn't that somewhat redundant?
rich-c: that's right, Ron - they always grow better if you talk to them
Ron: well, I do not exactly talk to them.... threaten is more like it
rich-c: as long as they take you seriously
Ron: which, of course, they never do
Pam / Rin: well it seems to work for Mom : )
Harvie: Just spray Roundup on one plant, the others will get the message
Quad D.: Agent Orange...
Ron: Not a bad idea Harvie
rich-c: yes, but she's too softhearted to take anything out - we've lost half teh veggie garden to volunteer flowers
Pam / Rin: somehow the right plants never get the message Harvie
Ron: We just had a nice show of poppies out back. My very own grow-op
Quad D.: Poppies? Hide them from the cops...
Pam / Rin: but they're so pretty, Daddy!
Ron: they were all over the place in town here about 2 weeks ago
Ron: pretty much finished now
rich-c: they'd be prettier under teh hedge out front, or around teh tree where nothing grows anyway
Ron: In Mitchell's fields, where poppies grow
Pam / Rin: have you tried transplanting them?
Ron: beneath the cedars, row on row
Ron: Œctually, I'm thinking of that
Pam / Rin: and seagulls, still bravely cawing, fly
Ron: keep going...
Ron: Seagulls don't 'caw' that's crows
Pam / Rin: well, what would you call it?
Harvie: Screeching
Harvie: Not to mention bombardment
rich-c: seagulls? no, it's more a sort of mew
Ron: It is a plaintive cry - which when slowed down to 1/2000 speed comes out as
Ron: "if you people could see how ridiculous you look down there, you'd try something else"
rich-c: an earth tremor?
Pam / Rin: scarce heard amid the waves below
Pam / Rin: I love that poem
Ron: very good. I'm impressed at the group's creativity
rich-c: I remember when I was working, every Nov. 10th the kids would come in paniced for a copy
Pam / Rin: I'm surprised we don't have a contribution from Rich -he's the master
rich-c: they wre quite flabbergasted when I just sat down and typed it out for them from memory
Ron: :)
Ron: cool
Pam / Rin: nice to know you could impress your students Dad
Quad D.: I don't know the poem, except the title, Flanders Fields, right?
Ron: yes
rich-c: maybe he's been dumped again and will reappear as Quint-D
Pam / Rin: you don't know it????
Quad D.: Nope.
Pam / Rin: I'm stunned
Harvie: And that's not Ned Flanders Doc
Quad D.: Lacuna in education, no doubt.
Quad D.: <smirk>
Pam / Rin: In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Pam / Rin: beneath the crosses row on row
Pam / Rin: that mark our place and in the sky
Pam / Rin: the larks, still bravely singing, fly
rich-c: In Flandrs Fields, by Capt. John McRae - a medical doctor, if I recall
Pam / Rin: scarce heard amid the guns below
rich-c: between teh crosses, Rin
Pam / Rin: that was me, Dad
rich-c: We are teh dead: short days ago
Pam / Rin: we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
rich-c: we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
rich-c: loved and were loved, and now we lie
Pam / Rin: in Flanders Fields
rich-c: In Flanders fields
rich-c: Take up our quarrel with the foe
rich-c: To you, from failing hands, we throw
rich-c: The torch; be yours to hold it high!
rich-c: If ye break faith with us who die
rich-c: We shall not speep, though poppies blow
rich-c: In Flanders fields
Ron: very good, both
rich-c: I think that's got it
Ron: yes, except it's sleep, not speed
Ron: not speep
Quad D.: I recognized the poem, but never had to memorize it or anything.
rich-c: I never HAD to memorize it, just found it convenient - and appealing
Ron: In Europe, there are still crosses row on row
rich-c: yes, one of my co-workers once visited and brought back some very dramatic photos
Ron: aha
Harvie: This is the 60th anniversary of D_Day
rich-c: in fact, there is a patch of land in France that is Canadian soil - part of Canada
Ron: coming up eh?
Ron: Vimy Ridge
rich-c: yes, teh 6th of June - I remember it well
Ron: I was two months old - therefore I do not
rich-c: right, Ron - my uncle fought there as a machine gunner
Ron: really
Pam / Rin: in Ypres, correct?
rich-c: yes, he joined up in 1914 and stayed teh war but for some convlescent leave
rich-c: he told us at times aout teh preaprations for Vimy Ridge
rich-c: he was a sergeant, 2nd Canadian Machine Gun Regiment, I believe - would have to check
rich-c: his regimental colonel was Peter Worthington's father
Ron: interesting
rich-c: but can't go further - have used up my time allowance for tonight - still have much to do before bed
rich-c: so to all, goodnight!
Ron: be well Rich
Pam / Rin: ok Dad - will call tomorrow
Quad D.: Good night, Richard.
Pam / Rin: night Daddy
Harvie: Goodnight rich, think I'll retire too
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pam / Rin: <E> night, Uncle Richard
Pam / Rin: nite Harvie
Harvie: Goodnight all
Ron: Niters Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Quad D.: Bye Harvie.
Ron: And then there were three
Pam / Rin: hang in there for a second guys, I'll be right back
Quad D.: Rats, missed him.
Quad D.: (You're supposed to change your room to The Washroom, Pam :-) )
Ron: a virtual washroom
Pam / Rin: <E> thanks for the suggestion - now I have to go again!
Quad D.: :-)
Quad D.: It's there off of Standard Rooms.
Ron: So I'm finding that the 1.2 Gig G4 is a pretty nice piece of work Dr D
Quad D.: Glad you like it.
Pam / Rin: actually, I typed out the poem in WordPro and saved it - I was punctuating and closing
Ron: now have a DVD burner
Ron: and I have no idea what I'll use it for
Quad D.: I think my dual G4 is 1.43 GHz or something like that.
Ron: right
Quad D.: Backups...every ADAM floppy you own will fit on just one.
Pam / Rin: that's scary
Ron: now there's a though
Ron: t
Ron: been going crazy with Garage Band
Quad D.: Just need to image them.
Quad D.: What is Garage Band?
Pam / Rin: my question exactly
Ron: that's a music program on the Macintosh, Pam
Pam / Rin: ahhhh
Ron: allows one to do arrangements of musical instruments and then sing along with it
Ron: I will not give up my day job
Ron: Actually I don't have a day job
Pam / Rin: computer karaoke?
Ron: yup pretty much, except you can also arrange your own instrumentation
Pam / Rin: very cool
Ron: it's fun
Quad D.: I still use Finale for arrangments and composing.
Quad D.: Finally shipped the OS X version.
Ron: yes, and that one is a full MIDI sequencer Rich. Garage Band, in it's current state will not let you send your output to a MIDI keyboard
Quad D.: Ah.
Quad D.: Well, for $250 it ought to do everything.
Pam / Rin: and do the dishes too
Pam / Rin: help guys - Gershwin tune - on the clarinet with a long crescendo at the beginning - I'm drawing a blank
Ron: damn phone
Pam / Rin: just ignore it Ron, it'll go away : )
Quad D.: Rhapsody in Blue IIRC.
Pam / Rin: thank you!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Quad D.: I am not toally without culture.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi!
Pam / Rin: Hello Daniel - tu es en retard
Daniel Bienvenu: I know! I'm too late!
Quad D.: Hi Daniel.
Ron: I think apple is at it again. they sell a piece of software that is just a few sandwiches short of a picnic
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent an e-mail earlier tonight.
Ron: then they sell you what they should have provided in the first place as an upgrade
Daniel Bienvenu: to say why I'm late tonight
Ron: Hi Daniel
Pam / Rin: you did? must have been after I checked at 9:00
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron!
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it was before 21h
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like the adamcon mailist didn't send my email.
Ron: good you could make it
Quad D.: coladam E-mail seems to be broken today.
Daniel Bienvenu: just too bad
Quad D.: I got an error message when I tried to login tonight to delete the daily spam.
Pam / Rin: Rich fix!
Quad D.: I can't.
Ron: I must remember that's there
Pam / Rin: why?
Quad D.: I can't login as root to the machine.
Quad D.: The error message said that only the one administrator could fix whatever is wrong.
Ron: Spaniel works, but the e-mail worketh not
Ron: do they live in the same place?
Daniel Bienvenu: the administrator? Dale?
Quad D.: "a very low-level error has occured in Mailman", something like that.
Quad D.: Yes, only Dale can fix it.
Pam / Rin: so I guess the low level administrator has to fix it? :)
Quad D.: I haven't heard from him in a month.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you sent an e-mail to him then.
Ron: Are you duplicated on your setup there Rich, or just for chat?
Quad D.: Yes, but not much point IMHO, he doesn't read it.
Quad D.: Only the chat, Ron.
Ron: ah
Quad D.: Mailman is a totally separate thing.
Pam / Rin: the last thing that I got from the Adam list was the e-mail Guy sent yesterday on his website
Pam / Rin: Rin says the same thing
Ron: Somebody want to phone him?
Quad D.: Yes. (Sorry, dozed off :-( )
Quad D.: Fading fast, I am afraid.
Pam / Rin: Rich, why don't you go to bed?
Ron: well, look at the clock!
Quad D.: No pumkins here, yet.
Quad D.: Pumpkins.
Pam / Rin: yeah, but they
Ron: Pam/Rin are you in 416 area code?
Pam / Rin: 'll be there shortly
Pam / Rin: yes we are Ron
Pam / Rin: do you want us to call?
Ron: please, have you got his number?
Pam / Rin: no - do you?
Ron: yes (416) 451-2697
Ron: That's a home number
Pam / Rin: got it - what specifically do you want me to tell him?
Quad D.: Fix yer damn computer...and post the chat logs from the last year.
Quad D.: :-)
Ron: That the ADAM mail server is down, and he should have a look at it without delay
Pam / Rin: can I quote you on that?
Quad D.: Hehe
Ron: :)
Quad D.: The only thing being delayed is spam.
Pam / Rin: okay, got it - I'll call tomorrow morning
Quad D.: There are about 10 spams per day on it.
Quad D.: Lucky, you don't see them, it traps any post by a non-member.
Ron: you might have better luck in the evenings
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm in 418... Quebec!
Pam / Rin: well if I don't get him or Jillian, I'll leave a message
Quad D.: We will be hosed if someone spoofing a valid list member sends something, though.
Ron: right
Ron: You can let us know next week Pam, how you made out
Pam / Rin: I will
Ron: Or maybe we'll know by then because we'll be able to send/receive
Quad D.: Well, if I can get in to delete the spam, then I'll know it's working again.
Pam / Rin: will have to remember to call as Clee - I don't think they know about my name change : )
Ron: yes, true
Ron: Tell him that the rude and scoffing multitude is getting restless
Pam / Rin: can I quote you on that too?
Quad D.: All right folks, I hate to go, but I need to sleep see you next week.
Ron: just add a grin afterwards
Ron: lie horizontal Dr.D
Pam / Rin: I will Ron : )
Ron: close thine eyes
Pam / Rin: Rich, GO TO BED!
Ron: that comes from the "take my advice I'm not using it" dept
Pam / Rin: good night
Quad D.: <meekly> yes ma'am.
Pam / Rin: meek? I don't think so
Quad D.: <poof>
Quad D. left chat session
Pam / Rin: that man doesn't get nearly enough sleep
Ron: so Daniel, what are you up to?
Daniel Bienvenu: what are you up to? er... I'm answering my emails?
Pam / Rin: well gents, I think we're going to call it a night - Erin has to get up and go to work in the morning
Ron: be well you two
Ron: go straight home now, no stopping at the bar getting drunk
Pam / Rin: we will - and you also. Hugs to you and best wishes to Mum
Pam / Rin: party pooper
Ron: thank you, will pass on the hugz
Ron: :)
Pam / Rin: okay - we're outta here
Pam / Rin: night Daniel
Pam / Rin: kerpoof
Daniel Bienvenu: I will stay a few minutes more. but now, I have an important hing to do.
Pam / Rin left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam/Rin!
Ron: not a problem sir - you can only be in once place at one time
Ron: I'm about to see if I can fix my ADAM hard drive
Ron: which has died on me
Ron: think I'm going to start by substituting another power supply
Daniel Bienvenu: I know nothing about adam drive except that my Adam floppy disk drive doesn't work.
Ron: hmmm... someone in your position, sir, should have at least one working ADAM disk drive
Ron: But you must do most of your work using an emulator, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using adamem. and because I'm doing ColecoVision games and because I have an eprom burner, I can dump my creations into eprom chip and try them on a real ColecoVision
Ron: ah.
Ron: Well, if you're interested in having an ADAM floppy drive, I can send one
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't need one right now... but I will think about it. :)
Ron: good
Ron: I have 6 here
Ron: anyway, I'm going to sign off for now... see you next week
Ron: good night
Ron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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