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rich-c: good afternoon, George
Knoppix George: hi Rich
rich-c: what's the Knoppix about?
Knoppix George: another version of linux
rich-c: still playing wiht alternative OSs, are you?
Knoppix George: this is knoppix version 3.4
rich-c: not that I don't think it's a good idea
rich-c: I have trouble enough keeping Windows in line
rich-c: but not quite trouble enough to drive me to Linux - quite - yet
Knoppix George: i'm using konqueror webbrowser
rich-c: that's a Linux-only browser, right?
Knoppix George: yes
rich-c: like, not like Mozilla or others that have a Windows version
rich-c: I think I've heard of it, and that the person who talked of it liked it
Knoppix George: it looks the same though
rich-c: you mean it has an IE sort of interface?
Knoppix George: it has extra plugins
rich-c: what are the extras good for?
Knoppix George: multimedia
rich-c: OK - I'm not even sure what my default players are on ost media formats at the moment
Knoppix George: a sleek look of mozilla
rich-c: well folks like mozilla because it's fast and efficient
rich-c: I hear praise of Opera as being very light and fast
rich-c: ther's another a saw recently will fit on one 1.44 floppy!
rich-c: the one thing I've heard is that Netscape still hasn't got it (or got it back frrom when they were best)
Knoppix George: true
rich-c: I started off with Netscape but got ticked off when I found out about all their built in spyware
rich-c: and if you wanted good stuff like plugins they demanded too much information
Knoppix George: will anyone join us today?
rich-c: there is no way to say - Pam and Erin could turn up, they're in Windsor but likely have other things to do
rich-c: one never knows what Dr. D. will decide
rich-c: Guy comes by sometimes, whather today, who knows?
rich-c: and can't tell about Daniel or Ron either - it's all a guessing game
Knoppix George: it's very nice outside here
rich-c: besides, I had to bail out early Wednesday, felt too ill, so didn't get any word
Knoppix George: i was out and about early
rich-c: yes, we have a beautiful sunny day, about 68º, cool wind
Knoppix George: about 75 here
rich-c: good for you - I was up at 7.30, got up, ate, sat in my chair and fell asleep again
rich-c: you are further south so you are likely to be a bit warmer even in the same air mass
rich-c: I actually managed to read through the Star today - our big paper is on Saturdays
Knoppix George: boy, i just checked the local forcast and i was right on the nose
rich-c: yes, these days you can get really good forecasting
rich-c: Frances is forever using the Canadian WeatherService website that shows the weather radar patterns
Knoppix George: i got my flags for flag day
rich-c: we can get continental, regional, right down to the Doppler tower near Toronto
rich-c: right, that's Monday, isn't it? We don't have any equivalent
rich-c: just like we don't have Memorial Day; we have Remembrance Day Nov. 11th
Knoppix George: we get local doppler from
Knoppix George: and many other maps
rich-c: you can also get it from NOAA - they are very good
rich-c: it's
rich-c: just checked, it is a www. address
Knoppix George: i'm going to make stuffed shells for dinner
rich-c: what do you plan to stuff them with? ricotta and spinach can work well
Knoppix George: yes
rich-c: will you be using the large or small shells?
Knoppix George: jumbo shells
rich-c: won't need many then, just for you
rich-c: do you make your own sauce or buy a bottled one?
Knoppix George: no, only 3 ithink
Knoppix George: i need to make my own
rich-c: do you make yours as vegetarian or with meat?
Knoppix George: i can freeze the rest
Knoppix George: veggi
rich-c: yes, pasta dishes seem to freeze very well
rich-c: all you need then is a little glass of Chianti, or maybe Montepulciano d'Abbruzzo, to go with it
Knoppix George: i'll have to settle for 7up with my meds
rich-c: pity - most meds are tolerant of small amounts of alcohol
rich-c: I've found most of the cautions and warnings can be qualified
rich-c: for instance on the warfarin they advise against leafy veggies and stuff
Knoppix George: not to chance with 15 different meds
rich-c: but if you push you find they really mean, don't change your current pattern
rich-c: with 15 different meds I'm surprised you aren't having bad intereactions between the meds themselves
rich-c: I suspect it was a new medication that knocked me down Wednesday and has kept me woozy since
Knoppix George: doctors are very cautioned and watchfull
rich-c: yes, and we also have some pretty observant phamacists
Knoppix George: yes they catch problems too
rich-c: our drugstore keeps a complete record of my meds online - they do that for all customers
rich-c: they also issue a couple of pages of information every time you get a new prescription, too
Knoppix George: i'm lucky they deliver my meds
rich-c: and, their official receipts have a listing of all your most recent prescriptions attached
rich-c: oh, I can get mine delivered too, but find it more convenient to go fethc them myself
Knoppix George: same here
rich-c: of course if I end up unable to drive, amtters could change
rich-c: but then I would have to change to a closer pharmacy
Knoppix George: i go to the closest chain i'm at at the time
Knoppix George: all in the same chain
rich-c: you deal with more than one drugstore, then?
rich-c: oh, and are their patient records all cross-linked, available to any store in the chain?
Knoppix George: i have to because i'm so limited in the amount i can travel at one time
rich-c: that's why I'm surprised you don't just stick with the one nearest to you
Knoppix George: things are a bit spread out in this part of the city
rich-c: oh yes, suburbs tend to be like that, but I'd expect you to have most essentials within walking distance
Knoppix George: not in my walking distance
rich-c: why, what is your limit nowadays?
Knoppix George: 1-2 blocks at most
rich-c: really? is your limit heart, lungs, or something else?
Knoppix George: all of the above
rich-c: yeah, sounds like you feel all the time like I do today
Knoppix George: yes
rich-c: I've been walking over for my INR samples - just over a kilometre each way to the lab
Knoppix George: and in and out of hospitals with it
rich-c: well, other than when the doctor found the A-fib, I haven't required any hospital time, and that was just a couple of hours
Knoppix George: hospitals live for me
rich-c: well, with the gall bladder and then the hip, the hospitals have had a bit of trade from me too
rich-c: let's say they can look after some other folks now; I hope not to need them for a while
Knoppix George: i need another pain pill
Knoppix George: BRB
rich-c: what is hurting at the moment?
Knoppix George: head
Knoppix George: now i'll be good for 8 hours
rich-c: headache problems I have never had, in fact I rarely use painkillers
rich-c: still have all my percodan and tylenol 2 and 3 unused since my hospital discharge
Knoppix George: it came from my back hurting so long
rich-c: I haven't had my back go into spasm lately, but when it does it usually takes a 282 to untangle it
rich-c: in fact when it goes I'll often be on 282 MEPs for days
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Knoppix George: that did it
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: oui, c'est moi
rich-c: what happen, fall off the line?
rich-c: oh, nos ami Daniel est ici! Bienvenue!
Knoppix George: hI Danny
rich-c: hi Daniel, we were wondering if you'd be by
rich-c: how's things down by the St. Lawrence tidewater?
Knoppix George: i think i need to shutdown and get some rest
rich-c: I can sympathize, George; hope we can each make it Wednesday
rich-c: take care and nurse that sore head
Daniel B: it's nice here. sun, clouds, it's nice!
Knoppix George: i'll try to make it Wed.
rich-c: OK George, see you then
Knoppix George: bye
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Daniel B: bye George
rich-c: so Daniel, how are the strawberries coming along on l'ile d'Orleans? time to hit the bridge yet?
Daniel B: I was unable to be online wednesday... my internet connection didn't work
rich-c: ah - I was on but had to leave by 10 - feeling ill from a drug reaction, I think
Daniel B: strawberies? er... normally it's after my birthday
rich-c: that would be when, three-four weeks from now?
Daniel B: 6 days
rich-c: ah, next Friday, then - not long!
Daniel B: yeah... and 29 years old... I'm getting older and older each year.
rich-c: our local stores have strawberries now but they are from California - very pretty but flavourless
rich-c: me two - about 14 months and I will hit three-quarters of a century
Daniel B: My favorite strawberries came from St-Nicolas... near Levis.
rich-c: when you live in Quebec City, it's easy to become a connoisseur
rich-c: that's over on the south shore, isn't it?
Daniel B: if you look on a map, Levis is below Quebec
Daniel B: it's simply at the opposite side of St-Laurent.
rich-c: yes, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence, n'est-ce pas?
Daniel B: :)
rich-c: is St. Niclas to the east or west of Levis, then?
Daniel B: west
Daniel B: also west of "chutes de la chaudière"
rich-c: makes it handier to the bridge, then
Daniel B: yes, the Quebec and Laporte bridges
rich-c: I though the Chaudiere was on your side of the river?
Daniel B: no, it's south
rich-c: have to find my way down there and review my geography soon, then ;-)
Daniel B: but in north side we have Morency(?) falls.
rich-c: oui, les chutes Montmorency - that's what I was thinking of
Daniel B:
Daniel B: ;)
rich-c: so picuresque, except for that damn big buildig by the riverside - or has that been removed now?
Daniel B: which building?
rich-c: OK, guess it's gone - there was one right at the river edge close to the falls, blocking the view
Daniel B: i don't know.
rich-c: made it all but impossible to get a decent picture
rich-c: anyway, Frances has a passion for all fresh fruit and strawberries most of all
rich-c: once they are in season, we have them every day without fail as long as the crop lasts
rich-c: her greatest vacation was one summer when the harvest was just a little late
rich-c: very late June we stared at home, then in Prince Edwrd County found more just coming in as our trailer stock ran out
rich-c: picked and stored enough to carry us down to Quebec City - actually camped at l'Ange Gardien
rich-c: just then l'ile d'Orleans opened for business so we scooped lots more there
rich-c: as we moved downriver we found renewed supplies though things wre tight around the Gaspe
rich-c: then when we got to Prince Edward Island their harvest was just starting
Daniel B: I was at Orlean Island past sunday. There was flowers on apple trees.
rich-c: you never saw such huge berries - almost to a wheelbarrow to carry one ;-)
rich-c: our flowering trees have come and gone long since - our crabapple is sick and has hardly any fruit set
Daniel B: Rich, I found a picture of Montmorency fall. I'm sending it to you... I don't see the building you are talking about.
rich-c: but it looks as if we may have a bountiful harvest of pears this year
rich-c: good show, Daniel - I think I did read somewhere it had been removed
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, in our trip year the last strawberries ran out the day the first peaches came in
rich-c: Frances was in seventh heaven all summer 8-)
Daniel B: in english the heaven has not 9th floor? :-)
rich-c: not quite sure of the theological construct, Daniel; it's an allusion to a laic work, not theological
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: oops, I closed my chat windows by mistake :)
rich-c: see you got the plug pulled on you
rich-c: I do that too by hitting the wrong key sometimes, but I haven't found out which key does it
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that ALT+F4 close a window.
rich-c: nice thing about a DSL line is that when you mess up you can recover quickly
rich-c: well Alt + F4 actually closes down the program; my problem key is one of the ones along the bottom of the keyboard
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... I don't know which key you pressed then.
Daniel Bienvenu: What did you plan for the next ADMACON event? You will go to El Paso?
rich-c: as for El Paso, I just don't know - if my health problems continue I may not be able to go
rich-c: there will also be questions about routing - again, my ability to tolerate long days and multiple flights is in question
Daniel Bienvenu: I never went in a plane... I never have to.
rich-c: I will be seeing the cardiologist for teh 24-hour monitor test first week in July
rich-c: I have only travelled on an aircraft a limited number of times, but they have been interesting
rich-c: the first was on an old Jenny float plane a barnstormer had in the Hudson River in 1935
rich-c: the I was, I think Trans-Canada Air Lines first family fare passenger
rich-c: when the inaugurated the fare my father took my brother and I with him to New York
Daniel Bienvenu: err... 1935? you muist be very young... about 5 years old then
rich-c: yes, that's right, and we wre living in New York then
rich-c: the TCA flight was ina Lockheed 14 - registration CF-TCB
rich-c: back then Air Canada aircraft registrations ran along the alphabet from CF-TCA
Daniel Bienvenu: did you meet al capone? :-P
rich-c: no, he was over in Chicago - only rumrunner our family knew was Sam Bronfman
Daniel Bienvenu: it was alcohol prohibition, right?
rich-c: yes, and Bronfman was working out of central Saskatchewan but shipping via Manitoba
rich-c: my family ran a small hotel in Manitoba near the Saskatchewan border
Daniel Bienvenu: time change... now it's drugs... not better. :(
rich-c: every time Sam came by, they knew another load of hooch was headed south
rich-c: oh, mostly wht Canada ships is pot, which I'm told is pretty harmless
rich-c: although I do gather some of the biker gangs have labs making the nastier stuff here
Daniel Bienvenu: 1935... I have absolutly no idea what this time was exactly. I know there was a crash and between wars during this period but I don't know well my history.
rich-c: in Canada it was very hard, with deep depression, a dust bowl on the prairies wiping out the crops
Daniel Bienvenu: no job every where in canada
rich-c: jobs were few and very poorly paid
Daniel Bienvenu: men going in USA to find jobs
Daniel Bienvenu: men... many families
rich-c: well, there wasn't any greater joy to be found in the U.S. - they wre suffering badly too
Daniel Bienvenu: and dangerous, halophones risks their lives in an english world.
rich-c: they did have more relief measures - WPA, CCC, and such - but those wre for U.S. citizens only
Daniel Bienvenu: many french people had problems
rich-c: yes, it would not be too bad in New England which has lots of French, or some of Louisiana
rich-c: but Americans - even immigrants - are very intolerant of any language but English
Daniel Bienvenu: Louisiana... it was a french territory before...
Daniel Bienvenu: now, it's mostly gone.
Daniel Bienvenu: only a few resists
rich-c: yes, the Americans bought it from Napoleon when he was pressed for cash to fight the British
rich-c: around New Orleans they have found that a certain Franch atmosphere helps the tourist trade
rich-c: and of course Cajun country is inhabited by the descendants of the Acadians of Nova Scotia
Daniel Bienvenu: Zakary Richard (maybe i misspelling his name) came from Louisiana. you may know him.
Daniel Bienvenu: a singer
rich-c: sorry, no I don't - is he an entertainer or something?
rich-c: I don't know any popular singers in any language, just never listen to the radio or do downloads
Daniel Bienvenu: he's trying his best to keep the french language alive in louisiana.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a recent singer... if you know what I meant
rich-c: one exception - when I'm alone in the van, I may tune in to a classical music station
Daniel Bienvenu: There are 2 classics made by him : "L'arbre est dans ses feuilles" and "Jean Batailleur".
rich-c: well given the popularity of zydeco (or whatever) maybe he will succeed to some extent
rich-c: those titles make him sound more like a Quebecois
Daniel Bienvenu: you may have to listen one of his songs to remark the forgetten accent of french louisiana.
rich-c: I know that the various French accents are highly distinctive, but don't know what the Louisiana version is
rich-c: I think there may be grammatical differences in Louisiana, too
rich-c: they are always saying "laissez les bon temps roulez"
rich-c: I would have expected "laissez roulez...."
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't know this expression
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: I thought it had been picked up into English from French
Daniel Bienvenu: it's zachary .. not zakary
rich-c: yes, I guessed as much, though of course different languages spell common names differently
Daniel Bienvenu: La Ballade de Jean Batailleur... i fond it :)
rich-c: I assume it deals with a folk hero, but Cajun or Quebecois?
rich-c: though Batailleur is not one of the founding family names of Quebec, is it?
Daniel Bienvenu: Singer songwriter and poet, Zachary Richard was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at his biography :)
rich-c: OK, that settles that then
rich-c: I'm surprised he'd be singing about trees coming into leaf; the seasons are so much more subtle in Louisiana
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
rich-c: not necessarily - folks sing about things that are big in their experience
rich-c: given the lesser temperature variation and totally different forests, spring is hard to recognize in LA
Daniel Bienvenu: ... l'oeuf est dans le nid, le nid est dans le trou, le trou est dans le noeud, le noeud est dans la branche, la branche est dans l'arbre... l'arbre est dans ses feuilles marilon marilé, l'arbre est dans ses feuilles marilon dondé. :)
rich-c: oddly enough, I'm not sure nesting birds are that congruent either, though I suppose it's one of the signs
Daniel Bienvenu: "travaillez c'est trop dur, et voler c'est pas beau..." another good song from him. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: the story of the bird in a nest... it's only funny to sing because we had another "est dans..." each time
rich-c: well, each generation has its own music, and that of mine has faded deep into the past
Daniel Bienvenu: It's time to eat now... have a look on your mailbox for the Montmorency fall picture :)
Daniel Bienvenu: see you next week :)
rich-c: there are many techniques to enjoyable song writing, and that semi-repetition can be an effective one
rich-c: OK Daniel, au revior
rich-c: a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: l'amour est dans le coeur, le coeur est dans l'oiseau, l'oiseau est dans l'oeuf, l'oeuf est dans le nid... hehehe!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
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rich-c: ;-)
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