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rich-c: hi rich - if you're there
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie, how goes it?
Harvie: Hello folks
rich-c: not sue Dr. D. is with us right now
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: greeting Guy, you're early again
Harvie: Hello Guy
rich-c: got some news for us about your recent adventures?
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Guy B.: Could change in about 3 weeks from now.
changed username to Pam / Just Rin
rich-c: that's a very crypotic hint, Guy
Guy B.: No news.
Guy B.: HI Pasm
Guy B.: Pam
Pam / Just Rin: Hi, Everyone
rich-c: hi daughter
Harvie: Hello ladies
Guy B.: Oh, you're probably wondering about my dinner date?
rich-c: anyway, Guy, we will be awaiting events with interest
rich-c: yes
Pam / Just Rin: yes, how did it go?
Guy B.: She had her daughter on Monday, so we have to reschedule it.
Pam / Just Rin: aw, shoot, Guy
rich-c: ah, OK, still up in the air then
Guy B.: She even sent me an e-mail for the 4th and I send her an e-card from that she liked.
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rich-c: that is a promising sign, I guess
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: It is.
rich-c: welcome back, Robert
Pam / Just Rin: <E> Bobs!
BobS: hi kids
Harvie: Howdy Bob
Guy B.: There the man I'm looking for.
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: how's thigns?????
Guy B.: Did you get my e-mail?
BobS: or so......
BobS: don't know, when did ya mail it?????
Guy B.: Last week
BobS: ok..........
Guy B.: Where's Judy?
BobS: right here
rich-c: where's the rest of the clan?
BobS: only hot on chat
BobS: not
Pam / Just Rin: freudian slip Bob?
BobS: haven't talked to Doug and Meeka lately
rich-c: ah- I'm hoping to make it possible for Frances to join in fairly soon
BobS: cool R
BobS: ichard
rich-c: got an ethernet card for the laptop at the computer fair so hope to set that up
rich-c: also got an 8-port ethrnet hub earlier
Guy B.: Received new computers at work today. We now have Dell P4 3.0Ghz. And these are all in one unit. Monitor and CPU. No floppy drive, but does have a DVD/CD Rom drive. And our IT staff had to put a cable with lock attached to our desks to prevent anyone from walking out with one.
BobS: now that is trust, eh???????
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: I will refrain from asking why anyone needs a 3.0 gig P$ in real life
BobS: cant remember what the email was about Guy....
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Guy B.: We slowly replacing the P2's with these new ones.
<undefined> changed username to 100% Dr.D.
100% Dr.D. requested to ban Dr.D. in transit
changed username to Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: ateh good doctor has arrived
Pam / Just Rin confirmed ban
100% Dr.D.: Hello Everyone.
BobS: de doktor???????
Judy: hi, everyone
100% Dr.D.: Ja wohl, Herr Slopsema.
rich-c: hi Judy
Pam / Just Rin: hi Rich
100% Dr.D.: Hi Pamerin.
Guy B.: It's about whether the hotel has a shuttle to and from the airport. Try the adamcomputer e-mail address that's where it's at.
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
100% Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
100% Dr.D.: So BobS, can I send in my money and make my plane reservations?
BobS: didn't get it...........OH, I am dumping the netzero need to use now
Pam / Just Rin: <P> Hi, Rich
BobS: and yes they havea shuttle OR we will do it for you
Pam / Just Rin: Where were you?
Guy B.: Tell us the new addresses, so we can add yours to our address book.
100% Dr.D.: I was on campus with Gretchen, showing her where my new office will be.
Pam / Just Rin: ahh, gotcha
100% Dr.D.: Also doing a bit of construction on some lab equipment, some silicone rubber that needs to dry overnight.
rich-c: why the office move?
100% Dr.D.: I am being evicted at the end of the month, Richard.
Guy B.: Looks like I'll have early flights going to El Paso and to Chicago. So, I'll let you know then.
rich-c: evicted? how come?
100% Dr.D.: New job, 100% teaching, no slug research.
BobS: same and
Guy B.: Ok, we book em Danno.
BobS: YES< DR D do it !!!!!!!
BobS: we are readya dn waiting
100% Dr.D.: But I am leaving behind the slug video experiment...and Hillel whined enough to the Chairman to make him let my office become lab space.
rich-c: full-time teaching? this will be a new one for you
100% Dr.D.: I figured it would happen, after all, I had to set it up in there because there was no space in the regular had to let a student share my office this summer.
Guy B.: Got a new ISP Bob?
100% Dr.D.: Well, not since Spring 1999 have I been teaching full-time.
rich-c: so now you get a real office of your very own - cool
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changed username to james
james: hello
james: long time
100% Dr.D.: I had one...this new one is about half the size of what I had.
Guy B.: HI James and Judy
(007 music plays in the background)
Pam / Just Rin: Hi, James
rich-c: greetings, james, and good morning
Harvie: Full time = 4 hrs / week
BobS: $9/montha ndnationwide
Guy B.: James, what's new with you?
Pam / Just Rin: Hi, Judy
rich-c: we have missed you teh last few weeks
Judy: hi, Guy
100% Dr.D.: So I will be thinking hard about how to make everything fit.
BobS: hi james !!!!!
Guy B.: Is it DSL?
Judy: and Rin and Pam
james: hi guy, rich, bob, dr. d, judy
Judy: hi, James
james: been extremely busy
Harvie: Hello James
Guy B.: Teaching?
james: teaching and tending to my pumpkins
rich-c: yes, two little kids, the jobs, and all - I'll bet
james: oh and then there's the full-time father bit too
100% Dr.D.: I was at Office Max tonight, looking at furniture (chairs specificially), because what the University can buy from its "preferred" vendor is overpriced crapola.
Guy B.: Wow, that is keeping you busy. So, you have a break right now?
james: sort of. we're on our way out in about 20 minutes to pick up some stuff for a bbq i'm having for my students on sunday
james: chilli dogs :D
100% Dr.D.: The same leather chair Office Max sells for $150 is $550 from "Corporate Express".
Guy B.: What are you cooking?
rich-c: introduction to occidental cullture? ;-)
james: chilli dogs :D
james: they get some cultural info in class too through the books we read
Guy B.: Anything else with those?
100% Dr.D.: I am being allotted $3K for any combination of furniture + I am going to sink it all in the computer and buy my own chairs, and recycle my current 45-year-old steel desk.
Pam / Just Rin: Corporate Express usually has decent pricing, Rich
james: we read children's books from english speaking countries, rather than using the lame excuse for textbooks they have here
100% Dr.D.: Not for is overpriced junk IMHO.
Guy B.: I got Jeanene online tonight. She is off for now with her new e-mail address.
rich-c: good approach, Guy, hope it works well for you
100% Dr.D.: $90 for a folding chair, the kind every grade school sets up in the gym for thank you.
Pam / Just Rin: unprintable reaction from Rin
100% Dr.D.: For $3K I can get the top-of-the-line Mac PowerBook with 17" screen, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HD, 128 MB VRAM, etc.
rich-c: yes, $90 for generic folding chairs means pretty thick margins, I'd say
BobS: GUY, just check the netzero mailbox.......109 messages while I was gone last week and your's was the only legitimate one.....dumb huh???
rich-c: why should your mailbox be any different from teh rest of us?
james: $90.. sheesh is their supplier japanese?
100% Dr.D.: Dunno.
rich-c: I get over 109 spams a day most days
Guy B.: Guess I did something right.
james: sounds like japanese office product profit margins
Pam / Just Rin: <E> no apparently their supplier is God and their chairs are made of solid gold
james: my spam filter is currently catching about 130 a day
100% Dr.D.: But I will be bringing my first new computer in 11 years to the convention.
rich-c: yes, I've heard about those, and not just office products
james: stuff has come down a lot, even in the last five years since i've come
james: but before that it was all tightly controlled supply chains / conglomerates with the customer getting screwed everyt ime
rich-c: I've had a sense the Japanese marketing structure was seeing more competition
BobS: well I don't need them now, I get very few that come thru the spam filters ..... and the spammers don
BobS: don't have the new mailbox het
100% Dr.D.: So Bob, as a heads-up, I will be coming to El Paso Saturday morning, arriving around noon Texas time...departing Monday morning.
Guy B.: I've eliminated spam from mine. Just won't see them. They get deleted right away, so I don't see them.
BobS: ok Dr D
james: it's getting better and consumers, albeit slowly, are getting smarter
100% Dr.D.: I can't leave any sooner due to the new class I am teaching this fall.
BobS: and tell us about this new assigment
rich-c: I suspect, james, that it's sort of seeping out of the elctronics market
BobS: !!!!!!
100% Dr.D.: There's an exam that can't be moved that is on the ADAMcon Friday, ending at 6 PM.
BobS: out of the robotics and slug market????????
100% Dr.D.: You might not want me to talk about it in public...if slugs gross you out...
rich-c: Sony style pricing just doesnt fly any more - especially with their quality issues
BobS: and into something better?
100% Dr.D.: Still robot course one more semester.
james: electronics were the first things to come down in price with the advent of large chain stores about 5 years or so ago
100% Dr.D.: Then a new robot course I am inventing in the spring.
james: before that, there was a law limiting store size
BobS: ahso........
100% Dr.D.: But this fall, my other course is Human Anatomy (with lab).
BobS: as long as what ever you do is 'up your alley' that is grteat
100% Dr.D.: It is...I haven't taught it for 20 years, but it hasn't changed any.
Guy B.: We have a Fry's Electronics opened up here in Downers Grove last week. First one here in the area.
james: which prevented the warehouse style stores from starting up. my beef of course is still with selection
100% Dr.D.: Just have to relearn it.
Harvie: Have you figured out how to tell the students from the cadavers Doc?
james: you still won't find that many american products in japanese stores
Pam / Just Rin: the ankle bone's connected to the shin bone . . .
rich-c: no, bodies to tend to follow the same design for years
100% Dr.D.: Hehe Harvie.
james: lol - the cadavers are more lively
100% Dr.D.: Can't go by either color or smell, plenty of unwashed college students.
james: ewww
Pam / Just Rin: so does gross anatomy mean dissection?
100% Dr.D.: Yes, Pam.
Harvie: There you go then , the cadavers are the clean bodies
100% Dr.D.: The students in this class don't do any, they just watch.
Pam / Just Rin: interesting
rich-c: you do the dissection then?
james: anyway, i should likely get going.l i hope to stay on longer next week
100% Dr.D.: And it turns out that I don't have to do any unless I want to: there are 2 med students hired to do it.
BobS: verrrry interesting
100% Dr.D.: Bye James.
100% Dr.D.: I drove him away :-(
rich-c: come back soon, james, we've been missing you
james: i'll have some adam related ?s next week too
Pam / Just Rin: night, James - hi to everyone
james: will do. take care everyone.
Harvie: Bye James
Guy B.: Bob, since you two have been away. I'm in the process of setting up a dinner date.
Pam / Just Rin: you too
100% Dr.D.: But I have to supervise the med students, and prepare the lab practical exams.
Guy B.: Bye James
james: *poof*
100% Dr.D.: 2 lectures a week, then 2 1-hour lab sections.
james left chat session
rich-c: do all the heavy looking on :-)
100% Dr.D.: Well, I would personally feel more comfortable after so long a layoff from the material if I had to do the dissections myself, but I will not have the time.
100% Dr.D.: Not this first time through, where I have to invent the course and write all the lectures for the first time.
rich-c: gotta go with what you've got, then
Pam / Just Rin: isn't that what Gray's Anatomy is for?
BobS: bout Guys dinner date !!!!!
100% Dr.D.: Yes, but seeing is believing in anatomy.
100% Dr.D.: Good, I was hoping you weren't asking about anatomy...
Guy B.: I knew you wouldn't resist. Her name is Karen. She replied to my personal ad on She lives in Aurora, about 45 minutes from me.
Pam / Just Rin: tell him all the good parts, Guy : )
BobS: well good for you Guy
100% Dr.D.: AFAIK that's all there are, Pam :-)
BobS: when's the date?????
Guy B.: She has two kids from a previous marriage and she is studying law.
Guy B.: Trying for this weekend. Have to see how her work schedule is.
BobS: keeps yo on your toes then eh??????
rich-c: ain't it always the way, Bob?
Guy B.: Oh, didn't tell you about Abby. She has mites and is being treated for it and she torn a ligment in her left hind leg when she was getting into my car.
BobS: HEY Richard, Guy is soo cute, he is a virtual stud muffin
Pam / Just Rin: ouch, poor Abby
(Guy B. hugs BobS)
BobS: oh oh........she is getting older you know, treat her nicely
Pam / Just Rin: and the crowd goes wild!
Judy: she is falling apart at the seams, Guy
Pam / Just Rin: well done, Guy
(BobS gives Guy B. a glass of cranberry juice.)
Guy B.: She's been getting a lot of rest and I cannot walk her right now. So, I'm driving her to the woods.
BobS: now stop that Guy, I am NOT that kind of guy you know...........
Judy: should have seen Ryan, he looks like he was in a fight and lost
rich-c: don't let her get spoiled, Guy
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
Pam / Just Rin: what did he do Judy?
Guy B.: How about that then.
Judy: fell at daycare
Judy: put his front teeth thru his upper lip
rich-c: what sort of fell?
Pam / Just Rin: WHAT??????
rich-c: oh, yeech!
Pam / Just Rin: ow!
Pam / Just Rin: poor baby
Judy: just running I quess,
Judy: normal three year oldtype fall
Guy B.: My vet said I have to continue this until the leg gets better. She is trying to walk on it. It will take another 3 to 6 weeks to heal.
rich-c: I gatehr from that that the teeth survived
BobS: Ryan has scabs on his back, on his lip, on his arms......he HAS to learn to be careful!!!!!
Judy: yes, much better than the lip
Guy B.: At least he's Ok.
BobS: does Abby have a spliint on the leg????
Judy: and his toe
rich-c: yes, the lip will likely heal quite cleanly, but if he'd lost teeth this early, that would be bad news
Guy B.: No, she just lifts the left leg up. Now, she on three legs and hops like a kangaroo.
Pam / Just Rin: real dignified, Guy : )
Judy: I told him he needs to start waliking instead of running all the time
Pam / Just Rin: and do you really think he's going to take that advice Judy?
rich-c: I'm not sure three-year-olds have any speed but flat out
BobS: can relate to tha Guy........our dog popped her knee out and needed surgury, did the same thing = 4 legged creature
Judy: no, but you have to try
BobS: THREE legged
Guy B.: She hates being disabled and I cna tell she misses the walks. So do I. So, I'm going to do walking while she's laid up.
BobS: CARRY ABBY !!!!!!!
Pam / Just Rin: just don't tell her, Guy
BobS: that would get you a LOT of exercise
Guy B.: I can't do that without injuring my back.
BobS: oh boy............then you would both have aproblem using the forest
Guy B.: Now, I have to get an x-ray on my right knee. Possible cartilage wear and it runs in the family.
BobS: bummer dude
Guy B.: Then a cat scan on my sinuses for my allergist.
Judy: you are falling apart at the seams with Abby, Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Beginning to wonder that myself Judy.
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: We have twins!
rich-c: this is getting kind of tiresome - anyone else get dumped?
Pam / Just Rin: still having problems Dad?
Pam / Just Rin: not us
Guy B.: No, still here and ticking.
rich-c: seems to be, Pam - and I wasn't even touching the keyboard
100% Dr.D.: tick tick tick tick
Guy B.: Ding!
Pam / Just Rin: times up!
BobS: not being dumped here
100% Dr.D.: Ah, I see you have a machine that goes Bing!
Pam / Just Rin: (oh, channelling Paige Davis)
(Guy B. gives Pam / Just Rin a can of Diet Coke.)
Pam / Just Rin: thanks, Guy
Guy B.: That's the caffeine free one.
BobS: so Dr D.........this new job is a step forward for you ?
Pam / Just Rin: somehow I don't think I'll have a problem sleeping tonite
BobS: and solidifies your position at CWRU
100% Dr.D. created action O/Substitution
BobS: ?
BobS: doktor?????
BobS: allo der !!!!
100% Dr.D.: It should be, Bob.
BobS: must be sleepin'
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: oh oh
changed username to rich-c
BobS: richard again????
BobS requested to ban rich-c
Pam / Just Rin confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Pam / Just Rin: will the real Dad please stand up
BobS: you thertr ricvh?
moved to room Meeting Place
100% Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
changed username to rich-c
BobS: think the last one onok now he is triplets
100% Dr.D.: Plan is for me to become Executive Officer in the department after the current office holder retires in a couple years.
Guy B.: Karen just callled me.
Pam / Just Rin: so what's the word, Guy?
rich-c: can't even get back in before getting dumped a third time
Pam / Just Rin requested to ban rich-c
BobS confirmed ban
100% Dr.D. confirmed ban
BobS: ALRIGHT wasy to go Dr D.....Guy
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pam / Just Rin requested to ban rich-c
rich-c confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
(We secretly replaced Pam / Just Rin's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
100% Dr.D. confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Pam / Just Rin: sorry Dad, i think we dumped you accidentally that time
Judy: you need to come on someone different
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: We are going for dinner on Sunday night. Just to see what time to come by her house.
BobS: $RICAHRD, this is FUN
rich-c: hate to tell you, folks, but you removed the wrong twin
BobS: call yourself somethin different
Pam / Just Rin: <E> coffee!
BobS: you were trriplets
100% Dr.D.: You can have my cuppa, Erin.
Pam / Just Rin: oh by the way, have you met my caffeine addict cuz?
Pam / Just Rin: sorry Dad
100% Dr.D.: I think our paths have crossed, Pam.
Guy B.: Rich, what's going on? You keep getting hung up there.
rich-c changed username to real rich-c
BobS requested to ban rich-c
100% Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pam / Just Rin confirmed ban
real rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, I think he's ok now.
BobS: now THAT is the real one.......
Pam / Just Rin: did we get the right one this time DAd?
BobS: hopefully
real rich-c: I hope so
real rich-c: and since that appeared, I guess so
100% Dr.D.: We must be really afraid of impostors tonight..."100%"..."real"..."Just"... :-)
BobS changed username to Grade A BobS
Grade A BobS: hows that
100% Dr.D.: Oooh...
100% Dr.D.: Grade A, BobS :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
Grade A BobS: oh oh
Pam / Just Rin changed username to #1 Pam/Just Rin
100% Dr.D.: Any volunteers for "Top Sirloin"?
changed username to rich-c
100% Dr.D.: I think you have the assignments reversed, Pam.
Guy B.: Oh uh, not again.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Again, Dad?
Grade A BobS: rich is back
rich-c: this is getting freaking ridiculous
Grade A BobS requested to ban real rich-c
#1 Pam/Just Rin confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
100% Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
100% Dr.D.: :-)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: have you tried logging out and back in Dad?
Grade A BobS: still ther richard?
100% Dr.D.: Why not try a different browser, Richard.
100% Dr.D.: Revert to Netscape 4.x if you have it.
Grade A BobS: gone again.......that man can't seem to stay in one place
rich-c: I only have IE at the moment, Rich, and it never gives me any problems anywhere else
Grade A BobS: YOU RICHARD !!!!!!
Grade A BobS: oh ok, he IS here
Guy B.: I'm IE 5.5 since Mozilla Firebird won't work with the chat mode.
rich-c: Netscape is a four-letter word here
#1 Pam/Just Rin: well considering the problems I had last week, maybe it's the chat
100% Dr.D.: Just need Java.
rich-c: it has to be the cht, either the server or the program
Grade A BobS: all Iknow is ie.........
Guy B.: I've still have Netscape on mine, but now I hardly use it.
Grade A BobS: keep it simple
100% Dr.D.: My friend in Finland had no problems with it using Opera under WinXP.
rich-c: I have the real Sun Java - 1.3 or something?
Guy B.: Been using Mozillla Firebird and it works just as good as IE.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: last week after most people had left, mine started updating back at the very top of the chat - t'was extremely weird
rich-c: I've heard that it works better and faster, Guy
100% Dr.D.: I think that is the latest version, Richard...but since it is a Sun + Microsoft combination, probably rigged to fail by Microsoft.
Guy B.: Yes, it is faster.
rich-c: no, this is the one before the lawsuitsettlement
Guy B.: And you can download themes and give it a different look.
Grade A BobS: Mozilla is an I.E. replacement Guy ???
100% Dr.D.: Well...we could totally change platforms and go to IRC...I could run a server.
100% Dr.D.: You'd all need to know how to use a telnet/ssh window to get to it, though.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: okay, i'm already confused : )
Harvie: Putty Doc
100% Dr.D.: This Java chat is very convenient for cross-platform use, though.
Grade A BobS: yuck.........sounds different
100% Dr.D.: Or that, Harvie.
Guy B.: It can be used in place of IE. But, one drawback, doesn't work with this chat room. Have to use IE.
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Oh yeah. It's free.
100% Dr.D.: Well 'bout I put a copy of Herman's Trading Post BBS and y'all can call in!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie: It's just the Java plugin Guy
changed username to me again
Grade A BobS: but he is not up, is he?????
changed username to you can't see me
100% Dr.D.: No, but I could be...
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Risies?
you can't see me: hello every1
Guy B.: I did download it, but it still won't work. Any suggestions?
100% Dr.D.: I have the whole BBS, a MiniWini HD system, etc.
Guy B.: Ron?
you can't see me: yeppers
#1 Pam/Just Rin: gotcha
100% Dr.D.: Why are you hiding in plain sight, Ronald.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: "you can
Grade A BobS: you heard form either of the Bobbsey twins of late Dr D ?????
Harvie: Good afternoon Ron
me again: hey, maybe we can convince this program to start dumping Ron instead ;-)
100% Dr.D.: Haven't heard from either Herman or George for over a year.
Grade A BobS: ,hmmmmmmm
Guy B.: I heard from Herman last week. He forwarded an e-mail to the AdamEm address.
Grade A BobS: and he said he was still alive?????
100% Dr.D.: Well, that's good to know that he is still around.
100% Dr.D.: is still up.
me again: yes, he referred someone to me about six months ago
100% Dr.D.: I did look at that about 2 weeks ago, for kicks.
Guy B.: Still is. That's where he sent the e-mail from.
me again: this time BTW kindly refrain from trying to remove my twin
Guy B.: Why?
me again: maybe we can keep the stupid thing sufficiently amused to leave my real connection alone
Guy B.: Hmmm, he amuses us.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: it's hide and seek with the chat
moved to room Meeting Place
100% Dr.D.: BTW Bob, are the convention costs attendance-independent? I.e., no matter how many come, those prices hold?
me again: kindly note the last three bounces have been shortly after the deletion of twins
changed username to Ronald
Grade A BobS: mister incognito...........
Judy: good try Rich
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Hi, Ron
Ronald: Yo
Guy B.: There's the Real Ron.
Judy: hello, Ron
Ronald: I am
Ronald: Hi Judy
Grade A BobS: have to Dr D
Judy: how is Mom?
Grade A BobS: YOU your own self Ron
Ronald: doing better, thanks, Judy. She spent the afternoon at Wal Mart, so is a little tired tonight
100% Dr.D.: Just wanted to confirm, Bob...okay, I will send along $$$ tomorrow or Friday.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: you missed all the in jokes, Ron
Ronald: I get tired going to wal Mart
#1 Pam/Just Rin: yes but WalMart is a good place to get tired : )
Ronald: yes
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich - c-
Grade A BobS: the show goes ON
Guy B.: I'll get my airline reservations made for this weekend and I hope to have the next or maybe final payment next weekend.
100% Dr.D.: Great, 2 nights single room, I am *there*!!!
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Dad, have you tried logging off completely and logging on again?
Grade A BobS: cool dude
100% Dr.D.: Round-trip via Expedia was $362 last weekend.
Ronald: I take it y'all got my e-mail Bob?
Guy B.: Try rebooting Rich. Maybe that might clear up the problem.
Grade A BobS: oh Pammie. don't mess with success,,,IF Richard is here leave it alone
(100% Dr.D. reboots rich - c-'s computer remotely.)
Grade A BobS: try southwest airlines Dr D
Grade A BobS: got it out of Detroit here for about 225
Guy B.: That's what I'm going to take.
100% Dr.D.: Continental works well through Cleveland, no long layovers, I am happy.
100% Dr.D.: 5-7 hours for many different departure/arrival times.
(Grade A BobS reboots rich-c's computer remotely.)
(Grade A BobS reboots you can't see me's computer remotely.)
Ronald: This was not an easy decision to make
100% Dr.D.: I don't have to pinch pennies this year to get there.
(Guy B. reboots Grade A BobS's computer remotely.)
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie: What decision is that Ron?
changed username to Not Richard Clee
Ronald: will be unable to make the 'con
Grade A BobS: darn GOT a problem man
Guy B.: Wow, how many Rich Clee's do have here?
Grade A BobS: can alwasy come at the last minute ron, don't forget taht
(rich - c- gives rich - c- a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Not Richard Clee: I'm not him.
Ronald: a proliferation of Richard Clee's
Ronald: If things change, yes
#1 Pam/Just Rin: he's in denial : )
Grade A BobS: a spy thing eh?
Not Richard Clee: No, he's in Toronto.
rich - c-: just leave them alone, they're differnt so you can twll the real one
(A dog howls in the distance)
Not Richard Clee: Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the conservatory.
Grade A BobS: gettin paranoid there in Toronto
100% Dr.D.: ROTFL!
Judy: you will be missed if you don't come, Ron
Ronald: just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't necessarily mean people aren't out to get ya
Grade A BobS: does this man have multi9ple personalities ???? OR WHAT ????
100% Dr.D.: Ron, at least send us a videotape...we will play it.
100% Dr.D.: Or a DVD or something...or a tape to me, I can burn it to DVD.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: well, that would explain a lot . . . : )
Ronald: intend to do that Dr. D.
Judy: he is trying to get an all time high count on the chat
rich - c-: he'll never make it - every time a new one comes in I get knocked off :-(
Ronald: why you Rich?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS II
rich - c-: must be some glitch in the program, Ron
Not Richard Clee: There must be something wrong with his computer...
Guy B.: Not you Bob!
Grade A BobS: ya mon
Grade A BobS: tis I
#1 Pam/Just Rin: why don't we try Rich's site?
rich - c-: maybe Dale has been playing with it again
Grade A BobS: twice over
Judy: will the real Richard Clee please stand up
Grade A BobS: oh heck, Richard will NEVER get on there
100% Dr.D.: It is easy to keep creating new users, just open a new browser window, type in the URL, and go...
rich - c-: I may also be the only one running fully updated IE 6 with genuine Sun Java
Grade A BobS: AH HA
Grade A BobS: had to be updated by Bill eh?????
Guy B.: If everyone else is fine, then it's something with Rich's ISP.
Not Richard Clee: Sun + Microsoft is bad medicine these days.
rich - c-: poisonally!
Guy B.: Or it could be the computer.
Ronald: The Force is not with him
rich - c-: Pamela and Harvie are on the same ISP - try again
Harvie: No Guy two more of us on same ISP
Guy B.: Ok, what ISP do you have Harvie?
Grade A BobS: must be his street address
rich - c-: maybe there's some sort of static from my heart monitor
#1 Pam/Just Rin: we're both with Tamco, Guy - Harvie and I
Not Richard Clee: Phase of moon, perhaps.
Harvie: Do you have the latest update for IE6?
you can't see me: yeppers
Not Richard Clee changed username to Not George Bush
Guy B.: Hmmm, something doesn't like Rich then. But, why does he still keep getting dumped?
Not George Bush: Really, I'm not.
Ronald: Or the low grade 12hz vibes coming from somebody's mind
100% Dr.D.: <snicker>
rich - c-: yes, I'm fully updated on Win98SE and everything pertaining to it (except .NET which I don't need
Judy: is it so cold where you all are?
Judy: we have a fire tonight
100% Dr.D.: We have had lots of heat lately.
Ronald: the wet coast is wet again
you can't see me left chat session
Ronald: was real hot up until yesterday
100% Dr.D.: Swimming all weekend, still didn't feel cooled off.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Rie says goodnight to all
Judy: we could tell when we got back in Michigan, turned cold
100% Dr.D.: It threatened rain tonight, but didn't.
Guy B.: What about IE 6 Service Pack One, Rich?
Ronald: nite Rie
100% Dr.D.: Bye Marie!
#1 Pam/Just Rin: not cold here
Harvie: It went down to 20 C here
#1 Pam/Just Rin: just incredibly sticky
BobS II: nite Rie
Judy: night Rie
Ronald: I don't do sticky
moved to room Meeting Place
100% Dr.D.: I'd take 20 F :-)
changed username to richc
Judy: we had sticky last week in West Virginia and Kentucky
Ronald: Where did you guys go, Judy?
Harvie: A few months ago you were complaining it was cold Doc
richc: you desperately need rain, Ron, or you could lose the rain forest to fire
Ronald: exactly Rich
100% Dr.D.: Well, the basement is pretty cold in winter.
Guy B.: Cool here Doc.
richc: we're warm and getting warmer - nice for the race this weekend
100% Dr.D.: I can always put on more clothes if I am cold...when I am hot, I can only remove so much...
#1 Pam/Just Rin: just imagine it's January - that ought to cool everyone off
Judy: Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and back home
#1 Pam/Just Rin: exactly, Rich
Ronald: nice trip
richc: that's what fans and air conditoiners are for
100% Dr.D.: ...and Nature Boy isn't always welcome :-)
Ronald: I have two fans aimed at my left side
Ronald: nothing from the right
Ronald: of course, they are political fans
100% Dr.D.: <rim shot>
Judy: had a great time, did a bit of biking and antiquing
Not George Bush: Hey, I resemble that!
Ronald: they blow hot air
Not George Bush: Alan Smithee for President in '04!
#1 Pam/Just Rin: sounds like fun, Judy
BobS II left chat session
Judy: didn't want to come home
#1 Pam/Just Rin: I don't blame you
Ronald: no eh?
Grade A BobS: need retirement...thas what
richc: basically up and down the Ohio valley?
Ronald: Doesn't necessarily help, Bob
Guy B.: Tech call from Jeanene.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: what did Karen say, Guy?
richc: thought yu had her up and running?
Guy B.: She was calling from work.
Grade A BobS: darn right it would help Ron
Grade A BobS: work sucks
Ronald: well, when you put it that way
richc: he's catching on, Ron
100% Dr.D.: The alternative is worse...
Grade A BobS: I can seel that now
Ronald: yup
Ronald: Work is a 4 letter word
Grade A BobS: all those years I was led astray
Judy: he really wants to be fired, but that is not going to happen
Grade A BobS: boo hoo
100% Dr.D.: To be fired?
Ronald: You're not the type that gets fired Bob
Ronald: They want you forever
Grade A BobS: OHPLEASE !!!!_
richc: if you can afford it, you'll just have to quit
Judy: needs to find a different job, he is applying but has not found one yet, then he can quit
Ronald: mmmm
richc: maybe he could find one in the antique business
Grade A BobS: that is the problem....can't afford it without rocking chair bucks
Grade A BobS: that is a hobby not a jpb
Judy: no money there
Grade A BobS: and a non paying hobby at that
Ronald: just a pile of fun
100% Dr.D.: I expect to be working until I am dead...whether or not the former will accelerate the appearance of the latter, remains to be seen.
richc: well, some folks are making a buck from it - maybe they're hiring
Ronald: The Good Lord will keep you here as long as He needs you, Dr. D
Judy: we had hoped that it would replace his regular job but that is not going to happen
richc: you views on that subject may change, Rich
100% Dr.D.: Views schmews, I don't see how financially it will ever be possible.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Okay Bob, this is going to sound strange, but what DO you do? No one's ever told me
Judy: but he does have to find something else, he is not happy at his job and it is getting worse
Ronald: that is not good for the health
richc: I would hope, Rich, that CWRU offers some sort of retirement plan
Judy: as little as possible
100% Dr.D.: I expect to live another 20 years after 65, but they will likely not be very healthy (i.e., not very cheap).
100% Dr.D.: Yes, they do.
Grade A BobS: built houses for manage twin office buildings and remodel some apts the company owns
#1 Pam/Just Rin: ooooh, okay
Grade A BobS: and have NO time to gets in the way
100% Dr.D.: That is the trend in human life expectancy, longer lives, but longer not-so-great health.
richc: you're younger, of course, but in my cohort 3 of 5 men don't see their 75th birthday
#1 Pam/Just Rin: yeah, it has a tendency to do that
Ronald: Mother will tell you about that
100% Dr.D.: Hehe, I haven't had a vacation since 1982, Bob. Vacation = more than 2 weeks with nothing work-related to do.
Ronald: she keeps asking me, "what am I still doing here?"
100% Dr.D.: You and Judy have at least been able to travel (bit of green envy here).
Ronald: Some nights I give the serious reply, others, I tell her that somebody has to look after me
100% Dr.D.: I am maybe 10 years away from that, at best.
Grade A BobS: right Dr D....but not 2 weeks ata time ever !!!
richc: oh, you've got lots of time Ron - me, I'm under 14 months from beating the odds
Ronald: The way I'm going, Mother will outlive me
Grade A BobS: POSITIVE attitude here Richard
#1 Pam/Just Rin: okay we're getting morbid here, people
Ronald: yeah... enuff eh?
Guy B.: Jeanene was having some trouble with the computer. She's Ok now.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Everyone is going to live forever - end of story
richc: I thought taht was a fairly optimistic comment - it implies I'm already in the winning minority
Ronald: ok
Guy B.: Pam, getting back to Karen. She called me from work, we are going to try to meet on Sunday night,
Ronald: Life goes on despite our best attempts to prevent it
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c1
Not George Bush left chat session
rich-c1: again, dumped
Ronald: r1c1+r2d2
Judy: well, welcome back again
#1 Pam/Just Rin: perhaps we should consider moving to the other chat
100% Dr.D.: c3po
rich-c1: anyway, Ron, after spending half the day in Emergency, I could use some optimism
100% Dr.D.: Yeah, then there would at least be a logfile!!!!
100% Dr.D.: Emergency?!?!?
Ronald: oh?
Ronald: tell me more
Guy B.: Rich, did you try rebooting the system?
rich-c1: A-fib got sort of out of hand
Grade A BobS: emergency rooms suck too
Judy: why in wmergency?
#1 Pam/Just Rin: I'll second that, Bob
#1 Pam/Just Rin: I was there with him
Ronald: this is not good
Grade A BobS: half a day is FAST for emergency rooms around here
rich-c1: that's where they send you to get the arrhythmia dalt with
Grade A BobS: lay down and nap awhile and it goes away too
Judy: they have to keep you for a mimimum of 5 hours or they are not doing there jobs
rich-c1: not at the moment - I have had it bad for the last four-five days and getting worse
Guy B.: Well, it's raining here.
Ronald: yes, been there, done that
rich-c1: how long wre we there, Pam?
Harvie: Just grab a spark plug wire rich
#1 Pam/Just Rin: about four and a half hours, Dad
Ronald: it took about 5 hours, and we're not a big city
rich-c1: so I guess that's what it takes, then
rich-c1: you've been down the A-fib road too, Ron?
Ronald: no, not me, but when Mom has had to go there, I go along just to be there
rich-c1: yes, Pam did the same for me today
Judy: my dads doctor keeps sending him there too, they don't come up with what is wrong with him but he just keeps going back
Ronald: yup
#1 Pam/Just Rin: I make a good taxi : )
rich-c1: they put the monitors up over the head of the bed where they are very hard to see
100% Dr.D.: Don't want the patients influencing the results (biofeedback).
Grade A BobS: lets see hour to make sure you are breathing ......2nd hour to see if you are still awake ..... 3rd hour to make SURe you are hungry ....4th hour to see the trauma nurse .....5th hour to wakt for the er nurse
Ronald: they do tend to wire you up six ways from Sunday
rich-c1: she had gret fun watching the heart rate bounce up and down
Grade A BobS: then MAYBE you can be seen and asessed
Ronald: Actually, I have nothing but praise for our local Emerge
rich-c1: oh, I was assessed in maybe ten minutes and immediately fired into acute care
Judy: you need to be zapped like Bob was
Ronald: no reason to complain at all
rich-c1: that may well be the answer - I have the heart monitor on new
rich-c1: they can do chemical, electrical or surgical revision
Ronald: so how long do you wear that Rich?
Grade A BobS: and if all holds true........the monitor won't show anything...UNTIL you take it oss
rich-c1: 24 hours, Ron
Ronald: ok
Judy: but first see if you can get on Ameordorone
rich-c1: and I am not looking forward to sleeping with it
Ronald: no, I suppose not
rich-c1: no way Judy, it has devestating effectws on the lungs - and I already have COPD
Grade A BobS: course the ameodorone may ruin your lungs, liver and throid.....or just kill you
Grade A BobS: but that is noworse tahn reading the aspirin bottle label..............
rich-c1: exactly, Bob, so enjoy the upside until the downside shows up
Ronald: Welcome to the golden years
100% Dr.D.: I have not been in med school for 18-20 years...but my guess is that you need surgery to deactivate your sino-atrial node, and have a pacemaker inserted.
Ronald: Everything hurts.... if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work
Grade A BobS: :-)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: that's how you know it works, Ron
rich-c1: that is the last-resort these days, Rich, and avoided wherever possible
Ronald: yeah
100% Dr.D.: Well, it does work.
Ronald: Ya still there Harvie, my man?
100% Dr.D.: For you and your cardiologist to decide. I am not an M.D.
Harvie: Fer sure
Ronald: ok.... just wondered
Ronald: Are you still collecting old computers?
rich-c1: actually the other intervention is catheterization with, I believe, cauterization of the node
Guy B.: I got rid of one, but one will be coming back to me later.
100% Dr.D.: If they can do it via a cannula, that is fine, same result.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: wow that sounds like fun : (
Harvie: I gave it up (no space)
Ronald: same here
#1 Pam/Just Rin: did you actually clean out the snake pit, Ron?
100% Dr.D.: Sssssssssssssssssssssss
rich-c1: anyway I will see what the cardiologist makes of the Holter readings
Ronald: I'm now down to - ummm.. let's see......8
Harvie: Not to mention no energy
#1 Pam/Just Rin: pretty good
100% Dr.D.: Hope at least one of them is an ADAM :-(
Ronald: oh yes..... actually 3 of the 8 are ADAMs
rich-c1: that's reassuring, Ron
100% Dr.D.: 37.5%, a respectable fraction.
Ronald: yes
Ronald: snake pit is better, b ut I wouldn't say clean, yet
Ronald: still too much unidentifiable junk
rich-c1: (I refuse to comment on grounds it may incriminate me)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: too late, Dad : )
100% Dr.D.: Well, it's a good thing we didn't switch to coleco, CWRU has just fallen off the network.
Ronald: So many computers, so little time
rich-c1: uh - anyone know where to find a home for a network setup based on 2400 baud modems?
Grade A BobS: oops
100% Dr.D.: Or thereabouts, probably another denial-of-service attack.
Grade A BobS: no
Grade A BobS: but if someone needed at ext based system, it would work
Harvie: Is it a Unix network Doc?
rich-c1: have the DOS bunch started targeting universities now, Rich?
Ronald: hmmm..... I have 2400 baud modems
100% Dr.D.: It's the entire campus network.
100% Dr.D.: There are all kinds of sub-networks.
Grade A BobS: I have 1200 baud modems........
Grade A BobS: workign yet
Ronald: indeed
Grade A BobS changed username to BobS
100% Dr.D.: I have a 1-baud setup connecting 2 soup cans with string.
rich-c1: these are rally neat modems (by appearance) with apparently ral expensive software
BobS: you CAN stilluse them on the net....but slowly !!!!!!
100% Dr.D.: My backup is packet-switched carrier pigeon network.
rich-c1: I seem to have a problem with my e's lately
100% Dr.D.: They are fine if you are using terminal mode, no graphics.
BobS: AND statying online
rich-c1: OUCH!
100% Dr.D.: That is why I read news and E-mail from a command line.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: foul!
100% Dr.D.: Tasty :-)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: no, that's fowl
Harvie: Are they SSL pigeons?
rich-c1: I am not sure Pam or Rin know from a command line
100% Dr.D.: Nah, from all the droppings, they are definitely stool pigeons.
Ronald: Still have my account at the National Capital Freenet - which I can access via telnet if I want to
Ronald: command line from my Linux box
Ronald: telnet or SSL
#1 Pam/Just Rin: probably not Dad but I was commenting on Bob's contribution
100% Dr.D.: Command line is easy, only a few things to know.
100% Dr.D.: login, logout, ^C to stop something
rich-c1: like, I have this 565-page DOS book, for starters...
Ronald: after all these years in dabbling with Linux, I still have much to learn
#1 Pam/Just Rin: (Dr. D. switches to lecture mode)
Ronald: Ab out as much as I have to learn about DOS commands
100% Dr.D.: Favourite DOS commands:
100% Dr.D.: FDISK C:
100% Dr.D.: DELTREE *.*
100% Dr.D.: :-)
rich-c1: reminds me, we have just acquired the first exclusive Linux shop, over on the next concession
Ronald: del *.8
Ronald: del *.*
100% Dr.D.: and FORMAT /U
BobS: am stil most comfortable in dos mode with typed in wommands
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E> are you going to teach me all of this in September?
BobS: sure
Guy B.: And here I wrote my first Cobol program in 15 years and tested it out and hit Bomb city. Found the problem, my test data wasn't formatted correctly. Now, I'm ready for a second try.
rich-c1: yes, they do solve all your problems - except that of recovering your programs and data
Ronald: <E> you will know more after 4 days than you would wish
100% Dr.D.: You betcha, Rin.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: and that's why you were our programmer in Cleveland, Guy : )
100% Dr.D.: I will be a patient tutor.
Guy B.: C was more of a crash course.
100% Dr.D.: Unless you'd rather a different one, there will be several to choose from :-)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E> can you handle a screaming hissy fit from a redhead?
rich-c1: as in, progrqam, text, crash; program, test...?
Ronald: I want that on tape
100% Dr.D.: Scream all you like, just don't break any computers.
BobS: deltree Dr D
100% Dr.D.: hehe Ron.
BobS: when asked if true...YES
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E> I
#1 Pam/Just Rin: 'll see what I can do for you Ron : )
100% Dr.D.: <E> I <O> U <A>
Guy B.: BTW, that Cobol program is using DOS.
100% Dr.D.: and sometimes <Y>
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <Y> Because we love you
Ronald: Does anybody use BASIC any more?
100% Dr.D.: Visual Cobol++
100% Dr.D.: Me!
Guy B.: I still do.
Ronald: aha
100% Dr.D.: Slug data analysis, language of choice.
100% Dr.D.: But that is because I am old.
Guy B.: Been using Qbasic.
100% Dr.D.: Students now use C++, Mathematica, or MatLab.
Ronald: right... reason I ask is that I was listening to one of these computer radio guru's the other day and he said, roughly paraphrased,
rich-c1: never even heard of the latter two
BobS: I can't even use basic !!!!!
Ronald: that BASIC was used in the old days
rich-c1: that ain't cause for bragging
Ronald: now most people who program do Visual something or other
Guy B.: Well gang, have to get going. I'll see how Saturday is, otherwise next week.
100% Dr.D.: The latter 2 are large integrated development environments.
100% Dr.D.: MatLab is very popular among engineers.
BobS: ok Guy
BobS: have fun!!!!!!
Ronald: Visual C ++ or whatever
rich-c1: OK Guy, we'll try to check Saturday
100% Dr.D.: Mathematica tends to be pure math or computer science types.
Ronald: niters Guy
Judy: have a good time Sunday, Guy and night
100% Dr.D.: Bye Guy.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Night, Guy
rich-c1: (now to see if he takes me with him)
BobS: Richard.....are you down to one identity?????
#1 Pam/Just Rin: don't knock Dad off now
Guy B.: I will. Have to check to see if it's a go. Bye, Poof.
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: Stand Firm Rich
Ronald: both feet planted
BobS: hang on with fingernails
moved to room Meeting Place
100% Dr.D.: Not again...
changed username to rich2
#1 Pam/Just Rin: guess so
rich2: notice - Guy leaves, I get dumped
Ronald: rich1-c1 <> yes
100% Dr.D.: Must be one of those ADAMite conservation laws.
BobS: you are a follower, yes ?????
rich2: seems I get dumped every time someone makes a change on the user list
Ronald: Adamites are neither created nor destroyed
Judy: are you having storms there or something?
100% Dr.D.: Law of Conservation of ADAMites: they can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed from one person to another.
Ronald: true
rich2: not at the moment, had them earlier but they are long past
Harvie: Then it must be a Java plugin problem rich
rich2: anyway I have the computer on a UPS and the whole house is surge protected
#1 Pam/Just Rin: that's why I haven't changed our name back Dad
Ronald: Pam/Just Rin - is there an UNjust Rin?
#1 Pam/Just Rin: while I think of it Bob, have you heard from anyone named Andrew re: the con?
rich2: my guess is that Dale has been fiddling with thevprogram again and done something that doesnt agree with "real" Java
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Yeah Ron, but it's not pretty
Ronald: I don't want to see?
BobS: no.....BUT tell hime to email mea at the NEW address
100% Dr.D.: Based on Toronto, I can't imagine an unjust Rin...and I think she's all pretty :-)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E> well if we can videotape the hissy fit . . .
Ronald: would approximate Unjust?
100% Dr.D.: The implementation is the standard, Richard.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E> hmm
Ronald: no standards, they are too mediocre
rich2: yes, but the MS standard or the Sun standard?
100% Dr.D.: MS = 95% market share, so it is right by definition.
100% Dr.D.: Not saying I agree.
100% Dr.D.: But it seems to be fact.
rich2: (huge mushroon cloud seen rising from shore of Lake Ontario)
Ronald: let the lemmings bound for the cliff
#1 Pam/Just Rin: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
Ronald: We will go in the other direction
100% Dr.D.: (Rin vanishes in a puff of red hair)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E> poof
100% Dr.D.: (Pam vanishes in a puff of some-coloured hair)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: no that's just bedhead
100% Dr.D.: bedhead?
rich2: look in your mirror in the morning
#1 Pam/Just Rin: you know - that "just got out of bed and haven't looked in a mirror" look
BobS: well all.......gotta go and get some shuteye for that work thing..........see you all next week, K ??????
Ronald: I tried that, didn't like what I saw, so I went back to bed
#1 Pam/Just Rin: good call, Ron
#1 Pam/Just Rin: Bob, did you answer me?
Harvie: Good night Bob
rich2: OK Bob, Judy, see you next week, take care now
100% Dr.D.: I see only the five-times-running winner of the "Witch's Weekly" Most Charming Smile Contest :-)
Ronald: Bob..... ya gotta do something about that work stuff... it's bad for the health man
100% Dr.D.: G'nite Bob.
Ronald: nite Bob, nite Judy
Judy: night everyone
#1 Pam/Just Rin: night, Judy
BobS: ya I did, NO HEAR from him...........tell him to use adamcomputer @ for emails
Judy left chat session
Harvie: Goodnight Judy
#1 Pam/Just Rin: okay, I will. Gnite, and thanks for the info
BobS: I know yres???????
100% Dr.D.: Bob, send me mail about addresses to dump from the coladam list.
100% Dr.D.:
BobS: HUH ????
100% Dr.D.: If you have dead E-mail addresses, I should remove them from the coladam list.
100% Dr.D.: I presume that is what you were talking about, bad E-mail addresses for you.
BobS: ok sonly one for judy and I should be rslopsema@ ( I think that is the one i signed up)
100% Dr.D.: Okay.
Ronald: I am here - my supply of diet coke is in the next room
Ronald: brb
BobS: bye all
BobS left chat session
#1 Pam/Just Rin: yeah, I can see where that might be a problem
rich2: nite, Slopsemas
100% Dr.D. changed username to 99-44/100% Dr.D.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: oh good, Rich has become soap : )
Ronald: ok
99-44/100% Dr.D.: Pure as Ivory :-)
rich2: hey, someone left without taking me along!
Ronald: something about 99-44/100ths
#1 Pam/Just Rin: don't speak too soon, Dad
rich2: yes, plain puffery, as it happens - from an adman's imagination
Ronald: right
99-44/100% Dr.D.: Well, it's a 100-year-old blurb.
Harvie: Time for me to go, hold on tight rich
#1 Pam/Just Rin: night, Harvie : )
99-44/100% Dr.D.: Please remain behind the yellow line until the ride has come to a complete stop.
Ronald: Harvie - DONT OPEN THAT DOOR!!!
rich2: yes, adn apparently the Ivory claim of comparitive purity was valid - but test methods back then were - dicey?
99-44/100% Dr.D.: B ye Harvie.
Ronald: Nite Harvie
Harvie left chat session
rich2: nite Harv
#1 Pam/Just Rin: well?
rich2: test
99-44/100% Dr.D. changed username to Impure Dr.D.
rich2: maybe there is a critical number?
Ronald: Conclusion: President's Choice Cola may have been on sale, but it's not as good
Impure Dr.D.: Maybe Dale's machine is just overloaded, I dunno what else he uses it for.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: may well be, Dad
Ronald: I see you Rich 2
rich2: personally, I doubt I could spot a difference even if I drank colas
#1 Pam/Just Rin: which one Ron, the red or the blue?
Ronald: Red
Impure Dr.D.: Soylent Green is people!
#1 Pam/Just Rin: okay - blue is supposed to be like Pepsi, red like Coke
#1 Pam/Just Rin: and btw, Erin agrees with you
Ronald: there is an intangible difference
Ronald: I'm getting something like Dr. Pepper
(We secretly replaced Ronald's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: me, I like the cranberry soda and the green apple soda
Ronald: arrrrgh !!
rich2: especially good mixed
Impure Dr.D.: Green apple pop, hmmm.
Impure Dr.D.: Must be sour, like green apples.
rich2: do you rally want to know, Rich?
Impure Dr.D.: I s'pose.
(We secretly replaced rich2's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
Ronald: a technical question, Dr. D.
rich2: oh, Grany Smiths are tart but quite sweet
Impure Dr.D.: Sure, Ron.
Ronald: What software do you use for Video streaming
Ronald: We have a deal coming up
#1 Pam/Just Rin: 'tis tart but nice - exactly like Granny Smiths
Impure Dr.D.: I have been cheap and used RealServer (now called HelixServer).
Ronald: can be downloaded?
Impure Dr.D.: Supposedly streaming QT is an option now, but I have never investigated, being too lazy.
Impure Dr.D.: Yes.
Impure Dr.D.: IIRC.
Ronald: ok. will check that out
Impure Dr.D.: They hide the freeware version very well, but it is there.
Impure Dr.D.: It is also very limited, 10 max simultaneous connections.
Impure Dr.D.: It used to be 25 :-(
Impure Dr.D.: And a 1-year license, the software blows up after 1 year.
Ronald: our Valleylinks Net is doing a "press room" for upcoming local Musicfest
rich2: freebies just ain't what they used to be, are they?
Ronald: We used tohave the expertise, but he left
Impure Dr.D.: It all depends on what video capture card you have.
Impure Dr.D.: I presume with FireWire Macs you could plug in a digital video camera and use some kind of QuickTime.
Impure Dr.D.: My system is an Osprey 100 vidcap card in a WinNT 4.0 machine.
Impure Dr.D.: It was the card recommended by Real way back when I started streaming Egg Hunts.
Ronald: yep... got that far, camcorder to e-mac is ok... but where does it go from there?
Impure Dr.D.: It is still supported, still works.
Impure Dr.D.: You need some software to encode the video to some streamable format, live.
Impure Dr.D.: Real-time.
Ronald: right
Impure Dr.D.: As stated, I don't know what streaming QT can do now (it didn't exist back in 1998, RealPlayer was the only game in town).
Ronald: Will take a visit to the REAL Networks site
rich2: just noticed the time - guess it's time for me to bounce myself
Impure Dr.D.: 11:17 PM is not late for a retired fellow :-)
#1 Pam/Just Rin: after all that work Dad you'd think you'd want to stick around!
Ronald: but a retired fellow who's had quite a day
Impure Dr.D.: Indeed, if at the ER.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: and he didn't nap in the ER either
rich2: so goodnite Ron, Rich - Pam, so far looking good for tomorrow
Ronald: nite Rich. Be well
Impure Dr.D.: Good night, Richard.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: okay, Dad, keep me posted. Get some rest.
#1 Pam/Just Rin: <E. night Uncle Richard
rich2: with luck will not need your assistance - should give you the day "free"
rich2: but yes, I'll keep you posted
#1 Pam/Just Rin: okay
rich2: colour me gone
rich2 left chat session
Ronald: noted
Impure Dr.D.: BRB
#1 Pam/Just Rin changed username to Pam/ Rin
Ronald: so the deer continue to visit the back yard
Ronald: yesterday a pair of young lovers, today a single doe
Pam/ Rin: maybe you should try feeding them slugs, Ron : )
Ronald: they probably eat them already
Ronald: they eat most everything else
Pam/ Rin: do you have any vegetation left?
Ronald: oh yes.... in fact, lately they've been leaving the flowers alone
Pam/ Rin: well that's a pleasant change
Ronald: I talk to them
Ronald: they look at me like: What's with him?
Pam/ Rin: the flowers or the deer?
Ronald: both
Pam/ Rin: as long as they don't talk back you're okay
Ronald: true... will have to watch for tha
Impure Dr.D.: back, had to take some meds.
Ronald: tt
Pam/ Rin: it's probably a good thing for them to get used to teh sound of your voice
Ronald: What would life be without meds?
Pam/ Rin: meds?
Impure Dr.D.: Leg is acting up again.
Pam/ Rin: ah
Ronald: not good
Impure Dr.D.: Quite sore tonight, stiff from walking.
Ronald: knee Rich?
Impure Dr.D.: No, the calf muscle tear from 18 April.
Ronald: oh right
Impure Dr.D.: Seems to be healed and strong, but it is very achey.
Impure Dr.D.: The contour of my calf is quite abnormal, though.
Pam/ Rin: probably will be till it gets reconditioned
Impure Dr.D.: And I can feel a lump inside where the tear was.
Ronald: the medics checked that out I presume
Impure Dr.D.: I keep doing my stretching exercises and hoping it will stay stretched out.
Pam/ Rin: Erin posits scar tissue
Ronald: ok
Impure Dr.D.: Yes it is scar tissue.
Impure Dr.D.: And the changed contour is, of course, because the ends of the muscle pulled away from the tear.
Ronald: ouch
Impure Dr.D.: When it tore was the ouch :-)
Pam/ Rin: my sentiments exactly
Impure Dr.D.: Massaging it gives a creepy feeling, so I don't massage it.
Pam/ Rin: guess you'll never know what went wrong
Pam/ Rin: <E> creepy feeling = not good
Pam/ Rin: creepy how?
Impure Dr.D.: Well, I hope to not have it get so bad that more tests are done to tell me what went wrong.
Impure Dr.D.: Achey discomfort, hard to describe.
Pam/ Rin: yeah, taht's one of those good news / bad news scenarios
Pam/ Rin: <E> in other words, creepy
Impure Dr.D.: I can believe that there was some odd combination of muscle forces and loading that caused it to tear.
Ronald: a fluke?
Pam/ Rin: wonder if you'll start weather forecasting : )
Impure Dr.D.: I'd just as soon let it go at that...other possibilities for an out-of-the-blue tear are not so heartening.
Impure Dr.D.: The distant #2 cause, but still #2, is some kind of internal tumor that weakened the muscle...
Ronald: right... these injuries sometimes are sensitive to changes in one parameter or another.... humidity, or some such
Impure Dr.D.: Since all my muscles are not tearing, it is not some systemic condition, thank goodness.
Ronald: seems logical
Ronald: but then what do I know from logic
Impure Dr.D.: Medicine is very logical as long as you are not the patient :-)
Pam/ Rin: try telling Dad that : )
Ronald: :)
Ronald: I've heard it said that physicians make poor patients
Pam/ Rin: you have a gift for understatement
Ronald: well... I've never actually talked to a physician confined to a hospital bed
Ronald: but from what I hear....
Impure Dr.D.: It is hard, you know what all the talk is, what all the tests are, what all the possibilities are.
Ronald: and a fair knowledge of what can go wrong....go wrong.....go wrong
Impure Dr.D.: Physicians tend to be critical patients.
Ronald: I'd imagine
Pam/ Rin: perhaps a case of too much knowledge being a dangerous thing
Ronald: To draw something of a parallel, I spent much of my career listening to Air Traffic Controllers talking about near misses
Ronald: sort of affected my views about flying
Impure Dr.D.: Bet it makes you a well-adjusted airplane passenger :-)
Ronald: ummm..... sometimes
Ronald: mostly, I sleep
Pam/ Rin: Erin doesn't want to know, Ron
Impure Dr.D.: The air pressure changes bug me.
Ronald: No, you don't.
Ronald: I hate landings, that's all.
Pam/ Rin: see those and takeoffs are what I love
Ronald: Captain Squarejaw gets his aircraft down to about 6 feet above the runway,
Ronald: then drops her like a crate of eggs
Impure Dr.D.: "Ladies and gentlemen, that was just a li'l ol' bit o' turbulence..."
Impure Dr.D.: As the altimeter drops 5K feet...
Ronald: yeah, right. Sometimes I will comment sarcastically to the Pilot on the way out
Pam/ Rin: such as Ron?
Impure Dr.D.: "The goose loved you for dodging around him, but the passengers didn't!" :-)
Ronald: Nice landing, dude
Pam/ Rin: now you're channelling Bob!
Ronald: naw.... although I did once
Impure Dr.D.: "How about going for the 6-point landing next time?"
Ronald: It was a particularly rough touchdown.... and I think everybody in the cabin had something to say
Ronald: ROTFL
Pam/ Rin: send him the bill for the goose egg on your head
Ronald: in a place where the runway was on a plateau in between two mountain peaks.
Ronald: .....pilot explained that he literally had to fly the aircraft onto the runway, or risk taking off again
Ronald: sounded good at the time, but I was casting my prayers aloft
Pam/ Rin: at least he had a reason
Impure Dr.D.: Some big downdraft?
Pam/ Rin: chocolate free brownies are a) ick and b) blondies
Ronald: ummmm.......... I'd have to say ick
Impure Dr.D.: Pam and Erin are trying to tempt me to additional impurity with brownies...
Impure Dr.D.: they are not succeeding.
Ronald: I mean, what's the point of a chocolate free brownie?
Pam/ Rin: exactly my point Ron
Impure Dr.D.: Were you baking brownies today, Pam?
Pam/ Rin: I didn't even have time for breakfast!
Impure Dr.D.: Then go eat something, dearie.
Ronald: ya
Pam/ Rin: it was one of those days
Ronald: your day was full too
Pam/ Rin: Russell got up and got ready to go, and as soon as he left I got ready to go, then took Dad out, then the trip to the hospital
Ronald: was the hospital trip unexpected?
Pam/ Rin: finally got a bagel and cream cheese around 1:30
Ronald: kinda sounds like it was
Pam/ Rin: yes
Impure Dr.D.: Then go eat something, I'm serious.
Pam/ Rin: he had an appt with the cardio this a.m. to get the holter monitor put on - he expected to see the cardio but the only person in theoffice was the tech
Pam/ Rin: I will, don't worry
Pam/ Rin: when we told her we'd expected to see the cardio because he was feeling so poorly, she suggested we go to the hospital
Ronald: Mom was supposed to have one of those (holter) the week she was hospitalized in March
Pam/ Rin: she put the monitor on, and off we went
Impure Dr.D.: Your Mom must be having kittens today...
Pam/ Rin: I spent my p.m. alternately sitting with Dad, feeding the parking meter, and feeding myself
Pam/ Rin: a litter, as a matter of fact
Ronald: would have been a bit of a shock for Frances, yes
Pam/ Rin: well I called her to warn her we were heading to the hospital
Pam/ Rin: we'd only been gone 1/2 an hour at that point
Ronald: How old is Richard, Pam?
Pam/ Rin: she was a little frustrated (to say the least) when she discovered teh cardiologist wasn't there for Dad to speak to
Pam/ Rin: he'll be 74 on August 22nd
Ronald: ok
Pam/ Rin: Mom is 72
Ronald: Well, the sad part is that they love to travel, and the events of the past year have prevented that
Pam/ Rin: exactly
Impure Dr.D.: Hence ADAMcon 15.5...
Ronald: and that was a good thing Dr. D
Pam/ Rin: don't forget 16.5 : )
Impure Dr.D.: I guess it is going to have to come to that.
Ronald: Alls I know is - I want a T-shirt
Pam/ Rin: actually, they haven't been anywhere since Grand Rapids
Ronald: Yup, one before last
Impure Dr.D.: There wasn't a T-shirt for 15.5 AFAIK.
Ronald: I know. I meant 16
Pam/ Rin: wasn't time
Ronald: have a pic of Erin with purple hair. That will do
Pam/ Rin: it's black
Impure Dr.D.: Rin sent me a "Toronto" shirt, so I guess that would count as 15.5 for me.
Impure Dr.D.: Rin has black hair now?!?!?
Pam/ Rin: <E> no I do not have black hair
Pam/ Rin: that's what the picture looked like
Impure Dr.D.: Then what is black?
Pam/ Rin: gotta get that short term memory checked, my friend
Ronald: (ronald steps back from the conversation)
Impure Dr.D.: There was no picture.
Pam/ Rin: ah, the joys of computers
Ronald: no, of course not
Pam/ Rin: picture once, picture no more
Impure Dr.D.: We have always been at war with Oceania, too.
Ronald: have we now/
Ronald: ?
Impure Dr.D.: A "memory hole" and "doublethink" reference from Orwell's "1984".
Ronald: I need to do some reading, obviously
Ronald: something other than For Dummies computer books
Impure Dr.D.: Forgetting of inconvenient facts.
Impure Dr.D.: 1984 for Dummies, ROTFL.
Ronald: hey, I like it
Impure Dr.D.: Come to the states and read the New York Times for a week :-)
Pam/ Rin: LOL
Ronald: Can do that from here
Ronald: Forgetting of inconvenient fact..... there's been a lot of that happening up here lately
Ronald: It's about time we stopped
Pam/ Rin: I don't have time to read the Star, let alone anything else
Pam/ Rin: <E> such as Ron?
Ronald: politicians and spin
Ronald: Would love to vote for somebody who would admit to making a mistake
Pam/ Rin: <E> ah. How did I know it was about politics?
Pam/ Rin: yeah but that would make them human and they aren't about to admit that : )
Ronald: yes
Pam/ Rin: <E> that's why they have "people"\
Pam/ Rin: <E> I should know - I'm a people
Ronald: me too
Ronald: my next life I'm coming back as something else
Impure Dr.D.: Rin is a "people"?
Pam/ Rin: aren't you a retired people? And wouldn't you like to be a Pepper?
Ronald: or a Pickle
Ronald: No, actually I've already decided I want to be a drummer
Ronald: a good drummer
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Us
Us requested to ban Pam/ Rin
Impure Dr.D. confirmed ban
Impure Dr.D.: ???
Ronald confirmed ban
Us: sorry guys, it was our turn to get dumped
Ronald: so..... dumping continues
Us: I feel so used
Impure Dr.D.: Drummers are loud and can't count or keep time, by definition :-)
Ronald: Yes.... the standard joke about drummers
Ronald: How do you know there's a drummer at the door?
Us: okay - disconnect - where did drummers come into it?
Ronald: He doesn't know when to come in
Ronald: talking about people...... and Pepper and Pickle...
Ronald: I said in my next life, I'm coming back as a drummer
Us: we missed everything after wouldn't you like to be a Pepper
Impure Dr.D.: Be a Pepper, Drink Dr. Pepper...
Ronald: stay with us P/R this moves fast
Us: wasn't our fault!
Ronald: I commited one of my standard topic jumps
Us: that doesn't make me any less confused
Ronald: wasn't meant to
Us: "I'm so confused!"
Impure Dr.D.: Confundus charm.
Ronald: it's the Pepper
Us: no, that just made me sneeze
Ronald: Alice in Wonderland all over again
Us: and nary a looking glass in sight
Us: Do you realize I didn't read that until I was in my thirties?
Ronald: I still haven't
Ronald: I haven't read anything important since grade 12
Us: <E> Don't worry I haven't either
Impure Dr.D.: Read something important since grade 12?
Impure Dr.D.: (I feel like Eliza)
Us: <E> no, read Alice
Impure Dr.D.: Curiouser and curiouser
Us: the rain in Spain . . .
Impure Dr.D.: No, the Eliza artificial intelligence program.
Us: ah, not Ms. Doolittle
Ronald: By George, I think I've got it.
Ronald: Now.... how do I get rid of it
Impure Dr.D.: Eliza is interactive, mostly by asking questions that rephrase statements made by the interactee.
Us: you're permanently infected, Ron
Ronald: Are you telling What Eliza is?
Impure Dr.D.: AI fun...get Eliza to talk to Perry, a similar program except that the personality is paranoid.
Us: <E> in other words, you're the media : )
Impure Dr.D.: It's a computer program, Ron. Written in the late 1960s.
Us: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get you
Ronald: right
Ronald: seem to recall an old DOS game somewhere - psychoanalysis I think it was called
Ronald: same idea
Impure Dr.D.: Probably a DOS port of Eliza.
Ronald: could be
Impure Dr.D.: The original was written in LISP IIRC.
Impure Dr.D.: The MIT AI Lab's favorite language.
Us: what does LISP stand for?
Ronald: dunno
Impure Dr.D.: Hmmm, something like Language for Interpreted Symbolic Programming.
Ronald: High level languages come and go
Ronald: 70's and early 80's there were quite a few
Impure Dr.D.: Actually LISt Programming language.
Impure Dr.D.: Googled for "LISP acronym".
Us: now we know
Impure Dr.D.: Also some gag answers, Lost In Sea of Parentheses.
Us: I'll be prepared for the next round of Jeopardy
Impure Dr.D.: LISP is notorious for having zillions of parentheses.
Ronald: have DR. D. teach you
Impure Dr.D.: I don't know LISP.
Impure Dr.D.: I only ever read about it.
Impure Dr.D.: Gyp-Parody, with your host, Alex Quebec!
Us: have you been watching it recently?
Impure Dr.D.: Not for years...
Us: used to be they had a five day champion but they abolished that this year
Us: there's a guy playing now who's been on for 25 days straight - is up to a quarter of a million dollars
Impure Dr.D.: Double or nothing...
Us: no limits
Impure Dr.D.: Must be Brain trying to raise enough money to take over the world...
Ronald: he'll pay half in taxes
Us: gotta go check somthing - Erin's taking over for a bit
Impure Dr.D.: (a great episode of Pinky & The Brain BTW, when he goes on Jeopardy)
Us: howdy gents
Impure Dr.D.: Long timee no typee
Ronald: hi US/2
Impure Dr.D.: Sounds like an operating system, Ron.
Ronald: I will write it
Us: I know, it's good to be in the driver's seat :-)
Impure Dr.D.: Half a Yank...
Ronald: :)
Impure Dr.D.: Where is Pam, picking up broken china left by marauding cats?
Ronald: you need two computers there
Us: I'm not sure what she's up to
Ronald: one for each, no fighting
Us: I don't fight....if I did I'd have control all the time <evil smile>
Ronald: ohhhhh
Impure Dr.D.: <smirk>
Impure Dr.D.: You think Pam would go down that easily, eh?
Us: I have my ways <evil laugh>
Impure Dr.D.: I am shaking in my boots.
Ronald: something passive/aggressive?
Us: be very afraid
Us: depends on my mood Ron
Us: agressive usually works better
Ronald: well, there ya go
Impure Dr.D.: Just so you aren't an ex-Ministry of Food/Agriculture worker...
Us: Pam was up to creating air flow
Ronald: air flow is good
Ronald: Ministry of Food - now that would be a good place for me
Impure Dr.D.: It is still too hot here.
Us: as Pam said earlier remember January
Us: me on the other taint hot enough
Impure Dr.D.: Run in place...
Us: that could work :-)
Us: I'd prefer somewhere to go I think
Ronald: you like the heat?
Us: love it, bask in it, thrive in it
Impure Dr.D.: Red-Haired She-Devils should be able to command fire.
Ronald: to each their own
Ronald: I do not do well in heat
Impure Dr.D.: Temperate climate works best for me.
Us: well I can but everyone would complain
Ronald: My sister, she likes hot
Ronald: What she's doing in Edmonton, I'll never know
Us: I need warm I don't need too much humidity but some is good
Us: <P> she's about 10 states and provinces too far North
Ronald: yup
Impure Dr.D.: I was gonna say, try Florida.
Us: Pam was thinking Arizona
Ronald: The 'snowbirds' go from here to Arizona
Impure Dr.D.: Arizona is dry heat, Florida, wet.
Ronald: healthier for older snowbirds
Us: <P> Ra Ra Arizona
Us: I need humidity or allegies go crazy
Us: allergies
Ronald: Well folks, I've been informed that I must remember to take out the garbage
Us: :-)
Ronald: One of these little chores I have
Ronald: so we'll see ya's all next week
Impure Dr.D.: Tomorrow is our garbage day, a day late since Monday was considered a holiday .
Us: <P> tell your Mom she's a spoil-sport
Impure Dr.D.: So I have to take it out tomorrow morning.
Impure Dr.D.: Good night, Ron.
Ronald: I will pass that on
Us: good night Ron have a good one or two or three
Ronald: nites all
Ronald left chat session
Us: hi Rich
Impure Dr.D.: Hello.
Impure Dr.D.: Yawn, it is getting late...
Us: now you're the "spoil-sport"
Impure Dr.D.: Usually it is Daniel who is the antepenultimate chatter :-)
Impure Dr.D.: I have been sitting in this chair, save 1 BRB, for 3.5 hours!
Us: fine <pouts>
Impure Dr.D.: Pam is laughing, I am sure.
Us: Pam says we should let you sleep since you need to be up in 5 hours
Impure Dr.D.: Or is she still ventilating the apartment?
Impure Dr.D.: Well, that is true.
Us: nope she's here
Impure Dr.D.: I am talked out, unless you have topics for discussion.
Us: <P> I'm getting practical (or sympathetic, not sure which) in my old age.
Impure Dr.D.: Life, the Universe, and Everything, right?
Us: you're making fun
Impure Dr.D.: Okay, I will be serious.
Impure Dr.D. changed username to Rich
Rich: Ta-da.
Us: <P>serious about sleep?
Us: that's not serious that's Rich
Rich changed username to Serious
Us: hehehehe
Serious: Satisfied?
Us: that's better
Serious: Okay, begin the beguine.
Serious: What's up?
Us: actually you can go to bed now if you want
Us: no biggie
Serious: <pout> you set me up, then knock me down :-)
Us: not sure you want the "hissy fit"
Serious: Uh-oh, about what?
Serious: <small voice> what did I do?
Us: um....tumour possibility thingy.....<taps foot>
Serious: Well, it is a possibility, though quite distant #2.
Us: <shakes head>
Us: isn't that something that would be good to find out??
Serious: Symptoms don't indicate doing the MRI they would have to do to find it.
Us: and.......
Us: this hasn't taken place because......?
Serious: They did a regular X-ray at the time of injury and didn't find anything opaque in the film.
Serious: Because MRI is very expensive and insurance won't cover it unless there is some good reason to do it.
Us: that's a better (eventhough not comforting) answer
Serious: If the thing continues to be stiff and achey for another month, it will be worth going to my family doctor about. He is the only one to authorize the referral back to the orthopaedist to get it covered by insurance.
Us: ok
Serious: But for now, with swimming and hiking in the park and walking 2 km per day on campus, the most parsimonious explanation is "it's still healing".
Serious: Are you seriously worried?
Us: that is pretty cheap........FYI I will be nagging you in a month
Us: well you don't throw out the word "tumour" without some serious concerns attached
Us: but.....
Serious: It is just a logical possibility.
Us: you are the best's your leg
Serious: Scientist, I can manage to be a bit objective about it (discussion about physicians being bad patients earlier tonight notwithstanding).
Serious: If you are volunteering physical therapy... :-)
Us: riiiight
Us: lol
Us: if I'm forced
Us: :-)
Serious: Not sure my insurance would pay for trips to Toronto for treatment.
Us: Then I'll have to make a trip there (never been to Cleveland)
Serious: I also doubt they'd pay to import foreign specialists :-)
Serious: But you're welcome to visit Cleveland as you like.
Serious: The Rock Hall is not bad, I am told; Indians tickets are easily obtainable.
Serious: Great Lakes Science Center is fun.
Us: hmm
Us: at any rate...I will be nagging you in a month's time
Serious: I imagine you are saving your pennies for El Paso, though.
Serious: Okay, I will be on the lookout for it.
Us: good
Serious: <not>
Us: hmmm
(Us reboots Serious's computer remotely.)
Serious: My main concern with the leg is not to reinjure it by forgetting that it isn't 100% healed, even if it doesn't hurt.
Serious: I wish it would hurt more, actually; then I would get feedback that "don't do that, it is hurting it".
Us: yes, that would not be good if that were to happen
Us: yes
Serious: I don't get any sharp pains with anything...just the dull wearing ache at times.
Us: it would be helpful
Serious: I am afraid that if I reinjure it, it will tear badly and need surgical repair.
Serious: That would be major downtime.
Us: and that would be even worse
Us: unfortunately summer is just too tempting
Serious: Yes.
Us: especially for the Energizer bunny
Us: :-)
Us: <sticks out tongue>
Serious: I am no bunny.
Serious: I use SuperVolt batteries, anyway :-)
Us: <P> you're somebunny
Serious: Look at the robot on the Egg Hunt T-shirt, he is powered by SuperVolt.
Us: ok LEGO SuperVolt guy
Us: :-S
Us: see that's not as cute
Serious: You could try Throatwobbler Mangrove :-)
Us: and the consensus is: huh?
Serious: A Monty Python ref, for a stupid name.
Us: ahh
Serious: Stupid nickname, actually.
Us: hmmm....TM?
Serious: Sir Some-stuffy-name, whose nickname was TM.
Serious: Just absurd.
Us: Trde Mark :-)
Serious: It is late, forget it :-)
Us: Trade
Serious: When do you have to get up tomorrow, Rin?
Us: yes you should probably go to bed....esp. since I've had my reaming's only fair
Us: 5:30/6:00
Serious: ?? reaming time?
Us: it was a light reaming
Serious: ?? still missing it
Us: I was going to say --
Us: "Richard Frederick Drushel.....what's this about tumour!!!!!!!!!"
Us: but I refrained
Serious: You see, it was a typo...I meant to type humour...
Us: <bright smile> nice try
Serious: But it is bad news when she says my full name.
Us: that it is buddy
Serious: Now the fewmets have hit the windmill...
Us: not yet......
Serious: They have if you are calling me by my 3 names...I guess I have to stand in the corner or something.
Serious: <dons dunce cap>
Us: something like that
Us: :-)
Serious: <writes one zillion times, "I am very sorry for what I did to Frosty">
Us: lol
Us: <P> how many zeroes is that?
Serious: A lot, give or take a few.
Us: <P> ah, a nice definitive answer
Us: :-)
Serious: Definitiveness breaks up the monotony of inexactitude.
Us: <P> LOL
Serious: There's a line for your Ministry, Rin.
Us: Could work
Serious: Put it on a poster :-)
Us: Pam's back
Serious: Anatomy lesson?
Serious: Rich's leg.
Us: Erin's hair
Serious: Rin's left frontal lobe.
Us: Russell's arm
Serious: Doan's Pills
Us: just the left frontal lobe?
Serious: The right one is there, but somehow you seem to be more left-brained than right.
Us: left is the creative side, right?
Us: <hehe...that was fun to type>
Serious: I think so.
Serious: Joan is just I should sign off the chat for tonight.
Us: ok
Serious: It has been 4 hours anyhow.
Serious: So, keep me posted about your Uncle/Dad.
Us: <P> hugs and kisses to everybody
Us: BE GOOD!!!
Serious: And I promise to be nice to my leg.
Us: she'll keep you posted
Serious: Hugs and kisses.
Serious: Signing off...<poof>
Us: <puff of red hair>
Serious left chat session
Us left chat session
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