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rich-c: bon apres-midi, Daniel
rich-c: refresh
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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Rich! I were away from my computer
Daniel Bienvenu: I went to the "fetes de la nouvelle france"
rich-c: so I gathered
rich-c: so how are th9ings?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, honnestly, it was better last year
rich-c: ah - is that a sort of celebration for the tourists? an historical pageant?
Daniel Bienvenu: only the costs are higher.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe you should take a look at the official web site
rich-c: I may do so later - what is it?
rich-c: I have a question or two for you about your video gaming friends
rich-c: do they use and play the classic video games?
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: go ahead! what is your question?
rich-c: do they get involved with the actual old game machines or is it all emulation?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's a video games collectors club where nostalgic guys like me are welcome to share the same passion about video games systems, video games. it was mostly for classic game systems but it extended with most recent one.
Daniel Bienvenu: some talk about emulation but it's mostly a passion about these good old electronic games.
rich-c: my interest is in the Colecovision users specifically
rich-c: you do know, do you not, that I can offer a fair bit of Coleco stuff for sale?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, i didn't know that. But members of this club have more than one specific game collection. of coure each member have his prefered system and prefered collection, but it's always in evolution.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that there are many colecovisions owner in this club, but it's not all of them who collect all coleco things as possible to find.
rich-c: I have some Colecovision machines that work, joysticks, joystick extension cords
rich-c: I have some Super Action Controllers, roller contollers, other stuff
rich-c: I can supply photocopies of the manuals for most of the games
Daniel Bienvenu: Steve Bégin meet Dale Wick during the last meeting. Steve Bégin is a big fan of CoelcoVision and Coleco ADAM. His Coleco Adam is in good shape and his childhood was with this coleco adam computer.
rich-c: well with Steve or any of them, feel free to give them my email address if they are looking for stuff
rich-c: I have a lot of Adam software too and some hardware like dual serial ports
Daniel Bienvenu: I may try something more "at large" by writing a message in the forum to let them know that you have coleco stuff.
rich-c: OK but in that case do not post my email address - the spambots troll them regularly and I have spam enough already
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem, we have a system for "private messages" (this service came with the forum system) I will told them to write me a private message to have your email to contact you.
rich-c: you can tell them that at the handle I use is blueboxer2 (but phrase it as I just did)
rich-c: that is one of my sacrificial webmail addresses but I check it regularly
Daniel Bienvenu: sacrificial? you mean one with spams?
rich-c: no, it is one I use but can afford to sacrifice if the spambots find it
Daniel Bienvenu: i see
rich-c: obviously the longer I can keep it spam-free the better but I can afford to close it if necessary
rich-c: do you not have an email address or two like that?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm now in the web site... i don't see any email service
rich-c: under the banner - look at the top of the right-hand column of ads
Daniel Bienvenu: i had more than one email addresses but there are all closed by me or by the service provider.
rich-c: yes, I had one or two freebie websites close on me too, or in hotmail's case get too clogged with ads
rich-c: but I now have three "diversionary" webmail addresses
Daniel Bienvenu: I have one email I use to find a job. newcoleco it's not a good email address to find a serious job.
Daniel Bienvenu: i have one email address where tons of spam go there.
rich-c: I agree - I assume the ISP that you use provides an address or two?
Daniel Bienvenu: i let the service provider close it, anyway I forget the password.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, i don't use the emails the ISP gives me
rich-c: I still have my original address with my ISP, the webmail is to divert spam
rich-c: just lets me see how far I can trust certain websites
rich-c: anyway, I write down all of my passwords
Daniel Bienvenu: i still don't catach where to go on
rich-c: OK, I can't go to the website right now without being dumped
rich-c: but if you are on it, look at the advertising banner and stuff across the top
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, i see these menus
Daniel Bienvenu: below the banner
rich-c: then look down the right-hand column of the web page
Daniel Bienvenu: newspaper, television, cities, channels, classifieds, radio
rich-c: below the banner stuff you should see a little insert about "Canada .com services"
rich-c: OK, hold on a minute - if I get dumped I will come back
rich-c: right - now under teh words National Post - Global national
Daniel Bienvenu: mail?
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Daniel Bienvenu: ok, i see mail
rich, back: sorry, I think I hit the wrong key and dumped myself
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich-c
rich, back confirmed ban
rich, back: right - that's it, that's where I cto get into the mail server
rich, back: "click to..."
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, so your mail is blue... at this mail service
rich, back: not mine - the pages are white
rich, back: I wonder if they have a different page for Quebec users?
rich, back: websites if they want to can tell where you are and guess at the language
Daniel Bienvenu: no I mean your username bluesomething... it's for the email address
rich, back: yes, that's right -blueboxer2 at
Daniel Bienvenu: ok that's clear now. so they don't have to go to this web site
rich, back: (remember these chat pages are archived, public, and are rawled by spambots
rich, back: no, they just type it in like any other email address, it's just that I have to go fetch it, it doesn't come to me
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, no "POP3" service
rich, back: right - I can't do it on one click like I can with my Tamco service
Daniel Bienvenu: i had the same problem with my "over spamed" email address.
rich, back: anyway, if you have folks need hardware or documentation, I can help
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! i copy the infos i need and i will write a message on the forum later
rich, back: yes, hotmail especially becomes overloaded with spam very quickly, even if your address is never publicly posted
Daniel Bienvenu: for me, it wasn't hotmail ... it was another one, from france.
rich, back: also, I prefer an email address that isn't blatantly a webmail address, like or
rich, back: is really American, of course, but they are very good at shutting down spammers
rich, back changed username to rich-c
rich-c: when I have complained to their abuse department they have acted quickly and decisively
Daniel Bienvenu: it wasn't
Daniel Bienvenu: my spamed email address is at, and it was a web site service with emails.
rich-c: oh, another one - I just happened to notice you used for your newcoleco
Daniel Bienvenu: I use newcoleco at yahoo because my web site is on geocities
Daniel Bienvenu: but the spam i received is not too big and i have a good spam filter on yahoo and on my computer
rich-c: right - free hosting service, though they are getting too addicted to popups and stuff
rich-c: I use Mailwasher so I see all messages while they are still on the ISP server and can delete them from there
Daniel Bienvenu: I found a free hosting service, without popus and banners. it looks too good to be true.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't try it yet
rich-c: there are a number around, that can be found with a Google search
Daniel Bienvenu: with 15 meg of space
rich-c: that's nice if you're only posting small files, as would be teh case with 8-bit
Daniel Bienvenu: well, except my tools for windows
rich-c: forget what Tamco offers - I think it's about 10 meg
rich-c: yes, when you get into Windows, files bloat in a hurry! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using 2 yahoo accounts to support my coleco web site
rich-c: aha - if it's too much, split - right!
Daniel Bienvenu: it's what i did
Daniel Bienvenu: one if full of tools, the other one is full of new roms and scanned manuals
rich-c: good thinking - you could even have a third "backup" website off geocities too, I suspect
rich-c: yes, I have the ROMs for most of the games, in emulator format
Daniel Bienvenu: geocities bandwitdh limit is the worst thing I never see before. if someone download my tools, the next visitor may not reach my web site.
rich-c: yes, the big outfits I guess have to be chintzy about that - I suspect that explains many 404s
rich-c: there is a charity site I go to that may be having that problem now
rich-c: it's one where every time you click in an ad, a small amount is dontad to charity
rich-c: I could hope recent 404s mean they have so many donors they're using up the bandwidth!
rich-c: (test)
Daniel Bienvenu: (
rich-c: yes. I went away to check something for a minute, and wanted to make sure I hadn't got dumped
Daniel Bienvenu: you still there... me too
rich-c: also interesting - despite my troubles Wednesday nights, I rarely get dumped on Saturdays
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm also plying with a tamagotchi, seeing if i can take care of a stupid monster
rich-c: as I think I've suggested before, the limit of my gaming interest is Free Cell (a variety of Solitaire)
Daniel Bienvenu: possible explanation : too many in the list or too many text in the text zone can make your java applet unstable.
Daniel Bienvenu: did you go to the adamcon this year?
rich-c: this is despite the fact that I've got an archive of maybe 80 or more Colecovision cartridges
Daniel Bienvenu: er... i think it's "do you go..."
Daniel Bienvenu: I have also 80 cartridges too
rich-c: no, I cannot go to Adamcon
rich-c: my doctor doesn't want me out of southern Ontario until my heart is stabilized
rich-c: I will be making an appointment with a hospital cardiologist likely tomorrow when he returns from vacation
rich-c: re java: I have noticed that I tend to get bumped when there is an addition or deletion from the list
Daniel Bienvenu: this way, it could be the applet, or something weird about the virtual machine (VM) installed in your windows.
Daniel Bienvenu: and about your health, it's true that you must take care of you first.
rich-c: well, I have had the odd Blue Screen of Death reporting an error in VMX....
rich-c: it was my "general" cardiologist who wants me to see the hospita;l guy
Daniel Bienvenu: well, on my computer, I have no blue screen... except when my windows try to write on my digital camera.
rich-c: it's to talk about cardioversion - the electrical jolt Bob was talking about a while ago
Daniel Bienvenu: it's only said in blue screen that this device cannot be writable.
rich-c: you are using Windows 98SE, aren't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: to fix all the blue screen i simply add the vxd files asked by the system to avoid using the vmm.vxd file as a general vxd file.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i'm using windows 98se
rich-c: OK, you are beyond me in that but I think I get the general idea
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost easy
rich-c: well, next time I get a BSOD I will try and figure out what's going on
rich-c: are the files the blue screen wants on the Windows disc?
Daniel Bienvenu: go to your "config system" and check all the drivers used by all the devices
Daniel Bienvenu: installed on your computer
Daniel Bienvenu: you may see some vmm.vxd with another file name inside "(" and ")"
rich-c: you have to be kidding - that would be a life's work1 ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: you have to take from the windows cd these files mentionned inside the "(" and ")" marks
Daniel Bienvenu: right now, i see that I need ntkern.vxd
rich-c: OK - I am trying to look through the clutter on my desk to see where I wrote down the BSOD message
Daniel Bienvenu: by checking details for my pci ethernet card drivers
Daniel Bienvenu: i can see c:\windows\system\vmm32.vxd (ntkern.vxd)
rich-c: yes, when I get the sequw
Daniel Bienvenu: so, if I take my windows cd and ask to extract and install ntkern.vxd file, vmm32.vxd will not be used anymore for this driver.
rich-c: OK, when I get a cascade of BSODs I notice I end up getting down to the kernel
Daniel Bienvenu: on my computer, I reach "informations système microsoft" (msinfo32.exe)
Daniel Bienvenu: and I go to the "outils" (tools) menu
rich-c: you are far deeper into this sort of thing than I can go
Daniel Bienvenu: Then I select "Vérificateur des fichiers système" and select the option Extract and install.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, to make it more simple : Start -> Run -> msinfo32.exe
Daniel Bienvenu: tools menu
Daniel Bienvenu: probably for you "check files system"
rich-c: I keep forgetting you use the French language version - fenetres? ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: then select "extract file from cd installation"
Daniel Bienvenu: and type the filename you want
Daniel Bienvenu: it will ask for the windows cd and the rest is up to your windows
rich-c: I would have to be pretty adventurous to do that, but it could happen
Daniel Bienvenu: all you have to do it take a note of all the vxd files you need to install by checking your system configuration
rich-c: btw, I do have the Windows Resource Kit for 98SE if that is any help (all 1800 pages of it)
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, this adventure will make your system more stable if you do it right
rich-c: it's that "if you do it right" that poses the problem
rich-c: after all, I can barely type without the strangest misprints
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if you asked for the files you needed, it will be ok
rich-c: still, I have Norton and just downloaded something called Regisrty Mechanic
Daniel Bienvenu: and no more blue screen if you did it
rich-c: that is a powerful incentive, Daniel
rich-c: that's related to the "page fault" BSOD, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i have the Norton systemworks and systemmachanic. but it doesn't suggest install these vxd files asked by your system
rich-c: I am not greatly impressed with Norton, I must admit
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, right now, I'm asking to install ntkern.vxd asked by my ethernet card
Daniel Bienvenu: "from where you want to restore this file?" he ask
rich-c: well, I have an ethernet card, and a 8-port hub, but I'm still trying to figure out how to connect to my laptop
rich-c: it doesn't help that the laptop is normally not connected, of course
Daniel Bienvenu: I said "browse..." -> my windows cd.
rich-c: that can take a while if you don't know whre what you want is hiding
Daniel Bienvenu: "do you want to backup your file before erasing it?" he asked
Daniel Bienvenu: this mean if this file already exist, are you are sure to want to overwrite it
rich-c: don't you just love those Windows messages?
Daniel Bienvenu: if so, i can do a copy of this file
rich-c: does it offer to compare dates for which is newest?
rich-c: let's see - if the VXD file is already there, you you're loading teh VMM, is there a path problem?
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! it's why I checked on my deveices configuration and i saw that ntkern.vxd wasn't installed yet nad the system used "vmm32.vxd" by "default" and this cause sometimes blue screens
rich-c: (don't you love the way I ask these things as if I knew what I was talking about?)
Daniel Bienvenu: the ntkern.vxd file is extracted and installed. I will see the result when restarting
rich-c: I really should look into this - I have a lot of TSR programs on my machine
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the VMM folder is normally C:\windows\system\vmm32
Daniel Bienvenu: but simply check which vxd files you need by loking at Config -> System -> (probably) Devices then choose a device and check for drivers -> details
rich-c: OK - I
Daniel Bienvenu: if you see "vmm32.vxd (blahblah.vxd) " it's because the system is looking for "blahblah.vxd" file
rich-c: ve learned a new trick - when you give me a hint I highlight it and use Contol-C
rich-c: which of course means that it goes to teh clipboard but is erased the next time I do it
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I hope that will help you in the futur
rich-c: anyway, I have a freebie program called Clip Cache
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe, yeah! you told me about this software
Daniel Bienvenu: I still didn't try it
rich-c: and it records everything copied to the Clipboard - in effect, it opens your Clipboard history
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's time to eat soon
rich-c: well. here, I've highlighted stuff you've told me, copied, then gone on to the next
rich-c: I can go back later and retrieve it, that's the advantage
rich-c: yes, and I need my walk for health - see you Wednesday?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, see you wednesday
rich-c: OK - enjoy your dinner; see you then
rich-c: bye now
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