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Scott: Hi Eric
Eric: hello scott
Scott: Looks like we beat everyone here
Eric: yea i've been here a while
Scott: Usually several people are already here when I enter the chat room
Scott: How long have you been here?
moved to room Meeting Place
Eric: about an hour
changed username to rich-c
Scott: Wow, that's a long time
Scott: Hello, Rich.
Eric: hello rich
rich-c: hey, 6you guys are early - couldn't wait to start? ;-)
Scott: I just happened to remember that the chat was tonight and it so happened to be 7 PM MST!
rich-c: note I'm right on the tick of nine (smug smile)
Eric: yea i've missed the last few so i thought i'd get here early
Scott: The Lakers lost again, so life is good.
rich-c: FWIW eric, most nights we don't see any activity till 9 EST - some keep trickling in till 11
rich-c: I suspect by now the Raptors are out of it and just playing out the string
Scott: Yeah, Raptors aren't too good
Scott: Denver is surprisingly good late in the season
Scott: As is Washington
Scott: These two are traditionally the worst 2 NBA teams in the league
rich-c: don't care about basketball myself, but with no hockey the local sports pages ar3e talking about other things instead
Scott: Both will be in the playoffs
Scott: Yeah, that's a real drag.
Scott: Supposedly the CBA for the NFL may be in trouble a few years down the road
Scott: Hopefully they can learn from this
Scott: Now if it was Baseball, I couldn't care less
rich-c: not always - when Fisichella won teh grand prix, they had a big colour picture on the front page of teh section
Scott: We actually have a pretty good hockey team here in Denver
Scott: Or had a pretty good hockey team
rich-c: yeah, they made it to the Stanley Cup moer recently tyhan the Leafs, if I recall
rich-c: sorry, eric, feel free to pitch in anytime
Scott: The Avalanche are always one of the best, almost always in the playoffs
Scott: The Maple Leafs are Calgary's team, right?
rich-c: of course in Toronto they're still coasting on teh prestige of being one of the Original Six
rich-c: you're pulling my leg, I trust
Scott: No, I get the Canadian teams mixed up all the time
Scott: Traditionally I just watch the Avalanche and whoever they're playing
rich-c: the originals were Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians
Scott: But I watch it in between football and basketball, so it's my third favorite sport
rich-c: Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and Edmonton are latecomers
Scott: Calgary Flames, that's right!
rich-c: me, I watch motor racing and Canadian football
Scott: I saw them in some postseason action not too long ago
Scott: Never watched Canadian football.
Scott: I'm so used to the NFL, I'm not sure how much I'd like it.
rich-c: it's teh original football from which the American game was derived, but very different now
Scott: Arena League Football is ok, but I still prefer the NFL
rich-c: depends on how much you prefer sophistication and action to brute force
Scott: It would be nice to have an NFL franchise in Canada
rich-c: ni e for who, and why?
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changed username to BobS
Scott: So we could get more of the world involved
BobS: YES do that
rich-c: allo, Roberto
Scott: The NFL Europe still has a long way to go
rich-c: in Europe it has to compete with soccer and rugger - much better games (ask any European)
BobS: what's the world tpoic here?
Scott: That's why I love the world cup every 4 years
rich-c: feetsball
Scott: Now that the US has a decent soccer (football) team.
Scott: It's easier to watch games
rich-c: yes, Canada is working on one but hasn't got to the tipping point yet
Scott: The US team is greatly helped by Major League Soccer
rich-c: given our immigration, I can't understand why soccer isn't stronger here
Scott: We have a lot more homegrown talent than before
Scott: Yeah, that's strange.
rich-c: they say Toronto will be over half "visible minorities" by 2017
Scott: But you still have hockey - a very entertaining and violent sport
rich-c: we gave up on that in the Ballard years - he killed the game here
rich-c: they are only now getting places in rebuilding
Scott: Europeans seem to be warming up a little to American football
Scott: But they need teams to root for
rich-c: well, they don't get to see the real stuff ; - )
Scott: That's why I think we should add franchises in Mexico and Canada
Scott: At least get North America engaged
rich-c: sorry, a number of US cities took CFL franchises for a while, but they didn't fly
Scott: Otherwise it's Hockey, Football, Soccer (North to South)
rich-c: but there's still a group of Baltimore fans who come to the Grey Cup everey year
rich-c: and motor racing world wide
Scott: Canadian football also doesn't have any airtime in the US
Scott: Hard to say what I'm missing
rich-c: well, it does, but only on rather obscure cable networks
Scott: I've been looking, but haven't come across anything
Scott: There's a few NFL stars who have gone to the CFL
rich-c: the number of networks carrying it is increasing
Scott: Wouldn't mind seeing Doug Flutie play there if he's interested.
rich-c: there are a number of NFL stars who developed and proved themselves in the CFL, too
Scott: What networks?
rich-c: Warren Moon and Doug Flutie come to mind
Scott: Kurt Warner was an AFL guy, I believe
rich-c: is there a Sunshine network? and what's the NY Yankees network called?
Scott: Not sure if he played at all in the CFL
Scott: Haven't heard of that cable station
rich-c: think Jeff Garcia, lately
Scott: At least it's not on any of the cable/dish package I know of
rich-c: whole bunch of receivers
Scott: I'll take a look.
rich-c: I said they wer obsscrure - but keep looking
Scott: It would be interesting to see what they're doing up there.
rich-c: CFL linemen and linebackers are usually too light or small for teh NFL
Scott: I think the Grey Cup is televised on a major network
Scott: But I always miss it
rich-c: the premium here is on speed and agility
Scott: Is the field the same size?
rich-c: when you have a longer wider field with more players per side it changes th9ings
Scott: How many players are on the field?
rich-c: also the end zones are much deeper and there are scoring differences
Scott: Hmmm, didn't know that...
rich-c: field is 110 x 65 yeards, 12 men per side, no fair catches
Scott: Will have to check it out
rich-c: single point on a missed field goal but teh defending team can run it back
Scott: NFL is 11 per side, so there's 2 extra players on the field at all times
rich-c: yes, and only three downs, too
rich-c: makes for a very different game
Scott: Wow, that is quite different
rich-c: anyway, isn't it time Bob and eric got a word in edge4wise?
Scott: YES
BobS: am just listenin'
BobS: and learnin'
rich-c: well, toss in your views, too
BobS: didn't know about the differences in the 2 football leagues either
rich-c: well, actually, teh US game began when Harvard played as guests at McGill in the late 1800s
rich-c: the Canadian game has stayed much closer to the original roots
BobS: but we LOVE to score more points !!!!! :-)
Scott: Yeah, nowadays there are too many things you can get penalized for
rich-c: yes, we have very few gamess with 100 points (combined) in each year
rich-c: most end up with scores like 32-27 or such
BobS: sell then tis not much different scoring totals.......most nfl teams hit the 20-40 mark
rich-c: that's a recent change, I think - used to be the results looked more like hockey scores
Scott: Only if you're talking about last year's Redskins games
Scott: We didn't score too many points :(
rich-c: we hear a fair it about the Buffalo Bills - for some folk in Niagara they're teh closest team in any league
rich-c: remindsw me, Scott, you've been talking of moving - any updates?
Scott: The most exciting times for Buffalo recently were when Doug Flutie was playing for them
rich-c: yes, they could offer him more than Toronto could
Scott: We're thinking of buying an investment property and moving later
Scott: Prices are good right now
rich-c: define "later"?
Scott: But we'd need to rent it out for a few years
Scott: Until I finish my Bachlor's degree
rich-c: if prices are good does that mean interest rates are bad?
Scott: No interest rates are OK right now
BobS: rates are CHEAP
BobS: got nohwere to go but up
Scott: Housing costs in that part of the country haven't caught up yet
rich-c: here our rates are low and prices are ridiculous
Scott: Define 'ridiculous'
rich-c: the mostosity next to us is listed at $1.1 million
Scott: Canadian dollars?
rich-c: it's 3000 chintzy sq, ft, on a 45 x 120 lot
rich-c: yeah, that's what we pay in here, Scott 8 = )
Scott: So 550,000 US?
Scott: That's too much
Scott: How can the average person ever pay that off?
rich-c: well, a little more than that - say about $900,000 US at current exchange rates
rich-c: they can't these places sell and then are back on the market in six months 'cause the owners can't carry them
Scott: That's a small fortune
rich-c: our whole neighbourhood is getting mansionized with these things fast as the builders can put them up
rich-c: there's at least five more under construction within a block of our place
Scott: Time to sell, Rich?
rich-c: we'd likely do well; the house is worthless but the ground is about $400,000
Scott: You could have a mansion in some parts of the US with that money
Scott: But you'd be in the US vs. Canada
rich-c: we could have one in teh otuskirts of Toronto for that
Scott: Go for it
rich-c: but we don't want to move at all, let alone back to the US
Scott: Well I wouldn't want to move to Canada either ;)
rich-c: simply packing up and moving would be too much of a challenge
Scott: Yes, not fun
rich-c: 7es, not sure how much business there is in your field, Scott
Scott: As in the Computer Sciences? I would suspect there's quite a bit...
rich-c: depends on which part, Scott - IT is short everywhere, programming? ask Dale, he's done well
Scott: How is Dale doing? He's never in the chat room
Scott: Business booming?
rich-c: but Nortel has had a rough time, and IBM are selling their computer business to China
rich-c: he sold his startup to BestBuy and is now managing it for them
Scott: Wow, that's great!
Scott: So he's doing well money-wise
rich-c: thats why he's rarely here; he's communting to Vancouver regularly
rich-c: he concedes he isn't hurting ; - )
Scott: Maybe a soon to be millionaire
rich-c: it would not surprise me
rich-c: he's moved out to Whitby; I think it's hos third new house
Scott: Third house? That's impressive...
rich-c: still, he and Jill are both still working
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter, you're late
Pamela: wow, is everyone else late too?
rich-c: checked your home email yet?
Scott: Well, I better go do some homework
Scott: Will talk to you later, Rich.
Scott left chat session
Pamela: yes, why?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: OK Scott, take care, don't forget the disc drive
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to erin
changed username to WB
BobS: Hi Pam
rich-c: hello erin, you've not been around for a while
Pamela: Hey Bob
BobS: Hi Erin
Pamela: Hi Rin, I just got here too
erin: hello folks
BobS: WILLIE?????
rich-c: hi WB, where have you been the last feew ages 8 = )
erin: works been busy with all the protests
WB: yes it is I
BobS: been a LONG time mon
BobS: ow you been?
rich-c: and don't think we haven't missed you
BobS: how
rich-c: Pam, sent you some funnies, hope you liked them
Pamela: reeled 'em in but haven't emptied the net yet Dad
WB: I have been busy running back and forth to the doctors for my wife's kidney problems.
BobS: still teaching in chicagoland?
rich-c: OK, you'll get a coup[le of good giggles when you do
BobS: bummer, hope she is ok
WB: Yes I am still teaching in Chicago
rich-c: that hurts, Willie, it's a real drain on both of you
WB: She had kidney stones that had to be removed.
WB: But she is better now.
Pamela: greetings Willie
rich-c: couldn't use teh sound shock to shatter them?
BobS: good man.......keep up the good work....have not seen anybody coming from across the lake and not being illiterate
Pamela: I'm Pam - nice to meet you
rich-c: and if you didn't catch it, Pam is my daughter and Erin is my niece
BobS: hi Pam, I am BOB, nice to meet youtoo !!!!!
erin: hi
WB: The pleasure is all mine!
(BobS hugs Pamela)
Pamela: (chorus) Hi, Bob
Pamela: awww
erin: cute Bobs....where's mine <pout>
(BobS blows kisses at erin.)
erin: hehehe
erin: :-)
WB: Hello Pamela!!!
BobS: see???? I am not all bad !!!!!
erin: thanks Bobs <said sweetly>
BobS: thas OK lady !
Pamela: 75/25?
WB: How is everyone?
rich-c: oh, Pam, guess what - I got Star Wars I and II yesterday
BobS: HEY WB....still want some newsletters of ADAM clubs????
Pamela: on DVD?
BobS: IF Ron Mitchell wanders in, he is moving and has some
WB: Yes I still want the newsletters!
rich-c: yes, Best Buy had a one-day special, $15.99
Pamela: cool Dad - we'll have to borrow them from you at some point
Pamela: we haven't seen either of them
rich-c: wait till I watch them first!
WB: I have already contacted Ron and he sent me a bunch!
Pamela: If I wait for you to watch them I'll get to them around Christmas!
rich-c: or maybe we'll have a family showing some night
Pamela: mind you, I'll probably get to them around Christmas anyway . . .
BobS: well shoot, Willie......i jsut emailed him about you wanting them
rich-c: the thought had occurred to me...
rich-c: Willie, how long since you were last on?
Pamela: brb, gonna go dump my dirty dishes
BobS: so I won't GIVE you his emal address
WB: Loooong time!
rich-c: like, I'm over my gfall bladder removal, hip implant is now fine, and looks like the heart is mending...
WB: Has anyone heard from James?
rich-c: he is usually here at some point, surprised he isn't on tonight
Pamela: bye bye dirty dishes
BobS: not tonight, but yes he is in most wed nights
rich-c: he and Daniel are both missing; maybe they're having a privat3e messaging session
Pamela: the sink ate them
Pamela: my dishes, not James and Daniel
BobS: PAM, you did NOT put the dishes DOWN the disposal, did you ????
Pamela: no disposal Bob
rich-c: thaat's a relief 8 = )
Pamela: boy, I must be tired to be that silly
Pamela: Erin, stop that giggling right now
erin: <smirk>
rich-c: I gather you two are very familiar with tireed at the moment
Pamela: Erin's always tired
Pamela: I'm always too late to bed
erin: pretty much
rich-c: why? the farmers have taken their tractors and gone home; her department is quiet again
Pamela: Dad, have I mentioned that we're going to Windsor this weekend?
Pamela: (oops)
rich-c: I think you did, though I admit I'd forgotten - I'll tell your ma
BobS: to GAMBLE???
Pamela: no, to visit relatives - although the cheap hotel may be a gamble : )
erin: actually the farmers were protesting in front of the casino in Windsor today
rich-c: driving or train, Pam?
Pamela: driving - keep your fingers crossed for no white stuff
BobS: well IF they go into the casino, they may make some bucks
BobS: no white stuff this weekend I don't think
erin: I will keep my comments to myself <smirk>
Pamela: tee hee
rich-c: can you come and get that furniture item Graham wants and take it with you?
Pamela: what furniture item?
erin: the pipe stand?
rich-c: the old smoking stand
rich-c: yes, rin
Pamela: is that the one that the TV was on?
rich-c: quite possibly; I'll ask
rich-c: your mother says yes
Pamela: how big is it?
rich-c: I'd say it should fit in your back area OK
Pamela: yeah, but we have three peoples luggage as well
rich-c: I don't think you'll have to fold any seats forward
Pamela: so Erin, how do you feel about riding on the roof?
erin: mine can go in the backseat
rich-c: so what are you taking, steamer trunks?
WB: I have to go now. I will try not to be a stranger! Take care all of you. One Good Night!
Pamela: night Willie
erin: bye Willie
WB left chat session
rich-c: nite Willie, come back soon
Pamela: two suitcases, a duffle bag and a box
rich-c: my guess is that you'll have no problem
Pamela: Rin is everything going in your suitcase - ie no extra bags or anything?
Pamela: sorry Bob, I know this is boring
erin: ummm
erin: i may have extra bas but small
erin: gift baggy stuff
BobS: heck I was going to ask if I could come too............
Pamela: just meet us at the border - we can always feed one more
erin: :-)
Pamela: or two
rich-c: not unless she overshoots by a real passel and has to come back!
BobS: BORDER???????? what if i can't ge tin ????????
Pamela: I guess I'll have to come over and find out Dad
BobS: been kinda bad since xmas you know
Pamela: I don't think getting into Canada is a big worry Bob
BobS: just gettin out, eh?
Pamela: however, getting home again . . .
Pamela: depends - do you want your car in one piece or several hundred?
rich-c: as long as you have a US passport they will usually let you back home, Bob
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: no passport here mon
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy - are you coming too?
BobS: just birth cert and driver license
rich-c: hello Judy, come to join the old man?
erin: hi Judy
Judy: Hi, Pam
Judy: and Rich, Erin
Judy: coming where?
BobS: and WHY????
Pamela: to Windsor for Easter dinner
BobS: oh yea, forgot it ws easter
Judy: can't we are having guest here
Pamela: or lasagne on Saturday, your choice
BobS: WE BUSY hon,,,,,,,sorry, can't make it to Windsor
Pamela: awww
erin: :-(
Judy: can't make it home in time
BobS: having D&M over. and Mandy and Judy's folks
Judy: how is everyone?
rich-c: hanging in there, Judy
Pamela: keeping out of trouble
erin: surviving
BobS: lots of relec-tives
Judy: ok
Pamela: you said it Bob, we didn't
BobS: I know
Pamela: Erin we were down for Easter last year, weren't we?
moved to room Meeting Place
erin: you were I believe
Pamela: I meant you and I
erin: I think so
Pamela: why?
changed username to Island Ron
rich-c: hello Ron
Pamela: greetings from the big smoke, Ron
BobS: hey ron !!!!!
erin: hi Ron
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: hi, Ron
Island Ron: all
BobS: forget the last email I sent you about Wille B
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: so are the daffodils up yet?
erin: hi Guy
Island Ron: you mean the one I haven't seen yet
BobS: Hi Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Erin, been a while. How have you been?
Island Ron: Daffy's we got all over the place
BobS: that's the one
Island Ron: ok
rich-c: hey Guy, how did you slip in?
erin: surviving, how've you been?
Guy B.: Just now.
BobS: tis like a Mickey Mouse convention eh?
rich-c: gee, you missed Scott and Willie B already
rich-c: Daniel isn't on and Dr. D. - well, you saw his email
BobS: and Eric
Guy B.: Oh rats. Willie I haven't heard from in a while.
Island Ron: sorry about that. Got into reading an e-book in the car down by the water after supper
BobS: Willie sasy he will be back soon
rich-c: I know, and he's over your way, too
Pamela: sounds nice Ron
rich-c: his wife is having trouble with kidney stones and it's been a busy time for him
Pamela: by the way, did I mention we got more snow today?
BobS: why???????
BobS: and BTW, it sucks to be you dear
Guy B.: Got a little too here, but it's all melted.
rich-c: JP hates us, is why
Pamela: thanks for your sympathy : )
erin: the groundhog lied
Judy: glad it was you and not us, Pam
Guy B.: We are expecting a warm-up by the weekend.
rich-c: gee thanks Judy :-(
Pamela: I walked across a planted median on Saturday and had to look twice at it to realize it was grass
Judy: it was really cold here today but no snow
Pamela: forgotten what it looks like
rich-c: yes, we had a high of 2 and a really vicious wind
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: windy here too
rich-c: but they are promising us 7 for tomorrow
Pamela: and, I quote, ick
Judy: I went to see the butterflies with Ryan the other day and saw the hyacinths coming up
changed username to Ron-west
BobS: I WANT SPRING !!!!!!
Pamela: I'll settle for no more white stuff
BobS: or at least SUMMEr
Guy B.: Pam and Erin. Might as well tell you the news that I got promoted last week.
erin: congrats
Ron-west: to err is human.... to really foul up requires a computer
Pamela: congrats Guy - it finally came through!
Pamela: ya got that right
Ron-west: we got blossoms too, but you guys probably don't want to know that
Pamela: how's the cleanup and packing coming Ron?
Guy B.: Yep, it did. All of us got promoted as well, but I'll be carrying the lion's share a little more.
BobS: we HAVE to know Ron......then we know ALL is not lost !!!!
Ron-west: sloooowwwwlllllly
BobS: warmth is coming our way.....sometime
Ron-west: I am making progress, but it's painsteaking
Pamela: don't worry, in July we'll all be complaining about how hot it is
Judy: I am happy to just see the little guys coming up and the snow leaving
Ron-west: or is that painstaking
Judy: not me
Ron-west: difficult
Pamela: the latter, Ron
Ron-west: tks
BobS: Or the farmer
Judy: we are happy for you Ron, just send some warm weather here will you?
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Ron-west: why does a parcel travelling by slow camel from Canada end up expedited parcel when it crosses the border?
Pamela: to get to the other side?
Ron-west: costs a bloody fortune
Pamela: sorry, wrong joke
BobS: got me......but they came yesterday
Ron-west: :(
BobS: i saw that
Ron-west: oh, ok
Ron-west: anyway, Bob, you can decide what want to pay on that...... will talk to ya at the 'con
BobS: don't you have media mail in ca????
Ron-west: not for individuals like me
rich-c: what is media mail?
BobS: in us it is cheap rate to anywhere
BobS: media mail.........paperwork, books, disks, software, tyewritten stuff
rich-c: no, our Post Office is looking for enough profit to pay off the national debt in a year
BobS: hey, that is an idea ofr ours!!!!! :-)
rich-c: we don't have a small packet rate, either
BobS: scumbags
rich-c: we've lost Ron again; what's happeneing?
BobS: it's the island air
Pamela: Hey Rin, you still awake?
rich-c: Pam, you know the love seats in the living room?
Pamela: yes Dad?
moved to room Meeting Place
erin: I should turn in
changed username to still-ron
Pamela: I can hear you snoring up here : )
rich-c: your mother wants to get rid of them - you or Rin want dibs?
erin: :-)
still-ron: keep freezing up
Pamela: go to bed Rin - can I reach you at the office tomorrow?
still-ron: turn in to what?
rich-c: you must be using the DOSbox tonight, Ron
Judy: night rin
erin: yep I will be there...have a meeting at 2 but will be there before
rich-c: night, rin
Pamela: okay - I'll bring you up to speed as soon as I hear from Russell
still-ron: Did you hear the one about the magician who walked down the street and turned into a bank?
still-ron: Nite Rin
Pamela: Nighty night
erin: nite all
erin left chat session
BobS: nite rin
still-ron: NO Rich, it's the iBook
Guy B.: Bye Rin.
Pamela: Dad, I don't want them thank you - I'll ask Erin again once she's awake
rich-c: iBook, not a real Mac?
still-ron: just changed from Safari to IE
BobS: Judy don't get it ron
still-ron: beginning to think so Rich
rich-c: I'm on Firefox these nights
BobS: NOW she got it after i spained it
BobS: splained
Guy B.: Me too.
Judy: little slow here, too much crocheting
Judy: can't think anymore
Pamela: so Dad, what is Mom planning to put in the place of the loveseat?
still-ron: I can almost see all four walls of the snakepit
still-ron: been a while
Pamela: heavens, Ron
rich-c: we'll get teh old chair that matches the couch rebuilt, maybe another
Pamela: if you keep at it, you might even find the floor!
still-ron: yes..... imagine that!
Pamela: you still have the chair?!
rich-c: yes, it's been in teh basement all this time - loaded with computers ;-)
Pamela: here's a novel concept for you - how about new furniture?
still-ron: What are ya makin' Judy?
still-ron: something for me to win at the 'con?
Judy: a tablecloth
still-ron: aha
BobS: aw, we betternot come to the island to your house Ron.......I knid of liked the ol pit
rich-c: no patience to shop and not impressed with current design
still-ron: tablecloths don't usually do too well in batchelor places
still-ron: Yes, I agree
Judy: if I can do it , it is a little harder than the other things I have made
Pamela: we'll talk, Dad : )
still-ron: The new version will have proper computer furniture and will be tidy
still-ron: and clean
rich-c: OK - that space will be getting rearranged
Pamela: can I quote you on that Ron?
still-ron: well, let's say there's usually what I would like, and what I end up with
Judy: sounds like a plan, ron
BobS: tidy??????? like everything has a place, right??????
still-ron: sometimes thay are quite different
BobS: not spartan with no extra stuff
still-ron: yes Bob. I hope so
Pamela: I'm on that train Ron
moved to room Meeting Place
still-ron: no clutter
changed username to Daniel
Pamela: right now I'm just surrounded
Daniel: I know, I'm late!
still-ron: well, we'll see
Pamela: allo, Daniel
BobS: just stack it neatly !!!!
Judy: work on Bob he has too much of the computer stuff down inn the basement
still-ron: Salut mon ami
BobS: Hi Daniel
Daniel: Hi guys and girls!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - tu es en retard
Judy: it is getting away from him
Pamela: alright Bob - you're next
BobS: and jsut got more.........
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: from the island
still-ron: carts should be on their way in the next couple of days Bob
Pamela: I get it - you're all just playing pass the potato
Daniel: I worked on some codes and then my computer crash. I did a reboot and then remember there was a chat session tonight
BobS: ship them cheap mon
still-ron: Crashing is bad for the health Daniel
rich-c: we know about crashes, Daniel
BobS: maybe thru japan and james
still-ron: I don't think we got cheap Bob
still-ron: Damn stuff got there way too fast
rich-c: "ship" and "cheap" in the same sentence makes an oxymoron
BobS: got to be some way to go cheap. ....or maybe time to pitch them...... idon't know
still-ron: I told 'em, slowest camel they could find
Pamela: apparently they're racing camels at the post office these days
BobS: third or fourth class or lowere...........
still-ron: We do have something called "publications mail" but you have to ship 1000 pieces
BobS: like tenth class
Daniel: une course de chameaux?
Daniel: what is this expression?
Daniel: racing camels?
still-ron: Taberhuit
rich-c: it's an amusement, Daniel
still-ron: more or less
still-ron: a little cleaner
rich-c: sort of a metaphor - slow, like a camel race
still-ron: oh.... the camel bit
rich-c: snails would make a better image
Daniel: i agree
still-ron: wanted the post office to mail the floppy disks by the slowest cheapest way possible...... they did not
Pamela: it's like this Daniel: Ron shipped some stuff to Bob and told the post office to send them the cheapest way possible - ie the slowest camel they could find
still-ron: but I said.... send "slow camel"
Pamela: but by the time they got to Bob, the parcel was expedited - and so, they're apparently racing camels at the post office these days
BobS: chekc it out on the ca post website before yo ship anything
Daniel: be right back
Judy: should have said slow boat to China
rich-c: Ron, why don't you check rates on the Canada Post website then give teh postal outlet a hard time if they try to charge you more?
BobS: I about had a heart attack when I saw 'expedited' and said somethign nasty about ron's shipping habits......
still-ron: Just got an item from eBay that came via UPS, and cost me an additional $42 CDN in brokerage fees
BobS: etc
still-ron: came from California. Forgot to tell the guy not to use UPS
rich-c: yes, that's why I won't accept shipment by UPS ever
Pamela: that'll learn ya
still-ron: my own darned fault
BobS: now, Ron......rihcard has told yo OFTEN about such things
still-ron: I know, I know, memory is the 2nd thing to go
rich-c: actually, Canada Post's lowest class for parcels is "expedited"
rich-c: everything else is fast and more expensive
still-ron: yes Rich, that's what they said.
rich-c: except magazines, you're lucky to get them in teh right month
still-ron: Guess I didn't have to mail the plastic containers
Pamela: I must admit, given the volume of mail, I'm amazed at how fast things get from point A to point B
BobS: well then ron maybe toss the carts........or donate to local old stuff store
Guy B.: Didn't see you come in Daniel. How are you?
Pamela: However, I'm also amazed at how few people at the post office can read
BobS: expedited.....shees
still-ron: Yeah, it's gonna be pretty much the same thing Bob. Tell ya what, I'll bring 'em in July
BobS: ok, at least that woudl be cheap
still-ron: yes
still-ron: All's I know is I'm not mailing any more floppies
BobS: and we have Nafda right???????
still-ron: supposedly
BobS: good thing we do or just WHAt woudl it cost to send things........
rich-c: yeah, right now teh head of Canada Post got fired for being politically incorrecyt and they have to scrape up his sevrance payment
rich-c: (for that, read "golden parachute")
still-ron: I'm paying it
rich-c: we all are, Ron, excessively so
still-ron: true
still-ron: How many boxes have you received so far Bob?
BobS: three
still-ron: there's two more
BobS: oh oh
still-ron: on their way
Pamela: have you inquired about a volume discount Ron? : )
BobS: probably expedited right????
still-ron: good idea Pamela, but no
still-ron: I have not
BobS: heck that was probably about a thousand by now
still-ron: should have wrapped 'em all individually
BobS: tell them you want a rebate
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: it's OK Bob, "expedited" is a post office euphemism for "when we gdet around to it"
still-ron: right Bob ..... I'm already persona non-grata down there
still-ron: got into a bit of a snit over the paperwork I had to fill out on each package. Don't think they like me any nmore
Pamela: oh yes, I can see it - "here comes that guy with the parcels for Michigan - quick, hide!"
still-ron: exactly
rich-c: yes, a guy can get writers cramp doing all that BS\
still-ron: specially when I told 'em what was inside. like they went, "5-1/4 inch what?"
Judy: so they charged you a little extra for the trouble
BobS: andn then they say......."where;s michigan???? must be int he uk across the water - stab 'em !!!"
Pamela: well now that you know what you need to fill out, do it in triplicate - on the computer
still-ron: they actually gave me some of the forms to take with me
BobS: SUCKERS !!!!!!
still-ron: :)
still-ron: right
BobS: now you can stick it to em
still-ron: Still got some newsletters...... they're even heavier
BobS: bring in some boxes,with paper work all filled out, then back ou of the shipppng when they tell you how much $$$$$$
still-ron: Sent a pile to C. Murray. At least he's on the right side of the border
BobS: was that substantially cheaper than to Willie?????
Judy: that is the trouble I have with the post office, every time Bob sends me to send something for him they charge me more than they should
still-ron: oh yeah...... how to make yourself popular
Daniel: Hi Guy! Sorry I was away for a couple of minutes
rich-c: problem is, Bob, weight doesn't determine the price
Daniel: er.. it's "I were"
BobS: does down here
still-ron: weight plus size plus distance
still-ron: X 7,300.
Pamela: plus GST
BobS: true Ron......but in country should be cheaper taht out of country
rich-c: yes, you have to have a certain density
still-ron: They measured all the parcels
Daniel: I'm fine! And I did a nice meeting in Montreal
rich-c: plastic foam pay like the package was bricks
Daniel: I were able to present new coleco games during the ccjvq meeting
still-ron: sounds like a good deal Daniel
rich-c: neat, Daniel - how did folks like them?
Daniel: I did a speech for two guys about coleco programming
still-ron: BRB. (have this yen for an apple)
Daniel: But there was 5 or 6 looking at new coleco projects I bring
rich-c: even neater - now all you need to do is get them to Whitby in July 8 = )
Guy B.: You guys remember the program I showed you back last summer?
Daniel: And because we are more than two with coleco projects in the club, we also talked about coleco programming and coleco emulators.
Daniel: it was an amazing meeting
rich-c: and very heartening, given the interest
Pamela: I guess I'm coming over tomorrow night then right Dad?
Daniel: some pictures
Daniel: here
rich-c: that't fine Pam - what time?
still-ron: crunch crunch, chomp chomp
Pamela: after work I think - I'll know better in the morning
rich-c: OK - you looking to get fed or just pass by?
Pamela: just pass by I think - once again, I'll know better in the morning
Guy B.: Well folks, have to go. I will see you all next week.
Pamela: can I call you around noon?
Pamela: Take care of yourself Guy. Don't work too hard.
rich-c: see you Guy, and congrats on teh promotion
still-ron: Nite Guy
Judy: bye Guy
rich-c: expect we'll be here, yes
BobS: nite guy
Pamela: okay.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I think I shall follow Guy out - I'm getting pooped and I still have stuff to do
Daniel: (too late)
Daniel: Bye Pam!
still-ron: nite Pamela
rich-c: OK Pam, hear from you tomorrow
BobS: nite pam
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: 'kay Daddy, g'night
Judy: it is about that time, night all
BobS: where was the convention Daniel?????
BobS: am looking at the pics now
Pamela: Nite to everyone and I'll see you next week
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: goodnight, Judy, glad to have you with us
Judy left chat session
Pamela left chat session
still-ron: Be well Judy
Daniel: the convention was in Montreal
BobS: ah
Daniel: last saturday (19th march)
still-ron: need to split too, good people, have somewhere to be at 8pm
still-ron: rush
BobS: ok Ron be dafe mon
rich-c: I have to take out the recycling stuff in the snow, so I'll have to pack it in too soon
BobS: safe
Daniel: in a video game shop?
still-ron: nite
BobS: well it IS bedtime on the east coast
still-ron left chat session
BobS: so....bye ALL left......
Daniel: ok! good night everbody!
BobS left chat session
Daniel: bye Rich!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
rich-c left chat session
Daniel left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-03-23
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