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rich-c: greetiongs, guest!
Guest-1: allo riCH ;-) c'est moi, Daniel
rich-c: tu es buenvenue; pourquois le faux nom?
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changed username to Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie
Guest-1: to do something diffirent
Harvie: Hello rich and guest
rich-c: it's Daniel, just got bored with the same-old
rich-c: eh bien, pourquois pas?
Guest-1: and also, to make you guess who am I
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Guest-1 changed username to Who Am I?
rich-c: I suspect it wouldn't take long
changed username to BobS
Harvie: Hello bob
BobS: Dr D
rich-c: g'day, Roberto
Who Am I?: hi Bob
BobS: g'day mates
rich-c: where's Judy?
BobS: how things kids????
BobS: she's right here
rich-c: up to our - eyebrows - in snow here
BobS: cool that means we are done w/ it
Harvie: You must be laying down rich :)
rich-c: till next week?
BobS: how many meters?????
rich-c: first belt was 25 cm but theere has been more since then
rich-c: had a lot of drifting too
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changed username to Pamela
Who Am I?: hi Pam!
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: well, a bunch of early birds
BobS: we had that on Mon and Tues
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: Hello, mystery guest : )
Who Am I?: hehehe
rich-c: remind me I downloaded that patch for your computr problem
Pamela: remind you to what Dad?
rich-c: it's small enough that I can send it to you as an email attachment
Pamela: okay
rich-c: don't know if it will cure your problem but we can give it a shot
BobS: a hammer would cure it too
(BobS reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
rich-c: so Daniel, how are you set for snow in St.Foy?
Pamela: well I'm certainly not going to try brushing the chips right now - 35% humidity in here. Everything is causing sparks tonite, it's driving me nuts
BobS: ay 35% hunidity???????
BobS: that should be enohug to stop the sparks
rich-c: exactly - that advice must have been written by someone in New Orleans, or Houston
Pamela: not enough Bob
Who Am I?: what do you mewan by "set for snow"?
rich-c: how much are you having/ have you just had?
Who Am I?: I really don't know. I didn't measure it
Pamela: has anyone seen Erin yet?
Pamela: boy this thing is slow tonite
Harvie: Is she invisible? :)
Pamela: just wondered if she'd shown up here yet
Harvie: Then all we would see is her name :)
rich-c: no, she has been absent the last few nights
Pamela: she's supposed to come up and give me some money
Pamela: I got a one word answer to my e-mail earlier. I get the impression she was quite busy.
rich-c: oh, guess she'll be late, then ; = )
Pamela: I tried to call her, all I got was her voicemail. I thought she was already online.
rich-c: btw I have sent teh email with the patch
Pamela: thanks, Dad
rich-c: is she supposed to be at home or still at the office?
Pamela: at home, I think
Pamela: she'd better not still be at the office
rich-c: maybe things ran late at the Pink Palace
rich-c: you're coming over tomorrow night, right?
Harvie: They were hemmed in by tractors today
Pamela: right
Pamela: yes, I know, and she works for the Ag minister
rich-c: that's right, Harvie, but even by 3 p.m. the tractor mob was headed up the DVP, nearing Lawrence
rich-c: besides, I don't think it was agricultural issues that had them uptight
Pamela: oh the farmers want more money as usual
Pamela: i'm sure she'll tell me all about it when I see her
rich-c: their issue is that the greenbelt legislation wont let them sell farmland to developers
Pamela: i'm gonna go find something to eat (speaking of food) - be back shortly
Who Am I? changed username to Daniel B
Harvie: I hope she didn't meet up with "fowl" play by some "terra" risys :)
rich-c: I doubt it somehow, Harvie - as I said it wasn't her department they wre picketing today
rich-c: everyone awake?
Harvie: Yassir
rich-c: so silent I was beginning to wonder if I'd been dumped
Daniel B: trois petits chats, chapeau de paille, paillasson,..
rich-c: "paille" is not in my vocabulary
rich-c: the three kittens I get
BobS: say what?
rich-c: three kittens with straw-(coloured?) hats
BobS: and lost their mittons?
Daniel B: it was lyrics ... it's a song
Harvie: Something about cats with pale hats :)
Daniel B: they have no relation, but the end of the previous word (or group of words) is used as the first part of the next words
rich-c: once we get past "aupres de ma blonde", our acquiantance with French music is pretty much strictly classical
Daniel B: chapeau de paile
Daniel B: chapeau de paile
Daniel B: chapeau de paile
Daniel B: paille paille
Daniel B: paillasson
rich-c: likely a shame, because it seems in Quebec pop music is still mistakable for real music
Daniel B: paillassonpaillasson
Pamela: sorry, I'm back
Daniel B: son son
Daniel B: THAT's all, it's only a song
rich-c: is it a novelty tune for adults or a specials for children, Daniel?
Daniel B: hELLO Pam!, welcome back
Daniel B: It's for children
rich-c: and I have no doubt they enjoy it
Pamela: I looked out the window at Erin's place and it's completely dark - I think she's in bed already
Daniel B: "trois petits chats" it's the longuest, and the most popular of this kind of funny song.
rich-c: speaking of songs, folks, try this:
rich-c: scroll the text with the lyrics
rich-c: yes, many cultures and ages have their tradtional childrens songs
Pamela: sorry i'm quiet folks, i'm stuffing my face
Pamela: Freres Jacques comes to mind
rich-c: maybe you should phone her, Pam - I'm sure she'd LOVE that
Daniel B: hEheh! it's not for dialup modem ;-)
Pamela: I tried Dad
Pamela: all i got was her voicemail
rich-c: well, you'd have to load it first - don't remembr what format it uses
rich-c: us folks with DSL do get so spoiled
Daniel B: IT's loading, but playing at the same time... so it cuts many times
Pamela: Bob, why so quiet?
BobS: nothin to say dear
rich-c: once you run through it, Daniel, it may play fully from memory
Pamela: oh
rich-c: how did you do for snow, btw, Robert?
BobS: had almost 8 inches Mon & Tues......little more today
BobS: IT'S SPRING almost.....why snow now??????
Pamela: enuf with the snow already
rich-c: about the same as us, got off a little easier
Daniel B: I have to close the web page, my computer doesn't like runnning the applet at the same time.
rich-c: the storm came in from the Atlantic so the closer you were, the more you got
Pamela: something to do wiyh two big lows combining i think
Daniel B: it was funny
BobS: but as you say....the east coust got plastered
rich-c: OK Daniel, just copy the URL and go to it laterwhen you aren't multi-tasking
rich-c: yes, worst was southeastern Massachusetts - have a buddy who lives nearby
rich-c: be interesting to see what he says on chat (BBS) tonight or tomorrow
Pamela: brb
rich-c: he just bought a pick-em-up with a snow[;ow
rich-c: his first posting was "it will never snow again" (since he had the plow)
BobS: then he will loce it
BobS: love
rich-c: considering what he had to say about its handling in the dry, he'd better!
Pamela: it's the nature of the beast of course
Pamela: I guess he's ready to eat his words
Pamela: sorry, back to two hands now
rich-c: yes, practically goes along with its rear wheels in the air
Pamela: much faster
rich-c: speak for yourself, not us search, discover and land typists ; - )
Pamela: I'll bet. I watched one of our drivers get into the pickup with the plow on the front at work today, start her up and lift the plow - the back end came up six inches
Pamela: well it's hard to type with a bagel in your hand!
rich-c: you shouldn't believe what it's like hitting the brakes on that setup
rich-c: and apparently the steering has to be felt to be lelieved
Pamela: no thanks
rich-c: you're into bagels now?
Pamela: Ill stick to my FWD
rich-c: gather it got you to work and home again with minimal hassle
Pamela: of course
Pamela: the roads really weren't all that bad
rich-c: we had to wait for teh plow to come by, and Clive, but then we were good to go
Pamela: yesterday was worse than Monday actually
Pamela: however, I'm still glad I came straight home Monday night
rich-c: we were not out Tuesday so I can't tell
rich-c: yes, it wouldn't have been bad getting here, but getting home - ugh
BobS: Tues was worse here
BobS: cancelled over 150 area schools for the day
Pamela: I said to the boss yesterday that I was thinking of going out at lunch to make a snowman
Pamela: he said I should go for it : )
rich-c: this time teh snowplow made all the parked contractors vans get out of the way so she could plough right up ti the curb
Pamela: good for her!
rich-c: yes, we had all teh rural schools around here closed too
Pamela: actually I don't think schools were closed Dad, but buses were cancelled
rich-c: right, sorry about that
Pamela: I have a coworker in Bolton and one in Orangeville, and neither had their kids home yesterday
rich-c: the teachers are always required to be there - no excuses accepted
Pamela: you mean "snow up to my eyeballs" doesn't cut it?
rich-c: nothing cuts it - if you're trapped in a three-hour delay on 401, you'd still better be in by 11
rich-c: and the management had better be well informed about the validity of the delay
Pamela: that's why many of our outlying employees drive 4wd vehicles
rich-c: that just means they get stuck deeper, furher from home
rich-c: what you need for this is a nice heavy Crown Vic, right, Bob?
Pamela: one of my coworkers was driving a 3 cyl. Neon and had three accidents on the way to work in the first couple of snowfalls this year. She gave up and traded up to an Escape.
rich-c: wont do her any good -4WD doesnt cut the braking distance or steering slack
BobS: right Richard...and with about 300 lbs of tools int he trunk, I can go just about anywhere a 4 wheel drive can
Pamela: I must admit, there's something to be said for driving a bigger heavier car in the snow.
Pamela: well, she hasn't had any more accidents since : )
rich-c: depends on teh ground clearance, Pam
rich-c: the real key is to have proper dedicated snow tires
Pamela: those little roller skates are useless in weather like this
rich-c: maybe someone sold her a set of Blizzaks with teh Escape
Pamela: nope, regular 4 season tires
Pamela: however, we can debate that tomorrow night
rich-c: her luck is not going to last, then
rich-c: those are really all season except snow
Harvie: Well folks, Arthur (itis) tells me it's time to go
Daniel B: is there another chat session tomorrow night?
Pamela: that Arthur is a pesky sort, Harvie
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BobS: be good Harvie
rich-c: no, Daniel, Pamela is coming over to join her parents for dinner
Harvie: I know him too well
changed username to Scott
Daniel B: ho
Harvie left chat session
Pamela: no Daniel, I'm going to dinner at my parents tomorrow night : )
Daniel B: scott
Scott: Helllllllooooooo
rich-c: take good care, Harvie
Pamela: Hi Scott
rich-c: hello Scott
BobS: hiya Scott
Pamela: wow, Harvie disappeared in a hurry
BobS: long time no see mon
Scott: Hi All. Glad to see you here. Did you met last week?
BobS: yup
BobS: every week mon
Scott: I came but no one here
rich-c: when your arthritis starts acting up, it's easy to become impatient
Scott: I was a little late, though
Pamela: anyway Dad, I still have stuff to do
rich-c: we meet every Wednesday, Scott, and sometimes Saturday
Pamela: Scott, I hate to love you and leave you but . . .
Scott: Daniel: I'm programming again on ColecoVision
BobS: what time were you in Scott????
Daniel B: :_)
BobS: we were on until at least 11pm EST
rich-c: OK see you tomorrow night then - don't forget teh cell phones
Daniel B: :-)
Pamela: I'm gonna leave you guys to talk programming and computers and put away my laundry
Scott: I must has come in a little after 11 pm
BobS: oh Pammie
Pamela: right, cell phones. Getting them out now to bring.
Pamela: yes Bob
Scott: I did try, though
Scott: :(
BobS: going just so you can work???
Daniel B: How is going, scott?
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Pamela: if I don't do it now, it'll sit in the basket for a week
Scott: Daniel: I got so frustrated with some of the coding problems that I had to get away from it.
changed username to Mitch
rich-c: hello
rich-c: Ron
Pamela: Hi Ron
Mitch: hey!
Daniel B: coding problems?
rich-c: you managed to make it tonight
Mitch: Everyone well?
Daniel B: hi Mitch
rich-c: yes, snowbound but well
Pamela: so far so good Ron. I'm just leaving though.
Scott: I had a problem with Sprites that I later determined wasn't a problem.
Scott: So I'm back at it
Mitch: yes..... would have been here earlier, but the "Chair from Hell" got me after supper
BobS: hiya ron
Pamela: if Guy comes in, say hi for me
Mitch: Hi Bob, Daniel, Rich, Pam
Pamela: oh, I hate that. I have a couch like that : )
Scott: Am planning a ColecoVision/Master System/Game Gear release
rich-c: we'll send him a Diet Coke too
Mitch: who did I miss?
Pamela: just Harvie
Daniel B: a problem with sprites that wasn'T a problem?
Mitch: yup..... instant sleep
Scott: Also realized that I loved programming, and no matter how hard I try, I can never get away from it.
rich-c: \it's a symptom of advancing old age, Ron
Scott: I thought I screwed something up when setting up the VDP
Daniel B: ok
Pamela: anyway, I'm outta here. Dad, see you tomorrow. Everyone else, have a good week.
Pamela: Night everyone.
Scott: Forgot that the lower 2 bits are ignored when referencing a Sprite #
Mitch: Gee Pam, was it something I said?
rich-c: nite
Scott: Stupid me.
Daniel B: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: nope, just timing, sweetie
Daniel B: you are not stupid, scott. you are learning
Mitch: ok
Pamela: Kerpoof.
Pamela left chat session
Scott: My brain was so ingrained in other things that I forgot this simple thing
rich-c: Daniel, didn't that bug you were trying to resolve involve sprites?
Scott: So I am much better organized this time (also a problem)
Daniel B: not this one
BobS: humna nature Scott......sometimes the easiest things goof everyting up
Scott: I'm forming a new game company, because I realized that this is what I love to do
Daniel B: a new game company?
Scott: All of my classes are geared towards becoming a better programmer, so why not take the plundge now?
Mitch: That's the trick Scott.... find your passion, and find a way to make money at it
Scott: Trilogy Games is the name
BobS: cool
Scott: I bought the domain the other night
Mitch: a competitive field though
Scott: It's
Daniel B: great! what is your planning about this game company pROJECT?
BobS: that means that all your games will come in three's??????
rich-c: that's because if you get it right it's unbelievably lucrative
Scott: Yes lucky #3's
Scott: I'm going to complete the Coleco ADAM game that I started 10 years ago first
rich-c: what platform are we talking, Scott?
Scott: ColecoVision/Master System/Game Gear
rich-c: it will play on the emulator, then?
Scott: All 3 use Z80 processors and TI VDPs
Scott: Yes, in fact using an emulator for development
Scott: Will also do some work for the PC to actually make some money
Scott: Probably Flash apps
rich-c: I think Danile was saying teh emulator emulates the Z80 speed slightly incorrectly
Scott: I am also planning a Shooter RPG for Game Gear
Scott: I have consoles of each in addition to parts to build carts
Daniel B: I'm not an expert, but I think Coleco use the NMI interrupts, and the two others use the software interrupt with RST 38h?
Scott: Am still pulling together the parts I need for Game Gear, but have a few
Mitch: Seems to ring a bell Daniel
Mitch: think you're right
Scott: I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to interrupts (always have them turned off) but I think you're right
Scott: The Game Gear's start button creates a software interrupt for pausing
rich-c: Scott, have you seen this nw joystick with a whole pile of C64 games builkt in?
Scott: My head's so into the VDPs right now, I will need to make a mental note to go back and learn more about the interrupts
Scott: Rich: Yes, those are AWESOME! Would love to buy one for ColecoVision.
Mitch: Will this pay you enough Scott, to be financially viable?
rich-c: So far only C64 and Atari 7800 from what I've heard
Daniel B: I received news from Blue MSX (emulator) group and report that they are working on this z80 emulation and add coleco support.
rich-c: but wouldn't it be neat if someone could build one for teh Adam?
Scott: Mitch: To get started, no. But I plan to do some PC work later to realistically make some money
Scott: Hmmm. Very interesting.
Mitch: right
Scott: I have a partially completed PC App that I need to finish called The Font Suite
Scott: Will release it for free
rich-c: the Adam problem would be with the copyrights on teh games
Mitch: to get yourself on the map
Scott: It's simply an 8X8 font editor that makes it easier for us classic game developers
Scott: Will probably be the first product I release
Mitch: i c
rich-c: I've noticed many people making themselves a name through free apps - some are fantastic
Scott: It started out being written on ADAM, then rewritten in Visual Basic. After I finish the Visual Basic version, will port it to Java
Scott: Yes, lots of VERY GOOD open source software
Mitch: there are some very good ones out there...... ones I'd gladly pay for if asked
rich-c: which means it will run about anywhere
Mitch: Irfanview comes to mind
Scott: Am using TASM for ColecoVision assembly work
Scott: I plan to build my own online assembler
Scott: As I mentioned to Daniel last time
Daniel B: my personal graphic (font and sprite) editors is written in visualbasic and already used by some coleco programmer?
rich-c: yes, Irfan is now accepting dopnations - we really should download the lastest a toss a bit in the pot to egg him on
Mitch: agree
Daniel B: (foRGET THE ? mark at the end)
Scott: Daniel: Quite different than what you've put together
Daniel B: I have a problem with capslock.
Scott: So I've been doing a little programming every night
Daniel B: too close to "shift" button
rich-c: or at leasst your fingers do ; - )
Scott: This summer there's a course in the Unreal Engine that I intend to take
Scott: The Font Suite is more like FontPOWER (Digital Express) on steroids and in a Windows environment
Mitch: I'm interested already
Daniel B: I didn't try FONTPower
Scott: Daniel - would you be interested in testing The Font Suite and providing feedback
Mitch: I'll toss an idea at you
Mitch: Scott
Scott: As in, whether or not it's a piece of junk???
Mitch: in our Extended Care Unit at the local hospital, there's a need for a certain type of game
Mitch: there has to be maximum bang for the buck in terms of keypresses
Mitch: some of the patients can press a mouse button, but that's all they can do
Scott: Mitch - if you'd like to try it out, that would be fantastic. Imagine that! A Coleco ADAM owner testing a piece of formally Coleco ADAM software
Daniel B: I'm interested in testing your editor.
Daniel B: of course, I'm interested.
Mitch: Example: there's a Slot Machine game for the IBM (not even a new one) that give impressive colour display sound and graphics,
Scott: I could send you what I have now, but I should slow down, take a week to improve it, then send it your way
rich-c: that sounds like a neat idea on a number of levels, Ron
Mitch: just for the mouse keypress.
rich-c: if it works the word will get around in one dirty great big hurry
Mitch: Keep it simple, keep it colourful, and keep your user capability in mind
Scott: The Font Suite includes code that directly extracts the font sets from the OS7 and SmartWRITER ROMs
Scott: You can also save your new font sets back to the ROMs, if you wish
Scott: There's also a Hex/Decimal calculator included in the development environment
Mitch: sounds practical
Daniel B: it remembers the first version of my graphic editor. i programmed it in QuickBASIC 4.5 and I were able to edit the charset and the sprites for one game.
Scott: I am creating a different app for Sprites
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Scott: It will focus on animation
Mitch: Tonight I'm on Diet Orange Crush (sweetened with Splenda)
Scott: Will probably be awhile before that one is done
Scott: Mitch: Sorry, a slot machine game?
Mitch: yes. It's called
Mitch: "
Mitch: "Animated
Scott: Single keypress game?
Scott: Single keypress Slot Machine game?
Mitch: Well, it wasn't really designed as a 'single keypress' game, but for those who can't do anything else, they can put it on
Scott: Includes a slot for them to give me all their money, right?
rich-c: if "all" it does is spin the slot wheels, yes, single keypress should do
Mitch: "Bet Max", and just press the left mouse button to get it to spin over and over again
rich-c: maybe have some "accounting" on the side to make it interesting
Mitch: we have a sheet of high friction plastic under the mouse which makes it easier to keep the mouse in one place
Scott: There you go, Mitch, perhaps you should get your hands dirty and program it yourself?
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Scott: Could make a lot of $$$
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: go down to treh local casino and grab some ideas
Daniel B: it remembers me many games IN BASIC I did
Scott: :>
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Scott: Greetings!
Mitch: yes.... it awards points for three of a kind, across, diagonally, or up and down
Daniel B: hi Guy
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Scott: Right now, there's nothing at
Scott: I only got the domain and web space yesterday
Mitch: I've thought of it
Guy B.: Thanks Rich
Mitch: we also like programs that run both on a Mac and on a Win Box
Scott: The provider gave me 2 GB of space and 50 GB bandwidth
Mitch: since we have a few of each
Scott: Should be enough
Scott: Am working on it, though.
rich-c: Sorry - Pamela had to leave, Guy
Guy B.: Rats!
Mitch: Evening Mr. Bona
rich-c: but she left the "message" with me for you ; - )
Scott: So are you still programming, Daniel?
Guy B.: And I wonder what that is?
Scott: Hi, Gu1y
Daniel B: I din't program during the last 3 months
Scott: Hi, Guy!
Scott: Needed a break?
Daniel B: I'm planning new game projects and continuing the coleco codiNG GUIDE document.
Scott: Venture 2 in the works?
Daniel B: the document is not an easy project
Mitch: I used to enjoy it immensely (programming) back in the early days of ADAM, but I've fallen so far behind now in terms of knowledge that I'm not sure I could catch up
rich-c: wonder where james is tonight? he'd enjoy this
Guy B.: HI Scott, so how's everything going with you so far?
Scott: No. Documentation is very difficult
Scott: Very time consuming
Scott: Guy:
Mitch: Need to get to work on several books I've got here - I have Code Warrior for the Mac, and Visual Basic 5 for the Win box - Visual C++
Scott: Guy: Very good. My wife's working, we're making a little extra money. Paying off debt. Things are ok.
Guy B.: Good to hear. What programming are you doing?
Mitch: Would like to finally master QBasic
Scott: Do yourself a favor and *AT LEAST* read about Visual Basic 6.0. It's very solid.
Mitch: yes.... I've got a "For Dummies" learning version of 6
Scott: Am working on ColecoVision/Master System/Game Gear version of Dragon Master
Mitch: I just acquire languages. what I need to do is actually start using them
Guy B.: I've been writing a few Qbasic programs for converting my movie database from Smartfiler to MS Access.
Scott: Mitch: What's your e-mail address?
rich-c: that sounds like something of a challenge, Guy
Guy B.: I've got Quickbasic 4.5 as well as Qbasic on my notebook.
Daniel B: Is there any specifications, pictures or even a preliminary version of your Dragon Master GAme?
Mitch: my attention these days is too easily distracted
rich-c: yes, have you settled out teh future residence question yet?
Daniel B: The best thing about QuickBASIC 4.5, is the compiler to make an EXE file :-)
Scott: Daniel, what's the best e-mail address to reach you at?
Mitch: pretty much. I have a 1/2 Duplex unit that I've put a deposit on. occupancy April 15
rich-c: ownership condo or rental, Ron?
Guy B.: Not that hard Rich. My VHS collection is on Smartfiler and I'm going to use Openfiler to extract all 422 records. Then it will go into my Qbasic program as I have a routine to join the two movie title fields as one then I canm import it into Access.
Mitch: Grant of Letters Probate is ready for this house (court just phoned today)...So I can put it on the market.... I'll be renting where I'm going
Scott: Daniel: I'm working on putting together NEW screenshots for Dragon Master.
Mitch: So I have 6 weeks to get my act together
Daniel B: my public email is newcoleco AT yahoo DOT fr, but you can use daniel_bienvenu AT yahoo DOT ca
Scott: I did an extensive demo of Dragon Master back at ADAMCon 4, but it was early
rich-c: until the landlord finds out about the Snake Pit...
Guy B.: That's why I got it. When I complete my AdamEm Setup utility. I can compile it as an EXE program that won't need Qbasic to run.
Mitch: The snakepit will contain 2 computers and 2 laptops all on new and proper office desktop furniture
BobS: hi guylong as the snakes don't move ron, he shouldn't mind
Mitch: won't be a snakepit any more
Scott: Will use the latter, thanks.
Guy B.: Hi Bob, how much snow do you have there?
Mitch: I've got 3 bedrooms, and the centre one looks like an office to me
rich-c: sure, Ron, absolutely ;-)
Mitch: :)
Mitch: yeah, I know
BobS: had about 8" Guy....and a.ittle more last night
Mitch: actually I lied. gonna take two old mac's and my ADAM
Mitch: or one of my ADAMs
Guy B.: That's all lake effect you got. I have enough to cover the ground.
Mitch: the rest will be preserved in an appropriate manner
BobS: a lot of it
Scott: If all goes well, I will send you a link to a reviewable version of The Font Suite next week
rich-c: well you're a long way in from the Atlantic, wheree this came from
Guy B.: Has it finally ended?
Scott: I may want to take 2 weeks due to school work that sucks up a lot of time
Scott: If anyone else wants to test it, that would be great
rich-c: here they sa6y clear but COLD next fw days
Daniel B: ok scott
BobS: probably not Guy
BobS: weather in March can be nasty
Scott: Well, I better go. Got homework and programming to do. Nice talking with everyone.
rich-c: statistically, we get a fifth of each winter's snowfall in March
rich-c: OK
Scott: Enjoy the wonderful weather! Hee hee
Guy B.: With the winds from the Northwest, guess you will still get some more.
rich-c: scott, remember that disc drive
Scott: Yes, disc drive.
Guy B.: Bye Scott.
Scott left chat session
rich-c: anyway, goodnight!
Mitch: By the way, am I correct in assuming that ADAMCON 17 is July 14 -17?
BobS: be good Scott
Mitch: Nite Scott
Daniel B: do you agree to let me send your editor to my friends coleco programmers too?
Guy B.: It is Ron.
Daniel B: shit... too late
Mitch: good
rich-c: that's the word, Ron; Dale said it's firm
BobS: yes
Mitch: July is going to be a bit of a blur. Jeff's wedding is July 2 and I have to be back here for the last weekend in July 'cause the 'kin is comin'
rich-c: we,kl, that leaves a whole month with a hole in the middle - you can spare five days
Mitch: Oh, I intend to
rich-c: the Toronto Indy is the weekend before - I'm wondering if any of my cursor cronies will turn up
BobS: a race is not as important as ADAMCON
Mitch: brb
rich-c: as the Duke said, "it's a close-run thing"
Daniel B: sorry guys. it's time to say good bye. talk to you next week (not this week-end)
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel; a la prochaine!
Daniel B: bonsoir rich
BobS: nit Daniel
Daniel B: good night Bob,Guy,Ron.
BobS: ai can't stay awake here either. long day and need sleep
Daniel B: *poof*
BobS: will see you next week, yes???????
rich-c: depending on when they run the Australian Grand Prix. I could miss this weekend myself
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: absolutely, Bob - go catch your zzzz's now
rich-c: wow, that was quick
Mitch: and then there were 3
rich-c: right - how's Abby, Guy?
rich-c: Ron, you got my PM, right?
Mitch: PM?
rich-c: personal message
rich-c: sorry, private message
Mitch: um.... no. when did you send it
rich-c: shortly after you came on - just a URL you'll enjoy
Mitch: sec
rich-c: I'd told the others earlier so didnt want to repeat it in the main conversation
Mitch: Ok got it now
Guy B.: Abby's doing fine. Her left hind leg is getting stronger.
rich-c: when we're finished do go look, I think you will get a kick out of it
rich-c: you can scroll with teh lyrics
rich-c: so she's getting her health back then, Guy?
Mitch: cool Rich. will have to really look at it after the chat
rich-c: yes, it's too long to do right now
Mitch: I'm still looking for my Superman serial
rich-c: got it out of one of my newsletters - they do come up with the darndest things
Mitch: indeed
rich-c: oh, in my time it was the Lone Ranger
Guy B.: She's been perky since she has been on her thyroid medicine. She will have to remain on this probably for the remainder of her life.
Mitch: will often go to the various "Old Time Radio" sites and find Lone Ranger, Our Miss Brooks, various others
rich-c: ouch, that can get expensive, Guy
rich-c: oddly enough, Ron, I do comparatively little surfing
rich-c: but I am on "my" BBS every day
Mitch: That's all I've been doing lately. I dunno.... think my attention span has been adversely affected by the events of the past few months
Mitch: Difficult to get interested in stuff. Hope it will pass
rich-c: no, again, it's advancing old age
Guy B.: I think it was $30, but I have a lot of pills. They were cut in half, since she needed two half pills a day. Now it's two 1/4 pills a day. So, I take one of the halves and chop it in half again.
Mitch: oh oh
rich-c: maybe when you don't have so much time left you're inclined to ration how much you will spend on anything
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to colecoguy
Mitch: will look who it is
colecoguy: Hello All Lontime no see
Mitch: Hi Michael
colecoguy: opps
colecoguy: Hey
colecoguy: How is everyone here
rich-c: you are more than a little late, Michael - I was about to leave
Mitch: able to sit up and take nourishment
colecoguy: well this is good
rich-c: but still on teh right side of teh grass
Mitch: yes
Guy B.: Michael, been a while. How have you been?
colecoguy: Sorry but I was out till a few minutes ago Puppy cut his foot quite badly tonight some jerk broke a bottle in the lobby outside the elevators and Scrappy ran right through it
Mitch: aww God
Guy B.: How bad is it?
Mitch: is he ok?
rich-c: just great, Michael - these swine are really a pain
colecoguy: Good some days and worse others but I am pretty good considering
colecoguy: yea thats what I think too
rich-c: even if teh bottle was broken accidentally it should have been cleaned up
moved to room Meeting Place
colecoguy: He will be fine but has quite a bad cut on left forepaw that required 12 stiches
rich-c: TWELVE stitches? That's ferocious, Michale
colecoguy: Yea Thats what I told the super when I woke him
Guy B.: I assuming he has a bandage on too?
Mitch: oh man!
colecoguy: Yea almost lost a toe
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: count your blessing that he could save all the toes - must be a good vet
colecoguy: Yea I have him in my lap right now the other paw just has cuts but not to bad but he is really upset as I am sure you can all imagiane
Mitch: I'll bet
rich-c: have we a lurker or just someone having trouble logging in?
colecoguy: 225.00 he better be
Guy B.: Make sure the pup doesn't try to take the bandage off. You know how puppies are. They like to chew on anything. I'm glad he's Ok.
Mitch: Vets don't come cheap
rich-c: sounds like he gave you your money's worth, Michael
colecoguy: yea he has a rented tent collar which should be fun for me to sleep with tonight
rich-c: yes, those look so silly but they are necessary and work well
colecoguy: no they don't but I think the farm vet that I deal with for all the rest when I am at the trailer would have been at least half of what I was charged 50 was be casue after hours
rich-c: though the pup's opinion may be different...
colecoguy: yea but my concern is he sleeps with me and I am wondering if I'll sleep tonight.... heheh
rich-c: well, he'll just have tosettle for teh foot of the bed
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run. Won't be on this Saturday. I'm working and have a haircut appt. So, I'll see you all next week.
colecoguy: we can only hope considering he usually sleeps in my under arm
rich-c: see you Wed then Guy - take care
colecoguy: Guy good to talk to you take care
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Mitch: who's the "undefined"
colecoguy: Anyways its good to have made a stop by here for a visit I am going to start coming every week at to one of the chats
rich-c: so anyway Ron, I gather you plan to remain in Comox indefinitely?
Mitch: wouldn't think of leaving Rich
Mitch: this is my place
rich-c: you're an islander at heart, then
colecoguy: yea the weather is better there too
Mitch: I guess that's what it makes me
rich-c: I have many relatives in BC who'd never leave but they are split between the Island and mainland
colecoguy: Anyways I'll let you two visit for a few before you have to go as I said I will be back next week
Mitch: Think if my son, Jeff, had his way I'd have chosen Vancouver
Mitch: Spent some time with him last week, and that sorta came up
rich-c: I assume btw that the undefined are lurkers - they're welcome of course
rich-c: but they also may see they need not be shy
colecoguy: bye for now gentleman
Mitch: don't be afraid to identify yourselves
Mitch: see ya later Mike.... best of luck with the pooch
colecoguy: thanks and good on you as well good to see you here
Mitch: :)
rich-c: night Michael - take good care of the pup
colecoguy: Take care Night pooooof
colecoguy left chat session
Mitch: So for those who remain to be introduced.... we are a group of Coleco ADAM users who meet here Wednesday nights
rich-c: does Jeff want the old man around so he can keep an eye on him?
Mitch: Heh! Kinda sounded like it Rich, but then he said the same thing about his mother... who is currently in Victoria
Mitch: not quite sure what to infer about that
Mitch: I made it quite clear that I can no longer afford to live in Vancouver
rich-c: I admit it is an interesting question - but I don't plan to discuss it in a recorded chat
Mitch: good idea
rich-c: well, if you got far enough out in Surrey
rich-c: though these days far enough out to be useful would make you a Yank
Mitch: no doubt. Oh I could do it if it became necessary.... ie if I lost my mind or something
Mitch: but prefer the Comox Valley for now, thank you very much
rich-c: exactly - but if it ain't bust, don't fix it
Mitch: Think he was talking a few years away.
rich-c: right - the kids tend to fuss as the years go by
Mitch: The condo they're in now is adequate for the two of them, but later if as and when family arise, they're going to need more room
Mitch: He just got a promotion
rich-c: that's the trouble with condos; you hope you can get your equity out and it may be profitable
Mitch: had the interview a couple of weeks ago and got word while I was there
rich-c: but it is a risk, not like just not renewing a lease
rich-c: that's great, Ron - what does he do, I've forgotten
Mitch: yes.... although I saw something on the news today, the value of a used condo has increased 11% in the past year
Mitch: He was a building code specialist (fire protection).... issuing permits to builders
rich-c: yes, the real estate market is wild theese days
Mitch: now he's going to be Manager of Code Development.... more of a long term view from the sounds of it
rich-c: so now he supervises the inspectors?
Mitch: yes, apparently
Mitch: City of Vancouver
Mitch: he's done well
rich-c: right - a very demanding job but highly important
rich-c: especially in a place on teh brink of The Big One any time
Mitch: I gather the Fire Code in Vancouver is up for a complete re-write
Mitch: exactly
Mitch: seismic construction and all
rich-c: that may end up his life's work - I hope he gets it right and done in time
Mitch: could be. Especially the way the City of Vancouver moves. I gather they don't rush at anything
rich-c: there are going to be an awful lot of people live or die on his judgments
Mitch: yes... and from what I could observe, there is one hell of a pile of construction currently taking place
Mitch: been a while since I went to the "big smoke". It ain't gettin' any smaller
rich-c: yes, it's like Toronto - you can't turn around without seeing s new building
Mitch: Also had to get measured for a tuxedo
rich-c: ah, right - the wedding will be formal
Mitch: yup
Mitch: Poor mother.... she's going to miss it all
Mitch: my future daughter-in-law is trying to convert me to Italian food
rich-c: our wedding was sort of dark-suit formal, but that was 50 years ago come October
Mitch: 50.... cool!
rich-c: let her convert you, Ron - didn't you know it's the Italians who taught teh French how to cokk?
rich-c: brb
Mitch: matter of acquiring the taste
Mitch: So our visitor's left
rich-c: basically if you can enjoy a pizza the battle is mostly won
Mitch: Oh that's ok.... it's the calves' brain, and tripe and olive oil I object to
Mitch: and vegetables with strange names
rich-c: the pastas are marvellous - spaghetti, lasagna, canneloni
Mitch: I'm ok with those
Mitch: She's an excellent cook
Mitch: but I do need to keep an open mind
rich-c: OK, brains and eggs are an acquired taste, though I'm told they're delicious
rich-c: our No Frills has started to carry tripe; seems teh demand is increasing
Mitch: Jeff is partially converted, and he says he's lost 10 pounds since they moved in together
rich-c: hey, it's teh foundation of haggis, a fine Scottish dish
Mitch: well I thought tripe was a Yorkshire dish. My dad used to like it. Turns out it's a Florentine dish too
rich-c: not sure what strange veggies the Italians use; I've never encountered any I was unfamiliar with
Mitch: exactly
rich-c: and in Toront one goes to a LOT of Italian restaurants
Mitch: well, we'll have to see
Mitch: Francesca's father is coming from Florence for the wedding. Her mother lives in North Van. Have already met her
rich-c: well, if she gets the message pa-in-law to be has problems with organ meats, teh rest should do well
Mitch: I'm standing my ground on some things.... like organ meats
rich-c: btw, don't forget it's rally Firenza
Mitch: I saw that on a Map, and I have a T-shirt they brought back last summer.... that says... you guessed it.... Firenza
rich-c: Anglophones are somewhat egotistical about geographic names - like Koln or Praha or Napoli or...
rich-c: I am not sure that the natives appreciate this
Mitch: Actually, Firenza looks more like a province or a county than a city
Mitch: I'm not sure what the political setup is
Mitch: I shall have to do some research
rich-c: I suspect that it has some history as a city-state that remains on teh maps
Mitch: From reading I've done so far, it was actually the capital city of Italy somewhere in the 1400's
rich-c: and no, I don't know how Italian government works either
Mitch: I'm not sure if the Italian government knows how the Italian government works
rich-c: the CIA has a good general handbook online on various nations
Mitch: good.... will have to take a gander at that
rich-c: try - it will be very close to that
Mitch: Let's just say, I'm beginning to discover the meaning of the term 'cultural differences'
rich-c: in many ways they can be fascinating - in others, grating
Mitch: noted
rich-c: any old how, it's 11.30 here in teh snowbelt and I still have chorse to do
Mitch: exactly. Francesca is quite firm in certain viewpoints
Mitch: we've sparred a little about food and Christmas
Mitch: all healthy I suppose
rich-c: maybe a should send you our directive about women - guaranteed to leave you sleeping on the couch for a week
Mitch: she's catholic, and I don't thing my dear mother (God rest her soul) approved
Mitch: doesn't matter around here Rich..... couch, bed, both
rich-c: acculturation works two ways - Francesca will have to accept that
Mitch: but I'd like to looke at it anyway
Mitch: exactly!
Mitch: right sir..... will see you soon
Mitch: I must go balance my chequebook
rich-c: right - the guide is on the way to you
rich-c: night for now
Mitch: tks
Mitch: nite
Mitch left chat session
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