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snakepit-Ron: seem like the absentees are here first
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! hello Ron
snakepit-Ron: how are you tonight?
Daniel Bienvenu: fine but a bit nervous
snakepit-Ron: oh? Pourquoi?
Daniel Bienvenu: because it was this morning my presentation
snakepit-Ron: ah yes
snakepit-Ron: wonder how it went
Daniel Bienvenu: it's why I'm nervous
snakepit-Ron: right
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw "Midi sound File - Ron M"
snakepit-Ron: heard it was presented yesterday morning
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, if I look at the adamcon web site, it was 9:30 morning
snakepit-Ron: yup
snakepit-Ron: was looking at some of the pictures
snakepit-Ron: Looks like El Paso is very flat
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at the pictures right now and I saw my "Gamepack#2" cartridge into a Coleco adam
snakepit-Ron: hey! Your moment of fame :)
Daniel Bienvenu:
snakepit-Ron: I'm going to go have a look - be right back
Daniel Bienvenu: and there too!
Daniel Bienvenu: but what I saw on the tv screen is no gamepack#2
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like we are too earlier. the chat session tonight starts only in 20 minutes
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy mates !!!!!
BobS: YO RONALD me boy
BobS: Daniel ????????
Daniel Bienvenu: oui
BobS: and that measn WHAT ????
Daniel Bienvenu: it means "yes"
(BobS smiles)
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bob!
BobS: greetings from EL PASO
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw you in the picture gallery
BobS: ya and I saw you in a pic dale had when he met you last month !!!!!!!
BobS: :-)
BobS: had about 1 3/4 hr of presentation today, went real good
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe! now everyone saw everyone
BobS: haven't vivsited Dales site yet, but he upgraded or put new stuff on or somthing
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changed username to Doug S.
Daniel Bienvenu: brothers
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Doug!
BobS: no no no....doug is my son !!!!
Doug S.: hi daniel
BobS: he is here also in El paso
Daniel Bienvenu: ho! ok! it's your clone! :-)
Doug S.: and sleeping ron
BobS: oh Ronald........WAKE UP !!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: he's looking at something
Daniel Bienvenu: he will be right back in time
snakepit-Ron: aha....the crew is there
snakepit-Ron: saw the picture Daniel
BobS: AH HA the sleeping giant !!!!!! Hallo mighty Mitchell
snakepit-Ron: evening all
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a "Gamepack#2" cartridge on two pictures
BobS: rest of crew is gone.....maybe got lost coming from downtown
snakepit-Ron: cool picks.... what's this about a busted chair lift?
BobS: yup go tit here and played it a little today (Dr D had to bring a joystick)
BobS: gonna go up the mountain here, but tram car computer broke
snakepit-Ron: Murphy is alive and well
BobS: is that NOT coincidence???????? computer breaks when computer people want to ride the thing??????
Doug S.: Murphy sucks. Tell us how to send him back to your house ron.
Daniel Bienvenu: Can you tell me what is the "secret of adam" presentation by Dale?
BobS: dont' know he hasn't started yet
Daniel Bienvenu: really?
snakepit-Ron: teleport 146n 125.46w
BobS: besides, Dale didn't tell me so I just put the secrets thing in the schedule
snakepit-Ron: NO....49N 125.46W
Daniel Bienvenu: no supposed to be yesturday afternoon?
BobS: were goin to get new computer board today
Daniel Bienvenu: and what about the "midi sound files"?
BobS: THAT was a HUGE success by Mr
BobS: Mitchell
snakepit-Ron: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: tell me more
Doug S.: ron, didn't bother with your timed changes. i just manually advanced slides when your voice stopped.
Daniel Bienvenu: a technical problem?
Doug S.: ron wasn't sure if his timed page changes were going to work and my install of powerpoint defaulted to not use the timed changes anyway.
BobS: WE do NOT have technical problems Daniel
BobS: we only solve them !!!!
Doug S.: was going to use powerpoint viewer, but he saved the presentation on the cd to play only slides 49-50 so i had to use full-blown powerpoint. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Ho! and the "ADAMEM Utilities" part with the QBASIC programs?
Daniel Bienvenu: is it what I saw here?
BobS: Guy Bona is doing a GREAT job making a self working program to work the we want him to add in correct disk formatting for dids drives
Doug S.: yes.
Daniel Bienvenu: need a little tweak?
Doug S.: all good programs still need slight tweaks.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's time. the chat session is starting now. ;-)
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings from El Paso
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
BobS: Went to Juarez Mexico today
(BobS blushes)
(BobS gives <undefined> a nice tall frosty Guinness)
BobS: you're in the army now, you're not behind the plow...............
BobS: so's mum doin????????
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changed username to Pamela
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changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Doug S.: hello pam
Pamela: Hi folks
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Meeka!
BobS: so who is undefined here
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know!
BobS: rin is missingt............
Pamela: Got my cranberry soda, got my smokes, got my AC15 T shirt on - I'm ready to go
BobS: and we don't know WHERE to find her
Pamela: Don't tell me you've lost her already!
Meeka: lol
Meeka: wellllll
BobS: ;yup........sad to day here ......and BAM......gone
Meeka: we got here outta mexico
Pamela: well don't tell her mother
Daniel Bienvenu: Question (for Bob and Doug?): what is showed on screen in this picture?
BobS: hum......maybe she was the one laft in Mx by the bus
Meeka: but we havent seen here since, not sure if/where her car load went to dinner
Pamela: she ended up going over the border?
Meeka: yes
Meeka: everyone here went
Pamela: good for her - she was adamant on Wednesday that she wasn't going
Pamela: good for you for getting her there
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changed username to Murray
snakepit-Ron: brb folks.... gotta tend to something here
Daniel Bienvenu: Murray!
BobS: and came back over with her brand new boots just fine.....and then got lost
Pamela: I feel strange here all by myself - I'm missing my second brain
Guy B.: There you are Murray
BobS: YO Murray
Pamela: Hey Murray! Happy Convention!
Pamela: boots!
Pamela: so who all is there?
Meeka: we told her now she is an international traveler, not just a canadian that comes to the us once in a while :)
BobS: those BOOTs are makde for walking, and that's just what Erin did!!! She walked right out of town...........
Pamela: then she's one up on me : )
Guy B.: You should the boots Erin got Pam. No doubt she would be the talk of the town.
Murray: Hi Ron
BobS: Guy, Murray, doug, Meeka, ME, Ron, you..........and someone called UNDEFINED
Pamela: no, I meant who all is at the convention?
BobS: OH
Pamela: aside from the obvious I mean
Guy B.: Dr. D just came here into the meeting room. He will be one in a few minutes.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not at the convention... but I saw my game Gamepack#2 in two pictures and I know now my picture when to El Paso too.
Guy B.: on that is.
Murray: Hello Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Murray
Pamela: who has presented so far?
Murray: Had a look at your projects quite impressive
Murray: I wish I still had the programming skills???
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Daniel Bienvenu: @Murray: my projects? you saw my presentation today!
changed username to gmk
Pamela: Hi George!
Daniel Bienvenu: gmk? George?
snakepit-Ron: back
snakepit-Ron: Hi Murray
Pamela: Hey Ron - did you catch that I'm wearing my AC 15 T?
Murray: Yes I did Learned a lot considering the old grey matter is ossifying somewhat!
Guy B.: Hi George
snakepit-Ron: no....quite appropriate
Pamela: tee hee
snakepit-Ron: a year late, but appropriate
Pamela: well I don't have this year's yet : )
Murray: Hi Ron How is the weather there VERY HOT here.
Daniel Bienvenu: wow! it's the first time I received a compliment like that.
Pamela: I'll wear that one on Wednesday
gmk: Hello all
snakepit-Ron: cool, sunny, pleasant
snakepit-Ron: we sent the rain to Vancouver
Pamela: it's downright cold here
Meeka: well, looks like erin isnt lost afterall Pam
BobS: DANIEL......that is Richard Scarry's BEST ELECTRONIC WORD GAME
Meeka: her carload just came back from applebee's
Pamela: well her mother will be pleased to hear that : )
Guy B.: Hey Ron, we sure miss your presence here.
BobS: FINALLY, finaly you came to see us on chat
Murray: We don't want any more rain in S Ont. Too much Need heat.
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Bob for the info
snakepit-Ron: I miss my presence there too
Pamela: overnight low in Toronto is supposed to be 7C - brrr!
gmk: I think I made it one other time, long ago
Pamela: about a year ago, George : )
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think more will come here tonight?
Meeka: Pam , Erin said "bite me" over the mexico thing
Pamela: is that a quote? LOL
gmk: Pamela, send some of that cool to my room here
Meeka: yup
BobS: ya Dale is cominbg on I am sure.....Judy is supposed to be here
Murray left chat session
Pamela: glad to, George
Guy B.: Pam, guess who is next to me?
Pamela: hmm, let me guess - could it be . . .
Pamela: Erin?
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is Murray?
(Guy B. hugs Pamela)
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changed username to Rich-n-Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich!
Guy B.: Yeo, she is here right next to me.
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(Pamela hugs Guy B.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Erin!
Pamela: well it's nice of you two to show up
changed username to Joan
Pamela: Hi, Joan!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Joan!
Rich-n-Rin: We just got back from supper, with the Wicks.
Rich-n-Rin: Hello Joan.
Guy B.: HI Joan
Joan: Guten Abend!
Meeka: hello Joan
Daniel Bienvenu: supper?
Daniel Bienvenu: was good?
Rich-n-Rin: Yes, we went to Applebee's.
Pamela: how was Appleby's?
Guy B.: How are you and the girls doing?
Pamela: and what's this I hear about boots?
Rich-n-Rin: I had steak, Erin refused to out of support for Canadian beef.
snakepit-Ron: sonow tell me, who's where using what in the way of laps
Joan: Fine. Christina had a good soccer game
snakepit-Ron: err.... I mean laptops
Rich-n-Rin changed username to Rin-n-Rich
snakepit-Ron: Hi Joan
Rin-n-Rich: I bought boots
BobS: ALLL laptops
Rin-n-Rich: simple as that :-)
Pamela: so I hear - tell all
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BobS: Dale has an ADAM here working, but that is all
changed username to Harvie
snakepit-Ron: One ADAM
Joan: hey daddy!
Rin-n-Rich: that's pretty much it
Guy B.: Yep, one Adam and one very fussy floppy drive.\
Joan: I did really well in the game today.
Pamela: Hey Christina
Joan: JV won 1-0 and I had a shut out
BobS: WHO did?????? Chistina.......Elanor??????
snakepit-Ron: Hey!!
Rin-n-Rich: Good to hear, Christina <Daddy>
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Harvie!
Joan: This is Christina, sorry
Guy B.: Wow, nice going Christina.
Harvie: Hello folks
Pamela: I gather you're playing goal, Christina
Guy B.: HI Harvie
Pamela: Hi Harvie - you made it!
snakepit-Ron: Hi Harvie
BobS: how's things Harvier??????
Rin-n-Rich: I have the wireless keyboard, we both can type, if we take turns <Daddy>
Rin-n-Rich: good work, Christina.
Rin-n-Rich: nothing really to tell :-)
Joan: There was a free kick on me and I don't know how I got to the ball, but I jumped and I got a piece of it.
Harvie: How was Mexico?
Joan: Sadly varsity tied 0-0
BobS: \Mexican
Guy B.: It was good Harvie, very hot too.\
Daniel Bienvenu: @Rich-n-Rin: I think I will not be able to know who is typing.
Pamela: Meeka, reach over and smack Bob please
BobS: not good, they didn't drop us off in the best and most plentiful shopping areas
Meeka: lol, he is to far away
(Guy B. slaps BobS playfully)
BobS: but stuff got bought and money changed hands
Meeka: I will have to throw a tennis ball at him ;)
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Guy B.: I did the honors.
Rin-n-Rich: Okay Daniel, I will preface with <D> for Dr.D.
snakepit-Ron: are there push pins in Mexico?
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy!
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: good evening Judy
BobS: and THEN we found the mother load of ALL mother loads, but almost all were to tired to go in
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
Meeka confirmed ban
Rin-n-Rich confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks! <D> and <R?>
Doug S. confirmed ban
gmk confirmed ban
snakepit-Ron confirmed ban
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: not resesitate???????
Judy: and Guy
Rin-n-Rich: Yes, that will work, Daniel <D>
Guy B.: Anyone heard from Zonker lately?
BobS: nope
snakepit-Ron: neg
Daniel Bienvenu: Zonker?
Guy B.: That's Bart Lynch Daniel.
snakepit-Ron: Bart Lynch...
snakepit-Ron: from Seattle
Pamela: I'm surprised, he's usually on the convention chat
snakepit-Ron: he was here last year
Guy B.: He's lives near Seattle, Washington.
Pamela: he was there last year, wasn't he?
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe just late
Judy: hi, ron
Guy B.: He was.
snakepit-Ron: Hi Judy
Joan: Oh Daddy, I forgot, there was no dodgeball game because of the rain and the staff thought that it was going to rain more.
Judy: we really saw the snake pit, Ron
Rin-n-Rich: you Dad just stepped out for a sec, Christina
Rin-n-Rich: he'll brb
Joan: okay
snakepit-Ron: yep..... y'all were here
snakepit-Ron: Not much has changed
Guy B.: How are you doing in school Christina?
Joan: School is okay, but I don't like our new system
BobS: on the island, thre the valley, and to the top of the moutnain
Guy B.: What did they change that was different from last year?
Pamela: Hey Rin, did you go swimming?
snakepit-Ron: that's it
Rin-n-Rich: last night for about 10 minutes
Joan: it is called small schools and kids choose a school that they want to be a part of, gased on their style of learning
Guy B.: Oh, so what did you choose?
Guy B.: Your dad is back.
Joan: the down side is that right now the seniors are not included, so there are like 35 students in some classes, so much for SMALL schools
Guy B.: So, you don't have all your friends together in the same school then?
Pamela: that's average class size here Christina, especially for high schools
Rin-n-Rich: I am back after getting a stuffed bear from the Jacuzzi in my room for Dale Wick's son Jeffrey.
BobS: had to find RUFUS....a technical problem
Pamela: is Jillian there too?
Joan: It is hard for the seniors this years because schedules were messed up and seniors could not get the classes that they wanted
snakepit-Ron: that's not seniors over 60 like me eh?
Guy B.: Oh wow, that must have been hard for everyone. Did you get the courses you wanted to take ?
BobS: Jill is somewhere with Jeffery and Rufus
Meeka: she is puttin Jeffy to bed I believe
Judy: Pam , we went shopping for Jillian this morning, she bought out the store
Pamela: no that's seniors as in freshmen, sophomores, juniors and . . .
snakepit-Ron: oh
Joan: well the whole point of small schools is the raise the student to teacher ratio, but our school is cheap and decided to fire teachers and not hire new ones, how intelligent is that???
Pamela: I'm not surprised Judy
Pamela: what did she buy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Question : What you guys are watching in this picture?
snakepit-Ron: we have a lot of that going on up here
Meeka: we told ya, "the store"
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Joan: I was a lucky one, I got all of my classes and a good locker in a accessible place
Guy B.: Well, a lot of schools are running into that problem. Here in Illinois, Chicago ran into that problem.
Judy: she doesn't think they have stores like this up by ;you
BobS: PAM, where's dad tonight??????? laptop is not working????
Rin-n-Rich: Well done today, Christina, your Mom told me about the performance in the game today. <D>
left chat session
Joan: However many of my friends got tiny freshmen lockers in the basement, where they have no classes
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Joan: Thanks daddy
Rin-n-Rich: Are the rest of the girls there? <D>
Guy B.: Good Christina. You still keep in contact with your friends that you had from last year?
changed username to Murray
snakepit-Ron: soccer is one of the most physically demanding games I've ever played
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again Murray!
Rin-n-Rich: Or are they in bed? (it is kinda late) <D>
Pamela: we don't Judy : ) that's why we like shopping in the States so much
Murray: MSN is up again
Joan: No the kids are still up
Rin-n-Rich: Hi gals <D>
Pamela: Mom and Dad are still away Bob - they should be back for Wednesday chat
Joan: Yeah soccer is hard and I've been out for the past 2-3weeks
Judy: well, then you will just have to come for a visit
Joan: Stupid legs
Meeka: well, we found here a great
Meeka: one
Guy B.: What happened?
Joan: Gretchen says hello to everyone
Meeka: and we dixcovered thta we have that chain in MI too
snakepit-Ron: the field gets bigger as the game progresses
Guy B.: Where's Elanor?
Murray: Are you in Quebec City, Daniel?
Pamela: I"m trying, believe me!
Judy: hi, Gretchen
Joan: yeah 120 feet
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's cold outside
Joan: Elanor is comming, i think
Rin-n-Rich: And hi to the rest I didn't say hi to.
Judy: we will hold you to that
Joan: oh here she is
Guy B.: Bring her on.
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw red and orange mapple leafs on the ground
snakepit-Ron: must find some Diet Coke
Pamela: what chain did you discover?
Murray: They say it's cold in Ontario too. Not here! Reminds me of S. Africa many a yr. ago
Joan: Now typing the icredible ELANOR!!!!!!(and the crowd goes wild!!!!!)
Guy B.: HI Elanor
Pamela: hi Elanor!
Judy: Cathrins
Rin-n-Rich: hi Elanor <R>
Daniel Bienvenu: hello :-)
Rin-n-Rich: ERANARU
Joan: hello! What's going on?
Guy B.: How are you doing?
Judy: we have one right near us by Woodland Mall
Pamela: Erin is sharing Rich's computer, Elanor
Joan: I'm doing fine. School is doing well.
Rin-n-Rich: We are typing and digesting our dinners <D>
Guy B.: What grade are you in this year?
Rin-n-Rich: And resting our tired feet from walking in Juarez <D>
BobS: rin says she will NOT go shopping for Pam ....... now tha is an attitude I tell ya
Rin-n-Rich: You would have liked it, Elanor, lots of espanol.
Joan: I'm in 9th.
Rin-n-Rich: I took lots of photos of signs etc. for you <D>
Rin-n-Rich: Bobs telling tales
Guy B.: Freshman year in high school. What courses are you taking?
BobS: naw'''''''''''
Pamela: tee hee hee
(BobS laughs heartily)
Joan: I have all pre-AP classes.
(Guy B. gives BobS a yummy bar of chocolate.)
(Pamela snickers evilly)
snakepit-Ron: let's hear it for aspartame
Pamela: hey, pass the chocolate this way
Joan: Daddy, I thought that I told you this already, but I made first chair!!!!!!!!!!(Christina)
BobS: got some cookies for ya Pam
snakepit-Ron: they have chocolate in El Paso
Judy: I didn't get any either
(Guy B. gives Pamela a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Pamela: thank you
BobS: si senor
BobS: choc O Late
snakepit-Ron: :)
Rin-n-Rich: You made first chair!!! yay <D>
Rin-n-Rich: I am still sitting in my first chair for today <D>
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: well done, Christina
snakepit-Ron: Mother has caught my cold. Not good
BobS: George yo a ltitle auiet here
Joan: Elanor is back now. What is up with you guys and chocolate.
Rin-n-Rich: The same one I sat in for the first session this morning.
Guy B.: Icy cold from the fridge.
BobS: quiet
Pamela: it's like an addiction, you know?
Murray: Oh Oh System crashing!!!!
Murray left chat session
Rin-n-Rich: Infectious Rons, not good <D>
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at the pictures available at
Rin-n-Rich: Chocolate is the food of the gods.
snakepit-Ron: ya gotta watch out for 'em they're out to get ya
Rin-n-Rich: And the bane of the goddesses <D>
Pamela: "give me the chocolate and no one gets hurt"
Rin-n-Rich: <snicker> <D>
Joan: Elanor has been overthrouwn by Christina...... I'm going to try to go on tour with the symphony. I'm going to ask the director if I can play the fourth chair horn part
Guy B.: I gave you one.
Rin-n-Rich: 2 tours, hehe, lucky you. <D>
Pamela: it didn't last very long : (
Rin-n-Rich: Viva la Revolucion!
Joan: hopefully, I still need to ask the director
gmk: I've fallen and can't reach my chocolate
Rin-n-Rich: Where are Diana and Gretchen?
Pamela: call Lifeline, George : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I see now you guys in a restorant. it looks like Dr.D want top say "wo! it's too hot! my mouth is on fire!"
Joan: They are going to bed
Rin-n-Rich: Good night, urchins... <D>
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(Pamela gives gmk a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Rin-n-Rich: I have to see that photo, Daniel <D>
Joan: Christina has left the basement but is likely to return
Rin-n-Rich: <Rich gives Rich a yummy bar of chocolate>
gmk: thanks Pamela
left chat session
Pamela: my pleasure
Rin-n-Rich: And Elvis has left the building.
Joan: Where did you guys get chocolate?
Pamela: it looks like Murray's having real trouble staying on
Daniel Bienvenu: Meeka? haing problem connecting to the chat?
Pamela: in Actions : )
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Dr.D:
Judy: that is what I would like to know, I still don't have any
Rin-n-Rich: I guess we should look,.
(Pamela gives Judy a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Judy: thanks pam
Joan: I want some chocolate. (^_^)
Joan: MMMMMMMM! Chocolate!!!
snakepit-Ron: How many Pesos for an ounce of chocolate?
(Daniel Bienvenu gives Joan a yummy bar of chocolate.)
(Pamela gives Joan a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Daniel Bienvenu: is it too much chocolate?
snakepit-Ron: I see one US dollar is 11.46 peso
Pamela: there's no such thing as too much chocolate, Daniel
Joan: YES! Yummmm. Choclate.
Joan: $10.00 US dollars= 100 pasos
BobS: BUT what is that in CA $$$ Ron ?????
snakepit-Ron: ohmmmm
Rin-n-Rich: lalala?
Pamela: too complicated to compute Bob
Judy: the trolley guy didn't know
BobS: ahso
BobS: ahso
Joan: Is it hot down there?
Pamela: where did he get Canadian dollars?
Pamela: or should I say, from whom?
Judy: cooler today was only supposed to get 88
Meeka: ya, you could say that
Meeka: it is mid 90's durring the day
Pamela: aww, you poor things
Guy B.: Bob liked my new AdamEm Setup Utility I wrote using Qbasic. Looks like somthing he will be able to use.
Meeka: and gets mid 60's at night
BobS: he didn't, but he couldn't answer the question either
Judy: not that bad dry heat
Pamela: we had an absolutely beautiful day today
Meeka: but with no humidity to speek of, it isnt really that bad
BobS: but a dry heaat so it only FEELs like 70 degrees
Judy: it did get a little warm this afternoon in Mexic0
Pamela: hmm, brb - going for ice cream
Joan: Elanor says hello to all the ADAM people. Elanor also says my nose is shinny. Elanor also also says blah blah blah blah.
Judy: hi, Elanor
Rin-n-Rich: Shiny
Joan: Hello judy, where were you?
Daniel Bienvenu: Elmo is happy! Elmo want to play! Elmo is a muppet! heheheh!
snakepit-Ron: sister love
Judy: up in my room
Judy: with my legs up, too much walking
Meeka: Pam, bring me some
Rin-n-Rich: Elmo is the AntiChrist and should be cast into the Lake of Fire with Barney and other evils.
Harvie: When I was in St.Kitts it was 110 but with the wind chill it was only 109
Meeka: they wouldnt go to DQ tonight
snakepit-Ron: from the pic Judy, I'd say you've been out and about
Rin-n-Rich: Elanor, don't recite the silly file...<D>
Judy: no icecream for Meeka, she is still working off last nights desert
BobS: Ron, we been COOKIN' here. going all over with jean & Jack
Judy: ask her what she ate
Joan: Elanor has left the basement, Christina will be taking over
snakepit-Ron: nice
Rin-n-Rich: Change the usernames, then <D>
Joan: HOW????
Rin-n-Rich: Type some, Ms. Rin <D>
Judy: yes, we have and my legs gave out tonight
Rin-n-Rich: some
Guy B.: My girlfriend has come on the Yahoo IM.
Rin-n-Rich: ARRRGH!!! <D>
Daniel Bienvenu: well, for me, it will be a soup. it's too cold here. be right back!
Rin-n-Rich: <giggles>
snakepit-Ron: think I've missed a neat trip
Rin-n-Rich: <throws cold poutine at Rin>
Joan: EEWWWWWW poutine!!!!
Rin-n-Rich: <dumps water down Rich's back>
Judy: yes, and we hope it doesn't happen again, Ron
Harvie: I had some poutine yesterday
snakepit-Ron: me too
Joan changed username to Christina
Rin-n-Rich: She already dumped water on me in the airplane down here...change of cabin pressure made water bottle explode.
Pamela: poutine and ice cream? ewww
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of Coke)
Rin-n-Rich: <D>
Rin-n-Rich: Completely unintentional ;-)
snakepit-Ron: so how many made it Bob, looks like about 10?
Guy B.: Now that's an awful combination. Who did that?
Judy: Bob when you come up bring a bottle of water
Rin-n-Rich: And Dale's son got some milk on me at lunch <D>
BobS: we are like 14 strong Ron...with Linda and Jeffery
snakepit-Ron: hey - not too bad eh?
snakepit-Ron: ah yes, the youngest Adamite
Rin-n-Rich: Had to change clothes real fast before we left for Juarez... <D>
Pamela: who's Linda?
Christina: Daddy, you have no luck today
Meeka: george's wife
Judy: George's wife
Pamela: ah, I wondered
Rin-n-Rich: He is our remaining Enting...I don't think that Dale and I qualify any more. <D>
BobS: Judy, get the key to Meeka's room labeled 9(?) and get one out of that fridge, do NOT get locked out of our room
Pamela: don't think I knew that
Judy: we finially met her
Judy: thanks, dear
Pamela: LOL
snakepit-Ron: you got those stupid little magnetic cards?
snakepit-Ron: no keys any more
Rin-n-Rich: Yes, everyone uses them now, Ron <D>
snakepit-Ron: DUMB!!
Pamela: you mean the ones that don't want to work half the time?
Rin-n-Rich: How are your legs holding up, Christina? <D>
snakepit-Ron: half of them work some of the time
Christina: Heu daddy, mum says that you got a package from Theta Chi international. Secret headquarters stuff???
Christina: My legs are doing fine.
Christina: I didn't have to play in the field today
Rin-n-Rich: Probably not secret, Christina.
Christina: I think that I might become the goalie for the rest of the year since I am doing so well]
Pamela: forgive me Christina, but I never liked playing soccer
Rin-n-Rich: Tasha is still the varsity goalie, right? <D>
Christina: Hey, it got me out of marching band
Rin-n-Rich: <snicker> <D>
Judy: mission acomplished
Christina: Yeah, tasha is still there
Pamela: LOL, Christina
Rin-n-Rich: I wish it didn't...I miss having an excuse to go to football games again.
snakepit-Ron: think I would have preferred marching band
Pamela: why do you need an excuse to go to football games?
Christina: Speaking of the marching band, they didi really well at last night's football game\
Rin-n-Rich: me too...jocks and band people were separate species at my high school <D>
Rin-n-Rich: good to hear <D>
Christina: eventhough the football team lost
Doug S.: did you remember the suitcase you wanted mom?
Pamela: wow Doug, you're really quiet tonite
Christina: I'm just a band geek, I go to the football games to see the marching band and my friends in the band
Daniel Bienvenu: whi is winning the "Spy Hunter" contest?
snakepit-Ron: not me
Pamela: any excuse : )
snakepit-Ron: but then I'm not all there
Guy B.: All right, where can I get a copy of Spy Hunter for the emulator. I do have the game, but I don't have it copied to this computer.
gmk left chat session
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to see if Dad has a copy tomorrow
Judy: found something better than water
Pamela: oh??????
Harvie: The good doctor has a rom
Harvie: image
snakepit-Ron: what would that be Judy?
Rin-n-Rich: Nobody has that I have seen, though I am just told that Doug and Bob have been playing "Spy Hunter" <D>
Pamela: won't help me at the moment Harvie - I can't load anything on my system
Judy: frappucchino
Meeka: lol
Rin-n-Rich: I need to teach Rin how to play it <D>
Daniel Bienvenu: @Guy : My suggestion for a rom file to download:
Pamela: shall have to see if Dad has a cart and play it on the ADAM
snakepit-Ron: lait frappee avec du cafe au chocolate
Christina: Spy hunter is one of the best games ever created
snakepit-Ron: pardon - chocolat
Rin-n-Rich: Christina, we hare having a contest in "Spy Hunter", highest score (as proven by screen shot) gets a prize sent by Ron Mitchell <D>
Judy: that is close, Ron
Rin-n-Rich: I agree!!!! <D>
Rin-n-Rich: maybe with golf scores I'd have a chance
Guy B.: Thanks Daniel. I'll get it later on this evening.
Christina: What's the prize????
BobS: a SECRET my sear
snakepit-Ron: has anyone actually seen the prize?
BobS: dear
Rin-n-Rich: A one-year supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat (tm)
Christina: A life time supply of Rice a Roni the San Fransico treeat??
Meeka: lol
Rin-n-Rich: LOL
Christina: You beat me to it
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: only i sir Ronald
changed username to Murray
Christina: great minds think a like
snakepit-Ron: ok
BobS: and the family
Rin-n-Rich: We think alike.
snakepit-Ron: a secret it shall remain
Murray: I'm bacccck...
Christina: mum helped me too
Pamela: what happened Murray?
Murray: MSN keeps booting me off...
Meeka: he got booted by MSN agian
snakepit-Ron: thinking is dangerous
Rin-n-Rich: If you guys want to play Spy Hunter and send in a screen shot with a high score, you can do it...
Guy B.: Murray, why don't you come over here for us to look into why your system is crashing on you.
snakepit-Ron: :) Saturday nights at ADAMCcon --- something doesn't work
Guy B.: The emulator does have an option to take a snapshot of your screen.
Pamela: dy togue id goig dumb
Rin-n-Rich: Use the Coleco emulator on the Mac...when you get to the end of the game and want to save the score, type Apple-Shift-3 keys all at once.
Murray: Since I'm back on I think I'll let if run...crossed fingers
Harvie: I think when he said "MSN" he said it all
Rin-n-Rich: You will hear a "crunch" sound effect, and it will create a file called Picture 1 (or some other number).
Daniel Bienvenu: I hear about a new coleco emulator for Mac, I think it's name is Murrat
Rin-n-Rich: If you get such a file, I can tell you how to upload it to where I can get it.
snakepit-Ron: did ya get a projector thingie goin Bob?
Murray: That's so true, Harvie
Rin-n-Rich: It is not very good, Daniel, even though it is native OS X. <D>
Rin-n-Rich: I tried it, it is bleh <D>
snakepit-Ron: It's Murray, he's ALIVE !!!
BobS: great Ron....jean came thru great
snakepit-Ron: aha
BobS: we should take ANN money and buy one...........ok maybe not......
Rin-n-Rich: now Rich nis picking on me :-(
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the other choice? MESS and Colem for Mac?
Pamela: Rich!
snakepit-Ron: all I know is.... if I ever hear Baby Elephant Walk again, I'll probabloy throw up
Rin-n-Rich: She is being too quiet...unnatural for her. <D>
Murray: I think I've discovered the secret...don't run anything else but chat...Harvie
Judy: we went to Jean's school and got it and tour o f the school
Murray: Hi again Ron...things going well with you?
Rin-n-Rich: pick pick pick <D>
Meeka: yes, it is a neat place
Pamela: he's right Rin - you're awfully quiet
Rin-n-Rich: prod...she is too quiet....must be plotting something bad... <D>
Rin-n-Rich: he types faster than I do
snakepit-Ron: been a strange year Murray - Mom hasn't been well, and I'm trying my best not to poison us both
Murray: Hi Jydy...I now know who you are???
Daniel Bienvenu: it's 23h here.
Rin-n-Rich: okay i will use only none finger and no backsopace key okay you happy now <D>
Rin-n-Rich: LOL
Christina: Oh daddy, i just discovered that I have two new bruises on my leg, the same leg that has the bruise the size of kansas
Rin-n-Rich: that was definitely a sight to see
Murray: That's why mom does the cooking for us both Ron
Judy: hi, Murrary what gave me away
snakepit-Ron: yes..... Murray, would that it could happen here
Rin-n-Rich: 2 new bruises ick <D>
Pamela: sounds like me Christina -I'm currently covered in them. I keep running into things : (
Murray: I said I didn't know who Judy was and your husband told me...the brain's cells are ossifying I'm afraid
Christina: I thought that it was just the dispersment of the big one , but they're not
Christina: yeah with me I just get mowed over by girls 5 times my size
snakepit-Ron: ossifying - is that what it's called
Guy B.: Christina, how tall are you?
Pamela: I can't claim that unfortunately - I'm just klutzy
snakepit-Ron: been ossifying for a while - me
Christina: that is turning into bone
Judy: there is one person in the pool, just heard her jump in
snakepit-Ron: ergo - bonehead
Christina: I'm about 5'5
Pamela: I thought that was calcifying
snakepit-Ron: 55 Christina, just about ready to retire eh?
snakepit-Ron: I was 55 5 years ago
Murray: I think it's the least objectional and gives the impression the person saying it is still on the ball(ego booster you know!) Ron???
snakepit-Ron: good thought Murray
Pamela: all gone (sniff) : (
snakepit-Ron: I have "senior's moments"
Judy: it has been a long day Murray
Pamela: So Murray, what have you been doing with yourself? The last I heard, you were headed for South America
Christina: Oh I love senioritis
Harvie: I like senoritas too
Pamela: Harvie, this has never occurred to me to ask, but are you married?
Judy: the word keeps on changing
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
moved to room Meeting Place
Murray: Well Pam I did get down to the Amazon...great experience Last Nov. I was at Disny Institute to learn graphics and animation...going again in March dto do the second part
changed username to Meeka
<undefined> left chat session
snakepit-Ron: you guys in the hotel all using Doug's wireless net?
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: No, I never made the same mistake once :)
Meeka: Dad's router Ron
changed username to DougS
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again guy!
moved to room Meeting Place
snakepit-Ron: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again doug!
changed username to Dale/AC16
Dale/AC16: Hi all.
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO DALE!!!!
snakepit-Ron: Doug S (squared)
Dale/AC16: How are you Daniel?
Pamela: wow! You've been busy!
moved to room Meeting Place
DougS requested to ban Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale/AC16 confirmed ban
Harvie: HellDale
Pamela: HI DALE
snakepit-Ron confirmed ban
changed username to Roberto
Roberto confirmed ban
DougS requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale/AC16 confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Murray: Hi Dale hello from down yonder
DougS requested to ban Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale/AC16 confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
snakepit-Ron confirmed ban
changed username to Rich-drags-Rin
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: my health is fine but I'm wondering about the presentations, mine, yours, etc...
snakepit-Ron confirmed ban
changed username to Guy B.
Rich-drags-Rin confirmed ban
Judy: what are you guys doing in the meeting room
Guy B.: Wise guys!
snakepit-Ron: Hey Dale!
Rich-drags-Rin confirmed ban
Roberto requested to ban Rin-n-Rich
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale/AC16 confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
DougS confirmed ban
Rich-drags-Rin confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
snakepit-Ron confirmed ban
Meeka: we gogt bumped and had to re-dail the modem
Rich-drags-Rin confirmed ban
snakepit-Ron: Why am I being asked to remove everybody. I'm not even there
Christina: it wasn't me, I'm the nice one
Pamela: Dale, how are you - it's been way too long
Rich-drags-Rin: Dale's server crashed.
Roberto: back jack
Judy: I see, I am up here having no trouble at all, think I will stay here
Murray: Now you know what it's like...
Harvie: You are the bouncer Ron
Rich-drags-Rin: Apologies from the management, I presume.
Dale/AC16: Well, my first presentation (mentioned as "Adam Secrets" was just ...
snakepit-Ron: dirty job, but I suppose somebody has to do it
Dale/AC16: done adlibed, with no prepared outline.
Roberto: AND you are glad to do it eh??????
Pamela: by the way Erin, your cat needs a manicure
Dale/AC16: But I've made it in your presentation as far as...
Rich-drags-Rin: I want a blackboard!!! <DR. D>
Rich-drags-Rin: I'm not doing it
Dale/AC16: About to get everyone to implement init_graphics()
Pamela: I have the holes in my leg to prove it
Murray: Things are running smooth here too Jydy
snakepit-Ron: you mean a <board of colour> Dr D. ??
Pamela: a chalkboard!
Judy: but you all have been dumped
Dale/AC16: Ron, I loved your presentation.
Christina: BOOOOOOOO, Joke good
Rich-drags-Rin: I have to finish about 20 more slides for my PowerPoint presentation tomorrow afternoon (thank goodness it's then)
Dale/AC16: A good demo.l
Murray: Sorry!!! This teacher can't spell.
Rich-drags-Rin: Yes Ron.
Christina: that was mum's line
Dale/AC16: But I still wish you were here.
snakepit-Ron: tk you sir
Rich-drags-Rin: There are no manual erasable display media here :-)
Pamela: LOL
Judy: just blame it on the fingers. Murray
Pamela: or better yet, blame it on the keyboard. That's what Dad does : )
Rich-drags-Rin: Keyboards only display what the fingers typo.
Pamela: to hear him tell it, they keep moving the keys around on him
Rich-drags-Rin: Voice-to-text recognition, then.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I'm lost. you said that you programmed from scratch after the presentation or during the presentation?
DougS: we have lots of pushpins and the guy that uses them is hiding in the snakepit.
Judy: I just can
Rich-drags-Rin: <Meeka sneezes>
Judy: 't spell
Pamela: bless you
Pamela: I repeat . . . : )
Judy: she has done a lot of that sneezing
Meeka: ya, my poor nose
snakepit-Ron: me too Dale
Guy B.: Ron, I must admit that was a very good video presentation you did.
Dale/AC16: Daniel, I like to do some interactive, mixed with some theory.
Pamela: someone is setting off fireworks in the distance
snakepit-Ron: Mom just got up from a nap she says to say HI
Pamela: pop, pop, pop
Dale/AC16: We spent some time doing the ball in ICVGM 3
Roberto: for ADAMCON !^ ?????????
Pamela: Hi, Mum
snakepit-Ron: having a bad day
Judy: tell her hi, from me
Pamela: our best wishes to her, Ron
Roberto: HI MUM !!!!!!!
Christina: Hello
snakepit-Ron: thank you Guy
Dale/AC16: Then loaded in the charset.dat and exported the full charset file.
Judy: and hope she feels better
Murray: The video presentation was indeed good kudos all around Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: wow! and you all were able to do that?
Dale/AC16: Now we are coding up the example main from slide number ... [looking for the slide number]
snakepit-Ron: tks all
Roberto: only problem ron.......why didn't you do it on a ADAM ??????
Daniel Bienvenu: You are now testing the result of the init_graphics function, right?
snakepit-Ron: It could have been done on the ADAM but no voice
Daniel Bienvenu: the main function with a little put_char in it?
Dale/AC16: Please say a hearty hello to her for me Ron.
Roberto: thas ok, we don't have speakers hooked up on ADAM with the projector anyway
Christina: (Set to music) Now it's time to say good-byr to all our company.... bye guys, I have to go, I'm really tired. But have no fear my mum is here!!!
snakepit-Ron: done Dale
Christina: Sorry i'm really slap happy
Guy B.: Bye Christina
Pamela: goodnite Christina - great to hear you
Roberto: nite Cristina
Christina: Bye Kids have a nice evening
Roberto: Christina
DougS: bye christina
Dale/AC16: G'night Christina
Christina: Nite Daddy, Love ya
snakepit-Ron: be well Christina
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Christina
Judy: night Christina
Harvie: Goodnight Christina
Roberto: ADIOS from Mehico
Rich-drags-Rin: bye Stina
Rich-drags-Rin: Good night, see you mondau night.
Christina changed username to the Joan-inator
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I think you are talking abut slide number 29
the Joan-inator: I am back
Pamela: WB, Joan
Judy: welcome back Joan
Pamela: brr - I'm going to get a sweater
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, welcome back, Joan!
snakepit-Ron: Hi Joan
Judy: a sweater!!!!!
the Joan-inator: the name was Christina's idea
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw most of the pictures from the site
the Joan-inator: I don't think I have much in common with Ah-nold
Daniel Bienvenu: and I saw a gamepack#2 cartridge twice in the pictures. ;-)
Judy: because you are sending all to bed?
Dale/AC16: Slide number 20.
Dale/AC16: We started a little late.
Guy B.: Seems everyone but me, is on the wireless. I'm the only one using a ethernet card and cable. What do you expect when this notebook has Win95. I might look into upgrading to Win98 later.
Pamela: yes a sweater, it's only about 68 in here
the Joan-inator: I sent the youngest ones. Christina signed off herself
Dale/AC16: But I wanted to reinforce the foundation from last time.
snakepit-Ron: enjoying the pictures Dale.
Murray: My system hicupped...signing off...goodnight all
Guy B.: Not again Murray.
Rich-drags-Rin: Joan-inator, you are channelling Ahnuld now?
Judy: I am on a cord,Guy
Pamela: night Murray
Dale/AC16: So we'll have to skip forward a couple of times tomorrow, I think in order to get it done in 2 hours.
Guy B.: Ok, now I don't feel bad.
Rich-drags-Rin: Bye Murray.
snakepit-Ron: Night Murray - stay in touch
Guy B.: Bye Murray.
Murray left chat session
Judy: night Murray
Rich-drags-Rin: Have the girls been bad to need Terminating?
the Joan-inator: I'm not sure what Elanor is doing. Probably doing origami while listening to They Might be Giants
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: I understand. 80+ slides was too much anyway
Harvie: Goodnight Murray
Guy B.: Well my beloved Cubs winning streak got snapped at 5. Lost tonight.
the Joan-inator: They have been fine except Gretchen fighting about homework
snakepit-Ron: 5 eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: Well, I think I wanted to make you run before walk with my coleco game programming presentation.
Guy B.: I got to see how they are doing in the wildcard race.
Pamela: is it that time of year already? Seems like the season just got started
Judy: Bob the chirp is gone
Guy B.: National League it's a three way between the Cubs, San Francisco and Houston.
Roberto: good, I forgot about it. It was still there @ noon and made a mental note to REMEMBER to check it later
snakepit-Ron: I don't follow minor league ball
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: Did my last email with some more comments helps?
Dale/AC16: Daniel, I checked your notes in the morning, and most of them are for stuff we'll do tomorrow.
the Joan-inator: I'm an American League fan
Rich-drags-Rin: Elanor is always listening to TMBG and doing origami :-)\
Pamela: I've given up - the Jays are never going to win again
the Joan-inator: That's why it was a good guess
Guy B.: You mean Major League Ron. Minor League doesn't get that much publicity.
Daniel Bienvenu: telepathie? I think we talked about the same thing at the same time.
snakepit-Ron: :)
Dale/AC16: Daniel, I say it, but didn't read the most recent one yet.
snakepit-Ron: Closest to me is the Vancouver Canadians - tripple A
Dale/AC16: Before bed though.
Pamela: are you going to sleep tonite Dale?
Meeka: hey Pam, did you get my e-mail this morning?
Dale/AC16: Ron, I'm glad someone likes them. I worked hard to do a new look, which is why it took me until Friday morning to post Thuresday's pics.
Pamela: I did - just picked it up before coming onto chat - thanks : )
Rich-drags-Rin: What did you gals have for supper tonight, Joan?
snakepit-Ron: makes me feel like I'm there Dale
Pamela: I haven't looked at any pictures yet
Pamela: I'm going to go there in the morning when I can do it on Lindsay's computer (on high speed)
snakepit-Ron: Have the Stone's been participating?
Rich-drags-Rin: We aren't gloating too much, Pam.
Pamela: but man, do I miss being there
Meeka: ok :)
Meeka: ya, we miss you too
Rich-drags-Rin: Next year will be in your backyard.
snakepit-Ron: right on Pamela
Rich-drags-Rin: I have a zillion photos too (about 200 so far) that I will post.
Judy: they have been around, have kept them going and going
Pamela: speaking of which - Dale, do you want some help with next year's con planning?
Dale/AC16: Jean is right into most of the sessions, but Jack says that we're talking a different language.
Judy: daughter was looking for them one night
Rich-drags-Rin: Some silly ones...I wanted to make sure there was proof I'd been here (not just behind the camera), so I made some "creative" shots at a few points.
Dale/AC16: Pam, I'll never deny help.
Judy: sounded a little concerned
snakepit-Ron: but they're both there
Dale/AC16: The 'con gets less complex to put on all the time though.
Judy: they go home nights
Pamela: i've discovered that since I planned a wedding, I can do anything : ). If you want some help, just let me know what you need.
snakepit-Ron: yes, I suppose they would
snakepit-Ron: Still remember Jean's line at ADAMCOn 4
Rich-drags-Rin: ADAMcon under a tent outside, I like that idea.
Judy: more of a reunion
snakepit-Ron: It's hard to soar with the eagles, when you've been whooping it up with the owls all night
Rich-drags-Rin: Erin says you have enough back yard for it.
Rich-drags-Rin: Or stuck with turkeys like me :-) <runs>
snakepit-Ron: soar in the daytime with the eagles, that is
Meeka: you need to get fast internet before then though Pam
Pamela: gobble, gobble, gobble : )
Judy: we get by on less, Meeka
Rich-drags-Rin: Elanor doesn't like turkeys :-) <private family joke>
Pamela: why Meeka?
Guy B.: I've taken over 50 (not counting some of family and my dog) so far. I bought a 64mb card and boy, I can take more.
Meeka: cuz dial up sux, It is sooooooooooooooooo slow
snakepit-Ron: ya got that right Meeka
Pamela: can't say I disagree with that
Pamela: however, first I have to be able to afford it and right now that's not an option
Meeka: when your used to DSL at home it is even slower!!!
Roberto: how's the job going Pam ????
Dale/AC16: Ron, I've been traveling to Vancouver about once a month lately.
Judy: sometimes you have to come down a little, Meeka
Guy B.: I love my DSL. But, for the first time since I got it. Wednesday, I had to use the dialup. It was down that day.
Pamela: it's going well Bob - they had me reconciling a bank account on Friday
Harvie: Tell Somerville to supply it Pam
Pamela: oh, sure Harvie -alla time
Roberto: and DID you get some cash for yourself???????
Meeka: I am adjusting, but I aint liking it :P
Pamela: unfortunately, no, Bob
Dale/AC16: I have tried to hook up with Jeff, but I'm more a spontanious type, and he seems to need to plan farther ahead.
Pamela: was looking at cheques for $500K and wondering why no one ever writes ones like that to me
snakepit-Ron: Good stuff Dale. We'll have to get together one time
Judy: that would be nice, Pam
Pamela: wouldn't it just??? Would solve all my money woes and then some
Dale/AC16: Even my son Jeffrey has been with me on two trips to Vancouver.
Dale/AC16: (Feb and June)
the Joan-inator: Anybody still ther?
Judy: you could even spread it around a bit
snakepit-Ron: yeah.... he's got a girlfriend now. Spends most of his time travelling bewteen South Van and North Van
Pamela: however, since the lottery isn't cooperating, and the other option isn't an option, I'll have to fumble along
snakepit-Ron: one of these days tthey'll have to move in together, and save a bundle in travel
Pamela: I must say, working 10 minutes from home sure saves on the gas
Dale/AC16: Hey Harvie, any interest in attending AC next year, in TO area?
Guy B.: And look how much money you are saving too.
Judy: at least you will not have far to travel next year so no excuses
Pamela: well, just by turning in my Metropass, I've saved over $1000 a year
Judy: we are expecting to see you there
the Joan-inator: for some reason this froze for a while on my end. Then about 20 messages came up at once
Harvie: Fer sure
Rich-drags-Rin: It does that sometimes, Joan.
Guy B.: Pam, I'm looking forward to seeing you next year.
Pamela: it happens like that sometimes, Joan
the Joan-inator: I thought I did something wrong
Judy: is getting noisy out side
Pamela: oh, I'll be at next year's if it's here - Russell will be a maybe, depending on his schedule
Dale/AC16: <grin> That's was his excuse the last two times I called him ,Ron.
Judy: maybe I will have to close the door
snakepit-Ron: Are they booting you guys out of the meeting room at 11pm?
Dale/AC16: Harvie, we were trying to figure out if you were at AC12.
Judy: no they don
Dale/AC16: What one were you at last?
snakepit-Ron: good
Roberto: NOPE, it si OURS till eternity
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: I suggest to add my presentations (this year and last year) somewhere in the adamcon web site. what do you think?
Harvie: 007 was the only one Dale
snakepit-Ron: must admit, I found that rather embarrasing last year
Pamela: what, Ron?
snakepit-Ron: being asked to shut down at 11pm
snakepit-Ron: our hotel nazi was most efficient
Dale/AC16: Daniel, it is high on my todo list.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC16: I'll probably post both by Sunday night.
changed username to HLM
Rich-drags-Rin: Any more, I am ready to shut down at 11 PM.
Guy B.: Hi Herman
Rich-drags-Rin: It is almost 2 AM for Joan...
Dale/AC16: I have actually got both ready to post, but just haven't done it yet.
DougS: hi herman
Rich-drags-Rin: You have to get up for church tomorrow.
Meeka: hello Herman
Rich-drags-Rin: Howdy Herman!!!!
Harvie: Hello Herman
Judy: hi, Herman
snakepit-Ron: Hey Herman - how ya doin!!
Dale/AC16: Harvie, well, I'd love to see you at the next one.
the Joan-inator: Actually, midnight
Daniel Bienvenu: and you have my permission to post an improved version like changing "you must use paper" is the first presentation by "you must use notepad" ;-)
Pamela: Hi Herman
Rich-drags-Rin: You are right, I added 2 hours to my computer clock here by mistake.
HLM: Hello all
Dale/AC16: My email is
Rich-drags-Rin: I never changed from Cleveland time on it, though I did on my watch.
Dale/AC16: I read that about once every other day.
Roberto: HEY Herman. bout time ........was worried aboutya
Pamela: what happened to George?
Roberto: everthing go alright with the physical ?????
HLM: I am doing fairly good
Harvie: Dale, e-mail me when you are back in the neighbourhood, we must talk
HLM: wishing I was there
Rich-drags-Rin: We miss ya, Herman.
Pamela: those of us at home miss you too Herman
Guy B.: Thanks for your e-mail Herman. I hope to have the program ready for downloading in October. I'll let everyone know.
Judy: we wish you was here tooo
Dale/AC16: Definately Harvie. Ralph Veecock and Peter Searle still meet every month for MTAG.
HLM: I miss you all I miss my attendance record was one of the top attendees until the last few years
Rich-drags-Rin: Dunno where GMK went, he was here a while ago.
Rich-drags-Rin: Well, you are busier now than you have been before.
the Joan-inator: Did you kick him off?
Rich-drags-Rin: Not *THAT* George!!!!
Dale/AC16: Daniel, some day I'll get you to put your name on the first slide.
Roberto: SO ????? change that NEXT YEAR Herman
HLM: yea a bit I guess but thats gotta change
Guy B.: Herman, hope you come for next year's con.
Daniel Bienvenu: oops!
HLM: It has too George and Dale got the best attendance records Now I think
Meeka: k, I am heading up to my room
snakepit-Ron: what time is it in El Paso
Meeka: see ya all later
Guy B.: It's almost 10:00 PM.
snakepit-Ron: nite Meeka
Meeka: 9:50
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Rich-drags-Rin: Good night, Meeka.
HLM: I will try Guy it will be much better in my plans...
Harvie: Goodnight Meeka
Meeka: nighty night
the Joan-inator: Good night'
Judy: are you stopping in here,Meeka?
snakepit-Ron: ok...only an hour behind
Rich-drags-Rin: bye Meeka <rin>
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ... midnight here
Meeka: I will, you need something?
Judy: no
Pamela: gnite Meeka - hope for more messages tomorrow
Meeka: k
Meeka left chat session
snakepit-Ron: If you keep walking west, our watches will read the sasme
Judy: otherwise, night
Rich-drags-Rin: how's it going Guy?
Guy B.: Funny you should ask my dear
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: good luck for continuing the presentations tommorow.
Rich-drags-Rin: hehe
Rich-drags-Rin: who needs chat when you have chat?
Rich-drags-Rin: :-)
Rich-drags-Rin: Rin and Guy are adjacent seats here.
Rich-drags-Rin: And Rin said that *I* was poking at her...
Dale/AC16: Danel, I demoed the cart you gave me.
HLM: I gotta surf the web sight and see what I am missing
Dale/AC16: But there seems to be a bug in Isola.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, I saw the gamepack#2 cartridge in two pictures
Rich-drags-Rin: Maybe I should sit between them :-)
Guy B.: Rin has a way with me.
Dale/AC16: Which web site do you have the cart posted to, with the bug fix.
Rich-drags-Rin: <smirk>
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, this cartridge had a bug. I fixed the bug after the meeting
the Joan-inator: Mom, she's breathing my oxygen
Harvie: She's had her way with you ???
Guy B.: That's a joke Son.
Rich-drags-Rin: No, it's Dale's boy who is the real swinger...
Roberto: Meeka is coming UP Judy.......suitcase for clothes???????
Rich-drags-Rin: He asked an older women to join him in the Jaccuzi today :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I can send you a rom file by email
HLM: Dale how is your little one doing must be about 2 years old now
Guy B.: Not so fast there.
Judy: yes, I should get one
Judy: brb
Rich-drags-Rin: We are a regular soap opera here at ADAMcon 16.
Pamela: I miss Jeffrey too
Dale/AC16: Herman, he 2 1/2.
Rich-drags-Rin: Actually...Dale, Jill, Jeffrey, and Rin stopped by my room to get me, and Jeffrey went into the Jacuzzi tub and asked Rin to come in after him.
Dale/AC16: Walking talking and inviting girls into the Jaccuzzi.
Pamela: and Erin, I want you to know I miss having you sitting with me : )
HLM: very good
Rich-drags-Rin: My comment was too good to pass up :-)
Rich-drags-Rin: <violins>
snakepit-Ron: (snicker)
HLM: all for his dad ???? :)
snakepit-Ron: the youngest ADAmite - a mover and shaker
Rich-drags-Rin: There was no water in the tub at the time, he just wanted to climb in and look out the plate-glass window into the rest of the room.
Dale/AC16: Jeffrey likes to play peekaboo by hiding in the closet or bathtub.
HLM: So is Doug knee deep in coimpuiter repairs Bob
Guy B.: He's an adventurer.
Rich-drags-Rin: you'll have me Wednesday Pam :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: I'm sending now Gamepack#2 rom version august 3
Dale/AC16: k
DougS: not many, you left yours home herman.
Rich-drags-Rin: There have been no hardware failures this year AFAIK Herman.
HLM: yea that is the good years Dale, You can not relive them and they are priceless...
Rich-drags-Rin: that's because there is only one ADAM here :-)
Pamela: and only a few pushpins
Rich-drags-Rin: ??
HLM: No Comments their will be one close by me where ever I go
Dale/AC16: I'm an aligator clip person.
Dale/AC16: No pushpins here.
Pamela: chewing gum? Baling wire?
Dale/AC16: Maybe Ron can bring some next year.
Rich-drags-Rin: Anti-gravity paint works for me.
HLM: Ron is the king of push pins and they work
the Joan-inator: I have plenty of stright pins
Rich-drags-Rin: Several pincushions full.
Judy: we now have a suitcase
the Joan-inator: And I'm using them now
Pamela: whatch making, Joan?
Dale/AC16: This AdamCon seemed to involve a lot of shopping.
Rich-drags-Rin: What are you doing with them? Voodoo :-)
the Joan-inator: Sewing tiger ears
Pamela: Shopping is good!
Dale/AC16: Jill is thinking of getting another suit case to take it all home.
Judy: your the only one who brings stuff that needs repair work herman
Pamela: Way to go Jillian!
Dale/AC16: And that doesn't include all of the things we didn't buy because it is too hard to ship.
Rich-drags-Rin: Tiger ears, how many sets?
HLM: my wife wouold LOVE THAT
Rich-drags-Rin: So far, I have bought only food.
Rich-drags-Rin: I am not much of a shopper.
the Joan-inator: enought tiger ears for tiger head ornaments for the soccer team
Guy B.: And I bought a t-shirt from Juarez. The only thing I bought so far.
Rich-drags-Rin: Rin was seduced by the cowboy boots, however?
HLM: I love to collect T shirts and hats so I would of atleast got them
Pamela: bought any tickets yet Erin?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: I think I need help to continue the libraries update. To improve the programming experience, I must find why some weird bug still there. Someone suggest a conflict with video updates and the "read status flag register" inside the nmi and delay function.
Rich-drags-Rin: not yet
Rich-drags-Rin: Bobs will give me heck on Sunday...don't worry :-)
Dale/AC16: Daniel, you were talking about that, but I haven't seen much lately with my projects.
Roberto: BUT Pam, they are going like hotcakes.........sales are thru the roof, so you better put in some more cash for tickets......
Pamela: tell Jean I lust after her afghan
Dale/AC16: In July I had a lot of problems as you know.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's not true. remember the weird bug with Santa's Gift Run
Rich-drags-Rin: Nobody will want it after that, Pam...ewwww....
Rich-drags-Rin: No laundromats here.
Daniel Bienvenu: telepathie again?
Pamela: get yer mind outta the gutter!
Guy B.: You should see this one Pam. You would want to keep it yourself.
Dale/AC16: The Santa's Gif problems were in July.
Pamela: I have seen a picture Guy and I want it
Rich-drags-Rin: Get the afghan outta yours :-)
HLM: no that battle Meeka and Ron battled at the last Con I was at and Ron won I think
Pamela: Erin is buying tickets for me
Rich-drags-Rin: Are you sure?
Guy B.: I have no doubt, that she will NOT let you down.
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, this weird bug appear in other projects like a character randomly printed on screen.
Rich-drags-Rin: he's trying to get me in trouble
Rich-drags-Rin: <smucks Rich's arm>
Rich-drags-Rin: ow
Roberto: Rin says ....."don't tell Pammie, but I am using HER money to buy tickets for me ......."
Dale/AC16: I've tuned a good version, and I will post it on my web site with a new ROM with the animation fixed.
Guy B.: That's got to hurt.
Rich-drags-Rin: hehehe, now he's pouting...someone get the camera :-)
HLM: no comments
Pamela: Guy, smack Rich - and while you're at it, smack Bob too
Dale/AC16: Daniel, character's randomly printing on the screen, I've seen.
snakepit-Ron: no need for any of you to buy tickets
(Guy B. slaps Rich-drags-Rin playfully)
Pamela: LOL
Dale/AC16: But every time you send me a library, it seems you send me a new version.
Pamela: wow, violence-by-proxy - ya gotta love it
Rich-drags-Rin: now we're being hit by Guy
Roberto: and this would be WHY ron ???????
Guy B.: He's pouting now.
Rich-drags-Rin: It's the video game generation that did it.
Roberto changed username to BobS
Dale/AC16: I always thought that the wierd characters were due to blown stack.
the Joan-inator: An orchectra...sax and violins
Rich-drags-Rin: That is true, Dale; I am a weird character and my stack is definitely blown.
Dale/AC16: Usually it is debug code that triggers it for me. When I disable the debug code, it startis working again.
snakepit-Ron: hmmmm on further reflection, I better not make any smarta** remarks about winning tickets
Dale/AC16: But maybe it is the timing conflict you talked about.
Pamela: you're not eligible Ron - you have one already!
Rich-drags-Rin: We will mail you the winning afghan as a ball of yarn, Ron.
snakepit-Ron: I know... but a fella has to try ya know
Guy B.: That's right. Others get to have a crack at this years.
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like because we want to do too much things between two refresh, the project is going crazy
Rich-drags-Rin: I guess me too, I have one from one of the conventions, can't remember which one.
BobS: hey Pamm, Ron is in for $ what will it be for you ????
Pamela: I just love that purple - it would look soooo nice at the end of my bed, on the green comforter
Guy B.: Don't fall for it Pam.
Rich-drags-Rin: It's the higher/lower game on Price Is Right...
Pamela: whatever $20 Canadian will get me ( or whatever of mine that Erin hasn't spent yet)
BobS: and BEHIND DOOR # 3 ??????? Pammie !!!!!!!!!!!1
Rich-drags-Rin: That is what Photoshop is good for, Pam <runs>
Dale/AC16: Well, Daniel, the traditional fix to that is to only do screen updates during the nmi, and do all the calculations outside.
Daniel Bienvenu: but someone here suggest to alway read the video status register after the video update to "reset" the vdp
BobS: she done SPENT it all on boots today
Dale/AC16: It is a particular coding style.
Pamela: you better run!
Guy B.: Erin, you better not let her down or do you have other things in mind??????
HLM: I need it to keep my babies warm... so I will fax the winning dollar bill to the convention :)
Rich-drags-Rin: Run run run just as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Dr.D. Man!
Daniel Bienvenu: by using delay and nmi, it's exactly what we do
snakepit-Ron: boots were made for walkin'
Rich-drags-Rin: now I have to buy a matching hat guy
BobS: you already owe GMK for shirts Herman, jsut call him and tell him to buy some tickets too
Rich-drags-Rin: Fringed leather vest and bullwhip, too.
(Guy B. snickers evilly)
Rich-drags-Rin: don't forget the chaps
Pamela: I thought you already had the whip?
the Joan-inator: Indiana Jones or Devo?
Rich-drags-Rin: yes, but that wasn't common knowledge
snakepit-Ron: So did anyone find Rosie's Cantina?
Rich-drags-Rin: Devo is good.
Pamela: Sorry, that's Graeme, isn't it?
HLM: Meeka will just toss mine out the window so she can win and Pam will help her
Rich-drags-Rin: I think it was near the Mos Eisley Spaceport, Ron.
Harvie: I must call it a night, have fun in El Paso... no matter where you are
Daniel Bienvenu: delay use it (read vdp register) if the nmi interrupts is disabled, and the nmi do it (and it's the first thing it did)
Rich-drags-Rin: good night Harvie
snakepit-Ron: that's Roswell
Dale/AC16: You notice in gift run, I was doing all my calculations, then delay then drawing the screen.
Guy B.: Bye Harvie, we'll see you on Wednesday.
BobS: ok Harvie, see you next Wed
Rich-drags-Rin: So long, Harvie <Dr.D.>
Pamela: Goodnite Harvie, see you Wednesday
Harvie left chat session
Dale/AC16: That should minimize the chances of an overlaping screen update and nmi.
Dale/AC16: Goodnight Harvie.
Rich-drags-Rin: How high is the grass at home, Joan? I imagine it is pretty tall by now...
Dale/AC16: I'll email you later.
Rich-drags-Rin: Since I didn't get the lawn mowed before I left.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, but it looks like weird bugs still there... whatever I try.
the Joan-inator: I didn't really notice. Not too bad
HLM: mine needs cutting and I am here and done it a week ago
snakepit-Ron: brb
Pamela: was at Mom and Dad's today - theirs is fine
Rich-drags-Rin: Has it been rainy?
the Joan-inator: ergghh..the people next door are having a reaally loud argument
BobS: when mumsy and dadsy comin' home Pam ?????
HLM: not too bad rich
Rich-drags-Rin: uh-oh
the Joan-inator: It rained yesterday. Sunny today
BobS: jjktooktrailer out for how much time?
Dale/AC16: Well, I'll have to try to find some time for a special test case, and then maybe I can narrow it down. You have to read that VDP register to clear the NMI, and allow it to send another one.
Pamela: they'll be home Wednesday afternoon Bob - Dad has an appt with the electrocardiologist on Thursday at 10:00 am. Then they're heading out again
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice a possible problem with at least two of my functions in getput1 library. But I need someone to help me finishing the update to improve it.
Pamela: just enough time to pick the garden and do the laundry : )
Dale/AC16: Jill starts school Monday so she has to leave the 'Con early.
Pamela: is she flying out tomorrow Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: There are more coleco programmers now. Many are interrested in programming in C because it looks more simple.
Dale/AC16: Well, Daniel, I've been using them to work on various projects, so maybe I'll be able to get into it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Before releasing the new getput version with new features like the "double buffering effect" used in gift run, etc...
Guy B.: I'm surprised since Coleco abandoned the Adam and Colecovision. There is an interest again in classic videogame systems and now new games for these systems. I'm glad there are people like Daniel, who want to bring these back.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have too many tests to do.
Daniel Bienvenu: but this weird bug, never looks the same but is visible mostly when running on cartridge. that makes me crazy
Dale/AC16: Do you have a small example that you can email me;.
Dale/AC16: Then I can try and trace through the code and try to spot the race condition.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the gamepack#2 cartridge you have, is an example of weird bug visible when the rom is into the cartridge
snakepit-Ron: de retour
Pamela: all is well Ron?
Dale/AC16: The flickery sprites?
snakepit-Ron: had to do Mom's ear drops
Dale/AC16: Do you see those too?
snakepit-Ron: in addition to everything else, she has an ear infection
Pamela: oh dear
Daniel Bienvenu: I fixed it by rewriting the update sprites part, but it only reduce the time to update sprites, it doesn't do more than that.
the Joan-inator: another tiger ear done
Dale/AC16: Also we have two feature requests for your tools.
Pamela: I gather these are for the soccer team Joan?
snakepit-Ron: sounds like Tiger could use some ears
snakepit-Ron: or something
Daniel Bienvenu: the flickery sprites? I had this bug in Miss Space Fury. one week before the deadline I never know this bug was there until someone show me a video-clip of my game running on a real coelco.
Dale/AC16: ICVGM doesn't highlight which color square will change when you click on the pallete color to set it to.
Daniel Bienvenu: ICVGM v3 was done quickly
BobS left chat session
Dale/AC16: It seems to work well though.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ICVGM v2 but with another character editor part
Dale/AC16: And in ICVGM, I'd like an easy way to prepare multiple name tables.
the Joan-inator: Yeah, the high school nickname is the Tigers
Daniel Bienvenu: multiple screens?
snakepit-Ron: aha....
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose it could be done
Dale/AC16: v2 doesn't give you any feedback about what a click on the colour palette will change either.
the Joan-inator: I had to turn on some music to drown out the fight next doo
Rich-drags-Rin: Chat is winding down? Bob just left.
Dale/AC16: There is a manual way to do multiple name tables of course.
Judy: I am back Meeka just went off to bed
Rich-drags-Rin: What is it about, Joan?
Dale/AC16: But I usually want one char set, and a few prepared backgrounds.
snakepit-Ron: another long day in the am awaaits
Pamela: where did Bob go?
Dale/AC16: Bob seems to have gone to bed.
the Joan-inator: I don't know. It's muffled, but I can hear a few "I told you girl"s
Judy: he is probably on his way up here
DougS: bob went to his room and will join chat on judy's pc.
Guy B.: Bob is heading back Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: I can program on icvgm v3 during next week. but I'm wondering more about updating and improving my getput library
snakepit-Ron: we're all gettin older ya know - no more long periods of sleep deprivation
Daniel Bienvenu: all this
Judy: speak for yourself, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: all the asm coding to read and understand.
DougS: not the way jack and jean have been running us ragged :) eating at their schedule is different.
snakepit-Ron: :)
HLM: actually the older I get I THINK the LESS I sleep
Rich-drags-Rin: It's been true for me, Herman, but it's because I've had more to do.
Judy: he just arrived
the Joan-inator: What's sleep?
snakepit-Ron: keeps ya movin eh Doug?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ho! about the asm coding. What is the utility of "LD A,I" and "LD A,R" ?
Pamela: I'm with Joan
Dale/AC16: Daniel, don't worry too much about ICVGM. The new double buffered version of getput is the most improtant.
Rich-drags-Rin: The 2nd one is a cheap way to get a somewhat random number.
DougS: lunch at 11am, supper at 4pm ron.
Pamela: the sugar high from my ice cream is wearing off
Rich-drags-Rin: The first, you need for some kinds of interrupt handling.
Dale/AC16: LD A,R gives you a pseudo random number.,
Rich-drags-Rin: I am fuzzy on the details, I have to look at my Z80 manual for LD A,I.
snakepit-Ron: a hour offset
Dale/AC16: It is the value of the refresh register.
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: the refresh register?
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: We have twins.
Rich-drags-Rin: it actually is the current memory refresh register auto-increments, so calling it too often leads to very non-random numbers.
Dale/AC16: LD A,I is not used on the Adam. It is used for one of the IM vector modes, I think.
Pamela: darn it, I just got dumped
Daniel Bienvenu: do you think it can be used to improve the getput library to avoid problems?
HLM: That is more so because of Jack;s diabeties (?) I would guess they approached GK and I one year with about the same request
Pamela changed username to Pamela again
HLM: even paid for a early lunch a few times
Pamela again: there, now you know which one to delete
snakepit-Ron: no wonder I'm slowing up - have Ie running twice
Guy B. requested to ban Pamela
Pamela again confirmed ban
Dale/AC16 confirmed ban
Pamela again: am I still here?
DougS confirmed ban
Pamela again: apparently
Daniel Bienvenu: yes Pam!
Guy B.: Ok, Pam, You're one again.
Dale/AC16: The refresh register is the register that hits every row of addresses in RAM to keep the memory values alive.
Rich-drags-Rin confirmed ban
snakepit-Ron confirmed ban
Dale/AC16: (the high 8 bits of the 16 bit address register)
Rich-drags-Rin: E pamela unum.
Pamela again: Dale, here's one for you - just before I got dumped, I started updating at the top of my chat - this has been happening a lot recently
Rich-drags-Rin: and 8 bits are in a byte?
Dale/AC16: As long as the LD A,R calls are timing wise "co-prime" with the 256 cycles, it will be reasonablly random.
Rich-drags-Rin: And half a byte is a nibble.
snakepit-Ron: ok..... yes, that'll do it
Rich-drags-Rin: And Rin just ate my candy bar!
Rich-drags-Rin: you lie!!
Dale/AC16: Pam, it is a maximum buffer size for the history in the Java implementation of IE, as I understand it.
Pamela again: I warned you about American chocolate, Rin
Rich-drags-Rin: it was only half
Guy B.: Well, looks like we have a case of deniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have another suggestion here. Using a byte in RAM as a flag. this flag can be set to say to the nmi to do nothing before we are updating the video memory.
snakepit-Ron: no fighting over the chocolate please
Rich-drags-Rin: Da Nile is in Egypt, right?
Pamela again: oh okay. It never used to do that though
Rich-drags-Rin: wookie sounds
Guy B.: Not that Dr D.
Daniel Bienvenu: sounds too complex to me
Pamela again: Russell just got home
Rich-drags-Rin: Let the Wookie win.
Rich-drags-Rin: Hi Russell <R&R>
snakepit-Ron: I'm powerless over choccolate
Daniel Bienvenu: but probably a good solution for newbies who don't have enough experience with the interrupts and coelco programming
Pamela again: he says 'hello"
Judy: hi, Russell
Guy B.: Don't ask me about chocolate. My girlfriend gave me some and it's sitting in my fridge at home. At least it won't melt.
snakepit-Ron: Hi Russel
the Joan-inator: Anyo hasayo!
Rich-drags-Rin: ??
the Joan-inator: Hello in KOrean
HLM: hi Russel
DougS left chat session
Pamela again: He says hi back to everyone but it's dinnertime
Pamela again: He just waved sweet and sour chicken balls under my nose
snakepit-Ron: at midnight?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: Remark: if you try to compile the sample#1 with a previous version of my getput library, it doesn't work because the compile is unable to find the calc_offset function. So it's why I added a new version with the source code I sent to you for the presentation.
Pamela again: well yes, when your shift runs from 12P to 12A
HLM: food is good anytime
Judy: you eat dinner at this time of the night, Pam?
snakepit-Ron: ya got that right Herman
Rich-drags-Rin: I AGREE HERMAN
Pamela again: no, Russell's eating dinner
snakepit-Ron: if it wasn't for food, I wouldn't be half the man I am
Pamela again: I ate before I got online
Judy: I seeee
the Joan-inator: Well, it sounds like the fight next door is done
Rich-drags-Rin: What was it about?
Pamela again: did you ever discover the reason for the fight Joan?
snakepit-Ron: a domestic altercation?
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I didn't sent to you a new getput version with source code. I mean, in the zip file, there is a new getput1 library version (no source code) with the smash source code.
HLM: must be afull moon Joan, Cops just hauled a few folks away a few doors from me
Rich-drags-Rin: hehe
Daniel Bienvenu: to fix the problem I added the calc_offset function with the get and put char file.
Pamela again: unfortunately, we can't use that excuse Herman - it's not till sometime next week
Pamela again: I tried to use it yesterday - everyone at work was nuts
the Joan-inator: I don't know. It sounded like their teenager did something and the parents were arguing with her and each other
the Joan-inator: I decided to listen to music instead
Dale/AC16: Daniel, yes, you send me a new version of getput with every piece of code ;-)
Pamela again: well, that explains it
Rich-drags-Rin: TMBG I presume
Dale/AC16: I just have trouble keeping track of which version is the best one. :-)
HLM: when I got hom it was loud music down that way so thair was probably a party
the Joan-inator: That's what Elanor had in the computer ...Istanbul, not Constantople
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry for that but my library is in work in progress
snakepit-Ron: you mean I can't go back to Constantinople?
Dale/AC16: I know. It wouldn't get better if it didn't change.
Rich-drags-Rin: I prefer Byzantium.
Daniel Bienvenu: because I decided to erase all the disable_nmi and enable_nmi from all my functions to let the programmer have the control of its program. I didn't realize that it was a big challenge.
Pamela again: oh dear, I'm hearing Johnny Cash in my head again
the Joan-inator: Wouln't scan right for the song
Rich-drags-Rin: Joan, Dale says TMBG have broken up.
snakepit-Ron: I have this Internet station called, "Stuck in the '50s:"
snakepit-Ron: pllays that kind of stuff
Rich-drags-Rin: ???
Rich-drags-Rin: Dale says no, it was Moxie Fru"vious he was thinking of.
Rich-drags-Rin: Sorry for the heart failure.
the Joan-inator: Nope, I got an message from Flansburgh yesterday on the Team TMBG stuff
Rich-drags-Rin: What Johnny Cash is stuck in your head, Pam?
Rich-drags-Rin: <A BOY NAMED SUE>
Pamela again: oh, and Dale? This has been bugging me for two years; you spelled discretion wrong on the website
Dale/AC16: So how does this version (z80-2) compare with the Windows installer version?
Guy B.: How do you do!
snakepit-Ron: Papa sang bass, Mamma sang tenor
Dale/AC16: I thought that that was the version I was going to give out.
Pamela again: "Down in the West Texas town of El Paso" . . .
Rich-drags-Rin: #include <std_spellcheck.h>
the Joan-inator: Brent from church gave me a Moxy Fruvious CD. It was pretty good
Rich-drags-Rin: He didn't sing that song first, Pam.
Pamela again: so who did?
snakepit-Ron: Marty Robbins
Daniel Bienvenu: the version with the installer was made before I saw your gift run project.
Rich-drags-Rin: I can't think of his name...he was tall and thin with a little moustache and slicked-down hair.
HLM: now Ron knows his music
Rich-drags-Rin: Rin called it!
snakepit-Ron: I was just around back then
Daniel Bienvenu: and I didn't had time to update it for the adamcon
Pamela again: thank you Ron
Dale/AC16: Gift Run hanged the world? I never suspected.
Daniel Bienvenu: so I sent to you a folder with the compiler and at least icvgm v3 and cci
Rich-drags-Rin: Have you heard from the Keiths, Joan?
Dale/AC16: Yes, and a treat that is too. I'll definately use ICVGM v3 lots.
Dale/AC16: I'm wondering about sprite editing with ICVGM v3.
the Joan-inator: Brent and Joan may be at the guitar performance at church tomorrow. We'll see.
Daniel Bienvenu: look at the right side of the window. I think you will see a button to edit sprites
Dale/AC16: What does it stand for again (I ColecoVision Game M)
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to turn in. For those here at the con, see you tomorrow morning. Judy, I expect Bob will come by again to go to breakfast. I'll see everyone else on Wednesday.
Rich-drags-Rin: Hope they are okay.
Rich-drags-Rin: I think I should be turning in, too.
Pamela again: Gnite Guy
Rich-drags-Rin: Starting to yawn.
Rich-drags-Rin: Still on Cleveland time...
Guy B.: Thanks again for your help Pam. I really appreciate it.
Daniel Bienvenu: The first time I did ICVGM for DOS with QuickBASIC 4.5, I wanted to do a kind of Game Editor or something like that.
Pamela again: any time Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: ICVGM is for Instant ColecoVision Game Maker.
Pamela again: I'm starting to lose it too
snakepit-Ron: Interesting Compiler Versus Groovy Metamorphosis
HLM: nite Guy
Rich-drags-Rin: haha Ron
snakepit-Ron: which means not much to me
Rich-drags-Rin: You better get to bed too, Joan, church tomorrow.
Pamela again: Erin, my schedule is in the living room. What time does your plane land on Monday?
Daniel Bienvenu: I know ICVGM is only a graphic editor but I think I have time to build this kind of tool to make games by clicking with a mouse
Guy B.: Ok, I'm off this notebook and will be shitting down until the morning. Bye.
Guy B. left chat session
Rich-drags-Rin: I Can't View Green Monsters
Rich-drags-Rin: Bye Guy.
the Joan-inator: Yeah...So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adeiu..
snakepit-Ron: shutting down Guy
Rich-drags-Rin: Bye Joanling
Pamela again: goodnight Joan - great to talk to you
Rich-drags-Rin: Nite to the girls who are still up
Rich-drags-Rin: If any
Daniel Bienvenu: Leaving? bonne nuit alors!
snakepit-Ron: good talking to Joan
the Joan-inator: See you tomorrow night. I love you!
Rich-drags-Rin: Love you too.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to talk too much about coleco programming
the Joan-inator left chat session
HLM: mushy mushy
Rich-drags-Rin: <smirk>
snakepit-Ron: awwww
snakepit-Ron: I think that's cool
Rich-drags-Rin: Not at all, Daniel.
Rich-drags-Rin: That is what the chat is supposed to be about.
Pamela again: Rich, where's Erin?
Rich-drags-Rin: Dale tells me that his brother Neil has just passed all his M.S. thesis stuff!
HLM: thats what conventions are for tech talk prob solving and new ideas
Rich-drags-Rin: She is sitting here nodding off.
Pamela again: okay. Never mind.
Daniel Bienvenu: M.S. thesis?
Rich-drags-Rin: I keep poking her and nothing is moving much.
Rich-drags-Rin: So she is probably vegetated.
Daniel Bienvenu: Master ?
Pamela again: yeah, she goes out like that sometimes.
snakepit-Ron: RIN- WAKE UP
Rich-drags-Rin: I think I come in at 7:55 or something on Monday
Rich-drags-Rin: haven't got a clue to be honest
Pamela again: okay, I'll check.
Rich-drags-Rin: that's why I emailled it :-)
Dale/AC16: Master of Arts actually.
Pamela again: it's out there!
Rich-drags-Rin: Okay, yes M.A>
Rich-drags-Rin: M.A.
Dale/AC16: He started his phd studies last week.
snakepit-Ron: <piled higher and deeper>
HLM: I used that to Dr D ron, thought he was gonna shoot me
Pamela again: Erin, I'll see you on Monday. Rich, talk to you Wednesday.
snakepit-Ron: yeah, better watch my tongue
Rich-drags-Rin: alrighty Pam have a good night
HLM: when he first got his Phd
Rich-drags-Rin: give my love to Schiefer
Pamela again: I will.
Rich-drags-Rin: Good night, Pam <RFD>
HLM: note [a,
Rich-drags-Rin: Rich and Rin signing off...
snakepit-Ron: niters Pamela - go straight home now
HLM: sorry that should of been nite Pam
Rich-drags-Rin: hehe
Pamela again: Goodnight to all - Dale, stay in touch about planning
Rich-drags-Rin: <poof>
Pamela again: Nite Herman
Pamela again: Nite Dale
Pamela again: Nite Judy
Rich-drags-Rin left chat session
Pamela again: Nite Daniel
snakepit-Ron: I am going to disappear - you guys have a good Con now. Eat something for me at the banquet
Pamela again: Nite Ron
Dale/AC16: Okay Pam
Dale/AC16: Nite Pam
Pamela again: and I'm outta here. Good trips to all!
Pamela again: kerpoof
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam
Pamela again left chat session
Dale/AC16: See you later Ron.
snakepit-Ron: Nite Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Ron
HLM: Yes, my youngest is started to get whinny he has been good for the time I been on seeing that I have the nite shift on baby watch
HLM: so I spect I should go tend to him
snakepit-Ron: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: you too Dale, you must go sleep. Tommorow is again a presentations day for you.
snakepit-Ron: Pioffff
Dale/AC16: :-)
snakepit-Ron left chat session
HLM: Good nite and will try to check back in to see what I am missing...
Dale/AC16: I have to figure out how I can rocket through some of the slides, to do more meaningful hands on stuff.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if you want to chat with me about the slides
Daniel Bienvenu: shoot your questions
HLM left chat session
Dale/AC16: I'm scheming on how to get you to Toronto of the next AC>
Daniel Bienvenu: I probably just did a too big presentation to be done like you want to do it
Dale/AC16: I showed the samples of the stages of developement.
Dale/AC16: It seemed pretty good.
Dale/AC16: It is a question of how to compile the samples.
Dale/AC16: I only had the zip file unzipped for a very little while before I began thew presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: Me? Toronto? next AC? I think it can be done.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I'm alone now
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale/AC16
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Dale!
Dale/AC16: Sorry. Clicked the wrong close button :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: oops :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I said that I think I should and could be at the next AC
Dale/AC16: So the slow part is getting everyone to type more than 2 or 3 lines of source.
Dale/AC16: I'd love it <big grin>
Dale/AC16: Are you busy the 3rd weekend in July? the second?
Daniel Bienvenu: Yannick, a new coleco programmer, may accept to help me getting there.
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I'm looking for a job. So, my time is unpredictable for now
Dale/AC16: So, the thing I need to do is make some files that they can jump into and make small edits to, then compile and try it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Want my help to do that?
Dale/AC16: You talk about that in your slides, but you do intensive typing, skip some important details, then drop into a test phase.
Dale/AC16: Well, I'm not sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know... but it's 80+ slides long
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the smallest change is when I said to change the x coordinate from 15 to 6 and another thing to make the paddle run faster than the ball
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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