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rich-c: test
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changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Heelo dere
rich-c: hello Harvie
rich-c: how's things going?
Harvie: About normal, all screwed up
Harvie: How's by you
rich-c: I know the feeling very well 8-)
Harvie: How is the leg
rich-c: some good, some bad, would like nicer weather
rich-c: got an infection in it - saw the doctor today
rich-c: gave me a 'scrip for two variations of penecillin
Harvie: Take the one that doesn't kill you?
rich-c: they're one every six hours - he said take four of each "before leaving the drugstore"
rich-c: and then an other two each before dinner
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hello Rich
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.D.: Hi guys, I am here only briefly.
Dr.D.: Writing an exam that I have to give tomorrow.
Dr.D.: I am still on campus.
rich-c: oh? what are you up to tonight?
Harvie: Aren't we all?
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Dr.D.: I had a review session for the exam 6-8 PM.
changed username to Cleopatra
Harvie: Hi Cleo
rich-c: looks like Rin is with us
Cleopatra: hi Harvie
Cleopatra: Hi Uncle Richard
Dr.D.: Cleo?
Dr.D.: Did you dye your hair black or something?
rich-c: your ma tells us you have a temporary promotion, Rin
Cleopatra: haha
Harvie: Making an asp of herself
Cleopatra: for 2 weeks yeah on top of my regular job
Dr.D.: Temporary promotion?
Dr.D.: Queen of Egypt? Hence Cleopatra?
Cleopatra: I am playing Legislative Assistant to the Minister for a little bit
rich-c: you don't sound too enthusiastic
Dr.D.: Or Queen of Denial, as in Plausible Deniability/Spin Doctoring?
Cleopatra: I'm very excited
rich-c: that's a US position
Cleopatra: got to sit behind the Speaker today :-)
Dr.D.: No Richard, it is the world over.
Cleopatra: the Minister asked me to stay
Cleopatra: it was Opposition Day with the focus on Agriculture
rich-c: well yes, but most of our politicians are relatively honest
Dr.D.: A crook's a crook the world around :-)
rich-c: dumb as doorposts, but honest
Harvie: That is some dope your doctor has given you richard
rich-c: here4 it's news when someone gets caught with his hand in the till
rich-c: well I think he may have been impressed with the level of infection, Harvie
Harvie: But it is clouding your judgement vis-a-vis politicians
Dr.D.: Have you managed to look at my ADAMcon 16 photos, either of you?
rich-c: but as antibiotics go, penicillin as pretty un-fancy
Dr.D.: Antibiotics?
rich-c: not yet, I've been playing hypochondriac
rich-c: bashed up my leg, got an infection
Dr.D.: Are you going in for some elective surgery or something?
rich-c: also had strange chest pains at 5 a.m. last Thursday
Dr.D.: You got an infection from the fall last week?
rich-c: seems to be the case
rich-c: anyway, my lower leg is all swollen up with a red rash
Dr.D.: <frowns>
rich-c: apparently still some internal bleeding going on from the warfarin
rich-c: the rash makes a nice contrast with my purple foot ;-)
Harvie: Remember when we were young and bullet-proof?
rich-c: them was the days, Harive
Dr.D.: Purple foot?!?
Dr.D.: You better not be getting gangrene...
rich-c: the internal bleeding - flowed down and deposited the bruising there
rich-c: so far so good, Rich
Dr.D.: okay whew.
rich-c: it hurts and it's a nuisance, but I reckon I'll recover
rich-c: not reassuring though when the doctor wants to see you again in 48 hours...
Dr.D.: If you aren't careful, even an ADAMcon in Toronto is going to be too far for you :-(
Harvie: Did he tell you not to buy green bananas?
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rich-c: oh, long as I'm on the right side of the grass, I'll be there
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Harvie: Hello Daniel
changed username to BobS
Cleopatra: hi Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Cleopatra: hi Bobs
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
BobS: hi kiddies
Harvie: Hi Bob
Dr.D.: Hello.
rich-c: hey, the Slopsema has slipped in too
BobS: got anyone watching west wing??????
BobS: need to know who the lady is going into surgery
BobS: lost I am with this program
rich-c: nope, I only watch cars races and real football
Cleopatra: sorry Bobs
Dr.D.: Surgery?
BobS: but nothing else to watch
BobS: I goona know
rich-c: want me to send you a couple of my race tapes? the Grand Prix of China was pretty good
Harvie: Stand in line at the supermarket
BobS: naw. take too long to watch....ADN
BobS: my interest span is short
rich-c: won't offer you football then either - they're three hours plus each
Cleopatra: well if it's on tape fast fwd to the end :-)
BobS: tis live my dear
rich-c: anyway finished viewing all the race tapes from when I was away
Cleopatra: I tried :-)
BobS: and now you are raced out????
rich-c: but still have 14 football games to watch
Dr.D.: Live TV, thought that went out with the first season of Saturday Night Live back in 1975...or the Tonight Show about 1970...
rich-c: most sports are live, though not all
Dr.D.: 5-second delay for cussing :-)
BobS: nope, pulse telephone and watch live tevo or anything
rich-c: no, they just fined Little E 25 points and some significant bucks
rich-c: I'll ditto the pulse phone, but get my tv off the satellite mostly
rich-c: though some stuff on local stations i will take off air
Dr.D.: Re: phone, CWRU is mandating voice over IP by end of Spring 2005 semester...
Dr.D.: Nice folks, mandate change, but require each department to buy its own phones, *and* dispose of its own analog phones.
rich-c: what happens if the - callee? - doesnt have or use VOIP?
Dr.D.: *@&*#%$^#
Dr.D.: Hehe, it is for on-campus...there will be a gateway to the POTS.
BobS: got satellite too Richard.....but a lot os nothign on that sometimes also
rich-c: sounds like an administration with too much time on its hands
rich-c: well of course what comes on Canadian satellites is very different in many categories
Harvie: Telco does demod, London Telecom is VOIP
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Dr.D.: I did it! I did half of the coleco bios in PDF files. 10F5-1FFF. It's tough... but I don't know what to do with the comments suggesting to look at the COLECO PROGRAMMERS' MANUAL.
Dr.D.: I got your mail Daniel, I have been too busy writing an exam to get to it...
Dr.D.: In fact, I am going to need to leave the chat now to make my photocopies...and then go home and eat something...
rich-c: OK, you coming back later maybe from home?
Daniel Bienvenu: goodbye Doc!
Harvie: Ok Doc Be well
Dr.D.: I have been up since 5:30 AM, I will see...after I eat, I may just collapse.
Cleopatra: good night Rich
rich-c: btw I will not be chatting Saturday - prior obligation
Dr.D.: I was up past 1 AM last night, had to get Joan from work, evening shift, because Christina needed the other car.
Dr.D.: Watch out for asps, Cleo...
BobS: careful there doc
Cleopatra: ha ha
Dr.D.: I'll come back if I can.
Dr.D.: Me careful? of what?
BobS: other drivers, etc
BobS: cause you are tired
Dr.D.: Ah...
Dr.D.: I thought you were worried about snakes.
Dr.D.: I had herpetology as an undergrad, I think I can avoid them :-)
BobS: naw snakes don't stand a chance against a car
Cleopatra: lol
Dr.D.: But you I will take your advice about other bad Cleveland drivers (concentration is high, admittedly).
Dr.D.: All right, off to the land of Xerox...
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: Rin, any idea where Pamela is tonight?
Cleopatra: no clue...bedroom light is on though
rich-c: hmmm - the computer is in the office, isn't it?
Cleopatra: yep
BobS: probably watching the premier WestWing program for this season
Cleopatra: maybe a late dinner
Cleopatra: ?
rich-c: right - she is a big West Wing fan
rich-c: if so I assume we will see her a bit after 10 p.m.
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changed username to Pamela
Harvie: Hello Pam
Cleopatra: hi Pammie
rich-c: welll, speak and look who shows up
Pamela: Hi folks
rich-c: did West Wing end at 9.30, daughter?
BobS: was missing you
Pamela: I'm downloading my e-mail and everything else is slow as a result
Pamela: I'll be back shortly, once I've finished receiving
rich-c: right - multitasking with a slower computer can be time-consuming
Harvie: I'll be back in five
rich-c: by the way, Rin, what flavour computer was it that you were given?
Pamela: it's all Mother's fault
rich-c: why? I didn't notice her sending you any big files
Cleopatra: ummmmmm....not quite sure
BobS: screen, keyboard. cpu, WITHe memory andprocessor
Pamela: it's about the 177 mb email she sent me : (
rich-c: now Cynthia, that's a different story - makes us glad to have DSL
BobS: so THERE
rich-c: don't know if it's a 386, 486, or Pentium?
BobS: prolly a 286!!!!!!!
rich-c: which operating systems is it running?
BobS: or an XT
BobS: dos..........
Cleopatra: operating Window's 98
rich-c: don't laugh, Bob, it could happen...
Cleopatra: 56K modem
BobS: sure it could.....AND @ 2400 baud too boot
Daniel Bienvenu: don't say bad things about 286... I had one and I did many games with it in BASICA, GWBASIC and QuickBASIC.
BobS: chat would not take much to work
rich-c: not any more, Bob; there are no boards that will accept a 2.4K conne3ction any more
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, I still have an old XT in the basement - by the six TI 99/4s
Daniel Bienvenu: my 286 is dead now, but it was a good computer at this time. :)
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changed username to Rich-C
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be quiet for a couple of minutes. I'm working on the 0S7 bios code.
Rich-C: dumped again...
BobS: oh oh......Richard got zapped
Rich-C: well, I'm learning how to come back fairly fast
BobS: Tandy T1000 to bunch of ADAM's and a 386 all next to a P200 in the basement
BobS: kind of like the "snakepit"
Rich-C: yes, Adams I have, a couple of assorted Amigas, my original 386 and Pentium 166 I was trying to st up for Rin
Rich-C: hey - I got the replacement power supply for my laptop today! Back in business!
BobS: oh got some other P166, 200 and lots of boards too
BobS: usually the ps doesn't bite the bullet though............
Rich-C: unfortunatly the network got messed up when I loaned it to Pamela for a bit, and I haven't got it reconnected yet
BobS: bummer dude
Rich-C: when I do Frances can join chat if she cares to
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
BobS: network........anothername for problem.....IF you changer it once and want the original back
Daniel Bienvenu: DALE!!!!!!!!!!
Rich-C: well, it's a Dell off-lease so it may not have had the best of care
Cleopatra: Hi Dale
Harvie: Hello Dale
Dale: My first non-AdamCon chat in many months.
Rich-C: hey Dale - nice to se3e you again
BobS: ow are Jull and Jeffery ???????
BobS: Jill
Daniel Bienvenu: DALE!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!! =)
Cleopatra: hey the chat logs up yet ??? <innocent smile>
Rich-C: that it is and you have been missed - how's Jill and Jeff?
Dale: For a change I got home from work on Wednesday before 11.
Dale: Jill has a bad cold and has basically lost her voice.
Rich-C: I thought you had that operation all up and trunning, no more than three hours a day to tweak it ;-)
Dale: Jeffrey was sick last week, but only a little.
Rich-C: hey, with a sick kid, there's no such thing as just a little
Dale: Ahh, well, there's always more that could be done.
Daniel Bienvenu: There is another CCJVQ meeting in November. =)
Dale: I like to fix things, and I'm not patient like the big enterprise companies are.
Rich-C: well sure, and you never know what the competition is up to
Dale: Jeffrey only had one night that his sleep was really interrupted. So not too bad.
Rich-C: I did see a consumer review of Canadian online photo services and teh FS/BestBuy rankede well up
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: Did you received my emails?
BobS: HOW are Jill's classes coming along ?????????
Dale: Daniel, I'm a little behind but I got all of them.
Daniel Bienvenu: GOOD!
Rich-C: Dale, any way to guess why your board has a skunner against me, keeps kicking me off?
Dale: Jill's classes are a little stressful. And they are very compact -- she's already done final exams on 4 modules.
Pamela: okay, I'm back
Pamela: Hi, Dale
BobS: holy !!!!!!!!!........stuff
Rich-C: I seem to get booted maybe three times a night, usually dragged out when someone else leaves
Cleopatra: welcome back Pammie
Pamela: Daddy, we're going to chat about things I need to know at some point in the not too distant future
BobS: Judy says....'tell her to hang tough!!!!'
Dale: I spent most of my recreational computer time for the last 7 days reinstalling my laptop.
Pamela: thanks, Rin
Rich-C: "reinstalling your laptop"? how does one do that - and why?
Dale: Jeffrey accidently knocked my laptop of a table, and ever since then, it hammers the disk for a long while before successfully reading data from the disk.
BobS: too much chit on the thing dale
Pamela: and Dad, how did i mess up your network while I had the laptop?
Dale: So I bought a new faster and higher capacity drive and I've been reinstalling it ever since.
Dale: Finally I have room for a healthy Linux install (10 GB).
Rich-C: you had to reconfigure it for your dialup connection and I can't figure our how to network it again, yet
Pamela: how are you feeling, Rin?
Dale: And a little extra disk space for my ever growing Windows partition.
Pamela: oh
Harvie: Misplace the "backup" ?
Pamela: I don't consider that "messed up"
Rich-C: anyway, my laptop was dead till I got the new power supply today
Cleopatra: much better thanks :-)
BobS: PAM, ya missed the season premier of WestWing
Pamela: are you still into groceries tomorrow?
Pamela: I'm not watching WW anymore Bob
Pamela: there are too many other things happening at 9:00 on Wednesdays so I had to give it up
Cleopatra: I dunno's getting a bit busy at work....I'm going to be the Leg. assistant for a couple of weeks on top of my job
Harvie: Dale, could you call me (416-802-2385) at your convenience? MTAG business
Dale: Well, it's not that I can't read the old hard disk, it's just that there is a minute delay before it responds to a new request.
Dale: Harvie, I'll make a note to call you.
Harvie: Thanks
Pamela: well, let me know, and remember that I have TV starting at 8:00. If not tomorrow, Friday or Saturday are fine
Rich-C: as in, Dale, it hasn't died yet but don't count on the safety of your data beyond right now
BobS: no loss Pam.........gonna be better stuff on anyway
Cleopatra: ok cool....Saturday would probably be best
Pamela: that works. We'll talk.
Cleopatra: cool cool :-)
Rich-C: don't know what you have in mind, Pam, but remember tomorrow is the Amiga night
Pamela: Bob, it's not that I don't want to watch it, it's that I have too many other things happening in that time slot. Plus, I figure I'll get the whole thing on DVD eventually and watch it all without commercials : ).
BobS: ahso!!!!! that works
Pamela: that's fine Dad, I'll call Friday or over the weekend
Rich-C: OK, you know when the football games are on, so we'll be in
Dale: So copying 10 GB of my dat atook about 24 hours, when it should have been done in under an hour.
Rich-C: what on earth copy program did you use, Dale?
BobS: OUCH......Dale; solunds like the HD is about ready to expire
Pamela: oh, and tell Mom congrats on her 10:15 start the other day : )
Rich-C: huh?
Pamela: the Needlework festival - says she got out of the house at 10:15
Rich-C: yes, right, that she did - bone tired but she made it
Dale: That's why I bought the replacement disk. And I'm silly, I partitioned it about 4 times before I decided how I wanted it set up.
Pamela: colour me impressed
Cleopatra: well gang....I have some stuff I gotta do and have the morning meeting at I'm headin' out
Rich-C: OK, keep your minister out of trouble - see you, Rin
Harvie: Goodnight Cleo
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dev: DEV-C++ gives me some problems, sometimes it shows "OUT OF MEMORY" popup windows but doing this need even more memory and finally I lost the last modification I did in my C files.
Cleopatra: I will Uncle Richard...thanks
Cleopatra: good night all :-)
Pamela: g'nite Rin
Cleopatra left chat session
Dale: Richard, do you use Opera to attend the chat still?
Dale: Good nigh Erin.
BobS: nite rin
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Erin
Rich-C: no, I gave up on Opera many revisions ago - I am strictly Win98 and IE6 now
Pamela: wow, she departed in a hurry
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Dale: I've never had an out of memory problem with devcpp.
Rich-C: Netscape got too clunky and nosy so I ditched it, too
Dale: It's treated me well, for the most part.
Pamela: brb
Rich-C: I read their privacy policy and was NOT impressed
Dale: It does have the occasional trap of illegal address accesses, but it is set up that that usually isn't fatal.
Harvie: I like Firefox
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, showing popup windows over and over again when the error is "not enough memory"... it's not good.
Rich-C: that's the latest Mozilla, isn't it Harvie? I've read good things about it
Dale: Rich, have you considered firefox? You might find it works better with the updated Sun Java VM that spaniel chat makes use of.
Daniel Bienvenu: when it happends, I can't do anything and Windows crash
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changed username to Dale
Harvie: Yes it is, good popup blocker built in
Dale: Check out
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale bros?
Dale: Sorry. Extra me.
Rich-C: considered but haven't acted, Dale - but I think I have the latest Java VM from Sun
Pamela: Dale, you've figured out how to clone yourself. Congrats.
Rich-C: you'll notice my leftover ghost departed - and apparently too Dale with it
Dale: I knew it would dup me, but I couldn't resist grabbing the URL from my browser history.
Dale requested to ban Dale
Pamela confirmed ban
Rich-C confirmed ban
Rich-C: hope we deleted the right Dale...
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: did that help, or dump Dale again?
Harvie confirmed ban
changed username to Dale
Pamela: oops
Dale: Hmm....didn't help.
Rich-C: one guess ;-)
BobS confirmed ban
Dale requested to ban Dale
BobS confirmed ban
Rich-C confirmed ban
Pamela: oh no, I'm not getting into that again
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is Dale?
BobS: must be a Toronto thing.......nothing happens here
Rich-C: oops, now we got all of them 8-<
Pamela: so what happened to Dr. D and Judy tonite?
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changed username to Authentic Dale
BobS: he'l pop up sooner or later
Authentic Dale: Ho.
Authentic Dale: Hi.
Authentic Dale: He.
BobS: that is better!!!!!!
Pamela: ha ha
BobS: now we know who is the REAL Dale
Authentic Dale changed username to Dale
Rich-C: yes, when you've been booted and re-enter, I've found it pays to vary the handle slightly
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, you are authentic... your clone is gone, too bad because one Dale should help me with my questions.
Dale: Sorry. I was just playing.
Rich-C: which reminds me...
(Rich-C gives Rich-C a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dale: I don't think that I can get you more RAM.
Pamela: you're late Dad
Dale: How about a bigger swap file?
Harvie: That will kill the infection
Daniel Bienvenu: Which infection?
Daniel Bienvenu: which swap file?
Harvie: Richards leg
Pamela: unfortunately, not if taken internally, Harvie : )
Harvie: Sorry to confuse Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ok! :)
Dale: Your last question I saw was that devcpp was running out of RAM.
Harvie: "Only if taken internally " Pam :)
Pamela: well it will help the infectee, that's for sure : )
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: forget about my devcpp problem, I decided to use it only when I reboot my computer.
Pamela: so both father and daughter are imbibing
Rich-C: good for my morale, anyway
Pamela: I had one of those "I need a drink" days at work
Rich-C: why, what have you a drink of, Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: but my biggest quesion is about pause() and pause_delay().
Pamela: Pina Colada
BobS: OK
Pamela: my cheeks are glowing right now
Rich-C: well, if you start running dry, your parents have some much-aged stock to dispose of
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: Hello, Guy
BobS: gives PAMEL a <pina colada>
BobS: i \hi guy
Harvie: Hello Guy
Rich-C: hello Guy, you are late tonioght
Pamela: thanks Bob - are you trying to get me drunk?
Dale: Hmm...I've tried to think about pause and pause_delay.
Dale: But I haven't decided what the right answer is.
Pamela: all you'll do is put me to sleep!
Dale: My feeling is that they should enable nmi automatically.
BobS: vacation this week......yes????
Pamela: (zzzz)
Dale: When they should disable the nmi.
Rich-C: nope, she hadd her vacation earlier
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: joystick values are updated when NMI interrupt occurs in the crtcv file. did I have to temporary enable the NMI when using one of the pause founctions? or do I have to let the NMI disabled if it was disabled before calling the pause functions?
Pamela: no vacation for me, not this year
BobS: bummer my dear
Guy B.: I have one more left and that will be right on the holidays.
Pamela: Hey Dad, who is the picture of that Mom sent me?
Daniel Bienvenu: that's the question
Guy B.: Took two intermediate Excel courses at work yesterday and today. Been wanting to learn more on Excel.
Pamela: so what did they teach you, Guy?
Rich-C: hold on, I'll see - soory, take a minute
Daniel Bienvenu: After pause functions, the same question apply on keypad_choice functions.
Dale: I really think that the right way to do it is to leave the nmi how you found them. So disable again if they weren't on when the function was called.
Guy B.: Charts, linking spreadsheets, sorting, filtering data. Even putting in comments
Dale: I feel pretty strongly that they should be enabled when the pause() is called.
Pamela: I gather you don't spend much time working in Excel now
Daniel Bienvenu: But my question is do I keep it disabled in the function and find another way to wait for fire buttons?
Guy B.: No, in addition to the membership database. I use Word a lot too.
Rich-C: it isn't a person Pam, just a stole on a judy she thought was interesting
Pamela: oh, okay
Dale: Yes, in general, I'm on the side of a "modal" function (a function that blocks the execution of the game) should feel it appropraite to enable_nmi.
Pamela: tell her it's very blue : )
Dale: But it would be best if it left the nmi in the entry condition, I think.
Guy B.: I have created a database using Excel, now I can expand it further with the leasons I took.
Pamela: a DB in Access?
Rich-C: sort of outré
Daniel Bienvenu: so, a temporary enabled interrupt to wait for fire buttons in the pause function isd the best solution. ok!
Guy B.: I do have Access 95 on my notebook and I have my movies and my music collection on it. I'm learning that myself.
Pamela: actually, it's quite pretty, Dad - I'm just pulling her tail
Dale: I really think so.
Rich-C: yes, that is why she was drawn to it, I think
Daniel Bienvenu: well, this way the music should play during this waiting time :)
Harvie: You can create a DB in EXEL Pam
Pamela: you can?
Dale: It is going to be the easiest to debug and the most likely to behave correctly IMHO.
Pamela: hmm, sounds like I need Guy's course
Harvie: Any spreadsheet actually
Daniel Bienvenu: The other side of this question
Pamela: I've been working in Excel a lot these last few weeks and have learned a couple of things
Rich-C: actually Pam almost any spreadsheet will also work well as a database
Rich-C: your mother even used Adamcalc that6 way
Pamela: I got spoiled by Approach
Guy B.: Adamcalc won't work, since it's limited to 255 cells and columns.
Harvie: A spreadsheet is a relational database
Daniel Bienvenu: for the print functions, do I have to temporary disable NMI interrupts to avoid problems like the programmer forgot to disable NMI to update VRAM?
Rich-C: it isn't an eleaborate database, but it worked for her
Guy B.: A small database will work with Adamcalc. Providing you don't have alot of records.
Rich-C: and as I recall SmartFiler is no prize either
Guy B.: Smartfiler is good, but the printing is crap.
Pamela: please explain " relational database", Harvie
Harvie: Am I still me?
Dale: Daniel, I don't think that that's a good idea.
Pamela: you are
Harvie left chat session
Dale: I think that that is best handled at the application level.
BobS: No are someone called "killer"
Rich-C: Harvie shouldn't have asked - now he's gone
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Dale: So in other words, if you are about to do a screen drawing block lof logic, you should disable the nmi
changed username to Harvie2
Pamela: any idea why we're so slow tonite Dale?
Dale: if you think it might run longer than the next interrupt.
Dale: Pam, no idea.
Rich-C: see what you get for asking, Harvie?
Guy B.: I can export the data from Access and imported into Quadro Pro that came with Wordperfect Office Suite if I wanted to do that.
Pamela: did you get my question Harvie?
Rich-C: are you using the server for a lot of other duties, Dale?
Dale: But I should reboot the server tomorrow and rotate the log file, just in case it has to do with that.
Harvie2: I don't think so Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, If I understand you well, you suggest that it's the responsability of the programmer to deal with NMI and update VRAM functions... but it's ok to temporary enable the NMI for the pause functions.
Pamela: I asked you to explain "relational database" for me
Dale: That's my opinion.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I like your opinion
Dale: Remember that I usualy do about 30 prints at a time.
Rich-C: it's a bit of a tricky question, Pam - no one-word answers
Harvie2: Changing one field can change others
Dale: I don't need the nmi enabled and disabled 30 times.
Dale: Too expensive.
Pamela: ah, okay - that says it all
Pamela: that's true if you use a spreadsheet in the traditional sense, for calculating / accounting
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dale: Pam, it is a list of all of your relatives and how they are connected.
Daniel Bienvenu: not get dumped... just wrong button
Dale: But done for any kind of data.
Dale: Like who took what car to be serviced when, and which parts were used to fix it, etc.
Pamela: but first, you must connect the dots . . . um, cells
Dale: Right Pam.
Rich-C: yes, and for instance you'll also use it to pay the mechanic, re-order parts for stock, and so on
Pamela: actually Guy, a lot of the things you learned are on my list of things to learn too
Guy B.: Great Pam.
Pamela: not so much charts, but filtering, sorting, linking etc
Dale: So it is a bunch of tables that are interconnected some way.
Rich-C: shoukd have gone to the computer fair last Sunday, Pam - they always have a lot of computer books
Guy B.: And what's nice about the filtering is you can list what you want, but the rest of the data stays intact.
Guy B.: I have a computer show here this Sunday.
Pamela: I couldn't have, Dad - I was at Bevs for much of the day
Rich-C: oh? what was that about, or is that not for discussion here?
Dale: I was thinking of going to the computer fair, but gotr involved in something else, and didn't make it.
Dale: Was there good stuff there?
Rich-C: it's George Bachiir is running them, Dale
Pamela: actually, I was dealing with my pension from Speedy - her husband is a financial advisor and was helping me walk through the minefield
Rich-C: we always seem to find something useful to pick up
Guy B.: Thought I give you some good news on Abby. Her thyroid count is up and she now take 1/4 pill two times a day and we are back walking.
Pamela: any mini vacuum sets Dad?
Rich-C: I got a set of USB ports for myPentium 166 at an earlier one
Pamela: that is good news, Guy. How old is she, anyway?
Guy B.: She is 10 years old.
Harvie2: They are all crap Pam
Rich-C: I didn't go this Sunday, Pam, had two football games
Dale: I ended up going to a store in advertised in the Metro newspaper, and buying my DX memory card from a coupon.
Pamela: it's about the VCR Dad
Dale: I got a 256 MB memord card for $79, which was usually $119.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey guys! I'm crazy! I'm doing a re-write of the OS 7Prime Absolute Listing. I did about 30% and it was the easy part. I'm not entering into the tough part wher it's too complex and where comments are "look at the coleco programmers' manual".
Pamela: speaking of which, are you having trouble with loading / unloading tapes from your machine?
Harvie2: How did the Argos do rich
Pamela: they lost big time, Harvie
Pamela: so they have to win against Hamilton this weekend
Rich-C: like lost six turnoverss and gained none - need I say more?
BobS: can't win easily that way Richard
Harvie2: It happens
Rich-C: well, only if they want home field for the semi-final, Pam
BobS: got to play clean and mean
Rich-C: sure, Harvie, but against CALGARY?
Dale: Why are you rewriting OS7?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, maybe you will be able to update the online adam tech reference manual
Pamela: and pardon me, Russell says that game is tomorrow night
Rich-C: yes, Skydome 7.30 - I'll have to tape if we go to the Amiga meeting
Dale: You're typing in the absolute listing?
Dale: Hey, I'd be glad to get an electronic copy on my computer.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a disasmbled code with a software named DASMx, with the symbol names I found in the OS7 listing.
Dale: That works for me.
Daniel Bienvenu: And now, because it's not perfect.
Dale: That's how Rich did the EOS5 ROM.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm adding the defined values in the right places, and adding comments
Daniel Bienvenu: but I'm still worring about the comments saying to look at the Coleco programmers' manual.
Guy B.: I'll be sending out an e-mail soon asking for volunteers to test the non-Adam Copy version of my setup program. I'm setting up the coding now for it. I'm going to test it with one of my disk drives first.
Dale: Daniel, have you talked to James recently?
Daniel Bienvenu: And for me, what I really want for my own purpose, it's not this... it's what you had in the coleco programmers' manual that I don't have access for now.
Daniel Bienvenu: James?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes! yesturday
Dale: I haven't talked to him for ages.
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw him online with my Yahoo messenger
Pamela: he was on last week Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: but not now
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like he doesn't active his Y! messenger
Dale: I lent my copy of the colecovision programmer's manual to Rich Drushel.
Harvie2: Oops, I gotta go. Goodnight all.
Dale: For archiving purposes.
Daniel Bienvenu: if you want to talk to James, try Yahoo Messenger
Pamela: Goodnite Harvie : )
Harvie2 left chat session
Dale: Harbvie, I'll try calling you tomorrow.
Dale: Goodnight Harvie.
Dale: I have to go soon too.
Rich-C: nite Harvie
Guy B.: Night Harvie.
Pamela: I think it's gonna be an early night for all of us
Rich-C: yes, it has been a draining day
Dale: Hopefully I'll get a chance to join you again next week.
Dale: Bye.
Pamela: nite Dale
Pamela: hi to Jillian and Jeffrey
Rich-C: before we break up, Dale, is there any chance you'll update the chat archive soon?
Dale: Will od.
Guy B.: Night Dale
Rich-C: or if not give Rh administrative privileges to do it?
Dale: There's a chance Rich.
BobS: be good Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale: I find MSX bios informations. I was thinking to try porting an msx game to Coleco but it's tough. the good thing is I were able to find good informations about functions available in the msx bios with the description, the inputs, the outputs and what they destroys (just reg A or ALL).
Dale: I really want to fix my script so that it does it automatically. It is 99% there, but I don't quite trust it just at the moment.
Rich-C: OK we'll hope for the best - night, Da,ke
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is gone
Pamela: I think it's time I called it a night too
Pamela: one drink, and it's time for bed : )
Rich-C: OK, goodnight daughter, talk to you on the weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: for me, it will be a soup. it's very cold here
Pamela: alright Daddy will do
Pamela: Good night Guy, Bob, Daniel
BobS: ok. so we ALL need sleep or rest or whatever
BobS: nite Pam
Pamela: nite Daddy
Rich-C: yes, Quebec Sity is that much farther north...
Daniel Bienvenu: Ho! I can't be online this weekend. Most of the time, I forgot to go online the saturday afternoon, I'm sorry.
Guy B.: Bye Pam
BobS: hey can ahave ALL our cold weather !!!!!!
Pamela: I'm outta here. Kerpoof!
Rich-C: but we have a warming air mass coming so you may see it too, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam
Pamela left chat session
Rich-C: that's OK, Daniel, I won't be on either
Rich-C: anyway, time for me to go - adieu, all
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will go back in my projects.
BobS: SO I will see ya'll next week, YES ?????
BobS: bye
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Rich-C: the good lord willin' and the creek don't rise...
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy, Rich
Rich-C: colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: me too
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
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