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rich-c: Salut, Daniel
changed username to Erin
rich-c: hi Rin
Erin: Hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: Pam will be here very late if at all; she's going out for dinner and a haircut
Erin: ahhh
Erin: mid-week...that's odd
rich-c: actually, it's not the first time, in fact the haircut is usually midweek, I believe
Erin: oh okay
rich-c: Daniel, is your buddy Guy F likely to show up tonight?
rich-c: you two off text mewssaging?
Erin: wonder if he is
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Erin: seems awfully quiet
changed username to Harvie
Erin: hi Harvie
rich-c: hello Harvie, how goes it?
Harvie: Hello
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changed username to Guy B.
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Erin: hi Guy
Harvie: Hot
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: and now we have Gu with us, early
Harvie: Hi Guy
Guy B.: I'll be back in a couple of minutes
Erin: hi Rich <hugs>
Dr. D.: Hi all.
rich-c: don't you have sir conditioning, Harvie?
Dr. D.: Hi Rin <hugs>
Harvie: Er, whats up Doc
Dr. D.: You must pardon my lack of typing for a while, I am eating supper now.
rich-c: greetings to Dr. D.
Harvie: Broken rich
rich-c: merde - just what you need in this het wave
rich-c: mind you, ours could be too and we'd never know
Dr. D.: I sat in a bathtub of cold water for half an hour in the middle of the night.
Harvie: Just picked up a window unit for temporary relief
Erin: you need an air conditioner
rich-c: so far between drawing in cool air overnight and running the furnace fan during the day, we've been OK
Dr. D.: No place to put one here, none of the windows open vertically.
Erin: that's why you get an indoor one
rich-c: I think there are some "sideways" models around now, but you have to look for them
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. How is everyone taking the hot weather?
Harvie: I'm removing a casement window temporarily to put a window unit in
rich-c: just saying we are doing fine, but may have to put on the a/c in the next day or two
Dr. D.: Rin the hot air has to go somewhere.
Daniel: Hello!
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
Erin: the machine will at least help
Harvie: Doc, are you in an apartment building?
Daniel: I'm sorrry but I have a problem right now. need to reboot
Daniel: be right back!
Guy B.: I had the A/C on for the dog, but it's cooled off outside. So, I have it off.
Dr. D.: Yes Harvie.
rich-c: you're in an apartment, aren't you, Guy?
Guy B.: Yes I am.
Harvie: Most buildings these days they cut a hole in the wall to the balcony for air conditioner
rich-c: pity - a house with good insulation and a lot of thermal mass can help for days
Guy B.: That's what mine has.
Dr. D.: No balconies here :-)
rich-c: well, they do it whre there are no balconies too
Harvie: Still has walls though
Dr. D.: hehe
Harvie: I have installed them on 18th floor
rich-c: one problem is the heavy power drain of window units - some apartment wiring can't handle it
rich-c: in fact Erin and Pamela have that problem
Erin: yeah ....already blew the fuse
Erin: and the extension cord if you believe it
Dr. D.: Ouch :-(
rich-c: I'm assuming you have the same wierdo wiring as Pam - you need to consult her
Harvie: Bigger fuse and bigger boots to stamp out the fire :)
Erin: I do have the same
rich-c: and you never use an extension card with an air conditioner - there are none rated high enough
Dr. D.: She has her El Paso boots...
Harvie: Sure there are
rich-c: well, let's say they're very scarece at the consumer level, Hartvie
Harvie: We routinly use 12ga. ext. cords
rich-c: oh yes, contractors have cords that could carry Niagara's whole output ; - )
Harvie: They are available at RONA
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
james: right date. check. right time. check. right place. check
Dr. D.: I bought a big yellow one, 10 gauge, at Home Despot a few years ago.
Dr. D.: Hi James.
Dr. D.: hehe
james: i've gotta get aiden some food but i promise to be back momentarily
rich-c: and Home Depot too, no doubt' both cater to contractors and builders
Harvie: We don't accept checks, just Visa :)
Dr. D.: But it's a consumer-accessible place, Richard, so it doesn't matter.
Dr. D.: It was about $15 IIRC.
Erin: I don't care the cost...but I definitely need one
Harvie: "Bill Jones General Store, If we ain't got it , you don't need it"
Dr. D.: It's not like Grainger's, which is only wholesale...yet they have lots of useful stuff like sump pumps and well pumps etc. that we routinely used Dad's employment status to allow us to get...
rich-c: I do not believe your wiring will tolerate it - you must use the one plug provided (Pam will tell you which) unless you want to set a world record for blown fuses
Harvie: Use the receptacle on the range
Erin: it's been on the extension cord since I moved in last year and it was fine
Erin: if I can't use a cord then I don't have an air conditioner as the cord on it does not reach anywhere there is a plug
rich-c: from what Pam tells me, that must have been unusual luck
Guy B.: Hi James
Dr. D.: There are tricks...evil tricks...but we used them at CWRU to run emergency power between floors during the big blackout.
Guy B.: Still hot in Japan?
Dr. D.: We had to run from 3rd floor emergency power in the slug room to a first-floor lab with aquaria for another prof.
rich-c: well, I sit here with 200 amp service and look very smug - but I remember what it's like to have antiquated wiring
Dr. D.: I got my pile of extension cords from the robot lab, all my 25- and 50-footers, all heavy-duty.
Dr. D.: We ran it in parallel from multiple outlets to support the current and the long run down the stairwell.
rich-c: I expect the labs would have circuitry more than up to the load
Dr. D.: 3 12-gaugers or better in parallel.
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Dr. D.: Even so they still were warm to the touch.
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: hello again!
Daniel B: finally solve my pc problem :-)
rich-c: welcome back Daniel - all rebooted now?
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changed username to Guy F.
rich-c: yes, if they were only 12 gauge they could get warm
Daniel B: hello Harvie! Guy B! 'rin! Dr.D.! james! Rich! Guy F. and myself!
Dr. D.: But there were 3 in parallel, Richard, to handle the current.
Guy B.: There's the other Guy. Hi Daniel
rich-c: 'allo, Time Bandit!
Dr. D.: A single one would have blown.
Guy F.: Hello everyone.
Dr. D.: Hi Guy the 2nd :-)
Harvie: In high school I was asked to set up a PA system for the football field, I ran 2000 feet of 10Ga. cable and the voltage drop was just adequate to power the amplifier
Daniel B: I'm selling a cartridge I have in my collection for about 120$. it still not enough to pay the transport so i will continue selling stuff.
Dr. D.: hehe Harvie
rich-c: not only do they have different initials, bet they pronounce "Guy" differently too
rich-c: what sort of cartridge will bring $120?
Dr. D.: If GF is also Canadian, good bet it's "Gee" and not "Guy"
rich-c: exactly Rich
Dr. D.: Only he can tell us for sure
Dr. D.: Both hard Gs btw
Guy B.: Yes, I remember when I met Guy Cousineau over 10 years ago.
Daniel B: it's a special cartridge Sean Kelly does in year 2001. someone offer me about 120$ for it an di will accept his offer during the night.
rich-c: if we know what the F stood for we could make an even more informed guess
Guy F.: Foster
Dr. D.: My guess is rhymes with pie :-)
Guy B.: Even though the spelling is the same. Both are pronouced differently.
rich-c: that's an anglophone name, not that that prove too much in Montreal
Harvie: Foster is Austrailian for Beer :)
Dr. D.: haha
Guy F.: Scottish ancestors...
rich-c: sort of like Giselle MacKenzie (a Quebecois chanteurse, Dr. D.)
Dr. D.: La Belle Damn Fleuzee :-)
Dr. D.: <runs>
Erin: <smirk>
Harvie: Jack Benny's favourite violinist
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: Fractured French is fun, except for Daniel, my apologies...
Daniel B: it's ok!
Harvie: Just like Jean Chretien
rich-c: that's OK, wait tilk,l all the Canadians start talking franglais on you - or bling
Daniel B: for now i can only imagine what may looks like this conversation in person.
Dr. D.: Speaking in tongues, I thought that was an American thing.
rich-c: well, le 'tit gars was unable to speak either official language
Dr. D.: A friend at a sci. conference in Korea went exploring one night.
Dr. D.: He speaks no Korean.
Dr. D.: He went into a little restaurant.
rich-c: sounds like fun
Dr. D.: Sat at the table, a little old lady came over.
Dr. D.: He took out his wallet, laid bills on the table, rubbed his tummy,
Dr. D.: She brought food.
Dr. D.: She kept bringing it until she pointed at the table, then he laid out more bills.
Dr. D.: This repeated a few times.
Dr. D.: He left very full and the lady was very happy...and no words in any language were spoken.
Guy F.: Got a crack in my windshield today... Argh!
Dr. D.: And he didn't pay a fortune.
rich-c: sometime you get the breaks - I'm told kimchee is delicious put the guys may have been putting me on
Harvie: Does this mean a wink is as good as anod? :)
Dr. D.: I guess :-)
Daniel B: interresting story dr.d
rich-c: no, just that money has its own universal language
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: My friend said he didn't know what he was eating, but it was all good.
Daniel B: hehe! it's a funny anecdote
rich-c: whatever turns him on - Korean cooking is too fisdhy for me
Dr. D.: My pal John likes to do things like that.
Dr. D.: I should tell this story to Murray, he spent a year in Seoul.
rich-c: prowling back alleys of Seoul at night, not knowing a word of Kporean?
Dr. D.: He is a black belt in tae kwon do...he can take care of himself.
rich-c: yes, and hasn't Dale or Neil been there too - Neil on a Scout thing?
Dr. D.: I think so yes
rich-c: see james, you're not the only one gone to the other side of the Date Line
Harvie: I've been to a 7-11, same thing :)
rich-c: you may have a point, Harvie
Dr. D.: So just to ask, has anybody else confirmed convention arrangements with Dale?
rich-c: so Guy F, and chance you may come to Adamcon?
Dr. D.: Rin and I sent our money last Friday, and Dale sent me E-mail today that it had been received from both of us.
Daniel B: i don't know if it's funny or disgusting but i saw a joke about a doctor very busy and suddently declare when wanting to write his recommandations : "what? who is the asshole who got my pencil?"
Dr. D.: Hope he is not a proctologist...
rich-c: I think the word you re looking for, Daniel, is "proctologist"
Dr. D.: BRB, need to get some more supper
rich-c: anyway I have told Dale I will be daytripping in Friday and Sunday, and Frances on Sunday
james: back
Guy F.: Rich: I'd love to... but, having just gotten married a few weeks ago (feels like an eternity, hehe), funding is low, and the lack of cheap motels in the area, sort of makes things impossible.
rich-c: pity - I've been married a little longer - 50 years come October
james: well if you think a few weeks feels like an eternity.. :D
james: congrats, rich
Daniel B: Well, if i can't travel with Guy to have a discount for the bus, i will not be able to go then. But i'm trying.
rich-c: hang in there both of you, and see what works out
james: do you use a hearing aid, rich?
Daniel B: selling some good things from my collection will pay for the bus... but after that, there is a blackhole.
rich-c: there are at least two mornings totally devoted to programming
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: no, why do you ask, james?
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Harvie: Hello Bob
BobS: howdy kids !!!!!
Erin: hey Bobs!
Daniel B: hello bobs!
james: i can't imagine needing one after fifty years of marriage ;)
rich-c: hello Robert, you're late tonight
BobS: FIFTY YEARS !?!?!?!?!?!?
BobS: i know was 'playing'
james: heh heh
james: hi dan!
rich-c: got yourself a new video game?
Daniel B: hi james
BobS: got a touch screen puter from Doug, added 2 disk drives, cd, speakers, and stuff
BobS: toys ya know
rich-c: yes, I'm in the process of setting up my new laptop
BobS: what did you get your hands on?
james: how old were you when you got married, rich?
Harvie: It has a don't touch screen :)
james: as long as it doesn't touch you back
rich-c: Acer Aspire - 256/40/CDRW, Sempron 2800 - 64 pit
rich-c: I was 25, Frances was 23
BobS: ah young love, eh?
rich-c: back then, that was OLD for a first marriage - times do change!
rich-c: still, werent you and Judy in your teens when you married?
BobS: yes, today kids are into their 30's
Guy F.: Rich: I got married at 32
BobS: I was 19.5 and judy19
rich-c: sometime it takes a while, Guy
rich-c: that's what I thought, Bob
james: i was 23 and miyuki 26
rich-c: of course now folks live toghether for a long time before getting hitched
BobS: go to hurry and get to fifty so's the kids can get a free cruise out of it..........
BobS: ah you married 'an older woman' huh????
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: Pam and Russell got married after 15 years of cohabitation
james: she'd probably smack you to hear you referring to her a such :D
james: *as
rich-c: what's the free cruise bit about, Bob?
BobS: speakin of whom..............ERIN how's come you are not keeping track of the girl ????
james: AQ
BobS: kids are expecting a free family cruise when we hit 50 years....just like my foks have taken us for 50 & 55
Erin: keeping track of what girl
rich-c: oh, not some sort of cruise line promotion or anything
Erin: ?
BobS: nope
BobS: but THAT is a thought
Harvie: I think he means Pam erin
rich-c: maybe some day we should try it - finally got our passports last week
Erin: I think he might
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james: dan, are you still here?
changed username to Dale
rich-c: Pam is off on various errands, will be late if she gets here at all
BobS: ya we got to get ours this year January we need it to go to the Caribbean
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Dale
Erin: hi Dale
BobS: hey Dale !!!!!
Daniel B: yes, i'm here... but i'm also writing some messages
Daniel B: hi Dale!
Harvie: Hello Dale
james: ok. i haven't been on yahoo lately
BobS: get my check yet ?????
Guy B.: Hi Dale
BobS: did ti bounce????
Dale: Bob, yes. Got it. Thanks.
Guy B.: Mine will be on it's way by the weekend.
Dale: Haven't taken it to the bank yet. I'll try it Friday.
Erin: I Gather you got mine Dale
Dale: Yes Erin.
Erin: excellent :-)
rich-c: don't forget to give me the pricing for Frances and myself
rich-c: I'll be doing Friday and Sunday, Frances Sunday
Dale: Richard, I'll be sending the proper amount this weekend.
Harvie: If it's written on the Bank of Duufins Creek don't deposit it :)
rich-c: OK, we will deal with it promptly
Dale: Thanks.
Dale: Guy F, did you make any progress on my RRA/RLA idea?
Guy F.: Greetings Dale.
Daniel B: james, did you started programming php? or the life is keeping you very busy?
Guy B.: I'll be testing something involving the emulator this weekend and if it works, that will be presentation on it.
james: life has been keeping me very busy this week
Guy F.: Dale: Yes, all the progress is in my head though. :) I've been busy building an EPROM emulator for my projects, and it's been keeping me busy with the PCB fabrication.
Dale: EPROM emulator?
Dale: Not burner?
Daniel B: yes, he want something more faster and less manipulation then an eprom burner.
Daniel B: i still have to improve my english. some mistakes in my messages :(
Guy F.: No, it emulates an EPROM. So when you have a new update to make, all you do is send the .HEX to the circuit (which is connected to the CV cart, instead of the EPROM). So within a few seconds, you can see the results of your work. Instead of removing the chip, burning it and re-installing it.
Daniel B: james, when you are ready, tell me and i will be online on yahoo specificaly to help you on the web site.
BobS: lost me on this idea..........
Dale: I get it now. That makes sense. So it has external power, a serial port, and RAM that dual bussed or something.
Daniel B: i personnaly don't know exactly what it is but i think you are right Dale!
Guy F.: The CV can power the circuit. It does have a serial port with RAM. It's a simple device, but helps a lot in the development.
Harvie: I have had all the fun I can stand for one night so goodnight all
Dr. D.: nite Harvey
Daniel B: dj?
Daniel B: bonne nuit Harvie!
Dr. D.: (I am still munching)
rich-c: goodnight Harvie - sleep cool!
Guy F.: Take care Harvie.
Harvie left chat session
Dale: Good night Harvey.
Dale: Can the CV really power it? I thought that the reset switch cut power temporarily, but maybe that wouldn't be necessary.
BobS: cool is what we need......awfully high temps here the last few days with storms and more storms
Daniel B: Because Atari tells to AtariAge to not sell games made by fans that contains any of their copyrighted words like pong and breakout, I'm changing now the name of one of my games. But because the name is repeated inside the game, i have to be careful.
Guy F.: Dale: Good point Dale. Will have to look into that, in any case there is space for a power supply, in case power needs are not met.
Dale: The idea is to make a cartridge that can be reprogrammed without having to remove it, then pull the reset, and the new cartridge image is available.
rich-c: well. just so it's nice in Montreal on Sunday - Grand Prix of Canada
Dale: Very smart.
Guy F.: Dale: Circuit is taken from this website:
rich-c: doesn't the CV have a more than adequat external power supply?
Dale: That was the goal of Jeff Frohwein's experiements, but he used the joystick port instead of a serial port, and put the program in the 1k of RAM on the ColecoVision.
Guy F.: It would be nice to increase the RAM on the CV and use the CV as a step-by-step debugger.
Guy F.: Or perhaps get an ADAM. How much memory (RAM) on an ADAM?
rich-c: 64K + 16 VRAM
Daniel B: question : if the joystick port is only readable, how can the Jeff F's experiments help the coleco to tell when it received the data just fine?
Guy F.: Probably times out after a set amount of time?
Erin: well Gents...I'm heading out for tonight...was a super long (tho successful)day
Guy B.: Bye Erin
Dr. D.: bye Erub
Dr. D.: Erin
Dr. D.: can't type
BobS: bye Erin
Erin: nitey nite all
Guy F.: So 2-way serial communication is not possible on the CV?
Erin left chat session
Dale: 64k -- but when the OS7 ROM is loaded and a cart is in the cart slot it drops down to 24k visible.
rich-c: nite Rin
Dale: Read Jeff Frowein's page at:
Daniel B: oops... i miss 'rin!
rich-c: me too - see what happens when I take two minutes to go get my beer?
Dale: It is a one way transmit protocol, using the joystick, and a tricky ROM image that he provides.
Dr. D.: I had some genuine birch beer this Sunday, first time in many years.
rich-c: yes, that's a specialised kind of root beer - but I don't drink pop now, too many calories
Dr. D.: Like root beer, except red and mintier
Daniel B: so it's a question of timing
james: alright, i think i'm here for real now
james: for what it's worth
rich-c: you sure about that, james? 8 - )
james: i try :)
Daniel B: and james, tell me when you are ready for the php, i will try to support you in this project as i can. actually in trouble with my own projects but i have always time for my friends.
rich-c: you're quiet, Bob. Where is Judy?
BobS: she is sitting here watichign tv
BobS: watching
BobS: got the air on and it works!!!!
rich-c: there is something worth watching on tv?
Dr. D.: Dubya vs. the Chipper-Shredder
BobS: CSI Miami is on and we havent' seen it.......
rich-c: Pamela likes that series I think
Dr. D.: Christina does
james: dan, it's more a matter of finding time, but i do want to get it going very soon
Daniel B: i installed a software to help me speaking in english. but my "micro" is not working. anyway i listen to the words and i saw my mistakes.
rich-c: actually I will have a busy tv weekend coming up
rich-c: GP of Canada, CFL exhibition game, Chmp Cars at Portland
Daniel B: ok james! let me know :)
Dr. D.: Already CFL? yikes
Dr. D.: too soon for football
rich-c: exhibition, Dr. D. - real season starts end of the month
Dr. D.: And it's bad enough basketball is still would be too were it not for the lockout
rich-c: exactly - disgraceful, isn't it?
Dr. D.: Summer is baseball, fall is football, winter is basketball and hockey.
BobS: ALL the sports will be played at the same time in 2020 probably
Dr. D.: All indoors under domes
BobS: but, but, they need more games to get more cash
rich-c: wonder what the eventual windup of the hockey lockout will be?
Dr. D.: Or in VR arenas against bluescreens
Dr. D.: Probably death of NHL :-(
rich-c: since football ends here in November it has to start earlier
Dr. D.: Too many games shortens careers
Dr. D.: I want my 10-game season back :-)
rich-c: we are not so crazy as to play outdoors in places like Buffalo or Green Bay or Denver or similar hot spots in the depths of January
james: they should have left the nhl alone. all that rapid expansion was too much
Dr. D.: So end before Thanksgiving like Paul Brown intended :-)
BobS: there is a LOT of truth to that idea Richard
rich-c: right on, james. back to the Original Six!
BobS: sometimes they freeze their a$$'$ off....literally
james: seriously. it was kind of ridiculous some of the places that had teams
rich-c: which Tanksgiving, Rich? Ours would be too early
Dr. D.: Well, by Dec. 1st then.
james: and if they start a new league, cap the salaries to start, then maybe other regular sized cities could afford a franchise
Dr. D.: I remember AFC/NFC title games on Christmas Day...Superbowl week after New Year's to avoid the college stuff.
rich-c: yes, the Grey Cup is played in November (late) often outdoors
Dr. D.: Cripes, now it is February.
james: no reason why places like edmonton or halifax shouldn't be able to maintain a team
Dr. D.: Wish it were cold as February here :-)
rich-c: edmonton does, not sure Halifax has the enthusiasm - Hamilton wants one, and Regina
Dr. D.: I am gonna have to sign off, I have been at a terminal for 16 hours today and my fingers are tired :-)
Dr. D.: I like SmartBASIC better than Java :-)
BobS: well be good De D
rich-c: OK Rich, night for now, c u next week
Dr. D.: But Java is what I am writing...yuk.
Dr. D.: Nite nite to all
BobS: and sleep tight
Dale: :-)
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: Guy, I'm hoping to bring the emulator to Adamcon for some help on making it work - you game?
Guy B.: Sure Rich, I'll help you out on it. I think your still uneasy on running it. It's not that difficult.
Daniel B: seeing the electronic part of the Jeff F's document remembers me the first time i saw the words "mise la terre" (ground). i was young and i played with an electronic kit for kids... and I tried to make the circuit working by letting the little cables touching the ground beside the table.
rich-c: I can't make it go at all. Maybe if I have the Acer set up by then I'll bring it too.
Guy B.: Bring it and we'll figure out what's going on.
rich-c: to confuse things, Daniel, old British books talk of earthing the cable
Dale: Daniel, it would almost work :-)
BobS: and NOW you know about groundin electrictyi out , Right Daniel?
BobS: yes ground
BobS: the totally correct term
rich-c: I see no point in hanging about for the programming sessions, but hope to have lunch and cinner with the gang
Daniel B: we still learning a new thing each day... i suppose i still have some electronic things to learn.
Guy F.: Electronics + programming = fun
Dale: Right on Guy F.
rich-c: Daniel, at my age, I'm still learning new stuff every day. - Hang in there
BobS: when you quit are expired or close to it
rich-c: right on, Bob
rich-c: and if not, you might as well be
Daniel B: i tried a few minutes to think about nothing, just relax... and i can't
BobS: that's true mon
james: @dan, that's easier to do in class :D
rich-c: that requires privacy and silence, Daniel - no outside destractions
BobS: silence???????
Daniel B: i dreamed last night about what i need to do to change the name of my game because of atari.
rich-c: well, other than a few gentle snores 8 - )
james: which game, dan?
Daniel B: my project released as "double breakout" with my first coleco game i programmed in 1999.
Guy F.: Daniel: I just found out that BlueMSX has a software debugger built in, so you can examine your code, stop it, set breakpoints, etc....
james: why do you have to change the name? is atari already using it?
Daniel B: atari said that breakout is copyright and i must not use this word
Guy B.: And it's making a comeback in those built-in games that are out.
rich-c: guess it will have to be "breakthrough" or something
Daniel B: yes, bluemsx is a very good emulator. that's the only one i know that doesn'T use the MArat F. z80 emulation
james: hmmm...
Guy B.: How about Bustout.
james: they could be talking out their rear-ends
Daniel B: actually, there was a contest to find a new name and the winner name is Deflektor... i think it's a word enough different.
BobS: they probably ARE talking out the backside....but they just 'could' have the rights in connection with a video ame environment
james: the word "breakout" is a regular english word, but it could be a context thing
BobS: should hace named it BreakIN
Daniel B: the company OASIS that produce juice. oasis is a good common name
Guy F.: Or Braekout. Still pronounced the same I believe.
rich-c: the automakers are able to copyright numbers, and regular words as automobile names
james: dan, i hope to be back on yahoo soon
Daniel B: james, i hope so
james: and we can make time to work on the php conversion together
Dale: PRonounced the same but spelled different doesn't cut it.
Dale: It has to "not be confusingly similar".
james: in this day and age, that doesn't take much
Daniel B: even if i writed breakout with hyerogliphs, i'm sure atari will ask me to change the name.
BobS: probably Daniel
BobS: a LOT has to do with the specific item and the common name it is called......and don't copy it or it could confuse people
Guy B.: Well folks, might as well call the night. I'll see you all next week.
Daniel B: bye guy b
BobS: that seems to be the common idea
rich-c: I suspect the "Bustout" solution would work - but it might take an expensive lawsuit to defend it
BobS: ok good
rich-c: OK Guy, catch you next rund
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: See ya Guy.
BobS: no that should be free and clear, unless someone else is using that name
Daniel B: dale, what is the plan to help me getting to the adamcon? i'm still working on the transport. missing funds.
rich-c: yes - did you know the Buick LaCrosse is the "Allure" in Canada?
Dale: I'm going to see if my brother can put you up in his spare room. That might work out.
james: h?ow much are you short by, dan?
rich-c: yes, hitchhiking doesn't work any more - went out with the 70s
BobS: like to poniac bonneville and the parissiene
rich-c: don't think those were copyright issues, Bob
Dale: His office is only two blocks from AdamCon, so you'd even have transprotation in the morning.
rich-c: what is Neil doing these days?
Daniel B: actually, i my financial situation is $120. and Guy calculated that i need at least $200 just for the bus.
BobS: oh coopyright problems just strange they picked different names for same car
rich-c: like my Meteor, US version Monterey
BobS: right
Daniel B: i will continue selling my stuff to the other collectors and hoping that it will be enough to pay the transport.
Guy F.: Well, Daniel, wasn't it ~$200 for two round trip bus tickets?
rich-c: what's the round trip bus fare, Quebec to Whitby, Daniel?
Dale: Neil says he'll be at AdamCon, but lately he's been going to UOttawa for his phd.
rich-c: hey, if he's driving, maybe he could pick up/ drop off Daniel on teh way, save a bit
Dale: His condo is in Hull.
rich-c: timing would be the issue, I'd imagine. Suspect Daniel could make it to Hull fairly cheaply
Dale: We had talked about that possiblility before, right Daniel?
Daniel B: i'm not sure we talked about this possibility. i don'T remember
rich-c: if not, think about it now, Daniel
Dale: We did. But at the time you didn't think that you could make it to Ottawa or even Montreal.
Daniel B: you know that i can't drive, i have no car and no driver liscence. so i need to check about someone for this possibility.
rich-c: hey Dale, maybe you should recommend him for the Geek Squad - or won't they be in Quebec?
BobS: hey guys got to head for the sheets about here next week though
james: bye, bob!
Daniel B: bye bob!
Dale: See ya later Bob.
rich-c: OK Bob, see you then - nite
BobS: say HI to spouses......children.....friends....and anyone else you meet !!!!!!!!!1
BobS left chat session
Daniel B: i hope it's not my problem that make him left.
rich-c: think maybe I should follow the good example and turn in myself
Dale: Nope, most chat's tend to wind up at 11pm.
rich-c: no Daniel, It's onze heures on teh clock that turs off us old folks
rich-c: with which, I bid you all good night
Daniel B: well, good night rich-c!
Dale: Until next time Richard.
Guy F.: Good night Rich C!
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel B: my problem is divided in three parts, a solution to be there, a solution to stay there and a solution to return at home.
james: well worry about getting home later :P
james: dale, you have your own linux server up, right?
Guy F.: Next year, Adamcon should be held in Quebec! ;)
james: or yokota :P
Daniel B: i think next year is in usa. to mnake it one meeting in canada the second one in usa
Dale: I almost held this one in Quebec.
james: dale, is there a book you'd recommend for noobs on setting up dns?
Dale: But I chickened out in December, when I was moving to my new house. I decided that that was plenty unsettling enough.
Dale: Books? I don't use books.
Dale: I use HowTos.
Dale: Type in google something like: howto bind
Dale: Or "howto dns"
Daniel B: james needs help for his server. maybe you should help him with your knowledge.
james: i will see what i can figure out
Dale: howtos are the answer to all problems. Or at least howto problems ;-)
james: i should go for lunch now. i'll be back shortly. i'll see if people are still on
Dale: James, what kind of DNS server are you using?
Daniel B: is there any howto doc about how to get to the adamcon this year?
james: uhmm
james: i've got bind 9 installed (i think). i'm running debian woody
Dale: Daniel, the key is to get a programing contract for $1500, that will be paid by the beginning of July.
Dale: Good stuff James.
Dale: Well, look in /etc/named
Dale: The file to start with is bind.conf
Daniel B: i think i will not lucky enough
james: sec, while i scribble this down]
james: ok. are people still here in 15 mins?
Dale: Make that /etc/bind/named.conf
Daniel B: me, yes. but i can't help you for the dns
james: i'll be back soon
Guy F.: I have the midnight munchies, and it's not even midnight!
Daniel B: munchies?
Daniel B: midnight munchies?
Dale: I'm working on a side scroller example for Guy F, because he hasn't finished his yet.
Guy F.: Oh cool, thanks Dale!!!
Dale: All this talk of lunch, eh?
Dale: And I'm too impatient to wait for you to do one.
Daniel B: i will cook some ramens now. brb
Guy F.: Dale: Would be nice to talk about that at the Adamcon. I think it's a subject that comes up quite often for CV/ADAM programmers, due to our VDP not having hardware scrolling.
Dale: True.
Dale: Does'nt Marcel's library do some of that?
Guy F.: I'm not sure. I don't use his library. I use assembly with no libraries.
Dale: Of course.
Dale: But it would contain example code, and that sort of algo would have to be in assembly.
Dale: Anyway, I'm working away on an example based on what we talked about last week.
Guy F.: Dale: Definately. I remember Daniel B saying that scrolling should only be attempted in assembly and not in C.
Dale: to debug. I think I have a workable algorithm.
Daniel B: back
Guy F.: Talking to Scott Huggins on Yahoo! messenger.
Dale: So we're here, but we're not talking.
Guy F.: Getting Scott to join...
Daniel B: Marcel's library have something about copying data on itself but not at the exact same position. that makes the cosmo trainer (or it's cosmo challenge?) scrolling things like the meteorites.
james: people still here?
Dale: We're sort of paying attention James.
Dale: Does cosmo trainer scroll by single pixel increments?
Dale: Or does it use some sprite tricks?
Daniel B: i need to check, but the function in the library doesn't matter if it's sprites or characters scrolling. it's only an interface that use the ldir in a certain way.
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changed username to oops]
Dale: James, are you being a primary DNS for something, or are you doing cashing DNS?
Dale: caching
Daniel B: oops]?
oops]: i dropped the parent page and closed the chat by mistake
oops]: @dale, to put it in simple terms, i want to host my own domain and others
Dale: Right.
Daniel B: ok! james is oops
oops]: namely, and
Dale: So you need to have some master records.
oops]: and then add others as i go along
oops]: yes. currently looking for bind.conf
Dale: named.conf in /etc/bind
oops]: i found named.conf but no named diry
oops]: ok
Dale: I gave you the name backwards and corrected myself after you left for lunch.
oops]: so i've read some stuff on dns, the principle behind it is not that hard
oops]: oh, sorry, missed htat
oops]: *that
oops] changed username to james
james: i'm in /etc/bind now
james: are you running debian, dale?
Guy F.: Daniel: Has PONG ever been released on the CV?
Dale: seems to have relevant information.
Dale: Look at section 5.2
Daniel B: Guy F : well my dacpong in doublebreakout is playable like pong but need two steering wheels.
Dale: Yes James.
Dale: I've run Debian for about 5 years now.
Dale: Previously I used Slackware.
Guy F.: Dale: Was wonderng if you knew the difference between RET and RETI? I was told that when returning from an interrupt, RETI should be used, but I've been able to interchange them, with no differences?
Guy F.: Dan: Thanks...
Dale: But I find Debian easier to administrate -- especially security updates.
james: well i'm still pretty new at linux
james: barely know what i'm doing :P
Dale: RETI clears some interrupt flags for the maskable interrupt.
Guy F.: Dale: Ok, that's what I thought, but wasn't sure... Still don't own a decent Z80 book yet.
Daniel B: I feel like looking at a tv show tonight with linux and z80 discussion, but without tv.
Dale: RETN is for the non-maskable interrupt.
Guy F.: Daniel: I doubt you'd find such an interesting show playing on TV. :)
Dale: Check out
Dale: It has almost everthing you could ever want to know.
Guy F.: Thanks for the link!
Dale: I use it when I can't be bothered with my reference docs.
james: debian seems to do what i want it to
james: i'm just not as smart as i'd like to be :P do you have pine installed?
Dale: The nice thing about Debian, is that everything works well together. RPM based systems, don't seem to be able to manage that.
Dale: For RPM based systems (like Red Hat) I find myself recompiling things to make them fit together.
Daniel B: i know pine, i used it at the university
james: i like apt-get
Dale: apt-get is the best.
james: just wish i could find a pine package
Dale: I use mutt instead of pine.
Daniel B: it's a text-based mail-client software with the support for the newsgroups too.
Dale: But that is personal taste.
Guy F.: Pine was used at my University.... It was allright.
Dale: I have pine installed on apt-get pine
james: yeah, i try that and i get an error saying no such package exists
Daniel B: whatever i tried i didn't like "vi", not enough convivial for me. so i used pico.
Dale: You need to do an update first then:
Dale: apt-get update
Dale: Then apt-get install pine will work.
Daniel B: but pico had his limitations and problems
james: arright. will try that again (did this exact same thing a couple weeks ago)
Guy F.: Always had a hard time remembering the vi shortcuts.
james: Package pine has no available version, but exists in the database.
Dale: Got my program to assemble. Now to see if it works...
Daniel B: let's go Dale! :-)
james: anyay, i'll poke around with dns for now
james: can't seem to get pine. maybe it's a problem with my sources file
Dale: Did you know that woody is no longer stable? It is now sarge, as of yesterday.
Daniel B: errr.... ok!
Dale: So you should probably upgrade to sarge. Just update your /etc/apt/sources.list to name sarge or stable instead of woody.
Dale: The Debian Linux distributions are named after characters in Toy Story. :-)
Daniel B: i realized it now
Dale: So 3.0 is woody and 3.1 sarge and 3.2 is sid.
Dale: Hmmm...tried my program, and it doesn't work. I'll have to find my bug.
Daniel B: can i have a copy of your code to see it?
Daniel B: gimme gimme gimme
Dale: Sure. You can see my code.
james: that much i knew
james: ahhh crap
james: i'm out of toner
Daniel B: out of toner?
Daniel B: another expression i don't know
james: for my printer
Daniel B: ho ok
Dale: Can you decompress tar.gz files (tar balls) Daniel?
Daniel B: :-)
Daniel B: yes
Daniel B: i installed 7-zip that do the job
Dale: Check out
Dale: I made my source files in vi, so notepad won't like them, but wordpad doesn't seem to mind.
Dale: The important file is scroller.z
james: dale, any chance i could peruse your sources.list file?
Dale: It should do the work, if I initialize everything correctly.
Dale: The first non-commented line is:
Dale: deb sarge main contrib non-free
james: i'm thinking my sources may be outdated/incomplete
Dale: Also:
Dale: deb sarge/non-US main contrib non-free
Dale: deb sarge/updates main contrib non-free
Dale: Are good to have.
Dale: I have a lot of other lines in there too. But they are mostly me specific.
james: thanks. i had:
james: deb testing main contrib non-free
james: and
james: deb testing/non-US main non-free
Dale: Those worked until yesterday when testing became stable. There is currently no testing, only stable and unstable.
james: i'll comment them out
Dale: Change the testing words to either sarge or stable and do a fresh apt-get update
Daniel B: Dale, I saw one strange thing in the scroll.z file
james: i've commented out mine and "borrowed" yours
james: :D
james: for future reference is there a decent place that lists current sources?
Dale: It's worth a try. It looks like non-us and security are busy today, with the new version rolling out.
james: seems to be working well enough
Dale: Well, the install config utility will generate current ones. But I always forget the name of the command.
Daniel B: ScrollBlock starts with PUSH BC, HL, DE... but in the ScrollSegment, just before the DJNZ, there are POP HL,DE,BC. I think there is a mistake here
james: but i'm still getting that error saying pine has no installation candidate. you think i should just look for .deb file?
Dale: Right you are Daniel.
Daniel B: :-)
Guy F.: Hehe, that would be a mistake that I've done many times.
james: not sure i follow the mistake, but lessee are you popping things out in the wrong order?
Daniel B: yes, inversion of DE and HL, make them corrupted
james: woot! i'm not dumb :D
james: i remember some assembler
Dale: Also Daniel, I'm not using WRITE_VRAM/READ_VRAM with consistent parameters. I need to pass the right ones.
Dale: The correct parameters is in my OS7DEF.z file, but I haven't opened it up to check them.
Daniel B: it's the second thing i wanted to check
Dale: Too busy chatting.
james: heh heh
Dale: The os7def.z file says: HL=zram, DE=vram so I've done it backwards, in most places.
Daniel B: question : zram is for ???
james: i have to go. i look forward to seeing you all again next week
Daniel B: bye james, and talk to you again soon.
james: bye dan. i should be on yahoo a little more now
james: bye dale, guy
Guy F.: bye
james left chat session
Dale: Hmm...somewhat better.
Dale: zram = Z80 mapped memory
Daniel B: ok!
Dale: As opposed to video ram.
Daniel B: and better means ??? working but not as it supposed to be?
Dale: It flickered my message up on screen, I think.
Daniel B: mmm, the fill_vram says that it's DE, not BC for the len
Dale: Hmm...Now it shows a green background where it is supposed to.
Dale: Just noticed that one.
Daniel B: you are too fast! i can't help you! :-P
Dale: ;-)
Daniel B: hey Dale, the os7def.z file was made by you or it's a compilation of what some guys did during all these years?
Daniel B: this file, by itself, is a great utility for asm programmers
Dale: I did it from the ColecoVision programmer guide as I went along, learning the differences between the OS7 and EOS functions for AdamCon 10.
Daniel B: so it's your own "sdk" :-)
Dale: Absolutely.
Dale: I just don't have a following like you and Marcel.
Daniel B: i only did functions that are common and handy
Daniel B: i did not study the coleco bios to build my library
Dale: I don't know what to try next. Here is the supergame:
Dale: I also posted a new version of the source, if you're following along.
Dale: You have to start it. Hit F9 to switch to joystick mode. Hit 1. Then you see the result of scroller.z
Daniel B: i'm checking adamem text files.
Daniel B: ok, all i see is a green screen without any animated things
Dale: Okay, now I've added EX AF,AF' to preserve the carry.
Dale: It now scrolls correctly.
Dale: But the initial display is still wrong.
Dale: Check out
Daniel B: sure!
Daniel B: (missing the /adam/ in the link)
Dale: Try
Dale: Sorry.
Daniel B: no problem
Daniel B: i'm checking out the new code.
Dale: It must be overwriting my initialization table somehow.
Dale: The horizontal scrolling works great -- I just slowed it down to once per second, and it works fine.
Daniel B: you know, i'm still looking at your code. figuring a new thing each time.
Guy F.: Is the .rom available? I'm curious to see...
Daniel B: Dale, is there somewhere a code to read the vdp status?
Dale: It is in main.z80.
Daniel B: I'm in the main.z80
Dale: Guy F, I'll post an update. I'm making a supergame, but it is almost the same.
Daniel B: ok! it's READ_REGISTER
Daniel B: Guy F had a problem with that
Guy F.: Dan: I did?!?
Daniel B: so i was checking
Daniel B: remember your first versions of the demo that jam?
Guy F.: Yeah, the VDP had to be read after each interrupt, otherwise it wouldn't give the proper value.
Dale: Okay. Check out
Dale: But it displays the wrong initial message. It is supposed to show "DALE" initially.
Dale: For some reason it doesn't.
Daniel B: Guy : use scroll.adm has a tape image for adamem
Guy F.: I don't have adamem
Daniel B: For some-reason... did you try to update a read-only memory?
Guy F.: But I'll recompile his file.
Dale: You need AdamEm to use what I've written, since my template assumes that I have the game in RAM.
Daniel B: i realized that.
Dale: I'm a unixy guy, so I use a makefile to compile mine.
Guy F.: I believe that the VDP sends out a signal to the Z80, 60 times per second to tell it when it's doing the vertical retrace. If after going into interrupt, the VDP is not read/cleared this signal will not be sent properly the next time. That's what I seem to have understood.
Dale: That is correct. The nmi needs to call READ_REGISTER.
Dale: Otherwise you won't get the next VDP interrupt.
Guy F.: That was the problem with my first demo/program. I wasn't reading the VDP at the end of my interrupt. Was working fine on 1 emulator, but improperly on another emulator.
Daniel B: is it a kind of "drain" or "flush" effect that read status register call?
Daniel B: all i know it's that "in a($)" is modifying the chip state, and in some way may result in loosing the actual pointer to vram.
Dale: READ_REGISTER clears the interrupt acknowledge bit, so that the VDP knows that it is safe to trigger the next one.
Guy F.: Yes, if the bit is not cleared, it will always be in interrupt mode.
Guy F.: The VDP status is very usefull. Also contaisn the coincidence flag.
Dale: Found it.
Daniel B: found what?
Dale: My FILL_VRAM was supposed to initialize the colour table, not the pattern table.
Daniel B: make sense
Daniel B: i was trying to thing about a wrong control register value or something
Daniel B: and now, it's compiling and .... working?
Dale: Yes. Just let me do a tiny bit of clean up...
Daniel B: but i can't see your room :-P
Guy F.: hehehe
Daniel B: so Guy, if you try Dale's code, don't forget his demo is runnning on ram and you have to be carefull of not trying to use a table in rom as a ram.
Dale: The new game is at:
Guy F.: ok
Guy F.: Thanks Dale!
Dale: The source is at:
Dale: Guy F, can you access tarballs?
Guy F.: Yes, I also run Linux...
Guy F.: Don't use it much though. :(
Daniel B: i saw DALEDALEDALEDALEDALEDALEDALE... scrolling at a regular speed one pixel to the left
Daniel B: on one line
Guy F.: Very nice!
Daniel B: all the other lines are blank
Daniel B: it's white...
Dale: The suggestion from Guy was to have a bottom line scroller, like you see on so many PC demos.
Dale: So, I wrote a demo scroller.
Daniel B: I did a scrolling demo too that looks like that
Dale: It scrolls a bitmap instead of a text message.
Daniel B: but it was continuous data .... like if we readed the data with the monitor on the side
Dale: The speed is set to 15 times per second.
Guy F.: I will have to work on that tomorrow. I really want to add that to my demo.
Dale: Scrolling a text message is of course possible, but it would be more code.
Dale: Did you find the code in scroll.z okay?
Daniel B: my demo scrolled a pattern that looks like a text
Daniel B: i think it's clear enough to be understandable
Guy F.: I'll have a look at it tomorrow...
Dale: Well, my bitmap is text.
Guy F.: I'm disassembling Donkey Kong right now, and trying to figure out something...
Daniel B:
Daniel B: my sound bank project in java
Daniel B: give it a try Dale
Daniel B: Dale? Guy?
Daniel B: :-?
Guy F.: I've already tried it this morning....
Guy F.: I seem to recall wanting to tell you about a spelling mistake somewhere.
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi. I got bumped.
Daniel B: we saw that
Daniel B: what is the last thing you saw in the chat?
Dale: I'm checking the log.
Dale: I saw Guy say "I'll try it tomorrow.
Dale: I made a nice web page with my findings at
Dale: Not pretty, but you can't have everything.
Daniel B: :-) I will surely take a look at your new page
Daniel B: your update
Daniel B: and can you take a look at my sound bank project in java?
Daniel B:
Guy F.: Dale: The page doesn't seem to exist?
Daniel B: i can access to his page, guy
Guy F.: ah, it's .html not .htm
Daniel B: hehe!
Dale: Sorry.
Daniel B: don'T be sorry, it's not your mistake
Dale: I should add a screen shot. What's the best way to do that in AdamEm?
Guy F.: I missed the last character, and had it as .htm
Guy F.: MessageLen EQU $-Message
Daniel B: F8 (Alt+F8 in keyboard - Make screen shot (Not implemented in Unix/X
Guy F.: I like this, will definitely use it!
Dale: Some assemblers use '.' instead of '$'
Guy F.: I think mine uses $. $ = current address location, right?
Dale: But the MessageLen variables that are self calculating are very useful.
Daniel B: I did a screenshot with adamem F*
Dale: Correct.
Guy F.: Awesome! Instead of typing in the length of my tables, I'll be using that. Much nicer.
Guy F.: Anyways, you guys have me beat. It's almost 1:40AM. I'm beat!
Dale: Talk to you later Guy.
Guy F.: Going to hit the sack... Thanks again Dale for the program, really appreciate it.
Guy F.: Take care Daniel, talk to you soon....
Daniel B: bye guy!
Guy F. left chat session
Dale: Hmm...F8 seems to exit?!?
Daniel B: can i send to you the screenshot of your demo?
Dale: Where is the screenshot saved when you launch from adamemmam?
Dale: Sure. Email me a jpeg to
Daniel B: it's done!
Dale: Thanks.
Daniel B: maybe an animated gif should be better
Dale: I suppose.
Daniel B: anyway, i want you to take a look at my applet if you have time. tell me if the comments are correct.
Dale: That is more ambitious.
Dale: Applet?
Daniel B: Yes, I programmed a tool in Java
Daniel B: a Java Applet
Dale: What does it do?
Daniel B: maybe it's better if you go take a look
Dale: Okay.
Daniel B:
Daniel B:
Dale: The sound bank one?
Daniel B: yes
Daniel B: still there?
Dale: Funky
Daniel B: Funky?
Dale: It is a sound player that includes source.
Dale: It means cool, basically.
Daniel B: the purpose of this applet is to help programmers when they got problem adding sounds to projects
Daniel B: but it can be used as a jukebox
Daniel B: all the code, including the sound emulation was done by myself. i've got help for the noise emulation
Dale: This is in OS7 music format, not Marcel's?
Daniel B: yes, it's os7 format as suggested the link
Daniel B: it's all the sounds from the carts, but you can use the applet (if you download the source), as a standalone software
Daniel B: and try your own creations
Dale: I'll try it.
Daniel B: the comments are generated by the applet
Dale: The sounds I looked at, seem like the comments are correct.
Daniel B: i noticed one error, a repeat code as mentioned in comments as an end code.
Daniel B: this applet is probably the best coleco sound emulation in the world, i worked very hard on it.
Daniel B: you see now why I asked about the hex format in the chat session last time
Dale: Hmm..yes.
Dale: It sounds very true to the Adam, for sure.
Daniel B: i think, if you use an oscillator, the difference will be negligeable
Dale: I'll spend some time working with this for sure.
Daniel B: hehe! by doing this, i realized that volume swept doesn't stop when reaching the 0 or 15 value.
Dale: So if I make my own sounds, I just have to put them in a .txt.gz file, like the supplied ones?
Daniel B: or only .txt like the test file
Dale: I have to be at work tomorrow morning, so I'd better say good night.
Dale: Very cool player/commenter.
Daniel B: the filename must be added in the os7snd.txt file (because of the java applet security that doesn't allow to read folder)
Dale: Naturally.
Dale: I would have just greped for that part.
Daniel B: greped?
Dale: I would have found it.
Daniel B: ok!
Daniel B: so, i did not work 4 weeks on that for nothing! cool!
Dale: Global Regular Expression text searching tool.
Dale: I'd better go.
Daniel B: G.R.E.... the P is for ?
Daniel B: Good night Dale!
Dale: You got me there. Just the name of the unix command.
Daniel B: hehe! Take care!
Dale: Parser.
Dale: poof
Daniel B: poof
Dale left chat session
Daniel B left chat session
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