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Dale: Just an uptime check.
Dale: It looks okay.
Dale left chat session
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rich-c: a ton retour - salut, Daniel
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changed username to Rin / Pam
Rin / Pam: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: hi daughter and niece
rich-c: I gather Rin has the keyboard at the moment
Rin / Pam: Pam will be here in a few minutes she has to go move her car
Rin / Pam: I do :-)
rich-c: well, keep it warm - you'll have your own computer soon
Rin / Pam: yay!!!!
rich-c: there will be issues - don't know what you will want to do about a printer
Rin / Pam: I'm not worried about a printer right now luckily
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rich-c: and you wil have to make your own deal with John at Tamco about service
Rin / Pam: okie doke
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Rin / Pam: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello! yes, I'm not late! this time! :-)
rich-c: I think you wil want to go dialup, Rin - it's $100 for 6 months
Rin / Pam: that sounds like a plan yes
Rin / Pam: not too expensive either
rich-c: oh, he takes Visa, and will likely do it over the phone
Rin / Pam: ok, good to know
rich-c: he lives and runs the shop from Orillia but comes into the Toronto office regularly
Rin / Pam: okay, cool
rich-c: I wil also have to show you the things you must do and things you must NOT do
Rin / Pam: yes and how to defrag also
rich-c: but you will end up with a seriously fun machine with a lot of good stuff on it
Rin / Pam: hehe :-)
rich-c: right, I did the scandisc and defrag on it last night - took hours
Rin / Pam: yikes
rich-c: but then I'd been deleting tons of outdated and useless garbage
Rin / Pam: ahhh
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changed username to Dr. D.
Rin / Pam: hi Rich
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, no nibbles yet on teh CV stuff, but it's early days yet
Dr. D.: Hello Rin.
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr. D.: Interesting that you are starting with the keyboard :-)
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Dr. D.: Hi Richard.
changed username to Moving On Up
Rin / Pam: Pam will be back soon...she's currently moving her car
rich-c: just teling Rin I hope to have "her" computer ready for pickup Friday evening
Moving On Up: hello hello every1
Rin / Pam: hey Chickpea
Dr. D.: Hmmm...George Jefferson?
Moving On Up: hi low
Rin / Pam: hehe
Moving On Up: yeppers
Dr. D.: Weezie Jefferson?
rich-c: hello Rie
Moving On Up: sure y not
Dr. D.: Rie is moving up?
Moving On Up: hi uncle richard
Dr. D.: Up to what?
rich-c: yes, Rie, what's that handle all about?
Moving On Up: an appt in da sky silly
Dr. D.: East Side of Toronto?
Moving On Up: i'm moving sept 1 st
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changed username to Guy B.
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rich-c: no, Rie is in Windsor - a city south of Detroit
Dr. D.: Dee-lux apartment?
Rin / Pam: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings, I have returned.
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
changed username to Harvie
Moving On Up: yep
Dr. D.: Veni vedi vici.
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: hello Guy - you got enough time off from your social life to say hello, I see ;-)
Dr. D.: Hi Harvie.
rich-c: hi Harvie, how's it doing?
Guy B.: Well Karen needed some help the last couple of weeks.
Moving On Up: rin i'm sooooooooooo excited i went anfd bought "stuff" today
Rin / Pam: very very cool
rich-c: computer help or more general help, Guy?
Harvie: Did I miss much after the shift last week?
Rin / Pam: green bathroom
Rin / Pam: blue kitchen
Guy B.: Both
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry if i'm quiet tonight
rich-c: I gather the relationship continues to flourish, then
Dr. D.: Some computer archaeology tonight: in a box of stuff dating from my early post-Ph.D. period, I found a CompuServe 1.4 boot disk, and an EarthLink 1.5 2-disk set.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm answering my emails
Guy B.: Oh yes. I'm meeting her daughter this Saturday.
rich-c: hey Daniel, I'm surprised if anyone can get a word in edgewise at the moment
Dr. D.: What kinda stuff did you buy, Marie?
Dr. D.: And will they let you have your kitty?
Rin / Pam: yes what about Spaz too?
Rin / Pam: and Two thumbs?
Dr. D.: Also good news for convention: ADAMEM works great in Virtual PC 6.1 Mac.
Guy B.: I'm wearing my Mt. Washington sweatshirt I bought last year for this unseasonably cool weather we have here.
rich-c: besides you and Ron, who in teh group uses Apples?
Rin / Pam: <P> it's not that cool in Chicago is it?
Moving On Up: not too sure about the cats yet
rich-c: right - that cold front will have passed you by now, and it's chill behind
Dr. D.: Hope they let you keep 'em.
Harvie: I have an SE-30
rich-c: due on our doorstep in about three hours - just in tike to spoil the Perseid meteor show :=(
Guy B.: That's great Dr D. BTW, I'm writing a new Qbasic program that will combine all the Qbasic/batch files with one program that will do the same thing. I'm halfway coding it in aleady.
Dr. D.: Yes, no Perseids here tonight, too cloudy.
Dr. D.: Two years running, sigh.
rich-c: really? your skies looked quite clear on teh weather radar, Rich
Dr. D.: BTW, my cleaned-up office can be seen at
Dr. D.: Looks icky to me right now...
Guy B.: All cloudy here in Chicago and it's been like this all day.
rich-c: I guess the radar only shows clouds with rain in them - have to get teh satellite photos for cloud cover
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again! I answered my emails. so, what is going on here?
Dr. D.: Low hazy cloudcover, only bits of open sky (just went out to look).
rich-c: we're talking about tonight's meteor shower, Daniel
rich-c: starts at midnight, look to the northeast
Dr. D.: It's the 11th and 12th, so I will hope for some tomorrow.
Dr. D.: Though I can't stay up too late tomorrow, I have to drive to Indianapolis on Friday morning.
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich-c I suppose it's not all the ccjvq members who check regulary the forum.
Guy B.: Got the news that Abby doesn't have Cushings Disease. But, I'm getting a second opinion to be sure.
rich-c: well, tonight anyway we'll be having a case of orange sky
Dr. D.: Red in the west, the days are best.
rich-c: @Daniel - no urgency; they aren't going anywhere for a while
Harvie: Red sky at night means the barn is on fire
rich-c: our orange sky comes from street lighting reflecting off cloud or haze :=(
Rin / Pam: that sounds about right Harvie
Guy B.: Looks like the girls are quiet. Why don't I go wake them up.
Rin / Pam: you have orange sky?? <P>where are you living?
(Guy B. gives Rin / Pam a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.: Orange street lighting? Ick, you must have those nasty sodium-vapor lamps.
rich-c: well, he lives out there in the bush, where things are different ;-)
Dr. D.: Let sleeping girls lie.
Dr. D.: (said from experience)
Rin / Pam: thanks for the pop
rich-c: amen, Doc
(Dr. D. gives Rin / Pam some poutine.)
(Dr. D. stops and smells the flowers.)
Guy B.: Well Pam. You haven't asked me much about Karen.
Rin / Pam: mmmmm poutine
Harvie: That's the only time they can't lie
Rin / Pam: dessert??
Dr. D.: <atchoo!>
(Dr. D. gives Rin / Pam a yummy bar of chocolate.)
rich-c: hey, I went for the nine-month examination of my hip today
Dr. D.: And the verdict, Richard?
Guy B.: How does it look Rich?
Rin / Pam: bless you my child
(Dr. D. gives Rin / Pam a glass of cranberry juice.)
Rin / Pam: <P> haven't had time
Rin / Pam: I have control....sorry Guy
rich-c: the doctor looked so pleased with himself it would have been disgusting if it weren't so reassuring
Dr. D.: He covets your hip as a specimen for his anatomical museum, most likely :-)
rich-c: anyway Guy we have all been most eager to hear about Karen - spill it, man!
Guy B.: That's Ok. I know you guys have missed me the last couple of weeks.
rich-c: could be, Rich, but he's have to wait a while yet
Guy B.: Ok, I'm finally going to meet her 6 year old daughter Emaily this Saturday.
rich-c: does she have only the one child?
Guy B.: She also has a 9 year old son who is autistic.
Daniel Bienvenu: I checked and I saw the advice for the meteor shower in the newspaper.
Guy B.: He also can be destructive and violent. A trait from her ex-husband.
rich-c: ouch - that means very special handling, though in some cases it can be very rewarding
rich-c: right, Daniel - are you far enough out from Quebec to have a relatively dark sky?
Guy B.: Also, I have a very smart girl on my hands. She use to teach 1st grade and she wants to get back into that.
Rin / Pam: <P> what's she doing now Guy?
Guy B.: I helped her with a very lengthy online job application last Wednesday and Sunday.
rich-c: I remember we had an autistic girl at the high school wher4e I worked
Guy B.: She is working in a retail store part-time.
rich-c: we had to bend a lot of rules and make a lot of special allowances
rich-c: but she legitimately got her high school graduation certificate
rich-c: and the school folks wre as proud of that as her parents'
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : no, but I already saw some "flying stars" in the sky here... i suppose I only saw the brithest ones.
Dr. D.: The aliens are landing, Daniel.
rich-c: yes -etoiles volantes? they will be thickest from midnight to 2 a.m.
Dr. D.: Interesting...I always remember 2-4 AM as being best, after that, the sun is starting to come up.
Guy B.: Karen's cat slipped out of her apartment two weeks ago and she was really devistated. Well, Monday he came back home. All dirty and a little scratched up, but he's Ok otherwise. She's happy to have him back.
rich-c: I'm going by the columns in the Star and Discover
Dr. D.: Hehe, Tom out on the prowl...
Daniel Bienvenu: don't talk about ufo... i saw one when i was young but everyone think I had too big imagination.
rich-c: after two weeks life on teh street, he decided there's no place like home :-)
rich-c: really, Daniel, all that means is that you saw something in the sky you couldn't identify
Guy B.: Well, she looked all over the place for him and I was going to tell her about a friend of mine that a had a litter this week. But, now the cat is back. No need for a kitten.
rich-c: I'm sure we have all had that sort of experience one time or another
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, this is my ufo story
Dr. D.: I never left home for a week on the streets, Richard :-)
rich-c: go for it, Daniel
Guy B.: Karen was homeless at one time.
rich-c: that's a statement that needs qualification, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: it was late during summer... in a camping at the Prince Edward Island.
rich-c: was it the result of splitting with her ex and no shelter available?
Guy B.: Ok, her ex-husband drained the bank accounts and kicked her out of the house until she found an apartment.
Dr. D.: Ouch, I am sorry Guy, I had no way to know...was just making a silly joke...being truly homeless is nothing to joke about.
rich-c: yes, PEI - open horizons and dark skies, good viewing
Daniel Bienvenu: I asked my parents to use this opportunity to see stars we don't saw in town.
Dr. D.: :-( :-( :-(
Guy B.: But, she's getting back on her feet with a little help from me.
rich-c: well, an aopreciative and helpful male may be what she needs right now
Guy B.: I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and I think it's helping her.
rich-c: sympathy and support can go a very long way, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: that night, my parents, my brother, my little sisters and I were at an activity organized by the camping: singing songs around a big fire.
Guy B.: She's already told me I'm the best man to come along in a long time. Guess that's what she needed.
Guy B.: She even got me and Abby a few gifts.
Daniel Bienvenu: after this activity, we returned to our tent but my mother remember that I suggested to look at the sky.
rich-c: right - in teh quiet of the evening, Daniel
rich-c: it must have been quite late to be dark in PEI in summer
Guy B.: Where's Bounty Bob tonight?
rich-c: good question - I though he was supposed to be back this week
Guy B.: I'm going to send my final payment to him for the con.
Dr. D.: Hee Hee I am long paid up :-)
Dr. D.: Just hoping Continental doesn't mess with the flights at the last minute.
rich-c: well, you will have to see how well the two of you integrate, Guy
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Guy B.: Anyway, where have I been the last two Wednesdays? With her. One was to celebrate and last week to bring her to see her mom.
rich-c: much caution is in order, Guy, when you have two people both sort of on teh bunce
rich-c: on the bounce
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Well, we are going on the slow road. But, we are getting closer with other more.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, was dumped
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel - you hit the wrong key?
Dr. D.: Aliens riding a meteor, Danile.
Dr. D.: Daniel.
Dr. D.: Hey Richard, you should go cruising tonight in the Meteor :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe, I lost the focus because a stupid application so i writed my story nowhere then poof
Dr. D.: Go to a drive-in or something :-)
Guy B.: Now, I do have one bump that hit me. But, we worked that out.
Daniel Bienvenu: I continue my story
rich-c: the temptation is strong, Rich
rich-c: I expect a lot of kidding on teh chat board where I use the handle meteorite
Daniel Bienvenu: we were all around the picnic table infront of our tent
rich-c: you used a tent, pas de roulotte?
Daniel Bienvenu: after a few minutes, my sisters decided to go inside the tent... it became cold outside
Dr. D.: it would be perfect, Richard.
Daniel Bienvenu: pas de roulotte, non
rich-c: that can give teh comment "assez froid" a new meaning, Daniel
rich-c: Guy, as you know the road of life has no shortage of bumps
Dr. D.: That's a comment about Freud I hadn't heard before...
rich-c: the question is can you cope with them and cope better togeher?
Daniel Bienvenu: just before my mother decided to go inside the tent too. I heard my brother said "hey! there is an ufo there!"
Guy B.: I know, this one was with one ex-wife.
rich-c: Rich, before visiting Quebec chack out what C and F on the shower taps indicate
Daniel Bienvenu: C = Chaud = HOT, F = Froid = Cold :-D
Dr. D.: I am playing at Fractured would be seen in a Pepe Le Pew cartoon.
rich-c: andwhen an unwitting Anglo goes for teh "Cold" tap...
rich-c: don't get me started on that, Rich
Dr. D.: Okay, changing subject...
Daniel Bienvenu: Can I continue my story?
Daniel Bienvenu: So, my brother said he saw an ufo
rich-c: besides, I want to hear more about Daniel's UFO - or is it his brother's?
Daniel Bienvenu: I turn my head where my brother was looking
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a dark form in the sky with spinning lights going from west to east... far south from our position, over the sea
Rin / Pam changed username to Pam / Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: the spinning lights are lights on the dark ufo
rich-c: spinning lights - that sounds interesting - and very distant?
Guy B.: What did you think it was Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my memory suggest that this dark form was a third or a quater of the size of the moon ... visually
rich-c: any idea of teh shape of the form, Daniel? Rounded? Flat? Square?
Guy B.: Must have been a big one.
Daniel Bienvenu: that strange, it was more like the big engine from the movie where everyone goes on a mountain to have 1st contact with aliens.
Daniel Bienvenu: but with less lights
rich-c: didn't I see a report in the paper earlier this month that there has been an upsurge in UFO reports in the Maritimes this year?
Daniel Bienvenu: it wasn't this year
Daniel Bienvenu: I was young, probably 12 year old
rich-c: no, but maybe whatever it was is back
Daniel Bienvenu: and there was no mention of this ufo
Daniel Bienvenu: in newspaper or elsewhere
Dr. D.: I think that Daniel has been reading the Book of Ezekiel from the BIble...or else "Chariots of the Gods?" :-)
rich-c: newspapers rarely run reoorts of such th9ings, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: the only proof I have is a drawing I did on paper a day after.
rich-c: too many hoaxes, too many mistakes, too many logical explanations
Daniel Bienvenu: can i continue before judging if I'm crazy?
Dr. D.: Proof of the conspiracy, the sightings happen so often that the newspapers *don't* consider it news :-)
rich-c: you see something in teh sky you can't identify, Daniel, it's a UFO - doesn't prove anything
Guy B.: Well, I wonder if this conspiracy was ever proved?
Daniel Bienvenu: my parents saw this and only said "no, it's a satelite"
rich-c: a satellite is more nearly a point of light, like an especially bright star
Moving On Up: anywyas peeps i think i'm outtie
Dr. D.: Glad to hear you have a new place.
rich-c: it doesn't flicker or show spinning lights and isn't near quarter moon size
Dr. D.: Don't have too big a housewarming party :-)
Harvie: Bye bye
Guy B.: You were quiet tonight Marie. Bye
rich-c: bye Rie
Moving On Up: alwasy am
Moving On Up: night all have a good night
Dr. D.: Probably chatting with Rin in <PRIVATE
Pam / Rin: <E> and <P> night, Rie
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, to have a better image in your mind about what i saw, imagine a ... what is the word for this spinning toy?
Dr. D.: Marie always quiet,nahhh
rich-c: a top
Guy B.: She was tonight Dr D.
Moving On Up: night
Pam / Rin: c u next week
Guy B.: On the other hand. A couple of other ones were too quiet tonight.
Moving On Up: okey till next week i bid u adew
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it was like a top with a translation movement from west to east. i know it was spinning because of the lights of this dark thing, more darker than the sky.
Dr. D.: Wonder who that is Guy? hehe
rich-c: Harvie ius diing a good job of lurking - thought he'd have some UFO comments
Dr. D.: A Mountain Dew?
Guy B.: I guess you guys would like to see what Karen looks like don't you?
Dr. D.: Have a website photo?
rich-c: we'd be most interested, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: my parents and my bother went in the tent but i decided to stay out to continue check this ufo
rich-c: yes, you don't see something like that every night, Daneil
Moving On Up: night
Guy B.: The only photo I have of her when she submitted her profile on Match.Com. But, that was taken before she got hit by a car over a year ago. But, I will have one soon.
Moving On Up left chat session
Harvie: Well rich, my dad always said, if you don't have anything nice to say... say it often :)
Pam / Rin: are you insinuating we're quiet Guy?
Guy B.: Welllllll!
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, i know it can be a satelite because we can't saw in details a satelite.
rich-c: OK, or send it as an email attachment to teh regulars here
Daniel Bienvenu: it can't be a satelite
Daniel Bienvenu: it's impossible
Dr. D.: <Guy says while channelling Jack Benny>
Guy B.: Ok, hopefully I'll have one soon. Of course, I do have the digital too.
Guy B.: I can always take one of her.
rich-c: you are right Guy, satellites look nothing like your descrpition
Daniel Bienvenu: well, after a few seconds, I suddently saw a small fire beside th ufo
Dr. D.: It was an American spy plane.
Harvie: " Oh cut it out Doc"
Daniel Bienvenu: this fire suggest me it was something going in the atmospher
Daniel Bienvenu: the duration was only one second
Dr. D.: Thrusters away!
Guy B.: No, can't be that. Has to be something else.
rich-c: the spiing lights are teh problem, otherwise an aricraft might be the starting point
Daniel Bienvenu: the big ufo continued is horizontal movement... and i were not able to see what was in fire.
Pam / Rin: "there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio"
rich-c: if the lights stayed in teh same relative positions to each other, than would be a clue
Dr. D.: "earth than are dreamt of in your philosphy, Horatio" IIRC.
rich-c: what colour were the lights, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't remember now the color of the lights.
rich-c: do you remember how many there were of them?
Pam / Rin: we'll have to check your recall on that Rich
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Daniel Bienvenu: well it was like a top with lights on it moving from west to east then something was probably ejected in the atmosphere. if i'm right, i suppose this ufo is the most biggest one never reported to the authority
Daniel Bienvenu: there were not many lights
rich-c: not so Daniel, if you check there have been numerous similar repiorts
rich-c: brb (see above)
Pam / Rin: gee, must be 10:00
(Guy B. gives Dr. D. some poutine.)
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe similar reports of smaller objects. be able to see a spinning object orbite around the planet, ... it most be something veryvery big
rich-c: distance is very hard to judge at night over water, Daniel
rich-c: you could have seen a small object close by or a much larger one at a distance
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it depends if the translation movement is the meaning of an orbit movement, and if the fire is really the entry in the atmosphere of an object coming from this ufo.
rich-c: your description is more that of something flying well within the atmosphere, Daniel
Dr. D.: Spy plane...
rich-c: you won't remember it, but there was a time when aircraft had special supplemental jet thrusters
Daniel Bienvenu: did i mentionned that I saw the "top" not strainght but like an italic letter font?
rich-c: that would be a big aerodynamic challenge, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: the top of the top was in the direction where the ufo is going
Daniel Bienvenu: in 45 degrees
Daniel Bienvenu: or 30 degrees
rich-c: very strange aerodynamically - in fact control would be impossible I think
Daniel Bienvenu: it's was I suggest something in orbit
rich-c: this would have been when, about 1985?
Daniel Bienvenu: i have 29 year old now, and I was probably 12 years old
Daniel Bienvenu: if i can find again my drawing I writed the date on.
rich-c: you would never see it that clearly, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: but it's in a box somewhere
rich-c: sorry, Daniel
rich-c: Guiness is hitting me already!
rich-c: but even a 747 at 12,000 metres is effectively invisible
Guy B.: Hmm, if he finds that drawing. Maybe he could scan it and show us what he saw.
rich-c: by all means; we can all cope with attachments
rich-c: Daniel, have you ever done a Google on "Unidentified Flying Objects"?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: oops, someone new in - am I stil on?
Pam / Rin: yes dad
Daniel Bienvenu: the other strange thing I saw only a few years ago from now here in Quebec was only like small brillants points in the sky moving like a "wave" and going slowly but surely far high in the sky then it was too far to be visible.
Dr. D.: You are here.
rich-c: right - it's just that entrances or exits seem to dump me for so e reason
changed username to DEFINE YOURSELF
Daniel Bienvenu: I writed an email to all my freidns about thsi strange event
Harvie: Captain there is an undefined mass in th room !!!
Guy B.: Now I wonder who we have here?
DEFINE YOURSELF changed username to BobS
Guy B.: It's Bounty Bob
BobS: and dudetttes
Harvie: Hiya Bobby
rich-c: ruddy well about time you showed up, Slopsema
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob!
Pam / Rin: <E> Bobs!
Guy B.: Hi Bob, where's Judy?
BobS: had to go out for my birthday and yonger broders bday
Daniel Bienvenu: hey bob! did you know that I'm crazy? I saw an ufo when i was young.
Harvie: Hey everybody it's Fun Bobby
Dr. D.: Fun Bobby?
BobS: Judy right here...and it makes sense Daniel.........coleco people are ALL crazy
Dr. D.: Oh, BobS.
Harvie: From Friends
rich-c: nothing crazy about it, Daniel - I have seen UFOs too
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Pam / Rin: <E> Bob, I'm sending you money tomorrow
BobS: cool my dear
Dr. D.: Send me some money, too!
Guy B.: That goes for me this weekend too.
BobS: GUY got your latest shipment................
Pam / Rin: <E> sorry, you get the pleasure of my company that's all : )
Dr. D.: Shipment...what is he sending you, pennies? :-)
BobS: in packets of 50 dr D
Guy B.: Guess you have been wondering where I was the last couple of weeks?
Dr. D.: Wells-Fargo...don't hold up the stagecoach! (free associating now...maybe time to sleep)
Dr. D.: Well, Rin's company should be pleasurable...just hope I don't bore her to death on the plane.
Pam / Rin: Bob, do me a favour - ask Judy the name of the clothing store where she sent me - CJ Banks or BB Brooks or something
Guy B.: Guess this overtime is getting to me too. But, heading in again this Saturday.
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : did someone said it was your imagination? me, yes and it's frustrating.
rich-c: OKGuy, we'll be looking for you - it's been getting lonely lately
BobS: just a minute,. she went upstairs to disrobe for me..........
BobS: think it was CJ Banks though
Guy B.: I'm still going to be here for awhile until I call Karen in about a half hour.
rich-c: no, in one case it was broad daylight, Frances was with me, neither of us could explain what we saw
BobS: <BobS grins fiendeshly>
rich-c: in another case it turned out to be a satellite reentering the atmospheree and burning up - big satellite, long burn - whole province saw it
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my parents were with me but for them it was a satelite
(Pam / Rin snickers evilly)
rich-c: frankly, Daniel, on your description I prefer your guess
Pam / Rin: tell her thank you : )
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich : this is why I'm afraid of... having right on what i saw
Dr. D.: they will be back for you, Daniel...
Harvie: Never leave a witness
rich-c: no need to fear it, Daniel; you saw something lots of other people have seen and wondered about
Dr. D.: Beware the anal probes!
(Guy B. throws a hot potato at BobS.)
Harvie: A UFO full of proctologists?
BobS: Judy wants to niw WHY you want to know !!!!!
Dr. D.: Whadaya mean, it is standard alien stuff.
Daniel Bienvenu: @dr.d: i think they will not visit me ... if it was important fo them, they may find me more earlier.
BobS: yo got one there???????
Pam / Rin: was trying to remember while surfing the other day and I want to google it to see if they sell online
Dr. D.: They want you to fix their broken ColecoVision guidance system, Daniel.
rich-c: I reckon if any UFO occupants wanted to talk to us, they'd have done so long ago
BobS: OK
Pam / Rin: No, I wish we had one on this side of the border Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: @dr.d: that's funny! but i'm scared
rich-c: why? no reason for fear, Daniel, everyone sees these things, most just don't reportit
rich-c: if you don't believe me, Google "unidentified flying objects"
rich-c: you'll find 90% have a rational explanation - but 10% edefy any explanation science can offer
Daniel Bienvenu: can you imagine how big this thing have to be to be seeing by me if it was really in orbit? i compare it as a mother ship or something like a town in space.
rich-c: in fact there is a centre out in Manitoba that deals with UFO reports - amateurs, but very balanced
BobS: haven't actually looked for any looked online for it Pam
rich-c: it wasn't in orbit, Daniel - anything in orbit looks like a bright star
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, i know
rich-c: so it was a lot closer than you think - no problem
Daniel Bienvenu: but the little fire beside hit like something ejected in the atmosphear from this ufo?
Pam / Rin: Well if I can't find it online it just means I'll have to visit you guys :-)
rich-c: who knows? maybe they used thruater jets for trimming
Daniel Bienvenu: how you can explain this? from my point of view the fire wasn't over ufo, not connected to the ufo
Guy B.: Bob, how many of us are coming to El Paso?
Dr. D.: me
Pam / Rin: <E> me
Pam / Rin: <me, me, me, me ,me>
BobS: don't kniw just yet Guy, but we are moving forward up towards the 10 room magic number
Daniel Bienvenu: but the light fire was like a flying star but bigger
Dr. D.: George Koczwara said he was coming.
Guy B.: Well. that's good. Anyone heard from Dale lately?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? yes! he wil;l be at the adamcon meeting
Dr. D.: <yes you you you you Rin, it will be hard to miss the Red-Haired She-Devil>
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: he sent me an email this week because he needed one of my files
changed username to rich--c
Pam / Rin: <E> tee-hee <evil grin>
Guy B.: You got dumped again Rich?
rich--c: ah well, bounced again - anyone else?
Daniel Bienvenu: not me this me
Guy B.: Still here and ticking!
Dr. D.: meesa still here, no bouncee.
Pam / Rin: <E>well hopefully hard to miss sine you need to find me at the airport
Dr. D.: You need to hold up a sign.
Pam / Rin: I'm sure airport security will love that..."hey look at the crazy redhead"
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Well, I need to know if someone will pick me up at the airport.
changed username to -rich--c
Dr. D.: Is there a shuttle, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: rich number 3?
BobS: AND I quote Pamela....."C.J. Banks currently operates over 100 stores primarily in mid-sized markets in the Northern half of the United States with plans for future expansion in Fall 2004. Visit us soon! "
-rich--c: dumped me again
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich-c
BobS confirmed ban
Pam / Rin confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
-rich--c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich--c
Pam / Rin confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
-rich--c confirmed ban
Pam / Rin: <P> did you find that on the website and what's the URL?
Daniel Bienvenu: still here rich?
BobS confirmed ban
-rich--c: I think so
Daniel Bienvenu: good
BobS: think there is a shuttle......OR the Slopsema taxi will be there
Dr. D.: Or Rin can use her good looks to get us a ride...we will be coming in on the same plane.
BobS: ............Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: ho! i have an interview for a job next week
Pam / Rin: <P> thank you sir
-rich--c: hey, that's terrific, Daniel - what sort of job?
BobS: YA lady
Dr. D.: Yay jobs!
Guy B.: Let us know. I know my flight comes into El Paso at 12:25 on Thursday. But, I will need an early ride there for the flight home.
BobS: ikj Guy
BobS: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not necessary to tell to my possible futur boss that i saw an ufo. i don't need this ufo experience to have this job.
BobS: think you asked before and they DO ahve a shuttle
BobS: better keep that to your own self Daniel
-rich--c: no, I don't think you need mention it to anyone
Dr. D.: tell your future boss that you do interplanetary contract work and you wrote a guidance system for a UFO.
Guy B.: What do I need to do to get it?
-rich--c: anyway, Daniel, what sort of job?
Guy B.: Bob, does the hotel have a website?
BobS: ya but don't have it offhand
BobS: will look a minute
Guy B.: OK
Daniel Bienvenu: the job is analysis, programming, and etc... it's about using GPS data and data from other sources.
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: if i continue, my futur boss may look at this chat session and see my ufo story. oops! too late!
changed username to rich redux
Daniel Bienvenu: next time, i will use a nickname
Guy B.: Not again Rich. You were doing so fine until now.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
rich redux: I ma going to comp[letely close out, see if I can clear the buffer, then come back to stay
Pam / Rin: hi Ron
Guy B.: There he is. Hi Ron
Ron: sorry to be late -
Harvie: Hello west coast
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron! brb
Ron: hi all
rich redux: hi Ron - don't say anything important till I get back
rich redux left chat session
Ron: ght
Ron: right
Pam / Rin requested to ban -rich--c
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
changed username to rich-c
Ron: t
Guy B.: Ok, he's back.
rich-c: OK, now maybe I can lasst a while
Ron: Rich still havin troubles
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: Hiya ron
Ron: Hiya
Dr. D.: Hi Ron...
Ron: Had to go over to the hospital to visit a friend of Mom's who fell last weekend and broke her hip
rich-c: yes, Dr. D. suggested that maybe the memory space allocated for the text is too small
Guy B.: Ron, probably you were wondering what happen to me the last couple of weeks.
Dr. D.: ...and bye soon, Drs. Pamerin think I have lost it and should go lie down.
Pam / Rin: hehehe
Ron: family here, and my sked was not normal..... whole fam damily (as per last year)
Dr. D.: They are quacks practising without a licence.
Pam / Rin: little Ricky needs some sleep
Dr. D.: ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ron: I've decided I'm not going to get old
Dr. D.: <channelling George>
rich-c: hiw did they deal with it, Ron? Artificial joint" Bone graft? just reset?
Pam / Rin: <quack quack>
Dr. D.: How Ron, the alternative is unpleasant.
Dr. D.: hehehe Guy
Ron: not sure Rich. but she has absolutely no idea where she is at the moment
Ron: I know
Ron: guess I've already started the process anyway
rich-c: that OK, took me a week to come down out of space when I had mine done
rich-c: these days, ortho hospitals do not believe in pain
Dr. D.: I hope of aging, and not the alternative!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron: nurse said that when elderly people go under a general, it can take some time to come out
Ron: no, just aging
Dr. D.: <whew>
rich-c: beyond that, they keep you on pain relievers
rich-c: I had a morphine pump the first 24 hours or so
Guy B.: My mom is in a new nursing home and a lot closer to me. So, I will visit her this weekend.
Ron: this poor woman had been diagnosed with dimentia before she broke the hip
Ron: dementia/
Ron: ??
rich-c: it does make it easier, Guy. You taking Karen over to meet her?
rich-c: gets to all of us, Ron - just look at what you see on the roads
Ron: true
Pam / Rin: <P> Guy, why is your mother in a nursing home?
Dr. D.: All right,I am vegged enough for tonight...I am going to sleep now.
rich-c: by the way, how old is she?
Ron: our hospital needs air conditioning
Dr. D.: Nice to see you all.
BobS: HOTEL.......Set on 3.5 acres of landscaped grounds, just one mile from I-10 freeway and half mile from El Paso International Airport (with free shuttle
Guy B.: Eventually I will and to meet my sister.
rich-c: OK Rich, catch you Sat or next week
BobS: Set on 3.5 acres of landscaped grounds, just one mile from I-10 freeway and half mile from El Paso International Airport (with free shuttle
Harvie: Goodnight Doc
Ron: Bob, when are you leaving for El Paso?
BobS: Every morning, guests can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast along with a free newspaper.
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
Guy B.: Wow, that's good.
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich--c
changed username to d>
d>: bob
moved to room Meeting Place
d>: s
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
changed username to Ron
rich--c: damn thing keeps picking on me!
d>: yup, me too
Daniel Bienvenu: someone can tell me what is going on here?
Guy B.: Whoa, looks like we all got dumped.
rich--c: yes, the server dumped us all, not just me
Daniel Bienvenu: no, not me
d>: ANYWAY, Ron......we are leaving on Sept 9th for El Paso
Ron: ok Bob.
d> changed username to BobS
BobS changed username to RobtS
RobtS requested to ban BobS
Guy B.: I'm leaving on the Sept. 16th.
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
rich--c confirmed ban
rich--c: I contaigous or something?
changed username to R & P Inc
R & P Inc: hello out there....
Ron: Can't type a full sentence
R & P Inc: <echos>
Ron: Ok Bob... re date
Ron: Have a package,
Ron: but won't be ready until
Ron: month end.
Ron: Can I courrier it direct to the hotel?
R & P Inc: is there a pool at the hotel Bobs???
rich--c: sure, make up an impressive label saying "hold for incoming guest" and fire away
Guy B.: Well folks. Got to run. Will be calling Karen shortly. So, I should be here next week.
Ron: sounds like a plan
R & P Inc: have a g'nite Guy
rich--c: OK, Guy, give our best to Karen too -see you later
RobtS: heated pool Erin
R & P Inc: ooooooo
R & P Inc: ahhhhhh
R & P Inc: mmmmm
RobtS: and Ron..........can send it to hotel c/o our room, OR send it directly to Jeans home
Ron: obviously meets with the collective's approva
Ron: approval
R & P Inc: if anyone wants me...I'll be in thr pool
Guy B. left chat session
rich--c: yes, send it early enough (2 weeks or so) and you can send it regular parcel post
Ron: My experience with parcel post is not good
Ron: things disappear forever
rich--c: funny you should say...
rich--c: just insure it heavily - VERY heavily
Ron: would at least insure it
RobtS: how big?????
rich--c: get on Canada Post's website and see
Ron: about the size of a hard drive and a CD together
RobtS: I KNOW........ADAMem the thing over
Ron: packaged so as to survive when thrown across the postal terminal(s)
RobtS: hd and cdrom plate....or cd palyer????
RobtS: player
Ron: cd disk and hard drive
RobtS: send it here post haste and we will take it with us
R & P Inc: did Rich actually leave?
Ron: but it's not quite a hard drive..... same shape and size and weight as
Ron: can't do it before the end of the month
RobtS: ]ok..........
Ron: think it had better go directly there
RobtS: then Jeans house is the obvious choice
Ron: And of course my T-shirt size is 2XL -- times 2 (ie make it a pair)
Ron: for which I'll send money
RobtS: when we had AC9 here, howard pines sent stuff fed X or somethign and they almost blew it.....he had to track it down when he got ther
rich--c: get on
Ron: We have Purolator here
Ron: owned by the Post Office..... which causes me to worry
rich--c: Purolater is just Canada Post in a high price suit
Ron: right
rich--c: and if you send courier, first get a guarantee on brokerage fees
Ron: anyway.... I'll get it to ya
RobtS: yea......make sure you get the whole price from anyone
R & P Inc: when did they get Purolator?
Ron: my presentation is on MIDI files on the net and how to make the ADAM friendly
rich--c: Ron, did you control-c that url? puts you right on the calculator page
Ron: how to make them ADAM friendly
RobtS: OK !!!!!!
Ron: hopefully it'll make sense
rich--c: oops, we've lost Harvie - did he jump or was he pushed?
Daniel Bienvenu: something about my possible futur job: ... bilingual, i have to be good in english and french. you said that my english skill is not bad, i suppose it will be ok.
R & P Inc: I wan't me!!!
R & P Inc: wasn't, I mean
rich--c: you are doing quite decently on the chat, Daniel
Ron: Yeah, I got it Rich, thanks
rich--c: it is obvious you are a long way from colloquial fluency, but you are progressing well
R & P Inc changed username to RinPinc
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron : I saw a tool on one of the Adam disks in ANN (Adam News Network) web site. it propose to convert midi files (but not all the midi formats) to the adam computer
rich--c: and on Saturdays in private conversations you have shown well too
Ron: Yes, Daniel, that was probably one of Chris Braymen's programs - he's the author of our MIDI sequencer. Combines many tracks into a smaller number
RinPinc: I'm going to bed but I'll leave y'all (in the Texas spirit) with Pammie
Ron: Our MIDI sequencer is only capable of 8 tracks
rich--c: yes, there is hardware to connect Adam to a MIDI output device
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron: I also saw a music tool Dale did.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe he could help you
RinPinc changed username to Pamela
Ron: P
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried to convert midi files to use music in my projects.
Ron: i meant ... hugz to the R&P
Pamela: thanks Ron....but Pam's staying :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: finally, I've got too many problem with this tool.
rich--c: forget what Chris called his software, but I think I have a copy, also have the Midi-Mite
Pamela: <E> have a good nite though :-)
Ron: ok.... when she leaves, I'll hug again
Pamela: <hehehe>
rich--c: night, Erin - with luck, see you Friday evening
Ron: It depends on the file you're dealing with Daniel..... some of the files on the net are rather over-arranged
RobtS: well to go here........time to hit the haystack !!!!!!
Pamela: brb fols
RobtS: be good and I will see ya next week
RobtS left chat session
Pamela: night Bob - tell Judy thanks
rich--c: OK Robert, next time bring Judy too! ;-)
Ron: Hopefully things around here will be back to more or less normal next Wed
Ron: or what passes for normal
Ron: Nite to the Slopsemas
rich--c: yes, a little peace and quiet would be much better I reckon, Ron
Ron: Must check out Dale's work
Pamela: sorry about that folks, had to say g'nite to Erin
Ron: yup
Pamela: Dad, I gather you think Erin's puter will be ready on Friday
rich--c: depends on how things go tomorrow and Friday, but it looks like a good bet
Ron: How are you doing Rich?
Pamela: um, probably won't get picked up till Sunday or Monday
rich--c: I have the boot working and the mouse working and now just have to install the software
Pamela: We - Russell and I - are going to the trailer this weekend
Pamela: can I call you to discuss tomorrow?
rich--c: OK I will use teh slack you're cutting me, Pam
rich--c: and Ron: thanks for the question, my check with the ortho surgeon was this afternoon
Pamela: do you have any appointments tomorrow Dad?
Ron: and?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron: I started with something to READ the codes from a midi file. Finally, this program doesn't work right because of undocummented codes and "no more" used tools.
rich--c: he looked at the X-ray and was so pleased he threatened to enlarge it and hang it on the wall
Pamela: My Dad - the poster boy for orthopaedic surgery
Daniel Bienvenu: not used tools, valid codes
rich--c: seems everything went exactly as it was supposed to and the healing has met the ideal too
Ron: all right!
rich--c: have to phone the cardiologist for an appointment tomorrow, Pam, but don't expect it immediately
Ron: Daniel, have you seen Chris Braymen's MIDI drivers at all, and the docs that come with them?
Ron: He has a way of converting MIDI data to values for the SNC sound chip
Pamela: I shall call in the morning then (but not too early : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron: yes and no, it looks like abandonned codes are not supported and documented in Chris Braymen works
Ron: ain't perfect, but it's pretty passable
Ron: oh..... ok so you've tried that
rich--c: right - Marilyn phoned at 10 a.m. today and your mother wasn't up yet
Pamela: shocking!
rich--c: Marilyn doesn't understand how people with computers work
Pamela: is she coming for a visit?
rich--c: she is by the way prograssing well on your quilt
Ron: My method, based on hard experience, is pretty labour intensive and pretty manual....
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's mostly why my tool to read the codes but it doesn't work when reaching these "codes" officially no more supported but still used in midi files
Pamela: oh, awesome!
Ron: mmm
Pamela: I was thinking about her today actually
rich--c: she sort of wants us to go down there but for the moment the cardiologist says no
Pamela: came across some of our thank-you notes and realized I'd best not put them away yet as I have at least one more to write : )
rich--c: yes, that does happen
Pamela: ask her to meet you at the border, Dad : )
rich--c: I still have to send David Cobley the price of a shipment
Pamela: then you have an excuse to take that trip to Niagara
rich--c: all set to drop the money in the envelope when I realised there was another stamp there as well, changed the calculation
Ron: Daniel, I'm not sure I have any answers for you on that one, but I do have some stuff on it around here. Will have to look and see what I can find
Ron: And I haven't done much more with MIDI on the ADAM than simply use the software that Chris provided
Pamela: is he selling you something Dad?
rich--c: I have a bunch of Chris' sample MIDI discs but you need an Adam with disc drive to play them ;-(
rich--c: giving Pam, but I should at least pay the postage
Ron: I know that Chris provided C source code for some of the stuff
Pamela: that's nice of you ( and of him)
Pamela: Dave's in BC too, isn't he?
rich--c: should have done it weeks ago but the parcel got set aside, and something got put on top...
Pamela: how well I know that feeling
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my work is on a visualbasic program to complet my programming tools, it's the only thing I still need, a music tool
rich--c: yes, he lives relatively quite close to Ron
Ron: Well, that sure would be helpful Daniel, so I'll see what I can find that you haven't got already
Ron: about 1/2 hour south
rich--c: BTW Pam, the next computer fair will be Aug. 29th
Pamela: considering his inventory, that might be a challenge, Ron
Ron: I believe so
Pamela: will keep that in mind Dad - depends if we're away or not
Ron: anyway... gotta get back upstairs guys, so we'll see you's all next week when the dust has settled
rich--c: Rin may want to go look for a printer or something
Pamela: okay Ron, glad you had a chance to drop by
rich--c: OK Ron, good to hear from you, see you Sat or next Wed
Ron: miss you guys
Ron: niters
rich--c: nite now
Ron left chat session
Pamela: I don't know if she's up for a printer yet Dad
Pamela: Think she'll be happy just to have internet access
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à vous deux!
rich--c: anyway Pam football games next three evening, but I will try to work on the computer during the day
Daniel Bienvenu: il est tard pour moi aussi
Daniel Bienvenu: et j'imagine que vous avez des tas de choses à vous dire
Pamela: Daniel, good luck with the job interview : )
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you
Pamela: yes, but we prefer to do it by phone : )
rich--c: eh bien Daniel - you be here Saturday?
Pamela: and Daniel, don't worry about your English - you are easy to understand and your English is much better than our French : )
rich--c: and yes, good luck in geting the job
rich--c: au revoir
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope to have a job, soon or later.
Pamela: Jobs are good - they pay the rent and stuff : )
rich--c: Pam. you'll call sometime tomorrow, then?
Daniel Bienvenu: and I hope to be online saturday
Pamela: probably late morning, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: i will write you an email
rich--c: good - look forward to seeing you, Daniel
Pamela: I have to get something straightened out for Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: to confirm for saturday
rich--c: that's fine Pam, expect to be in all day - it will be cool and cloudy so little reason to go out
Pamela: okay then. Are you for bed then?
Daniel Bienvenu: encore merci! et bon show d'étoiles filantes!
rich--c: OK Daniel, will look for it
Pamela: et a vous, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: we're going to try and go out for a look at the meteor shower shortly
rich--c: and yes, it's my bedtime - I get up much earlier than your mother
rich--c: OK, hope the front has passed and you've got a clear sky
rich--c: talk to you tomorrow then - night now
Pamela: Hope so! I'll let you know if we were successful. Tell Mom I said Hi
Pamela: Night Daddy
rich--c: OK
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich--c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich
Rich: This is a test of Mac68K Applet Runner.
Rich: Since Netscape 4.08 68K is too old to have a Java plugin to run Java applets!
Rich: Fortunately, it seems to work okay.
(Hal9000 has left the building)
(west coast is drifting away from shore)
(I'm sorry, Rich, but I can't do that.)
Rich moved to room emme
Rich moved to room Tartarus
Rich moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
Rich: Hi Rin, I am visiting.
Rich: Boy, it is dark in here!
Rich moved to room The Washroom
Rich: Time to take a bath...lalalala.
Rich moved to room Meeting Place
Rich: All right, I am convinced that it works. Whee!
Rich: <poof>
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Slartibartifast
Slartibartifast: Hey you smurfy dog!
Slartibartifast: Hey, I have to chat windows but only one user. Neat!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Tribble
Tribble: Hey diddle diddle, the cat ate a tribble.
Tribble left chat session
Slartibartifast left chat session
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changed username to Dr.Druselius
Dr.Druselius: We are testing this again...ugh, the default font is now Chicago.
Dr.Druselius: And none of the menu items appears, double ick.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.D. again
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Blingo
Blingo left chat session
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changed username to Fearless Freep
(With a crash, a shelf full of books collapses.)
(Fearless Freep blushes)
(Fearless Freep like playing Coleco games! =D)
(Fearless Freep hugs Fearless Freep)
(We secretly replaced Fearless Freep's Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
(Fearless Freep slaps Fearless Freep playfully)
(Fearless Freep blows kisses at Fearless Freep.)
(Fearless Freep throws a hot potato at Fearless Freep.)
Fearless Freep left chat session
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changed username to nigel_james51
nigel_james51 moved to room The Washroom > chat > Wed 2004-08-11
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