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rich-c: verify
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changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Hi rich
rich-c: hi Harvie - early in as usual I see
Harvie: Creature of habit
rich-c: how are matters going with you?
Harvie: As usual, could be better, could be worse
rich-c: I reckon if I'm going to do it might as well get it all ; - )
rich-c: the arthritis plaguing you still?
Harvie: Always
rich-c: where is the problem? which joints?
Harvie: It's there to remind me of my mis-spent youth:)
rich-c: and not your advancing age?
Harvie: Knees mainly, sometimes shoulders and kneck
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rich-c: but not yet to the stage whre surgery is advisable?
Harvie: Been advised not to have surgery
rich-c: well, on knees it is often terribly painful and not always a success
rich-c: and shoulders and neck - surgery there is rare and not for arthritis
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
james: evening/morning
james: how is everyone?
Harvie: Apparently with my size the prosthesis would deteriorate rather quickly
Harvie: Hi James
james: is someone bragging about their endowment? :P
rich-c: just discussing Harvie's aches and pains - they are not in pla es amenable to treatment
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changed username to Red
rich-c: hello Rin
james: what kind of prosthesis do you need, harvie?
Harvie: Hello Erin
Red: hi Uncle Richard
Red: hi Harvie
Harvie: Knee joints James
rich-c: have one buddy has two of them, delighted
rich-c: another who remains in terrible pain despite the replacement
james: knee problems? my father has bad knees too. old high school lacrosse injury
rich-c: well, some of them can be "cured" with knee replacement surgery
Harvie: Lacrosse was the only game I had no injuries from, football was the worst
rich-c: it's very effective when it works but pretty disastrous when it doesn't
Red: think I need to reboot brb
Red left chat session
rich-c: yes, football can leave its memories down the years in full measure
james: my dad took a ball right to the knee apparently
james: and those lacrosse balls fly pretty fast
rich-c: ouch!
rich-c: and they are heavy and have very little give...
Harvie: I can feel it now
james: anyway, i do hope things work out for you, harvie
rich-c: so what is going on in Japan that we aren't hearing about, James?
Harvie: Just have to do things in moderation, slowing down is hard to do when you are already stopped :)
rich-c: know just what you mean
james: hmm.. would you like to hear about government incompetence or institutionlaized racism?
rich-c: nothing new, then?
james: no, nothing new :P
Harvie: You are back in Canada? :)
james: lol
rich-c: I gather the Japanese government makes the Canadian one look expert in comparison
james: government incompetence and myopia i expect everywhere
james: certainly less corrupt in any case
rich-c: and you will rarely be disappointed
rich-c: like Ontario - they mean very well, just don't know what they are doing
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Harvie: Hi Guy
rich-c: hi Guy
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james: let's just say i likely would not have voted liberal in the previous provincial election if i had voted at all
changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: a little earlier tonight!
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
rich-c: hello Rich
Dr.D.: Hi folks sorry I am late
Harvie: Hello Doc
james: hello, dr d.
Guy B.: I would have been here a little earlier. Had to do a couple pf things.
rich-c: you wren't around to understand the revolting necessity, james
rich-c: actually this is a little early for you anyway, Guy
Guy B.: Got my airline reservations made last night.
rich-c: good - when aer you going to arrive?
Guy B.: Thursday afternoon.
Dr.D.: I was running errands and trying to get laundry started.
james: well ernie reeves (pardon the spelling) didn't do much for me, either
rich-c: what time Thursday afternoon?
Guy B.: 1:45 PM
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changed username to Red
rich-c: ah, some hope if you're on time of missing rush hour, then
rich-c: welcome back, Rin
james: so who's all going to the con?
Guy B.: Hi Rin
Red: thank you
Red: howdy all
Dr.D.: Me
Red: Me
Dr.D.: Hi Redhead
Red: hi Doc
Guy B.: Now, I hope Pam got my e-mail.
rich-c: I am day-tripping Friday and Sunday, Frances will be with me Sunday
Dr.D.: Richard tripping, who'd a thunk it?
Dr.D.: Say hi to the pretty colours :-)
rich-c: comes from advancing age and scheduling, Rich
Dr.D.: I know, Richard
rich-c: high geekery isn't my territory, and my hip has not the endurance for major garden touring
Guy B.: Rin you're going to be at the con?
Dr.D.: Hip isn't acting up now is it?
Red: I will be
rich-c: no, but it has a limited endurance - two kilometres is about my limit for walking
Dr.D.: If you didn't have stairs at might be a candidate for a scooter.
Guy B.: I got to attend my company's convention on Monday. It's Rotary's 100th anniversary.
Dr.D.: Hopefully the didn't celebrate by laying off everyone, Guy...
rich-c: really? I'll bet that will be quite a celebration
Dr.D.: they
rich-c: are we here or frozen?
Dr.D.: I am here
Red: ditto
Guy B.: It is Rich. I've met some Rotarians from Nigeria when I was waiting for a shuttle bus to McCormick Place. When I got there, there were a lot there. We had over 40,000 attended this convention and that broke a record.
rich-c: OK, when things suddenly go quiet I get suspicious
Dr.D.: Aliens abducted us Richard
Red: or the ether
rich-c: obviously they did it up brown!
Dr.D.: the last Society for Neurosciences Annual Meeting I was at had 30K scientists in atendance.
Dr.D.: There are about 5 places in the country that can accommodate that many in one place...
Dr.D.: So people are getting tired of the choices...
rich-c: oh? we could do that with no sweat at all in Toronto
Dr.D.: ...but nobody seems to want to split up the huge Annual Meeting.
Guy B.: Now, I'm hoping I got my new processor before I leave next month. Still running into some problems getting the right kit.
Dr.D.: People are tired of DC, Miami, New Orleans, LA
Red: is this the Monday of the con Guy?
rich-c: what's the matter with your computer, Guy?
Guy B.: Nothing wrong with my computer. It's my new processor for my Cochlear Implant. The company messed up and now I have to wait maybe another week or so.
rich-c: oh, I see. Does it represent an upgrade?
Dr.D.: Bionic Guy :-)
Dr.D.: How did they mess up the implant?
Guy B.: It is an upgrade. But, I found out there are two implants. a 22 and a 24. I have the 22 which should have been a green coded color. Instead, they sent one with a yellow which is for the 24.
Guy B.: So, now a new kit has to be order with a green coded plug.
rich-c: see, it isn't just governments that screw up, james ; - )
james: yeah, large organizations of any kind
Guy B.: Companies do too, if they don't do it right for the customer.
rich-c: tell me about it - I have a number of skirmishes going on now
Dr.D.: Fighting with the docs, Richard?
james: true, but at least in the case of companies, it's not our tax dollars paying for it most of the time
Guy B.: So, in the meantime while I'm waiting again. Might as well get some AA batteries for my current processor.
james: unless of course it's a gov't contract
rich-c: no, with my cellphone company and mad at our grocery chain
Dr.D.: Has your grocery fired all its butchers, too?
rich-c: no, but they've cut the number of slices of bread in a loaf from 14 to 13
Dr.D.: Here, to break the butchers union and avoid paying their high-risk health insurance (all those blades), Topps got rid of all its butchers.
rich-c: when you have two pieces of toast evry morning, or a sandwich at lunch, you're shortchanged every week
Dr.D.: They now truck meat in from some central plant.
Harvie: The butchers are now janitors, the accountants slice the meat:)
Dr.D.: Worse, to offset the longer delivery times that would lead to old, brown meat...
rich-c: our grocery is small in an economy chain, so they have been using prepackaged meat for some time
Guy B.: That happened to Edy's ice cream a few years ago. They shrunk the carton, but kept it at the same price. Breyers did NOT follow them.
Dr.D.: ...they are incubating the red meat with carbon monoxide, to make it bright red even if it is rotting
james: yum. that sounds almost as tasty as bleaching "mechanically reclaimed meat"
Dr.D.: So people who buy meat based on color...caveat emptor
Red: I still think there has to be a food safety risk there
rich-c: our pork is from Cargill - tender and juicy, because they pump it up with water
Dr.D.: If the meat is fresh, carbon monoxide is just binds 300 times more tightly to hemoglobin than oxygen.
Dr.D.: That is what "death from smoke inhalation" really is...
Harvie: You are just going to rot the meat when you eat it:)
james: anyone curious about where their chicken mcnuggets come from, look up MRM on google
Dr.D.: But the red hemoglobin from carbon monoxide will be red is impervious to formaldehyde, alcohol...
rich-c: like a lunch trucker I know in Michigan - keeps sandwiches fresh for a week by packing them in nitrogen
Dr.D.: Well that is just by starving the aerobic bacteria.
Dr.D.: If you gamma-irradiated a piece of bread and kept the packaging intact, it would last thousands of years at room temperature.
Dr.D.: And be perfectly good to eat.
Red: you've made me very curious about this...I think I'll ask my people
Dr.D.: But the carbon monoxide trick is just to get people to buy old meat unknowingly.
Dr.D.: Please do...
Dr.D.: (to Red)
Dr.D.: hehe
Dr.D.: No, those people say it NU-KYU-LAR
james: wow.. thousands of years? what does gamma-irradiation do?
Dr.D.: And some live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Harvie: Would that CO trick work with me and the young ladies :)
Dr.D.: It kills all the bacteria.
Dr.D.: (to James)
rich-c: well, American pronunciations are often out of line - het, they can't even get the last letter of the alphabet right
Dr.D.: <smirk>
james: ok, so assuming a perfect seal, nothing can get in to destroy the bread
Dr.D.: That is right, James.
james: nothing biological anyway. i still think you'd have to keep it somewhere dark
Dr.D.: Yeah, there might be some photochemical reactions.\
rich-c: actually, there are few potatoes sold anywhere now that aren't irradiated
james: as i imagine uv radiation could break it down or at least fade the colour :P
Dr.D.: To prevent sprouting? Not in our stores :-)
rich-c: not sure of the reason, Rich, but I believe it's some other issue
james: lol harvie- just saw your joke
Dr.D.: I missed it first time around to, sorry.
Harvie: But, will it work
james: actually, i've always wondered why "zee" isn't the right pronunciation
rich-c: anyway, Frances and I are going on a little trip staring Friday week
Dr.D.: Zeta --> Zeda --> Zed
james: think about it, we say "cee, dee, jee, tee" etc.. seems more consistent to me
james: oh yeah. duh. i should have known that
Dr.D.: C doesn't exist in Greek
Dr.D.: D is Delta
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Dr.D.: G is Gamma
changed username to Dale
Dr.D.: T is Tau
Dale: Hi all.
Red: hi Dale
Dr.D.: I don't know where the "ee" part of the letters came from
Dale: Just checking in for a bit.
rich-c: hello Dale, when are you sending me that email?
Harvie: Hello Dale
james: i like the french derivative of "Y", i think the literal translation being "greek i"
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Dale: rich-c, I've almost got it done, but I just haven't sent it.
james: too bad most attempts to make english anywhere near phonically regular are thwarted
Dale: Hi Guy. I can't remember if I told you but I got your registration okay.
rich-c: well, we will be away over the "national days" so time's a flitting
Dr.D.: Chemistry used to be called "the French science"
Guy B.: Great. I made my airline reservations last night.
Dr.D.: Needless to say, the term persisted longer in France than anywhere else :-)
james: lol
Dale: Hi Harvie.
rich-c: other nations attributed rather less creditable things to the French...
Dr.D.: Mostly due to the work of Lavoisier
Dr.D.: Guy Lussac
james: i saw a book when i was in edmonton that talked about the origins of all the english letters & dipthongs etc, their frequency of use. was quite interesting
Dr.D.: Le Chatelier
james: unfortunately i was already broke and carrying too much luggage
james: and now i can'T even remember the title
Dr.D.: Linguistics is fun stuff.
rich-c: you'll just have to do some email exchanges with Dale's brother
Dr.D.: RIn gave me some interesting comments on various "American" accents after talking with the girls and my Dad.
james: very seriously considering linguistics as a field of study when i get back to canada. doing undergrad at 40 sounds somewhat daunting but i wouldn't be the first by any means
Dr.D.: She says I have no accent at all.
Dr.D.: Except when I say "worsh" or "Ahia"
Red: except when tired My Love
james: worsh? is that "wash"?
Dr.D.: Or if I hang around Dale and Neil too long at no-sleep ADAMcons, then I start to sound like them.
rich-c: everyone has some sort of accent - my underlying one is New Jersey
Dr.D.: Yes James
james: i have a nasty habit of picking up accents when talking to people
Dr.D.: "Ahiya" is Ohiop
Dr.D.: Ohio
Red: you should hear him say Worshington :-)
james: :D
Dr.D.: Yes...Father of our country, George Worshington.
Red: :-)
Dr.D.: First in war, first in peace, last in the National League...
james: even after just watching dr. who, i'd talk to case and say "up" and other similar words the same way
Dr.D.: (the old Washington Senators)
Harvie: So Little Rock is in Arkansore?
Dr.D.: oop to rhyme with book
rich-c: no, AAH -kin - sore
Dr.D.: Though he would say it buuk to rhyme with spook
james: yeah
Dr.D.: And more glottal stops in his is indeed Northern, Yorkshire
james: though i find it different than the "soft" "oo" in "book"
james: yeah, was picking those up too
Dr.D.: Halfway between up and oop
james: i'm pretty sure if you dropped me in there and picked me up a year later i'd be hard to discern from a native
rich-c: don't worry, it will all go away eventually
james: yeah. there's a whole branch of linguistics dedicated to vowel shifts and a vowel spectrum
Dale: When we all learn Japanese.
james: heh heh
Dr.D.: My sister Karen...lived in South Carolina and then Georgia from 1984 until her death in 2000.
Dr.D.: You would never know talking to her that she had ever lived in the North.
rich-c: every time I cross the Mason-Dixon line, I can't understand anyone for three days
Dr.D.: She totally lost all her Ohio speech and sounded like a true-blue Southerner.
rich-c: then I end up talking like them
james: when i start mixing up r and l, i'll know i've been here too rong
Dr.D.: Like Maurice Kendrick, for those of you who remember him at past ADAMcons.
james: hybridized accents are interesting too
Red: rorry pop :=)
Red: rorri
james: japanese having only one fricative which is neither r nor l (but closer to l)
Dr.D.: Well, James, I Nipponized my daughter Elanor's name as Eranaru Durusawa
Dr.D.: When she had to learn to write her name in Kanjo
Dr.D.: Kanji
Dr.D.: type
Dr.D.: typo
Dr.D.: Japanese has no adjacent consonants, so a vowel has to get put between any in English.
Dale: Eranoru is closer, but pretty good.
james: i'm assuming that explanation is for the benefit of the others here :P
Dr.D.: hehe
Dr.D.: Yes you live it every day James
Dale: Dr. D, except for n.
Dr.D.: N is an exception?
james: i could fill a whole page with the hurdles my students have to jump to pronounce english properly
james: there is a nasal "n" not unlike french
Dale: Which is by it self.
james: like the word "non". transliterated to japanese would sound very very close
james: with the two syllables "no" and "n"
Dr.D.: All the Japanese postdocs in the lab I got my Ph.D. in prounounced my first name as Erish (emphasis on the rish)
Dr.D.: But it was definitely 2 syllables
Dr.D.: Interesting about n, didn't know that...never studied it, just observed and listened.
Dr.D.: And the Chinese students tend to make it Erish at first, too, until they get acclimated to English.
james: so yeah, the small number of vowel sounds, only one fricative, open syllables (no closed consonantal sounds), no v, f, th, rhoticized vowels and the fact the language is syllabic instead of phonemic means it can take me a year to get them reading with decent pronunciation
Harvie: Time for me to go, goodnight all
Dr.D.: Sayonara Harvie-san
james: just the concept of putting two letters together to make one sound takes awhile for some kids
Red: good night Harvie
james: good night, harvie
Dale: See ya Harvie.
rich-c: night, Harvie
Harvie: Good one Doc
Harvie left chat session
Dr.D.: <bows> I am honoured
Dr.D.: Who is the <untitled> visitor?
james: yeah, that's been up for awhile now
Guy B.: Good question.
Dr.D.: Maybe a zombie.
Dale: Maybe from when I joined. I got impatient and hit refresh.
rich-c: guess we have a kurker - or a came and went
Dr.D.: We could kill the zombie :-)
Dr.D.: Kill the wabbit
Dr.D.: If he is real, he will return
rich-c: no, it was there long before that Dale, when just Harvie and I were here
Dr.D. requested to ban <undefined>
rich-c confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Red confirmed ban
rich-c: Rin might be the guilty part- she was having a computer problem
Guy B.: That's better.
Red: I don't think it was me
Dr.D.: She was?
Guy B.: Where is Pam tonight, Rich?
Red: I was having problems with Exploder not the chat
rich-c: well, she left to reboot
rich-c: she has stuff to do but said she planned to be here, just late
rich-c: I notice we are without teh Slopsemas, and Ron, and Daniel, as well
Dr.D.: Out for a barbecue maybe
rich-c: dunno, it's still a hair chilly for that here
Dr.D.: Not here with temps a few weeks ago at 31 of your Cs
Dr.D.: Last night was beautiful here, cool and breezy, very comfy
rich-c: yes, we had a couple of hot ones, and more are predicted, but we are also getting spells of refiel
rich-c: refiel
rich-c: relief
james: third time is a charm
Dr.D.: De-spoon the spoonerism :-)
james: i wish we would get some rain. beena ges
james: *been agse
james: *been ages
rich-c: we had a mini-drought for some time, then a few days of deluge
rich-c: nothing like they have been having out west, of course
Red: well gents....meesa have to get up early, so I'm heading out
Red: have a great night and week
rich-c: OK, night Rin
Dr.D.: Nite nite Red
Dr.D.: <hugs>
Red: Nite <hugs>
Red: bye all
Guy B.: Bye Rin
Dr.D.: I probably ought to go check the wash soon too.
Dale: Bye Rin.
Red left chat session
rich-c: well while you do I'm going to go get my beer
Dr.D.: hehe
Dr.D.: Okay, I will close hailing frequencies for the night as well...until next week, Starbase Cleveland signing off.
Dr.D.: <transporter sound>
Dr.D. left chat session
rich-c: night
james: well this doesn't bode well for a very long chat today
rich-c: true - we do have a high rate of attrition
rich-c: not to mention a high rate of absenteeism
Dale: Hmm...
james: who's left.. just the three of us
Dale: I'm not on for the long haul either. It's been a hard week.
rich-c: heavens, now we've lost Guy as well
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
rich-c: well, I watched the first half of the football game and am taping the second - but staying up to the end would be too late I think
rich-c: wondering where you had got to
Guy B.: I wonder where Bob is tonight?
rich-c: or Ron? or Daniel?
rich-c: btw Guy, it is Pamela's birthday Sunday
Guy B.: Oh it is.
james: i talked to dan last night and he mentioned he'd be around
rich-c: yes, Russell is working, so we will either feed her here or take her out for dinner
james: maybe he's asleep. i know he's been keeping odd hours, even for him, lately
rich-c: right now I'm battling with my old laptop - I cannot seem to be able to persuade it to access the internat on my DSL line
Guy B.: Do you have the software installed on it?
rich-c: all the settings seem to match those on my desktop which is also Win98
Guy B.: Or are you doing it through Internet Connection Sharing?
james: brb. i've got some pizza sending me telepathic messages from the freezer saying i should cook and eat it
rich-c: I guess so since I was able to access the 'net before on DSL
rich-c: top of my head I can't tell you, Guy
rich-c: I tried to set it back to dialup and screwed up everything
Guy B.: You probably don't have it installed. What that does is you can share your desktop with another computer through a network cable. It gets a little tricky, but I have it done with my other computers with Win 95.
rich-c: but thought I'd unscrewed it but copying all settings from the desktop
Guy B.: Looks like Dale just left.
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: Now he's back.
Dale: Anyway, I'd better be going for the night.
rich-c: when I ping the internal ethernet card on the laptop, I get a no return
Guy B.: Bye Dale. Say Hi to Jill for me.
Dale: So I'll see you all later.
Dale: For sure.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
rich-c: OK, night Dale, don't forget to snd me the pricing - 1 x Fri, 2 x Sunday
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Guy B.: Did you install the software for the ethernet card?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be late
Guy B.: You missed Dale.
rich-c: all the configurations know the ethernet card is there and say it's working properly
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy, Rich and james
rich-c: salut Daniel, tu es en verite en retard!
Guy B.: Any of the lights working on the card?
Daniel Bienvenu: i know
rich-c: did james have to get you up? :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: no, i weren't online at all tonight
james: i rang him up and got him out of bed :P
Daniel Bienvenu: i were playing a game like civilization and i didn't see the time
rich-c: it's a Xircom PCMCIA card, dujal ehternet and modem, but I only have the dongle for the ethernet
rich-c: the little lights on the dongle show a connection and traffic
Guy B.: Ok, card is working. Did you connect the ethernet cable from the DSL's modem to the ethernet card?
james: <indian tech support>is your computer plugged in, sir</indian tech support>
rich-c: yes, I have two cables from my router, one to the desktop, other free, used with laptopo
(A dog howls in the distance)
Daniel Bienvenu: you can find a good cartoon in flash about the "indian tech support" on
Guy B.: Rich, is the main cable connected from the DSL to the router?
james: yeah, i've wated it. pretty funny
rich-c: if you mean is there a cable from the DSL modem to the router, yes - otherwise I would not be online with you
Guy B.: The only thing I can think of is the settings on the router may not be matching to the laptop's ethernet card.
james: is the cable cross or straight? it's been my experience that you need a cross cable when hooking up the modem to the card directly
rich-c: I'm not sure the router has any settings
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Mitch
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Mitch!?
Mitch: late agan
rich-c: well, Ron, you wre getting us fussed
Guy B.: The book that came with it, should tell you how to do it. Is the router a wired one?
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Mitch: hi all
Mitch: don't get fussed 'casue I'm late. You'll be fussed all the time
Guy B.: Ron, we trying to figure out why Rich's notebook is having a hard time with his DSL connection.
rich-c: jus6t has an in port, an uplink port, number of out ports
Mitch: ah
Mitch: not sure what I can add to that discussion
rich-c: been online with my ISP for excessively long time yesterday but we can't figure it out
Guy B.: I thought about a router, but I'm using crossovers and Internet Connection Sharing. So, I'm keeping them as they are.
Mitch: XP?
Guy B.: Rich, you are using category 5 cable, right?
rich-c: my layout, Guy, is that I have a cable from the DSL modem to the router, then cables out, one for the desktop, the other free (used for laptopo)
rich-c: I am using a cable that works and has worked before, before I changed settings on the laptop
Guy B.: Ok, are any lights lit for both ports on the router?
Mitch: the desktop works ok?
rich-c: I have tried to revert the seettings by sitting with the laptop beside the desktop and matching settings one to another
rich-c: yes, there is one light in and two lights out
Mitch: so you've got a connection then
rich-c: yes
james: can you ping your modem?
Guy B.: Hmm, did you try access files between the desktop and the laptop?
rich-c: the problem seems to be that the laptop cant find its own ethernet card
Mitch: are you running Windows XP on the laptop?
rich-c: yes and it can't be done
Guy B.: Rich, did you install the drivers for the laptop's card?
rich-c: no, 98 - this is the old laptop
Mitch: ok - from the desktop, right click on network neighbourhood
rich-c: my new laptop is working just fine, I just don't want to take it on a trip whre it will be in hazard
james: have you tried swapping the ethernet card to a different pci slot?
rich-c: no, that I havent and there are two stacked
Mitch: hell- that's what laptops are for- to go on trips
rich-c: yes but I am crossing a border and will be leaving it in a hotel room or car
Guy B.: Bring it. I'm bringing mine.
Mitch: i suppose
rich-c: and laptops are vulnerable to theft - I worry about damage to teh van too if someone tries to break in to get at it
Guy B.: I'm beginning to wonder if there is a conflict with this combo card you have Rich.
rich-c: I am bringing the new one to Adamcon, Guy, so you can help me with the Emulator
rich-c: there wasn't before
rich-c: what I really need to know is what I screwed up and how to unscrew it since it did work before
Guy B.: Ok.
Mitch: so it was working
rich-c: anyway I will phone my ISP again tomorrow and carry on trying to get it to work
rich-c: oh yes, it was until I got into a situation where I needed to change it to diaup and now it won't change back
Mitch: in the network window (>Start>settings>control panel>network) there should appear three things
Mitch: for your network card
Mitch: a protocol
Mitch: a service
Mitch: and something else whose name escapes me
Mitch: driver
Mitch: could be one of those three has disappeared of got corrupted
rich-c: just a minute while I check on the desktop
Mitch: are you using the router for DHCP?
Guy B.: Since I have two ethernet cards on my desktop, Mine shows that, the DSL connection, Internet Connection sharing and the Dialup adapter.
Mitch: protocol should be TCP/IP
Mitch: adapter - that's it
rich-c: 98 doesn't have that - it's on client for microsoft networks
Guy B.: Highlight that and click on Properties.
Mitch: I'm all wet. Client is in there two - perhaps it's protocol, client and adapter
rich-c: I do have more bindings on the desktop than the laptop - I'm pursuing that
Mitch: I'm going by memory, and that's dangerous
rich-c: all it offers is the name of the network
Guy B.: The network should show his router connection. I'm wonder if it's looking for a Gateway.
Mitch: if he has DHCP enable it should automatic
rich-c: no, gateway is shown ( as is default gateway
Daniel Bienvenu: you know, when it's not coleco programming, i'm lost. ;-
rich-c: what is DCHP?
rich-c: or DHCP?
james: dynamic hosed something or other :P
Guy B.: That's the main gateway. I'm wondering if there should be a seperate setting for the card on the notebook.
rich-c: I'm not sure the desktop and laptop are networked together - or even if they should be as one may be used with the other off or absent
Guy B.: Well folks, Might as well call the night. Rich, send a e-mail to Dr D. see if he can help you out.
james: how are things on the west coast ron?
Mitch: humid - would you believe
Mitch: played golf today and sweat off a pound or two
rich-c: oh, I'll work it out with my ISP - he is very good about such things
Mitch: DHCP = dynamic host control program
rich-c: if necssary maybe I'll even take it up to his office
Guy B.: Ok, hope you can get it working.
Mitch: assigns network addresses to your network on the fly
Guy B.: Ok, folks I'm gone. See you all next week.
Mitch: Nite Guy
rich-c: see you Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
james: so who's left?
Mitch: moi
rich-c: me, if not for long
Mitch: et vous
Mitch: et lui
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: it's recycling night so I have to gether the recyclables
changed username to Pam
Mitch: aha...... that's right - garbage night on the coast
rich-c: well, daughter, you made it just after everyone left
Pam: hi folks, just dropped in for a minute
Mitch: hi Pamela
Pam: sorry, time sorta got a way from me
Pam: hi, Ron
Mitch: me to... only got here a few minutes ago
rich-c: yes, that's about all we'll have ; - )
Pam: actually wanted to see if Dale was here
Mitch: trying to XP to format an external 160GB drive and not having much luck
Pam: who did I miss?
Mitch: me to.... I sent him money
james: been a lacklustre night, pam
Pam: okay
Pam: hey James, how's the diaper brigade?
rich-c: he was here earlier, got into a big discussion of Japanese lingustics with Fr. D. and james
Mitch: :)
Pam: shoot. Oh well.
james: not too bad. case is toilet training, so eventually i might be down to one
rich-c: gotta strike while the iron is hot, Pam
Mitch: by the way all, I probably won't be here next week....have to go to the big city
Mitch: Wedding approacheth
rich-c: Guy says he sent you an email
Mitch: not mine- Jeff's
Pam: Dad, I'm not going to the trailer on Saturday but may end up in Markham anyway because of the books.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be quiet all this time, I sent a message to the adamcon list saying that I can't make it to the adamcon this year
Pam: Guy sent me an e-mail?
rich-c: right, Ron - I hope not to miss any with my trip but it may be a close-run thing
Mitch: Sorry to hear that Daniel. One of these years
rich-c: that is what he said, Pam - you rally should check it occasionally
Pam: Daniel, first, get employed. Then worry about travelling.
Pam: I'll check after I leave here - just haven't had time yet
Mitch: it'll work out Rich
Mitch: that's the right priority Daniel
rich-c: sorry to hear that, Daniel, but I do understand
Mitch: unfortunately
Pam: If I do get to Markham, I'll head up to the strawberry farm as well
Daniel Bienvenu: i lost my motivation during the year i pass without job.
rich-c: OK, I'll tell your mother
Mitch: makes it tough
Daniel Bienvenu: even coleco programming looks not the same
Pam: okay, and I'll aim to be at the house around 4:00 on Sunday
rich-c: OK, then we'll see if she wants to stay in or go out
Pam: oh, I forgot to ask her - think she'd make Apricot Buttercream layers for me?
james: ron - have you considered using a 3rd party utility or a formatting utility you can download from the hard drive manufacturer's page?
Mitch: yes, James - that's what I intend to look for.
rich-c: she says no, I don't know why
Mitch: I can format it with the Mac, but I want to use it with both, so I need two partitions - One Mac OS extended and one NTFS
Pam: tell her : (
Mitch: I'm sure there must be something out there that will do that
rich-c: there are such utilities, but they tend to cost, Ron
Mitch: Mfgr didn't appear to have such a thing, but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place
rich-c: sometimes my various computer newsletters talk about them
Pam: anyway folks, gonna run out again and check my e-mail
Pam: I'll be here next week though
rich-c: OK Pam, see you Sunday
Mitch: next week is Tux week
Mitch: ughhh
Pam: okay. Night, Daddy
Pam: Ron, you'll look fabulous.
rich-c: sympathize, Ron
Pam: James, Daniel - good night
Mitch: oh well.... for my son and future daughter in law .. anything
Pam: g'nite Ron
Mitch: Gnite Pamela.... be well
james: good night, pam
Pam: you too - and best of luck to Jeff and Francesca
Mitch: I'm going back to my internet search
rich-c: time for me to make my exit too - goodnight, all
Pam: kerpoof!
Mitch: for the mother of all formatters
Pam left chat session
james: well no sense in my hanging around here by myself.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam
rich-c: yes - it's out there, I just forget the name and whre to look 8 -(
Mitch: sorry James
james: unless you're going to, ron
Mitch: well,, I'm in no rush
Mitch: just got here
rich-c: anyway, colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: by rich
james: 0xF
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye mitch
Mitch: Nite Rich - good luck with the laptop
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james..
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you later james
james: you leaving, dan?
Mitch: Dan, where abouts have you been looking for work?
Mitch: Is the job market there that slow?
Mitch: Lordie, I'm glad I don't have to go through that again
james: yeah, me too
james: though i probably will in about 10-12 years. trying not to think too much about it
Mitch: I don't think I'd survive in today's employment market
Mitch: right.... if you come over here
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the market is "so-so" here. and there are a lot of new dynamic programmers now with the end of "school time".
Mitch: right. probably quite competitive
james: not even sure what i'd get into but i'm looking to get a linguistics degree
Mitch: so you're looking for software developers in Quebec City ??
Mitch: what types of work would a degree in linguistics get you?
Mitch: teaching?
james: teaching linguistics, maybe? :P
Mitch: right
james: actually, there are all kinds of things. i'd do a minor or double major with comp-sci
Mitch: right. Ok
james: linguistics can lead to speech pathology too
Mitch: ok
Mitch: research
james: i've certainly acquired a patience for correcting pronunciations
Daniel Bienvenu: well guys! talk to you next time! see you on yahoo messenger james!
Mitch: I'd suspect that's so
james: and the treatment of dyslexia is a growing field
james: sure thing, dan
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Mitch: niters Daniel -- dorme bien
james: but i think with some formal comp-sci i could get into mechanical (computer) translation
Mitch: Lower Mainland - ESL (English as a second language)
Mitch: not sure what the first language is.... probably Cantonese
james: i *could* do that and probably would just to get started, but i think in 12 years i'll have had enough of teaching efl/esl
Mitch: enough already
james: as it is, i'm exploring various carreer options now
Mitch: suppose a little forward planning would be good
james: it's not that i don't like my job. it's a good job, definitely can't complain about the money, but there are other things i want to do
james: just have to figure out what
Mitch: :)
Mitch: Hell I'm 61, and still wondering what contribution I can make to the world
james: well at 61 you're hopefully far from finished
Mitch: right at the moment, it's Chair of the Board for a broke community network
Mitch: and I don't get paid
james: sheesh, and to think of the unending teasing i get for being a mere 30
Mitch: :)
Mitch: And I'm sorta - computer guru on call for some of the seniors around here (purely smoke and mirrors)
james: personall, i don't consider 30 all that old, or even very mature for that matter. i'm guessing people aren't really mature until their early 40s
Mitch: Some of them insist on paying me
james: on call? is there a community centre or something nearby?
Mitch: no... they phone me when their computer crashes
Mitch: The community Network has a small office down town, I go there on Thrusday nights.... there's also a lab there
Mitch: so we do HTML training, and basic computer skills
james: well i'm sure that gets you around, or out at least.
Mitch: yes.... and that's worth the world
Mitch: otherwise I'd sit here looking for damn formatting utilities... or whatever
james: i can't imagine not being active either physically or mentally. the idea of retiring and watchng tv for 20 years holds zero appeal
james: lol
james: yet there are people who do exactly that
Mitch: when I moved into the new place I bought the "full meal deal" from the cable movies.....yada yada... so far it's been a total waste
Mitch: I just don't watch all that much TV
james: i don't watch tv here at all. not because it's in japanese - i can understand about 80-90% of it now depending on the program
james: but because it's completely banal
Mitch: right.....all in local dialect
Mitch: I'm supposed to be French/English bilingual, and when I watch French TV, I get about the same as you do with the Japanese
Mitch: local dialect in some of the material, I have trouble with
james: in fact, understanding it has only served to lower my opinion of it
Mitch: ohh I see
Mitch: that good eh?
james: so my view is that the japanese make great tvs but crappy tv
james: yeah
Mitch: Now CBC news on the radio in French, I can get maybe 95% of
james: not that i cared much for north american tv, but at least the channels like discovery, a&e, history etc had some merit
Mitch: but that's the trained CBC accent
Mitch: which is what I was taught on the French course
james: my french is rusty but i try to keep it up
james: here, event he documentaries are obnoxious in their ethnocentrism
james: *even
Mitch: yes... there are a couple on the upper channels - National Geographic - and something called Deja Vu.... (all the 50's and 60's shows)
Mitch: some of them yes.....
james: as for bilingualism in canada, i sometimes doubt its merits. it makes sense in some areas, but not the whole countr
Mitch: and I hate it when the History Channel gets going on their Yankee war movies
james: *country
james: lol
Mitch: yes..... depends on the area being served
Mitch: from Ottawa, if we were writing to our own regional offices in Winnipeg, Montreal or Moncton, the memo had to be translated
Mitch: dumb
james: it doesn't make any financial sense in an area with a 5% french population
Mitch: nope
james: and if the chinese ever catch on, we're screwed :P
Mitch: especially when the people you're writing to are unilingual english
Mitch: ho yes
Mitch: it's all politics
james: the constant pandering to a vocal minority that continuously threatens to break off is at best an irritant
james: don't get me wrong, i like quebec and have nothing against french people, but the rhetoric and double-standards get to be a bit much
Mitch: exactly. One of these years we're going to tow them out into the mid-Atlantic
Mitch: I have some very good friends back there and they tend to hold the same view as you just expressed
Mitch: it's all BS
james: that and they take a disproportionate share of grants and "equalization payments" not to mention all the offices are on the hull side and favour hiring quebec residents
Mitch: apparently it's getting worse. Most of the jobs in my area are now C level imperative staffing - meaning you'd better be fluently bilingual even to think about applying
Mitch: in my day, the would train you if you won the job
james: i can fully understand why western canadians would feel alienated. i have trouble enough being from ontario and not even being in the country
Mitch: right. who knows where Western Canada will end up. British columbia actually has more affinity with Washington State that anyone east of the Rockies
james: there is definitely an east-west balance missing
Mitch: Think Lester Pearson had it right. (amazing for a liberal) - Canada is essential a strip of real estate 4500 miles wide and 20 miles high, and it's ungovernable
james: too much space in between. it's not contiguous enough and we need to expand north. the population base simply isn't there yet
Mitch: exactly
Mitch: and people on one side have different ways of doing things from the other side
Mitch: but we shall carry on
Mitch: we shall send Reformers (Conservatives) from this side, and the liberals will win in Ontario, and the BQ in Quebec
Mitch: and on it will go
james: yup. who knows, the conept of a country might be irrlevant someday
james: *irrelevant
Mitch: well yes.... when we adopt the US dollar
james: though personally i prefer to not see it happen
Mitch: me neither
Mitch: but as time goes on - we allow more and more foreigh influences - including the US
Mitch: and we forget who we are
james: and people's personal beliefs aside, if i wanted to live in a theocracy, i'd move to iran
Mitch: probably would be closest to it
Mitch: they're not much on separation of church and state
james: no, and that frightens me
Mitch: eye for an eye sort of thing
james: fat lot of good the constitution is if it's ignored
Mitch: and if you're female, forget thinking for yourself
james: just send me to mars
james: on a one-way
james: woudl be a whole new culture with hopefully far less baggage
Mitch: we'll screw that up somehow when we get there - we should send George Bush Jr.
james: if there's a way to screw something up, we'll find it
Mitch: Anyway James, this has been a hoot - but I really should get back to getting some mileage out of this external drive I just bought
Mitch: there has to be a way
james: ok. well look for third party utils, and if you can'T find something i'll take a look around for you
Mitch: right... will let you know
james: have a good evening
Mitch: G'nite or morning or whatever the heck it is
Mitch: see ya l8r
Mitch: poor
Mitch: poor
Mitch: poof
Mitch: that's it
james: bye!
Mitch left chat session
james left chat session > chat > Wed 2005-06-22
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