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Dr.D.: Hello Guy
Guy B.: HI Rich
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Dr.D.: I am amazed, I was the first one here.
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Hi Rich
Dr.D.: Hello Richard
Dr.D.: Are you ambulatory?
Guy B.: Seems everyone else is now coming in.
rich-c: g'day, gentlemen
rich-c: well, that's hard to say
Dr.D.: Or perambulatory?
Guy B.: I have one Powerpoint presentation ready on the AdamEm utilities.
rich-c: if I make as much progress tomorrow as I did today, with luck I should make the Friday sessions
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dr.D.: Excellent to both of you!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Dr.D.: Hi Daniel.
rich-c: anyway I think I can get into teh van (and out of it) and drive limitd distances
Dr.D.: Has Dale answered all of your questions?
Dr.D.: (to Daniel)
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changed username to Guy Foster
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy!
Guy B.: HI Guy
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Guy Foster: Hello Daniel, Guy.
Dr.D.: Two Guys walk into an ADAM chat and...
changed username to Neil
Guy B.: HI Neil
Guy Foster: Hey, that looks like the start of a good joke!
Daniel Bienvenu: answered most of my questions.
Dr.D.: hehe
Neil: Hello
Dr.D.: Hello Neil
Dr.D.: Is your brother going to be here tonight for a bit?
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Neil
changed username to rich-1
Neil: I'm at his place. He should be on momentarily.
Dr.D.: To Guy B: My PP presentation is almost done, about 4 slides to go.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello rich the 1st
Guy B.: Hey Rich, having trouble already!
rich-1: guess too many arrivals all at the same time got me booted
Guy Foster: I finally know what those Marco Polo commercials of Holiday Inn are all about!!!
Guy B.: I started mine on Monday and completed it this morning.
rich-1: anyway, I Neil, you're at Dale's place?
Dr.D.: My presentation is 55 slides :-) Should be able to fill a lot of air time.
Guy Foster: What's the topic?
Dr.D.: "Coleco ADAM Hardware Design with comparison to 'modern' PCs"
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: my stupid questions : what is the parent relation between Neil and Dale? And is it a coincidence to have 4 letters for the first and last name?
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy B.: I have 15, plus a demo using some of the utilities and the Qbasic program that I have yet to finish.
Guy Foster confirmed ban
Neil: I'm at Dale's place. We all came here to celebrate my birthday today, but right everyone has left except me and Dale.
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rich-1: Neil is Dale's older brother
Dr.D.: It reviews the architecture of the ColecoVision, the MSX computer, the ADAM, and the current Wintel platform.
changed username to Harvie
Guy B.: Hi Harvie
rich-1: since he's on and Dale isn't, we'll suggest he's the smarter one ; - )
Harvie: Howdy
Dr.D.: Hello Harvie
rich-1: hello Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Harvie!
Guy B.: That ought to be good there. Dr D.
Neil: Yes, 4 letters is a coincidence.
Dr.D.: The emphasis is on the Coleco stuff of course.
Guy Foster: Very interesting Dr. D, can't wait to see it.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, very interresting
Dr.D.: I can't wait to get the last 4 slides done, I have been working on this since Monday.
Daniel Bienvenu: Will you talk about the computer made by BitCorp named Bit-90?
Dr.D.: Actually mentally planning it while Xeroxing all those docs for Daniel.
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changed username to rich-2
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich the second
rich-2: sorry, guys, dumped again
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Dr.D.: I was debating that, Daniel; I have a BIT Dyna system, but I couldn't remember which box it's in.
changed username to Testarossa
rich-2: Daniel, will you be able to join us?
Daniel Bienvenu: Testarosa?
Daniel Bienvenu: join you at the adamcon?
Harvie: A testy red heah?
Harvie: head
rich-2: redhead, Daniel - it's Erin
Testarossa: hello all
Dr.D.: She can get testy, yes, Harvie.
rich-2: Italian, as in Ferrari (Testarossa)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I have my bus ticket to go to Montreal tommorow,
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rich-2: that's a good sign, Daniel
changed username to Neil
Dr.D.: Like all sports cars, fun to drive, but expensive to maintain sometimes <very big grin>
Daniel Bienvenu: a second Neil?
Testarossa: <smirk>
Guy Foster: Dr.D: Do you own one?
rich-2: maybe he got dumped too
Dr.D.: Not the vehicle...
Testarossa: no but I am his
Neil: Dale's wireless network doesn't like my wireless card, so I switched to his laptop computer.
Guy B.: Hi Erin
Dr.D.: My "sports car" was a 1974 Ford Maverick 4-door.
Guy Foster: Dr.D: awesome, you made a woman believe she is an object ot be owned!
Testarossa: Hi Guy
Dr.D.: hehe I think the ownership is about 50-50
Guy B.: Boy, you come up with some interesting names.
Guy Foster: Hi Testarossa.
rich-2: ...I don't think I want to go there...
Testarossa: HaHa...he knows better than to think that :-)
Testarossa: gotta keep it interesting :-)
rich-2: anyway Neil, where in the hotel will the group be?
Dr.D.: Fortunately Richard, I do want to go there.
Daniel Bienvenu: It will be special for me to see you in person... not sure if I will understand everything, but I will try.
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Guy Foster: Will there be faciltiies for connecting a laptop to a projector in the conference room?
Dr.D.: My question to follow up on Rin's about breakfast (to Dale) was what time to arrive for breakfast Friday?
changed username to rich-3
Neil: Dale hasn't actually seen the inside of the hotel, so you'll have to ask at the desk or I'll ask Jill when she comes back.
Testarossa: you'll be fine Daniel...just come as you are :-)
Dr.D.: Yes
rich-3: dumped again
rich-3 requested to ban rich-1
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Guy Foster confirmed ban
Testarossa confirmed ban
Neil confirmed ban
rich-3 requested to ban rich-2
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy Foster confirmed ban
Neil confirmed ban
Dr.D.: He hasn't seen it?
Neil: Dale recommends 8 am for breakfast ...
Dr.D.: Ai...
rich-3: FWIW Daniel, I will be wearing shorts, a yellow t-shirt, and a stupid grin
Testarossa: hmm
Neil: I think Jill made the arrangements.
Dr.D.: I don't know what I am wearing yet, some ADAMcon T-shirt and a redhead I guess.
Guy Foster: Daniel: No worries, if you don't understand something someone tells you, we'll act as translators for the week-end.
Testarossa: hehe
rich-3: since I will be hobbling about at best, I do not want to walk far - if I can walk
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Neil: Yes, there will be a computer projector in the meeting room.
Daniel Bienvenu: and me, wearing shorts too, maybe a white t-shirt and a shy face.
Guy Foster: I was just wondering, since I am fairly new to this group, how many ex-BBSers are amongst you?
Dr.D.: Frequent caller, never ran one.
rich-3: weather we're having, anything more than a Speedo is too hot outside
rich-3: no one in the present group but there are a few on the mailing list
Harvie: I was a co-sysop Guy F
Neil: I guess I'm an ex-BBSer, but I never ran one either.
Guy Foster: OK, a documentary on BBSing was just released. A very nice piece of work. - I bought the DVD boxset, and it might make for an interesting showing if anyone is interested.
Dr.D.: I was a co-sysop of the ADAM Forum on the Cleveland Freenet.
Dr.D.: That sounds very interesting.
Dr.D.: (to Guy F)
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
Dr.D.: Hi Dale
Testarossa: hi Dale
Dale: Hi All.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dale
Harvie: Hello Dale
Guy Foster: It's awesome, talks about the pioneers of BBSing, etc.... very well made.
Dale: Still trying to get Jeffrey to relax.
Guy Foster: Hola Dale!
Dale: We had guests over for Neil's birthday.
Dale: And he is sad that they had to go.
Neil: How long is this "box set"? I sounds long.
Neil: It sounds long.
Guy Foster: Neil: Oh, the box set is something like 6 hours or so, haha, but it's divided into short documentaries of about 40-60 minutes each.
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Dr.D.: .
changed username to le james
le james: good uhm.. morning
Testarossa: hi James
Harvie: Hello James
Neil: Hi James
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changed username to rich-5
rich-5: test
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changed username to Dale
changed username to Neil
changed username to Harvie
Harvie: Did everyone get bounced?
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Neil: Maybe it doesn't deal well with that many people.
changed username to Testarossa
Dale: It seems so.
Dale: I should switch to the other Java server sometime.
Neil: Dale restarted the chat applet.
Testarossa: it changed the main page too
Neil: Dale has been working on updating the main page ever since a couple of minutes before the chat started.
Testarossa: wonder if everyone went over to Rich's backup site
Testarossa: ahhhh
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Harvie: brb
changed username to Guy Foster
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changed username to Daniel
Guy Foster: Ahhhh, a lot of people are on the other server....
Testarossa: at coleco?
Guy Foster: Yes, that's the one.
Guy Foster: I'll leave and tell them to join back here.
Guy Foster left chat session
Neil: I think eventually they will all get back here.
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changed username to Guy Foster
Guy Foster: Okay, the should be here shortly.
Guy Foster: *y
Dale: Guy did you get the schedule that I sent you?
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moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel: it's done. everyone disconect from the other chat server
changed username to Dr.D.
changed username to rich-2a
Dr.D.: I go get my wash and the chat server disconnects.
Daniel: the schedule?
Guy Foster: Dale: Yes, I did... Fun-filled week-end. I will bring my scraps of unfinished programs to present it with Daniel's work.
Testarossa: can't survive without you Rich :-)
rich-2a: I guess I should be glad I am not the only one having troubles
Dr.D.: <holds>
Dale: I've revised the schedule, and I'm working on posting it to the home page.
Neil: That'll teach you to do washing! :-)
Dale: I sent it to Guy to review.
Dr.D.: hehe I would be too stinky otherwise Neil
Dr.D.: Nobody would want me around.
Guy Foster: Dale: Did u have a chance to post a pic of the t-shirt?
Neil: Yeah, that's the trouble. How's the temperature there today.
Testarossa: oh please
Dr.D.: Well Dale can put me whenever, my seminar is ready.
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rich-2a: Dale, where in the hotel will the meeting be - bear 9n mind I will be walking little if at all
changed username to Dale
Testarossa: what colour is it this year Dale?
Dr.D.: I won't have to write a PowerPoint at the last minute.
Dr.D.: Red?
Guy Foster: Red is nice!
Dale: All of the sessions are in the meeting room. Jillian has seen the room, but I have not.
Dr.D.: (I am just hopeful, I have no data)
Neil: It hit 34 dgrees in Toronto today (about 96 F) A record electricity usage.
Dr.D.: What time should Erin and I arrive Friday morning to make it for breakfast?
rich-2a: well, where in teh hotel is that? which floor, whre are elevators, etc.
Dr.D.: It was 105 one day that I was in Windsor 2.5 weeks ago...
Dr.D.: And it has been in mid-90s F all this week...grass is crunchy like toast, and about as brown.
Dr.D.: The only stuff still growing in the yard is buckhorn and clover.
Neil: (Of course the Canadian Weather Office adds a Humidex factor on top of that.)
Dale: It is on Navy, and looks something like:
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changed username to Guy B.
changed username to rich-6
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
Dr.D.: I see Dale, very nice.
Dale: Breakfast is at about 8am
Neil: On Dale's street (new house) they just got half-dead sod a couple of weeks ago. It's trying to get established in this weather!
rich-6: I gather I am not the only one falling off here
Dr.D.: Time to plant rocks like in El Paso.
Daniel: Nice!
Dale: That is almost exactly what the banner looks like.
Dr.D.: Woo-hoo!
Dale: The shirt is embroidered, so there can't be that much text on it.
Dr.D.: Okay, we will be there at 8 AM or there a particular place?
Dr.D.: Inside the hotel, I meant, for breakfast (i.e., a buffet or something to look for)?
Dale: There is a common room near the check-in desk that has an open breakfast.
Dr.D.: We will have to leave Erin's by 7 AM she is telling me.
rich-6: I hope to get there between 11 and noon - where will you-all be?
Dr.D.: Okay.
Guy Foster: We (Daniel, Sandra and I) should be arriving at around 5-6 pm... Will anyone be there?
Guy B.: I should be there around 3 PM or so tomorrow afternoon.
Dr.D.: We will "check in" at the desk, but our room surely will not be ready until the afternoon, that is okay, we planned on it.
Dale: Tomorrow most people will be arriving mid afternoon.
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changed username to rich-7
Dale: Guy B, I found out after you left the chat two weeks ago, that Jillian is avialable to take you to the airport for your Monday morning flight, if you still need it.
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changed username to james
Testarossa: It's a very nice design Dale...but forgive my ignorance....what is the picture?
Guy B.: Oh Rich, you are not doing well tonight.
james: back
rich-7: sorry all - I can't seem to stay on
Dale: It is a marigold. Whitby is "Home of the Marigold"
james: let's see if i can actually stay on for a couple of minutes
Dr.D.: Ah.
Neil: The picture is a marigold flower ...
Guy B.: I have rented a car Dale. Thanks.
Testarossa: ahhhh
Dale: It is the town flower.
Testarossa: very nice :-)
Neil: the official town flower of Whitby.
Harvie: Whitby is home of the nut house
rich-7: too much for me, I am going to leave
Dr.D.: I was wondering if it was some kind of orange trillium for Ontario
rich-7: hope to see you all on Friday around lunch
Dr.D.: We'll be carefully now.
Testarossa: good night Uncle Richard
james: am i right that canada still doesn't have a national flower?
Testarossa: see you Friday
rich-7: night Rin and all
james: good night!
Guy Foster: National Flower? The Maple Leaf. :-D
Guy B.: We'll see you there Rich.
rich-7: I hope - long as I'm mobile and can find the gang
james: some countries even have a national fruit
james: i think in the u.s. the national fruit is richard simmons
Guy Foster: James: We have a national fruit!!! Our Prime Minister.
rich-7: logging out before I get tossed again - bye all
Dr.D.: And then there's California...state food is granola, because of the inhabitants, what ain't fruits and nuts is flakes :-S
Testarossa: :-S
Neil: Does the U.S. have a national flower?
rich-7 left chat session
Dr.D.: I don't think so Neil.
Dr.D.: Ohio has a state flower, red carnation IIRC.
Neil: I think every province has a flower, but not the country (just the maple leaf).
Testarossa: you are correct My Love
Dr.D.: Maple leaf is good enough, it is a plant.
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changed username to Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
Neil: Richard Simmons is hilarious in person.
Dr.D.: I don't know of any plant that is present in every state here...except dandelion, but I doubt they'd want that as a national flower.
changed username to d>
Harvie: What is the name and address of the hotel Dale?
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Dale requested to ban rich-2a
d> confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Neil confirmed ban
Dale requested to ban rich-6
Neil confirmed ban
d> confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Testarossa confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Testarossa confirmed ban
d> changed username to dETROIT & COMING
Dr.D.: Bob is Drive D: tonight
Testarossa: howdy Bobs!!
Guy Foster confirmed ban
Guy Foster confirmed ban
Dale: Hmm...troublesome spaniel server today.
dETROIT & COMING changed username to DETROIT & COMING
Dr.D.: Bad doggie
Dale: Exactly.
Guy Foster: - that's the web site of the hotel, address is at the bottom if anyone needs it.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dr.D.: Maybe a recompile of its Java source would help it...but the writers have disappeared, their webpage was 404 last time I looked.
Dale: Guy did you look over the schedule I sent you?
Dr.D.: XYZZY hehe
Dr.D.: Anybody know what I am referring to? :-)
Guy B.: Hold on, I'll go take a look.
Guy Foster: Dale: Yes I did Dale. I noticed you set up a 45 mins spot for Daniel and I.
Neil: Since Toronto banned lawn pesticides, people constantly complain about dandelions taking over the world, but I think we'll all live through it.
Dr.D.: Our guinea pig loves them...they are pretty as long as you mow before they go to seed.
Daniel: I will not talk too much you know
Guy Foster: Just get a bunch of children to play on the lawns, best way to get rid of dandelions!
Harvie: Chromosomes Doc?
Dale: Dr. D, I used to use Java from Sun to run the chat server, but I upgraded my server when I replaced it, and it gave me the choice of two Javas when I upgraded, I think I chose the worng one.
DETROIT & COMING: Hey you know a ..... Brian Barker-
Dr.D.: Good try Harvie.
Dale: Nope.
Guy Foster: Daniel: I'll probably have 180 seconds of material to present. So that leaves you with the rest.
Dr.D.: It's a magic word from the old adventure game ZORK
Neil: They really don't flower for that long. The entire province of Quebec is banning lawn chemicals next year.
Guy Foster: Ahhhh Zork. Loved those Infocom games.
Guy Foster: Neil: Time to stock up on those illegal pesticides!!!
james confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
DETROIT & COMING: got an email today and he want to know just where how and when AC17 is being held; He has the dates and location
Guy B.: Did not receive a schedule Dale.
Daniel: err... well, I suppose my special coleco cartridge will be interresting enough to fill up the time.
DETROIT & COMING: I emailed him with your directions
Guy Foster: Daniel: Can you fill it up with some demos of mine?
DETROIT & COMING: to the hotel and full rate is he wanted it
Neil: I received a flyer from a lawncare company warning me that this year is my last chance ever.
Neil: (I'm in a condo and don't own a lawn anyway.)
Dr.D.: Will they ban goats and sheep to graze on them?
Daniel: I will take all the rom I have, but if you did new versions, send them to me to be sure i have the newest versions
james: well dan could also show colecoshop. it's still in its infancy
james: but might be of interest
Daniel: must have internet to do that
Dale: I sent one about a month ago to the mailing list. I'm adding it to the website tonight. I'll have them in the kits tomorrow.
DETROIT & COMING changed username to BobS in Detroit
Dr.D.: Will we have internet?
Guy Foster: Oh, I know what DAN can show! His new Java Sound program!
Dale: The hotel has hi-speed internet everywhere.
james: well internet is pretty standard these days and at the rate you guys are paying for rooms, they should have it
Dr.D.: Wireless or cables needed?
Dale: I'm not sure if it is wireless or ethernet though.
james: ok, so dan, you can demo colecoshop
Guy B.: In the rooms too, I hope.
Guy Foster: Dale: Really? Awesome! On their website it says only in the conference rooms.
Dale: Rooms too.
Neil: I'm not sure sheep and goats are legal in Toronto now.
Dr.D.: I can bring a little hub and a spare cable for Rin.
Guy Foster: Dale: Guess why wife will not be pleased about internet in the room. :)
Daniel: the projector will be conected to which computer? I don't have one.
Dale: I'll have a wireless hub.
Guy Foster: Daniel: I have a laptop Dan.
Testarossa: Harvie will you be stopping by ?
Guy B.: Oh good, I'll be bringing my ethercard card and cable.
james: ok, so demo your sound program, your new games and colecoshop
Dale: The projector will move from computer to computer.
james: dale, maybe you're the person to talk to. are you any good with dns?
Dale: I'll have my desktop and an Adam there, and my laptop when I'm presenting.
Dr.D.: I have a 4-port passive hub (it is old, before switched ones were cheap) is only good for 10 Mbps, but it will work.
Harvie: I will be there Saturday I hope, Friday is also a possibility
Guy Foster: Anyone have a wireless hub? That way we can get wireless access.
Dr.D.: Bring Rin's modem card Harvie :-)
Dale: I 'm bringing one.
Dr.D.: That is a few paychecks away for me.
Harvie: For sure
Testarossa: :-)
Guy Foster: Hmmm, looks like we might also have a LAN party as well.
Testarossa: it'll be good to meet you Harvie :-)
Guy B.: No wireless for me, unless I get a new notebook. Which I won't for awhile yet.
Dale: I'm brinign a wireless hub and it can act as a gateway if the hotel's access is ethernet.
Dr.D.: Christina's new Dell laptop for college arrived yesterday. I set it up for her today.
BobS in Detroit: good Dale
Daniel: well, Scott huggins asked me to show Spectar. He worked on my old Spectank source code and he did a great job. it's almost the only new game I will show... except the 4k game I did last week.
BobS in Detroit: got our wireless cards along
Guy Foster: Will there be an actual Coleco Adam on site?
Neil: Guy, I might have an extra wireless card I could loan you.
Dale: I have one set up for the whole 'Con, and am bringing two stock ones for Friday's "strip down" competition.
Guy Foster: Daniel: What time do I pick you up from the station in Montreal? Did u find out the schedules?
Dale: Sunday's I mean.
Guy Foster: "strip down"?
Guy B.: Could try it Neil, but if there are wired ports. I'll do just fine with them.
Dr.D.: Premiered at ADAMcon 13 :-)
Guy Foster: Who's stripping? :-D
Dale: We have Erin and Pam both disassembling an adam completely.
BobS in Detroit: strip down to the underwears guyFoster
(BobS in Detroit blushes)
Dr.D.: The drill is, field-strip and ADAM, put it back together WORKING
Daniel: 10h45 or 11h45... If I miss the one for 10h45, I will take the one for 11h45.
BobS in Detroit changed username to BobS
Neil: Wires are always an option.
Guy Foster: OK, Dan, try to make it 11:45 then.... It'll be easier, cuz I have some last minute things to do.
Testarossa: ...what
Guy B.: I have a 14' cable and ethernet card that works just fine with my notebook.
Dr.D.: I have an ADAMlink modem :-)
Guy Foster: Does anyone need me to bring my RJ wire stripper and crimper?
Guy Foster: To make cables.
Harvie: Always a good idea to have it Guy
Daniel: Well, if I can make it for 10h45, I suppose I can stay at the bus station and wait for you... maybe there is a cafe or something to drink coffe.
Guy Foster: Daniel: Yes, there's a coffee place, a small tavern (inside the station) and a strip joint next door. Let me know where you'll be and I'll pick you up from there.
Neil: More stripping!
Guy Foster: ;)
Daniel: Well, because I never go to the bus station before, I don't know what to answer
Dr.D.: <smirk> Neil
Guy Foster: Daniel: Is the picture I sent you enough for you to recognize me, or would you like me to send you a recent one?
Guy Foster: I'm sporting a beard these days, so I'm afraid you might not recognize me.
Daniel: well, I think I can recognize you, you have black hair like me, but you look more like Elvis than me. :-)
Guy Foster: Elvis???
Dr.D.: I definitely do not look like Elvis.
Guy Foster: Hope it's not Elvis Gratton!!!
Daniel: i didn't say you look like Elvis, I said that your look is more closer to Elvis than my look.
Guy Foster: Daniel: Trying to understand the logic in the past few sentences. Hold on, let me get my disassembler!
Dale: Guy should I be booking you for Sunday's events or are you taking a day off on Sunday?
Guy Foster: Dale: Most likely will be taking a day off.
Guy Foster: Dale: What kind of even is it anyways though?
Daniel: Let me guess the joke... "DOESN'T COMPUTE!"
Dr.D.: Type conflict of operands
Dr.D.: ?Trap to 0004
Guy Foster: ELVIS label not recognized.
Dr.D.: Symbol table overflow
Dale: Guy F, that is why I sent you the schedule, so you'd know what you'd be missing.
Harvie: Time for me to go, will see you all this weekend, goodnight
Guy Foster: let me re-read it! :)
Dr.D.: Bye Harvie, see ya later!
Testarossa: nite Harvie
BobS: nite Harvie see at the convention
Dale: See you Harvie.
Guy B.: Bye Harvie.
Harvie left chat session
Guy Foster: Take care Harvie.
Daniel: bye harvie... oops, too late
BobS: BAM and he was GONE
Guy Foster: Elvi.., err, Havie has left the building!
Daniel: Can I use a DVD-R to show the stuff? I don't have a CD-R now, only DVD-R.
Dr.D.: I have DVD R/W drive in my PowerBook Daniel
Dale: DVD is fine.
BobS: YES !!!!! computers RULE........dr'd DROOL
BobS: dr's
BobS: sorry Rich
BobS: had to do that
Dr.D.: hehe Bob
Dr.D.: Drooling is good
Dr.D.: I've had 4 kids drool on me and I have not melted yet.
Dr.D.: So are you giving a presentation Bob, besides presiding at the A.N.N. meeting?
Dale: Bob is scheduled to talk about ebay and the Adam.
BobS: heard of a new service called.......'ebay' ??????
BobS: it is run completely on a bunch of ADAM computers
Dr.D.: Sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me
Dale: LOL
Neil: Big bunch?
BobS: well
BobS: a GIB bunch Neil
BobS: BIG adn a GIG bunch
Neil: You know you're becoming incoherent?
Dr.D.: Would you like to buy a vowel?
BobS: only takes about 2 thousand MIB 40 meg drives.........
BobS: and BOOM you are there
Neil: Men in Black drives?
BobS: ya
Neil: I think it would take more that a vowel.
Neil: than a vowel.
BobS: vowel.......I would like an ...... A
Testarossa: eh
BobS: ya
Neil: I don't think I ever had one of those MicroInnovations combo thingies.
Testarossa: :-)
BobS: that is what I A
BobS: eh?
Testarossa: hehe
BobS: too bad Neil they work real swell and use common IDe drives
Daniel: (during that time, I'm thinking about what will be the plan when I will arrive with Guy Foster and his wife at the hotel tommorow)
BobS: cat got your tongues????????
BobS: or am I alone here
Testarossa: I'm, here but dozing a bit
james: i'm lurking
Dr.D.: I had a phone call Bob, confirming child transport arrangements for tomorrow.
Dr.D.: Elanor is still in summer school, volunteering in the afternoon at the hospital, plus Diana and Gretchen have doctor's appointments.
Daniel: (and about the projector, what will be its resolution? 640x480? 800x600? mayne questions now in my head)
BobS: so when yo coming Dr D?
BobS: seems ya told us too
Testarossa: well gents...time for beddy-byes for me
Dale: Daniel it is 800x600, but can do 1024x768 compressed.
BobS: but........
Dale: See you Friday.
Testarossa: see you Friday
Dr.D.: I am leaving for Toronto about 1 PM tomorrow, after taking Elanor to her volunteering gig.
Testarossa: good night all
Dr.D.: Good night Erin
Testarossa: night Rich <kiss>
BobS: should be there about 7-8 then eh?
BobS: nite rin
Dr.D.: I would guess about 7 PM.
Guy B.: Bye Erin
Daniel: (And about Neil, doing the taxi between your home and the hotel... it still the plan for me to stay at your home during the adamcon?)
Testarossa: nite Bobs
Testarossa: Nite Guy
Testarossa left chat session
Daniel: bye guy
BobS: as in rin-tin-rin ???????
Daniel: late again
BobS: aw she left
Dr.D.: I am staying at Erin's tomorrow night, then we are coming to the hotel in time for breakfast (which Dale says is at 8 AM), and we will check in when our room is available later in the day.
BobS: ahso
BobS: and ha ha
BobS: and ok
Dr.D.: We will be at the hotel Friday night and Saturday night, check out Sunday morning but stay through the banquet, then I have to drive her back home, as she must go to work at 7 AM Monday morning.
Neil: Yes, I will be staying at Dale's so I will take you to the hotel and home.
Dr.D.: I am staying one more day at Rin's, taking her to work Tuesday morning and then returning to Cleveland by mid-afternoon Tuesday.
Dr.D.: She has to work tomorrow, but has Friday off (fortunately).
Daniel: ok, and when we (guy foster his wife and me) will arrive... around 17h(?), where will be Neil?
Dr.D.: So, aside from hospitality night Thursday and bye-bye breakfast Monday morning, we are both there for the whole shebang.
Neil: I will be at the hotel probably.
Dale: I use the projector for my TV usually.
Guy B.: At least mine is ready.
james: our ranks seem to have thinned somewhat
james: will there be a teleconference at the con this year?
Dr.D.: Since I have to be up at 6 AM tomorrow...I think I will retire as well.
james: sure rich, get up while i'm having dinner and then complain about it :P
Dale: I'm tired and AdamCon hasn't started yet. It's a bad sign.
Dale: :-)
Dr.D.: Good night everyone, see you Friday morning at breakfast! I'll write to coladam tomorrow night when I get in and get net.access at Rin's.
james: good night!
BobS: yes time for me to go also, was up at 4:45am this mornign and a day of driving ahead
Dr.D.: Bye-bye
Dr.D.: <poof>
BobS: nite
Guy B.: I think I'll do the same. I'll see you all either tomorrow afternoon.
BobS: see ya's tomorrow or Fri eh??????
BobS left chat session
Neil: Jill says the meeting room is right beside the front desk.
Daniel: I'm tired too. and I'm a bit stressed... and I have not too much time to preprare the coleco stuff now.
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I'
Guy B.: I'll see you all tomorrow at the hotel. Got good driving directions.
james: sounds like everyone is leaving
james: you still here for a second, dale?
Dale: I can stay.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel: I will at least now taking all the messages I received to do a small document about the adamcon.
james: ok, i know you're busy but i was wondering since you use linux too - did you set up dns yourself?
Daniel: with all the addresses, the phone numbers, the schedule... arr i didn't have it.
Dale: I did.
Dale: Did you want me to provide you some secondary DNS?
james: well i'm not sure how to get any of it going
james: i've installed bind9
james: and added a zone entry to /etc/named.conf
james: so now i'm wondering what to do at my registrar's end (domain is parked)
Dale: Ahh...
james: and what to put in my file
Dale: Who is it with
Dale: I sent you some links to what should go in the file.
james: so i can configure it to unpark and select a name server
Neil: Daniel, do you have everything you need to print out.
james: but i have no idea what to put
Dale: Yes. You need to make a "well known" dns server.
james: ok, so it's not even possible in theory to host myself from scratch?
Dale: Yes, you can do it.
Dale: I have a well known dns server called
james: ok, but let's say i wanted to have my own well-known dns server
james: called
Dale: I set that up via my registar. It takes about 3 days to propigate, then it can be set as the primary DNS server.
Daniel: to print out?
james: ok.. just a little confused by all of this
Neil: The "small document" you were talking about.
Dale: So you register with the domain name register, and set it as the primary name server. That is the machine that you run bind on.
james: ok. when i tried to do that, it says it can't add it because it won't resolve
Daniel: ho, it's a resume of the info for the adamcon you all sent me. with names and phone numbers, it's for me only.
Dale: Then in the file for bind will contain "A" lines for name to IP address mapping...
james: ah.. ok..
Dale: and MX records for mail exchange servers.
Dale: And NS records listing what your DNS servers are called.
Neil: I just wondered if you were missing anything.
james: can i send you my file now?
Daniel: well, i still don't have the final schedule
james: what's your addy?
Daniel: and I don't know what will be the breakfast and the dinner.
Dale: Well the method is different for different registars, but it is a special option in the DNS registration to add a name server as an eligible value for the primary name server.
james: ah.. and the missing piece falls into place
Daniel: I suppose, it will be cereals breakfast at Dale's home
james: can i send you what i've got so far?
Dale: No, at 8am at the hotel there is a full breakfast.
Neil: No, there was a message about breakfast.
Dale: James, sure, send it to
Neil: There is more than just cereal.
james: thx. ftping the file over from my box now.. sec
Daniel: I can read "Breakfast is provided by the hotel." but I'm not at staying at the hotel.
james: sent
james: now bear in mind, i just copied the file boilerplate style and haven't put much in it yet. it's not complete
Neil: Jill says it will be part of the deal.
james: sec, brb
Dale: James, I'll bring up the file now.
Dale: hotmail says that .com files are viruses. Please rename it as a .txt file and resend it. Sorry.
Daniel: Well, i suppose you will all help me if I miss somthing.
james: dumbass hotmail. ok. sec.
Daniel: see you in a couple of hours
Daniel: I'm sleepy. Good night!
james: ok, resent
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Daniel: Hello Pam!
Pamela: hey there
Pamela: sorry, I just got home
james: hey pam, you missed everyone. we had quite a crowd here today
Pamela: who did I miss?
james: everyone
Pamela: thanks : )
james: except ron. didn't see him on
Pamela: no, he's in transit at the moment
james: think he's flying in as we speak or something
Daniel: I'm leaving for tonight. I will be at the Adamcon finally. and i will talk about two or three things for a couple of minutes.
Pamela: he's taking a redeye
Pamela: Daniel, you're definitely coming???
Neil: The server seems to crash with more than 16 people and that happened once (although I think Rich may have been 3 of them at that time)
Pamela: it wouldn't suprise me, Neil : )
james: wow.. greedy guy eh
Pamela: I didn't even see you there - how are you?
james: didn't see whom?
Pamela: Neil
Pamela: Dale, good evening
Neil: I'm fine.
james: dale is helping me set up dns on my server
Pamela: have you deposited my cheque yet?
Dale: Hi Pam.
Dale: Are you going to be coming tomorrow evening, or waiting for Friday?
Pamela: Friday morning, bright and early
Pamela: well, early anyway
Dale: Pam, I think I have. I'm not sure. All of the other ones I know I've deposited, but I meant to double check that I didd yours.
Pamela: if you haven't, don't bother - I'll give you the cash instead
Pamela: if you let me know Friday, I can find a bank machine and pay you then
Dale: Well the welcome is at 9am.
Pamela: I'll probably head out early to avoid traffic, and I plan to come by 407
Pamela: just one question - does Brock Road run right through the center of town?
Neil: Brock Road is in Pickering -- you don't want that. Brock St. (Highway 12) is a couple of km farther on, in Whitby and ...
Neil: yes it does run through the middle of town.
Neil: (But the hotel is right beside the 401)
Pamela: you're not getting me on the 401 on a Friday morning, not for love or money
Neil: Good move -- avoid at all costs.
Pamela: no, I'll take the 407 to Brock St. and come down that way
Neil: At the end of the 407 it turns into Highway 7. Hwy 7 joins Hwy 12 at Brooklin. You can turn right there ...
james: pam, why don't you get your dad to give you directions? heh heh
Neil: and follow Hwy 12 south. In Brooklin, Hwy 12 is called Baldwin St., but half-way to Whitby, it becomes Brock St.
Pamela: very funny James - I want to get there
james: lol
Pamela: that sounds good, Neil
Pamela: is the hotel east or west of Brock St.?
james: you still with us dale?
Neil: Dale is out of the room for a couple of minutes.
Pamela: oh well, I'll find it
Pamela: I always do
Neil: It's east of Brock St.
Pamela: 'kay
Neil: I'm pretty sure there's a small sign on Brock pointing to the hotel. (There is if you're coming north)
Pamela: I'm pretty good with written directions, and I'll have a Mapquest or Yahoo map as well. Shouldn't be a problem. I'm one of those people who can actually read a map.
james: sounds like the con is going to be fun
james: one of these years...
Pamela: oh James, we're going to miss you
Dale: I'm back.
Pamela: so start saving your pennies - maybe for AC20
Pamela: Dale, did you get the bit about my cheque?
Neil: I'm getting tired. I'll have to sign off now.
Dale: It looks like I haven't deposited it.
james: i mentioned that i hopt to be in ottawa in july of 2008
Dale: So cash is always welcome.
Pamela: okay, hang on to it and I'll give you cash on Friday instead
Pamela: g'nite Neil - I'll see you Friday (provided I can follow directions )
james: wouldn't ask people to plan a con around my schedule, but *if* it were to be held near ottawa that year (say toronto or montreal) i could probably go
Neil: I'm sure you'll find it. (Just make sure you DON'T take Brock Rd.)
Pamela: I won't, Neil, don't worry.
Pamela: 2008 would be AC20 James
Pamela: we'll have to make a big deal of it
james: cool
Neil: Okay, I'm signing off. Good night all.
Pamela: g'nite
james: is there anyone who's been to all of them?
Dale: James, I finally have the file open.
Neil left chat session
Dale: I've been to all of them.
james: lol, thought you forgot about me there.
james: wow.. that's cool
Dale: I'm the only one who can boast that.
james: ok, the file is a mess, as you can see
Pamela: I think you're the only one, Dale
james: i've got a putty window open to my box and the file open here too, so if you explain it to me, i can modify it
Dale: Okay. Well where should I start?
Pamela: anyway guys, I just dropped in to say hi and get any last minute info. I'm heading out and will leave you to your file mess
Pamela: Dale, see you Friday morning.
Dale: Is the ns your external IP address?
james: wait a sec.. dale you're the same age as i am.. i think.. so you started going to these when you were 10 or so, right?
Dale: See you then Pam.
james: bye pam
james: have a good evening!
Pamela: James, see you on chat on Saturday?
james: uhmm.. is this the adamcon chat?
Dale: I was 17Thu Dec 09 08:33:54 EST 1999: Pamela : Pamela: yup
james: you're 37?
james: uhmm.. what time is it at, pam?
Dale: math is off.
Pamela: 8:00pm, I believe
Dale: Maybe I was in grade 11?
james: ok, so you're 36ish?
james: ok.. 9 a.m. on sunday morning here.. lol i won't be at my best
Dale: No I'm only 33.
james: well if the cons have been annually for 20 years, wouldn't that mean you were 13?
Pamela: grade 11 would have made you about 16 Dale
Dale: Chat on Saturday is 89pm.
Dale: 8pm
Pamela: but this is only AC17, James
james: *slaps forehead*
Pamela: and on that note . . .
Dale: AdamCon was on thanksgivving weeknd, right around my birthday.
Pamela: I'm for bed. Good night, guys
Dale: (us colombus day)
james: i should be subtracing 17, not 20. got it :D
Daniel: goodnight pam!
Pamela: Daniel, see you Friday!
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
james: ok, are you talking about the second line from the bottom?
james: about the ns, that is
Dale: 2005-16
Dale: =1989
Dale: The first AdamCon was in 1989.
james: yeah, i would have been in gr. uhh.. 9 i think
Dale: I was born in 1971.
james: ok. so you're about 3 years older than me
Dale: So I probably was 16 at AdamCon and turned 17 a week later.
Daniel: you are 4 years older than me, dale
Dale: I've given presentations at every AdamCon since 1.
Daniel: I hope you don't feel too old knowing that now
james: at least he doesn't deal with smart-arsed jhs kids telling him he's twice their age
james: i actually had one girl who didn't understand that i wouldn'T always be twice their age
james: she really thought that when she was 30 i'd be 60
james: aanyway, dale you were asking me if that's my external ip in the ns line, and yes, it is
Dale: I've heard that teaching ESL ages you faster :-)
Dale: You'
james: lol. it can. the kids are good kids. 6 of them comign with me in march next year
Dale: You'll want to add that address to the mail A line then.
james: you mean instead of
Dale: And remove the mail2 MX record if you don't have a backup mail server.
Dale: Correct James.
james: i don't even have a primary server set up yet
james: i can leave the localhost line in there, right?
Dale: The localhost line I one I like to leave in.
Dale: It is probably a good idea to add a www A line to the end.
james: ooohh yeah
james: ok, now up above in the middle
Dale: And an "@ A" line too.
james: i have the MX set to 10
Daniel: you know, it's like chinese for me.
Dale: So that resolves to someplace.
Dale: That's optional though
james: @ A <- does this go at the bottom?
Dale: James that MX seems good.
Dale: Hmmm...
james: ok, now i don't know what to do for the NS line above that
james: @dan, chinese is actually easier
james: for me, anyway
james: and i'm pretty sure the top of the file is a bit messed up
Dale: Checking my DNS files, I find that I usually remove the "@" at the beginning of the line, just " A".
Dale: It can be anywhere in the A records. I like to list it first.
Dale: After the blank line with the ';'
james: the order doesn't really matter, right?
james: i can put it before localhose?
james: *host
james: anyway, that's what i've done. right below the ;
Dale: Actually, double checking, it looks like you're supposed to have the MX line end with a '.': " MX 10"
Dale: The NS line is fine.
Dale: But you have to register with the root DNS servers what the IP address of is.
Dale: You do that via a special process with your name registar.
james: oops forgot the trailing .
Dale: It should be available hidden somewhere in their web interface for youdating your settings.
Dale: updating
james: ok, i'll see what they've got
james: so your saying the line that reads:
james: NS ns ;inet addy of nameserver(?) is fine?
james: shouldn't that read ?
Dale: If you make all of those changes then you can restart bind with /etc/init.d/bind reload
Dale: And check what it thinks by doing a DNS lookup against your local DNS server.
Dale: You could. The reason that you need the '.' at the end of a full domain name is that by default it appends from the second line of the file.
Dale: unless there is a trailing dot.
Dale: You can check what your local DNS server thinks by pointing /etc/resolve.conf at
james: ok, last quesion. the two lines under $TTL 86400, do those look ok?
Dale: And using a command like ping
Dale: Or I like nslookup
Dale: You can also use the command host or dig (I don't like them much, but they work)
james: yeah, i usually ping, played with dig and nslookup a bit
Dale: They are close.
Dale: Where is the '('? I don't see it.
james: ok. i'm going to resave and resend this file to you. can you tell me what you think?
james: maybe it got chopped off..
Dale: Resend it then.
james: ok, i've sent you the updated file
Dale: Why do you have two SOA lines?
james: lol. was hoping you'd notice that
Dale: It isn't like they are from different sources.
james: think i edited something and forgot to erase it
Dale: After you need a '('
james: so which one do you think i shoudl keep? the one that starts with @ ?
Dale: Well...
Dale: Let me check something...
Dale: I like the first one better.
james: ok.
james: and you're saying i need a left bracket after folkwolf?
james: well if i take that line out, i guess i don't
Dale: To match the ')' after minimum 1 day line.
james: oh.. i see where i need it now though
Dale: I take it back.
james: and why.. man how did i miss it
Dale: The second one is good.
Dale: Both are correct, jsut not together.
james: ok, but i should have a '(' now after right?
Dale: Yes.
james: could i also put it on the next line, left of 200506291?
Dale: I never do.
james: ok. so the form is to have it above.. i'll remember that
james: so in theory, if my registrar makes resolveable, it should work now, right?
james: after restarting bind, that is
Dale: That's the theory.
moved to room Meeting Place
james: theories are nice things
james: hey hey hey.. who's here..?
changed username to compyprog
Dale: Now to test it, give the DNS server a kick, and check the log.
Dale: You're on Debian right?
compyprog: Hello Adam users
james: yup, debian
james: hello compyprog
Dale: So that would mean the useful log entries are in /var/log/daemon.log
james: but i need to do that stuff w/ my registrar first, right?
compyprog: Linux server talk huh?
Dale: Do a tail -f /var/log/daemon.log maybe
Dale: To follow the log.
james: dale is helping me with some dns settings since i'm still a n00b
compyprog: I was talking to Daniel earlier about your organization
Dale: I usually doing something like: killall -HUP named; tail -f /var/log/daemin.log
compyprog: What can I do to join?
james: but i'm always happy to talk coleco/adam
james: you're in :D
Dale: Hi
james: you've joined. just show up and chat with us anytime. did he tell you about colecoshop?
compyprog: sort of
james: dale i just did a /etc/init.d/bind restart
Dale: k
Dale: Now check the logs for warnings.
james: colecoshop is still in development, but if this dns stuff works, i might take it "live" soon
james: using that tail -f /var/log/daemon.log you just told me about?
Dale: I'm willing to do secondary DNS from if you'
Dale: you're interested.
james: i may very well be
compyprog: I programmed a Coleco app that is a drum machine with Daniel's and Marcel's libs
Dale: Yes.
Dale: Cool
james: wow. then you've done a lot more than i have :D
Dale: \I'd definately like to do more music stuff with the Adam. Maybe this weekend.
james: i don'T see any warnings
compyprog: I am working on a synthesizer or tracker program now
james: compyprog - you know what coleco developers could really use?
compyprog: So is anyone welcome to the Adam con meetings in Canada?
james: a windows proggy to compose music and output it for use in a rom
Dale: Is listed first in /etc/resolve.conf?
james: uhmm let me check
Dale: Anyone is welcome, but there are fees for attending.
james: uhmm.. i can't find that file sec..
Dale: Without the 'e'
compyprog: How much are the fees
Dale: /etc/resolv.conf
james: yeah, that's it
james: it's currently pointing to which is my hardware router
james: should i point that to ?
compyprog: I can't speak for all Coleco developers but the more about the Coleco hardware the better.....
james: yeah, i'd like to get some hardware stuff going
compyprog: Also the more tools the save time the better
james: @compyprog, do you have yahoo?
Dale: The cost is $37.50CA for Friday including lunch, $56.25CA for Saturday including lunch and side trip to Cullen Gardens and $75CA for Sunday, including lunch and Banquet per person.
compyprog: Yes I have Yahoo in fact I am chatting with Daniel on there now
Dale: James, just for a test.
Dale: I'll have the Coleco Adam schematics available to examine at the 'Con.
james: what's your yahoo id?
compyprog: compyprog :)
james: i really want to get high capacity saveable carts going
Dale: Where do you live compyprog?
james: lol. i was gonna guess that. honest ;)
compyprog: Erie PA USA
james: ok, i'll edit resolv.conf
james: sec
james: dan and i both believe/hope that colecoshop, with some advertising, could get thte coleco community together and get us more mass
Dale: Maybe a 6 hour drive away? Or is it further?
compyprog: That would be nice. Will the URL be
james: that's what i'm hoping :D
compyprog: About 6 hours or 7
Dale: Not too bad, though really.
james: ok i've edited resolv.conf should i restart bind again?
Dale: Nope.
compyprog: I like going to Canada, so any excuse to the better
Dale: Just type ping
james: yeah, contrary to what's shown on fox news, canada is not a 3rd world communist shit hole
james: ok
Dale: Is all is good, it should ping you're external ip address.
james: unknown host
Dale: Hmmm...
Dale: Try nslookup
compyprog: Yes it is quite the opposite. The USA is becoming a Republican Facist state unfortunately
james: ok - i haven't done anything w/ my registra yet re yet, but we're just testing locally anyway so shouldn't matter, right?
james: ok i get:
james: server:
james: address:
Dale: Just testing it locally first.
james: ok, well that's what nslookup gives
Dale: You're missing two lines.
james: in or in the output of nslookup?
Dale: Like:
Dale: Name:
Dale: Address:
Dale: Are you sure that bind is running? You said you restarted it, but that doesn't seem like good output.
james: ok.. let me check, maybe it isnt.. any quick way to tell?
compyprog: It worked James
Dale: Hey! When I do nslookup it gives back "Address:" already.
Dale: Isn't that correct?
james: are you serious?!
james: yes, that's right!
Dale: Yes.
james: that is freaking fast
Dale: I though you wanted to do your own DNS because.
Dale: But your ISP has set up reasonable defaults.
Dale: Is that sufficient for you?
james: hmm.. unless i turned on ip forwarding
james: thought i hadn't though.. sec.. let me see what i've done at my registrar
james: arg. dns forwarding is enabled apparently
Dale: You only have to do your own DNS if you really want to. I do it for other people all the time, so I thought that that was your motivation.
james: i want to as there are other domains i want to host on this box
james: and for the learning experience
Dale: k
james: i should disable it, right?
Dale: You can put web content on your server now if you like.
james: well i've had web content up on my server for awhile
james: apache and everything else is running
Dale: I researched your domain name, and it is compatible with the registrar service that I run.
james: and i can access stuff from outside using the ip no problem
Dale: That means you can update it on my URL, and I can walk you through it.
compyprog: Thanks guys for the info. Peace
Dale: If you have any juicy Coleco questions come back and join us again.
Dale: There is a chat scheduled for Saturday night at 8pm.
Dale: We are just rambling about DNS because we haven't thought of more interresting things to talk about.
james: ok, well at my registrar config page i've got dns forwarding enabled right now
compyprog: I will thanks and I will chat again soon thanks again
compyprog left chat session
Dale: Visit a web page hosted on
Dale: You should be able to log in there.
james: ok, the page is up
james: should i repark my domain first?
Dale: If you click on Manage Nameservers then scroll down to add new name servers.
Dale: No, it is compatible since we both use the same wholesaler of names.
james: ok, so just log on using the same info i would with
Dale: Yes.
james: ok, i get an error
Dale: It should provide the same experience (but mine hasn't been updated in about 4 months).
Dale: What kind of error?
james: For support regarding, please contact your reseller, egateDOMAINS Inc. via the following: E-Gate Communications Inc., 416-443-7935 This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords, DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions. Your domain may be registered with one of our resellers. Please contact us for assistance to determine your resller.
Dale: Okay.
Dale: I swaer I've done it this way with other domains.
james: there's an option in the domain management pages to switch to egate..
james: let me try again,m aybe it's because i'm still logged in
Dale: If you're logged into the ... do you have the option I mentioned?
james: you mean to add a nameserver.. let me see
Dale: Look for the text "If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on click here. " at the very bottom of the name servers page.
Dale: That is the link you need.
james: looking now. i feel like such a lunkhead.. sec
james: ok, i've got:
james: Configure Domain Forwarding
james: Re-Park Your Domain
james: Switch Your ISP / Hosting Company
james: Manage The Registrant Profile For This Domain
james: and
james: Change The Name Servers For This Domain
james: which is where i was before
Dale: Change the Name Servers for this domain doesn't offer the test I listed above?
james: i can add a nameserver there
Dale: text
Dale: Below that is there a link?
james: let me see again
james: well on that page i can manually enter a domain
Dale: Maybe they've locked it out of your interface.
Dale: There might be an alternate URL that I can give you...
Dale: Try through
Dale: It is the wholesaler's interface.
james: ok. i should send you a screen shot. sec.
james: error page
james: arright sent you a screenshot
Dale: I need to go to bed soon....
james: figured you were getting tired
Dale: Does the site work for you?
Dale: I really really should.
james: nope
james: same username/password invalid erro
james: *error
james: ok, get some sleep
james: we can try this again some other time
james: i'll contact my registrar too
Dale: I give in. You'll have to email them and ask them. If that doesn't help, you can transfer the domain to and you'll have total access to that cacpability.
james: ok. thanks for your help
Dale: The question to ask is "how do I set up domain name servers based on the domain I've regsitered: for"
james: thanks!
james: you've been more help than anyone else ever has, so i really appreciate it
Dale: Goodnight. Have a nice afternoon.
james: have a good sleep. later!
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