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rich-c: verify
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: you're the only one here - where is everyone?
rich-c: you're the second arrival tonight
Pamela: did someone else come and go?
rich-c: I was wondering the same thing - it is Wednesday, isn't it?
Pamela: last time I checked
rich-c: no, I came first, you're second
Pamela: I'm actually down at Lindsays
rich-c: really? well, I'm sure her computer works well too
rich-c: what are you doing down there? Socializing?
Pamela: well enough to do the job
Pamela: yes, Lin's in Ottawa and Barbara is here cat sitting
Pamela: we've been chatting for an hour
rich-c: is she on DSL or dialup
Pamela: I suddenly realized what time it was
Pamela: Lin? She's on DSL
rich-c: well, Barbara can look over your shoulder or chat or whatever too
rich-c: guessed as much, your responses are coming up fast
Pamela: no she's busy watching TV
Pamela: I think that's only because it's just the two of u
Pamela: s
rich-c: btw Cynthis phoned this morning while we were out, left a message saying all her tests came out PK
Pamela: what the heck is PK?
rich-c: OK
Pamela: farn dingers
rich-c: smartass daughters...
Pamela: nothing smartass about it - I was serious!
rich-c: is Barbara cat sitting or kitty sitting?
rich-c: OK, sorry if I gave you a moment
Pamela: meaning fosters? No, Lin doesn't have any fosterlings at the moment - it's just Smudge
rich-c: guess that is cat-sitting then
Pamela: well, Smudge doesn't do much sitting : )
rich-c: did you hear that some medical researchers have a clue about cat allergies?
Pamela: what kind of clue?
rich-c: seems they figure there may be a control in about ten years
rich-c: seems mice are allergic to catrs and they've found the protein that caus3es teh problem
Pamela: how did they find out the mice are allergic?????
rich-c: now if they can just find a cure for wayward typing fingers
Pamela: I only wish
Pamela: me, I'm a great believer in the backspace key
rich-c: interesting question; I have no answer
Pamela: well it certainly begs the question
rich-c: it surely does, though I must say it makes sense
Pamela: anyway DAd, i just came in to tell you I'm going to be late
Pamela: I still haven't had dinner or done anything productive
rich-c: like, you're going back upstairs now to have dinner?
Pamela: I should, but I don't want to leave you here by yourself
rich-c: oh, I'll play freecell and wait for someone else to show
Pamela: i'll be back before too long
rich-c: you go do your thing and come back asap
Pamela: was there anything from Rich in e-mail?
rich-c: ok see you shortly
rich-c: not so far
Pamela: okay, maybe he'll show before too long. I'm for the kitchen for now. See you in a bit.
rich-c: see you then
Pamela: little kerpoof : )
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changed username to Ron
Ron: hi
rich-c: hi Ron, glad you're early
Ron: scary eh
rich-c: Pam is the only one who's been on and she had to go away for a bit
Ron: aha
rich-c: so hows by you?
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: wow!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Ron: still packing
Daniel B: smaller number of members each week
rich-c: sold it yet or any good offers?
Ron: hi daniel
Daniel B: hi Rich! hi Ron!
Ron: not yet
Daniel B: Is it normal at this period of the year?
rich-c: Pam will be back, don't know whre Dr. D. or Harvie or BobS are
rich-c: no, usually the core gang turn up quite reliably - I imagine Guy will be along later
rich-c: I gather james is still wandering about Canada so we won't see him tonight
Ron: m
rich-c: you an the Mac or Dosbox tonight, Ron?
Ron: mac
Ron: laptop
rich-c: Mac laptops are an expensive luxury
rich-c: I'm hoping to gt a new laptop soon
Ron: but i have a sub in my lap so you guys do not have my complete attention
rich-c: can get a very nice new one for $1300 but it has more bells and whistles than I want or need
rich-c: what flavour sub?
Ron: subway club
rich-c: right - Subway are a very wide-spread franchise
Ron: yes - tentacles even here in comox
Daniel B: note : I'm searching info about fast fourier transform. I forgot how i applied the formulas in my programs and I notice that the inverse transform is not well done.
rich-c: I don't east between meals and would not get that for a regular meal so I'm unfamiliar iwth it
Ron: this is supper
rich-c: that's one of those things Dr. D. or Dale would know about
rich-c: yes, when you're batching it convenience counts
Ron: you mean there is an application for fourrier series in gaming
Ron: ??
Ron: There- the laptop is back on my lap
Ron: I'm expecting compoany in about 1/2 hour to 45 min, so might have to leave earlly
Ron: Must say I'm growing tired of BC Liberal as on TV at suppertimne... paid for with my money
Ron: Anybody alive?
Daniel B: weather here : night, still have snow on the ground, received more snow this monday, raining during 3 or 4 days, small problem with water accumulation, and that's all.
Ron: messy
Ron: I remember it well from my days in Ottawa
Ron: This time of year, you can expect just about anything
Daniel B: I'm working on my coleco web site before continuing my other projects. I installed a trial version of somekind of html editor tool with a limited period of 30 days.
Daniel B: I'm not updating my web site online, I want to make it works on my computer first.
Ron: Well yes, that's the best thing to do. What edeitor do you use?
Daniel B: I downloaded a tool to verify my html syntax and ... my old web site had more errors than i expected.
Ron: you write html from scratch then?
Daniel B: Yes, because I'm a programmer, I didn't use a wysiwyg tool that generate code for me. I prefer keeping control of it.
Daniel B: cse html validator lite is free
Ron: right. And that way you get only the code that you want
Daniel B: quite useful when we know the hot-keys
Ron: I can do a very basic site from scratch, but I need help with tables and such
Daniel B: excatly, only the code i really want
Ron: It's not all that difficult really, it's just that I don't do it often enough
Daniel B: because of the limited geocities free service, I have no much bandwidth to keep all the information, zip files and text without doing a huge cleanup.
Ron: do they charge for use of space or bandwith?
Daniel B: I also downloaded compression softwares winrar, 7zip, PowerArchiver and many more to be able to produce standard zip files but with the best compression as possible.
Daniel B: no, they don't charge for the extra bandwidth, they simply block the access to the site.
Ron: I see. And how many meg are you allowed for your website?
Daniel B: 5 meg
Ron: gonna have to leave Daniel.... I have company just arrived
Ron: g'nite
Daniel B: I'm actually using two accounts
Daniel B: otherwise it's impossible to put all the programming tools and extra things like games and emulators in 5 meg
Daniel B: good night!
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changed username to Jillian
Jillian: Hello!
Daniel B: hello
Daniel B: Ron had company just arrived so he is not there.
Jillian: How are you today?
Daniel B: I'm fine
Jillian: have others been here tonight?
Daniel B: problem with water... raining during 3 or 4 days
Daniel B: Pam will probably be back later
Daniel B: but the others...
Daniel B: i don't know
Jillian: I haven't been on in a long time, but I have made progress with Adamcon, so thought I would jump on.
Jillian: I finally found a hotel that will suit, so should have pricing and be accepting registrations within a week or so.
Daniel B: ho yeah, the adamcon this year... where?
Jillian: Have you had flooding because of the rain?
Jillian: It's in Whitby Ontario.
Jillian: Just east of Toronto.
Daniel B: flooding? not a big one but enough to be mad.
Jillian: I hope you would be able to join us.
Jillian: two apartments ago, Dale and I had lots of problems with floods.
Daniel B: If I can find someone who want to do the travel from quebec to toronto, why not... but it will be difficult to find someone.
Jillian: we were in a basement and more than once found a foot of water at one end of the basement when we woke upl.
Jillian: Hmm... I might be able to find someone who would be willing to come from Montreal, I'll keep my ears open.
Jillian: You prefer not to drive alone? or don't drive?
Daniel B: I have no driver liscence
Daniel B: I'm not a driver, i'm a walker. or a user of bus
Jillian: If you came down on the train, bus or a plane, we could arrange for transport from the station.
Jillian: If that opens options.
Daniel B: We will have to talk again about the possibilities
Jillian: Yes.
Daniel B: It could be a great experience for me to join the adamcon meeting this time.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Jillian: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Hi Jill, what's the latest frim Dale on the con?
Jillian: I found a hotel that meets our needs, so I should have pricing within a week or so.
Jillian: Once I get pricing set, I'll be ready to accept registrations.
Jillian: The dates are the fourteenth of JUly to the seventeenth.
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Jillian: Daniel, would you be interested in presenting?
Jillian: I know that people really enjoyed "your" presentation last year.
Daniel B: I'm not good enough to talk in english infront of you guys. I will probably prefer to speak in fren-glish or something like that.
Jillian: Well I think that would be fine, it would give the Ontarians among the group to practice translation.
Jillian: What do you think Guy?
(Jillian stops and smells the flowers.)
Guy B.: All right. Sounds good. I will put the dates on my vacation schedule. Hi Daniel
Jillian: I'll send out an email when I have a registration web page ready.
Guy B.: Problem with me. Foreign accents are hard for me to hear.
Jillian: hmm that's true. I think that there are several people who could(and would) translate though.
Daniel B: well, speaking slowly can be the solution ;-)
Jillian: Pam speaks French well and I used to do phone support in French so we could muddle along.
Jillian: jeffrey just collapsed into my lap. i think it's time for bed
Guy B.: That will help, but I never took any foreign language when I was in school. Although my mom told me one time that she wanted to have my grandfather teach me Italian, but that didn't happen.
Guy B.: Sounds like one little tike is tired today.
changed username to james
Guy B.: Hi James
james: hi
Daniel B: hi james
james: sorry for the tardiness
Jillian: i took french until grade twelve, but actually learned most of my french while working at the local burger king.
Jillian: hi james.
james: hi, i'm back home in japan now
Daniel B: tardiness? i didn't know it was a good english word... tard -> late :-)
Jillian: somewhat more formal than most use.
Jillian changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi
james: anyway, back. was a long trip home
Daniel B: hi Dale
Daniel B: long time no see
Dale: Howzitgoing?
Dale: Yes.
Dale: You weren't on the last two time I've been on.
Dale: I can't figure out what the answer is to your RLE compression question is.
Dale: I think that you should organize the characters in columns, and generate the name table algorithmically though.
Daniel B: well, i think i didn't talked too well of my problem because it's not about the rle compression itself
Daniel B: it's how to "arrange" data to help the rle compression
Dale: So the pattern table would use character 0 in row 0,1,2,3 column 0 and character 1 in row 4,5,6,7 columm 0.
Daniel B: I have a pdf file (in french) with pictures to show you my problem
Dale: and character 8 in row 0,1,2,3 column 1.
Dale: Did you email it already?
james: too bad neither pam nor rich are here today
Daniel B: not yet, because of the adamcon mailing list limited email size.
Daniel B: but i can email the pdf to you directly
Dale: Okay.
Dale: How are oyu doing James?
Dale: When is that trip to Canada scheduled for? Did I miss it?
james: i'm back home, dale :)
james: got back to japan two nights ago
Dale: That's what I get for not paying attention. Oh well.
Daniel B: I sent the pdf file to you dale
Dale: Still have to go visit your neck of the woods.
Dale: Maybe not this year.
james: it's quite a trip
james: from my place here to my parents' place in ottawa, it's close to 28 hours door to door
Daniel B: Dale: keep me informed if you find a solution about my optimisation problem. :-)
Dale: I've been to Austrailia, which was 37 hours (including a 6 hour layover)
james: yeah, australia is quite long. if i ever go there, it'll be from here and not from canada
Daniel B: Rich-C send me this email :
Daniel B: I seem to have fallen offline and can't get back on -
james: lol
Dale: Daniel, are you planning on coming to AdamCon this year?
Daniel B: hope this will get through. If I can't get back on Adam primary I'll try secondary.
james: maybe that's where the others are
Daniel B: I would like to try to go at the adamcon this year. but i'm not a driver, no car, and no money.
Dale: Hmmm...
Dale: I'll have to think about that one. Try and keep the dates free at least.
Dale: I recommend Via Rail as a good way to get here from there.
Dale: You'd want to take the train to Oshawa.
Daniel B: the only money I got came from a TPS check I received today. not enough to use train i think.
Dale: What do you think of my idea of encoding the columns of the Mode 3 pattern table?
Dale: Certainly the left two pairs of blocks would encode well in your example.
Dale: Is it the pattern table, or the colour table that you're encoding?
Daniel B: in mode 3, the pattern is also the color
Daniel B: because each byte in the pattern are 4 pixels
Dale: 4 bits per block, 2 side-by-side blocks per byte.
Daniel B: err. 2 pixels
Daniel B: yes
Dale: 4x4 pixels, right?
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel B: yeah big pixels
rich-c: hey! the gang's all here!
Daniel B: equ 4x4 hi-res pixels
rich-c: sorry, something 3 jumps downstream from my ISP crashed - dumped me earlier
Dale: big pixels I've been calling blicks.
Dale: blocks
Daniel B: no problem rich! we were talking on a solution to get me in the adamcon this year.
rich-c: that would be really super, Daniel
Daniel B: In my pdf file, i think I used the word block to design 2-bytes.
Daniel B: so a block of 2x2 big pixels
rich-c: what we need to know now though is whre and how much
Daniel B: jillian was there and wanted to talk about it
rich-c: good show - your presence would be VERY welcome
Dale: The budgeted amount for the 'Con is $300 US for a regular full delegate.
rich-c: OK - got teh hotel booked yet?
Daniel B: mmm.. I don'T have this money
Dale: Jill has one in mind, but I'm not sure she's left adeposit yet.
rich-c: how many meals will be included?
Dale: Breakfast is provided by the hotel with sausage, eggs and bacon.
Dale: There is lunch planned.
rich-c: that should look after that, though for me it's heavy
Dale: For the banquet we have a favorite resteraunt picked out.
Dale: I'm not sure yet about the other suppers yet.
rich-c: my normal breakfast is one glass orange juice, two slices toast, two cups coffee
Dale: Depends on the value of the CDN dollar, I think.
Guy B.: Hi Rich
rich-c: well, our dollar is moving up nicely right now - really more depends on when teh U.S. dollar crashes
Dale: I imagine they also have juice, toast and coffee.
Dale: Not a breakfast for me.
rich-c: hi Guy, finally got back on
Guy B.: Dale, you will let us know when we can register.
Dale: It will be soon. Ihave been swamped at work, so I don't have the bank account set up yet, but I'm not far from that.
rich-c: james, you still around? how was teh trip?
rich-c: for other nights, does Whitby have a Mardarin yet?
Daniel B: well, if i don't eat anything i suppose i can go to adamcon this year with your help.
Dale: There is one just slightly in Oshawa. About 10-15 min drive maybe.
rich-c: bring a big bag of sandwiches, Daniel ; - )
Dale: There is a closer chinese buffet called Buffet World about 5 min away.
rich-c: hey, if we can get teh gang there, they'll love it
Guy B.: Ok. sounds good. Well, folks got to run. I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: Dr. D. still hasn't got over his first experience with them
rich-c: see you Guy, take care
Dale: Daniel, I might be able to get you a ride with my brother Neil who is in Ottawa.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Mandarin I know and trust - and my truck will hold five, eight if I put teh rear seat back in
Dale: Maybe meet in Montreal or something?
rich-c: can you make it down to Montreal, Daniel?
Daniel B: i don't know. actually notbut maybe if i can convince someone.
rich-c: well you do have a couple of months to find a lift down from St. Foy
Dale: I'll keep thinking about it then.
Daniel B: we will need to talk about it again and again.
rich-c: well, the chat is every Wednesday night, so if Dale is on you should have lots of opportunity
Dale: So each name table entry represents one block?
rich-c: you two have some techie stuff going?
Daniel B: one block of 2 bytes yes
Dale: And each pattern table entry (8 bytes long) and hold 4 blocks, right?
Daniel B: and the rle compression is done one bytes
Daniel B: on bytes
Daniel B: 4 blocks right
rich-c: it's my time to sign out - good evening, gentlemen
Daniel B: so there are 6 columns of 4-blocks in my example
Dale: And it just depends what name table line you're on to decide which of the 4 blocks are displayed.
Daniel B: that can be compressed with rle
rich-c: color me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel B: the name table will be compressed too
Daniel B: but done based on the pattern table and the picture we want
Dale: Rich, sorry, we are thrashing through one of Daniel's compression problems.
Dale: You're saving the name table?
Daniel B: yes
Dale: Wouldn't it be better to generate the name table algorithmically?
Dale: And used the same one for every picture?
Daniel B: to avoid all problems, yes. but i want comething very optimized
Daniel B: and I need to do this way because of my goal of doing a colorfull and nice border for my 3d game porject.
Daniel B: the algorithm way is already done in my screen mode 3 editor sofware
Dale: I would argue that a generated name table + RLE compressed pattern table would be smaller than a compressed pattern + compressed name.
Daniel B: but coding 192 patterns it's huge
Daniel B: based on my 3d game project, i need to produce a smaller pattern first, and optimized for the rle compression.
Dale: I have used a litteral run, repeated run, and sequentally increasing run type algoritm in my RLE compression before.
Dale: I think you'll loose the repeated pattern by scrambling the name table.
Dale: Baseed on your example image anyway.
Daniel B: and if you understand my example, all we need to do is to align blocks of 2-bytes in a way that the rle compression on bytes should be maximum
Dale: Is it representative?
Daniel B: the name table for my 3d project will necessary be modified to be able to see the 3d frames inside of it.
Daniel B: the border i want to draw doesn't look exactly like the example.
Daniel B: but it's close too
Dale: I recommend that you organize the pattern entries vertically then.
Dale: So all of the pattern entries from 0 to 5 will be shown in column 0 of the name table.
Dale: IF that isn't pleasing, then sort all of the 8 byte pattern table entries, eliminate duplicates, and generate an RLE compressed name table.
Dale: See if it is smaller or bigger. I think it will be bigger.
Dale: Does it ring true to you?
Daniel B: i already programmed the blocks collector to avoid duplicated patterns.
Daniel B: now i need to re-organize them to align the bytes to be rle compressed.
Dale: Well, that is most of the entropy gone. That'll be difficult to compress as a result.
Daniel B: and this is my problem
Dale: It is usually more efficient to RLE compress pattern table entries that don't have that preprocessing step done to them already.
Dale: I think that that step is a mistake.
Dale: you're probably missing out on an extra 5% of compression because of your method.
Daniel B: for my project, it's a necessary step because the 3d frames to be showed in the screen need a huge part in the pattern table.
Dale: Plus you are stuck with quoting a name table.
Daniel B: and it need to be an array of consecutive bytes
Dale: I don't understand. Mode 3 is "APA" (all points addressable) -- any color in any big pixel.
Daniel B: ok, refer to my pdf...
Daniel B: see all the char #3 in the name table?
Dale: Either there's something you're not telling me, or the is an important fact that I don't understand.
Dale: 77,11,77,33,33,33,33,33?
Daniel B: the 3s characters in the name table designed the black zone in the picture
Dale: Sure.
Daniel B: so i change them by character numbers (ex. 30-80) based on the algorithm way you talked about
Daniel B: to be able to show the 3d frames
Dale: Isn;t it better to leave the name table fixed, and change the pattern table in this mode?
Dale: Less overhead, easier calculations?
Dale: Just twice the VDP bandwidth?
Daniel B: nah, because it will need to consider which pattern can be modified for the 3d and this it's fast enough to reach the frame rate i want
Daniel B: having consecutive patterns to be the 3d frame , it's better
Daniel B: and the frames i'm drawing are half-frames
Daniel B: sometimes, the left part is a exact mirror of the right part.
Dale: Maybe I'm just tired, but I still think you're asking the wrong question.
Daniel B: did you remember the 3d cave html file i sent to you in the past months?
Dale: Yes.
Dale: Are you rendering it realtime?
Daniel B: maybe you don't have the version 2 with the half-frame specification
Dale: So it is all prerendered?
Daniel B: all the half-frames are encoded 2bits per pixel to use only 4 colors
Dale: Version 2? I don't remember.
Dale: Ah yes.
Dale: I remember.
Daniel B: and to avoid coding the mirrored part, and also a specific code to read the data in rom in a reversed way to show the second half frame, the names on screen are also reversed in their order
Dale: In that case it is starting to sound sensible to have an algorithmically generated pattern table and store only the name table.
Daniel B: it's hard to explain
Daniel B: the rom will have plenty of (part of) pattern for the 3d half-frames.
Dale: Why not do that? In 4 colours, with 2 bits per pixel, every possible 2x2 block is representable in 256 pattern table entries.
Daniel B: the 3d frames will be encoded 2bits per huge pixel on screen and i use also a color table for the coloring part.
Daniel B: so, a block of 4 big pixels will be encoded in one byte... but for the frames, not for the border.
Daniel B: they are 2 seperate things
Dale: Because they use different colour palettes?
Daniel B: exactly, the border can use all the 15 colors, not the frames to be showed.
Daniel B: i didn't draw yet the border i want because i wanted to fix my optimisation problem first
Daniel B: anyway, thank you for your help! and good night!
Dale: Should I work on an example of what I was thinking of?
Dale: Or did I give you any ideas?
Dale: anyway good night.
Daniel B: well, i wanted a way to to the pattern optimisation and i think i will simply search for block of 2 similar bytes and align them whatever if they are 4,3,2 or only 1 in the pattern table.
Daniel B: it's not the best, but it will works
Dale: That;s why I suggested the sort.
Daniel B: a sort on what?
Dale: A sort will align long runs fairly well.
Daniel B: it's not easy to sort the pattern and then have the similar bytes aligned
Dale: The 2 or 8 byte pattern table entries.
Dale: The longest run you can get is 3 bytes, right?
Daniel B: 3 bytes can be compressed yes by saying "3 times this byte"
Dale: Or maybe 4 bytes (2nd byte of first entry, 2 identical bytes of middle entry, 1st byte of later entry)
Dale: There will be no runs of more than 4 identical bytes.
Daniel B: based on my example, there are 5 or 6 columns of 8 bytes
Dale: That entropy was eliminated in your first pass thorough.
Daniel B: 8 identical bytes
Daniel B: and the sort is done on 2-bytes, not on bytes.
Dale: 33,33 then 33,33 then 33,33 then 33,33?
Daniel B: yes, but it's rle compressed into 8 times 3
Daniel B: 8 times 33
Dale: 8 times 33?
Daniel B: sorry
Dale: I hadn't factored that into the theoretical maximum.
Daniel B: But how we can acheive this sort that works on 2-bytes to align bytes for the rle compression?
Dale: So you could have a pattern ending with: 77,33 then one with 8x33 then 33,77 for example
Daniel B: impossible
Dale: So the theoretical maximum run length is actually 10.
Dale: What's impossible?
Dale: It is the city name alphabest game.
Daniel B: because of the no duplication, the 8x33 code said there is 33,33 then 33,33 then 33,33 then 33,33 so no other 33 should be coded in the pattern
Daniel B: err... no, you are right
Dale: What about a block that is 77,33? Won't it have a seperate entry?
Daniel B: i mixed bytes and 2-bytes
Daniel B: arg... this problem makes me crazy
Dale: Okay, then we are back to sorting each of the 4 2-byte entries.
Daniel B: ok, if you have 77,33 then one with 8x33 then 33,77 ... the rle compression should be 77, 10x33 then 77 again
Dale: Then use the alphabet city game to order them.
Dale: ie.: try and find a pattern that starts with the same byte that the current pattern ends with.
Dale: Toronto Ottawa Ashburn North York Knowlton, ...
Daniel B: that makes a lot of possible paths
Dale: Sorting the two byte entries should maximize the run length in a single 8 byte pattern.
james: sorry guys, i was lurking and following your conversation a bit, but i have to go
Daniel B: bye james
james: i'll try to be on more next week
james: good to talk to you boht
james: *both
Dale: Then alphabet game will seek to maximize the intrapattern run length.
james left chat session
Dale: Bye James.
Daniel B: i will have to find information about the alphabet game you are talking about... i forget this theory after the final exam.
Dale: There's a theory like that?
Dale: It is a game we play in the car to keep from falling asleep while driving.
Daniel B: i never heard about it, but i remember a project where i tried to find the optimized path between nodes... but i think it doesn't help
Dale: C&O.
Dale: Yes, that is the right field of expertise.
Dale: You're goal is to grow a smallest compression organization.
Dale: That's a least path problem for sure.
Daniel B: oh well, my nightmare beggin
Dale: The trick is to use Dynamically programming, etc so that you don't get the busy beaver function.
Daniel B: how can i program this thing again based on my problem. shit
Daniel B: i can't remember a thing about what i have done for the path problem
Daniel B: i think i never programed it, but simply apply the theory in an exam.
Daniel B: it was about internet
Dale: What I recommend is that you worry about sorting the 4 sections of blocks, and then take the patterns and find the max run, then leave the rest in any order.
Daniel B: iso model, etc..
Dale: That is at least computable.
Dale: Computable is good.
Dale: Non-computable is the busy beaver function.
Daniel B: looks easy ... but it is not
Daniel B: i think i will need algorith or pseudo-code
Daniel B: to start
Dale: I'll think about it this weekend.
Daniel B: thanks
Dale: I should go.
Daniel B: me too
Daniel B: good night!
Dale: Good night.
Dale left chat session
Daniel B: take care *poof*
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