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james: hello
Rinious Red: hi James
james: how are you?
Rinious Red: pretty good
Rinious Red: how's life treating you
james: is this pam?
Rinious Red: nope...Erin
james: not bad, keeping busy
Rinious Red: classes going well?
james: reasonably so. they keep me on my toes
Rinious Red: :-)
james: these girls today, have no sense of propriety
Rinious Red: that bad eh...still commenting on your attribute?
james: the boys are much easier to handle
james: well last week they were drawing pictures of what was supposed to be me in "canadian underwear"
Rinious Red: oh my
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james: which i'm told is a maple leaf thong-like apparel
Rinious Red: oh yikes
changed username to rich-c
Rinious Red: poor James
Rinious Red: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: good morning james, good evening Rin
james: so i try to keep them focused on the task at hand. it's not easy
Rinious Red: I guess not
rich-c: talking about your teaching day, james?
Rinious Red: have you explained to them that it is innappropriate
james: lol sec
james: hi rich
james: yes, you'd find it quite amusing, i think
james: erin can fill you in while i put aiden in the jolly jumper
rich-c: OK go for it
Rinious Red: hehe...the girls drew poor james in Canadian underwear
rich-c: so spill it, Erin
Rinious Red: maple leaf thong
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changed username to Harvie
Rinious Red: hi Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: sounds like fun, Rin
Rinious Red: man the poor guy <snicker>
rich-c: james will be right back, Harvie
Harvie: OK
rich-c: I can imagine their version
Rinious Red: hehe
rich-c: he should tell them about Ottawa-level longjohns
Rinious Red: lol
Harvie: How is the construction next door rich?
rich-c: been trying to get a new user from Chicago to come by, so if a jeff appesrs be nice to him
rich-c: that is not a tactful question, Harvie
rich-c: we had a decent view for 40 years - now its a blank wall eight feet away
rich-c: no sun, no sky, just wall
james: back
james: @erin, the fact it's inappropriate falls on deaf ears. some weeks are better than others though
rich-c: got Aiden settled now?
Rinious Red: sigh
Rinious Red: what's the age range?
james: he's in the jolly jumper. happiness ensues
Harvie: Sorry to hear that rich, any redress
james: 15
Rinious Red: oy
Rinious Red: and if I may ask how old are you?
rich-c: of all the teen ages, thats likely the worst of all (says this retired "teacher")
james: they'll settle down. i've dealt with this before. usually once they finish junior high
james: well i'm exactly twice that, and no one lets me forget it
Rinious Red: hehe
rich-c: still a wet behind the ears kid, james
Rinious Red: double oy
james: fortunately it's a small cross section of my total student population
Rinious Red: well that's good.....otherwise I'm sure it would be most frustrating
rich-c: you are permitted to underline that "fortunately" ;-)
james: heh heh
Rinious Red: but my question is...they actually showed you the picture?
rich-c: you should tell them about longjohns. james
james: it can be when they don't listen, which for junior high school students seems to be about 90% of the time
james: rich, if i go there, i may never come back :P
Rinious Red: haha
rich-c: speaming of which, what's your slice of climate up to now?
rich-c: hurricanes? earthquakes? early morning volcanoes?
james: i'm trying to remember if i was really like that. a typical conversation goes "ok, let's try these questions" to which i get dumbfound looks
james: uhh.. we're still sunny or partly cloudy, low teens
rich-c: we had a snow flurry this morning but it edged up enouigh to melt later
james: then someone will ask "you mean now?" and another will pipe in "do we need our notebooks?"
Rinious Red: I fortunately or unfortunately was the student teachers wanted a whole classroom of
james: my largest group is about 9 and i have enough on my plate with that
james: it's harder with unmixed groups
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rich-c: the pre-pubescents are usually pretty easy to handle
changed username to Pamela
Rinious Red: hi Pam
james: we could be getting a green christmas here.. i've got a big party planned for the 26th, turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, harry potter
rich-c: hi daughter
james: and a snowball fight
Harvie: Hello Pam
Rinious Red: hehe snowball fight
Pamela: hi everyone
Pamela: how are you going to have a snowball fight without snow, James?
james: up to about 6th grade they're "normal"
rich-c: seems we have an El Nino growing - could mean a mild winter here
james: well if we get no snow, i've informed them we'll be throwing rocks at each other. bandaids will be provided for
Rinious Red: LOL
Pamela: JAMES!
james: at a nominal cost of course :P
Pamela: yes, but does mild mean less or more snow, Dad?
Harvie: Throw Sushi James
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Rinious Red: hehe
Pamela: LOL, Harvie
changed username to Bumbles Bounce
james: here mild means no snow since even in winter it's typically around 0 during the day
rich-c: my guess is less snow, or perhaps lower accumulations
rich-c: I do know we get more snow at 0 than -20
Rinious Red: Hi Rich
Pamela: I'm for colder but less snow
Pamela: Hi Rich
Bumbles Bounce: Hi everyone.
Bumbles Bounce: We were all watching "Rudolph" on TV.
rich-c: greetings, BB
Bumbles Bounce: Then put younger 2 girls to bed.
Harvie: Hi Doc
Pamela: so bumbles bounce, and Weebles wobble?
james: i've got that dvd, along with frosty, charlie brown and the grinch on the way for my kids here
Bumbles Bounce: Yes :-)
Bumbles Bounce: They didn't cut it...but they time-compressed it...saw the video artifacts, and heard some sound artifacts in it.
rich-c: we're a little beyond that here, for better or worse
Pamela: Dad, FYI for Mom, tell her I got her e-mail re: pearls and I've been trying to find time to call her for days
rich-c: OK
Bumbles Bounce: Pearls?
rich-c: a fancy exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum
Pamela: yes, there's an exhibit at the ROM which is the history of pearls including all their uses
Bumbles Bounce: Ah...I wondered if Pam was buying some.
Pamela: translation: lots of pretty stuff to look at
Bumbles Bounce: Grinding them up for medicine was one crazy use.
rich-c: she'd like to but seems to think groceries come first
james: are we grinding up pearls or reindeer :P
Bumbles Bounce: Rudolph burger, mmm.
rich-c: I'm told venison is quite tasty...
Bumbles Bounce: I've never had it AFAIK.
james: there's a place not far from here that apparently serves it
Pamela: I've heard it's an acquired taste
Bumbles Bounce: If it is properly field-dressed and refrigerated very quickly, I'm told it is very good.
Pamela: now bison burgers are becoming quite easy to find
james: well i've "acquired" lots of tastes so i could probably eat it
rich-c: some of teh upscale restaurants here serve it, but they're too upscale for me
Bumbles Bounce: But the typical hunter doesn't do so good with it, and the results are not so good.
Rinious Red: deer and elk were served at one of the receptions at the legislature
Bumbles Bounce: My Grampa Varns raised buffalo as a hobby...sent some meat home with us once.
Pamela: Along with Alberta beef : )
Rinious Red: so I went to the cafeteria and had a burger (2 weeks ago)
Bumbles Bounce: We didn't like it too much...
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rich-c: bison burgers are now even in the freezer at No Frills
Pamela: yes, PC is putting them out as a regularly stocked item
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Harvie: HelloDaniel
Rinious Red: hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
james: hi dan
Daniel Bienvenu: Happy december to all! :-)
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Bumbles Bounce: Hi Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: let it snow let it snow let it snow
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's snowing here
Pamela: hello Guy
Rinious Red: hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how goes it?
Harvie: Hello Guy
Pamela: keep your snow, Daniel - please!
james: i almost wish it would snow here. then i might get some peace and quiet from all this stupid construction
rich-c: yes, we had our token snow shower today
Bumbles Bounce: Hi Guy.
Bumbles Bounce: We had snow that stuck around about 3/4 of a day on Thanksgiving, but none since then.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to be late, my computer burned a cd-rom.
rich-c: we have a house going up right next door to us, james - 3000 sq, ft,
rich-c: I gather your CD burner is not teh fastest around, Daniel
Pamela: brb, I gotta get a sweater
Guy B.: Greetings. We had our second snow of the season last night.
rich-c: did it last or just melt away?
james: 3000 sq ft.. italian by any chance?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's mostly the pre-formatting phase, making the CD image before burning.
Guy B.: I take it the Bumbles Bounce is Dr. D?
james: that's my guess
rich-c: if you mean the contractor, yes, style is tasteless pretension
Bumbles Bounce: yes, I was delayed getting here from watching "Rudolph" on TV tonight.
james: than the buyer is likely italian too :P
james: *then
Bumbles Bounce changed username to Dr.D.
Guy B.: It's the 40th anniversary of Rudolph
Dr.D.: There now you can tell who I am.
rich-c: not in this neighbourhood - teh Orthodox Jews outbid everyone
james: oh yeah
Dr.D.: has been on as long as I can first TV memories are from 1965 (age 3 for me).
rich-c: we are within walking distance of a couple of schules
Rinious Red: it's the best Xmas movie going
Dr.D.: Ostentation isn't a thing among the Orthodox here in Cleveland.
Pamela: more than a couple, Dad
james: *gears whirr and cranks grind* so you're only 42, rich?
Harvie: Are you sure it's only 40 Guy?
Dr.D.: Yep.
Dr.D.: Do I seem older? haha
rich-c: when you have to walk to schule every shabbas, even in February, propinquity pays
james: good number :)
Guy B.: I'm on the Dell and dialup. I had to go on the emulator and Adamcalc. Had to figure my expenses for my Flexible Spending Account for 2005. Oh, I'm going to get an upgrade on my Cochlear Implant.
Pamela: yes, that was discussed on his birthday : )
Dr.D.: Just don't let them upgrade it to WinXP, Guy.
Pamela: what kind of upgrade, Guy?
Guy B.: No, I'm getting a new unit to replace my SPectra 22 that I've had for 10 years.
Pamela: Russell wants to know - am or fm?
rich-c: what have you got against WinXP, Rich?
james: there's been a lot of development in the last ten years, guy
Dr.D.: Buggy security hole spyware magnet, that is all :-)
Harvie: Amen Doc
james: i'm still happy with win2k and my hardware router
rich-c: I gather SP2 addressed a lot of those ills
Guy B.: It's called Esprit G3. It's all in one unit, uses hearing aid batteries and some new features.
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james: and introduced a host of others
changed username to Ronald West
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron!
rich-c: greetings Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ronald West: hello all
Pamela: greetings, Mr. West
Dr.D.: We have been told not to install SP2 at all here at Case, seems to cause more troubles than it fixes.
james: hi ron
Rinious Red: hi Ron
Harvie: Hi Ron
Dr.D.: I own no WinXP machines, so I am not worrying about it.
james: same here doc. you'll spend more time patching 3rd party software after you do
rich-c: story I'm hearing, Rich, is that as a clean OE install it's fine - as a plugin, you don't want to know
Dr.D.: Hello Ron, sorry I missed you last week (read the logs though), I was beat with little sleep, vegged out from lab practical prep here, and it was the night before Thanksgiving.
Ronald West: installed it on mine, and I'm regretting it seriously
Guy B.: I've notice that some new versions of software now either you must have WinXP or Win2000. Adobe Acrobat is one of them.
Ronald West: the computer died
Dr.D.: Or MacOs X, guy :-)
rich-c: not totally must, Guy, there are older versions still available
Ronald West: attempting to install Easy CD Creator 6, and the MBR got creamed
Dr.D.: Which computer died, Ron?
Ronald West: the Duron
rich-c: which computer died of what, Ron?
james: easy cd cremator eh
Dr.D.: Cremator LOL
Ronald West: creamator is right
Guy B.: Yes, the older versions will work with Win98 on up. But, I'm wondering if this is becoming a trend now?
rich-c: oh, that's the Adaptec one that the greed company took over?
Ronald West: I am going to make the Duron a Windoze free zone
Dr.D.: MS has set expiry for Win98 support to be something very soon.
Dr.D.: Might even be Jan 2005.
rich-c: building a nest for Tux?
Ronald West: yep
Harvie: Good idea Ron,
Dr.D.: When that happes, the lemmings will follow suit.
Ronald West: we'll all go over the cliff together
james: sec
rich-c: MS has already postponed the date a couple of time, Rich
Guy B.: They said through 2006 for Win98 support.
Ronald West: modern version of "Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump"
Dr.D.: I haven't looked at MS webpage on the subject yet.
Dr.D.: Or rather recently.
Dr.D.: I did look some while ago, maybe a year.
rich-c: yes, and the way folks are resisting XP and staying with 98 they may have to maintain it longer
Pamela: I'll stick with my 98, thank you
Dr.D.: Thing is, new machines incapable of running Win98 are in the offing...
rich-c: they are feeling teh hot breath of Linux on their necks
james: i don't care one iota for 98
Dr.D.: MS want to move to an immovable-copy-of-OS model.
james: i've done far better with 2k
Harvie: They announced an imminent release for Longhorn 8 years ago :)
Dr.D.: Don't want you to be able to install it on a new bare machine.
rich-c: I can hear Michael Robertson licking his chops
Ronald West: then they'll have to sell me the new bare machine in new and bare state
Ronald West: which I bet they'll refuse to do
Guy B.: I'm thinkig about either Win2000 or XP, but it will be on a seperate hard drive and I have a portable drive enclosure.
Dr.D.: Legally they have to, but they will drag feet enough to make it practically impossible.
Ronald West: right
Dr.D.: I don't think you can buy new copies of Win2K anywhere now.
rich-c: depends on how impatient teh courts become
rich-c: but I suspect that Dubya and his buddies are very Gates-friendly 8-(
Guy B.: I've found them at computer shows.
rich-c: doesn
rich-c: t Bob have some copies of 98 around?
Dr.D.: Hehe, they have to be virgin shrinkwrapped or you can't use them...they will have already been registered to different hardware...
Ronald West: I have one, but I ain't sayin' where I got it
Harvie: It's the rest of the world that will kill that silly idea
Dr.D.: I think they give you 30 days to let it phone Bill and register or it self-destructs.
Dr.D.: That is the other reason to stay with Win98, at least it lets you reinstall from the same CD repeatedly.
rich-c: yes, I don't care to ask Bill's permission to upgrade my hard disc or whatever
Ronald West: exactly
james: linux is getting much easier for average people. still a ways to go though
rich-c: we have a shop aroujnd teh corner offering computers with Linux already installed and configuered
Ronald West: that's right James. Have found there are still one or two hardware items that don't get recognized without tweaking
Ronald West: mostly sound cards
rich-c: they make a big deal about price but fact is, they aren't competitive
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm wondering if it's too late to send pictures for the electronic adamcon christmas card?
Dr.D.: OMG I totally forgot about it, sigh.
rich-c: my guess is that it's well within time, Daniel
Rinious Red: Adamcon Xmas card?
rich-c: but with BobS absent tonight, can't be sure
Ronald West: Bob is going to cover that for me this year Daniel. I gather he already has it ready, but you might want to e-mail him
Dr.D.: Take the frowning face I made during the chat at ADAMcon 16 and put it through Daniel's BMP2PP program :-)
Ronald West: Events of the past few weeks make it difficult for me to do this year
Dr.D.: Understood Ron.
rich-c: yes, you have had rather much on your plate
Dr.D.: No explanation needed.
james: pam and erin are awfully quiet
Dr.D.: They must be MSNing.
james: rather unusual for those of the x-chromosome persuasion
Rinious Red: I just asked: ADAMcon Xmas card?
Dr.D.: Or else <PRIVATE>
Pamela: sorry, not much to contribute on the Linux front
james: *ducks*
Ronald West: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm modifying my cd_dithering program now to be able to strech to the resolution for tthe 10k powerpaint file.
rich-c: they are likely sending PMs back and forth, or on Messenger with Marie
Pamela: and I quote@ James: pppppppppttttttttttbbbbbbbbbbttttttttt!
james: @pam, you sound just like aiden :P
Ronald West: just remember - you have to like penguins, Pamela
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Pamela)
Pamela: penguins are cute!
Dr.D.: haha
Guy B.: Oh no,
Ronald West: I don't much. Would rather that they'd chosen a teddy bear
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. I didn't updated my cv_dithering software for a while... it will takes a couple of minutes to find out how I can modify it.
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Dr.D.: They make great parting gifts for game show contestants!
Rinious Red: hehe
Pamela: I was a big Opus fan
Guy B.: Me too.
Guy B.: He's back in the comics.
rich-c: isn't Bloom County still around?
Pamela: no, it was stopped quite a few years ago
Dr.D.: A weirdo descendant of runs only in the Sunday paper.
Dr.D.: I don't like it.
Dr.D.: I never liked "Outland" either.
Guy B.: Opus has his own strip by the same author.
rich-c: just because your local paper doesnt carry it doesnt mean a comic isnt available
Dr.D.: "Bloom County" was okay.
Dr.D.: The penguin did take it over too much though IMHO.
Pamela: you're entitled to your opinion
james: i'm a far side fan
Dr.D.: "Calvin and Hobbes" is the one I greatly miss...though "Frazz" manages to mine some of the same vein.
rich-c: a buddy on my car chat board uses Opus as his avatar
Ronald West: Far Side --- yea
Pamela: I stick with For Better of For Worse
Ronald West: Calvin and Hobbes too
Guy B.: He's bringing back the gang from Bloom County. So far, Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas has returned.
Ronald West: haven't read funnies for a long time
rich-c: yes, but that's going away shortly
Pamela: what, FBorFW? Not for a year or two
Pamela: it's going to take that long to wind up all the story lines
rich-c: that isn't long
Ronald West: She's Canadian eh?
Dr.D.: "shortly"? Why?
Ronald West: Lynn Johnson
Pamela: did you read the column about it in the Star last week?
Pamela: yes she is Ron
Dr.D.: No :-)
Rinious Red: she had an anniversary right
rich-c: yes, lives up around North Bay, formerly in Manitoba
Pamela: 25th anniversary of the strip this year
Rinious Red: there was a Member's Statement on it, I think
Ronald West: Used to like Farley
james: north bay isn't in manitoba anymore?
Dr.D.: So why is the strip being retired>
Ronald West: North Bay never was in Manitoba
Dr.D.: ?
rich-c: she's of an age where she is facing health problems, Rich
rich-c: she will be 60 when she quits
Ronald West: although some of the people I used to work with thought it was
james: where is it?
Dr.D.: That is what assistants are for :-)
Ronald West: Want Charlie Brown back
Dr.D.: If you get the right assistant, it can be great for the strip.
james: i've been reading that one for as long as i can remember
Dr.D.: No, Charlie Brown should stay dead...and get out of the papers.
Pamela: author is deceased, Ron - kinda difficult
Ronald West: I know
Ronald West: ;{
Dr.D.: I am tired of seeing reruns of post-1970 Peanuts take newspaper space away from other live comics.
rich-c: assistants, even heirs, can be troublesome - look at Pogo
Pamela: and did you all hear that Pierre Burton died yesterday?
Rinious Red: yeah...that's so sad
Ronald West: yes
Dr.D.: After Woodstock came into the strip, it was bleh.
Rinious Red: <pout> I like Woodstock
Pamela: I can see we're destined to butt heads on this Rich
Pamela: Woodstock is my favourite
Dr.D.: He and the fat-headed version of Snoopy never did anything for me.
Guy B.: I like Woodstock too.
Rinious Red: cute widdle lellow birdie
Pamela: tee hee hee
Dr.D.: I like the Peanuts of the vintage that the musical was written from...and the Christmas special.
Dr.D.: early to mid 1960s.
Rinious Red: I like the stories with the little red-haired girl.....don't know why exactly ;-)
Dr.D.: If they have to rerun "dead" strips, I would rather see something like "Li'l Abner"...
Pamela: can't imagine, Rin
Guy B.: That would be 1965. That's when a Charlie Brown Christmas first came on.
Dr.D.: or one of the great adventure ones like "Steve Canyon".
rich-c: did you know Gasoline Alley is still going?
Dr.D.: yep, Skeezix is about 130 years old now :-)
Dr.D.: And Walt not too far behind :-)
rich-c: how about "Terry and the Pirates"?
Pamela: I want my Asterix and Obelix
Guy B.: Dennis the Menace is still running even after Hank Ketchem died. I believe his sons are doing the strip.
Ronald West: It must be an extremely tough task to come up with 5 panels day after day such as to keep people interested. Basically, you've got limited space to make your point
rich-c: no, Skeeix is in his 80s and Walt just died - correction, make that Phyliss
Dr.D.: Comic size has shrunk as newspapers have gotten smaller.
Pamela: well Garry Trudeau is still doing it : )
Dr.D.: Look how the vintage CBs have to be shrunk vertically to fit into modern column is disgusting.
Dr.D.: That is one reason that Calvin & Hobbes ended, the artist was tired of having no space to draw in.
rich-c: I just wish one of our papers would carry "Non Sequiter"
Dr.D.: Doonesberry is not funny anymore either...waaaaayyy too preachy. As bad as B.C.
Guy B.: There's one comic strip I miss is Crankshaft
Dr.D.: Runs in the PD here.
rich-c: don't know that one, Guy
Ronald West: I understood Doonesberry about as well as I understand the Simpsons
Dr.D.: Bus driver from Funky Winkerbean, Richard.
rich-c: I'm not sure I want to know...
Guy B.: Use to be in the Sun-Times here, burt they dropped it for some Latino comic strip.
Dr.D.: FW's artist is changing the style to look kinda anime, not sure I like it. He got sick and had a guy sub doing his pencils and inks for a while, and had a different style.
Dr.D.: Batiuk liked it and started to draw in it.
Guy B.: At first, he appeared in Funky Winkerbean, but he then had his own strip after Funky graduated from high school back in 1988.
rich-c: I'm finding Adam@home amusing at times
Harvie: How about "Der Katzenjammer Kids"
Dr.D.: Oh yes!@
Ronald West: remember that one
Dr.D.: Hans und Fritz...
Harvie: Or "Maggie and Jiggs"
Guy B.: Does anyone remember Rose is Rose?
Pamela: before my time
Dr.D.: Yes I know that one from anthology books.
rich-c: that was "Bringing up father" officially
Dr.D.: Runs in the paper at my Dad's house.
Dr.D.: "Dondi", bleh!
Rinious Red: <whistles>
Dr.D.: "Nancy and Sluggo", also bleh.
rich-c: I remember Alley oop. Smilin' Jack, 'Our boarding house"
Dr.D.: You know "Dondi", Rin?
Rinious Red: I know nothing
Dr.D.: "Smokey Stover"...FOO and NOTARY SOJACK
Dr.D.: Why whistles then
Rinious Red: whistling off in the background :-)
rich-c: for that matter, Popeye
Guy B.: You don't like Nancy and Sluggo?
Ronald West: many memories here
Pamela: while eyeing the ceiling Rin?
Dr.D.: The last years under creator Ernie Bushmiller were very dull.
Rinious Red: more like whistling a happy tune
Dr.D.: The guy who is doing it now, though, is making it somewhat funny again.
Rinious Red: like a dwarf
Dr.D.: I have seen it online a few times, the PD doesn't carry it.
Ronald West: somewhat funny?
Guy B.: Garfield is till running and 30 years is not too far off.
rich-c: bring back Dick Tracy!
Dr.D.: Gah, Garfield!
Ronald West: my son's favourite - Garfield
Dr.D.: Hehe what does he have now, 2-way internet terminal on his wrist? :-)
Ronald West: couldn't see it myself
Pamela: oh come on, there have been some very funny Garfield strips over the years
Dr.D.: Garfield was funny when he was a fat real cat.
rich-c: yes, Garfield has had some memorably amusing episodes
Guy B.: Hey, he has DVD's out now with his Saturday morning cartoons and more.
Dr.D.: When he turned into a Disneyfied cartoon cat, he was not funny any more.
Guy B.: He still is Dr. D.
Dr.D.: And Jim Davis doesn't even draw it now, it is all ghosted...
Guy B.: How do you know that?
Dr.D.: Icky artwork...
Dr.D.: Davis admits it :-)
Guy B.: Oh he did.
Dr.D.: Just like all the Mickey Mouse newspaper strips were always signed "Walt Disney"...
Ronald West: The only one I used to look for daily was the Wizard of Id
Guy B.: Still running here.
rich-c: it's still around
Dr.D.: Blanking on the name of the guy who really drew them for 40-odd years...rats
Ronald West: don't get a daily any more here in hicksville
rich-c: you can always go to the website and see it
Ronald West: only a bi-weekly which doesn't have comics
Ronald West: not the same Rich, in my humble opinion
Pamela: brb
Dr.D.: Not even a local political cartoon?
Ronald West: yes, there's one of those, he's semi-funny now and then
rich-c: well, that hardly counts as comics, Rich
Dr.D.: The first political cartoonist was named Homer Davenport...he was from Cleveland.
Dr.D.: He had no use for Senator Mark Hannah...a Boss Tweed of Cleveland.
rich-c: that was a very long time ago, then - mid 19th century
Dr.D.: Davenport always drew him in a checked suit with dollar signs in the boxes.
Dr.D.: The Senator didn't like it, of course :-)
rich-c: the most famous of teh early cartoonists was (something) Nash, if I recall
Dr.D.: Nobody remembers Davenport now...but Hannah has a huge bronze statue near the campus.
Dr.D.: And a big Parthenon tomb in the Lakeview Cemetery down the street from us.
Dr.D.: Yes, Clarence Nash...he was the one in New York who attacked Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall.
rich-c: oh yes, the Robber Barons were great at spending money on themselves
rich-c: more recently, is Herbert still drawing for teh Washington Post?
Pamela: okay, now we're getting obscure
Dr.D.: Herb Block? No, I think he has retired, or even died...
Dr.D.: Okay, comics art is an interest...but not of general interest.
rich-c: and we've lost Bill Mauldin, too...
Dr.D.: <shuts up>
rich-c: I saw little of teh St. Louis Post=Dispatch but gathered he was fulfilling his early promise
Pamela: not not interested, just lost
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to be quiet, I'm looking for the picture Dr.D talked about earlier tonight.
Dr.D.: Unexposed to history, Rin :-)
Dr.D.: or Pam
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, it's nicer if you talk but just hanging about is fine too
Dr.D.: Rin is lost too...
Dr.D.: Agrees in <PRIVATE> that I should shut up about comix
Rinious Red: I said nothing :-)
Rinious Red: I'm watching
Dr.D.: ha..
Rinious Red: and perhaps learning
Rinious Red: but won't know til I can apply it
Pamela: except that we're interchangeable, apparently
Dr.D.: Google around for comics, you can find a lot of fan webpages devoted to the older strips.
Dr.D.: With regard to interest in old comics, yes :-)
rich-c: hey, Google for just about anything, it's there
Rinious Red: I don't know a lot about comics really
rich-c: you must be reading teh Globe&Mail
Rinious Red: never have had any "have to" reads
rich-c: it only has about half a dozen, one so stupid I can't bear to look at it
rich-c: and two of the four single-panel ones are useless
rich-c: oh, FBOFW is as close to a must read as you're likely to see
Dr.D.: There is a one-panel in the PD called Bizzaro I think.
Ronald West: need a cup of coffee- falling asleep.... brb
Harvie: Just remembered another one "Moon Mullins"
Dr.D.: It is usually interesting.
Dr.D.: OMG haven't thought of MM for a long time.
Pamela: the thing about FBorFW is that the characters age in real time
Dr.D.: Yes.
Dr.D.: Keeps the storylines from getting stale.
Dr.D.: So is Lynn going to kill them all off with an asteroid or something>
Dr.D.: ?
rich-c: that was pioneered in Gasoline Alley
rich-c: no, she'll just tie up the loose ends
rich-c: personal guess: she'll wind up with Elizabeth's wedding
Dr.D.: tie them all up and then drop the asteroid on them :-)
Rinious Red: hehe
Pamela: to Warren?
Dr.D.: My bet is Anthony :-)
Pamela: I thought Anthony and his wife just had a baby
rich-c: is that her helicopter pilot? I don't think we've seen the last of him yet
Pamela: Warren is, yes
rich-c: they are going to find some way to get together
Pamela: Although I can't argue your bet, Rich
Dr.D.: Hints seem to have been dropped...but who knows.
Dr.D.: Maybe they will all move to the US and become Republicans <runs>
Rinious Red: LOL
Pamela: the only thing I can come up with is the "long lost highschool sweetheart" has already been done with Michael and Deanna
Dr.D.: That's true, Pam.
Dr.D.: Wouldn't want to go to the well too often.
rich-c: right now it looks like Elizabeth is setting up to be a norterner
Pamela: and who here votes for dropping Mira Sobinski down the nearest well?
Dr.D.: The asteroid will hit her.
Pamela: now THAT would be fitting : )
james: lol
rich-c: Michael? Deanna? her husband?
james: maybe she'll marry the asteroid
Dr.D.: Michael already threw her out of the house...
Pamela: and we were all cheering for him at the time
rich-c: oh, that isn't going to lst
Dr.D.: Maybe Deanna's Dad will grow a spine and tell Moira to get stuffed, too.
Pamela: I know, she never gives up
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't realize that there are so many pictures adamcon 16
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Dr.D.: A lot happened there, Daniel :-)
Pamela: you're late, Dad
Rinious Red: does Meeka have hers up?
Dr.D.: I think Daniel is looking at my stuff, though he can confirm or deny it.
Rinious Red: ahhhhhh
Pamela: that doesn't negate Erin's question
Dr.D.: True.
Pamela: FYI, all you Canadians - we can now confirm that the new PC lava cakes are "almost enough chocolate"
Dr.D.: No representatives of the Slopsema clan here tonight.
Pamela: as Dad would say
Ronald West: back
Ronald West: I believe in chocolate
Pamela: the perfect food
Ronald West: :)
rich-c: remind me to send you teh chocolate joke, Pam
Pamela: it's a platform I could get behind
Dr.D.: I believe in Chocolate, its traditions and its ideals
Rinious Red: hehe
rich-c: I'll try to send you a copy too, Ron
Rinious Red: I second that
Harvie: I gotta go, new printer to install
Pamela: Carried
Ronald West: tks
Pamela: good luck Harvie - g'nite
Dr.D.: (That is a parody of the first line of the Creed of Theta Chi Fraternity)
rich-c: OK Harvie, good having you by, see you next week
Dr.D.: Bye Harvie
Ronald West: good luck Harvie
Harvie: Goodnight all
Harvie left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... too late
Pamela: you know, I must start thinking of a more creative handle
rich-c: Pam, what is Russell's Christmas schedule?
Pamela: he's on midnights - I've been meaning to talk to you about that too
Dr.D.: What did you have in mind, Pam?
rich-c: that will mess things up thoroughly
Pamela: I dunno, but plain old Pamela is getting repetitive
rich-c: IO dunno, I've been rich-c since I came on
Dr.D.: Queen of Chocolate?
Pamela: and no, Rin, I'm not going to use Pammie : )
Ronald West: didn't we decide to use names that were recognizable?
Rinious Red: awww
Rinious Red: dang it
Pamela: sorry hon
Dr.D.: I would be Rich were it not for Richard.
rich-c: besides when we get newbie visitors (not often, but) it helps
Rinious Red: what about Spamela ;-)
Pamela: no
Pamela: no, no and no
Dr.D.: Dr.D. is what Bob and others called me, it just kinda stuck.
Rinious Red: hehehehe...just kidding
Dr.D.: hahahahahaha
Ronald West: toronto Pam I am I am
Rinious Red: c'mon it fits with computer stuff
Pamela: I'll still be recognizable Ron
Dr.D.: Just don't make a Spoonerism of your maiden name, Pam...
Pamela: ah, no
rich-c: speaking of spam, have you all downloaded your Lycos screensavers yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: Lycos what?
Dr.D.: ? why would I do that Richard? I don't even know what they are.
rich-c: the spam-killing screensaver
Pamela: no, a spoonerism would have to be logical Rich
rich-c: it's simple - it intercepts every spam and "clicks on" the link in it
Daniel Bienvenu: the Yahoo mail service has a good anti-spam service.
Daniel Bienvenu: more effective than hotmail
Ronald West: speaking of spam
Rinious Red: see it's a conversation piece :-)
rich-c: the idea is to either break teh spammer's server or bankrupt him with bandwidth charges
Ronald West: has anyone ever found a "case FOR spam" - Have been looking on the net (via google) for someone who defends it
Ronald West: found none
rich-c: put it on Bill Gates emailer; he gets 4 million spams a day
Dr.D.: Canter & Siegel, the Green Card lawyers, defended it.
Dr.D.: They were the first to spam every USENET newsgroup with an ad.
Pamela: spam - the telemarketing of the internet
Dr.D.: They bragged that they "hired a geek" to write the script to do it.
Ronald West: thought it might have had something to do with freedom of speech, or something like that
rich-c: that's the nice thing about the Lycos solution
Ronald West: you couldn't sell viagra without it
rich-c: it does just what teh email asks - answers it
Dr.D.: C&S were immigration lawyers, hoping to get business in getting Green Cards (work permits).
Pamela: I hope it backfired
Dr.D.: big time
rich-c: anyway, if you leave your computer on enogh to have teh screensaver running
Dr.D.: they were mailbombed back to the stone age.
Dr.D.: You could do it then.
Pamela: yabba dabba doo
rich-c: consider going to Lycos and downloading it - it's free to everyone
rich-c: it could be mailbombing effective in even this day and age
Dr.D.: Then they got the USENET DEATH PENALTY = 'conspiracy" by the Unix sysadmins running the network backbone to program routers to drop all data packets coming from their machines.
Ronald West: thank you, I'll stick with my military aircraft
Dr.D.: Not now, Richard, they would sue.
Ronald West: I'm a Forces brat ya know
Pamela: back when we still had a military
Ronald West: point taken Pamela
rich-c: sue for what? doing as they're asked to do" pretty hard to sue over that
Dr.D.: It would be like the utlilty companies deciding to never let you connect to the power grid.
rich-c: not at all - no one would be barring the spammers
Guy B.: I'm still here.
rich-c: more like thse internet to telephone diverters that charge you for 70 minutes to Uzbekistan
Dr.D.: I am not convinced that "justice" and "the letter of the law" would be the same thing.
rich-c: Guy, which part of Chicago are you in again?
Dr.D.: I think the spammers win all court cases on technicalities.
Dr.D.: Because that is how at least the US legal system works...
rich-c: not when they're up against Lycos-level money
Pamela: I feel the same way about spammers as telemarketers.
rich-c: espeicially when they woud likely have a bit of undercover help from Microsoft, AT&T, ...
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I finaly got the picture dr.d talked about.
Dr.D.: It is a scam...
Dr.D.: Pay for service...everyone can find you.
rich-c: yes, Bell is taking big ads in our papers to warn about it
Ronald West: Do these people honestly feel they're performing a service for mankind?
Pamela: IMHO, I pay for a service and in return get a phone number / e-mail address which I should then be able to choose who will have it, and NO ONE else should have access to it
Dr.D.: Pay a bit more so people can't find you...then other people can pay even more to overcome what you paid for.
Daniel Bienvenu: are you talking about the ideas to contre spams?
rich-c: how much spam are you getting, Pam?
Dr.D.: Phone company is like that...
Ronald West: and now for my next bitch
Dr.D.: have phone service, you're in the phone book.
rich-c: yes, Daniel, counter them by breaking them financially
Dr.D.: Pay more, get unlisted number.
Ronald West: Automated telephone answering services
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard an idea about having to pay to send emails.
Dr.D.: Pay more, get caller ID to see who is calling you.
Pamela: hard to tell Dad, because I generally only download once or twice a week but I would say a quarter of what we get is spam
Ronald West: especially those of government
Dr.D.: Pay even more, override other person's caller ID block.
rich-c: yes, Bill Gates always has ideas that just happen to make Microsoft money
james: only a quarter, pam? you're doing quite well
rich-c: how many emails do you get in a week, Pam?
Pamela: well our e-mail wasn't really out there until recently
Pamela: about 25 Dad
james: if i look at what gets filtered on the server, i'm literally in the upper 90%s
rich-c: so you're getting maybe a dozne spams a week?
Pamela: give or take
Pamela: usually less
rich-c: I often get over 100 per day
Ronald West: If I go look at Shaw's Webmail server, I see they're now intercepting a high percentage
rich-c: and I am less plagued than most
Ronald West: now and then one gets thru
james: why it takes so long to shut down something that everyone loathes is beyond me
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I have to admit that my mailbox receive 100% more spams than before. but all these spams are blocked with Yahoo anti-spam.
james: thankfully because of my filter, i don't see much of it but i do go in once in awhile to check for false positivies
Pamela: and that's my point - until recently, our e-mail address was not very high profile. As a result, we get fewer than most
Dr.D.: Because spammers pay ISPs, too.
james: *positives
Daniel Bienvenu: but this anti-spam service is not safe because legitime emails can be blocked
rich-c: to be honest, I do not trust other folks anti-spam blocking
rich-c: it can result in the loss of critical emails because they look spammy to the heuristics
Daniel Bienvenu: so I still have to check in the spam folder to see if there is any true emails.
Dr.D.: never send "Subject: hi!" to me :-)
Ronald West: same here Daniel
james: as far as i'm concerned the probelm is a social one, not a technical one but until society catches up, we'll have to make do with technical solutions
Daniel Bienvenu: my friends told me that I writted so many emails to them that their anti-spam filter decided that I'm a spammer
rich-c: Pam, you shouldn't be getting any - what did you do wrong?
Pamela: I looked for a job, Dad
rich-c: right - some outfit you appplied to is dishonest, then
Pamela: oh, who knows
Dr.D.: I have just been handed (by Elanor) a big bowl of ice I think I am going to logout for tonight and eat it before it melts.
rich-c: well, someone sold your address to a spammer
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D!
Rinious Red: have a good night Rich
Rinious Red: see you next week?
Dr.D.: good night, everyone.
Pamela: good night, Rich - enjoy
rich-c: OK, night for now, Rich
Ronald West: leading me astray Dr. D. I have some Canadian Maple in the freezer
Dr.D.: Next Wednesday, hmmm...
Ronald West: maybe later
james: lol, by rich
Dr.D.: I think I am free. Exam week coming up at CWRU.
james: *bye
Ronald West: niters Dr. D
Rinious Red: well here's to hoping :-)
Dr.D.: Egg Hunt Saturday after next.
Rinious Red: have a good week
Dr.D.: I'll try, Erin.
james: can't type for crap today. must be reading too much online, horrible spelling and grammar included
Ronald West: you on streaming Dr. D?
Ronald West: for the egg hunt
Dr.D.: Not live, Ron, my ISP got devoured, new masters have no interest in it.
Ronald West: oh right.... I remember that
Dr.D.: So when I get video encoded later, you can watch it.
rich-c: is your address no longer valid, then?
Dr.D.: It's all up on the web now.
Ronald West: good
Dr.D.: No address is still valid.
Dr.D.: They kept the domain name alive.
Dr.D.: But the President and CEO I knew is now not part of the company.
rich-c: OK, if that changes do warn us a.s.a.p
Dr.D.: And nobody from the old crew was retained by the new overlords.
Dr.D.: Yes I shall Richard.
Dr.D.: So, good night to all!
Dr.D.: <poof>
Pamela: ciao
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: nite
Pamela: that does seem to happen more often in the States than in Canada
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still there.
james: joe should join us for the chats sometime, we could help him with his logo stuff
rich-c: Guy, did you miss my question about whaich part of Chicago you are in?
Rinious Red: sigh.....10:45.....I need to go to bed....gotta get up early
Ronald West: right. He sent me back to the LOGO manual
Guy B.: Bye Rin
Ronald West: nite Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Rin!
Pamela: okay sweetie - night for now
Rinious Red: good night all
Guy B.: I live west of Chicago.
Rinious Red left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich+c
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich bros
Pamela: well it took you a while this time Dad
rich+c: well. I got bounced a little later than usual
james: fortunately, i had it open already
rich+c: and did you notice it was just as Harvie and Rich left?
Ronald West: (Rich+c)-(Rich-c) =
james: one of these years, i do want to get around to decompiling it. maybe i'll get part of my life back when the kids are both in school
Pamela: Rich
rich+c requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ronald West confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
james: 0
james: sec no
Daniel Bienvenu: Still there Rich?
Ronald West: Rich+c * 2
james: so now can i not only not spell, i can't do basic algebra
rich+c: the idea being, I can tell which twin is the evil twin ;-)
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go too. Won't make it for Saturday, so I'll see you all next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
Pamela: g'nite Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy!
rich+c: night Guy
Pamela: when do you get the new device?
Guy B.: I have to wait till January.
james: i get 2c
Ronald West: seems I'm no good at it either James. You were right
Ronald West: 0
james: i still get 2c
Ronald West: remove the brackets
james: did that
Guy B.: Bye . Poof
james: so on the right you get -rich + c
rich+c: Guy, if you're still there, I got dropped before I got whre you live
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald West: Rich +c -Rich +c
james: giving you rich + c - rich + c
Ronald West: your right 2c
james: = 2c.. i think
Ronald West: been a while
Pamela: he said west of Chicago, Dad
rich+c: yes, I want to know the name of teh suburb
Pamela: do the operations in the brackets first
Pamela: remember BODMAS?
Ronald West: BOMDAS
rich+c: I've been in email correspondence with quite an Adam enthusiast in his area
james: you can think of the - as a multiplier of negative 1
Ronald West: multiplication before division
Pamela: I was taught division, then multiplication
Pamela: definitely BODMAS
james: mulitiplication and division are of the same order, doesn't matter
Ronald West: yeah
james: do multiplications and divisions before additions and subtractions
Ronald West: that's right
Ronald West: so now we've covered some grade 9 math
james: lol
Pamela: oh, my brain hurts
james: oh, ron, you were an air traffic controller, right?
Ronald West: exactly Pamela
Pamela: it's too late at night for this
Ronald West: no, James, just a Radio Operator.
Ronald West: My final job was as a labour relations specialist in ATC - ended up doing business with Controllers
rich+c: actually s I recall, Ron, you ended up controlling the controllers
Ronald West: something like that Rich
Pamela: am I stil here?
Pamela: guess so
rich+c: yes, daughter
Pamela: thought I got dumped
james: ok, was looking at formulae to calculate distances and directions between two points on earth
Ronald West: after 1984, we were all in the same branch
Ronald West: spherical trig
james: yup
Ronald West: I blew that one
Pamela: actually, I think I had better follow Erin's example
Ronald West: too much linear thinking
james: i want to put a sign in front of my school showing the approximate distance and directions "as the crow flies" to various cities
rich+c: OK Pam, trust we'll hear from you soon?
Pamela: hopefully tomorrow evening Dad - perhaps as soon as I get home from work, about 5:30?
rich+c: get a globe, a scale, and a string, james
Ronald West: Have you got Microshaft Encarta?
Pamela: that way I can watch TV in peace
rich+c: whenever, I expect we'll be here
james: found some stuff online and followed most of the derivation
Ronald West: their Atlas will do that for you
Pamela: okay.
james: don't have encarta
james: then i plugged in the two co-ordinates to a place online
Ronald West: surely there must be somewhere on the net
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit à tous! Ayez un bon mois de décembre malgré la neige! :-)
james: and i really don't understand how they get 19 degrees north when ottawa is damn near due east of here
james: bye dan!
rich+c: merci, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Ronald West: Bonne nuit Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: (moi pas être en ligne ce samedi. rendez-vous avec amis)
Pamela: I'm outta here too guys. Good luck with the trig
james: bye pam
rich+c: if you're below 30 degrees and Ottawa is above 45, that's consistent, james
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
rich+c: donc, bonne chance, Daniel
james: sec, i've got co-ordinates for both
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ronald West: think Ottawa is 47 something
Pamela: night, night
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Ronald West: We'
Ronald West: we're 30 miles south of 50
Ronald West: slightly southeast of upnorth
rich+c: think I will leave it to you two to do the math - it's bedtime here
james: sec, my mom is online and she notices when i multitask
Ronald West: right..... I have to go and get a start on my Christmas cards
rich+c: goodnight, james and Ron
james: 'nite!
Ronald West: this year my heart isn't in i
Ronald West: it
Ronald West: but has to be done
rich+c left chat session
Ronald West: nite all
Ronald West left chat session
james: stuff has disappeared
james left chat session > chat > Wed 2004-12-01
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