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rich-c: early logon
changed username to BobS
BobS: ya mon
rich-c: obviously not the only one
rich-c: hey, welcome back
BobS: not much to do here
BobS: am still sickly
BobS: got home from cruise last tues and things went downhill
rich-c: damn - what's teh problem - a-fib?
BobS: finally over the weekend, got really sick and MOn went to doctor. Was awfully sick he said
rich-c: with what? flu? something tropical? heart?
BobS: prescribed antibiotics, and today am at lwast feeling humna
BobS: strep throat for starters, and more
BobS: but don't know jsut what
rich-c: grreat - I've had bouts like that
BobS: think the strep went all the way down to toes and back
BobS: i don't NEED them !!!!!
rich-c: first two days you think you're going to die , next three you're afraid you wont
BobS: don't remember when the lst time I felt that bad
BobS: that about covers this week so far
BobS: thought we were getting ove things onthe weekend, but that wen downhill
rich-c: I take my shots so rarely get the flu any more, but I used to have times like that
BobS: doc didn't think it was the flu
rich-c: aches and pains all over the bod too, no doubt, and queasy stomach?
BobS: smalll # of aches, mostly stomack uncomfortable and sore......full feeling.....
rich-c: whatever you got, it's obviously a beast
BobS: food smells good, but then doesn'ttaste so good
BobS: ya mon
BobS: how is the health at the Clee house?????
rich-c: there are a number of things can cause that - the combination with strep throat is interesting
BobS: that is kind of what the doc alluded too
rich-c: feeling our age - I pushed myself too far and ended up tumbling up the front steps
BobS: I thnk the sores wnet right into the tummy area
rich-c: legs just sort of wren't listening to what I was telling them
BobS: oh shoot !!!!! and how are you???
rich-c: well, I'm not inclined to take too many two-plus kilometer walks non-stop
rich-c: have to see the doctor and let him guess what it is
BobS: non bones broken though?
rich-c: I suspect it's a side effect from one of my meds
rich-c: no, just gentle scrape on one knee, strained hands
BobS: well at least you didn't break anything
BobS: how's Frances?
rich-c: how does the doc say what you've got relate to your heart?
BobS: no relation
BobS: heart is doing ok
rich-c: oh, Frances is plugging along fine, thank heavens
rich-c: I hope you haven't passed your problem on to Judy or the kids
BobS: kids all have the heart problem in one form or other.....matter of fact, my side of the family all have it here and there
BobS: the sicknes....only Judy
rich-c: and it's showing up at their young age? that's scary
rich-c: "only" Judy? that isn't enough?
BobS: youngest (25 now) has had heart ablasion 2 times to stop the arythmia
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to erin
rich-c: hello erin
BobS: HI Erin
BobS: how youa re?????
erin: hello all
erin: I am well how are you
BobS: all ?????? jsut 2 of us
rich-c: is Judy havinf as rough a time with it as you are, Bob?
BobS: getting ove the strep throat and whatever else
erin: yuckie
BobS: Judy was not hit so hard, no vomiting or anything, jsut bad throat and headaches
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BobS: good thingk or nobody could care for us
rich-c: getting off easy is a very comparative term, isnt it?
changed username to Harvie
BobS: Hi Harvie!!!
Harvie: Hello
BobS: right Richard
rich-c: hello Harvie, you're not your usual early self tonight
erin: hi Harvie
rich-c: are the roads starting to get dicey with the freezing now?
Harvie: At least I remembered it was wednesday :)
BobS: we missed out on the whole business..... had heavy storm warnings last night but got cancelled when the moisture left here before the cold came onboard
rich-c: know what you mean - I do have my problems some Saturdays
Harvie: Haven't been out since noon
BobS: meaning??????
BobS: sick????
rich-c: noon it was warm and slushy; the roads cleared quickly
Harvie: Lazy
rich-c: we wre home by 1.30 and all fine
rich-c: but it doesn't look too pretty out there now
BobS: I can appreciate lazy.........
rich-c: lazy? hey, I give lessons...
Harvie: I would give lessons but I'm too lazy :)
Harvie: All over the flu Erin?
erin: Seem to be
erin: I am still snuffly
erin: but not bad
erin: thanks
rich-c: seem to find that by teh time I've read the papers and done my internet-ing, it's bedtime
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: hello Rich
Dr.D.: hi folks
BobS: Hi Rich
Harvie: Hi doc
Dr.D.: brief stop-over from Washington
erin: hi Rich
BobS: to?????
BobS: or yo IN Washignton??
Dr.D.: Yes
rich-c: oh, why, the FBI investigating you? ; - )
Dr.D.: I have a scientific conference tomorrow and Friday
BobS: ah, the butt of democracy
BobS: or seat...........
rich-c: here I thought you were up to something subversive in the lab
Dr.D.: check-in was 5 PM today, did some sightseeing on foot with my colleague
BobS: cool how's the weather?
Dr.D.: Very subversive, teaching robotics over the web.
rich-c: definite breah of security, Rich
Dr.D.: It was raining when I got here, but cleared off, hence the walkabout tour imprompteau
rich-c: you never know who might be listening
Dr.D.: <not spelled right>
erin: impromptu?
erin: I think
Dr.D.: We went to National Archives, had to empty pockets and get wanded
rich-c: yes
Dr.D.: That's it, Erin.
erin: good for somethings :-)
rich-c: that is SOP in Washington these days, part of the pretense they are doing something useful
Dr.D.: I want my democracy back
rich-c: like demanding you take off a one-year-old's shoes for inspection, then putting an unchecked container in teh cargo compartment
BobS: no stuff Doc !!!!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Flight was 45 minutes late
Dr.D.: only 10 on it though
rich-c: you aren't the only one, Rich - it's teh subject of much talk on my "car" board
BobS: "please take you computer out of the case, we aren't going to look at it ir turn it on.....just look stupid"
Dr.D.: They didn't open my suitcase this time though
BobS: a miracle !!!!!!
rich-c: likely x-rayed it while you wre distracted
erin: aw, no note :-(
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: was that carry-on or checked through?
changed username to Judy
Dr.D.: I got a nice hologram sticker from Homeland Security though
rich-c: hello Judy, feeling better?
Harvie: Hello Judy
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: Checked
erin: nifty
Judy: Hi, everyone
changed username to Pamela
erin: hi Judy
Dr.D.: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi daughteer
Pamela: Greetings, everyone
erin: hi Pam
Pamela: sorry, later than I planned to be
BobS: hey Pam !!!!!
Pamela: cleaning up my e-mail
Harvie: Hello Pam
Judy: no, not that great yet
rich-c: well, they do x-ray stuff that goes into teh luggage compartment
Pamela: welcome back, Slopsemas - how was the trip?
Dr.D.: The laptop was carried on.
Dr.D.: Hi Pamela.
Judy: the trip was great but the health isn
Pamela: Hi Rich - are you wiggling your whiskers yet?
Judy: t
Pamela: er?
Dr.D.: Wiggling whiskers?
erin: rat bite
Pamela: well, with rat bites, you never know : )
Dr.D.: I see
Dr.D.: It is healed up mostly
Judy: we got sick on the ship and can
Judy: not get better
Pamela: sick how, like colds?
Judy: the typing isn't going so well for me tonight either
Dr.D.: I guess you should rest then, Judy.
rich-c: the illness or the hand, Judy?
Judy: strep throat and something else
Pamela: oh, ick
Pamela: poor Judy : (
BobS: NO poor Bob !!!!!!!
BobS: I am dying here
Judy: we went to the doctor Monday and was put on meds starting to get better
rich-c: strep throut rarely comes without some companionship, usually in the plumbing
Pamela: poor Bob too : (
Pamela: poor Rich : (
Judy: Bob got is worse than I did
rich-c: something routine picked up on the ship, or tropical?
Pamela: well, somehow I managed to avoid getting Russell's cold
Judy: but it has been the pits, had to watch Ryan, now he is also sick
rich-c: in short, highly contaigous - rough
Pamela: it's going around, and it's nasty. Half my office has been out too.
BobS: need masks and gloves, I guess
Dr.D.: have avoided respiratory stuff so far <fingers crossed>
rich-c: sounds like it
Judy: that is what I hear, went to the grocery store this afternoon and everyone in there was under the weather
Pamela: I can just see it - Welcome to Somerville, have a mask
Judy: great place to pick up new germs
Pamela: cross the toes and eyeballs too Rich, just for good measure : )
rich-c: don't forget the alcohol bottle to wash your hands
Judy: I started with a cold and I just can't seem to throw it off
rich-c: been there, done that, suffered severly too
Judy: the first thing i did when I got home was wash my hands
rich-c: you're quiet tonight, Harvie
Harvie: It makes some people think I'm a deep thinker
rich-c: Rich, you flew to Washington today, registered, returned home, fly again tomorrow?
Dr.D.: No, Friday I go home.
Dr.D.: Conference is all day tomorrow, and until noon Friday.
Pamela: I spend a great deal of time at work disinfecting my workspace since I have to share it. Anyone who even hints that they might be sick gets cleaned up after.
rich-c: what do they say, Harvie - better to say nothing and be thought dumb than open your mouth and prove it?
Harvie: You got it
(Pamela snickers evilly)
rich-c: well are you in Washington now, then?
Dr.D.: Agenda for conference is
Judy: we spent time with Bob's parents, I think that is where this came from
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: so how's Washington, Rich? Have you never been there before?
Dr.D.: I was there in 1979, spring, band trip.
BobS: heck, Dr D is gtonna run for president in eight years
Dr.D.: Marched in a parade.
rich-c: but not since? sheesh, I've seen more of Washington than you have!
Dr.D.: Not me, nobody will vote for me.
changed username to Daniel B
Pamela: hello Daniel
BobS: HJi Daniel
Daniel B: hello!
Pamela: whyever not?
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
erin: hi Danieal
Harvie: Hello Daniel
rich-c: ou peut-etre bonsoir
Daniel B: bonsoir! :)
BobS: ya that too !!!!!
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel B: hello Bob, Judy, 'Rin, Harvie, Dr.Doolittle, Pam and Rich ;-)
rich-c: ah, he's one of these pansy, tree-huggimng, Volvo-driving liberal types
rich-c: totally unelectable, right, Rich?
Pamela: I beg to differ - he drives a minivan
rich-c: in principle it wil class as a Volvo
rich-c: as an red-stater will tell you
Pamela: well there you go - no principles in Washington
Dr.D.: I am unelectable
Daniel B: Based on an old chat session, someone talks about a bug with complex objects. I need details about that to continue the objects routines specs section in the coleco coding guide i'm writting.
rich-c: yep - forget your morals when you cross the Beltway
Pamela: someone please explain to me how I got meatloaf under my nails!
rich-c: sure you want to know, daughter?
Pamela: not really : )
rich-c: Rich, can you cope with Daniel's question? I doubt anyone else can
BobS: as Ryan says Pam....."BAD mental picture !!!!!!!"
Pamela: ah, but the meatloaf was delicious
Judy: Bob is having trouble with that one, Pam
Pamela: sorry : )
Daniel B: ...
Daniel B: Tell me if I'm wrong, the main difference betweeen semi-mobile objects and mobile objects is because semi-mobile objects are made with characters (patterns) already set in the character set.
Daniel B: So patterns for mobile objects are generated by the mobile routine.
Daniel B: that's why it use so much ram space
Pamela: you know what's really scary, I actually follow that question a bit
Daniel B: Sorry Pam to ask my technical questions.
rich-c: basically it's a discussion of sprites, right?
Pamela: it's alright Daniel, after all that's what we're technically here for, isn't it?
BobS: yup
rich-c: like, it is an Adam chat even if we wander a little
Daniel B: well, semi-mobile and mobile objects are characters
BobS: an IF yo listen long enough some rubs off on you Pam
Daniel B: there are 2 sprites routines
Pamela: that's even scarier, Bob
Daniel B: a part
Pamela: is this in LOGO, Daniel?
Daniel B: here it's snowing... but it was raining morning
rich-c: you can either create tehem from scratch or overlay them on a letter of the display alphabet
Daniel B: it's in Coleco bios
Pamela: alright, then you've lost me Daniel
Pamela: everything is back to normal
Daniel B: I based my document "coleco coding guide" on the coleco bios.
rich-c: yes we had snow this morning, clearing and temp over freezing, then temp dropping rapidly
rich-c: tomorrow will be no fun at all : - (
Pamela: actually Dad, most of the roads are dry
Daniel B: result for tomorrow : ice under snow.
rich-c: yes, but I believe they are threatening snow overnight and tomorrow
rich-c: makes for interesting driving, Daniel - let it be a challenge to you
Pamela: <sigh> more white stuff
Dr.D.: back sorry
Harvie: It's probably all that Grand Rapids snow
Judy: it is all white here tonight
rich-c: did you catch Daniel's qauestion, then?
Daniel B: Hello Doctor, my coleco coding document need your advise about complex, semi-mobile and mobile objects.
Dr.D.: I know the names, Daniel, but nothing about them in detail.
rich-c: yeah, I suspect now that the Slopsemas are back, they're manufacturing it again ; - )
Daniel B: I talked in the adamcon mailing list about this document in work in progress. I sent a copy of it to some of you
Pamela: it has something to do with small woodland creatures, Rich
Judy: has been raining the last couple of days here but tonight has turned to snow
Dr.D.: I haven't looked at anything you might have sent.
Daniel B: Well, based on an old adamcon chat session, someone said there is a bug with complex object in the coleco bios.
rich-c: going to be fun driving for you too, Judy
Judy: they didn''t have any snow here while we were gone
Dr.D.: I remember reading a technical report that there was a bug in ACTIVATE.
Daniel B: what is this bug
rich-c: yeah, what's the use of going if you don't escape a blizzard?
Judy: not going anywhere tomorrow, we are not supposed to get much tonight just a dusting
rich-c: don't be too sanguine; a dusting can grease the road just fine
Dr.D.: I don't know Daniel.
Daniel B: do you think you can retrace the technical report you are talking about?
Judy: that isn't a problem here
erin: well folks I need to be up early so I'm heading out all a good night
rich-c: night erin
Dr.D.: I can look through my docs pile...
BobS: nit rin
Daniel B: bonne nuit Erin.
Judy: night erin
Dr.D.: Bye Erin.
Harvie: Goodnight Erin
erin left chat session
rich-c: OK - deep breath - am I still on?
BobS: yup
Dr.D.: You are here.
Pamela: still here Dad
Daniel B: yes rich
rich-c: how about that? I survived an exit!
Daniel B: congratulations!
rich-c: btw Harvie I got on the Sun site and verified I have the latest Java and it's in good working order
Pamela: Inky is in here complaining about the state of his food bowl
rich-c: but just for luck I'm using Firefox here
rich-c: how is Inky taking the absence of Willow?
Pamela: seems to have just started to notice recently. I catch him nosing around from time to time, like "alright, where did you hide him?"
rich-c: don't tell - what do yu plan to do with him, bury him at teh trailer?
Pamela: probably, though we're still discussing that
rich-c: yes, the management may not be too keen on the idea
Pamela: who plans to tell the management?
rich-c: sometimes they notice things
Dr.D.: Go to a provincial park or something...
Pamela: well, the idea is to create a stone of sorts by making a mosaic tile of him curled in a ball sleeping
rich-c: wasn't there a book a while ago - 101 things to do with a dead cat?
Dr.D.: That is not nice, Richard...
Pamela: DADDY!
BobS: well created the cat, and the n put the container IN the mosaic sotne
BobS: cremate
Daniel B: is that what you talked about when I was not online?
Pamela: since stepping stones are not uncommon at the park I don't think anyone will take it amiss
BobS: our little snicker dog is in the back yard (ashes)
BobS: yup
rich-c: I never read it so don't know what it says
Judy: in a stepping stone
Pamela: I just have to learn how to do a mosaic, and find a pattern
BobS: don't think the kmosaic thign is hard
BobS: jsut find a pattern
rich-c: cremation is good; urns are easy to cope with
Dr.D.: Collecting the colored stones to use for mosaic would take longer than making it.
Pamela: I hope I've watched enough home makeover shows to have learned something
BobS: yup
Pamela: you can buy stones in bags at the craft store
rich-c: any craft shop should have the mosaic tiles
Dr.D.: Ah
Pamela: or actually, as Dad says, tiles
Pamela: I wanted to put him under the cedar tree, but Russell thought that was a bad idea
Dr.D.: Under trees are good.
BobS: why, dust to dust........whevert the hole is
rich-c: too much obvious digging, earth disturbance - and very wet
Pamela: since the tree has had about 25 years to establish the root system, I think he has a point
BobS: could be
Pamela: ah, but we'd be digging in the garden : )
BobS: dig for "worms"
BobS: then yo will kow
rich-c: the marker might look odd there though, Pam
Pamela: one point in our favour, the soil is very sandy and relatively easy to dig in
Dr.D.: I think I'm going to sign off for tonight...breakfast is at 7:30 AM, first session at 8 AM. And I was up at 5 AM.
rich-c: quick and easy - very helpful
Pamela: probably a good idea, Rich
Daniel B: goodbye Dr.D.
Judy: night Dr D
rich-c: enjoy Washington
Pamela: g'nite - have a good time
Harvie: Goodnight doc
Pamela: we want a full report next week
Daniel B: If you have any clue about the technical report, write an email
Dr.D.: Too many 4-hour-of-sleep nights the last few weeks.
Dr.D.: I will, Daniel.
BobS: nite doc
rich-c: nite Rich
Dr.D.: I will be in the hotel at the conference the rest of the time I'm here, Richard.
rich-c: OK - at least it will keep you out of sight of Homeland Security
Dr.D.: haha Richard
Pamela: always a good thing Dad
Dr.D.: bye
rich-c: quite
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Harvie: I think I'll check out too, got a wifi card to setup
rich-c: OK, did I survive another?
Pamela: yes you did Dad
rich-c: going wireless are you Harvie?
Pamela: I think that's a record
Harvie: On the laptop, yes
rich-c: you looking at home network or finding hotspots?
BobS: be good Harvie
Pamela: g'nite Harvie. Keep up the deep thinking : )
BobS: wireless the ONLY way to go
Harvie: Just on home network
BobS: luv it
Harvie: Bye
rich-c: let us know how it works out
Harvie left chat session
BobS: can visit the little room, get stuff to eat, change into jammies......all kinds of stuff and stull be online
Pamela: hey Dad, since I still have your drill, do you know if you have a hole saw?
rich-c: I'm still trying to figure out how to network my laptop to my desktop
rich-c: I think I am going to have to read the directions
Pamela: good thing you're not on camera, Bob : )
Pamela: or use a bigger hammer, Dad
BobS: need to have a card in your desktop........set up internet connecitn sharing on deksotp
rich-c: I think we have hole saws in a couple of sizes - why?
BobS: desktop.,,,,,,
Pamela: need to drill a hole, of course : )
rich-c: don't be difficult, daughter
Pamela: aw, but it's soooo much fun
Pamela: but seriously, I want to drill a hole in the back of my desk so I can put the CPU on the floor and run the wires through the back of the desk.
rich-c: I have a LAN card in my desktop for the DSL line, via a router
BobS: then set it to get onine normally thru phone line. set laptop to computer to coputer (ad-hoc ????) and let the laptop tlk to the dekstop which is online
Pamela: would love to get rid of the spaghetti on top of the desk (as well as most of the desktop contents)
BobS: other than speelng, that make ANY sense
rich-c: nolt sure I follow that, Bob
Daniel B: Excuse me but I can't stay and talk with you during another hour. Sorry, but I have to go now.
Pamela: good night, Daniel
rich-c: I can get the laptop online via teh RJ-45 LAN line, while teh desktop is also on line
Pamela: good luck with the programming
BobS: desktop. wifi card which will talk to laptop- setup internet connection sharing on desktop - now in hteory, laptop can convberse w/ desktop
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel B: it's not programming, it's building a reference manual to avoid future technical questions. ;-)
Pamela: alright, I stand corrected : )
BobS: set wifi connection on laptop to talk computer to computer.
Daniel B: *poof*
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: nit ecaniel
BobS: Daniel
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: don't have wifi and don't trust it
Guy B.: Greetings!
Pamela: let's see if Dad survives this one
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Pamela: Hi Guy!
Daniel B: bye Guy!
rich-c: hello Guy
Daniel B left chat session
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: still here, Pop?
Guy B.: Daniel leaving already.
rich-c: yes, I think that Dale fixed the bug, actually
Pamela: yay
BobS: anybody hear from Dale?????? convention dates??????
Pamela: <music plays in the background> "Strangers in the night" . . .
rich-c: I haven't had problems with Firefox or Exporer last few nights
rich-c: yes, Whitby, ON, July 14-17
Guy B.: Dale was on here last week. It is July 14th through the 17th and it's going to be in Whitby.
Pamela: last week Bob - dates July 14 to 17th in Whitby
Pamela: I must say I protest the Whitby part
BobS: COOL where is Whtby???????/ toronto suburb, yes????
Pamela: yes Bob
Guy B.: East of Toronto.
BobS: Buy when did ya sneka in ???? HI
BobS: Guy
rich-c: why? it's an easy drive for you - though I guess you won't be staying in the hotel
BobS: ys we do hotel thing now
Pamela: it's fifty km or more one way Dad - it'll be cheaper to stay in the hotel than spend gas driving all the way across the city twice a day
Judy: it is now on the calendar
rich-c: Dale's new house is in teh north end of Whitby, formerly his home town of Brooklin
rich-c: you could very well be right, Pam
Guy B.: He might give us the grand tour.
Pamela: it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me Dad
BobS: Broolin= Whitby now?
Judy: are they moved in the house yet?
rich-c: have to see if there's a Mandarin in the neighbourhood ; - )
BobS: I wnat a tour !!!!!!!!
rich-c: yes, they have moved in
Pamela: btw, Dale says money will still be $300 US
BobS: ok
Judy: thats good
Pamela: that man had better get organized soon though
rich-c: his address is on Ipswich Place - number 66
Guy B.: Still hasn't nailed down a hotel yet, but he says he has one in mind.
rich-c: frankly, if we have the date set and group known, we could likely get it done on two weeks notice
Pamela: as long as the hotel isn't booked for something else
Pamela: since July is prime wedding time
rich-c: I suspect a motel that far out of TOrnto won't attract much meeting trade
Guy B.: Just hope he gets one before everyone decides to book all the rooms for that.
rich-c: people get married in motels now?
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: no, they have receptions in hotels
BobS: yup, the room is not far away !!!!!!!!!
Pamela: and, often, rehearsals
BobS: oh
rich-c: true, don't know how much of a factor that might be
rich-c: depends really on what they have in the way of public rooms
Pamela: and sometimes weddings
Guy B.: And some hotels do give discounts for those that book a reception there.
Pamela: and sometimes they put their relatives up in them too
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
Pamela: greetings Ron
BobS: ronald!!!!!!!!!11
Ron: hello
rich-c: hi Ron, figurted it would be you
Guy B.: Hi Ron
BobS: HI
Pamela: so Dale had better get cracking
Ron: You guys look great on my new 19 in monitor
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: how thign our west?
Pamela: why thank you kind sir
rich-c: CRT or LCD?
BobS: whoa!!!!!
Guy B.: 19". Wow!
Ron: CRT
Ron: decided the LCD's are still a little pricy
BobS: they are
rich-c: ah - yesterday's technology (nose in air)
Guy B.: They still are and I use one at work.
Ron: yeah, I know.... some dya
Ron: day
Judy: at least we look good even if we don't feel good
Pamela: get your nose out of the air, Mr. old style monitor
rich-c: I am waiting for my 17" CRT to die so I can replace it with an LCD
Ron: well there ya go
Pamela: now I'm picturing Bob in jammies
rich-c: I have this funny conscience that wont let me toss something that still works
Pamela: cute knees : )
Ron: I looked at the LCD's, and I paced up and down in front of them, and I hummed and hawed
Guy B.: I have one 15", one 17" and two 14" monitors here and they all work fine.
Pamela: does that explain the basement Dad?
rich-c: sorta, yeah - we'll be getting rid of teh snowblower tomorrow
BobS: yup you right Pam
Judy: he hasn't been off the couch or the bed much in the last week
Pamela: good - you found someone to take it?
Ron: troubles Bob?
rich-c: I ended up with sokmething over 30 requests - had a hard time deciding
Pamela: sorry Bob : ) it was that earlier comment about wireless that got me going
Judy: no knees showing it is too cold for that
BobS: strep and other issues for last 10 days and just now seeing light
Pamela: go with the first request Dad, always the fairest way
Ron: not good, my son
rich-c: we tried for teh most useful - had a guy in Bradford need a replacement of his one of teh same model
Pamela: apparently I need to dig around and find you some stuff to give away for me
BobS: nno kidding Ron
rich-c: do it yourself, daughter -
Ron: I need a sweater down here in the snakepit
BobS: don't rtemember last timeI was this sick
rich-c: hit the damn caps lock again
Ron: there...that's better...(with the sweater)
Pamela: every once in a while Bob, something comes along that knocks you for a loop
Ron: yup,
Ron: 'tis the truth you speak Pamela
Pamela: naw, I'll let you do the work Dad
rich-c: know what you mean, Ron - my meds make me very sensitive to even slight cold
Pamela: actually it's not too bad in here tonite - only my fingers are a little chilly
BobS: I know pam, but it does NOT have to happen to me !!!!!!
Ron: I always know something is up when I don't want to go near the fridge
Pamela: I think it's one of those unavoidable things Bob
BobS: nno, no no....please no
Pamela: yeah, that's how I knew Russell was feeling really poorly
Ron: :)
Pamela: he WASN'T HUNGRY!
Pamela: Russell is never not hungry
Ron: that's it
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thanks Guy
Ron: I heard today they're going to soon have Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda
Judy: it wasn' t the hungruy that was the problem, he couldn't keep anything down
Ron: reprieved again!
Pamela: have you tried C2 yet Ron?
Judy: and runnint a fever and coughing and sore throat
Ron: C2 ? ? Obviously not
Judy: was not a pretty sight
rich-c: what is Splenda and why does anyone care?
Pamela: low cal, low carb Coke
Guy B.: That's right. Coke is going to add a yellow streak to the label. Diet Rite already has Splenda in theres.
Ron: Ah really?
Pamela: I'll bet Judy
Ron: Felt like he'd been hit by a truck and looked even worse
Pamela: Splenda is a sweetener made from sugar but is low cal Dad
Guy B.: Splenda is a no calorie sweetner that's made from sugar.
rich-c: yes, all of us have been around that block and can sympathize very sincerely
Ron: I've been living on Aspartame
Pamela: looks like sugar, and comes in the same form and can be used like sugar
Ron: and that is not good
Judy: the doctor looked at him, then at Ryan and said he waould just give me med and not bother to check on me save us a little money
Pamela: I like your doctor Judy : )
Guy B.: So have I, but Splenda tastes so much like sugar.
Ron: Are you and Ryan surviving, Judy?
rich-c: why? you never have to pay your dioctor anyway
Guy B.: And there is a Splenda for baking that uses half the sugar.
Pamela: ah yes, socialized medicine is wonderful
Ron: agreed
Judy: we are getting beter, but we were not as sick as Bob
Ron: oh you both had it then?
Ron: I mean the three of you?
Pamela: when did you all come down with this Judy? While you were aboard ship?
Judy: good thing too, someone had to go get food meds and such
Guy B.: Seems I might have a sinus infection and now it hits me after I saw the allergist last week.
Pamela: send Meeka : )
rich-c: you had better believe it, Pam - we have a state medicine thread in teh discussion forum at
Pamela: oh joy, Guy
Judy: yes, I started on Thursday but Bob didn 't start until Sun, off the ship
rich-c: I posted a Jane Brody report I found shocking - and one of our guys topped it in 24 hours
Guy B.: Now I wish that appointment was for this week.
Pamela: Jane Brody?
Ron: You know, I don't think I'm ever going to take a cruise. Have heard horror stories about people coming down with this and that
rich-c: health reporter for teh New York Times
Pamela: Kimberly came back from her last one with the chicken pox.
Ron: there ya go
rich-c: real encouraging, Pam
Pamela: however, you can't blame the ship, she was exposed before she left
Judy: Meeka works
Pamela: thinks she got it at teh Jays game she went to the day before the cruise
Guy B.: Anyone remember when Jeanene and I went to Salt Lake City back in 1993. Jeanene got sick and it was from the mountain air.
Pamela: at least she's had it now, so if Jessica gets them, she'll not have to worry
Judy: we have been on many cruises Ron and don'
Judy: t usually have this
Pamela: of course I'll have to stay away . . .
rich-c: Guy, many things could do it but not the mountain air, unless she has drastic respiratory problems
Ron: yes, that's true Judy. Don't suppose it would be fair to tar and feather them all
Judy: b;ut Bob's dad wasn't feeling well right away
Ron: Lots of people go on cruises and return whole and healthy
Judy: think that is what started it
Pamela: and ten pounds heavier
rich-c: I have COPD and still am OK up to 8000 feet - in fact teh doctor says I can safely fly
Guy B.: She does Rich. Off and on. I developed bronchitis after I came back.
Judy: we were in a car with them for three days
Pamela: that would do it Judy
Ron: aha
rich-c: still, Salt Lake City is in a valley - still high but not that high
Pamela: I don't remember having any breathing trouble in the mountains
Guy B.: But, when I went to Comox. I didn't have any problems at all.
BobS: dont' actually gain anything
BobS: Ron
BobS: get exercise walling all over
Ron: ?
rich-c: Comox is at sea level, way lower than Chicago
BobS: walkking ron
BobS: walking
Ron: about as close to sea level as you can get without getting wet
rich-c: keep trying Bob, you'll get it eventually ; - )
Guy B.: I didn't tell you the news on Abby. She turned 11 on Monday and her left hind leg is getting stronger.
BobS: 2 lobsters, lots of shrimp.......steaks...desserts........all low cal and small portions
Pamela: isn't low cal lobster a contradiction in terms?
Ron: Sometimes a change of water will do me in
rich-c: that's good news, Guy
Ron: about like Diet chocolate
Judy: it was small
rich-c: they leave off the Newburg sauce, Pam
Pamela: I lost one of my cats last weekend Guy
Guy B.: Sorry to hear that Pam. How old was it?
Pamela: 15.5
Ron: that sad Pam
Pamela: but not in good shape. He went to sleep and didn't wake up.
Pamela: Actually, it's a relief.
Judy: how old it your other one , Pam?
Pamela: he was nothing but skin and bones, and getting sicker.
BobS: good way to depart too
Pamela: same age Judy, they are brothers
Guy B.: Wow. My sister's dog is 17, but he is not doing very well.
Pamela: absolutely, Bob
rich-c: at 119 in dog years, that's no surprise
Pamela: actually, I should say littermates
Judy: oh
Pamela: we got them from Russell's cousin who was working at a racetrack barn one year. Her barncat had her first litter and our guys were the result.
Pamela: His cousin was sneaky. She brought both, said we could pick.
Pamela: Now how were we supposed to pick one over the other?
Ron: yeah, under those circumstances, you don't pick
Guy B.: I'm glad of one thing. Abby went through a lot of unnecessary tests only to find out that it was her thyroid and not Cushings Disease. And she is back to her old self again.
Judy: are you going to get another one, Pam
rich-c: just be glad she didn't bring the lot
Ron: been there, done that, took 'em both
Pamela: there were only the two in the litter Dad
rich-c: count your blessings
Pamela: first litter, after the vet examined her and said she didn't need fixing yet because she was too young to get pregnant : )
Ron: famous last words
rich-c: figgers
Pamela: yeah, that's what Bev said
Pamela: anyway Judy, no, we'll let Inky go on by himself until we lose him too, then take a break from pets for a while
Ron: brb (time for another dose of aspartame)
rich-c: htere's always an emotional shcok involved that it takes a while to recover from
Guy B.: You want to keep your pets around for as long as you can. I think Abby will be around for awhile and she just loves walking.
rich-c: and that is good for you, Guy
Pamela: actually, it's been fairly okay. he was very sick, literally a skeleton covered in fur. You could see every rib and every piece of his backbone.
Judy: and it is hard to loose them
BobS: no matter when it happens, expected or not, if the pet has been w/ you for even for a few months, they are fiamily
Guy B.: Yes, it is. I need to get the weight down again. I've lost 5 in the past month after the holidays were over.
Pamela: it's always hard Judy, but this was easier than our first one. We had to put her down, and the hardest thing I've ever done is come home with that empty carrier.
Ron: there (slurp)
Pamela: With Willow, he just went to sleep. I found him a week ago Sunday, curled up on the floor. Very peaceful.
Judy: they are a part of the family
BobS: how are jeff & Francesca dong on the condo Ron??????
Guy B.: Had to do that for Jeanene's cat back in 1998. And he was the only male cat that liked me and no other males.
Pamela: we discussed having the vet put him to sleep the night before, but decided that since he wasn't in pain that he was better off at home.
Pamela: My cats would like you Guy.
Ron: I was sent a picture not long ago Bob. There were no boxes on the floor. they'd just added a new dining room set, and wanted to send me a picture of it
rich-c: good decision I'd say, daughter
Ron: I gather things are now under control
Pamela: Thanks, Dad.
BobS: thas good
Ron: Am going to Vancouver next week, so I'll have a chance to see for myself
Guy B.: Jeanene's new cat. Zoe, likes both me and Abby.
rich-c: pity you dom
BobS: cool !!!!! excitment in seeing what the kids are doing
Ron: sponge of my son and daughter-in-law to be for a few days
rich-c: t have a digital camera
Ron: yup
rich-c: sorry - pity you dont have a digital camera
Ron: Actually, I'm going to a 3 day meeting of the BC Community Networks Association
Pamela: we'll see Guy - we'll bring you over in July and you can suck up to Inky as long as you want : ).
Ron: should be interesting
Guy B.: What color is your cat Pam?
Pamela: Inky is black, Willow was a ginger
Pamela: however, contrary to popular belief, he didn't get his name from his colour
Ron: those are good names. All we could come up with was Brother and Sister
Pamela: Actually, it's short for Mr. Inquisitive
Guy B.: Inky is a cute name.
Pamela: he's the nosiest cat!
rich-c: he's sort of lost that characteristic as he's gained weight
Ron: I love cats. They tolerate me
rich-c: does he remain fond of empty boxes?
Pamela: not true - bring in a new anything, even if it's just a grocery bag, and he's right over there with his nose in it, investigating
Guy B.: My new vet told me that Abby's weight is ideal for her age. I don't give her a lot to eat.
Guy B.: She is around 41 pounds.
Pamela: Willow was more into the empty boxes than Inky.
Ron: good Lord
rich-c: that's a pretty hefty piece of dog
Pamela: however, his favourite spot to sleep is in Grammy's chair.
Ron: I was going to say
Pamela: isn't she a Lab, Guy?
Pamela: hallo?
Guy B.: Abby is part sheperd and whippet. She has a stomach of one. Hopefully you will get to meet her next year.
Ron: I was told that having a dog was a good way to meet single women
rich-c: some of us are here
Pamela: sorry, just got awfully quiet for a second
Ron: don't know if I want to meet single women, but suppose if I ever did
rich-c: it happens but it's always disconcerting
Pamela: dogs are magnets for women, Ron
Ron: yes, that's what I was told
Pamela: if you can stand the "oh, isn't he cute" that goes with it
Ron: :)
BobS: specially the lil cute ones ron
Guy B.: And my dog is no exception. She loves anyone that she wants to greet.
Ron: aww
Pamela: what are you going to do with her while you're here Guy?
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changed username to <undefined>
Ron: without form and void has joined us
Guy B.: She will stay with Jeanene and her cat.
rich-c: likely6 james
Ron: he said he wouldn't be here tonight
<undefined> changed username to David
Pamela: ah good, she'll be in good hands
rich-c: oh, then it's hello David
David: Well, I'll be a .....
Ron: David .... hello David
BobS: HI David
Pamela: Hi, David
David: Dave Hill ex-MTAG
rich-c: welcome aboard
Ron: Aha!
Pamela: you sound astonished, David
BobS: how are ya mon??????
David: HI Richard how are you?
Guy B.: Well folks, hate to run. But, I'm going to turn in. Going to work again this Saturday. So, I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: oh gor crying out loaud - Dave, how are you?
Judy: time for me to call it a night, night all
BobS: be gogod Guy
Pamela: Night, Guy, until next week
BobS: good
Ron: nite Guy
rich-c: see you Guy
David: Sorry I am late..nite all for those leaving
Pamela: night Judy - feel better
Judy left chat session
Ron: we come and we go David
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: you too, Bob
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: I'm here because I'm not all there
BobS: well YA, you are in the EST zone we been waiting for yo for 2 hours
rich-c: yes, we tend to sort of start to fold around 11
rich-c: the working stiffs need their shuteye and teh old folks run out of poop
David: I am both working and an old folk
Ron: there's still 3 hours before 11
Ron: out here, that is
rich-c: still at Air Canada?
David: Hah ! No, lets just say we parted ways
Pamela: your name rings a bell Dave, and I was much younger in the M-TAG era
Ron: there's a story there from the sounds of it
rich-c: I am not surprised; that was brewing at Adamcon II
David: You are Richard's daughter Pam?
Pamela: that's correct
rich-c: she is, David
Pamela: we've started on the next generation around here
rich-c: not sure if you two met at Adamcon 2 or not, or in the preparations
David: At some point, breifly ...
Pamela: I don't know Dad, I was not much involved in that, but possibly
rich-c: it's been a while - what brings you by?
rich-c: yes, Pam, but Dave was our treasurer so he was by teh house too
David: I keep a lurkers eye on some of the web sites and happened here...
rich-c: good man - we are delighted to have you
rich-c: the group is getting a bit thin these days
David: What interested me was talk of yet another ADAMCON and local?
rich-c: be lucky to have 15 - 20 at Adamcon this year
Ron: there are a few of us left
Pamela: we were just discussing AC17
David: 17... wow
BobS: yup July
Ron: do we have a date yet?
David: Toronto or did I hear Whitby?
Pamela: July 14 to 17 in Whitby, hotel yet to be determined
rich-c: Dale Wick is organizing it, we'll use a hotel out in Whitby (near his new house)
David: There is only one isnt there :->
Pamela: : )
Ron: Whitby. How does one get to Whitby?
David: Dale was from Brooklyn wasnt he?
BobS: July 14-17, 2005
Pamela: by driving through Toronto, Ron
BobS: go to Toront and then beyond Ronald
Pamela: wow, pretty good memory David
rich-c: Whitby is east of Toronto - by airport pickup, or GO train would be best, I'd imagine
Pamela: he hails from Brooklin, and has bought a house there just this year
Ron: July's gonna be a blur. July 2, my son's wedding, July 8, 9 Musicfest here, July 14-17. Adamcon
Ron: ain't life grand
BobS: keep your mind of retirement ron !!!!!!!
David: I'll make it a point to come
BobS: off
rich-c: hey, you old retirees never have anything to do with your time, anyway
Ron: I'm gonna retire from retirement
Ron: yeah, right
David: Ron we met at CON 2, didnt we?
Pamela: Dale is married now, David, and has a son
David: Is Neil still about?
Ron: Yes sir, I believe so. That was the first one I attended. Lived in Ottawa then
rich-c: David, do join us a lot more Wednesday nights, and if you ever need info give me a holler - my number hasn't changed
Pamela: yes, Neil is still around but we hear from him very seldom
BobS: Pam it is JEFFY
David: "The only Richard Clee in the book" right?
Pamela: I beg your pardon, Bob : )
rich-c: yes, Neil has his own preoccupations but keeps an eye on our goings-on too
BobS: you can beg all ya want....but it is JEFFY
rich-c: right, David - 7830316
Pamela: LOL
Ron: If I call my son JEFFY, I get something hard thrown at me
Pamela: gee, I wonder why Ron?
Ron: yeah, right
BobS: ya but Dales is only 3
David: I'l l give you a shout and we can catch up, rich
Pamela: like giving in to the temptation to call me Pammie - only Erin gets away with it
Ron: I think we finally got rid of RONNIE last August when all the family was duly gathered. I read the riot act
rich-c: I'll look forward to hearing from you, David
David: I cut the DAVEY nonsense real quick
Pamela: I don't blame you David
Ron: yes
BobS: Pam, youa re gonna be SURPRISED at li'l Jeffy this year, Judy and Meeka loved him and he loved them back in El Paso
Pamela: I won't be surprised Bob - I have two friends with young kids and they're all adorable
rich-c: Catharine has two kids
Pamela: I like them before they can talk back, and after they can have a conversation
rich-c: yes, that's teh cutest time
Pamela: Megan is turning out just like her mother. I'm having fun riding Katherine about it, comparing Megan to her at the same age
Pamela: hard to believe that I've known her long enough for that
Ron: In our family, my sister is more like her Dad, and us two brothers take after Mom
Ron: in mannerisms at least
BobS: well gang, time for bed and healing powers here.....wish me LUCK
rich-c: yes, the Katzs didnt buy teh house till when - you were in school?
Pamela: I am, alas, my father's child
BobS: Judy is ready and i am bushed
Ron: yes Bob, drink hot rums till you can't see the end of the bed
Pamela: I was eight, and Katherine was four
BobS: nice for yo to drop in David, come BACK mon !!!!!!!
Pamela: drown the germs in alcohol
rich-c: right Bob, keep us posted on that - well, whatever it is - and get well quick
David: Thanks Bob, will do
BobS: ONLY after the tummy feels some better Ron
Pamela: see you next week Bob
BobS left chat session
Ron: yeah, I guess eh?
Ron: be well
David: Was that Bob Slopsema?
Ron: the one, the only
rich-c: right on, David
Pamela: that's some memory you have David
rich-c: Judy is his wife, Meeka his daughter-in-law
rich-c: Rich Drushel is also a regular here
Ron: how many of us are left Rich? 20 or so
Ron: ??
rich-c: and you may recall Guy Bona, from Chicago
Pamela: I counted 16 to 20 including Erin and Murray for the con, Ron
Ron: ok
rich-c: hard to say - we've got teh new ones like Daniel and Eric and Jeff
David: Recall many of the names from the past
Pamela: assuming of course that Zonker will not attend, nor Scott, nor James
Ron: speaking of which, David Cobley phoned me last night
Ron: he's doing ok - frail, but ok, so is Midge
rich-c: what did he have to say?
Ron: he was asking about the exchange of e-mails from the gent in Burnaby
Ron: wondered if the problem wasn't the microswitch on the left hand side of the printer
rich-c: that's reassuring - he is by far teh oldest survivor in our group
Ron: for sure
rich-c: oh, is that where teh Lindholms are?
Pamela: anyway gentlemen, it's time for me to get to bed.
Ron: yes.... thank you.... had forgotten the know.. memory is the second thing to go
Pamela: what's the first thing?
David: Nite, Pam
Ron: um.... can't remember
Ron: nite Pamela
rich-c: my read was that it was not teh microswitch - I think the poster who talked about teh platen advance motor may have been onto something
Pamela: sorry Ron, I had to feed you the line : )
rich-c: sleep tight, Pam, and drive crefully tomorrow
Pamela: David, it's good to see you.
Pamela: I will Dad, you too.
David: U 2
Ron: the microswitch usually causes the printhead to want to go further than the outer edge of the printer... by banging its way through
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Ron: sleep well dear
Pamela: thank you. Kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: yes, we';re far to familiar with that
Ron: And then there were three
rich-c: anyway Ron I have printer parts coming out my ears
Ron: Hell, if he wants another printer, I'll take him one
Ron: when I go down next week
Ron: My son lives in Burnaby anyway
rich-c: right, since you're going to the mainland anyway
Ron: I'll have to mention that to him
rich-c: though I get a hunch he may want to fix it himself
David: Rich, one name I dont remember, the big guy...CON2 organizer with us.
rich-c: he seems like that type
Ron: yes, I think you might be right
Ron: from Hamilton?
rich-c: you're not thinking of Ken?
Ron: Ken Butcher
David: Ken Batcher...hah
rich-c: Batcher
Ron: right
David: Ever talk to him or (gulp) Terry Cairns?
rich-c: in fact I bought out his Adam business, such as it was
Ron: you know, you guys, that was 15 years ago
Ron: was it 1990 or 1989?
rich-c: Cazirns was totally useless
David: Mine too, I remember u leaving my place, trunk, back seat, front seat full...
rich-c: saw him once when he crashed the dinner at Adamcon 07
David: Cairns was an ass..
Ron: seem to recall that discussion
rich-c: left his wife when teh kid got too old to be eleigible for child support
rich-c: hooked up with anohter woman last I'd heard
David: Wife 2 or #3 ?
rich-c: lives up in teh public housing in north Rexdale
rich-c: doubr he bothered to marry
David: I sold him a monitor up just off of Martin Grove about 15 years ago.
rich-c: yes, far as I know he's still there
rich-c: but I haven't heard from or about him for years
David: Called me back 2 years later because it wasnt SUPER VGA or some such sh*t
rich-c: that sounds like our boy Terry
David: Yup
Ron: Do you still have an ADAM David?
David: No, you lugged it all off, I did pick up a colecovision though.
Ron: right
Ron: you know there's an emulator eh?
Ron: damned good one
rich-c: we all have operating Adams and actually use them sometimes
David: Love that Spyhunter
Ron: could never get onto that game
Ron: but then I'm not really a gamer
David: Up to a gig of ram yet?
rich-c: on what, the Adam? no, only 64K but have a 256 card
Ron: me, no. Have 512Meg in the duron here, and 256 meg in the eMac. I'm going to a Gig for the eMac when my dealer gets back
Ron: from holiday
David: Oh, Syd Carter, is he still in contact?
Ron: oh... on the ADAM. ... no I have one with a Meg
rich-c: you planning a lot of graphics with teh eMac, Ron?
Ron: would you believe, that there is Virtual PC and Apple's own Garage Band where a Gig is recommended
Ron: I use both
rich-c: no, he bought a big house way out in the copuntry and fade4d from sight
Ron: Garage Band is a pig
Ron: but it's a pretty pig
rich-c: didn't know there was a virtual PC program available for teh Motorola chips
Ron: yup. It's now bad, but it's memory intensive
David: Gonna drop off, will give you a shout, rich, good to see ya, Ron
Ron: actually there are two ways to do it....hardware and software
rich-c: pretty hard disc intensive too, I'd suspect
Ron: Good to talk with you David
Ron: drop by again. we're here Wednesday nights
rich-c: David, terrific to have you by - do call spoon
David: Will do, nite
rich-c: nite
David left chat session
Ron: we talk about all things under the sun
Ron: and some things that aren't
rich-c: Ron, time I took off too - you take care, OK
Ron: yup.... it gets late there.... see ya next week
rich-c: night now
Ron: nite
rich-c left chat session
Ron left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-02-16
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