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Harvie: Hello, is that Eric Danz?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy mates !!!!!!
Harvie: Hi Bob
BobS: how is ??????
Harvie: Not sure who our other member is
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BobS: Eric.......
BobS: maybe he wants to view us an make usre we are not some kind of nuts
changed username to rich-c
BobS: kinda dark here so fingers might not work too good
BobS: hiya Richard
Harvie: But we are nuts aren't we
rich-c: hi, see you folks are early tonight
BobS: wellthat IS true harvie
Harvie: Hi rich
BobS: no9pe, West Wing just came on before I got on
rich-c: gather eric is a lurker at the moment
BobS: so must be 9pm
BobS: mst be
rich-c: actually, it's 9.04 ;-)
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BobS: ahso
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Harvie: Hi Daniel
BobS: question Richard.....did we not see Howard Egglastein (?) here once befroe ....years ago ?????
BobS: HI Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
BobS: or maybe it cas on Compuserve
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Daniel Bienvenu: I will quit the chat session in a couple of minutes and come back again.
changed username to rich=c
rich=c: bounced already - looks like one of those nights
BobS: ok, daniel.........just remember to COME back
BobS: oh oh richartd
BobS: maybe it is the weather
rich=c: and please don't take me off with you!!!
BobS requested to ban rich-c
rich=c confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS: still here rich ???/
rich=c: no Bob, it seems to to whenever someone comes in or leaves - I get bounced
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changed username to Eric
BobS: well, maybe Dniel can just leave without leabing
rich=c: see, now we have two Erics for some reason
rich=c: maybe he is suffering from the same phenomenon
BobS: hew is TWOMS
Eric: sorry, I think i loged on twice
rich=c: farn dingers?
Daniel Bienvenu: we need the phone for the internet and to call someone.
Daniel Bienvenu: we can't do both at the same time
rich=c: no problem, Eric, tell us who you are (if you like) and let's chat
BobS: well go gently daniel
Eric: I live in alabama
BobS: richar dis fragile
rich=c: you just have to get DSL, then you can do both
BobS: cool Eric, warm weather ther yet.........
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BobS: fall is coming up here
changed username to Kit Kat
BobS: I am from MIchgian, richard and harvie are in Toronti
rich=c: good on you, Eric, we don't know many folks there
BobS: toronto
rich=c: so is that Rie or Rin now?
Kit Kat: Rin...hi Uncle Richard
BobS: tis a kitty cat
BobS: OH NO , tis Erin !!!!!
Kit Kat: hi all
rich=c: no, she has a kitty kat
Harvie: Hello Erin
Kit Kat: :-)
rich=c: you in Toronto or Windsor tonight, Rin?
Kit Kat: Toronto
rich=c: OK, we have a new guest from Alabama - be nice to him
Harvie: So Eric, how did you find us?
Kit Kat: hi there Alabama
Eric: i sub to the email letters
BobS: oh you can call me.......MR Rogers.....I am so sweet
Kit Kat: hehe Bobs
rich=c: you're on teh coladam mailing list? you must be an oldtimer
Eric: yea but i just read
BobS: reading is fine Eric.......keeps your interest showing
rich=c: that's your choice, obviously, but we always welcome especially those you choose to talk as well
rich=c: keeps teh group from getting too ingrown
BobS: actually, we make no profound decisions or anything here
BobS: just shoot the stuff
Eric: I'm looking for the reedy soft library.
rich=c: btw, you guys realize this is the anniversary of my implant?
BobS: ah ha.........Richard may have some......
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really sorry, I have to do a phone call now. see you later. :-)
BobS: Jack Reedy is no longer actibe in ANY way I believe
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Kit Kat: yes indeed
rich=c: I have a bunch of Reedy games for sale - which ones do you want?
changed username to Judy
Kit Kat: hi Judy
BobS: he was located about 15 miles from me, but I could never get any response from him
Harvie: Hello Judy
Judy: Hi, all
rich=c: hi Judy, Frances is on the laptop but hasn't joined us
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy, soory I va to leave for a couple of minuts
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: Reddy did have some nice software,, and utilities
BobS: Reedy
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BobS: ANd teamed up with PJ to make graphics stuff
changed username to Pamela
Kit Kat: Hi Pammie
BobS: well Richard.....tell Frances to COME ON IN
rich=c: hello daughter
Pamela: hi all
Eric: I had a ddp of reedy soft library but my adams dead
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: oh bummer mon
Harvie: Hello Pam
BobS: Richard got those too..........
rich=c: I did Bob, she even looked over my shoulder - but she says she's busy with something else
BobS: lot so those.......
Kit Kat created action SO/Bday
rich=c: she wants to know how Judy's father is doing
Pamela: I just dropped in to tell you all that I'm here and I'll be right back - gotta go do something quickly
BobS: oh for CRING OUT LOUD Pam
rich=c: OK
Pamela: it's been a busy night Bob
Judy: better, but now he is going to a nerv doc tomorrow
rich=c: replacement Adams are easy to come by
Pamela: anyway, brb
Pamela left chat session
BobS: and this is new, WHY ?????
Judy: the hip is doing great but the circulation in the other foot is not good
rich=c: I was telling the others earlier this is the anniversary of my implant
BobS: and it is doing welll, yes ??????
rich=c: and my other leg ain't so great, but that's from a recent fall and infection
Judy: congrats
BobS: and HOW is the heart rythmn doing ????
Harvie: Time for your 50,000 mile checkup rich?
Judy: that doesn't sound very good, you are not supposed to fall
rich=c: Franfes made up a little electronic anniversary card which she shared with the hip grpoup on MSN
Kit Kat: hehe
BobS: COOL, the lady is multi taskable
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rich=c: still around 100 Bob, how is yours doing?
changed username to Howard
rich=c: howard, you the one who sent that email around today?
BobS: mine is good, staying in rythmn and down around 60-70
BobS: hi Howard
Howard: Yep - I had trouble getting the chat thing to load...
rich=c: wow, a little slower and we can plant you ;-)
Kit Kat: hi Howard
BobS: loads slow anyway
BobS: and sometimes throws right on out
rich=c: you are one of the real pioneers of Adam
Howard: Hi. Sorry to stir up so much trouble, but I hated the ifdea of tossing such a bizarrely useless item. :)
rich=c: did you work with Phil Kosowski at all?
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BobS: tell me Howard........I think I recall you coming into either a chat here or on Compuserve years I nuts?????
Judy: hi, Howard
changed username to Pamela
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BobS: do NOT throw awasy ANYTHING
changed username to Dr.42
Howard: Pioneer, eh? I guess that's true. It was largely designed when oi started there - I was just one of the people that made it work.
Pamela: Okay, I'm back
BobS: and Dr D is here too Pam
(Kit Kat sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr.42)
Pamela: Hi Rich - Happy Birthday
Dr.42: haha
Judy: welcome back, Pam
Harvie: Hi Doc
Dr.42: thanks Pam
Judy: Hi, Dr D
rich=c: hi Dr. D. - we have Howard on from teh pioneer days, and Eric from Alabama
Howard: Phil Kosowski doesn;t sound familiar. Did he work in CT?
BobS: from Coleco history, it sounded like YOU had amore work to do taht the designers
Dr.42: Hello Howard.
Dr.42: I am so sorry that I can't stay very long tonight.
BobS: wathc the farn dingers.......
Dr.42: My evening has been planned for me.
BobS: eat yet Dr D ????
Dr.42: And my presence is requested very soon.
Pamela: we understand Rich
BobS: or eating now???
Howard: I really can't stay either.
Dr.42: Yes I ate, got back home.
rich=c: not sure - Phil was in teh Amsterdam (NY) operation, did have some prototype stuff
Dr.42: But the girls want me to watch a tape they got for me, before it gets so late that they have to go to bed.
BobS: AND Phil calined to have a asement full of boxed ADAM's
rich=c: anyway, Howard, your offer took us all by surprise and is hugely welcome
Howard: It was a pretty ambitious design to get working and shipped in a few months. It took a lot of us to get it out the door.
BobS: basement
BobS: kids first Dr D
Dr.42: Understatement Howard...all my computer science/engineer students are very impressed with the ADAM hardware/OS support.
Dr.42: Just the applications were kinda iffy...
rich=c: that it was - it would be great if you dropped by here occasionally and answered questions
Howard: I didn't have much interface with the guys in Amsterdam. It's quite likely that he had a bunch of boxed units. I had several myself.
rich=c: there's even less inside information on Adam than on Amiga
Dr.42: I'll stop back later if I can, depending on how late people are still logged in here.
BobS: Phil had some pictures once at a convention
Pamela: sounds good
Kit Kat: bye Rich
BobS: we will be here till about 11pm Dr D
Dr.42: Okay, if I am releaased by then :-)
Judy: then bye Dr D
rich=c: yes, I was by Phil's place once and saw his Adams - he also had one of the prototytpe interfaces
Howard: You have to remember that the marketing wanted everything to be cute. It's hard to be cute and useful at the same time.
Dr.42: bye Kit-Kat (Rin I presume?)
Kit Kat: yes :-)
rich=c: it was neat when he booted up in Adamcalc and it showed the icon none of us knew was there
Pamela: how was your day Rin?
Kit Kat: long but good
Dr.42: All right, hailing frequencies closed for now...looking forward to reading the chat log with Howard's tale.
Dr.42: <poof>
Dr.42 left chat session
rich=c: anyway, Howard, Dr. D. is our more or less historical curator
Howard: ADAMCalc was a pretty awesome piece of software. The Logo was pretty interesting too. My favorite though was the CP/M
Howard: implementation. Watching CP/M boot off of tape is pretty wild.
rich=c: it was Adamcalc that sold my wife on computers - but she claims the the Adam logo is still the best ever written
BobS: as for prototypes, Richard..........i understood that Jim Notini had a 1200 baud modem, you ever hear bout that
rich=c: I have a Sydmodem but never saw a Coleco 1200, though I heard talk
BobS: and he had a small disk drive prototype.....where he supposedly go tthem I don't know....other taht thru NIAD
Kit Kat moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
Pamela moved to room Ms. Rin's Room
Pamela: I'm on the way
Kit Kat: allo allo
Pamela: no, I'm here
Kit Kat: hehe
Kit Kat: yes you are
Pamela: gee it's awful dark in here
Kit Kat: lol
Howard: There was one 1200 baud sample modem that we built up and one set of 3 1/4" disk drive pair. The disks went off with the Lazer
Kit Kat: dark grey
Pamela: kinda like Russell's hair
BobS: heck, Howard.....we used only a tape drive for a couple of computer science son cut his teeth on the ADAM
Pamela: : )
Kit Kat: hehe
Kit Kat: kinda like that yes
Pamela: sorry, being a meanie
rich=c: come to think pf it, I believe there was talk of NIAD having some sample stuff
Kit Kat: only to him :-)
Pamela: anyway, how did things go once the election results were in?
Howard: guys to Calif. I think the 1200 baud modem either died or went back to Anchor Automation (they made the modem)
Kit Kat: the majority of us were pretty down
Pamela: at least it wasn't a disaster like in 2000
rich=c: the Lazer? that the bunch that wrote Adamcalc?
Kit Kat: well yeah....but to some it was a disaster anyway
Pamela: and really, would Kerry have been that much better?
Kit Kat: for Agriculture that was iffy
Pamela: I wondered about that
Kit Kat: but for the world...I think better
Howard: The bunch that did SmartBASIC for sure. I don't know if they also did ADAMCalc. The code was written by two absolutely superb Z80 programmers.
rich=c: Dr. D. tracked down one of them a while a go and had quite an interesting talk, apparently
Harvie: What part of the country are you in Howard?
Pamela: well it remains to be seen if Bush accepts resignations from his team or not
Kit Kat: it's really quite depressing...I mean the good news is that after these 4 years he can never run again
Howard: That was probably Joel he tracked down. I think Joel sent a bunch of SPLAT and JKL Utilities documentation to an ADAMCon once.
Kit Kat: but then we were reminded there is one more Bush left
Pamela: yeah, and that is good news
Pamela: who, Jeb?
Kit Kat: yeah
BobS: YES, Joel Lagerquist
Howard: I'm in New Hampshire now. I joined up with BYTE Magazine after I left CT.
Pamela: actually, many people are of the opinion that Jeb Bush would have made a better president
Kit Kat: it's definitely possible
Eric: thanks
Kit Kat: I think he may have been okay
BobS: gaveDr D rights for womething or other and everything
Pamela: definitely not as stoopid
rich=c: moved to teh DOS world, then
Pamela: or at least, stupid sounding
Kit Kat: yeah...he has some style and grace to him
rich=c: I think the docs for JKL utilities wre on teh disc, but I bet Dr. D. got more and better
Pamela: did you see the hacks are looking to Hillary Clinton to run in 2008?
BobS: hasn't everyone Richard ?????? 'cept for some who toys with the older models.........
Kit Kat: yeah I saw thet....the Democrats just don't seem to get it
Kit Kat: they need someone who has charisma
Pamela: actually I think she'd make an excellent president
Harvie: Linux Bob...Linux I say
Kit Kat: I think there is he same stoic feel about her as with Gore and Kerry
rich=c: yes, I still have my Adam set up and running and on occasion use it
Howard: I don't know what he did, exactly. Joel wrote the two apps and I put together the packaging. I later had betas out of an integrated development environment
Pamela: of all the First Ladies, she's the only one who has gone into politics herself, and the only one who was actively engaged in her husband's presidency
Howard: (editor and macro assembler) but decided not to sell them -- way too much piracy in that market. :(
Kit Kat: the Dems need another Bill
BobS: oh JHarvie...........someog us have enough problems with windoes!!!!!!!
Pamela: well they have four years to come up with one
Pamela: if they haven't already started looking
rich=c: nt to mention our online spell checks...
Kit Kat: let's hope there is someone there and that he is from the South
Harvie: Me too, that's why I went to Linux
Kit Kat: they can't win if he is not from the South
BobS: what is amazing is how the ibm world cannot just plug in a card like the ADAM.....and it WORKS
Kit Kat: or she
Pamela: my only concern about a Southern president is fundamentalism
Howard: I'd love to hear more about what you guys are up to, but it's way past my bedtime. I'll try and catch up with you next week.
rich=c: btw, did you see that for third world markets MS is now putting out a Windows Lite?
BobS: super Howard, flad you stopped by
BobS: glad
Kit Kat: that's why they need a Democrat from the South...Bill was Arkansas
rich=c: do come back soon and often, Howard
Kit Kat: and he was fabulous
BobS: which is what Richard ??????
Howard: I hope I haven't started a feeding frenzy over a dopey old printer, but it sounds like any of you will give it a good home.
Pamela: now if he'd just been able to keep his hands to himself . . .
rich=c: a cheaoie version of Windows for sale in Htailand, Malaysia, India, that area
Kit Kat: to most people it's a big joke and doesn't overshadow what he did for the country and the world for that matter
rich=c: you had better believe it, Howard - we'll even fight over it
Howard: Night, all!
Pamela: that's the problem with Clinton - all he'll be remembered for is the Lewinsky scandal, and not all of the good things that came before it
BobS: that's right Howard.......jsut don' dump it
BobS: ite
BobS: mite
BobS: nite
Harvie: Goodnight sir
rich=c: nite
Howard left chat session
BobS: andRichard, does this cheapy version work better becasue it is mor user friendly ??????
Kit Kat: not most people...they all still love him despite
rich=c: hey Eric, you sure picked teh right time to make your first appea4rance
Kit Kat: most could care less
BobS: ya mon
Kit Kat: most, had they had Hillary as a wife, would have done it too
Pamela: well talk about things that got blown out of proportion
rich=c: no, the royalty they charge for the crippled version is less, lets computers sell cheaper
Eric: yea i just being quite and letting the rest of you talk to howard
rich=c: in southeast Asia MS is taking a real kicking from Linux and Open Source
BobS: woudl be awesome to have all the paperwork from the 'fly on the wall' in Coelco headquarters and research and dfelvelopment
rich=c: tell us about it - teh real inside story from an insider
Pamela: the whole thing should have been a non issue - what happened wasn't for public consumption and should have been dealt with between Bill and Hilary, and perhaps Chelsea
BobS: what is Open Source ?????
Harvie: "Windows Lite" Boots directly to a BSOD, saves all the time waiting for the crash :)
rich=c: freebie software written for Linux - Open Office, GIMP, that sort of thing
BobS: ok
Kit Kat: exactly
Pamela: I can't believe we're talking politics again
Kit Kat: I can't think of Trudeau's quote off the top of my head
Harvie: The source code is freely available to anyone
Pamela: I'm sure you must get enough of this at work
Pamela: quote on what?
BobS: I need the finished enchilada
Kit Kat: the cool part is now that I have a job I love in politics I enjoy politics again
BobS: installed too BTW
Eric: I didnt want to spoil the nightly chat and ask for disk images of reedy soft libary for adamem
BobS: why not??????
Pamela: enjoying your job is good
Kit Kat: something about politics staying out of the bedroom of the nation.....or something like that
rich=c: because they are still commercial, Bob, and under copyright
BobS: email me and I can see if I have the ADAMEM images
Pamela: "the government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation"?
BobS: still ?
Kit Kat: that's the one
Eric: thanks Bobs
Pamela: it's something like that
Kit Kat: something like that yeah
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BobS: NIAD was selling some of his tuff as PD
changed username to rich+c
Pamela: while I think of it, I did get all four hours of H2O for you
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rich+c: booted again
Pamela: looks like Dad got dumped again
BobS: oh osh.....richard is twins afain
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: or somethin
Kit Kat: OH you are so AWESOME
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening!
Kit Kat: I missed the last 45 minutes
BobS: will the REAL Richard plese STAND up?
Kit Kat: thank you thank you thank you
Judy: welcome back Daniel
BobS: welcome back Daniel
Pamela: your entirely welcome
rich+c: oh, that's why I got bounced - merde, Daniel ;-)
Kit Kat: did you watch any of it
Kit Kat: ??
Harvie: He can't, he told you he's got a bum leg :)
Pamela: no, I didn't have time with Emily and Chris over on Sunday evening
BobS: oh yea harvie, I forgot
Pamela: and Monday, I was busy fighting with Russell
BobS: sorry Richard
Kit Kat: OMG it is *so* good
Kit Kat: oh?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry Rich
Pamela: just housework stuff - same old same old
rich+c: that's OK, the infection will go away and meantime I can walk if I don't push it
Kit Kat: ahhh
Kit Kat: okay
BobS: stan d onthe leg with the new fake hop !!!!!!!!
BobS: hi[p
BobS: hip
Pamela: on the upside, the front of the apartment looks amazing
Kit Kat: hehe :-)
rich+c: reminds me - we have a pair of crutches in the basement
BobS: well use them
Pamela: we've decided we'll have to have people over for dinner every six weeks or so to keep us from messing it up again
BobS requested to ban rich=c
rich+c confirmed ban
Kit Kat confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I think its a problem with the Java version in your system.
rich+c: I will if necessary thouI have no expereience
Kit Kat: proa good plan
Kit Kat: probably
BobS: althoug a cane is LOTS easier and better
Pamela: hee hee
Kit Kat: wow
Kit Kat: that was weird
BobS: heck, use TWO canes
Judy: walker is the easier way
Pamela: what was?
rich+c: yes, I used a cane exclusively after my surgery
Kit Kat: my original spelling of probably = proa
Pamela: I got it anyway - I figured you were going for prob
Kit Kat: I had enough with consonants apparently
rich+c: Daniel, I have the "latest and greatest" Java from Sun - might that be the problem?
Pamela: I'll be out on Friday night and again on Sunday if you want to come up and watch the tape
Kit Kat: very cool
Pamela: and Russell is on afternoons so he won't be around
Kit Kat: probably Sunday then
BobS: AH, you ar4e playing with the new stuff again
BobS: probably got little insects in it
Pamela: okay. I'm heading out to Katherine's for dinner and aim to be there around four, which means I'll leave here around 3:30 and won't be back till 10:00 or so
rich+c: well, no, it's 1.3.1 or something but that hasn't been updated for 12 - 18 months
Pamela: perhaps I could prevail upon you to feed the cats for me : )
Kit Kat: okie Day
Kit Kat: oh I think I can handle that :-)
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rich+c: still, on this chat program, the beta was likely tested on the Ark
Pamela: actually, I won't have to - you'll be so sick of them bugging you that you'll do it just to shut them up
Pamela: : )
Kit Kat: hehe
left chat session
Pamela: do you have any interest in coming to the Pampered Chef party with me on Friday night?
rich+c: who's incoming? Guy or Ron?
Kit Kat: Pampered chef?
rich+c: fell off again - that usually means Guy
Pamela: like a Tupperware party only with cook and bake ware
Pamela: you're not obligated to buy anything
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Daniel Bienvenu: I verified and my java version is 1-4-1
Pamela: boy, lots of comings and goings in the other room
rich+c: OK. ladies and gentlemen, place your bets...
BobS: don't know...kinda slow
Kit Kat: I dunno what time.....I'm going shopping for work stuff after work on Friday
left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: ???
BobS: tis..............
Harvie: Gone
BobS: a ghost for halloween
rich+c: what is teh date on the 1.4.1 Daniel?
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: maybe it is Casper
Pamela: it's supposed to start at 7:00 or 7:30, I have to check - but it's only about 10 minutes away
BobS: coem oni !!!!!!!
left chat session
BobS: maybe Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: good question... let me check
BobS: gone like the winf
Harvie: Full marks for persistance
BobS: wind
Kit Kat: can I let you know Friday...see where I am at in the afternoon?
Pamela: you don't have to decide until the last minute
Kit Kat: oh okay cool
Pamela: just keep me posted
Kit Kat: I'll let you know then then :-)
rich+c: sorry Daniel - mine is 1.4.1 Java 2 platform standard edition
Pamela: btw, have you been communicating with Guy at all?
Kit Kat: nope, why?
Eric: can a normal ddp drive format an audio tape?
Pamela: wondering if you knew he was going to try again with Karen
Kit Kat: I didn't know
BobS: Java is what makes this caht possible is it not ???????
rich+c: since Ron went to DSL he's been OK for connections, same with James
Kit Kat: when did this happen?
Pamela: he told me last week
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, that probably means my guess was not a good one
Pamela: says he's aware of the pitfalls
rich+c: a normal DDP drive can't format anything
BobS: no......but a tape recorder can format a new blank 60 minute tape
Kit Kat: hey maybe the break was the best thing possible
Kit Kat: hopefully
Daniel Bienvenu: you have then the same java version than me?
Pamela: I wrote him a long e-mail asking him to think verrrry carefully about it
Kit Kat: good idea
BobS: and quite well too Eric........but sony 50;s seem to work the best
Daniel Bienvenu: amazing
Judy: night all I am goin g to call it a night, talk at you next week
Pamela: I stopped short of giving advice, but asked some very pointed questions
rich+c: if you don't mind it dying abruptly - it's strictly emergency stuff
Pamela: he wrote back saying he wasn't going to fall into the trap again. I hope not.
Harvie: Goodnight Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Judy!
rich+c: night Judy, glad to have you by
Kit Kat: fingers crossed
Judy left chat session
Kit Kat: hopefully she had a wake-up call
Pamela: well if all else fails, we'll be here to pick up the pieces
BobS: have many reg tapes made into adam data packs Eric and theya re jsut as reliable as the real ones
Pamela: I'd like to slap her upside the head
Eric: I just removed the pins from the ddp drive
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: however, that would just put her back into victim mode
Pamela: darn, did I get dumped?
Pamela: heck, I'll be back
BobS: won't maek any difference Eric
BobS: oh oh
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rich+c: I bet Howard can give us the inside gen on that
rich+c: test
BobS: cc
moved to room Meeting Place
Eric: how can i format them
BobS left chat session
Kit Kat: he's a nice guy...hope it all works out for the best
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Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
changed username to rich:c
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Harvie: Am I still here?
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Daniel Bienvenu: test...
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moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ronald
rich:c left chat session
changed username to Ronald
changed username to rich:c
changed username to Harvie-too
Harvie left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: test
Ronald: It's going to be one of those nights
Ronald left chat session
rich:c left chat session
Harvie-too: Hello
Daniel Bienvenu: :-(
Ronald: gonna go back out and try again- this isn't working
Ronald left chat session
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure... but I think we had all a problem
BobS: the WEST couast is herad form
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: or something
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie-too: Verry scarry
changed username to rich:c
Daniel Bienvenu: it freeze for a minute
BobS: got whacked
Seems like it's going to be one of those nights
rich:c : rich:c: OK, gather everyone got dumped this time
Tis Ronald
BobS: just quit doing anything
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't quit... I simply wait
BobS: well tell yourself you are Ronald
rich:c : rich:c: might of known Ron would mess us up ;-)
changed username to Ronald
Daniel Bienvenu: so it unfreeze by itself
BobS: the
Ronald: Ok..... now be nice
BobS: the wet' coast to be sure
Ronald: Hey!
BobS: I cut out and went ot Dr D;s page, then back here 2 times
Ronald: Just 'cause I screw things up doesn't mean I'm all bad eh?
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rin
BobS: naw you are OK mon
rich:c : rich:c: well, aren't you into the rainy season, Ron?
changed username to eric
Ronald: now that isn't me
moved to room Meeting Place
rich:c : rich:c: like every hour instead of just every day? ;-)
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: we're back
Ronald: pretty much Rich, and cold too, but today wasn't bad
Rin: hi all
Ronald: Hi Rin
BobS: about time you joined us girls
Rin: Hello Ronald
Pamela: sorry
rich:c : rich:c: yes, we got lucky with a glorious sunny but chill day today, but the forecast is bleak
Ronald: Neat message from Howard today eh?
rich:c : rich:c: hey, guess what
Rin: sorry got kicked off
Pamela: we took our girl talk elsewhere so you guys could speak geek
Ronald: yes?
Pamela: Hi Ron
Pamela: Hi Daniel
rich:c : rich:c: we have chickadees in the back yard - first in over two years!!!
Ronald: Hi Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
Ronald: cool!
Pamela: then both of us got dumped
BobS: yes and I was telling Richard. i think I ran into him once befroe.....on the old Compuserve chat or somewhere
rich:c : rich:c: they even found a red-breasted nuthatch to keep them company
Ronald: Yeah, name seems familiar
Pamela: have you moved the feeder back to the side yard yet Dad?
Harvie-too: Howard was here tonight Ron
BobS: we have a wood pecker who eats off the suet feeder (with seed inside)
rich:c : rich:c: no, now they have decided to tear down the house next door
Ronald: geez.... I missed him
Ronald: bummer
rich:c : rich:c: they wre going to modify it but found the foundations were suspect
Pamela: oh hell Dad, they're going to raze it?
BobS: ow, now pamela
Ronald: So I take it that everyone's in agreement with Dr. D. being keeper of the items?
rich:c : rich:c: seems so - seems water leakage in the basement caused too much damage
rich:c : rich:c: as long as he will take them, of course
BobS: don't know, I offered also......howard makes the decision I guess, tis his stuff.......bBUT we can all sheck it out next summer with Dale !!!!!!
Ronald: got a copy of a reply from him to Howard. He as said he would be willing
Pamela: sorry, Bob, I feel pretty strongly about this
rich:c : rich:c: anyway the feeder stays out back now till the snow flies
Ronald: true Bob
Ronald: did my cheque arrive Bob?
BobS: but calm down now panm.......
BobS: yes TAHNKS
BobS: or thereabouts
Ronald: Thank the Good Lord
rich:c : (rich:c gives rich:c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Pamela: you're late, Dad
Pamela: where is Guy tonite I wonder?
Ronald: Guiness is good for you. (but only at room temperature)
BobS: hmmmmmm.....good wuaetion
eric: thanks for the email rich
BobS: question
Pamela: are you sure that's what it said Bob?
Ronald: who is eric? (have we been introduced?)
Ronald: many moons ago on compuserve?
eric: no i'm from alabama
BobS: what said ????????
Ronald: aha
Pamela: Eric, I've been terribly rude - welcome
Ronald: good to meet ya
eric: thnaks all
BobS: no lie Pam
rich:c : rich:c: am I gone again?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Ronald: I'm north of the border and west of Toronto
BobS: ONLY if ya want to be Richard
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Ronald: quite a lot west
Pamela: well, that answers that question
rich:c : rich:c: no, just on hold I guess
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Rin: hi Guy
Ronald: There's Chicago
Harvie-too: Hello Guy
rich:c : rich:c: like about halfway to Tokyo, I'd reckon
Guy B.: Seems Rich is having trouble again.
BobS: Ron is on Vancouver Island,,,,,,and yes that is WEST
Ronald: :)
moved to room Meeting Place
rich:c : rich:c: bout time you turned up, Guy
changed username to james
Pamela: 'bout as west as you can get and still be on the continent
Harvie-too: Hello James
james: good morning/evening
Pamela: Hi James
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james
Guy B.: Hi James
Ronald: speaking of further west
james: sorry for my recent absenteeism
Ronald: there he is
(007 music plays in the background)
Ronald: Hi James
(007 music plays in the background)
james: hi ron, rich, dan
james: hi guy, pam
james: how is everyone?
Ronald: don't forget eric from Alabama
james: hi eric, have we met?
BobS: Hiya James
Pamela: staying out of trouble for the most part James
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine, thank you
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: japan bound james..........
changed username to rich&c
Ronald: I'm wearin' my AC 16 T-shirt ..... I FEEL GOOD...... I JUST KnEW That I would
BobS: or should I say. japan is home ????
james: well given recent election results over there, i'm quite happy to be on this side of the ball
rich&c: oh, it's james that sh0oved me aside this time
Pamela: and you look splendid in purple Ron
BobS: gives ya a real lift, eh ???
rich&c: goodmorning anyway, james
james: heh heh
Ronald: my fav colour
BobS requested to ban rich:c
rich&c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Rin confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban rich+c
Guy B. confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Rin confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
rich&c confirmed ban
Guy B.: Well, we got Bushwhacked again for the next 4 years.
rich&c: reminds me, I stilhaven't got my t-shoirt yet
Pamela: you'll have to nag Rich, Dad
Ronald: Don't know whether to say "congratulations" or what eh?
BobS: well you survived the last 4 years Guy, it will only get better this 4 years
rich&c: is it final or are the lawyers into it again?
BobS: it is final
james: kerry conceded the election
rich&c: pity - now God help America
Ronald: Had to get Dr. D. to explain what the provisional ballots were all about
Ronald: got it now
BobS: popular vote was bigger than either of Clinto's victoriews
james: i'll just duck my head down over here for four years
rich&c: in fact it was bigger than any since 1962 in percentage turnout
Ronald: so what happens now if every single one of those challenged votes is for Kerry?
james: how much worse can it get, right? (famous last words)
Pamela: don't ask James
james: ron, don't think it matters since he went ahead and conceded
BobS: provisional ballot = those who cannot or will not go to their assigned precint to vote and want to vote somewhere else
james: it's a moot point now
Ronald: oh right
rich&c: we are in no hurry to find out - but we will
james: personally, i wouldn't have given up so easily
james: i'd at least rather *know* i lost rather than having nagging doubts
james: or "what-if"s
BobS: he got beat mon..........dont' act like the fool Gore did and drag it all out and still give in
Ronald: well, according to CNN's analysis (which I trust unquestioningly) - he didn't have much choice
moved to room Meeting Place
james: but whatever, better to look forward and just deal with it. at least you guys have term limits down there
BobS: what I heard was that even if all the provisional votes were Kerry, it would still not give him the victory
changed username to rich/c
Ronald: he must have been painfully aware of 4 years ago, I would think
james: 11 years of chretien were about 7 too many for me
rich/c: OK, who's the wise guy this time?
BobS: 8 yeatrs and out
Guy B.: Hi Rin
Rin: hi Guy
BobS: with a good pernsion too I might add
Pamela: yeah, I'm definitely in the wrong business : (
james: so that was some interesting email on the adam list
james: about the prototype stuff
Guy B.: Ok, how does everyone feel about Adamcon 18 in Chicago for 2006?
BobS: yes, James Howard was here tonight also
Ronald: wasn't it though!
rich/c: niece, you need to open the door more gently when you come in ;-)
Pamela: Yay!
BobS: we will take it into advisement Guy
Rin: I think it's brilliant Guy :-)
james: hey chicago.. what time of year? 2006..
BobS: vut other than that ......sounds good
Pamela: oh sure, blame it on Erin
Rin: hehe
rich/c: any time you fell like it, Guy, unless Daniel wants to do something in Quebec City
james: i've got no more weddings etc to attend to after next year so i could probably fly through chicago on my way to ottawa for a bit
Guy B.: I'm going to try for July.
Pamela: now the tables are turned, cousin mine
Rin: yeah.....shocking isn't it
Pamela: not to me : )
Ronald: have suggested (most strongly) to my dear son that his wedding be next June, not July
Pamela: just don't pick the hottest, most humid month of the year Guy
james: july? he's gonna roast
Ronald: not that I have any say in the matter
rich/c: July in Chicago? will the power grid stand the a/c demand?
james: well he's getting married though so either way he's cooked :P
Ronald: yeah.... like I said, "Man, you're goin' down!!"
Pamela: are you suggesting that Jeff is a goose James?
Guy B.: Jeanene is going to help me out on it. And I have a couple of hotels in mind that will be near the highways and O'Hare Airport for those flying in.
james: there's a reason marriage is referred to as an institution
rich/c: besides, July is the Molson Indy in Toronto
Pamela: which reminds me, I haven't heard anything from Dale
rich/c: and I might have a buddy or two want to show up
james: that being you have to be insane to get into it
Pamela: it's in July next year Dad
Pamela: well, then colour me nuts
Ronald: yes... think the date has already been set
Ronald: for 17 I mean
james: my youngest brother is getting married in oct 2005. i'm going to have to brush up on my italian
Ronald: you too eh?
Guy B.: If July is not good, perhaps either late August or September.
Ronald: my future daughter-in-law is Italian
BobS: fjust look back at past Dale Wick ADAMCON's and use those weekend dates for this year.......Dale has it all figured out the aevery 5 years the dates are the saem
Guy B.: Didn't Dale say July for next year's?
rich/c: late August or just after Labour Day makes me much more optimistic
BobS: depends on Dr D
Pamela: he did
BobS: s scheduel too
Harvie-too: Oops, gotta go (phone call), see you next week
Pamela: nite Harvie
BobS: nite Haevie
rich/c: not that our area can't get pretty nasty late August - rmember "Exhibition Weather", Ron?
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Ronald: get that Harvie will ya
Harvie-too left chat session
Ronald: oh yes
rich/c: see you Harvie
james: bye, harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: bye harvie
rich/c: any people in our group still collecting Colecovision games?
Pamela: hey, the last time I went to the Ex I nearly froze
Daniel Bienvenu: me, but I don't have cash
james: what do you have rich?
rich/c: I don't have any but heard a mention of a collection of about 50
Daniel Bienvenu: I have approx 80 games
rich/c: not sure if it's still there or not
rich/c: ditto Daniel but like yours mine are not for sale
Daniel Bienvenu: ho! are you talking about the auction I see on ebay last week?
Guy B.: Bob, I will send you an e-mail shortly on some help for a hotel.
BobS: hmmmm,.......don't need to collect, got probably 50 or 60
Ronald: I have some carts - also not really for sale, but I haven't used the much
rich/c: what was on eBay, Daniel?
BobS: ok but dfon't get oo excited yet guy....lots of time andhotels change
Pamela: yeah, sometimes they become condos
Guy B.: I know, I just want to get some ideas on what I need to do. And doesn't hurt to plan ahead.
Rin: yeah really
Daniel Bienvenu: someone I know decided to sell his colecovision collection in one shot
BobS: that is true Guy............planning is everyting
rich/c: recommend late spring or early fall, summer's too hot in Chicago
rich/c: how did he do on it?
Rin: ahh Chicago I remember it well
Ronald: Oh... speaking of stuff.... Robert my son....
BobS: some computer museum guy is trying to sell and he wants a 'but it now' price of 400,00.00 US
Guy B.: That's true Rich. And work wise for me, September could work out.
BobS: stuff......yes ron
Ronald: ya know that Toshiba floppy drive I dropped on the cement last year?
Ronald: The one that doesn't work
BobS: oh no..........
BobS: ya
Ronald: Just picked up a new on from eBay....'tis enroute as we speak
BobS: cool
Ronald: are you interested in a free non-working Toshiba floppy drive and case?
BobS: no, shipping is too much and don't need the case here
Guy B.: I bought a new HP inkjet printer and I cannot get it to print at all.
Ronald: ok. just thot I'd ask
Ronald: so I shall dispose of it or keep it or something
rich/c: if it's new it's got a warranty, though they'll likely just replace it
james: bbs
Pamela: stupid question Guy - but is there an ink cartridge in it?
Ronald: no, it's not new Rich
rich/c: rpinters exist primatily to sell overpriced ink
BobS: exactlyRichard
Ronald: believe it!
rich/c: well, he said NEW printer...
Ronald: somebody just gave me an Epson C82. Damn thing has 4 carts in it
BobS: what did ya get Guy ??????
Ronald: or is it 5
BobS: ouch
Ronald: black, yellow, blue and cyan
eric: when is the next chat?
Ronald: costs $90. Cdn at Future Shop to replace the lot
Ronald: I gave the damn thing away
BobS: just ordered $150 worth of ink carts for my Canon
Guy B.: Well, I bought it on a closeout at Sam's club. No box, but it had everything else. Including two brand new inkjet cartridges. Even went to HP's web site. And tried their solution, still won't even print a test page.
BobS: next Wed sime time and place Eric
rich/c: every Wednesday at 9, sometimes a few of us come Saturdays at 3 - all times Eastern
Guy B.: It's a HP 5650.
Pamela: next Wednesday, same time Eric, and a few people gather on Saturdays at 3:00, depending on availability
Ronald: we're here every week Eric. And usually just about as intelligent
BobS: call them Guy........they are good and will tell you to take it back if needs be
eric: thanks see you all later
BobS: OR take it somewhere else for replacement
eric left chat session
BobS: nite Eric
rich/c: come again soon, eric
Guy B.: I'll check the site and get some help from a technician. I know they have live help.
Pamela: take it back and exchange it, Guy
Pamela: fewer headaches that way
rich/c: no warranty then, Guy, even from the manufacturer?
Guy B.: Problem, Pam. That's the last printer.
Pamela: oh (she says in a very small voice)
rich/c: so get your money back then
Guy B.: I could take it back and get an exchange for another printer and pay the difference on it.
BobS: oh no Guy...there are always ore, maybe not at the store but HP has them
BobS: more
rich/c: likely your least costly course of action - you need not buy the same brand
BobS: tech suppport will take the time with yo onthe phone. call them
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.42
Guy B.: I had the HP on the Athlon and was going to put the Lexmark on the Dell. Now the Lexmark is back on the Athlon and tried the HP on the Dell.
Pamela: Hi again, Rich
Dr.42: I am back.
Rin: hi Rich
rich/c: welcome back, Dr. D.
BobS: Rich
Guy B.: Dr. D
Dr.42: Hi everyone.
BobS: hi your own self
(Pamela sings HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr.42)
rich/c: that suggests you know the cable is OK - it's a USB?
Ronald: he knows the meaning of life, the universe and everything
Dr.42: :-)
Ronald: Many happy returns Dr. D.
Pamela: 42
Dr.42: But the Ultimate Question remains unknown.
rich/c: didn't realize Rich - many happy returns
Dr.42: Thanks everyone.
Guy B.: The printer has both USB and parellal. I have a dot matrix on the parellal port on the Dell.
Ronald: but as he said, earlier today... having the answer doesn't necessarily mean that you know the question
Guy B.: Happy Birthday Dr D.
Dr.42: I thought I sent it out to the list today, Richard.
Ronald: 42.... good Lord.... he's but a chile
rich/c: may have missed it in teh excitement of Howard's offer, Rich
Ronald: child
BobS: man you getting on in years.........but you won't catch us !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: I know I can two printers on the same computer.
rich/c: and BTW if the burden sounds heavy, there are others here who would share it
(BobS stops and smells the flowers.)
(BobS gives Dr.42 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dr.42: You better hope I don't, Bob, the alternative to not having more birthdays is not very pleasant :-)
BobS: yes, that is true
Daniel Bienvenu: C'est l'anniversaire de Dr.D?
Pamela: oui, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Dr.42: Oui Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Excuse me, I didn't bring any gift for you
Dr.42: Neither did anyone else, so don't feel bad :-)
Ronald: Apparently Howard was here earlier.... I missed him
Ronald: what did he have to say?
rich/c: send him your latest Adam game beta, Daniel 8-)
Dr.42: I caught that he was here, but couldn't stay to listen/talk.
Ronald: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: Adam game bete? :-)
Pamela: so what was on the tape from the girls Rich?
Dr.42: I will read the chat log to find out what I missed.
Guy B.: Good news on Abby. Leg is all healed and she may have a bone spur on her knee on her left hind leg. But, otherwise she is fine and she is walking quite well on it.
rich/c: we chatted for some while - you can see the transcript
Pamela: that is good news Guy
Dr.42: It was 2 episodes of the original 1964 "Johnny Quest".
rich/c: sounds great, Guy
Dr.42: Or rather "Jonny Quest"
rich/c: me, I still have 14 football tapes to watch
BobS: that is old sports Richard
Dr.42: Went to a deli for supper, had corned beef and tongue on rye.
Pamela: you get what you ask for, Dad : )
BobS: ya already know the outcome
Guy B.: But, my original vet really screwed up on her. The only thing that they did right was she did have mites and the treatment is done on that. So, the second vet will most likely be our new vet.
rich/c: all this season, they're ones Pam got while I was away
BobS: something to do on a cold winter's night
Pamela: Hello, my name is Pamela, I'm a football widow and orphan . . .
rich/c: as it happens I don't Bob, we hardly ever buy a paper when we're tqavelling
Ronald: Hi Pamela!
rich/c: we get our weather from the weather radio and do not take along a tv
BobS: poor Pamela......a hard life yo lead
Pamela: it's a hard life with only one TV and one VCR in the house
Ronald: My heavens! How do you survive?
rich/c: well, you did have access to my VCR if that suited...
Pamela: and all the CFL games are in direct competition with my Friday and Saturday night TLC programs
Pamela: it's called compromise Ron
Dr.42: I could probably survive on no TV/VCR.
Ronald: mm
Pamela: Russell's only home once every three weeks
Ronald: yes, I suppose that would work
Pamela: um, rephrase - Russell only gets one weekend in three off
rich/c: wqell, we do so whenever we travel, Rich, weeks at a time
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. I see how Saturday is. Otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
Rin: good night Guy
Ronald: Nite Guy. Be well
Dr.42: Bye Guy.
BobS: nite Guy
Dr.42: Well, Richard, there isn't much on TV any more that I care to see anyhow :-(
Ronald: I'm still in CNN Junkie Mode
Dr.42: That is why I said I could probably live without it.
Ronald: we're into an analysis of the warpup
BobS: watch TVland ...........
Ronald: wrapup
Guy B.: Ok, I'm gone. Poof
rich/c: see you Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich/c: I watch open wheel rqacing and Canadian football - period
rich/c: but I admit I do value and enjoy those
Dr.42: No need to apologize for it, Richard.
Pamela: speaking of watching stuff Dad - did Mom ever watch that Lego episode of While You Were Out?
Dr.42: My schedule did not permit regular TV for so long, I no longer have it as a habit.
Ronald: for me it's either Law and Order or election night coverage
rich/c: by average standards, I effectively don't watch tv
Dr.42: (Glad there is no election discussion here tonight!)
Ronald: The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement sent me a survey once.
rich/c: not yet Pam, she's preoccupied with other things
Ronald: logged exactly 15 minutes of Tv time in a 7 day period
Ronald: not much for them to go on
rich/c: believe it or not she's on right now, but reading the archives
Dr.42: 25-part series on the Life and Times of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Pamela: oh oh . . .
Dr.42: Why oh-oh?
Pamela: just trying to remember if I've said anything that might get me into trouble : )
BobS: Ron, you ngot to be sick of Law and Order !!!!!!! we can watch it at least once every night and sometime with dish we can catch it again
rich/c: there are times when Pam and Rin forgot the chats are logged...
Rin: when??
Ronald: yup Bob... that's about it. It's on two or three times a night here
Pamela: ????
rich/c: btw, you might upset Bob, but I suspect your political reactions would be greeted with some sympathy otherwise
Ronald: Mother likes it, I like it, so that's what we watch
Pamela: I am a-political
Ronald: a political what?
Rin: hehe
Ronald: your political views are without form and voic
Ronald: void
Ronald: /??
Pamela: or get voided : )
rich/c: on the other hand, Rin has very pronounced opinions
Rin: indeed
Dr.42: Has Frances found any good dirt in the logs?
Pamela: since when is that news?
Rin: lol :-)
rich/c: not that she's reacted to, Rich - though I might hear a few things later
rich/c: and of course so might Pam...
BobS: she is tudying it well eh ??
BobS: studying
Pamela: I repeat - oh oh
Dr.42: Nobody has talked about you or Frances behind your backs AFAIK.
Ronald: must read the logs some time
rich/c: well even when we're away we have two young monitors to defend our interests
BobS: oh well gang, time to go to bed.....and HOW you ask di I know this ????? The CSI program is done !!!!!!!!
Dr.42: Whodunnit?
Pamela: the butler, of course
BobS: so the news comes on and that measn bedtime !!!!
Ronald: sounds about right Bob
rich/c: figures - goodnight then, Bob (and Judy)
Dr.42: Col. Mustard with the candlestick in the Conservatory.
Ronald: say hi to Judy
Pamela: goodnight, Bob
BobS: see ya's nest week....mostly becasue i can't remember to come on Sat
Pamela: say bye (and hi!) to Judy
Rin: nite Bob and Judy
BobS: adious
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry boys and girls, me sleepy.
BobS: senor's and senorits
Dr.42: Bye Bob,
BobS: 'ao
BobS left chat session
Ronald: eyes closed all..... you're pushing 11 pm
Daniel Bienvenu: good night everyone
rich/c: you aren't the only one, Daniel - it was a hard night last night
Dr.42: Senioritis, that is when seniors in high school/college don't want to work.
Ronald: me.... I have stuff to do
Daniel Bienvenu: see you next week
Pamela: you know what's scary is I understand what he's saying
Daniel Bienvenu: bon anniversaire Dr.D
rich/c: see you, Daniel - take care
Rin: nite Daniel
Dr.42: Bye Daniel.
Pamela: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Ronald: for the next 12 months, Dr. D. you're in phase with life, the universe and everything
Ronald: after that, who knows
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dr.42: I may be out of phase anyway :-)
Ronald: ya think?
Ronald: I am, I know
rich/c: "In the Beginning, God created the Universe. Since, this has generally been conceded to be a bad idea"
Dr.42: Yep.
Ronald: and on the 7th day did He rest, saying, "ok Murphy, take over"
Dr.42: haha that is about right too.
Pamela: oh yes Dad, I forgot you've read Hitchikers
rich/c: I haven't - one of my cursor cronys uses it in his signature
Dr.42: haha
Dr.42: You should read it, Richard.
Dr.42: You'd find it amusing.
Ronald: I feel like I have, but I have not
Dr.42: And Ron, too.
Ronald: osmosis from my son Jeff
Pamela: ditto Ron
rich/c: one of these days I just might, if I ever have time
Pamela: osmosis from Russell
Dr.42: It's probably pirated on the network somewhere.
Pamela: such as the "pan galactic gargle blaster"
rich/c: lately I've been getting my fantasy from Guy Gavriel Kay
Ronald: 5th rate planet, scheduled for destruction to make way for a galactic interchange
Dr.42: I've been getting my dystopias from the news...
Pamela: flying = tripping and missing the ground
Ronald: rotfl
rich/c: no shortage there; you should log on to and reead some columnists
rich/c: I th9ink you would find a number of them cater to your prejudices
Dr.42: I tried, have to be a subscriber.
Pamela: which reminds me Dad - do you want to read our Doonesbury collection?
Dr.42: I wore my "BOB" Church of the SubGenius and "NIXON/AGNEW" buttons today as political protest.
rich/c: maybe swap for the one I bought while we wre away? sounds good
Pamela: all 20 something of them : )
Ronald: that must have gone over well Dr. D.
rich/c: no you don't, not just to look, Rich
Ronald: speaking of Dr. D
Dr.42: Yes :-)
rich/c: they try to push it but don't enforce it
Ronald: I was looking at the ugly prof photo's recently
Dr.42: Wore them to the restaurant tonight, got some blank stares.
Ronald: in my considered opinion
Dr.42: And you are still alive....
Ronald: this year's garb, was good.... but I can see why you only came 6th
Ronald: just my opinion, you understand
Dr.42: That was last year that I was 6th.
Ronald: 0h... I err
Dr.42: This year I am either 1st or 2nd, haven't gotten the final tally.
Rin: what were you this year?
Pamela: when do you find out?
Ronald: the mermaid?
Dr.42: It was promised to me Monday, but have heard nothing, and have been polite about not pressing.
Dr.42: Yes.
Ronald: mmm
Dr.42: Hairiel was either #1 or #2.
Ronald: ok... shows ya what I know
Dr.42: It was the robot costume that was #6, it was too nice and not ugly.
Dr.42: Or scary.
Dr.42: Mermaid was scary to everyone.
Ronald: my fav is the dude with the hand coming out of mouth. etc etc
Pamela: you scared me Rich
Dr.42: I win on style points I think, but it all depends on how much money was ponied up.
Rin: my office thought it was very original
rich/c: stayed up too late to watch teh election lst night
rich/c: so getting on to time for me to check out
Ronald: you too eh Rich?
Rin: good night Uncle Richard
Ronald: and late was LATE in your parts
Pamela: nite Daddy
Pamela: sleep tight
Rin: I think I'm gone as well
Rin: early morning
rich/c: yep, and we don't have your time advantage for such things
Pamela: will call soonest
Rin: have a good night all
Ronald: indeed
Pamela: night Rin
Rin: 'til next week
Ronald: niters Rin
Dr.42: I went to bed at 10 PM figuring Bush would win it.
rich/c: OK, night all
Ronald: go straight home now
Dr.42: And that if not, I could get a birthday present surprise.
Rin left chat session
rich/c: colour me gone
rich/c left chat session
Ronald: I had the tv on all night, so I caught bits and pieces of later developments
Dr.42: I got up just as Tom Brokaw was signing off NBC saying it was his last election in the anchor chair after 42 years in TV.
Ronald: there's that number again
Pamela: I checked before I went to bed last night and again when I got up
Ronald: I knew there was allignment in the universe
Pamela: nothing had changed
Dr.42: haha
Pamela: that's scary - he got into TV the year you were born
Dr.42: Yep.
Ronald: CNN just noted this might be the last time that Dan Rather Tom Brokaw do election night
Dr.42: He was the first "young" anchorman.
Pamela: makes 42 seem sorta short, doesn't it
Dr.42: Walter Cronkite was "older" on CBS.
Dr.42: ABC I think had Frank Reynolds, Howard K. Smith, and Harry Reasoner back then.
Ronald: is Walter still alive?
Pamela: is Harry Reasoner still on 60 minutes?
Dr.42: After Huntley-Brinkley went off the air in 1970, it was Brinkley for a while, then John Chancellor.
Dr.42: Yes Pam.
Dr.42: Walter is, he is not very sharp any more, still has the voice, but can't ad lib any more :-(
Ronald: must be in his 80s or 90's eh?
Dr.42: Yes.
Pamela: well guys, I'm drifting, so it's time for me to go to bed
Pamela: (note to self - get more sleep on Tuesday nights)
Ronald: remember him from a show in the mid-50s.... "You are There"
Dr.42: At the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landings, CNN had him and Chuck Yeager on...Walter just couldn't get the words out.
Ronald: What kind of a day was it, a day like all days, full of events which alter and illuminate our time"
Dr.42: Good night, Pam.
Ronald: Nite Pam
Pamela: many happy returns of the day, Rich
Dr.42: He reprised "You Are There" on Saturday mornings for kids in early 1970s.
Dr.42: I watched that version of it.
Dr.42: The adult version was older than me.
Ronald: ah... missed that
Pamela: night Ron
Ronald: any guys and gals
Pamela: 3
Pamela: 2
Pamela: 1
Ronald: I'm outa here... see ya next week
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Ronald: fading...... falling....... fasting.......
Ronald: poof
Dr.42: Then sleep Ron.
Ronald: :)
Ronald left chat session
Dr.42: And is james asleep?
Dr.42: I guess so.
Dr.42: Good night James.
Dr.42: <poof>
Dr.42 left chat session
james left chat session > chat > Wed 2004-11-03
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