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(Egbert the Vicious flings a sword in the direction of his programmer's head (NPC))
(The west coast is drifting away from shore)
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changed username to rich-c
Pam and Erin: lurk .... lurk
Pam and Erin: hi Dad
rich-c: hi folks
Pam and Erin: you're late
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: I see we're the early ones tonight
changed username to Harvie
Pam and Erin: Hi Harvie
Harvie: Hello people
Pam and Erin: obviously only those in the GTA can tell time : )
Harvie: Anything new?
(Torontonians have officially taken over the world)
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changed username to rich--c
Pam and Erin: we were early for a change : )
Pam and Erin: already Dad?
rich--c: well, I have now been dumped for the first time - that didnt take long
rich--c: let's see if I can get rid of the old one
rich--c requested to ban rich-c
Pam and Erin confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Pam and Erin: did that work?
rich--c: OK, now am I still here?
Pam and Erin: yup
Harvie: What browser are you using rich
rich--c: maybe we'll find Harvie got dumped instead
rich--c: IE6 latest edition all mods
Harvie: Not a chance
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: good morning, all
(007 music plays in the background)
Pam and Erin: hi James
Harvie: Maybe the MS Java in 6 is flaky
james: how is everyone?
rich--c: OK, just be prepared to lose me every time teh users list changes :=(
Harvie: Hello James
rich--c: good morning, james
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <untitled>
rich--c: I'm using the Sun Java 1.3 (latest)
james: i'll be back and forth - catching up on some work. i' so far behind right now i'm in first place
Pam and Erin: why are you untitled?
rich--c: he isn't, there is a james there
<untitled> changed username to 17-inch Dr.D.
Pam and Erin: wondered about that
james: there we go
rich--c: see? it was Dr. D
Pam and Erin: I know that's why I asked
Harvie: Howdy little Doc
17-inch Dr.D.: Hello all.
rich--c: bragging about his new LCD display, no doubt
james: lol
17-inch Dr.D.: Yes :-)
james: no doubt of course
17-inch Dr.D.: My Powerbook came today.
17-inch Dr.D.: It is running from home, attached to the network cable from the departed 486.
rich--c: a laptop with a 17" display - that is living high on the hog
Harvie: Shipped direct from RONCO?
Pam and Erin created action P/Jeopardy theme
james changed username to james-stepped ou
rich--c: I plan to get a 17" LCD for my desktop but only when the CRT dies on me
Pam and Erin: you sound smug, Rich : )
17-inch Dr.D.: If you want to see some photos, look at
rich--c: rub it in, Rich - tell her the screen is a 16:9 ratio
17-inch Dr.D.: Hehe, we were watching Harry Potter 1 DVD on it a few minutes ago, in true widescreen.
17-inch Dr.D.: All I need are some big external speakers.
rich--c: we hate ya
17-inch Dr.D.: Smug, Pam, haha.
17-inch Dr.D.: Well, a small reward for 12 years of service...
Harvie: Does it have 5.1 on board?
17-inch Dr.D.: ? Harvie?
rich--c: yes, and the workload can undoubtedly easily justify it
Harvie: 5.1 soundcard
17-inch Dr.D.: It has whatever is built-in...
rich--c: it's a working machine, Harvie, what would he be doing with a soundcard ;-)
Pam and Erin: looking
rich--c: the Slopsemas are off camping or something this week, right?
17-inch Dr.D.: Beware, there are no thumbnails.
rich--c: how's the weather on your side of the lake, Rich?
Harvie: No thumbnails, torture or careless
17-inch Dr.D.: In a hurry, Harvie.
17-inch Dr.D.: Rainy all day today, Richard.
17-inch Dr.D.: I was looking through Apple System Profiler and saw no specs on the sound.
(Jeopardy theme plays in the background . . .)
rich--c: you too, huh? our forecast was "increasing cloud" so we got drowned till 6 p.m.
17-inch Dr.D.: So sue me, it took just 10 minutes to make that webpage.
17-inch Dr.D.: The one of just the Powerbook is the 2nd of the 3.
17-inch Dr.D.: The 3rd is a close-up of the screen.
17-inch Dr.D.: The 1st has the surrounding computers.
Harvie: Can you invoke lspci from command line?
rich--c: I'd go look but even if I open a new page I will still likely get booted here
17-inch Dr.D.: It is still as messy in there...many interrupts this week preventing me from getting moved in :-(
17-inch Dr.D.: I get a not-found kind of message from the shell prompt, Harvie.
Harvie: I wondered, they tell me the newer Mac OS's are very unix-like
rich--c: still in teh process of getting familiar with it, I gather
17-inch Dr.D.: They are very Unix-like.
rich--c: Unix or more Linux?
17-inch Dr.D.: I just guess that Linux utility isn't implemented.
Harvie: Of course you can load Linux on it
17-inch Dr.D.: If I load Virtual PC on it :-)
Harvie: Such a nasty thing to do
17-inch Dr.D.: For ADAMcon I will probably have to, to get ADAMEM.
rich--c: Virtual PC - is that the new utility that creates a virtual sub-machine right in your computer?
Harvie: Mandrake has a Mac version
17-inch Dr.D.: It is a PC emulator for Mac, Richard.
Pam and Erin: Healer of Appliances?
rich--c: ah - apparently there is a new freebie utiltiy of that name that goes beyond emulation
17-inch Dr.D.: That's me...if it is broken, I can usually fix it.
Pam and Erin: you're right, it's messy
moved to room Meeting Place
rich--c: OK - is it Guy, Ron or Daniel?
17-inch Dr.D.: Considering all the last-minute work I had to do in the slug lab to make my ex-boss happy, I am lucky it is as clean as it is.
Pam and Erin: at least you can see the floor
Pam and Erin: however, I have only faint hope that you will ever see your desk : )
changed username to Windsor Yuck!
rich--c: looks like Cynthis got home OK
Pam and Erin: c'mon, Aunt C, it can't be that bad
rich--c: or is that Rie chiming in?
17-inch Dr.D.: Most of that stuff goes on the bookshelf.
Windsor Yuck!: yes it can!
Pam and Erin: why?
Harvie: Anyone who has time to tidy his desk is not doing enough work
17-inch Dr.D.: I agree with that.
Windsor Yuck!: Boring
17-inch Dr.D.: Hi Erin's Mom!
Pam and Erin: how was the trip?
Windsor Yuck!: Noisy
rich--c: considering the weather you had here today, I'd think Windsor would be an improvement
17-inch Dr.D.: That's right, it was Erin's birthday this weekend...Happy Belated Birthday, Rin!
Pam and Erin: <E> thank you. I got your card - very cute.
17-inch Dr.D.: Did she get her birthday spankings?
Windsor Yuck!: We have the same weather
17-inch Dr.D.: Thanks Re: card.
17-inch Dr.D.: I figured you would like the customization.
Pam and Erin: I should have had you address our announcements Rich - I haven't seen calligraphy that nice in a long time
rich--c: yes, but you will likely get out of it sooner
Windsor Yuck!: It feels like fall!
Harvie: Here in beautiful Brampton it rained for 15 minutes at 9:00 AM and was nice the rest of the day
rich--c: well, your sister will love that
17-inch Dr.D.: Thanks, Pam.
17-inch Dr.D.: <trying to make thumbnails for you>
rich--c: we didn't see a ray of sunshine till 6 p.m. - go figure
Pam and Erin: it got sunny just in time to heat up the living room
rich--c: looked on the weather radar before going out shopping - it looked like everything had blown by
rich--c: so we came out of teh store into a - well, it was very minor, as deluges go
Harvie: Temp has raised 10 deg c in the last 2 hours
Pam and Erin: raised Harvie?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich--c: shouldn't, Harvie; that was a cold front coming through gave us the rain
Harvie: Was 15 in afternoon, now almost 20
changed username to Daniel B
Pam and Erin: it got cooler, not warmer here
Daniel B: L-O
Pam and Erin: Hello Daniel
Windsor Yuck!: We went the other way with temperature
rich--c: bonsoir, Daniel
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: hi Pam, 'Rin, Rich, Harvie, Dr.D, james "stepped-out", and who?
rich--c: right now we are reading 17
Daniel B: 17?
rich--c: with only one Yank here, I won't translate that into Fahrenheit ;-)
Harvie: Did you get all your tech info on time Daniel?
rich--c: yes, Daniel, how did the meeting go on Saturday?
Daniel B: ho yeah! I received the volumes but not in time for the meeting saturday. I received them yesturday
Daniel B: the meeting was wonderful
rich--c: how do they look to you on first glance?
Daniel B: I had just enough time to enter and I started presenting new coleco projects... during 4 or 5 hours.
Harvie: Well half the price of a stamp is for postage, the other half is for storage :)
rich--c: do you have the August Civic Holiday in Quebec?
rich--c: yes, if they missed Friday, then there's no delivery Saturday or Sunday and maybe Monday
rich--c: what sort of a meeting was it, Daniel? Gamers only? 8-bitters only?
Daniel B: the meeting was video games collectors meenting, where members talk, play, trade and sale video games.
rich--c: all machines or just the classic ones, Daniel?
rich--c: test
Daniel B: basically, the classic ones.
17-inch Dr.D.: eins zwei drei
Daniel B: but it was extended to the new ones
rich--c: essentially the 8-bit machines - though does that include the GameBoys?
Pam and Erin: I don't know how to spell four and five !
Daniel B: F-O-U-R A-N-D F-I-V-E :p
Pam and Erin: thanks Daniel - now do it in German
rich--c: did you sell any of your games, Daniel, or buy any for that matter?
rich--c: Cynthis, you're very quiet - all talked out?
Daniel B: only one game, I mostly show new projects.
Daniel B: and babelfish (altavista) said that four and five can be translated by "VIER UND F▄NF"
rich--c: giving them a preview of coming attractions
rich--c: how much interest did they draw, Daniel?
Daniel B: there was a big interrest on new coleco projects.
Daniel B: Dale Wick was there too. It was a big surprise.
rich--c: that's great - now design one to use the fancy joysticks so I can sell them :-)
Pam and Erin: Dale was there???
Daniel B: yeah!
rich--c: really? Dale was there? that is a BIG surprise
Daniel B: he show me projects is doing
Daniel B: on his laptop
rich--c: th0ought he was to busy running photo kiosks
Daniel B: he was iwth his familly in Montreal... vacation. they visit "Insectarium" before he came to the meeting
rich--c: still - he arranged to be in Montreal on a day he could come to the meeting, which says something
Windsor Yuck!: I had agreat time with Frances and would like to do it again soon Richard
rich--c: hey, you leaving out the kids? they'll be hurt!
Daniel B: Well, I talked about the meeting after we received an email from him, a reply about my rpg idea?
Daniel B: He asked me more information about the meeting, and VOIL└
rich--c: at least now you have a daughter with a spare bed here!
rich--c: did you know someone once did a D&D role-player for the Adam?
rich--c: I think it was done in BASIC so it would be pretty primitive
Daniel B: I don't know much things about the adam, except what you said here.
rich--c: well, once you finish the Hackers Guide you will know a lot more!
rich--c: Dr. D - when you look at an Adam board from the front, which of the ROMs is the Smartwriter one?
Daniel B: but, I know now how Dale works, how he looks like, and it feel strange to see someone like Dale using my tools on his laptop.
rich--c: I should think, given Dale's expertise, that you would be very proud
Daniel B: He's using five computer (at work? at home?). I have only one and it's always big trouble.
rich--c: well, he's likely working in *nix which is a lot more stable than Windoze
rich--c: in fact, you're still using Windows 98, aren't you, Daniel?
Daniel B: He chat with two friends about cool projects to do, and it's always original game concepts, no space games, more like normal life.
rich--c: sort of wandering towards the Sims trail?
Daniel B: I'm still using Win98... well, it's a WIN98SE. But I'm using only what I bought.
Daniel B: or what I programmed. ;-)
rich--c: right, I have Win98SE too, but there are so many dynamite freebie programs out there I've bought very little
Windsor Yuck!: Richard remind Frances to send me the pictures please.
rich--c: OK, just a second while I holler at her
17-inch Dr.D.: Okay, the new webpage is up,
17-inch Dr.D.: There are now thumbnails,Harvie.
Daniel B: I give to Dale a copy of my Gamepack#2 project. He also took some pictures of me during the meeting.
rich--c: she says she hasnt done it yet but she will
Windsor Yuck!: Garth says 98se is Garbage
Windsor Yuck!: XPPro is better
Harvie: Oh you meant photo thumbnails!
rich--c: well, it isn't as stable as it ought to be, it's vulnerable and has bad habits
17-inch Dr.D.: I have to logout for a bit, BRB.
17-inch Dr.D. left chat session
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Daniel B: Well, except the job and the color of my hair and add french language, Dale me be my twin.
rich--c: but you can introduce it to reasonable standards of performance and make it quite tolerable
changed username to Guy B.
Pam and Erin: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from Aurora
Pam and Erin: We missed you last week
Daniel B: Hello Guy!
rich--c: and besides, you don't have to beg Bill Gates' permissin to install a new hard disc when you original dies
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie: Hi Guy
changed username to 17-inch Dr.D.
rich--c: so what are you doing out in the suburbs, Guy? is the reason spelled Karen
17-inch Dr.D.: Bin zurčckgekommen.
Guy B.: I'm at my girlfriends
Windsor Yuck!: Not if you have XP Pro
17-inch Dr.D.: Rats it ate my u-umlaut.
17-inch Dr.D.: Hello Guy.
Daniel B: I didn't know that Dale is looking like me. We were the only two guys with a beard. But we were not the only coleco programmer at the meeting
Pam and Erin: it that like "the cat ate my gymshorts" Rich?
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Well guys, I should be back next week. My girlfriend is going to bob me. I'll see you all next week.
changed username to rich@c
Guy B. left chat session
rich@c: OK, was it Rich leaving or Guy coming in did me dirt ;-)
Pam and Erin: say hi for us Guy and we'll see you next week
rich@c: see you then, Guy
rich@c requested to ban rich--c
Harvie confirmed ban
17-inch Dr.D. confirmed ban
Windsor Yuck! confirmed ban
Daniel B: it looks like babelfish doesn't like your german text, I only translate the word RATS to something : Advice.
rich@c: ok, am I still here?
Windsor Yuck! left chat session
Pam and Erin: Cynthia says goodnight, everyone
17-inch Dr.D.: Rat is "advice" or "counsel".
17-inch Dr.D.: Bye Ms. Erin's Mom!
Daniel B: bonne nuit Cynthia
17-inch Dr.D.: Ra"tzel is "puzzle".
17-inch Dr.D.: I had tried to write "bin zuru"ckgekommen", but it ate the u-umlaut. It was to mean "I'm back" or "I have returned".
Harvie: Those Germans have their own word for everything don't they ")
Daniel B: babelfish doesn't know ratzel
17-inch Dr.D.: Babelfish ist ein Dummkopf!
(17-inch Dr.D.'s head explodes!)
(17-inch Dr.D. reboots 17-inch Dr.D.'s computer remotely.)
17-inch Dr.D.: We are a talkative bunch tonight, aren't we?
Pam and Erin: not particularly
17-inch Dr.D.: Blah blah blah
Daniel B: babelfish says : "Geduldsspiel" for "Patience play"
17-inch Dr.D.: Es ist immer zu spa"t zu lernen, aber manchmals ist es zu fru"h!
17-inch Dr.D.: "It's never too late to learn, but sometimes it's too early!"
17-inch Dr.D.: My German teacher had a Charlie Brown poster with that phrase, with C.B. resting his head on his desk.
Daniel B: babelfish says : "It is to be learned always too spa"t, but some times is it too fru"h!"
17-inch Dr.D.: You might have to enter ae for a-unlaut and ue for u-umlaut, Daniel.
Daniel B: maybe but your text doesn't have these words
Pam and Erin changed username to Erin and Pam
17-inch Dr.D.: /
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich-c
Daniel B: Did I says that Dale Wick was at the meeting saturday ?
Rich-c: wow, did I get crashed out
Rich-c: yes, Daniel, that you did
Rich-c: did the rest of you get booted too?
Daniel B: Sorry if I repeat but it was so a good time.
Harvie: Not I rich
Rich-c: I ended up having to give it the three-finger salute to get out
Daniel B: he says 4 words in french, and I was so impresse that my english was more inaudible than normal.
Rich-c: I think Dale actually has about as much French as the rest of us - read it fairly well, but speaking is a problem
Daniel B: But I realized that programming is multi-lingual.
Daniel B: when we had a communication problem, he show me on screen what he wanted to say.
Rich-c: there is a big difference between reading a different langauge and speaking it
Rich-c requested to ban rich@c
17-inch Dr.D. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
17-inch Dr.D.: Right...some ancient languages we can read, but don't really know how to pronounce them.
Rich-c: now, am I still here?
Daniel B: Well, having a laptop too, we probably tried to "chat" by writing text on screen more than talking.
17-inch Dr.D.: Egyptian hieroglyphics being one.
17-inch Dr.D.: We know all the consonants, but the Egyptians never wrote in the vowels (like in Hebrew).
Rich-c: yes, that can make for definite problems
Rich-c: and they write up and down, don't they?
17-inch Dr.D.: Hebrew is right to left, so is Egyptian.
17-inch Dr.D.: But the Egyptians could make their stuff in local vertical blocks, too.
17-inch Dr.D.: Or rearrange the symbols to make it more artistic,
Rich-c: I'll take your word for it - left my Rosetta stone in the otehr room ;-)
17-inch Dr.D.: I got Christina a book from the British Museum about translating hieroglyphs, it is quite extensive.
Rich-c: yes - I believe the leading Egyptologists wre largely British
17-inch Dr.D.: Yes.
17-inch Dr.D.: Though the main decipher was a Frenchman, Champollion IIRC.
Rich-c: I do believe you're right, Rich
Rich-c: I see the server is slowing down again - that's a bad sign
Daniel B: when he comes to the meeting, he didn't know which one was me, so he asked to someone where I was. He sit down close to the tv screen where i showed coleco projects. Seeing someone new at the meeting is not anormal, I said to myself that it's a new club member or a friend of a member. When he said "hi! I'm Dale" I was so surprised, wow!
james-stepped ou confirmed ban
james-stepped ou confirmed ban
17-inch Dr.D.: Decipherer, I meant.
17-inch Dr.D.: Looks like I am not updating again...
17-inch Dr.D.: Boom, it all came back at once.
17-inch Dr.D.: Maybe it is time for coleco again...
Rich-c: I would bet you wre! It's like the time we dropped in unannounced at the Orlando AUG
Rich-c: interestingly, a number of folks spotted the Ontario plate in the parking lot and guessed
Harvie: What browser do you use on the Mac Rich?
17-inch Dr.D.: We never had any unexpected drop-bys to the B.A.S.I.C. meetings.
(A dog howls in the distance)
17-inch Dr.D.: Safari and Exploder.
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel B: he looks like me, we were probably done with the same "frame", or it's the result of too many hours of programming. :-P
17-inch Dr.D.: Safari seems to be unstable sometimes.
changed username to rich-C
17-inch Dr.D.: It doesn't like the chat client as well as Exploder.
rich-C: bounced again
Erin and Pam: coleco sounds like a very good idea
17-inch Dr.D.: Time for coleco, it is up, I am there.
Erin and Pam: we are going
Erin and Pam left chat session
Harvie: Is exploder ported to the Mac?
rich-C: sheesh, what did Pamela do, anyway?
17-inch Dr.D. left chat session
Harvie: Went to Doc's site
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to 17-inch Dr.D.
rich-C: bet she forgot to open a new copy of Exploder
(rich-C gives rich-C a nice tall frosty Guinness)
17-inch Dr.D. requested to ban 17-inch Dr.D.
Harvie confirmed ban
rich-C confirmed ban
Harvie: What's the URL for Doc's site?
Daniel B: I have this impression that everyone is going to the secondary chat
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel B:
changed username to 17-inch Dr.D.
rich-C: - it's an http:// I think
17-inch Dr.D.: All the rest are over at coleco.
rich-C: you mean the secondary site?
17-inch Dr.D.: Yes.
17-inch Dr.D.: Seems to be more stable...YMMV.
rich-C: then let's all go - it doesn't crash me out
rich-C: see you all there
rich-C left chat session
Harvie: OK I'm gone
Harvie left chat session
17-inch Dr.D. left chat session
Daniel B left chat session
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changed username to james
james left chat session
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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