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Daniel Bienvenu: Welcome Rich!
rich-c: salut, Daniel (a ton retour)
Daniel Bienvenu: Je me demande si Dale sera là ce soir.
rich-c: that did not take you long
rich-c: oersonne ne sait la reposne la
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm chatting with James and Pascal on Yahoo... so my answers will be slow.
rich-c: mon orthographie n'est pas meeiler en francais qu'en anglais
rich-c: you have two chat rooms open at the same time?
Daniel Bienvenu: tu écris mieux en français que certains francophones.
rich-c: maybe, but I've has ;onger to learn
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, my Yahoo Messenger is always open, so each time I connect, Yahoo connect too.
rich-c: oh, I refuse to use any of the messanger programs - leavwe the computer too vulnerable
rich-c: btw, james I know of course, but who is Pascal?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I don't think this version of Yahoo Messenger allow too much vulnerabilities
rich-c: well, I have other things I don't like about some programs. as well
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Daniel Bienvenu: Pascal Reeves... it's a classic video games collector I meet during CCJVQ meetings.
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: ah, a Quebecois, then
rich-c: hello Harvie
Harvie: Hello rich and Daniel
rich-c: you're slow - heat getting to you?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Harvie!
Harvie: For sure
rich-c: I'm not surprised - I was not out in it that much
rich-c: but felt sort of light-headed after even a small exposure
rich-c: maybe I wasn't sweating enough - my clothes stayed dry all over
Harvie: Reminds me of when I was in ST. Kitts, some days got this cool :)
rich-c: when were you in St. Kitts?
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changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: On the anniversary of 9-11 I flew down, stayed 8 weeks
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, once again you're early
Harvie: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
rich-c: was that a holiday or some sort of business, Harv?
Harvie: Built a sewage treatment plant for Royal ST.Kitts Casino
Harvie: Royal Plastics in Woodbridge
rich-c: I have no doubt they could afford it entirely too easily - I trust you got top dollar for the job
Daniel Bienvenu: Royal Plastic?
Harvie: Not really, they got rich by holding back payments to contractors
Daniel Bienvenu: What is this company?
rich-c: yeah, that seems to be standard in teh buisiness, from what I hear
rich-c: I gather you were contracted with Royal Plastics, then
Harvie: They make just about anything that is made of plastic Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: that include plastic casings?
Harvie: Zen Group, a division of Royal
rich-c: I'd have thought a full plant would use more metals and ceramics
Harvie: What type of casings Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: a casing that can hold a coleco rom inside ;-)
rich-c: you want in effect a game cazrtridge, right, DSaniel?
Harvie: Would be costly Daniel
rich-c: in production runs of 10,000 and up it would likely be economic ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, I know... but James talked with me last night about finding a way to do new coleco cartridges for the new games programmers want to release in cartridge.
Harvie: The dies for the injection mould machine would be expensive
rich-c: it isn't pretty and it's vulnerable, but it's possible to use just the card itdself - I have a program like that
Harvie: Epoxy the card
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think 10 000 is enough ;-) seriouly, 1000 casings should be enough, I mean, where we will stock these cartridges until a new rom is made?
rich-c: that's why it's a problem, Daniel, you would be amortizing hugely costly tooling over few units of product
Daniel Bienvenu: and I don't think I can program enough games to use 10'000 cartridges
rich-c: I find it hard to believe you could sell them either
Daniel Bienvenu: sell the casings?
Daniel Bienvenu: or sell new games?
rich-c: sell the games on roms in the casings
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changed username to Pamela 40
rich-c: are there really 10,000 people out there who will buy a new Colecovision game cartridge?
Harvie: Hi Pam
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela 40: greetings
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela 40: Guy, you're early!
Guy B.: Yes I am.
rich-c: feeling your age alr4eady, are you?
Pamela 40: naw, advertising : )
Pamela 40: Hey Harvie, I'll be in your neck of the woods next week on Sunday - will you be around?
rich-c: not sure this is the right market - they're either too young or too old...
Harvie: Very likely
Daniel Bienvenu: well, based on my knowledge, a great coleco hit can be sell ... 100 copies or more. 10 really good new coleco games -> 1000 cartridges. But 10'000, it's a problem.
Pamela 40: ok, maybe we can arrange to pick up Erin's modem
Guy B.: I wonder if Bob will be coming on tonight?
rich-c: yes, accept teh fact that it is a very limited market, Daniel
Harvie: No problem Pam
rich-c: in fact judging from my sales of Adams, no one is interested
Pamela 40: I'll call you nearer the date
rich-c: he should be but the Slopsemas did miss last week
Guy B.: I need someone to pick me up at the airport when I arrive on the 14th.
rich-c: Pam, have I ever shown you how to use Mailwasher on my machine?
Pamela 40: no Dad
rich-c: what time does your plane come in, Guy?
rich-c: 14th - that's the Thursday
Guy B.: 1:45 PM
rich-c: ouch - that's going to be cutting it close on a trip to Whitby and back
Pamela 40: I just realized I have something I gotta do - I'll be back in about 20 minutes
rich-c: OK c u
Guy B.: How close Rich?
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rich-c: well, rush hour starts about 3 p.m. - you could likely make it out even if the plane was a hair late, but coming back into the city would NOT be fun
Guy B.: Yeah, my flight leaves at 10:24 AM on Monday the 18th.
rich-c: besides, a 1.45 touchdown does not mean you have cleared Customs and Immigration and collected your luggage
Guy B.: That will probably take another half hour or more at least.
rich-c: yes, there is the time zone difference
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changed username to Guy Foster
rich-c: hoo boy - right across Toronto in the midst of the morning traffic
Guy B.: HI Guy
Guy Foster: greetings
Daniel Bienvenu: James say "hello" to everyone, he is busy right now but will try to be there later.
rich-c: OK, and welcome, Guy Mk.II ; - )
Guy B.: I suppose I would have to leave a little earlier to be at the airport then.
Guy Foster: Yeah, the newer, improved model. ;)
rich-c: "little" earlier? for a 10.24 flight they want you there at 7.24 - three hours early, don't they?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy! :-)
Guy Foster: Oh! Daniel, what a surprise!
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! I didn't see you online before now. :-P
rich-c: my guess is you will have to leave Whitby about 6 a.m.
rich-c: just remembered something needs doing before I forget - back in 5
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I had a surprise this week... Joe Santulli were able to help me and sent money to Dale for the Adamcon.
Guy Foster: Daniel: I heard some good news, that you might be attending the Adamcon!
Guy B.: About 2 hours, but I wouldn't mind a little earlier.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes Guy, when things were getting difficult, solution came up
Guy Foster: Daniel: I'm happy to hear...
Harvie: That's good news Daniel
Guy B.: Oh that's great Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if I can travel for less than 200$... and you Guy F?
Guy Foster: Daniel: Not sure
rich-c: you'll be at Adamcon, Daniel? this is terrific news
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to. Dale convince me that there still a solution.
rich-c: have no idea what VIA charges from Quebec to Whitby
Daniel Bienvenu: it's more than 300$
Guy Foster: Quebec to Whitby is like a 12 hour BUS ride, not sure about the train.
rich-c: or will the bus be a better bet?
Guy B.: Rich, I know I would have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before, but I wouldn't mind being there a little earlier.
rich-c: remember you're crossing a border, Guy, and the airlines are very paranoid about security - it will take a long time to board
rich-c: also you will be pre-clering US Customs before boarding, almost certainly - more delay
Guy B.: That's why I'm thinking about getting there earlier due to customs and security.
rich-c: if you don't want the flight to leave without you, better not risk it
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Daniel Bienvenu: Guy F: It will be fun to have someone to talk during the travel.
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Harvie: Hi Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
rich-c: mind you, there will be people who show up with 15 minuts to spare and still get on, but don't count on it!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dale! Someone named Joe Santulli sent you money (paypal)
Guy B.: Then I should get there much earlier before my flight leaves.
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changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James!
james: hi, i'll brb
Guy B.: Hi James
Harvie: Hello James
rich-c: welcome, Dale and james
Dale: Hi James.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope it will be enough, Dale.
Guy B.: I would rather be there earlier and get cleared that way I shouldn't have any problems and I can relax before the plane leaves.
Dale: I''m checking it now Daniel...
rich-c: I have your cheque in the envelope and will eb mailing it on my way out tomorrow, Dale
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changed username to Pamela 40
Guy B.: Welcome back Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam (version 40?)
rich-c: welcome back, Pam
Pamela 40: sorry, had some hand washing to do
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rich-c: I assume you'll have to rent a car, Guy - better make sure the dropoff is open that early
Pamela 40: will have to decamp temporarily in about 20 minutes to hang stuff up
changed username to Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again HArvie
Guy B.: You think that would be a good idea Rich?
Harvie: Will have to sign off, computer getting too hot
Dale: Daniel it looks fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Dale: What tshirt size did you need?
rich-c: I don't see that there is much choice - public transit would be a pain and deathly slow
Pamela 40: Dale, I didn't see you there - hi
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Dale: Pam, I've got your cheque now.
changed username to BobS
Harvie left chat session
Guy B.: Hi Bob
rich-c: it is a long way from Mississauga to Whitby along the second busiest highway in the world
Pamela 40: wow, I only mailed it Monday
Pamela 40: that's pretty good
Dale: Pam, did you email me your tshirt size?
Daniel Bienvenu: A t-shirt size? ... err I think it's Large, I didn'T do enough exercice during the last year.
BobS: HEY DUDES ........and dudettes
Dale: I have to order them tomorrow.
Dale: Hi Bob.
Pamela 40: yes, I wanted a XXXL
Pamela 40: Hey, Bob
rich-c: hello Bob, we've been missing you
Dale: Got it Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: let me check
Guy B.: Bob, how are you getting to the con?
rich-c: Dale, if it's me you're asking, I take medium in a t-shirt
Daniel Bienvenu: ho Dale, I forgot, I didn'T receive a reply from Neil.
BobS: ya I know......but ABSENCE makes YOUR heart grow fonder for me ya know
BobS: driving via Detroit Guy
BobS: and on to Toronto and beyond !!!!!!
Pamela 40: Dale, can I ask for a second T for Russell and pay you for it on the 15th?
Dale: Daniel, that is what he told me last too.
Dale: Sure Pam.
Dale: What size?
Pamela 40: another 3XL
BobS: or as Buzz Lightyear says "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND !!!!!
Guy B.: I'm flying in and may have a problem getting someone to pick me up and take me back to the airport.
Dale: No problem Pam.
BobS: when flying in to torointo
BobS: when leaving
Pamela 40: thanks - I completely forgot to ask him till just now if he wanted one
Guy B.: Thursday the 14th. Due in at 1:45 PM
BobS: ok that may be doable to pick ya up
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Daniel Bienvenu: I checked and... my t-shirts are marked XL
changed username to Judy
Pamela 40: hey Judy, hey Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy!
rich-c: helloo Judy, good to see you joining the old man
Dale: That sounds right to me Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob!
Guy B.: My flight back leaves at 10:24 AM on Monday and Rich said I should get there about 3 hours before.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Judy: and Rich, Pam and Guy
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BobS: guy ?????
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Dale: Guy, if you have everything organized, 2 hours should be plenty.
BobS: ok mon
rich-c: Bob, unless there is very pressing reeason otherwise, you would be much better off coming via Sarnia - Port Huron
BobS: ya here?
Dale: Customs is the bottle neck, and it can take 45 min.
Guy B.: Rich suggested I should get there about 3 hours before I leave on Monday.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still have a problem to solve... travelling to Whitby and return with the money I were able to find.
Judy: Hi, Dale
Dale: Hi Judy.
BobS: you arrive on Thurs @ 1:45pm in thte afternoon yes?
Guy B.: Yes
Pamela 40: if you can't do it, we understand Daniel - after all, it was cash flow that kept us from the last two conventions
BobS: ok we can pick you up I think........I will have to check the mileage for Detroit to Toronto
Guy B.: Fantastic
BobS: we are going a day early to got Henry Ford Museum and stay over Wed night and then leave for convention
Judy: What is the 40 for, Pam
BobS: just a sec
Guy B.: I would still have to clear customs first.
Pamela 40: my age Judy
Pamela 40: as of last Sunday
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I want to go. At least see you one time in my life
Dale: Neil is back in Hull, so I expect he will look over your email tonight, if he hasn't replied yet.
BobS: that would proably be good becasue with breakfast and border it may be like about 3pm i would think to the airport
Judy: Well, hope you had a happy birthday
Daniel Bienvenu: Yahoo Messenger give me a "sound" each time I receive an email
Pamela 40: it was, thanks
BobS: will have to check w/ yahoo maps
Guy B.: I could clear before that time depending how long the lines are at customs.
Pamela 40: gotta go get a drink, be right back
BobS: am looking up mileage now
rich-c: where has Bob got to, Judy?
Judy: he is right here, why
BobS: and you get to head back what time?????
rich-c: oh, he didn't react to my comment about routing
Guy B.: I leave at 10:24 AM on Monday.
Pamela 40: there, that's better
Judy: he is checking something else at the moment, we just got home yesterday and things pile up, you know
Guy B.: Rich thinks I should be there at least 3 hours before that time.
BobS: THAT is a problem fo us maybe
Pamela 40: well, found out what's wrong with our A/C
BobS: 5 hours + travel time from Windsor to Whitby
BobS: that works
Pamela 40: now we just have to find someone who will fix it
rich-c: yes, we're going away tomorrow and it's fraught here already
james: alright, for what it's worth, i'm sorta here now
Judy: I hope it isn't as hot there if you haven't had air
Guy B.: I wonder how far Whitby is from Toronto?
rich-c: what was ailing your a/c, am?
BobS: whitby to toronto is listed as 1 hour.......
Pamela 40: weWed Jun 29 21:57:01 EDT 2005: BobS : BobS: but if you listen to richard, it is 2.4 hours.......
Guy B.: Then I would have to get up early then.
Dale: I got grass yesterday!
Pamela 40: the fan which is plastic has finally worn to the point where it's wobbling on the post, and is hitting the fan casing
Dale: Sorry, but now my driveway is paved, we have curbs and now grass.
Judy: we would have croaked if we didn't have it last week
BobS: later.....go to yahoo maps and get allthe particulars for mileage, times etc for the trip
Pamela 40: glad you clarified that Dale : )
Dale: It is very exciting after living in mud for 6 months.
Guy B.: From Toronto to Whitby?
james: narcotics, eh
BobS: FROM Windsor to Toront airport; Toronto airport to Whitby and we can look really good then
Judy: are you getting any rain, there, Dale
BobS: yahoo lists whitby to toronto town center as 54 minutes
BobS: don't knowabout airport time......maybe more
Judy: has been really hot and dry here
Dale: No, not narcotics, sod.
BobS: wht did the taicet seller recommend for arrival time before flight in Toronto
BobS: ticket
Guy B.: 2 hours.
Pamela 40: we had a cloudburst yesterday for about five minutes
Dale: I had to go and buy a sprinkler, to make up for the lack of rain, etc.
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BobS: do you need to be there by 8:30am
Dale: Right Pam, but it didn't amount to much.
changed username to rich-c1
Guy B.: I wouldn't mine earlier than that time, but no later than that time.
rich-c1: am I the only one that got dumped?
Pamela 40: I was kinda hoping it would rain for a while, and bring down the temp a bit
Pamela 40: yes Dad
rich-c1 requested to ban rich-c
Pamela 40 confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
BobS: Judy is having a fit about trying to get to Toronto that early......... will see what can be done.
rich-c1: there, now the zombie is gone 8 - )
BobS: right now, lets get back to the rest
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BobS: so?????
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: OK
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BobS: where did ya'll go?
Pamela 40: we're here Bob
Guy B.: I'm back.
rich-c1: anyway, Judy, you need to know that gas in Toronto today is between 85 and 90 cents a litre
Judy: you need to live bettter, Rich, then you wouldn't get dumped so much
Dale: Uh oh, are we quite?
BobS: whew thought you go tlost
rich-c1: and there are 3.8 litres in a U.S. gallon
BobS: suckes don't it???????
Pamela 40: what are your gas prices like Bob?
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c1: it pays to do all the running you can in the US and buy gas at the border - on the American side
BobS: $2.35 US which translates into like $$3.00 CA ??????
Judy: we are up to 2.35 everywhere except Sams and they were 2.09 yeasterday
rich-c1: in fact tomorrow if I'm lucky I'll make it to Lewiston with little over fumes in the tank
Judy: so we filled up the motorhome and boat, what a deal
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if that situation didn't force to market more hybrid cars...
Pamela 40: about 62 cents a litre
Pamela 40: James, what about prices in Japan?
Daniel Bienvenu: (be right back)
Judy: was better down south, we paid 1.99 one time last week
BobS: just stinky's in the tank??????
Pamela 40: wow, that is good
rich-c1: and the exchange rate is around $1.00 US = $1.25 Canadian
Pamela 40: which reminds me, I need to get to the bank
BobS: about what i figured w/ exchange rate
Judy: not in the motor home it isn't good
BobS: now....QUESTION, should I get CA $$$$$ here ..... or border....or wait until hotel ??????
james confirmed ban
Pamela 40: wait till you get here, and go to the bank, Bob
BobS: BANK??????
Pamela 40: or, just spend US dollars - virtually everyone will take them
james: sorry.. spaced out.. gas prices in japan are at about 125 yen per litre
BobS: and they deals with yanks?????/
BobS: with NO account?
Pamela 40: yes of course
Dale: When I travel to the US, I get my cash from the bank machine (ATM). It tends to be the best deal.
rich-c1: I would say if your bank carries them, get them there. Otherwise see if you can get it done at a Canadian bank.
BobS: for AC15, we got a better deal thru the border place thatn anywhere
Pamela 40: how many yen to a dollar James?
james: about $1.40 cdn per litre
Guy B.: Probably get money exchanged at the airport before I head out.
Dale: The bank machine usually charges something like 2% + about $3.
Pamela 40: ouch!
rich-c1: usually the currency exchanges charge a commission
rich-c1: its hard to compare as the exchange rates change by the minute
james: for americans, this is about $4.32 u.s. per u.s. gallon
BobS: but the total rate was better than the local bak here
BobS: bank
BobS: YIKES, am not driving to Japan James
rich-c1: really? what did that bank want?
james: i think i've worked that out right, anyway
Judy: that is awful, James
BobS: heck I don't know. but when I converted it back to us $$$ after convention, I got less exchange
Judy: someof them charge 10 dollars just to get it
rich-c1: problem is, you have so many small banks that don't know about dealing in Canadian cash
BobS: HEY, I have some Canadian tire $$$$$, I can USE that
james: 1 gallon = 3.8 litres, so 125 x 3.8 is 475 yen per gallon / 110 yen per us dollar.. $4.31.. yeah
Dale: :-)
Pamela 40: the US dollar buys 1.2015 canadian dollars today (as per the exchange rate on TD Canada Trust)
rich-c1: at the Canadian Tire store, sho' nuff ; - )
BobS: not anywheres else huh>
BobS: ?
Pamela 40: sorry Bob
BobS: no wonder neal was so eager to give it to us
rich-c1: sorry bout that, Bob, but no
Dale: Guy F, were you ordering an AdamCon 17 shirt?
BobS: oh well.......things change
rich-c1: but Canadian Tire stores often have gas bars where that money is good
BobS: Dale .......... address of hotel.......what town ??????
BobS: whitby or ???????
james: yeah, and isn't a canadian tire dollar worth more than a canadian dollar?
Pamela 40: and you can always give it away to us Canucks, you know : )
BobS: but IF i spend it I won't have it for novelty
rich-c1: don't be snarky, james 8 - )
james: rich, i'm being serious. isn't it a pre-tax discount?
james: in ontario that makes it worth $1.15
rich-c1: guess it depends on whether you need to buy any gas, oarts or service while you're here
Pamela 40: if you spend it at Canadian Tire, you'll get more as long as you pay cash
rich-c1: but it's only a 3% discount on your purchase, pre-tax value
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Dale: Marriot Residence Inn, 160 Consumers Dr, Whitby Ontario
changed username to Pamela
rich-c1: the tax still has to be paid on the purchase you make with the scrip
Dale: has maps, phone numbers, etc.
Pamela: bloody hell, dumped by Tamco
Pamela requested to ban Pamela 40
james confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
rich-c1 confirmed ban
james: yeah, and you'Re not 40 anymore :P
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c1: Tamco, or this server?
Pamela: I'm still 40, just not advertising anymore
james: lol
Pamela: no, tamco - my phone connection was severed
rich-c1: anyway Bob as I was saying earlier, unless you have some strong imperative to go via Detroit, don't
rich-c1: you will save a lot of aggravation and a nice chunk of cash going through Port Huron - Sarnia
Dale: For the last 'Con in Grand Rapids, the Detrioit crossing was completely painless.
Judy: we will be in Detriot the day before
BobS: I've got it my mna
Dale: I crossed at 4:30pm that day.
BobS: man
Pamela: just beware that there are no rest stops on the 402 between Sarnia and London
BobS: will be IN Detroit and coming thru to Windsor about 9-19 am
rich-c1: yes, but via Sarnia it's shorter, there's far less traffic, and you get to US gas prices sooner
Judy: should be a restorant
BobS: right?
Pamela: good timing for you - should put you in Toronto about 2:00 pm assuming an average speed of about 70 mph and two rest stops.
rich-c1: I'm sure there are Tim Hortons in the towns off 402, just none on the road itself
Dale: I wanted to visit a friend in Windsor, and was suprised at the ease of crossing at Detroit.
Pamela: yay Timmies
Pamela: brb
BobS: bloody good FOOD. eh?????
rich-c1: some days you get lucky, Dale - but the3 traffic on teh northern route is easier when you have the option
rich-c1: Detroit is not a nice place to drive through
Judy: we have done Detroit many times, no problem
BobS: I LOVE those 'not' nice places
Guy Foster: Was gone for a bit..... how is everyone?
Pamela: sorry, still dripping
Judy: except we won't have the motorhome, Bob
Pamela: hey Guy
Judy: he likes to be the biggest thing on the road
Dale: Guy F, did you want to order a AdamCon 17 tshirt?
rich-c1: it has its advantages - I like my intimidating van
Guy Foster: I'm still trying to get all of the details down with Daniel about the Adamcon, trying to see what is the best way we can do this.
Pamela: Dale, I have a bone to pick with you
Dale: Sure Pam.
Pamela: on the title page of the chat, it says "Please be advised that the content of these rooms is are logged and archived automatically.
BobS: so???
Dale: It is true isn't it?
Pamela: the is should come out
Pamela: "is", that is
james: yeah, and since we're nitpicking, it's spelled "discretion"
Guy Foster: is are, that's not proper english? :)
Dale: I'll update my script to remove "is" in the logs. ;-)
Pamela: thank you, it's been driving me nuts : )
rich-c1: content is singular - it's the "are" that should come out
Pamela: there, I'm done picking nits
Pamela: you're right, Dad
james: you's right, rich :P
Dale: Well, if you hut refresh, I've fixed it. But be warned you'll be bumped if you do that.
Pamela: naw, I'll live with it for the rest of the evening
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changed username to curiositygotme
shouldn't that be "is"?
rich-c1: whoops! that Erin or Marie?
BobS: or am...or was
BobS: do doktor D tonight eh?
Pamela: not so far
Pamela: I haven't heard from Erin since Monday either
rich-c1: could even be someone new, or not regular - or Ron
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Pamela: curiosity about what?
left chat session
Guy B.: I'm exploring the idea of renting a car to get out there.
james: i hit reload
Pamela: Ontario cabinet got shuffled last night Dad - did you see?
rich-c1: I don't see that you have much option, Guy
Dale: I don't think it says anything about discretion any more.
Pamela: actually, if the Slopsemas arrive in Toronto around 2:00 pm, they should be able to pick Guy up - the timing should be just about perfect
rich-c1: anyone trying to pick you up at teh airport and returning to Toronto from Whitby at that hour will spend hours in a traffic jam
Guy B.: Well, I'm looking at rates, then I'll see from there.
Pamela: check out National, Guy - see how they compare
rich-c1: yes, because I don't think anyone is going to get up at 4 a.m. to come fethc you
Guy B.: Ok
BobS: pickin UP is no problem...the takin BACK is
BobS: we are not that early of risers
rich-c1: yes, and public transit just isn't an option, despite good connections
BobS: what is Ron gonna do, anybody know??????
Pamela: think he's renting a car Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: (i'm back)
james: is ron going?
BobS: was staying late was he not?
Pamela: yup
BobS: ya mon
BobS: swears on his new appartment he is
Dale: I'm getting Ron at the airport.
rich-c1: with 40 miles to go in each direction, don't think he has uch choice
Pamela: I think Ron is staying an extra day
rich-c1: or two days, if I recall
BobS: when is Ron coming in??????
Dale: Ron is staying an extra day then going to visit friends in Toronto for a day or two.
Pamela: um, if you prefer not to rent for the weekend Guy, and the Slopsemas can pick you up on Thursday, you can probably request an airport limo pick you up on Monday - that way you can negotiate a price and save on rental vehicles
Dale: A similar time to Guy really.
Dale: Early afternoon.
rich-c1: isn't he coming on a red-eye early, with a day to kill before check-in
BobS: idea.........
Pamela: yeah, he's arriving at some god-awful hour like 6:30 am
Pamela: yes Bob?
BobS: the limo thing Pam
BobS: or whatever it is
Pamela: yes?
BobS: got any ideas of pricing for guy?
Pamela: no, but I can find out
rich-c1: do the airport limos or shuttle buses serve your area, Dale?
Pamela: will be cheaper than renting a car for four days, that's for sure
Guy B.: Avis seems to be the cheapest.
rich-c1: not necessarily, Pam - likely though
rich-c1: if you can rent away from the airport, Guy, it will be cheaper
Pamela: Guy, check Enterprise, Hertz and Budget if you haven't already
rich-c1: and Discount will come and get you, toand take you to the airport after you hand the car back to them
rich-c1: I just don't know if they're open at your departure hour
Pamela: but Dad, how will he get away from the airport to rent?
Dale: Airport Limos do, but the rate is $85 each way I believe.
rich-c1: we have a Discount nearby and have found them a hair less expensove
Pamela: I usually use Enterprise
rich-c1: thought you'd use Somerville?
Dale: There is an airport shuttle service for less money (I think around $25). I haven't tried it.
BobS: well $85 ca one way is cheaper than renting a car
Pamela: or have until recently, now that I work on the lot with a National location it's much more convenient
BobS: how to find info on lime??????
Guy B.: Thrify just gave me a quote for CAD 175.
Daniel Bienvenu: Question: I may not stay for the "banquet" (adamcon, sunday night), is it ok?
rich-c1: well, you'll be missing the best part, Daniel, but it's your choice
Pamela: of course, Daniel
Dale: Daniel, it would be better if you could stay, but we'd understand if you didn't.
Pamela: Daniel if you come, how are you getting here?
Dale: If you're only at AdamCon Thursday-Saturday morning, you sent me way too much money.
Daniel Bienvenu: that's my problem. I'm still looking for a solution. Guy F suggested bus or his car, and because we are two, it's less expensive.
Pamela: Guy F, you're coming too? : )
rich-c1: if Guy can use his car, it's incomparably less expensive
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy F have to concentrate now ... exam for a job.
Pamela: I agree with Dad, if you can come by car, it's the best solution
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, If I can find a way to go to montreal and come back to quebec and still have enough money for the gaz or bus ticket...
rich-c1: bus or VIA Quebec to Monreal shouldn't be THAT expensive, Daniel
rich-c1: it's only whatm, a two hour trip?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, but again, it's cheaper per person if we are two.
Pamela: what kind of car does Guy have?
BobS: ah HIGH to LOVE it
Daniel Bienvenu: Acura
BobS: cool !!!!!!!
Pamela: reasonably new?
Daniel Bienvenu: '97
BobS: a race car for TWO !!!!!!
rich-c1: at least the Acura should be relatively easy on gas
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. I'll let you all know what I decide here next week.
Pamela: okay, so gas round trip should be about $150 - if you can split that, plus your bus ticket, you're laughing
Daniel Bienvenu: because I don't have a driver liscence, he will have to drive all the time. that's a shame
rich-c1: OK Guy, keep us posted
Judy: bye for now, Guy
Pamela: Guy, I'll look into airport limo costs and let you know via e-mail
Dale: See ya Guy.
Guy B.: But, it looks like I'll have to drive there.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnite GuyB
rich-c1: Pam, check if there's one of those shuttles too
Guy B.: Ok, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: g'nite, Guy
rich-c1: nite Guy
Guy B.: Thanks Pam
Pamela: Dale, where do I get info on shuttles?
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: ho! I have no presentation for the adamcon this year. sorry.
Dale: I found about it on the web site for the town.
rich-c1: so? neither have I - it's acceptable (if less fun)
Dale: Daniel, you're going to make me do the hard work?
Pamela: okay, I'll look into that too
rich-c1: there would be more on the airport website, I'd wager
Pamela: yeah, I'll have to check with the GTAA
Dale: Jillian had a graduation ceremony tonight for the Project Management programme she was studing in the Fall.
rich-c1: and if all else fails, ther3e's always Google
Pamela: so Bob, you think you'll pick Guy up?
rich-c1: the real killer is his early morning flight out Monday
Dale: Jillian says she's willing to drop of Guy on Monday morning.
BobS: we could, but what he decides as far as a car or not makes the difference
Pamela: actually, no it's not - if he has to be at the airport at 7:30 or so, then he'll have to leave Whitby around 6:30 and at that point traffic won't be too bad
Judy: and you didn't go see her graduate, Dale?
BobS: well if Jillian is willing to get him BACK to the airport on Mondya, he is covered
Pamela: it's getting to Whitby on Thursday afternoon that will be the killer
BobS: nope we have to go by the aiport anyway
BobS: airport
rich-c1: not if Bob can take him or he pools with Ron
Dale: She even got a separate honours certificate ("Cumm Laude")
BobS: CONGRATS JILL !!!!!!!!!!
rich-c1: no point in Ron leaving the airport too early; his room won't be ready anyway
Pamela: congrats to her, Dale
rich-c1: congrats to Jill
Dale: Judy, I went, and that's why I was late arriving this evening on the chat.
Pamela: one way or the other, we'll get everyone where they need to be
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry Dale, I ddin't know it was important to prepare something... well, I can bring some rom into files or a cartridge, but not a full presentation.
Judy: tell her congrads from us
rich-c1: Daniel, decide what you want to brag about, bring it and brag ; - )
Judy: good for you, we were here late too, so I didn't know that you were late,.
Dale: Daniel, you told me ahead of time that you weren't able to prep a presentation.
Dale: I'm just teasing you.
Dale: The only AdamCon where I didn't present something was the first one.
Judy: we had to go for icecream with Bob's parents and Doug and Meeka
BobS: ho ho we got to go kids.......being the bewitching hour and all ........ and another work day tomorrow (YUCK)
Dale: I've presented something at every other AdamCon.
rich-c1: Dale, leave him an opening to come show off some of teh neat stuff he's doing, if he can get it together
Judy: night all talk at you next week
BobS: ta ta all
Pamela: gn'ite Bob and Judy
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
rich-c1: night to the Slopsemas - see you next week
Pamela: I agree with Bob - work = yuck
Dale: Daniel, since you've presented at the last two AdamCons, you can take a break at this one.
rich-c1: think I need to check out too - a busy day tomorrow.
Pamela: however, it's a short week and as a result of Canada Day, I have three Fridays off in July so I guess I can't complain too much
rich-c1: so goodnight to all, hope I'm home in time to see you next week
Pamela: Dad, I need your contact information
Pamela: hello?
Dale: I think he's still there.
Dale: I could be worng though.
Pamela: oh heck, I'd better call him
rich-c1: Pam, on the net, check - that has description, phone mumber, the lot
Pamela: Dad, I'm going offline and will call you now, okay?
rich-c1: it's the Falls Motel in Montour Falls, NY - OK?
Dale: G'night Pam.
rich-c1: OK - to the rest of you, goodnight!
Dale: Good night Richard.
Pamela: okay folks, that means I have to go too
Pamela: see you all next week
rich-c1: colour me gone
rich-c1 left chat session
Dale: Did James say he'd be back?
Pamela: and me - kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Dale: I feel like I'm talking to myself.
Dale: Maybe I should head out soon.
Dale: Anyone paying attention?
Dale: Guy F did you make any progress on your killer demo?
Dale: I'll try to show some of my previous demos. I haven't done any lately, but I should do one again. I'm outta time for this year though.
Dale: brb
james left chat session
Dale: Colour me gone.
Dale: poof.
Dale left chat session
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Daniel B: I suppose I miss the rest of the chat
Daniel B: Goodnite everyone!
Daniel B: Talk to you next time
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Daniel B: ;-)
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