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rich-c: test
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changed username to james
james: hello
rich-c: good morning, james
james: how are you?
rich-c: how are things with you this fine day?
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james: a little tired
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
james: to be expected when you have two very young offspring
rich-c: I'll bet - kids keeping you up, jobs, or both?
james: both
Daniel Bienvenu: are we the first online tonight?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
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james: you're #3 dan :P
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: and before I forget Daniel, your letter arrived today and your books are in the mail
Harvie: Hello
james: i, unfortunately won't be around long today. i've got a lot of weeding to do
Daniel Bienvenu: :) :)
james: hi harvie
rich-c: greetings, Harvie
Harvie: How are things in Nippon?
rich-c: brb - phone call
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james: hot, humid and busy
changed username to Pam / Rin
Harvie: Hello ladies
rich-c: back
Pam / Rin: greetings, gentlemen
rich-c: hi daughter and niece
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(007 music plays in the background)
Harvie: Much the same here James
rich-c: what, more problems in the pumpkin patch, james? ;-)
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changed username to RichD.
changed username to Teary Eyed
james: well i never got around to weeding it the last couple of weeks
Teary Eyed: hi lo every1
Harvie: Hello Doc
Pam / Rin: Hi, Rie
rich-c: all hail, Dr. D.
james: and it's really bad out there. going cut them back at least
Pam / Rin: Hi, Doc
RichD.: Hello...
RichD.: Who is crying?
Teary Eyed: hello every1
Harvie: Hello Marie
rich-c: is that Rie joining in?
james: and i have a second smaller patch that i want to keep from going the way of the first
Teary Eyed: yeppers
Pam / Rin: why are you teary eyed?
RichD.: Onions?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello gentlewomen! ;-)
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changed username to Yan
RichD.: Richard, I have heard disturbing medical news about you...
Pam / Rin: Hello, Yan
Yan: Hello everybody
james: hi yan
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Hello!
james: yan & dan
rich-c: alo, Yannnic! salut a l'ami de Daniel
Yan: Bonsoir tout le monde, James,rich-c,Pam
Yan: et tout le monde
rich-c: why, who's been gossiping behind my back, Rich?
RichD.: Little birdies, Richard.
RichD.: I hope everything is okay now.
rich-c: reckon I can guess - anyway, let's say I've been busy for a bit
james: ok, my wife is home. i've got 7 hours until i teach and i'm going to need most of them
rich-c: well, I went to the cardiologist today (8 a.m. - damn ner killed me)
james: to get this weeding done. sorry to cut things short.
Pam / Rin: Hi, Miyuki
Pam / Rin: us too James
Harvie: Bye James
james: but i'm sure you'll go on without me :P
RichD.: Bye James.
rich-c: c u james
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james :)
Yan: will you eat another cold can of chef boyardee tonigh?
james: oh, @richd, i'll be sending you email soon about smartbasic stuff
Yan: bye james
james: bye everyone
RichD.: Not tonight, my tummy is full of egg salad.
james: bye pam!
RichD.: I haven't had it for a long long while.
james: rich, richd, dan, yan, harvie
RichD.: So I got it as a change of pace.
Pam / Rin: bye, James -
RichD.: It was cold, and it has been hot here, so I wanted a cold supper.
rich-c: wonder if my connection will survive james' depareture?
james: i can leave myself in lurk mode if you like rich
rich-c: odd - our side of the lake has been a bit on the chill side, just warming up now
RichD.: My new office, in which I spent most of the day working, is a hot one.
Pam / Rin: if you do that, latecomers will think you're still here James
rich-c: it's OK, james, I'm used to refreshing now
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changed username to ned>
ned>: ob
ned>: BobS
Yan: ?
rich-c: anyway, Rich, they still havent found a way to bring my A-fib consistently under control
RichD.: I have all of my furniture moved, but still need to move a bunch of papers.
ned> changed username to BobS
Pam / Rin: Hi
Pam / Rin: Bob
RichD.: Sigh, Richard...I think a pacemaker is what you need.
rich-c: hello, Roberto
RichD.: Who is/was ned?
BobS: finallyhome.....nephew is trying to kill me
Harvie: Howdy Bob
rich-c: no, Rich, that is the strategy of last resort
Pam / Rin: nephew?
Yan: hi bob
BobS: had to help the boy with his house tonight
RichD.: I think you are running out of resorts, Richard.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did an update in my library named getput today... and I will probable do another update soon. After talking with Dale, I see that many useful functions can be added in my library.
RichD.: But again, I am not a physician, YMMV, standard disclaimers apply.
rich-c: there are techniques here you don't have in the US because the doctors are afraid of lawsuits if they use innovative treatments
RichD.: Like Laetrile? :-)
RichD.: Sometimes there is innovative, and sometimes there is a bit far out...
rich-c: no, for example like low-voltage cardioversion
BobS: the doctors are afraid ti tekk what us wrong with us.....
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm in a rush to prepare my coleco stuff for this saturday.
RichD.: Well, I don't want you to end up as an experiment gone wrong.
rich-c: it's been well-proven in Europe for a long time, and standard in Canada for the past two years
Teary Eyed: coolbe back in a few!!!!!!!!
Teary Eyed left chat session
BobS: thas what I had Richard....low voltage
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RichD.: Perhaps I should not be so concerned on your behalf, but I have to admit, I am very worried.
rich-c: the biphasic? that's quite unusual south of the border apparently
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll be quiet for a couple of minutes. brb
changed username to TO Bound
Pam / Rin: Hi, Aunt Cynthia
rich-c: hello Cynthia
TO Bound: Hi Guys
RichD.: Hello Mrs. Ms. Rin :-)
Pam / Rin: shouldn't that be Homeward Bound? (musical interlude follows)
BobS: both times I had the cardio version it was with the low voltage stuff////stilll felt like gettign kicked with a mule though
TO Bound: well I guess so
rich-c: anyway, I am to see a specialist at Sunnybrook to discuss the electrical cardioversion
Pam / Rin: are you packed yet?
rich-c: at the moment the department is closed down for holidays till Aug. 9th
TO Bound: Partially
BobS: that should do ti richard....IF it will STAYT in place
Pam / Rin: leave a little room in your suitcase - I have a couple of things to send back with you
BobS: took me a second time and drugs to stay and it still pops out frequently
TO Bound: I am bringing an extra bag
Pam / Rin: you make it sound like a dislocated knee, Bob
rich-c: here they apparently do it under general anaesthetic - in by 10, out by 5
RichD.: Are you driving to Toronto or taking a bus/train, Cynthia?
BobS: kind of is Pam
BobS: only with yoru heart
TO Bound: Via Rail of course
Pam / Rin: I know it's not funny Bob but you make it sound that way
RichD.: I don't know what kind of drive it would be.
BobS: oh well tis what it is
Pam / Rin: four hours Rich
RichD.: I meant "road quality" as well.
TO Bound: too sressful for Grandma
Pam / Rin: actually, road quality is fine once you get outiside of Toronto
RichD.: If it's all like the 401 then it would be stressful.
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Pam / Rin: it is all 401
BobS: by 8am and out by 10am
rich-c: I was started today on amiodarone and a blood pressure drug
changed username to Teary Eyed
Teary Eyed: hi i'm back
BobS: kind of forgetful and real hyped upthe rest of the day.........BTW, what's your name???????
Pam / Rin: you just drive west to Windsor till you run out of road
RichD.: Stop at the Detroit River, eh?
BobS: that's the drug I am on too
Pam / Rin: if you hit the river you've gone too far : )
BobS: 200mmillegrams daily
Pam / Rin: Rie, where did you go?
RichD.: "A gramme is better than a damn"\
TO Bound: almost you can see the Ambassador bridge from our house
rich-c: I'm on 3 daily first week, 2 daily next week, one daily thereafter - it is a nasty piece of pharmacy
RichD.: Sounds like a steroids regimen...or a Prozac regimen...high doses at first, taper off.
TO Bound: Where is Marie?
Pam / Rin: Aunt Cynthia, I made the reservations for Sunday's dinner tonite
rich-c: with the coumadin and cardizem and the new ones, I'm taking so many pills I rattle when I walk
BobS: heck, I am on it every day.........
BobS: ya dat's right
Pam / Rin: so that's what that noise was : )
rich-c: yes, but you don't have COPD and the stuff is murder on the lungs
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RichD.: Sunday dinner...I take it Rin's birthday dinner?
Pam / Rin: yes Rich
changed username to Judy
Pam / Rin: we're going to take her out and stuff her : )
rich-c: welcome aboard, Judy
RichD.: Shouldn't the Birthday Queen pick the venue? (or did she?)
Pam / Rin: Hi Judy
Harvie: Hello Judy
Pam / Rin: she sort of did
Judy: Hi, everyone
RichD.: "sort of"?
RichD.: Tim Hortons, right? :-)
Pam / Rin: I know what she likes
BobS: the ONLY thing the ameodorone with ruin is your liver, thyroid and lungs Richard....................:-(\
rich-c: no, it's dinner, so Wendy's ;-)
RichD.: Alumnus worker discount?
Pam / Rin: LOL, Dad
Teary Eyed: poutine i think!!!!!!
TO Bound: Please enough swear words Tim Hortons indeed
RichD.: So where, then?
Pam / Rin: (Rich slinks off to wash his mouth out)
rich-c: a place you've been, Rich
RichD.: I don't swear.
Pam / Rin: Mandarin
RichD.: The Mandarin?
RichD.: Well, be sure to get the Lucky Coin, and some pennies for the fountain.
rich-c: can't say one and only, since there's a bunch of them
Teary Eyed: erin is that the place you used to tell me about????
rich-c: not Chinese New Year now - no more lucky coins
Pam / Rin: they don't want you to throw pennies in the fountain - it kills the fish and the turtles
Pam / Rin: <E> yes it is the place I told you about Rie - Chinese food
RichD.: I was bad, then, I threw in a penny...a US one, too (LOL).
Pam / Rin: 1.5 cents Canadian
rich-c: Harvie, did you get to the computer fair Sunday?
RichD.: So I get 1.5 wishes.
Harvie: If you throw toonies in at least they can buy new fish
Pam / Rin: we'll remember that Harvie
Harvie: No I didn't rich , too busy(lazy)
rich-c: pity I was wondering how it went; I couldn't make it
BobS: they sold stuff
rich-c: oh, they usually are pretty good at selling stuff, Bob, at good prices too
rich-c: last month I got the Windows 98 Resource Book for $10, complete with CD
Yan: does this fair have old stuff...or it's just for new products?
Pam / Rin: do you know when the next one is Dad?
rich-c: yes, the next one is Sunday August 25th
BobS: then that is where you should have been
Teary Eyed: ohh ok
Harvie: Mostly old stuff Yan
rich-c: mostly recent DOS stuff, Yan, but one never knows
rich-c: no, I had other business at the hospital, Bob
BobS: recent type stuff that the stores don't stock anymore?????
rich-c: a certain amount of obsolescent stuff, yes
BobS: bummer DUDE
rich-c: got a 16-bit LAN card (PCMCIA) for my laptop - it's also a 28.8 modem
Judy: what were you doing at the hospital, Rich
TO Bound: Does your visit mean that you won't be coming here tomrrow?
Yan: cool...I'm in the old stuff bye the way...I have a growing collection of old computers and consoles
rich-c: oh when my heart acts up I have to go there because the doctors offices don't have the monitoring equipment or drugs needed
BobS: cool
Judy: I see!!!
BobS: dad in law and I both agree......doctors are quacks...............
rich-c: I have the same problem as Bob but am less advanced towards bringing it under control
BobS: jsut wiht a LITTLe more insight than everyonw else
Judy: was over at my parents today, Dad is doing so good after the hip replacement
Yan: and I love DOS program..I'm a littl bit masochist
BobS: the ameodroone will do ti Richard
rich-c: yeah, if the side effects don't kill me first!!! ;-)
Pam / Rin: they'd better not, Dad
BobS: that IS the problem, eh???
rich-c: think I mentioned Judy, a routine hip replacement these days is really easy
Judy: the drug has helped Bob big time
rich-c: there's one week you don't want to know about, but here they keep you so doped up you don't know
Judy: but he has been off his feet for 6 weeks so that hasn't helped him
rich-c: why has Bob been off his feet for six weeks?
Judy: not him was out of the hospital in a week
Judy: it has only been two now
rich-c: oh, your father - actually if you had a working brin you could walk from the operating room to your bed
rich-c: the operation leaves you able to walk, mechanically
RichD.: What other way is there? :-)
Judy: he almost did, was walking on it 5 hours after surgery
BobS: that's right Richard.......u\but it was a LOT scary for hime to try and walk on it
rich-c: here the rule is - do not put up with pain; don't be a hero
Harvie: Metaphorically?
rich-c: if you feel pain coming on, yell for a painkiller - it will come
RichD.: Phantasmagorically?
Pam / Rin changed username to Rin / Pam
Judy: he had so much pain before surgery that maybe he doesn''t have it now
rich-c: wow, he really came through well - it was 48 hours befoer I could get out of bed
rich-c: well, I haven't taken any sort of painkiller for anything since I left the hospital
Judy: they had him up first thing that morning and he had his surgery at midnight
rich-c: and I was just taking a single precautionary pill before phsio once a day while there
rich-c: oh, mine was done a 7 a.m. - doctors keep the most sadistic hours :=8
Judy: he is doing that to, I went with him today to therapy, still wants to run
rich-c: maybe Pam can tell you when it was done and I came out of recovery
rich-c: just so long as he doesn't take up bungee jumping, Judy ;-)
Rin / Pam: <P> I don't remember, Dad
Rin / Pam: <P> maybe 2 PM, but I'm not sure
rich-c: I think it was likely early afternoon, but I was in no shape to notice
Judy: no, we will draw that line there
rich-c: anyway assuming things go routinely well, the hip operation way bdats out living with the pain
rich-c: anyway, Judy, how far does Robert have the heart under control now?
Judy: yes, the pain he had before is gone
rich-c: and on my experience, Judy, it is gone for good
Judy: it goes in and out be he feels much better and when it does go it isn't out like it used to be
Judy: sure hope that is true, it is great to see dad coming thru this so well
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changed username to rich-back
RichD. requested to ban rich-c
Rin / Pam confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
rich-back confirmed ban
TO Bound confirmed ban
rich-back: gueswhen Daniel left he took me with him :-(
Judy: now we have to get mom to get her to get her other knee replaced
Yan confirmed ban
rich-back: from what I hear, knee replacement is not nearly as satisfying as hip
rich-back: a couple of our friends have had unhappy experiences with knee work
Judy: it is for my mom, had one done about 2 years ago, helped so much
RichD.: You sound like you are comparing plumbers!
rich-back: well, medicine is still an art - don't know about plumbing
TO Bound: I thought medicince was a practice.
Judy: that can be also, Bob was having problems at work with that
BobS: plumbing is a SHEAR game of luck
RichD.: Practice makes perfect :-)
Harvie: All a plumber needs to know is "poop runs downhill, payday is thursday"
rich-back: there you go Bob, the ultimate wisdom netly encapsulated
Judy: cute, Harvie
Rin / Pam: <P> hmm I'm in the wrong business
BobS: AND Harvie, do NOT bite your fingernails
RichD.: Friday is my last payday as a slug man :-) <and there was great rejoicing>
Rin / Pam: <angels singing>
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changed username to Teary Eyed
rich-back: yes, now you go from employee to faculty - hurrah!
Judy: are you going to miss them,Dr D
Teary Eyed: ok i'm back again
Teary Eyed: i got booted
RichD.: Only very slightly.
Rin / Pam: it's ok Chickpea
rich-back: you too, huh?
RichD.: I am glad to let the others clean up after them, now.
rich-back: but you'll have to train them on how to use an Adam
RichD.: And clean up with everything else, the lab has turned into a real dump, tragedy of the commons, since my last 2-week stint with "The Block O' Slug Duty".
Rin / Pam: :-(
RichD.: I even got in a good rant about it 2 lab meetings ago.
TO Bound left chat session
RichD.: Not much effect...but it will not be my headache, but my <soon-to-be-ex> boss's.
rich-back: a good rant works wonders if not applied too often - and only when deserved
RichD.: I hardly ever rant.
RichD.: So when I do, people notice.
rich-back: see above
Judy: sometimes it doesn't help but makes you feel better
RichD.: Well, it draws a line in the sand, builds in some CYA.
rich-back: the results in some cases may be long-term, Judy
Judy: I have been known to
Rin / Pam: <P> that explains my teen years :-)
RichD.: So when the bad thing happens, they can't say they weren't warned :-)
RichD.: You ranted a lot as a teen, Pam? Whoda thunk it?
(rich-back gives rich-back a nice tall frosty Guinness)
RichD.: 10 PM on the dot, Richard.
RichD.: Was Frances doing a countdown? :-)
BobS: testing
RichD.: BobS exists.
rich-back: you havent been bounced yet, Bob
BobS: ya go tREAL quiet here
RichD.: I am here...
Rin / Pam: Bob what is the count for the convention now?
RichD.: ...though I am not going to stay here until 1 AM again :-)
rich-back: well, we have folks falling off - we've lost Daniel and Cynthia, Rie and I were bounced
RichD.: Ron or no Ron :-)
Judy: low
RichD.: Are Jack and Jean still up to having us visit?
Rin / Pam: <P> Aunt C. had to go
rich-back: yes - the cardiologist told me today not to travel beyond easy driving range of a good Ontario hospital
RichD.: Well, my $$$ have been sent, and plane reservations if nobody else comes, I will swim for 3 days.
BobS: they are looking forward to it STRONGLY
RichD.: It will make the convention webpage easy, just one pic of me in the pool.
BobS: Jean is ready andJack is Jack......alwasy ready
Yan: I'm here!!
Harvie: Back in five
rich-back: we were wondering, Yan!
Judy: we will be there, Dr D
Yan: :-)
RichD.: Then we can all play water polo.
rich-back: if you didn't hear me tell him, Yan, Daniel's books are in the mail
RichD.: I bet this will be the first ADAMcon with no real ADAM in sight, only emulators.
Judy: I don't know about the water polo, have never played but I like to swim
(Teary Eyed winks)
BobS: maybe....maybe.........Dr D
RichD.: I'd be afraid to try to bring an ADAM on a plane...
BobS: ship it usps
BobS: they don't break EVERYTHING
RichD.: Heck, they drooled over my 1994-vintage Mac Powerbook in Vancouver like it was a tool of Satan.
Teary Eyed: good night ever1
rich-back: yeah, just make sure you insure it for twice what it's worth
RichD.: Bye Marie.
BobS: ya sad person........
rich-back: nite Marie
Rin / Pam: bye Chickpea
Judy: night Marie
Rin / Pam: have a good night
Teary Eyed: rin/pam
Teary Eyed: night
Teary Eyed left chat session
RichD.: The inspectors in security had never seen a Powerbook like it.
Yan: thanks rich...we are waiting for those ....we are eager to read it
RichD.: So they had to give it the extra-special inspection to be sure that it didn't have an atomic bomb in it.
rich-back: I doubt they'd know anyway
Judy: bob flew with an Adam in a carry on before
BobS: that doesn't take much Rich.....most of those security types have not seen much of this world
RichD.: I remember Ron Mitchell bringing his entire PowerMate HD system on a plane!
rich-back: from what I hear the security types are the intellectual dregs of guard services
RichD.: And getting charged $75 extra because of the weight.
RichD.: I think that was at ADAMcon 12.
Judy: we have the oldest one in our airport
rich-back: you can spot him by teh way his knuckles drag on the ground?
rich-back: I'm seeing the damndest horror stories about airport security on my Autoweek chat
BobS: just about....virgil is about 86 or so
RichD.: Knuckles, hah, they haven't evolved knuckles yet.
BobS: won't hurt you , jsut stupid
RichD.: Still lobe-fin lungfishes :-)
BobS: as most of them are
BobS: they are too stupid to embaress anyone
BobS: kl;'kl;
RichD.: Haha, don't wear your protest button with Bush's face behind the international red "NO" sign.
RichD.: Wasn't Ron entertaining his relictives this week?
RichD.: Poor man.
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rich-back: yeah, but they can embarrass you and make you miss your flight
rich-back: whoops! is the server slow or have I fallen off again?
rich-back: test
Judy left chat session
changed username to rich-2
BobS: server slow
rich-2: oh man, is this messed up now
RichD.: Just slow update.
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
RichD.: Just wait it out, you will come back eventually...
changed username to Rin / Pam
changed username to Judy
BobS: ok...i a, back jack
rich-2: I see I'm not the only one who bailed and re-entered
Judy: I am back
Judy: what happened?
RichD.: Sunspot activity.
RichD.: Al Qaida attack.
rich-2: wrong phase of the moon
Rin / Pam: bear with us folks, we have to deal with a finicky mouse
Harvie: I'm back , not bounced, just busy with something
BobS: mices
rich-2: program runs under Windoze - that explains ANYthing
RichD.: You have enough cats, mice should be no problem.
RichD.: Sic 'em!
BobS: right Dr D
BobS: windoes
rich-2: FWIW, I just got a new mouse drive for the laptop
Rin / Pam: we were bounced
rich-2: now Frances can scroll everywhre
BobS: say what???????
RichD.: She's working as a scrivener now?
RichD.: <rim shot>
BobS: and like what dfid ya get Richard?????
rich-2: our mouse wasn't scrolling except whre scrolling is in the program, like Notepad
RichD.: A new mouse wheel for his laptop, backup power.
RichD.: Mouse runs, turns generator, makes electricity.
BobS: ah ......cheese hound right??????
rich-2: just the proper, latest Logitech driver, Bob
(I'm sorry, rich-2, but I can't do that.)
RichD.: I thought Logitech were eaten by some other company.
Rin / Pam: are you kidding? The mice around here are safe - our cats are too lazy
(RichD. gives Rin / Pam some poutine.)
rich-2: not that I recall
Rin / Pam: there, I cleaned the mouse and the mouse pad - works much better now
BobS: ah a Logitech....doug has opinions about those
(An Adam tape drive whirs noisily.)
rich-2: and I gther they are not favourable?
RichD.: Clean your mouse this afternoon, entertain guests tonight.
Judy: that is what dcon is for, rid mice from the world
BobS: will you 2 quit "catting around' ?????????
Rin / Pam changed username to Pam / Rin
rich-2: just noticed I don't have that driver on my desktop, either
(BobS like playing Coleco games! =D)
(BobS mixes matter and antimatter with his bare hands, bringing the warp drive on-line so that the Enterprise can escape from th
(Torontonians have officially taken over the world)
BobS: so there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam / Rin: we are the world . . . . : )
rich-2: now stop the world, I want to get off
(RichD. reboots Pam / Rin's computer remotely.)
Pam / Rin: : ( !!!!!
BobS: too late mon
(RichD. reboots Pam / Rin's computer remotely.)
(RichD. reboots Pam / Rin's computer remotely.)
rich-2: btw, wonder whre Guy is tonoight?
Pam / Rin: was it something we said?
RichD.: Looks like Rin has lost the keyboard, even after reboot.
(BobS gives Pam / Rin some poutine.)
(BobS creates a new action for Pam / Rin)
BobS: moussing
Pam / Rin: no poutine
rich-2: could he be getting and overdose of Karen?
BobS: mousing???????
Pam / Rin: ice cream
BobS: musing????
(We secretly replaced Pam / Rin's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
RichD.: "Is that all there is?"
RichD.: <cue Peggy Lee>
Pam / Rin: there ain't no mo
Pam / Rin: last I heard, his date with Karen was Sunday Dad
RichD.: More properly, "Dey ain't no mo"
rich-2: doesn't mean he couldn't have made another
RichD.: And it's Wednesday now, wow, that is a long date.
Pam / Rin: that's not a date, that's an elopement : )
RichD.: Anything is possible.
Pam / Rin: I doubt it - Guy is not that impulsive
rich-2: Oh yeah? ever tried to stand a worm on end?
Harvie: She's a teacher, she'll make him keep at it till he gets it right
RichD.: <snicker> Tell 'er, Richard :-)
Pam / Rin: stick a toothpick in him first
rich-2: thought she was a lawyer or something
RichD.: Long deposition :-)
RichD.: Under oath :-)
Pam / Rin: she's debriefing him : )
Harvie: Could be rich , I thought teacher
rich-2: I could be wrong - I have some expertise in that
Pam / Rin: what - being wrong?
rich-2: yep
RichD.: <Pope converts to Judaism>
Pam / Rin: quick, someone get this on tape and mark the day on the calendar!
RichD.: <Hell freezes over>
Pam / Rin: I
RichD.: am
rich-2: just highlight it and hit control-c
RichD.: wondering
RichD.: what
RichD.: you
RichD.: wer
RichD.: going
RichD.: to
RichD.: say
RichD.: .
Pam / Rin: I'm thinking you'd better be careful what you admit to
Pam / Rin: we might hold you to it!
RichD.: If you or any of your IF force are caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
rich-2: well, it does depend on the company, but we're among friends (who know the answer anyway)
Yan: I smell poutine around this chat room
Pam / Rin: have you told Mom?
RichD.: This tape drive will self-destruct in 5 seconds...Good luck!
RichD.: <fizzzzzzz>
rich-2: bite yer tongue!!!
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Pam / Rin: (in singsong voice) I'm telling Mommy!
rich-2: welcome back, Daniel
Daniel bienvenu: désolé, j'étais parti sur l'écriture
Pam / Rin: that's alright Daniel
rich-2: did you jump or were you pushed ? ;-)
Daniel bienvenu: I'm answering an interview for the Revival fanzine.
BobS: JUMP !!!!!
Daniel bienvenu: And I didn't realize that I closed the Spaniel applet
rich-2: hey, neat-o. you can use all the publicity you can get
Pam / Rin: holy '70's, Dad
rich-2: get enough and if it doesnt get you a job, maybe it will generate enough interest to let you set up your own business
RichD.: There is a pointed barb, Richard :-)
rich-2: gee whillickers, am I getting that up to dte?
RichD.: 23 skidoo, you're the bee's knees, Pops.
Pam / Rin: go back a couple of decades Dad - that's what I'm used to
RichD.: Far out.
RichD.: Don't make a federal case out of it.
rich-2: there was a time when I could have done that, but memory fades
Pam / Rin: MTGG, Dad
rich-2: ?
Pam / Rin: Grammy-ism
rich-2: PM me, I'm slow tonight
Harvie: Do you want good taste or good Gramma
Pam / Rin: How do you spell hungry horse? MTGG
rich-2: OK - now colour it and save it for Easter
RichD.: How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S.
RichD.: And Serutan spelled backwards is Natures.
Pam / Rin: I'm gonna embroider that on a pillow : )
rich-2: there was a time when backwards spellings were all teh rage
RichD.: Serutan, Pam?
Harvie: And MOM upside down is WOW
Pam / Rin: MTGG
Yan: have to go...see you next wednesday
RichD.: Bye Yan.
Pam / Rin: okay Yan - have a good week
Yan: bye bye
rich-2: OK Yan, see you then - take care
Pam / Rin: g'nite
RichD.: So what is MTGG?
Daniel bienvenu: bye Yan!
Pam / Rin: Hungry horse
Yan left chat session
RichD.: "empty ..."?
rich-2: hungry horse - pronounce it
Harvie: Buenos noches
RichD.: I get "empty Gigi".
Pam / Rin: or gee gee
rich-2: old slang for horse is gee-gee
Daniel bienvenu: @rich: I think I will not have the "hackers guides" in time for the meeting. But I'm happy to see that you received the money.
RichD.: That is one I've never heard before.
rich-2: why, don't ask - it even pre-dates me
rich-2: when is the meeting, Daniel?
Daniel bienvenu: this saturday
rich-2: well, it was mailed in the Post Office about 10 minutes before the pickup arrived this afternoon
Harvie: When steering horses you say "haw" to turn left and "gee" to turn right
Daniel bienvenu: oh! and I will be not online this saturday for the chat because of this meeting.
rich-2: I'd say the odds are about 60-40 you will get it Friday
RichD.: That sounds right, Harvie.
rich-2: OK, I'll go watch one of my football tapes instread
rich-2: all but one of the games this week start at 10 p.m. ;=(
Pam / Rin: are there any on CBC Dad?
Harvie: What night do the Argos play?
james confirmed ban
rich-2: yes, all the Saturday games are on CBC, usually at 7 p.m. - this week is unusual
Pam / Rin: I think Russell said they have the week off, Harvie
james left chat session
rich-2: not sure - this may be their bye week
BobS: bummer
Harvie: Then there is no football this week :)
BobS: a free week ?????? with nothign to do ???/
Pam / Rin: not a Ti-Cats fan Harvie?
rich-2: oh, there are a couple of the matchups that offer a bit of entertainment, I suspect
Daniel bienvenu: Well, it's my turn to quit... see ya!
BobS: we will be ralaxing in the sun of northern Michigan at the lake
Pam / Rin: g;nite Daniel
BobS: from Sat thru nex tsat
Harvie: No, Argos only
rich-2: bomspoir then, Daniel - see you next week
BobS: nite daniel
rich-2: and let us know how the meeting goes Saturday
Judy: night Daniel
RichD.: Bye Daniel.
Pam / Rin: life's tough, Bob : )
Harvie: Goodnight Daniel
Judy: it may be if the weather is not good
rich-2: hey, fottball's footbal, Harvie, as long as it's Canadian flavour
Pam / Rin: as long as you're out of the rain you'll be fine Judy
BobS: ope we are north of it Pam
Judy: that is true, but this has not been the best summer so far
Daniel bienvenu: Bonne nuit à tous! :-)
Pam / Rin: bonne nuit!
Daniel bienvenu: * pouf *
Daniel bienvenu left chat session
rich-2: the fruits and vegetables and flowers sure like our weather - our peaches are in already!
Pam / Rin: Peaches!
Pam / Rin: Fuzzy little peaches!
rich-2: yep - got a basket at No Frills today
Harvie: Bob, "every time it rains it rains pennies from heaven"
RichD.: Breyer's peach ice cream.
rich-2: also those little yellow plums your mother is so fond of
BobS: but, but, but.....pennies aren't worth much these days harv
Judy: we wish, we only get wet with our rain
Pam / Rin: be thankful, Judy - imagine the dents in the RV
rich-2: we're waiting now to see what the rain does for our pears
Judy: and boating and rain don't go together
Pam / Rin: a boat too? Wow
rich-2: hey, it's only a 35' cabin cruiser, right, Bob? :-)
Judy: we have plums so far
Judy: not quite
Harvie: But without rain how would the boat float?
rich-2: the first of our tomatos showed a hint of red today
Pam / Rin: ask the people in Peterborough : )
RichD.: Antigravity paint.
Judy: good question
Pam / Rin: hey Dad, I'm coming to eat at your restaurant : )
Judy: I picked two tomatoes at mom's today
Judy: but they were really small
rich-2: yours are ready to pick? we're jealous!!!
rich-2: mind you, when ours do come in, they all come in in a rush
Judy: not mine don't do the veggies anymore
Judy: the birds ate everything
rich-2: I just gave the crabapple tree a second spray to retard the fungus attack and it seems to be responding
Judy: but the trees are producing fruit this year
rich-2: yes, the (empty) house next door has cherry trees - the birds had a field day
Pam / Rin: (puts on seers hat) I see crabapple jelly . . .
Judy: we are having a problem with the magnolia trees, bought the stuff to spray them but haven't done it yet
Pam / Rin: didn't anyone pick the fruit at Rita's?
BobS: well spray that one too and keep the cherries
rich-2: cross your fingers, daughter, and walk three time round widdershins under the full moon
Pam / Rin: will do that on our walk at the trailer Dad
rich-2: the Erias's did pick a few baskets, yes, but got enough off their own tree rally
rich-2: problem is the other neighbour whose crabapple is very badly infected and untreated
rich-2: the spores blow over and hit our tree
BobS: and the buggies migrate to your trees, right ?
rich-2: oh, well that's a given in any area, so no concern
rich-2: no fun when she gets tent caterpillers, though, I admit
Judy: we have the spray for that too
Harvie: Don't fumigate, litigate
Judy: it will even kill the Japanese beetles
rich-2: yes, so do we, although the greenies are trying to stop us from using it
Judy: have black spot on the roses, also, so we spent a fair amount at Flowerland the other night
BobS left chat session
RichD.: We have Masque of the Red Death at our place.
rich-2: our garden - really Frances', she does all the work - is absolutely running riot this year
Judy: the flowers are doing well
rich-2: the Shasta daisies are up above my belt line, and we have a parsnip up to my chin
Pam / Rin: it's all the rain Dad
rich-2: well as long as it gets into the pears and makes them big and sweet, I can live with it
Judy: and even have the waterlilies blooming this year
Harvie: Our thistles are as high as an elephants eye
Pam / Rin: I thought that was supposed to be corn, Harvie
Judy: they are beautiful
rich-2: once they ripen, Harvie, look for goldfinches
Harvie: You have to fertilize corn
Judy: well, night all folks, Bob has to go to bed, worked until 9:30 tonight and is done in
rich-2: I sympathize, Judy; see you two in two weeks, then
RichD.: Gnite all.
Harvie: Goodnight Slopsemas, be well
Pam / Rin: have fun next week Judy - and stay dry
RichD.: Hope your Dad is feeling better, Judy.
Judy: will not be on next week so talk to you in two, bye for now
Pam / Rin: and healthy!
Pam / Rin: bye
Judy left chat session
rich-2: I was up at 6.45 this morning and going hard since - guess it's time for me to bail too
RichD.: Ouch.
Pam / Rin: Dad don't forget we're at the trailer this weekend
Harvie: Well ladies and gentlemen, I have much work to do so I shall say goodnight
RichD.: Almost as bad as me not being able to get to sleep until about 3 AM.
rich-2: OK Pam will tell your mother and she can remember ;-)
rich-2: night Harvie
Pam / Rin: I'll touch base tomorrow if I can
RichD.: Working on computer programs in my head, couldn't stop.
RichD.: Bye Harvie.
Pam / Rin: night, Daddy
rich-2: seems you need some shuteye too, rich
Pam / Rin: g'nite Harvie, see you next week : )
Harvie: I almost never get to sleep before 3:00 AM Doc
RichD.: I am awake now, but I better not be here at 1 AM :-)
rich-2: anyway goodnight, all
Harvie: Bye Bye
RichD.: Bye Richard, be well.
Harvie left chat session
rich-2: colour me gone
rich-2 left chat session
Pam / Rin requested to ban rich-back
RichD. confirmed ban
Pam / Rin: well, that was quick
RichD.: I am about to gnaw off my own limbs in anguish.
Pam / Rin: LOL
RichD.: I have never cared about garden talk.
Pam / Rin: would you care to repair to the Coleco site?
RichD.: Or aches-and-pains trading.
RichD.: I guess we could do it up.
RichD.: So, I guess see you there.
Pam / Rin: let's go then - race ya!
Pam / Rin left chat session
RichD.: <floop>
RichD. left chat session
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