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james: hello everyone
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changed username to rich-c
james changed username to igotherefirst
igotherefirst: hello
rich-c: good morning, earlybird ;-)
igotherefirst: it's already 10 o'clock here. not that i'm at all alert to show for it
igotherefirst: so how are you?
rich-c: well, not all of us are up and doing first thing in the morning
igotherefirst: lol. if i had my way, i wouldn't be
rich-c: let's say dicey - deffintely feeling improved, but there are questions
rich-c: it's OK, at my age you ask, what's a morning?
igotherefirst: :D
igotherefirst: well case and aiden keep me going
rich-c: at teh moment we have our first het wave going - got up to 30 today
igotherefirst: you ask "what's a quiet evening?"
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rich-c: I'm too busy online to have a quiet evening any evening
igotherefirst: yesterday it finally went *down* to 30. it's been a very, very hot summer here this year
rich-c: interesting - w2e have been cool and very wet - the vegetation lovesit
changed username to 1 brain 2 bods
igotherefirst: whereas last year it felt like march the whole summer
rich-c: hi daughter and niece
igotherefirst: hmm.. 1 brain 2 bods..
1 brain 2 bods: Hi Uncle Dad
igotherefirst: lol. i was thinking dr. d but i bet you're right
1 brain 2 bods: Hi James
igotherefirst: hi
igotherefirst: am i talking to the brain or the bods?
rich-c: oh yes, since they are on together still
(007 music plays in the background)
1 brain 2 bods: the brain and the bods
rich-c: I am progressing on the computer for Erin but some remains to be done
1 brain 2 bods: what's left, Dad?
igotherefirst: pee-ewww.. brb. i'll let you have your family chat for a few minutes while i change case
rich-c: unscrambling teh partitioning and installing critical software
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rich-c: I did pull all the software togeth on a CD last night for transfer
1 brain 2 bods: any luck with the mouse?
changed username to Harvie
1 brain 2 bods: Hi Harvie
rich-c: then found out when I updated Zone Alarm that it wants a PII 233 minimum
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: greetings Harvie
1 brain 2 bods: enjoying the sauna Harvie?
Harvie: Reminds me of when I was in St.Kitts
rich-c: no, that's an issue still to be resolved
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changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: hey, guys, it ain't THAT hot here
rich-c: hello Dr. D.
1 brain 2 bods: good evening, Doktor
Rich Drushel: Shouldn't that read "1 brain 2 broads"? :-)
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1 brain 2 bods: I wouldn't know actually - I didn't go out today
Harvie: What's up Doc?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel
1 brain 2 bods: allo, Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: a-l-l-o!
1 brain 2 bods: not enough room, Rich
rich-c: missed you teh last session or two
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Rich Drushel: Dratted 16-character limit.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Rich Drushel: Anyway, I couldn't resist the pun.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi
Rich Drushel: Not sure there is just one brain there, though.
1 brain 2 bods: besides, we usually think the same way
Daniel Bienvenu: salut
changed username to Monkey Child
Monkey Child: hello every1
rich-c: there's a limit on usernames?
Rich Drushel: 16 characters.
1 brain 2 bods: sixteen characters, Dad
Rich Drushel: Hello to all.
1 brain 2 bods: Hi, Rie
Monkey Child: hi lo there
rich-c: being a lazy type, I'd never have found that out
Harvie: But there's only 7 characters logged on
rich-c: hello Rie (I assume)
Rich Drushel: <rim shot>
igotherefirst: back
igotherefirst: morning everyone
Rich Drushel: Good morning, James-san.
Daniel Bienvenu: "I made a rainbow for Neo" =)
rich-c: as you can see, teh crowd has grown since you left, fames
Monkey Child: hi uncle rich
igotherefirst: indeed
1 brain 2 bods: all clean now James?
igotherefirst: well one of us, anyway
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope Dale will be online tonight! :)
1 brain 2 bods: <E> Bobs!
rich-c: hello roberto
Rich Drushel: Hi BobS...I hope you got my check in the mail.
BobS: hello all and "more"
rich-c: I don't know, Dale rqarely turns up these days
BobS: got it Dr D
igotherefirst: hi bobo
igotherefirst: *bob
BobS: erin.........
Rich Drushel: Woo-hoo, then I am paid in full, with plane reservations set.
Daniel Bienvenu: he sent me some emails this week about coleco programming. =)
BobS: need interpretations here.......
1 brain 2 bods: <E> yes Bobs?
rich-c: good, that's encouraging news, Daniel
Rich Drushel: Countdown to El Paso...I guess it would be 2 months from tomorrow?
1 brain 2 bods: <E> fire away
Rich Drushel: <lobs some poutine at Ri>
Rich Drushel: Rin>
Daniel Bienvenu: he asked is there is a way to do a double buffering effect to make refresh more smoother.
1 brain 2 bods: <Erin ducks>
Rich Drushel: quack quack
rich-c: if Dale is asking you questions, you are sure pretty advanced in your programming, Daniel
igotherefirst: <groan>
BobS: eripam..........but this monkey thing.........
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I had to admit that I did not program my programming library for that but there still place for updates.
1 brain 2 bods: that would be Marie, Bob
Monkey Child: hi bob
Rich Drushel: Don't know why you would need double-buffering, Daniel.
Rich Drushel: Main program writes stuff to buffer, NMI daemon takes it out and does writes to VRAM.
rich-c: as he says, smoother transitions?
BobS: K.......hiwdy Mnarie
BobS: farn dingers
Rich Drushel: fnord notary sojack
BobS: and got there first?????
1 brain 2 bods: bless you!
Rich Drushel: The man from the Far East.
rich-c: Daniel, these handheld games and phone games - are they 8-bit low memory things?
BobS: as in ron ??????
BobS: but he is west
Rich Drushel: Farther East, my son.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know
igotherefirst: well last i checked, i'm not *from* the far east but i have been here awhile
BobS: as in a li'l island across the pacific????
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't have feedback about this job
Monkey Child: so what's new?
rich-c: the ones I've seen look like Atari or Coleco games from 1982
Rich Drushel: The world is round, at some point west turns into east :-)
igotherefirst: it's round?
igotherefirst: i wish people would tell me these things instead of keeping me in the dark
Rich Drushel: That's what all the astronauts say, James.
igotherefirst: meh, what do they know. heh heh
rich-c: gee, you mean it isn't flat after all? Bummer!
Rich Drushel: You were interviewing for a job, Daniel?
igotherefirst: yeah, i though ships fell off the edge
rich-c: I assume the divider is the International Date Line, at least above the equator
Daniel Bienvenu: btw, he told me about something in the colecovision programming manual... and i suppose that it could be more appropriate to use in my library almost the same names for functions and special tables.
1 brain 2 bods: no they just flip to the other side of the map, James
rich-c: below, we have the South Pacific, and Antipodes
Rich Drushel: Eranaru says hi.
Daniel Bienvenu: no interview for me... except one about my hobby about coleco programming.
rich-c: I'd say wherever it's appropriate, Daniel, keep the names tthe same and avoid confusion
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Rich Drushel: Well, I have some more news on my job change.
rich-c: why were you interviewed about your Coleco programming, by who and when?
BobS: and ???????
changed username to Judy
1 brain 2 bods: do tell, Doc
1 brain 2 bods: Hello, Judy
Rich Drushel: My appointment letter for the new position finally arrived today.
rich-c: welcome Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Harvie: Good evening Judy
BobS: ALRIGHT !!!!!!
rich-c: I'm hoping to get Frances on for a while when she gets back from her walk
Rich Drushel: So I signed it and turned it into the Dean's Office, and got a new photo ID taken with "FACULTY" printed on it instead of "EMPLOYEE".
Daniel Bienvenu: by a fanzine in the internet named Revival
BobS: she is walking in this heat ???????
Rich Drushel: Great news, Daniel!
BobS: darn near killed us here
Rich Drushel: A celebrity :-)
Monkey Child: did they tel u what graeme jr was calling me???
1 brain 2 bods: noo, what, Rie?
rich-c: we only got up to about 86 when a thunderstorm knocked it down again
Rich Drushel: And a nice raise...for 9 months' salary paid over 12 months, it's more than my current 12-month salary.
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changed username to Guy & Karen
Rich Drushel: So technically, I have 15 May to 15 August off next year :-)
rich-c: that's really neat, Rich
BobS: we hit 90 and humid as heck
Guy & Karen: Greetings!!!
1 brain 2 bods: Hi Guy, Hi Karen!
Rich Drushel: Hello Guy & Karen.
rich-c: hey, Guy - you are not alone!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello! hello!
1 brain 2 bods: that's great, Rich!
Rich Drushel: Poor Karen will see what "interesting people" we are here, haha.
Guy & Karen: Karen isn't here.
Guy & Karen changed username to Guy B.
BobS: good, we were scared
BobS: things must be going good wor you wouldn't log in this way eh??????
rich-c: we have the humidity but we are to have thundertstorms overnight and a wind shift tomorrow morning
Guy B.: Ok, just me here. Karen's working right now.
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: still, the Argos are playing now and have teh roof open at the Skydome
rich-c: but you two are now an item?
igotherefirst: who's an item?
Rich Drushel: What's an object?
Guy B.: Guess you guys want to know that Karen and I are doing great. We had two dates this week.
Rich Drushel: I don't know--third base :-)
igotherefirst: congrats on the pay raise, doc
Rich Drushel: I am happy...and the Department is buying me a $3K laptop.
BobS: practically a sure thing.........SLOWLY LOWLY
rich-c: it's teh change to faculty status that counts long-term
Rich Drushel: It is *NOT* a tenured position.
Guy B.: I take it 1 brain and 2 bods has to be Pam?
igotherefirst: no doubt, that must give you better benefits, right?
Rich Drushel: But the hope is for it to be more stable than what I have right now.
1 brain 2 bods: and Rin, Guy
igotherefirst: stability is nice
Rich Drushel: Probably a bit better pension plan than the staff one.
rich-c: understood, but it is a step on the way surely - realistically, if not formally?
Guy B.: You're getting clever there my dear.
Rich Drushel: I still have to investigate that.
Guy B.: Bob, I'll be mailing my next payment to you by the weekend.
Rich Drushel: But over then next 1.5 weeks I have to move out of my current office.
rich-c: sounds like they switched you onto a line that leads to the tenure track
Rich Drushel: I bought a nice new chair, though, leather, from Office Max, $149.
rich-c: man - living it up!
Rich Drushel: The same thing bought from CWRU's office supply vendor would have been $550!
BobS: good Guy
Harvie: Just get a digicam and follow the Regents around, you'll get tenure
rich-c: I assume the new computer is an Apple
Rich Drushel: So I bought it myself, it is mine.
1 brain 2 bods: just tape the receipt to the bottom so there's no doubt down the road : )
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dr.D : Question about ColecoVision programming manual : what we can find exactly in this document? only technical info about hardware and software?
Rich Drushel: Yes, a 17-inch Powerbook, 1 GB RAM, with room for another 1 GB module, 80 GB HD, 128 MB VRAM, CD/DVD burner.
Monkey Child: i'll chat with every1 later yall take care
Rich Drushel: It is just like the ADAM Technical Manual, Daniel, a list of function calls with inputs and outputs.
Guy B.: Take care there.
1 brain 2 bods: g'nite Rie
1 brain 2 bods: <E> g'nite Chickpea
rich-c: that is what is known as an advanced specification - as it ought to be at $3900 (Cdn.)
Harvie: Goodbye Marie
rich-c: nite Rie
Monkey Child: night all
Rich Drushel: Plus USB, FireWire, 100 Mbps Ethernet, wireless card.
Rich Drushel: Bye Marie.
Daniel Bienvenu: she's leaving now? good night!
BobS: nite Marie
Rich Drushel: I just bought an external FireWire HD to use for robot lab video stuff, 250 GB for $239.
Monkey Child left chat session
Harvie: Do it make perfect julien potatos Doc?
Rich Drushel: Hehe, the Popeil Pocket Laptop!
rich-c: numbers like 250 gig sort of baffle me - likely because I don't deal with video files
Rich Drushel: It would be total overkill if I didn't have to do DVD authoring.
igotherefirst: even with video files, 250gb is still pretty roomy
Rich Drushel: But 2 hours of digital video is about 60 GB!
igotherefirst: and if you get cramped, just dump stuff on to a dvd
Rich Drushel: It also comes bundled with DVD Studio Lite or something.
rich-c: sheesh, you're going to have to get the first 8-gig DVD burner at CWRU!
Rich Drushel: Problem is, a DVD is only 4.2 GB, and that isn't much video.
igotherefirst: still, hard to believe that a terrabyte of storage is feasible and affordable now
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dr.D : I suppose it's an official coleco industry document this ColecoVision programming manual. is it more detailled about all the functions in the coleco bios. this document may be useful to update my library.
Rich Drushel: My 12-year backup of non-video research data fits on 2 DVD-Rs, though.
rich-c: hey, even LOTR or Harry Potter fit on two dvds
Harvie: 60 gig video will compress to 4.7 gig I believe
Rich Drushel: It tells how to use the OS-7 functions.
Rich Drushel: Hehe, Harvie, depends on what the video is.
igotherefirst: hey, since we're on the topic of adam/coleco
Rich Drushel: If it is a talking head against a static background, maybe.
Rich Drushel: If it is first-person camera of someone playing a game of football, then no way :-)
igotherefirst: @rich, would it be feasible for you to get me an updated version of smartbasic?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dr.D: I need these specifications. I had a headache last week and during the weekend simply by reading the asm code for the sounds functions.
igotherefirst: i'd also be interested in a decent cart copy program so i can copy to floppy instead of tape. i modified the one in
Rich Drushel: I could put something on disk or tape if it could get there without getting X-rayed to death.
1 brain 2 bods: Bob, how much are Tshirts this year?
igotherefirst: hacker's helper. it writes to the disk but i can't seem to figure out what to change so i can load from said disk
rich-c: you'd want Dr. D's SmartBASIC 1.x, james, I think
(Guy B. gives 1 brain 2 bods a can of Diet Coke.)
Rich Drushel: Okay Daniel, I will have to wait until I get moved into my new office, but I can get this stuff for you.
BobS: $10 us.......bout $14 ca (?)
igotherefirst: i've had tapes and disks sent in the mail so far without incident
Rich Drushel: In SB1.x a cart dump program is trivial.
igotherefirst: ok, so 1200 yen
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dr.D: May I ask you to send me a "sample" to let me see how this document looks like?
1 brain 2 bods: if we send $ with Erin, can you send ours home with her?
Harvie: Do you have ftp space available Doc?
igotherefirst: apparently, but so are my programming skills at the moment
BobS: if you say so James
1 brain 2 bods: or would it be better to include it in her fees?
Rich Drushel: Lots, Harvie :-)
igotherefirst: i am hoping to *finally* get to poking around in assembly. been trying for three years now but i keep having kids
rich-c: that does distract a guy from his work ;-)
BobS: can send them home with her, YES
Harvie: James could d/l the file by ftp then
Rich Drushel: The descriptions of the sound routines are still not so simple, Daniel, though they try to explain it.
1 brain 2 bods: cool
Rich Drushel: The Hacker's Guide to ADAM actually gives (by mistake) the ColecoVision version of some of the OS-7 routines.
Rich Drushel: Problem is...can he make a bootable ADAM disk from an image file.
1 brain 2 bods: we'll need two size 3X then
Rich Drushel: That is the headache that BobS and Ron always have with the ANN disks.
BobS: have Erin put down your sizes with here registration
Daniel Bienvenu: What is this document? Hacker's Guide?
Rich Drushel: I think I have an image of SB1.x boot disk on a PC somewhere already, I'd have to look.
1 brain 2 bods: okay
rich-c: Bob, I'll also have to get teh t-shirt money to you for mine
Harvie: I forgot about that
Rich Drushel: A hobbyist publication from about 1988, Daniel.
BobS: ADAMEM 160k disk inmage will translate into adamem and out of it jsut fine
1 brain 2 bods: Dad, Erin can bring back yours too
Rich Drushel: In 2 volumes.
Daniel Bienvenu: interresting
Daniel Bienvenu: who had these documents?
rich-c: written by a father and son in New York State - down in the southern tier, around Elmira, I think
Rich Drushel: The people who wrote it obviously had a ColecoVision and ADAM Technical Manual set.
Rich Drushel: And access to schematics...I even reproduce one of their copies on my schematics webpage.
rich-c: the first volume is easy to come by but the second is rare
Rich Drushel: Not sure if any copies are available yet for you have any left, Richard?
Rich Drushel: I bought mine through NIAD long ago.
BobS: it is the larger disk sizes that seem to give trouble...AND also IF you are using a 1.2meg 5 1/4" drive.......have to read a 360k disk first THEN do the ADAM disk in and/or out
Rich Drushel: I think in 1988 :-)
rich-c: yes, I have a couple I can sell of volume 1, not sure about 2
Daniel Bienvenu: who are the authors? can ew negociate to have copies of there documents?
Rich Drushel: If James has a true-blue 360K floppy drive and MS-DOS, he can easily make the disk.
rich-c: the authors seem to have moved and cannot be found for negotiation purposes
Daniel Bienvenu: that's too bad
Rich Drushel: Peter and Ben Hinkle, right?
Guy B.: I have two of them. Need to install them yet into one of these older PC's I have.
igotherefirst: sec..
igotherefirst: too much to scan and my mom is online
BobS: which as rich points th4 case with almost ALL the old ADAM programmers
rich-c: well, if you only need one copy, Daniel, I can sell you one
Guy B.: I'm going to have one busy weekend.
BobS: why dat Guy ??????
rich-c: what will you and Karen be up to, Guy?
1 brain 2 bods: got another date Guy?
BobS: too many dates??????
Daniel Bienvenu: how much?
rich-c: to you Daniel, volume 1, say $10 Canadian plus postage
Daniel Bienvenu: so approx. 20$ with shipping, right?
rich-c: I'd guess a little less - it's magazine size and a domestic shipment
Guy B.: Karen is in for either Saturday or Sunday. Saturday, I'm working, then my haircut appt. Open after that. Then Abby's last dip on Sunday, then a surprise BD party for my brother in-law and if Karen and I cannot go out on Saturday night, then I see her Sunday. I think my car will put on close to 200 miles just for this weekend.
rich-c: let me check the Canada Post rate book - brb
igotherefirst: i only have a 1.2mb drive.. somewhere
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, can you write me an e-mail with the informations about how to pay you for this? If it's possible, I want this document in time for the video game collectors club meeting this july 31.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm showing some colecovision projects at this meeting and I will see some members who are programmers like me. :)
rich-c: OK, a quick look suggest postage $2.50 or less
rich-c: right, and I'll check to see if I have a copy of volume 2 to sell
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it will be more than that... maybe 6$ postage
igotherefirst: @rich, i'm having trouble scanning through everything - what are you selling?
rich-c: no, 38 x 27 cm is likely 12 x 8 inches, so it fits there as non-standard or oversized lettermail
rich-c: and even if it's half a kilo it's still only $2.40 - 200g is $1.60 so you;'re laughing
1 brain 2 bods: having a little trouble trying to talk to ten people at once James?
BobS: 1.2's work James......I have found with mine (P200 machine) that I have to read a 360k first to get the 1.2 accustomed ot the smaller size, then it works fine
Rich Drushel: Hehe, Richard is talking about selling kilos, and James is asking what Richard is selling...sounds fishy to me...
igotherefirst: i wish shipping to/from japan were as cheap
igotherefirst: @bob, would i have to boot into dos for it to work right?
rich-c: I wish shipping to teh U.S. was that cheap - I sent out 18 kilos of printer this week and it cost me $43.
1 brain 2 bods: what's wrong with your printer, Dad?
igotherefirst: ouch
rich-c: nothing, why do you ask?
Guy B.: James, you need to boot into DOS and I'm sure it will work. Bob, am I right about this?
Rich Drushel: Pam wants a few kilos :-)
1 brain 2 bods: oh, not for repair - you sent one to someone - I see : )
BobS: I boot into dos from windows 98 becasue the .bat files are in dos........(can send the .bat files if you want OR use dcopy.exe fromt he program)
1 brain 2 bods: you're determined to get me into trouble, aren't you???
rich-c: right - now you've got it
igotherefirst: did someone buy a dumbwriter?
(I'm sorry, igotherefirst, but I can't do that.)
rich-c: whole Adam actually, put boxes big enpough for the whole thing are hard to come by
BobS: AND can't hardly ship out of the country
igotherefirst: be back in 30 mins
igotherefirst left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : my email still newcoleco AT yahoo DOT fr =)
BobS: backa nd forth to ca and us is ok but after that.......NOPE
rich-c: right, I have you in my address book and on autocomplete in Eudora, Daniel
rich-c: mail to teh US is a disaster - one of the printers I just sent was a replacement for one dmaged in transit
rich-c: but I can't find where I put the insurance receipt 8=((
Rich Drushel: It probably looks like an atom bomb in X-ray.
1 brain 2 bods: did you give it to Mom perhaps?
Rich Drushel: Christina says 'allo peoples.
Guy B.: Hi Christina
rich-c: well, no, I mark it as collector's item and they think it's parts for an Apeerson Jackrabbit ;-)
BobS: at the border, they drop it to see if it explodes......if it does NOT, then they continue the shipment
rich-c: greetings to Christina
BobS: A
1 brain 2 bods: Hi, Christina
Rich Drushel: Hehe, write in radio-opaque paint "THIS IS NOT A BOMB"
rich-c: Roberto, I have a horrible suspicion you are absolutely right
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think I can scan this document to do an electronical copy? I don't want problem with copyrights laws who said that it's illegal to make copy of parts or entire copyrighted document.
Rich Drushel: Christina came downstairs to see how cool it was.
BobS: and THEN the suckers just reimburse for the item you PAY to ship it while they break it !!!!!!!
Guy B.: Oh un, lighting. A storm is coming here. May have to quit soon.
rich-c: I can't advise you to do anything illegal, Daniel - but I do wonder who might lay a complaint
BobS: bummer Guy
BobS: the storm earlier tonight blew out my 56 k modem in the desktop
Rich Drushel: Ouch!
1 brain 2 bods: <E> very good to know, Uncle Richard
rich-c: don't you have a UPS and surge protection, Guy?> shame on you!
BobS: now we are on laptop with wireless.......pull the power cord if it storms and keep going
Guy B.: It's raining now. But, the lightning is up north.
Judy: I am going to call it a night, not feeling to good tonight, talk to you later
Rich Drushel: Sory to hear, Judy.
rich-c: night Judy, get well soon, see you then
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Hope you feel better Judy. Bye
1 brain 2 bods: feel better Judy - g'nite!
Harvie: Goodnight Judy
BobS: wordk I have read, is that you can't hardly afford ad real surge prtoector....most are wimps and don't do the jp
BobS: job
Guy B.: I have the surge supressor, but not the UPS.
Harvie: Bob what did you put in her tea?
BobS: will have to watch for a good sale on one and buy it
rich-c: if you got a strike that burned out your modem, I'll bet there's other motherboard dmage as well
BobS: Harv, think she got sick from grandson
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sure many coleco programmers will be happy to have this info. And I want to share this with the other programmers. But I suppose I have to keep this information for me and only show it like I said before during the little coleco show I will do during CCJVQ meeting.
BobS: daycare is a HORRIBLE place for sicknesses
BobS: doen
1 brain 2 bods: understatement, Bob
rich-c: I did say I have more than one copy to sell, Daniel
BobS: doesn't seem to be any other problems richard
Guy B.: I have this installed with my new version of AOL instant messenger. If a warning comes in, it will alert me.
Harvie: Is modem internal or external Bob?
BobS: interna'
BobS: but I also have wireless on that one too, so I can use that for the time being
Guy B.: They are cheaper now.
rich-c: it isn't often you can blow a modem without associated damage - you got off lucky
Harvie: Then the surge was probably on the phone line
rich-c: and surge protectors arent that pricey - look them up in Consumer Reports
BobS: I was going to get on after the storm and the phone just buzzed.......started pulling plugs and found the casue
BobS: casue
BobS: cause
Harvie: Surge protectors are for the most part placebos
rich-c: they include a port of dialup modems, though a DSL signal won't pass through them
BobS: that is what I have read too Harv
1 brain 2 bods: yes, Bob
rich-c: we have whole-house surge protection right at the service panel
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
BobS: tha is what I need......son in law was going to do that........sone Doug has it
rich-c: as in, brb
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
1 brain 2 bods: what happened Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : do you remember in wich "Hackers'guide" there are the colecovision programming infos?
Rich Drushel: I am going from memory now, Daniel.
Rich Drushel: Volume 2 is based around a disassembly of SmartBASIC.
Rich Drushel: So it's in Volume 1.
rich-c: well, it's a guide "to Adam" so it's rather hard to tell - maybe Dr. D. can tell you
BobS: my memory sucks so I don't know nuthin'
Guy B.: I don't know. I was trying to find out about the heavy storms. The heaviest is north of me. So, I'm Ok here.
Rich Drushel: Like I said, Daniel, by accident they gave descriptions of ColecoVision data structures thinking that they were ADAM data structures.
Daniel Bienvenu: which kind of data structure?
Rich Drushel: I didn't find it out until I disassembled EOS myself and found that the descriptions didn't match.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
1 brain 2 bods confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, now I'm one again.
1 brain 2 bods: Dad, what was the name of the website you showed me with the weather radar on it?
rich-c: Guy, NOAA has a website whre you can get local forecasts and warning for teh whole US, and current weather
Rich Drushel: Format of data tables used by the OS routines. Some take a pointer to a user-supplied table in HL or some other 16-bit register.
Rich Drushel: I am just going from memory, it has been years since I even looked at any of it.
Daniel Bienvenu: @Rich: Just in case, keep me two copies of volume#1, not only one. I will talk about this document to someone I know who will be at the meeting.
Guy B.: I have installed. I can get it instantly.
Rich Drushel: brb
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it looks like infos I'm looking for last week
rich-c: is it I think
rich-c: I'll get on with an email to you later tonight or tomorrow, Daniel
rich-c: correct that, Pam. to radar/index/e_html, and there is no www.
Harvie: I gots to go,alarm call from a sewage pumping station
1 brain 2 bods: I pulled it up with www and it came up, Dad
Rich Drushel: back, yuck, Harvie!
Guy B.: Bye Harvie.
1 brain 2 bods: nite Harvie - stay cool!
BobS: bvye Harv
Rich Drushel: In the sewer? yuck!
Daniel Bienvenu: harvie is leaving? good night Harvie!
Rich Drushel: Bye sir.
Harvie: It may be yuk to you but it's my bread and butter
rich-c: nite Harvie - computer fair Sunday
Rich Drushel: That makes it worse, Harvie ;-)
Harvie: Good night all
Harvie left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : Tell me more about this document. =)
Rich Drushel: Which document?
Daniel Bienvenu: the hacker's guide.
rich-c: it's a photocopied book, kind of thin. cardboardd covers, 8.5 x 11" size, mostly legible
Rich Drushel: I don't remember any more than what I have said...I would have to dig into my boxes to get out my copy to answer anything more.
rich-c: I'd guess there are maybe something around 80 pages
Rich Drushel: IIRC it looked like it had been composed using SmartWriter and printed out.
Rich Drushel: Page layout by cutting up printouts to fit on pages.
Rich Drushel: Volume 2 was clearly done with MacWrite 4.x and laser printed, though.
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Rich Drushel: You used to be able to buy all the programs given in the text on a floppy disk, from NIAD.
left chat session
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Rich Drushel: Again, I have such a disk, but it is all packed away.
changed username to Ron
1 brain 2 bods: Hello Ron
Rich Drushel: I am seriously considering renting a storage room to get it all in one place so I can at least see what I have.
Ron: yea
Rich Drushel: Bytehacker.
Ron: evening..... apologize for being late, we went out for supper
rich-c: greetings to the wet coast
BobS: yes the one fromt he long drive over
Ron: Figured since the car got new MacPherson struts and front springs today, the least we deserved was upper out
rich-c: I made the supreme sacrifice - I'm taping the Argo game rather than watching it, just to be here
Rich Drushel: Baby has a new bounce.
Ron: ya
Rich Drushel: Go watch your game, Richard!
Guy B.: Hi Ron
1 brain 2 bods: actually, Rosie has no bounce now : )
rich-c: Daniel, v.1 of Hackers Guide is 61 pages
Rich Drushel: My Grampa Drushel had a dog named Argo.
Ron: she's sitting at a new angle relative to the road
Rich Drushel: A yellow spaniel-y thing, very friendly.
Ron: front lower than before
Rich Drushel: Vroom!
Ron: wooosh!!1
BobS: why lower?????
BobS: new springs should make it higher
Ron: darned if I know
Rich Drushel: Wind resistance, my boy.
Ron: aha
rich-c: chapter heads: system overview, numbers, Z80 assembly language, disassembler, memory map (con't)
Rich Drushel: That Triumph TR-7 profile.
1 brain 2 bods: yes, most Tauruses (Taurii?) look a little nose down
Ron: What I'd like to know is:
Ron: Who the hell is MacPherson, and why does he strut?
Rich Drushel: hehe
rich-c: memory bank switches, operating system, BASIC, video display processor, sound, game controller (con"t)
1 brain 2 bods: Dad can answer that, Ron
Ron: I'm all ears
rich-c: adamnet, keyboard, printer, tape, power supply, expansion connectors, pinouts
Rich Drushel: My Dad's version of that joke, Ron, is "Who's that Christmas gal and why does everyone want to marry her?"
Ron: :)
rich-c: that's a lot of info in 61 pages but should refresh Dr. D's memory
BobS: he made the struts and had the clout to make all the carmakers use them!!!!!!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: My EEPROMs have developed bit rot, Richard.
1 brain 2 bods: Dad, tell Ron about MacPherson struts
Ron: he probably has a few dollars then
BobS: prolly
BobS: like Bill Gates
rich-c: MacPherson was an engineer with Ford of England who developed the design of the struts
Rich Drushel: Seamus MacPherson was on the links one day, and he got the idea of putting a spring on the shaft of his mashee...
Ron: aha
BobS: filthy rich sucker.........
Ron: the guy with the flexble niblick
rich-c: I believe they were first used on the Anglia 105E ca. 1960 and on the majority of Fords in all countries since
Rich Drushel: when he flung it in anger at the nearest tree, it would bounce harmlessly off instead of bending.
Ron: brilliant
BobS: gotta be filthy rich then.....or jsut plain filthy
Ron: one or t'other
Rich Drushel: My '74 Maverick has something of the idea, but the spring is separate from the shock absorber part.
Rich Drushel: I have changed the front shocks while leaving the spring alone.
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks for these infos Rich. I will send these to the one I talked about to know if he want a copy.
rich-c: there is currently a discussion of teh virtues of struts vs. double wishbone suspension at tech stuff
Rich Drushel: Give me leaf springs!
Ron: very nearly $900. today, part of which, I suppose, went to MacPherson
rich-c: transverse or longitudinal. Rich?
Rich Drushel: He'd be an old gent now...
Rich Drushel: hehe Richard
1 brain 2 bods: is that all you had done Ron?
Ron: Lube and Oil
Rich Drushel: Longitudinal.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to admit that this is a great document with a lot of info... more than my programming document :(
1 brain 2 bods: where did you have the work done???
Rich Drushel: Transverse would give too much side-to-side wobble.
rich-c: those are still much used in the rear suspensions of trucks
Ron: just up the road. "Complete Car Care for Compleat Suckers"
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone else want to chat with us :)
1 brain 2 bods: apparently!
Daniel Bienvenu: he is coming
rich-c: oh, back in the pre-war period they wre widely used - that's pre-WW1, of course
Rich Drushel: That was a common carriage spring design.
Rich Drushel: Car bodies originally being modelled on carriages, of course.
Ron: Body by Fisher
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Rich Drushel: Body by Androstenedione :-)
rich-c: yes, and if you look at many of teh brass-era cars you'll find a front suspension with transverse leaf spring is very common
changed username to Yan
Ron: Hi Guy
rich-c: yo, Yan!
Yan: hello everybody
Ron: the way I figure it, any garage owner with a 57 Chevy out front can't be all bad
Rich Drushel: It probably made the steering mechanism easier to build.
1 brain 2 bods changed username to Pam / Erin
Pam / Erin: Hi, Yan
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a friend of mine, member and president of the ccjvq club I told you about
Yan: Perhap Daniel already talk a little bit about myself?
rich-c: well in that case he is definitely in teh right place
Rich Drushel: I was at a restaurant yesterday in Pennsylvania, called Quaker Steak and Lube, that had the front end of a 55 Chevy BelAir cut to be the front desk.
Ron: aha...... welcome Yan
Ron: oh cool!
rich-c: I've heard of that place, Rich; it's quite famous in some circles
Rich Drushel: I was sad to see they had cut up a car to make it...all the shiny chrome...
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: I took Christina on a college tour to Erie PA yesterday, Mercyhurst College.
rich-c: that was all that was left after it was wrapped around a tree...
rich-c: anyway, let's greet Yan
Rich Drushel: They had a giant Sears Craftsman-type auto tool cart that had all the plates and silverware etc. in the drawers, kinda clever.
Ron: yes, tell us about yourself
rich-c: and Yan, don't be shy, if we get too yappy just butt in - it's accepted conduct
Rich Drushel: I will stop yapping about cars.
Yan: :-)
rich-c: and if you have vocabulary troubles in English, just use the French word
rich-c: most of us here are sesqui-lingual
Yan: No prob rich
rich-c: not surprised, our biog problem with Daniel is convincing him his English is as good as he demonstrates it is
Yan: I'm comfortable in reading and writing english...far from perfect but I have less trouble than talking/listening
Ron: Are you in Quebec City too Yan?
Yan: no
Yan: I'm located in Granby..
Yan: do you know Granby Zoo?
rich-c: you are quite fluent, Yan, and I sympathize
Ron: yes, have not been there, but have heard of it
rich-c: my spoken French is execrable, but I can usually figure out what a newspaper is saying (unless they use a lot of joual)
Daniel Bienvenu: problem with my computer right now. I will be quiet for a second.
Yan: Ok Dan..
Yan: So I'm located in a little village near Granby...about 6 miles from Granby..
BobS: ok, where is Granby???????
rich-c: as I recall, in the general vicinity of Quebec City, but not too close
Yan: Granby is located half n half between Sherbrooke and Montreal near the highway 10
rich-c: ah - eastern townships, then, south shore of teh St. Lawrence?
Yan: yes thats right!
Yan: eastern townships
rich-c: been down that way a few times, but not revently
rich-c: recently
Yan: Canton de l'Est
Yan: Canton de l'Est
Yan: oups sorry for the double post
Yan: the applet respond slowly here
Guy B.: Well folks. I will be calling Karen shortly. So, I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: should warn you, Yan, every once in a while thise server sits and thinks for a while before posting
Yan: ok I see
Pam / Erin: g'nite Guy - have a good if busy weekend
Guy B.: Thanks Pam.
rich-c: night Guy, you and Karen enjoy, take care
Rich Drushel: Bye Guy.
Yan: bye Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: My computer is ok now. it was an e-mail I received from a friend of mine. my e-mail software freezed my computer for a couple of seconds.
BobS: say HI to her from us Guy
rich-c: that's OK, every once in a while it gets in a snit and keeps throwing you off
rich-c: I got tossed more than half a dozen times lest week
Yan: and rich-c...where are you located?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-2
Pam / Erin: Yan, he's in Toronto
rich-2: speaking of tossed - which of you wiseguys did that?
Yan: thanks
Yan: I think rich was kicked off
Pam / Erin: wasn't me, Dad
Ron: it happens Yan, Rich will attest to that
rich-2: probably Guy leaving
Yan: doh!
rich-2: I suspect because I have the most up to date Java this board gets indigestion from it
BobS: Guy likes to take someone along for the ride
Ron: Surprised it doesn't throw me off more.... I'm running Safari on a Mac
rich-2: anyway Yan, I'm in Toronto, Pam is my daughter, Erin my niece
Rich Drushel: Safari tends not to like this chat for some reason.
Pam / Erin: and we're in Toronto too
Rich Drushel: And we forgive you.
Rich Drushel: <snicker>
Pam / Erin: <E> Richard!
Ron: Other than being slow to load the Java applet, Dr. D. I haven't really experienced a problem (says he, touching his forehead)
Daniel Bienvenu: My friend asked me (the email I received) if I want to go eat something tonight with him.
Rich Drushel: I've had it crash lots on the dual-G4 system on my desk.
rich-2: yes, teh applet is a bit slow to load, isn't it
Rich Drushel: Could be a multiprocessor problem, of course.
BobS: personally, I think the basic problem is windows !!!!!!!!
rich-2: yeah - defenestrate Windows!!!
BobS: as long as you make it FOOD, Faniel, go ahead mon.
Rich Drushel: Windows! Reminds me of funny line from something I watched on TV tonight before the chat.
BobS: Danie;
BobS: Daniel
Pam / Erin: give it up, Bob
BobS: whew
Rich Drushel: I was watching an ancient tape of Wallance & Grommit's "A Close Shave".
BobS: K
Rich Drushel: At one point, Wendolyn (the yarn lady) asks Wallace (who is working as a window-washer), "Can you tell me about windows?"
Rich Drushel: All of us in the room started laughing...
rich-2: shouldn't be eating at this hour, Daniel, you'll get fat ;-)
Rich Drushel: I said "Well, it is descended from MS-DOS..."
Rich Drushel: And it was me and the girls who were watching it.
Rich Drushel: And they got the joke...geeks are we all in the Chateau Drushel.
Rich Drushel: Chateau d'Drushel, perhaps it should be.
rich-2: reminds me - the DOS window on my laptop got a real case of the weirds tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: @Rich: héhéhé! just an ice cream is ok?
BobS: OK Daniel
Pam / Erin: but then you have to some for everybody Daniel!
rich-2: well, as long ass it's small, and not too often, Daniel ;-)
Pam / Erin: get some, that is
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Rich Drushel: I don't parlez-vous very bon francais, you might say :-)
(007 music plays in the background)
james: hello
Ron: j'en voudrais
james: i'd have been back sooner but my isp went down
rich-2: hey james, whre did you pop from?
rich-2: james is in Japan, Yan
Rich Drushel: Osaka?
james: an all too frequent occurance lately
Ron: Hi James
james: osaka? thankfully no
james: hi ron
Rich Drushel: I can't remember your town.
james: thanks for your email correspondence
Ron: good
james: it's called yokota. we're about 5 hours from osaka
james: which is plenty close enough forme
Ron: I should think
Yan: sorry I was away for a couple of minute...but I'm here now
Daniel Bienvenu created action S/ice cream
rich-2: say, about 250 km, or are Japanese speed limits different?
(Daniel Bienvenu gives ice cream to all his friends!)
james: ron, i'd found that article you sent me a couple weeks ago. read it with some interest again
Yan: thanks Dan and good "bouffe"
Pam / Erin: mmmm, ice cream
james: hello yan. have we met?
rich-2: down, girls!
Yan: no
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe! I've to go now.
Yan: I'm new here
Pam / Erin: enjoy, Daniel - bonsoir
Ron: Merci Daniel, mais quand elle est arrivee ici, elle etait liquide
Rich Drushel: Bye Daniel, don't get ice cream on your keyboard.
Yan: i've promised to Daniel to be here several time...but it's only tonigh I get the chance to come
james: where are you from, yan?
rich-2: bonsoir, Daniel
Ron: very glad you could make it Yan. We're here every Wednesday night about this time
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir!
Yan: Beubye
rich-2: this time being 9 p.m. Eastern on - or 10 a.m. in Japan
Ron: some, or all of us, in various states of dress.... or not
Rich Drushel: TMI, Ron.
Daniel Bienvenu: James: Yannick may be a good candidate for the colecoshop web site. ;-)
Ron: TMI ? ?
Yan: james: I'm located in Granby (Quebec province)....Granby is between Sherbrooke and Montreal, near the highway 10
Pam / Erin: too much information, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof* good night all!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james: lol
james: yan, you might want to check out
rich-2: OK - did he take me with him?
james: it's still under development but mostly done
Yan: ron: Thanks...I will try in my long vacation (I just had a new baby...the third one) to be here a couple of time
Pam / Erin: nope
james: congratulations
Ron: whenever you can make it Jan
rich-2: yes, he's one ahead of you, james
Ron: and yes, congrats
Pam / Erin: congratulations, Yan
james: lol, and it can stay that way as far as i'm concerned. two is my limit.
Yan: Ha!Ha!Ha!
rich-2: anyway Yannic, we're "always" here and visitors are always very welcome
Yan: thnaks
Yan: thanks
rich-2: sometimes some of us even turn up at 3 p.m. on Saturdays
Rich Drushel: Wait 'til you have 4 like us, James :-)
Yan: Oh la la... si je suis encore conscient a cette heure tardive!
james: lol. i don't even want to think about what it would cost to haul four kids to ottawa to visit grandma and grandpa
Ron: 4 daughters, 4 weddings
Rich Drushel: There you are wrong, Ron.
Ron: oh?
james: ouch. now *that's* expensive
rich-2: yes, time passes very quickly on these chats, Yan
Rich Drushel: I am not paying for any weddings :-)
rich-2: famous last words
james: lol
BobS: they are going to elope Dr D ???????
Ron: has the custom changed?
james: maybe they'll be smart and stay single :P
BobS: Sadie hawkins day.......let them catch a man...........
Yan: i know...I start a discussion yesterday with Daniel and it end up to finish near 4 A.M...start at 9 PM....
Rich Drushel: No, they can get married simply and save their $$$ for something important.
Rich Drushel: When they get to 25 years they can have a big party.
Yan: I was not supposed to be on the net more than one hour
james: i agree. weddings are an overblown affair. ours was very low key
Pam / Erin: you CAN get married and not spend a lot of money - I managed it
rich-2: the internet works that way, Yan - there have been a few here that have gone pretty late
Ron: probably not a bad idea
Rich Drushel: 12 people at ours...
james: @yan, tu peux m'envoyer du courriel a si t'en as des questions au sujet du site web
Rich Drushel: Less than $500 in 1986, including the drive to/from New Jersey from Cleveland.
Yan: james: Daniel already talked to me about your site...its a very great idea if you can get all the info existing on the Colecovision
james: ours was under $2000 if i'm not mistaken
Yan: pas de problème James
james: i'm working on it. unfortunately, like you, i'm very busy with my kids and my business
Pam / Erin: y'all got me beat, I must admit
rich-2: don't know what ours cost - but then that was 49 years ago come October
Ron: James knows his French
james: of course i'm not counting rings and i don't think that included her dress
james: my french is pretty rusty
Ron: what I saw was just fine
BobS: got to go kids........bride is not feeling well, and it is time to "hit the sack:"
Yan: yes young children suck a big part of our energy, and the work too
rich-2: maybe so, but your Ottawa upbringing shows
Rich Drushel: Ours included remaking Joan's grandmother's ring to fit her tiny finger.
BobS: til nextest week !!!!!!
Rich Drushel: And a nice dress (wearable elsewhere), and a cake and small luncheon for all 12 at the wedding.
BobS left chat session
james: kids are a full-time job. literally. i spend the equivalent of a full work week on my kids
Pam / Erin: hope Judy feels better, Bob - g'nite
rich-2: right Roberto, us old folks need our shuteye - take care
Rich Drushel: We were too poor for anything else.
james: take care bob
Rich Drushel: Oops, Bob is gone before I can say bye...
Ron: Nite Mr. S. wish Judy well
james: ron, thanks for your help re the nabu stuff
rich-2: Pam: the computer fair is Sunday, 10 - 4. Going?
Ron: gets curioser and curioser James. Bill MacPherson is a buddy of Guy Cousineau's and he's still there in Ottawa. He's going to check for whatever hardware there maybe
Pam / Erin: dunno, Dad - we'll see
Rich Drushel: She need a new computer?
Rich Drushel: Maybe Rin could pick one up...
Ron: He tells me that Guy Cousineau is now running a bed and breakfast on Prince Edward Island
Pam / Erin: always Rich but in this case more for memory, etc
Rich Drushel: Using an ADAM for registration? :-)
rich-2: trust me Rich, computers are much cheaper in Toronto than in Cleveland
Ron: wouldn't put it past him
Yan: @james..probablement que Daniel t'as déjà parlé que je travaillais sur un projet Colecovision...
Rich Drushel: Would love to hear from him...he got out just as I was coming in.
james: cool. well i've got some hardware on the way
Ron: I'll have to see if I can't drum up a little conversation
Rich Drushel: He and I and Tony Morehen and Chris Braymen had a fantastic 3-hour session one night at ADAMcon IV...
james: @yan, il m'a pas dit beaucoup; c'est quoi ton projet?
rich-2: yes, PEI is your old stamping grounds, isn't it, Ron?
Ron: yes.... would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that one
james: software is going to be.. difficult
Yan: Ca fait deux ans que j'y travaille..mais en fait j'y ai mis seulement une dizaine d'heure
Ron: I was born in Charlottetown
Rich Drushel: I had a perfect emulation of an ADAMnet device for my RAMdisk that they all thought was better than their own :-)
Yan: mais c'est bien entendu un petit jeu..
james: pei is beautiful. when my kids are old enough to remember stuff, i'm going to do the whole atlantic canada thing for a month
Yan: rien de vraiment percutant
Rich Drushel: And it would even coexist with SmartWriter and the Mini Wini HD patches.
Ron: there is only ONE Island, and the one I'm on isn't it
Rich Drushel: Really, Ron?
rich-2: takes more than that to do it right, james - make it several months in different years
Ron: yup
Rich Drushel: I thought your island was quite beautiful.
james: je veux aussi construire un jeu coleco. je m'occupais avec le site web mais maintenant que c'est presque fini, j'espere d'avoir du temps
Ron: Oh it's ok, but it ain't THE Island
Pam / Erin: strangely enough, I don't remember much about PEI
Yan: but want I'm trying to do is to make a game with much more advanced animation than what we have already saw on the colecovision
Ron: Interesting Yan..... all of this at 4.77 Mhz in 64K of RAM
james: for sure, well it's something i want to do after we move back to ottawa
Rich Drushel: Very tight memory limitations, Yan, especially if you stick with a stock ColecoVision (instead of an ADAM where you can use expansion RAM from 3rd-party manufacturers).
Yan: I have some tech demo of two or three sprite animation....
rich-2: interesting - most commercial Coleco games use up very little of teh available ROM space
james: @rich - can *cartridges* on the adam actually use expansion ram?
Rich Drushel: 'Cause they have very simple graphics, Richard.
Yan: mmm 64 Ko? 32 for the Colecovision no?
Rich Drushel: Yes, just have to do the right memory management, send the right magic numbers out the bank switch port.
Ron: I defer to someone with greater knowledge
james: neat
rich-2: not to my knowledge, james, but my knowledge is VERY limited
rich-2: I do know though that when you copy carts you find many are 8K and the rest 16
james: @yan, i'm talking with a guy (mike flemming) in germany about new coleco cartridge hardware
Ron: there are tricks that can be used
Yan: I like "magic" in programming...
james: un rom de plus gros de 32k et la capabilite de sauvegarder les donnes
Ron: indeed
rich-2: is there any way to use Logo effectively in programming?
Rich Drushel: ColecoVision is 32K ROM from address 8000-FFFF hex, the OS ROM in the low 8 K, 2K of RAM just below 8000.
rich-2: it has all those sprites and demons and stuff but only 3K left free for the action
james: again, all stuff i hope to understand better once i start dabbling in assembler
Yan: ah oui je suis au courant de cela...Daniel m'en a glissé mot et demandé mon avis deux ou trois fois sur le projet..
Yan: very cool
Rich Drushel: The ADAM has many possible memory maps, some of which allow expansion RAM in upper or lower 32K banks.
Ron: You are a programmer Yan?
james: cars je veux construire un jeu rpg comme les vieux "ultima"
Yan: oh and I'm programming all my stuff in assembly language
james: wow
Yan: I love this low level language
Rich Drushel: Plus add-on expanders with more than 64K that have their own bank-switch port to select which 64K bank is the one that the standard bank-switch port will access.
Yan: tu as vu le jeu "homestar Runner" que Paul Slocum sur 2600 est en train de programmer?
Yan: un peu comme Ultima justement..
Rich Drushel: Z80 assembler is my favorite assembly language...of course, it is one of the first ones I learned.
james: pas encore
james: and there are still jobs for zed-80 programmers
Yan: @ron...I try...LoL
rich-2: why, james? what apps are Z80s used for now?
Ron: good, we need you
Rich Drushel: Lots of embedded systems based on the eZ80.
james: microcontrollers for things like refrigerators etc
rich-2: gee - anyone here like half a dozen old Z80-based modems for chip salvage?
james: in fact, there are a couple z80 programmers here in this town that work at the local hoshizaki factory (a maker of commercial refridgeration equipment)
rich-2: btw james, what does "asahi" translate to, from Japanese?
james: "morning sun"
Ron: apshai
rich-2: hence appropriate for a newspaper or camera...
Yan: just look at that
Yan: absolutely astonishing to make this kind of game on the very limited 2600
james: @yan, j'aimerais avoir tes opinions du site web si t'aurais la chance de le voir
Yan: so I imagine that on a Colecovision with 32 ou 64 expended memory that will be absolutely amazing!
james: @ron, one thing i liked about pei was the pace
Yan: d'accord James
rich-2: I'm sure Yan will be on your site with great haste, james
Rich Drushel: Yan should see ADAM Bomb 1 and 2, then...
james: i had to adjust my ottawa driving habits so as not to look like a maniac
james: but i figure they probably thought i was from toronto
Pam / Erin: we resemble that remark!
james: heh heh
Ron: @James. I agree. different altogether
james: so they are awake
rich-2: know what you mean - in Toronto, if you don't look convincingly homicidal, you don't survive
Yan: @Rich Drushel that'ssome game on the Adam?
Pam / Erin: yes we're awake but we don't speak ADAM in either official language : )
Ron: My son Jeff just got back from Florence Italy. He tells me it's worth your life to drive over there
james: anyway, my first coleco game will be something a little less.. ambitious
rich-2: yes, the Adam has the addition memory and certain multi-tasking ability so can run much larger games
Ron: They ended up taking the train a lot
james: i don't doubt it
rich-2: the largest game is a Richard Scary one of 256K, on datapack
Rich Drushel: Yes, but it uses lots of graphics, sounds, and a full 64K of XRAM.
james: italian beaurocracy might be slow as hell but the drivers aren't
Pam / Erin: Italy, home of the Lamborghini, the Ferrari and the Fiat
Yan: thats sond very promising
Ron: apparently, you round a corner, there are 3 Fiats coming at you side by side, you just sort of close your eyes and prey
Yan: sound
Pam / Erin: <E> eh
james: prey? is that a double-entendre?
Rich Drushel: And Mussolini...
Pam / Erin: not to mention Mario Andretti
rich-2: you forgot the Lancia, and Alfa-Romeo...
Ron: yes, all of that
Ron: suppose Japan is similar
Rich Drushel: And Gina Lolabrigida...
james: as for adam stuff, i still have a kid learning smartlogo
rich-2: and don't forget the Vespas, having to shake them out of your fender skirts at every corner
james: japan's roads are too clogged to get anywhere fast in the cities
Yan: @james your site look very promising
Ron: we on this continent do not know what crowding is
james: @yan, thanks. still some stuff missing but most of the functionality is there
rich-2: SmartLogo is still one of the best Logos ever written - don't knock it!
Yan: maybe I have some documents that can be eventually added to your site
james: sure!
Ron: @James, give me your URL again pls
Pam / Erin: tell that to the drivers on the 401 during rush hour, Ron
Ron: I suppose
james: @ron, the colecoshop site?
Rich Drushel: 401 is the speed limit in km/h :-)
james: or my personal site?
rich-2: yan. Dr. D. also has a very elaborate website on Coleco matters
Ron: both
james: ok
Yan: what helped me a lot when I was starting to program the Coleco is when I found ont the net a pdf document, the offical manuel of the TMS 9900 graphic chip
james: the latter is very, very out of date
Pam / Erin: not in rush hour it ain't!
Rich Drushel: It's faster?
james: anyway, i have some cedar hedges that aren't going to plant themselves
Pam / Erin: more like .401 km/h
Ron: Thank You
Yan: now what we are looking for (me and Daniel) is the Coleco Programmer Manual...
Ron: copied to a safe piece of virtual paper
rich-2: just feels that way, Rich - sort of like Dead Mans curve on the interstate through Cleveland
james: so i should get outside. it's been cloudy the last couple days so we finally got under 30 for a change
Rich Drushel: I swear the cars were going the full 401 when I was in Toronto...
Yan: :-)
Pam / Erin: funny, I had no trouble with Cleveland traffic : )
Ron: We on the 17th Street Bridge in Courtenay have nothing whatever to complain about
james: @rich, i have a couple of american friends that came up from buffalo and they said canadians drive too fast
rich-2: just be glad you rose with Pamela and not with me
Ron: I have driven with Mr. Clee. And I live still
Rich Drushel: Clevelanders are tame compared to you Torontonians (or whatever the adjective is; Torontoers? Torontites? Torontim?)
Pam / Erin: the first
rich-2: they are right, james - I am an aggressive driver but end up sitting quietly in the right-hand lane
Rich Drushel: Sounds like something from a Gilbert & Sullivan opera.
Rich Drushel: I am the very model of a modern Torontonian...
Ron: it fits, carry on
Pam / Erin: the place I had trouble with was I75 (is that right) out to Grand Rapids
james: lol. not necessarily a good thing :P
Yan: :-))
james: anyway, will see you all next week
Rich Drushel: I dunno enough of the rest to parody it on the fly, Ron.
Pam / Erin: g'nite James
Rich Drushel: Bye James.
james: bye! take care.
Ron: I curse upon the freeway like a happy Clevelandonian\
Yan: bye james
Yan: see you next time
james: bye ron, yan, rich, rich, pamerin
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
Ron: will keep my ear to the ground east James
<undefined>: dumped again!!!
james: @ron, thanks. i'll be waiting for news with bated breath
<undefined> changed username to rich-3
james: le pouf
Ron: we'll have to work on that one
Rich Drushel requested to ban rich-2
james confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
james: *poo*
Rich Drushel: tsk tsk such language!
Yan: I can do that
james: oops.. not *poo* *poof*
Yan: !!!!
Ron: whatever
Rich Drushel: Baby influence :-)
Pam / Erin: we got the gist : )
Rich Drushel: You're inundated with it, no worries.
james left chat session
Pam / Erin: you still here Dad?
Ron: I suppose you can only change so many diapers without being affected that way
Rich Drushel: brb
Yan left chat session
Ron: It's time for Diet Coke - sodium, caffein, aspartame
Ron: brb
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-3
Pam / Erin: don't anyone vote Dad off this time
rich-3: sorry - bounced again
Pam / Erin: Ron and Rich wil brb, Dad
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Yan
Pam / Erin: did you get dumped too Yan?
Yan: hello?
Pam / Erin: you're here : )
rich-3: guess it was a mass dump, then
Yan: no...I restarted the applet because I lost the user list
Pam / Erin: someone voted you off Dad
rich-3: maybe it's giving me a message - time to get my rest
Yan: thats not me!!!
rich-3: have an appointment with teh doctor tomorrow and dont want to go in overtioresed
Pam / Erin: don't worry Yan, it happens often when someone leaves
Ron: Sleep, Richard, to sleep, perchance to dream
Pam / Erin: with Dr. Santo?
Rich Drushel: Meesa here.
Yan: ok Pam
rich-3: exactly, Ron, gotta get the right amount
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: Having a decadent snack.
Ron: good for you Dr. D
rich-3: yes, Pam - have to see if the heart monitor results are back from the lab yet
Pam / Erin: if they're not, nag him Dad
Rich Drushel: mmmmmm
Pam / Erin: or have him nag the lab
Pam / Erin: how are you feeling, BTW?
Yan: manger encore!!!!
Ron: would you like to tell us what you're eating, Dr. D. And did you bring enough for the rest of the class?
rich-3: apparently the lab is a law unto itself and neither he nor the cardiologist can move them
Yan: I will go take a snack me too if you continu to eat in my face!
Rich Drushel: Some Chef Boyardee Beefaroni right out of the can :-)
Ron: what, cold?
Pam / Erin: while I think of it, do you have our copy of Cheaper by the Dozen? I thought I had it but can't find it
Yan: :-O
Rich Drushel: Yes.
Yan: gosh!
Pam / Erin: ick
Rich Drushel: It's yummy!
rich-3: I'm staying with the doubled dose of Cardizem and it seems to be helping somewhat
Pam / Erin: good
rich-3: I don't think we have your copy; we may have our own somewhere
Rich Drushel: You don't like Beefaroni, or you don't like it cold?
Pam / Erin: think it's in the basement?
Pam / Erin: either, Rich
Ron: That stuff was meant to be heated ya know
Yan: Ì'm more Ravioli tnat Beefaroni
rich-3: entirely possible, why?
Ron: I likem both quite well, but not cold!
Yan: noyes warm not cold
Pam / Erin: because I'd like to read it again and make sure it doesn't get lost
Yan: oups! lot of typo tonigh
Ron: you'll fit right in here Yan
Yan: LoL
Ron: none of us can type
rich-3: believe it or not, I think it's even still in print - check Indigo and use the search
Rich Drushel: Topologically, Ravioli and Beefaroni are almost the same :-)
Yan: at 11 pm I'm cant type anymore inteligently
Ron: we have a pair of Rich 3's
Rich Drushel: I am sure that the ingredients are identical, just different shapes.
Ron: Now alls we need is a Rich-4 and Rich-5 and Rich-6 and Rich-7
rich-3: well, both need to leave now, Ron - so goodnight all
Rich Drushel: Okay, good night, Richard.
Ron: Night Rich-3 x2
Yan: yes the ingredient is "beef and tomato flavored mud"
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pam / Erin
Yan: but I love Ravioli anyway
Pam / Erin: sorry people, we just got dumped
rich-3: OK, good to meet you, Yan - come again soon
Yan: goodnight Rich-3-4-5-6
Pam / Erin: must speak to Dale about that
Ron: unrequited love Pam/Rin
Rich Drushel: Hopefully the poutine lovers will grant me my own food eccentricity :-)
rich-3: meanwhile colour me gone
Ron: touche sir
rich-3 left chat session
Pam / Erin: g'nite Dad
Yan: HaHaHa! that a very gourmet meal la poutine!!!
Ron: yes
Rich Drushel: Is there a Chef Boyardee version?
Pam / Erin: we will, but we don't eat our poutine cold!
Ron: malheureusement...... non
Rich Drushel: Cold is good for pizza, KFC, hamburgers, beef/chicken stew, and Beefaroni.
Pam / Erin: used to like Beefaroni and mini Ravioli but ate too much Alphagetti after my last tooth surgery and can't stomach it now
Rich Drushel: And all Chinese food.
Yan: no....thats too bad...bud the poutine need to be made by craftman not by know
Ron: I will stipulate pizza and KFC, but nothing more
Pam / Erin: what, you don't like McDonald's poutine? : )
Ron: right Yan
Rich Drushel: McDonald's makes it, too? I only knew about the KFC version.
Yan: no the McDo poutine is indigeste!
Rich Drushel: tres horrible, eh?
Ron: in otherwords, don't eat it
Pam / Erin: they've actually discontinued it Rich
Rich Drushel: "Serving suggestion: don't!"
Yan: la poutine is an oeuvre d'art meal
Pam / Erin: Harvie's version isn't bad
Yan: LoL
Rich Drushel: Well, Pam and Erin are going to feed it to me the next time I am in Toronto.
Ron: Zellers serves it out here. I haven't had the courage to try it. Seems to me that I'm way too far west for poutine
Pam / Erin: you make it sound like we're going to force feed you!
Rich Drushel: They can have some grits next time they come to Cleveland :-)
Pam / Erin requested to ban rich-3
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Yan confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: Force feeding, that would be interesting...
Pam / Erin: but not impossible
Rich Drushel: Yeah, 2 against 1, no fair.
Yan: Inothing is more good that a geasy french fries poutine with lots of very hot bbq gravy and couiky cheese curd!
Ron: I had some in Gatineau. that was very good. Little restaurant in a strip mall over there....... or was it a strip club..... I forget
Yan: couiky is the soud the cheese curd made when is fresh from the day
Rich Drushel: Well, somewhere, sometime, there is a plate of it with my name on it.
Pam / Erin: be assured of that Rich
Ron: well, we need to have an ADAMcon in Quebec City....there it would be appropriate
Pam / Erin: there you go
Yan: yes you're right ron
(Rich Drushel gives Yan some poutine.)
Yan: that would be good
(Rich Drushel gives Pam / Erin some poutine.)
Yan: mmmmm poutione
Pam / Erin: thanks, I was hungry
Rich Drushel: (Rich gives Pam some Beefaroni.)
(Yan smiles)
Pam / Erin: (Pam's stomach protests in no uncertain terms)
Rich Drushel: Just one bite left in the can, I saved it for you.
Rich Drushel: Well, waste not, want not; I next offer it to Erin.
Ron: on a totally different note....... Time magazine reported this week that the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate has been known to drink 4 cans of Diet Coke before lunch
Ron: this is a man for whom I could enthusiastically vote
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Yan: too much poutine
Rich Drushel: Our country is totally down the tubes if what a candidate drinks for lunch is a deciding factor for his getting a vote or not...
Yan: LoL
Ron: ya got that right pilgrim
Rich Drushel: I wish I could be more vigorous in defense of my own country, but I can't...
(Pam / Erin gives Yan a can of cranberry soda)
Rich Drushel: Well Rin, going once, going twice, going thrice...
Ron: it was an interesting sidelight ..... the rest of the article pretty much described Mr. Clean
Pam / Erin: she's shaking her head "no thanks"
Ron: that's usually a 'no
Ron: '
Rich Drushel: Your loss, dearie...<munch> mmmmm
(Yan hugs Pam / Erin)
Pam / Erin: aww - thanks, Yan
Ron: hugs are good here
Rich Drushel: brb, rinsing out can
Pam / Erin: darn it, now I'm hungry
Yan: you saved my stomach
Ron: I can't believe he's actually eating it raw
Pam / Erin: it's not raw, just cold
Pam / Erin: however that doesn't excuse him
Ron: although I suppose it's pre-cooked.... right
Rich Drushel: back
Ron: front
Rich Drushel: "doesn't excuse me", haha
Pam / Erin: I used to have a toasted cheese sandwich and a bowl of Alphagetti for lunch every day
Ron: we were commenting Dr. D.
Rich Drushel: Now I know what to get you two for Christmas :-)
Ron: but then some of us can consume peanut butter and cheeze in the same sandwich. Don't suppose we have any right to comment
Rich Drushel: Wonder if I can mail canned food to Canada...
Pam / Erin: I've heard of some pretty weird stuff being combined with peanut butter
Pam / Erin: don't think so, Rich
Rich Drushel: I could send the empty can, though :-)
Ron: it would have to be opened at the border. The recipient would get an empty can
Pam / Erin: cheese, pickles, mayonnaise have all been known to be combined with PB
Yan: talking about election in the US...did you already see that very funny animation?
Ron: headlines later: unaccounted for weight gain amongst customs officers
Ron: those guys are good
Yan: yes
Ron: there was a news item here on them last night
Ron: two young dudes
Pam / Erin: Daniel mentioned it Yan, but I didn't get a chance to look at it
Ron: Obviously an idea whose time has come
Yan: sorry for the repost...
Yan: I saw that yesterday ont the news on NBC
Pam / Erin: don't be sorry
Ron: right. It was probably making the rounds
Yan: I was ROLF
Ron: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
(Someone throws a brick at Pam / Erin)
Yan: at me
Yan: oups not at you Pam
Yan: at me
Pam / Erin: LOL
Ron: are there French acronyms for these online thoughts?
Ron: like ROTFL
Pam / Erin: here, talk to Erin for a few minutes - I'm going for a PB and J
Yan: mmm
Yan: no
Yan: in frech we use these
Pam / Erin changed username to Erin / Pam
Erin / Pam changed username to Erin / Pam
Yan: french
Ron: ah!
Ron: just keep it up girl
Ron: same eh?
Erin / Pam: gentleman
Rich Drushel: It's kinda cute.
Yan: Well I will have to brain just stopped's to late now
Rich Drushel: Nice to talk with you tonight, Yan.
Yan: but I will return here somewhere next week....wednesday?
Ron: you'll get used to us Yan. We do have tha effect
Erin / Pam: it was a pleasure to meet you Yan
Rich Drushel: Feel free to stop by on other Wednesday nights if you get a chance.
Ron: good meeting you
(Yan laughs heartily)
Rich Drushel: Wednesdays, 9 PM Eastern time.
Ron: yup
Yan: many thanks you all
Ron: bienvenu
Rich Drushel: Good night, Yan.
Yan: Bonne nuit a tous
Ron: et a toi
Yan left chat session
Ron: if this keeps up I'll need to activate my French Canadian keyboard
Rich Drushel: My French is non-existent.
Ron: and figure out where the accents are
Rich Drushel: Except in the Pepe Le Pew sort of way.
Erin / Pam: je ne parle pas francais
Ron: mine was government sponsored and was never used
Ron: but it comes back here and there
Rich Drushel: Non parlez-vous francais.
Rich Drushel: No speaka da French.
Ron: I can get by with a very patient francophone
Ron: Nix
Erin / Pam: do quite an interesting impression of an italian though
Rich Drushel: You do?
Ron: we need to hear that
Erin / Pam: no not me Dr. D
Rich Drushel: An Italian speaking French:
Rich Drushel: "Hey Guido! Get me somebody who can speak French, know what I mean?" "Right, boss"
Ron: :)
Erin / Pam: sounds about right
Rich Drushel: Guido or Vito or something.
Rich Drushel: Vince.
Erin / Pam: <P> I've got you're Beefaroni beat all to "heck"
Rich Drushel: Christina's softball coach is named Vito Federici.
Rich Drushel: I'll let ya see da Beefaroni up close an' personal, see?
Ron: indeed
Rich Drushel: PB & J, dat's sissy stuff.
Ron: here we go again..... but..... but.... they would cook it wouldn't they?
Erin / Pam: <P> I'll see your Beefaroni and raise it my ham and cheese
Ron: what happened to the PB/Jelly
Rich Drushel: Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Ron: ??
Erin / Pam: Ron, no bread
Erin / Pam: very cold
Rich Drushel: Pam's tongue is stuck to the roof of her mouth with it :-)
Ron: bummer
Rich Drushel: Then put it in a bowl and eat with a spoon.
Erin / Pam: <P> had to have a croissant instead
Rich Drushel: One scoop jelly, one scoot peanut butter.
Ron: oh well
Rich Drushel: Stir gently, eat.
Rich Drushel: Or put it on crackers.
Erin / Pam: PB and B for me
Ron: oh..... for the info of all...... which I should have imparted earlier
Ron: is dead as at the end of this month
Ron: lives
Rich Drushel: I think you mentioned it last week.
Ron: did I? ok
Rich Drushel: I can remove it from the mailing list if you like.
Ron: please..... actually, I think I already have, but you might wanna check
Rich Drushel: But IIRC the last post you made from bytehacker went to the moderator account for approval.
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: I then figured it was a new account and went to add it...and found it was already there.
Ron: subsequently, I signed bytehacker up
Rich Drushel: Not sure why.
Rich Drushel: Ah.
Rich Drushel: Ex post facto.
Ron: no, that was legit, I sent the message, then signed up....... actions in the wrong order
Ron: but not sure if ronaldm is deleted
Erin / Pam: I think a convention in Montreal would be a cool idea
Ron: I'd go for that
Rich Drushel: I just deleted
Ron: thank you good sir
Rich Drushel: And 4 spam posts waiting for approval :-)
Ron: you get many of those?
Rich Drushel: 4-10 per day.
Ron: could be worse, I suppose. One thing I have to give Steve Jobs and Co. credit for is their OS X junk mail prog
Rich Drushel: Fortunately yousers never see them.
(The west coast is drifting away from shore)
Rich Drushel: You users, that should be.
Ron: I'm getting very little now.... although I think it might be a combination of Apples prog plus my ISP's Spam filter
Erin / Pam: bye Ron...sorry about that
Rich Drushel: Bye?
Rich Drushel: Oh, the action.
Rich Drushel: Duh
Ron: I'll be there shortly James..... have you got a tow rope?
Erin / Pam created action P/Torontonian
(Torontonians have officially taken over the world)
(Rich Drushel slaps Erin / Pam playfully)
Ron: we've had 3 earthquakes here in the past week, don't even mention it
(Someone throws a brick at Rich Drushel)
Rich Drushel: Ring of fire...
Ron: 5.8 6.1 and 5 . something or other
Rich Drushel: Someone, right, it was you Erin.
Erin / Pam: I am shocked and appalled
Ron: shock and awe
Rich Drushel: Your fingees on the keyboard, dearie...unless it was a coup d'Pam?
Ron: aw shocks
Rich Drushel: No, it was MacPherson struts.
Ron: I knew we'd get back to that
Erin / Pam: we are now on official Leo time BTW folks
Rich Drushel: Leo time?
Rich Drushel: Low Earth Orbit?
Erin / Pam: Leo starts July 22
Ron: means my biorhythm is way out. I'm an Aries
Rich Drushel: What does he start?
Erin / Pam: @ Ron, we should get along fine my friend
Rich Drushel: What about me?
Ron: my previous partner was also an Aries.... we were doomed from the beginning
Erin / Pam: 2 fire signs, not good I suppose
Ron: struggling for control of the relationship
Erin / Pam: Scorpio starts on Oct. 22 or 23
Rich Drushel: I meant about "getting along".
Rich Drushel: Probably WW3.
Erin / Pam: oh, depends how strong your water personality is
Ron: no answer.... that's not good
Rich Drushel: I drank water with my Beefaroni, does that count?
Erin / Pam: water is apparently the strongest element
Ron: of what? Fire, Earth, Water?
Rich Drushel: Interpret for those of scientific bent, O Sibyl...
Erin / Pam: and air, yes
Ron: we need a crash course - Zodiac 101
Rich Drushel: Or shall I submit it to
Erin / Pam: actual site?
Rich Drushel: I just made it up :-)
Rich Drushel: Hey, when Gretchen was about 3, she saw some inane commercial on TV and said, "That's so dumb, it should be on".
Ron: toss 3 dead crows in the air
Ron: if none of them hit you on the way down
Ron: you're ok
Rich Drushel: And she just made up the part.
Erin / Pam: and if one hits you?
Ron: not good
Erin / Pam: I came up with one for myself on bad days at work about 2 years ago
Ron: it means you have been touched by the dark side
Rich Drushel: Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore!"
Erin / Pam: www.crazyb*
Ron: there must be such a site
Rich Drushel: I don't think of you that way.
Rich Drushel: If you are, I am surprised (I didn't see any of it in Toronto).
Erin / Pam: only when I'm on the edge
Ron: like one of the women I worked with in Ottawa..... had a sign on her desk..."Some days I'm 95% B*tch. Watch it!
Erin / Pam: basically if I was hit by one more shopping cart...
Rich Drushel: works! It brings up the city of Delphi's own website.
Erin / Pam: unfortunately having red hair doesn't prevent you from being totally invisible
Erin / Pam: figured it might.....there's so many
Erin / Pam: what does the oracle have to say?
Ron: the one the Pam mentioned is also real, and is a porn site
Rich Drushel: Erin, you definitely don't want to go to the one you made up, it is hardcore porn...ugh...
Erin / Pam: you mean crazy b....that's mine Ron
Rich Drushel: (wiping history and cache and cookies)
Ron: yes
Ron: I'm too old to look at such things
Rich Drushel: And a zillion popups and Javascript.
Erin / Pam: I swear I just made it up
Erin / Pam: sorry 'bout that guys
Ron: I believe you
Rich Drushel: Too obvious for the pornsters.
Erin / Pam: but, really, that's what you get for listening to me <sheepish look>
Ron: we just had to try it eh?
Erin / Pam: they don't call me the red-headed she-devil for nuttin you know
Ron: Delphi looks pretty......
Rich Drushel: Too bad I can't read Greek.
Rich Drushel: The English version is Under Construction.
Ron: right..... cyrillic alphabet?
Erin / Pam: :-(
Ron: or what is it?
Rich Drushel: No, Greek alphabet :-)
Ron: ah
Ron: duh?
Rich Drushel: Cyrillic came from Greek.
Ron: they look similar, but then my eye is untrained
Rich Drushel: Can't make the chat post in Greek.
Ron: no eh?
Rich Drushel: No way to change the font.
Erin / Pam: hey Ron Pam says you and I are compatible
Ron: well, well..... interesting
Rich Drushel: I went to Key Caps and picked Symbol, typed some stuff in Greek, but the paste into the chat put it back into Roman.
Rich Drushel: Is she consulting some guidebook?
Erin / Pam: yes
Ron: I didn't think Aries were compatible with anybody
Ron: we are control freaks, you know
Erin / Pam: Ron apparently -- Leo and Sagittarius are your best match
Ron: hmmmm....
Ron: must remember that when I grow up
Rich Drushel: It's over-rated.
Rich Drushel: Growing up, that is.
Ron: I've heard. My own experience is neither pro nor con
Ron: oh.... that.... well, yes
Erin / Pam: Scorpio your best match is either Cancer or Pisces
Rich Drushel: I don't like fish, and don't want to get cancer :-)
Ron: right!
Erin / Pam: <P> totally irrelvant
Rich Drushel: As if astrology is, LOL.
Erin / Pam: ...said the Scorpio
Ron: I do know that somebody up there has a helluva sense of humor
Rich Drushel: What does that mean, Erin?
Erin / Pam: just from research
Erin / Pam: <P> thank you
Rich Drushel: That Scorpios are non-believers in astrology?
Erin / Pam: no just strong opinions
Rich Drushel: Well, I'll definitely tell you what I think.
Ron: then Aires are not supposed to be people pleasers eh?
Erin / Pam: Scorpio is much like Leo in that they both have strong opinions but Leos are less confidant -- but they put on a good show
Rich Drushel: If asked; I try not to broadcast unsolicited.
Rich Drushel: Do you think that matches you, Erin?
Erin / Pam: yes, both parts
Erin / Pam: strong opinions but lack of confidence
Rich Drushel: Recipe for neurosis, sounds like; act on your convictions, if you have them.
Ron: I know damn well I'm right, aren't I?
Erin / Pam: yes but the "aren't I" is silent
Ron: inside I'm going, ummm... aren't I?
Rich Drushel: If it doesn't speak up, nobody else can read its mind...
Rich Drushel: I like what "BOB" has to say on this topic:
Ron: I'm really out of my depth on this stuff
Rich Drushel: "Don't just eat the hamburger, eat the HELL out of it!"
Erin / Pam: I've taught myself to qualify my remarks
Erin / Pam: For example:
Rich Drushel: "Too much is always better than not enough."
Erin / Pam: Such and such is this, but I don't have a fully educated opinion
Ron: or as the golfers would say, if you're going for a birdie, you hit the ball 17 inches past the hole
Ron: but for God's sake, don't be short
Erin / Pam: hehe
Rich Drushel: And finally, "____ 'em if they can't take a joke!" :-)
Erin / Pam: precisely
Ron: don't take it too damn seriously
Ron: or the guy on the other side of the mirror
Rich Drushel: I guess everything in moderation...I would argue for only 2 guiding principles, Golden Mean and Golden Rule, everything else is religious brand differentiation and advertizing.
Erin / Pam: life's too short (eventhough it is the longest thing any of us will ever do)
Rich Drushel: :-) for Leo
Rich Drushel: <meow>
Rich Drushel: <roar>
Erin / Pam: hehe
Ron: wherever you go..... there you are
Erin / Pam: I'm more of a kitten myself :-)
Erin / Pam: fragile, playful but dang them claws hurt
Erin / Pam: that's the average I'd say
Rich Drushel: You have enough hair for a mane.
Ron: been scratched more than once
Rich Drushel: Unless you have been playing with it and cut it all off.
Erin / Pam: I'd make an interesting lion I'll grant you
Erin / Pam: nope, was thinking about it, but decided I really do like the mane
Rich Drushel: Really thinking about cutting it short?
Rich Drushel: As in recently?
Erin / Pam: as in this morning
Erin / Pam: but it was a brief thought
Rich Drushel: Well, I can't vote on Canadian issues, but my vote is for you not to cut it off.
Ron: I must concur - it's a boyhood bias, but it's still there
Rich Drushel: Girls need long hair, my bias.
Ron: If I let the adult out, it's your call
Rich Drushel: But if you ever do...make sure you do it so you can donate the hair to one of the places that makes wigs for chemo people.
Erin / Pam: I've had it short most of my life......and my brothers still say it's too short
Rich Drushel: It is a genetic guy thing.
Rich Drushel: XX = long hair, XY = short hair.
Ron: yeah I think so. Probably should be laid to rest with a bunch of other stereotypical thoughts
Erin / Pam: I think so......course this would explain why I never had a boyfriend for any length of time :-)
Rich Drushel: Well, if hair was the only basis for it, it would be pretty shallow now, wouldn't it?
Erin / Pam: I concur
Ron: yup
Rich Drushel: The scientist in me requires statistical data to back up your statement, but the gentleman in me says to never mind :-)
Rich Drushel: And correlation is not causation anyhow.
Ron: another thesis: women with short hair do not have regular boyfriends
Erin / Pam: stat data on what Dr. Scientist?
Rich Drushel: hair length vs. boyfriend duration
Ron: more succinctly put Dr. D
Erin / Pam: ahhhh
Rich Drushel: It would require intrusive supporting data.
Rich Drushel: Beware talking shop with a scientist :-)
Ron: I can see that
Ron: intrusive?
Rich Drushel: number of boyfriends, characteristics of each, etc...
Erin / Pam: short hair most of my life = 1 1/2 boyfriends
Rich Drushel: That is pretty intrusive info.
Ron: ok
Ron: Mr. Right never appeared <E> ?
Erin / Pam: I'm just waiting for the Love of my life Ron
Rich Drushel: Well, if you are keeping it long now, then if your hypothesis is correct, you are bound to land someone sooner or later.
Rich Drushel: It is a falsifiable hypothesis, scientific on that basis anyway.
Ron: ok.
Rich Drushel: Well, it seems to me that somebody is missing out a whole bunch without Ms. Rin.
Ron: been there, done that, got the emotional gunshot wounds to prove it
Erin / Pam: I appreciate that and agree :-)
Ron: suppose I'm not competent to judge..... was not at AC15.5
Rich Drushel: I think the photos are a good representation of Rin :-)
Ron: but from what I know..... think I'll agree with Dr. D
Ron: exactly
Erin / Pam: <blushes>
Ron: I've met one of the two of you. Pretty special
Erin / Pam: now Pam's blushing
Ron: so there
Rich Drushel: Just looked at the photo webpage again...yeah, definitely a good representation of Rin.
Erin / Pam: <bats eyelashes coquettishly>
Ron: we have sure covered some ground tonight eh?
Rich Drushel: It hath indeed ranged far afield.
Ron: All the way from Chef Boyardee and Poutine to blushing
Erin / Pam: computers, cars, weddings and our adorableness
Rich Drushel: Tomato sauce is red...blushes are red...
Ron: there ya go
Rich Drushel: Only poutine doesn't belong :-)
Rich Drushel: Unless someone puts ketchup on his poutine.
Ron: don't forget the diapers
Rich Drushel: hehe
Erin / Pam: my colleague did that today re: ketchup on poutine
Rich Drushel: No accounting for taste.
Rich Drushel: How is your Mom this week, Ron?
Ron: About the same, thanks Rich. More stress.... we're expecting the whole fam damily 1st weekend in August
Ron: had the carpets shampooed today
Ron: I said, hell, do that when they leave......
Rich Drushel: Bleh.
Ron: remark didn't go over well
Rich Drushel: hehe
Erin / Pam: :-)
Ron: so I've been moving furniture back and forth in response to instructions
Rich Drushel: Let them move their own furniture :-)
Ron: long aug. weekend is the only time of year when all the beds in the house get used
Rich Drushel: Or sit on the floor.
Erin / Pam: well then you have to shampoo the carpets
Ron: my statement exactly...... but mother hasn't yet accepted her limitations
Rich Drushel: Give them diapers :-)
Ron: to me, family is coming.... they take us as they find us. to Mom, company is coming, everything must be cleaned
Ron: right
Ron: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
Rich Drushel: We have been doing some cleaning around here this week, putting the girls to work in the daytime.
Ron: or was it the other way around?
Erin / Pam: nope men are definitely from Mars
Ron: how do they take to that?
Rich Drushel: We reorganized the living room so it is somewhat habitable now, finally put the TV into the entertainment center cabinet after only 7 years or so :-)
Ron: thanks <E/P>
Erin / Pam: just tellin' it like it is
Erin / Pam: :-)
Rich Drushel: They are happy, they can now see the TV better...just bought an A/B video switch so they can easily go between VCR and DVD player without swapping cables.
Rich Drushel: Installed it tonight, actually, before the chat.
Ron: cool
Rich Drushel: Watching Wallace & Grommit was the test.
Ron: sounds like a hoot
Rich Drushel: I am a little green man from Alpha Centauri; it's a beautiful place, you oughta see it.
Rich Drushel: It was a tape made off PBS in 1993.
Rich Drushel: Before they started plastering bugs and logos all over everything.
Ron: trouble was, nobody could tell the Alpha Centaurians from the plants, so the race died out
Rich Drushel: TV the way it used to be.
Erin / Pam: I remember 1993
Rich Drushel: You were probably in high school.
Erin / Pam: grade 9
Rich Drushel: I had finally finished Ph.D. and had a real job...
Ron: how many research contracts did you go thru, Dr. D. , before they decided to make you a permanent offer?
Rich Drushel: Totally off-topic...a joke just seen in rec.arts.books.tolkien...
Rich Drushel: Q. What do you call Ent poop?
Rich Drushel: A. Charcoal briquets.
Rich Drushel: Anyway...
Erin / Pam: <rolls eyes and head follows>
Ron: large gasp of pain from the west coast
Erin / Pam: hehe
Rich Drushel: The department needed more undergrad teaching help, so they advertized for 2 full-time positions.
Rich Drushel: I decided to apply...and got one of them.
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: Otherwise, I would have stayed with my current job until the current grant ran out next year, or a new grant was funded, looking sorta iffy at this point.
Ron: well, folks, must go give mother her insulin..... take out the garbage, yada yada
Erin / Pam: are you looking forward to the switch?
Ron: hope I've got that in the right order
Rich Drushel: So this isn't tenured, but the dept.'s needs in my teaching areas are not going only command from levels higher than the chairman could keep me from staying.
Erin / Pam: alrighty Ron
Rich Drushel: Nice talking to you tonight, Ron.
Erin / Pam: have a good night and week
Rich Drushel: Yes Re: looking forward to it, but the transition month has been a killer :-(
Ron: enjoyed it immensely
Ron: be well all
Ron: poooooo (f)
Rich Drushel: Will do./
Ron left chat session
Erin / Pam: I'm assuming you'll be doing slugging until you actually make the full switch
Rich Drushel: Yes.
Rich Drushel: Today I had to fight off Hillel about some outrageous stuff, new experiments requiring a total reconfiguration of my office space before I have even moved out of it.
Erin / Pam: oh nice
Rich Drushel: I told him in so many words to get stuffed.
Erin / Pam: sounds like he's a little upset that you're leaving
Rich Drushel: It would have put my summer student at risk for having no analyzed data for his his lab seminar next month on the 13th.
Erin / Pam: oh nice and he's trying to make you look bad before you go
Rich Drushel: Well yeah, me and 2 other Ph.D. students will be gone by Christmas, and 3 M.S. students by May.
Rich Drushel: All the little house elves that magically do stuff are leaving...
Erin / Pam: well of course "can't someone else do it?"
Erin / Pam: judging by the quiet I'm thinking it's time to say adieu for the evening
(With a crash, a shelf full of books collapses.)
(Torontonians have officially taken over the world)
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Rich: Hey, come back!
Rich: Bleh, I had a sytem crash and had to reboot!
Rich requested to ban Rich Drushel
Rich: Krudetka
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Rich: Snerg.
Rich: They are gone.
Rich: I guess I have to go, too.
Rich: <poof>
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