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rich-c: check
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hello Rich!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: tu es tres heureux ce soir?
Daniel B: oui, l'avancement de la mise à jour de mon site web avance bien!
Daniel B: (my web site update is going pretty well)
rich-c: un petit triomph pour toi, je sens
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changed username to BobS
Daniel B: hi Bob!
rich-c: hello, Bob
BobS: Hi kids
rich-c: so hows life in Michigan? still warm or is the cold front through?
BobS: still warm
BobS: BUT a cold turnaround for the weekend
BobS: and a little snow mixed in
rich-c: I think we're supposed to go down to freezing tonight, though it was around 60 this afternoon
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changed username to Harvie
rich-c: we're still being told rain, but cold
Harvie: Howdy howdy
BobS: Hey Harvie
rich-c: evening, Harvie - missed you last week
Harvie: I was here last week
BobS: the forecast thru the end of the month is below normal........afte 2 80 degree days....WIERD
Harvie: And I talked to you, rich
rich-c: was it week before you missed, then? - us old folks lose track
BobS: think so Richard
Harvie: Yes it was
Daniel B: hi harvie
rich-c: sorry about that 8 = (
Harvie: I'm a year older today
BobS: see, he's NOT crazy, just confused
rich-c: so what doewws that make you - 39 again?
Harvie: For the 19th time
rich-c: for me it will be an even three dozenth this summer
Daniel B: finally, no snow on the roof, on the ground, bye bye
Harvie: Mother is 90 on the 26th
rich-c: you have had a thaw too, Daniel?
BobS: HA Daniel. I am sending snow your way mon
Daniel B: ;-)
BobS: about Tues maybe............
rich-c: hanging in there well then, is she?
Harvie: Rather well for a 90 year old
Harvie: Still cooks and cleans house
rich-c: some make it well, some don't - Frances' mother was pretty far gone by the time she turned 100
BobS: 90 is fine as long as the mind and body come along with you
rich-c: yes, that's the condition, Bob
BobS: how old was Frances' mum when she died Richard???????
BobS: knew it was a little over 100
rich-c: had passed her 100th birthday, Bob
BobS: when the mind and body go, tis time to leave also.............
rich-c: yes, though not all exits are truly timely
Harvie: Then I should have departed 10 years ago :)
BobS: truly Richard
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hi there
Harvie: Hi Pam, did you get a pc card modem?
Pamela: not yet Harvie, and it's actually for Erin for her laptop, not me
Pamela: any suggestions as to where we might get one?
Daniel B: hi Pam
Harvie: I have a XIRCOM 10/100 nic-56kModem she can have
Pamela: oh, she'll be pleased. Will it work with a Dell Latitude?
Harvie: It should do
BobS: how is??????
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Pamela: Hi Daniel, hi Bob
Pamela: we're fine thanks
BobS: tis mine BRIDE
changed username to Judy
Pamela: greetings Judy
rich-c: bet I have teh driver for it if she's stuck
Judy: Hi, All
Harvie: Hello Judy
rich-c: hello Judy, welcome aboard
Pamela: what do you want for the modem, Harvie?
Harvie: Nothing, I paid $10.00 2 years ago
BobS: win98 has the driver Richard
Pamela: can we at least pay the postage?
BobS: assume it is a pcmcia modem with the big head Harvie.....or a dongle for the modem ?????
Harvie: Big head ,Bob
Harvie: 3 Rj ports
rich-c: different from mine, then - I have the dongle
Pamela: I guess the next question becomes, how do we get it?
BobS: I have the "big head" which clips into the card and has the port for the modem & ethernet in it
Harvie: Model REM56G-100
BobS: dont' know what the # is I have
Pamela: Harvie, where are you in Brampton?
Harvie: 39 Fairglen Ave., northwest corner of old town
Pamela: doesn't tell me anything - what's the intersection?
Harvie: Main (Hurontario) and Vodden
Daniel B: *updating my programming tools*
rich-c: Hurontario even I could find - that was once highway 10
Pamela: Hurontario I know - where's Vodden?
rich-c: like, how far north of 401 ; - )
Harvie: About a mile north of Queen, 5 miles north of 401
Harvie: Look on Mapquest or Google Maps
Pamela: I'm yahooing it as we speak
BobS: YAhoo
rich-c: it also shows on many of the MapArt maps and map books
rich-c: maybe she should try the new and get the satellite view, too
Pamela: I'll have to look it up in my map book, get a better idea
rich-c: you use a Perly's or MapArt, Pam?
Harvie: Daniel, have you snagged a job yet?
Pamela: Mapart, in the car I believe (since I can't see it in the living room)
Pamela: of course I can't see much in the living room . . .
rich-c: if it's that Southern Ontario book, it should be easy
Pamela: it's Golden horseshoe, I believe
rich-c: just look over west of highway 10, just above the railway tracks towards the east side of the park
Pamela: However, having Brampton laid out on it's axis doesn't help
Daniel B: no job yet... but i send more curriculum" recently
Pamela: oh I found it on Yahoo, it's just orienting myself
rich-c: yes, it's in the Gore area and kind of leans to teh left
Pamela: kind of?????
rich-c: OK, a few more degrees list to port and it would capsize... ; - )
Pamela: we'll figure it out, unless Harvie is planning on being in the 400 / Finch area in the next couple of days
rich-c: as I understand it, Harvie may be anywhere just about any time - right?
Harvie: I,m not sure were I'll be, I never plan on being anywhere till I'm there :)
rich-c: well, your job does take you all over the map
Pamela: well if you are near 400 and Finch, let me know and perhaps you can drop it to my office
BobS: good strategy Harvie
Daniel B: *be right back*
Pamela: otherwise, we'll come out and get it
BobS: "come and get it"..........sounds like mealtime !!!!!!!
Harvie: My cell # is 416-802-2583
Pamela: got it, thanks
BobS: "can you hear me know" ...... Harvie???
Pamela: I have your home number somewhere already
BobS: liek int he tv commercial we have for verizon wireless
Harvie: Yup
rich-c: you have a Toronto area code, Harvie?
Harvie: Cell phone, no long distance from Ajax to Burlington as far noth as Barrie
Pamela: Haven't seen a Verizon commercial recently
Pamela: at least, not the 'can you hear me now' guy
rich-c: yes, I seem to recall that when we were in Niagara we could do calls there for no long distance
Pamela: whereas the 905 is tricky - some things are long distance that shouldn't be
Pamela: Woodbridge to Oakville, for instance
rich-c: wierd - just teh time charge on the cell; Bell wanted $3.20 for ONE MINUTE to teh next town!!!
rich-c: yes, Woodbridge-Oakville should I think be local area
Pamela: you need to get a more modern cell phone Dad
Pamela: you'd think so, but I believe it's LD
rich-c: can't find a Rogers store - and want to hold on to the deal we have
Pamela: used to get the guys in the Woodbridge shop asking me to put them through to Oakville
Pamela: Rogers store in the plaza where Russell works
Pamela: what's your plan, anyway?
rich-c: OK, I'll try to remember that
rich-c: small flat monthly fee, all calls charged per minute
BobS: Plan ??????? no plan that's what.....goofs things up they do
rich-c: no freebie time at all - but then we never need it really
BobS: yuck.....we have one for 40 minutes @ $10us for 4 months time to use and minutes carry over to next time period
BobS: OR can buy more minutes as needed
Pamela: my Fido plan is 200 anytime minutes / $20 a month, 10 cents a minute LD
Pamela: I've never yet used the 200 minutes
BobS: that is pretty good pam
Pamela: and NO CONTRACT
BobS: good ONE
rich-c: we'd likely not use 15 minutes a year
BobS: got to upgrade Richard
Pamela: you don't need to change your plan to change your phone Dad
Harvie: My Bell Mobility is 600 minutes a month but I don't pay the bill so I don't know how much it is
rich-c: you don't know how rapacious some of teh mobiles are here, Robert
BobS: sometimes you have to use it just to stay in practise........but you want the phone for emergencies and such
rich-c: I know, if I buy a new phone I can keep the plan and the number
rich-c: but I have to stay with Rogers to do so
BobS: I can see that the canadians don't use the phones like the us people.......around here it is hard to find anyone, driving or shopping, that is not attached toa cell phone
BobS: permanently
rich-c: oh, it's the same here, alright - we need to make cell phones in cars illegal
Harvie: No different here now Bob
Pamela: oh believe me Bob, most Canucks do use the time and then some
Judy: that is the reason that people around here can't drive
Pamela: just not us
BobS: they should all get a coclear inplant like Guy has for his hearing aid
rich-c: wouldn't necessarily help, it's the distraction that causes teh problems
BobS: "I need to get away from the phone" ......but NOW !!!! i have one permanently implanted.......strange commentary on the world, eh???
rich-c: they'll sit at lights and never notice them change, or miss stop signs
Pamela: I only use mine to touch base with home, or make a call at work in private, or let someone know I'm enroute or running late
BobS: exactly OR make you miss the light
BobS: good girl
Judy: it is good to have if you need it but it isn't something I can't live without
Pamela: I must admit there have been days where I've forgotten it at home after charging and missed it terribly
BobS: people ask me IF I have a cell phone becasue they want the number.......answer - yes, I do, but it is turned off in the car in case I and only I need it
Pamela: It's a security blanket
rich-c: yes, ours was bought strictly for road emergencies - to call road service
Pamela: I find it ironic that the day I was going to go out and get my first cell phone, and didn't, the car died on the way home at midnight : )
Pamela: Remember Dad? That was the day the ignition module went on the LTD
rich-c: Frances wants me to get one to take on errands now, as my endurance is limited
BobS: kind of poetic, yes??????
BobS: and Frances is RIGHT
BobS: so don't argue, jsut DO IT
Pamela: well, it wouldn't have helped me since they take 24 hours to be activated, but it just pointed out how important it is to have one sometimes
rich-c: well, what I will do is switch from a plug-in phone to a pocket model
BobS: even a plug in is good as long as the battery is not dead
Pamela: hang on to your plug in though Dad - I think they get better reception
rich-c: but I'm not sure what frequency or protocol phone to get
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changed username to james
Pamela: good morning James
james: good evening
Harvie: Hello James
BobS: AND. at least in the states here, IF you use a no active phone for emergency call like 911 (here) it goes to a carrier who rapes you for chartges, but you get the call thru
Judy: Hi, James
BobS: Hi james
rich-c: yes but you can only have one number and contract on one physical phone - no way to mix and match
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: good morning, james
BobS: good mon
Pamela: tired, thanks - as usual
james: yeah, i'm "somewhat fatigued" too
BobS: why??????? kids???
rich-c: hard to keep up with the kids - in class and your own
Pamela: James, will you be 30 this year?
james: the kids and my students both keep me very busy
BobS: oh my gosh !!!!!!! a senior citizen
james: pam, unfortunately i'll be 31 this year
BobS: heck you young, son !!!!!!!!
Pamela: ah, couldn't remember
BobS: still young
james: i get nothing but grief from my jhs kids
Pamela: and don't get too forlorn, I'm turning 40.
Harvie: Well, my limited attention span seems to have found it's limit, so Goodnight all
james: can you believe one of them asked me what the war was like?
Pamela: Harvie, I'll be in touch
Pamela: thanks again
james: good night, harvie
rich-c: OK Harvie, take care, see you
BobS: only gets better pam....and the older you get the slower you you don't have to work so much
BobS: nite Hrvie
Daniel B: *I'm back!*
Harvie left chat session
BobS: WB Daniel
rich-c: it's OK, james, just tell her it was back in olden times
Pamela: I've known for a long time that age is a state of mind, Bob
Daniel B: thank you
james: certainly before my time. even my father was born after the war
Pamela: since in my head I'm still a teenager, I'll be fine : )
rich-c: the world didnt exist for most people before they wre born (if you follow me)
james: yeah, so when they ask me things like what it was like when mammoths roamed the still-cooling earth, i'll just tell them to ask someone a little older
rich-c: in fact, make that when you start to become aware of your surrounds, like by starting school
BobS: kinda gives yo an idea of the youngsters perception of time doesn't it ??????
rich-c: sure, james, just send them to me, I remember it well ; - )
james: pam, did i tell you that i'Ve already started planning next year's trip?
james: :D
Pamela: James, make them do the math - in English. That ought to put them in their places : )
james: i do sometimes
Daniel B: next year trip? maybe i will be lucky and see you in person. :-D
Pamela: you're doing back to back trips??
Pamela: you ARE a sucker for punishment aren't you
rich-c: yes, give them a dose of Quebec City, james
james: planning should be easier. i know where to stay, pretty much know who's going and when it happens, so i've already got a schedule fleshed out
BobS: think he likes the trips too pam
rich-c: and let them see you star in French - that should really throw them!
james: well we're talking a year from now
Pamela: still . . .
james: my french needs a little work
james: i'm much more comfortable in japanese now, though i can still read french much better
Pamela: well then, you'll have the opportunity to practice
Pamela: Just practice on Daniel
rich-c: OK, it's not up to Daniel's, but it's far better than teh rest of us, even I think Ron
Pamela: he's pretty tough
james: unfortunately, quebec is not one of our stops, but if i do a summer trip sometime, i'd like to include montreal and quebec
Daniel B: :-)
james: yeah, i'd say my japanese is better than dan or ron :D
Pamela: I must say it shames me Daniel that your English is so much better than my French
Pamela: the problem is, I get no opportunity to practice anymore
Daniel B: my english skill is not as good as you think. still need to practice in the real life.
rich-c: reading is easiest, writing is tougher, speaking very difficult
Daniel B: ask Dale how was my english when we meet at montreal last year.
BobS: but Daniel....with your written english where it is.....a little practical talking to others would come quite easily and adapt quickly
Daniel B: it was .... (no word) ... most of the time.
Pamela: at least you can deal with English in more than the present tense, Daniel
Pamela: I've lost the ability to conjugate
rich-c: don't bet on that, Bob - in conversation you can't guess which way teh speaker is going
Pamela: je suis, tu es, il/elle et, nous sommes, vous etres, ils sont - is that right?
rich-c: no - vous etes
BobS: sounds goo to me Pam......
BobS: good
rich-c: and there's acircumflex belongs there
Pamela: goo is probably closer, Bob
BobS: although I don't speak french
rich-c: also, il/elle est
Pamela: Daniel? Qu'est-ce que tu pense?
Pamela: I'd have put in the accents if I had them Dad
Pamela: allo?
Daniel B: ok! je suis, tu es, il est, nous sommes, vous êtes, ils sont.
rich-c: I can do it but it is very tedious - like when I use ¢ or €
Pamela: bien
Daniel B: I am, you are, he is, we are, you are, they are.
Pamela: I need a primer
Pamela: or my french notes
Pamela: wonder what I did with them?
Pamela: hmm
rich-c: you can borrow mine if I can find them ; - )
james: sorry, someone was at the door
Daniel B: J'ai, tu as, il a, nous avons, vous avez, ils ont. (more difficult, no?)
Pamela: I have, you have etc
rich-c: little bits come back...
BobS: COME ON are you going to remeber your highs school notes at this late date?
Pamela: as in "je n'ai pas quelque chose"
Daniel B: I am 29 years old -> J'ai 29 ans.
Pamela: you know if I had them Bob, I'll bet I could use them without too much trouble
Daniel B: the auxilary "to be" become "avoir" ;-)
Pamela: I understand the structure of the language, but I've lost my vocabulary
rich-c: that's OK, I'm losing my vocabulary in English - speaking; recognition vocab is fine
Pamela: ah yes
Daniel B: taking a shower, prendre une douche.
Pamela: the verb - prener, if I remember correctly
rich-c: a cold shower, la douche ecosse ; - )
Daniel B: oui! la douche écossaise
Pamela: a scottish shower???? ooooh, that's mean
Daniel B: normally, it's alternatively cold and hot water.
Pamela: ick
Pamela: I'll stick with hot, thanks
Daniel B: Une bonne douche chaude pour Pam!
BobS: cold showers......BAD MENTAL PICTURE
Pamela: although it depends on what time I shower in the morning, if I get one of those anyway
Pamela: Oui!
james: same here, especially when the rest of the house is 5c in the winter because there's no central heating
Pamela: around here it depends on whether someone below or above flushes : )
rich-c: weren't you report a couple of feet of snow a while back? and no central heating???
Daniel B: Why? -> Pourquoi?, When? -> Quand?, What is ...? -> Qu'est-ce que?, How? -> Comment?, What time it is? -> Quel l'heure est-il?
rich-c: but "demandez" does not mean "demand", just ask: demand is exiger
Daniel B: demander -> ask
Pamela: and most important: Ou est le salle de bain?
Daniel B: La salle de bain? Première porte à gauche! ;-)
Pamela: merci!
rich-c: and an editeur is a publisher, not editor; that's a redacteur
Daniel B: yes, some words are confusing.
rich-c: so the cognates don't always work either
james: yeah, winter here is hell. i'd trade all the stupid cell phone technology for a properly heated and insulated house
Pamela: You built the school James - could you not at least insulate the house?
james: the school is much better insulated
rich-c: it helps sometimes in figuring out a work to realize that a circumflex indicates an "s" there historically
james: but i didn't "build" it myself
rich-c: what do you use for heating?
james: i am however redoing two of the outside walls. got two done last year and started up on the third a few days ago
james: camping stoves
james: literally
james: kerosene fired heaters
rich-c: just like in many languages a "b" sort of equates to a "v" in English
Pamela: that's not safe with two small kids around James
james: *much* cheaper to do it myself and it's getting done right
james: you're right, it'S not
BobS: that's all you have for heat ??????
james: yeah, like i said, they are very behind on that
rich-c: time for my beer - brb
Pamela: is the structure wood James?
james: yup
james: and i'm probably the only house for miles around with smoke detectors
james: you wouldn'T believe the number of people who die in house fires here
james: anyway, last year i asked someone for an estimate to redo the school walls
Daniel B: In english, the word "ARM" means "BRAS" in french. In french, the word "ARME" means "WEAPON" in english.
Pamela: so we need to send fibreglas and batteries, right? : )
james: they were going to charge $1200 to just slap down two coats of paint on two of the walls, no sanding. it would have lasted two years, maybe
rich-c: ouch!
james: so i told them where to go and did it myself properly. sanded it all down first and put three coats of the good stuff
Pamela: it's starting to sound like we need to raid Home Depot for you : )
Daniel B: batteries -> piles
james: which they were going to charge me $600 for
james: bought the same can of weatherguard myself - $300 and have done three coats on two sides and have enough for three on the third side
james: instead of two on 2. i'll let you do the math
james: but 9/4 ratio works for me
rich-c: must have been one humungous bucket of paint, james
james: xyladecor
Pamela: I wonder what les douanniers would make of exporting paint?
Daniel B: I don't have the word "humungous" in my dictionnary :-(
james: forget how many litres.. the second largest one they sell, i think
james: humongous]
james: enorme
Daniel B: that came from the word huge?
Judy: night all, I am signing off for now
rich-c: next size up is a tanker truck?
Pamela: night Judy
Daniel B: bye Judy!
rich-c: night Judy
Judy left chat session
james: probably. anyway, speaking of sanding and painting, i'm just about ready to go out now, unless magic fairies came in the night
james: and did it for me
rich-c: no Daniel, it's a made-up word; slang more of less
Pamela: you just keep believing that James
james: third wall is 3/4 sanded, most of hte hard spots done. should be able to finish it off today and start painting tomorrow
james: scaffolding is up on the back already.
Pamela: what kind of sander?
Daniel B: oh! ok! another word for my english vocabulary.
james: hey, don't go dashing my hopes, m'kay?
james: electric :D
rich-c: nothing like a little construction job on the side to keep one amused
Pamela: good, that's good
james: will update you all with my progress next week :D
rich-c: wonder where Guy and Ron are tonight?
Pamela: I would never dash hopes of magic assistance James
james: dan has been working hard on converting the colecoshop site from .asp. i'll let people know when it's up on my server
james: we might want a group to try and break it for us
Pamela: good luck with the paint
james: thanks! ttyas!
Daniel B: I stoped the conversion a month ago but i will continue it soon
Pamela: ciao
james: no pressure, dan
james: arrivaderla, tutti
Daniel B: arriva what?
Pamela: now that's Italian!
james: the polite form of "arrivaderci"
Daniel B: what is impolite in arrivaderci?
rich-c: night james
james: nothing at all, but arrivaderla is moreso polite
james: good night, all. *poof*
james left chat session
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Pamela: I think it's like the difference between tu and vous, Daniel
Daniel B: probably ;-)
Pamela: Daniel, comment est-ce que on dit "tout en rond" en Englais?
Daniel B: "tout en rond"? good question
Pamela: from the song that starts " Sur le pont D'
Daniel B: "all around" means "tout autour"
Daniel B: so it's not all around
Pamela: Avignon, l'on y danse,
Pamela: etc.
Pamela: perhaps "in a circle"?
Daniel B: On the Avignon bridge, we dance in a circle?
rich-c: that's tuote en ronde and refers to moving in a circle "toute en ronde dans une (vague?)"
rich-c: Sur le pont d'Aviginon, tout sont danse, tout sont danse
rich-c: tour sont danse dans un(e) ?
Daniel B: err... "tout sont danse"? I don't think so.
rich-c: perhaps a somewhat archaic song and terms?
Pamela: perhaps, if it dates to the Renaissance, it could mean a circle dance
rich-c: about everyone on teh bridge dancing in a ring (circle)
Pamela: Daniel, do you know the song?
Daniel B: I'm dancing in a ring "la la la" ;-)
Daniel B: Yes, I know this song... in french
Pamela: that's what I was trying to spell out
Daniel B: Sur le pont d'Avignon, on y danse, on y danse
Daniel B: Sur le pont d'Avignon, on y danse tout en rond.
Pamela: oui, c'est ca
Pamela: a nursery rhyme, I think
Pamela: it was the only one I could think of in French other than Frere Jacques
Daniel B: if the rythm can be in a morse form : ..- ..- ........ ..- ..- ....... ;-)
rich-c: I believe teh version I saw had "tous sont danse" (tout?)
rich-c: try Aupres de ma blonde - but even Bob could figure that out
Daniel B: well, we can't use the word "sont" in "tous sont danse". so, maybe you want to say "tous ont danse".
rich-c: guess that may be it - again unless there's an archaic construction involved
Pamela: ain't evolution grand?
Daniel B: Auprès de ma blonde, qu'il fait bon, fait bon, fait bon
Daniel B: Auprès de ma blonde, qu'il fait bon ... dormir ;-)
rich-c: I think we've lost Bob though - unless we can get teh blonde back ; - )
Pamela: well I think I'm going to bed - all these bedtime songs are making me sleepy
rich-c: la caille, la tourtelle, et la jolie perdis (?) bis
BobS: naw i am here, just surfing as well
Daniel B: On the bridge, of Avignon, we all dance, we dance. On the bridge, of Avignon, we all dance in a circle. (it's not the best translation but fit on the music) ;-)
rich-c: il chante pour les filles qui n'ont pas de mari
BobS: you are rightr Pam, it is about that Ron, no Guy........
Pamela: ya got that right Dad
BobS: no Dr D....what IS the problem here
Daniel B: anyway, it's also time for me to quit. talk to you next week!
Pamela: everyone's asleep at the switch
BobS: next week then kids
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel, et merci
Pamela: g'nite Bob
rich-c: yes, I think we all need to close down
rich-c: so, see you all next week?
BobS: good bye all and good night
Daniel B: i think it's the final exams
Pamela: until then
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Dad, talk to you in the next few days
rich-c: nite all
Pamela: nighty night
Pamela: kerpoof!
Daniel B: douce nuit!
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel B: Who is coming?
Pamela: who's this?
Daniel B: Guy?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: great, Guy, you arrived just as everyone left
Pamela: Guy, I'm just leaving. Hello and good night!
Pamela: kerpoof again
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B: hehe! I'm leaving too.
Guy B.: Sorry I'm late.
rich-c: you gotta start getting here a little earlier, Guy ; - )
Daniel B: no problem... you miss only a few words in french. ;-)
rich-c: yes, Daniel was straightening out some of our timeworn vocabulary
Guy B.: When Alias season finale hits. Yes, I'll get back at 8 PM. Jeanene called me and she needed some help. She sprained both her ankles last weekend.
rich-c: how did she manage to do that?
Daniel B: we understand, Guy. it's just too bad you miss a good discussion.
Guy B.: I'm assuming I miss Dr. D again.
Daniel B: hey! talk to you next week?
Daniel B: no Dr.D wasn't there
Guy B.: Bye Daniel.
Guy B.: What about Bob?
rich-c: night again, Daniel
Daniel B: Bonne nuit Rich!
Daniel B: BobS? yes, he was there
Daniel B: Good Night Guy!
rich-c: Bob just left, james was here, and Harvie
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try to get here a little earlier.
Daniel B: Pam, Judy, Rich and I
Daniel B: *poof*
Guy B.: And I wanted to tell Pam somthing. Guess it will have to wait till next week.
Daniel B: try email?
rich-c: Dr.D. seems to have some issues in his job, perhaps other things
Daniel B: final exams probably?
Daniel B: anyway... it's true, bye!
Guy B.: Those are comingup, so I can see that.
rich-c: well, it's a whole new setup, teaching your first year
Daniel B left chat session
rich-c: anyway you have Pam's email, don't you?
Guy B.: Well Rich. Seems just about everyone has left. So, I might as well too. I'll try to get here a little earlier.
Guy B.: I do.
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week. Night.
Guy B.: Bye Rich
Guy B. left chat session
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