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rich-c: greetings RRobert
RobertoS: guten TAG mon
RobertoS: Tis I the .............door holder for beautiful women......etc
rich-c: isn't beunos dias moe consistent with your name?
RobertoS: missed chat last week, did you ever get back on ?????
RobertoS: si senor
RobertoS: actually. it's italian (???????)
RobertoS: I don't know
rich-c: yes, I did eventually, but Ma Bell had a router go bad and cut me off the net
RobertoS: ah ha !!!!!!!!
RobertoS: Doug was here and we got busy with stuff and I clean foregot about the chat until bedtime
RobertoS: by then twas too late
rich-c: anyway when I phoned my ISP had checked, told me what was up, and told me the only cure was time
rich-c: anyway Daniel and Dale ended up in a high geek discussion so I bailed
rich-c: are you still selling Adams on eBay?
RobertoS: shoot Dale was here, eh?
RobertoS: hasnt' been around much
rich-c: yes, Dale was on when I got back
RobertoS: any info on convention???
RobertoS: coming up soon ya know
rich-c: haven't a clue; they were being techie when I was around
RobertoS: am planning on Toronto in Judy
RobertoS: so better happen
rich-c: yes, the word is Whitby actually (just outside Toronto) weekend after the Moolson Indy
rich-c: I think Dale did say (before I fell off) that Jill has a place chosen but hasn't closed any deals yet
RobertoS: how far east is Whitby????
rich-c: I'd guess about 15 miles from the easstern boundary of Toronto - say 40 minutes from my place in non-rush hour traffic
RobertoS: holy cow. dats
RobertoS: another hour past the airport, yes?
rich-c: let me check a minute
rich-c: need to go get a magnifying glass - hold on
rich-c: airport connector road is exit 352 (mine is 365)
RobertoS: and
rich-c: Whitby exit is 400 so say 50KM from airport to Whitby
rich-c: or 30 minutes if you can maintain the speed limit
rich-c: just don't arrive in rush hour (after 3 p.m. on the bad days)
RobertoS: ok works for me......figured about 8 hours to you and IF we speed a little we can make it in 8 1/2 to Whitby
RobertoS: what about taking the payway norht of toronot into whitby???? does it go that way??
rich-c: well, what time are you thinking of lasving in the a.m.?
RobertoS: probably about 8am
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rich-c: I don't know; I have never used the 407 and really don't want to
changed username to Pamela
RobertoS: what is the freeway you catch west of the airpor that is pay???
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: oooh, big crowd
RobertoS: YO Pamela
Pamela: hi, Dad - Hi, Bob
rich-c: 407, Bob
RobertoS: ok
Pamela: what about the 407?
rich-c: Pam, any idea how much of a mess 407 is in rush hour?
Pamela: from my experience, not at all
rich-c: would you recommend taking it from Malton to Whitby?
Pamela: absolutely
rich-c: and how do they bill foreign drivers?
Pamela: what you spend on tolls, you save on gas from sitting in traffic
Pamela: send a bill to the address generated by the licence plate
Pamela: try for more information
rich-c: and of course there's the extra charge for not having a transponder
rich-c: OK -
rich-c: Bob, trust you're copying that URL
Pamela: oh yes, I forgot - they call it a video toll charge and its $3.25 a trip, I believe
rich-c: that of course is in addition to the mileage chrage - how much is that for 50 km?
RobertoS: YUKES try to killthe tourists!!!!!!
rich-c: no, we have people commute the length of it every day
Pamela: everybody, Bob,not just the tourists. If you don't have a transponder that's what you're charged
RobertoS: 'tight' dutchmen don't like that idea
rich-c: so get here early and take the 401 already
Pamela: dunno what the mileage charge would be - if you check the website it'll tell you. The rate is higher during rush hour.
rich-c: something around 14¢ a km, isn't it?
Pamela: website will tell you what they define as rush hour too
RobertoS: am checkin as we type
Pamela: something like that
rich-c: looks like you're looking at about $11.00 Canadian for teh run
RobertoS: they WIL waive the $10 activation fee IF i sign uup now..............
Pamela: : )
rich-c: the website should also say where the 407 ends at the moment
Pamela: check the map,it will tell you where it ends in the east
rich-c: sin e you'll only use it once, the transponder is not a good deal
RobertoS: OK, so think the cheap way is better, just AIM and hit the gas
Pamela: if you try to come through Toronto anytime after about 2:00 on the 401 Bob, you'll be using the brake, not the gas pedal
RobertoS: that sucks don't it?
Pamela: big time
rich-c: I assume you'll come up through Lansign and cross the bridge at Sarnia/Port Huron
Pamela: my recommendation is, if you can come in at around 11:00 am, that's the best time
rich-c: I assume you are planning to make it a one-day trip, Bob
RobertoS: that's the route Richard
Pamela: also, tune your radio to AM 680 which gives you traffic and weather on the 1's every ten minutes
rich-c: yes, you shouldn't hit any tough traffic till you [ick up the 401 in London
RobertoS: OR windsor way....... how much farther you think it is to go thru windsor
Pamela: toss up Bob - from our trip to GR in '02, it's about two hours from GR to Windsor and another four or so to Toronto.
rich-c: the northern route leaves you longer in the U.S. - in fact a tank of nice cheap US gads (not I am NOT smart-assing) bought in Port Huron might get you to Whitby
Pamela: Add another hour to get from the outskirts of Toronto to Whitby
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rich-c: and on the northern route you don't have to contend with Detroit traffic
Pamela: and at 79.9 per litre, that's a big consideration (3.8 litres to a gallon)
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changed username to Daniel B
RobertoS: GR to Windsor is more like 3 hours methinks
Daniel B: hello hello!
Pamela: Hi Daniel
RobertoS: Daniel !!!!!!
Daniel B: Hello Rich, Pam, Robert and friends! :-)
rich-c: in fact there isn't much traffic at all by our standars, in the US or Canada to the 401
Pamela: we made it in two - left GR around 11:00 am, were checking into the hotel by shortly after 1:00 in Windsor
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel1
RobertoS: ya we have CHEAP gas...went upto $2.50 US this weekend
RobertoS: NOT
RobertoS: speeders !!!!!
changed username to james
james: you people and your time changes
rich-c: trust me Robert, by Canadian standards that's cheap
Pamela: it's still cheaper than $3.03 a gallon
Pamela: I just did the math (yuck)
rich-c: hi james and good morning
Pamela: James!
Pamela: I got your e-mail - thanks
RobertoS: sucks then.......going to go thru Sarnia
RobertoS: AND fill up at the border
Pamela: brb, gonna say hi to my hubby
rich-c: smart idea, Bob, much easier on the nerves and pocketbook
rich-c: you can see how we're doing at
RobertoS: HI James
james: hi pam! glad you got my email.
james: thanks so much for your instructions
rich-c: sounds like her directions worked, james
james: like a charm
james: hi roberto, dan
RobertoS: HEY, just like we
rich-c: I'm most happy to her that
rich-c: I assjme you are bacvk home now, james
james: that i am
rich-c: Bob, are you still selling Adam stuff on eBay?
james: still a little jetlagged but not too bad now
RobertoS: not right now......but need to put some stuff up i guess
rich-c: going west is always easier than going easst
RobertoS: prices jump all over....this week somebody is paying $0+ for a PRINTER ONLY
RobertoS: $40+
rich-c: OK - I suggested Tom Mackie get in touch with you - he has some unique items for sale
RobertoS: like??????
rich-c: remember he's the guy who made the Adam mouse?
rich-c: floppies, hard disc, big memory I think, modem, game cartridges, lotsa stuff
james: was that the modified 1394 mouse from the c64?
RobertoS: ahso
RobertoS: trouble is I got so much......and it doesn't sell either
rich-c: I haven't a clue james, but he's the only one who offered an Adam mouse for sale
rich-c: I know - it wont be ,ong before I give up and feed the dumpster
RobertoS: think he made one from possibly the Commie mouse, I have (had) plans to make it and make up 2 of them and they WORK
RobertoS: just a limited use on the ADAM for them....basically PowerPaint
Pamela: I have to see that - heck, I'll help, Dad!
rich-c: does Thomas Electronics ring a bell?
RobertoS: yes that too
rich-c: them's him
RobertoS: ;there were more than a had printer interfaces, another min 64k
RobertoS: mini
rich-c: I told him about teh mailing list and these chats, and to approach you and Dr.D. directly
Pamela: I was thinking about you on the 30th James
Pamela: wondering how you were coping with four teenage girls
rich-c: well at least in an airplane they can't hide from him
Pamela: brb
rich-c: daniel, you are very quiet tonight
rich-c: all talked out after your session last week?
james: i have to feed aiden, i'll be back shortly, though not for long. far too nice outside
Daniel B: sorry, it's because i didn't catch the c64 mouse project.
Pamela: back
rich-c: oh, we were talking about the man who designed a mouse to be used with the Adam
Daniel B: hello again pam
rich-c: it may have been an adaption of a mouse used with the Commodore 64
Daniel B: ok!
RobertoS: a couple wire switches and a power supply and BAM a mouse for the ADAM
rich-c: in honesty it was a fascinating toy but not much real use
RobertoS: neat trick he did.....................................but a limited use for the ADAM
RobertoS: GoDOS was supposed to change everything anduse a mouse like the big boys
rich-c: yes, no Adam programs were ever written contemplating a mouse
RobertoS: but alas.........GoDOS say the least
RobertoS: guess it would work good, but had NO memory to sue
rich-c: yes, I still have a copy, but it didn't seem to work
RobertoS: the program used all the ram
RobertoS: don't do much just looks dumb at you
rich-c: regrettably, that seemed to be the weakness of all of Sol Swift's programming
rich-c: mind you, Logo is good even though your workspace is infinitesmal
RobertoS: and ADAMcalc
rich-c: far as I know Adamcalc isn't that big a memory hog
RobertoS: a lot of Sol's stuff was good....but as Dr D says......spagetti code
RobertoS: no. ADAMcalc just uses only 5k to store anything in no matter how big you try to make it
rich-c: reminds me - wonder where he is tonight - didn't say anything about being late
RobertoS: SO got to be compact
Daniel B: right, he didn't say anything about tonight
rich-c: and Harvie hasn't shown up either
rich-c: james, did I hear you bragging about your weather today?
rich-c: test
Daniel B: 1..2..
Pamela: james went to feed Aiden
Pamela: didn't you see that?
rich-c: sorry, my internet traffic light showed nothing going on
rich-c: saw it but it didn't register
RobertoS: naw it was just RED Richard
Pamela: hmmm
Pamela: I could make much of that
Daniel B: i think i have some ramens somewhere... it's cold here.
rich-c: actually when "coasting" it's maroon and yellow
RobertoS: heck mine always shows green
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RobertoS: meaning I am hooked up to the router
RobertoS: DEFINE YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
changed username to Harvie
Pamela: ta da!
Pamela: Hi Harvie
RobertoS: that will teach harvie to sulk around, eh????
Harvie: Hello all
RobertoS: HI Harvie !!!!!
rich-c: hey Harvie, we wsere just wondering where you'd got to
Harvie: Got Puter troubles today
rich-c: you don't use Zone Alarm as your firewall, Bob?
Pamela: hit it again, Harvie
Pamela: that should solve it : )
rich-c: Harvie, you Linus users aren't allowed to have3 computer trroubles
RobertoS: nope
Harvie: I'm tempted
rich-c: it makes Tux get all upset ; - )
Harvie: I've had to resort to the XP box (yuch)
rich-c: just from curiosity, will X accept the Adam emulator?
rich-c: XP
Harvie: I haven't tried, when I get the other machine (hard drive) fixed I should test Adamem on this thing
rich-c: given how far out you work now, that's likely immaterial
Daniel B: hi harvie
Harvie: Hi Daniel
rich-c: anyway, Harvie, what sort of problems is your 'puter giving you?
RobertoS: seem to remember Dr d saying XP will run it
RobertoS: don't know for sure though
Harvie: I got a new 200 gig hard drive and Win98 won't install on it
rich-c: that's why I was asking Harvie, maybe he tried
Daniel B: I'm still looking for a job. ubisoft is coming in quebec city and i'm trying to be part of this company.
Daniel B: sorry to be quiet
rich-c: go for it Daniel - you should have the skills and they are a solid company
RobertoS: say WHAT ????
Harvie: Good luck on that Daniel
Daniel B: dear harvie, 200 gig can'T be formatted in fat32 (for windows 98), but in ntsc.
Daniel B: mtfs
RobertoS: oh oh
Daniel B: ntfs ... soprry
rich-c: I think Win98 does have a size limit over which it won't work, but have no ide what it is
Daniel B: arg... problem typing on my keyboard. :-)
RobertoS: why the heck can't you format the darn thing any wasy you want??????
rich-c: way the file systems are set up they run out of indexing bits
Harvie: I'm going to look at Ranish Partition Manager, I only want half for windows anyway
rich-c: hey Daniel - given up my Guiness tonight to try St.Ambroise Biere Noire - any recommendations?
Daniel B: I only take one beer in my entire life. i can't help you
rich-c: trist, c'est dommage
Daniel B: but harvie, why you buy a new hd 200gig size?
rich-c: I'll guess - he got it incredibly cheap, right?
Harvie: I needed a new HD so I thought I would get a Big one, My nephew loads a lot of games on it
Harvie: $139.00
rich-c: yeah, well that should hold the whole Ubisoft catalogue and still not even challenge a small partition
RobertoS: that's cheap
Harvie: Cheaper than the 120 gig I had
rich-c: which reminds me, Harvie - George has a computer flea market out at his warehouse Saturday and and computer show up at Thornhill Community Centre Sunday
Pamela: I'm starting to zone folks so I'm gonna head out
Harvie: I also have a lot of Autocad drawings
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RobertoS: ok be good pam
changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: Hi James
RobertoS: hiya Guy
rich-c: goodnight daughter
Daniel B: in the internet, fat32 is limited into 32gig partition.
Guy B.: Greetings. I'm talking with Karen on the phone. So, hang on.
Pamela: before I go Dad, any suggestions as to where to get a 56K PC modem for a laptop?
Pamela: Hi and bye, Guy
RobertoS: EBAY
Guy B.: Bye Pam
RobertoS: pcmcia slot one
rich-c: no, my surplus one is 28.8 - wait till I get a new laptop
Pamela: okay. I'll talk to you in person soon.
Pamela: Guy, say hi to Karen for me : )
Pamela: I'm outta here. Gnite, all
Daniel B: ok, i have the answer... windows98 is using fat32 and it's limit for the hd is max 128gig
rich-c: do it before Sunday, in case we go to the show
Pamela: okay Dad. Kerpoof.
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B: in the msdn
Daniel B: The 127.5-GB limit on FAT32 volumes imposed in Windows 98 no longer applies to Windows Me.
Harvie: Pam, I have a Xircom 56k - 10/100 you can have
rich-c: she's gone, Harvie - do send her a message - she's tempest at tamcotec
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
Harvie: Daniel, fdisk sees it as ~66 gig
Daniel B: The largest possible file for a FAT32 volume is 4 GB minus 1 byte.
Daniel B: it looks like he cuts the hd size in 2.
Daniel B: or 3
Daniel B: 2 possibilities : windows 98 or your bios.
rich-c: Harvie, what OS are you using on the cranky computer? Linux?
Harvie: Even on an 80gig WD drive it reported the size wrong but partitioned properly
Daniel B: some problems are bios/hardware.
rich-c: that is definitely weird, Harvie
Harvie: Dual boot Win98 and Mandrake10.0
rich-c: of course 98 is one of the Windows versions that don't want to cohabit with any other system
Daniel B: in theory based on the msdn, the new hd is too big for windows98
Harvie: Not realy rich, MS fdisk is a piece of crap
rich-c: well, I use System Commander and Partition Magic to mess things up real good
Harvie: I think if I format half of it fat32 I should be ok
Daniel B: windows 98 : hd maximum 127.5 gig, 32gig partitions.
rich-c: well, if FAT32 works to 128 gig, 100 should be OK
rich-c: but Daniel, on a partitioned dual-boot system Win98 should see the HD as "only" 100 gig
Daniel B: if the hd is 100gig fat32, yes. if it's not fat32, no.
Harvie: I have had a 60 gig partition Daniel
james: ok, mouths have been fed, diapers changed
Guy B.: Speaking of booting different OS's. I'm going to test two different hard drive configurations using a portable HD enclosure. I found an old hard drive and going to install PC-DOS 6.3 on it.
Harvie: We are all proud of you James
james: lol
Daniel B: super james!
Daniel B: :-)
james: i really can'T stay long. yesterday was miserable and i spent too much time cooped up
james: dan, i'm turning on my linux server now
Daniel B: fantastic
james: what would you like your username to be?
rich-c: so james, how is your weather now?
Daniel B: anything except "mochi mochi"
james: sunny and around 20
james: i'll be outside very, very soon
Harvie: 20c or 20f?
rich-c: nice, we're near zero overnight, 10-15 daytime
james: dan, do you want "dan", "daniel", "newcoleco", "colecoshop", what would you like?
james: c
rich-c: sap is running and the sugaring off is underway
james: not sure where we are at night since i've been crashing out around 10 these days from jetlag
james: we were at the sugarbush
james: in arnprior, near ottawa. in fact, i was on the news :D
rich-c: bet that went over big with the girls!
Daniel B: i think i can remember them all, james.
james: was neat
james: dan, which one? i'm not making all of them
Daniel B: simply daniel will be ok
rich-c: yes, the whole school and all their buddies will be hearing about that
james: simplydaniel. ok :D
Harvie: "Danny Boy" :-)
Daniel B: <:o) <- clown
james: Daniel Bienvenu (no e at the end, right?)
Daniel B: yes, no e
james: ok, do you have ssh? i do not support telnet for logins
james: get a program called "putty"
Daniel B: i will get the program then
james: do you have my ip?
Daniel B: actually, no.
Daniel B: you can send me info by email
james: sure
rich-c: yes, remember teh chat is logged so the spammers can pick it up
Harvie: Someone is calling, must go, Goodnight All
Daniel B: good night harvie!
rich-c: night, Harvie - take care
Harvie left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
james: who's left?
rich-c: still haven't had Ron check in tonight
Daniel B: 2005-02-20 SECURITY HOLE, fixed in PuTTY 0.57
rich-c: oh, for all the Windows users, MS put out five critical updates today
james: ok dan, je t'ai envoye un corriel avec les renseignements
Daniel B: parfait
james: guess i should get the new version too
james: ok, i have to tell my router to point to a new machine on my lan, so i'm going to drop out for a bit when it reboots
rich-c: seems these ones are pretty major and apply through WinXP - SP2 - like, EVERYTH>ING
Daniel B: courrier reçu
rich-c: that was quick, Daniel
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changed username to james
james: i think i'm a clone now
rich-c: rebooted now, james?
Daniel B: hehehe
james: had to reboot the router
rich-c: yes, and I'm not sure which is the real one
RobertoS: THROW the bum OUT
james: dan, can you try and see if the apache screen comes up?
rich-c: OK, which one?
RobertoS: not sure
Daniel B: Si vous lisez cette page, c'est que les propriétaires de ce domaine viennent d'installer le serveur web Apache avec succès.
james: parfait
james: ainsi, essayer:
rich-c: got it on the first go, james - nice work
rich-c: you are not a www. address?
Daniel B: rich, i started windows update and i've got 3 critical update to do... mostly for the service pack
Daniel B: My PHP Test Page
james: dns is a beast that i have yet to slay
rich-c: yes, I downloaded and installed them this afternoon, soon as I heard about it
rich-c: the press release sounded sort of urgent
james: i want to host several domains, so i need to figure it out eventually
james: dan, you should also try ftp
rich-c: will you be a .com, .org, .jp. edu or something else?
james: and ssh. both ftp and ssh servers should be up and running though
Daniel B: your test page give the php configuration. potentially dangerous, but it's usefull to do the php pages.
james: i'll have the domain for colecoshop -, my school: and a couple of others all running off this box
james: good point
james: think i'll take that down now that i know it's working
Daniel B: downloading the critical updates... 27 minutes
rich-c: I thought that the .com addresses weere a bit pricey compared with some others
james: nope
james: and much cheaper than .jp
james: hmm.. dan.. i need to figure out how to add your web directory..
rich-c: really? that's surprising. For cheap, one of my buddies is runing .ws on one server and .cc on another
Daniel B: my web directory?
Daniel B: oh!
james: right now you can'T go to http://../~daniel
james: hmm
james: none of them work. i have to figure out how to set this up in apache
Daniel B: exact, I can't access to ~daniel or even daniel
Daniel B: i hope you give the rights to read the files for everyone in my web directory
Daniel B: include the right to access to my web directory for everyone
james: well i think the problem is that it doesn't exist yet
james: let me check something
james: more to learn i see :D too bad i couldn't afford the books i needed when i was in canada.
Daniel B: oh! did you give the right for everyone to execute my "daniel" folder?
james: i don't think so
Daniel B: at the university, we had to do this to let the internet access to my sub-directory with my web page.
james: yeah, i'm still working on permissions
james: dan, for security reasons, i will send you a private message now
Daniel B: ok
Daniel B: critical update done...
rich-c: that was quick, Daniel, considering the site must be jammed
rich-c: Microsoft must have some unbelievable server bandwidth
RobertoS: gonna hit the road now gang. work the problems out James & all a GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!
RobertoS left chat session
Daniel B: asking to reboot my computer... it can wait
james: good night!
Daniel B: bye roberto
rich-c: night Robert
Guy B.: Ok, Folks. Got to run too. See you all next week.
Guy B.: Poff
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: night Guy, see you next Wednesday
rich-c: looks like everyone is breaking up - guess I'd better bail too
rich-c: leave you guys to sort out your server problems
rich-c: bonsoir, tous deux
rich-c left chat session
Daniel B: bonsoir
Daniel B left chat session
james left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-04-13
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