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rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi Daddy
rich-c: hi Pamela
Pamela: I'm cleaning
rich-c: quick question before the others arrive
Pamela: shoot
rich-c: we have at lest three botles of quality liquor, unopened
Pamela: what kind of liquor?
rich-c: anyone you know - in Russel's family, among your friends (like Emily) who might like them
rich-c: gin, scotch and rye (Canadian)
Pamela: dunno, I could find out I guess
rich-c: hate to toss a hundred bucks worth down the drain
Pamela: well, don't toss them
Pamela: I'm sure we can find a use for them
rich-c: well, your mother is going to dump them if she can't get an option quick
Pamela: even if it's only to add them to our collection
rich-c: OK, I will tell her so
Pamela: 'kay
rich-c: the gin is Gilbey's, which is nice; teh scotch is Johnnie Walker Red Label, and teh rye is Canadian Club
Pamela: hmm, need a bigger garbage can
Pamela: Russell says yes, we can find a use for them
rich-c: anyhow, did you manage to get to and from work OK in the snowstorm?
Pamela: oh, no problem - I went up Weston and across Sheppard, and because of more traffic, all the snow was mushed down to slush.
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: came home that way too, and the streets were almost dry
Pamela: Hi, bob
BobS: how's Toronto ??????
rich-c: hello Roberto, how's life in Michigan?
Pamela: cold but nice, thanks
Pamela: lotsa sun today
rich-c: we were just discussing our Monday snowfall
BobS: not too bad, feeling better........warm and mostly dry here
BobS: still some pesky left over winter flurries, but SPRING is on the way !!!!!!
rich-c: warm? you're lucky, out high today was 23F
rich-c: and they are talking about 5F here tonight
BobS: well still winter, but.........hinting spring
BobS: oh, no way aonly about 20F here tonight
Pamela: supposed to be warmer later in the week
rich-c: the days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger
Pamela: Yay!
BobS: come on spring !!!!!
rich-c: but we are on teh average temperature upslope from the depth of winter
BobS: right on!!!!!
BobS: can almost feel it now....warmth, sitting on the deckfor meals and night sunsets
rich-c: don't your meds make you oversencitive to cold? mine do
BobS: only about 2 1/2 - 3 months to go
BobS: no don't seem to
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rich-c: actually I'd say we could see a break in as little as three weeks
changed username to Harvie
BobS: hope so
BobS: HI Harvie
rich-c: hi Hervie, wondering when you'd be in
Pamela: hi, Harvie
Harvie: Hello folks
rich-c: just discussing the wning of winter and how much longer it might take
Harvie: One month
rich-c: I suspect we'll be into aple sugaring weather in about three weeks
BobS: sounds ok here
Pamela: anybody know of someone who could use some really old, dead cell phones?
BobS: ya
rich-c: dead how? batteries or circuitry?
Pamela: actually, don't remember
Pamela: it's been a while
Pamela: batteries, I suspect
rich-c: if you can find out you can offer them on frecycle
Harvie: I just created a dead one today
Pamela: or conversely, any suggestions of how to dispose of them?
BobS: in the state of MI, you can donate to abuse shelters....they check out and repair them adn give them to battered women, etc for security use
rich-c: what did yours die of, Harvie?
Harvie: Dropsy
rich-c: yeah, that can get awfully terminal awfully quickly
BobS: oops
Harvie: Actually the phone works but the disply sometimes goes blank
rich-c: that can make it hard to use
Pamela: oops is right
BobS: only hard to use when dialing
rich-c: and if that's jittery I suspect the connection might turn out to be too
Harvie: It's ok if you know the number you are calling
rich-c: I suppose if it's a quality unit it can be repaired and be worth it
BobS: ust use it for incoming calls Harvie
Pamela: heck for the price of repair you can probably get a new one
Harvie: El cheapo
BobS: that is why they are el cheapo
rich-c: well, if it's a throwaway I guess the answer is to toss it
Harvie: Typical warranty is 18 months, my phones die 18 months and one day
BobS: look for recyclers inthe area.......some send them out for repair and reuse
rich-c: anyway Pam when you find out the score on yours, I can if appropriate put them on freeccycle for you
BobS: that is where the phone co we deal with for minutes buys them and sells them to us (if needed)
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Pamela: okay. I suspect no one will want them but I'll see
rich-c: you'd be amazed at what people want
Harvie: Hello <undefined>
Pamela: You're right, I would be
rich-c: I may be getting a laser disc player that way
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hellol Judy
Pamela: why would you want one? And where will you put it?
BobS: one person's junk.......another
Pamela: Hi, Judy
BobS: s treasure
Judy: Hi, All
Pamela: feeling better this week?
rich-c: I have a laser disc I want to try to play - if it works I'll record it to tape
Judy: yes , just taking care of another sicky
rich-c: them I will give the machine to Ernie Chorny who needs one
rich-c: oh dear, who's under the weather now?
Judy: Michael came here to stay while Sherri and Doug went to Florida and he has something
BobS: bugs I think
Judy: cough and full head
rich-c: same bug that bit you and Bob?
BobS: we need a vacation..............................
rich-c: you just had one
rich-c: can't go again till you get your weight back to normal ; - )
Judy: not quite as bad, but oh I hope I don't get it again
Pamela: I don't blame you Judy
rich-c: you likely have temporary resistance to it now - though don't push your luck
Judy: the weight thing isn't a problem after being sick
Pamela: and Dad, don't fall into the trap of getting stuff from Freecycle as well as giving it away. That way lies madness (or divorce - from your head)
rich-c: no, if you can't look food in the face for a week, it does show in the waistline
Judy: very true
rich-c: btw, we got rid of the drapery track in two hours
Pamela: I'm not surprised : )
rich-c: disabled woman, in our neighbourhood as it turned out
rich-c: we could have got rid of the snowblower thirty times over
Pamela: I'm sure they're a very popular item right now
rich-c: well, tyhey are very heavy, need a good depth of snow, and a long good quality cord to a proper outdoor outlet
rich-c: a gas unit anyone can handle but electric is different
Pamela: sorry guys, not very talkative - am exploring the heights and depths of my desk
rich-c: thought you said you'd been cleaning - or that ongoing?
BobS: cleaning ??????? at this time of night ???
Pamela: that's while I'm sitting here
Pamela: Bob, don't discourage me, I may never get started again!
Pamela: already I;ve found the top of my printer
rich-c: you'd be amazed how much disposable material one has in reach if one really looks...
BobS: oh ok
rich-c: I assume your convalescence is over now, Bob
BobS: yup, got back to work...and it sucks.....but back nevetheless
Pamela: Bob, is this right? /
rich-c: it does have propitious effects on the income
Judy: that is right, Pam
Pamela: also adamcomputer@ . . . etc?
BobS: ya lady
BobS: NO JUNK MAIL thought
rich-c: we don't dispense it, we just collect it ;=(
Pamela: no dear, never - just came across my note and wanted to verify before I put it into my address book and toss the note
BobS: ok
BobS: unk mail has a life of its own
rich-c: fortunately, none of my three webmail accounts have attracted much junk mail
rich-c: my home account is a different story - I may trade in Mailwasher on a better filter
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changed username to Daniel B
Pamela: thank you, you two
BobS: opwned a hotmail account and that is atractinga lot of junk
Pamela: greetings Daniel
Harvie: Hello Daniel
BobS: my netzero account for adamcomputer, I have abandoned
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: HI Daniel
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel - ca va?
Daniel B: hello Pam, Harvie, Bob, Judy and Rich
Pamela: okay Dad, get your notebook ready - here's the error message I keep getting in virtual memory manager. You ready?
Daniel B: oui, ca va!
rich-c: I had a hotmail account that drew junk by the ton, can't imagine how they found it
rich-c: OK, write it out and I can use the copy facility
Pamela: fatal exception OE @ 0028:C0005338 in VXD VMM (01) + 0004338
Pamela: got it?
BobS: ouch........dat HURTS
rich-c: ythat's all? no More?
Daniel B: I think I know what is the problem
Pamela: that's all I have written down, but yes I think that's all
Harvie: Could be bad stick of ram but MS is famous for poor memory management
rich-c: if you know what error 15 is in the virtual device using virtual memory, you might
BobS: computer BUSTED
Daniel B: When installing Windows, not all the vxd files are installed
Pamela: I know it hurts Bob, that's what I got after I stupidly downloaded updates from MS
BobS: ah ha!!!!!! bill strikes again !!!!!!
Daniel B: you may need to install, or re-install a vxd file
rich-c: I think this was installed, Daniel, but knocked out wjile installing an upgrade patch
Pamela: mad does not begin to cover it after I first got it. Took three days for the !@#$%^ computer to recover
Pamela: Anyway, Dad has very generously offered to research it for me
Pamela: in the end, it may be cheaper to replace the computer
rich-c: yes, with that info I should be able to get an answer from within 48 hours
Harvie: No just reinstall Windows
rich-c: as in, if you'e going to lose all the information anyway?
Harvie: Or install a real OS
Pamela: the problem is, what's here works, but we can't install anything new
rich-c: well yes, but Apple's too pricey and *ix is too geeky
Daniel B: On my computer, I had to install missing vxd files to make it more stable. I saw that the generic vxd file "vmm32.vxd" was used in my system, rather than the appropriate vxd file.
Harvie: Back up data files, fdisk, install windows, reinstall apps
rich-c: which OS are you running, Daniel?
Daniel B: Windows 98, why?
Pamela: Hey, I just found my recovery disk!
Harvie: Nothing geeky about Mandrake Linux
rich-c: just so we know we are on common ground - I have SE, so I think does Pam
Pamela: no, mine is not SE Dad
rich-c: you mean your cleaning binge may have paid off?
Daniel B: Maybe this link may help you with your "error message"
Daniel B:
Pamela: it always pays off somehow : )
Pamela: that's why I say, don't discourage me
Pamela: did you capture that Dad?
rich-c: I am not sure how the recovery discs work - I've always had originals
rich-c: think so - let me check
Daniel B: Well, the link doesn't help ... it's not the same error
rich-c: got that, Pam, but my copy of the error text didnt take - do it again?
Daniel B: but the part "... vxd vmm ..." tells you that the problem occurs when using vmm32.vxd file. and this file is a generic vxd file and you must install the missing vxd to avoid using the vmm file
Pamela: fatal exception OE @ 0028:C0005338 in VXD VMM (01) + 0004338
rich-c: are we into something here where if the virtual memory manager isnt shuffling stuff off elsewhere, the code pages get too crowded?
Harvie: There could be conflicting entries in the registry
Daniel B: In your control panel > system... look all the peripherical details to see which files they use, and if you see vmm32.vxd (12345.vxd) you know that 12345.vxd file is the file you need to install
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changed username to james
Daniel B: hello james
james: hello. i'm sort of here
Harvie: Hello James
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: Hi James, just like the rest of us
rich-c: good morning james
Pamela: James, FYI before I forget, the cash TTC fare for adults is going up March 6th by $0.10
BobS: i
rich-c: still on the right side of the grass - for us old folks, that's enough ; - )
BobS: ames
BobS: Hi James
Pamela: so you'll have to recalculate what you'll need for your subway ride at the end of the month
Harvie: James, did you get your logistics problem solved?
rich-c: still think he should take the GO bus from Yorkdale (mumph)
Pamela: mumph to you too, Dad - don't be a curmudgeon
rich-c: are you kidding? it's my profession these days ; - )
Pamela: ah, that explains it!
rich-c: you mean you didn't know?
james: heh heh
Pamela: I should have guessed : )
james: no offence rich, but pam's instructions are clear and easy to follow and i'm not about to mess with something that isn't broken
james: i'll keep some dimes on hand
Pamela: just add $0.50 to your total : )
rich-c: when I was on CC my profile description read "Curmudgeon - Cluster class" ;=)
james: heh heh. or i could do that
rich-c: I suspect her ideas are the most time consuming, and idiot-proof
Pamela: why would you say that, Dad?
james: for the sake of 15 minutes, even if it does take longer, i don't care
BobS: Pam is a planner
rich-c: I think the GO bus is fastest as it doesn't stop on teh way (well, not much anyway)
james: make a few transatlantic hauls and 15 minutes extra on a local bus system is nothing
Pamela: and how do you propose to get him to the GO bus anyway?? He still has to get on the TTC to get there and if he's already in the system, he may as well stay there.
rich-c: subway, transer at Bloor. ride to end of line and get sirport bue there is faster too
james: i'm sure the girls can chat the whole way back. i have no worreis about that
rich-c: that's the TTC airoirt line, not GO
Pamela: why transfer to another line and make things more complicated? Besides, the airport bus doesnt stop in front of his hotel and the Malton bus does.
Pamela: I thought of all these things DAd
rich-c: oh, there are times when slow and steaady does it best - it's just that he suggested he would be very tierd
Pamela: then if he's very tired the last thing he needs are complications.
Pamela: (and in the background is heard: Fight, fight, fight!)
rich-c: well, you know, whatever works
BobS: James is gonna get scared out
Harvie: Speaking of work, I have much to do so goodnight all
Pamela: I'm laughing out loud here
Pamela: you'll never guess what I just found
rich-c: no, he talks Canadian and can ask for directions
Pamela: Goodnight Harvie
james: nah, i'm stubborn. i have a way that works, i understand it and don't care if it's the most "efficient" way
rich-c: night, Harvie
Judy: night Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Daniel B: bye harvie... oops, too late
rich-c: what did you just find, daughter?
BobS: nite harvie
Pamela: "ADAM word processing" Typing with ADAM - Using Easy to Learn Smartwriter Word Processing
Pamela: original booklet
BobS: a FIND
rich-c: good, all you need now is an Adam - when would you like to come by and get one?
Pamela: and just WHERE would I put it??? I'm tossing stuff, remember???
rich-c: propblems, problems
BobS: you got to be more compact and organized, then you would have room for the aDAM
rich-c: Daniel, do you know - the Windows (upgrade) installation discs
james: i've noticed some garbage creeping up on me here. i'll probably throw a bunch of stuff out in the spring
rich-c: is the only way you can use them on a blank hard drive or can they be used to repair
Pamela: Dad, do you want this booklet back?
rich-c: windows?
rich-c: I have several dozen, Pam, but can take another rather than have it toosed.
Pamela: alright, will put it aside
rich-c: is there any such thing as an upgrade edition of Windows XP Home (from Windows 98)?
rich-c: Bob, either you or Daniel might know that
BobS: no, you have to go fresh to go beyond win2000 I think
BobS: surely XP is a stand alone
Pamela: what do you know, there's a desk under here!
Daniel B: the only upgrade I know is Windows 98 -> Windows Me
james: 98->me.. not exactly sure i'd consider that an "upgrade" :P
rich-c: well since it apparently has no underlying MSDOS I'd expect that, but one never knows
rich-c: from what I hear many feel you way, james
rich-c: I gather many 98SE programs will run under XP Home but others won't - any easy way to tell the difference?
Daniel B: @rich : no
rich-c: OK, I am sniffing around a new laptop but they tend to come with XP pre-loaded
Daniel B: a friend of mine, told me that after upgrading to windows 2000, the system tell him which installed program will not run on his system. I'm not sure it's true.
Pamela: any particular brand Dad?
rich-c: no, but Acer has a couple of promising looking ones at Radio Shack
Pamela: Acer is making laptops now? Hmm.
rich-c: can anyone imagine "Radio Shack" and "competitive" being used in the same sentence?
Pamela: shocking, just shocking
BobS: kinda hard, yes
rich-c: but Acer and RS seem to have teamed up and are doing comparison ads on hot bargians
BobS: I think they are trying to stay alive any which way
rich-c: there was some sort of kerfuffle at Radio Shack Canada a while back p this may be fallout
rich-c: why? Wal-Mart aren't much into their basic product line yet - Winn-Dixie they ain't
BobS: Walmart'shere have desktop units, not usre about laptops
rich-c: Best Buy also had a VERY attractive Medion, but they left out details of the spec and I've never heard of Medion
BobS: me neither
rich-c: Sorry, right - Linspire mentioned that WalMart were selling their Linux xomputers
rich-c: if BestBuy offer it again, maybe I will follow it up further
rich-c: brb
Pamela: brr, I just got chilly
Pamela: nothing on the desk holding in the heat : )
BobS: bummer Pam
Pamela: heck, I'll take a little heat loss if this is the result
Pamela: this desk is six feet long by three feet deep, and until tonite there wasn't a square foot of spare space on it
Pamela: I'm gonna clean up this mess if it kills me
(BobS gives Pamela some poutine.)
(BobS gives Pamela a yummy bar of chocolate.)
Pamela: thanks Bob, that'll warm me up
rich-c: put the computer on it, that's a real heat source
BobS: oops....amd I atill here?
BobS: yup
Pamela: ah, that's part of what's taking up the space
rich-c: well for that purpose, computers don't count - they'e SUPPOSED to take up space
Daniel B: I have to go now. good night everyone
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: still want to put the CPU on the floor under the desk
Daniel B: good luck with your computer problem
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: good night Daniel, thanks for the VMM advice
Judy: I am going to call it a night, so night all , talk at you next week
rich-c: merci, Daniel
Judy left chat session
Daniel B: bye judy, pam, rich, james
Pamela: night Judy
Daniel B: *poof*
rich-c: OK, take it easy Judy, catch younext week
Daniel B left chat session
james: small crowd tonight
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BobS: yes,. nnot Dr D
changed username to Guy B:
rich-c: y3es, we're missing Guy and Ron who are very regular
: Guy B:: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: well, speak of the devil - hi Guy
rich-c: you're so late we were wondering where you might be
Pamela: Hi Guy!
BobS: Hi Guy !!!!!!!
Pamela: brb
: Guy B:: Computer trouble. When I got on the DSL, I usually get Yahoo IM upm butg then it didn't appear. So, I had to reboot.
BobS: you and Pam got 'puter problems
rich-c: problem with the router/modem?
BobS: some days it would feel good to give windows and the gates crowd a BOOT
rich-c: well, Pamela's I suspect may be fairly simply solvable
: Guy B:: By the way. I now have a version of Quickbasic 4.5. So, I should be able to put this utility menu as an EXE program without the need for Qbasic.
BobS: Pam's ust need a reinstall
rich-c: re-install is far too drastic, Bob - cure is worse than the disease
rich-c: I'll also bet she doesn't even have the software to do a backup
BobS: put the important stuff on disk and let65 the rest dissapear
rich-c: maybe she'd rather not sacrifice all her bookmarks and email and various files
BobS: but sometimes it has to happen
rich-c: also she may not have original copies to reinstall her key software
BobS: called 'urban renewal'
rich-c: yes, I had to replace my hard disc about three months after I got the computer - it failed
rich-c: but I had already done teh backup so it was just screw in the nw one and transfer everything
BobS: and THAT shows the value of keeping stuff backed up OR on disks
rich-c: shows especially the value of a CD burner and the right software - easy in, easy out - and an image at that
: Guy B:: Well, you never guessed what happen to me this past weekend. I got a flat tire, didn't realize it and destroyed the tire. I have a new one installed now, but I had to pay for it.
Pamela: I doubt there's much on the system that needs to be saved, but I don't want to lose my Lotus software and I don't think I have the disks for that
rich-c: doesnt take long to destroy a tire when you run flat - and it is very hard to judge these days
rich-c: that's why you'd need a drive image, Pam - except it would restore with the error still in it
Pamela: yeah
: Guy B:: Well, I was on my way to work on Saturday when it happened. Didn't go in, since I was riding on a temporary spare.
rich-c: so, first try and solve your problem non-destructively, if you can
Pamela: we'll see
rich-c: oh, the temporary spare is good for at least 50 miles if you drive slowly, I hear
rich-c: I'll get after the answers for you a.s.a.p
: Guy B:: This one is good for 5000 and no higher than 65 MPH. I only had it on through yesterday. So, the car has a new tire and a new wheel cover. The old one cracked.
Pamela: thanks Dad
BobS: the spare is for 5000 mi ????
Pamela: I gave up my temp spare and got a full sized spare instead
rich-c: smart move, Pam
BobS: hopw I never need the spare
: Guy B:: That's what the manuel said.
Pamela: twas interesting - when I did finally have a flat, the spare was flat too
Pamela: never trusted those minis
rich-c: old guys with heart trouble shouldn't jack up cars anyway
rich-c: that's why God made the AAA ; - )
Pamela: no Dad, that's what CAA is for : )
: Guy B:: Anyway when I get 30,000 miles on it. I probably get new tires.
BobS: or about 3 years on the tires and then the belts let loose
rich-c: from what I've seen, you don't have to change tires till a seven year time limit
Pamela: here's something anyway Dad - if I ever have to, I know how to jack it up and change a tire, thanks to you
: Guy B:: I ended up calling my insurance company road service for help and thank heavens I had my cellphone with me.
rich-c: of course most will be worn down to the limiting bars far sooner than that
BobS: my blets go back way befroe that
BobS: belts
: Guy B:: I did hit a nail.
rich-c: yeah, that will do it in most of the time, Guy
: Guy B:: Must have went flat in a hurry.
BobS: thems bad luck
: Guy B:: And that's the first time I ever had one.
rich-c: and Bob, buy a better class of tire - belts should outlive the tread
rich-c: in the old days they were very common, but since radials became standard flats are much rarer
BobS: have had good luck withe motor home tires, they are fairly expensive
rich-c: but there's lots of debris on the road and every once in a while some will get you
BobS: cheapies on the car the blets start going before the tread is done (cept onthe edges from city driving)
Pamela: I find my problem isn't tires, it's suspension
: Guy B:: I remember that happened to my mom many years ago and the tire showed a bulge and my dad didn't do anything about it until it blew. She really had it out with him that day.
rich-c: yes, they are big and havy, though not built for speed
Pamela: and traversing two sets of railroad tracks twice a day doesn't help the situation
BobS: tis true.......and potholes are not good either
rich-c: that's for sure, Pam - guess you need to slow down
BobS: "try" to go over the tracks and NOT clear them on the first try
Pamela: they tried to fix the crossing last year and it helped, but every year the tracks heave and we're right back where we started
rich-c: yes, Guy, a bulge on a radial is a structural failue - you must replace the tire immediately
Pamela: I tend to cross them doing about 5K
Pamela: I have yet to go airborne
rich-c: of course when in teh truck I don't even slow down for them
Pamela: it all depends if you want to hit your head on the roof of the car around here : )
rich-c: but actually if they are potholed with sharp edges they can cost you a tire and rim too
: Guy B:: This tire was your regular tire. Radials didn't come out yet and yes, if I did find a bulge. I get it over there right away. Or put on the temporary spare.
rich-c: yes, right answer, Guy. A bulge is a ply separation (Translation: trouble, big, fast)
Pamela: that's my biggest beef with some of the newer vehicles. The rims are aluminum.
BobS: yes....and they just plain leak the air out too
rich-c: as long as you know the size and offset you can always get steel replacements, Pam
: Guy B:: Well, at least I have a new tire and the car is fine.
rich-c: (sorry, not meaning to shout)
Pamela: after all the problems I handled regarding aluminum rims, I've become very leery of them
: Guy B:: Don't worry Bob. I do check my tires every month.
BobS: good man
rich-c: fortunately almost ev eryone selling snow tires sells steel rims too for mounting
: Guy B:: Along with the fluids.
Pamela: if you can afford it, it's better to leave the snow tires on their own rims - easier to switch out
: Guy B:: Any word from Dale on the hotel?
Pamela: bupkus
rich-c: exzctly, which is why they sell teh steel rims
Pamela: well it's been about a year since I had my flat and replaced my two front tires. Guess I had better look at the rear ones this year.
BobS: might be agood idea
: Guy B:: Well folks, got to run. I'll see you all either Saturday or next week.
Pamela: night Guy!
rich-c: yes, either they will be worn or they will be OK, and holding air
rich-c: look for you, Guy
Pamela: well they're certainly holding air, I never have a problem with them
BobS: nite Guy
: Guy B:: Poof
left chat session
rich-c: often air loss can ressult from rusting of teh rim, tire rotating on the rim, or wonky valve
rich-c: don't assume a tie is wrong if your pressure is going down slowly - there may be another cause
Pamela: I have them checked every time I'm in for anything else and they're always fine, perfectly pressurized
rich-c: well, as long as the tread bars aren't showing they should be OK
Pamela: but the front tires take the brunt of most things
Pamela: pot holes, tire tracks, slippy roads
rich-c: yes, they have to bear almost all the weight and steer, stop, and drive teh car
Pamela: exactly
BobS: well gang time for me to go also
Pamela: still, I wouldn't want to be driving a RWD in the winter
rich-c: wanna guess why I've got a soft spot for rear wheel drive?
BobS: ya'll have a good week and twil see ya'll later, eh ?????
Pamela: g'nite Bob - be good
rich-c: OK Bob, take care, see you next time
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: well Papa it's just you and me and the man from Japan
rich-c: yes and he's been very quiet lately
Pamela: yes, I suspect children
rich-c: it is often teh case
Pamela: err, bad pun : )
rich-c: anyway I have to set up the recycling and get it out
Pamela: yes, and I'm going to relax a bit before bed
Pamela: I'm heading out to Katherine's on Saturday but will try to call Sunday
rich-c: OK, I'll look into your computr problem, and you can decide when you want to swap teh cell phones for the hooch
rich-c: night for now
Pamela: I'll let you know. Thanks Daddy. Goodnight
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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