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travelin'Bob: hiya richard
travelin'Bob: am convention bound
rich-c: I see the two of us arrived at once
rich-c: greetings to teh travelling Bob - where be you?
travelin'Bob: in DEtroit
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travelin'Bob: at Comfort Inn
rich-c: you are driving to the convention?
travelin'Bob: flyin out @ 8am
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: aqh right - you fly tomorrow
rich-c: hello Harvie
Harvie: Howdy
travelin'Bob: hi Harv
rich-c: I envy you, Bob -= sure wish I could go
Harvie: Is Adamcon this weekend?
rich-c: I hope next year I will have things stabilized with the heart and eb able to travel freely
travelin'Bob: next weekend, but we are flying to El Pasi tomorrow a week ahead
travelin'Bob: heck, it will be in Toronto next year Richard. you GOTTA be able make that !!!!!!
rich-c: we haven't had the trailer out since the fall of 2001
Harvie: brb
rich-c: if it is Toronto - Scott seems to like the idea of Denver
travelin'Bob: twill be in Toronto
travelin'Bob: Dale has dibs
rich-c: then all being well, I shall be there
rich-c: well, Dale might be willing to graciously step aside
travelin'Bob: don';t think Dale will give it up for ANYTING
travelin'Bob: ANTHING,.....tis 5 years ya know
rich-c: not that Denver is ideal for us guys with lung questions, but it's only 5000 ft. which should be OK
travelin'Bob: he has it EVERY 5 yrs
rich-c: (or bloody else?) ;-)
rich-c: anyway, brought the trailer in this week
travelin'Bob: for repairs????
travelin'Bob: or to make ready for a trip???
rich-c: hope to do an exploratory trip down into the Niagara wine region
rich-c: it's already been in the shop six weeks for repairs and improvements
Harvie: Sampling?
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travelin'Bob: COOL
rich-c: lots of good hospitals down that way if needed, so the doctor doesn't object
travelin'Bob: REPAIRS?????
travelin'Bob: tis busted
changed username to Judy
travelin'Bob: ?????
Harvie: Hello Judy
Judy: hello, from Detroit
rich-c: no, but the thing is a 1982 and has been sitting neglected since fall 2001
rich-c: hi Judy, you on separately or sharing with the old man?
travelin'Bob: YEE HAA
rich-c: anyway it was teh first time towing the trailer with the V-8 installed
Judy: we are all in the room together
Harvie: Overnight in Detroit! Did you lose a bet?
rich-c: to quote a certain buddy of mine, YEEEE-HAW!!!
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Judy: Doug and Meeka, Bob and Me
changed username to Meeka
Judy: no, flying out in the morning, 8;00 AM
rich-c: am I still here?
travelin'Bob: wireless internet here so wee can all be on
travelin'Bob: nope, yo are there Richard
Judy: El Paso here we come
rich-c: if your 'puter is wireless equipped - neat
travelin'Bob: tis with a card
rich-c: anyway, Bob, the truck pulled in traffic on a hot day with the a/c on and no overheating
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: and didn't lose speed on upgrades, in fact coluld accelerate
Judy: how is the ticker working, Rich?
rich-c: hello Rich
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.D.: Hi gang, can't stay long, have to dash back into the lab.
Dr.D.: Or office rather: need to get today's newspaper for something Diana needs out of it for school.
Judy: hi, Dr D
Meeka: hello
Dr.D.: Hi Slopsemas.
rich-c: well, I have an appointment with the electrophysiologist on teh 23rd, meantime the medication seems to be helping
Harvie: Are you one of the cadavers tonight?
Dr.D.: I will be back in about 45 minutes to an hour...
Judy: kids all back in school
travelin'Bob: GREAT Rich...then yo can make toronto NO SWETA
Dr.D.: Not me; some cadaver stuff is tomorrow.
Dr.D.: They went back last week, Judy.
Dr.D.: Last Tuesday.
Dr.D.: Glad to hear you are doing better, Richard.
Judy: two of the grand kids started also
rich-c: if I had the heart problem stabilized, I'd be down chasing you in El Paso
Dr.D.: Where is your daughter?
rich-c: haven't the slightest, Rich, though she spent a couple of hours on the phone with Frances last night
Dr.D.: Hope everything is okay.
Dr.D.: In case Bob is worrying...I will do some kind of session at the convention, not sure what yet :-)
rich-c: she wasn't reporting any problems, Rioch, just females like to talk ;-)
travelin'Bob: stick to the ameodorone will kill ya
Dr.D.: I did decide on the contest for the Mighty Mitchell Award, though.
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Meeka: that good
Dr.D.: I have decided that the winner will be whoever can prove the highest score (with screen shot) of my favorite ColecoVision game: Spy Hunter.
rich-c: well, the amiodirone is the second choice, but my lungs won't tolerate the first choice, Bob
Dr.D.: So start practicing, y'all.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dr.D.: I will announce it to the coladam list.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not so late tonight
rich-c: ah, here's Daniel now - salut!
Harvie: Hello Daniel
Judy: hi, Daniel
travelin'Bob: better take Spyhunter along so we can do it on the laptop
Dr.D.: It is a good game that you can get into a groove on and keep going and going...I think I have hit 250K on it before.
Dr.D.: Yes, laptops and ADAMem are what I am presuming.
Daniel Bienvenu: spyhunter on the laptop?
rich-c: Bob was saying Dale will insist on next year's Adamcon beinbg in Toronto
Dr.D.: I will have the ROM image, no problem.
Dr.D.: I don't care where it is, just so I don't have to run it :-)
rich-c: well yes, but Toronto should be realistic for Daniel
Dr.D.: I heard through the rumor mill that Pam was having quite a snit about the issue...
Daniel Bienvenu: Toronto? it's near Quebec compared to El Paso
rich-c: Pamela will be happy to have it in Toronto; that she can afford
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changed username to Pam & Erin
Dr.D.: For what, Toronto, Bob?
Judy: a snit about what?
travelin'Bob: DENTIFI your own slef
travelin'Bob: \ya
rich-c: if you are really ambitious, you can drive it from Quebec City in one day
Harvie: Hello ladies
Pam & Erin: hello, everyone
Dr.D.: Hi Pamerin, I have to depart to my office to get something Diana needs for school tomorrow...back in a while.
rich-c: ah, here are the ladies now
travelin'Bob: the lost are FOUND
Pam & Erin: okay Rich
Judy: hi, pam and erin
Dr.D.: Sorry to say hi and by, y'all.
Pam & Erin: s'alright : )
Dr.D.: I say HEEEEAAALLLL!!!! to them lost ladies.
Pam & Erin: were we lost?
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
travelin'Bob: yup
Judy: don't know were you?
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travelin'Bob: were not here @ 9
changed username to Me, Myself and I
travelin'Bob: rainin here in's about toronot?????
travelin'Bob: Toronto
Me, Myself and I: hello every1
Pam & Erin: Hi Marie
rich-c: we have had showers off and on but nothing serious
travelin'Bob: hi whoever you am
Judy: hi, Marie
rich-c: I had to go over to court in Scarboro this afternoon but it was dry all the way
rich-c: hello, Marie
Harvie: She's only a few minutes away from you Bob
travelin'Bob: oh oh you bad Rich
Judy: was nice in town before we left but was raining before we arrived here in Detroit
travelin'Bob: yea Rie am in DEtroit
Pam & Erin: Bob, Erin says she's going to send you an e-mail tomorrow because she has a couple of questions. Are you going to be around to answer it?
Judy: was a little cooler, though
travelin'Bob: sure thing dear, IF hotel does NOT have wireless we have our own nationwide dialup and iwll be online
rich-c: not my bad - it was as witness not accused
travelin'Bob: tomorrow nite.........
Pam & Erin: <E> okay, thanks
rich-c: and teh judge turned out to be an old buddy of mine from 20 years back
Judy: we will be on our way to El Paso, but can check email at night
travelin'Bob: you saw somthing good eh?
rich-c: remember 15 months ago when I was in a crash? it wasabout that
Judy: don't remember that Rich
rich-c: well, 15 months is a fair bit of time, but it was messy
rich-c: I was pulljng away at an intersection when the car behind me wsas rear-ended and launched into me
Pam & Erin: so what happened in court Dad?
rich-c: broke my seat in two places and bent the frame of the van
Pam & Erin: Hi Meeka!!! I didn't see you!
rich-c: the accused still didnt show up so they proceeded ex parte
Meeka: Hello
travelin'Bob: course not, she is in disguise..........can't "see" her
Meeka: how have you been?
rich-c: Dan accepted teh careless driving charge and set a fine of $100
rich-c: sorry, $1000
Pam & Erin: it's been an interesting few weeks. Just got a new job
Judy: so did the friend throw the book at the guy?
Meeka: cool
travelin'Bob: Pam or Erin??????
Pam & Erin: I'm getting compliments left and right so I must be doing okay so far.
rich-c: on a charge of careless, that's the maximum fine; he didn't consider jail useful
Meeka: thats good
Judy: that is too bad
rich-c: at any teh accused is a Chinese woman - no licence, no insurance, no title papers for the car
Meeka: Dad wants to know which one of you got the new job
rich-c: hasn't been seen since she was discharged from hospital after teh collision
Judy: left the country
Pam & Erin: it was me, Bob (Pam) - if it was Erin there'd be an <E> in front of the comment
rich-c: quite probably
Meeka: lol, I thought so
travelin'Bob: AHSO, congrats then pam........what IS the new job?
Judy: when did you start, and do you like it?
Pam & Erin: Reception / administrative assistant at Somerville National Leasing and Rentals Limited
Meeka: cool
Meeka: sounds interesting
travelin'Bob: COOL
Pam & Erin: it is, and they're dropping a lot of interesting assignments on me
rich-c: very old and stable family firm; started life as a Ford dealership
rich-c: your problem, Pam, is that your telephone manner is so good it's a big disincentive to moving you
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to be quiet again but I'm still working on my presentation.
rich-c: you aren't the only one, Daniel; Dr. D. was saying the same earlier
Pam & Erin: thanks for the compliment, Dad
rich-c: yes - the others haven't heard you on a business call - but if anyone at Somerville did, that's likely why you got the job
Judy: no, we don't call often
Pam & Erin: actually, I think they had me hired before I walked in for the first interview!
rich-c: exactly, Judy, but trust me - she is GOOD!
rich-c: well, if they talked to you by phone, it's no surprise
Pam & Erin: thanks Daddy, that means a lot to me
Judy: I do trust you, Rich
rich-c: a literate resume counts big too and you're very good at that
Pam & Erin: yeah, that's the problem - I look too good on paper : )
Meeka: lol
Me, Myself and I: g'night all
rich-c: your job has a heavy public relations aspect to it, and that means communication skills
Meeka: night
rich-c: show that you have them (in spades) and you've got a big head start
rich-c: goodnight, Marie
Me, Myself and I left chat session
Pam & Erin: well talking on the phone has never been my weak point LOL
Meeka: lol
Meeka: thats normally the easy part
rich-c: yes I noticed - how long were you and your mother talking last night, anyway?
Pam & Erin: about an hour and a half
rich-c: business talking on teh phone is a veery special skill, Meeka
Meeka: ya, I know, I do tghat at work too
Pam & Erin: wow Dad, you're just full of compliments tonite
Harvie: He probably wants a big favour
rich-c: face it, daughter, in that department you're great
Pam & Erin: I already know that Harvie - I have to tape the football games for the next week and a half
rich-c: no, Havie, just parental pridand the fact that I've had so many telephone frustrations with less competent receptionist
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: sorry, battery went dead
rich-c: right, daughter, and don't forget teh Grand Prix Sunday 8=)
Pam & Erin: I've said it before - the receptionist give you the first impression of a company - if she's bad, your impression of the whole company will be bad
rich-c: actually we are thinking of a Sunday afternoon departure so I will get teh Grand Prix
Pam & Erin: you'll have to give me a list, Dad
rich-c: soon as I find out for myself - have to look up the CFL sched for next week
Pam & Erin: I'm probably going to head over either tomorrow or Friday night (haven't decided when I'm heading for the trailer yet) so you can fill me in then
Harvie: No PVR rich?
rich-c: right, and I'll give you a couple of tapes - how did Russell like Toronto-Hamilton?
rich-c: nope, just an old VCR, Harvie
Pam & Erin: thought it was "interesting" : )
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rich-c: for the little I do it does just fine for me
changed username to Ronald
Pam & Erin: Hi Ron
Ronald: hey!
Judy: hi, Ron
Meeka: hello Ron
rich-c: greeting to the wet coast guru
Harvie: For a mere arm and aleg Rogers will set you up
Ronald: Hi Meeka
Ronald: Hi Judy
travelin'Bob: the wet one !!!!!!!
Ronald: Hi All
travelin'Bob: or west one........we are wet
Harvie: Hello Ron
rich-c: I have a satellite dish, Harvie
Ronald: we got the Deeetroit crew aboard I see
rich-c: I'd have to go digital and get a TIVO
Ronald: hey Harvie!
Pam & Erin: did I get that you four are in Detroit, Meeka?
Ronald: Anybody wanna share a nasty cold? There's lots to go around
travelin'Bob: ye ssir
Pam & Erin: no thanks Ron
travelin'Bob: we are on the way!!!!
Meeka: yup
Pam & Erin: when do you fly out?
Meeka: we are in the hotel
rich-c: why? did your body think you were planning to go to El Paso?
Meeka: then wec fly out tomorrow at 8 am
travelin'Bob: yup
Ronald: probably Rich
Judy: we are hearing an air plane as we speak
Ronald: ya must be near tha hairport
travelin'Bob: that is what you get across the freeway from the airport
Ronald: right
rich-c: can't fly unless you have a good cold to spread all over the plane 8=>
travelin'Bob: 8am
travelin'Bob: uh....tomorrow morning
Judy: that we are
Pam & Erin: ugh - what time do you have to be at the airport then?
Ronald: Oh I'd be a candidate allright
Pam & Erin: keep it Ron, I can't afford the time off work
Judy: brb, have to see what we can find to eat or drink
Meeka: 6-6:30
Ronald: trying not to give it to Mother
rich-c: lessee - three hours before takeoff is...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pam & Erin: Hello Guy
rich-c: yes, she has enough problems as is - how is she getting on?
Harvie: Hi Guy
Meeka: hellol
Ronald: Mr. Bona I presume
rich-c: hello, Guy
Pam & Erin: I repeat - ugh
Ronald: there's a package on its way to El Paso Bob...... 5 days, they said - it should be there
Guy B.: Well, I think this program setup I'm working on will be 80% complete by the con. I tested a little bit out today and the menus worked.
rich-c: that is encouraging - Daniel is on and I expect most interested
Pam & Erin: if he's paying attention
rich-c: he's working on a program on the side
Guy B.: Meeka, where have you been lately?
Pam & Erin: hello?
Ronald: hello
Meeka: lol, lost in the nether world
Judy: hi, Guy
Meeka: lol
(Guy B. gives Pam & Erin a can of Diet Coke.)
Pam & Erin: oh, okay - thought we'd been dumped
Judy: we are back with orange juice
Ronald: I need a shot of Buckley's
Pam & Erin: and lots of ice?
rich-c: nope, there have been a few tongue-tied periods tonight, that's all
Pam & Erin: man you must be sick Ron
Ronald: ya got that right pilgrm
rich-c: but given teh record of this board, it's not surprising it's confusing
Guy B.: Oh speaking of that. Look out for a BIG price hike in that, thanks to Charley and Frances.
Judy: I could have used the diet coke a minute ago, than we wouldn't have had to go all the way downstairs
Ronald: what, Buckey's or Diet Coke?
(Pam & Erin gives Judy a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: there should not be that much of a price hike in orange juice
(Pam & Erin gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
travelin'Bob: cool ron will watch for it.....5 days likie on Monday, eh??????
rich-c: but then, you have a protectionist market, don't you?
Judy: better late, than never
Ronald: should be Bob, somewhere in there
travelin'Bob: cool mon
Guy B.: I had Karen and her daughter up by me this past Sunday.
rich-c: thanks, Pam, but you're five minutes early ;-(
travelin'Bob: AND???????
travelin'Bob: since we misseds last week
Guy B.: She wanted to visit the dog.
Judy: free!!!
Ronald: 1 hour Power Point presentation plus the Mighty Mitchell
Pam & Erin: it's 9:58!!!
Ronald: Award
rich-c: and how did she and Abby get a,ong?
rich-c: no, 9.56 - atomic clock time
Pam & Erin: <E> what exactly is the Mighty Mitchell Award?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.D.
Ronald: ah... the MMA?
Pam & Erin: and he's back!
travelin'Bob: DOKTOR
Guy B.: And who's up for the Mighty Mitchell Award this year?
rich-c: oh, here is Dr. D back
Ronald: well, you've heard of the MTA, and the PTA and RNA
Dr.D.: I'm in the robot lab now, but I will be doing work, popping in and out.
Judy: wellcome back, Dr D
Meeka: mmhcmma
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
Ronald: a contest is to be devised by last year's winner.... Dr D
Dr.D.: Ron, have they told you what I want to do for the Mighty Mitchell Award?
Ronald: and the winner of that contest will be the 2nd annual
Ronald: No, Dr. D
Ronald: lay it on me
Dr.D.: Highest score (proven by screen shot in ADAMem/COLEM for Spy Hunter.
Dr.D.: My favourite ColecoVision game.
Ronald: works for me, my son
Dr.D.: And easy to get into a groove and run up a high score.
Dr.D.: And I love the music :-)
Ronald: I'd never get beyond the bottom wrung
rich-c: if you know how to pplay it in the first place
Pam & Erin: <E> does the past winner get to compete?
Dr.D.: Sure you will...I will have a tutorial :-)
Dr.D.: And instructions.
Dr.D.: Nope, I am DQed.
Ronald: poor old Dale, he tried to get me into it at 13
Dr.D.: But nothing says I can't coach you, Erin :-)
Guy B.: I guess you guys heard that Atari (remember them). Is bringing out their classic games for Xbox and PS2.
Guy B.: And the Gamecube too.
rich-c: yes - wonder how long it will be before theere's a Colecovision disc?
Dr.D.: At WalMart this week, I saw an Atari 2600 in a joystick case, plug right into TV, plays Pong, Breakout, Asteroids...
Dr.D.: $19. I should buy one.
Dr.D.: I always liked Breakout.
Ronald: back to the future
Dr.D.: It runs on batteries.
Dr.D.: It literally is the size of the 2600 joystick.
Guy B.: There is another one with Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man and Galaga and three others.
rich-c: yes, that has 85 games in it, one new. But $19? that is very cheap
Dr.D.: has 1 composite video jack out and one mono sound out.
Dr.D.: I just looked at it briefly.
Pam & Erin: bet it eats batteries for breakfast though
Dr.D.: Had other fish to fry that night, so I didn't buy it.
Ronald: I expect
Dr.D.: Probably...but I would hack an adapter, you know me.
Guy B.: It would be nice to bring Coleco games into this format. But, Telegames holds all the rights to them if I'm correct.
rich-c: when you have 8K games and 8-bit graphics, you don't need much RAM or ROM
Dr.D.: Or run it off of solar cells or something.
Judy: thanks, Dr D now we are hearing that music
Dr.D.: Nope.
Dr.D.: can play it silent, I forget which keypad press.
Pam & Erin: dont' you hate that Judy?
Dr.D.: Meesa bad boy...meesa go do some work, brb.
Ronald: work? what's that?
Pam & Erin: blame it all on Dr. D
Guy B.: I have an original Atari 2600 game console courtesy of my brother in-law.
rich-c: I think the problem is that the rights on teh Colecovision games are still widely held
Judy: yes, not the greatest and can't get away from it
Daniel Bienvenu: did you look at this ugly and red new web site?
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Pam & Erin: I remember going with my boyfriend to buy his brand new Atari 800 - all $1,100 of it
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like a company convince telegames to let them do something to plug on tv.
Guy B.: Telegames USA bought them from Coleco if I'm right.
Daniel Bienvenu: but it also looks like they doing this only for money money money
Pam & Erin: money makes the world go round, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, but at this point is no good
Ronald: Money. Gave it up
Pam & Erin: <E> way to go Ron!
Ronald: life goes on with or without it
Pam & Erin: yeah, but with is much easier
Guy B.: Be right back, going to call Karen and she how she is doing. Had a setback today.
rich-c: Daniel, maybe you should port your games to Atari 7800 mode and invite an offer
Judy: I give money away all the time,
Pam & Erin: just thought of something - switching identities now
rich-c: to Walmart and Meijers and...
Pam & Erin changed username to Erin and Pam
Ronald: speaking of money, according Macleans magazine, ring tones were a 4.6 billion dollar global industry last year
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Not at home right now.
Ronald: we are in trouble
Erin and Pam: howdy folks!
rich-c: now it's Erin on the board and a <P> for Pam?
Erin and Pam: correct :-)
rich-c: yes, maybe Daniel should get into ring tones on the side
Ronald: absolutely
rich-c: Guy, you spoke about a setback - what'
rich-c: s the problem?
Harvie: Back in five minutes
Guy B.: Well, her ex decided to sue her for child support and he got it. Unfortunately, Karen doesn't work full-time at the moment.
rich-c: wow, thought I'd fallen off for a minute there
travelin'Bob: don't know Erin
travelin'Bob: we can cross that when we come to it
rich-c: it's very unusual for a man to get custody, and child suport
Ronald: yes
travelin'Bob: long distance ohone calls are the only thing not paid for by us............and room svc
Guy B.: He was the one who filed for the divorce too and has temporary custody of her two kids until March 2005. And Karen is not happy with this.
Judy: does she have a bad lawye?r
Erin and Pam: I figured as much Bobs, that's cool
Guy B.: No attorney.
rich-c: I can certainly imagine - and that temporary custody bit is even stranger
Guy B.: Can't afford one.
travelin'Bob: si senor Guy.....canunnerstand that
travelin'Bob: can't afford NOT to have one
rich-c: anyway she does have legal training herself, doesn't she?
Guy B.: But, I'm the one who has been giving her a lot of love and support throughout all this.
Judy: that is the problem and most of the lawyers are bottom feeders
Guy B.: Some, but not much.
rich-c: though "he who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
Ronald: was thinking that too Rich
Dr.D.: peeking in
Judy: does it sound like we have had any good experiences in the court
Erin and Pam: hi Rich
Ronald: don't see any Judy
rich-c: it's pretty much of a cleft stick because shysters don't come cheap
Guy B.: I know there has to be someone out there who will help her with this.
Ronald: a thousand lawyers up to their necks in sand......... you have a shortage of sand
Guy B.: She wants to file for permanent custody of her 6 year old daughter and she considers me as better than her father.
Judy: Mandy still hasn't gotten her divorce
rich-c: is she eligible for any form of legal aid? does your state even have such a program?
Guy B.: There is, but I don't know if it would her help her much. I found the one here in my state.
rich-c: or are there any storefront legal clinics?
Dr.D.: mmmmmm, lunch
Judy: the trouble is you need the dirtest dog out there to get what you want
Dr.D.: (actually, late snack, my supper has melted)
rich-c: there is help for those who can't afford lawyers, but it is limited
travelin'Bob: and he is hard to hang on to becasue he is soo slimy
Guy B.: Her 6 year old daughter Emaily gave me a hug and told me that she loves me. I was really touched by that.
Erin and Pam: what'cha havin'?
Ronald: I don't even want to hear about food
rich-c: wow, you ARE sick!
Ronald: i know
Dr.D.: Ron is sick, sorry....
Dr.D.: um, I am air sandwich, that's right.
travelin'Bob: Rich tis just a widdle code
Ronald: I'll live, unfortunately for all concerned
rich-c: yes, from a few bouts of the flu, I know that feeling
Guy B.: Well, my weight is coming down again. Almost near where I was a few months ago.
rich-c: hang in there, Guy, it's a most important health measure
Ronald: That's a good thing Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I am eating chips
Judy: that is good Guy
Ronald: Poutine, Daniel?
Judy: we are still going down ourselves
rich-c: French fries, or potato chips?
travelin'Bob: chips....BAH HUMBUG !!!!!! too many calories........but GOOD
Daniel Bienvenu: potato chips, rich
Guy B.: Been eating more salads. I haven't even touched McDonalds except a Diet Coke from there. Been pretty good with that.
Erin and Pam: <Rin gives everybody Poutine>
rich-c: OK, you can every get dry backed types that aren't bad health-wise, if I recall
Daniel Bienvenu: hehehe!
Judy: we have been eating the baked kind, not as good so you don't eat so many
Ronald: I'll pass Rin
rich-c: it's been so long since I've been in a McDonalds I can barely remember
Guy B.: Oh, and a lot more fruit too.
rich-c: but I was driving the old blue Crown Vic on my way to Ottawa
Dr.D.: Willard Scott was probably Ronald McDonald that long ago, eh Richard?
Judy: exercise helps, also
Ronald: Dr. D.... a question
Dr.D.: Yes?
Judy: we have been doing a lot of bike riding
Ronald: how much memory you got in your Mac laptop?
rich-c: I have no idea who ever played Ronald McDonald, Rich; I thought they wre just locally hired actors
Judy: we were at the beach this week-end and biked a bit
Dr.D.: 1 GB.
Dr.D.: In one giant module, leaving the other slot open.
Dr.D.: So I can buy another 1 GB module in a year or so when they cost $100 instead of $500.
rich-c: sheesh, that would be a heavy load of memory for a Windows machine - even under XP Pro
Ronald: OK.... I'll be interested to see how my Powerpoint spread plays on your machine. My eMac chewed it but then I've only got 256 meg
Dr.D.: It cost extra to get it that way now, but it will be cheaper than throwing it all away later if it were 2 512 MB modules.
rich-c: 265 meg is "only" these days? I AM out of it!
Dr.D.: I can give you a place to FTP it to if you have enough time/bandwidth, let me knopw.
Dr.D.: know.
Ronald: well, I tell ya, the beast is not impressing me at the moment
Ronald: The show actually played better on the Toshiba Laptop.. (P166)
Ronald: my ISP won't allow anything greater than 5 Meg Dr D. This thing just about fills a CD
rich-c: even with a DSL line 750 MB would be a bit of a challenge to download
Ronald: actually, it's about 585 meg
Ronald: close enough
Dr.D.: How you going to get me the presentation then?
travelin'Bob: hey did you (Dr D, Erin, Guy) get my email with attachments about hotel, trip to Mexico, map to hotel etc???????
Ronald: it's on its way - via
travelin'Bob: stinking isp dropped a lot of them
Ronald: Express post
rich-c: in that league, 100 meg here or there hardly matters 8=(
Dr.D.: I got them, but didn't look at the images.
Harvie: Use chainsaw to cut it up into smaller "chunks"?
Ronald: supposed to be in El Paso in 5 days
Guy B.: Printed out today hombre.
Erin and Pam: yuppers, thanks Bobs
Meeka: night night
Dr.D.: Bob, you gotta learn to put these things up on hollowdreams and mail just the URL to look at 'em!
Meeka left chat session
Dr.D.: Also Bob, what is net.access at the hotel?
travelin'Bob: K, sent it multiple times because kept getting a error that it was not sent
Guy B.: Hope the hotel will give me an early lift back to the airport.
Dr.D.: Do I need to get a throwaway dialup somewhere for the Saturday chat?
Erin and Pam: nite Meeka
Dr.D.: Do we have a wireless setup for the session room like Ron so kindly got us last time?
travelin'Bob: gonna have a wireless of our own and modem.....hopefully their free dsl connection is wireless, but don't know
Dr.D.: The hotel I stayed at in Indy last month (Holiday Inn Select) had free DSL.
travelin'Bob: nope will have router and modem online with our isp
Ronald: be right back folks..... mother has bad ear, must administer drops
rich-c: if all goes well I will not be on the Saturday chat; I'll be away
Dr.D.: Okay Ron, hope you and she get better...
travelin'Bob: ahso camping with the bride
Erin and Pam: <P> I'll be there to represent the family :-)
Dr.D.: So the Saturday chat will be everyone in the session room again?
Daniel Bienvenu: saturday?
Dr.D.: Just trying to figure out what I need to bring with this laptop.
rich-c: you came in late, Daniel
Erin and Pam: <P> what time will the chat start Bob?
travelin'Bob: OR in various rooms with direct dial or on wireless
travelin'Bob: hmmmmmmm
rich-c: if all goes well we are going out camping this Sunday till Sept. 22
Daniel Bienvenu: september 18th?
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: I have 56K modem/phone cable, wireless, UTP port in the laptop with my own cable *AND* gender changers :-)
travelin'Bob: think we set it @ ........... 9pm El Paso time.......7pm EST
rich-c: if as planned, we will be camping somewhre near Niagar Falls
Guy B.: I will bring my ethernet card and cable then as well as Modem card for backup.
travelin'Bob: will email list with details
Dr.D.: You driving the camper, Richard?
changed username to Yan the alien
Dr.D.: Sounds good, Bob.
Erin and Pam: hey Yan!
rich-c: salut, Yan
Yan the alien: Salut a tous!
Dr.D.: brb, more workie
Daniel Bienvenu: a dialup modem? 300 meg takes about 24 or 25 hours to download
rich-c: using my truck, Rich, and yes, I'm driving. Frances does not drive.
Guy B.: If I'm right, I believe we will be one hour back when we arrive there. It's pretty close to the Mountain time zone there.
Yan the alien: I am just here to say hello...
Yan the alien: and stay a couple of minutes...
Yan the alien: but I miss the chat last week
travelin'Bob: they also have free dsl Daniel, so IF necessary, could upload to Dr D site and he could download it
Guy B.: Yan, how are you there?
Yan the alien: fine fine...lazy but fine
Ronald: what time zone is El Paso on....think you guys told me before, b ut...
rich-c: you are most welcome, Yannic, and new voices are especially valued
travelin'Bob: mountain
Guy B.: That's what I thought.
Yan the alien: tanks rich
Ronald: pl PDT +2
rich-c: Guy was reporting earlier on his new programming tools for Adam
travelin'Bob: so 2 hours behind EST and .....WRONG...would be 9EST, 7pm EP time and 6pm Ron time
Yan the alien: tough I am lazy?
Yan the alien: :-))
rich-c: no, that can't be, there's a 3 hour difference Eastern to Pacific
Ronald: huh?
Guy B.: It will be for the utilities. Written in Qbasic, menu driven. About 75 to 80% completed.
travelin'Bob: your time Ron.........6pm
travelin'Bob: Richard time....9pm
Erin and Pam: Ron, I don't think I've ever seen you type "huh" before :-)
rich-c: 6 p.m. Pacific is 9 p.m. here in the decadent East
Yan the alien: Guy...just a little stupid question..
Yan the alien: Guy sound like a french name...
Ronald: ok
Guy B.: Unfortunately, I'm not French. Italian.
Yan the alien: are you french speeking?
travelin'Bob: but tis an us name pronounced as HI but with a G
Yan the alien: Oh !
Guy B.: Part that is.
Yan the alien: ok
Ronald: alll in the pronunciation Jan
rich-c: anyway, Yan, most of us here are sesqui-lingual
Ronald: sorryf, Yan
Yan the alien: no prob
rich-c: with Franch the language we are half-competent in ;-)
travelin'Bob: french pronunciation would be as HE w/ a G
Yan the alien: yes
Yan the alien: that right
travelin'Bob: ya worries, be happy
travelin'Bob: spechen die duetch???????
Yan the alien: your french is much more better than my english so
travelin'Bob: haba espanole??????
rich-c: don't bet on that, Yan
Daniel Bienvenu: il veut savoir si tu parle allemand
travelin'Bob: not true, we are understanding you perfectly
Daniel Bienvenu: ou espagnol
Yan the alien: parle espagnol
rich-c: you are not ass good as Daniel, but then he is far better than he thinks
Yan the alien: pas allemand
rich-c: vous avez espanol?
Yan the alien: I dont talk spanish
Yan the alien: but I know some word in german
Yan the alien: like the colors
travelin'Bob: was ist loos????????
Erin and Pam: <P> hablo espanol
Yan the alien: blau
Yan the alien: blue
Yan the alien: sweiss
rich-c: I have a few wrods, but they all relate to car racing
Yan the alien: white
travelin'Bob: ihre kopf ????????? :-
Yan the alien: colors....mainly colors!!
travelin'Bob: you know the cuss words, right Ridhard??????
Yan the alien: :-)))
Erin and Pam: I know a couple words in Russian....does that help??? hehe
rich-c: I pleaed teh Fifth on that, Bob
Yan the alien: I have a big book with Russian lessons here...but in 15 years I never touch it!"!
Harvie: Farfignugen?
travelin'Bob: ok
Yan the alien: I'm too afraid!
travelin'Bob: was the funniest thing in german class many years ago
Guy B.: Who does know Spanish once we travel into Mexico?
travelin'Bob: the tour bus driver.........
Yan the alien: grun
Yan the alien: green
rich-c: vert
Harvie: Dos cervesas, por favor
Judy: Jean does
Yan the alien: une biere sil vous plait
travelin'Bob: actually Guy, most of the locals will know english because they deal with yanks all the time
Erin and Pam: estamos buscando el quarto del bano?
rich-c: that's like my young brother
Guy B.: Well, we have one here, but he's not coming.
rich-c: spent 3 years with teh US army in Europe
rich-c: when he came back he could order one beer in 14 languages
Yan the alien: LoL
rich-c: of course he couldn't speak a single word more in any of them...
Yan the alien: ROLF
Erin and Pam: everything I need to know about speaking Spanish I learned from Sesame Street :-)
Yan the alien: oops
Yan the alien: ROFL
Judy: that is helpfull
(Guy B. snickers evilly)
Yan the alien: and I learn in my chilhood english with...sesame street!
Ronald: (cough, hack)
Yan the alien: one
(Guy B. gives ice cream to all his friends!)
rich-c: that's no surprise, Yan - so did most Anglos
Erin and Pam: Sesame Street is a great tool :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: and i learned the word "hug" by looking teletubbies.
Yan the alien: un
Yan the alien: two
Yan the alien: deux
Yan the alien: three
Yan the alien: trois
Yan the alien: tire
Yan the alien: pneu
Erin and Pam: (ASIDE -- I feel like I'm 3)
Ronald: uno
Ronald: duo
Ronald: tre
Daniel Bienvenu: dos
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not dos?
Yan the alien: quatro
Erin and Pam: cinqo
Ronald: that's it
rich-c: cArburetor+ do not touch!
Yan the alien: sexto
Yan the alien: ;-p
rich-c: site?
rich-c: ocho?
Judy: Josh is learning Spanish in kindergarden
Erin and Pam: of course there's an easier way.....1.....2....3...4....etc....
Ronald: you guys gonna feed the ADAMCON site with pics?
Erin and Pam: <P> siete
Judy: Meeka is here, Ron
travelin'Bob: p[robably.......IFR you want ot see it
Ronald: good, that will do it
travelin'Bob: and Doug can put it on
Guy B.: Ok, now we are a week away. Bob, how many of us are coming?
Daniel Bienvenu: siete? seven? sept?
travelin'Bob: 3 or 4
rich-c: you got it, Daniel
(travelin'Bob winks)
Judy: at least 4
travelin'Bob: got .......oh10....111
travelin'Bob: or 11
rich-c: btw Pam, my head knew the correct spelling, it's just that my fingers didn't ;-)
Guy B.: 11 of us. Not bad.
travelin'Bob: will surprise ya on Thursady Guy
Ronald: Bob, forgot to include the cheque for the T-shirts in the package..... I will catch you when you get home
Erin and Pam: <P> silly Daddy :-)
Guy B.: I already have a surprise coming from Karen.
rich-c: wish we could make it - I'd love to see El Paso
travelin'Bob: gonna have a relaxed Ron to bug us and no Richard to crack the whip
Ronald: that's right eh?
Judy: we wish you were going to be there also
Ronald: and not a push pin in sight!
travelin'Bob: wish you guys were coming,.......but NEXT YEAR, eh?????
rich-c: have to send $10 with Erin for a t-shirt
Judy: no,don't think we packed any
Erin and Pam: <P> wanna go!!!! :-(
travelin'Bob: we got 'em Ron....all packed away
rich-c: hey, next year maybe even Daniel and Yannic can make it
Judy: was wrong will have them
travelin'Bob: jsut lttle ones though, not BIG ones
Ronald: will have to move Heaven and Earth. No way am I gonna miss two in a row
travelin'Bob: we will push pin everthing is reverence to Ronald
Yan the alien: Oh..maybe!!
rich-c: don't tempt fate, Ron - that was my mantra, too
Judy: glad to hear that
Ronald: good Point Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah... maybe
travelin'Bob: gonna log off to take a showere and clean the ol bod now kids, talk to you next week on eve of ADAMCON16
Yan the alien: sorry all
Yan the alien: good night ...yes I have to go already...sorry...I will be here next week.
Erin and Pam: see you there Bobs
travelin'Bob left chat session
Ronald: yes Bob, take it easy my man
Judy: night all
Daniel Bienvenu: me too...
Harvie: Goodnight Bob and Yan
Daniel Bienvenu: good night all!
Ronald: nite Yan
rich-c: OK Bob, though I'll be incommunicado till the 22nd
Harvie: And Judy
Judy left chat session
Yan the alien: dont go to bed too late all..
rich-c: au revior Daniel et Yan - a la prochaine
Yan the alien: or your will be lazy tomorrow
Yan the alien: :-p
Guy B.: Bye Yan
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Erin and Pam: g'nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: and good night to you too, Roberto
Erin and Pam: bye Yan
Yan the alien: *zoop*
Yan the alien left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, got to get going myself. I'll miss this Saturday's chat. Have a haircut appt before that time and I'll probably spend time with Karen before the trip. So, I'll see you all next week.
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, you and Karen take care and see you in two weeks
Ronald: Will be there in spirit Guy
Guy B.: Going to miss there Ron.
Erin and Pam: good night Guy
Ronald: me too
Guy B.: Ok, see you all later. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.: back
Erin and Pam: front
rich-c: I'm going to have to bail fairly soon too - have an Old Farts lunch up by Lake Simcoe
Harvie: Ron, did you get k3b to install?
Dr.D.: haha
Dr.D.: still setting stuff up though
Ronald: sounds like fun Rich
Erin and Pam: how's it going BTW?
rich-c: quite teh gang - my high school class (less some no longer with us)
Ronald: No, haven't got there yet Harvie
Erin and Pam: <P> I'll call you tomorrow to arrange visit
Ronald: been working on the 'con presentation mostly over the past couple of weeks
rich-c: right - I hope to be home mid-afternoon
rich-c: it's opnly up at Big Bay Point, south of Barrie
Erin and Pam: <P>what time do you have to leave?
rich-c: hope to get out of here by 11 a.m.
Erin and Pam: <P> okay, I'll work around that
rich-c: well, since it's in your working hours, doubt you'll be visiting then
rich-c: and anyway I expect to be home around 3.30 or so
Erin and Pam: <P> once I figure out what I'm doing I'll call
rich-c: also taking the van in for service Friday
Erin and Pam: Uncle Richard, has Aunt Frances responded to Mom yet?
Ronald: I think I'm going to lie prone somewhere and feel sorry for myself
Ronald: g'nite all
Erin and Pam: good nite Ron...feel better
rich-c: goodnight Ron, take care with the cold
Harvie: Goodnight Ron
Ronald: tks all - nite
rich-c: if it's very recent we haven't seen it, Erin
Dr.D.: bye ron, just got back
Ronald: hack, cough, poof
Erin and Pam: it was on the weekend
Dr.D.: setup is over, but brb in abot ...
Ronald left chat session
Dr.D.: about 5 min I meant...
Erin and Pam: :-)
rich-c: in that case teh answr is likely yes
rich-c: we check our email three or four times a day in most cases
Erin and Pam: okay, she hadn't rec'd anything by about 7
Erin and Pam: did you get Pam's from work?
rich-c: no - hold on for a bit
Erin and Pam: she sent it Friday
Erin and Pam: the one with the contact info
rich-c: in email Friday was an eternity ago
rich-c: can't get into Eudora without crashing out of here
Erin and Pam: <P> but did you receive it?
rich-c: or - well, be patient, I'll try
Harvie: I think it's time for me to crash out of here
Erin and Pam: good night Harvie :-)
Harvie: Goodnight all
Harvie left chat session
Erin and Pam: <P> if you did receive it please respond so I know
rich-c: goodnight Harvie
rich-c: Pam, I do not show anything from you on the 3rd or 4th
Erin and Pam: <P> anything yesterday?
rich-c: did you send it from work or something?
Erin and Pam: I sent it from work to give you my new contact information
rich-c: it may have been sorted ass spam and deleted - it would not be on our friends list
Dr.D.: back at last, whew.
Erin and Pam: well, now I feel special
Dr.D.: Crazy night, wet night.
Dr.D.: You are special, gals <hugs>
rich-c: we got 50 spams at a time, and just look through the subjects, not the sender
Erin and Pam: <P> I'll try again tomorrow - don't delete it this time : )
rich-c: if it looks like a common spam subject, we allow deletion
Erin and Pam: <P> well add the address to your friends list then please
rich-c: OK, we'll know to look for it
Erin and Pam: <P> thank you
Dr.D.: Yeah, don't send E-mails with the Subject: hi
rich-c: once it comes in we just designate it as such to Mailwasher
Erin and Pam changed username to Pam and Erin
Pam and Erin: I never send e-mails with that header - even I delete stuff like that : )
Dr.D.: Have to try that out :-)
rich-c: yes, but even "contact information" is popular with spammers
Pam and Erin: okay, next time I'll use "Dad"
Pam and Erin: : )
rich-c: besides, sometimes your mother deletes it, and I can't answer for that
Pam and Erin: that's great passing of the buck Dad
Dr.D.: If you two are going to fight, I am going to go home :-)
rich-c: well in fact, she delectes more than I do; she logs more computer time
Pam and Erin: if we're not fighting we're not having fun, Rich : )
Dr.D.: Which I probably ought to do anyway, given the weather and the hour.
Dr.D.: Might be fun for you, it is a poor spectator sport for us :-)
rich-c: anyway Pam I will wrn her to watch for it tomorrow
Pam and Erin: believe me, if we fight, you'll know : )
Pam and Erin: okay Dad
rich-c: and now it is time for me to bail, so goodnight to all
Pam and Erin: alright Dad will talk to you tomorrow. Good night, sweet dreams
Dr.D.: Good night Richard.
rich-c: colour me gone
Pam and Erin: <E> good night Uncle Richard
rich-c left chat session
Pam and Erin: and then there were three
Pam and Erin: are you heading home?
Dr.D.: There are four lights!
Dr.D.: Should sometime soon.
Pam and Erin: there are five lights! Say it!
Dr.D.: Though I finished what I needed to finish tonight, and a good thing, too.
Pam and Erin: I used that line at work the other day (four lights) and *nobody* picked it up
Dr.D.: The front door of the building is misbehaving, cards with access are somehow not releasing the electromagnet, so nobody can get in.
Pam and Erin: what is the world coming to?
Dr.D.: I got in only because the cleaning guy was sound asleep in the lobby and I banged on the glass to wake him up :-)
Pam and Erin: so how are you getting out?
Dr.D.: ST:TNG is old hat now, Pam.
Pam and Erin: I know, but most of the people I work with should be the right age
Dr.D.: The students here are all gaga over Enterprise, which I think is a turkey.
Dr.D.: But they like seeing topless Vulcans in heat etc.
Dr.D.: Or so I am told.
Pam and Erin: no argument from me - I gave up when they started chasing the new badguys
Dr.D.: I gave up after the *pilot*!
Dr.D.: Trek is dead, I am letting it go.
Pam and Erin: we're out of the demographic now : )
Dr.D.: I am out of the demographic for *anything* that is new on TV.
Dr.D.: So I am letting TV go, too.
Dr.D.: This weekend I actually watched the last 2 Planet of the Apes movies (Conquest of, Battle for).
Dr.D.: Before that, it was probably July since I had watched any TV.
Pam and Erin: I'm keeping my TV but that's because I'm a Trading Spaces / Clean Sweep / While You Were Out addict
Pam and Erin: also (blushes) Survivor and the Amazing Race
Dr.D.: If there was a real Darwin Awards show with death, I might watch...
Dr.D.: "Man dies making toast in the bathtub"
Pam and Erin: there are certainly some good candidates out there. Did you hear about the big Ecstasy bust in Toronto today?
Dr.D.: Nope.
Pam and Erin: get this - traffic cop stops a car with an expired sticker on it and finds the car full of the biggest Ecstasy haul in history in the trunk
Pam and Erin: routine traffic stop, nothing suspicious about him
Pam and Erin: in my books, that's Darwinism at it's finest
Dr.D.: haha
Pam and Erin: there's a whole byplay going on here about this
Dr.D.: I remember a US/Canada border case that was not Darwinism but rather "too clever for your own good".
Pam and Erin: just one?
Dr.D.: Maybe I've told it...the gold smugglers?
Pam and Erin: no - tell all
Dr.D.: Car goes through border stop. Seem to be routine tourist types.
Dr.D.: But something about the car looks "wrong" to the inspector.
Dr.D.: They keep them, search the car, open everything up, nothing found.
Dr.D.: But the car still looks funny...'cause its suspension is kinda bottomed out, like bad springs on 4 wheels.
Dr.D.: Turns out the front and rear chrome bumpers were solid gold, chrome-plated.
Dr.D.: Too heavy for the suspension.
Dr.D.: Busted.
Pam and Erin: no, no, no - you don't make bumpers, you make wheel covers!
Dr.D.: Someone went to a lot of trouble...
Pam and Erin: silly
Pam and Erin: ya gotta think this stuff through
Dr.D.: I'm too straight to be crooked.
Pam and Erin: it's too much work to be crooked
Pam and Erin: much easier to play by the rules
Dr.D.: Rules are no fun.
Pam and Erin: well not if they're stupid ones
Dr.D.: Stupid is in the eye of the beholder :-)
Pam and Erin: however, "an armed society is a polite society" and that can apply to rules too
Pam and Erin: I have no patience for stupidity any more
Dr.D.: So far I haven't had any really stupid students this fall.
Pam and Erin: I have no patience for the person who gets to the end of an escalator, gets off and stands there looking around. those types really bug me
Pam and Erin: that's good news
Dr.D.: There is one Russian girl in anatomy class who asks kinda obvious questions every class and about 4 times every lab, thougk.
Dr.D.: though.
Pam and Erin: is that lack of comprehension of the work or the language barrier?
Dr.D.: No, she is a bit "blonde".
Pam and Erin: ROTFL - Erin just suggested we put spikes in her shoulder pads : )
Dr.D.: She has no shoulder pads
Dr.D.: She is skinny, starved, looks like she weighs about 40 kg.
Pam and Erin: so she should have shoulder pads then
Pam and Erin: I'm sure I can find a set if necessary : )
Dr.D.: Her name is Olga.
Pam and Erin: anyway darlin', we're thinking it's bedtime
Pam and Erin: now that I'm back to work I need more beauty sleep : )
Dr.D.: <snicker>
Dr.D.: Okay, go put on your mudpie or whatever...and I will go home.
Pam and Erin: sounds like a good idea. See you next week?
Dr.D.: Just finished cutting up 2-inch squares of polarizing film.
Pam and Erin: how exciting
Dr.D.: Yes, the last chat before El Paso.
Pam and Erin: sad face
Pam and Erin: wanna go
Dr.D.: :-(
Dr.D.: We understand, Erin.
Pam and Erin: oh well
Dr.D.: Pam
Dr.D.: Pamerin
Dr.D.: Premarin
Dr.D.: Preeclampsia
Dr.D.: my brain is going
Pam and Erin: you sound like you need more sleep too. Go home and go to bed.
Dr.D.: I am okay, just fumble fingers.
Dr.D.: Say hi to Russell...and I am outta here.
Dr.D.: Good night gals.
Pam and Erin: I will - he's at the trailer enjoying his vacation. Have a good one!
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pam and Erin: Hugs
Pam and Erin: kerpoof
Dr.D. left chat session
Pam and Erin left chat session
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Daniel Bienvenu moved to room not at my desk
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