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rich-c: refresh
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Ron: hey!
Ron: Anyone home?
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rich+c: sorry - got dumped when you came in
Ron: wondered about that
rich+c: trust you're still there!
Ron: I am
Ron: Lovely day on the wet coast
Ron: sunshine and everything
rich+c: actually while I'm waiting for folks to show up I play Free Cell
rich+c: but then I don't always refresh on time
Ron: I should try that. Have friends here who are addicted to it
rich+c: give them something to shoot for - my current success rate is 83%
Ron: Anything that requires me to think is suspect
Ron: Ok... I'll pass that on
rich+c: hey, I've had even more experience at being retired than you have, and I can do it!
Ron: indeed
rich+c: anyway, won't say lovely day here but we are seeing some sun and it's over freezing
rich+c: at this point I won't throw that back
Ron: what more can you ask
rich+c: uj - about 24 degrees, few or no clouds, gentle breeze...
Ron: Just brought home an older version of scrabble from our collection at the hospital ECU club
Ron: used to love scrabble
Ron: so I shall illegally copy it
rich+c: you mean it's got versions just like computer programs?
Ron: yup
Ron: works on IBM works on Mac, so it'll fit right in here
rich+c: I'm sure some warez site will have an up to date computer version
rich+c: complete with three viruses, two worms and a Trojan
Ron: oh probably, but these days I'm not always looking for the most up to date version
Ron: exactly
rich+c: know what you mean - sometimes the programmers get too clever for anybody's good
Ron: If a computer is to exist in the snakepit, it must do something useful
Ron: that's it
rich+c: you mean besides look decorative and take up unconscionable amounts of space ;-)
Ron: yes
rich+c: you're a hard man, Mitchell ;-)
Ron: My family is giving me heat about the snakepit, saying that some of it will have to go
rich+c requested to ban rich-c
Ron confirmed ban
Ron: and they're right of courseut I'd never admit that
Ron: of course, but I'd never admit that
rich+c: I gather they share in ownership of the house, then
Ron: yep
rich+c: makes life difficult - I assume it's far too early to decide what the sawoff will be
Ron: it's good intentionned, light hearted heat, of course, but they made their point
Ron: well, I tell ya Rich, it's awfully quiet around here
Ron: too much house for me really, so I thing come the new year I'll start looking
rich+c: I trust they will be content if you store it elsewhere, pending any move on your part
Ron: oh it's fine where it is until I decided to move
rich+c: I gather teh agenda is move first, sell later
Ron: And I can always ignore the other two offspring
Ron: probably in that order, yes.
Ron: we'll see how it plays out
rich+c: well, that does depend on how the will is worded - but you're the executor
Ron: yes..... everything divided equally
Ron: most of the assets were already owned by Mom plus 3, with right of survivorship
Ron: the house is the exception
rich+c: we currently have a big 3000 sq. ft. house going up beside us
Ron: lawyer advised her against it
Ron: oh joy
rich+c: her assets, she gets to make the call
Ron: exactly
rich+c: anyway they are misbehaving, trespassing on our property
Ron: that's not good
rich+c: I'm not sure they aren't stretching the bylaws, either
Ron: suppose it's the only large one on the street eh?
rich+c: we plan to have a little chat with our lawyer in the next few days
Ron: clearance from the borders of the lot?
rich+c: they may be legal - by a millimeter, no more
Ron: aha
rich+c: they are giving us and other side neighbours static about teh fence line
Ron: bears investigating
Ron: sounds like just the sort of people you wouldn't want to have living next door
rich+c: well it's teh builder, or rather his straw boss, being difficult right now
Ron: oh
Ron: are there other larger housed going up in your vicinity?
rich+c: anyway, we infringe on a long trianle. zero at the midpoint of our house to six inches at the back fence
Ron: and they're making an issue of it
rich+c: oh yes, the whole area is being mansionized - can barely move on teh streets for teh parked tradesmens trucks
Ron: My sister and her partner did that in Edmonton. They added a 2nd story to their bungalow. They live in a neighbourhood of bungalows.
rich+c: let's say threatening - I can however claim adverse possession and prove the line's been there for over 40 years
Ron: The result sticks out like a sore thumb
Ron: yes
rich+c: here we have (as I think you've seen) mostly 1000 sq. ft. bungalows
Ron: yes.... I know
rich+c: they are putting up 3000 sq. ft. two storey mansions
Ron: happens in Vancouver quite a bit. Buyers aren't interested in an existing house - they want the property
rich+c: the upside is that if our place burned down tomorrow we could sell the hole in the ground for over $400,000
Ron: oh at least
Ron: how far are you from downtown Toronto?
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Ron: you're gonna run out of punctuation marks
rich&c: sorry, either teh server hung or I got dropped
Ron: why does that happen to you?
rich&c: the idea is that it lets me know which evil twin to remove 8-)
rich&c: no one has any idea - a use teh most common browser, all up to date, and latest Java
Ron: Just for advance warning Rich, I'm expecting the furnace tank guy sometime in the next half hour. So I might have to terminate with short notice
rich&c requested to ban rich+c
Ron confirmed ban
Ron: he's going to want money
rich&c: OK, point taken - you have oil heating? and an old tank?
Ron: yep, and when I phoned the house insurance people to advise of Mom's passing, they gave me 60 days get the tank replaced..... oh yes, also it was inside
Ron: the house
rich&c: is your insurance company getting shirty?
Ron: they didn't like that
rich&c: there have been a lot of people having that trouble here too
rich&c: the insurers are in a sudden big panic and being totally unreasonable
Ron: Well, no shittier than any others in the neighbourhood.
Ron: be right back rich phone
rich&c: OK, I'll await your return
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rich/c: got dropped again!!!!!
rich/c: wish we had some clue about what and why
rich/c: just saw a flicker - am I still here?
rich/c: OK, see that I am
rich/c: test
rich/c: refresh
rich/c: refresh
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rich_c: this is getting tedious...
rich_c: am I off AGAIN?
rich_c: no - guess the warning was a mistake
rich_c: I'm timing out - gotta go
Ron: still there Rich?
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