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Harvie: Hello lo lo o o o
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changed username to rich-c
Harvie: Hi rich
rich-c: greetings, good buddy
Harvie: How was the wine tasting
rich-c: hmmm - the server seems slow tonight
rich-c: I got a lot of good news
rich-c: found that the quality down there is pretty well world class
rich-c: only problem is, the pricing is not too competitive
rich-c: not that I'm about to buy many $50 bottles anyway ;-)
Harvie: They always were good and when they found out they upped the prices
rich-c: but in white wines I can likely meet all my needs from Ontario vintners
rich-c: oh no, you have to do a lot of tasting around
rich-c: there are maybe half a dozen turning out really neat Reislings
rich-c: but most of the reds have been disappointing
rich-c: though I did find a very nice Cabernat Franc
Harvie: More of a wino than oenephile myself
rich-c: only problem was, it w2as about a $13.95 wine selling at $17
rich-c: well, we're sort of in between
rich-c: but we figure if we're going to drink it, drinking should be a pleasing experience
Harvie: Wine is like whisky, none bad just some better than others
rich-c: anyhow, we had a half-bottle with dinner every night and brought home about 15 for teh cellar
Harvie: Room amongst the ADAMS for wine?
rich-c: right - I was surprised to find at one distillery we visited a while back that they made only one whisky, just aged it longer for the upmarket lebels
rich-c: nope; have to use a little cave under teh basement stairs :-(
rich-c: anyway, know anyone in teh market for a spoare Adam? I have lots
Harvie: Woder where everone is
Harvie: Wonder
rich-c: I came on in a hurry; there's an email from Mitchell but didnt have time to read it
rich-c: Pamela said she might be late, had a lot of housework to do
Harvie: Go ahead, I'll be here
rich-c: Ron says he has a meeting
rich-c: he's chair of the community net, so he has to show up
rich-c: says he will be with us next week
Harvie: I suppose he's allowed
rich-c: Erin has signed up with Sympatico, so no doubt she's enjoying one of their classic screw-ups
Harvie: John's news service is all screwed up
rich-c: have no idea where teh Slopsemaws or Dr. D. might be
rich-c: well, we kept telling her to go with Tamoc, but you know kids
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rich-c: almost didn't make it myself tonight - took a tumble down teh back stairs yesterday
changed username to BobS
Harvie: Ouch!!
BobS: howdy ya'll
Harvie: Hello Bob
rich-c: didn't realize there was anything worng; went out and worked on the trailer, walked to the plaza
BobS: AND Richard the lost
rich-c: bout time you got here, Bob
rich-c: we
BobS: oh OK ???????
rich-c: ve been telling tales behind your back
BobS: how's the hip ?
rich-c: 'bout 5 p.m. discovered a swelling on my right leg the size of an ostrich egg
rich-c: the hip, thank heavens, came through fine
rich-c: it's now carring teh weight while the right leg is kaput
rich-c: anyway, the Coumadin got me - there is STILL internal bleeding whre I bruised it
Harvie: Hence the swelling?
BobS: bummer DUDE !!!! the coumadin is not good stuff if you get bruised
rich-c: I am putting ice on it every 2 hours for 20 minutes, and taking Tylenol 2 at three hour intervals
BobS: moral of the NOT fall down !!!!!!!!!
rich-c: yes, you're more familiar with iot yourself than you want to be, Bob - and mine is a "worst case" scenario
rich-c: took it up to the doctor today
BobS: AND ????
rich-c: he said all that works is ice, Tylenol, and tincture of time
BobS: "i want yo on coumadin until the heart is back in shape"
rich-c: exactly - I'm going over to see the "new" cardiologist on teh 25th
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BobS: thas what he said..........
BobS: what is thsi "new"...........
changed username to Judy
Harvie: Hello Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, come to join us I see
rich-c: the first cardiologist I went to referred me on
Judy: Hi, Rich and Harvie
rich-c: I like the new guy better
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: well hello
Pamela: where is everyone?
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: we know where Ron is, but the others - who knows
Judy: we are here,
Pamela: I got Rich's e-mail so he's a maybe
rich-c: maybe a couple of them are having a private conversation elsewhere?
Pamela: we're the important ones apparently : )
BobS: both Ron and Dr D will not be here..........
BobS: read the mail ma'am
rich-c: just checked Rich's email, yes, he's a definite maybe
BobS: Richard.....I couls recommend my cardiologist......great guy......just clueless sometimes
Pamela: has anyone looked at Rich's thumbnails yet?
rich-c: I thought they might be conversing on Rich's site
BobS: nope
BobS: no time
Harvie: I took a quick look
rich-c: I wasn't hugely imoressed with the guy teh hospital sent me to at first
Pamela: I just got online -haven't had time to get over to look at them yet
rich-c: but my impression of teh new one - at the hospital, ironically - is much better
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: that's good Rich; you NEED to have a good relationship with the doctor
Judy: we are finding that with my dad, the doctors don't have any idea what is going on
Harvie: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel!
Pamela: Hi Daniel
BobS: YO Daniel
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: did i miss something or we are only a few tonight?
rich-c: well, in my case they know in geenral terms but we're just starting to work on the specifics
Judy: we have him going in and out of the hospital and we don't learn a think
BobS: nope only a few good men/women
Pamela: no, we are the few tonite Daniel
rich-c: Ron's at a meeting, Dr. D. has a lab prep to do, Erin signed with Sympatico so who knows, and it's a tad early for Guy
BobS: si senor
Pamela: Erin's been awfully busy at work so she may be late
rich-c: yes, the Legislature is in session now, though I don't think her ministry is that busy
rich-c: at teh moment teh government is more concerned with other things than agriculture
Pamela: no but she's been dealing with internal stuff recently - things that won't be publicized
BobS: AH HA........secrests !!!!!
rich-c: well, there are a few useful initiatives in the wind, I know
rich-c: yes, governments ar3e very loathe to talk about their plans
Pamela: there's a lot of unhappiness in her office due to a change in the reporting hierarchy and the natives are restless
rich-c: I trust she is keeping a low profile and very neutral stance
Pamela: does she ever?
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rich-c: well, one can hope, you know
Pamela: hope springs eternal, Dad
rich-c: maybe the new one is her - looks like about Sympatico speed
Pamela: and we have a mystery guest
Pamela: stop, Daddy!
Harvie: Somone can't figure out who they are
BobS: take it Richard is not in love with that isp.........
Pamela: you take it correctly Bob
BobS: undefined........WHO YOU ARE ?????
Pamela: but don't get him started
BobS: heck Pam, I will take any isp that works !!!!!
rich-c: that's what Bell Canada operates as and no, I am NOT impressed with them
BobS: I am not impressed with ANY of the isp;s
rich-c: charge double a fair price then toss on "extras" to justify it
changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: it's the Doc!
Harvie: Hi Doc
BobS: true.......true
Pamela: hey Rich
rich-c: so you find all your incoming emails are getting lost because their server thinks they
Dr.D.: Sorry it took me so long to login.
rich-c: re spam
BobS: DOKTOR !!!!!!
Dr.D.: I got a student interrupt in mid-login.
Judy: hi, Dr D
Dr.D.: Ja Herr Robert, ich bin hier.
Dr.D.: Hi everyone.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
rich-c: ah, we were wondering what it was all about
Dr.D.: So have you downloaded my huge webpage yet? :-)
rich-c: we stkill need Erin and Guy
Pamela: and James
Pamela: how huge is it Rich?
Dr.D.: I got mail from Ron saying he wasn't coming.
rich-c: right, he was absent last imte I wass on, too
Pamela: yes, we got yours too
Dr.D.: Well...there are 2 versions, lo and hi bandwidth.
Pamela: in other words, huge : )
BobS: do we HAVE to download it ??????? can't we just look at ti ?????
Dr.D.: Well yes you can look at it...but each page has lots of photos.
Dr.D.: Ergo "download".
rich-c: as long as you have an 80 gig hardd disc, of course ;-)
Harvie: If you look at it you are downloading it
Dr.D.: Not size so much as bandwidth if you are on dialup.
Pamela: so what you're telling me is, I'll be here all night
Dr.D.: I can download the pages in about 3 minutes each over DSL at home.
Dr.D.: Well, I dunno.
rich-c: unless I get a chance to capture it and put it on a CD for you
Dr.D.: Well Meeka has the entire originals I gave her at the convention :-)
BobS: but with about hour each page????
Pamela: I'll have to attempt to view them at work then, where I have a fighting chance of seeing them in this century
Dr.D.: No, don't think so.
Dr.D.: Oh goodness, just start a dl.
Dr.D.: Each photo is 8-11 K in size.
Dr.D.: Very small,.
Dr.D.: But each day's webpage has about 90 photos.
Judy: She has been gone, watching her brother
Dr.D.: I took lots of photos.
rich-c: that's the low bandwidth version, right?
Dr.D.: Yes. The hi-bandwidth version is about 25K per photo.
Pamela: who's watching her brother? Meeka? Watching him do what?
Dr.D.: Of course, you can click on each thumbnail to dl the 350K original 11xx by 8xx versions.
Judy: staying with him while her parents are gone, he is quite a bit younger than she is
Pamela: ahhhh
Dr.D.: I think Richard already looked at them...I saw a tamcotec connection in my logs.
Harvie: Twas I
Pamela: no, I think that was Harvie, right?
Dr.D.: Ah, you were choice #2.
rich-c: just a quick peek to see wht was there, didn't have time to really look
Dr.D.: So how long did it take?
Dr.D.: (to Harvie)
rich-c: but Tamco can be me or Pam or Harvie
Harvie: Story of my life
Dr.D.: (I wasn't trying to razz you, Harvie)
Pamela: I think "guess" would be a better phrasing, Rich : )
Dr.D.: I knew of only 2 tamcotecs, you and Richard.
Pamela: and me!
Dr.D.: I figured it was Richard since he was dying to be at the convention.
Harvie: I only looked at a few photos, web was slow at the time
Dr.D.: But the timestamp was during early afternoon, you are at work, Pam.
rich-c: well, basically half his cutomer list must be my buddies or their derivatives
Pamela: theoretically, anyway : )
Dr.D.: Hehe, a family tree.
Dr.D.: Yes, you could have been playing hookie.
rich-c: yes, like Pam might ask me on behalf of a buddy at work
Dr.D.: But you are so new in your job I didn't think it likely.
Pamela: nah, I'm a good girl : )
Dr.D.: So I thought.
rich-c: or we tell a fellow Smiga user about it and he logs in and tells his buddies...
Pamela: and so on, and so on, and so on . . .
Dr.D.: brb
Pamela: remind me to tell Kimberly about . . . about . . . is it Ernie or Golan, Dad?
rich-c: more student interrupts, I guess
Harvie: It's nice to have an ISP that knows you by name and knows something about networking
rich-c: hey, John even recognizes my voice - though call display does help
rich-c: it's Golan, Pam - don't know where Ernie went
Pamela: okay
Pamela: I'm seeing her Friday night -will tell her then
Pamela: (note to self)
rich-c: when it comes to call display, have you used Royal Taxi lately?
Pamela: no, why?
rich-c: they know your address and your preferences
Harvie: The irony of it is he's on Rogers, can't get DSL at his house
Pamela: I like Kingsboro
rich-c: with me, they know to send a larger car with lots of room for my duff leg
Pamela: John is on Rogers??????????????
rich-c: yes, up in Orillia
Pamela: you're right, that's irony for you : )
rich-c: remember any ISP buys bandwidth from a wholesaler
rich-c: in fact John recently changed his supplier from Sprint to Bell
Pamela: re: Royal, Dad - they probably have a good computer system and track their calls
rich-c: they do - call display feeds into it
rich-c: they have some pretty sharp dispatchers, too
Pamela: do you have any idea why John switched?
rich-c: he wasn't happy with Sprint's performance
Pamela: a good dispatcher, like a good receptionist, is worth his/her weight in gold
rich-c: yes, they're teh front line of customer service
Pamela: I had someone call me amazing today
(Pamela blushes)
BobS: you ARE Pamela
Harvie: Bob , how is your leg?
rich-c: not the word I would use, but comparatively your skills are a long way above the average
Judy: that was a good feeling wasn't it , Pam?
Pamela: well, I solved a complicated problem for her last week with a minimum of fuss, and she appreciated it
Judy: good for you
Pamela: it is a good feeling Judy - it's nice to be appreciated once in a while
rich-c: ah, OK, I guess teh choice of word was apperopriate, then
BobS: leg is ok Harvie.......was doing good but I was on it too omuch yesterday I guess and it was quite sore today
rich-c: yor leg acting up too, Bob? Is this something new?
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Judy: and he was on it a lot today also
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I must say, everyone at work seems to be happy with my performance so far
Guy B.: Greetings. I am here.
Harvie: Get used to it old fella :)
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: greetings, Guy
Harvie: Hello Guy
BobS: Guy........CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!
rich-c: just keep them that way, Pam
Guy B.: On what?
Pamela: I"m doing my best Dad
Judy: sounds like you like your new job then
Pamela: is this thing slow or is it just me?
BobS: on simply coming by !!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
(BobS gives Guy B. some poutine.)
Judy: seems about the same to me
rich-c: there is a small server delay tonight, Pam
(BobS creates a new action for Guy B.)
Guy B.: I would have been here sooner. But, I was out to dinner with my friend Marsha.
Pamela: it started out fast and has slowed way down
BobS: <a new dance step>
Pamela: i'm getting a three to five second delay in posts
BobS: dinner with Marsha.......OK way to go man !!!!!!!
rich-c: aha - how is that scenario playing out, Guy?
Judy: maybe we are just slow in posting
Pamela: no, it's my own that are slow Judy
Guy B.: We are just friends for now.
rich-c: no, it's the gap between when you hit enter and the post appears
Pamela: take it easy, Guy
Judy: how is the situation, Guy?
Guy B.: Pam, I've hit a snag with Karen.
BobS: heck it HAS to start somewhere ya know
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: that's fine, no point in rushing things
Guy B.: I'
Harvie: I have found the web very sporadic today
Guy B.: I'll tell you in a minute.
rich-c: act in haste, rep[emt at leisure isn't good advice
Pamela: okay
BobS: I haven't even FOUND the web yet Harvie
Pamela: it's that big mess covering your computer, Bob
rich-c: I wasn't on much but it seemed OK - though yesterday was another story
Pamela: speaking of webs, I saw the biggest spider the other day
BobS: ya think ?????? I didn't think that the spilled coke and the gummy bears would have ANY effect..............
Dr.D.: back
BobS: JACK IS BACK !!!!!!
Guy B.: More changes in my program. More menus even Bob will love.
BobS: er, Doktor D
Pamela: ooooh, spilled Coke
Pamela: not good
Pamela: gets IT people verry upset with you
rich-c: did you know, Bob, that you can apparently take the keyboard into the shower with you with no ill effects?
BobS: or maybe it was the cappacino Pam
BobS: yes, but I will NOT try it
Pamela: as long as you let it drip dry, right Dad? : )
Judy: Jean Stone used to talk about washing them
BobS: or two nights.......
Pamela: I should give her mine - it could use it
rich-c: I would recommend hand wash only, no machines...
BobS: hose it down and let 'er dry
BobS: oh washing machines.......maybe on delicates though............. :-)
Pamela: speaking of Jean, does she have an e-mail address?
Dr.D.: Afghans wash fine.
rich-c: there was a discussion about it in Langa list quite some time ago, and the proponents were very happy with the results
Dr.D.: Mine has been washed probably 10x since I got it.
Dr.D.: Just do it gentle and let it hang to dry, or else very low heat.
Pamela: the afghan or the keyboard, Rich?
Dr.D.: Clothesline is good solution too.
Pamela: : )
Judy: Jean says that you should wash them in the washer and put them in the dryer
Dr.D.: Afghan.
Dr.D.: Keyboard in dishwasher works too.
rich-c: ask your mother, Pam, she has experience
Dr.D.: I wasn't recommending beating them with sticks on rocks in the crick.
Judy: no, Dr D put it in the dryer they work out just fine
rich-c: brb - gotta go get some ice for my knee
BobS: but b ut Dr ya gonna clean the sucker
BobS: Pam you GOTTA watch pop !!!!!!!
Dr.D.: afghan or keyboard, Bob?
BobS: you not doin
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: ' you job!!!!
Dr.D.: What did Richard do to his knee?
BobS: both Dr D
BobS: fell down the stairs
Pamela: I know, I wasn't keeping an eye on him and look at what happens
Guy B.: How bad is it?
Harvie: It;s difficult to fall up the stairs Bob
Judy: dads are hard to keep under control
rich-c: mumph
Dr.D.: Aiiiiii!!!!!!!!
Dr.D.: On return from trip?
Judy: can't keep my dad healthy
Guy B.: I take it that's a BIG Ouch.
rich-c: no, yesterday
Dr.D.: <shakes finger> Richard....
rich-c: it is when teh bruises develop. Guy
Pamela: no mumphing for you, oh klutzy father of mine
Harvie: By the way rich, the ice is for the whisky
BobS: that is TRUE harv.....but Pam needed to be chastized for her failure
Dr.D.: Hope you didn't fall on your hip.
rich-c: no, it was teh right knee that took the brunt
Guy B.: Oh yeah. Then it will hurt like heck.
rich-c: actually the side of teh leg just below the knee
Dr.D.: No bionic knees.
rich-c: no - hip replacements are easy to live with, but knees are another story
Harvie: Trying to keep up with the Drushels
Pamela: at least I know I come by my klutziness honestly : )
Guy B.: Abby may have bruised her left hind leg on her knee and not a a torn ligament as I thought she might have done.
rich-c: the problem is the Coumadin - it makes me an artificial haemophiliac, like Bob
BobS: not me Richard... I son't take that stuff anymore........
BobS: don't
BobS: I don't want to bleed out
Harvie: Bob , I think he just called you "artificial" :)
(BobS gives ice cream to all his friends!)
BobS: WELL !?!?!?!?!?
Guy B.: Thanks Bob!!!
Dr.D.: Blood blood blood makes the grass grow
BobS: welcome mon
Pamela: mmm, ice cream
Dr.D.: What flavour?
BobS: Blue moon mixed with some Traverse Bay chocolate cherry
Guy B.: Abby had her checkup on her thyroid today. I will get the blood test results back tomorrow or Friday.
Dr.D.: Dunno what that is.
Pamela: what's blue moon?
Dr.D.: Who makes it?
Judy: that is a awful combination
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changed username to rich, c
BobS: blue ice cream with a hint of nutmeg in it
Pamela: get dumped Dad?
rich, c: dumped me again
Guy B.: Oh uh. Rich got dumped again.
Dr.D.: hehe, I read "hint" as "lint"
Pamela: time to polish your eyeballs, Rich
BobS: like a hint of nutmeg in egg nog.....which is also a great ice cream
Judy: don't like it, it is made in Hudsonville, Mi
Dr.D.: My eyeballs are German not Polish
rich, c: blue ice cream? there oughta be a law
Guy B.: Well, there is with blueberries in it.
Pamela: says he of the peanut butter and banana ice cream combo
rich, c: now that's living!
Pamela: bowls big enough to save some for breakfast - ya gotta love it
rich, c: actually we have a number of very fine ice cream makers around here
Judy: now he is eating icecream
Pamela: are his lips blue Judy?
BobS: GET REAL !!!!!!!
rich, c: always do, at every opportunity
Dr.D.: cyanosis
rich, c: though mind you oppotunites are few
Pamela: that's 'cause Mom rules the roost
Pamela: and the grocery cart
Judy: not eating blue, they don't have it in the stores just in ice cream shops
rich, c: well, the diet, anyway ;-)
Dr.D.: Smurfberry crunch.
Pamela: aww, I was gonna suggest he give you a big, smackin' kiss
Judy: hope you understand what I was trying to say
Harvie: brb
Dr.D.: There is some icky icecream here in the Dairy Marts called "Superman" looks like Play-Doh.
Pamela: eww, smurfs in ice cream?
BobS: dont' taste bad though Dr d
Judy: the boys like that
rich, c: but doesn't taste as good, right?
BobS: grandkids like it and i slicked aslo
Dr.D.: I like strawberry...and peach.
BobS: not bad.........
Judy: Bob likes that really sweet flavors
Pamela: there is no other flavour
Dr.D.: I like fruit.
rich, c: we have so many chocolates-based ones we don't manage to get much beyond them
Dr.D.: Chocolate was my favorite as a kid, not now.
rich, c: Frances likes Nestle's Rolo ice cream
Pamela: I have two chocaholic parents - you think I have a choice???
Dr.D.: And I don't like the chocolate-covered chocolate with fudge chunks and caramel kinds, either, too heavy.
rich, c: I go for President's Choice "Beyond decadence"
rich, c: deep rich chocolate with chocoate shavings for crunch
Pamela: there is no such thing as too much chocolate
Judy: I like the almond joy, that is one of my favorates
BobS: CHOCOLATE ???????? i'm in !!!!!
Dr.D.: If it makes me break out...
rich, c: we've even had very successful chocolate frozen yogurt, and gelato
Pamela: know what? I'll put up with the break outs
Pamela: now I'm craving ice cream - brb
rich, c: gives him a terminal case3 of teh grouchies ;-)
Dr.D.: blecch, frozen yogurt.
rich, c: don't knock it til you've tried teh well-made stuff
Dr.D.: thin imitation ice cream :-)
rich, c: maybe whre you get it - here it's thick and very tasty
rich, c: but then, we do eat better than folks south of the border
Dr.D.: I am eating better, down to 196 lbs now :-)
Dr.D.: 236 2.5 years ago.
rich, c: better, or more conscientiously?
Dr.D.: The latter, likely.
Dr.D.: I still eat most everything, just less of it.
rich, c: it pays
BobS: south of which border..........
rich, c: that's the way that works
Dr.D.: I really look like a college kid in the ADAMcon 16 photos.
BobS: all I see if well fed around here
Dr.D.: So my girls have said.
BobS: too welel fed
Harvie: They wre right Doc
rich, c: well, we get more and better produce because we buy from all over the world
Pamela: well in a way you are a college kid, Rich : )
rich, c: my last batch of oranges came from South Africa
Pamela: (letting my ice cream melt)
Dr.D.: Eat it before it melts.
Pamela: nah, I don't like it so cold it sticks to my tongue
rich, c: our beef is grown much leaner, less taste but more survivability
Harvie: "Eat it before it gets cold!!!"
Dr.D.: Unless it has BSE, in which case the human survivability is a little lower...<don't tell Erin I said it>
Dr.D.: I like hard-frozen ice cream.
Dr.D.: Mooshy ice cream is well, mooshy.
Harvie: Lean beef should be outlawed
Pamela: there's a certain consistency it has to have for it to be perfect for me
rich, c: well, since we stopped importing American beef, BSE is less of a concern
Dr.D.: Not according to our FDA, they seem to be worried about BSE from yours :-)
Dr.D.: Or rather USDA.
Dr.D.: Wrong acronym.
rich, c: that's just protectionism in an election year
Pamela: do you get the impression that both sides are going "nyah, nyah"
Harvie: Boy! One cow gets a little upset and you have an international squabble
rich, c: saw a blink - am I still here?
Pamela: you're still here DAd
Pamela: we lost your twin somehow
rich, c: so I see - gotta go get my T2
Pamela: ah, the good stuff
Pamela: just make sure your eyeballs are spinning in the same direction, Dad
Dr.D.: Eyeball spinning, not good.
Pamela: yes, but two different directions - even less good
Daniel Bienvenu: Désolé, problème avec un compilateur, moi absent pour encore plusieurs minutes
BobS: now THAT could present a problem........yes
BobS: be kinda cool to see though
Pamela: pas de problem, Daniel
BobS: ya that too Daniel
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changed username to rich;c-
Pamela: oh heck Dad - again?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I was talking with Jeanene.
rich;c-: no-good server pulled the plug on me again!
BobS: and how is she?????
BobS: hmmmmmm, maybe need a new isp
rich;c-: that's likely what got me booted off
Guy B.: She's doing Ok. Haning a little pain in her right knee.
Guy B.: Having a little pain in her right knee.
Judy: and how is Jeanene?
Pamela: everyone's aching recently
rich;c-: no, Dales's server seems to boot me every time the user list changes - go figure
Judy: not me
BobS: ahso........wierd business
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Pamela: but no one left or came on except you Dad
Harvie: It doesn't happen to the rest of us
rich;c-: I am using the smaller typeface - wonder if that affects it?
changed username to Ginger
Pamela: well good evening, cuz
BobS: maybe the server is throwing all up into the air and seeing who comes down..........
Guy B.: I got to see my great niece and nephew from my niece April last weekend.
BobS: and nwo Ginger is here
Judy: so am I Rich, forgot to change it
BobS: vwlcomw my dear
BobS: oh well, fingers kaput tonight
rich;c-: so what else is new?
Pamela: just tonite Bob?
Dr.D.: Ginger...must be da redhead.
Ginger: howdy y'all
Dr.D.: Seen any good castaways lately?
BobS: old eyes can't read that little printing
Dr.D.: Increase the font size.
BobS: did
Dr.D.: Even I had to do it tonight, Bob.
rich;c-: true - that's what glasses are for ;-)
Judy: hi, Ginger
BobS: didn't help........still can only read the writing
BobS: can't see the pictures
Ginger: sorry I'm late
Pamela: work?
rich;c-: gee, you're mssing half the fun, Bob
BobS: and you SHOULD be !!!!!!!!
BobS: I know..........words without pictures are just words........
Dr.D.: A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.
Ginger: my sincere apologies
rich;c-: hafd day at teh office, or just Sympatico acting up?
Ginger: party tonight
BobS: PARTY !!!!!!!! we didn't know about that..........
Dr.D.: Party? only LEGO robots partying here :-(
Dr.D.: Okay, where is my text...
Dr.D.: There it is.
Ginger: luckily I'm cute so I didn't buy one drink
Dr.D.: They all bought for you?
Ginger: yeah, a lot more than I limited myself to
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Dr.D.: They were Shirley Temples, no doubt.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello pam! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich the second
rich2: sorry, this time it was my fault - hit wrong key
Pamela: who else got dumped?
Daniel Bienvenu: not me
Pamela: so how did you dump me, Dad?
rich2: you mean for a change I wasn't alone?
BobS: family thing I think guys and gals
Pamela: all of a sudden I wasn't posting. Grrr.
rich2: anyway Rin, lots of Ontario wine I trust?
Pamela: did my last three get put up?
rich2: how could we tell, Pam?
Judy: don't think they came thru
Ginger: I was stickin' with Alexander Keiths
Dr.D.: What are they?
Harvie: Your last was "work" Pam
Pamela: well the last two were "hello" and "darn"
rich2: well, it's easier to nurse a beer than a wine, though the alcohol content is the same
Harvie: You didn't spill any did you Erin?
Ginger: yeah, some folks from Windsor who I haven't seen for a while were up
Dr.D.: Alexander Keith is a beer brand?
Ginger: hehe
Pamela: who was here Rin?
rich2: yes, originaly from Nova Scotia
Ginger: that joke was made Harvie
Ginger: :-)
Harvie: You don't want that loud scotsman chastising you
Ginger: some folks who are a bit outside the political realm
rich2: now it's just another Labatt or Molson brand
Dr.D.: So this was some political gathering, Erin?
Ginger: yep, a "House warming Party" since the Legislature resumed
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Dr.D.: Jeepers all the coming and going.
BobS: well darn
BobS: like a revolving door at at hotel, it is..........
rich2: mostly going, from teh look - who are we missing?
BobS: richard is playign hide'n seek i thing
Pamela: nobody
rich2: right - I thought I saw a flash or Dtr.D
Dr.D.: I have never left.
Harvie: " This room has been blessed by many , some by entering some by leaving"
rich2: maybe one of my dopplegangers got turfed for too much silence
BobS: I LIKE that Harvie
Pamela: well both your personas are still here Dad
rich2: yes, but the original isnt any more
Dr.D.: "Don't let the door hit you in the backside on the way out" :-)
Harvie: Feel free to use it Bob , I borrowed it from an old friend
BobS: danke shoen sir
Harvie: Bitte
Pamela: Judy, how are Mandy and Ryan doing? (Did I get that right?)
rich2: that's shoën, son
BobS: Ryan is "sticking" and the onion o the pizza was playing hide'
Dr.D.: No Richard...
BobS: how to get the umlaut in therer?????
Dr.D.: S H O-umlaut N
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I'll see you all next week.
Dr.D.: No E-umlauts in German.
Ginger: bye Guy
Judy: yes, that is right, they are doing ok, Ryan is falling a lot but don't know if it is just that he is three are something from the injury
Pamela: night Guy
BobS: be good Guy
Judy: bye Guy
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
rich2: it's in your font, Bob, the trick is to access it
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guy
Dr.D.: So long, Mr. Bona.
rich2: night Guy - maybe Saturday?
Guy B.: I'll see what I have going.
Pamela: Guy, before you go give me your correct e-mail address please
Guy B.:
rich2: come to thhink of it, I may not make it - a football doubleheader
Judy: he fell Monday at Sherri's and again at daycare today
Pamela: thank you - I had the old one
Guy B.: Your welcome Pam. Ok, I'll see you all later.
Guy B. left chat session
Dr.D.: More Argonauts?
Pamela: hey Rin, you still awake?
Harvie: Judy , you should get him to cut back on the Wild Turkey
Dr.D.: Too many pints of Guiness :-)
Ginger: sorta :-)
rich2: well, they're playing this weekend, not sure of which day
Pamela: can tell you Dad, hang on
rich2: we have games Friday, Saturday and Sunday
rich2: not sure if teh doubleheader is Sat or Sun
Judy: he is only three, no drinking allowed
rich2: I kniw teh Argos are playing Calgary at Calgary, though
Harvie: I hate to ask , does he have MD?
Pamela: Saturday at 3:00 - Argos at Stampeders
Dr.D.: Not the Argos playing a doubleheader?
Judy: no, had a head injury at 18 months
rich2: well, there goes my Saturday chat - must observe teh latest crisis of our civilization
Pamela: Sunday, BC at Montreal, 3:00
Ginger: well folks....thought I'd stop by....but I think it is time for bed
Dr.D.: haha, no worse than our Browns melting down against Pittsburgh.
Judy: night Erin
Harvie: A balance problem then?
rich2: night then, Erin - take care
Pamela: probably a good idea, Rin
Ginger: night all
BobS: niterin..........gotta go here too gang.....BE GOOD YA'LL
Dr.D.: Good night, Ginger, don't get hit by any falling coconuts.
Ginger: til next week!
BobS left chat session
rich2: oh, the only issue is whether the Argos will win their division -a longshot but possible
Harvie: Night Bob
Ginger left chat session
Pamela: sorry, Dad - BC at Montreal at 1:00, Edmonton at Saskatchewan at 4:00
rich2: night Slopsemas
Dr.D.: I don't think Cleveland is out of anything yet, but they are not playing like worldbeaters.
Judy: that may be the problem, was evaluted acouple of times after the injury and they didn't see a problem but lately there seems to be one
Pamela: nite Bob
rich2: that's Sunday, Pam?
Pamela: yes, Dad - both on TSN
Judy: it is time to say good night was up at 6 this morning
Harvie: Have to rig him up with skater gear
Pamela: so sayeth the oracle (cleverly disguised as the TV Guide)
rich2: both those games should be rel barnburners - I'm tempted to watch the six hours straight
Pamela: okay Judy, good nite
Harvie: Good night judy
Judy left chat session
rich2: nite Judy
Dr.D.: Bye Judy.
rich2: but your mother doesn't like me watching through dinner so may tape the second one
Pamela: you'll have square eyes and Mom will divorce you : )
Dr.D.: Man, I don't know when the last time was I saw a TV Guide.
Harvie: I better go too , good night all
Pamela: it was Russell's Christmas present a few years ago
rich2: right - don't know why they bother with the internet around
Pamela: nite Harvie
rich2: nite Harvie
Harvie left chat session
rich2: gues I'd better of refresh my bandages - see you all next Wednesday
Pamela: I'll tell you why Dad - because it's faster and easier to pick up the book than boot the computer, log onto the internet, then wait for the listings to download
Dr.D.: All right Richard, please take care.
rich2: sort of like using an Adam to address an envelope?
Pamela: put your battered bod to bed Dad - sleep will do you good
Dr.D.: I am gonna have to go here too, student interrupt of a power supply to fix :-(
Pamela: exactly : )
rich2: will do Rich - see you all then
Pamela: okay everyone
Pamela: nite Rich
Pamela: nite Daddy
rich2: bpnsopir, Daniel
Pamela: will check in on you tomorrow
rich2: bonsoir
Dr.D.: Good night, all.
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich2: colour me gone
Pamela: if you need anything call me okay?
rich2 left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir. moi toujours avec un problème de compilateur
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