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rich-c: confirm
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rich-c: hello rin
erin: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: missed you last week
erin: yeah, it has been crazy at work, but I thought it would be good to stop by
rich-c: times getting busy around the Pink Palace?
erin: I've now made my days even longer starting Monday
rich-c: how have you managed to do that?
erin: I've asked for a meeting to happen at 7:30AM everydaay
rich-c: what on earth for?
erin: to make sure I have a grasp of the issues of the day
rich-c: who will you be meeting with?
erin: ministry 'crats
rich-c: they must be addicted to some pretty weird hours
erin: the ones for this meeting had to adjust there hours a bit but were glad to do it for me
rich-c: well, that's what they said - their private thughts may be another matter
erin: well yes...but they concealed it well if there were complaints
rich-c: nlt everyone is fond of getting up a couple of hours before dawn (askPam)
erin: oh I know....and I apologized profusely to them
rich-c: they may have decided not to complain, just to quietly torpedo you
erin: but they are a good group
erin: there is always that possibility
rich-c: exactly - so careful you do not do anything to lose them
erin: I will
rich-c: I'm sure - but I suggest a later meeting hour might be a great deal more politic
erin: well I have a meeting at 8AM and this is to prep me for that one
rich-c: how many of them commute in and so are at the mercy of GO schedykes?
erin: for the most part it will be by phone
rich-c: schedules
erin: so they will be in Guelph
erin: and I think for the beginning it will be only one of them
rich-c: I have a hunch on a morning like tomorrow you may have trouble getting to them at all
erin: then I'll gauge what I need as time goes by
erin: hopefully the weather won't be too bad for them
erin: but luckily it doesn't start til Monday
rich-c: you might look at meeting at teh end of teh day in Toronto - by 5 p.m. much of rush hours has actually passed
rich-c: the driving today was absolutely appalling
erin: it was rather scary
erin: bad enough walking
rich-c: I've been driving in Toronto weather for 60 years - and I found it scary
erin: almost fell on the way to Queen's Park station
rich-c: even the mai roads were polished ice
erin: yeah
rich-c: and the problem is, most drivers don't know ABS brakes lenghten stopping distances in those conditions
erin: there's no stopping on a dime out there
rich-c: in fact on a day like today and ABS vehicle maay take up to 70% longer to stop
erin: and people were wondering why they were spreading salt yesterday in parking lots
rich-c: yes, I took a big risk when I parked at the store today
rich-c: the parking slot is on a bit of a downgrade
erin: luckily you didn't find yourself stuck
rich-c: I sort of hoped if I didn't go in too far the way would be clear enough for my rear wheels to grip when I came out
erin: makes sense to me
rich-c: I did it VERY gently, as I'm sure you will understand
erin: unfortunately it puts the back end of the vehicle at greater risk from others
erin: gently indeed
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rich-c: yes, but I couldn't get to teh rest of teh lot because there were three semis in there making deliveries
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
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erin: hi james
james: hello
changed username to Eric
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: hey, it's Eric again - come here to gloat?
erin: hi Eric
Eric: hell all.
erin: are you James?
james: a little tired
rich-c: we were just talking about driving today - consitions wre suicidal
james: it's always suicidal here
rich-c: had about half an inch of snow that hit the road and promptly froze
james: half the people on the road have no idea what the pretty lines are for
james: that would do it
rich-c: and they don't realize ABS brakes make stopping even harder
rich-c: nor that four wheel drive is great to go but not to ster or stop
james: crap. i have to go
rich-c: (count your blessings, Eric)
james: forgot about an appointment for case today at one, and it's an hour drive
rich-c: duty calls? hope you can make it back
erin: bye james
james: i likely won't be back for tonight's chat. sorry. give my best to all
rich-c: will do james, see you next week
james: bye
james left chat session
Eric: rain here. makes people late for work so they have to drive faster
rich-c: yes, we've seen that around here too, Eric ; - )
Eric: but spring is on the way
rich-c: we have actually had very clement weather for teh season here for teh last week
rich-c: our spring is later - the trees leaf out about May 7th
rich-c: you risk sunburn around the equinox - nere, iit's maple sugaring time
rich-c: for maple sugar you need days above freezing, nights below
Eric: My dad brought me some maple sirup from canada once.
rich-c: yes, most of it comes from Quebec but Ontario grows enough for its own use
rich-c: it's pretty neat stuff, isn't it?
Eric: you ever been to wolf island?
rich-c: There are a number of Wolf Islands - which one wre you thinking of?
Eric: we cross a ferry from new york to wolf island then to kingston Ontario
rich-c: right - that's Wolfe Island, named for the genral who captured Quebec from the French
erin: (Battle of the Plains of Abraham, right?)
rich-c: I've been to and thrugh Kingston many time, even camped in that area, but have never gone out to the island
erin: (1759)
Eric: ok thats a good history lesson
rich-c: did learn your history, did you, Erin ; - )
erin: did am A paper on it in grade 8...sorry....I know I am a geek
erin: :-)
rich-c: well if you've been to teh island it's nice to know why it's called that
rich-c: did you get further into Canada than Wolfe Island, or was it just a side trip?
Eric: went to move some textile machines from a plant that closed down loaded then up and we sent them back to usa
Eric: the plant was a carpet mill in kingston
rich-c: a quick business visit then, in and out
Eric: a few weeks
rich-c: that should have given you a little time to look around the area, then
rich-c: did you get down into the 1000 islands?
Eric: no just the hotel and a few walks to the local mall and canadian tire store
rich-c: no visit to teh fort on the harbour? it's quite impressive
rich-c: and Queens University is small but very highly reputed
Eric: bought a few tools from canadian tire
rich-c: Mastercraft, guaranteed forever, I trust
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changed username to Eric again
Eric again: server problems or my isp
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: we seem to have got dumped
Eric again: yeap
rich-c: eric, when we do get dumped we have a backup site
Eric again: what is it?
rich-c: and it is an http but NOT www
Eric again: ok
rich-c: a general dump doesn't happen often of late, but it does from time to time
Eric again: you still use the adam?
rich-c: when we get dumped and cant get back in. that's where we regroup
rich-c: very little - it's good for short notes and addressing envelopes and such
rich-c: like, it finished the job before the DOSbox finishes booting up
Eric again: lol
rich-c: also of course use it when I have to do something for a softwre sale - like verify it works
rich-c: sorry - hit teh wrong key - am I still here?
Eric again: I've got a few but never had a copy program or a disk drive and most a mt ddp have died
rich-c: well, copy programs are easy to come by
Eric again: most of my ddp's have died
rich-c: to my mind the best is File Manager but I have to charge $10 for it
rich-c: I have a licence to repotduce it on a royalty basis - but the royalty must be paid
Eric again: wasn't here in the late 80's
rich-c: well, the software is still available
rich-c: in fact your DDPs likely can be resurrected but teh postage cost is a killer
Eric again: Thanks, but no thanks by adams are collecting dust in storage
rich-c: when it's a US sale I can swallow the postage on File Manager
rich-c: some like to play with them, some don't
rich-c: I've seen a number selling on eBay for remarkabe prices
rich-c: some remarkably high, some remarkably low
Eric again: I'de like to have a good adam box.
Eric again: with the pictures and the handle
rich-c: you mean the original box they came in? they're scarce as hen's teeth
rich-c: and usually in pretty sorry shape; they wre opened carelessly
rich-c: and the foam inserts wre quickly tossed
Eric again: yeap sould have took care of mine.
rich-c: I suspect you could get more for teh box than you could for the Adam
rich-c: in fact I believe jeff was complaining about that when he came on last week
Eric again: my box still had a price sticker for $799
rich-c: like my disc dri e box - sticker on it is $399
Eric again: you ever have a commodore Amiga?
rich-c: Frnces (my wife) is likely playing with her Amiga 3000 now
rich-c: we also have inactive an upgraded 500 and o.s. 1.3 2000 with hard disc
rich-c: why were you asking?
Eric again: I have a few collection dust too.
Eric again: I really liked amigas
rich-c: once the Toronto Pet Users Gropu was the biggest user group in the world
rich-c: now there are about a dozen of us, four Amiga regulars and 8 C-64 fans
Eric again: there is a new amiga called amigaone but the price is sky high and not much software
rich-c: I take Frances to our meeting once a month
rich-c: whre are teh details on that, eric?
Eric again: I think sells them search google
rich-c: this must be VERY new if we haven't heard about it through the club
Eric again: about $800.00 us for the motherboard,cpu and os 4.0
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: s compatible?
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: hello
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
Eric again: its been out a while just cost to much
Pamela: hi Guy, I just got here too
rich-c: hi daughter, got home safe I see
Pamela: Oh yes, no problem Dad
rich-c: still have all your fenders - and no extras?
Pamela: yes and no
rich-c: hey. Guy - welcome
Guy B.: I got home late tonight due to problems on the train.
Pamela: Hi, Eric
Eric again: sell them
rich-c: you have teh snow that's been tying things up here, Guy?
Pamela: actually, by the time I left the snow had turned to slush Dad
Pamela: driving is not bad
Guy B.: Right now, it's not all that bad. Just enough to cover the ground.
rich-c: OK eric I've copied teh URL and will check it
Pamela: it was worse right after it started
Pamela: anyway, I just dropped in to say hi and find out what's happening
rich-c: yes, I didn't dare use teh side streets for shopping
Guy B.: What happen to everyone else Rich?
rich-c: and even teh main streets were rally awful - I was sliding sideways after a full stop, on the drainage gradient
Pamela: well, as I told Mom, I went out for lunch with the intention of going up to Weston and Finch, and decided to go only as far as Sheppard and Rivalda instead because of the weather.
rich-c: smart decision, daughter
Eric again:
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: DALE!
rich-c: erin was on earlier but we all got dropped an she never came back
Guy B.: Dale, Long time no see!
Pamela: Hi!
Pamela: did anyone else come on? I was talking to Aunt C. till about 9:55
Dale: It's been a while, but this week I remembered at the right time. Neither at 2am after the chat, nor at 5pm before the chat.
rich-c: hey, Dale, long time no see
rich-c: Guy is panicing at teh lack of word on Adamcon
(Guy B. smiles)
Pamela: And why are you still up at 2:00 am Dale?
Dale: July 14-17th is the dates that we agreed to at the last ones.
rich-c: yeah, aren't you a big corporate exec or something now? ; - )
Dale: Well that's another story Pam.
rich-c: whre and how much?
Dale: It'll be in Whitby.
Guy B.: And where is that located?
rich-c: OK, got teh motel lined up?
Dale: $300 US. I haven't pinned down the price in CDN.
rich-c: it's east of Toronto, not by much, Guy
Dale: I asked Jill to work on it with me in Dec/Jan but she said that there's loads of time yet.
Dale: And we of course were moving into our new house.
Guy B.: It's already February.
rich-c: main thing is if you have teh dates, teh motel and the price, teh rest is easy
Pamela: so where's the new house Dale?
Guy B.: New house. How many rooms?
Dale: No motel booked yet, but we have one in mind, and it seems appropriate.
rich-c: better grab it asap, soon as you know how many are likely to come
Pamela: why Whitby, Dale?
Dale: My house is in Brooklin (a village in the north part of Whitby)
Guy B.: Oh that's why. Guess he's going to give us the Grand Tour.
Dale: I've moved out of Toronto, and back to the town that I grew up in.
Guy B.: Is Whitby a big or small town?
Dale: The house is a 4 bedroom one.
Dale: Whitby has a pop of about 100,000.
Dale: Brooklin has a pop of about 15,000
Guy B.: That's big.
rich-c: it's OK Guy, likely I or Pam or Harveycan pick you up at the airport
Pamela: it's small compared with Toronto Guy - T.O. has a pop of over 3 million
Guy B.: Ok, that's sounds good Rich.
Dale: Though 3/4 of the houses are new in the last 10 years in Brooklin.
rich-c: are you willing to put your address up in this (archived) chat, Dale
Dale: Sure.
rich-c: fire away!
Dale: I'm on Ipswich Place.
rich-c: and that is in?
Dale: I'm number 66.
Guy B.: Let us know when you get everything together. So, I can get my vacation dates in. My promotion is about a month away.
Dale: I have two recent pictures posted there.
Pamela: is that really a zero Dale?
Dale: Those dates are hard and fast as of last September.
Dale: Yes, a zero. Not my URL.
Dale: Mine would be a little easier.
rich-c: rather like 8-)
Dale: Well, last week I was in Vancouver Sunday to Wednesday, and since I usually go to bed at about midnight, I was there just long enough that I started to go to bed at 3am for a few days.
rich-c: right, the old time zone shift
Dale: Of course Jeffrey got up at his usual 7:30 or so, so I was mostly exausted.
rich-c: it's always easy when you're westbound
Pamela: my lord that child is getting big, Dale!
rich-c: you took Jeffy with you?
Dale: Not this trip.
Dale: So Jeffrey was still on Eastern time.
Dale: He wasn't in daycare from when we moved Dec 21st, for about a month.
Dale: He called it his vacation. And he was trying to shift his schedule later every night.
rich-c: OK, I get it - what did you do with him during the day, then?
Dale: When he edged it up to midnight, I decided it was time to register him in a new daycare.
Pamela: good call, I'd say
rich-c: definitely
Guy B.: How is he adjusting?
Dale: Well, Jillian just finished her Certificate in Project Management, and was free.
rich-c: ah, what inspired her to take that?
Dale: Well, he really loves the new house, and Santa was generous, so there's some great Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains.
Guy B.: I bet he is thrilled with that.
rich-c: the new house is still in North York, right?
Dale: He claims lately that he new daycare isn't his school, when we're in the driveway. But once he's inside, he's fine and he's beginning to make friends.
Guy B.: That's good.
Dale: He has taken to carry Thomas the Tank Engine with him when we go out.
rich-c: especiually when there is change, teh kids want something familiar to cling to
Dale: The new house is in Whitby (North Whitby, the village of Brooklin)
rich-c: good, finally got back to your home turf - that should be good for you
Dale: Yup.
Guy B.: I hope we get to see it when we are all there.
Dale: Jillian says that it feels to her like she's moving home. She grew up in a town of 10,000 people.
Dale: I think there'll be an opportunity.
rich-c: yes, it will be much more comfortable for her, I'd guess
rich-c: but doesn't it raise issues with commuting?
Dale: I've also managed to buy a home theater system for our family room.
Dale: It includes a portable projector that we can hook up to an Adam or a laptop computer.
rich-c: I assume you get an employee discount ; - )
Guy B.: This I would like to see.
rich-c: that should make for some neat demos
Dale: Well, the bigest issue with commuting is that in order to drop off Jeffrey and pick up Jeffrey we need to drive to the daycare.
rich-c: how far is that?
Dale: At our old place there were 3 daycares within easy walking distance.
Guy B.: Now you have a bit of a commute to there.
Dale: Here we weren't so lucky. Rural things are more spread out.
Dale: So, we're getting a second car as of tomorrow.
rich-c: what are you a Jill doing? taking teh GO train into Toronto?
Guy B.: Good idea.
Dale: We just arranged the final details today.
Dale: I work from home 2 to 3 days a week.
rich-c: that makes things a lot easier
rich-c: where is the BestBuy head office, anyway?
Dale: Richard, I get a big employee discount from Best Buy/FutureShop. It made a big difference in what I could buy.
rich-c: yes, I should certainly hope so - you set tehm up well
Dale: Well, Jillian found a consulting job in Whitby, but it is only a one month contract for now.
Dale: We'll see where it leads.
rich-c: that is promising
Dale: But I work in Brampton (when I go into the office).
rich-c: what kind of car did you get?
Pamela: and did you buy or lease?
rich-c: then you can go north and bypass Toronto
Dale: The Best Buy Canada head office is in Vancouver.
rich-c: even use 407 if you're willing to pay the price (shudder)
Pamela: trust me you save in gas what you pay in tolls Dad
rich-c: they kept teh old Future Shop setup, then?
Dale: That's why I visit Vancouver so often (mostly one week a month last year).
Dale: We bought a 2005 Pontiac Vibe.
Dale: Jill picked it out.
Guy B.: An SUV?
Dale: To complement my PT Cruiser.
rich-c: a small one, Guy. Is that available with 4ws?
rich-c: sorry, 4 wheel drive
Dale: She always gets Buyer's Regret after any purchase more than a hundred dollars or so.
Guy B.: That's right. It is the smaller one. What color is it?
Dale: So tonight she says that it was a stupid car to pick :-)
rich-c: should talk to Pamela then about leasing - she's working for Sommerville
Pamela: Somerville, Dad - one m
Dale: It is currently dark gray.
rich-c: sorry - my bad ;-)
Pamela: currently? Is that going to change?
Dale: We bought it on a 96 month financing deal, and the monthly payments are about $300/mo
Dale: Which is not bad for our budget.
Dale: It is a four door model.
Dale: Basically a station wagon.
rich-c: the word seems to be, as efficient as they are ugly - and they are pretty ugly
Dale: It is dark gray, but Jillian says that she hates dark gray.
Dale: So, we are getting my brother to price making a "wrap"
Guy B.: Why didn't she choose a different colot?
Guy B.: color?
rich-c: with a smaller car, why camouflage it in low light conditions?
Dale: The idea is to take a green texture of maple leaves all over the body panels.
Pamela: well that will make it unique
rich-c: oh great, he'll likely end up starting a new fad
Dale: It's either that or repaint it to a colour of Jillian's choosing..
Pamela: easier to spot in parking lots and such
rich-c: it's like those all-ad buses, Pam
Pamela: I don't see many buses these days, Dad : )
Guy B.: I can spot my car very easy. Just look for my XM satellite radio antenna on the roof.
rich-c: that's the nice thing about trucks - they tend to be visible in parking lots
Pamela: I spot mine easily enough, just look for the only dark blue Taurus on the lot
rich-c: though given teh number of Astro/Safaris in Toronto, it isn't that easy
Dale: So the reason it is a colour that Jillian doesn't like is that it was a staff car from the dealer, and has 10,000kms on it already.
rich-c: with suitable discount, of course
Dale: Richard, what are you driving right now?
Dale: An RV?
rich-c: no, a 1995 Safari with a V-8 engine (vromm, vroom)
Dale: I see. Certainly big enough.
rich-c: the original V-6 would not pull teh trailer to my satisfaction
Dale: We considered very carefully getting a SmartCar, a Mini Cooper and a Jeep TJ.
rich-c: well, it's allegedly a compact van...
Pamela: compact by whose standards?
rich-c: I'd have thought you'd look at a VW Diesel or Prius
Guy B.: Well folks. Might as well call it the night. Have to work this Saturday, so I'll see you all next week.
Dale: The Vibe once based on the criteria that it was less expensive, Jill thought the ride was comfy and it had better fuel milage than the PT.
rich-c: by the standards of full-size vans - it's more in the mini-van league
Pamela: I've been eyeballing the Ford Escapes recently, especially since they've just come out with a hybrid
rich-c: OK Guy, glad you dropped by - see you next week
Pamela: Night Guy
Guy B.: Poof!
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: I wanted her to visit a VW dealer and look at a Golf/Jetta, but I guess the Vibe salesman was convincing.
rich-c: the Honda Civic hybrid will be out soon if it isn't already
Pamela: ick, too small
rich-c: that's to match its thirst for gs
rich-c: but teh V-Dub Diesel gets fantastic mileage
Dale: Jill test drive the Prius last year, but she thinks that it is about $10,000 too much for what you get.
Pamela: I must admit I do wish i had a little runabout for the city - easier to park, easier in traffic
Pamela: however, on days like today I'm glad I have a big car
Dale: You're still paying for the novelty of a hybred.
rich-c: well, actually you're getting it well below cost, just subsidizng their learning curve
Dale: Hmm...well you're probably right about that Richard.
rich-c: on days like today small cars stop fasster, steer more reliably, and dodge easier
rich-c: the problem is what's behind and what your escape road is
Dale: What a slippery day it was today.
Pamela: 'twas much better by 5:00 pm than at lunchtime
Dale: True.
rich-c: we went out when it was at its greASIEST - IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE
rich-c: sorry - wasn't trying to shout
Pamela: darn caps key
rich-c: too near teh shift
Pamela: anyway, it's time I went to bed. Dale, I'm glad you showed up tonite.
rich-c: eric, you're very quiet - do chip in whenever you fell like it
Dale: Somewhere I have a utility that disables the capslock key.
rich-c: this is a casual chat
Pamela: Say hi to Jillian and hug Jeffrey for me
rich-c: unfortunatel I do use it from time to time
Dale: I will.
rich-c: OK daughter, take care
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: sleep tight
rich-c: goodnight now
Pamela: gnite Eric
Dale: Jill says Hi Pam.
Pamela: cool, Dale. I'm outta here. See you next week.
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Dale: TTFN Pam.
rich-c: I wonder whre Harvie and teh Slopsemas wre tonight - and Ron?
Dale: A good qyuestion.
Dale: Did you see Daniel recently?
Dale: Was he on today?
rich-c: he's been on every night and some Saturdays - he's another mysterious absence tonight
rich-c: I do know your server went down briefly; maybe they tried to log on and failed
rich-c: Erin got dropped, couldn't get back on and quit; eric and I kept trying and afer several tries it responded
rich-c: we still here?
Dale: Sorry, I was jsut reading a archinve of the last visit that Daniel made.
rich-c: yes, he and Scott got real games geeky
Dale: I don't know why it went down, but we were playing in that room at about 9:30.
Dale: Is James visiting Canada soon?
rich-c: well, some nights it chooses someone to pick on and drops them every few minutes (often it's me 8-( )
rich-c: yes, he's got another gaggle of Japanese girls to escort around
rich-c: they'll be passing through Toronto but only on the way to Niagara Falls
Dale: I enjoyed the chance to have dinner with him when he was here before.
rich-c: there's a chance Ron will meet him in Edmonton - he's visiting family there when they are due to pass through
rich-c: I think at one point they are planning lunch at the Old Spaghetti factory on their way through
rich-c: he was on ealier but had an appointemnt with Case so had to leave
Dale: Well, that may be an opportunity for me then.
rich-c: you're likely better off to email him than try to set it up on chat
rich-c: we did discuss teh idea in desultory fashion but his timetable is very vague
Dale: Do you know which month he might be coming?
rich-c: I think it may be end of March but don't bet the house on it
rich-c: you may be able to pick up teh chatter in a recent archive
Dale: okay.
Dale: Well, I guess I should head out.
rich-c: right - time's a flittin. Take care and come back soon,
Dale: See ya.
rich-c: I see eric has left too
rich-c: right - bye now
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